Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, June 07, 1900, Page 11, Image 11

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"With tht -wool clip commencing' io fcova
a Ultle-piora freely and raouRh -wheat
:sMog to' keep the wheels trade fairly
well srhoMctlr June hueiccsa 1b fully up
to expoctatlons. "Wool and wheat are not
the only rector In the situation, either,
for tberu are still a ccod many thousand
"bags of potatoes to be marketed, and the I
rprlce is ttlffenln up again, mall fquits
'aire coming alone by the ion, and contrib
ute to tho fund which is now circulating
Tho election thin week drew the attention
rof the xysoplo from business on. Monday,
but inalers have -aftnce drifted t-ack into
the oW chunnqln, end there fa a fine trade
repoirtfed In most' lines. Th what mar
ket wen slightly higher In the Enit
yeerds-y, but the tdtuatlon locally Is un
cdansrft. In groceries, there 1a consldera
rii" flrmnes In ugar, and furthar ad
vances are nt Improbable. Fork and venl
'are F-ady, nl tbere is aom firmness in'
provisions. JIldfc. are-lower all around.
Xl)irj is nothing doing1 in hepa.
"WHEAT The wheat market continues
to drag, with a. light celling movement,
asd wftb. a demand of ncr small propor
tion t2.t It is eoally eiUJmIm: with th
comparatively nmall crooiinU that er oc
cau3lontill shsOten out at not much of a
premium over -.export values. There are
tatlll a few ships to arrive' under 40 hU
3tngV, and buying on this freight rate wc
jportera cculfi imtivrutitpcly eecur a large
imohnt of 'wheat.' As for new business,
with ehlns af-kinu 42s 6d. It Is pratty dif
ficult te move much wheat with the for
eign markets ir their present shape X"
cept at a less, and It Is this fact that it
restricting business at th present
There ia very little chartering being done;
and-, in. cp!,t6.of the high rates a5kd, dls
engagert tonnage Is not balng started Jo
this direction.
TSrjwrtrara seein to be practically iJral.
Imou irQ the opbilon that freight will
advance to 45 shillings awl poseiMr SI
shilling if there Is anything like a nor
mal 'movement the crop, ut they do
TioL care to place them.lvfl In the posi
tion ofpeedlng wheat, and: arf permitting
nvittp'ra .tcudrttt aUbe present tjma.. Th
ffri&pects continue highly flattering for
Ua JargesCxrop- on.xccoriL JZhntvJa &ojr.e
ViompIalnt of rust, and, in limited, areas
in the ?PaIous6, some- damagp "has un
4ouoi5dTy rw.iUed,'bu't," taking tA wheat
acreage a a whole, tho. amount damaged
If. orapavitvly inslgaltlcanU In the "Val
ley there will also bo some, loss, but It Is
rapidly bInc minimized by warm, sun
Kshlcs weather. Prlcss this week rknge
'-from El to &2 cents for Walla Walla and
W to 61 cent for Valley. The flour de
mand has 1aikeni materially, the Orient
al market being heavily overstocked, and
eome, of it spoiling. Thl cauws light
dmaad frr-m tho mills, and as Valley
flour In in bad fa.vor tor export, the mar
ket la rc-rtrlcted. Tho flguroa guoted for
""Walla "Wallfc wheat are, not moving very
-much of tho cereal, which 5a generally held
at a cent pf two above these figures. A
further decline of a couple of conts pet
bushel would enable a buyer to eecure vast
quantities at prices now offered, but the
history of the business for the past tw
years elvows that, sellers will always take
a cent or two above the market value,
no matter how low the price sinks, but
wJll nat take the market price, no matter
bow high it is. Th ban est is well under
way in. California, and the prospects arc
favorable for at least an averagt crop,
although, the yield is light In the south
ere part of the state. In the 'East re
-portsinstMnofc-jso-favorablo for, a oot
crop, file damage In 'Ohio being especlallj
heavy, while proepecta In tha iDakotaa
re, far from bright.
Tha Liverpool Corn Trade News, under
date of Ma$ 22, has the following regard
ing the Russian crop, which has been at
tracting considerable attention lately:
A report recently Issued in St Peters
burg by the Journal of Industry and Com
merce says that the general condition of
"Winter crops at the end of lost month
.was .satlcfactory, but Winter wheat In
nome parts of South Russia was affected
iy March froats. Today the Times pub
lishes a telegram from Odeesa, eajlng
that severs frosts have lately caused great
damage In Southwestern governments,
which it will be noticed exactly confirms
what our Kleff correspondent wrote as
long ago as the lGth of April. Of course,
any recent frost muet have occurred sub
sequent to- that date, -bat no doibt the
froor condition reported by the correspond
ent rendered the plants peculiarly liable
Ho 1e danjaged by severe frostfi. Latest
j-eports frorfi our own cor.respQndeb.ts In
the Squth have been uniformly favorable,
nd moat- hopeful views of the crop out
look a're entertained, both at AJtoft and
Black Sea ports. - One- correspondent, who
has made a, special journey through
23katerlnoslav, Charkoff and Taurlda.
Hume up his report by saying that l
present conditions are, maintained these
three governments will have splendid
'crops. Port etocka remain light, and bus
iness prospects bad, but more grain is ex
pected to come forward, provided harvest
prospects are maintained.
WOOIr-Compared with the quantity
of wool thero lg"locmarlcefed from the
State qf Oregon, there has been a very
small amount of business doing. How
ever, some sales are taking place all tho
time, and in Pendleton alone upwards of
J.000,000 pounds of wool has been taken,
mostly by Eastern buyers. Prices paid
Tanged from 10 cents to 13Vi cents per
pound.' the latter being the top figure
so far reported for Eastern Oregon wool.
There have "been more liberal offerings
in the Valley recently, but generally at
prices above what dealers are willing to
pay. The situation in the East is thus
set forth by the Boston Commercial Bul
letin, underrate of June 2: - -
The market shows a smaller total of
sales than at any Ime for years. Curi
ously enough, as if the trade had sub
scribed to the doctrine "the darkest
hour is just before the Vlawn," the tone
of the market is dlstlnotly stronger.
The Improvement in tone at th5 close ol
the London .6ales has alretuly been co
llected In the Boston market, and the
Boer smash-up on Thursday was still
further .reason for Inducing Boston hold
ers to refuse the halr-ralslng low prices
offered by long-faced buyers. Beyond
a few job lots nothing has been done.
Noth:ng has 'been done Icsause dealers
have for the time, at least, stopped cut
ting prices, and pushing wool at men
who would not accept it for 5 cents less
than list rates. - .
Last Fall wool was pushed beyond
"normal" prlcea. That It was pushed
so. high hat li checked consumption, in
duced" the substitution, of coarse wool
forflne. cowhalr for coars and ehoddy
or cotton for both. Today wool Is t
low the "normal" figure, That Is, or
dinary' fine medium clothing territory is
not salable in large blocks -at 53 cents
dean, as It used to be for-months to
gether in JS92. with a normal consump- A
tlon of wool under the McKlnley tariff.
l)eaers are therefore, rightly cr wrongly,
pretty generally persuaded that the. bot
tom has been reached.
POTATOES The San Francisco mar
ket is soill quite firm on best Oregon
Burbanks. and during the last few days
there has been a material advance In
prices. Best stock is selling at 60 cents
and even the common stock is fully 10
cents pet sack higher than it was a week
ago. J0tw potatoes are plentiful a't Jl
and $1 25 per sack for California. Oregon
hav rJt vyet appeared in very large
. FHUEf Toe-strawberry season is -at
its height, and ihis delicious fruit is be
ing handled by the ton this week. It
Is arriving In excellent shape, and prlcea
on the whole have been quite satisfac
tory. Nothing has bWrbelow'3 cents per
pound, 'and the fculk of the best stock
is marketed around A and 5 cents. The
local market Is well supplied from gar
dens adjacent to the city, and there la
a good shipping demand for those grown
at Hood River, and other outside points.
California peaches, apricots, apples,
pears, etc, are plentiful, and prlcw are
steadily declining, best proche zrA ap
ricots selling at tt and U 25 per box. A
carload of bananas arrived Homlay, but
failed to movo as freely as thy bavo
earlier in the se"on.
BUTTER-Tho market is reasonably
firm, but prices remain unchanged All
of The best "brands cf creamery ar clean
ing up fairly well nt 40 cent, and the
shontwelghts and brands without un es
tablished tradt move all right at 33 and
571 cents. Store butter continues ilrmer
proportionately than creamery, and tlier
Is a good demand for all that is ot
tainable at 25 cents per pound. Most vl
this Mock is shipped to flan PrsJncisfco,
but there Is also quite a call for It from
various points In the Northwest, where
there are Industrial entcm'rs under
way. -
EO3S Tho magtffS&ss steadied up
again, and most of the sales this week
have been around ISM and 14 cents, -the
latter figure' being easily obtainable for
single tase lots. There has fceen an ad
vance In eggs in th- East, and this has
prevented the Puget Sound cities from
securing their supplies from that direc
tion as advantageously as they could
secure them from Portlanu.
POULTRY--A few coops of chickens
carried over from last week seemed to
act as a drag on the market right from
the start, and it has been difficult to
make a clean-up at any time this week.
Best coops of old hens sell at about J5
per dozen, although something fancy
might firing halt a dollar more. For
large Springs, there Is some demand,
but buyers Insist on their being In good
condition. Best coops will bring about
S4 per dozen. Ducks can hardly be given
away th(s week, and they are offered as
low as $3 per dozen, with no "buyers.
Young ducks In good order, -will sell In
a small way at about ?6 pel dozen. Geesa
are not wanted, and thero is not much
call for 'turkeys.
Bank Clearing".
Exchanges. Balance.
Portland ..n...-. . S.1U2.274
52, 003
Tacoma 03.760
Seftttlo 302.1SG
Grata, .Flour. Etc.
Wheat Quotations nominal; Walla Walla,
C2o: Valley, 51rc: bhieatcm, 53554) per
bushel. '
Flour Best grades, $2 &55J3; sfaham, $2 50;
tuperflne, $2 10 per barrel.
OaU-WWto. 34fSSc; my. 3233o per DUsheL
Barley Feed. $14915: brewing-. $16 per to.
" Mtllstutts Bran. 12ffl3 per ton; mid i lings,
$18319; Shorts, $135-13; chop. $14.
Hay Timothy, $10011; cloxer, $77 50; Ore
gon wild bay, $07 per ton.
Batter, Efffira, Poultry, Etc.
Butter Fancy creamery,. 35S40c; store, 25e
perron. '
Eggs 13Hl4o per dozen.
Poultry-Chickens, mixed. $404 50 per doren;
hens, $5 duoKs. i3Q5; geese. $67 per dozen;
turkeys, live, 15c; dressed. 16c per pound.
Cheese-rull cream, twins, 1213c; Young
America, 44o per pound.
Vegetable, Kralt, Etc.
Vegetables Parsnips,. $1; carrots. 73cS$lS
turnips, 75c per sack; onions, lc per pound
for new; cabbage," $1 50 per cental; potatoes, 40
?P5o per sack; peas. 4g$c;ibeans. 10312c:
paragus, 45cr new potatoes, '1 Vic per pound.
Fruit-Lemons:-' $2 H03;'crane8. $33 23
per box for nVlv$2Pr box. for seedlngs;
pineapples, tS &&i PS" doien bananas, $2 51
3 per bunch; Persian dates, "vySc per pound,
strawberries, Oregon, 34q. per pound; xeaches,
$11 2&: cherries, 75c; aprtcots, 75c0-l per
Dried fruit Apples, vaporated. 7Q8o pet
pound; sun-dried, sacks or boxes, 4QSc: pears,
eun and vaporated, 5JCo; plums, pules. 4
B&j: prunec Italian, S&OSAc: allver. extra
choice. S 0c; figs, Smyrna. 22c; California
black, 5Jc; do white. lOo per pound.
Groceries, Jfats, Etc.
Coffee Mocha. 2332Se: Java, fancy, 20332c:
JaVa. good. 20Q24c: Java, ofdlnary. 18320c:
Costa Itica. fancy, lSff20e; do good. 16SlSc; do
ordinary. 10 12c. per pound; Columbia, roast.
$12 25; Arbuckle's,- $13 13; Lion, $12 13 per
itnimr-riibA. 5 M: crushed. $5 DO: powdered.
$3 00; dry granulated. $5 30; extra. C, $4 fiO;
..oirtw, a. si TO net: ntW barrels. o more
than barrels; maple sugar, l&lflc per pound.
Beans-Small white. SHc: bayou. 4c; .Lima. 0a
rwr nound.
galtnon-Columbla River. 1-pound tails, $1 25
HI 00: 2-pouna tans, tliw; ianc, i-pwuu
... i niri ?r. it-tvuinil fancy flats. SiQ05c:
Alaska. 1-pound tails. $1 20$ 1 SO; 2-pound tails.
$1 DOQ 23.
Grain bags Calcutta. $0 60S 75 per 100 for
'spot, $0 12iSj;0 25 for July-August
ut Peanuts. Cr47c per pound tor raw, 10c
for roasted; cocoanuts, &0c per dozen; walnuts,
lOOlJc per pound; pine nuts. 15c: hickory nuts,
7c: cheatnuU, 15c; Brazil, lie; filberts. 15c:
fancy. pecans. 12QHc; almonds. 15lu& pet
Coal oil Cases. 21o per gallon; barrel.
17"4c; tanks, 35c
Rice letand, Cc; Japan. 54c: Xew Orleans,
4Vifl3?4c: fancy head, $77 50 per sack.
Hops, "Wool, Hides, Etc.
Hops-2gSe per pound.
"Wool Valley, 12J13o for coarse. 15910c for
bet I; Eastern Oregon. 10S15c; mohair, 25r. pel
Sheepskins Shearling l&20c; hort-wool. 23
635c: medium-wool. 3050c: long-wool, C0c$l
Pelta Bear eklns. each, at to elze. $5(J15;
cuboi each, $103: badger, each, 50c: wildcat.
25ST5CJ housecat, 5ff25c: fox. common gray.
40c$l; red, $1 7&53 50: do croos, $2 50ffC;
l)-nr. $234 50; mink. 40c$l 75; marten, dark
Northern. $5910; do pale. pine. $24; musk
rat. tVS'lSc: ekunk. 50SOc; otter (land). $4
(38; panther, with head and claws perfot.
$ia3; raccoon, "25960c: wolf, mountain, with
head perfect. $3 50 05 wolverjne. $2 5030;
beaver, per akin, large, $07; do medium. pr
skin. ?4ff6: do small, per skin. $102 do.klta,
per skin. $103
Tallow 505c; Xo. 2 and grease. 3404c per
Htde Dry 'hides. Ko. 1, 10 pounds and up
ward. 140 15c;, dp kip. Ko. 1. 5 to 16 pounds.
15c Pf r pound;, dry colt. Xo. 1, under 5 pouncs.
1501Cc; dry salted, one-third less. than dry
flint; lted hides, sound steers. 00 pound and
over. 7(?$c: do 50 to CO pounds. 7Hc: do ua-
Grain a
Direct Vires to . - i -New
York Stock Excfaiige .
CWciso Roard ef Tra4e i f
Z14-215 Chamber of Commerce
Pertliri, Of 02 o
der 50 pounds and omrs. To; kip. 18 to M
pGunia, 7K9Sc; 00 veaL 10 to 14 p!unds,..7ic;
doyalf. tra-1-r 10 pounds. 7Hc. green (unsalted).
lo per pouna lees; culls (bulls; stags, moth
eaten, badly cut. mred hair slipped, weather
beaten cr grubby), one-third leaa.
Xeat-satf Pre-rllea.
Mutton Goss, Sest sheep, ' Aethers and
ewes, sheared, $3 5093 75; drssM. 7?7c per
pound; Spring Ifetabs, S05c p-ir liouad gross.
Hors Gross, choice, heavy, $5; light, $4 50;
dressed, 59Ge per pound.
Veal LaTi G)47ie per pound; stroll, 80
Beef Gross, top steers. $4 4 CO: eotrs,
$3 X5&C4; dressed beef. CUQ7c per pound.
FrdTislons Portland pack (Shield brandj:
Haras, dtnoked. are quoted at 13c per pound;
-picnic h&ms, 9Hc per pound: breakfast bacon,
13c: bacon. BHcT backs, OHd; dry Mlt sides,
Sic; dried beef, l'Hc per pound; lard, 5-pound
palls. 10c; 10 -pound palls, 0J4c; 50s. OSc:
Uerces. 0-ic per pound. Eastern pack iHatn
inond's): Hams, large. lSe; medium, 13c;
small, IS&c: picnic tamt, Vjc; shoulders, 9Hc:
breekf&st bacon, lSc; do salt sldM. SU9
814c; bacon sides. OUSlOc; backs. 8io: butts.
9c; lard, pure leaf, kettle rendered, Ss, lOfec;
10s. JOfcc.
Warlike Developtaeat la Cain&'CTas
a Factor of "Weakness.
XEW YORK, June 6. About midway of to
day's session ot the stsck market thero was a
rise of 3 points In New Jersey Central on
rumors of control hy Baltimore & Ohio. The
Incident offered an lolat-d feature of strength
In the day's market, 'and caused the only brief
respite from the mood of depression -Raich
prevailed all day. The most effective factor'
was the warlike development In China. This
Influent nu reflected In Xew-York from for
eign stock markets, mm, the opening here, and
London's actual sales In this market on that
account ran up to about 30,000 shares, about
haft ot which were Atchlfeon "preferred. ""Kvcn
I as .a direct influence this soiling hud a notably
weakening effect In so narrow a market as
now prevails. The sympathetic effect of tho
foreign weakness was even more marked. Wall
street entertains o great apprehension that
the United States will ba directly lnvoHed In
the difficulties In China, llut commitments of
American capital in for! en money markets
and the extension of American commercial In
terests have- grown to such proportions that
any event which woul precipitate liquidation
in foreign markets, must be reflected directly
and strongly In the United States.
Besides, the news from China, foreign-mar
kets were affected by tightening of money rales
In .London, and Paris, and a slightly easier
tone In the Berlin money market Was not suf
ficient to offset other depressing factors. The
break In tho foreign price ot Iron and rumors
cf further concessions hr Iron prices In -this
country, emphasizol ths; weakness ot stocks
both abroad and In this country. Kews pf
the domestic iron trade was confused, reports
of declining prices being mingled with reports
of reopening of some mills recently closed
down. Tennessee Coal was the weakest ot
the steel rroup, andjoet 2VI.
Xn tho general list prices were weak through
cut, but stocks which hae bown soma
strength recently wer most atfecfed. Atchl
.eon preferred. 8t Paul, Baltimore & Ohio,
Union Paplflc and Louisville & Xashvillo were
examples. Denver & Bio Grande preferred
fell 2i on rumors of the acquisition of tha
Colorado Midland by rival interests and Great
Northern preferred declined 4 points. The
bond markot weakened in sympathy with
stocks, and on a moderate v&lume of business.
Total soles. H.ifC.OOO. United States bonds
wore unchanged in bid quotations.. -'
U. S. 2s, ref i03iiGen. Electric 5S....120
do 2s. rer- 10tf (K. Y. Central lsU.lllU
00 3s. reg I09ortn. racinc 38.. or
do 3s, coupon... lWki do 4s
do new 4s. rer...l34
Oregon Nav. lsts..lll
do new 4s, coup.134
do old 4s, reg.. .114-4
do new 4s, coup.llSH
do 4s IIK
Oregon S. U 0s..12S
rtrt nan Trft . ll!t
00 os. reg,
liajRlo Gr. Vejst. lata. 09 U
do 5s. coupon
lijyibu i'aui consols.
Dlst. CoL "3-C5s...l22'iSt. P. C. &. P. Istsl20
Itchlson -adj. 4s... Si I do 5s 121
3. & &W. con. 7sl41fcfUnton Paolflc 4s.i.10tf8
do S. F. deb. 5s.H0 IWls. Central lsts.. Ul'A
D. &. R. G. !Sts...l02 SoUthem Pacific 4s SI
do4s 09 V
STOCKS. "t -
Tho total sale of stocks today were 242,800
shares. The closing quotations were: '
Atchison 25lUnoa Pac- pref.'... 73
-HOiref 4 .72HlVabash .; ,u. 7
Balu- & Ohio 7Sn do pref .?r.. 2o
CaajrPaclflo ...... OVilbeel. & Xu B.... S'A
Can. Southern ... 51 1 do 2d pref 25
Ches. & Ohio 27KJ Wisconsin Central. 15
ChV. Gr. -Western. llUP. C. C. & St. L.. CO
Chi., B. & CJ lLSUlThlrd. Avenue 112
Chi., fnd. & L 21 EXPRESS CO.'S.
do prcf 51 Adams 113
Chi. & East. 111... 07 Amertcan A... 155
Chicago A N. W..1C4 (United States 45.
Chi., R. L & P....100HjWells-Fargo 117
C a. C. & St. L. 53?. MISCELLAXEOU3.
Colo. Southern ... C tAmer. Cotton Oil.. 34 U
do 1st pref...... 43HJ do pref . 00
do 2d pref. ...... 17 (Amer. Malting ; 3Va
Del. & Hudson. ...112 I do pref .20
Det. Lack. & V'..1T3 fAmer. Smelt. & R. Sili
Denver & Rio Gr. 17Vj do pref SO
do prei, 067iAmer. Spirits .... "l
Erie lid! do Pnt 1"
do 1st pref 35i-IAmr. Steel Hoop'. 20iS
Great Nortlu pref.155 I do pref 70
Hocking Coal 14 (Amer. Steel & W.. 3114
Hocklmr.V841ey .. SS'i do pref 74
Illinois Central
11- lAmer. nn riate... zih
IS I do pref 70
4S lAmer. Tobacco .... 01
104j do pref 12SW
Iowa Central .....
do pref ........
Kan. a. P. & G..
Lako Erie & TV..
. lAiwcvuua J210. u. w
do pref
Lake Shore ...
Louis. & Nash.
Manhattan. El
Met. St. Ry....
Mex. Central .,
03V I Brooklyn R. T
..212Vs Colo. FUel & Iron.
... 78Cont. Tobacco ....
do pref
!KtlFederal Steel ..
1-Vii do prof
.. 6g
.. 40$s
.. ft3
.. 73
.. 32.
.. 80
.. lo-S
.. 95
.. 2S
Minn. &. St. Louis 62
du orcf 93
aen. Eieainc ...
Glucose Sugar ..
Missouri Pacific .. 51
Mobile & Ohio.... 3l
M-. K. & T 104
do pref
Int. Paper
do pref
La Clede Gas...
do pref 3S
Cew Jersey Cent.l214
Kew York Cenf...l301i
National Biscuit
do uref
Norfolk & TVest... s
National Lead ..
do pref .-
Northern Pacinc-
do pref
Ontario A West.
do pref .......
5Vtl do pref
National Steel .,
. 20hlN. Y. Air Brake. ..13TVi
. 42 North American .. 14&
. 70 I Pacific Coast ...... 50
.120UI do 1st pref SS
.17 I do 2d pref CO
. 57H-Paclflc Mall 2734
. 20 tPponle's Gsj OSii
O. R. & N
do pref
Pennsyhnnia ..
do 1st prf.....
do 2d prer
nio Gr. Western.. tSJilPressed Steel Car.. 4(TH
do pref 87C- do pref 77
St. Louis A 8. Ft. OVi Pull man Pal. Car. IK!
do 1st pret...... iftShtana. itopo & x.. a
An 2A nref 33k
3UKO ............11174
St. Louis A S. Fr. 10
An nnf 2G
do nref 115H
Tenn. Cool & Iron. 70
St. Paul 115
do nref 1'4W
U. S. Leather IOV
do nref C04
St. Paul & 0 110
Southern Pacific .. 3:.?
Southern Ry J2
do pref 54
Texas & Pacific... 10
Union Pacific 54
U. 8. Rubber 2W
do nref tDU
Western Union ... 71VS
Republic Iron & S. 13
ao prez 37
Money EiobDngc, Eto.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 6. Sterling an Lon
don, 00 days. $4 SoV4: do sight. $4 8S.
Mexican dollars ISW'fflOa,
Drafts Sight, 12Ho; do telegraphic. lOo.
NEW YORK. June d. Money on call, le2
per cent; last loans, 2 per cent; prim mer
cantile paper, 34 per cent; sterling ex
change, steady, with actual business In bank
ers' bills at $4 S7H for demand, and at $4 S4h
04 34 for CO days; posted rate. $4 &5VO
4 SSH; commercial bills. $i S3Utf4 S3;.
Silver ,c$rttflcAtes O061c
Mexican dollars 471,Jc.
Bonds Government, steady; state. Irregular;
railroad, weak.
LONDON. June 0. Consols, 102$i; money,
102 per cent.
Forclsrn Flnaaclnl Xcxra.
NBW YORK. Juno d. The Commercial Ad
vertiser's Lopdon financial cablegram says:
The news from China frightened "the public
here today, causing operators to unload stocks.
The result was a slack business and general
heaviness. London dribbled American stocks
all day, and since neither tho Continent or
New York offered any support, the cloee was
sloppy at the worst prices. Atchison preferred
alune held firm .on the Increased dividend.
Paris sold Ttntos. Money was unchanged.
The bank sold 27.000 in French coin and sent
19,000 to South America.
Stocks In London.
LONDON. June 6 Canadian Pacific.' 96H;
Union Pacific prtfeTred. 76; Northern Pacific
preferred, 77: Grand Trunk, 1; Anaconda,
Prices for Cereals In European and
American Port.
SAX FRANCISCO. "June . Wheat, steady.
Barley, qulft. Oats, quiet. e
Spot quotations wre:
Wheat Sblprlnp, No. 1. OlJc; choli-, e2.o;
milling. OiHSOGVlc
Bariey Foed, G7370c; trBwlng. T7UlS0c,
Oats Gray, Croon. $2 e7l 10; milling,
$1 10I 12; red. $11 to.
Call-board sales:
WheaA-Steodyr December, -$l 04; cash,
Barley No ssjfc.
Corn Largtt yollw$115l ITJt
Chicago Grata andPredsce.
. CHICAGO, Juno 0. Wheat was active and
strong, because- of anxiety over the -Northwest
crop situation, and a redunicn in-the .Ohio crop
figures. ,July -closing ICIKe over yesterday.
Yesterday the wheat pit wa half -deserted ;.,to
day It was crowded, and every man In It was
busy. Tho Ohio crop report started the ad
vance. It put the condition at 2CLS0 points
under tho Government Vepbrt for May, 'and tha
lowest since 1SGC. Only 10 counties reported
a probability of raising eren half a crop. Tho
figures looked to .traders Ilka a practical wip
ing out of the Ohio crop, which last year was
4u.tXrfi.WJ" bushels. In the pit It was predicted
that the Indiana crop was In even worse shap.
Tho Dolly Trade Bulletin reduced Its flguros
on the estimated Winter wheat yield-from
374,000,000 to 340.000,000 bushels. ' ..
July wheat opsned a shade higher at 670
OTHc and advanced early to O70C7c around
which figures tho market hung for somo time.
Then "Northwest damage claims' "be-gin Ao show
their effect. Thrrt were no good, rains, the
wires reported, and from -air section Came
claims ot Injury to the crop. Ghe Dakota cerV
ter declared that two more weeks ff the pres
ent weather would spoil Che crop, and that
under tho- most favorable i circumstance the
Dakotas could raise only a fair supply The
damage claims were given, an appearance of
sincerity b.y tho .bdylns orders" which accom
panied them. The Southwest had been .a. good
buyer early, but -ths Northwest soon tookvtho
lead, and held It until the end. During tne
latter half ,of the session July avdancedjto OStys
and closed" strong, 101&c over J esterday, at t
CShc The cash trade was slow. ---t-
The marketing of long stuff kept the" corn
market from ndvonclng in sympathy -with. tb
wheat, "buoyancy. Country pfferinga vjcia
freer, and great confldenoo was felt In the
quantity and quality ot the forthcoming crop.
July corn sold Mc lower. . ...
The oats market was quiet the greater part
of tho day. hut held firm ln sympathy with
wheat. July sold between 21 and SIHc. -clo-Ing
a ehado improved at 21H821HC ."
Provisions wer strong and fairly octlv.
July pork closed 124115c Improved; lard
closed a shade improved v
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Opened. Highest. Lowest.' Closing.
Juno :06BH $U07 $0 00- $QI3
July 07 0SJ4 67,- -oS',4
Juno 38 SS 3SVI
July 3S4 SS S3VI
Juno :. 21 21 ; 21S
July 2l 21t4 " 21$
July. 11274 1152 1125
September ...1142& 1155 1140
-!.,.. ft7S (ISO ;875
. 21
11 47A
-0 7Tii,
September , ... 0 72 0S0 0 724
July 005 672 665
September ...0 62 6 72 6 02
Cash quotations were as follows:
6 70
Wheat-No. 2 Spring. OJSWo; Na t3, 62
C3ci No. 2 red,, 7O071c K ,
Corn-No. 2, 3Si04Oc: No. 2 yellow, 300'
30i4c ,
Oats No. 2, 22U22c;'No.- 2 white, -25Hcl
No. 3 white, 24025V;o. " i
Barley Good feeding. 3C337c; fair to choice
maltlng.-50-12c fc
Flaxseed Na 1, $1 80; No. 1 Northwestern,
$1 SO.
Timothy seed Prime. $2 40S2 50.
Mess pork-$10 3511 4T per bbl. -
Lard $C C20C 77 per cwt.
Short ribs Sides, loose. $0 55G1 SO
' Shouldere Dry salted, boxed. $6 5006 73.
Short clear sides BoxetL $7 1007 20. '
Butter Steady; , creamery, 1501Oc;- dairy,
Choese-Steady, 8H0c.
Eggs Steady; fresh, ll',4c-
Heelnts. Shlnm'ta
Flour, barrels ....'. 13,000
Wheat, .bushels. v..... 54.000
Corn, bushels ....... ....... ..502.000
Oats, bushels ., , 302.006
Rys bushels .' 2J!Q0
Barley. bushls .., ... 10,000
"3,090 '
Xew.York Grnln'and Proijl-ice', " ;
JJC1V YORK, June' 6. Flour-Receipts', fc524'
barrels"; oxports. 2023. active. .,
AVheat Receipts, 8323. Spot. lrregiflar;No. 2
red. 78c elevator, SIKc f. o. p. Options wero
active and Stronger today, reflecting bullish
Spring wheat prospects.- The market closed
strong, TitJlc net higher. July closed at 73Uc;
September closed at 74Hc
Woolj-Qulef. .". " -
Hops Quiet. T
T . c ...
Eqrope'nn Grain Market.
LONDON, June 6. Wheat Cargoes on pass
age, quiet and- steady; Ehgllsh country mar
kets, firm. v '"
LIVERPOOL. Juno 0. Wheat, firm: '.wheat
In Paris, flrmi. flour In Parts, steady., Spot
wheat, steady; No. 1 California. Cs d. .Fu
tures, quiet; July, 6s SHd; September, 5s Sd.
Corn Spot, steady; American mixed, .new, 3s
llUd- Futures, firm; July, 3s lldf September,
3s lld.
mosr axd STEEL.
. , n
Ramon of Impending: Jtednctlon la
Billets ana Pic
NEW YORK. Juno 6. Reports In Pittsburg
as to an Impending reduction In the price" gt
steel billets and pig irop.were also circulated
In this city. Tho 'local report, had It that at
a secret meetlng'held In the city on Monday,
representalves of the various Iron and steel In
terests had decided to make a reduction In the
price of steel billets from $30 to $23 pec ton.
and of No. 1 foundry Iron from $22 to $20 a
It was impossible to obtain any direct verifi
cation of the report. Persons seen In reference
thereto spoke somewhat Indefinitely of "main
taining schedules ar present." and professed
having" no know ledge of any changes. The .ac
tion of tho local metal market, however,
seemed to foreshadow some such changes; In
fact, the Iron markets of the entire world woje
reported dull and lower.
The presence In the city ot President Schwab,
ot the Carnegie Company, lends some color to
tho report, vihlch was coupled with a slory to
tho effect that the Carnegie people Intended to
extend their business in order to dominate the
entire steel and iron field, believing; thai the
smaller steel companies were responsible f of tne
pre'sent more or less demoralized condition" m
tho trade. President Schwab, when ho Te-,
turned to Pittsburg" ' last night, would neither,
affirm nor deny the story of a reduction. I my4
SAN FRANCISCO. June 0. Wool-Sprlps.
Nevada, 14tlCc per.pound: Eastern Oregott19
15c; Valley. Oregon. 38020c. Fall Northern,
mountain. 3012c: mountain, 8gi0c: plains,
8210c: Humboldt and Mendocino, 14015c.
Hops 1S09 crop. 11013a per pound. ...
Mlllstuffs Middlings, $17020: bran. 12 500
13 50 per ton.
Hay Wheat, $0 50010: wheat and oat. $64)
0 50; best .barley. $7; alfalfa. $504; stock. $3
05 50 J -compressed wheat. $7010 per ton;
straw. 25040c per bole. ip V
Potatoes Early Rose, 60065c; Jtlver Bur
banks, 2563c; Oregon Burbanks, 4X)cS?l 20 per
cental; new potatoes, 7Oc0$L S3.- .,
Vegetables Onions, 75c0$Ui$er 'cental, gar
lic,. 25J3c; gTeen peas, ,6pc4? per "sack;
string beans, 203c;. -dried ofcra.S2c ptt
pound; asparagus. .$101 75, per box;, egi pULht,
Sfl-lOc per pound, . v .!..
Citrus fruits Oranges, navels. $1 50,fcS;
Mexican limes. $404 50; common Callfdrmi
lemons. $l250t 50; choice, $1 231 50 V
bOX. V" . r
Bananas. $1 5O03Ter bunch. , v
Butters-Fancy creamery, :.'lSc; jlo seconds,
1701Sc: fancy dairy, 16$4fi7cr do aeeosdi,
15010c per pound. ' ". V r ' " "'
Cheese California, new, THSHtf-ker pound;
Yoimg America. O09Ujr-EaricTn.-16llc
Egg Store, I3gitc: JJxncy rancav. "e;
Eastern, 15015c pr fiosen I. . . -
Poultry Turkeys, gobblers. lJ12c;rdo hens,
11012c per pound; old ,rooater,.$a 2503 50 per
doxen; young roosters,$$6 SdSfcmall brolters,
$1 75S2 50; large broilers. "$350! rfryrS,
$3 5004 50: hms, j4 50"per dSin"f.a?e,,2g
2 25 per pair. ,.
Receipts Flour, quarter sacks! 2772 ; wheat,
centals; 1300; barley, centals. '10,310. oatTT cen
tals, 270; do Oregon, 1075; com, centals, East
ern. 1200T potatoes, sacks, 2700; -bran, socks,
COO; middlings, sacks, S20; hay, tons, 401;
wool, bales, 355; hides, 221. -
CHICAGbrJune O.-Cottla&ecelpts, 20.000.
Steers, generally 510: -tower; sutures', best'.bn
sole today, three cario&ds,,$5.75; good to prime
Downing, Hopkinsj cSl; Co.
Chicago Board of Trade DDAICTDC
MvrewYork Stck-Exchange 01x1x121X3
t -
Room 4, Ground Floor Chamber of Commerce
PORTLANDMINING STOCKEXCHANGE t ' Organized Feb. 16, 1900 Directors:
President, Tyler Woodward. Tyler Woodward. 1 B. Cox. J. Frank Wat-
Vice-Presldent. L. B. Cox... m. P. U Willis. Seneca Smith. Rufus Mol-
" ' -Treasurer, J. Frank- Watson. lory. F. L MeKenna, W. H. Grindstaft. Samuel
Secre'tarY; P. I. Willis. Connell.
" Thl? Exchahge has taken Arid is now fitting up a board room on the ground
floor of N6. 126 First street, near the First National Bank, and will occupy the
fame as oon as possible. Meanwhile the manager has secured offices In the
Commercial Block Building. Room, 406, where he can, be seen, from 9 A M. to 6
P. Id., on matters connected with the Exchange. Applications for listing- stocks
and to become members- of the Exchange should be made to the utiderslgned. wh6
will give all necessary information. Applications for xnembernliip must
be on a basis of $100 for the flrnt SO accepted, names. The right to In
crease the price of membership Is reserved.
C. L. PARKER, SInnager.
S. S. NOME (SjX y's: S. GEO; W.ELDER
Will $a!l Abput June 130th.
Special Round-Tr!pv Excursion Tickets Sold on These
Elegant Passenger "Steamers." ;;,
K Hffl
Sajr June
t, P. .BAUMQARTNER, Agent, 233 Washington St.
W. A. Mitchell Si Co.. General Asrenta. San Francisco.
Pacific Coast
KCape Nome Gold Fields
"Sefiatbr" yvll! saTl'fronf Seattle direct June 21," July 21 nnd August 20. '.
7hft"""kehator" 'has a- capacity of 2500 tons. Her second cabin and steerage accommodations
are. iuperlbp to the flrst-clasa. accommodations otmnut of the steamers advertised for Kome.
The Pacific Coast Steamship Co. has been running: Its. steamers to Alaska winter and wra.
mer for 25. years, and la the pioneer Pacific Coaat line. Seattle freight ahd passenger rates ap-
ply from Portland. For further' Information Inquire of GOODALL. PERKINS & CO.. General
Acents. 1 Market. San Francisco, or TTi 'PQ3TOX. Agent. 249 Washihgton Bf.. Portland-. Or.
steers. $o5 75: poor to medium, ?4 50S0; se-
0 85 per cwt.
Hces Receipts, 34.000. Market generally 2
5o lcntfer: mlxed.-and butchers. ft 055- 20;
goad-to choice heavy,"$3 lOffS 20; rough heavy,
U95S5 05;'Ugbt-$4 03S5-5; bulk of .sales,
$5 J0S5 15,
, Sheen-r-Recelpts, 15.000. Market steady;, good
Jo. gholep lyethers."' $5S3 50; fair to choice
jrjljced., 25- lQj -Western sheep, $i 75??5 40:
yearlings, $5 5t?0: native Iambs, $5 ft G 75;
"Western lambs, $SQG SO; Spring lambs, $oQS.
OMAHA. JtvneC Cattle Receipts. SSOOhead.
"Market 54T10C lower; native beef steers, ?4 40
5 35; cows and heifers, $3 704 70; canncrs,
J2 2S3 50: s.tocksrs and feeders. $J ,0005 70;
cafve's, J3S7; bnft? and stags." 3i 30.
Hogs Receipts 10,00a.- Market' shade higher ;
heavy. OSiiga OJ; mixed, SI 004 3; light.
si 834 oo; DujK or sales. w4 vn.
Sneep-Recefrfa. 1200. Market steady; fair
cholce'-natlvcs, ?3f 5 60; fair to choice Wet -
ems, ?4 50Q3 10; common and choice sheep,
4'25S-4T)0; lamba, $5 257 10.
KANSAS' CITT, June 6. Cattle Receipts.
8000. MarVel steady; Tex;as steers. $3 5CM33;
tfpxos -cons. $33 CO; native steers, $3 005 35;
native cows -and .heifers. $2 504 00;stockers
and feeders, $2 503: bulls, $3 254.
.Hogs Receipts, 1S.000. Market 5c lower;
hulk of safes, $4 00U5; heavy. $4 oo5 03;
packers, M S"5 mixed, $4 834 075S: "Eht,
S4 75ff4 D3: Torkers. f 004 05; pigs. $43.
Sheep Receipts, 2000. Marttet steady; lambs,.
4 507 50; mUttons. S35 S5.
Coffee and Sngar.
NEW TORK. June'C Coffee Options closed
firm, 2530 points higher: sales. 41.250 bags,
In.lfl1nv lnli vl 7 A1 T l.f? Cont.m.
Including July at $Z 00; August. $7 03; Septem
ber. 5" CO. potVRlo, strong; No. 7, Invoice,
Sftc Mild, quiet; Cordova, OlSc
Sugar Raw. -stronK; fair refining, 4&c; cen
trifugal, 00 test, 4"4c; refined. Arm.
, The Metal Market.
NETW TORKr ,Jurie a The feeling In the
market for metals was generally v.eak, under
adverse cable n?ws, an Increase In the produc
tion of tin and the continued nrMsiir tn 1I
Tin eased oft C070 points: closed weak. S20 50
30. Lake copper, . easy, $10 G2VS. Plg-lron gold ring before the end of 20 years, Bel
warrants erased very" weak, with sellers at $15 ad-Iddinar Belshuna and Hatin shall pay
for spot and svfzo for October delUcry. Lead uhto Bel-nadln-shumu an Indemnity of 10
was unsettled .but unchanged, at $3 S53 90. mana of silver.' "
S3 9. '
Consult Hudyan Doctors
Free of Charge. Call or
Mormon BIshODa' Pills
Church ina tuu wuien. rciiu'eiy cutel the-wont cues ia eld and younc irislnr tiost effects
of jeiflbcM, dUuptaon. excoses. cr djixttti-tcioUnjr. Curey L4St ManhootJr Ip"
sotenoy. Uost Power. Hlchf Losses, Spermatorrnoea Insomnia, Pains
rnBaoKiEtll Desirssi fimlnal Emtaslona, Lame acK, Nervous Oe
bllityyHeadache.Unfltnssa to Marry, t-ouol rSTFf Semen, Varicocele,
r ceasr-lpatlon, stops QulcjcneM ,of Dls- fciT J charja, Stops Ner
vous Twltonlnz'of Eyelid. tScts no immedwie. CAifl finpi.ieor tnd poteneyw
crerr Cmcuoc nonT iret ocs'jooaent. X ewe b it bind. rXVtM RtituKi iinill. Badcreloped
rjn. .Sdaolitss the bnla a4 cerre center. 50c a box; 6 ftr ft 50 br nil. BrtiHH Awricea pwiantte, tocura
r aoicy refunded, Kiitooxo. OrcoJir free. Address, Dtshop Remedy Co., San Francisco, Cal.
. For BaicTbx. Aldrlch Pharmacy. Sixth and Washington streets, Portland. Or
6, 1900."
Steamship Co.
I Spelter ruled easy hut q.uotably Jower. at $4 40
Uji ij. nc uruHcrs price jur icau was 4 iu,
and for copper $10 CO16 75. Bar silver, 00c
5AX FRANCISCO. June 6. Bar silver. CO&c
LONDON, June C Bar silver, 27d.
A Jeweler's Guarantee C000 B. C.
Alnslee's JIagazlne.
While exploring the.. central part of the
northwestern ridge o the ruins of Nip
pur we discovered a ro'om (5.5 by 2.75
meters wide) about six meters below the
surface. Its celling had collapsed Ions
ago; Its side walls, for the greater part,
j were In ruins, and the clay floor was cov
ered, witn eann ana runDisn irora aouve.
A gang of trained AfTej workmen was or
dered to remove the- debris that filled
the room, when suddenly they noticed
numerous clay tablets lying upon the floor.
A few hours later the whole room had
en ca5"uy eneo anu . cieanca.
; Seven hundred, and thirty tablets were
of our fortified camp.
After a critical examination of the
building Itself, and of the condition, posi
tion and contents found therein It be
came evident that the excavated room
had been once used as a business archive
of tho apparently wealthy and influential
flrmiof Murashu Sons of Nippur, who lived
In the time of Artaxerxes I and Darius II,
in whose reigns the documents are dated.
These tablets ' are mortgages, notes,
legal contracts and agreements of all
kinds, and to read them as they have
been translated by Professor Hilprecht
one Tvould almost believe them to be'the
j work of a modern notary. Perhaps the
.-..& .. ..I... 1.1 .... J l .l.4 . ...
uiiusl rciuuiAituiB recuia.ui iuc iuat wiic
translated. It Is a guarantee that at.
emerald set in a gold ring will not fall
out for 20 years. It reads" as follows:
"Bel-ad-Iddina and Belshuna, sons of Bel
and Hatin of Bazuzu, spoke unto -Bel-nadin-shumu,
son of Murashu, thus: A9
concerns the gold ring set with an emer
ald, we guarantee -that for 20 years the
emerald will not fall out of the gold- ring,
r I' the emerald should fall out of the
Makes you robust,
hearty, strong,
because Hudyan
creates healthy
charge of every .bodily function. Then why
need you be a vearr,;despairing, sallow, ir
ritable, 4nervous beinfivwhen a helping hand extended toward-y6u? HUDYAN is the
help, and it is within, your reach. HUD-
, .YAN .gives strength, and tone to the nerves
and nerve, centers. '1TGDYAN gives a re
newed impetus lo the, circulation, and makes
pureiieaitny Diooa. uuyaw is tor peo
ple;wh6 have lost nerve force and courage,
persons wfio'cannot-ileep, persons who have
lost confidence in ;themselves. - If you have
pains .in shoulders' (Elg. i), pains in arms
(Eig. 2), cold hands tig.3) or feet (Fig. 5),
sliaky knees and pains in limbs (Fig. 4), pal
pitation of heart' (Fig.T6), then take HUD
YAN. -HUDYAN-cures.
Headaches, dizzy spells, general weak
ness, pallor-.-tremblings, dots before eyes,
twitching' of facial muscles, sediment, are
promptly'reb'eygd and cured by HUDYAN.
HUDYtAN cures all organic weaknesses.
HUDYAN all druggists 50c a pack
age, six packages, $2.50. If your druggist
does not keep HUDYAN, send direct to
the HUDYAN REMEDY CO., corner
Stockton, Ellis and Market streets, San
Francisco, Cal. t
tire tcea In me otct s yem by Uq lctden of the Monaca
?ot a darlc office In the bnliaintfi
hsolntely flreproofj electric Hshtst
and arte'aian water; perfect nnlta
tloa and thoronsih ventilation. Elc
vators rns day and sight.
ALtmiCH. S. W.. General Contractor .UJld
ANPERSOX. GTJSTAV. Attorney-atiLaw...6ll
ASSOCIATED J'RESS: E. L. Powell. Mgr..s5
AU5?TEK. F. C Manager for Oregon and
Washington Bankers' Life Asoriatlon. of
Des iTolnea, Ia .' B02-303
MOIXES. IA.;F. C. Auster-. iIanager..5C2-503
BEALS. EDWARD A Torccast Official U.
8. Weather Burean v..'.010
BEKJAMIN. R W.. Dentist 314
BIN'SWAXGER. DR. O. S.. Phrs. & Sur.410-41t
DROOKE. DR. J. M.. Phys. & Sure 703-709
BROWX. MTRA. M. X) 313-314
BRUERD. DR. G. E.. Physician 412-413-11
BUSTEED. RICHARD. A rent Wilson & Mc-
Cal!a Tobacco Co. . 002-60
CAUKIX G. E.. District Agent Travelers'
Insurance Oo. . ,..T18
CARDWELL. DR. J. R , 508
CARROLL. W. T.. Special Agent Mutual
Reservo Fund Life Ass'n..............604
....v. ... C04-C05-COC-e07-G13-614-C13
CORXELIUS. C. W.. Phys. and Sureeon....20l
COVER. F. C.. Cashier Equitable Life 30
COLLIER. P. F.. Publisher; S. P. McGulr.
'Manager 415-418
TJAY. J. c: &. I. JT 31S
DAVI3, JfAPOLEOM. President Columbia
Telephone Co. .607
DICKSON. PR. J. F.. Physician, Ti3-H
DRAKE. DR. H. B.. Physician 512-513-014
PWTER. JOE. F.. Tcbaccos 403
L. Samuel. Manager: F C Cover. Cashler.SCfl
EVENING TELEGRAM 325 Alder jfntt
FENTON. J. D..Phylclan ard Surgeon. 500-318
FENTON. DR. HICICS C Eye and Ear 511
E. C Stark. Manager. .. 601
GALVANI. W. H.. Engineer and Draughts
man .......,ooe
GAVIN. A.. President Oregon Camera Clubi
GEART. PR. EDWARD P.. Physician and
Surgn 212-213
GEBBIE PUB- CO.. Ltd.. Fine Art Publish
ers; M. CT McGruvy. Mgr ..SIS
GIESY. A. J.. Phyalcl3n and Surgeon... 709-710
GODDARD, E. C &. CO.. Footwear
v.. ..Ground floor. 120 Sixth street
GOLDMAN. WILLIAM. Manager Manhattan
Xlfe. Insurance Co. of New Tork....j. 209-210
GRANT, FHA"SK S-. Attornev-at-Law...,.en
HAMMAM BATHS. King & Ccmptoa. Prop309
HAMMOND. A. B. .518
HEIDINGER. GEO. A. & CO.. Pianos and
Organs ..v.. .... .....131 Sixth street
HOLLISTER. DR. O. a. Phys. & Sur. .304-503
IDLEMAN. C. M.. Attorney-at-Law.. 416-17-13
JOHNSON. W. C. 315-31C-311
KADY. MARK T.. Supervisor ot AgcnU
Mutual Reserve JCund'ldfo Ass'n j04-603
LAMONT. JOHN. Vice-President and Gen-
eral Manager Columbia Telephone Co 804
LITTLEFIELD;JT, R-, Phys. andurgeon..204
MACRUM. W. 3.. See, Oregon Camera Club.214
MACKAY. DR. A. H.. Phys- and Surg. .711-713
IfAXWELL. TAL W. E.. Phys. & SUrg. .701-2-3
McCOY. NEWTON. Attomey-nfLaw 713
McFADEN. MISS IDA E.. Stenographer...20l
McGINN. HENRY E.. Attorney-at-Law.3ll-3)3
McKELL, T. JU Manufacturer Representa
tlve .....;.... 303
METT. HENRY .'... ,... 213
MILLER. DR. HDR"BEIlT d." Dentist and
Oral Surgeon",,. ..:.. ...... v 60S-G09
MOSSMAN, DHE.VP.. Dentist 312-313-314
New York; W. Qolilman.. Manager.. ..209-210
Mark T. Kady. Supervisor of Agents.. CO4-C03
Mcelroy, dr. j. a., lysl. & sur.701-702-703
McFARLAND. E. B., '-Secretary Columbia
Telephone Co .....008
McGUIRE. S. P.. Manager P. F. Collier,
Publisher , 413-419
MeKIM. MAURICE. Attorney-at-Law .508
MILLER & ROWE. Real Estate, Timber
and Farming Lands a Specialty.......... .709
Yprk; Wm. 5t Pond. State Mgr.. 404-405408
NICHOLAS. HORACE B.. Attorney-at-Low.715
NILES, M. L., Cashier Manhattan Life In
surance Co.. ol New York 20
Dr. L. B Smith. Osteopath ..40S-409
OREGON CAMERA CLUB 214-213-216,217
POND, WM. S.. Stale Manager Mutual Life
Ins. Co. of New York 404-405408
Ground floor. 133 SIrtn street
Marshall. Manager t.j...513
QUIMBY. L. P. W.. Game and Forestry
Warden 71C717
ROSENDALE. O. M.. Metallurgist and Min
ing Engineer ' .013-510.
REED & MALCOLM. Opticians. 133 Slxat Btreat
REED. F. C.. Fish Commissioner.. . ....... 40f
1VYAN. J. B- Attorney-atTLaw ... ,.,41T
SAMUEL. L-, Manager Equitable Life 30d
SHERWOOD. J. W., Deputy Supreme Com
manded. K. O. T. M ..317
SMITH. Dr. L. B.. Osteopath 403-409
STARK. E. CX. Executive Special. Fidelity
Mutual Life Association of Phlla.. Pa....?60I
STUART." DELL. Attorney-at-L?w 017-018
STOLTE. X)R. CHAS. E Dentist 704-703
TERMINAL CO - .;.. .708
STR.OWBRIDGE. THOS. H.. Executive Spe
cial Agent Mutual Life, of New York..... 408
TUCKER. DR. GEO. F-. Dentist 010-611
U. S. WEATHER BUREAU D07-00S-009-91
. DIST.. Captain W. C Langfltt. Corps -ot
Engineers. U. S. A. ......608
C Langfltt. Corps of Engineers. U. S. A..SI9
WATERMAN. C H.. Cashier Mutual Life
of New York 4CS
retary Natlv Daughters 716-717
WHITE. MISS L. E., Assistant Secretary
Oregon Camera Club 21t
WrLaON.DR. EDWARD N., Phys. & Sur.3W-3
WILSON. Dlt GEO. F., Phys. Ss Surg.7KV-707
WILSON. DR. HOLT C. Phys. & Surs.C07-3e3
Richard Buste-d. Agent 602-503
WOOD. DR. W. L.. Physician ..412-413t4H
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