Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 24, 1904, Page 15, Image 15

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No Business D6ing as BuyersJ
Are Out of Market
Improvement Is Expected After -First
of theVear Decll ning Wheat
'Prices Check. Eastern Busi
ness Flour Situation.
A condition pres.Ua In the hop market that
has been long feared 'by 'many- of the big grow
ers and dealers. It Is a prolonged deadlock
that Is having a natural effect on prices. Brew
era -srill Tict buy. England? ls'Stt present out 'of
the market, and speculators are holding aloof.
The result is a deadxnarket that cannot "be
described, as otherwlse'than -weak. 'While it
is true that not many bops are offering. It is
eald.that some-good lots can be. procured at
about one cent under former asking prices.
This, ltehould be .stated, is rather due tottbe
-weakness of the individual holders than to any
other reason, for the great majority of grow
ers refuse to make any concessions. A case is
cited -of one lot (sold Within the last few days
at about SO cents by a speculator who bought
them not long ago at a cent over the price at
which be cold them. It is presumed he was
.financially pressed and had to realize on them.
There are other speculators in the same fix
who may be forced to sacrifice their hops and I
a lew growers -who likewise have cold feet
re trying to sell at lees than they formerly
wanted. All thla hurts the market and in
creases the feeling of Weakness.
Well-posted hopmen, veterans -in the trade,
who staked their money with a realization
that Just such an emergency was apt to arise,
display no uneasiness -whatever. They point
'out that the last month or six weeks of the
year Are almost invariably dull, especially if
high prices prevail. Brewers do' not buy more
than they have to before the lend of the year.
but wait until after their Inventories are made '
up. Thla explains the activity that is nearly
always seen about the middle of January.
There Is no reason .In their mind why this sea
son should prove an exception to the rule,
therefore they are- confident that the present
depression will "be" followed "by an active buy
ing movement!- and higher prices. The sta
tistical position of the market is certainly in
their favor. While they are agreed that there
will be improvement not' later than the middle
of January, there is a difference of opinion cs
to how low prices will go If they drop at
All before the turn of the year. Even those
who are most certain that there will be a tem
porary decline do not think that the market
can pos6lbly,get below 28 cents. Others, and
their opinion is Just us good, .declare that the
present level of values will be maintained.
Everything, of course, depends on the attitude
of holders. They have the market in their
hands now more than at any time since the
reason opened.
Careful compilations of the state's output by
1 ceding dealers, based on shipments already
made and Quantities In storage, show 80,000
to 5,000 bales as Oregon's production this
year. This Is more than was generally figured
upon earlier In the season, the Increase being
due to the appearance of numerous lots from
t-ectlons where they were not expected. For
the same reason the quantity ' unsold in the
stat is placed by sores hopmen as high as
15,000 or 16.000 bales, but most vraders believe
that not over 10,000 bales are in the hands of
growers and email country dealers.
Eastern advices are of quiet and unchanged
markets. The English situation Is thus re
ported by the Kentish Observer of Novem
ber Si:
During the past five or six days the hop
market has been inactive. The largest buyers
are holding, back longer than usual, and are
k apparently trying to wear the growers out.
One fair-sized . parcel of East Kent hops has
been sold at 10 10s per cwt., but a much
larger lot of Bramllngs part of a growth the
quality of which was declared to bo as fine
as anything grown this year, has been parted
with at 10 per cwt. This was the price
offered for It In the first Instance, and the
grower was not able to get any advance,
though It was -stated that other growths not
nearly so good had realized 10 10s and 10 15a.
Some Mid Kent growths have changed hands
since last week at 8 15s, and an offer of 9
for Fuggles has been refused. Holders as a
whole are very firm.
A mail report from .Nuremberg says:
There is a quiet tendency prevailing on our
market at present. Buyers axe offering lower
prices which have in some instances been ac
cepted and generally speaking quotations are
about 4s to 5s lower than at the beginning of.
me past week.
WHEAT The local wheat market shows no
sign of life. With the .falling off in Eastern
prices, -the demand from that section has come
to a standstill, and dealers are giving their
whole attentton to Ailing old orders. The ex
port market Is also dull, owing to the de
clines at Liverpool. Shippers are -waiting to
tee what will be the outcome of the meeting
of the Foreign Shipowners' Association at Lon
don. If they maintain the present freight
schedule, there Is not likely to be any export
movement of wheat until prices abroad are ad
vanced, or values here are lowered.
The foreign situation is thus reported by the
London correspondent of the Northwestern
Enormous -arrivals in this country, almost
unprecedented in exjent, tend to keep the mar
ket In a dull state, and there are sellers today
of cargoes for distant shipment at sixpence
below last week's level, which" may be an in
dication either that the .trade does not be
lieve that America can raUe the European
level of price to its own, or that buyers do not
believe in paying ik premium on distant ar
rivals. We are perplexed, too. by the various report
received from the American "side of the At
lantic; we do not know, In"" fact, whether
America hss an exportable surplus of .SO.000.000
bushels, as some affirm, or of onlyT-tO.000.000
bushels, which latter Is the total vindicated
by your .exports during the part .four months,
of about 16.000.000 bushels, against 52.000,000
last year.
Meanwhile 11 Is tolerably certain that the
Australian surplus next year will not reach
the half of that In the past year, -which
amounts to about 40,000.000 bushels; the fact
that only about halt a dozen vessels have eo
far been chartered for new crop loading against
50 or 60 vessels chartered by this date last
year, Is a sufficient indication of this.
With Tegard to the Argentine crop, which Is
of paramount Interest in regard to the future
course or prices, it s uuncuii io give any
really reliable estimate. The one tiling clear
is that the .history of the growth of this season
is by bo means eo favorablas last year, which
indicates, a smaller yJsld per acre oa the In
creased acreage.
This' Increase Is estimated officially -at 22
per rent, but very little reliance Is placed
on this .preliminary official opinion, the. trade
remembering that only last year an increase
of 17 .per cent was similarly -estimated early
in the season, whereas the result- showed a
harvested area only 2 per cent greater than
in the previous year.
It is' believed, therefore, that 10 per cent
will cover the increase this year, and thus
makfi -the axes, about 10.205,000 acres, against
94170.000 last year.
The yleio. per acre, according to one .author
ity, is not likely to exceed .11 bushels
against ISVz last year, so that & crop of US.-
000. 000 bushels Is regarded as the present In
dication. Against 124,000.000 last year.
Stocks of wheat In United .Kingdom ports
hare increased 20 per cent during Septem
ber, ,tha present total of wheat and flour .In all
the ports being estimated at 2,700,000 quar
ters." against "2.000,000 quarters last year, and
1. jrns.ftCO i 102.
TLOUJt A strong loetl and a weak foreign
'situation is reported: There is so Oriental
demand tax. current rates and -the situation Is
further ' complicated by the. ,rr5x-'up in1- the
. tr&ns-Pvaciflc freight ..situation 'caused by the
chartering or, an inaepenaeat steamer io loaa
here. Should -it result in the lowering of
freights to the Asiatic coast, there would prob
ably be a free movement bf'flour in spite cf
the good stocks .that are known to be carried
over there. ' The Eastern demand has also
fallen off, as was to be expected when wheat
prices began to decline. " locally prospects are
good, as there is a etrons Inquiry, which en
ables prices to be easily maintained.
PRODUCE The most uttentlpn this week
was naturally given to the turkey market- On
the -whole it was a. 'success. Front-street deal
ers succeeded In cleaning up their stocks and
there was no slumn. Prices Wednesday were
quoted around ,10 and 20 cestx. TbeBputhtrnV
urcgon producers wno snippea u ban xraa
clsco did not fare so well, and will probably
favor this market at Christmas. Other poultry
was also In good demand Vnd the mid-week
business closed with the market tn excellent
.-.The same satisfactory 'report was made by
frult and vegetable dealers, who transacted a
'heavy business j at satisfactory prices.
e-eb quotations nave continued iairigBicuj,;
at least for Oregons, though Eastern eggs
have advanced. No actual change has taken
place In the 'butter market, some creameries
quoting It arm. .ethers weak. Oregon ist
generally In pood supply.' California and
Idaho butter is also cn the market, but East
ern butter is scare.
Dressed meats have improved in the last
fsw days under the Thanksgiving demand.
Were Needed at Portland..
ROSEBtTRG. Or., Nov. 23. (Special.) About
190,000. pounds of fat dressed turkeys, being
nearly lO.OOO'blrds, occupying seven. cars;were
f hipped from Douglas County for the Thanks
giving trade.' Most of them, went" to Saa Fran
cisco. Oakland maintains the lead as the
heaviest shipping point, having sent out about
110,000 pounds. The producers received an
-average of 10 cents per Bound for live birds
and 18 to 10 cents for dressed. The output at
this time is valued at about 435,000, and other
shipments will be made later to supply the
holiday trade.
Offers and Sales at Woodburn.
WQODBURN. Or., Nov. 23. (Special.) The
reports of bears in Ithe bop market that prices
are lower is without foundation. Eastern and
foreign markets remain very firm with some
purchases at prices ranging from 30H&31HC
In view of the fact that over 200,000 bales of
hops have been sold by growers In the United
States during the last CO days, It is not sur
prising that the present market is not of &a
exciting character. Offers of SOHp for ordinary
primes were made' In this c)ty yesterday and
today -with the result that some small sales
have been made Thirty-one and a quarter
cents liave been offered and declined for choice
hopa Less than 200 bales remain unsold in
growers' hands In the 'vicinity of this city.
Grain. 11 our, Feed, Etc
WHEAT Walla Walla, export value. S0c
milling, S3c; Eastern basis, 84c;.bluestem. 39
6c higher; Valley. 87Hc
BAltLET Feed. $12 per ton; rolled, 323.50
OATS No. 1 white, $1-30 1.22 H: gray.
Jl.a54?L40 per cental.
FLOUR Patents. 44.G5 04.33 per barrel;
stralghls. $4.3004.45; clears. J3.854; Val
ley, 4. 10 4.20; Dakota hard wheat, $6.50
7150; Graham, $3.50 4: whole "wheat, $40
4.2;; rye Hour, local. $4.50; Eastern, $50
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $19 per ton; mid
dlings, $23.50; shorts, $21; chops. U. a
Mills, $18; linseed dairy food. $18; linseed
cllmeal. lHc per pound.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream, 80
pound sacks, $6.75; lower grades, $5,750
0.25; oatmeal, steel cut. 50-pound sacks, $8
Der barrel: 10-pound sacks. $4.25 per bale;
oatmeal (ground), 50-pound sacks, $7.50 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks, $4.25 per bale; spilt
-peas, $4.90 per luu-pouna sacx; za-pouna
boxes, $1.25; pearl barley. $4 per 100 pounds;
25-pound boxes. $1.25 per box; pastry flour,
10-pound sacks, $2.50 per bale
" SAT Timothy. $14016 per ton; closer,
$11(312; grain, $11012; cheat, $12013.
Vegetables, Fruit, Etc
VEGETABLES Turnips, $1 per sack; car
rots. $1; beets, $1.25; parsnips, $1.25; cab
bage lHc: lettuce, Leaa. 15c per
dozen: parsley, sue cozen; tomatoes, SO05OC
per box; cauliflower. $1 per dozen; egg plant.
Si per crate: celery, auisiuc per cozen: i
cumbers, 10015c- per dozen; peas, 45c per
pound; beans, green, 405c; wax, 405c;
pumpkins. 101Vic per pound; peppers, 5o
-per pound.
ONIONS New. $1.751.S5. buyers prices.
HONEY S3 3.25 per case.
POTATOES New Oregon, fancy. 75S5c
buyers-price; iiercea sweets, ikvic.
RAISINS Loose Muscatels. 4 -crown. 79ic
3-layer Muscatel raisins. 7Hc; unbleached
seedless Sultanas, 6c; London layers.
3-crown, whole boxes of 20 pounas,, $1.65;
2-crown. $1.75. v.
DRIED FRUIT Apples, evaporated.. CO
SHc per pound; sundrlcd, sacks or boxes,
none; apricots, 10011c; peaches. 01OHc;
pears, none; prunes. Italians. 405c; French.
2H3&c; flgs. California blacks. 5c; do
white none; Smyrna. 20c; Fard dates, $L50;
slums, pitted. 6c.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples, fancy. $10
1.75; clean, 75c0$l; -wormy, 50 0 60c per
box; flgs, 85c$2.50 per boxgrapes, Cali
fornia, $1.2501.65; pears. Winter Nellie.
$L250LSO; quinces. $1; cranberries. $9,500
11 per barrel: persimmons. per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy. $3.25
4; .choice $3 per box; oranges, new na
vels, $3.50 03.75: Talencias, $4.5005 per
box; grapefruit, $4 per box: bananas. 505Ho
per pound; pomegranates. per dox.
Groceries. Nuts. Etc
COFFEE Mocha, 2G028c; Java, ordinary,
16 020c; Costa Rica, fancy. 116020c; good.
lUOlbc: ordinary, luwiiic per pound: Co
lumbla roast, cases. 100s. $13; 50s, $13.25;
Arbuokie. si.7&: uoo. siiio.
RICE Imperial Japan. No. 1. $5.37H: No.
2 Creole. S4.2Ti; Carolina. 6c; broken-head.
SALMON Columbia River, 1-pound tails,
$1.65 per dozen: 2-pound tails. $2.40: fancy
1H -pound flats. $1.80: H-pound fiats. $1.10;
Alaska pink. 1-pound, tails. 67Hc; red. 1
pound talis. Sl-20; cockeyes, 1-pound tails.
S1.75; 1-pound fiats. $1.85.
SUGAR Sack basis. 100 pounds: Cube.
$0.50: powdered. 6-25;" dry granulated.
$6.15; extra C, $5.63; golden C, $5.55; fruit
sucar. $6.25: advance over sack basis as roi
lows: Barrels. 10c; naif barrels, 25c; boxes.
50c tier 100 pounds. (Terms: On remittance
within 15 days, dedact He per pound; if
later than 15 days and within 30 days, de
duct He per pound; no discount after 30
days.) Beet sugar granulated. $6.05 per
100 pounds; maple sugar, 13018c per pound.
SALT California. $9.50 Per ton: 3L30 per
bale: Liverpool. 50s, $15.5o: 100s, 515; 2o0i,
114.50: halt-sround. loos. &os. u.75.
NUTS Walnuts, 15c per pound by sack,
lc extra for less than sack; Brazil nuts. ISc;
.filberts, 15c; pecans. Jumbos, 15c; extra
large, 14c; almonds, X. X. L., 15H016c; ne
plus ultras. 15c; nonpareils, 13c; chestnuts,
Italians, 15c; Ohio, $4.50 per 25-pound drum;
peanuts, raw, sc per pouna; roastea, S0ioc:
pinenuts. iO0iz)c; nicxory nuis, a; cocoa
nuts. 85090c per dozen.
BEANS Small white, 35itl large white.
314c; pink, 4Hc; bayou, JHc; una, 4Hc
Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Etc
BUTTER City creameries: Extra, cream
ery. 30c per pound: fancy creamery. 250
27 He State creameries: Fancy creamtry.
iQsic; ciock ouuer, lysine.
EGGS-Oregon. ranch. 3031Hc; Eastern,
xreso. J.1V1C-, storage, iuiaioc
POULTRY Fancy hens. . liGllHc: do old,
juxpuc; mixea cmucens. uviiriuc; ma roosters,
THQSc; do young, lO&lOHc; Springs, 1H to
i-pounu. .iusji.i.c; orouere, i to l-pouna.
12&13c; dressed chickens. 120i2Hc; turkeys.
live, spring icxciitc; ao aressea, l&tfiSc
do choice. 192vc; geese, live S08c; do
dressed. 9H01Oc; ducks, old. $006.50; do
yountr. as to size, iittb: pigeons. 51ft L.23.
GAME Wild geese $383.60: Mallard ducks.
S3J14: Widgeon. 1222.50: Teal. $282.25: China
J pheasants. $6ii7; do native. $556; grouse. $4
6.M: auaiL JrOCtIJ.
.CHEESE-Full creora twins, ll14c
xoung Americas, 12010c
Hops, Wool, Hides, Etc.
HOPS Fancy shippers. 31032c; choice. 30
31c; prime zajtaoc; meaiuia, s per pouna.
WOOL Valley. 19020c per pound: Eastern
Oregon. 10017c; mohair, 25&26o per pound for
HIDES Dry hides. No. 1. 13 pounds and up.
15015HC .per pound; dry kip. No. L 3 to 16
Tioimdi 12c: dry calf. Nc L under 5 sounds.
16c: dry. salted bulls and stags, one-third less
than dry. flint; salted, hides, steers, sound. 70
pounds and over. SS&c: 50 to 60 pounds. 70
L- under SO oounds and cows. 8Vr7c: staxs
and bulls, sound. 44Uc; kip, sound. 15 to 20
pounds. 7c; under 10 pounds. 8c; green (un
salted), lc per pound less: culls, lc per pound;
horse hides, salted, $L5O02 each; dry. $10
1.50 each; colts hides, 25650c each: goatskins,
common. 10015c each; Angora, with wool on,
TALLOW Prime, per pound, 405c; Nc 1
and grease 2HS3c
Meats sj& jPt3t1iiIbmj.
BEEF Dressed IQ6c per pound.
MTJTTON" Dressed. 45Vc far pound; iasss.
HAMS Tea to II pounds. 13c per pousd: 14
16 ouGe 13c; la to 30 13c; Cali-
foraU. (picnic). 10c; cottage hams.. 10c;
shoulders, none: boiled h'ji. 21c: boiled jdcnlo-
bata. -" boneless. X c
veal Dressed, 10 to Mb, 7HSc per pound;
123 to 200, 5gCc: 300 and jBp,3Hg4c
PORK Dressed. 100 to 350. Meuc Ter oound:
150 and up. 5c
BACON Fancy breakfast. ISc per pound;
standard breakfast. 17c; choice. 15c; Eng
lish breakfast, 11 to 14 pounds. 14c.
SAUSAGE Portland ham, 13c per pound;
minced ham. lO&c; Summer, choice dry,' 17$c;
bologna. long. OVic; wcinerwurst, 6c: liver. &V:
pork, 10c; blood. SVJc; headcheese, 5Vjc: bo
logna sausage, link. 3 He.
DRY-SALTED MEATS Regular short clean.
lOJie salt. HUc smoked; clear backs, 10c salt,
31c smoked: Oregon export. 20 to 23 pounds,
average. 10&c salt, 11 He smoked: Union butts.
io to is pounas, average, so salt, sc smoxea.
PICKLED GOODS Pickled pigs' feet, fc-bsr.
rels. 5; Ji-baxrela. 42.75; 15-pound kit, L25;
pickled tripe, -barreU. tS. -barrels. J2.73;
15-pound kit, 4L25; pickled pigs tongues.
barrels. S5: M-barrels. 12.75: 15-oound kit
51.25; pickled lambs' tongues, -barrels. $8.23;
a-oarreis, la -pound Kits, 52:3.
LARD Kettle rendered: Tereea. lOUe: tubs.
10Hc; 50s. 10 lie; 20a. 10Sc; 10. lie; 5s,
11 He. Standard pure: Tierces. 04c; tubs.
c: CO: 0!c: 20s. OTiC! 10s. 10c: '5s.
10 He Compound: Tierces. 6c; tubs. C&c;
sua. esc: 10s. 7Xc; 5s. .He
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases. 24c: iron
barrels, ISc; S3 v degrees -gasoline, cases. 82c;
iron Darrein or crura, ic
lual uiis-cases. zinc: iron carrels, -ibc;
wood barrels, noae: tS degrees, cases.. 22c:
barrels. 1S&C Washington Stats, test burning
oils, except headlight. He per gallon, higher.
-LINSEED OIL Raw. barrels. 54c: cases. 59c.
Boiled: Barrels, 50c; cases, 61c. One cent leas
in zoo-canon jots. '
TUKPENTINE-Cates. S5c: barrels. Sic
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 'EOO-TMimd.
Tc; less than 500-pound lots. Sc
Prices at
Portland Union
Receipts at the Portland Union Stockyards
yesterday were 453 sheep. 03 cattle and 412
nog. . Hogs are weak and lower. .Cattle and
sheep are strong". Thefollowlng prices 'were
quoted at the yards;
CATTLE Best steers.-$3.23: medium. S2.73:
cows. $2Q?.50.
HOGS Best large ' fat hogs. $3.25: llcht
bogs. $404.50.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oreeon and Valley.
42.50; lambs, $3.25.
.Welser's-Heavy Sheep Shipments. '
TSVEISER.'ldaho! Nov. 23. (SpeclaD-Welser
J rapidly forging .to the front as one of the
most Important stock-shipping points on the
o. L. Railroad. During the past sea
son 587 cars of stock were shipped from this
point. Of this amount about 170? 000 iead
were sheep, or about 90 per cent, the remainder
being horses, cattle and hogs. In 1903. 401
cars of -stock were shipped from this point.
There are 25 or 30 cars more of sheep yet to
shlj. ;
Prices Current nt Chicago, Omaha and
Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. 23. T!.t!-Tnt
S000. Market stead v. Vkilim ain rjva
B.15; native cows and heifern. 3L5034.75;
Blockers and feeders. $2,250-4.10; bulls, $20
3.50; calves. $2.5005.75; Western steers. $30
tiestern eotu. si.wvi?arj
Hogs Receipts. 16.000. Market steady. Bulk
ot cues,; neavy. $4.6504.80; pack
ers. 4i.55tf-i.75: nlrs uid llc-h'f 4 on
oneep receipts. -ooo. Market steady. Mut-
""" -r-ovi); iamDs. jo.eoao; range wethers.
j.ia-.o; ewes, $2.&og4.35.
SOUTH OMAHA. Nov. 23t T!attT -n..
10.000. Market active. X.iHv t-M rxo
- w
-'i cows ana neiiers. $2.0003.85; Western
iiecro, oiii..o; xexas steers. $2.7503.75; cows
and heifers, $2.3003.95; calves. $2.5005.50;
bulls, stags, etc. $203lB5.
Hogs Receipts. 13.000. Market & shade low
er. Heavy. $4.45f!4.55: mixed. 4 iru.ri-1 nm-.
light, $4.45S-i.52H: pigs, $404.40; bulk of
taies, .4iii!4.iiH-
Sheep ReceiDts. 44.000. Markst (mi1t tv..-
trns. $4.2504.60; wethers, $404.50; ewes, $3.W
04.50: common and mtrv-Wrr s? rjeri
CHICAGO. Vrvi- ? tj.-Li. .
. . f ..4 1.EI1I w,uw,
-wu iiwcnij. juarKei joc nigner.
000a to prime steers, $d.9O07; poor to medium. ; stockers and feeders. $204.15;
cows, $1.2504.60; heifers. $L6O05; canners.
4L2502.85; bulls. $204.35; calves. $306.50;
Hogs ReceiDts todav. arnnn- tin.
Friday. 23,000. Market 5c higher. Mixed and
uuicuers, good to choice heavy,
$4.7004.75: roueh heaw. JJ WSJ rjs- n,t
v.uvrui.M; OU1K 01 sales. $4.GO04.GH.
tsneep Keceints. 10.000. rni-v .tnn
Good to choice wethers, $4.3004.90; fair to"
choice mixed. S.TKO74 -n-.ti
. - '- ...... "uni'i tu
C5; native lambs. $3.1503.23: Western lambs.
Southern Oregon Shippers Made Mistake la
Sending to San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Nov. 23. Speclal.)
me turxey market was overloaded with
dressed stock and demoralized. Prices opened
at 21023c and closed at 16020c with large
lines unsold. Oregon turkeys sold down to 16c
to clean up and will net a round loss. Nearly
everybody In the turkey trade was taken un
a wares.
Local wool handlers report the market still
very strong with the Fall clip about all In and
sold. The wool business will be quiet the
remainder of the year.
. Hops are Arm, but Inactive. The quantity
left in growers' hands is practically nothing.
Wheat dealings "were small and of a holiday
character. Option prices had a. small net loss
cn the day. Spot "was dull and unchanged.
Barley was quieter. and slightly easier, under
large -receipts. Oats were In better demand
and steadier. Bran was Arm.
Fruits were dull, owing to absorption of at
tention by turkeys. Oranges and apples were
weak -under large offertnge
Potatoes were steady for fancy and easy for
lower grades. Onions were firm. A straight
carload from Oregon sold to Jobbers at $2.20.
Fancy butter and eggs were. steady under
holiday orders. Cheese was easy. .Receipts,
22.000 pounds of butter, 13,000 pounds of cheeee
and 16,000 dozen eggs.
. VEGETABLES Garlic 4H05c; green peas.
507c; string beans, 30Gc; tomiOoeiv 4Oc0$l
egg pant, 75c0$1.25.
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. 17018c: turkey
hens, ISc; roosters, old, $404.50; do young;
$5.5006; broilers, small, $303.50; do large
$3.5004; fryers, $4.5005; hens. $4.5006; ducks,
old. $4.5005.50; do young, $507.
BGTTEK Fancy creamery, soc; creamery
seconds. 16c; fancy dairy, 16c; .dairy sec
onds. 14c
CHEESE-Young America, llti0-1215c; East
ern. 12014c
EGG S-r-S tore 23030c: fancy ranch, 45c
WOOL-Lambs'. 16018c
MfLLFEED Bran". $18018.50; middlings.
HOPS 1904, 29032c
HAY Wheat, $10015; wheat and oats. $100
14; barley. $9013; alfalfa. $9011.50; clover.
$709; stock, $507; straw, 45G5c
FRUIT Apples, choice $1.25; do common.
25c: bananas. 75c0f3; Mexican limes. $404.50
California lemons, choice. $3; do common. $1
oranges, navel, $1.500220; pineapples, $1.50Q4.
POTATOES River Burbanks, 40070c; River
reds, 60070c: Salinas Burbanks, 9OC031.33
sweets. 65085c; Oregon Burbanks, 75c0$L
RECEIPTS Flour, 37,092 quarter sacks
wheat; 2160 . centals; barley. 10.442 centals
oats. 75Sr centals": beans, 10,013 sacks; corn.
1100 centals; potatoes. 6651 sacks; bran. 1315
sacks; middlings. .205 sacks; hay, 390 tons
wool. 151 bales; hides, 1604.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 23. The London tin mar
ket was a shade higher, closing at 132 12s 6d
for spot and 132 10s for futures. Locally
the market showed little change, the outside
prices being quoted a little higher in soma
instances and the general range being 2S.87H0
Copper was also up a little In the Loados
market, where spot closed at 68 2s 6d and
futures at 66 7a Od. Locally there- was na
change. Lake is held at 14.87H013a2Hc: elec
trolytlc 14.75015c and casting- at 14.509
Lead was firm at 13 in the London market.
Locally it ranged from 4.20 4. 70c.
.Spelter -was unchanged at 5. 7585. S7 Vic is
the local market. In London spot closed at
25 Ks.
Iron closed at G2s 94 In Glasgow and at
46r 6d In Xlddkeboro. Locally iron was ju
cniwra. s
Low Grade Issues Suffer Materially,
but Active. Shares Show Some
NEW YORK, Nor. 23. Prices of stocks we&
considerably lower at ono time today than
hey -were last night and then rather more
than recovered the decline, with some promi
nent instances of aggressive strength. The
whole market turned largely on the money situ
ation. The hardening loan rates and the pend
ing Thanksgiving holiday prompted consider
able HgEttmf&g of speculative loans. Another
result was the decline in the amount of busi
ness done
Yesterday's flurry In the money market held
its Influence this morning, on account of the
firm tone shown both for call and time loans.
There was practically no time money offer
ing for any period for less than 4 per cent.
The engagement of additional gold coin. $500,-
000. for shipment to Germany emphasized the
influence of this showing. Money rates re
laxed later. The presence of bills against
the gold exports In the foreign exchange mar
ket lowered the quotations in that market and
eo obstructed the gold outgc Money did not
get higher than 3& per cent and the large
offerings at that figure caused trie Impression
that important banking interests purposed to
oppose the advance above that rate at present.
The trust companies and J. P. Morgan &. Co.
also announced the purchase at $20,000,000 of
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy bonds.
Railroad stocks were n6t greatly affected by
the selling, 'and, in fact, moved rather slug
gishly all day. But a large number of low-
grade industrials and specialties and some of
the obscure railroads suffered materially. This
is the' natural consequence of the rather heed
less speculation in thwe securities which haa
been a marked feature,' of the recent trading.
Amalgamated Copper showed sympathy with
the reaction in the. foreign copper market
rather than with domestic copper stocks, which
were higher. The great strength of Atchison
was unexplained by any news announcement,
but It proved an effective stay for the whole
market. United States Steel preferred was
also an . effective, sustaining factor and was
helped by the report of large railroad buying
of various products for equipment as well as
by the Iron Age's cheering viow of the trade
condition. The market closed below- the" best
and barely steady. There was & confidlnt ab
sorption of" United States b'teel sinking fund
on a rising scale.
The bond market today was 'slow. Total
sales, par value. $3,500,000. United States
bonds were "unchanged on call. ---
nlL Hlirh. Low. hid.
Atchison1 104.100 SdVi &S& - sSft
do preferred 14,500 lirj 103 103
Baltimore Si. Ohio.... 8,400 96 93 U5;i
do preferred 200 94K . 94 i'J
Canadian Pacific .... 6,b00 133 i 122& 132
Central of N. J.... lSWfci
Chesapeake & Ohio... 5,000 4 OH 43 9s
Chicago & Alton...; w
uu jjreicrrcu ....... ...... .....
Chi. Great Western.. 17.100 24i
Chi. & Northwestern.
Chi., Mil. & St. Paul 16.300 173
ao prererrea .
.., ..... ..... AOl
ChL Term. & Trans..
J&ii -144
400 27 25 20
do preferred
C, C., C. & Sr. Lw..
tOO- 88 87 i
Colorado bouthera ..
1,900 22 22 22
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred
Delaware & Hudson..
Del.. Lack. & West..
100 329
500 31
WW 84t
33,900 38
2,800 72 Vi
900 5314
900 S8Vi
Denver & Rio Grande
do- preferred
do 1st preferred....
do 2d preferred
Hocking Valley
ao prcierred
100 TO
Illinois central
4.400 149 142& 14Ufa
Iowa Central 29
do preferred 100 58 50 56
Kanv City Southern 23
co preierrea ....... 3uu (h oj
300 53Va 53
3.000 139 137
5.400 168 1674
500 82 S1&.
Louisville & Nashv.. 3.000 139 137 13841
Manhattan L. 5,400 168 167 168
jueirop. securities... ow c-
Metropolitan St. By.
Mexican Central ....
8.900 124"7i 122 123
8.30O 221 22A 22g
Minn. & St. Louis...
M.. St. P. & S. 8; M.
ZOO 03 63 ra
100 0 TO& 00
do preferred ..
Missouri Pacific
... 18.900 10S?i 107 108
1,800 34 Vi 33 34s
Mo., Kan. & Texas
ao preierrea
National of Mex. pfd.
400 43
2.800 135
3.SC0 74
xevr York Central...
Norfolk Sc Western..
do preferred
Ontario & Western... 3,700 ,41
Pennsylvania 55,300 1359s
i'.. I, U. Ac SC tj.
Reading 40,400
76 75
do 1st preferred
do 2d preferred 200 SO 80
Rock Island Co 28,900 35 35
do preferred 3,300 85 83
St. L. &. S. F. 2d pfd. 900 63 67
St. L. Southwestern. 600 24 24
do preferred 1,200 53 52
Southern Pacific .... 58.200 67 65
do preferred ........ 1.000 117 117
Southern Railway ... 17,000 34 34
do preferred 1.000 05V? 05
Texas & Pacific 4,500 36 36
Toledo. St. L. &-W-. 100 31 31
do preferred 3,200 53 62
Union Pacific .......141,500 115 114 115
ao nreierrea ....... ...... ..... ..... n
Wabash - 2.700 23 22 23
do preferred 3,000 46 45
Wheeling & L. Erie
Wisconsin Central .. 400 23 23
do preferred 300 4S 47
Express companies -
American 100 218 218
United EUUes 200 125 122
Wells-Fargo . 217
Atrial. Copper ........118.400 78 77 78
Amer. Car & Foundry 2,000 31 31 31.
do preferred ....... 600 89 88 8S
American Cotton OH 200 34 34 33
ao preierrea ....... ...... ..... ..... 93
American Ice.. .. ... 300 8 8 S3
do preferred ....... 200 3S 37 37;
American Linseed OH 16
do preferred 37U
American Locomotive 5,400 33 32 33
no preierrea ....... i,uv luj' JUa-ft i(r:
Amer. fcm. & Kenning 10,300 81 79
do preferred 700 114 113
Amer. Sugar Refining 37.000 150 147
Anaconda Mining Co. 500 113 113
Brooklyn R. Transit. 23,200 68 66
Colorado Fuel & Iron 19,500 4S 47
Consolidated Gas ... 1.400 215 215
Com Products 7. COO 24 23
do preferred 400 80 70
Distillers' Securities. 000 . 37 35
curlUes. 000 ,37 35 36
trie .... 7.400 i92 190 191
Paper.. 1.700 20 19 20
I 400 78 77 77
oenerai ieciric
do preferred
International Pump
do preferrea
National Lead
North American .;.
Pacific Mall
People's Gas
Pressed Steel Car..
do preferred
1.600 23
700- 104
3.600 45
Pulman Palace Car. ..
Republic Steel 3.200
do preferred 2.S0O
Rubber Goods 300
do preferred
Term. Cool & Iron,.. 8.500
U. S. Leather 20,200
do preferred ....... 2,600
U. 8. Realty 1.500
U. S. Rubber. 3,600
Ao preferred .3.000
U. S. Steel... .... C5.S00
do prfeerred .128.700
Westlnghouse Elec 2.70O 182
179 181
Western Union 500 02 91
Total sales for the day, 1,178,000 shares.
NEW YORK, Nov. 23. Closing quotations
U, a-ref. 2s reg.104
do coupon ...104
V. a 3s reg 104!
TJ. 8. coupon ...104
U. 8. new 4s reg.138
do coupon " . . 130
U. a old 4s reg. 106
do coupon..... 106
Ate Adj. 4s 04
a & N. W.7s...l28
D. & R. G. 4s... 101
N. Y. a lsts.,..100.
r. ,zv-js ........ 404
ti.Je -iS ... .. ...IOO
a P.-4S .i 96
u. p. 4s ioa
wis. cen. s .... 92
LONDON, 'Nov. 23. Consols for money, 83
consols for account. 88 3-16.
Anaconda ...
do pfd .....
B. O
Can. Pacific .
Ch'R. Ohio
5Nor. & West 76
sysl ao pia 94
105Ont. St West.... 41
esslfenn .......... 69
Rand ill n A3 .... 11
Reading 39
C G. W 24 i
ao isr pra.... 45
do 2d pfd..... 41
M. St, P. .177
DeBeers - 18
D. & R. G 32
do pfd 53
Erie 39
do 1st pfd.... 73
-do t2d pfd.... 55
Illinois" Central .153
L. & N. .141
M., K. & T 34
N. Y Central . J38
a Railway .... 35
ao via ....
. 97
. 68
a p
u. p.
do pfd' ....
U. a Steel .
do pfd ....
Wabash .....
. 87
. 2S
. 81
. 4
.do pfd
. 46
Spanish" 4s S8
NEW YORK, Nov. J3. Xoaey on call Arm.
33 per cent; dosing bid and offered. 3
time loans, fine. W and to days and six
Mfttbs.-. 3K04 per cent. Prise mercantil
paner. 44 pe.cenU
Sterlb ssajnajs y, wJ4k aetsal awisess
to sUis t $4J!7HLST8 fr ietusjul,
aad at S4.4S4.4sS for W-day W1U. Fctc
..... 83
23 23
102 104
44 45
5; 107 108
86 35 36
84 83 83
"16 iV 16
68 OS 6S
23 3 23
75 73. 74
14 13 18
05 94 94
83 82 82
33 32 3
91 88 90
27 26 27
90 88 00
rates, $4.55 and $.S714.3S- CcBsrc!il bills.-
$4304.84. "
Bar silver. E9c . -
Mexican dollars, 47c -. ,-.
Government bonds, steady; raUro4. bonds,
lrreguiaK -
LONDON Nov. 23. Bar silver, steady, 27d
per ounce Money. 22& per .cent. The rata
oL.dlscount in the open market for afcert bills
Is 3 -per" cent: the rate of discount In the open
market for three-months' bills Is 3 per cent.
SAN FRANCISCO. Not. 23-Sllver bars. S8c
Mexican dollars, 46c Sight drafts. 5&f; teli
graph drafts. 5c SUrtlng on Lcndoa. 4)9 days,
$4.81U; sight. S4.87M.
BftBlc Clearings.
Clearings. 'Balances.
Portland $727,385 $113,026
Seattle v 919.422 200.591
Tacoma 543.373 53,693
Spokane 547.033 90.79
Dally Treasury Stateuueat.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 23. Today's statemeat
of the Treasury shows:
Available cash balance $143,069,353
uoia Ol.WX-'.lO
Causes' Easier Opcalng kt CbJcago Wlteat
CHICAGO. Nov. 23. Under the Influence of-
liberal receipts In the Northwest and ex
cellent harvest weather in Argentina, wheat
opened & trifle easier. December -was un
changed to c lower at $1.0901.109.. May
was a shade to 0o down at $1.09$ L0&.
disposition was. manifested among .small
holders to even up 'and as a result the market
made a further decline. Demember going down
to $1.O501.OS. May sold off to. $1.C90
L0S. Toward the middle of the session sen
timent became quite bullish. One cause of the
Improved tone was a decrease In primary
receipts. Another factor was the continuance
of drouth conditions In the Southwest, Late
news from the Northwest aleo favored the
bulls the demand for flour at Minneapolis being-somewhat
improved. On the rally Decem
ber advanced to $1.09 and May to $10.
All of the gain, however, as lost during the
last hour, profit-taking being largely respon
sible for a. break in December to $L03. May
declined to $1.09L09U- The mirkct closed
easy- with December off 0c at -$1.08.
May closed 0e lower at $1.09.
In corn the market was firm. December
closed at 49c a gain erf c
December oats closed gVJc higher at 29c
Provisions were steady as result of a mall
run of hogs at the yards. Trading was en
tirely local and of small volume. At the close
January pork was up 507c; lord was un
changed, and ribs were up a shade
The- leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Close.
$1.00 $1X9 $1.08 $1.08
. L03 1.10 1.09 1.09
,9S .99 .98 .98
CORN. ; '
, .49 .49 1 ".4S ' ' .49
. .45 .48 .45 .45
JKt7 1CIH J.ti AVtl
July j
,2S .20 .28 .23
, .31 .31 -31 .31
. .31 .31 .31 .31
January 12.63 12.70 12.65 12.63
May 12.75 12.82 12.75 12.75
January ...... 7.00 7.02 7.00 . 7.00
May '..7.17 7.20 7.17. 7.17
January 6.50 6.52 0.50 . 6.52
May 6.67 6.70 6.67 0-67
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. $1.O80L14; No. 3, $10
1.07; No. 2 red. $1.121.13.
Corn No. 2, 53c; No. 2 yellow, 57c
Oats-No. 2, ai032c; No. 2 white. 32c;
No. 3 white. 3O032.
Rye No. 2, 7Sc
Barley Good feeding. 32S32c; fair to choice
malting, 42052c
Flaxseed No. 1. $1.12; No. 1 Northwestern.
Timothy .seed Prime $2.67.
Mess- pork Per barrel. $11.2011.25.
Lard Per 100 pounds, $0.9506.97.
Short ribs sides Loose, $3.6206.75.
Short clear ajdes-r Boxed, $8.7336.87
Clover Contract grade, $12.25.
Receipts. Shtpnients.
Flour, barrels 40,200
Wheat, bushels 164.000
Com. bushels 637.COO
Oats, bushels 204.000
Rye. bushels 7.000
Barley, bushels 186,000
Grain and Produce at New York.
NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Flour Receipts. 16.-
300 barrels; exports, 12,500 barrels. Market
about steady with light trade.
Wheat Receipts. 61.800 bushels. Spot, firm;
No. 2 red, $L19: Nc 1 Northern Duluth,
$1.21 f. o. b. afloat. Most of the day wheat
was firm and a trifle higher on unfavorable
Argentine weather news. Later It yielded to
realizing and cloeed c lower to c net
higher. Clos: May. 31.11; July. $1.02
December, $1.16.
Hops Quiet, N
Hides Firm.
Wool Firm.
Grain nt San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov.23. Wheat and bar
ley, steady.
Spot quotations Wheat: Shipping, $L470
1.50; milling. $L5201.63. Barley: Feed. $1.10
01.13: brewing, $1.1501.17. Oats: Red.
$1.221.50? white. $1.421.37; black.
Call-board sales Wheat, December, $1.43
May. $1.44. Barley, December, $1.10; May,
$1.10. Corn, large yellow. $1.420L43.
European Grain Markets.
LONDON. Nov. 23. Wheat cargoes on pas
sage, unchanged. English country markets,
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 23. Wheat, firm; Decem
ber. 7s ld: March. 7a 2d; May. 7s 2d.
Wheat In Paris, firm; flour In Paris, firm.
French country markets, quiet. Weather in
England, fine but cold.
Wheat at Taeesuu
TACOMA, Nov. 23. Wheat unchanged. Blue
stem. 8Sc; club; 85c
Miring Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 23. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks today
were as follows;
Andes ..........
B. & B
Caledonia . ....
Chal. Con. ....
.Confidence . . . .
'a, a & va
Crown Point ..
Exchequer ....
Gould & Currle
. .24
. .20
Hale-i Nor. w ..
Justice ........
. .03
Occidental Con.
Overman- ......
. 1.10
. 1.10
. .82
. .23
. .41
. :13
. .13
. .18
.16iSavage ......
85 1 sag jseicner
Sierra Nev
Silver Hill ..
Union Con ..
Utah Con...
NEW YORK, Nor. 23. Closing quotations:
Adams Con $0.20 Little Chief ....$0.05
Alice -33
Ontario 3.30
Ophlr 2.05
Brunswick Con
Com. Tunnel ..
Con. C & Va. . .,
Horn Silver ...
Iron .Sliver ...
LeodvUle Con .
Phoenix ........ .14
Potosi 15
Savage .20
Sierra .Nev ,.33
small Hopes
Standard LOO
BOSTON, Nov. 23. Closing- quotaUonst
Adventure S 6.00
Mohawk .'.'..'r.$ 54.75
Allouez 18.25
M. C & Coke. . 4.50
Old .Dominion -v 27.75
Amal 77.75
An. Zinc .... 13.00
Osceola 84.50
Atlantic .. 17.50
Parrot ........ 30.6
Bingham 37.75
Qulncy 120.00
CaL & Hecla.. eOO-DOlShaanon 9.37
rvntpnirfal .-. . 28.50iTamarack .... 125.00
Copper Range. 70.00 Trinity 13.W
Daly West ... 13.75 U. a Mining- 24.00
Dom- Coal ... 6L00 U. S. Oil .. 12.00
Franklin 12.50Utah 44.00
Grancy 5.43. victoria 5.13
Tt -ROTale .. 30.001 Winona ....... ll.i:
Mass.- Mining..- 7.87 Wolverine 106.00
Michigan 0.8711
NEW YORK, Nov. 23. Coffee .futures, closed
steady at an advance of 5 points. Total
sales. 18,555 bags. ' Including December at 8.70a
January. 6.80c: Msrch. 767.0Bcj April. 7.10c
May. 7.20c; September. 7.5S7.8c Spot Rio,
steady: Nc T invoice 8c
Sugar Raw, Arm; fair refiamc 4 3-t6c; cen
trifugaL 96 test. 4 11-lSc; ms-lasses ssgar.
315-16c; refined. Arm.
DrM Frnt at. New Ynrlc
NEW TORKv- Nev. 36. The awHtet 3r , evap
orated apples shows a steady toae witk desMat
a tittle mere active This is' reported to result,
from purchases by sascwatlve. Mertsts wss
are said to J, short ot auakndU ter ch me
eat jsoath's delivery aa at ia toe aartitt tit
cover; Common are quoted at 3Clc: prime
404c; cnoiee. r83c and fancy at'07c
Pruses are quiet, but steadily held with
qaotatiaes rasging from 206c tor California
grades. Ore sea prunes ruled at 307c
Apricots are In very light demand, but offer
ings are light also and prices are well main
tained. Choioe are quoted at 901Oc; extra
choice. lO01Oc and fancy. 11015c
Peaches are dull but firm. Choice, 99c;
extra, choice.. D01Oc and fancy. 10llc
1 Hepert ea G teases! Cotton.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 23. The Census Bu
reau today Usued a preliminary statement of
xne quantity or cotton ginned to NovemDer 14.
1904, In 475 counties, for which reports have
been received up to date, showing 13,633 active
ginneries, against 13.619 for the same period
and number of counties In 1903. and 5,803,830
running bales for 1904, against 4,160,105 In
1903. -
NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Cotton futures closed
steady at a decline of 103 points. Spot closed
quiet. 'TO points lower. Middling uplands,
9.80c; middlings gulf. 10.05c No sales. Cot
ton futures closed: November. 9.35c: Decem
ber. 9.38c; January, 9.39c: February, 9.45c;
March, 9.51c; April. 9.58c; May, 0.64c; June,
9.64c; July. 9.69c.
Geld Esgsged for Hxperf.
NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Goldman. -Sachs &
Co. today announced that they will ship be
tween $750,000 and $1,000,000 In gold coin to
Berlin on Thursday, this being in addition ta
their shipment of $500,000 heretofore an
nounced. A shipment of $1,500,000 In gold
coin to Cuba was announced today by th Na
tional Bank of Commerce. Goldman. Sachs St
Co. later announced that a portion of the en
gagement hod been canceled and that they
"Would ship only half In gold to Berlin.
Dairy Prodncs in the East.
NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Butter, cheese and
eggs, uncharged.
CHICAGO, Nov. 23. On the produce ex.
change today the butter market was steady.
Creameries-, lG024c: dairies." 15021c
T-M ,1 I . .fits 112
Cheese Firm, 11012c
Wool at St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS. Not. 23. Wool Steady. Terri
tory &nd Western mediums, 22025c; fine me
dium 19021c;. fine. 15&18c
One Form of Election Bet.
LA GRANDE. Or., Nov. 23. (Special.)
There are petitions being- circulated at
Allcel for the Postmastershlp at that
place. Before election Charles A. Playle
was asplrinrr to this office and E. Webb,
the present incumbent, tvho is a Demo
crat, agreed that if Parker was elected
"Webb would retain the office, but If
Roosevelt was elected he would resign In
favor of Playle.
webb states that he will resign accord
ing to agreement, but hi3 friends in that
community are circulating a petition for
him. to hold the office while Playle's
friends are circulating a petition for him
to take the office.
Habitual constiDatlon cured and the
bowels strengthened by the regular use of
carter's Little Liver .Fills in small doses.
Don't forget this.
The Marconi system of wireless tel
egraphy has had a phenomenal growth.
Few, even among- tne Dest-postea men
or the day realize this fact. Tne Mar
conl system is now In dally commer
clal use all over the world, and Its fa
cllities for service are being extended
as rapidly as is physically possible".
it nas been ubbijiAJ-ix. aaoptea oy
the leading- governments of the world
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
the great trans-Atiantlc steamsnlp
It ha? been OFFICIALLY adopted by
it nas been ugbuuLAi.ijx aaoptea Dy
by the Associated Press.
it nas Deen u fiviauux empioyea
by Reuter's News Agency, by the Lon
don Times and the New York Herald.
It is OFFICIALLY co-operating with
tne western union ana .postal Tele
graph Companies.
The British frovernment has con
tracted to use the Marconi system for
all vessels of the navy for 14 years,
and is using it in connection with its
life-saving service and In the army.
The City of London has OFFICIALLY
adopted It for fire-alarm service.
The British government has stations
In China. In Formosa, at Malta, at Gib
raltar, at Suez and Bermuda.
The securities of this company are
considered a better investment than
those of the Bell Telephone stock, or
any or tne great radical inventions of
tne present age, ana are bound to In
crease in value month after month. On
January first the wireless system
across the ocean opens up. Now is the
time to secure an Investment Jn this
stock on either a cash ba3ls- or on our
easy payment plan, correspond with us
at once for fullest information and
lowest market price of these securities.
Dealers in high-class stocks, bonds and se
514 IT. W. EellmaB Building-.
Los Angeles, California,
Wc Charge Ne Interest far
CarrylBg Lemg Stack
General Office S I&no
-X. K. IMwn. Corresponded
Been 3, Grsmd Floor,
rmmW at Commerce.
Line Steamers
1 1 III lOCffT SMtttj 7 A. H.
Direct line for ICaCstrs. St. Sfsrtln's sad
Csllos Sot Eprlafw. Coaoectlse at Xyle.
WaaK. "arltb. Columbl JMvsr & Northern Ky.
Ca tar Coldeatels sad Kiickltax Valley
ilmIhHT- T nlir toot of Amsc strt Papas
Stoto jn, g.' it' DONALD. Astat.
Fjor 5ojth-Eastern Alaska
TACOMA 0 PV at. day ore-
vloua. li earns 111 mi C1T? up
jAS&a-xiJAis; isov. 4, it, za, can.
lysess and Skafway: HUM-
I T.rf NT It ' t ..I. VI..
'-torlar COTTAQE CITY. Nov.
T. 21. via Vancouver, stuca
akd JCilllsnooi ROMONA for
Vaacouver. Monday. Wedsss--
4JtcoatUcL at Saa Francisco with com
mSetoc ctU la Callfonsia. Mex
KSd Hboldt Bay. for Wrtber informa.
Smi obtala folder. RTJht Is reserved to ch&nme
iteamera or sIll -ate- City oT Seattle dors
et call at Wrtipii or nuo- va.miJBi
ticjckt orricss.
PBrtisAd 2W Wasblactoa s-t.
9csMl.. .....-....-..113- Jarn sc and Dock
Its 7-.Actoes , v.. 10 Market .
, CD. SOU)0(r Qsb. ysss. Agt,
M Xai4nt i gas. Trassiasa.
. !-
horj line
ak Union ftvcinc
Throuxh Pullman atandanl Kn tnurln
lng-cars dally to Omaha. Chlcaso. Spokane;
tourist niece tar-car daily to Kansas City:
throush Pullman tourist sleenlns-caj- Inersoa.
ally conducted) weekly to Chicago. Reclining."
chalr-csxs (seats free) ta the East dally.
8:15 A M.
55 P. 1L.
SPECIAL tor ihm Eiut
tJ;ia P. it.
for Eastern 'Vaainx-
10a. ialla walla, Iamt
Uluo, Coeur a'Aieci.
and Oreax Norttieri.
o:13 P. M.
:15 A il.
tor LCa gast vu Uuni-
lns ton.
S:ow P. iL.
10:oo P. il.
5:00 P. It.
way oolnts. coanecuns
wlin steamer 4or llwa-
and North Becn
steamer Hassalo. Ash
trect dodc (water per.)
I:ou a. it.
fun City and Xamnm
tuver poinu tteamera
ilodoc and Ruth. Aoh-
streat cock, (water per.j
1U0 A U.
3:00 P. 3L
Idano. axd way Dotnu
from Rlparia. Wash..
sleamera bpofcan and
TICKET OFFICE. Third and Washington,
Telephone ilaln 712.
"For San Francisco, every five days from
Alrmworth dock S. S. Geo. TV. Elder, Nov.
22; S. S. Columbia, Nov. 17-27. Sailings from
Alnsworth dock. 8:00 M..
For Tokobama and Hons Rons, calllnz at
Sobe. Nasasaxl and Shanghai, taking freight
via connecting steamers for Manila. Port .Ar
thur and Vladivostok; S. S. Nlcomedla. Nov.
21: S. S. Numantla. Dec 8. For frelgnt and
further rarttculars apply to
Telephone Ualn 2CS. Upper Alaska Dock.
EAST via
80 P. 2t
for balem. Kose-
7:25 A 2C.
burg, Ashland, Sao-
ruiucntu. ugaec, an
brand co. uoiare.
pao. New urleana
and the East. Horn
ing tram connects
S-X0A. M.
at Vr ooaouru vcauy
except 2ur.dt7) (tn
uain zor iiount
Angel. Sllvcrton.
Brownsvuie, sarins.
toelc, Yi coaling and
4.-C0 P. it
Albany nassenxer
connects at vvooa
turn with Ut. Ansel
and Silvectcn IucjJ.
7:30 A M.
IU0 P. il.
ICorvalUa passenger,
P. M.
ignencan passenger.
Daily. 1 Dally, except Sunday.
xeiiv n fuuuu -. w w ...
tw io.u n-4 3. - -5rt m-in c
Jdl' Dally, except Sunday. 5:30. ii'JSu, 8:33,
1025 A. M., 4:0O. 11:30 P. il. Sunday, only.
Returning trom uswego arrive -oruana aaujy
8-Sf A. H- IsoJ. 3r03. -4:33, 8:15. 7:a3, a:3o,
9:30, 10:20, 11.15 A. M. Except Monday. 12SiS
A. M. Sunday only, 10:00 A. M.
Leave iroru susc ucput, xu. muma ou- - - -
Arrive Portland. 10:20 A M.
The Xnaepenaence-juouii.uuLa uowr iiue upd
ates dally to Monmouth and Alrlie, connectlnj
with S. P. Co. trains at Dallas and Independ-
Flrst-class rare irom x-ui mmu w.rM"u":''i''
rJd Sai TFranclsco. 520: berttL 5. Second,
class fare. $15; second-class berth, S2.50.
fT. 77- .7 r..rrr nnlntH and Eurone. Also
lanlrL. China Honolulu and Australia.
Japan, -uma.ii .. -orT,, Th- nrt
-Washington streets. Phono Main .12.
Depart, Arrive.
Pueet Sound Limited for
Tacoma, Seattle. Olympla, ' '
South Bend and Gray's
Harbor points 8:30 am 5:30 pra
North Coast Limited for - -
Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane.
uBtte, St. Paul. New YorSc x
Boston and all points East
and Southeast 3:00 pm 7:00 ara
Twin CItj" Express, for -Xi
Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane. . .
Helena, Sr, Paul. Mlnne- v j ,'.
apolls, Chicago. New York. '.
Boston and ail points East -
and Southeast ...11:45 pm 7:0O pis
Fuget Sound-Kansas Clty-
St. Louis Special,, for
Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane.
Butte. Billings.: Denver. - ' '-.
Omaha, Kahaaa City, St- . ,
Louis and all -points East
and Southeast 8:30 am. 7:00 axj
All trains daily, except on South Bend' branch.
A. X). CHARLTON, Assistant General 'Fas.
senger Agent, 255 Morrison at., corner Third,
Portland. Or.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
Learta. UNION DEPOT. Arrives.
Daily. "r At ay g era, K&lnlar, Tiallr'
Clatskaaie, Westport,
Clifton. Astoria. War-S.-00
A M. rentonv FUvel, Ham- u:i9
mond, Fort Stevens:
Goaxhart Park, Sea
" side. Astoria and Ksa- -ihore.
Express Daily.
7d P. U. Astoria Express. 8:8P. M
j Dally.
Cassm'l Agt.. 248 Alder st. G. F. P. A.
Pi6B Mala 008;
City TJetet OTte. 122 34 U. Hmm H.
Tk flyar aad tint t'aM. Xatt.
Tee Tleksto, Jtetss. a4nt a fU 2a-
X. $CKSOX, City raasgwr awl IhM
Act lt TJOmI atresi.. rtiUm. r.