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Bishop O'Reilly on Education
of the Youth.
What Cntholic Children. Are Taught
in Schools by Nuns and Prfeata
Fart Taken in Upbuilding: o
the United States.
BAKER CITY, Or., Sept 8. (Special.)
Bishop O'Reilly has caused a sensation
here by a speech he delivered Sunday af
ternoon at the laying of the corner-stone
of the new St. Francis Academy. While
many people in the audience took excep
tion to the bishop's views on the subject
of education, wherein he objected to pub
lie schools and Insisted that the church
the Catholic Church had the God-given
right to educate the.young, they did not
realize the strength and vigor of the lan
guage used until they saw it in cold type
today. The address was not taken down
by a stenographer, but a. copy of it was
supplied to the local papers for publica
tion today. Referring to the objection
offered by some people to church schools
Bishop O'Reilly said:
"Doubtless to the mind of the infidel,
the rationalist, the worldling, whose God
Is Mammon, this work seems unwisdom
and foolishness.
" 'Why, they say, 'burden the people
already heavily taxed with an expensive
Institution, when the state Is ready and
willing to assume the work? Why im
pose a double tax on a generous but
struggling people?'
"We answer because of a law which
neither the state nor the parents should
dare violate; because of a law which all
are bound to -tfbey; because of a sacred
duty which eery true minister of God
should discharge toward his people. That
law is universal and eternal as God him
self." Referring to the public or state schools
he said:
"Two educators present themselves be
lore the parent uive me your dojv says
the state, 'I am prepared to educate him.
I have the wealth to maintain the best
equipped schools, to -pay the most ad
vanced teachers. I have a right to edu
cate the child, as I require educated citi
zens, capable of exercising intelligently
their right of suffrage.'
"What Is this state which makes this
demand? A corporation without heart or
soul. How and why does it teach? Does
It teach the boy to be honest, upright,
truthful, chaste, obedient to its parents,
to believe In God, hope in God, love JGod
and his .fellow beings? None of these. It
will tell the boy of the magnitude and
distance of the stars, of the science of
astronomy, of physiology, of minerology,
and the like, but nothing of the great God
who made all for men and men for
In regard to the right of the church to
control the education of the young he
"Come to me says this Catholic Mother
Church. I teach it Infallibly; outside of
me you find the jarring opinions of men,
ever contradicting each other. But like
the sun in the heavens, I give -ever the
same light and for all men. I charge not,
for I am the pHlar. and ground of truth
itself. It is this venerable and glorious
mother who was appointed by the Son of
God to teach the nations that presents
herself to teach your children."
And as to the right of the Catholic
Church on American soil, he said:
"She teaches the natural sciences, but
she tells her pupils of the God of nature.
Herinuns and brothers teach history, but
as they teach history, history is not a
conspiracy against truth and religion.
The children are taught that Catholics
discovered America, that Catholics first
proclaimed civil and religious liberty In
America; .that Catholic missionaries did
most to convert and civilize the aborig
ines of America; that a Catholic nation
helped to gain the Independence of Amer
ica; that Catholic Commodores and Gen
erals and soldiers fought, for and bled for
'America; that Catholics are not aliens,
but at home in America, having every
right to the soil as well as every right
to all the benefits of citizenship." '
Dubois Says the Flprlit Ih on in Idaho
Between Church and State.
X.EWISTON. Idaho, Sept 8. (Special.)
Senator Dubois left this morning for Og
den to attend the National Irrigation Con
gress. Before leaving he gave the fol
lowing statement to the press:
"The position of the press and the Re
publican leaders In Southern Idaho in re
gard to the appointment of Bishop Wool
ley as Assayer at Boise makes -plain the
situation in Idaho in regard to Mormon
Ism. It precipitates a fight which had to
come. There is and can be no nnlltfs in
it The Mormon church will quickly con
trol Idaho, or Idaho the Mormon church
In Idaho politics.
"It must be evident that the time has
now come when the determination must
be made whether we are to "have politics
In Idaho among ourselves or whether we
ore to accept our politics from Mormon
church leaders in Utah. The Boise States
man has precipitated the fight The peo
ple arc willing to accept it
"I myself am satisfied that Mormon In
fluence from Utah in Idaho politics is
binding on Idaho Mormons. The Idaho
Mormons are not free agents. There are
plenty of splendid exceptions, I am glad
to say."
Montana Man Is Charged With Em
bezzlement of Postal Funds.
SALT LAKE. Sent 8. Gnnmo r ria-
Assistant Postmaster at Lombardy, Mont,
was placed under arrest in this cltv tnrtav
on a charge of embezzling postofflce
funds. He was taken into custody by
Deputy Marshal Smythe, while calling
for mall at the local postofflce.
Clark admitted that he was the man
wanted, and admitted the shortage in his
accounts, but denied that he was respon
sible Tor the latter. He will be given a
preliminary hearing tomorrow before
u in luu oiaies commissioner xwomey.
Glacial Streams Overflow, Sweeping-
Cabins Into the Bay.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Sent R. ATMi oii,
from Valdes state that serious damage
has been done to the western section of
that town by floods from glacial streams
A great glacier lies back of the city, and
from this two or three creeks flow Into
the sea. These on August 21 rose bfvrmrt
their banks, spread out over what Is
known as the reservation, or west-end
section, carrying a large number of cab
Ins and fences into the' bay. James Fish
& Co. were amonar the heaviest inean
iinT ivuoi ex
press, but Fail.
STEVENS VILLE, Mont, Sept 8.-A bold
- Mf Xllliu AUUl r.Y-
rustrated by the vigilance of the crew.
pile of ties had been placed on the
acked away as soon as .he could. Three
nd ran Xor the train, but soon fell br
hind. The crew procured arms and re
turned and threw the piles to one side,
after wheth the express went through unmolested.
Will Not Be Taken Back to Ontario
SEATTLE, Sept. 8. Joe Phillips will not
be taken bak to the Kingston, Ontario,
penitentiary, whence he escaped 25 years
ago, as he is dying at the Wayside Mis
sion Hospital of cancer of the stomach.
Phillips was serving .a life sentence for
murder. He made a sensational escape 25
years ago, crossed into Minnesota, mar
ried a woman who knew he was an es
caped convict and raised a family while
living a life of respectability.
After coming to Seattle Mrs. Phillips
began a .suit tor divorce and made it
known that her husband was a murderer
and an escaped convict
Wound HLs Companion and Escnpe
Fx-om Freight Traint
DRUMMOND, Mont, Sept 8. Three
tramps, armed with revolvers, Invaded a
Northern Pacific freight train near here
last night and held up two ranch hands
who were stealing a ride. The hands, who
were unarmed, showed light whereupon
the tramps shot and killed one and seri
ously wounded the other. At Drummond
they jumped from the train and fled. The
wounded man is unconscious, and there
are no marks to identify the men. The
Sheriff has been unable to locate the
Hearing- Set for October 2, on Charge
of Murderous Assault on Wife.
LOS ANGELES, Sept 8. Colonel Griffith
J. Griffith, member of the City Board of
Park Commissioners, was today arraigned
before Justice Chambers on the charge
of assault to murder his -wife. Christina
Griffith, at the Hotel Arcadia, at Santa
Monica, last Thursdy evening. Colonel
Griffith's hearing was set for October 22.
He will probably remain at liberty under
bonds already given of J15.000.
Mrs. Griffith continues to improve at the
California Hospital.
Mrs. Bowers and Sirs. Sutton's Hear
ing Is Set ,ojr, Mondny.
SAN FRANCISCO," Sept 8. Charged
jointly with the murder of Martin Luther
Bowers, the husband of the one and the
brother-in-law ot the other, Martha E.
Bowers and Zylphla Sutton were in
structed and arraigned in the Police Court
this morning. The accused sisters stood
the ordeal remarkably well. Their pre
liminary hearing was set down for next
Monday afternoon.
Rev. William DIerdorf.
HILLSBORO, Or.. Sept 8. (Special.)
Rev. William DIerdorf, a Presbyterian
minister, aged 54 years, died at the home
of Mrs. George Ross, north of this city,
today. Deceased had been ill for four
years, and had not been active in the pul
pit Zhe funeral will, take place Wednes
day, September 9, at the Tualatin Plains
Presbyterian Church.
Delegates to Irrigation Congress.
OLYMPIA, Wash., Sept S. (Special.)
Governor McBrlde today appointed the
following delegates to the 11th National
Irrigation Congress, which meets in Og
den, Utah, September 15-18:
H. S. Blandford. of Walla Walla; S. C.
Baedecher, of Ellensburg; J. C. Thorns,
M. D., of Seattle; William Edgcumbe Mil
lor, of Spokane; Arthur Gunn. of We
natchee; Richard S. Eskridge, of Seattle;
C. E. Packard, of Waterviile.
The Governor previously appointed C. G.
Elliott, of North Yakima, and E. D. Com
ings, of Seattle. All of these gentlemen
have signified a willingness to attend the
convention. The delegation from this
state is" not entirely full as yet
Board of Trade for Forest Grove.
FOREST GROVE, Sept S. (Special.)
A number of business and professional
men met last night in Vept's Hall in re
sponse to the Mayor's call, and effected
temporary organization for a Board of
Trade. Mayor Frank T. Kane was made
temporary president, Judge W. H. Hollls
temporary secretary, a committee on per
manent organization appointed and also
one to look after pressing local matters,
and the meeting adjourned to Friday
evening. '
Pension Examiner Drops Dead.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Sent 8. D. w. Onvn
of Washington, D. C, 'special -examiner of
me .rension uureau, aieu or apoplexy in
this city today, while visiting local friends
on his way home from the National en
campment of the Grand Army of the Re
public in California. Mr. Green was
stricken In his bed early this morning and
died a few hours afterwards. The previ
ous day his health had apparently been
Salt Lake Rider Gains a Lap. '
SALT LAKE, Sept 8. W. E. Samuelson.
of this .city, gained a lap over his com
petitors In tonight's continuation of the
six days' bicycle race, and easily captured
first money. Saxon Williams, of Buffalo,
was second; N". C. Hopper, of Chicago!
third." and J. F. Fisher, of Chicago, fourth.
The other riders were badly distanced.
In the hour's riding tonight the four lead
ers covered 24 miles and two laps.
Splllman Has Gone to Texns.
THE DALLES. Or., Sept 8. (Special.)
Professor W. J. Spillman,. United States
Agrostologist of Washington, D. C, who
has been visiting the family of his sister,
Mrs. D. J. Cooper, op Ten-Mile, has left
here for Texas, leaving the proposed recla
mation of the Columbia River sand dunes
above this city, in the hands of an In
spector for further report on Its condi
tions. . Washoe ' Smelter Starts Up.
BUTTE, Mont, Sept 8. A Miner special
from Anaconda says that fires were start
ed this morning in the Washoe smelters
of the Amalgamated Copper Company. It Is
necessary to blow In the furnaces slowly
to prevent the new stack and long flues
from cracking, and it is- expected within
two weeks to have the plant in full opera
tion and the mines at Butte hoisting ore.
Cannot Get Lumber Cars.
EUGENE, Or Sept 8. (Special.) The
Booth-Kelly Lumber Company's big mills
at Springfield and Saginaw have been
compelled to shut down because cars can
not" be obtained to transport the lumber.
This throws about 150 men out of em
ployment. Governor Will Be There Thursday.
SALEM, Or., Sept 8. (Special.) Gover
nor Chamberlain and the members of his
staff will go to Gearharf Park Thursday
to review the Third Begiment, Oregon Na
tional Guard.
A Little Girl's Life Saved by Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Majel. the three months old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Blue, of Richland, Ore
gon, was ill with cholera infantum, so ill
in fact that the local physician had' given
her up. Mr. and Mrs. Westley Saunders
were at the house at the time when the
doctor told them that their little daughter
would not recover. Mr. Saunders told his
wife that he knew Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy would euro
the child and he at once secured a bottle
and with the consent of her parents gave
the little sufferer a dose of It. The baby
at once went to sleep and when she awoke
the next morning was out of danger. This
happened almost three years ago. The
child is living, and well today, and Mr.
and Mrs. Blue feel very grateful toward
the manufacturers of- this great Temedy.
For sale by all druggists.
A. Jerraud Had Been Taken to the
Salem Asylum by A. jr. McKInnon
Years Ago.
GUEpTneVILLE, Cal., Sept. S.-A. J.
McKInnon, aged 40 years, and married,
was shot and instantly killed at 8 o'clock
this morning by A. Jerraud, a lunatic,
who escaped a few days ago from the
asylum at Ukiah. The bullet passed
through McKlnnon's heart Jerraud made
good his escape and a posse, organized by
local officers of the law, are scouring the
country with hopes of arresting him.
McKInnon came here several years ago
after having resigned his office in Oregon
and purchased a ranch not far from town.
It seems that while Sheriff he was once
compelled to take Jerraud to an asylum
In Oregon, 'and for that the latter cher
ished a resentment
As McKInnon and Jacob Joos were sit
ting on Joos' porch, Jerraud came along
Professor H. V.Carpenter.
pulled a pistol and fired without warning.
His aim was perfect and McKInnon top
pled over dead.
It transpires that Jerraud escaped from
the asylum three weeks ago, and that
since that time he has been hidden In his
mother's home In this place. He had not
been seen by any one In all that time, but
today his mother becoming alarmed at
his absence, made inquiry, and this re
vealed the fact of his having been here
since his escape from the Institution.
Jerraud's mother Is censured by every
one for harboring the insane man In her
home and for not notifying the officers. .
There Is much indignation ov'er the af
fair, and even though he is insane there
is a belief that Jerraud will be roughly
handled when apprehended. He was com
mitted to the asylum last April; '
Children Torn by Barbed Wire.
TULARE, Cal., Sept, 8. At Goshen, this
county, two daughters of Peter Mallock
were thrown upon a barbed-wire fence by
a runaway horse and torn with jagged
cuts, some of which are over two feet
long. The wounds In many places are
laid open, exposing the muscles' and bone.
The two cirls were driving In a surrey
with jtwo younser sisters.' In the run
away the -vehicle became entangled In the
wire, breaking the posts and throwing
the two older girls into the meshes of the
wire, and tearing their clothing to shreds.
For a distance of 10 feet along the fence
the wires were covered with flesh and
fragments of clothing. The two younger
children were uninjured.
The eldest whose age Is 12, was most
seriously Injured. Her left arm was cut
from near the shoulder to the middle of
the fore arm, the barbs penetrating to
the bone, the arm being mangled and
Fatal Injury of Stockman.
ONTARIO. Or.. Sept 8. S. F. Bush, j
one of the most prominent farmers and j
stockmen of Malheur County,, was fatally j
Injured yesterday by being thrown from j
a horse. He was riding tne range lor
stock when the accident happened, and
it was some time before Mr. Bush was
found. He is injured internally, and small
hopes are entertained for his recovery.
Mr. Bush Is a pioneer, of Oregon and
is well known throughout the state. A
distressing part of the sad occurrence was
the fact that the physician nearest at
Claims on Stolen Horse.
OREGON CITY. Sept 8. (Special.) Dr.
H. R. Jones, of Medford? has notified
Sheriff Shaver that one of the horses that
were recovered from a horsethlef In this
Marvin M. Scarbrough.
city last Wednesday is his property. The
Medford physician gives an accurate de
scription of the horse, which he says was
stolen from his barn in Medford about two
months ago.
Sheriff Shaver yesterdaV received a tele
phone message from a Portland A'ttorney,
who claims to represent a Miss Glover, of
that city. She claims that a bill of aale
for bothhorse and buggy, which, is signed
by Tom Sawyer, was given her for a', con
slderatlon by the man who Is wanted by
the police.
Traplingen Leaves Montana.
BOZEMAN, Mont, Sept 8. It has been
rumored here for some time that F. W.
Traphagen had resigned his position in the
Agricultural College, but the rumor has
lacked definite confirmation until last
night Dr. Traphagen resigns' to accept,
the chair of metallurgy and assaying in
the Colorado State School of Mines at
Golden, Colo. Professor TrapKagen was
at ihe head of the science department of
the Agricultural College, and was one of
the best known chemists of the North-f
Will Try for All the Prizes.
VANCOUVER, Wash., Sept 8; (Spe
cial.) Company G, National Guard of
Washington, of tills city, 75' strong, will
leave for American Lake, near Tacoma;
on Sunday, September 13, where the an
nual encampment will be held. The boys
are confident of returning with the cu
offered for the best-drilled company aad
will try for all the prizes offered.
Prune Drying Under Way.
SALEM, Sept 8. (Special.) Prune -drying
has begun in some of the early or
chards, and will be general bjTthe end of
the week. Some growers report a scarr
city of help, as the hopyards have proven
more attractive to many ,who usually
work in the orchards.
Murdered Man Is John Bash.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept 8. The man
who was murdered about 25 miles west of
MacLeod, Northwest Territory, is now be
lieved io be- John Bush, and it is sup
posed -that he went there ,f rom Seattle to
take up jand. Chief Sullivan today re-
PULLMAN, Wash... Sept. 8. (Spe
cial.) H. V. Carpenter, professor
of ' electrical and mechanical en
gineering in the Washington Agri
cultural College, is a graduate ot
the University of Illinois, and held
the position of instructor In physics
in that school for three years after
his graduation. He has full charge
of the mechanical and electrical en
gineering departments In the Wash
ington Agricultural College and
teaches classes In physics and elec
trical engineering.
celved from P. C. H. Primrose; superin
tendent of the Northwest mounted police
of that district, a request that W. Selg
ler, his supposed partner, be arrested for
the murder, and detailed in his letters a
history of the case, as ascertained by the
investigation of his constables.
Enlarging Irrigation District.
ONTARIO. Or., Sept. S. William Hark
ins has signed a contract and fileda bond
for the completion of the work of enlarg
ing the Weiser. Irrigation district The
contract calls for "completion January L
at a ccst of $20,000.
Will Discharge Coal at Astoria.
ASTORIA, Or., Sept 9. (Special.)-The
British ship County of Inverness, which
arrived yesterday from Newcastle, will
discharge 551 tons or coal here before pro
ceeding up the river to Portland.
Papers Secured to Substantiate His
Claim of Relationship to Woman.
NEW YORK. Sept .8. Rev. Caslmlr
Beichlin, of Cleveland, 6., uncle of Agatha
Relchlln, who was brutally murdered last
April at the home of her brother, a priest
in Lorain, O., has arrived here from
Switzerland with proofs which he says
will refute charges alleged to have been
made after the murder to the effect that
Agatha was not Rev. Charles Relchlin's
sister. ,
"The dastardly murder of my niece was
bad. enough," he said. "But I could
scarcely credit my senses when I learned
that Inhabltants 'of Lorain had said such
unjustified and malicious things about
their pastor. When my nephew asked roe
with tears in his eyes to prove his inno
cence, I Immediately started for Switzer
land, the native, land of the Relchllns.
Arriving .there, I got the necessary papers
from the Mayor of Steinberg, In the
Canton of Schwyz where Miss Agatha
was born, and had them verified and ap
proved by the Governor of the province
and by the American Consul in Lucerne.
These papers I have brought with me."
Attempts to Kill, HI Brother.
TRENTON, N. J., Sept 8. Stephen
Karnis Is in jail here, accused by his
brother Francis of having attempted to
cause his death. .The brothers had quar
reled over property in Hungary. While
out walking Francis says Stephen dealt
him a blow over the head from the rear
with a heavy club and threw him Into the
Delaware River. The cold plunge revived
the unconscious victim, and he hurried
EUGENE. Or.. Sept. 8. (Special.)
Marvin M. Scarbrough, who for
the post year has held the position
of assistant in biology in the Uni
versity of Oregon, has resigned
that position to accept a scholarship
in the medical department of Yale
University. A scholarship In. medi
cine in tills institution is a rare
thing and Is granted to but one
person in Oregon.- It Is given
through the courtesy of a' friend of
the institution who is interested In
Oregon students, and Is good for a,
four years' course, with the under
standing that on additional year's
study may be taken it a satisfac
tory standing Is attained.
Mr. Scarbrough is a graduate of"
the University of Oregon and was
elected assistant instructor in bi
ology in recognition of his excellent
standing,- he having "made a special
ty of that work and this additional
recognition is well deserved. He
will leave for Yale in about two
home, where the story was quickly spread.
Stephen returned leisurely, and, when
questioned, said Francis had secured work
in a neighboring town. Then a dozen
men attacked Stephen " and were
threatening to end his life when ne was
rescued by the police. Francis is in the
hospital in a serious condition.
Cripple Creek 3Incft Reopen.
CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., Sept 8. With
military protection, the Flnley. Strong
and C. K. & N. mines were reopened to
day, giving employment to SO men. The
managers of these properties say they
can obtain all the miners they need, and
will employ a larger number tomorrow.
The military today rounded up some
strikers who Jeered at soldiers -and miners
returning to -work, and General Chase
read them a lecture,- after which he re
leased them.
Evacuyation of , Niu Chwang
Nearjy at Own Terms.
She Will Resume Administrative
Rights In Three Manchurlan
Provinces Russia Hopes Xevr
4 ODeal Will Pacify Japan.
LONDON, Sept 9. The Pekin corre
spondent of the Times telegraphs that-M.
Lessar, the Russian Minister, In his note
to the Wai-Wu-Pu, agreeing that Niu
Chwang and Moukden Provinces should be
evacuated by the Russians on October 8,
undertook that China shall be permitted
to resume administrative rights In three
provinces of Manchuria, provided that on
her part China undertakes that no portion
of the territory shall be conferred to any
other power; that no concession shall be
granted to Great Britain unless granted
equally to Bussia (this is obscure and re
quires confirmation); that there shall be
no increase in the present tariff on goods
entering Manchuria by the railway; In
the event of epidemic at JSiu Chwang, a
Russian health officer shall he appointed
to deal with it; that Russia shall retain
her own military telegraph along the rail
way, and that the agencies of the Russo
Chinese Bank In Manchuria shall be
guarded by Chinese soldiers. If the fore
going conditions are agreed to, Niu
Chwang and Moukden shall be evac
uated October 8, and the remaining prov
inces In due course.
The correspondent, commenting on the
foregoing, says:
"It will thus he seen that In deference
to the objections of the other powers, the
more objectionable features of the de
mands made by1 M. Planchon, who was
recently Russian Charge d'Affalres .in
Pekin, have been omitted. andwhlle Rus
sia surrenders no material advantage, she
has gained, time and can rest content
that China will never act in any way
counter to M. Planchon's demands. She
also saves the'face of China, who will ac
cept the altered conditions with alacrity.
Russia further hopes thereby to pacify
Jap'an's resentment by apparently acced
ing to her wishes while retaining abso
lute military control of the country and
hoping now to be able to push to comple
tion undisturbed her military prepara
Prussian Cavalry Under Him Wins a.
Victory Over the Saxons.
HALLE, Prussia, Sept 8. The Em
peror, who Is attending the army ma
neuvers in this vicinity, passed last night
under a huge asbestos tent.
The Emperor today led a cavalry corps
composed of 16 regiments on the Prussian
or so-called red army side, against the
Saxon army, otherwise the blues. The
Empress and Princess Victoria and Louise
followed the operations in a large four
horse carriage.
Tho Emperor was in the field before 7
o'clock this morning. Tho 12,000 horses
led by the Emperor kicked up an im
mense amount of dust on the dry fields
over which they passed, which betrayed
the movements of the cavalry. The Sax
ons, who were entrenched and wlfo had
cleverly posted their artillery, received the
attack with the fire of all their machine
and other quick-firing guns in a way that
in a real war would have quickly deci
mated the Emperor's force. But the Em
peror galloped on In a whirlwind of dust
and penetrated the Saxon line. The um
pire decided that the Saxons were de
feated and caused them to retreat across
the Saale.
Treasure Chest of Troops Robbed.
HANOVER. Prussia. Sept 8. The chest
containing the silverware of the Thir
teenth Regiment of Uhlans, In garrison
here, has. been robbed of -100 pieces of
silver, ,among them being massive cups
which were gifts of Emperor William. No
trace of the burglars has been found.
Arrested tor Insultlnfr Kaiser.
HALLE, Prussia. Sept 8. Three men
and two women have been arrested here
charged with Insulting Emperor William.
The precise nature of their offense has
not been disclosed'.
Small Band Resists Attack, of Large
Force olMoors for Hours.
PARIS. Sept 8. Dispatches from Oran,
Algeria, state that the recent defeat of
the insurgents by a French force near
Almoungar, in which the French lost 87
killed and 47 wounded, was one of the
most brilliant o the recent feats of the
French army at Algeria. It appears that
the Insurgents Intercepted a convoy an
escort of which, consisting of 120 men, re
sisted the attack of between 3000 and 4000
Moors for eight hours. The little French
force suffered greatly from thirst, but
after Inflicting heavy losses on the as
sailants, succeeded In .repulsing them
The French relieving force found the
Moors' line of retreat scattered for a
mile with dead and wounded. The French
dead, except. General Vauchez, were bur
ied on the"scene of the" fight. General
O'Connor, .at the head of a battalion of
the Foreign Legion, has started on a
punitive expedition and the entire Foreign
Legion has been ordered to hold Itself in
readiness for active service.
Offer of Good Ofllccs So Regarded by
Inter-Parliamentary Union.
VIENNA. Sept a The conference of the
Inter-Parliamentary Union for Interna
tional arbitration today adopted the reso
lutions presented yesterday by Herr'Pir
quet representing the Austrian group, and
M. Gobat, of Switzerland. Herr PIrquet's
resolution Invites all the signatories of
The Hague convention to incorporate ar
bitration provisions, and in cases of dis
pute to invoke The Hague tribunal. M.
Gobat's resolution was to the effect that
the offer of good offices should never be
considered an unfriendly act. In connec
tion with his' resolution, M. Gobat yester
day recalled the effort of the United
States to offer its good offices in the South
African War and Great Britain's reply
that she would consider such an offer as
an unfriendly act.
The conference, by a large majority,
adopted a resolution submitting Russia's
disarmament project of 189S to a congress
of the powers.
Labor Congress Passes Resolutions
'Against His Fiscal Plans.
LEICESTER, England, Sept S. At to
day's session of the Trades-Union Con
gress President Hornbridge declared Colo
nial Secretary Chamberlain's suggested
changes in, the British fiscal policy were
likely to be most detrimental to the best
interests of the natioif.
"Dabbling with the principles of free
trade," he asserted, "could do no good to
the country at present. The land laws
cause two-thirds of the national misery."
He advocated government old-age pen
sion. Tho following resolution was carried
with only two dissenting votes:
"That this congress strongly condemns
the suggested changes by Mr. Chamber
lain in our present fiscal policy as most
mlHfihlftvona and dancerous to tho best
interests of the people ot the country,
and hereby pledges Itself and urges all
other labor bodies to make every " effort
to prevent such a change being brought
The announcement ot the vote was
greeted with loud cheers. The resolution
: will be communicated to the Colonial Sec
ure tary. ,r
Japan Told It Can No Longer Inter
." fere in Dealings With China.
TOKIO, Aus. 25, via Victoria, B. C,
Sept 8. The conclusion of a. Russo-Chl-nese
secret convention Is much talked
about in Pekin, and the Chinese Foreign
Office shows special earnestness In deny
ing the fact The J1J1 correspondent says
a rumor Is gaining ground that the con
vention consists of two clauses, namely.
In regard to the quarantine and the cus
toms revenue in Niu Chwang.
Presumably with the Idea of causing dis
cord between Japan and China, Russia has
told the secretary of the Grand Council
in Pekin that a Russo-Japanese agree
ment having been concluded, Japan can
no longer Interfere with the Manchurlan
problem, and therefore China may freely
enter Into friendly negotiations with Rus
sia. News Reports to Be Censored.
SHANGHAI, Sept 8. The Pekin Gov
ernment proposes to Insert an article in
the' American commercial treaty Instruct
ing the United States Consul-General at
Shanghai to suppress any newspaper pub
lished In the foreign settlement containing
seditious or offensive articles. The supao
affair is still deadlocked between the con
sular and diplomatic bodies, each jleavlng
the decision in the matter to the other.
Greatest Victory for Centuries.
DUBLIN, Sept. 8. The National direc
tory of the United Irish League held a
meeting at Dublin today under the presi
dency of William Redmond, M. P. A res
olution was adopted welcoming- the Irish
land bill as the most substantial victory
gained by the Irish people for centuries.
Other resolutions urged the tenants to
negotiate the purchase of their holdings in
a spirit Of friendliness.
Ruler to Return Visits of Rulers.
LONDON, Sept. 9. The Daily Mall's
correspondent at Vienna learns that, be
sides visiting London, Emperor Francis
Joseph Intends to return the visits of the
Czar and the German Emperor. Accord
ing to a dispatch 'from The Hague to the
Daily Telegraph, the' Queen of Holland
is projecting a visit to the Czar during
the coming Spring.
Bubonic Plngue at Niu Chwang.
TIEN TSIN, Sept 8.-An outbreak of
bubonic plague is reported at Niu Chwang,
where a score of deaths are occurring
daily. Owing to the absence of sanitary
conditions, several bodies of victims have
been left unburled, and it is feared that
this will lead- to a serious spread ot the
Victoria Now Has a Surplus.
MELBOURNE, Victoria, Sept, 8. The
Governor, Sir George Clarke, at the open
ing cjf the State Parliament of Victoria
today, said that, the deficit of $5,000,000 has
been converted into a substantial surplus,
and added that the good rainfall justified
the ho'pes of a bountiful harvest
New Submarine Boat a Success.
ST. PETERSBURG. Sept S.-A new sub
marine boat designed by a marine engi
neer named Bubner underwent successful
trials at Cronstadt yesterday, and will be
gin torpedo practice shortly with an ap
paratus devised by a Russian -engineer
named Pevetsky.
In Proof of Friendship of Nations.
LISBON", Sept. 8. King Edward has ap
pointed the King of Portugal an Admiral
In the British navy as a token of the
friendship between the two countries,
which was strengthened by His Majesty's
recent visit to Portugal.
Government Defeated on Bill.
MELBOURNE, Victoria. Sept. 8. The
government was defeated today in the
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Commonwealth House ot Representatives
by the adoption of a labor amendment
making the conciliation bill apply to rail
way sera-ants. The Ministers are consider
ing their position.
Congo Free Stnte Orders Kmpp Guns
BRUSSELS, Sept. 8. The Patrolte says
that the Congo Free State administration
has ordered a number of armor turrets
and Krupp guns for defense of the forts
in the state, and adds that 24 Italian guns
were recently dispatched to the Congo.
Hundreds Stricken With Trichinosis.
BERLIN, Sept. 8. In Hamburg and its
vicinity 200 persons are suffering from
Oil Steamer Still Burning.
PORT ARTHUR. Tex., Sept. 8. The
steamer City of E'erltt, which caught
fire yesterday, is still burning tonight,
and the Texas Company's oil derricks are
entirely destroyed. The loss will amount
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