Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 04, 1904, Image 7

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i The Oregcnlan's Telephones.
Countinr-Room :.. Main 607
Manatrinp Editor ......Main 638?
Sunday Editor - Main 636
CJtr Editor Main 168
Composing-Room ......Main 685
Superintendent Building 77.. -..'-.Red 2826
East Side "Ofilce East 61
COLUMBIA THEATER (Fourteenth and
Washington) Tonight at 8:1C, "In Hlzroara."
CORDRAT'S THEATER (Park and Washing
tonTonight. 8o5. 'The Heart ol Chicago.
st.. between 6th and 7th) Tonight at 8:15
o'clock, "The County Chairman."
BAKER THEATER (Third and Tamhlll)
ConUnuous vaudeville. 2:S0 po 4. 7:30 to 10
-P. M
STAR THEATER-Park and Washington)
ConUnuous vaudeville. 2:30 to 10:30 P. M.
ARCADE THEATER (Seventh and Wash
ington) Continuous vaudeville, 2:30 to
10:30 P. M. '
BIJOU THEATER (Sixth, near Alder) Con
Unuous vaudevlire from 2 to 10:30 P. M.
ITRIC THEATER (corner Alder and Sev
enth) ConUnuous vaudeville Xrom-2 to 10
P. M.
Bird Orchestra Makes Melodt. A
bird orchestra made the most enjoyable
melody yesterday on the Ave poplar trees
on the north side of Burnslde street, near
Sixth, just opposite the Postofflce. It
seemed as If several aeollan lyres had
been turned loose. Dozens' of saucy Eng
lish sparrows were hopping about the
branches, looking as If they were about
the hd of the whole show. "You can't
xredlt that sort of music to those spar
rows," observed a bird-fancier who hap
pened along. "Sparrows are not much on
the music line but they make plenty of
noise with their twittering.. The real sing
ers up in those trees are probably clouds
of blackbirds that have temporarily set
tled there during their long Journey from
Eastern Oregon and Washington to warm
er laUtudes down South. I have heard
many of the most famous orchestras in
the world, but never have I heard any of
those professional musicians who play so
many notes for so many cents produce
either in string, wood or brass the beauti
ful effects .of a bird orchestra with every
bird singing Its best."
Robs "Woman ix Broad Datlight. Mrs.
F. Thompson, of Eugene street, was
robbed of her purse at 9 o'clock yesterday
morning at the corner of Fifth and Jeffer
son streets. The purse contained some
change and several valuable papers and
important receipts. The robbery has been
characterised by the police as one of the
most daring that has been perpetrated in
Portland for some time. The strange part
of the crime is that It was committed in
one of the 'busiest parts of the city in
broad daylight. The robbery occurred on
the corner opposite the City Hall. Mrs.
Thompson was so much excited when the
thief snatched her purse and ran up Jef
ferson street that for a moment she
never cried out nor gave pursuit. Then
she cr.Ied for help and started after the
thief, but he easily made his escape. The
police were notified and officers were de
tailed on the case. Mrs. Thompson was
able to give an excellent description of
the robber, and it Is thought he is the
same man who held up Jeanettc Smith
about 7 o'clock the night before.
Dies on Wat Home. Word has been re
ceived of the death of Bert Gordon, a
young man well known about town, who
raced with death from Juneau. Alaska, to
Woodbridge, Cal., and lost. Young Gor
don was taken seriously ill in Juneau, and
physicians told him that he could not sur
vive. He Immediately expressed a wish to
gain his home before he died, and started
out. At Stockton, Cal., he was met by
a brother, but was so ill that he was un
able to continue the journey. He was re
moved to St. Joseph's Home In that city,
where he died almost immediately, before
his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Gordon, and his other brothers could reach
his bedside.
Civil Service Examinations. The TJnl
ted States Civil Sen-ice Commission -aa
nounces that on December 7-8 an ex
amlnatlori will be held In this city to sc
cure ellglbles from which to make.cer
tificaUon to fill a vacancy In the position
of Inspector of hulls of steam vessels, Cin
clnnati. Ohio, at a salary of J1200 per
annum; two vacancies in the position of
assistant Inspector of hulls, New York.
N. Y., at a salary of 52000 per annum; and
one vacancy In the position of local In
spector of hulls, Boston, Mass., at a salary
ot J2250 per annum. Persons desiring to
compete should apply to the Civil Service
Commission, Washington, D. C.
Mat Defeat School Bonds. It Is con
sidered probable that the movement to
issue $10,000 in school bonds for district
No. 2 in St. Johns will be voted down
next Tuesday. The bonds are wanted to
build a four-room addition to the present
schoolhouse, but some of the property
owners think that too large an amount Is
called for, and that a smaller sum would
be sufficient. Defeat of the bonds will
leave the proposition to build an addition
to the schoolhouse in the air, as It is
$10,000 or nothing.
, Suspected of " Robbery. Walter Spru
ance, aged 35 years, was arrested at 8
o'clock last night at the corner of Second
and Everett streets by Detectives Snow
and Kerrigan, who suspect Spruance of
being implicated In the hold-ups which oc
curred Wednesday night and early Thurs
day morning. Spruance Indignantly- de
nied his guilt, but was held pending an
defective Flub Causes Fire. A fire
broke out yesterday morning in the cot
tage at 5GS Beacon street and was ex
tinguished quickly hy the department. G
Covach owns the house and It was occu
pied by Joseph Kapus. The total damage
to house and furniture was 550. There was
no Insurance on the furniture. A de
fectlve terra cotta flue caused the fire.
Death of Charles A. Sollivax. The
funeral of Charles A. Sullivan, who died at
his home, toS Williams avenue, in UnDer
Albina, will take place this morning from
St. Mary's Church, Williams avenue. He
was a member of ihe Ancient Order of
Hibernians, and the members will attend
the services. Mr. Sullivan was -50 years
ci age.
Followed Wrong People. For follow
ing Mrs. EL Murphy and Miss Maggie
Lunchford. of East Yamhill street. C. Lu
Evarts. an elderly man. has been arrested
on a charge of disorderly conduct. When
; arraigned In the Municipal Court yester
day, Evarts emphatically denied -his guilt
and the case was continued until Satur-
, Visited Milwaukie Lodge. A large
I- number of the members of Hassalo Lodgo
I No. 15. L O. O. F., paid Rlvervlew Lodge
; No. 179, Milwaukie. a fraternal visit last
, evening. The visitors look the 7:40 car.
i . and were escorted to the hall at Milwaukie
ty a local delegation, where they were
royally entertained during the evening.
,Sats Justice Makes Enemies for Him
" J. S. Hudson, a barber In Multnomah diR-
L trier, yesterday sent In his resignation of
me omce or justice of the Peace to the
County Court. He says running a court
injures his other business beeaus
, jinakes enemies If he decides cases ac-
iurmns u jaw ana rus oest judgment.
Sisters of St. Vincent's Hospital
x hankful. The sisters of St. Vincent's
;iiospitai wish to express their thanks to
uthe president of the Portland branch of
. the Needlework Guild of America and to
-her associates for the 70 articles of bed
linen and other articles which had been
I much needed at the hospital.
A Little out of the Wat. but a-walk
the southwest corner 2d and Taylor will
.W 'oa well. If you want any wallpaper
.Jand room-moldings; 20 per cent oft the list
t"P to January 1. 1903. Ernest Miller & Co.
" MEIf'8 Underwear Special Sale.
Fridat and Saturdat. 51.20.
r. Bradlet & Co.. Haberdashers.
liS Washington, Cordrats Theater Blk.
w Dr. a. W. Moore has returned from the
Sjgpast and will be at his office in the De
j??Eum building from 11 to, 12 .A. M. and
to 5 P. M.
Genuine Welsbach Table Lamps. H.
.T&aussenius & Son, 415 Washington.
Funeral' of John . Dukekart. Under i
the direction of Oregon Commandery No.
1, Knights Templar, the funeral of John
Dukehart took place yesterday afternoon
from his late home, 554 Yamhill street.
the funeral services being read by Past
Eminent Grand Commander. George H.
Hill. There were many beautiful floral
tributes, among them being remembrances
from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite Masons, Portland Royal Arch Chap
ter; 'Blue Lodge, Knights Templar, Shrtn
ers. PraeL Hesrele & Co.. and others. Mrs.
Albert C Sheldon sang with touching ef
fect Cardinal Newman's hymn, Lead,
Kindly Light," the piano accompaniment
being played by Ralph W. Hoyt. inter
ment took place at Rlvervlew Cemetery,
the pallbearers being Dr. E. D. Johnson.
J. B. Rogers, H. J. Strowbrldge. Arnold
Rothwell. James W. Holmes ana
Henry Jcnning.
'Magnificent Lake Countt Apples.
What Lake County can do in the way of
apples was shown by several fine speci
mens exhibited by C A. Cogswell, of that
county, yesterday. They were of the Wifllf
River variety, and carife from the orchard
of George Conn, ofalsIey. Larger apples
have seldom been seen in the city, lor
more than one or tnese measured jivo
Inches In diameter, and were perfectly
formed. Qodlln moths and other pests are
unknown in Lake County, but the market
Is strictly local, on account of poor trans
portation facilities. The fruit was abso
lutely sound and of fine flavor. Senator
Fulton also came to town yesterday with
a box of beautiful apples grown In the
John Day Valley, six miles from Canyon
Completing Portland Woolen Mills.
An army of men Is putting the -finishing.
touches to the seven-story "building which
constitutes the new plant of the Portland
Woolen Mills at St Johns. About the mid
dle of November all the departments will
be in operation. Some preliminary work
is now belnir done In the way of scouring.
dyeing, blending and carbonizing wool and
preparing the yarn for the looms. Manager
E. L. Thompson says there Is no trouDie
in gettlnerskllled hands for the plant, and
care has been exercised In securing tne
most competent heads of departments.
The employes will have a good place to
work. Lunch rooms have been provided
and good reading matter will be supplied
H oo Hoos Meet Tonight. The Hoo
Hoos of Oregon will meet at room 300,
Allsky building, this evening at 8 o'clock
to discuss preliminary arrangements for
the entertainment of the National con
vention which is to come to PorUand In
1903. The session will be attended by a
large representation of the order, as In
vitations have oeen sent out to a great
number of the members both in this state
and in Washington. The order will en
deavor to make the entertainment one. of
the notable events of the year and at the
meeting this evening a start, will be made
towara planning lor tnis worn. Lommu
tees will be appointed and the preliminary
work done.
Fun nt Joker Is Unknown. Some one
who said over the telephone he was' Pro
fessor Robert Krohn, the instructor of
physical training In the public schools, has
been playing a joke of a peculiar Kind
upon him. Several Umes this week this
joker has called up pupils of the schools
while at their homes in the evening. He
told them he was Professor Krohn, and
asked them to take part in an exhibition
to be given soon. Usually the children felt
highly complimented and later called up
the Instructor to ask further details. Pro
fessor Krohn says he plans no exhibition,
and when he does so will ask the children
through their principals.
Should Keep Off East Burnside
Street. All heavy vehicles crossing the
Burnslde bridges to the East Side will
avoid trouble and delay by turning north
on East Third street to Bast Couch. There
is good driving around that way. At
present East Burnslde is nearly Impass
able. The south side Is torn up by the
contractor who is rcplanking the street.
while on the side dangerous holes have
been broken in the roadway. Drivers per
sist In forcing their way up to Union ave
nue over a disrupted street filled with
street-cars and people, when there Is an
excellent driveway around by East Third.
Anxious for- Reward. Madam Schecs
noffskl, aged about 40 years, who mys
teriously-disappeared from the Mount Ta
bor Sanitarium, lias been located, but the
officials cannot learn her whereabouts.
The woman who can give the information
absolutely refuses to do so unless a reward
is paid. Mrs. H. M. Hansen, of 2S0&
East Washington street, knows the name
and address of the woman who could tell
of the whereabouts of Madam Schecsnoff
ski, but also refuses to give Information
unless a reward Is forthcoming. The miss
ing woman is said to be alive and well
and not far from Portland.
Men's Club Receives Church Mem
bers. The newly formed Men's Club of
the First Methodist Episcopal Church took
charge of a reception to church members
and their friends last night in the Sunday
school room. W. H. Beharrel, chairman
of the social committee, presided, and in
troduced M. G. Royal, the president of the
club, who gave a short address. Charles
Cutter sang a bass solo and W. II. Brooks
contributed a piano solo. The pastor,
Rev. Dr. F. Burgette Short, gave the clos
Tng address, and spoke of the great help
the new club would be in quickening the
social side of church life.
Preliminary Republican Rallt. A
Republican rally was held last night on
the East Side in Justice Seton's courtroom
as a preliminary to the big party blowout
that Is to take place tomorrow night in
Burkhard Hall. The courtroom was
thronged. Plans were laid for bringing
out a large crowd tomorrow night. Among
the speaKers were Whitney L. Boise,
chairman of the county committee; J. p!
Kavanaugh. Waldemar Seton and Pro
fessor E. D. Curtis.
New Drill Regulations. New drill
regulations to supersede those In use for
the past few years will be taken up short
ly by the state militia. The War De
partment, in conformance with Its policy
of making the state troops as proficient as
the regular Army, has sent to Adjutant
General W. E. Flnzer a large quantity of
pamphlets dealing with the new form of
drill which will be forwarded to the mil
ltla organizations all over the state.
Funeral of F. V. Andrews. The fu
neral services of Frederick Vigne Andrews
occurred yesterday afternoon, Interment
taking place at Rlvervlew Cemetery. Rev
C C. Bruce conducted the funeral service.
Milton Smith, Robert Livingston. William
MacMaster, Sanderson Reed, E. T. C.
Stevens and Dr. Richard Nunn acted as
Leonard Duncan Dead. Thomas Dal
ton. of Shenandoah, Pa., writes to The
Oregonlan that Leonard Duncan, sup
posed to be from Portland, Or., was killed
near his home. The youmr man had
father and twin sister residing In this
city, to whom Mr. Dalton Is anxious to
send important Information concerning his
uitts .took to Be Fed. The Volun
teers or America will continue their ra
torn this year of supplying poor families
with their Thanksgiving dinner, "clothing
and. other necessities. Donations of food,
clothing or money are thankfully received
at the Volunteers of America headquar
ters, i-w ash street, telephone Hood 1591.
jjcAFFoosE JOAN .dead. J. V. Morgan
aged 4a. or scanooose. Or. Hiwi - nn
Samaritan Hospital at 9:30 o'clock last
nignt. iie was orougnt to the hospital on
October 31, suffering from pneumonia, and
medical aid was powerless to save him.
The remains will be taken to Scappoose
lor Dunai.
C C Newcastle, dentist. Mohawk bids.
woo step, is always pleased to see you.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Portland .Restaurant, pne, private apart-
-ments tor parties. 3i wasn.. near 6th.
It is no longer necessary to- take blue
pills to rouse the liver to action. Car
ters iJtue uver ifiiis are much, better.
.Don't lorget tnis.
"I. Mr. am a self-made man." "Ah. that'
where you ahow your streneth of character."
"Year' "Yes. a fellow with lets nerve would
fcl&me it on Provttoce." Philadelphia Ptmb.
"The Heart ef Cklcaco."
Robert Sare - Clyde Besi
Bradley John Whitely
ilcFaddea Charles Wells
Blokey "W alter Fredericia
Swipes Johnny PhlUlber
Sam James McCarthy
James ,Jamea ilcCartcy
McFarlaad Walter Fredericks
Johnson . ... ...Charles Mack
Nelson ........... .Charles Mason
Miss Afton Kathryn Maraey
Ma?gle .. Blanche Borer
Moll ..Bmlllo Leasing
Eugenie Emilie Leasing
John Araes .John T. Nlcholaon
What appears to be a genuine railway
locomotive steamed down to the footlights
In the fourth act of "The Heart of Chi
cago" at Cordray's last night and the gal
lery boys rose out tof tholr seats and
It was a busy moment. Clouds rose
from the smokestack and enveloped the
scene, the engine bell clanged and the
whistle rfhrieked. Three feet from the
point of cowcatcher yawned, yawned is
the word, an abyss, and on the cowcatcner
were the hero, engineer when not en
gaged in making love, and his sweetheart,
who had saved the special from plunging
through the drawbridge, which the villain
had opened. Mr. Lincoln J. Carter turned
himself loose on this situation, and its
the most hair-raising thing he has con
tributed to contemporaneous stage litera
ture. "The Heart of Chicago" Is a corking
good melodrama, of the kind which sug
gests bollershops, a general alarm and a
noonday Jam on State street. It's far too
noisy and energetic for the tastes of
Alton B. Parker, but Colonel Roosevelt
ought to write a testimonial for It. It
packed Cordray s last night and kept the
audience a-qulver from the minute Chi
cago burnt up until the villain blew his
brains out Just as the final curtain fell.
I couldn't suggest anything better for
those who like real, blood-raw melodrama
than "The Heart of Chicago."
A number of good specialties are Intro
duced, the mechanical effects arc the best
Lincoln Carter has yet devised, and he's
a wonder when it comes to devising. The
nnmnfin. la fib trnnA fJQ thfk TtlaV demSndS.
Altogether It's a corking good snow.
There will be performances or
Heart of Chicago" tonight, tomorrow
matinee and tonight. A. A. G.
Two Hundred and Fifty Soldiers Can
not Fipd Union Depot.
Two hundred and fifty soldiers of the
United States Army were" lost In Portland
for three hours yesterday afternoon, the
assistance of the police being necessary to
locate Jhem and direct them to the Union
Depot The men belonged to the Twenty-
first Infantry, en route from Fort Iteogn,
N. D., to San Francisco, from where tney
will denart for the Philippines.
The extraordinary happening was nrst
brought to the attention of the police
about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when
telcDhone message was received by Cap
tain Grltzmacher from the Colonel of the
regiment, asking that the police help lo
cate a Lieutenant and 250 men who were
somewhere in the city. The Colonel
stated that the Lieutenant had taken out
the men to exercise them and had not re
turned with them to the depot, and the
commanding officer stated that he did not
doubt but what the men had become lost
In Portland. Officers were notified and
policemen throughout the city found
themselves' looking for a detachment of
250 men instead of a lost child, as is
usually the case.
The soldiers were finally located- near
the Intersection of Porter and First
streets, where they were marching gal
lantly about In a vain effort to locate the
Union Depot. The Lieutenant stated that
they had Indeed become lost and that he
was afraid to lower his dignity by ac
knowledging to the men that such was the
case. He was directed by one officer and
passed with the men from beat to beat,
each officer In turn moving the detach
ment one beat nearer the Union Depot.
The detachment was the brunt of Jokes
and witticisms all along the line, and
when they arrived at the depot there was.
a session with the Colonel at which all
dignity was laid aside and laughter pre
dominated. The Lieutenant boarded his
train on the Southern Pacific with a very
red face. The train had been held for
over an hour In order that the soldiers
might be "found and returned to the com
mand. "It's a cinch," said one of the men,
"that whenever anyone asks us about
Portland we can tell them it is a great
city. We have been quartered' In Dakota
and Wyoming for so long, out In the sage
brush and barren hills that three trees
and seven houses Is enough to make us
dellrloua We dodged, street-cars faster
than we will ever dodge bullets and every
bevy of schoolgirls filled us with holy
terror. Portlands a great town, all
right, all right, and don't you forget It."
The men of the Twenty-first arrived In
the crfy at 1:30 o'clock ovdr the Northern
Pacific and expected to leave Immediately
over the 3outhern Pacific for San Fran
cisco. They learned, however, that they
would have to spend several hours In
Portland, and as some of the men desired
exercise the Colonel ordered a Lieutenant
to take 230 of them and give them what
they desired. The Lieutenant did so, but
the next time he will use a ball of twine
and "follow the line" when ready .to go
Mayor Williams Makes the Opening
Speech to Large Audience.
With an appropriate address Mayor
Williams set the wheels of the St. Mary's
Cathedral Church Fair in motion last
night, and from now until November 12
the machinery which empties the pockets
of dharitably inclined patrons' will grind
apace. The hall in the new building at
Seventh and Stark streets was ablaze with
lights and brilliant with 'the coloring- of
gaily decorated booths from which fair
maids and matrons sold useful articles.
Bevies of girls canvassed the room with
books, selling chances on many handsome
prizes, which will be drawn by some of
the most fortunate, and the refreshment
tables did a land office business with the
hungry ones.
St. Ann's Society, the oldest organiza
tlon of the kind in the church, was taste
fully decorated In red and was In charge
of Miss Mollle Burke, Mrs. J. W. Sweeney,
Mrs. Katherine Daly and Mrs. J. F. Shea.
There was a beautiful collection of fancy
worn on sale at tme Doom, and many
pictures and other articles of value which
are to be sold or raffled. Among them
might be mentioned a child s automobile.
which is the center of interest for all the
small boys, and a birds eye maple lady's
writing dcsK.
In a dress of blue and white the Altar
Society offers the same kind of articles
for sale. Mrs. Joseph Reidel Is in charge.
assisted by Mrs. M. F. Gallagher and Mrs.
William Elbers. This is a pretty booth.
and deserving of the good business It is
The Ladles' Aid Society has also
trimmed its booth in blue and white and
has a great array of exceptionally fine
fancy work. Mrs. D. W. Burke, Miss
Mary McKay and Mrs. A. S. Johnson are
In charge.
The Young Ladies Sodality and the 11
nrary nave comDined m a pretty stand o:
yellow, lighted with yellow-capped Tights.
The effect of this Is striking and the pretty
girls in charge make It a center of attrac
tion. Miss Mamie O'Neil. Miss Louise
Rice and Mice Mazle Murchr will attend
to the wants' of the public at this booth
and sell anything- from a fully dressed doll
to an ironbblder. Selling- candy from
large stand draped ia old Ireland's colors
were MJee Susie Stott and Mus Jane Mc-
Brlde, while Mrs. M.-E. Foley. Mrs. P. F.
Le&vey ana Mrs. Springer had charge of
the refreshment tables. A beautiful Jap
anese tearoom was one. of the principal
features of the fair, and was presided over
by Mrs. H. A. Dillon and Mrs. f. it.
Hamberger. Miss Mamie Helen Flynn
baited the hooks of the fisherman in the
nh pond, and Mrs. James Sutton told
fortunes like a real gypsy.
Father McDevltt was the life of the fair
last night, and kept every one stirred up
to the buying point. Judge Williams hov
ered suspiciously near a slot machine, but
was rescued from a raid by General
Burke. Good cheer, mingled with a desire
to assist the church, was the order of the
evening; and it seems that a great success
is assured for the worthy undertaking.
Luncheon will he served every noon at the
hall during the time the fair runs.
Judge Thinks People Have Right to
Be Married in Peace.
By his action in the Municipal Court
yesterday morning. Judge Hogue has gone
on record as against the charivari, and
young married couples and prospective
brides and grooms will call him blessed.
The first blow was struck night before
last when Officer Adams arrested Fred
Farrer and John .Hoover for disturbing a
wedding- ceremony at 313 Mason street.
Albina. Officer Adams was called upon
at 8 o'clock to protect the welfare of the
newly-married people, and upon going to
the address found a crowd of 25 young
men and boys, who were demonstrating
their nolse-saaklns ability with every in
strument from an old vilolln to a tin
can with a string through It. The two
boys mentioned were captured, and yes
terday Judge Hogue ordered them to jail
until they were willing to give the names
of the rest of the boys Implicated. The
boys soon did so, and the crowd will ap
pear before Judge Hogue today at the
regular session of the Municipal Court.
In a statement to Attorney Fitzgerald,
Judge Hogue stated that a man and wo
man have a right to get married without
intereference from a gang of hoodlums,
and that they were entitled to the pro
tection of the police.
"It is high time that the barbaric cus
tom of the charivari, as for years con
ducted by hoodlums, shall be broken,"
said the Judge.
Speaker at Y. M. C. A. Analyzes Char
acter of the Apostle.
A critical estimate, tinged with worship,
of the life of Saul of Tarsus, Paul, the
Apostle, was given at the Y. M. C. A.
last night by the American orator, George
R. Wendllng. Mr. Wendllng-has thought
out and written himself the lines he reads
so well, and he adds an earnest intent to
his orator. t
Those who have merely read the Epis
tles of Paul, or have heard a sermon on
his life from the standpoint of religion
alone, would do well to seize the next
opportunity to hear Mr. Wendllng bring
out clearly the points of his career that
make for greatness. He sees In bis hero
a man of unequaled physical and moral
courage, a thinker, a genius, a great
religious man, too great to be altogether
fanatical In his belief, hut in deadly earn
est; an orator from whose many appeals
to Christianity nine fragmentary sen
tences alone have served to hold the
Christian world spell-bound; a man with
sympathies as wide as the universe, and
a nature as gentle as a woman's.
Mr. Wrcndllng- was the first of the lec
turers, who will come to Portland this
Winter under the auspices of the Star
-course, of. the Yr. M. C. A,
Clackamas County Senator Does Not
Realize His New Dignity
George C. Brownell, of Oregon City, was
in the city yesterday to call on Senator
Fulton, State Chairman Baker .and other
plenipotentiaries. Mr. Brownell, In the
absence ef Governor Chamberlain and
Secretary of State Dunbarfrom the state,
Is acting Governor. However, he mod
estly denied that he was "acting" in any
sense whatever. Said he. when asked
how much longer he would continue to act
as Governor, and each word had an icicle
on it:
"I didn't realize I had been acting Gov
"Save you been to Salem yet?"
No, Mr. Brownell hadn't. -"But
they're expecting you."-
"Yes, I know," quoth Mr. Brownell,
"but that's the reason I'm staying away,'
adding that he supposed if he should go
up to Salem he'd find half the Inhabitants
of the town lined up at the depot to meet
The last question Mr. Brownell would
hear was whether ho knew when Mr.
Chamberlain would get back to Oregon,
and he answered It curtly by saying:
"No, God bless you, I don't." In a tone
of voice Indicating that he didn't care,
either. '
Melbourne MacDowell is Engaged to
Fill Vacancy in, Star's Company,
Melbourne MacDowell, the famous
fsardou star, who recently played an en
gagement at the Baker, has been engaged
as leading man for Florence Roberts to
succeed Hobart Bosworth, who so signally
distinguished himself here a few week4
ago in "Tess" and . "Marta of the Low
Mr. MacDowell came to Portland a few
days ago' at the termination of the tour
which he made of the Pacific Northwest
under the direction of George L. Baker.
He Intended. going from here to New York
to accept an engagement In vaudeville,
but yesterday received an offer from
Belasco & Mayer to support the California
star, which he accepted. He left last
night to Join the company in Spokane.
During the Portland engagement Hobart
For Infanta and CMldxea.
Tli KM Ysu Havi Always Bwgiit
Bears tho
Signature of
You must have a peculkf 1
tea taste if no-one of the fiyt
Schilling's Best is right for
you ; and coffee four.
. Yowr grocer's; money back.
Good Gem and Waffle Recipe.
Two cups Falcon SelfrR!lng Pancake
Flour, qb cap milk, two eggs, one table
spoenfHl sugar, piece hutter ize of wal
nut. 3Hx tH lacredteats thoroughly he
fore adding the flour. Gt Falcon Slf
I Ulalntr Pajtcake fiour at any grocer'.
Bosworth. his wife and Mr. Curtis, man
ager of Miss Roberts, went pheasant
hunting, near Beavertira. The weather-
wag rainy ana Mr. Bosworth caught a
severe cold which came near developing
Into pneumonia. , He has grown worse
since leaving 'here and finally his phy
sicians ordered him to Arizona. He Is
said to be seriously 111 and was finally
maueea to resign and go to a dryer
climate. This created the vacancy In
Miss Roberts support, which Mr. Mac
Dowell will fin.
Want Sidewalk on Bridge.
A delegation from Willamette Heights,
headed by Colonel James Jackson and N.
Levinson, waited upon a special meet
ing of the street committee of the Execu
tive Board yesterday afternoon to ask
again for means to cross Batch's Gulch
while the new bridge is bejng erected.
"We don't care so much for ourselves
as for our wives and children." said Mr.
Levinson, and the others echoed his senti
The street committee, had planned a
switchback sidewalk across the bottom of
the gulch and up the sides, but it was ex
plained that such a sidewalk would be a
constant temptation to highwaymen. It
was finally agreed to build a walk for
pedestrians at the side of the old wooden
bridge, which wiil "hot be torn down until
the new steel bridge Is completed. Mr.
Boise wanted it understood, however, that
the city would not be liable for any In
juries received on this walk.
Geo. IX Baker, Mxr. Fhoae Mala 119.
Tesrteesife aad "Washington Streets.
Aa Ezcellest Company, Presenting
It was wrlttea by Ansastoa Thomas, Au
thor of "Arizona," especially for
Nat C. Goodwin.
Information resarelag prices and how to se
cure Seats. s
Pricea Evening. 15c, 25c. 35c. 60c:
lery, 15c Matinee, 10c, 15c. and 25c:
lery. 10c
All day down town Ticket office open at
Rotre & Martin's drugstore. Sixth and Wash
ington, from 10 A. M. to 7 P. M. Main 110.
After 7 P. M., at the theater, -14th and
Washington, 7 to 10 P. M. Phone 311.
All Next Week, Starting Matinee Sunday,
November 6.
Belaaco and TyleV Great Military Play.
The Girl I Left Behind Me
To Make
For large shipments or pianos now en
route, we are willing to offer great In
ducements to piano purchasers. In ad
dition to our large stock of new pianos
we are offering -for sale a Stelnway par
lor grand (used), a Weber parlor grand
(used), several used. upright pianos and
several organs. Time payments accepted.
Come In and let us talk It over with you.
372 and 374 Morrison Street
Cor, "tTeat VarU.
Kmabtr 3, 1S434, io Ksreabr 12, 1904
fcrril's New Uwk, 7th aid Oak mh
Graad musical programme every even
ing Votlar contset for most popular For
ester or Knight of Columbus.
An elegant and artistic display of
fancy and useful articles suitable for
holiday gifts.
VoUng contest for most popular young
lady employed, at Old, Wortman &.
King's or Lip man, "Wolf & CO.'s.
Luncheon served from 11:30 to ":30
and in the evening.
DIAMOND COAL supplies a lone-
felt -want. In it you "will find tha
acme of perfection of a koBse fneL It
combines all tfcs gooa. poi&tg of other
coali with none of tie poor f malitiee.
Order direct from sole-ageats,
Treat sad Xcskjh Sts.
RAVEN IAJMP COAX,. J6.59 delivers.
It's a good, cheap house coaL
aeiiverea. r its zae cieaneec on uns mar
Screened c-oal and fall weight gsaraa
Phone Main
Office, No, 329 Burnslde Slreet
Opposite Post Office.
Qchwab Printing C,
JE5f S M FrMckcs , Cal If o retacl ;
VJK VlUinrliStilh ti.TT.rVI V '
fHf kmlomikUSMlU Junto. Vf
rjk W Slszta Roost, per day, faepwud V
Stagia Rootajwh tot, per diy, Aj .
Connoisseurs Understand That There Is Nothing. Better
"Whiskey. Old, mellow and delightfully palatable, it is the ideal stimulant
AND recover:
rTTom Tj-Dnrvci TT 1 1t
through- the material, for the ribs
possible to turn them wrong-side-out if they have the Wind-Proof
THE COVERING of "these Umbrellas is made of a wood-fihre and
worsted, the strongest material known for wear and rough usage and
one that we guarantee not to split.
Get our make and you get the best.
Two Factories 303-Morrison Street, 236 Washington Street. '
""When pln and anguish wrlns the brow,
A. ministering angel thou."
These lines refer t a -woman's loving administrations In sickness, but
thej- also apply to spectacles when needed to quiet the anguish "of chronic
headaches, caused by eye-strain, and 90 per cent of all headaches are so
caused. "We always cure them.
TVe are enabled to extract from one to 33
ieoth at gne sitting, -positively and abso
lutely Without pain or bad after effects. Peo
ple In delicate health need have no fear, as
our method of extracting is positively safe
and absolutely painless. 17 years experi
ence in plate work enables us to fit your
mouth comfortably. It you are troubled
by j-our upper plate felling down we can
make you one with the patent air valve In
that will stay up so tight that you will be
perfectly satisfied.
Dr. W. A. ITlse.
208-213 FAILING BLBG. Open evenings UU 9.
Corner Third and "Washington streets.
Established In 1C6. Open aU the year.
Private or class instruction. Thousands
of graduates In positions; opportunities
constantly occurring. It pays to attend our
school. Catalogue, specimens, etc.. free.
usiness Colieg
-Through the kindness of
the Y. M. C. A,
Day and Night School
-fs being held as usual at the As
sociation , building temporarily,
Yamhill and Fourth streets.
TVhy stanssier? "Why stutter? Attend the
Pacific School for Stammerers. Most diffi
cult cases cured, at reasonable prices. Pu
pils on leaving school tallc as though they
had never stammered. Consult or -address
M. L. Hatfield, ISO Eleventh St., Portland.
Or.- Consultation hours. 9 to 10. 4 to &
For modern dental work.
World-renowned. Specialists,
lowest prices consistent with first-clue
Go to the
OS Dk BMf.
t frt t LfK? BatM,
s - ;
' fill ' '
Will You Like
orders for coal
delivered in a hurry?
We will.
The Pacific Coast Co.
TELEPHONE 223-237.
$1.50 to $3.50 ,
1- Cf t IU i J 1
are finished with brass". It is im
Dr. T. P. Wlae.
Sundays from 9 to 12. Phone Main 2023.
Boston Painless Dentists
Known the world over, are the only dentists
In PorUand having the lata botanical DIS
COVERT to apply to the gums for ETRACT
WITHOUT PAIN, and guaranteed for TEN
Bxamlna.UoB ............. r. Free
Silver Fillings 6e
Gold Fillings SLS9
Full set Teeth that fit from S5.G9
Gold Ctowbs S3.99 to 95.63
Bridge Work $3.99 to $5.09
department. NO STUDENTS in -the office.
ISTS of long- years' experience. Give us a
call, and you will find we do Just as we ad
vertise. Boston Dental Parlors
Fifth and Morrison. Streets, Entraaee 281
312 WasMajtM
Near Sixth
293 M arris
Near FKta.
Our patent rast-preef umbrel- C -f Kf
las with gloria covers....... f Ju
Our rnst-jpreof aad wind-proof
star frame umbrellas, Uak QQ
Repairing and Recovering
Blue Mountain Sanatorium
Fee she Care e?
Tuberculosis la curable. It reqatre pcoo9t
Alet. a pure atmosphere aad rest: of zataa
aad hody. Climate aloae has: little lsBKeaee.
It takes months of ordinary treatzaat how
ever, to start the pattest on th road t
recovery. Patlants at the Blue HewataiaL
Sanatorium hav the additional advaataaa
o the um of oar INK1B1TOKT gmmjit.
Tktta xroa Is harmless and aoa-lrrttatlag.
It premptly arrests the disease, ate fevasu
eaga and. expectoration, and the pUt r
evars la oaf -tintf tse time required is ikr
tsMtMatlesH. Tor lafersBattoa a4reaa
Oibboa. OragoB.
in tbe rkfeest fruo, fruit nL stock jectioa in
tbewcrkL Tbouv4 of acres of buWatacrtni
cast ef irrigatiea. Deed asset from Stats of
MAP FREB. Deschutes JrHgarloa snd Power Com ;
or.i I C-. I i-l a McKsJJuiiiuif, Porcku3,Qrefoa
ISfcl Jl MM