Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 21, 1904, Page 11, Image 11

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Government Attorneys
Are Active
One Member Has Already
Been Approached,
Manyjff-VIsitors Are Reported to Be
Here to Create Sympathy for Men
'Rumored to Be Implicated
In the Frauds.
Two crave gueptions now agitating the
minds of those interested in the outcome
of the considerations of the Federal grand
jury where the apparent leak Is to be
located in the jury-room and whether or
not those who have been trying for taa
past few days to reach the jury in order
to influence its decision have accom
plished their purpose.
It Js a well-known fact that people are
being imported from all parts of the state
for no apparent purpose other than to
vjbit In the city. The consensus or opm
Ion Is that these people are here to "create
Fympathy" for at least three of the most
prominent men rumored to he Implicated
in the frauds being unearthed by the
testimony that is being taken before the
It is stated authoritatively that scraps of
the testimony and general knowledge of
what has been done inside the room has
been allowed to get out, but by whom is
not known. This has. or would nave, no
especially serious aspect, however, if it
did not tend to show that It seems to be
possible to get into communication with
the jury.
Offer Made to One Grand Juror.
On the other hand, it 1b as positively
known that an offer has been made to
at least one member of the Jury. This
offer was unsuccessful and the man who
made it jh known, but the fact that such
things are being done is causing uneasi
ness and forcing the Government to adopt
the utmort precautions of secrecy and
care in their work. No one other than
the Secret Service agents of the Govern
ment who are here working with Assist
ant District Attorney Heney has any
knowledge of the programme of the Gov
ernment or of what course it will adopt in
presenting the testimony to go before the
Great pressure would be brought to bear
upon the members of the jury if they
could be reached In any way. There are
men who are now in the city who are
Known to have a great interest In the out
come of the sessiona They have not ap
parently come Into the foreground as yet,
but they know what will come to them in
the event of the thorough sifting of the
frauds that have been perpetrated.
S. B. Ormsby Returns.
S. B. Ormsby, ex-Forest Superintendent
of the Cascade Reserve, has returned to
the city, or at least lias come Into the
public gaze once more, and yesterday was
one of the witnesses before the jury I
Ormsby" has an extensive knowledge of
the conditions to be found in some of the
districts where the entries were not jnade
to Government land as required by law.
He is also reputed to be entirely on the
injglde of the Circle as far as the doings
of the Puter-Watson coterie are con
cerned. Not only that, but he was ap
pointed Forest Superintendent by Binger
Hermann and rumor has it that he knows
many things which he may tell In order
to save himself from what may be in
etorc for him provided he keeps his in
formation to himself.
C. B. S. Wood, of Portland, was another
witness before the Jury in the morning,
but remained only a short time. "What his
connection with the evidence may be Is
not generally known, but It Is supposed
he wan called to explain title to some of
the land transferred from one hand to
,another. .
Miss Marie Ware was one of the first
witnesses called by the Jury, and her stay
was not so long as It was supposed It
would be. Either Miss "Wore talked very
rapidly or she did not have much to say
at this time.
Li Jacobs, the Detroit storekeeper, who
signed some of the false affidavits In the
Loomls Investigation, was one of the wit
nesses In the morning session. His testi
mony in the first trial was of a sensa
tional nature and did much to show the
workings of the Puter-McKinley combi
nation. It is supposed that he knows
more than was brought out at the time
of the trial.
Mrs. Watson Is Called.
Mrs. Watson was called by the jury in
the afternoon and spent some time in the
room. When she returned to the corridor
her face had the flush only seen but once
before, on the occasion when she heard
the footsteps of the jury returning with
the verdict of guilty against herself and
The jury is working slowly, but seems
to be making a clean sweep of lis testi
mony as it proceeds: Jacobs left last
night after his session with the body, and
other witnesses who have been in the lit
tle room are out of the way unless some
especial point arises which will call them
back for a short time.
It is not now thought that any an
nouncements will come from the jury be
fore the latter part of the week. Thurs
day might see some developments, but
they are more likely to come" on Friday
and Saturday than earlier.
Jury Adjourns Saturday.
On Saturday afternoon, according to the
present understanding, the Jury will ad
journ "until after Christmas and will per
haps not reconvene until Tuesday morn
ing. It is expected that the meetings im
mediately after the holidays will be pro
ductive of many surprlses.and that some
very Important indictments will be re
Mrs. Drake Would Like Her Husband
to Support Her.
Mathilda. TJrakft hnn nupd "F P. Drake.
who conducts the American Employment
and Real Estate Agency at 29 North Third
street, for support. She filed a complaint
against him yesterday in the State Circuit
Court through her attorney, B. S. Pague,
and asks the court to order the defendant
to pay her 560 per -month.
Mrs. Drake says they were married at
Ukiah, Cal., ih. 1ES9, and have resided in
Oregon since June, 1900. In the Summer of
1904 she went to Minnesota on a visit and
while away, Mrs. Drake avers, Drake
wrote to her telling hep-not to return as
he hap applied for a divorce and the same
would e granted within the month. She
borrowed the necessary money to defray
her traveling expenses and returned to
Portland at once. Upon her arrival, Mrs.
"Drake alleges, Drake refused, and still re-
fuses, to support her and declines to live
with her. He told her he had a cottage
all furnished for her to go to, but refused
to tell her its location or to give her any
money. She claims she has been com
pelled to work as domestic In order to
earn a livelihood.
Defense in Damage Suit Is That the
Council Lacked Funds.
During the course of an argument on
the demurrer to the answer., in the dam
age suit of Samuel Warner against the
members of the City Council t aJ.v be
fore Judge George, yesterday, the defense
was made that the defendants are not
liable because when the accident occurred
the city did not have sufficient funds to
pay for the repair of streets and bridges.
The complaint in the case sets up that
the city officials were derelict in their
duty in not repairing the streets -and
bridges. Wagner, who Is an expressman,
wag driving over & bridge on Ninth street
North, when the horse crushed through
a plank, and he was thrown from the
wagon and "badly Injured. R. R. Duniway
appears as his attorney. The case has
been In court -a long time, and is being
stubbornly contested.
Fire Adds Horror to the Minneapolis
Hotel Catastrophe.
MINNEAPOLIS, Dec 2Qi-The side wall
of the, O. H. Peck building. In Fifth
street. South, which was left Btandlng
by the great fire of Tuesday night, early
today toppled over in a high gale onto
the Crocker Hotel, a three-store struc
ture adjoining. The tons Of brick and
mortar crashed completely down through
the building, carrying floors ana all into
a mass of debris In the basement- There
was no warning or the disaster, and the
14 persons who were sleeping in the vari
ous apartments were caught in the
crushed structure. Bight of them were
killed. The dead:
HANS ANDERSON, trap! eyed at Ronntr'j
JAMSS HAMILTON, employed nt Bonner's
C. M. KENTON, foreman Daniels linseed oil
lei's linseed oil mill.
WILLIAM BRAA, contractor.
JOSEPH VIOLET, coachman.
The injured Mrs. Carrie Boyce, cut about
face and body bruised: W. J. Crocker, badly
bruised and suffering from exposure; Mrs.
Margie McClaire. cheat Injured; Mrs. Evelyn
AVIlHams, face cut and badly brulnrd; Mrs.
Anna McNevlns, face cut and badly bruised.
Some of thosa Injured were In the Bel
mont Hotel, adjoining the Crocker, and
wer hit by the debris that fell through
tho walls adjoining the two buildings.
The persons In the Crocker Hous who
escaped were Mrs. W. J. Croker, wife of
the proprietor; Hannah Crocker, her 15-year-old
daughter; WIJMe Crocker, her
S-year-old son; Baby Williams, i months
old, her granddaughter, and Miss May
A passer-by who heard the crash
promptly turned in a fire alarm, and the
department arrived In time to check an
incipient blaze from the wreck, and the
flrcmen and policemen at once turned
their attention to rescuing those still
alive and recovering the dead. This work
was carried on under great difficulties in
the darkness and the danger from fall
ing walls.
Mrs. Anna McNevins had a -wonderful
escape. She "was on the second floor. In
bed, when the crash came. The firemen
took her out of her bed in the basement.
The debris had arched over her In such
a way as to preserve her from serious
Hans Anderson, who was on the second
floor, was pinned down by beams across
the lower part of his body. He pleaded
plteously for help. The firemen worked
desperately through the -wreckage, fear
ing every moment that they might dis
lodge some beam upon him It was like
playing jackstraws with death. But they
could not reach him. His sentences be
came fewer, and with less of the note of
pain in them. At last his voice was
stilled, and the workers knew their cf-
fcrts had been in vain. W. J. Crocker.
the proprietor, was found pinioned be
neath a radiator, and was taken out more
dead than alive. He will recover.
Harriman Man Will Control Entire
Traffic of Great Northern.
CHICAGO, Dec. 20. Benjamin Camp
bell, assistant traffic. director of the Har
rlman system of railroads, has been made
fourth vice-president of the Great North
ern, to succeed Joseph W. Blabon. Mr,
Campbell will be In charge of the entire
traffic p;f the Great Northern system, and
wm assume control January j.
Position Made for Woodworth.
CHICAGO, Dec 20. The Record-Herald
"It is understood that circulars will be
issued today announcing the creation of
the position of freight traffic manager of
tho Northern Pacific Railroad and the
appointment of James G. Woodworth to
that position. Mr. Woodworth is now
ciisistant to Vice-President Darius Miller,
of the Burlington.
President Roosevelt Accepts New
York Republican Club Invitation.
WASHINGTON. Dec 20. President
Roosevelt today accepted an Invitation to
attend the Lincoln Day dinner to be
given by the Republican Club of New
York on February 13 next. The President
will deliver an address.
Bids $9 Per Thousand Feet.
SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 20. (Special.)
Bids were opened this afternoon in the
office of .Captain F. A. Grant, of the
United States Army Quartermaster's
office, for 2,800,000 feet of lumber to be
used in the construction of barracks and
other buildings In Manila, and other
towns In the Philippines, There were a
number of bidders, the lowest being of the
St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Company,
whose offer was $9 per thousand feet.
Northwestern People In Iew York
NEW YORK Deo. 20. fSnecikl.)-
The following people from the Pacific
uoast registereo in notcis. nere today:
From Portland J. B. Coffey, at the
From Salem, Or. A. F. Lange, at the
From Tacoma H. L. M. YeUel
W. Blckell. at the Victoria.
From Seattle P. L. Richards, at the
Koesmore; Alias Peterson, at the Ever
.ett; Mrs. W. R. Ballard, at the Fifth
Avenue; w. a. steel, at the Imperial
Election Contest Settled.
OREGON CITY, Or., Dec 20. (SpeciaL)
The dispute over the election of Coun
cilman of the First Ward has been decided
through the recount of the ballots made
by tho Council. Councilman F. E. Story
had brought suit against David Williams
who, by the recent canvass, was declared
to have been elected by a majority of
three votes. The recount gave Williams
a majority of two, the vote being: Story
157; Williams, 159.
Applications for clergy certificates for
XSTJ3 lutLi i uiu u mimn at v. 41 oi,
N. general pasenger department, room 2r
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the scales that Nelson was the lighter of
the two by at leant a pound.
The crowd that congregated about Cor-
bett's place as Brltt and Nelson attempted
to enter was bo great that it was oniy oy
the free use of policemen's clubs that en
trance waB effected by the two pugilists.
Plenty of Nelson Money.
Betting has been brisk all day. In the
morning bets were registered at the odds
of 10 to 7. with Brltt favorite. Lefter on
the volume of Nelson money and the. re
luctance of Brltt'e supporters to specu
late at what they termed unreasonable
and disproportionate figures, the price ad
vanced a point, with the local lad holding
tho top end at 10 to S. Even at this price
the Brltt coteries did not loosen their
purse latches until evening, when, realiz
ing the futility of hoping for a more lu
crative price, they poured their money
Into the poolseller's box in large bunches,
which was covered with avidity by the
loyal Nelsonltes.
So great, la fact, was the influx of
Nelson coin at this stage that the odds
were forced us another notch. At 7
o'clock the odds favored Brltt at 10 to
9, and these quotations prevailed for an
hour. Still the flow of short-end wagers
poured in, and at S o'clock the betting was
at even money, which was the ruling
price up to ringtlme.
It was reported that Battling Nelson
had placed from $1500 to 12000 on himself at
odds varying from 10 to 8 to 10 to 9. Brltt.
on the other hand, placed but a moderate
,6um on his own chances of winning, be
ing content to strive for the purse and
glory which -victory would bring.
Two Preliminary Events.
Two preliminaries were worked off prior
to the main event. Tom Moran and Frank
Dellle. of the United States Army, mot In
a four-round contest at 130 pounds, while
George Herbert and Jim Haywards (col
ored) entertained the crowd In a scheduled
eight-round, go. Dellle was given the de
cision over Moran at the end of four
rounds of tame fighting.
In the second preliminary, George Her
bert was given the decision over Jim
Haywards at the end of the eighth round.
It was a- good contest, in which Herbert
landed the cleaner blows and forced the
fighting. Harry Sharp, of Si- Louis, ref
ereed both the preliminary contests.
Gans Wants to Fight Winner.
The following message was received
from Al Herford, manager of Joe Gans.
offering to match the colored man with
the winner of tonight's contest A check
of T2500, It Is said, haa been deposited with
a local sporting man to clinch the match.
Herford stipulated that Gans would make
133 pounds at 6 o'clock.
Young Corbett also Issued a challenge
to meet the winner and claimed that he
has n verbal promise from Brltt to give
him. another chance in the event of the
GalifQrnlan being returned a. winner.
Brltt's seconds were "Spider" Kelly, his
chief" adviser; Frank Rafael and "Tlv"
Kllng. In Nelson's corner "were Ted
Murphy, who acted as the Dane's chief
counsellor: Eddie Santry, "Rawhide" Kee
ley and "Smiling Metzner.
Constant Clinching Marks the Open
ing Rounds of the lattle.
Round 1 TJwy -shook hands .and both men
adopted their fejnous crouches. Brltt ralued
a left book for the body, and . similar at
tempt was neatly blocked by Neleon, as was
a rlht book for the faee. Careful sparring
tailored, and Brltt jnbred aaoUier left for
the body. Suddenly Brltt whipped a terrific
right over the heart and followed It with a
tremendous left hook to the wicd. They west
to a clinch and broke rfry care-fully. Nel
eon'a -firs lead with left was. abort, and then
Brltt drove a straight right to the body and
ducke) a left SPUnter for (he Jaw and they
Brlrt then hooked hia famous left again to
the body and they clinched again. Mixing It.
Brltt -missed hlsr Jeft for the body. The gong
rang with the men In a clinch. It was Brltt's
round. Kelton did not land a. blow In this
round, but acted entirely on the defensive.
Both men were very cool as they took their
Bound 3 Nelson crouched low and Brltt
mlutd a left for the body and they clinched.
J3rltt mlesed left for the body and right for
Ends With This
the head, and once more they clinched, neither
one being Inclined to let go. Both mlesed lefts
for the body. Nelson forced Brltt Into a neu
tral corner, but Jimmy wiggled out without
damage. Brltt then drove a eftralght right over
the heart, and received In return a right hook
to the Jaw. Nelson blocked straight left and
right for the Jaw, and the referee, separated
them from a clinch-
They fought carefully at close quarters,
neither man landing. Brltt continued to' back
away, and Nelson shot his left to Brltt's
Jaw. After a clinch, Brltt missed right swing
for the body, and the gong rang.
Brltt Hangs on Too Ixmg.
'It 'appeared that Britt was holding on. un--seseasarlly,
and there was some alight hissing
ao the -men went to their eeats. There was
not much done In this round. Ncl?on, If any
thing, having a slight advantage.
Round 8 Brltt missed a left swing for the
Jaw. and Nelson blocked left for the body.
Nelson forced Brltt to the ropes, but the Cal
if ornian got In a good right to the stomach
and received a light right In return. They
mixed it, and Brltt missed several lefts and
rights for the body. Nelson then began the
same tactics which characterized his battle
with Corbett. and Brltt broke ground. Brltt
drove his left hook to the body, and they
mixed it, Brltt receiving left Jab to thft face.
Brltt staggered Nelson with right to the
stomach and left to the Jaw, but In a rally
Nelson swung left, and right to the face.
Nelson is a great big slugger, with
plenty of ability In that direction, but
without the knowledge, of -how to use It.
I fought as I did .to secure the cham
pionship and protect my friends' money.
I am still champion of the world, and
I mean to retain It.
Brit, then ewung left to the head and hooked
his right to the Jaw. Brltt rocked Nelson's
head with a terrific right awing as the bell
Brltt walked coolly to his corner, as' also did
Nelson. It was Brltt's round by a good mar
gin. Round 4 Brltt swung left twice to the head
and missed a right hook for the. body. They
went to close quarters and Indulged In Ineffec
tual short-arm swings. Brltt sent Ne Iron's
head back with right swln, tfnd a moment
la'ed -plrced h!s left to the face. Brltt thnn
clcvtrl) ducked left and right uppercut for
ens Jaw and a clinch followed, the crowd yell
lnj: "Break them away!"
Race Around the Ring.
Brltt ducked a straight left for the head,
and danced away from Nelson, who followed
him about the ring. Nelson mlud left and
right swings for the Jaw. and then a right
swing caught Brltt on the mouth and a left
wing reached hla ear twice In auccejalon.
Brltt missed right and left, and the bell rang
with the men In a fierce embrace, from which
the referee separated thm. Both men broke
very reluctantly as they went to the cllnche?.
and the crowd kept up a constant yell of
"break." Honors were even.
Round 6 Brltt was short with left hook for
the body, and they clinched, the crowd again
yelling. Kelson forced Brltt to the ropes, but
failed to connect. Nelson kept boring in. and
as they clinched the crowd again yelled Itself
hearse. Brltt shot hU left to the face, and
Uten put a ilgh1: to he head, while Nelson
blwrkrd straight left for the face. Brltt then
hockd his left to the wind, and Nelson drove
his right and left hard to the body. Brltt
hockeo. a hard left to the Jaw, and missed a
left for thv face. Brltt shot his left hard to
the body and missed two similar attempts.
A. moment later two left hooks found rest
ing place on the Dane's body, but apparently
had no effect. The gong clanged at this stage,
Brltt having Just a shade - the better of the
round. A feature of the fight so far had bn
the constant clinching of the men.
And the Dane Kept Boring In.
Round O Brltt mlesed two left swings for
the head. Then he sent a tremendous left
hook to the body, -and another attempt was
equally ouccefsful. They stood apart, and
Brltt once more sent his plstonrod left to
the body, and followed It with a left cross to
the Jaw and a left hook again to the body.
Nelson kept boring In. and missed a vicious
left for the body. Another attempt succeeded,
and he landed two lefts to the face, for which
he was rebuked "with two straight rights to tho
body and a tremendous right swing to the
Jaw. ;
The Dane continued to bore In, and Brltt
missed left swing for the Jaw. Brltt blocked
a clumsy attempt with left for the Jaw, and
Brltt tried with left for the body as the gang
sounded It was -Brltt'e round. Nelson kept
boring in and forcing Brltt about, but In
nearly every Instance the California sent
Nelson back with well-placed blows.
Round 7 Britt 'rocked Nelsonts head with
" . V. . '
- Century Contract
a vicious right swing to the Jaw and a left
uppercut for the Jaw was blocked. A clinch
followed, and Roche separated the men.
Brltt caught Nelson again on the Jaw with a
right hook, and . In the mix Nelson put a
left to the body and two left uppercuts to
the Jaw. They were In a vicious mix when
Brltt drove a straight short-arm left to the
face and followed It with terrific right and
left swing to the Jaw.
They went to close quarters and Brltt
mlssd a left for the Jaw and blocked two
attempts by Nelson for the Jaw with right
and left. Britt swung his lert hard to the
Jaw and then sent in two straight lefts to
the face and a left hook- to the body. How
ever. Nelson kept borinr In. but he seemed
unable to nnd the shifty Callfornlan's vul
nerable spots. It was Brltt's round.
"Round S Brltt. as usual, backed away
and they fought to close quarters. Brltt
missed his left for the body and then shot
a left to the face. Nelson went after Brltt
with right and left swings, but the local
lad danced out of harm's way. Nelson then
caught Brltt with a left and right swing to
the face. Nelson backed away and tried his
left book twice for the body, but was un
successful. Brltt Jabbed twice with a left to
the face, but Nelson brought his left and
right to the Jaw.
Nelson rights Wildly.
A furious rally ensued, Nelson sending
Brltt back with a right swing to the Jaw,
and Brltt retaliated with several straight
Jabs to the face. Nelson fought wildly and
slipped to the floor from a misdirected
swing to the jaw. The, gong found both
men hammering away desperately at each
other. It was a bit Nelson's round.
Round 0 They at onco worked to a clinch
and In mixing It both failed to land. Brltt
thenahot two lefts to the face and fol
lowed it with three similar blows with great
rapidity, but the Dane kept boring In and
gave Brltt no chance to rest. Nelson then
put a stiff left under Brltt's heart. A left
by Brltt caught Nelson on the top of tho
head. Then they exchanged lefts to thn
Nelson forced Brltt about the ring, landing
a left on the body and right andjeft swings
to the Jaw Brltt broke ground looking
anxious. Britt kept cool, however. and
hooked his left to the body and two lefts
to the face. Thjr then tougbt furiously.
Nelson forcing Britt to the ropes as the
gong sounded. Nelson was very aggressive,
and Britt looked a bit worried as he went
to his corner.
More AVorry for Brltt.
Round 10 Brltt missed two lefta for the
face. Nelson kept right after Brltt, forcing
him to break ground, but did not land. Nel
son then worked his left and right to the
head, but was met by a vicious left to the
Jaw. Brltt missed a similar attempt and they
went to close quarters. Nelson putting short
arm right and left to Brltt's face. Both then
missed straight lefts for the jaw, and the
referee broke them from a clinch.
Nelson forced Brltt to a corner, landing a
choppy right to the Jaw and they clinched.
Nelson then sent Brltt to the ropes with
a straight right swing and kept hammering
s.way fiercely at the Callfornlan's head and
body with right and left .'swings. Brltt ral
lied a bit as the gong rang, but not enough
to overcome the lead secured' by Nelson.
Brltt again looked a bit worried as he went
to his corner. It was Nelson's round.
Round 11 Both missed lefts for the face,
and Britt hooked a left to the Jaw and fol
lowed it with two wicked lefts to the
head. Britt continued to break ground, evor
and, anon trying his left hook for the body,
but In each Instance it was blocked. They
clinched and It looked as If BTltt was' doing
the holding. Brltt then hooked his left to
the stomach and swung his right to the
ear. .
They fought fiercely In the center of the
ring. Brltt landing a right and left on Nel
son's Jaw and head. Kelson kept boring in,
which the California boy did not seem to
relish. The referee again separated the fight
ers and Brltt hooked his left to the body.
The gong rang with the men fighting at
close quarters. Brltt bad a slight advan
tage In this round.
Brltt Makes Spirited Rally. .
Round 12 Britt led with his left and a
clinch resulted, the refereo breaking them
nway again. Brltt missed a right hook for
the body. Nelson still kept boring In. try
ing to draw Britt to close quarters. Britt
drove a wicked right uppercut to the Jaw,
but the blow was returned with Interest,
Nelson landing three rights to Brltt's face.
Britt recovered quickly, battering Nelson at
will with right and left swings to the Jaw.
He varied It with terrific left body punches,
but Nelson fought back desperately and
planted two lefts to Brltt's face.
Brltt-whipped two lefts arid a fearful right
swing to the Jaw, and the Dane covered up.
It was a whirlwind fight and Nelson went
to his corner with blood streaming from
bis nose. It was a great rally on Brltt's
part, and the house was in a tremendous
uproar. It was Brltt's round by a good
margin, although Nelson came back game
ly. -
Round 13 -They got to close quarters In
the center of the ring. Brltt shot a straight
left to the face and In a mix Nelson put
left to the body. Britt sent In four con
secutive left Jabs to the face, and followed
It with fearful left and right swings to the
jaw. Britt kept . after Nalson mercilessly,
pegging away "with left Jabs and straight
lefts to the face. Nelson tried to get to.
close quarters, but Brltt jabbed three lefts
to the face, and they went against the ropes
in a clinch. Brltt again stabbed a left to the
face and In a mix: Nelson landed a right
to the face. Brltt varied hi3 style with a
left hook to the body, and Nelson slipped
to the floor from a missed left swing.
Plays for Dane's Face.
Britt kept stabbing- Nelson's face with
his . left continuously until the bell rang.
The blood started afresh from Nelson's noso
bh he went to his corner. Britt frustrated
Nelson's attempts to draw him to close
quarters in this round. It was Brltt's round.
Round 14 Brltt sent his left lightly to
the face, and they clinched, the crowd
hissing Britt for holding on as they be
lieved. Brltt sent a raking left to Nelson's
I hod all the beat of the fight. Britt
was breaking ground and holding on
continuously. Referee Roche made no
effort to atop Britt except to give me
the worst of it. I will fight Britt again
under the same conditions for $5000 a
side, but will Insist that Slier referee.
I believe he la the only referee who
knows whether a man has won or lost.
I scored the only knockdown of the
fight, and bad Brttt running away.
sore spot, and when they broke tried his
usual tactics of stabbing his left to the
face. Brltt then swung his right to the
face and followed It with two straight lefta
to the face, and by clever footwork avoided
Nelson's counters.
Britt swung a right to the face and missed
a fearful left for tho face, A light left by
Brltt went to Nelson's nose, and the Dane
retaliated with a left and right to the face.
Brltt backed away from further harm, and
as the bell rang Britt drove a stinging
right to the faoe, but received a blow on
the face that tore the flesh from his fore
head and, started the blood flowing freely.
It was an even round.
Set a Terrific race.
Round 15 Britt Immediately jabbed left to
the face and Nelson kept boring In. but was
met by Brltt's unerring straight left to the
face. Nelson forced Brltt about the ring, but
tho Californlan was too shifty, and avoided
the Dane's atteinpts. A clinch followed, Roche
again breaking the men. Brltt sent straight
left to the face, but received In return a right
on the Jaw and a left to the body. Nelson
fought hard, and It was give and. take, Neloon,
If anything, having the advantage.
Nelson uppercut with right to the Jaw. but
Britt sent In right and left swings to the Jaw
In return. They mixed It fiercely, and Brltt
slipped to the floor from a missed right upper
cut. The gong rang with the men In a furious
exchange of right and left swings .to the face
and Jaw. The pace was almost superhuman,
and Britt looked the more tired of the two as
they sought their corners.
Round 1& They mixed It at close quarters,
giving blow for blow. Nelson forced Britt to
the ropes, but the latter was too clever, and
covered up, and the D'anels vicious onslaught
went for naught. Nelson kept forcing. Brltt
about the ring, nnd Brltt's efforts to land on
the Dane were fruitless. Suddenly fVttt got
In his range and showered a perfect hall of
right and left swings on Nelson's Jaw.
Dune Lands a Volley. .
The Dane was lying lew. however and as
soon as Brltt had worked, himself Into a weak
state. Nelson wept at him hammer and tongs,
landing hla right and left volleys on Brltt's
head and Jaw. Brltt went to his corner look
ing very weak.
Round 17 They went to close quarters and
were separated by Roche. Nelson bored In
and Brltt tried his lefts for the face, but all
the blows were blocked. Brltt swung loft ana
right to the face, but was "apparently tired,
and Nelion went after him In an effort to
wear him down. Brltt then stopped these tac
tics wjth a resumption of his left jabs, and
finally swung a vicious left to the face. Brltt
was forced against the ropes, but wriggled
out of danger -like an eel. and sent straight
left to rhe face.
Nelson continued after Britt In an endeavor
to ge( Britt to mix. but Brltt kept dancing
away, and varied It with straight left Jabu to
Nelson's face, which had little, if any. effect.
The gong rang with Brltt much fresher than
in the previous round, and with the honors a
shade in his favor.
Crowd Cheers Both Men.
Round "18 Britt jabbed as usual with left to
the face and danced awayfrom the Dane, who
endeavored to get him to close quarters. Fi
nally Nelaon sent a atraisht left to Brltt's
Jaw. and In a mix they exchanged lefts ,to the
face, and Britt worked a left uppercut to the
Jaw, which did- not stay the Dane In the
least. Brltt - was again buffeted about the
ring, but stopped Nelson with left hook to the
body. The referee then separated them from
a clinch, and Brttt ripped his left with ter
rific force to the body.
Nelson chased Britt around but his blows
were Ill-timed, and Britt kept pegging away
with his left to the Jaw, and .then oent right
fiwliu? to the head. Brltt went to hkr corner
with blood flowing from the reopened abrasion
In his forehead. At the end of the round the
crowd yelled Itself hoarse, some yelling "Brttt"
and others "Nelson.'
Britt Leads in Foot Race.
Round 19 Nelson forced Britt about the.
ring, but Brltt's footwork was too much, for
the Dane. Brltt then hooked his left, twice to
the body and they went to a clinch. Britt
swung left hard to (ho car and then swung s.
fearful left to the body. They mixed it again,
with- the crowd hissing. Nelson chased Brltt
about again, but Brltt met hlnr on all occasions
with straight lefta to the face, which, he varied
with a hard right swing to tho car and a lpft
hook to the body. Brjtt put another left hook
to the body, and they clinched against the
Nelson suddenly caught Britt napping and
swung two fearful rights and a left to the
Jaw, rocking Brltt's head. Britt came baxrk
with right and left swings hard to the Jaw,
and the bell rang with honors even. The
crowd renewed Its cries of "Brltt," "Nelsori,"
at the end of the round.
Round 20 Nelson waded In desperately, Strc
could not locate the shifty local lad, who sud
denly hooked two fearful lefts to the Jaw and
followed It with another, staggering Nelson 3
bit. They feught In the center of the ring nd
exchanged right and left swings to the face.
In a clinch, Referee Roche had his hands ull
separating the belligerents.
Fierce Blows at Finish.
Brltt then sent Nelson's head back with a
left hook and followed It with a left swing to
the jaw. Then Britt once more hooked his lefl
to the jaw. and followed It with two right
swings and a left hook, to ,tha face. The fight
ing was fearful, Britt going in fiercely with
left and risht swings to Nelson's Jaw, and the
gong clanged, denoting that the boitlar .i
over. Referee Roohe promptly awarded the
decision to Britt. The decision was greeted
with minzled cheers and hisses.
Portland Followers Favor the Cali
fornia Lad.
It was a Britt crowd that stood around
The Oregonian corner Jast night and saw
the returns from the ringside at San
Francisco. It Was also very much a Brltt
crowd that listened to the return at
Other places where they were received.
Portland's tight-followers, at least those
who like to bet on favorites, were also
Britt men, and between flSOO and J20CO
was bet on the Callfornjan at odds of 10
and 8. to 7. They were lucky to collect,
for tho Jescrlption of the fight as It came
by" rounds does not give the Bay City
boy much of an advantage.
Looking at the fight from a distance, It
must be said that while Britt 13 credited
with landing- most of the hard blows, he
was breaking ground before the Dane
after the seventh round. At in-fighting
Nelson showed that he was as good as
Brltt, f not just a little the better, and
had Brltt's seconds not kept him away
from the Chlcagoan, NeJson would have
won. In the East, now, the same old cry
of the Native Son will be heard. Up to
the last two tounirs the fight was a ding
dong affair, with honors about even, and
it was Brltt's showing in the 13th and
20th rounds which undoubtedly caused
Billy Roche, the referee, toglve the fight
to Brttt..
Nelson's friends will contend that he.
was robbed, and will declare that It
should have been a draw, but when the
fight is read carefully, it will be seen
that Jimmy was the cleverest boxer of the
two and landed the most telling blows
It will take another battle between the
boys to settle the dispute.
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