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Going of Chamberlain
Agitates All.
Some Have ItThatthe Premier
Will Have to' Resign.
Commissioner in South Africa. Prom
inently Mentioned for Colonial
Secretary Urodriclc May
Be Given Indian Post.
Chancellor of Exchequer.
18C8 B. Disraeli, Conservative.
1SCS G. TV. Hunt, Liberal,
1874 Robert Lowe, Conservative.
1S74 Sir Stafford Northcote, Con
servative. '
1SS0 W. E. Gladstone. Liberal; IL
C. E. Chllders. Liberal.
1883 Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Con
servative. 1SSG Sir "William Harcourt, Liberal.
18S0 George J. Goschen, Conserva
tlvo. 1802 Sir William Harcourt. Liberal.
lSO-kSlr William Harcourt, Liberal.
i895 Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Con
servative. 1002 C. T. Ritchie. Conservative.
LONDON, Sept 19. The newspapers this
morning are crammed with discussions
and speculations regarding the political
situation brought about by the resigna
tion of Colonial Secretary Chamberlain.
Chancellor of the Exchequer Ritchie and
Lord George Hamilton, Secretary to India,
but no fresh developments, as yet, have
been announced. The Marquis of Lans
downe, regarding whose . intentions there
is the greatest Interest, has gone to Bal
moral to relieve Lord Balfour of Burleigh,
as the Minister in attendance upon the
Both political parties have already com
menced active preparations for the com
ing campaign, and the opinion Is sought
of every man of prominence at home and
in the colonies whose ideas are likely to
have influence.
Mr. Asqulth, who Is by many regarded
as the future leader of the Liberal party,
telegraphed yesterday.
"The situation In all its essentials is
unchanged. The duties of the Liberals
"William St. John F. Brodriclc,
an Secretary to India.
to defend free trade is plain and urgent
as before."
The opinion of the colonies is anxiously
canvassed as being the most important
factor In the situation. Sir Edmund" Bar
ton, the Premier of the Australian Com
monwealth, has declared in an Interview
that he Is convinced that Mr. Chamberlain
will ultimately triumph, and until that
triumph is achieved, there will be no real '
union of the empire.
Balfour Urged to Make Clean Sivcep.
The Standard today anticipates that Mr. ,
Balfour will have at least four Cabinet"
seats and two or more under secretary
ships at his disposal, and strongly urges
him to make a clean sweep of the dis
credited Ministers and -appoint men of real
ability, even such men as Lord. Cromer"
and Lord Milner, If the country would
gain thereby.
The retirement of Chamberlain caused
consternation and excitement among
all classes in the United Kingdom,
to the exclusion of every other topic The
great majority of the public only learned
the news from the morning papers, and
their astonishment in many cases was so
great as to prevent the expression of any
coherent opinion. The Pall Mall Gazette
this afternoon apparently sums up the
general feeling by describing the present
crisis as the "most extraordinary In the
whole history of constitutional govern
ment" adding that 'what will happen
next no one can forecast with any degree
of absolute certainty.
The PalK Mall Gazette states that Pre
mier Balfour will fill up" the vacancies
and carry on the government until he
meets Parliament in 1904. Mr. Chamber
lain, also, does not look for an Immediate
general election, expecting at least a 12
months' propaganda before the electorate
can decide upon his proposals. Other ru
mors are current that "Mr. Balfour is un
able to find men to fill the vacancies, and
that he will be obliged toliand the King
his own resignation. This, however, does
not appear to be likely.
Milner Picked as Colonial Secretary
The Westminster Gazette and other pa
pers forecast Lord Milner, the High Com
missioner in South Africa, succeeding to
the Colonial Office, and it is definitely
announced that Lord Stanley, Financial
Secretary to the War Office, and proba
bly James Lowther, deputy speakers, will
be among those promoted to the Cabinet
but the details of its reconstruction are
not likely to be known until Mr. Balfour
has seen the King.
Almost every paper has its own candl
dates for the various vacant offices, but
few of the prophecies coincide. The at
titude of the Duke of Devonshire, Lord
President of the Council, being unknown
to the public, creates further uncertainty.
Rothschild's statement yesterday to
the Associated P,ress, however, can 6afcly
be taken as an Indication, that the Duke
intends to support Mr. Balfour, at any
rate until Parliament meets.
The prediction that the markets -would
nof be affected 'by the Cabinet crisis has
been fulfilled; indeed, consols exhibited
a firmer tone.
From all parts of the United Kingdom
and the empire editorial expressions of
opinion on' the crisis are pouring'in. The
government organs frankly admit that
Mr. Chamberlain's withdrawal came as a
bombshell. The Liberal organs, though
announcing tho "wrepk of the Tory par
ty," which is described as being Hamlet
without tho Prince," nearly all agree, In
saying that Mr. Chamberlain's resigna
tion does not mean a victory for free
"Though the man has gone,'-. gays the
Star, "his policy remains. . Thlsls Mr.
Chamberlain's Elba. He has yet to meet
his "Waterloo."
This Is borne out by reports from Bir
mingham, where the powerful feeling in
favor of preferential tariffs is centered.
There, though the resignation of the head
and shoulders of the movement came as a
great surprise, ceaseless activity, prevails,
and it is announced that Mr. Chamber
lain's previous arrangements for his cam
paign will all be carried out.
Brodrlck May Get Indian Office.
The Associated Press learns there is
good reason to believe that the report
that "War Secretary Brodrlck will be
transferred to the India office is correct.
The new Cabinet is expected to meet
within a fortnight "
The Associated Press is inofrmcd that
Lord Lansdowne will remain Secretary
for Foreten Affairs.
The persistency with which it is rumored
that Austen Chamberlain, the Postmaster
General, will succeed Mr. Ritchie as Chan
cellor of the Exchequer, emphasizes the
.extraordinary nature of the relations
which Mr. Balfour still maintains toward
his colleagues.
The Liberal organs point out the fictl
tiousness of any supposed change .of heart
on the part of a government which' In
cludes Mr. Chamberlaln'-s son, who has
been almost as active as his fathen In or
ganizing the preferential tariff agitation.
Mr. Balfour's frank declaration in Tils
letter accepting the Colonial Secretary's
resignation that he shared Mr. Chamber
lain's ideas of a closer fiscal union with
the colonies also creates doubt as to how
even moderate free traders, fuch as the
Duke of Devonshire, can remain under
Mr. Balfour's guidance.
The criticism of the small effect upon
the government policy caused by Mr.'
Chamberlain's withdrawal and of the re
tention of his son is not confined to the1
opposition. The St James Gazette, which
warmly supports Mr. Chamberlain's pro
gramme declares that the result Is that
"the Unionist party will face the electors
.disunited and open to all the attacks of
the free traders, as it will be perfectly
clear to the electors thrtt the return of
Mr. Balfour Involves sooner or later the
return of Mr. Chamberlain and tho tri
umph of his policy."
On the face of it Mr. Chamberlain and
Mr. Balfour will continue to work to
gether, but the former Colonial Seretary
Is free from governmental obligations and
will be able to conduct his campaign along
the line he has all along advocated.
Chamberlain "Wrltcx Reform Lengne
That Time In at Hand to StrlUc.
LONDON, Sept IS. Writing today from
his home at Highbury, Birmingham, Mr.
Chamberlain made his first official state
ment iilnco his resignation. His letter is
in reply to C. A. Parson, chairman of the
executive council of the Tariff Reform
League, who asked If Mr. Chamberlain co-
Incidcs with his view that the examination
of the tariff may be considered as suffi
ciently advanced, and the league should
tiow use Its resources to advocate the em
ployment of a tariff for the purpose of
consolidating and defending the resources
of the empire and defending the industries
of the United Kingdom. Mr. Chamber
lain says:
"I agree with your views that we have
sufficient material In the way of facts and
figures. We have now to state our con
clusions and endeavor to xget the people to
adopt them."
Mr. Chamberlain then gives his under
standing of the position of the Tariff Re
form League under two heads as coincid
ing with his position. Their objects, he
says, are:
First, a. closer union to endeavor to
make the empire self-sufficing as regard;
its food supply; second, tho employment
of a tariff a? a weapon to secure greater
reciprocity with foreign nations, or falling
such arrangements, to prevent the loss to
the home Industrial markets under the
competition of protected countries by re
taliating upon them the treatment they
mete out to us.
"On this understanding as to our
views," Mr. Chamberlain concludes, "I
wish the league success and the support of
every one desiring the union of the empire
and the continued prosperity of British
Manufacturers Arc Anxious to Hear
the Views of Chamberlain.
CHICAGO, Sept. 18. An invitation to
come to Chicago to deliver his views as
the guest of the people of the United
States has been forwarded through the
Department of State at Washington from
the Illinois Manufacturers' Association to
Joseph Chamberlain. A reply is being
eagerly awaited to a cable message, which
was forwarded tonight by the associa
tion. Tho Invitation, which was dated
July 24, and was forwarced by the State
Department to Ambassador Choate fait- de
livery says:
"The Illinois Manufacturers' Association
extends to yQu an Invitation to be its
guest, and would respectfully ask that
you address Its members at Chicago at
such time in this year as will best suit
your convenience.
"The presentation of your views in Chi
cago will attract world-wide attention.
Lord Milner, as Colonial Secre
tary. cause wholesome discussion, and result in
a better understanding of the trade rela
tionship between our respective countries
The meetlra; will be attended by repre
sentative manufacturers of the United
States. In accepting this Invitation, you
will not only honor the members of the
Illinois jManuiacturers Association, bu?
the progressive business men of all com
mercial pursuits on our side"
Itching, Blind,. Bleeding or. Protruding
flies, xour aruggist wm refund your
muiu' u umj.ij i miis to '"ire
you. w cents.
Colored Men Show Their
Loyalty to Roosevelt.
Bndgre nepirejnt President and
Booker T. Washington Enjoying
a Luncheon Together Big: De
mand for; the Novelty. .
' CHICAGO, Sept IS. (Special.) Presi
dential "campaign buttons have appeared,
the first in the approaching Presidential
contest They are of unique design; rep
resenting President Roosevelt and Booker
T; Washington enjoying a luncheon to
gether. The single word "equality" in
bold letters across the face of the badge
is its- most striking characteristic
Colored men have been the first to wear
the button, and many are to be seen
with the badge adorpfng their coat-lapels.
This photographic button, which has ar
rived so early In the field, depicts the
President and "the negro leader at a small
round dining table, presumably ln the
White House. The colored man is seated
at Roosevelt's right with his hand resting
upon the table. Both survey a coffee
service, water carafe and two Immaculate
napkins, and are awaiting the arrival of
the first course. .
To Charles H. Thomas, of Chicago, is
credited the origin of the button, which Is
in great demand, particularly among col
ored Republicans. Thomas anticipates a
big boom for his political novelty. A num
ber of organizations are expected to make
the button their official campaign ba"dge.
Manager of Nominee for Senator in
- MlKsouri Before Grand Jury.
Charles H. Smith. ofSt Louis, political
manager for R. C. Kerens, the Republi
can nominee for United States Senator to
succeed Senator Vest, was before the
grand jury 45 minutes today. Smith took
an active part In the management of the
right in the Republican caucus to secure
the nomination of Kerens for United
States Senator. It is charged that money
was used to secure the caucus nomination
for Kerens.
Smith is reported to have testified that
he did not see any money used in behalf
of Kerens, but he was aware that prom
ises of Federal positions were used as
inducements to get votes for opposing can
Representative Carter, of Grundy, who
was a prominent figure in the Senatorial
caucus nomination, was also a witness.
Moses C. Wetmore, a politician and to
bacco manufacturer, was before the grand
jury, presumably regarding the sale of
tobacco manufacturing plants to the so-
called trust
Other witnesses today were: S. W. For-
dyce and J. A. Parks, of St Louis; E. J.
Gildersleeve, a St Louis ticket broker,
who testified regarding the defeat of the
antl-scalplng billv and Rev. C. S. Brooks,
or jerrerson City, who referred to Prose
cuting Attorney Stone recently in a ser
mon which aroused much commont '
Clarke, Democratic Candidate for
Senator, Would Discuss Politics.
NORWALK, O., Sept IS. John H.
Clarke, Democratic candidate for United
States Senator, in a speeoh delivered to
day, formally challenges Senator Hanna
to meet him In Joint debate on thb issues
of the campaign.
DJcU Speaks for Hanna.
COLUMBUS, O., Sept 18. Senator Han
na was seen tonight in regard to the chal
lenge by Mr. Clarke. The Senator said:
"Imust refer you to my commander,
Chairman Dick."
When Chairman Dick had been apprised
of Mr. Clarke's challenge, he said:
"If Mr. Clarke, through Charles P.
Salen. Chairman of the Democratic State
Committee, will formally challenge' Sena
tor Hanna to discuss the political Issues
before the people, I will take cognizance of
such a challenge and reply to it as occa
sion may warrant."
Emperor Francis Joseph Warmly
Greets Him and- Gives a Banquet.
VIENNA, Sept 18. Emperor William
arrived here today frpm Bellye, Hungary,
in the vicinity of which place he has
been stag hunting with Archduke Fred
erick. Emperor Francis Joseph met Emperor
William at the railroad station. The
monarchs cordially kissed each other
three times and then shook hands warm
ly. They were accorded an enthusiastic
At a state dinner which was given at
the palace tonight Emperor Francis
Joseph proposed the health of the German
Emperor, and expressed his keen satis
faction at being able to greet his faithful
friend and ally, whose visit would surely
Impart greater strength to the bonds al
ready established between the two em
pires. Emperor William, In responding In sim
ilar tones to this toast, said he had wit
nessed with pleasure the march past of
the Austrian regiments, ,as- the armies of
Germany and Austria sanctify and
strengthen the alliance existing between
the two nations for the welfare and peace
of Europe.
.Convention to Revise the Rules of
War Not Likely to Be Held.
PARIS. Sept 18. Unofficial but reliable
information has been-received here to the
effect that the proposed congress of the
powers for the purpose of revising the
Geneva Convention, establishing the rlchts
and treatment of prisoners of war, neu
trals, wounded, etc., which was to have
taken place shortly, probably will be in
definitely postponed, France. Great
Britain, Italy, Austria and Russia named
delegates, but Germany has not named a
delegate, hs It is understood she does not
desire any change in the present status
of prisoners of war, etc., during a. state
of belligerency. Therefore, in the absence
of a general international acceptance of
the proposal to revise the rules' of war,
the meeting of the congress has been
practically given' up.
False Report of Death of Servian
Ruler Affects Stocks at Paris.
PARIS, Sept IS. A rumor was clrculat
ed on the bourse here today that King
Peter, of Servia, had been assassinated
Servian bonds fell 1 franc 70 centimes.
Inquiry at Belgrade showed the report
to be without foundation.
The report reached the bourse here
through a news agency dispatch from
Antwerp, saying that a report that the
King had been assassinated was current
The report was eventually attributed to
the excited conditions prevailing at Bel
grade. The evonlng newspapers here
published the report, but did not attach
any seriousness to it
Official advices-from Belgrade indicate
that King Peter's- recent retirement of
Colonel NIchtlch from the important po
sition of Departmental Chief in the Min
istry for War Is the beginning of a move- X
ment looklns: to the separation of King
Peter from the conspirators who took part
In the assassination of King Alexander
and Queen Draga. NIchtlch, the leader
of the conspiracy, was consplcuosly hon
ored, and is now degraded as the result of
widespread indignation at the fayor shown
by the King toward the participants in
the assassination.
- The Temps' Belgrade correspondent says
the elections of members of the bKupsn
tlna next Monday promise to result
In a majority favorable to the separation
of the King from the regencies.
Defectives Watch Men Who Make
Fiery Speeches at Dresden.
DRESDEN, Sept 18. At today's session
of the Socialist Congress, Herr von Voll
mar spoke for four hours In reply to Herr
Bebel. The essence of his discourse was
that there was no crisis in the party ex
cept a personal crisis, Herr Bebel seeing
with grief his leadership In parliament
threatened. Herr Bebel. tho speaker
added, spoke to the'eongress as Cromwell
spoke to parliament, jind arrogated the
right to judge and condemn motives. He
desired to convert the party into a church
with himself as supreme pontiff.
As 53 delegates have given notice of their
intention to speak. It Is probable that the
congress will sit through next week.
Toward evening the congress was the
scene of violent altercations between the
various deputies Interested -in the election
of tho executive committee of "the party.
For a full hour gross personalities were
Indulged in.
Prior to adjournment Herr Singer, who
presided, and at whose table throughout
the session sat three police officials, an
nounced that he had received Information
that the numerous detectives In the hall
were trying to entice delegates and others
Into compromising conversations. He
therefore warned hl3 comrades to be ex
tremely careful in what they said. De
tectives are posted In all parts" of the
town and show particular Interest In the
foreign Journalists who are in Dresden
for the Socialist Congress.
Money Desired for Commercial
Schemes in the Far East.
BERLIN, Sept 18. M, WItte, president
of the Russian Council of Ministers, while
here Interview several bankers on the
subject of Investing In commercial under
takings In Southern Russia. It Is also
probable that M. Wlttc broached the ques
tion of floating a fresh Russian loan.
M. Wltte goes fro'm here to Paris, and
thence to London.
The Magdeburg Zeltung says M. Wltte
will meet in London an American Sena
tor, and discuss with him the raising of
money for Russian commercial schemes
In the far East
Dcnth List of. Jews Is Increased.
ST. PETERSBURG. Sept IS. Later of
ficial reports from Cornel, In the govern
ment of Moghileff, where the fighting be
tween Christians and Jews arose Septem
ber 11, increase the death list of the Jews
to five. About 200 houses were destroyed
and GS arrests were made.
The official messenger says the disturb
ances at Cornel were caused by the pro
voking attitude of the Jews towards the
Knows of No Plot Apralnst Kaiser.
BERLIN, Sept. IS. Nothing here Is
known of the report,, published by a news
agency in the United States yesterday,
that the Chief of Police of Berlin had
been warned from abroad of an anarchist
plot to assassinate Emperor William.
Berlin Has r. Great Strike.
BERLIN, Sept IS. Ten thousand work
ers in Berlin have gone on strike. The
manufacturers will hold a meeting to de
cide what shall be done as to closing
their works entirely.
Spinners Stick to Short-Time System.
MANCHESTER, England, Sept. 18. At
a meeting of the Federation" of Master
Cotton Spinners, held today, It was re
solved to continue the short-time system
until October 20.
Youngest German .Colonel.
BERLIN, Sept 18. Crown Prince Fred
erick William has been appointed Colonel
of the First Regiment of the Guards. He
Is the youngest Colonel In the army.
Report Is Entirely Unfounded.
LONDON, Sept IS. A direct dispatch
received here from Belgrade says:
The report of the assassination of King
Peter Is entirely unfounded.
United States Held Accountable for
the Race Trouble in Nevada.
WASHINGTON, Sept 18. The Chinese
government will make a claim against the
government of the United States on. ac
count of injuries Inflicted by residents of
Tonopah, Nev., upon Chinese residents of
that place last Wednesday. The Chinese
Minister, has telegraphed the Chinese
Consul-General at San Francisco to send
him as many affidavits as he can secure
showing the names of the persons injured
a"nd the nature of thehr injuries as well
as any property loss they might have suf
fered. These affidavits will be used aa
the basis of the claim against this gov
ernment A telegram was received at the State
Department today from the Governor of
Nevada In reply to the one sent yester
day regarding this attack, saying that he
has ordered an immediate investigation
and will take every action looking to tho
safety of the Chinese residents of Tono
pah. A copy of this telegram will be sent
to tho Chinese Minister for his Informa
tion. Chinese Identify Four Men In Mob.
TONOPAH. Nev., Sept 18. Eighteen
men arenow under arrest charged with
inciting riot, robbery and murder follow
lng the attempt of Tuesday night to run
the Chinese out of town. Three of the
Chinese have Identified four "men named
Randal, Lang. Bradshaw and Sinks as
their assailants. The latter three are
Young: Wife Tries to Kill Her Hus
bnnd, and Ends Her Own Life.
SALT LAKE,. Sept IS. While tempo
rarily deranged from brooding over the
recent death of her father and mother,
Mrs. Mary Williams, aged 17, formerly of
Chattanooga, Tenn., fired two shots at
her husband without effect and then com
mitted suicide by sending a bullet through
her heart. The shooting occurred yester
day near Mllford, while the couple were
en route from this city to Arizona.
Her Family Prominent in Tennessee
CHATTANOOGA. Tenn., Sept. 18. Mrs.
Luther Williams, who is reported to have
committed suicide near Mllford. 'Utah,
was the daughter of Hon. Blevlns Thomp
son, a prominent citizen of Chattanooga,
recently deceased. She has several broth
ers and sisters residing here, all of whom
are prominent
Banker Kills, Himself.
HARLAN, la., Sept 18. Edward Davis,
president of the Shelby County Bank,
committed suicide last night by" shooting.
Davis was once a member of the Iowa
Legislature and was a 'prominent citizen.
Ill health is thought to' have prompted the
American Woman Returns
- Gift of Royal. Russian.
Grand Duke Michael Sends Sister of
Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson n
x. Little Reminder of a Pleas
ant Acquaintance. -
RICHMOND, Va.. Sept 18.-(Special.)
A sparkling diamond brooch Is now
on its way back to' Grand Duke
Michael, of Russia, having been re
jected by Mrs. Nannie Langhorne
Shaw, the beautiful daughter of Chlswell
D. Langhorne, of Albemarle County, who
met and became friendly with the royal
Russian while on a visit to London sev
eral months ago.
"It is true that the brooch was sent to
Mrs. Shaw," said Mra. T. Moncure Per
kins, a sister of Mrs. Shaw, ' this evening,
"and it Is also true that she sent it back.
I know nothing further about the mat
ter." Mrs. Shaw Is a sister of Mrs. Charles
Dana Gibson. Not many months ago a
decree was filed in Albemarle County giv
ing her a divorce from Robert G. Shaw,
Jr., of Boston, to whom she, was wedded
a few years previous. After the divorce
Mrs. Shaw, accompanied by her mother,
went on a foreign tour. They were
shown attentions' on every side, and,
among other people of rank, met Grand
Duke Michael. He sent the j$wel as a
little reminder of a pleasant acquaintance.
(Continued from First Page.)
lsfactlon with the methods of suppressing
the outbreak, and declared the massacres
must be stopped. It is stated they made
special reference to the excesses com
mitted by the Turkish troops in the vila
yet of Uskub, where the revolutionary
outbreak Is Insignificant and affords no
excuse to the soldiers for pillaging and
burning the villages and killing the Inhab
itants. The Porte is said to have replied that
Turkey Is simply carrying out the wishes
expressed by the powers,- which urge the
Sultan's government to adopt energetic
measures to suppress the revolution as
speedily as possible. The report that the
powers have taken such action has been
received with great satisfaction by the
Bulgarian Ministry.
A special dispatch from BHa says that
several Bulgarian bands under Captain
Stoyanoff attacked Melinlk, Province of
Seres, 65 miles northeast of Salonica. Two
regiments of Infantry, and cavalry and
artillery In support, were sent from Djou
mala to relieve the garrison, and they
forced the insurgents to retire to the
mountains where they are being pursued
by tho troops.
Desperate fighting is reported to be pro
ceeding in a defile of the, valley of-the
Strumltza between Turkish troops and
Bulgarians under General Sontchieff. Re
inforcements of troops have been sent
from Seres.
Nazlm Pasha, the Turkish commander at
Mbnastir, is reported to have declared to
the Consuls there: "We have had one
insurrection. It will be the last in this
The-Dnevnik, In publishing the news of
Mr. Chamberlain's resignation remarks
that he always led the anti-Macedonian
Germany Holds Russian-Austrian
Proposition Is Forever Dead.
BERLIN, Sept18. The German govern
ment holds in view- four points in the
Balkan situation:
First Does Russia regard that the time
for the break-up of European Turkey has
arrived? The German Ministers have been
unable to penetrate Russia's ultimate in
tentions, and note with displeasure the
concerted attacks of tho St Petersburg
papers on Germany, which Is described as
being in the background, and taking pleas
ure in the extirpation of the Slavs in Eu
ropean territory.
Second If Prince Ferdinand Is persuaded
that his throne is dependent on war with
-Turkey, the war is certain. Every effort
should be made to tranqulllze Prince Fer
dinand's mind.
Third The meetings of the sovereigns
attended by their foreign ministers are
expected to clear up the obscurities of the
situation and enable German statesmen
to forecast the future. The Emperors of
Germany and Austria meet at Vienna to
day. The Czar meets Emperor Francis
Joseph September 29, and will then visit
the King of Italy. Events are expected
to remain quiet until after the 29th, unless
Bulgaria refuses to wait
Fourth Tho project for an Austrian
Russian joint occupation1 of Macedonia
has been wholly abandoned, and there Is
not the least likelihood of a renewal of
the proposition.
Despite the fact that the Balkan situa
tion has grown worse, Turkish bonds rose
again on the Bourse today.
London Journalist Says the Consuls
Do Not Tell the Wrorst.
LONDON, Sept IS. The Westminster
Gazette says a well-known London jour
nalist cables from Belgrade as follows:
"Starting with pro-Turkish sympathiz
ers, I have found overwhelming evidence
attrocltles are rather underestimated in
convincingly proving that the Turkish
the reports of British Consuls, bankers
and unprejudiced people. Foreign Minister
Tsokoff tells me he knows cases of starv
ing women In the forests killing two of
their own children to preserve the third
The forest wanderers will all perish of
cold within two more months."
.' "Europe," added the Westminster Ga
zette, dealing with the Kastorla reports.
"Is bound at once to intervene, whether
by conference or as a concert"
Gendarmes Take Refuge in Russian
Contmlatc at MItrovitzn.
SALONICA, Sept. IS. Three hundred
Bulgarians have been killed ia a fljrht be
tween, insurgents and Turkish troops be-
tween Okhrlda and Dibra. The Bulrrarlan
dead include many officers, one of whom '
wore a Russian decoration. J
A battalion of Redlf? attacked the Chris- '
tian-gendarmes at Mitrovltza, September
1G, and several of the latter were killed
and wounded: The rest of. tho gendarmes :
took refuge at tho Russian Consulate,
where they were besieged. The situation
at Mitrovltza is extremely critical. I
The Bulgarian villages which are oppos- '
ing the Turkish forces in the neighbor
hood of Menllk aro estimated to number
It Ia Hoverlnrr Clcfue to the Bulgar
ian Frontier at Haakovo,
SOFIA, Sept. IS. A Turkish war balloon
Is reported to have' been, seen hovering
for the last three days close to the Bulga
rian frontier In the vicinity of Haskovo.
A severe fight has occurred at Ulavltsa,
in the mountain? of Kratovo, between 20,- !
000 Turks and 8000 Insurgents. It continued
for eight hours'. The insurgents used
bombs with deadly effect About 100 Turks
are reported to have been killed and many
were wounded. . The insurgents had two
men wounded.
A fljrht Is also reported to have taken
place at Rupelpaso, where Insurgent bands
recently surrounded ana annimiateu a
whole company of Turks. The bands then
fled to the mountalna Three battalions
of Turkish " troops have been sent from
Salonica to pursue ttfem. A small body of
peasant refugees near Presba, -who were
starving In the mountains, started to seek
for food. At Nakaletz they were met by
Turklsh soldiers, who killed them all and
horribly mutilated two women.
Result of Conference With Emperor
Francis Joseph Is Aivnitcd.
LONDON. Sept 19. The situation in the
Balkans occupies, to some extent, the im
perial meeting at Vienna. The German
Chancellor, Von Bulow, paid a visit last
ing 90 minutes to tho Austro-Hungarian
Premier. Count Goluchowsky, yesterday.!
At the Bulgarian agency in Vienna. It
was declared that under any circum
stances Bnlgarla would await the result
of the meeting of Emperor Francis Joseph
and the Chancellor before taking any de
cisive step.
There is no diminution of the war ap
prehension in Constantinople, where it is
believed war would already have broken
out but that the concentration of Turk
ish troops at Adrlanoplc upset the Bul
garian plans of a dash on Constantinople
with a large army In tho hope of avoiding
a campaign. The Turkish Embassy In
London Is now dally Issuing reports of
successes over Bulgarian bands in various
The Turkish Embassy reports that Chlk
manoff, one of the principal confederates
in the Bulgarian revolutionary committee,
has been arrested at Vlga, 74 miles north
of Constantinople.
Inquiries made by the Associated Press
regarding the massacre at Kastorla, tend
to shw that the number of killed has
been exaggerated.
Dispatches from , Athens report that
Greece Is covering her frontier with troops
to prevent the Incursion of Bulgarian
Outrage of Turks at Kastorla Was
Indescribably Terrible.
SOFIA, Sept. IS. Further reports from
Kastorla say that' the city Is burning, and
that the massacre of Its population (esti
mated to have numbered 10,000 persons)
was Indescribably terrible. The Turks
slaughtered Indiscriminately Bulgarians
and Greeks, men, women and children.
Rcprents Exonerate President.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., Sept IS A special
fpnm VDrmitllnn 3 T1 Mva ftiof thi
Board of Regents of South Dakota has
completely exonerated President Droppers
and Professor C. M. "ioung. of the State
University, of charges that they attempt
ed to bribe a student to give false testi
mony against a member of the faculty.
The resignations of ProfessorsJ. E. Todd
and F. R. Merchant who supported tho
charges, were accepted.
Entlinslnsm for Bulgarian Troops.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sept. 18. Travelers
who arrived from Bulgaria today report
that tho Bulgarian reservists are being
received everywhere with the greatest en
thusiasm and that a bellicose spirit pre
vails in Bulgaria.
Strength, of the Bulprnrian Army.
PARIS. Sept. IS. Advices from Sofia t.a
the Foreign Offlce say the 13,000 men being
mobilized In Bulgaria will bring the pres
ent effectlvo force up to 50,000 troops.
Illinois Militiamen Offer Their Serv
ices to Macedonian Committee.
CHICAGO, Sept. IS. Many members of
the Illinois mllltla. have volunteered their
services to Macedonia In the war against
the Turks, according to a statement made
by the local Macedonian committee.
There was a lively-meeting of Macedo
nians last night in the Second Baptist
Church. G. M. Tsilka, whose wife was
kidnaped with Miss Ellen M. Stone, stirred
the audience with an account of the bar
baric practices of the Turks, and he re
lated Instances of unprovoked cruelty of
which he had been a witness. He denied
the reports that the brigands who cap
tured Miss Stone and Mme. Tsilka were
allied to or acting under the direction of
the Macedonian revolutionary party.
When the meeting adjourned those pres
ent dropped their contributions into the
folds of the Macedonian flag, as it lay half
furled at the door.
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