Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, April 15, 1904, Page 10, Image 10

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Republican Convention
Travels Smooth Path.
J. W. Bailey Wins for Food
and Dairy Commissioner,
President Roosevelt Is Indorsed,
Presidential Electors Nominated
and Delegates to National Re
publican Convention Chosen.
(Continued from First Page.)
chairman, wh could not be present on
accoupt of Illness
R. A. Booth, of Lane County, nominated
B. L Eddy for temporary chairman and
he was elected by acclamation. On mo
tion of J TJ. Campbell, of Clackamas
County, Harrison Allen was chosen as sec
retary.' Preparatory to permanent organization
a motion was made b W. Q. Gllstrap.
of Lane County, that a committee of fivo
be appointed on credentials.
G. C Fulton, of Clatsop, moved that a
committee of five bo appointed on perma
nent orjranlzatlon and order of business.
W. I Boise, of Multnomah, moved the
The following telegram was received
yesterday by Secretory Hosford, of tn
Second District Republican Congres
sional Convention:
"Washington, D. C , April 14. Hon. J.
B Hosford, secretary Republican Con
gressional Convention Dear Sir: Tour
telegram nottfjlng mo of my renoml
natlon received. I not only deeply ap
preciate the high honor conferred upon
me by the convention, but realize Its
significance. If again elected I shall
continue to discharge the duties of the
great trust to the best of my ability,
bringing to my aid whatever I may
hae gained In the way of experience
during my first term in Congress. Kind
ly convey my sincere thanks to the
membership of the convention, and
through them to the Republicans of tho
Second Congressional District for this
action. J. N. "WILLIAMSON.
appointment of a committee of five on
platform and resolutions. These motions
were carried and tho committees were
appointed as follows:
Platform and resolution's W. L. Boise,
Multnomah, TV. F. Benson, Lane; H. T.
Lawton. Jackson; X. C. Richards, Baker;
S. B. Huston, Washington.
Permanent organization G. C Fulton,
Clatsop; L N. Flelschner, Multnomah; J.
C. Campbell. Josephine; D. L. Keyt, A. B.
Thomson, Umatilla.
Credentials W. G. GIlBtrap, Lane; C. G.
Huntley, Clackamas; W. T. Mulr, Mult
nomah: T. B. Patton, Marlon; Clarence
Butt, Yamhill.
At this Juncture Mr. Boise, of Multno
mah, moved that the convention adjourn
until 2 P. M., but a subntltute motion
making the adjournment until 1:30 was
The afternoon session was called to or
der at 2 o'clock and the first order of busi
ness was tho report of the committee on
credentials, which was adopted.
Before tho nomination for Justice of tho
Supreme Court was proceeded with, C. G.
Huntley and W. Lair Thompnon wero
olected as assistant secretaries. On mo
tion of I. S. Smith, of Malheur County,
the following eight tellers were chosen to
count the ballots: E. B. Littlefleld, Yam
hill Counts'; B. P. Rands, Clackamas
County; J. J. Darling, Harney county;
Roy Miller. Baker County; George Grimm,
Umatilla County: I. S. Smith, Malheur
County; C. P. Ragsdale, Sherman County;
Dudlej' Evans, Multnomah County.
"Whon nominations for the candidate for
Justice of the Supreme Court ero called
for. Judge C. H. Carey, of Multnomah
County, arose and offered the name of
Justice F. A. Moore.
"I have not been requested to present
the name of Justice Moore," said the
speaker, 'Taut I feel that It is a privilege
to do so. I take pleasure In presenting his
name and move that the secretary bo In
structed to cast thejjallot of this conven
tion for him. '
This motion was received with loud ap
plause and it was carried without a dli
sentlng voice. Justice Moore was accord
ingly declared the convention's choice for
Judge of the State Supreme Court.
Up to this point the voting of the con
vention had been of tho unanimous order,
but when the time came for selecting a
candidate for tho office of State Dairy and
Food Commissioner, it soon became evi
dent that there was a division of choice.
Dan J. Malarkey, of Multnomah, placed
before the convention the name of Charles
Holman, who, he said, was an actlvo
worker In Republican politics and one
worthy of the position. F. EL Beach, of
Multnomah, placed the name of J. W.
Bailey, the present incumbent, before the
convention. He declared that Mr. Bail
ey's record for years past was an open
book and that tho convention would make
a mistake if it did not nominate Mr.
Bailey. Mr. Bailey's name received loud
applause and the sentiment of the conven
tion In his favor was clearly manifested in
the manner in which his nomination was
seconded by representatives of county
delegations all over the house. As fast.
as one delegation would second his nom
ination another would demand the floor
for the same purpose, and at times there
wero representatives of two or three dele
gations on the floor at one time trying to
get recognition from the chairman. Among
those who seconded Mr. Bailey's nomina
tion were: Percy R. Kelly, of Linn Coun
ty; H. H. Brooks, of Douglas County;
A. H. Devers, of Multnomah County; G.
H. Howell, of Multnomah County; Clar
ence Butt, of Yamhill County; F. A.
Clark, of "Wallowa County; B. F. Swope,
of Lincoln, and others.
When the ballots had been counted the
result showed 215 votes for Bailey and 142
for Holman. Mr. Malarkey, who nom
inated Mr. Holman, then rose and moved
that the convention make the nomination
of Mr. Bailey unanimous. This was done.
The selection of delegates to the Na
tional Republican Convention was done
by acclamation. Five candidates were
placed before the convention, but the
name of one was withdrawn aad the tec
retary was Instructed to taist the vote of
the convention for the remaining four.
The nominees were: H. W. Scut', of Mult
nomah, by John Gill, of Multnomah; S. L.
Kline, of Benton, by Mr. Bryson, of Ben
,ton; L S. Smith, of Mrlheur, by Mr. Mc
culloch, or Malheur; Senator W. A. Howe.
or nZamnui, by w. B. Vinton, and W
Ayer, or Multnomah, b7 Daa J. Atalarkey,
of Multnomah. Mr. Vinton withdrew tha
name of Mr. Howe, and the remaining
four were selected. The nominations of
those placed before the convention wer
seconded by representatives of a number
of counties.
The names of five 'candidates lor the
positions of Presidential electors were
placed before the convention and a ballot
was taken on these names. The four re
ceiving the highest number of votes we
declared the nominees of the convention.
Those placed before the convention were.
J. N. Hart, of Polk County by Tilmon
Ford, of Marlon County; A. C. Hough, of
Grant's Pass, by Dr. J. S. Moore, of Jo
sephine County; J. B. Hosford. of Sher
man County, by W. J. Pettlcord. of Mult
nomah County; Grant B. Dimick. of Ore
gon City, by T. J. Cleeton, of Multnomah
County; Judge James A. Fee, of Pendie
ton, by G. TV. Phelps, of Morrow County.
Harrison Allen seconded the nomination
of Mr. Dimick and Mr. Brownell, of
Oregon City, spoke most highly of Mr.
Dimick and his loyalty to the party.
"W. J. Lachner, of Baker County, sec
onded the nomination of James A. Fee.
Dr. "W. Kuykendall. of 'Lane; J. P. Kav
anaugh, of Multnomah County; W. Lair
Thompson, of Linn, and G. C Fulton, of
Clatsop, spoke In behalf of Mr. Eart.
A.. I Mills, of Multnomah, moved that
the nominations close. The vote showed
th0 following results: J. N. Hart, 292; A.
Dimick, 349; James A. Fee, 321 Mr.
Hosford, receiving the lowest number of
votes, was defeated.
'The selection of the central committee
men was next called for. Mr. Fulton
moved for an adjournment until 7.30 P. M.,
stating that a number of district selections
had not been made and be did not think
every one was in readiness to proceed with
the selection of the central committee.
His motion was met with a howl of "xi js"
from all over the house. The motion 7a3
lost without being voted upon and the
convention proceeded. The roll of coun
ties was called and each county named Its
member of the committee.
As soon as this was completed the dis
trict nominees wore presented to the con
vention and ratified. The commltteo on
platform reported and the convention ad
Those Entitled to Seats According to
Credentials Committee.
The following delegates were reported
by the credentials committee as entitled
to beats in the convention:
Baker County John L. Rand, by J. H. Ait
kin, proxy; "Wlllard Moody, John Traser, by
W. J. Lachner, proxy; Peter Johnson, R. W
Frame, Ira B. SturgJs, "Walter Moore, Charles
W. Hill. John Dooley, by S. I. Baer. proxy;
C. E. Porter. W. L. Jackson, by N. C. Rich
ards, proxy, B, T. Langrell. by N. C Rich
ards, proxy. R. H. Miller, A. B. Davis, by J.
H. AltUx, proxy.
Benton County Walter Humphrey, by O. V.
Hurt, proxy; M. Burnop. by G. A. Scott,
proxy; O H. Wormsley. by C V. Johnson;
O. V. Hurt, J. B. Irvine, by S. L. Kline;
Thomas J. Rlsley, by O. V. Hurt, proxy; J. O.
Wilson, by E. R. Bryson, proxy.
Clackamas County C. A. Miller. X. Blair,
W. W. Smith, G. E. Haves, E. Judd. by J. W.
Thomas, proxy; H. W. Trembatb, George C
Brow-cell. J. U. Campbell. J. L Kruse, C. G.
Huntley, J. C. Bradley, T. F. Ryan, C Schue
bel, G. B. Dimmlck, S. E. Card, by E. P.
Rands, proxy; E. H. Burghardt, J. W. Mo
Kay, by C. Schuebel, proxy, Frank Talbert.
Clatsop Conntj George Warren, by W. H.
Barker, proxy: Harrison Allen, T. G. StUlwell,
Samuel Elmore, by G. C Fulton, proxy; L. O.
Bclland. Samuel Bchaildt, by John Fox, proxy;
C. W. Carnahan, W. T. Schofleld, R. A. Ab
bott, by F. I. Dunbar, proxy; D. J. Ingalls.
by Jay Tuttle, proxy.
Columbia County W. H. Powell, E. Connell,
Harry West, O. E. Elliott, by H. West, proxy;
J. B Doan, H. M. Fowler. O. H. Wlleon.
Coo3 County S. B. Hermann, W. H. Bunch,
by W. C. Chase, proxy; W. C Chase. J. W.
Bennott, by S. B. Hermann, proxy; E. L. C.
Farrln, by S. B. Hermann, proxy; L. Har
locker, by W. C. Chase, proxy; E. Mlngus, by
S. B. Hermann, proxy; S. D. Smith, W. T.
Crook County T. S. Hamilton, by V. Ges
ner, proxy; Will "Wurtswcller, J. H. Gray, by
Grant Mays, proxy; Henry Wlndom. by Will
Wurtzweiler. proxy; M. R. Elliott, by W. A.
Bell, proxy.
Curry County W. Sutton, by Curtis B. Winn,
proxy; D L. Moore, by Curtis B. Winn, proxy;
F. H. Blake, by Curtis B. Winn, proxy.
Douglas County W. P. Reed, by F. W.
Haynes, proxy; J. H. Sykes. by Frank Ken
nedy, proxy; Roy Griggs, by J. T. Bridges,
proxy; R. I. Blakeley, by C B. Cannon,
proxy; I. L. Matthews, by Charles Gettts,
proxy: F. W. Benson, William Helllwcll, by
Georgo W. Staley, proxy; S. P. Shutt, by K.
L. Miller, proxy: J. A. Block, by D. R. Sham
brook, proxy; H. H. Brooks, Frank Hamlin.
W. G. Grubb, by Georgo M. Brown, proxy; J.
B. Riddle.
Gilliam County W. H. Collwell. C. A. Dan
neroan, John Jackson, W. N. Brown, by R. M.
Johnson, proxy.
Grant County P. J. Bannon, by Grant
Thomburg. proxy; Louis Stelnmetser, George
Brlerly, by Bd Allen, proxy; George Clark,
Allen Porter, by Ed Allen, proxy; V. C.
Belknap, by Fred Blum, proxy.
Harney County G. W. Clevenger. C Cum
mins, by J. J. Donegan, proxy; N. Hoover,
Dave Miller, by N. J. Hoover, proxy.
Jackson County Theodore Cameron. D. T.
Lawton. Erall Britt, by W. G. Kenney, proxy;
William E. Fox, by W. F. Wooden, proxy; A.
L. Kromblln. by H. D. Kubli. proxy; S. G.
Van Dyke, by I. L. Hamilton, proxy; H. E.
Ankeny. W. J. Freeman. E. V. Carter. F. D.
Wagner, S. M. Nealon. by J. M. Kcene, proxy;
M. F. McCown, by J. W. Heard, proxy.
Josephine County Joseph Moss, E. E. Dun
bar. J. C. Dysert. by J. C Campbell, proxy;
J. C. Campbell, J. S. Moore, W. L. Babcock,
by A. C. Hough, proxy; L. L. Jewell.
Klamath County George H. Merryman, C
H. "Wlthrow. J. S. Shook. H. H. Van Valken
burg. lAko County John Tucker, by W. A. Mas
slnglU. proxy, L. D. Frakes, by E. M. Brat
taln, proxy; E Lutz, by E. M. Brattaln, proxy;
W. A. MasslngllL
Lone County Edward Bailey, by N. L. Leo,
proxy; I. H. Bingham, by W. Kuykendall,
proxy: R. A. Booth, Darwin Brlstow, S. H.
Friendly, W. G. Gllstrap, W. M. Green, L. T.
Harris, J. B. Hills, L. H. Johnson, W. Kuy
kendall. D. A Palno, E. O. Potter, J. M. Shel
ley, Sanford Skinner, J. L. Taylor, by W.
Kuykendall, proxy; John Vaughan. by J. F.
Kelly, proxy: George O. Walker, by W. Kuy
kendall. proxy; S. M. Yoran, by TV. Kuyken
dall. proxy.
Lincoln County B. F. Swope, H. E. Petor
con, C L. Dlvln. by B. F. Jones, proxy; B. F.
Jones, O. G. Dalaba.
Llnn Countj J. H. Turpln, by G. 8. Hill,
proxy; A L. Simpson, by W. Lair Thompson,
proxy; R. A. R&xnpy, by S. A. Dawson, proxy;
George B. Wheeler, by A. M. Cannon, proxy;
GriE King, by Charles H. BurggraX, proxy; B.
C Carleton, by A. M. Cannon, proxy; S. A
Dawson, Percy R. Kelly, Joseph Hume, Charles
H. Burggraf. R, W. Fisher. F. H. Porter, C.
E. Pugh, J. B. Trask. by S. A Dawson, proxy.
Malheur Count J. E. H.l', Fred Palmer, A
A. Brown, W. H. Pullcn. L S. Smith.
Morrow County G. W. Phelps, T. W. Mor
gan, by Phil Metschan, Jr., proxy; Michael
Kenny, by R. F. Hynd, proxy; Fred Waraock,
John Williams.
Marlon County J. J. Murphy, J. Bingham,
P. N. Lathrop, J. M. Kyle, E. A. M. Cone. H.
A. Johnson, W. S. Low, A. D. Hall. M. E.
DeGulre. E. W. Haxzard. G. W. Whitney,
Grovcr Simmons, by Charles S. Rice, proxy;
E. C. Churchill. C C Will, Tilmon Ford. E.
M. La Fore, Prince Byrne, A. T. Wain, T. B.
Patton, W. P. Babcock. by Jesse Macy, proxy;
W. Tt Grim. N. W. Silver, G. P. Terrell, by
W. M. Bushoy, proxy.
Multsomah County A L. Mills, M. E.
Wakeman, H. L. Pittock. W. M. Cake, F. E.
Beach, A. H. Tanner. Robert W. Galloway, J.
P. Sharkey. George H. Howell, W P. Keady,
L. A Lewis. W. J. Peddlcord, Frank Woolsey,
A. G. Rushlight. H. New hall. Dr. C C. New
castle. R. H. Schwab, George W. McBrlde. W.
D. Wheelwright. Thomas Gray, Jordan Zan, J.
L. Reeder, L. Kuhn, J. H. Thatchor, Sander
son Red, H. W. Goode, by W. L. Boise,
proxy: William KlUlngeworth. L N. Flolsch
jjer, Alexander Kerr, Charles H. Carey, E. W.
Cornell, Gus Rosenblatt, T. B. Wilcox, A.
Feldenhelmer. Alfred Tucker, George Hyland,
F. C Baiter, by T. J. Cleeton, proxy; E. M.
Brannlck, by L. A McNary, proxy; A C Em
mons. R, L. Durham, L. B. Seeley, Philip C
Metschan, M. A Butler, Fred Morris, by Will
lam T. Mulr. proxy; A. T. Lewis, L. H.
Parker. Leo Frledc, by A. L. Mills, proxy; L.
Zimmerman, C. W. Bowie. William M. Ladd.
F. W. Valentino. J. C. Alnsworth, A H. De
vers. A. M. Smith. Ernest Laldlaw. John GUI,
j p. p. May, B, M, Towneead. W. B. Ayw. t;
' $?&$tt ?'''' V iJ SSE-iliJKSmSt
Arthur L." Fraier, Circuit Judge.
D. Honeyman, W. M Gregory. J. P. Kava
naugh. A. K. Bentley, Robert Livingstone, by
B. 3. Llnthlcum, proxy; S. M. Mears, R. S.
Farrell, S. F. Scot by W. C. North, proxy;
O. P. S. Plummer. Dudley Evans, L. Ger
linger, A. B. Ferrera.
Polk County J. R, Ford, by M. D. Ellis,
proxy; U. S. Grant. D. L. Kejt, T. J. Graves,
J. A. Baxter, E. M. Toung, J. L. Hanna, F.
Lucas. E. N. Hall, by U. S. Hall, proxy.
Sherman County W. E. Tate. Elwood
Thompson. C. P. Ragsdale. J. B. Hosford.
Tillamook County H. T. Botts. by C L.
Templeton, proxy; Homer Mason, by C N.
McArthur, proxy; A W. Severance, by B. L.
Eddy, proxy; B. L. Eddy. W. D. StlllwelU
Union County C E. Cockran. S. O. Swack
hamer, by L A. Wright, proxy; Judd Geer,
C. C. Mapcs, XT. G. Couch, J. M. Craig. Charles
Hug, Joseph Nlbley, F. Kilp&trick, C. J.
Umatilla County W. S. Byers,. M. Montelth,
W. J. Newall. J. S. Gurdane. M. Jacks, Leo
Moorhouee, A. B. Thomson. R. Alexander, by
L. L. Mann, proxy; Alex Hudson. Clark Nel
son, J. I. Joy, by William Baker, proxy; Sid
Saylor, Sim Barnes, by Clark Nelson, proxy;
Matt Mogrove, by James Mosgrove, proxy;
Claud Steen, by Georgo Glnn, proxy; T. B.
S earingen.
Wasco County-nJ. E. Kennedy, J. H. John
son. F. H. Button. J. E. Wonsles. A. E. Lake,
Henry L. Kuck. H. C. Rooper, by J. N. Bur
gess, proxy, William Rees. by E. N. Blythe,
proxy; E. L. Smith, J. F. Hendricks, by C L.
Phlllipe. proxy; A. S Roberta, J. C. Johnson.
Washington County B. F. Purdy, Fred
Schoen, C. Allen. E. J. Ljons, by E. B.
Tongue; E. W. Haines, Will Bellinger. J. H.
Collier, W. N. Barrett, J. Nyberg, S B Hus
ton. J. A. Thornburgh. A Brlggs, by W. V.
Wiley proxy: John Carstens.
Wallowa County J. A. Rumble, E. A.
Holmes, W. H. Baker, by W R. Holmes,
proxy; G. W. Hyatt. W. H. Allen, Jay H.
Dobbins, by F. A. Clarke, proxy.
Wheeler County M. Fltxgerald. R. R. Kej-s,
by J. A Collier, proxy; J. E. Adlmson. Her
bert Halstead.
Yamhill County J. M. Crawford. H. H.
"Wlnslow, C A Butt. W. T. Vinton, D. W
Langhlln. L. XL Parker. Daniel Savage. E.
V. Littlefleld. Lee Laughlln. A. M. WaddelL
by W. T. Vinton, proxy; A. M. WaddelL J.
M. Vlckrcyi
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immrn mam&A.ym,:
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EglwLrys'hZs 7iMSSBSmSlt7Wm ym
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NJ" " . -.
F. A, Moore, Espztme Jactlce.
Sanderson Xtecd, District Attoraey.
Multnomah Delegates Make
Sanderson Reed for District Attorney,
C. W. Hodson for State Sena
. tor, and George W. Holcomb,
Jr., for Representative.
One ballot renominated Judge Frazer
and Judce Clcland for the Circuit bench
in Multnomah. Two ballots nominated
Sanderson Heed for District Attorney.
A loud "aye" declared C. "W. Hodson the
unanimous choice for State Senator from
Multnomah, Columbia and Washington
Counties. Another "aye" proclaimed
George W. Holcomb, Jr., the candidate for
Joint Representative from Multnomah and
And the 71 Multnomah delegates felt bet
ter that the tension -was over. Their minds
had not been so easy for many a day.
All this took place in a side-show con
vention, in which Multnomah brethren
were the solo acrobats. Columbia and
- lll - tJ'.tJJltjJLJ.IllLJl,a - . ' ''
f'jzMmwfit h mmmz&?&G3N&L w ; vi
M$mwwMlmM JUfa v WB&m&BV&wwmm ft A r kv v, ,,
J. IT, Bailey, Food aad Dairy Cesual
C W. Hodson, State Senator for Multno
mah, Colombia and Washington Conn
ties. Clackamas delegates "were not admitted
to tho caucus, or rather, were not Invited.
Consequently the patriots from those
counties raised their voices last night
said Multnomah was a high-handed sister,
too stingy even to let them smell the plo
or see It cut.
"They might at least have invited us
In." declared Harry West, Columbia's can
didate for Joint senator. C. H. Dye. Clack
amas favorite sort for Joint Representa
tive, didn't feel any better than "SVeBt.
But the Multnomah people meant no of
fense to their Clackamas and Columbia
neighbors. It was an oversight on thelr
part, duo to tho rush of the convention.
When tho names of the nominees
reached the convention from the caucus,
tho neighbors were surprised at not hav
ing been consulted. But they held their
The Multnomah stalwarts held their
caucus in a sequestered corner of the
High School. About 3:30 o'clock the word
was whispered among them and they filed
out of the convention hall and up
Morrison street to the schoolhouse. Thre-
stories high they climbed beforo they ar
rived at the appointed place. Meanwhile
the convention vas proceeding with dis
trict nominations, two blocks away.
In the quiet corner the 71 gentlemen
proceeded to get busy. A retinue of spec
tators and nowbpaper reporters had trailed
behind to see the exercises in spite of the
threat that the caucus would be of a star
chamber order. The retinue looked on
nervously, expecting every minute to bo
cast Into outer darkness.
Carly in the day the delegation had
chosen C. H. Carey chairman. Judge
Carey now took his place In front of the
gathering and called the caucus to order.
A. L. Mills arose. He moved that all
persons but delegates be excluded from
the sanctuary. Then Mr. Mills sat down.
At ones all strangers were objects of
ocular examination. J. C. Moreland, can-
'' ---t---fe4
Kffa T 181 ::
9. B. ClelABd, Circuit Judge.
George W. Holcomb, Jr Joint Represen
tative for Multnomah and Clackamas
dldate for District Attorney, was one of
them; likewise C. F. Lord, another
aspirant; also R. B. SInnott and F. S.
Grant, who hoped to lt on the right
hand of the winner as deputies. And a
dozen or more of their friends were there,
too. A. H. Tanner and William Gregory
with lightning rods hoisted .for Judgeships
sat in the caucus as full-fledged delegates.
George H. Howell raised a strong voice
of dissent against Mr. Mills' motion to
seal up the caucus. He declared that such
secretive methods were of bygone days
when Joseph Simon was in power. "We
owe It to the people of Oregon and Mult
nomah County," he proclaimed, "to trans
act In public such affairs as will come
before this body. Let us not hide from the
people how we choose their candidates
for public office."
Mr. Howell's sentiments sank deeply
Into the hearts of the assembled giants.
Under the added weight of John Gill's
advice they sank still deeper. "This
meeting should be open to the press,"
said GUI.
Thereupon Mr. Mills withdrew his mo
tion and the caucus was as open as all
By common consent long-winded
speeches were tabooed. This wa3 done
because '.veral big-eyed patriots looked
as if they were wound up to nominate
candidates with oratory.
Frank C. B i' er was sprung for Mult
nomah's metnbe. of the State Central
Committee by W. L. Boise, and was elect
ed by acclamation.
Steering clear of trouble for the pres
ent, the caucus took up nominations for
Joint Representative and Joint Sena
tor, leaving the Judgeships and the
District Attorneyship to cool off. For
Senator A. L. Mills nominated C.
W. Hodson, the universally accepted nom
inee, who was chosen without a voice of
dissent. Mr. Boise presented for Repre
sentative Georgo W. Holcomb, Jr., who
slid through Just as easily.
Whereupon tho delegates authorized
Chairman Carey to cast the full 71 votes
in the convention for Hodson and Hol
comb. Next came District Attorney. For that
office Sanderson Reed was presented by
A. L. Mills,; J. C. Moreland by L. Kuhn;
B. S. Pague, by A. H. Devers; C. F. Lord
by F. TV. Valentine, and S. H. Gruber
by John Gill. L. A. McNary had pulled
out and thrown his strength to Lord and
With broad smiles and anxious heart
throbs the gentlemen prepared their bal
lots and voted: The result was:
First Second
ballot, ballot.
Sanderson Heed 31 37
J. C. Moreland 23 27
C. F. Lord ... .... 0 1
B. S. Pajrue .. 6 C
S. H. Gruber - 2
Totals .... . 71 7i
Reed was declared tho unanimous
choice on motion of I. N. Flelschner.
For Circuit Judge, J. B. Cleland was
presented by S. B. Llnthlcum, A. L.
Frazer by J. P. Kavanaugh, TV. M.
Gregory by M. A. Butler, and A. H. Tan
ner by T. J. Cleeton. The vote was:
A. Jj. Frazer .-. 53
J. B. Cleland 52
A. H. Tanner .. ...24
W. M. Gregory .... 2
Total .. . 71
Tho dolegates then returned to tho
Direct Primary Nomination Clause
Left Out of Report.
All afternoon the committee on resolu
tions was iltting planks Into tho plat
form. When the committee had finished
Its handiwork the plank relating to the
direct primary nominations law had been
left out.
John Gill, of Multnomah, suggested that
the plank go into the structure; also an
other, portainlng to Chinese exclusion.
"No, no," cried members of the con
vention, picking up their hats.
Then somebody insisted upon adopting
a plank In condemnation of range leasing,
and the convention hastily adjourned.
The commltteo approved the primary
law In its aim, but not in the form pro
posed. A. L. Mills and W. S. ITRen ad
vocated the law before tho committee. At
last the committee resolved to leave the
matter out of Its report.
Palma Entertains Diplomats.
HAVANA. April 14. President Palma
gave a dinner to the diplomatic corps at
the palace last evening. Those present
included the Ministers of the United
States, Germany, Great Britain, France,
Spain and Mexico, with their ladles; the
Charges d' Affaires of Belgium, China and
Santo Domingo; Jacob Sleeper, first sec
retary of the United States Legation;
Vice-President Estevez, the members of
the Cabinet, the Supreme Court Judges,
the presiding officers of both houses of
Congress, and Senor Montero, Minister of
Cuba to Great Britain.
Granulated Eyelids and other Ey trouble
cured by Murine Eye Remedy it doa't
Rmaxt. Sold bjc all druggist
Spirited Contests in District
Prosecuting Attorneys Are Also Se
lected for the Various Judicial
Distrlcts-Leroy Lomax
Defeats F. L. Moore.
First District (Jackson, Josephine,
Lake and Klamath Counties) H. K.
Hanna and H. L. Benaon, Judsea; Gus
Newberry and E. ii. Brattaln, District
Attornej s.
Second District (Douglas. Lane, Coos.
Currr. Benton and Lincoln Counties)
Ev O. Potter, Judge. Georgo M. Brown.
District Attornej.
Third District (Marion. Linn. Polk,
Taxahlll and Tillamook Counties)
Georse H. Burnett and B. L. Eddr,
Judsea; J. H. McNary, District Attor
ney. Fourth District (Multncnah County)
J. B. Cleland and A. L. Frazer, Judges;
Sanderson Reed, District Attorney.
Fifth District (Washington, Clacka
mas. Columbia and Clatsop Counties)
T. A. McBrlde. Judge, Harrison Allen,
District Attorney.
Sixth District (Umatilla and Morrow)
Present Judge W. B. Elll holding
over; George W. Phelps, District At
torney. Seventh District (Crook. Gl'llam,
Wasco. Sherman and Wheeler Count'et?)
J. A. Collier. Judge; Frank Mmefee,
District Attorney.
Eighth District (Baker, Union and
Wallowa) Judge Eakln holding ovr,
Leroy Lomax, District Attorney.
Ninth District (Grant, Malheur and
Harney) George Ev Davis, Judge, J.
W. McCullocb, District Attorney.
11 4
Nomination of candidates for Circu't
Judgeships and Prosecuting Attorrey
ships gave rise to several contests, tut
these took place In caucuses and added no
Interest to the proceedings of the con
vention. In every case the retiring Cur
cult Judges wero renominated, except In
the Third district, where one of tha
Judges Is a Democrat. Judge George H.
Burnett, of the Third district, was nr
nomlnated on the first ballot, though
strenuous efforts were made to supersed-
him on the bench with a man who would
be moro satisfactory to lawjers. Th-
fight upon Judge Frazer, In the Fourth
district, met a similar fate.
In the Elgnth district there was a llvely
contest ovor the nomination for Prosecut
ing Attorney, Leroy Lomax. of Union
County, defeating F. L. Moore, of Baker.
In the Ninth district J. W. McCulIo?h
won out over William Miller by 11 votes
to 0. Grant County gave the nomination
to McCulloch. thus breaking the deai'ock
between Malheur, which wa3 pledged to
that candidate, and Harney, which vas
pledged to Miller.
Lomax won In the Eighth district by the
united support of Union and Wallowa's
16 delegates. Moore was unable to break
Into that combination for the two votes
which, ho needed in addition to the 14
from his ow,n county.
G. W. Phelps won the nomination f"r
District Attorney In Umatilla and Mcr-
row without contest. The nomination f r
Circuit Judge In the Sixth district Was
co, Crook, Wheeler, Sherman and GIMim
had been a-begging several daj s ar 1
was awarded to Collins only at the last
minute. Republican aspirants were shy
of encountering Judge Bradshaw, who
will be the Democratic nominoe.
Judge T. A. McBrlde, of the Fifth Ju
dicial district, and Prosecuting Attorney
Harrison Allen were chosen for rencm
inatloa by acclamation: likewise EL O.
Potter, candidate for Judg in the Second
Judicial district, and George M. Brown
for District Attorney. Gus Newbury easily
captured the nomination for District At
torney in the First district; also Judge
Benson and Judge Hanna for places on
the Circuit Bench.
They Are Nominated Judges in Third
Judicial District.
The nomination of B. L. Eddy for Cir
cuit Judge in the Third Judicial District
was a big surprise. The nomination of
George H. Burnett, though doubtful, was
predicted Wednesday evening by those
who were familiar with the preferences
of many of the delegates. The nomina
tion of Eddy was unexpected, because h
had the Initial support of a delegation cf
only five members from hla own county.
His strength lay In the fact that he ha J
no particular opposition and delegate
from Linn County supported him becauca
they wanted neither Burnett or McCain.
The contest In which Burnett and Eddy
won was one of the most interesting cf
the convention. The vote was:
Burnett 42
Eddy CS
McCain, 21
Wjatt 21
Adams 1
The five counties had delegates as fol
lows: Marion, 23; Linn, 14; Yamhill. 11;
Polk. 9; Tillamook, 5. So far a3 can bo
learned Burnett secured his 42 votes as
follows: Marlon, 17; Yamhill, 11; Polk.
D; Tillamook, 5. Eddy's vote was: Linn.
14; Polk, 9; Marion, S; Tillamook. 5. Polk
and Tillamook went solid for Eddy and
Burnett, Linn went solid for Wyatt and
Eddy; Yamhill went solid for McCain and
Burnett and Marlon scattered its votes
among each of the candidates.
The effort of the Linn delegation was
to make a trade with Yamhill and thus
secure a start of 25 votes for Wyatt and
McCain. But Yamhill delegates would
not go to Wyatt, but preferred Burnett.
The whole 11 therefore went to Burnett,
and In return 13 of Marlon's delegates
voted for McCain. Wyatt's delegation
was angry because no deal could be mado
with McCain and went to Eddy to get
even. Eddy wasn't in a trade of any
kind, and had to give nothing for the
14 votes he got from Linn. Polk had na
candidate and supported the men most
acceptable to the delegation. The with
drawal of Hart from the race for District
Attorney made it impossible for Linn and
Yamhill to make a combination that
could win, even if Yamhill could havo
been traded away from Burnett.
The nomination of Burnett and Eddy
seems to be generally satisfactory and no
doubt Is expressed th'at both will be
elected by large majorities.
In connection with the withdrawal of
Hart for the District Attorneyship there
is told a story of good political manage
ment. Although J. H. McNary, who
captured the District Attorneyship, re
peatedly asserted that he would not seek
the nomination as long as Hart remained
a candidate, he was frequently mentioned
as a passive candidate.
Hart was a pronounced candidate until
a few days ago. Last Saturday McNary
announced his own candidacy and vms
accused of Infidelity to Hart, under whom
he had served as a deputy. It now dei
velopes that there has been an under