Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 06, 1903, Page 11, Image 11

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Reductions in
Reductions in
Two Immense Stocks Thrown on the Market
Have completed inventory in both my stores after a most successful year's business. Invoices of immense Spring Stocks on the road. My stores are not
large enough to hold all-.-resuIt, I have determined to reduce stock at once. I know of only one way, that is by Price Reductions, and the people know
that when I determine to do a thing IT IS DONE. The Price-Cutting is most startling. Clearance Prices pale into insignificance when compared with
these. Please bear in mind, NO RUMMAGE, NO ODDS AND ENDS, but two of the Jargest and most complete stocks in the city.
Every Overcoat of our handsome
collection included in this SALE.
All our splendid 15.00
Overcoats Q
go at 4)1 UJJ
All our splendid 16.00
Overcoats 19 nr
go at ) I Z.J J
All our splendid 20.00
Overcoats tf-ir nr
. go at vPI J.OJ
All our splendid 25.00
Overcoats tfn nr
go at spiy.OJ
All our splendid 30.00
Overcoats -go
at JZj.jJ
All our splendid 40.00
Overcoats aa
go at J.UU
We haven't enough left to talk
about. If you can find the size you
want we will allow you ONE-THIRD
off the regular price In otfter words
a reduction of 33K pof cent
Every Men's Suit of our vast combined
stocks included in this great sale cost has not
been considered. Remember we include all
our elegant black and blue goods.
AH our splendid $10.00 Men's Suits rT
go at 4 i vJU
All our splendid $12.50 Men's Suits .gg gj
AH our splendid $15.00 Men's g-g-j jjg
AH our splendid $20.00 Men's lje CC
Suits go at 4)MUeOv3
AH our splendid $25.00 Men's CflQ Off
Suits go at. vplcr.03
All our splendid $30.00 Men's )0 Qff
suits go at $OoJJ
1035 Pairs Men's Trousers in this sale.
' $1.95
All our Men's $3.50 Trousers (jj gCJ
:rs $3.95
!! $4.95
All our
go at ..
All our
goat .
AH our
go at..
All our
go at...
All our
go at...
AH our
go at ...
AH our
go at ...
Hundreds of styles to choose from. REMEMBER, I make no promises
how long this SALE will lest, but while it does ALL PRICES will be
AH our Boys' $2.50 School Suits go at
All our Boys' $3.00 School Suits go at
All our Boys' $3.45 School Suits go at
All our Boys' $3.95 School Suits go at
All our Boys' $5.00 School Suits go at .....
All our $1 .95 Sailor Suits go at $1.35
All our $2.50 Sailor Suits go at $1.65
All our $3.00 Sailor Suits go at $2.35
All our $3.45 Sailor Suits go at $2.75
All our $5.00 Sailor Suits go at $3.95
All our $7.50 Sailor Suits go at . ...... . . . . . $5.95
We still have full lines of Men's and Boys' Underwear which,
also go at startling reductions.
Men's Balbriggan Cotton-ribbed Underwear, extra special 29c
Men's Blue-ribbed Underwear, best 50c values in city, extra sp'l, 29c
All our 75c extra quality Underwear 49c
All our great $1.00 Underwear C -. 73c
All our great $1.50 Underwear : 99c
All our great $2.00 Underwear ! $1.35
Time is too limited to quote more
prices. WE PROMISE, and you
know what that means to give you
the BEST VALUES ever offered
in this city BEAR IN MIND
1 128 Boys' Faultless Shirt Waists with
Mother's Friend detachable bands
every one new, received today for Spring
selling, all colors, every size, 4 to 12
years, 50c values extra Clip
special fiCl,
Leading Clothier
When you see it in our ad. it's so
Myrtle DrlscoH Soys Her Husband
Painted Her Earrings to Procure
Money to Gamble With.
Bsznuel W. Driicoll. the popular orches
tra leafier at Cord ray's Theater, was sued
for a .divorce by his wife. Myrtle DrlscoH.
In the State Circuit Court yesterday. Sho
charges that he has been guilty of cruel
and Inhuman treatment, and In her com
plaint specifics numerous acts of this kind.
The couple were married at Oregon City
February 3. 1901, and hare one child, a
girl 7 months old. Mrs. Drlscoll alleges
that about one month after their mar
riage DrlscoH commenced a systematic
course of heartless 111 usage, which has
continued ever since. Bhe says ho has In
dulged In periodical sprees, and la also
addicted to the gambling habit, often re
maining away from home the greater part
of (the night, playing faro and roulette.
The plaintiff states further that he
spends nearly all of his money in this
manner, and neglects to provide properly
for her. She alleges that on January 4.
2902: after he had gambled away all of
his money, he forcibly took-from her a
pair of diamond earrings which she was
wearing, pawned them and gambled the
proceeds. On August 6. 1302, because she
left him, Mrs. Drlscoll asserts. Drlscoll
came to her mother's house, broke In the
door and threatened to kill her. He also
beat her. She had him arrested and put
under bonds to keep the peace. Sho also
charges that several days ago he left her,
declaring he would never give her an
other cent as long as he lived.
Mrs. Drlscol says he has a vicious dis
position. Is Jealous, selfish and revenge
ful, and that .she Is In fear of great bodily
harm. If not of her life. She alleges that
s earns' a 'month, and asks that he-
be made to defray the costs of the suit.
John F. Logan appears as her attornoy.
Miner Say Uc Is Crippled for Life
Through It Xegllgencc.
Suit for $40,000 damages for personal In
juries and malpractice was filed In the
State Circuit Court yesterday by Jens P.
Peterson against tho Bunker Hill & Sul
livan Mining & Concentrating Company.
Tho complaint sets forth two separata
causes of action. Tho first Is that on
July 17, 1902. Peterson was employed in
the mine, which la located near Wardner,
Idaho, as a laborer and chuck-tender.
Ho was directed to go up on a lift or
elevator, in a sklpway, to fix a pulley.
About ISO feet above him was a platform
made of loose planks. It Is alleged that
as Peterson was ascending one of these
was knocked out of place and fell, strik
ing Peterson on the right leg, breaking
tho thigh bone and otherwise serlousy
Injuring him. He says he was previously
a strong, robust man, and for this Injury
he demands 20.000' damages.
For a second cause of suit, Peterson
avers that the Bunker Hill & Sullivan
Mining & Concentrating Company employs
a large number of men. and has promul
gated a rule under which $1 per month Is
deducted from the wages of each man
employed. In consideration of this month-
'ly assessment, the company entered Into
a contract with him and others in casa
of sickness to care for them, hire compe
tent physicians and surgeons and pay hos
pital charges.
Peterson alleges that the comrnnv em
ployed Dr. Hugh France of Wardner, to
set his broken leg, and that Dr. France
proved Incompetent and failed to set the
leg In apposition, but, on the contrary,
set the break so that the ends of the bone
lapped. As a result of this alleged mal
practice. Peterson asserts that the leg Is
now three inches storter than tho other
one. He Is crippled for life, and com
pelled, to go on crutches. He therefore
asks for $20,000 additional damages. O'Day
& Tarpley appear as attornes for Peter
son. Tho papers were served upon Albert
Burch. the manager of the company In
this city.
The Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining &
Concentration Company operate one of
the largest lead and silver mines In the
world. There aro many miles of railroad
track underground, running around tho
mountain, and over GOO men aro at work
In the mine.
Laundry Company Suen Driver Who
Left Its Employ.
Judge George is to decldo It the driver
of a laundry wagon can leave his em
ployer and take the business of the routo
to another laundry. The case in point is
that of the Troy Laundry Company
against W. F. Williams.
The company had a contract with "Wil
liams that for a period of CO days after
ho should sever his connection with the
company, he should not solicit tho per
sons on the route ho was covering to pat
ronize an opposition concern. It is al
leged by the Troy Laundry Company that
Williams left after giving 13 days' notice,
when ho had agreed to give SO days' no
tice, and also that he Influenced the cus
tomers he had been calling upon, to pat
ronize the Oregon Laundry, notwithstand
ing the existence of a written contract
with the former company to the contrary.
The case was argued yesterday by At
torney TV. T. Muir. The manager of the
Troy Laundry Company testified to tho
facts In the case. Williams made no de
fense. He previously won an Injunction
suit which was brought against him. The
present action is for nominal damage in
the sum of CO, but what the company
particularly desires Is a decision on tho
contract for futuro guidance. If the con
tract Is legal, others of a like nature will
hold. It Is conceded that a driver may
quit and go to work for another company
at once and solicit orders, provided he
does not do no on the route he had Just
been covering. In other words, he must
not take advantage of his acquaintance
in a business way with people to take the
patronage from one concern to another.
?fo humor ix this.
Amateur Editor Sacs for Damage
Because He Was Thrashed.
Dr. Paul J. A. Semler yesterday filed
suit against August Eschle In the State
Circuit Court for $2600 damages on ac
count of a beating he received -at the
hands of the defendant on January 2L He
alleges In his complaint that by reason of
the injuries Inflicted upon him, bo has
been unable for tome tlmo to attend to
his business and was thereby damaged to
the extent of $100. Ho also asks for $2500
damages, because of tho bodily pain, men
tal anguish and humiliation which ho suffered.
Defendant, Acquitted of Larceny
Charge, i'ovr Wants Recompense.
Leslie O. Merrill, by his guardian,
Charles Merrill, has sued Fred Metxger,
of Gresham, In the Stato Circuit Court
for $5000 damages for false arrest and Im
prisonment. Merrill was arrested on De
cember 13, 1902, on a warrant Issued by
Justice of the Peace William Reld, charg
ing him with larceny. The complaint was
made by Metzgcr. On December 20, Mer
rill had a preliminary hearing and was
discharged from custody. He alleges in
hla complaint that his arrest was without
cause, and that his good namo was In
jured. Metzger is a butcher, and whllo
he was absent from his place of business,
Merrill called to collect somo money.
Monger's daughter went over to the
house to get It. Afterwards a consider
able sum of money was stolen from Metz
ger's house, and Merrill was suspectedtf
having taken It.
Wants Itandmr Closed.
Testimony was heard by Judge Frazer
In the case of Mrs. AUco Thomaslna
against Mrs. M. M. Taylor to enjoin the
defendant from using a strip of land 20
feet wide as a public roadway. Mrs. Tay
lor said the right to use the land as a
road was given to her by the former own
er, and Mrs. Thomaslna testified that In
subsequent transfers of property this
grant was excluded from tho deeds. Con
siderable evidence was Introduced con
cerning transfers, and the ownership of
the strip.
Court Notes.
Judge Sears will announce decisions to
day in the following cases:
S. H. Davis vs. L D. Boyer et aL On
Marjorle Coles vs. James W. Coles. On
merits. .
Mollis "Wolf vs. City & Suburban Rail
way Company. Motion for a new trial.
Articles of Incorporation of the Plateau
Farm Company were filed In tho County
Clerk's offlco yesterday by William B.
Brady, J. C. Flanders and S. B. LInthl
cum, capital stock, $25,000. The objects an
nounced aro to buy, lease and operato ag
ricultural, timber and other landa
Nora M. Grant has commenced suit
against Ebcn B. Grant for a dissolution
of the matrimonial bonds, bocauso of
cruel treatment. She alleges in her com
plaint that they wero married in Min
nesota in July, 1S3S; that ho Is insanely
Jealous and has abused her shamefully.
Mrs. Grant asked to bo restored to her
maiden name. CrandalL.
Will Celebrate What Father Knick
erbocker Did Years Ago.
NEW YORK. Feb. 5. Tho committee of
Aldermen in charga of tho celebration of
the 2S0th anniversary of tho conferring of
municipal powers on the original site of
Xew York, and the 100th anniversary of
tho building of the City Hall, has mado
preliminary plans for the ceremonies In
May. There will bo a display of histor
ical pictures and relics by storcoptlcons at
night simultaneously In public places, a
similar display In all of the public
schools, with a lecturer in attendance to
explain the views, and an elaborate celo
bratlon In tho Aldermen's Chamber, which,
will h artistically decorated, as will also
the entire outside and insldo of the City
Hall. Tho Mayor, tho Aldermen and all
tho other city officials will bo present, as
well as the prominent descendants of tho
old Knickerbocker families ldentlflod.with
tho citly affairs at the tlmo of Its Incor
poration. A large collection of pictures
and historic rellcsf will bo placed on view
In tho Metropolitan Museum of Art. theso
to bo lent by historic societies and other
Three doses f Hood's Sarsaparllla dally
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