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g, Hopkins & Co,
-I- -u
Italian Ship's CrevTRows to
,i -4 "t
Oargmtn f KtmjtfM ami Dunrensni
When Lieutenant Valentl
Senate His Boat Ahead.
order or rones.. .
First, erew of Italian ship Celeste. ST
half a. length. - -,
"Second, crew of English, ship Hampton,'
or four lengths. , ,
Taint crew of English ahlp Buare
ran, by a Quarter, lencth.
Fourth, crew of Uagllth ship "Dum
friesehlre, by half a tength.
Fifth, crew of French sitfp JUIe,- by
three lengths.
Sixth, crew of French aiilp Europe.''
A pistol cracked suddenly- at' 3:15
o'clock yesterday afternoon Jn "the vi
cinity of the Oceanic dock, and six
boats, propelled by oars In the handr of
brawny Bailors ivho had -weathered
many a storm, swept quickly forward
through the mist and the rain and the
spray. There were no cheers at the
start the adherents of each crew
manned the Steel bridge and the docks
alongside tho river a mile away.
At the crack of the pistol the boat
from the English ship Hampton shot a
length ahead. Two hundred yards
further on the boat from the English
ship" Dnnregg&n drew alongside. In the
rear, from four lengths to 60 yards,
came the boats from the English ships
Dumfriesshire and Falrport, the Italian
ship Celeste and the French ship Eu
Before the race there had hcen much
speculation and placing of bets. Two
crews stood out In bold relief as favor
ites those of the Hampton and the
Dunreggan, and the rest were not con
sidered to be In the running,
considered to be in the running.
But among the unchosen crews was
an Italian lieutenant whose face wore
a knowing smile. As the crew of the
Dunreggan pulled alongside the boat
from the Hampton his boat approached
to a position two lengths behind the other
two, and hcre It stuck. Nor did the smile
leave the lieutenant's face.
Half the course found the situation
unchanged. Sailors on the ships lying
at anchor cheered the racers as they
passed. The boats from the Hampton
and Dunreggan ran side by side, the
men pulling with measured stroke,
urged on by their coxswains. Two
lengths behind came the crew of the
Celeste, their oars dipping quietly, with
no apparent exertion on the part of the
On and on swept the boats, the posl
U6ns unchanged. The crowds along the
banks began to cheer.
"Hampton! Hampton!" came the cry.
"Dunreggan! Dunreggan!" it was an
swered. Italians Cheer Their Crew.
At three-quarters the Italian ship
Celeste was passed. The crew was on
deck, waving Italian flags. They waited
until their boat came alongside, and
then one mighty roar broke outT a roar
o? encouragcmentj yet, .of fear.
"Celeste," screamed the Italians.
Valentl! Celeste!" Volenti, was the,
name of the Italian lieutenant who had
smiled at the start. But he was not
smiling now. His face grew determined
and his teeth were set tightly. In low
tones he directed his men. and the
stroke quickened. His hands worked
at the tiller the boat swept in half an
arc and came up to larboard of the
boats from the Dunreggan aid the
Hampton. There the boat from the
Celeste stuck two lengths behind.
"Hampton! Dunreggan! Celeste!"
came the cheers.
Lieutenant Valentl heard them. His
eyes were fastened upon the sterns of
the boats ahead. There came another
order. Tho stroke of the Italian boat
quickened again. At the same time the
boat of the Hampton began to forge
ahead of the Dunreggan. The Hamp
ton's coxswain saw his opportunity.
It was only a hundred yards to the
finish now. Slowly the Hampton's boat
was crawling away from the boat of
the Dunreggan. The coxswain of the
Hampton's boat did not look to the left.
His eyes were to tho right on the Dun
reggan's boat, the boat expected to
quicken pace and race him to the goal.
Italian Boat Shoots Ahead.
The distance was quickly passed. It
was only 50 yards now. Still the Dunreg
gan's boat failed to show the expected
spurt A smile came over the face of the
Hampton's coxswain. He was evidently
thinking of the good time coming, to be
purchased with the money of the Dun
reggan's crew. The finish was but 20
yards away. As he turned he saw some
thing that made him start. On his left
swept the boat of the Celeste, the crew
seemingly fresh, their oars dipping regu
larly. The English coxswain called
quickly to his men, and the men respond
ed, hut It was too late. The Italian boat
Bhot half a length ahead, crossed the line,
there came another pistol shot announc
ing the close, and the crews of both tho
Hampton and Dunreggan went into
Then Lieutenant Valentl rose suddenly
from his seat. He grasped an Italian flag
and waved it aloft, and from the dock
there came a -cheer, faint at first, but
growing louder, !a cheer in which Va
lentl's name and the name of Celeste
were mingled.- There were three loud
chee-s for the distant King, whose sub
jects felt they "had honored him through
this victory. And then Lieutenant Vo
lenti did a charming thing. He picked
from the bow of the boat thu" Stars ana
Stripes, and with the Italian flag the
other flag was waved, while the bridge
and tho docks gave back An echoing
cheer. And this time the cheer was pot
only for the King, but for the President
and the people of the land that has a
day of Thanksgiving.
There was only one thing for the crews
of the other boat's to do, and they did It.
From beneath Mats flagons were drawn;
they were filled with liquor; they were
raised toward the boat containing Va
lentl and his winning crew.
"To Italy!" cried a man from the Aale.
And never in the history of Portland
was a toast more heartily honored.
Ambassador Siertr Holds Reeeptlt.
VIENNA. Nov. 24. Ambassador and
Mrs, Storer held o Thanksgiving day re-v
ccpuon uus axiernoon. rne .unDassaaors
reception was crowded with members of
the American colony .of Vienna and many
American tourists. Secretary Hale and
Mrs. Hale, Second Secretary Rives and
Captain Harris, the military attache, and
Mrs. Harris assisted In receiving the
Well-Known Magazine Illustrator.
NEW YORK. Nov. IK Asa Coolldge
Warren, for many years o well-known
raagasine Illustrator and oneof theror-
goniserscf the Sons .of .thaRevaluUon,,
Ul oUhls feome here. raHe,wu(soni,
96 years ago in isosxea.
.Consolation miu touttw
J. C.
. i,
Covered With Revolver 'While Thug
Takes $18 and. Valuable Land
Contract From His. Pocket.
J. C Harris was held up and robbed
on Hancock street while bound home
ward at an early hour yesterday morn
ing. A lone highwayman was the perpe
trator. He was heavily armed, but wore
no mask, according to the story of the
victim related at Police Headquarters
later. He secured SIS In cash and a very
valuable land contract.
Harris is o prominent real estate dealer.
He had been downtown on Important
business and was nearing his home,
which is at 465 Larabce street. .
Suddenly from the darkness there
sprang o man. He gruffly commanded.
Harris to throw up his hands, and .sug
gested with many oaths that he be quick
about It Not wishing to take any chances
with a man who carelessly handled a
heavy-calibre revolver, Harris did as
told, . ' .
The trembling victim stood and sub
mitted to the search the highwayman
made of his clothing, saying nothing. He
had his cash. In o purse in his trousers
pocket and hoped something would hap
pen that would cause the robber to ,qult
and run, leaving the money. But it was
not to be so. Instead the criminal calmly
went through every pocket and gov ex
clamations .of joy when he came across
the purse.
Once the robber complained because of
the fact that he was not rinding money.
He did not stop hunting, but continued his
search and was rewarded for his persist
ence by the finding of the purse contain
ing J1S. Thinking the victim, might bo
possessed of more than that, the robber
continued until he had frisked every
During the holdup the robber saw to It
that his victim -did not get an opportunity
to attack him. should he so desire. -He
kept the revolver leveled at Harris head
all the time. After completing the job
the robber bade Harts walk on, and,
watched him until hewas lost In the
As the hour was late when the robbery
occurred, Harris waited until morning to
make his repot to the police. 'Early yes
terday he called at. Police Headquarters
and gave a detailed statement of the
affair to Clerk Arc rile Leonard. Detect
ives Day and Welner were immediately
detailed to work on the case.. A clew has
been secured which may lead to an ar
rest. It is believed on acquaintance of
Harris Is the guilty person, and he Is now
under surveillance.
Completes Passage of Eleven Months
From Hamburg v s
ASTORIA, Or., Nov. 21. (Special.) Tha
British pork Holt HHl arrived in this
evening after a passage of over eleven
months from Hamburg, with a general
cargo for Portland. She was badly dam
aged during a storm while In the At
lantic, and put Into Montevideo, where
she remained nearly three months for re
pairs. The 'run from the latter port was
made In 113 days, the, nark'twlng delayed
by heavy storms off the Horn, and be
cause .her bottom Is very fouL No acci
dents occurred and everybody is well on
board. -
The Holt Hill was boards by Pilot
Howeslast Friday, and sine then nas
'beea fcttllng with the severe gales that
"hare raged off the coast. She was not
Injured, however, and has not been more
than SO miles from' the mouth "of" the
river during the storm.
, '
User Oceanic, from New York November
16, which arrived at Queenstown yester
day and reached this port today, had an
exceptionally severe passage. Part of
her bulwarks were carrieed away and
two port lights were stove In. An enor
mous wave struck her when four days
out, and considerable water was shipped.
Old voyagers say they .never experienced
such a terrtblo crossing.
r,GreeK Steamer Lost In Slack Sea.
Greek steamer EJpls, long overdue. Is
now regarded as lost. It Is believed she
sank In a recent gale In the Black Sea,
and that her entire crew and a number
of passengers were lost, a total of 77
Big Steerage List on Main.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21. The largest
number of steerage passengers with two
exceptions ever brought to this port In
one vessel came In today on the steamer
Main from Bremen. There were 2551
names on the steerage list.'
k Stord Makes Port Safely.
ST. JOHN, N. F., Nov. 24. The steamer
8tord, from Sydney, C B., with coal,
for which fears were felt, arrived today.
Domestic and Foreign Pirts.
ASTORIA. Nor. 24. Arrived down at 7 A. ill
and sailed at 11:45 A M. Schooner Muriel,
for San Pedro. Arrived ai 8:40 A II. and left
up at 3:40t?. if. Steamer Alliance, from Eu
reka, and way ports. Sailed at 10:30 a. M.
Ecfiooner Beulah, for San FrascUeo. Arrived
at 12:20 Schooner Mlndoro, from Red on do. Ar
rived down at 1 p. M. Schooner Virginia. Ar
rived at 12:50 P. M. British h!p Holt Hill,
S43 days from Hamburg. Condition of the bar
at S P. M., obcurpd ; wind eaat; weather
San Francisco, Nov. 24. Arrived Steamer Se
quoia, from WlUapa Harbor; eteamer Sparta,
from Belllngham; steamer Olympic, from Bel
llngham; British steamer Wellington, from
Ladramlth; steamer Menea, from Hamburg-.
Sailed French ship Chaplgny, for Sydney.
Yokohama, Nov. 24. Arrrced Aragonla, from
Portland, for Hong Kong.
Muroran, Not. 24. Arrived previously In
verness, from Tacoma.
Sydney, Nov. 24. Sailed Steamer Bremen,
from New York for Plymouth, Cherbourg' and
Naples, Nov. 22, Arrived Roma, from New
ilalagan. Not. 17. Sailed Slcllla, for New
Gibraltar. Nov. 23. Sailed Kosolgbnrg. for
New York. r
Queenstown, Nov. 24. Sailed Cedrio, for New
Lizard, Nov. 24. Passed La Lorraine, from
New York for Havre.
New- "YoTk, Nov. 24. Arrived Lombard!,
from Genoa and Naples. Sailed Numldlan, for
Glasgow; Prlnx Adelbert, for Naples" and
Genoa; La. Gasconne. for Havre; Frankfurt,
for" Bremen.
J. B. Sutherland, the chief In the State
Treasurer's office at Salem, is visiting at
the Imperial.
Dr. J. O. Twitchell, of Roseburg, Coro
ner of Douglas County, Is In the city for a
;short-business visit.
John W. Rowland, County Clerk of
Marlon County. Is at the Imperial for a
short visit In Portland.
Frank E. Hodgkln. of Vancouver, is at
tho Imperial. Mr. Hodgkln was the chief
clerk in the State Treasurer's office dur
ing the administration of Phil iletschan.
NEW YORK, "Nov. 24. (Special.)
Northwestern people , registered at New
York hotels 'today as follows: '
Portland Breslln, I B. Iitt; Imperial
J. C. Hartman and wife.
Seattle Westminster. M. D. Ballard and
wife. R. P. Ballard. Miss Ballard. Hoff
man, H. D. Thomas.
Spokane Imperial, J. B. Clark.
Training Station Site Selected.
WASHINGTON. Nov. .Secretary of.
tho Nary Morton announces that the
board appointed to select a training sta
tion ,on the -Great Lakes, has traanlsaousr,
ly recommended that tk- lake oluff' "site.
SO -.wiles north- of Chicago..' be selected
TheprsldBthos.'si9roved- tMJee-'
.. ..
What the Press Agents Say.
America's- Greatest Drama at
Marquam Grand Theater.
Tonight ot the Marquam Grand Theater
the greatest of all American dramas, "Ari
zona," will begin an engagement of two
nights, with a special matinee tomorrow
at 2:15 o'clock. The theater-going public
seems never to tire of this charming com
edy drama and hall each succeeding visit
with delight. We have gone over tho
story of Mr. Thomas' play time and again
and it Is not our intention to burden our
readers by reiterating the many praises
which critics and the public have written
and said about It; suffice to say that the
coming presentation will be as grand and
perfect as to detail as on any of Its for
mer visits here. Tomorrow night will be
"military night," when the officers of the
Third Infantry, National Guard, will at
tend In o body.
Popular Drama at the Columbia.
"Led Astray" was presented twice, yes
terday by the Columbia Stock Company
before large audiences and -will without
doubt wind up the week as a record
It Is a play of Intense heart-Interest, a
play that all minds can enjoy. It tells
the story of a neglected wife and her tem
porary Infatuation for another man,
which results In o duel between the hus
band and supposed lover, but which
merely, serves the purpose of bringing
man and wife closely together.
Dion Bouclcault never hit upon o moro
beautiful theme and never did his prolific
pen work o better success. There will
bo the usual matinee Saturday and "Led
Astray" has always been a strong favor
ite with matlnce-goers, filled as It is with
bright scenes and happy comedy.
"The New Dominion."
The next offering of thq Columbia The
ater Stock Company will be "The New
Dominion," the drama In which Clay Cle
ment scored, the. hit of his career. Edgar
Baume will be seen on this occasion as
Baron Hoenstauffen. the botanist from
Germany, who seeks Virginia as a field of
study and falls In love with one of that
state's fairest daughters. The play is not
unfamiliar to theater-goers and It holds
Its place In a distinct galaxy as one of
the prettiest American comedy-dramas-
ever written.
Catherine Countlss will play the oppo
site role to that of Mr. Baums and the
entire play will be most happily cast. It
will open with the usual Sunday matinee.
and as this is the first time it has ever
been presented hera at popular prices, It
cannot fail to score 0 big success.
Advance Sale Today.
This morning at 10 o'clock the advance
sale of seats will open for Thomas Jeffer
son, who comes to the Marquam Grand
1 neater next iionaay ana ruesaay nights,
November 2S-Z3, in "Rip van Winkle."
There are few plays that possess the
enduring qualities of "Rip Van Winkle.
The name of Jefferson has almost made
the famous character of "Rip Van Win-
kle" a classic onthe American stage. It's
story is almost as familiar as a house
hold word, but the Rip Van Winkle of
Washington living's tale is only a dim
Bhadow compared with the ripe, rounded.
serene humanity of tne character as Mr.
Jefferson portrays it. He has the exquisite
art of bringing out all the lovable quail
ties of the. old vagabond, and making his
audience think his poor, hard-working
wife the sinner. Instead of the graceless
Rip. To enjoy the legend of the Hudson
we must view It as we did the fairy tales
of our youth, and not be too practical
and judge It by our standard of morality
Today the regular coupon matinees will
Room '4, Ground, Hoor., . .
be given at the Star Theater. The ealK
areswiaNnove o nouaoy aea there Ja.SQ 1
better place to speaeV It thorn the Star !
Theater. The bill Is cleasosd clever. !
and oil the little s4fcs- will find o cowskw'
on pogc 10 or todays He of The' Ore-
gontan. The greoiect et fc& vattdevtlte
today Is the aerial wttkuc oct-ef Hke
Four Flying Banvarfe. AMtfcer tee oet
Is the jumping of Ut Sms' Zag. He
clears tnree chalra'oxd o barrel In o back
yard; of 15 feet. Tk-er oOiar acta sup
ply merry comedy ant hlsjkVaUnq Music.
Next week the monaget aatgoaBowaeea
the engagement of the six wMfc-foioed
Austrian girls, direct from,, thesCM&auxn.
Vienna, and the. Mozart porasiy Four,,
great singing comedians. Tea sersefts
will appear in these two acts altera, which
breaks the record for any Portland
vaudeville stage. "i"
Is this the Lyric Theater? AUeiit.
lust' wonted to tell vqh utlat-'Lisiis'er
and I saw your show last night, oai. we
enjoyed It so much. .re-eaied
it so 'milch. . At least -l4d. Te-fcee!
What? Yes, this i Lulu. We liked the
Aideans, tnose runny Australian ieuews.
who did that acrobatic -stumt. better thasr
any aero oats we nave ev&r-seem Biore.
Which did we like best of Till? Well.
they're all so (rood that Its hard to say.
But Leander liked Nancle Hice's harp-
playlng ana singing so muor. t&at fie
proposed to me on the way home.
i. Did I say yes? Now, don't
be foolish. The idea to ask- that.
He said I looked like Nancle,. and
told him he looked like Grove, so
he said" he was willing to let me put the
handcuffs on him for life. Now, sUlyl
Look In ihe society columns next-Sun
day. T Just wanted to tell you how nuch
I like the Lyric It has done so nsucs
for me. Good bye! and Lulu, who naaa
won her Leander, rang off.
Gold Watch for You.
This Is gold watch night at the Bijou.
Nine o'clock Is tho time for the- presenta
tion-- "Every aafteraooa and evening is
the .time for the "performances, which are
making the Bijou one of the bright lights
In the vaudeville world. Zereiaa aoes
wonderful balancing on a trapeze. Frye
and Allen present a unique musical skit
Where trie Crowds' Go.
TV10 Vile- ThnnlrsHvlne- crowds Went to
the Baker yesterday and they had the
time of their lives. From the time tne
doors opened In the afternoon until they
closed at night tnere was a conunuai
jam" at the- entrance, and the eagerness
displayed was fully warranted by the ex
traordinary quality or tne snow, per
haps the act which pleased mo3t was the
Barndld Dog and' Cat Circus. These cute
little canine and feline actors shared all
the honors with the human entertainers,
and in many Instances the applause they
received waA deafening than was
accorded the clever men and women on
the bill. They come to Portland: irora tne
Orpheuna at Denver,. where tlieyrreraalned
tvir urftMrs. arul now. when their second
week drawing to a close, they are
as popular as ever, wra too Dusy xaic-
lr.e nnrn nf thft RTQWdS to tell abOUt the
nine other great acts. The crowds go to
the Baker, and .that's wnere you snouiu
go. It's the' best.
Amateur Night at the Arcade.
aron fitvara attended the Arcade's
ghnw vsafcniav. and today all the pat
rons are thankful that they, saw the
excellent program. The Edwards, artl3-
the Roman rlnra. re
ceived encore alter encore, wuuo tuo
blackface monologulst, George Wilson,
wins echo after echo of applause. A mu
sical act by the talented Harvey chil
dren, a bright boy and a pretty girl, are
of especial attractiveness to tne juveiuia
patrons of the theater.
Tonight Is amateur night, and novel
Mi. w vbi-s.iHIa hotrlnners Is announced.
Next week La Merit and Ms 2ft educated
cockatoos will appear as tne neaauners
r.. Villi Thpse cockatoos dlsolav
tinman in tlllr price, and what
they cannot ao is not worm meuuuuuiB.
The clever feats tney ao perxuriu. wen
worth seeing.
Portland Boy Gets Message From
Nation's Executive.
Bernle Fcst, 11 years old, of 331, Davis
of the oroudest boys in the
Tri-t.-i atatA innf now. for he has been
UXl&bCU wv-.i '
in personal corresponaence wun rresiaent
Roosevelt-' Berme wunuwm u. mo
roi-oivM election congratulations
from little boys, and to make sure that
tho President would be tendered some
v.inr. nf Viia natnrn from a Pacific Coast
boy he wrote his best wishes and sent
them along to Washington, D. C Only
the recording angel knows "how many dif
ferent hands Bemle's precious letter
passed through . until It had the personal
President of the United
States. But It got there, for yesterday
morning Bernle received from the White
Houso a message bearing the Government
stamp, and the President's cam, witn
v,ta maccnen in th President's hand writ
lngT "With hearty thanks for your con
mHttniitinni " Thin exnlalns why Bemle's
Thanksgiving dinner tasted better than
usual yesterday.
State Association to Convene In Port
land on Tuesday.
The annual meeting of the Oregon
State Bar Association will be held at
one of tho State Circuit courtrooms
Tuesday next, November 29, beglnnlnj
ot in o'.iAr.k -A. M.. and' will be pre
sided over ' by Judge George" H. Bur
nett OI oaiem, presiaeni. ui ma uaau
Mattnn. In audition to dlscussinfr the
-..Ima mrtnrto Ktana will he taken
with reference to making suitable ar
rangements witn tne i,ewi3 ana uiarK
Exposition arid visiting members of
the bar, and take steps toward induc
ing tho American Bar Association
noiaing its next annual meeting in
Portland next year.
Among the addresses will be that of
the president, being a resume of recent
I give him bis Mellin's Food and
he sleeps ' til morning." How many
mothers can say this of their babies?
If your bosy does not sleep well it
may fee that he is not properly fed.
A peoriy :sorirte4 baby is a poor
Wcllin'a Food babiore
goea ftttepers. or book the a-
Chamber of Commerce
legislative .enactments; Judge George,
Remlmseeees ot the Bar and
Beach;" O. F. Paxton, "A History of
toe Oregon Coles." ,
Te secretory.: reauests that all a-
plte&tlepa'far Membership be mode not
later than TuOy forenoon. Blanks
ay bo ha fTa the secretary, Mr.
A. F. Fl4l. atkki offices.
As -to whethw a," banquet is to be
held will be determined within tha
next day or two.
Asayto Xzasle-yneot Asswred for Foraaeea
aa4 Xlllf.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2i lmDli mDlwrroent
tor the fura&cea and mills Is now. stya t&
Iron Ace, -practically assured for the Winter.
walca Is usually faced by the Industry with
doubts. Tho buying moveratat has spread in
all jilrectleai, and has aswned .somewhat sur
prUl&r proportlon& Consumers and manufac
turers In the general trades are providing for
replacing their depleted, stocks this being re
jected particularly In ae raw xnaterUUUtke
Iroa xa4 In the . finished goods. Ilk wire,
bar, tube, sheets and cast-iron pipe.
tm purcnaslag of eteeL cars by the railroads
I coaifieaous. During -the past few days, or
ders for 6000 steel cars- have been placed, and
15.000 cars are now under negotiation. A
lam. number of railroads have nbrchased
brtdgei material during the past week.
Tat saarket for foundry Irons has been quite
Xeser, Exchange, Xte.
LONDO-N", Nov. 24. Bar Mirer uncertain. 2Td
per ounce.
ilonev. 214S3 nui.
Rata of discount for short bills! 33T1-S Mr
cent; for three months' bills. . 2 18-1633 or
, Stocks Ot IfifjdftB.
-LONDON", Nov. 24. Consols, for money.
8Jt;? consols-for account, SS 3-16.
Amarm"r1 srlWAi- x "ccr. tai:
Atchison do pfd ...!! 04
ao ptd 106Onu & Western. 4194
B. A O 03Pennsylvanla ... 69 i
Can.PacIflc ....13SH
Rand .Mines
Cbes, & Ohio ., COWRcadlng'i
C G. West 24
C M. fc St. P.. 177
DeBeers ....... 18
D. E. G 324
do pfd 7
do 1st pfd
do 2d Pfd
South. "Hallway.1 33,
uu yLu. ....... a 1 yi
a p. esfc
Erie 30 M
U. p. us
Erie 1st pfd .... 73
Brie 2d ofd 54 V,
do pfd 07
U. S. Steel .... 27 H
do pfd 93 K
Illinois Central. 153
Jj. & N 142
M.. K. & T 34
N. T. Central... 138
Wabash 24
do pfd 48 H
The itarconl system of wireless telegraphy-
haa had a phenomenal growth
Few, even among the best-posted men
of the day realise this fact. The Mar
coni system is now in daily commer
clol use all over the world, and' Its fa
cllitles for service are being extended
as rapidly as Is physically possible.
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
the leading governments of the world.
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
tne great trons-Auantic steamsnlp
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
Ty the Associated Press.
It has be6n OFFICIALLY employed
by neuter's News Agency, by the Lon
don Times and the New York Herald.
It Is OFFICIALLY co-operating with
tne western union ana postal xeis
graph Companies.
The British srovernment has con
tracted to use the Marconi system for
all vessels of the navy for 14 years,
and is using it in connection with its
life-saving service and in the armv.
The City of London has OFFICIALLY
adopted it ror fire-alarm service.
Tne British government has stations
in China, in Formosa, at Malta, at Gib
raltar, at Suez and Bermuda.
The securities of this company are
considered a better investment than
those of the Bell Telephone stock, or
any of the great radical Inventions of
the present age, and are bound to in
crease In value month after month. On
January first the wireless system
across the ocean opens up. Now Is the
time to - secure an Investment In this
stock on either a cash basis or on our
easy payment pian. correspond with us
at once for fullest Information and
lowest rparKet price or these securities.
Dealers in hlgb-elftAS stocks, bonds and se
514 H. W, HeUraaa Ball ding,
Xoa Angeles, California.
We Charge Ns Interest for
Carrying Loag Stock
General Office rS llo
X. X. Aldcn. CorreseodsU,
Room 2, Gresaa Hoar,
Cbomber of Camsaerce.
xxATSucar auxnx.
aMTffifc. PORTLAND tn THE nil I F
tw- ;
Line Steamers
Street line for Moffett'a, St. Uutla'i and
Coliss Hot Sprint. Connecting- at Lyle,
Wid- with Columbia RlTtr & Northers Kr,
Co.. tor Ooldendal and Kllrklttt ' Vallejr
Mitta. t"""HT toot of Alder jtreec Pnoao
iUia 91. S. M'DQHJlLS. JLxenc
For South -Eastern Alaska
SLlMHX S P. it.. Uy pr-
SEATTLE, Jtov. 4, 10, 2a, can.
Juneau and iikazway: HUM.
IBOLDT, Nor. 11. 24, via. Vic
T, SI. via. Vancouver, Sitka.
and KUlunoo; KOIIONA for
Vancouver. Monday, Wedass-
dy xnd Friday. 10 i J-
SUajatrs connect at Saa Franclaco with com
Trftuamtn for ports in California, Mex
ico and Humboldt Bar. For further lnforma
t(.n" nhtiin foldtr. Jllctt la reserved to. coanre
teamera or aalllns date. City of SeatUe doe
not call at "Wrxngell or Bntisn Columbia porta,
Portland..... .......219 Waiblnstoa st.
Seattle.. ....... 113 James at. and Dock
to y.adKio...i. ......... .....10 Xarkat st-
C. D. DUN ANN. a en. Pass. Ajt.
10 lUxktl San JxtacUco,
1 m
SH0ir Line
ak Union Pacific
ftewsrii Puiiaaa ataaoars ui torl. ale
tCara 4Uy to Osaha. Cnlcecs. SpoXaa)
toarlet ateeslacar 'daUx ta Xaasaa City:
ttroajth Pulimaa tourist sleeDlns-car (sersea.
ally eonducudj weakly to Cnlcaxo. Reclistss
cairar (seats free) ta the But dally.
UNION DBPQT. Lseives. ArrhreaT
SPECIAL, for t& at Dtlljr. Dally
via Hun Unci o.
fiPOICANlI K1.TC J6B. 9:13 P. M. SOA-iL
far Juuifra Washtas- Sally. Sally,
ta. WtlU Walla, Liw
lsus, Coeur d'Altse
and Oreat Nonbera '
ATLANTIC EXPRESS S:15 P. M. ?:15 A. it.
for Ute Ease via Hunt. Cally ' Sally,
TOR ASTORIA and 8:00 P. it 3:00 P.
way points, connecting Sally. Bally,
with steamer for Uwa- except tct
co and North Beach Sunday, Sunday,
steamer Haseslo. Ash- Saturday,
street dock (water per.) 10:00 P. ML .
FOR SATTON. 5d0 7.iL.
son City and Yamhill Sally, SaOy,
River points steamers except except
Modoo and Ruth. Aah ' Sunday. Sunday.
street dock; (water per.)
Jdaho, and way polnu Sally. BrOO P. it
from Rlparla. rVash., except "except
steamers Spoiuuie and Saturday. Frliay.
TICELBT OFFICE. Tfilrd and VTashlnstoa,
Telepbon Mala 712.
For San Francisco, every five days from.
Alnsworth dock S. S. Geo. W. Elder, Nov.
22; S. S. Columbia. Nov. 17-2T. Sailings froza
Alnsworth dock, 8:00 P. M.
For Tokohaaa and Hons Konc ealllns at
Kobe, NMtasakl and Shanghai, taking trljit
via. eoanectlns: steamers for Manila. Port Ar
thur and Vladivostok; S. S. Nlcomedla, Nov.
21; S. S. Numantta, Sec. 8. For freight and
further particulars ajjp'.y to
Telephone Main -C&. tflptr Alaska. Sock.
PKh&3 TRAXfid
tlSO P. M.
lor Mlem. Rosa-
7B A.M.
burr. AshuCnd. Hao-
taiuniu. uudau. aa
Francisco, Mojava.
Loe Ancelc. t&
Paso. New Orleans
ud tho KisL
:30 A. M.
Morning train con-
7:19 P. X?
nects at Woodburn
(dally except Sun-
any) with, train fori
blount Angel, fcUver-
;ton. iiiownsvuie,
tiprmEfleld. Wend-
Mas &Ud Natron.
46 P.M.
19:ldJL it.
AlbSay psjnxtr
Konnecu at wood
turn with Mt. Anxi
and uuvertoa local.
7:20 A. M.
4X0 P. M.
5:36 P.M.
li&MJL. M.
Corvallla pasaencsr.
Shenaan passenjeer
Sally. 11 Sally, except Sunday.
Tava Portland dally lor Oswexo t 7J0 A.
M 12-60. 2:05. 35. 5:20. 6:25. 7:45. 10:10 P.
M.' Sally, except Sunday, ftO.-. 0:30. b:S3.
1025 A. M., 4 .00. 11:30 P. M: Sunday, ouly.
0 A. M.
Returnlns from Oaweso arrive Portland dally
S$ 1.55, 3:00. 4:35. 0:15. 7:35. 03.
ll-10"P. M. Sally except bunday, i-Oi, i:25.
U-3l 10u, 11:5 A. M. Except Monday, 12U
A M. Sunday only, lu:00 A. M.
Leave from earns depot for Dallas and inter
mediate potnta dally exospt Sunday 4 P. M.
Arrive Portland, 10:20 A. M.
Th Independence-Monmouth motor lino oper
tts dally to Monmouth and Alrlle, connectlns
with. P. Co. trains at BaUaa and ladepena-
First-class fare from Portland to Sacramento
1 San Francisco. ?20; berth, 5. Sscond
Sals fSe. J15! secondlaM berth, J2.50.
Tickets to Kaatern points and Europe. Also
t.V.n Phtai. Honolulu and Australia.
,acrrY ra&T OFFIca corner Third and
WlihUton streets. Phone Main 712.
A. DnDTl AMrt
Separt. Arrive.
Puet Sound Limited for
Tacoma, Seattle, OlympU.
South Bend and Gray's
Harbor points S :30 am B:a0 pm
North Coast Limited for
Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane,
uBtte, St. Paul, New 1'ork.
Boston and all points East
and Southeast 3:00 pm 7r00 am
Twin City Express lor
Tacoma, Seattle. Spokane,
Helena. Bt. Paul, Mlnne- 1-
apOlls, Chicago, New York.
Boston and all points' East
and Southeast 11:45 pm 7.-O0 pin
Pugat Sound-Kansas Clty-
Bt. Louis Special, for
Tacoma, Seattle, tspokane.
Butte, BllUnRJ. Denver,
Omaha, Kannm City, St.
Louis and all points East
and Southeast 8:20 am 7:00 anr
All trains dally, except on South Bend branch.
A. S. CHARLTON, Assistant General Pas
senter Agent. 2C5 Morrison St., corner Third.
Portland. Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
leaves. UNION DEPOT. Arrives.
Dally. For May , Rainier, ngiiy
Clatskanle. SVestport,
CUlton. Astoria, War
S0 A. M. "nton; Flavsl, Ham- iiM
mond. Fort SUvens.
iearhart Park. Sea
tde. Astoria and Sea
shore. Express Sally.
7.-00 P. M. Astoria Express. 9:40 P.M.
J Sally.
Cosam,! Aft.. 243 Alder st. O. F. & P. A,
Phone Main 98&
City Ticket 0lce. 123 Sd st. Pkeu
The Sly and tk iast Mall.
f Tickets, KaUs, Poitiers mad tali In.
fermatloa. call ox ec address
H. S1CKSON, City Passest-ec and Ticket
AxX., 122 TJUrd street, Pertlud. Or.
rar Jayas, Chlsa ud all Aslatle Forts, wIM
X4T totAiU aks$ s. Utk.