Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 08, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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Business showed considerable recovery yes- I
terday from the usual post-holiday lassitude. 1
"Wheat ruled nominally steady. In spite of J
lower prices In Eastern markets. There was .
no definite basis for trading and very few j
sales were reported. The most conspicuous
change In quotations yesterday was an ad
vance of 10c In standard brands of canned
tomatoes and corn. Eggs were Arm at the gen
erally recognized price of 23c Receipts were
quite large and show the expanding Influence
of warm weather. The same Influence has
enlarged the supply of butter, until the prod
uct Is bordering on weakness. Poultry Is
strong at higher prices. Ducks and best hens
are especially In demand. AVlld ducks, how
ever, are In over-supply. All dressed meats
are active, conspicuously pork and veal. Packing-house
products are dull. Potatoes and on
ions rule steady. In spite of heavy receipts.
Large quantities have been shipped to San
Francisco, where they have been absorbed
readily. A good many sales of Valley wool
have taken place recently at 15c. and the
left-over product Is almost all sold. In hops
nothing Is doing and growers are disposed to
hold the small quantity they have left. Prunes
show no Improvement.
Bnnk Clearing.
Exchanges. Balance.
Portland $553,701 2MJJ
prattle 050.082 53.405
Tacoma 195,320 4G,5!K
Spokane 305,844 44.73S
Grain, Floor, Etc.
The local wheat market had very little gin
ger In It yesterday. Exporters seem to feci
that the prices for which the cereal Is held
are too rich for their blood. Consequently, they
are not anxious to buy. although there has
been severe competition between purchasers
in several Instances. The relapse In the East
yesterday, caused by weaker Liverpool cables,
only tended to hang up business still more.
Nominal quotations yesterday were G20G2l.4c
although 03c was whispered In a few places.
What little business there was, -was mostly
for Eastward shipment. Barley Is quite scarce
now and very hard to buy, except in out-of-the-way
places. The same Is true in lesser
degree with oats. Trading In the latter Is sus
pended until the next Government contracts
for 2000 tons shall be awarded. These con
tracts will be given out today and unsuccess
ful bidders will probably throw oats on the
market and relieve the stringency somewhat.
Millstuffs continue In strong demand. Freights
are weaksr and It Is dropped that spot ships
may be had under 35f, and In a pinch even
under 34s.
Wheat Firm: "Walla "Walla. C2ffG3c; blue
stem. G3JTG4c; A'alley. G3C?C4c-
Barley Feed, $181S 00; brewing, ?18 50
19 00 per ton.
Oats No. 1 white, $1 lOfll 25; gray, ?1 05
1 10.
Flour Best grades. ?2 53 80 per barrel;
graham. ?2 SO.
Millstuffs-Brnn. $18 per ton; middlings. ?20:
shorts, $19 50; chop, $17.
Hay Timothy. $1112; clover. $77 50; Ore
gon wild hay, $50 per ton.
McutM nnd Provision.
Mutton Lambs. 3;i34c. gross; dressed. C&c
per pound: sheep, wethers, 3U3c, gross;
dressed, OCCVic per pound; ewes. 3Vi4J(3Vic;
grof-s; dresbed, OgC'jc per pound.
Hogs Gross. 5Mc; dressed, GMQlc per pound.
Veal bfj&e per pound.
Beef GroFs. cows. 3&c; steers, 3V4Q!4c:
dressed, 37c per pound.
Hams, bacon, etc Portland pack (Shield
brand) hams, 12j45?13&c: picnic, 9jic per pound;
breakfast bacon, 15'-s$f'lGVc per pound; bacon,
14c per pound; backs, 12c per pound; dry-salted
sides, lie per pound: dried beef, setts, 10c;
knuckles. ISc per pound; Eastern pack hams,
large, 12$ic; medium. 13c; small. 13c; picnic.
9Jc: shoulders, 9$Je; breakfast bacon, 14
15Hc; dry-salted sides. HUc: bacon, sides,
12Vc; backs, unsmoked, ll!4c; smoked, 12lic:
butts, 9?i109ic per pound; dried beef. 15 U
17Uc per pound; dry-salted bellies,-llU12Vtc;
bacon bellies, 12',i'i3Vic per pound.
Lard Portland (Shield brand), 0s, 13c; 10s.
12T,c: 50s, 12c: tierces, 12Vic; Eastern, pure
leaf, kettle rendered, 5s, 12-ic; 10s, 12c; 50s.
Potntocx and Onion.
Potatoes Best Burbanks, JK)c(J?$l 10 per cen
tal; ordinary. 70Sb0e ier cental, growers
Onions $1 5001 75 per cental, growers prices.
Ilntter, Ekk, Poultry. Etc.
Butter Creamery. 25Q27H:c: dairy, 16if20c:
store. 12's15c
Eggs 25c for fresh Oregon.
Poultry Chickens, mixed. $3 504; hens.
$4 505 per dozen; Spring, 104llc per pound:
$3 50?4 50 er dozen; ducks. $3 50C 50
for joung: ?reese, $Cfl)7 per dozen; turkeys,
live, 12??13c: dressed. 15$?lfic pound.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 13(7l3&c; Young
Arserlca, 14g15c; factory prices, lS'llic less.
Vcjfetnlilen, Fruit. Etc.
Tomatoes, $:J1 25; turnips, G5g75c; carrots.
C3Q75c: beets, SOfiOOc per sack; pumpkins. $1
1 25; fequasbes, $lfrd 25 per 100 pounds; cauli
flower, 73S5c per cental; celery, 75c per doz
en; sweet potatoes, $1 50 per cental.
Green fruit Lemons, $2 25fr3 oranges, $2
2 75 per box: bananas, $2 25g3; pineapples,
$5 per dozen; grapes, $1 50Q1 00 per crate;
apples, 50c$l 50; cranberries, $1011 per bar
rel. Dried fruit Apples, evaporated, 7gSc r
pound; sun-dried sacks or boxes, 45c; apri
cots, ll(S,l2c: peachi-s, 8llc: pears, 6ff6c;
prunes. Italian, 3g4c; flgs, California blacks,
3lQ4c; do white, 5c; plums, pltless, white, 0c
Groceries. Nuts, Etc.
Coffee Mocha, 232Sc; Java, fancy. 20J?32c;
Java, good. 2og24c; Java, ordinary, 18$?20c;
Costa Bica, fancy. !Sfe20c: Costa Rica, good,
ICiJilbc; Costa Rica, ordinary, 1012c per
pound; Columbia roast, $11 5o: Arbuckle's,
$12 03 list; Lion. $12 13 llbt; Cordova, $12 03
Rice Imperial. Japan No. 1, 55ic; No. 2,
5c; Nev Orleans, 507c
Sugar Cube. $5 25; crushed. $5 25; powdered,
$4 95; dry granulated, $5; extra C, $4 75; gold
en C, $4 -0 net per sack; beet sugar. $5 15 per
sack; half barrels. 4c more than barrels;
sacks. 10c per 1O0 less than barrels; maple,
1510c per pound.
Honey 124 15c per pound.
Salmon Columbia River, one-pound tails,
$1 85; two-pound tails, $3; fancy one-pound
flats, $2; it-pound fancy Hats. $1 25: Alaska
tails, 95c; two-pound tails. $2.
Grain bags Calcutta. $8 25 per 100 for spot
Nuts Peanuts. CjTc per pound for raw, 83
S4c for roasted: cocoanuts, S5gJ)0c per dozen:
wnlnuts. lOHSHc per pound; pine nuts, 100
12tc: hickory nuts, 7c; chestnuts. $3 505 per
drum; Brazil nuts, 7c; filberts, 15lGc; fancy
pecans, 1414Ac: almonds, 12415c
Coal oil Cases, 20hc per gallon; barrels, lGc;
tanks, J 4c
Stock salt 50s. $19 75; 100s. $19 25; granu
lated, 50s, $28; Liverpool, 50s, $2S; 100s, $27 00
200s. $27.
Hops, "Wool and Hide.
Hops &S11V4C per pound.
Wool Nominal; Valley. 13i?I5c; Eastern Ore
gon, affile; mohair. siffSifec per iound.
Sheepskins Shearings, 1520c; short wool.
2535c; medium wool, 30G0c; long wool, COc
6$1 each.
Tallow Prime, per pound, 4'4'.c; No. 2 and
.grease. 23c
Hides Dry hides. No 1, 10 pounds and up.
loglSfcc per pound; dry kip. No. 1. 5 to 15
pounds. 15c: dry calf. No. 1, under 5 pounds,
lGc; dry-salted, bulls and stags, one-third less
than dry flint; salted hides, steers, sound, CO
pounds nd over SGOe: 50 to 00 pounds. 7fc
8c; under 50 pounds and cows, 7c; stags anu
bulls, sound. 55V4c; kip. sound. 15 to 30
ptunds, 7c. veal, sound. 10 to 14 pounds, 7c;
calf, bound, under 10 pounds. Sc; green (un
saltcd). lc per pound less; culls, lc per pound
less; horse hides salted, each. $1 50g2: dry,
each. JUffl 00: colts' hides, each, 25ft50c; goat
skins, common, each, 10015c; Angora, with
wool on, ?ach. 25c'$l.
Pelts Boar skins, as to size. No. 1, each. $5
20; cubs. $265, badger, each, 10g40c; wild
cat, 2530c: house cat, SglOc; fox. common
gray. each. 30S30c; do red. each. $1 50i?2: do
cross, each. $515; do sliver and black, each.
$100g200; fishers, each. $500; lynx. each. $2g-3;
mink, strictly No 1, each, S0ag$l 25; marten,
dark Northern. $0612; marten, pale. pine, ac
cording to size and color. $1 503; muskrals.
large, each. 5&10c; skunk, each. 2535c; civet
or polecat, each. uQlOc; otter for large prime
skins, each, $Q7: panther, with head and
claws, pei feet each. $25: raccoon, for large
prime, each, 30T35c: wolf, mountain, with
head perfect, each, $3 5o5; wolf, prairie (coy
ote), with head perfect, each. 4000c: -wolf,
prairie (coyote), without head. each. 30gfX5c;
wolverine, each, $47; beaver, per skin, large,
$5C; do medium, $304; do small. $101 50;
do kits, 50075c
An Active nnil Enrly Cloning nt
About the LoTTcnt of tlie Dajv
NEW TORK, Jan. 7. The stock market be
came decidedly reactionary today. There was
the same contest during the morning as there
was yesterday between the faction working for
an advance and the reactionists. United States
Steel stock were still the rallyng pont for the
bulls, and were dealt In to an enormous extent-
The rest of the market kept slipping
away, however, and gained momentum on the
downward grade. The bulls were alert to
avail themselves of every opportunity of cre
ating any sympathetic strength by impressive
advances in Individual stocks. No such ef
fective factor came to their aid as the unex
pected increase In the New Jersey dividend
yesterday, and the market closed active and
easy at about the lowest of the day.
There was a bull demonstration In Sugar, In
the midst of the session, which carried it up
4 points. The movement was apparently based
on active agitation In behalf of Cuban reci
procity and the entry of Cuban sugar free of
Amalgamated Copper waa notably firm on
the rally In the raw copper market in Lon
don. Both of these stocks yielded, however,
before the close.
There was a rather palpablo effort to Induce
a transfer of speculation Into the Industrials,
while the railroads were sold to take profits.
The United States Steel etocks were made
the leaders on the strength of the general ex
pectation that a very favorable showing of
earnings would be made at the meeting of
directors today, which was not held, however,
until after the market had closed. The ex
treme advance In the common stock only
reached . and In the preferred , when they
began to suffer In common with the rest of
the list from profit-taking sales. The common
stock was carried U under yesterday and the
preferred a point. With this development the
reactionary tendency of the market was prac
tically uncontested.
The stocks of the various express companies
made notable advances, reaching 10 points in
American Express nnd 8H In United States
Express, with no other cause than the recent
extra dividend disbursements and very large
The Inclination to sell stocks seemed to be
based on general considerations of distrust of
the money outlook, and of the present high
level of prices. Confidence In an early abun
dance of money Is becoming Impaired with the
conviction that considerable gold will go out
soon to help the foreign markets in prepara
tion for the flotation of the expected new Brit
ish war loan, and the large Russian loan which
Is Imminent in Paris. The retirement of cir
culation by the National banks attracLs at
tention. The problem of the Government's sur
plus is seen to have growing Importance with
the diminution of the available supply of Gov
ernment bonds for redemption, and the finan
cial world looks with some Interest to the
inauguration of the new Treasury administra
tion In this connection.
The Increase of Interor trade may also dis
play the usual reflux of funds. There was
frank discussion of the current reports of
leans by New York banks on Crude Rubber
securities. This addition to troubles of the In
dustrial combinations recently disclosed helped
to repress the speculation, and especially to
discourage the efforts to lead It Into that
class of securities. Net losses of between
one and three points are quite general among
prominent stocks.
The bond market was affected by the weak
ness of stocks. Total sales, par value, $3,
750,000. Government bonds were all unchanged
on the last call.
The Dnj'8 Transactions.
I 5 f 2
I '
Atchison 23.000 60i 704 WI
do pfd (ex dlv) 7.300 1011 99- 09;i
Baltimore & Ohio 7.000 107U 105 lu$
do pfd 200 ttfi 90 D5M,
Canadian Pacific 3,400 llCU 115 115-ft
Canada Southern , 85
Chesapeake & Ohio 2.300 47 47 4734
Chicago &. Alton SoO 30 30 30Vt
do pfd "7
Chicago. Ind. & Louis.. 2.500 52VJ 51 Vi 51'4
do pfd 500 70'7G 7i
Chicago & East. Ill 135
Chicago & Gr. Western. 5,000 21 23, 23-
do A pfd 200 84 84U 84
do B pfd 300 47 40 45
Chicago & N. W 1.200 213 210ft 210s
Chicago. R. L & Pac... 3.000 15094 153 155't
Chicas-o Term. & Trans. ... 10
do pfd 000 31 31 31
C. C. C. & St. Louis.. 000 07 9Cv4 07
Colorado Southern 2,500 15JJ 13 15
do 1st pfd 1.400 02 01 tJl'A
do 2d pfd 1.700 20 2S 2fci
Delaware &. Hudson.... D.SoO 184 lSlfeilslVi
Del., Lack. & Western. 2,900 253 25S 257
Denx-er & Rio Grande I 44
do pfd 700 93 fCJll 92
Erie 24.500 -iT. 42 42
do 1st pfd 7.000 75 73 73
do2d pfd 0,500 02 C0 00
Great Northern pfd 000 190 1S71S7
Hocking Valley 800 09 0U 09
do pfd 300 82 82 S2
Illinois Central 1,700 140 140 l.,
Iowa Central 200 40& 39 39
do pfd 100 74 74 73
Lake Erie & Western.. 100 09 09 U
do pfd 123
Louisville & Nashville.. 0,800jl07100 jlOOVi
Manhattan Elevated ... 2.000 I-Siu.ij's i.
Met. Street Railway.... 5.400 105 103 1C2
Mexican Central 0.200 28U 27 2i-.
Mexican National .... 3.500 15 14 13 "
Minn. & St- Louis 2,700 llO7i107'A 107
Missouri Taclflc 15,400 103 101 101i
Mo.. Kansas & Texas.. 100 20 20 20
do pfd 400 53 52 52
New Jersey Central . . . 200 198 194 194
New York Central 2.200 107 100 100
Norfolk & Western 2.000 5S 57 37
do pfd oii
Ontario & Western 4.400 35 34 34 ;
Pennsylvania 11.200 150 149 149
Reading 103.100 58 00 50
do 1st prd 0,200 83 82 81
do 2d pfd 24.200 00 04 04
St. Louis & San Fran.. 5.:)00 00 59 095J
do 1st pfd 200 85 84 84
do 2d pfd 2.700 70 74 74
St- Louis S. W 100 27 27 20
do pfd 300 59i 59 3SVl
St. Paul 10.300 107 104& 104 -t,
do pfd ISO
Southern Pacific 13.500 01 CO Co
Southern Railway 5.700 34 33 S3
do pfd 2.000 94 93 93
Texas & Pacific 800 39 39 30
Toledo. SLL.& West ?. 19
do pfd 100 37 37 35
Union Pacific 31,700 13 101 101
do pfd 4.300 00 S9 80
Wabash 4,900 23 22 22
do pfd 5.900 43 42 42
Wheeling & Lake Erie 18
do 2d pfd 30
Wisconsin Central ,i... 1.000 2C 20 20
do pfd 1,000 41 41 41
Express Companies
Adams 200
American 700 222 214U 215
United States 6.000 109 100 100
Wells-Fargo 100 195 193 192
Amalgamated Copper .. 01,300 72 70 70-
Amec. Car & Foundry.. 3,000 3l4 .0 3t
do pfd 1.200 SS 87 87
American Linseed OH 16
do pfd 44
Amer. SmelL & Refln.. 3,100 40 44 45
do pfd 200 97 87 90
Anaconda Mining Co... 1,100 31 30 30
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 13.100 OS CO G5
Colorado Fuel & Iron.. COO 88 SO 85
Consolidated Gas 000 217 210 210
Cont- Tobacco pfd 115
General Electric 400 281 2S0 270
Glucoe Sugar 800 40 40 40
Hocking Coal 200 16 10 15U
International Paper ... 400 21 21 20U
do pfd 1.200 77 70 "tl
International Power 87Vi
Laclede Gas 95
National Biscuit SOO 45 43 45
National Lead 1.400 16 10 15
do pfd (ji
North American 92
Pacific Coast 100 73 73 71
Pacific Mall 400 47 47 40
People's Gas 4.900 105 102 1021
Pressed Steel Car 700 42 11 41
do pfd 700 S5 81 64
Pullman Palace Car U7
Republic Steel 8.900 17 16 lots
d PM 2,900 70 09" C9
Sugar ...... 43.800 121 117 119
Tennewec Coal & Iron.. 3.200 00 01 G4t
Union Bag & Paper Co. 200 14 13 13i
do pfd -31
United States Leather.. 1.700 12 12 12
UnUe'duVes-Rubber::....1.!2 81 f
do pfd 31
United States Steel 117.200 46 '43" 45
do pfd 101.000 97 93 96
Western Union 3.200 01 90 91
American Locomotive . 10,500 34 32& 32V
do pfd 12.200 94 02 j)2
Total sales for the day. 911.000 shares.
Foreitrn Financial Xcith.
NEW YORK. Jan. 7.The Commercial Ad
vertiser's London financial cablegram says:
The stock market today was Inactive but
firm. Copper shares were strong. Rio Tln
tos rose to 40; Anacondas to 7 7-16 and cop
per to 47 12s 6d the ton. The American de
partment was siuggisniy nard. .with United
States Steel stronger on American and Con
"tlnsntal orders. New York bought Reading.
The trade returns for December show an in
crease In exports of 4 per cent, the first In
crease nince last January. Imports Increased
per cent. The year's exports decreased
3 per cent, and the Imports are unchanged.
Money, Exchange, Etc.
NEW YORK. Jan. 7. Money on call steady
at 5ffC per cent; closing, bid nnd asked. 4
5 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper. 0f?5 per cent.
Sterllnc exchange firm at decline, with ac-
tual business at bankers' bills at $4 67?
4 S7 for demand and at $t frl for CO days.
Posted rates, $4 854 SO. Commercial bills,
$4 63HG4 84.
Mexican dollars, 44c
Bonds Government, steady; state, inactive;
railroad, heavy.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 7. Sterling on Lon
don. CO days, $4 84; do sight, $4 87.
Mexican dollars. 47c
Drafts Sight, 2c; telegraph,5c
LONDON, Jan. 7. Consols, 04.
Stock nt London.
LONDON, Jan. 7. Anaconda. C: Atchison.
82; do preferred. 100; Canadian Pacific 119;
D. & R. G.. 46; do preferred, 03; Northern
Pacific, 102; Southern Pacific. 02; Union Pa
cific, 105; do preferred. 92.
Daily Treawnry Statement.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. Today's statement
of the Treasury balances shows:
Available cash balances $174,145,103
God 112.321,487
Prices of Cereal at American and
European Fort.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 7. Wheat Easy.
Barley Quiet
Oats Less active.
Spot quotations
Wheat Shipping. $1 00: milling, $1 O70
1 os.
Barley Feed. 80(?82c; brewing. S56S7c
Oats Red. $1 20gl 40; white, $1 2501 40;
black. $1 15?1 30.
Call board sales
Wheat Easy; cash, $1 00.
Barley No sales.
Corn Large yellow, $1 30fil 33.
LONDON, Jan. 7. Wheat cargoes em pas
sage rather firmer; cargoes. No. 1 standard
California. 30s 3d; cargoes. Walla Walla. 29s
4d. English country markets Arm.
LIVERPOOL. Jan. 7. Wheat Firm: wheat
and flour In Paris dull; French country mar
kets firm. Weather In England coudy.
Trade "Was Large and Xervonn-Pro-vintons
Dull nnd Eawy.
CHICAGO. Jan. 7. Trade In wheat was large
and extremely nervous. Jumps of cent In
either direction occurred with great rapidity.
A tense foelng was present throughout the ses
sion, based largely on an overbought state of
the market. There was still a slight bullish
tono p.evalllng as a result of the higher out
sid markets, especially In the Southwest, but
the crowd seemed afraid to carry any very
large lots, and ran on any appearance of a
selling movement- Tho bearish factor that
started the decline was the unexpected weak
ness of the Liverpool market. May opened
weak. to c lower nt Slf?S4c A rush
of outside buying orders advnnced prices quick
ly, but selling seemed popular and there were
repeated sags. Minneapolis reported an ad
vance of 10c In flour and a good cash de
mand, and the Winter wheat belt still torn
plained of lack of moisture. May sold to
84c but closed weak ahd c lower at S3Q
The main Influence in corn was the wheat
market, which this pit followed quickly on
the declines, but not so well on the recoveries.
The close was weak, c lower, at 67c
Oats had the best tone of any of the pits.
July closed with a net gain of only c at 4V&c
nftr rising lc over yesterday. May closed
c down at 40c
Provisions were dull and easy. The bearish
Incentives were a large run of hogs and lower
prices nt the yards, and some local selling.
May pork closed 12c down, lard 57c lower
and ribs 5c off.
The leading futures tanged as follows:
Opening. Highest- Lowet. Closing.
...$0 80 $0 80 $0 79 $0 79
May ...
July ...
84 84
83 83
"C7 "07it
G0 07
46 47
40 41
33 34
May ...
July ...
May ...
July ...
10 SO
17 22
17 22
.17 25
.17 22
17 27
17 25
17 15
17 22
May 0 92 0 03
July 9 05 1000
May 875 8 SO
0 82
9 02
10 00
9 93
8 45
8 77
8 75
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour Steady and quiet.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. 8,lc; No. 3 Spring.
70??80c: No. 2 red. S9c.
Oats No. 2. 47c; No. 2 white, 49c; No. 3
white. 40g0Oc
Rye No. 2. 67c
Barley Fair to choice malting, 59i763c
Flaxseed No. 1, $1 C6; No. 1 Northwestern,
$1 70fM 70.
Timothy seed Prime, $6 53.
Mess pork $10 SOIflC 90 per bbl.
Lard $9 S2C0 65 per cwt.
Short ribs sides Loae, $3 45gS 57.
Dry salted shoulders Boxed, $7 377 60.
Short clear sides Boxed. $8 85$?S 95.
Clover Contract grade. $10.
Butter Steady; creameries, 1524c; dairies,
Cheese Firm, 10J?llc
Eggs Fresh, 25$J29c
Receipts. Shlpm'ts.
Flour, barrels ..
Wiieat. bushels .
Corn, bushels ...
Oats, bushels ...
Rye. bushels ...
Barley, bushels .
, 39.000 35,000
. 01.000 61.000
,184.000 220.000
,191.000 232.000
. 14.000 3.000
. 3,000 35,000
Xevr York Grain and Produce.
NEW YORK. Jan. 7. Flour Receipts, C53.1
barrels; exports. 12.795 barrels. While busi
ness was restricted by the wheat break, holders
remained Arm at old prices.
Wheat Receipts. 3S00 bushels; experts. 112,
807 buhels. Spot, flm. No. 2 red, 00c f.
o. b. afloat, SS elevator: No. 1 Northern
Duluth. S9 f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Du
luth. 95 f. o. b. afloat- Options turned
rather weak today, suffering from extensive
profit taking, unsatisfactory English cables,
foreign selling and a less active demand from
outsiders; closed weak at lc net decline.
March closed at SSc; May, 8Sc; July, 87c
Hops quiet.
Hides Steady.
Liverpool "Wheat nnd Corn Receipt.
LIVERPOOL. Jan. 7. Receipts of wheat
during the past three days were 283.000 cent
als, including 170,000 American. Receipts cf
American corn during the past three days,
1400 centals.
Former Quotations Firmly Main
tained HuMlncKK Q,uict.
BOSTON. Jan. 7. The wool market here pre
sents few new features this week, conditions
an a whole running strong, with general bul
nfss quiet. Prices for wool are Arm, and while
few large lines are being sold, former quo
tations are firmly maintained. Territory
wools continue to head, the list of sales. Good
lou of fine medium are yet selling on the
ccoured basis of 42f?43c with flne at 4546t,
and stnnln wools at 47Cr4Sc Oregon wools
continue steady on the basis of 4234 4c for
medium and flne, with valley. 35?3Sc and sta
ple at 45(?4Sc Fleece wools are held firm,
but sales are moderate. Ohio washed Delaine
Is quotnblc at 2SfT2Sc. with some holding at
29c while XX and above Ohio Is quotable At
CCc Michigan wpols hold about 20 cents for
quarter-bloods. Australian wools are quoted
as follows: Qunrter-bloods, 38c clean; three
eighths blood, 465HSc: LIncolns. 32c; merinos,
Buper combing, 7Qg72c and good at CCgGSc
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 7. Wool Spring
Humboldt and Mendocino. 15Q10c; Nevada, 10
112c; Eastern Oregon. 10ffl3c; Valley Oregon.
13gl5c Fall Humboldt and Mendocino, 103
12c; mountain, 830c; south plains and San
Joaquin, ogSc; lambs, GSc
Hops New crop, 1 Of? 15c
Hay Wheat. $0gl2 50: wheat and oats. $98
11 50; best barley. $0 5O0&; alfalfa. $9310; clo
ver, $6gS per ton: straw. 33ftS0s per bale
VegetaDles Green peas, 2ft4c per pound;
string beans. 12c per pound: tomatoes. $1
1 50; cucumber. 75cff$l 75 per box; garlic.
203c per pound: egg plant, 10ff20c
M:llstutTs Middlings. $19 00320; bran, $1S50
519 per ton.
Onions Yellow. $1 6033 23.
Potatoes River Burbanks. 83c3$l 10; Salinas
Burbanks, $1 2331 60; Oregon Burbanks, $1 20
1 60; sweet, $1 1031 23 per cental.
Pineapples $3g-l.
Poultry Turkeys, gobblers, 12313c; do hens,
Downing, Hopkins & Co.
Room 4, Ground Floor
1314c pr pound; old roosters. $4 251 75 per
dozen; young roosters. $4 5035 50; small broil
ers. $3 5034; large broilers. $4$5; fryers, $4 50
33 per dozen; hens, $45; old ducks, $4 5035;
young ducks, $637.
Eggs Fancy ranch. 30c per dozen; store, 28c;
Eastern, 26c
Apples Choice, $1 25; common. 30c per box.
Bananas 75c$2 75 per bunch.
Citrus fruit Common California lemons, 50c:
choice. $2 70: Mexican limes. $44 50; oranges,
navel. $1Q2 75.
Butter Fancy creamery, 23c; do seconds. 19c;
fancy dairy. 21c per pound; do seconds, 10c.
Cheese Young America, 12c: Easter, 13315c
per pound; new, llc; old, lie
Receipts Flour, quarter sacks. 25,571: wheat,
centals, 59.670: barley, centals. 6S10; oats,
centals, 3S0; do Oregon, 1270; beans, sacks,
2S2; corn, centals. 1190: potatoes, sacks. 837;
bran, sacks. 1SS0: middlings, sacks, 301; hay.
tons. 191; wool, bales, 17; hides, 647.
CHICAGO. Jan. 7. Cattle Receipts, 7000. In
cluding 5S0 Tcxans. Market active at Mon
day's prices. Good to prime. $0 5037 50; poor
to medium. $4 OO30 00: stockers and feeders.
$2 25g4 75: cows. $1 23ff4 DO: helfen. $2 50
5 50: canners. $1 2532 25; bulls. $2 2534 75;
calves, $3 0036 50; Texas fed steers, $3 25
5 25.
Hogs Receipts today, 39,000. Market slow
and 10 to 20c lower. Mixed snf butchers.
$036 25; good to choice heavy, $0 253d 57;
rough heavy. $3 0036 20; light. $5 0033 20;
bulk of sales. $030 35.
Sheep Receipts. 30.000. Market, steady.
Lambs, 23c lower than last week. Good to
choice wethers, $434 73; fair to choice mixed,
$3 2034 25: Western sheep, $44 73; native
lambs, $3 5035 S3; Western lambs, $535 75.
SOUTH OMAHA. Jon. 7. Cattle Receipts.
570; market shade lower, steady. Native steers,
$436 00; cows and heifers. $2 8034 50; West
ern steers, $3 7535 40; Texas steers. $3 50
4 40; canners. $1 5032 75; stockers and feeders,
$2 7534 30; calves, $330 25; bulls, stags, etc.
$2j:4 10.
Hogs Receipts. 12,000: market 10315c lower;
heavy, $6 1030.50; mixed. $636 20; light. $3 70
00 10; pigs, $4 50fi3 50; bulk of sales, $5 900
6 20.
Sheep Receipts, 3500: nvirket steady, shade
lower: fed muttons, $434 75; ''Westerns, $3 50
33 80; ewes, $2 8033 40; common and stockers.
$2 5033 CO; Iambs, $4 5035 00.
KANSAS CITY. Jan. 7. Cattle Receipts,
9000, Including 2000 Texans; market steady to
10c lower: native st,eers. $4 5036 25; Texas
nnd Indian steers. $3 5035 23; Texas cows,
$2 5034: native cows and heifers. $2 0035:
Mockers nnd feeders. $3 504 40; bulls, $2 50
4; calves. $3 5035 50. x
Hogs Receipts, 21.000; market, 10c lower:
bulk of sales, $5 00-30 50; heavy. $0 5036 00;
packers. $6 1530 50; medium. $036 50; light,
$5 50ff6 23; Yorkers, $3 2536; -pigs. $4 230
6 25.
Sheep Receipts. 3000. TIarket steady; mut
tons, $3 5034 50; lambs, $535 00; rango weth
ers, $3 5034 40; ewes, $3 25g4 00.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 7. Locally there was no
active movement in prices for pig tin. with
spot quoted at $2232. The price at London
was 1 5s lower; spot closed at 100 9s, and
futures at 9S 6s.
Copper was nominally unchanged at New
York, with sellers at 12c for Lake, but It
was no doubt lower to sell. Electrolytic was
quoted at 12c, and casting at llc London
copper prices were 10s higher. Spot closed
there at 47 10s, and futures at 47 15s.
Lead was dull and unchanged here at 4c
but at London prices were Is 3d higher at
10 1K
Spelter ruled firmer here nt 10 points' ad
vnncc to $4 40, while London prices were 2s
Cd lower at 10 10s.
Iron was dull and nominal here. Pig Iron
warrants. $11312: No. 1 Northern foundry.
$15 3010: No. 2 Northern foundry. $13315 50;
No. 1 foundry. Southern. $15 5031C: No. 1
foundry. Southern, soft, $15317. At Glasgow
Iron was quoted at 49s, and at Middlesboro
at 43s 7d.
Bar silver, 55Sic
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 7. Bar sliver. 55?8c
LONDON. Jan. 7. Bar sliver, 25 1-lCd;
money. 232 per cent.
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK. Jan. 7. Spot Rio. dull; No. 7
Invoice. 6c: mild, quiet; Cordova. 73Hc
Sugar Raw. easy: fair refining. 3c: cen
trifugal. 06-test. 3c; molasses sugar, 2c
Refined, steady.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7. Coffee futures closed
at a net decline of 14 to 20 points. Total sales.
78.750 bags. Including: January, $6 4030 45:
March. $6 5030 60; May. $8 6536 75; June.
$0 80: July, $6 8536 95; September. $77 15;
October. $7 1037 15; November, $7 20; Decem
ber, $7 30.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7. The cotton market
opened ptcady with prices 4 to 6 points lower,
and closed barely steady with prices net 10 to
14 points lower.
Stirring: Republican ArrainKnient of
the Payne Tariff Bill.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
"She has lost her free Intercourse with
Spain and Cuba, without any compensat
ing benefits. The markets of the United
States should be opened up to her prod
ucts. Our plain, duty is to abolish all cus-
-toms tariffs between the United States
and Porto Rico."
Thus tpqke William McKInley to Con
gress and his country on December 5,
IKK), and all humane Americans applauded
him. Yet we all know how greedy epe
clal Interests Influenced scores of Con
gressmen to evade temporarily our plain
duty. Two years have passed, nnd the aarne
Congressmen arc Influenced by the same
special Interests to deny Justice to the
Philippines. Again, the profits of a petty
clique loom larger in Congressional eyes
than the prosperity of multitudes of our
new people. And the menace of this nar-Tow-mlnded
folly is a thousand-fold
greater than In the case of Porto Rico.
Porto Rico is a small Island, eahlly ac
cessible to our military forces, with less
than 1.000.0CO unwarllke people. Had we
resolved to starve the Porto Rlcans we
could have done so with little risk. AVe
could have hedged them in with cruisers
and held them down with bayonets. "We
were in a position- to enforce outrageous
wrongs with comparative safety.
But the Philippines are a huge archi
pelago, with vast tracts that are almost
Inaccessible to us, and with 8,000,OX peo
ple, the majority of them warlike, and
many of them trained to fight. When we
condemn such people to industrial stag,
nation and deny them opportunity we
simply provoke them to continuous rebel
lion. So, while our obligations to the Fili
pinos are no less than to the Porto Ricans,
our risk in refusing to do our plain duty
by them is enormously greater.
Already the VIsayan sugar planters de
clare that to them the Payne tariff means
ruin. What does their ruin mean? It
means that fertile Ncgros, whose people,
before ever an American soldier eet foot
on their soil, pledged their loyalty to the
United States, framed for themselves a
government modeled on our own, nnd
prayed our commander at Mnnila to send
some one to rule over them, will be smol
dering In idleness if not lighted by the
flames of Insurrection. It means that the
Visayans of the Central Philippines will
soon be as discontented and disloyal as
ever were the Tagals of Luzon.
In a word, if we try to starve the Fili
pinos with the Payne tariff it means that
the thousands of lives and the millions
of treasure that we have poured out to
restore peace and order in the Philippines
will have been spent in vain, and that
wc shall have there for uncounted years
to come the recurring disasters of Hol
land in- Acheen and of France in Algeria
and Tonquln.
That is what the Payne tariff means In
Chamber of Commerce
the Philippines. And unless the so-called
Republican leaders In Congress listen to
the voice of McKInley the American peo
ple will speedily find other leaders who
will listen, to that voice and return from
the byway of special greed to the broad
road of plain duty.
Xctv BrltLsh Mne-Inch Gun.
Scientific American.
Experiments have been carried out by
the ordnance board of the British War
Office In connection with the new nine
inch wire wound breech-Ioadlng quick-firing
guns mounted at Dover to determine
the possible maximum rapidity of fire and
the life of the weapon. One of the guns
was selected for the experiment. Theo
retically the life of such a gun Is about SO
rounds, but 161 rounds were discharged
from this weapon. Heavy projectiles were
employed. In some Instances weighing 450
pounds. After several rounds had been
fired the rifling of the gun. was seriously
Impaired by corrosion, so that the pro
jectiles would not fit. A special mechan
ism, which the ordnance engineers have
devised for use In connection with worn
guns, was then requisitioned, and by its
means the shells were fired with the same
precision and unerring accuracy which
characterized the firing when the gun was
first employed.
AG Dunn, Seattle I Jos Schafer. Eugene
1ivrIn' a ?E J billet. Omaha
T . Good?'". Y 1G L Byers, Castle Rk
A T Towler. Chicago! J H Albert. Salem
F ' V Smith. Spokane E S Glaser. Chicago
lis .S.n?,r Ma,ns IF M Dunn. Oakland
O S Kithlnger, SeattleJG W Dorman, St Paul
). E Burgess, ChlcagojW R Abercromblc.USA
H Coats. SaglnawiO F Wentwcrih. Taco
A N Laird, NY E.I Smith. Chicago
D L Castleman, M D. M J Jennings. Dayton
&. T ?attle IChas II Larkln. ColfaxI
D A Castleman. SeattliMrs Larkln. Colfax
J. 1 J?anDom, K C F V Eckstrom. San F
H C Wood. K C
W G Clark, Seattle
lA J Norton & wf. city
S O Newton
E C Bradley, N Y
L W Storrer. S F
S Wilbur. S F
G G Wilson. S F
R S Barr. City
C Harvey. Castle Rk
C Burk. Kelso
W W Calkins, wf & c
Ada, Minn
Miss Je..Mle Calkins,
Ada, Minn
E A Fisher & wf.
J K Starr. Dalles
A It Green, Hood Rlv
C A Rhea. Heppner
J J Roberts, Heppner
Ja.s Taylor. Jackson
W S Whltstone. Hepp
Hugh H Stahl. Iowa
F W Sklbbe & w. Tin
D L Nichols, city
E H Wrlcht, Wallace J C Slater v v
L Hutton & wf. dolC W Henderson. S F
Geo Clark. Alaska C C Mills. Holton. N D
Mrs Lannon. Seattle IMlss Mechan. Seattle
J L Bern-, city J a Cunningham. Carlt
F Pelton, St Paul IT L Byers J w. CasRk
F Metcalf. Arcadlaf J Shearer, Wllholt
J A Ocg. Pendleton J M Hartley. San DIeg
F Hill. San Fran )V Kennedy & fy, N Y
J N Hart, Dallas J Spenres, Seattle
Chas L Hull. S F JE F Ingles. Sacto
Chas R Archard. do PH Campbell. Chicago
C T Moore & wf, Mt V G Hale. For Grove
Angel G J Bishop & w, Garfdl
F E Moore. Mt Angel )C L Jeffcrles. S F
F A Drake, Dundee Wm Robinson. S F
Mrs Smith. Dundee C J Cartston. S F
J A Noble. PendletonlH Lydon. Lewlston
A A Crlssell & wf. W W Wright. Lewlstn
Aurora j Balmer, Cle Elum
J SWndseth. Astor J C Hirst. Detroit
M McMaster & wf. B J Ingraham. St Paul
Wash Mra H Kulfer. Vane
H H Brown & wf. Idafp H Mann. Bak Clty
J M Short. Gresham L E Sells. Astoria
C W. Knowlcs. Manager.
D J Hanna. city (Mr.- Shlvrlnk. Pendletn
J B Johnston, TacojOtls Patterson. Dalles
N Lawson, VancouverJMrs Patterson, Dalles
C E Lytle, Shanlko H J Geer. Cove
Mrs M George, EugeneJE L Smith. Hood Rlv
Earl Pooler. La CrosseiA S Zleber. Monmouth
W W Schall. do L Feurer. city
A C Chapman. Mich Mrs P M Abbey. Newpt
Mn T J McCarthy. C H Dunn, Tacoma
Tacoma Wm Preston. Eugene
A Houmell. Seattle T H Adams. For Grove
Mrs Houmell. Seattle JMrs Adams. For Grove
T G Kellogg. Tacoma
S B Hutton. HUlsboro
u i' irfive. Riddle
G W Voost, S F
G G Linn. N Y
v Grimm, Or city
II G Van Dusen. Antor
Mrs O E Houck. Ro?eb
J K Weatherford. Alby
H T Hendryx. Bak C
W H Stalker. Baker c
Mrs Weatherford. Alby
W J Furnish. PendletniH L Bents. Buttevllle
H H Smith. Salem
IMres Bents. Buttevllle
G C Shaum. RoseburKiC F Lansinir. Salem
Mrs Carllales. SpokaneJG Chandler. Bak City
A H Stevens, St Paul Mrs C L Houston. Asto
A S Bennett. Dalles H R Hsrtifler, Astoria
Mrs Bennett. Dalles A!ex Gilbert. Astoria
W L Shlvrink. PcndltnA H Wolfe, clty
C Whitlock. Scotts Mis I A N Leisure. Woodlnd
S Conner, Scotts MIlLslC Fisher & wf. do
C C Perrlne. N Yam JS R Leisure & w. do
Fred Miller. Clatskan iH E Preston. Grvsham
J P Ross & wf, AstoraiP Johnson & w, Astof
Mrs S R Coleman & Mrs J Brown, S F
fy. Chinook W Nell. Wisconsin
W Kill.-. Chinook JMrs A M Nile. Wis
W M Clausser, Golddl E J Dunn. Corvallls
Jas Mallan. Ellensbrg iChas E Welsh. Corv
Mrs Daboyne & ch. J H Fredtnburg. Hood
Los Angeles. Cal River
Ida TrUctt. ClatskanliGco Garhurber & fy.
Wm Dougherty, L Bch Pendleton
S Poland. Long Beach F O Strong. Woodburn
G F Via. For Grove F H Henderson. Woodb
C A Valentine. Hd RviMrs F Reeves. Elma
J M Ford. Dalles Roy Dungan. Elma
J W Huberg. Eugene IJas Qulnn. Qulnns
Wm E Rusiell, EugenjT J Rook, Salt Lake
J S Doyle. Los Angeles L B Glrmer. city
E H Hubbell. Hd RlvG W Adams. Marlon
J Alloway, Pendleton IF L Stevens. Hoqulam
Geo Ray. Fostll J L Koki. Chinook
I G WIckstrom. KalmjW R Conlee, Champoeg
J W Jenkins, Cot GrvH O Fc3tvog. Hoqulam
J A Thomas & w, L McTaggnrt. Hoqulam
Pendleton C Manny Xi son. Cal
K o .Jiasaey, I'emuetoniJ F Grimes, S D
A W Fischer. Corval
A J Thorp, Corvallls
Wm Beck. Kelso
E J Baker, Cathlamet
C D Wren. Cathlamet
G A Rockwell. Moro
F Sanchet & w, Dallas
F A McFadden. Molall
J N Rice, Clatskanle
Hotel 3rnnvrlclc, Seattle.
European, first-class. Ratcf, 50c to $1.50.
One block from depot. Restaurants near
by. .
Tncomn Hotel, Tacoma.
American plan. Rates. $3 and up.
Donnelly Hotel, Tncomn.
European plan. Rates 50c and up.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
fefr. Fer South-Eastern Alaska
lBfer Leave Scnttlc O P. M.
Steamships COTTAGE CITT.
- V- JkS. A, liJCt, rtil-IVl,
IMgMl Jan. 0. 11. 15. 20. 23. 30;
UJ H en. 4. 14. 10, 10. 2S; Mar. 1.
For further Information ob
tain company's folder. The company reserves
the right to change steamers, railing abates and
hours of sailing, without previous notjec.
AGENTS N. POSTON. 240 Washington St..
Portland. Or.: F. W. CARLETON. N. P. R. R.
Dock. Tacoma; Ticket Office. HIS First avc.
Seattle. M. TALBOT. Comm'l Agt.. C. W.
MILLER. A.wt. Gen'l Agt.. Ocean Dock.
Seattle: GOODALL. PERKINS & CO.. Gen'l
Agents; San Francisco.
i pecial Announcement
New Service to Htditerranran
TTe Ntw Olrtntlc Twln-8erir 3leamr "Cb-n-ranra!th.-r
IS. 000 ton. 0n tut Ion. ri
"N Enst&nd." 1I.C0O ten.- 8TS tut tor., will .
yll from noiton to aisnltar. A!c'.en. a no. '
NtplM and Alexandria. Ecrpt. aa foUova-'
CemmonwealUi." Jan. 4. Ufa: "Nnr Enr
Va,"J' . 1W: "CoanicnweaUh." rb. ,
l,??h. JEEjjf '' and cJliln.. Apply I
TKOMA8 COOK A. SON. P. C Gn Ajrn: 1
Ol Uarktt at.. Sao rraaeUco. Calif. i
Winter schedule Leaves foot Alder street
every Monday. Wednesday and Friday morn
ing. 7 A. M. Leaves The Da lien every Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday morning, 7 a. M.
Stops at all way landings for both freight
and passengers.
STR. BAILEY GATZERT (Alder-st. Dock.)
Leaves Portland dally every morning at 7
o'clock, except Sunday. Returning, leaves As
toria, avery night at 7 o'clock, except Sunday.
Oregon phone Main 351. Columbia phone 351.
j "Spr.d for Illustrated Medltfrranean Booklet."
G &Q
Hil 01
hof Line
if r,m&
For the Ea.-t via Hunt
ington. 0:Oo a. M.
For Eastern Warning
ton, Walla Walla. Lew
lston. Couur d'Alene and
Gt, Northern Point".
:13 P. M.
7 00 A. M.
For the East via Hum-
8:50 P.
8:10 A. M.
CISCO. SS. Columbia
Jan. 7. 17. 27.
SS. Geo. W. Elder
Jan. 2. 12. 22.
8:00 P. M.
5:00 P. M.
way points, connecting Dally ex.
with atr. for Ilwaco and Sunday.
5.00 P. M.
ex. bun.
isorin ueacn. str. Has-
salo. Afch-fttreet Dock. Sat. 10
P. M.
FOR CORVALLIS and '0.43 A. M.
6:00 P.M.
way points, str. RUTH, Mors..
Asn-sireec dock. (Wed.
tWater permUMng.) Fri.
FOR DATTON. Oregon 7:00 A. M.
City and Yamhill Rlv-'Tues..
er points, str. Elmore, jThurs..
Ash-MreeiDock. ISat.
(Water permitting.)
3:00 P. M.
TICKET OFFICE. Third and Washington.
Telephone. Main 712.
For Yokohama and Hong Kong, calling at
Kobe. Nagiuakl and Shanghai, taking freight
via connecting steamers for Manila. Port Ar
thur and Vladlvostock.
For rates and full Information call on or ad
dress otllcials or agents of O. R. & N. Co.
Depot Fifth nnd
I Street.
for Salem. Rose
burg, Ashland, Sac
ra m e n to. Ogden.
San Francisco, Mo
lave. Loa Angeles.
El Paso. New Or
leans and the East.
At Woodb urn
(daily except Sun
day), morning train
connects with train
for Mu Angel. Sll
verton. Browns
v i 1 1 e. Sprlngfleld.
and Natron, and
Albany Local for
Mt. Angel and Sil
verton. Albany passenger ...
Ccrvallls passenger.
8:30 P. M.
8:30 A. M
7:45 A. M.
7:00 P. M.
10:10 A. M.
3:50 P. M.
4:00 P.M.
7:30 A. M.
4:50 P. M. Sheridan passenger. S:25 A. M.
Daily. nally except Sunday.
Rebate tickets on sale between Portland Sac
ramento and San Francico. Net nites $17.50
first class and $14 second class. Second class
includes sleeper; first class does not.
Rates and tickets to Eastern points and Eu
AUSTRALIA. Can be obtained at Ticket Of
fice. No. 254. cor. Washington and Third.
Passenger Depot, foot of Jefferson street.
Leave Portland dally 7.20 A. M.. 12:30. 1.55.
3:25. 4:4(, 15:25, 8:30 P. M. Dally except Sun
day. 5::. :40 A. 21.. 5:03. 11:30 P. M. Sun
day only, 0 A. M.
Arrive Portland dally. 8:30. 10;50 A. M..
1:35. 3:10. 4:30. 0:15. 7:40. 10 1. M. Dally ex
cept Sunday. 0:35. 0:30. 10:50 A. M.; except
Monday, 12:40 A. M.; Sunday only. 10.05 A. M.
Leave for Dallas dally except Sunday. 5:05
P. M. Arrive Portlnnd 0:30 A. M. Passenger
train leaves Dallas for Alrlle Mondays. Wednes
days and Fridays at 3:30 P. M. Returns Tues
days and Saturdays.
Except Sunday.
City Tkt. Agt. Gen. Frt. & Pass. Agt.
Leaves. Arrive".
Overland Express 2:0o P. M. 7:00 A.M.
Twin City. St. Louis &
Kan. City Special 11:30 P.M. 7:45 P.M.
Puget Sound Limited, for
South Berd. Gray'a
Harbor. Olympia. Ta
coma and Seattle 8:35 A.M. 5:20 P.M.
Two trains dally to Spokane, Butte, Helena,
Minneapolis, St- Paul and the East.
A sat. General Pas. Agt..
253 Morrison street. Portland. Or.
p iHiyi v
Ticket Office 122 Third St. Phone 630
LEAVE Th!FL;er da- ?, " ! ARRIVE
from St. Paul. MInne-
0:00 P. M. IVS" SliaKT:00 A.V
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers. Dining
and Buffet Smoklng-Llbrary Cara.
For Japan. China and all Asiatic points will
leave Seattle
About January I4th.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
Depot Fifth, nntl
I Street".
For Maygere. Rainiur.
Clatskanle. Westport.
Clifton. Astoria. W'ar
tentou. Flat el. Ham
mond. Fori Stevens.
Gearhart Pk.. Susld
Astoria and Seashore
Astoria Express.
8:00 A. M.
11:10 A. M.
Ticket office 255 Morrison st. and Union Depot.
J C MaYO. Gen. Pass. Agt.. Astoria, or.
Salem, Independence, Albany
Corvallis and McMinnvilic.
Steamer POMONA, for Corvallis. leaves 0:43
A. M Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday.
Steamer ALTON A. for McMinnvllle. leaves
7 A. M. Monday. "Wednesday and Friday.
Office and dock, foot Taylor st. Phone 40.
Dim niiin
Not b dirk ulllce In the liullcIInKj
absolutely tire-proof; eleetrle liiitj
"ml i-lciiii. writer; perfect -.miitn-tion
ami thormiKli ventiln tlon. Ile
tutors iul Uu) nnd iilht.
AINSLIE. DR. GEORGE. Physician 413-4M
ANDERSON. GUbTAV. Attorney-at-Law. .CI2
ASSOCIATED PltlrSS E. L Powell. Mngr.aU
AUSTEN. F. C. Manner for Oregon and
Washington Bankers' Life A3uciut:on of
Des Moines. la 502-503
MOINES. I A.. F. C. Au-:en. Msr 5o-3oa
BEALS. EDWARD A.. Forecast Otlleta: U.
S. Weather Bureau 010
BENJAMIN. R. W.. Dentist 3U
BERNARD. G.. Ca&hier Tontine Savings
Association 2U-21S
BINstt ANGER. OTTO S.. Physician and
Surgeon 407-403
BItOCK. WILBUR F.. Circulator Orego-
ntan 501
BROWN. MYHA. M. D 313-3U
BRUEKE. DR. G. E.. Physician.. 4 12-4 13-414
CAMPBELL. WM. M.. Medical Ref-ree
Equitable Life 700
CAUKIN. G. E.. District Agent Travelers
Insurance Company .' 71S
COFFEY. DR. R. C. Surgeon 403-4U"
CORNELIUS. C W.. Phj.3 and Surgeon.. 20d
COLLIER. P. F.. Publisher; S. P. McGulre.
Manager 413
DAY. J G.. & I. N 313
DICKSON. DR. J. F.. Physician 713-714
DWYER. JOE E.. Tobaccos 40J
ETY; L. Samuel. Mgr.; G. 8. Smith.
Cashier 3GU
FENTON. J. D.. Physician and Surgeon. 50U-10
FENTON. DR. HICKS C. Eye and Ear..5Il
GALVANI. W. II.. Engineer and Draughts
man COO
GAVIN. A.. President Oregon Camera Club
GEARY. DR. E. P.. Phys. and Surgeon 40d
GEARY & COFFEY. Physician and Sur
geons -JO4-405-40G
CIESY. A. J.. Physician and Surgeon... 7o0-7iu
GILBERT. DR J. ALLEN. Phyblcian.401-40-J
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 404-403-400
GOLDMAN. WILLIAM. Munager Manhat
tan Life Ins. Co.. of New York 2OU-210
GRANT. FRANK S., Attorney-at-Law 017
131 Sixth Street
HAMMAM BATHS. Turkish and Russian.
HOLI.ISTER, DR. O. C. I'hyslclati and
Surgeon 504-503
IDLEMAN. C M.. Attorney-at-Law.410-17-13
JOHNSON. XV. C. 315-310-.U7
KADY. MARK T.. Supervisor of Agents
Mutual Reserve Fund Llfo Assn....OO4-C03
LITTLEFIELD. II. R.. Phys. and Sur 2UJ
MACKAY. DR. A E.. Phys. and Surg..71l-71J
New York; W. Goldman. Manager 2W-210
MARSH. DR. R. J . l'hjs." and Surgeon.. 104-40(1
MARTIN. J. L. & CO.. Timber Lands.... 001
McCOY. NEWTON. Attorne) .it-Law 715
McFADEN. MISS IDA E.. Stenographer. .201
McGINN. HENRY E.. Attorney-a:-I-a.:Ul-12
McKENZIE. DR. P. L.. Phis, and Sur.512-U
MILLER. DC. HERBLRT C, Dentist and
Oral Surgeon CUfc-OOO
MOSSMAN. DR. E. P.. Dentist 513-5U
Mark T. Kad. SujH.-rvkor of AsenU.004-005
McELROY. DR. J. C. Phjs. & Sur.70l-70U-70J
McFARLAND. E. B.. Secretary Columbia
Telephone Company 0OU
McGUIRE. S. P., Mana-r P. F. Collier.
Publisher 413
York: Sherwood Glllespy. Gen. Agt.. 404-5-0
NICHOLAS. HORACE B.. A:tornej-at-Law.7I3
NILES. M. L.. Cashier Manhattan Life In
surance Company of New York 200
OLSEN. J.' F-, State Agent Tontine Sav
ings Association 211-212
OREGON CAMERA CLUB -;i4-215--:lO--:ii
Marsch. Prop 120 blxth street
J. F. Strauhal. Manager 200
Ground Floor. 133 Sixth street
QUIMBY. L. P XV., Gama and Forestry
Warden 513
REED. WALTER. Optician 13J Sixth street
RICKENBACH. DIL J. b. Eje. Ear. Noo
and Throat 701-703
ROSfcJNDALE. O. M.. Metallurgist and Min
ing Englnce.- 510
RYAN. J. B.. Attorney-at-Law 515
SAMUEL. L., Manager Equitable Life 3UJ
SHERWOOD. J. XV.. Deputy Supreme Com
mander K. O. T. M 517
SMITH. DR. L. B.. Osteopath 400-410
SMITH, GEORGE S. Cashier Equitable
Llfo 300
STUART, DELL. Attome-at-Law 017-013
STOLTE. DIL CHAS. E.. Dentist 704-703
neapolis; J. F. Olsen. State Agent 211
TUCKER. DR. GEO. F.. Dentist 010-011
U. S. WEATHER BUREAU... 007-003-000-010
DfST.. Captain W. C. LangHtt. Corps of
Engineers. U. S. A i03
C. Langtltt. Corps of Engineers. U. S. A..S10
WATERMAN. C. H.. Casnler Mutual Life
of New York 40O
WILEY. DR. JAMES O. C. Phys. & Sur..70S-3
WILSON. DR. EDWARD N.. Physician
and Surgeon 3U4-303
WILSON. DR. GEO. F-. Phy3. & Surs.7OG-707
WILSON. DR. HOLT C. Phys. & Surg.507-503
WOOD. DIL XV. L.. Physician 412-413-414
Ofllce.- may lie had by applying to
the sup'Tliitendent of the bulldlns,
room 201. second lloor.
Orlzlnnl ond Unlr Urnilnc.
SAKE. A'.-TiTir-IUKe Uiwllt-. J Druirlit
!-v in ItKJ) an-t Cold n.ti!Ii t-oxrt ra!t I
un m ne nr.ofla. luvrnaoLlcr. ttrm.o
Innrcroo Snb.tUutioua and Itnlta
tinn. Br f to-i- o.-sksiii. -r n I -tc. m
itmp for Pnrtlrnlur. TetStnonlul
ana Keller fo- l.i!ic,Tt- Utttr. 6j r
tnrn Mnll. lli.nuo r-.ticjnuii -Hhj
II Drustitt. Chlrhf.rcr Chcrrlful t'
KezXiZB this Diocr
tlailIon Niuxre, 1' 1'A.
No Cure -Jisss,
No Pay lZSi!)
nay to perfect xnanhouti. 'lne VACUUM
TREATMENT cures jou without medicine of
all nervous or diseases of the generative or
gans, such as lost manhood, exhaustive drain,
varicocele. lmjoteney. itc. Men are quickly re
itored to perfect health and strength. Writs
or circular Correspondence confidential.
safe Deposit building. Seattle, Wash.
UllLuUillW D
mm iffei