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Lord Robert Advice to
British People.
Terrible Lesson in Store .Tor
Nations Behind the Times.
Every Able-Bodled Man in the Coun
try Should Undergo Some Sort"
of Military Training in
His Youth.
LONDON, Dec- 29. "The army as it
was and as it is to be," is the text under
which Field Marshal Earl Roberts, in the
January Nineteenth Century, reads Bri
tons a noteworthy lecture on the duty or
all classes If Great Britain would meet
The demands of modern warfare. After
frankly pointing out existing deficiencies,
Earl Roberts writes:
"A 'terrible lesson awaits the nation
whose soldiers find themselves opposed by
equally brave, but better trained oppo
nents on the field of battle. No amount
of money, no national sacrifices will then
avail, for modern warfare moves fast, and
time lost in peace can never be made up
during the stress of a campaign. I hold
this view very strongly, and would urge
my fellow-countrymen with all the force
at my command to look the plain facts in
the face."
Earl Roberts does not advocate com
pulsory service, "because it Is distasteful
to the nation and Incompatible with the
conditions of an army which has a large
proportion of 'units in foreign service,"
but maintains that Great Britain must
have a large reserve force, and "if the
citizens of so great and prosperous a na
tion as ours are to remain exempt from
compulsory service In time of peace with
out the safety of the empire being endan
gered, the right class of men must be at
tracted to the regular army by good con
ditions of pay and pension, and it is the
bounden duty of the state to see that
every able-bodied man in this country, no
matter to what grade of society he may
belong, undergoes some kind of military
training in youth, sufficient to enable him
to shoot straight and carry out simple or
ders if ever his services arc required for
national defense."
Changes of Fifty Years.
Earl Roberts interestingly reviews the
changes of the last 50 years, describes the
military system prior to the Crimean."VTar,
and points out how the Introduction of
modern guns necessitated the complete
abolishment of the Idea that men must be
mere machines. Officers, he says, are no
longer directly able to control the men,
because the fighting formation has been
changed, and. therefore, the men must
have a far higher standard of individual
intelligence, while among the officers in
telligence, self-reliance and type of lead
ing must be on a proportionately higher
"The sooner this is realized to the full
est extent," Earl Roberts says, "the bet
ter for all ranks when the hour of trial
Earl Roberts says the report of the com
mittee on the war in South Africa made
It clear that much is still needed bofore
Great Britain has an army fit in all re
spects for war with a modern foreign
power. Among other things, she must
have a larger proportion of mounted
troops for rapid reinforcement, and in or
der to quickly seize points of vantage.
He refers to the action of the government
in ordering new quick-firing guns for the
complete re-equipment of the army, as re
ported by the Associated Press yesterday,
and says these guns will be lS-pounders
for horse and lSt-pounders for Held artil
lery. Millions for New Batteries.
Simultaneous with Earl Roberts' ar
ticle. It is officially announced that 100
batteries will be supplied with new guns
at a cost of 517,500.000, and that the order
will be executed within 20 months. Earl
Roberts concludes his article as follows:
"It will be necessary to have a reserve
force of officers amounting to some thou
sands. Those can be made available by
a system for the military training of the
entire youth of the country. Such a re
serve Is ossential to our success, no mat
ter by what system our army may be organized."
Transatlantic Liners Are Compelled
to Drop Anchors.
NEW YORK, Dec. 29. The Mersey be
low Liverpool has been again enveloped
in thick mist, and all ships were fog
bound at the mouth of the estuary, jsays
a London dispatch to the Herald. The
Teutonic was unable to reach the land
ing to take up her passengers for New
York, and they were taken oft In a
tender. When a start was finally made
the Teutonic got no further than the bar
and had to anchor. The Majestic, from
New York, with 3000 bags of mail on
board, was also fogbound at the mouth
of the estuary.
The liner Yucatan, which arrived in
the Mersey from New Orleans, had a ter
rible voyage. Heavy weather was en
countered almost all the way across. At
the height of the storm the quartermas
ter, while giving orders to the deckhands,
was washed overboard.- He was seen
holding up his hands in the trough of
the sea in an appeal for help, but noth
ing could be done, the deck being clean
swept by the breakers, and he was car
ried astern and speedily lost to sight.
Just before the completion of the voy
age, the second mate's left leg was
broken by a huge wave, which knocked
him down the companlonway. The
steamer was considerably battered. Her
funnel was crusted to the top with salt
French Correspondent Hints of Euro
pean Complications.
PARIS, Dec 30. Very sinister reports,
both of a public and private nature, con
tinue to reach Paris, showing that the
agitation on behalX of reform Is for from j
subsiding as a result of the Czar's decree.
As a matter of fact it seems to have
materially increased and threatens to
assume alarming proportions. This Is a
matter of grave Importance for all Eu
rope, and It is impossible to foresee what
might come of a great internal commo
tion In Russia. Already the turn taken
by the war In the Far East has con
tributed to disturb that equilibrium or
balance of power which was one of
the chief guarantees of peace on the
Should Russia now be distracted by
grave trouble at home. It could not fall
to produce a shock to the general politi
cal situation, even now. Not quite re
assuring have been lately certain Indica
tions that the relations of some of the
European powers are not as satisfactory
as could be desired. Some recent events
would appear to have acted as fresh
stimulants of old enmities and where
there arc strong grounds for assuming
that not all those who talk loudest of
peaceful Intentions are the principal pro
moters of peace.
Altogether it will be more prudent while
having one eye fixed on the Far East
to keep the other on Europe, where a
domestic catastrophe in Russia might
have untoward consequences affecting
other powers.
Russia Is Borrowing Large Sum- in
German Capital. -
LONDON, Dec -.30. The London Times
says today:
"We understand that arrangements
ihave becnmade for an issue on or about
January 12 in Berlin of a Russian 4 per
cent loan for 500,000,000 marks (5125.000.000).
This is 5.000,000 ($25,000,000) more than
was expected in well-Informed quarters
some weeks ago, but events have moved
since then, and where a war loan Is In
question It is always safer to arrange for
ample supplies of cash if it is possible
to get them. The loan is to be issued
by Messrs. Blcichroeder and the price
will be 95.
"We understand that the Russian gov
ernment undertakes not to redeem the
loan for 12 years. Details of the Russian
loan which will be Issued In Paris will
probably be known in a few days."
Sultan's Life' in Danger.
LONDON, Dec. 29. Ion Perdicaris, the
American, , who, with his son-in-law,
Cromwell Varley, a British subject, was
kidnaped and held prisoner for ransom by
Ralsull, the Moroccan bandit. In May of
this year, in a signed dispatch to the
Standard 'says: "
"The present situation in Morocco is
most serious. The Sultan's life is en
dangered and those who now direct affairs
in the Moorish court arc liable at- any
moment to go en bloc to the insurgent
leader, who claims the throne as the
elder brother of the.prefjnt Sultan."
Mr. Perdlcarls says the entire country
is determined to resist exclusive control
by any one foreign power.
Von Koerber Is Sure to Go.
VIENNA, Dec. 29. Though there k? no
official announcement of the acceptance
of Premier von Koerbers resignation. It
is positively stated that he will retire.
The only question seems to be whether
the entire Cabinet will follow his ex
ample. If the Cabinet resigns. It is be
lieved Emperor -Francis Joseph will ask
them to remain in office and that he will
appoint a new head of the Ministry, in
which case the Cabinet will retain its
present character as a Ministry of offi
cials,1 but not as a Parliamentary Min
istry, s
Moorish Robbers Steal Cows.
NEW YORK. Dec 23. In a garden of a
British subject, only one mile from Tan
gier, a bold murder has been committed
y Moorish robbers, according to the
Herald correspandent of Tangier. The
-Moors entered the garden and carried
away four cows belonging to tho British
owner, after murdering a Spaniard work
ing on the place. One of the robbers was
severely wounded by the wife of the
Spaniard. It is rumored from Totuan
that the garrison there, which had re
ceived no pay for two months, has de
serted and fled from the town.
Auto Owner Sent to Jail.
NEW YORK, Dec 29. Senor Avellaneda,
son of a former president of the Argentine
Republic who resides in Paris, has beon
sentenced, according to a Herald dispatch
from that city, to one month's imprison
ment, a fine of $100 and 12000 damages
for an automobile accident, which oc
curred last June. A young woman who
was run down by Avellaneda's machine,
died the next day. Develonmpnt ihn
irial of the machinist led the police to
prosecute tne owner, who, witnesses de
clared, was handling the car himself.
Student Killed at Fencing.
NEW YORK. Dec 29. Anton Von
Hollebcn, a relative of the ex-Ambassador
to America, has lost his life through
an injury received in fencing practice,
says a Times dispach from Berlin. Ha
was a student of the Technical High
School at Dantzlc His opponent's
rapier passed through Holleben's wire
mask and penetrated the skulL The
young man died after an operation.
Going After the Ovambos.
BERLIN, Dec 29. The continued ship
ment of troops to German Southwest
Africa at a moment when the Herreros
are completely vanquished and .the "Wit
hers are suffering from one defeat after
another, finds an explanation in colonial
circles that the government Intends to be
gin a campaign against the Ovambos as
soon as the rest of the colony Is pacified.
French Navy-Yard Is Active.
TOULON. France, Dec 29. Owing to the
crisis in Morocco the navy-yard here
shows great actlvitly. Preparations are
going on to have a naval division con
sisting of the battleships Charlemagne
and Lena and two cruisers in readiness to
proceed to Morocco if the crisis accentu
ates. I
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Admiral Is Recalled From North
Sea Investigation.
It Is Suggested That Officer of Junior
Rank Will Succeed, BecauseOther
Nations Have Not Sent Full
Admirals to Commission.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. 23. Admiral
Kaznakoff Is returning to Russia, and
will be replaced by Vice-Admiral Doubas
soff as Russian Commissioner on the In
ternational Commission at Paris which" is
to inquire into the North Sea Incident.
Doubassoff starts for Paris next week.
Vice-Admiral Doubassoff was given an
audience of the Emperor just before His
Majesty's departure for the South. This
is regarded as confirmation of the report
that Doubassoff is to replace Admiral
Kaznakoft on the North Sea Commission.
Ioubassoff is eminently fitted to reprev
sent Russia on that Commission. He is
energetic and speaks the English and
French languages fluently.
It is understood that Doubassoff would
have been sent to Paris in the first fclace
but for the fact tliat the Emperor did not
wish to spare him from the important
work of the naval technical committee,
and so Admiral Kaznakoff was selected.
It was hoped that his health would bear
the strain of the duties imposed upon
him by the appointment, though there
was some fear that he might break down,
and for this reason his son, a young
Lieutenant, was detailed to accompany
the Admiral to Paris.
Rumor That Recall Has to Do With
Renewed Naval Activity.
PARIS, Dec. 29. The members of the
International Commission on the North
Sea Incident were surprised to hcaroday
that Admiral Kaznakoff, the Russian
member, had been recalled, as no intima
tion that a charge was contemplated had
beon communicated to the Commission,
the dispatch from St. Petersburg an
nouncing the change was laid before Ad
miral Kaznakoff tonight by the Associat
ed Press, with a request for a statement.
The Admiral returned the answer that he
must decline to discuss the matter. The
members of his suit also refused to dis
cuss the subject.
The retirement of Admiral Kaznakoff
causes much comment here. It is con
jectured that It is due to renewed naval
activity in Russia in connection with the
possible dispatch of a third squadron to
the Far East, as Kaznakoff ranks as a
full Admiral, and therefore has seniority
over Skrydloff and Rojestvensky, com
manders of the first and second Pacific
squadrons. It is also suggested .that
Great Britain and other governments
having sent Vice or Rear-Admirals to sit
on the Commission, Russia deems it not
necessary that she should be represented
by an officer of tho highest rank.
Subsequently a member of the Russian
delegation who was Interviewed ex
pressed surprise at Vice-Admlral Dou
bassoff replacing Admiral Kaznakoff. He
said he had been aware that Doubassoff
was coming to Paris to confer with the
French Minister of Marine, and therefore
if the news 6f Kaznakoft's recall was true
it probably was because-Emperor Nicho
las, having more Important duties for
Admiral Kaznakoff at St. Petersburg,
had Instructed Vice-Admlral Doubassoff
to combine tho two missions, conferring
with the Minister of Marine and sitting
on the North Sea Commission.
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Admiral's Health Has Failed.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec 29. Admiral
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health. It seems not yet determined ab
solutely whether he "will be able to con
tinue as a member of the commission. At
the Admiralty the news of his breakdown
did not cause surprise, it being feared
when he "was appointed that he would not
support the strain.
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to the case of the American-built Russian
cruiser Variag, the plans of which, the
paper says, when the Japanese wanted to
raise her, the Cramps sold to Japan for
The Russ also rakes up the old report
that "Vice-Admiral Messer made in 1E9S,
In which he severely condemned the bat
tleship Petropavlovsk, the protected crui
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several other ships now with Admiral
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No Guarantees for the Future.
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