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"American Week" The Meier & Frank Store "American Week"--T5e Meier & Frank Store;-
I . II v it
Against Professor in North
Pacific Dental Coliege,
Dean Will -Be Asked to Remove Dr.
JLane; Who Rushed From- His
. Classroom During a
There is a. stonn brewing at the North
Pacific Dental College "which looks black
to the Deace of that Institution. Sr. E.
I Lane, lecturer on metallurgy, is the
storm center and around him the senior
class is weaving a chain of vengeance.
The class alleges that the professor has
insulted it: that he is high tempered and
cannot see through or sympathize with
the members of 05 class in their little
bursts of merriment, and as a result- of
oil tVilo 1a nnt fit- in "hp. In the -oosltlon he
now occupies. In order to see that justice
it rfnn tha cln pi has anoointed a com
mittee -which will wait upon Dr. Herbert
C. Miller, the dean of the college, this
morning and make a formal request that
Dr. Lane be removed from his position in
the college.
The trouble arose over a little bunch of
humor that the class sprung in the class
room "Tuesday of last week. The stu
dents," In order to show their exuberance,
as each belated classmate would come
down, the aisle, kept time with his tread,
much to the disturbance of the lecturer
and the peace of the afternoon.
Dr. Lane asked that quiet be observed,
but at the next chance the boys again
made the hall resound with their rhyth
mic footbeats. This time the doctor told
his class that if any of them could not
be respectful they could go home, and
would be considered excused until exam
ination time.
Hardly had the words left his mouth
when another straggler came down the
aisle and the entire class took up the
awing of his stride until the building
shook. As he sat down the entire mem
bership brought their feet down upon the
floor with a bang, and the professor left
by the back door without stopping to say
On last Tuesday, when Dr. Lane was to
have delivered another lecture, he found
but one solitary student waiting to hear
him. The rest of the class had gone on
strike and failed to show up at the time
Their wrath gathering intensity with
tiie passage of time, they met yesterday
and decided that Professor Lane was net
the man to teach them and that they
would this morning ask for his removal.
Dr. Miller, when asked last night as to
the truth of the rumor that there was
trouble at the college, stated that he did
not believe that it would amount to any
thing, and that since it was a slight mis
understanding between Dr. Lane and the
class, it would be an easy matter to set
tle. He will try to do so this morning
when the committee meets him.
The Display of Fancy Blankets and
Robes Show Up Well.
One of the most attractive displays of
blankets, fancy robes and woolen under
wear that has ever been shown In this
city Is now to be seen in the windows of
the Brownsville Woolen Mill store on
Third and Stark street
There Is no doubt but what Oregon
produces the finest blankets made in the
United States and the Brownsville mills
make a specialty of the best quality.
Some special features of the window dis
play are fancy . couch covers that are
prize winners, and the good old-fashioned
wool socks (like mother used to make)
will keep a man on good terms with his
The underwear for both men and wo
men are shown to- good advantage and
at prices much less than what is usually
Citizens of St. Johns Organize to
Build Up That Place.
St. Johns now has a full-fledged commer
cial club and will have a newspaper next
week. The club was organized last even
ing at a meeting of citizens held in the
Council chamber. The following are the
officers: President, W. H. King; vice
president, R. Shepard; secretary, E. Hurl
burt; treasurer, T. J. Monahan.
J. C. Crome announced that he would
start the publication of the St. Johns Jour
nal next week, which would be devoted to
the Interests of the new city.
All present signed the roll, and the
meeting adjourned until next "Wednesday
Elegant garments popular prices. "We
.are manufacturers of ladies garments;
lmow what we are dolcg and each day
our factory is turning out a good bunch of
the fine garments well made, made right,
and are offered far less than stores can
who bavo to buy them from Eastern Job
bers. "We also have ladles' suits, coats
and skirts, made of our taller cloth, our
own make. Today special prices on rain
coats. Easy payments-Si per week if
Fifth and Alder streets.
$1.00 Per Week.
The old reliable merchant tailor firm,
enjoying a first-class reputation, ex
tends to you these liberal terms. No need
now for you to wear "hand-me-down""
garments Come in and get a first-class
suit or oversoat. Xou will never miss the
cost of a suit on these easy payments.
Understand garments will be satisfactory.
"We show you the largest stock of woolens
in the city. "We are employing three
times as many tailors as any firm in the
city this all means much. Suits are as
always has been our custom marked In
plain figures 525 up. Tou can read the
price as well as we.
Merchant tailors. Fifth and Alder.
Sues on .Behalf of Merchants.
R. L Sabln, Secretary of the Merchants
Protective Union, yesterday commenced
an attachment suit in the State Circuit
Court against "William Strahlman and G.
Keuter, partners as "William Strahlman &
Co., to recover claims due as follows:
Lang & Co.. $194; Portland Coffee & Spice
Co., tH: Zan Bros., $16; Albers Bros. Mill
ing Co., J5S7.
R. L Sabln has also sued "William
Strahlman to recover $200 due Albers Bros.
Milling Co. and 5137 due Lang & Co.
Local Option Rally Tonight.
A union local option mass meeting will
be' held at Suniiyside M. E. Church, cor
ner Fifth and Yamhill streets, tonight.
Speeches will be made by Bev. J. J. Staub
snd Hev. E. Nelson Allen.
Great Millinery Specials
Three great special lots of new Millinery at ridiculously low
prices for today and tomorrow -The grandest bargain chances
the season has offered Second Floor
$4 Tailored Hats at $1
4fiF$&km 150 handsome ready-tb-wear Hats in at
WBmnnm I tractive shanes and trimmings: values
iir to fc4. DO prh vnnr rlimno nf flip Inf.
rf.r-Tr:rj?r- ------
price of each. . . V
300 Silk and "Velvet Beady-to-Trim Hats,
SsP 2rt new snapes, values up to on.
mr TP 2.50. for. OU
100 "Women's $5.00 and $6.00 Beaver Hats,
AttLSdskrC?-" colors and shapes; 15. ff
wonderful values at v
All our Trimmed Dress Hats are being
offered at special reductions. Second floor.
"4711 Glycerine Soap, cake 11c
Dr. Graves' Tooth. Powder, can 9c
All 25c Whisk Brooms, each ....16c
"Woodbury's Dental Cream 15c
"Ethyllne" Face Powder, box 15c
Pure Olive Castile Soap, 3 cakes In a
box, 25c value, box 17c
Wash Cloth and bar of Castile Soap,
great special value, 3 for 25c
Bridge "Whist Tally Cards, regular ISc
pad, 2 for. 25c
Canvas Covered 'Record Books 13c
Poker Chips, 75c value, per 100 69c
Presidential Candidate Watch Fobs.. 10c
All our 25c Box Papers, box.' 15c
"White Wove Envelopes, 2 pkgs 5c
All 25c Playing Cards, pkg 19c
All 50c Playing Cards, pkg. 39c
"Harvard Mills" Knit Underwear for wo
men, fleece-lined vests, high neck, long
sleeves, handsomely made and finished,
white and cream, only, all sizes, jq
75c values WzG
Open Tights to match the above, pr..47c
Women's Jieavy fleece-lined. Vests and
Pants, the best 50c values, for
only OIC
Heavy cotton-fleeced Union Suits, the best
styles, well made and finished,
great value at. OjC
"Women's Wool Hose, 1 and 1 or plain
wun rmoea top, merino neei ana i o
toe, all sizes, great value, pair.... 1"C
Women's Wool Hose, 35c quality, 1 and 1
ribbed or plain with rib top, me- i-
rlno heel and toe, S5c values for....JC
Women's fine ribbed Wool Hose, ir
regular 50c values, this sale, pr...3 C
Great Kid Glove Sale
The best dressed American women demand French kid gloves-
Althongh Gloversville and Johnstown, New York, torn ot
thocsands of pays daily, they coafkie their efforts mostly to
men's and boys' gloves, women's low-priced kid gloves and
Mochas The trouble seems to lie in the inability of Americas
manufacturers to secure the best skins at the right prices
Here's great values
$2.00 Gloves $1.29
"Valliers 2-button P. IL Suede
Gloves in mode, tan and some
white; beautiful quality; sizes 5
to 6: the best $2.00
vals., for this sale pr. v
"Perrins" P. EL Suede in two and
three-clasp, modes and tans only,
sizes to 7 ; Perrins finest qual
ity; best $2.00 1 jQ
values pr
Handsome Street Gloves in mocha,
1 2-clasp P. K. in colors black, gray,
tan; broken lots, about all sizes;
regular .$2.00
values pr
Infants' Wear Low Priced
Infants' Outing Flannel "Wrappers, white
ground, pink and blue stripes,
EOc values O C
Infants Dresses of fine nainsook and
cambrics, yoke effects, fine laces, em
broideries, insertions, tucks and. fancy
trimmed, regular $1.50 f
values, at 9 '
Infants' White Embroidered . Flannel
Skirts, cambric waists, 52.00 c e-y
Infants' White Flannel Pinning Blankets,
on cambric waists, $1.00 values, rrt
at only. " C
Infants' .Knit Bands JZLc
Infants Bootees in big variety and at
the very lowest prices.
25c Quilted Carriage Pads ISc
15c Quilted Feeders, each 13c
15c Bibs, olaln and lace-trimmed styles.
each 10c
50c Silk Bibs, lace trimmed 37c
Eiderdown Carriage Robes, plain and
embroidered, at. -- S6c
Crocheted Wool Sacque, pink and blue
trimmed, at 36c
American Wash Fabrics
Tha New Engiaad States fairly swank wkk mills
ttfactgriag wash fabrics of every description BfliioBr
vu gecs are prpqgceq aramauy ine general wMk;
ha little conception of the magBitnde of thit industry
The greatest wash goods operator m the Nortitwest
ifi the Mmip A 1Ts.iV Anv mairfHiMM unit
x tne Mater &. Frank store Anv maaofactarM witt
tali yoc that The sptdal vataes for Amarican week
5000 yards of our best 36
inch Percales, light, me
dium and dark effects;
stripes and- figures; value
ejctraordin&ry at
this low price vd. 1 C
75c, 85c and.-$1.00 fancy col
ored Waistings, heavy and
medium weight, desirable
styles in pleasing assort
ment; wonderful pa
values at yd. . . . . .JJC
60c and 65c fancy white
"Waistings in medium and
heavy weight; great spe
cial values at Af7
vard t C
5000 yards of "White Cambric, marvelous value o
for "American week" at this price yd. ..OC
The best values of the year in Sheets and Pillow Cases;
bargains that will create some lively selling at Domestic
Counters for a few days
72x90 Sheets, hemmed and torn, great value. ,!Kwl.44t
.81x90 Sheets, hemmed and torn, great value. ........ ...49
42x36 Pillow Cases, hemmed and torn, each ........ .8
45x36 Pillow Cases, hemmed and torn, eachl .iO$
45x36 Hemstitched Pillow Cases, each. .... ...-.....16
All the above are unusual values.
Siioo Silk-Lined Lace Waists $5.35
Our 783d Friday Surprise Sale
Greatest Waist Bargain Ever Offered
The best buyers in Portland will take advantage of tomorrow's
great surprise sale offering of 1 10 beaatifal silk-lined lace waists,
a remarkable purchase by onr cloak chief now in New York City.
It is indeed very seldom that an opportunity presents itself to buy
such a high-grade lot of ready-made waists, manufacturers of
1 this class of goods usually making up only what has been sold in
advance from sampleLate delivery and backward season caused
a large Chicago specialty store to countermand their order Be
ing on the spot when the goods were returned, our cloak buyer
immediately picked them np and at his own price Only 110 re
member, magnificent silk-lined lace waists for evening or dress
wear Nets and laces in white, cream and ecru, a few in black,
trimmed with silk, lace medallions, French knots, shirring, wide
tucks, lace edgings, round, square, pointed, drop yokes, all silk
lined Cold type can't commence to do them justice
$9.00, $10.00, $11.00, $12.50 and $14.00 val
ues, half the lot $1 1 .00, $12.50 and $14.00 waists.
Tomorrow yonr choice for only
See them in the Fifth-street Window
f f 1 3 .
Grandest Shoe Values
Of the year are on sale. American made Footwear of the
best style and quality at saving prices
Women's Felt Slippers, fur-trimmed, "Juliette" styles,
in red, blue, black, green and wine, all sizes, Q5r
all new goods, sizes 3 to 8; your choice at pr. . ,-C
Misses', same as above, sizes 12 to 2 pair 82
Children's, same as above, sizes 9 to 11 pair 78
Children '8, same as above, sizes 5 to 8 pair 68
Great special lot of Children's Lace and Button Shoes,
sizes 2 to 5 only; fine vici kid, patent leatber, gray, red
and blue tops, kid and patent leather styles AQr
with fancy vesting tops, $1.25-1.50 values pr. . O-C
Misses' vici kid and box calf Lace Shoes, light or heavy
soles, great special values
12 to 2, $2.00 values, for pair , $1.58
9 to 11 for-pr. . . .$1.38 5 to 8 for-pr. . . .$1.18
Women's $5 Shoes $3.45 Pair
Five great lines ot five-dollar Shoes lor "Women, 53.45 a pair this week.
Every pair good style and leather. Vlcl kid, pat. Up, hand- on a c
turned Lace Shoe, Cuban heel; $5.00 values pair J.HrD
$5.00 patent calf, French heel, band-turned Lace Shoes, won- 5 r
derlul value pair .....J.rJ
$5.00 vlcl kid, French heel, patent tip or plain S'amps, hand-
turned sole pair .-. J.ivD
55.00 vlcl kid, French heel, hand-welt Lace Shoe, patent tips, ir
regular $5.00 value plr. JHfD
$5.00 patent leather, milltary'heel; 55.00 vlcl kid, patent tip. AK
Cuban heel pair qtOtkD
Men's $3, $6 Shoes $3.95 Pair
Men's patent colt Shoes, French, Shrlner & Timer's famous make, Bal.
or Blucher, all the best lasts, all aires; regular 55.00 and tf5 oe
55.00 values, for "American week" pair. J."J
Men's vlcl kid Bals., light or double soles, calf-lined, all ne
sizes; best 53.50 values pair. .... 6.7J
Fancy China Kitchen Goods
Great Thanksgiving Specials
They will roast the turkeys
right worth their weight In gold.
10x1 4-inch, special, each S2c
Ilxl6-Inch, special, each 90c
12xl7-lnch. special each $1.00
0c Family Roasters. 9xl3-ln.,
for, each 2Sc
60c Family Roasters, 10&X15-
In.. for. each 35c
60c Family Roasters. 12xl7-ln.,
for. each.. 42c
9- 12-ln. Drip Pans 11c
10-12 Drip Pans 12c
11x17 Drip Pans.. .16c
5L00 Granite Tea Kettles 63c
15c Wire Toasters, each .lie
Asbestos Griddles, each 27c
Asbestos Fry Pans, each 7c
Metal Salt and Pepper Shakers,
per pair 15c
50c Bread Knlveu. each 33c
S-piece Beef Carvers. $3.75 val
ues, for, set. 53.13
Haviland, French and German
China Pieces at special low
75cCups and Saucers 59c
90c Cups and Saucers 6Sc
$1.00 Cups and Saucers 79c
$2.25 Sugar arid Cream es $1.69
$2.25 Cracker Jars, each $1.75
$2.50 Chocolate Pots, each.... $1.63
51.50 Salad Bowls, each fl9a
$2-23 Bread Trays, each $1.77
$3.00 Fruit Saucers, set $135
$2,50 Chop Dishes, each $L8B
-32c Plates at only; 23c
ioc Plates at only. 53c
55c Plates at only iZc
95c Plates at only 73c
Thanksgiving sale of Cut Glass
and American Dinner Seta Bjlrp-
' mer.L
Is attracting crowds of women A most interesting and instruct
ive exhibition to the housewife Cake baking is an art and Prof.
Chapman is an artist Today he will give a practical demonstra
tion of the different results obtainable when using a greased pan
and one tha, isn't greased Basement
Men's Wear Specials
Men's natural wool-ribbed Under
wear, Shirts and Drawers, o
all sizes, $1.00 values 05C
Men's pure Irish Linen Handker
chiefs, hemstitched, best
15c values for, each UC
Men's Twilled Gloria Umbrellas,
gooa styie nanaies, steel rod,QOr
regular $1.25 values, each. . -fOC
Men's heavy "Pepperel" twilled
muslin Night Shirts all sizes, reg
ular $1.00 values are J7'.
yours for, each , . . w C .
New Neckwear," Hosiery, Shirts, Col-
"Hawes" Hats, new Win-j CC
ter models, always, ea.
Thanksgiving Linen Sale
72-inch satin damask Table Linens,
all the best patterns; regular $i
grade, at yard. S8e
72-inch satin damask Table Linens,
handsome designs; regular $1.25
grade, at the low . price of
yard ,K Me
72-inch satin damask Table Linens,
all the regular $1.50 value, for,
the yard $ue
72-inch satin dasaask Table Linens,
the $2.25 grades, for this sale at
the low jjrice. of yard $1.78
hemstitched damask. Tray Cloths,
17x23 inches; values extraordi
nary at the low price each ..21c
Hemstitched damask Tray Cloths.
20x28 inches, marvelous values at
each - ..-..3Sc
Hemstitched damask Tea Cloths
AW the best sizes and patterns
great bargains, $1.00 grades, S8e
each; $1.60 grades JEl-XL each: $2
frrades flz each; all $3.00 Tray
Cloths, for each
See the new French Table -Linens
being- offered at Thaaksglviag Sale
Hemstitched satin Damask Table Cloths,
beautiful styles, all the best grades at
Thanksgiving Sale prices
$4:50 Cloths ...$3C8 $700CToths 8
$5l00 Cloths 3.00 Cloths ...yrw
$6.00 Clo'ths . . .fri.9 $10.00 Cloths ..Sp&3
Hand-embroidered Afternoon Tea Cloths
and Center Pieces 'beautiful designs and
Qualities, great bargains at the following
$4.5 0 Pieces gfc8S
$5.00Pleces. . .
$6.00 Pieces. i :..9SJ
$2.25 Pieces.... $1.87
$2.50 Pieces
$3.00 Pieces $S.80
All our finest pieces up to $15 greatly re
duced. Our entire stock of Dlaner- Napkins, all
grades, best patterns, immense variety, all
at Thanksgiving Sale prices. The, grandest
Napkin bargains ever offered
$2.00 Napkins.. rt.7x
$2.50 Napkins. .JS.6S
$3.25 Xapktew. .fg.98
$4.00 Napklss..gJ
$5.00 Napkins for Deveo.
High-Class Night Gowns
High-Class Petticoats
Bargain Chances Galore
The highest grade Night Robes, Che
mise, Drawers and Petticoats at interest
ing prices. Gowns are nainsooks and cam
brics, fine embroidery and lace trimmed,
insertions,, headings and ribbons, long or
short sleeves.
Chemise are cambric or nainsook, rib
bons, tucks, lace, embroidery and beading
Drawers are of fine nainsook, lace, em
broidery, beading,' ribbon and tucks ; big
$3 AND $3.50 GOWNS FOR. $ 1 .98
$4.00 GOWNS ARE EACH $2.87
$6.00 GOWNS ARE EACH $3.98
$7.00 GOWNS ARE EACH $4.98
$8.50 GOWNS ARE $5.78
$ 1 0$ 11.50 GOWNS $6.37
$6.50 CHEMISE ARE $4.38
$3.50 CHEMISE ARE $2.38
$5.00 DRAWERS $3.28
$3.50 DRAWERS $ 2.6 3
Handsome high-grade White Petticoats having wide flounces, elab
orately trimmed with dainty embroideries, laces, insertions, headings
and ribbons, separate dust-ruffles ; values no woman wants to miss
$5.00-$6.50 values $3.98 $'7.50 values,' each -.S4.98
$8.00 values $4.98 $0.0.00 values, each 5.87
$13.50 values. .$7.97 -
Agents for Butterick Patterns
Principal Pattern Agency for Butterick Patterns and Publications.
Largest and most complete stock in the city. Subscriptions taken for
the Delineator at $1.00 per annum. Mail orders are promptly and
properly attended to.
Portland's Cloak Store
Contianes to offer the greatest assortment end the best values
in just the styles and quality apparel yon want most Hcirdr
Jl iicrr u ivmo wau aj wy ww -- j . j -
Eastern fashion centers offer
New Novelty Tourist Coats .
New Velvet Suits and Costumes
New Dress Suits in Exclusive Styles
New Cravenettes by the Thousands
New Tan Covert Tourist Coits
t ... ormanf npwlir it' 9 in voiir ad-
vant?e to loo&here before buying elsewhere,..
Second floor. These special offerings on sale:
New $ 1 1 .00 Jackets $7.98 Each
ZMnch'tlght-flttlns: Jackets of black and cas
tor kersey standing -collar effect capes and.
shoulder straps; velvet trimming on col
lars, and cuffs. Beat 5U.0Q value,
Sable 'Opossum Scarfs, six -wolver- ct tr
Ine tails; 55.00 value O.CJ-J
Bark Marten Opossum Scarf, six a
handsome tallst J7.50 value, for
Women's Walking Skirts In Panama Cloth3
and fancy Cashmeres, striped yoke effect;
open plaua, 16 gore-plaited; "best A.K
values, for.
$28.00 Sails for $19.85 Each
eds 1
Cheviot"!, coverts, broadcloths and mannish
mixtures to tourlet, dlrectoire. Jacket or
tight-fitting -models, with or without vests;
velvet gulmp or cloth, strap trimmed; blues,
,ttcks, browns, grays, tans, light and. dark. '
mixtures suits that you'll find marked
J3& to $35 each, elsewhere; (in ac
our $2S and 128 values, at ifOJ
Silk Waists mi Petticoat Sc'k
Women's Taffeta. Silk. Crep de Chine and
Lace Waists; great special lot of 150 In
Um. navy, green, black, brown, blue and
-white; tucked or lace-trteimed; all the most
desirable styles: regular 18 and Cj r
XM valos. In all sixes, at, each... .-'-
Women's Petticoats, In Alpacas, iforecn and
S&tees with deep aceordeon-plalnted flounce
r deep fiounce with three rows stitching.
9 tailed or tocxea ruin; seat
vAhnm. .t
Alpaea and Moreen Petticoats, with. ilk.
jkMtnee or Kim stlK Fetucocts, with deep
yiajonr ana rucainc; c k
aM'fra valves; wt bargain ?JOJ