Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 04, 1904, Page 14, Image 14

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J. Winfield Kimmis Finds Wife
Has Married Again.
Long-Lost Husband Returns to Find
Another -Man in His Place,
and Decides to Disappear
J. Winfleld Kimmis Is the Enoch Arden
of Portland, the real life figure "who has
returned to his home after years of -wandering,
to find another sitting by the fire
Bide he left; the man of disappointment
who, like the hero of long ago, has slipped
again from sight rather than disturb the
peaceful scene.
Wednesday morning a man, travel
stained and weary, stepped Into a Sixth
street drugstore and asked the clerk for
some headache medicine. He had been
traveling for many days, and the con
stant jar of the train, had set his nerves
on edge.
"Do you know a Mrs. Florence Kim
mis?" the stranger asked nervously, as
he took the medicine prepared for him.
"Do you know such a person, or where
she lives?"
The clerk did not know, but found the
name in the directory 'Mrs. Florence
Kimmis (widow of J. TV-infield Kimmis),
227 Market."
The traveler looked long at the state
ment, and a smile broke over his face.
"Do I look like a ghost?" he asked of
the druggist, and he laughed at the sup
position. "I am J. Winfleld Kimmis," he next an
nounced, while the clerk grew bewilder
ed. "I am J. "Winfleld, the dead come
back to life." Then he told his story, in
part, at least.
Kimmis was in the years past the pro
prietor of the Tinker's Hotel, at Long
Beach. During the late 80s he was mar
ried to a young lady of Portland and for
a time all went well.
The husband, however, was of a rov
ing disposition and insisted upon trav
eling from place to place, against the
wishes of his wife and his relatives. From
this fact friction arose and one day in
1900 Mr. Kimmis left the house at Ixmg
Beach and was seen no more.
Time passed and every effort was made
by his wife and relatives to find the miss
ing man, but In vain, xn the course of
months notices appeared in Eastern pa
pers announcing that a man Identified as
J. "Winfleld Kimmis, of Portland, Or., had
been found dead in an Illinois town, and
had been buried there with the funds
found on his person. These notices ap
peared in the Portland papers, and the
man was idven up for dead by every one.
"I first knew that I was dead," he told
the drug clerk, "by reading my obituary
in a Kansas City paper. I was still sore
at what I thought to be the mlsjudgment
of my relatives and friends, so I allowed
the report to go unchallenged. I thought
that since I was supposed to be dead I
'would remain out of the way.
"But as time passed I began to see that
I had been in the wrong, partially at
least, and I decided to come back." Mr.
Kimmis thanked the druggist for the di
rections given and, picking up his grips,
started out to find 227 Market street But
if he found tho place he met with disap
pointment for the lady had gone and with
it his hopes of reconciliation.
Just one month ago on "Wednesday last
Mrs. Florence Kimmis became the bride
of Henry Klippel, an employe in the of
fice of the City Engineer, thus blighting
the hopes of the travel-stained wanderer
who one month later returned to seek for
giveness for what he had done. Yester
day Mrs. Klippel was seen at her home
on East Couch and Twenty-eighth streets
and told her side of the story. She is a
pleasant little lady, brunette and beau
tiful, who dreaded any unpleasant promi
nence that might come from the return
of her former husband.
"I did not know that Mr. Kimmis had
returned," she said, "and I am sorry that
he has come back at this time, for It will
make it unpleasant for me.
"There never was any trouble between
us other than that he was of a roving
disposition, while I wished to settle in a
permanent home. He was the proprietor
of the old Tinker's Hotel at Long Beach
and wanted me to come there, but I did
not go when he sent for me. From that
perhaps some difficulty arose. His folks
did not think that ho had done right and
suddenly he disappeared. No one knew
what had become of him until word was
received of his death in the East Later,
friends of mine in the East sent me a
clipping from a paper printed there tell
ing that Mr. Kimmis had been seen alive.
After waiting a long time for his return,
I went to California where, after a year's
residence, I secured a divorce. I was
married Just a month ago "Wednesday and
I am very sorry that Air. Kimmis has
come back just at thta time, for it will
cause unpleasant talk."
And so. like Enoch Arden. Mr. Kimmis
returned to find the niche he left vacant
filled again. And. like the hero of story,
he has taken his disappointment in silence
and has slipped away.
waltiipoa the wholesalers and secure from
them a donation for the cause.
This motion brought forth a storm.
Three of the members tried to gain the
floor at the same .time, and, W. H. Parker
won out He brought his Southern elo
quence to bear on the question and at-last
succeeded In hurling it upon the table,
where it was left to lie. Mr. Parker held
that even the Republicans had not bad
as they were, asked for assistance from
the liquor interests. Such action on the
part of the club was outrageous and
should not be countenanced. After a
great deal of discussion the motion was
Announcement of the arrangements for
the Democratic rfally. to be held at Hi
bernian Hall on 'Saturday evening, was
made at the meeting last night John A.
Jeffreys, of Salem, a former memb'er of
the Legislature and one of the present
Democratic candidates for Presidential
elector, will make the address of the
evening. He wllf be assisted by Frederick
V. Holman, the National committeeman
from Oregon, and AV. C. Dillard, another
electoral candidate. The committee of
the club which has the meeting in hand
expects to fill the hall with people and
Chinese Woman in Jail for Larceny
Arouses Sympathy of Inspector.
A peculiar case of Chinese cruelty has
come to notice from Coqullle, Or., the
particulars being brought to Portland by
Inspector Barbour, who has returned from
a business trip to Marshfield.
It appears: that Ah Sen, an aged Chinese
woman, lies In the jail at Coqullle, so 111
that it is doubtful whether she lives until
her trial in April. The charge against the
aged woman is larcenyv and It Is said to
be without foundation, and instigated by a
Chinese tong. Her accuser Is Gee On, a
highbinder, who formerly lived with the
woman. According to the story told by
the friends of the old woman, she was
left alone in this country when only 12
years of age. when her husband returned
to China, where he died. She went to
live with Gee On, who sold her to Gee Fee
for the sum of J150. Her owner and other
members of the tong suspected that the
old woman possessed a sum of money
ranging from $600 to $1000, and this they
endeavored to obtain. After trying every
means and failing, the arrest and prosecu
tion on a charge of larceny was resorted
to. The woman has been in jail since
September, and Is suffering from a wound
on the arm. She has been denied bail, and
is even not allowed to leave her cell, the
tong she has displeased using every means
to persecute her.
Her case came to the attention of people
In Coqullle, who Interested themselves In
the old woman's behalf. Inspector Bar
bour was told of the circumstances, but
is unable to do anything until the civil
courts run their course, after which he
will have her arrested and deported, the
thing the old woman most desires.
Debate as to Whether They Should
Ask Wholesale Dealers for Aid.
' The Multnomah Democratic Club Is out
of unds and Is at the same time afraid
that the Republicans will do something
naughty on Tuesday next while the elec
tion is in progress. To prevent the latter
misfortune from happening. It is neces
sary to have money to hire loyal Demo
crats to guard the sacred precincts of the
polls, for it cannot be expected that
Democrats can give a day of their lives
to the service of their party, according to
the arguments made at trig meeting of
the Club last night
In order then to accumulate enough of
the wealth of the land to preserve the
purity of the election, Thomas McGovern
and Joseph Malley were of the opinion
that the Wholesale Liquor Dealers Asso
ciation of the city should be asked to do
a little contributing towards the Jeffer
sonian creed.
Money is tho source of all evil, and It
was the cause of a stormy .session of the
democratic Club last night The drama
opened with a speech by Pat Powers, who
depicted the direful things that would
happen should the party fall to provide
some one to watch the dishonest fellows
who intend to deposit Illegal votes.
Mr. McGovern called to mind that the
club could not expect Its members as a
rule to give a day to watching the polls
unless they were paid for It He then
mentioned that the club had no funds
and thought that a campaign committee
should be appointed to find a little money.
The wholesale liquor dealers had not as
yet given a cent to the party. Last June
he said the Democrats as a rule fought
the local option law and were ignored by
the liquor interests. Now it was up to
the party to get a little of the money that
the liquor men are supposed to have on
hand for campaign purposes.
Mr. Malley followed with a few remarks
in which he stated that he. too. thought
the party had not been treated right by
the liquor Tflfen and that It would be noth
ing more than right to go to them for a
little, help.
J. E. Simmons was opposed to prohibi
tion, but he was also opposed to asking
lor assistance from the liquor men, but
before he made his sentiments known he
moved that a committee be appojpted to
Furrier, Who Pawned Sealskins, Is
Arrested in Tacoma.
George Barbeau, the furrier who sud
denly closed his establishment on Mor
rison street about two weeks ago,
pawned the wraps and furs left with
him by customers, and suddenly and
mysteriously departed for parts un
known, has been apprehended at Ta
coma, and Detective Day leaves this af
ternoon to bring him back. He has said
he would come without requisition pa
When Barbeau departed and left his
customers to mourn, it was first
thought he had gone to British Colum
bla. Detectives Day and weiner, to
whom the case was assigned, succeeded
in regaining the furs for Barbeau's de
frauded customers, and then gave their
attention to tracing the man. Through
information furnished by these detec
tives, the police of Seattle located Bar
beau in Tacoma. The police of that
city were notified and the man was ar
rested yesterday morning, the Police
department of this city receiving word
of the capture about noon. Barbeau
says that it is all a mistake and that
he fs willing to come back and face
his accusers. He says that the furs ho
pawned were garments on. which his
charge for repairs had not been paid,
and that he warned the owners before
taking the goods to the pawnshop.
St. Johns to Be a City of Four Wards
With Eight Councllmen.
Councilman T. J. Monahan. chairman of
the St Johns charter committee, says that
the new charter is blocked out and will
be ready to submit to the people there by
December 1. . The new charter will divide
the town Into four wards, and provide
for election of eight Councllmen, two from
each ward. It is estimated that each ward
will contain at least 500 people.
There will also be a guarded bonding
provision and a street Improvement sec
tlon. When the charter Is completed it
will be submitted to the Inspection of the
people of St Johns at a public meeting.
The charter committee Is endeavoring to
frame an instrument that will be satis
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Fifth and Alder Streets.
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'50 Women's $5:00 and $6.00 Beaver
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All our Trimmed Dress Hats are being offeredat special re
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Phone Private Exchange 4
16 pounds Granulated Sugar LW
3-lb. pkg. Soda. Crackers ...3c
Gallon log . Cabin Maple Syrup..
2 cans Table Peaches ,;.35c
2 "big cans Tomatoes ;.,.'l5c
1 lb. new Washed Figs ...J&c
5-lb. pkg. Dofialac Sugar laSc
2 -lb can sliced Pineapple. . ...... .loc
1-lb. can Shrimps for
10-lb. sack Cornmeal tor ..36c
3 pkgs. Grano. Bait fee ,...3Sc
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Kcyal Cream Cora, can Mc
2- lb. can Btae Point Oysters .......... J6c
2 can Albert Roche gardtwes ..e.Mc
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