Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 02, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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Kuropatkin Will Not
Meet Superior Force.
Strategists Believe He VilI
Try to Delay Great Battle.
Qyama's Movements Continue to Puz
zle Russians, 'and If He Intends
to- Advance He Is Likely to
Do 80 at Once.
Kothlnr of Importance baa developed
on the- Sbakbe River, where both aides
wn to hesitate to aeoume the offensive,
although the Japanese are more active
in the matter ol attacks upon Russian
Japanese official reports regarding the
siege cf Port Arthur indicate the attack
begun on October 21 was still In prog
rees on October 29, the statement being
made that the Are of the besiegers was
Increasing In effectiveness.
ST. PETERSBURG, Nov. 2.-2:15 A. 1L)
The expectation of serious developments
z.t the theater of war has aftin failed of
realization. Today's official dispatches re
cord nothing more serious than the usual
skirmishes. The strategists at the War
Office are generally inclined to oeuevo tne
expected great hattle may be deferred,
and possibly may not occur .this year.
though the Japanese may make a despe
rate effort to flank General Kuropatkin
and compel him to surrender Mukden. If
General Kuropatkin is convinced that the
Japanese are now numerically superior
he may decide to draw off. as it would
obviously be unprofitable to risk a gen
eral engagement until the vast armies
to be placed under his command can reach
Manchuria. "Whatever happens, however.
it is not likely that the Japanese can
take Kuropatkin unawares.
Repeated reconnaissances beyond the
Japanese lines fall to betray the strength
and purposes of Field Marshal Oyama's
movements. If the Japanese really intend
to advance, it is probable they will do
e immediately and not await the arrival
of the eight Russian corps, the first of
which is already at Mukden.
General Kaulbars. who Is to succeed
General Kuropatkin in command of the
First Army, has arrived here. He passed
'yesterday closeted with the General
Staff and with General Alexleff, director
of the bureau of operations, studying
the details of the campaign in the light
of secret dispatches and the "War Of
fice archives. Kaulbars is a striking
figure, a tall, stately soldier with a
bronze face set off by a wnite mustacne.
His 60 years sit lightly on his vigorous
frame. He is considered to be a man of
great energy and resource, and was the
commander of a corps during the sup
pression of the Boxer rebellion in China,
but he did not play a conspicuous part,
the lion's share of the fighting falling on
General Linevitch. Kaulbars is Kuropat
kin's personal selection.
Kaulbars -reconstituted First Infantry
will Include the First, Tenth and Seven
teenth European Corps, one corps of rifles
and two others not yet designated. The
Third Army will be composed of six Si
berian corps under General Linevitch.
"When the present plans are realized,
which will not be earlier than the
Spring, Russia will have three armies
each of six corps, altogether over 600,-
000 men, in the -Far East. The rifle bat
tallons which are now beginning to start
for the front will provide two corps la
tended for the First and Second armies.
Japanese gain more ground
Russians Are Driven From Last
Trench Before Rihlung.
CHEFOO, JCov. 1. The meager ad
ditlonal details reaching Chefoo con
cerning the last general assault on Port
Arthur, which began in a preliminary
Tray on October 24, and later developed
into the third attempt of the Japanese to
secure a commanding position, say that on
the night of October 28 the Japanese, who
on October 2S had daringly entrenched
themselves on the slope of Rihlung Moun
tain, forced their way farther and drove
the Russians from their last trench before
that fortification. The Russians retreated
from their last trenches to the other side
bf the mountain.
It Is alleged that the Japanese might
have entered the fortifications, but that
they refrained from doing so as it would
obviously be difficult to hold the position
in the face of the fire which would be
sure to be directed against them from
other forts.
It seems to be the 'intention of the Jap
ane&e to enter several co-operative forts
simultaneously, or not at all. The Jap
anese have found It Impossible to remain
1 any solitary fortification while the
other big forts were able to concentrate a
fire upon them.
The Japanese also have advanced some
what closer to Itz Mountain, having occu
pied a position above the cremation works.
On the night of October SO the Japanese
flag- was seen flying over two new posi
tions. the names of which are not known
to the informant of the Associated Press
Sakharoff Reports a Number of Suc
cessful Reconnaissances.
ST. PETERSBURG. Nov. i A dispatch
from General Kuropatkin, under current
date, announces that no engagements were
reported last night.
General Sakharoff, telegraphing yester
day, reports that reconnaissances were
made on October SO on the Russian left
tlank in a southwesterly direction to a
chain of mountains south of the village
of Bandzytsy, when the volunteer sharp
shooters and half a squadron of Cossacks
drove a company of Japanese Infantry
and a squadron of cavalry out of the
mountain range. The Russians advanced
three miles southwest. The same day
the Russian cavalry made a strong recon
.aalwarice on the left hank of the Hun
Paver, toward the fortified village of En-
teyanduadzy. The Japanese were driven
out and the'Russlans occupied the village.
The Japanese retired to a fortified position
a mile and a half south and opened a cross
fire on two Russian batteries. A squad
ron of Cossacks attacked a Japanese
battery and the Buss lan scouts advanced,
but meeting with earthworks and wire of
the entanglements, they retired. The Cos
sacks lost 40 men killed or wounded. Gen
eral Sakharoff said:
"The cavalry retired after havinir ascer
tained the enemy's numbers and position."
Both Armies Are . Especially Active
During the Night.
HANCHEPU. Nov. X Everything was
quiet today all along the line. The
trenches of the opposing parties' are so
close that there are many small collisions,
especially during the night. The Japan
ese on October SO and SI heavily cannon
aded the Russian right and center, but the
attack did not develop Into the expected
advance. The Russians shelled a village
opposite their right flank on October 31.
An immense- volume of smoke was seen'.
followed by the sound of a heavy explo
sion, and it Is supposed that one of the
Russian shells exploded a magazine or
ammunition-train inside the Japanese
A Chinese who has just arrived from
Tinkow reports that a Japanese trans
port landed 2000 men tnere" on October
9, and that another supply ship had
brought in a great quantity of rice and
stores. A third transport was outside the
harbor when the Chinese left.
Captain Skidonenko was killed on Oc
tober 2S. He had Just finished a recon
naissance of the Japanese lines, and en
tered the hut in the village of 3alyantan
to write his report, when a Japanese Bhell
came in at the window and mortally
wounded the Captain and killed or wound
ed a number of his men.
Russians Cannonade the Japanese,
but Are Repulsed.
TERS, Oct. 31, Via Fusan, Nov. L The
Russians took advantage of the bright
moonlight last night to cannonade the
Japanese from positions on the left wing
of the central army, but were repulsed
after an action which lasted several
hours, during which both infantry and
artillery flro was brisk and continuous
until daylight. The Japanese today, for
the first time, replied to the Russian
bombardment, which has been frequent
for several days past
They Are Fortifying, However, as if
They Intended to Make Stand.
MUKDEN, Nov. L The situation is
rather puzzling. Neither side apparently
is willing to assume a genuine offensive
movement, although the Japanese are
showing greater activity. They are forti
fying themselves, however, as if they in
tended fo Winter in their present posi
tions. Two Russian cavalry detachments
on Friday night carried out a reconnais
sance along both sides of the Hun River,
in the direction of Nachantun and Sandla
pu, and Saturday night some volunteers
reconnoltered the Japanese trenches in
front of Lone Tree Hill. Firing from
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three signal posts created great excite
ment In the Japanese lines.
Th weather I fine and crisp. The curl
ing smoke of camp fires Is" everywhere to
be seen. Some of the Russian officers
scurry about In automobiles. Yesterday
there was a splendid spectacle when Ma-jor-General
Kondratsvltch distributed 413
crosses of -St. George to. his 'Siberian di
vision for services covering the fighting
from vafangow to the retreat from Iiao
Yang. The division has been constantly
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He Will Be Confined to the House
for a Few Days.
LONDON, Nov. 1. It was announced
tonight that Premier Balfour is slightly
Indisposed and will, as a precautionary
measure, be confined to the house for a
few days. In consequence of this, the
Cabinet meeting tomorrow will be held at
10 o'clock in Downing street, instead of
at the Foreign Office. The following
bulletin was Issued tonight:
"The Premier is suffering from an irri
tation of a small vein. By his doctor's
orders, he will remain In his -room the
next fe wdays."
This is understood to mean that Mr.
Balfour is troubled with a varicose vein,
and affliction to which the Balfour fam
ily is subject, the Premier's brother. Ger
ald, president of the Board of Trade,
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Declares Fort Has Plenty of Food.
ST. PETERSBURG, Nov. 1. A dock
yard man, who has Just returned from
Port Arthur, whence he escaped in a
junk to Chefoo a month ago, has been
interviewed by the Associated Press. Ho
said that when he left Port Arthur the
fortress was provided with an abundance
of ammunition and food. Up to the time
of his departure, he said, he had not
missed a single meal. He said General
Stoessel and the garrison are confident
of their ability to hold out for many
months, and denied that any of the Rus
sian warships in the harbor had been
seriously damaged by tne Japanese shell
fire up to the day he left.
China Refuses to Let Russians Sail.
CHEFOO. Nov. 1. The officers and
crow of the Ryeshltelni, the Russian tor
pedo-boat destroyer, which was cut out
of th.s harbor August 12 last by the Jap
anese, went on board the German steam
er vorwaerts, tonight, bound fof Shang
hai, where they, were to join the officers
and crew of the Russian cruiser As kola.
Before the vessel sailed, however, the
Russians suddenly returned on shore, the
government at Pekln having at the last
moment rescinded the permission which
had been granted them to proceed to
Russian Sailors Leave Chefoo.
CHEFOO, Nov. 2. Tne crew of the Rus
sian torpedo-boat destroyer RyeshitelnL
which was cut out of this harbor August
12 by the Japanese, departed today fo
Many Japanese Reservists Left.
HONOLULU, Nov. L Over 100 Japanese
reservists were unable to embark on the
steamer China today for Yokohama. The
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