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Two Great Railroads May
Adopt Electric Traction.
NortherPaclfic and Great ;Northern
Desire to .Cut. Down .Expense of
'Operation in- the;.Cascade
CJIICAGO, Dec 1. The use of elec
tricity as the motive power for cross
ing the .mountains is being thoroughly
investigated by both the Norther Pa
cific .and the Great Northern Roads,
iwith every probability of its early
adoption. The change, if made, -will
be in the interest of economy In opera
tion. The coal consumption is so
ehonmous in the mountains that the
railways would be glad to adopt elec
tric -traction If the electrical engineers
eould-provo the economy of it.
A steam railway expert from one of
the largest -electric manufacturing
companies bas recently spent several
weeks Investigating the possibilities
of electric traction on the Northern Pa
cific in "Washington.
The Great Northern's motive-power
department has also given a great deal
of attention to the problem. The North
ern Pacific crosses the Cascade Range
by the Stampede Pass through the
Stampede Tunnel, -while the Great
Northern, which formerly had a switch
tback in Stevens Pass, now uses the
Cascade Tunnel at the same point.
, The coal consumption of both roads
through the. mountains is very heavy.
The Northern Pacific is fortunate in
having its own coal fields on both sides
of the mountains. It has mines on the
western aide of the Cascade in the
Carbon River district, about 35 miles
southeast of Tacoma. Its principal
mine is at Roslyn, on the eastern side
of the mountain., a few miles from the
Stampede TunneL Tho Great Northern
is not so fortunate in Its coal supply
in the mountains. It buys a- great deal
of coal from the Northern Pacific
Along the Northern Pacific, on the
Great Northern in the Cascade country,
there are a great many water powers
which could be utilized in generating
Mail-Service Official is to Take Like
Position With Railroad.
CHICAGO, Dec l.-(SpeclaL) An
nouncement is made of the appointment
of H. P. Tbrall to be superintendent of
mail service for the Harrlman system
with headquarters in Chicago. To accept
this position Mr, Thrall resigned the.po
eition of Government Inspector of the
Railway Mail Service for the Pacific
, Coast Division, which position he held
' for six years. His salary will be $10.
O00 a year. He was appointed to the
railway mail service in 1S83 and has
been in ah official capacity as inspector
since 1890. It Is. the purpose of the
Harrlman lines to make important im
provements in the mail service of the
Alexander H. Stephens, assistant di
vision superintendent of the railway post
eervlce, succeeds Thrall.
Millionaire Politician Denies He De
clared Spooner's Election Bought.
MARINETTE, Wis., Dec 1. Isaac
Stephenson, millionaire politician, whose
name was frequently used by Lincoln J.
Steffens in his article in relation to cor
ruption in Wisconsin politics, and par
ticularly to the time of John C Spooner's
election to the United States Senate in
18S5, has denied he was the source of
Steffen's .information. He does not deny
that the charges might have been true,
but in an open letter he declares he did
not furnish the information. The letter is
to Hon. Marion Wescott, Shawno, Wis.,
end in part says:
"An article was published in McClure's
Magazine for October, 1904, written by
Mr. Lincoln Steffens, purporting to give
some inside facts relative to Wisconsin
political history, which caused quite a
sensation and much newspaper and other
comment Some people Interpreted certain
portions of that article as stating or in
sinuating that many, if not all, of the sup
jporters of Senator Spooner were influenced
to vote for him by some form of bribery.
1 was put in the attitude of furnishing the
information on which the supposed charge
or insinuation was based. It is not my
purpose to discuss wnether the interpreta
tion stated can fairly be given to what
was said by Mr. Steffens, but I will say as
strongly as I know how to that In any in
formation I gave to him in any way it was
not my intention to say or Insinuate that
any member of the" Legislature was
brought to the support of Senator Spooner
by any species of bribery, and nothing
was said by roe to Mr. Steffens, or in blsj
presence, which, fairly understood, would
Justify an insinuation that .any member
of .the'iLegislature was- bribed to vote for
anybody." ' - .
Roosevelt. Leads Congressman French"
-by -About 5000.
BOISE. Idaho. Dec 1. The State Board
today canvassed, .returns of the- election.
The figures are as follows: '
JWosevrtt '. . . ...'.... '. ..'..... . . .'.'47;783'
Parker 18,480
Xtebs 4.&4D
6aMow 1,013
TVatson : - -353
JlooswU'8 plurality 20,303
For Consre:
French. Republican i
clay. Democrat
French's plurality .
For Governor
Goodlnfr. Republican
Heltreld".. Democrat .
Gooding's plurality ; 17.6S5
Gooding ran about 4000 behind the re
roainder of the state ticket
"election officials in defense
Welmer Ejected Because They Be
lieved Ke Wanted to Vote Twice.
DENVER, Colo., Dec. L Only three
witnesses for the defense were heard to
day In the election cases pending before
United States Commissioner A. B. Capron.
The heating was Interrupted by the neces
sity lor the presence of several of the de
fendants In the Supreme Court, where they
stand charged with contempt The cases
before the Commissioner are based upon
the charge that the defendants prevented
Adolph Welmer from voting in Precinct
Eight of the Fifth Ward. Welmer alleges
that his ballot wag already marked "So
cialist" when handed .him, and that when
he insisted on having a second ballot he
was thrown out of the polling place by
two of the defendants.
Alderman Michael Mafconeyt Cbarl
Kofsky and -Edward Qmalla, respectively -judge.and
clerks of election, all of the de
fence, testified that Welmer did not dls
coer that tho word - SocialIst" was on
his ballot until after it had been handed
to Kofsky, whose duty bad been to tear
off the second of the reference slips, and
the latter had. returned it to him. The de
fendants added that -a number of other
voters -were waiting their turn at the time
so that it was possible Welraer's ballot
had been handed to some other voter and
placed In the box and that the ballot that
was returned to him was that of some
other voter.
The witnesses for the prosecution had
all testified that "Welmer came out of the
booth protesting against the ballot which
he said had a mark on it and that he had
not yet handed it to the judge to be folded,
pasted and marked for deposit in the bal
lot box. AH three testified that no force
was used to eject Welmer from the poll
ing place, and that he was removed only
because they -believed he .was trying to
vote twice..-
"Warrants.fir Mere Election Officers.
DENVER, Dec 1. Arguments were
made in five, of the contempt cases before
the Supreme Court today, and at the
conclusion the court announced that de
cision would be rendered on Monday morn
ing next. Twelve more Supreme Court
warrants for a number of election officials
who served in Denver were issued today.
Attorneys representing the Democratic
state organization also secured the issu
ance of a batch of warrants for Repub
licans in Huerfano County, Tho charge
is the same as in the Denver cases, the
alleged contempt consisting- of -refusal
to allow special Supreme Court wateh
ersMo enter the polling places desig
nated in Huerfano County.
Hearing in coptempt cases will be re
sumed in the Supreme Court tomorrow.
There are about 50 cases still pending.
Plurality in Utah 29,031.
SALT LAKE CITY, Dec 1. The of
ficial vote of Utah in the recent elec-.
tlon has been completed. The highest
vote' for a Republican Presidential
elector was 62,444, and the highest
Democratic 33,413. Roosevelt's plural
ity, therefore, was 29,031. Debs, So
cialist candidate, received 5767 votes.
The American party, organized during
the campaign to fight alleged church
lntereference In politics, polled 7959
Jury to Investigate Election.
DENVER, Dec L District Judgo John
L Mulling, in the Criminal Court today,
issued an order summoning a grand Jury
to Investigate alleged election frauds in
this county. This step is taken at the
behest of Democratic leaders, -who charge
that money was wrongfully used by cor
porations to elect certain candidates at
the recent election, and that voters were
coerced by their employers. A Sheriff was
instructed to return the venire next Sat
urday. Illinois Vote Is Canvassed.
SPRINGFTELD. 111., Dec L The vote
of the state was 'canvassed today. It
shows: For PresidentRoosevelt. 632,
645; Parker. 227. 60S; Debs. 63,225; Swallow,
37.770; Corrigan. 469S; Watson, 6725; Hol
comb (Continental), 30. For Governor
Deneen (Rep.), 634,029; Stringer (Dem.),
Louisiana Vote Made Up.
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 1. The official
tabulation of the vote cast In Louisiana
in the Presidential election Ehowe the fol
lowing: Parker and Davis electors, 47.70S;
Roosevelt and Fairbanks, 5205. For the
Socialist electors 993 votes were cast.
Official Count in Alabama.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec 1. The of
ficial canvass of Alabama's-vote shows:
For Parker, 79.657; Roosevelt, 22,472;
Watson, 5,051; Debs, 853; Swallow, 651.
Parker's plurality, 57,385..
Republican Wins Congressional Fight
FRANKFORT, Ky., Dec 1. A certifi
cate of election has been given to Ben
nett. Republican, who was opposed by
Kehoe, Democrat, in the Ninth Congres
sional district
Ended Life While Temporarily Insane
LONDON. Dec L "Suicide during tem
porary Insanity" was the verdict of the
Coroner's Inquest on Elverton R. Chap
man, of New York City, who committed
suicide on the evening of November 28,
at Carlton Hotel, by throwing himself
from the third-floor landing to the vesti
bule The evidence of friends showed
that Chapman while in Paris exhibited
signs of derangement
Prior to committing suicide his last act
was to hand his banker letters addressed
to his father and sister, expressing re
gret If they had any disagreements In
the past and wishing them long and hap
py lives.
Schotten's Spices Win Grand Prize.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec 1. (Special.)
Schotten's Spices were awarded grand
prize (highest award) at the St Louis
World's Fair.
Socialist Ticket at South Bend.
SOUTH BEND. Wash.. Dec L (Spe
cial.) The Socialists have placed a ticket
in the field for the city election next week.
T 1 r ' ' ' ' ' ' T ' ' ' ' ' ' 1
, ' ' ' J v
r -
: I : '
Life-Saving Service Submits
Report for Busy Year.
Lives of 3400 Persons and Property to
the Value of Nearly $7,000,000
Were Involved Favors Re
tirement System.
WASHINGTON, Dec L The annual re
port of the General Superintendent of the
Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year
ending June 30. ISM, shows that during
the year assistance was rendered by the
life-saving crews to 1051 vessels of all
kinds, involving the lives of more than
3400 persons and property to the value of
nearly $7,000,000. The crews also rescued
103 persons not on board vessels from
various perilous situations, and through
signal warnings of tho beach patrols
saved from possible disaster 161 vessels In
danger of stranding. Vessels wrecked
were generally of small tonnage
There were 359 casualties to registered
vessels. Involving 2545 persons', of whom 21
were lost The estimated value of those
vessels was $4,693,855 and of their cargoes
$1,757,927, making the total estimated value
of property Imperiled 56,456,780. Of this
amount there was saved $5,059,150, and
$1,365,830 was lost Of the 359 vessels which
suffered disaster, 50 were totally lost
Among the smaller craft, not registered,
such as sailboats, rowboats, pleasure
launches, etc, 411 casualties occurred, Im
perilling the lives of S03 persons, of whom
M were lost The value of these vessels
with their cargoes Is estimated at $348,750,
and with a loss of $$620. This makea the
total number of disasters to vessels of all
kinds 770. with a valuation of $6,750,630, of
which $5,330,050 was saved and $3,750,350
was lost The total number of persons
Involved was 3328, of" Whom 34 lost their
The net expenditure for the maintenance
of the service during the fiscal year .was
The telephone system maintained by the
service has proved of great assistance,
and much attention has been given to Its
Improvement and extension. Numerous
points not heretofore reached have been
connected, and the line has been kept con
stantly in such repair that, even under the
most adverse circumstances, communica
tion has not been seriously Interrupted
for more than a few hours at any time.
The life-saving lines now extend practi
cally unbroken from Maine to the Caro
linas and have connection at all Impor
tant points with the commercial telephone
and telegraph lines of the country, and
abo, where desirable, with the light
houses and weather bureau offices on the
The life-saving stations, the report says,
constitute an Important factor in the sys
tem of patrol guard maintained by the
Navy Department for protecting the coast
in time of war, and it is expected the
wireless telegraph system, now being
tested by the Navy, when sufficiently per
fected, will be extended to the llfe-cavlng
station; in fact plans already are being
prepared for its installation.
The General Superintendent again ear
nestly urges the Justice and propriety of
extending the retirement system of the
Army and Navy to tho members of the
life-saving service, thus providing for
those who become disabled In the line of
duty or unfit for further service by rea
son of advancing age.
Prosecutor Argues Grain Concern Em
ployed Solon to Gain His Influence.
WASHINGTON, Dec 1-SolicItor-
iienerai. .tioyt, or. the Department ot
justice, maae tne opening argument
for the Government In the case of
united States Senator James R. Bur
ton, of Kansas, in the Supreme Court
of the United States. He contended
tnat this was an ordinary criminal
case, and the questioning of the Juris
diction of the court which tried Mr.
Burton could not be successfully raalri-
Replying to a question from Justice
White, Mr. Hoyt said Mr. Burton's
name appearea on the Rial to Com
pany's circulars, but at what time he
could not say. Justice White replied
that as the department was investi
gating tne case, the time seemed very
Mr. Hoyt arirued that Senator Bur
ton knew Just what he was doing when
he accepted service with the Rialto
Company. He said it was question
able whether a Senator should perform
such services as were required of the
defendant by the company, but when
he accepted a fee "he linked the fatal
Mr. Hoyt discussed tho claim of the
defense that the charge was an "in
famous crime" instead of a. "misde
meanor," and therefore that the de
fense should have ten, instead of three
challenges. He alleged that the con
tention of the defense -was not valid.
Justice White asked it he' did not real
ize that the penalty carried a disquali
fication of the accused, would debir him
from citizenship and forever put a stigma
upon him. Mr. Hoyt maintained that
the statute made the offense a misde
meanor. Mr. Lehman closed the case in an hour's
argument for Senator Burton. He re
viewed the testimony with reference to
Mr, Burton's visits to the Postofflce De
partment and insisted they involved no
possible interest of the United States. Mr.
Lehman alro maintained that the charge
of the lower court was unfair to the
Will Consider Details of Army Admin
istration in Philippines.
MANILA, Dec 1. Major-General H. C.
Corbln, commander of the Philippines,
has appointed a board of three officers
to take into consideration details for
the administration of the staff depart
ments and their several divisions, and
also to reach the number of officers nec
essary to perform tho administrative du
ties efficiently. This board will consider
plans for the betterment of the service,
seeking a means whereby Increased effi
ciency may be attained with a possible
reduction of expenses.
The board will give special considera
tion to the reduction of the number of
depots and garrisons as well as to the
amount of water and land transportation
required. Major-General Corbln is in fa
vor of giving the transportation business
only to steamship and railroad companies
capable of handling a large volume. It
Is his purpose to confer with steamship
companies In the United States with a
view to Inducing them to establish a line
of up-to-date interlsland steamers, to
which the army business would be given.
Percentage of 8lck, Out of Total of
17,664 Soldiers, Only Six Per Cent.
WASHINGTON. Dec 1. The last
monthly report of the Chief of Sur
geons of the Philippines, covering the
year ending October 10, Just received
by Surgeon-General O'Reilly, shows the
percentage of sick out of a total
strength of 17,664 soldiers, to have been
less than 6 per cent The Surgeon
General regards this as a- splendid
showing for the tropics. But six deaths
occurred during that month from dis
ease, the others being violent' or acci
dental.. The Chief Surgeon reported an
entire absence of smallpox among the
Philippine Constabulary on Logan.
United States Army transport Logan
sailed today for Guam and Manila, af
ter being inspected by General Francis
Moore. She has on board a large num
ber of cabin passengers, 14 officers and
600 men of the Philippine constabulary.
44 recruits, a full cargq of supplies and
1,000,000 newly coined Philippine pesos.
November Balance $2,545,265 Greater
Than That of October.
WASHINGTON, Dec 1. The monthly
statement of the public debt issued today
shows that at the' close of business No
vember 30, 1S04. the debt, less cash In the
treasury, amounted to $9$9,240.$17. an In
crease for tho month of $2,545,255. The debt
is recapitulated as follows:
Interest-bearitiff-deht ....;.. $ 893.15T.4T0
Debt- on which interest ha? cewed 1,405,400
Debt bearing no Interest 885.932,705
Total $1,282,555,575
-This amount, however, does not include
$1,039,431,963 In certificates and treasury
notes outstanding, which are offset by an
equal amount of cash on hand held for
their redemption. The caBh In the treas
ury Is classified as follows:
Gold reserve .. $ 450,000.000
Trust funds 1,010.481,060
General fund 110,834,803
In National bank depositories 112,041,483
In Philippine treasury....- 5,211.68)
Total $1,406,510,031
Against this there arc demand liabili
ties outstanding amounting to $1,113,175,273,
which leaves a cash balance of '$393,344,655.
Board of Construction Molds Need of
Destroyers Is Greater.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. With the ex
ception of the six torpedO-boats. tho
Board of Construction has approved the
recommendations of the General Board
for new ships to be authorized by Con
gress at its next session.
The programme as amended provides
for three battle-ships, five scout cruis
ers, six torpedo-boat destroyers, two
squadron colliers, a gunboat of the
Helena class, two river gunboats not
exceeding 70 feet In length, and a steam
launch for use on Chinese rivers. The
Construction Board believes that tor
pedo-boats are not as badly needed as
aro torpedo-boat destroyers at thl3
Secretary Morton has before him tho
reports of the two boards, and from
These Overcoats
them will make up his recommenda
tions to Congress for new ships.
Naval Official Will Inspect Harbor
and Dock Facilities.
Lr03 ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 1. Assistant
Secretary of the Navy Charles H. Darling
will leave Los Angeles tomorrow morning
for a visit to' San Pedro, where he will
mke a thorough inspection of the harbor
and dock facilities and the advantages of
locating a Navy drydock and coaling sta
tion at that port. Tonight the Assistant
Secretary and his wife were the guests of
honor at a public reception. Tomorrow
evening they will leave for New Orleans.
Speaking of the possibility of coaling
stations on the Southern California Coast,
,the Aeslstant Secretary said today:
"iiy inspection along tne .racinc uoast
thus far has shown me the importance of
establishing a coaling station at San
Diego. There will have to. be more dry
docks established. Some of them un
doubtedly will be large. In the course of
time these will bo built. I have Inspected
the harbors at Seattle, Puget Sound; Port
land, Or.; Mara Island, San Francisco,
Barita Barbara, Dclmonte and at San
Diego. All o'f these have shown me It Is
Important to establish a coaling station
farther south on the California coast."
Gains In National Bank Circulation.
WASHINGTON, Dec 1. The monthly
statement of National Bank circulation
shows that at the close of business No
vember 30, 1904, the total circulation
was $460,679,075, an increase for the
year of $39,572,096, and for the month
of $3,397,575. . The circulation based on
United States bonds was $427,947,505.
an Increase for the year of $44,923,021,
and for the month of $3,416,924.
The " circulation secured by lawful
money amounted to $32,731,570, a de
crease for the year of $5,356,925, and
for the month of $19,349.
The amount of bonds on deposit to
secure circulating notes was $431,075,
S40, and to secure public deposits $114,
275,650. EX'Congressman Given Position.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. The Postmaster-General
has appointed ex-Congressman
James R. Young, of Philadelphia, superin
tendent of the Dead Letter Office, to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of D. P.
Meibhart last September.
Mr. Young took the oath of office this
afternoon, and Immediately assumed the
duties of the office.
National Receipts and Expenditures.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. The Treasury
statement of the Government receipts and
expenditures shows that the total receipts
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weather, we have been left with a larger
stock of Overcoats than we want. In order
to make room for other goods we will close
out our $18 and $20 Overcoats at
are from the three most reliable
for the month of November, 1904, were
$45,576,877 and the expenditures $49,697,547,
leaving a deficiency for the mgnth of
$4,120,670. The receipts are given as fol
lows: Customs $21,740,957, increase as compared
with November, 1903, $2,521,000; Internal
revenue $20,474,178, decrease $761,000; miscel
laneous $3,361,741, decrease $75,000. The ex
penditures show an Increase of $2,250,000.
The Navy expenditures increased $475,000
and the War Department $300,000. Civil
and miscellaneous expenditures show an
Increase of $2,650,000.
Coinage of the Mints.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. The monthly
statement of the mints shows the total
coinage executed at the mints of the
United States during November, 1901. to
have been $1,C04.811, as follows: Gold,
$5S2,750; subsidiary silver, $S7SS71; minor
coins, $197,160. This amount is exclusive
of 690,000 pieces of coin for Panama and
3,622.000 for the Philippines.
Civil Service Examination.
The United States Civil Service
Commission announces that on Jan
uary 4. . an examination will be
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Is to love children, and no
home can be completely
happy without them, yet the
ordeal through which the ex
pectant mother must pass usually is
so full of suffering, danger and fear
that she looks forward to the critical
hour with apprehension and dread.
Years of Success
In the treatment of chronic diseases, such as liver,
kidney and stomach disorders, constipation, diar
rhoea, dropsical swellings. Brlght's disease, etc.
Kidney and Urinary
Complaints, painful, uilucuu, too irequent, milky or
bloody urine, unnatural discharges speedily cured.
Diseases of the Rectum
5uch as plleu, iuniiu, tuio, ulceration, mucous and
bloody dwenarges, cured without th knlf, pa4a or
Diseases of Men
bidet, oix.cbure, uu natural losses, 1m-
uures guaranieea.
emissions, dreams, exhaustins i
Uepnvo you of your manhoou,ll
and scientific He uses no patent nostrums
iluo ujr luuruusn uicuiutt ifi-
diseases sent tree to an men who ae
at home. Terms reasonable. All letter;
and all diseases and weaknesses of men, due to In
heritance, habits, excesses, or tne result ot spucinc
Every man who Is afflicted owes It to himself and
his posterity to get cured safely and positively, with
out leaving any blight or weakness in his system.
We make no misleading statements or unbusiness
like propositions to the afflicted In order to secure
their patronage. The many years of our successful
practice In Portland prove that our methods of treat
ment are safe and certain.
Call at our offices or write, and if we find that you
cannot be cured we will MOT accept your money
UNDER APT CONDITIONS; and If we find you are
curable we will guarantee a SAFE AND POSITIVE
ciroB in the shortest oosslble time, without inlurians
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