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"Suwmjeo Hirer."
"Wm, Do BO Dats. Woo Hop. a very
Innocent appearing Chinaman, who says
be conducts a Chinese employment office,
on the, East Side, was fined 1109 by Judge
Henneeey yesterday for selling lottery
tickets. Woo speaks a little plceon Eng
lish, and In eloquent terras pleaded his In
nocence, even with tears in his eyes. "Me
no want to pay fine: no want to go Jail."
he said, when the Judge asked him what
be was going to do about It. He has JIM
deposited with Captain Hoare, as ball, but
averred that this did cot belong to him,
having been put up by his "cousins." He
was finally given to understand that he
would either have to forfeit the five CI
pieces, or board with Jailer Johnson for
DO days, and he was then led below, where
two of his countrymen are already doing
73 days each for the same offense.
Kixds His Time Himself. Mayor
Storey is In receipt of a circular urging
the appointment of delegates to thetrans
Hisslssippl Commercial Congrets, which
meets at Houston, Tex., today, and will
continue In session until the lift. He has
also received a request to appoint two or
more, delegates to represent this city at
the annual meeting of the National Con
ference of Charities and Corrections, to
bo held at Topeka, Kan., May 18 to 24.
The International Mining Congress also
takes pleasure In informing the Mayor
that he has been appointed a delegate to
the next annual meeting, to be held in
Milwaukee. Wis.. June 19 to 23. As the
Mayor Is a candidate for re-election on
an independent ticket, he has a little busi
ness of his own to attend to, if he can
set any time to attend to it.
To Help the Sick. There Is nothing
that so appeals to the humano Instincts
In one as the physical suffering of the
poor and needy. The fact that all the
money contributed toward the Charity
ball Is to go to the Good Samaritan Hos
pital, Is In Itself enough to Insure the suc
cess of the entertainment. Portland peo
ple are always ready to lend their aid
to such a project as this. And there Is
every Indication that In the precnt in
stance they will respond oven more gen
erously than usual. Those who wish to
purchase tickets will find them for cala
at Woodard Clarke & Co.s.
Practicino Without License. Another
complaint pas filed against Dr. Paul
Cromwell yesterday In Justice Kraemefs
Court. It chaTges him with "practicing
medicine and surgery without a llcenie."
and Is signed by H. K. Sargent, attorney
for the State Medical Board. The affi
davit alleges that Dr. Cromwell had fur
nished Mlnne E. Allen with a certain
liquid, whlclS he prescribed for the relief
of a certain infirmity. And charged the
woman $17 50. Dr. Cromwell will be given
an opportunity to plead today, when the
case will be set for hearing.
Belgian Hare Club. A meeting of per
sons Interested in Belgian hares was held
last evening at the office of Dr. J. R.
Cardwcll, and a club was organized to
promote public Interest In thoroughbred
hares, and bring together breeders of such
animals In all parts of the state. Dr.
Cardwell was elected president, W. A.
Crewson vice-president, J. E. Gantenbrin
secretary, and L. P. W. Quimby treas
urer. Other members of the club are:
C. E. Kockwell. O. T. Wiley, II, H. Crew
son. D. W. Ferguson. E. P. Shetland, L.
Holman. W. W. Davis. Edw. F. Smith.
Reception to Manila Nurses. A recep
tion villi bo tendered Miss Lena ICllllan
and Mrs. Mary C. Elinor, nurses from
31anlla, by the executive board of the
Oregon Emergency Corps and Red Cross
Society, at the residence of Mrs. Henry
E. Jones, 19 North Seventeenth street.
"Wednesday evening, from 8 to 10 o'clock.
All members of the society, all officers
and men of the Second Oregon Regiment
and friends of the nurses, who have not
lad an opportunity to meet them, are
cordially invited to be present.
Inouest Concluded. The Inquest on the
body of Olaf Berg was concluded yester
day. Berg died Wednesday of last week,
on the East Side, from a cancer, which
had eaten a great hole in his neck, and
according to the verdict of the coroner's
Jury, this cancer was aggravated by th
continuous application of powerful caus
tics. The State Board of Medical Exam
Iners has the case In hand, and the evi
dence has been handed to Justice Kraemer
as a basts for further proceedings.
Sick at Good Samaritan. Frank S.
Dearborn, a well-known Salem book
stationery dealer. Is dangerously 111 at the
Good Samaritan Hospital. Mr. learborn
wan attacked with the rover five months
ago, and never recovered. Ten days ego.
on the advice of his physicians, he was
brought to Portland ahd placed In the hos
pital.' Mr. Dearborn is 37 years old. and
Is the son of a pioneer merchant of Salem.
Mant Were Registered. Over 130 per
bous were registered yesterday by County
Clerk Holmes and his deputies, making the
total registration about 12.ZM. There re
mains but four more weeks for registra
tionample time to complete the work
but people should not wait until the last
day. The office will be kept epen every
night. If necessary, but it Is hoped this
will not be required.
Well Known Here. Word was re
ceived in this city yesterday of the death
In San 'Francisco of IL Dutard. one of
the oldest and most prominent produce
merchants on the Pacific Coast. Deceased
was well and favorably known by hun
dreds of merchants In Oregon. Washington
and Idaho, having carried on a comm'c
Blon business in San Frttncisco elnco early
In the s.
Fusion Club at Pt. Johns. The first
Democratic gun of the campaign was fired
last night at St. Johns, when a fusion
club was formed at an enthusiastic meet
ing, which was a-ldressed by Francis
Clarno and O. K. Fitzslmmons. Strong
resolutions were passed, and arrangements
wcro made for regular weekly meetings
on Tuesday nights.
Thiep Mat Be Insane. An old man.
named J. C Mays, who has been arrested
frequently for chicken-stealing. Is In the
city Jail again, but the authorities will
have him examined with a view to sending
him to the asylum. A number of chick
ens, found on his possession, were Identi
fied by their owners yesterday.
Free Librart Work. The library de
partment of the Woman's Club wi:i meet
Thursday, April IS, with Mrs. A. IL Brey
man, 235 Hassalo street, at 2 P. M. All
club members or any one Interested "n
free library work, will bo welcome. The
subject of having petitions circulated will
be considered.
The Demonstration of the Universal
food-chopper, at Hones man-DeHart's store
has been so successful that It vHI be con
tinued one more week. All who are in
terested In good cookcrj- should stop In
and see this wonderful little machine In
Desirable Lots to Be Sold. On Wed
nesday, the ISth lnst, at the County
Courthouse, will bo sold lots 1 and 2.
block 225, Holladay's Addition, at admin
istrator's sale. This is very desirable
property, and purchasers should take no
tice. The Panst Show. We are now showing
a choice lot of pansles in bloom, and Invite
all lovers of these beautiful flowers to call
and see them. Our display of bedding
plants Is complete, Bucll Lamberson. ISO
Front street. Both phones.
Steamer Mascot for Lewis and Lake
Rivers, and way points, will resume her
former schedule Wednesday next, ISth
Inst-, leaving foot of Alder street dally,
except Sunday, at 3 P.M.
Roses, 2 years, 25c: carnations, hello
tropes, salvia, 32c dozen; pansles, verbena,
cosmos, lobelia, 10c doz.; other plants also
cheap. Burkhardt Bros.. 23d and Gllsan.
Special Sale Turkish and Persian rugs
at 175 Fourth street, Y, M. C. A. building,
during the next 10 days, on account of
crowded quarters. Bartlett & Palmer.
Remember the "Cyclone" Davis meeting
fnnleht. at Chamber of Commerce Hall. A
special invitation Is extended to the ladles. J
Republican Club Election. The bien
nial meeting of the Republican Club of
Portland was largely attended, at Jl
Worcester block, last evening. An execu
tive committee, consisting of one from
each ward was elected, as follows: First.
W. A, Storey; Second, Emmet Drake:
Third. Charles D. Lock wood: Fourth. N.
H. Alexander: Fifth. F. A. Bancroft:
Sixth, J. L. DUnlap; Seventh, J. E. Court
ney; Eighth, T. M. Edmunds: Ninth, Wil
lis Fisher; Tenth, . C JamlMoa;
Eleventh. M. Billings. The executive
committee then elected T. M. Edmunds
vice-president, C E. Lockwood secretary,
and W. A. Storey treasurer. The elec
tion of president was postponed until next
Monday evening.
Two Men Injured. James P. Marquis,
a laborer, residing in Center addition, fell
from the second story of the Doembecher
furniture factory, on the East Side. yes.
terday afternoon, and suffered a fractured
thigh bone and broken arm. He was
taken to Good San-.aritnn Hospital, where
the fractures wero reduced. Marquis has a
wifo and two children. Hermann Bach
maun, a boatswain, was also taken to the
Good Samaritan Hospital yesterday, suf
fering from a broken leg.. While wrest
ling with a colored shipmate, on North
Front street, he was thrown heavily to the
ground. His antagonist was not arrestee,
as the police were assured that It was
only a "friendly fight."
First Run op Shad. A shipment of.
Columbia River shad and shad roe, the
first of the season, was received hero yes
terday, from the Pillar Rock seining
grounds. The largest of the shad weighed
eight pounds, and there were a number of
small ones. The early season has brought
the shad earlier than usual, as they are
generally not seen here till In May. Tho
roe found ready sale, and the shad went
off at 15 cents per pound, which Is as much
as a fair-sized one will bring after a
while. Sacramento River shad have been
in market all Winter, but the Columbia
River fish are much better.
Dead Chinese Identified. The Inquest
held yesterday on the body of tho China
man, which had been recovered from tha
river, near Morrison-street bridge Sunday,
developed the fact that his name was Ny
Ling. Several of his countrymen 'identi
fied him by the effects found upon tho re
mains. Deceased was a cook by occupa
tion, and had been missing for about a
month. His countrymen took charge of
the remains. There was nothing to sug
gest violence or foul play, and ho Is sup
posed to have been accidentally drowned.
The Regular Meeting of the W. C. T.
U. will be held at headquarters. Noon
Rest, beginning 81,2:20 P. M.
Uubrellaa Repairing and recovering.
Meredith's. Washington, bet. Eth and th.
Tun Real Thing Bobby Bums fotos.'
Cbnnnlnjr Tea Given at the Hobnri
CurtU. The tea given at the Hobart-Curtls yes
terday afternoon for the benefit of the
Old Ladles' Home Society, was a nota
ble success, both from an artlitlo and a
financial p;int of view. A goodly sum
wag realized from the sale of bonbons,
etc, ard from rece'pts at the dojr. About
200 vlcltors were present, and the occa
sion was a dellgh.ful toclil reunion. Many
peasant comments were made upon the
great beauty of the decorations, which
were In charge of Miss Ella Stephens.
Palms ard yucca converted the hall into
a tropical garden whl'e the parlors were
fragrant wl h the breath of Spring fiow
c:s. great Jars of Hum halng b;en placed
In every ava:lab e ncok and corner. Trail
ing lnei mingled with thj ilch coloring
of the Turksh drap:rioj, for tho rooms,
owing to ths rare taste of Mrs. Curtis,
lent thcmselv s easily to d coratlon. Mrs.
Nau had a bo th wl h posters for sale;
Mrs. Rcsa F. Bur e 1 a lemonade stand,
ard Mrs. Alvord. Mrs. Hoyt, and Mrs.
Roberts. n a tabl of home-made candy,
which was particular'- popular with the
guests. The following enjoyable musical
programme, prepared under the direction
of Mrs. R. Hoyt, Miss von Bolton and
Mrs. Frank Nau, was rendsred, nearly
every number belrg encored:
Piano role "Karomenol Ce rot"
A. Rubinstein
M-ss Helen G'uen.erg.
Song "Aloce" Storch
Mr. Davli Halley Norrle,
Song "A Spilng So e"
It. liunllnct'jn Wcodman
Mrs. Fbtcher Lynn.
Violin Concerto. . p. 1W i.. de Berlot
Mrs. Gus Kuhn.
Song Selected
Mrs. Raley.
The dining-room was charmingly deco
rated with white Macs great bunches of
them baskets of pick peonies, and ferns,
the color scheme being pink, white and
green. The table was entwined with sml
lax. Mrs. H. H. Northup, Mrs. A. H. Brey
man, and Mrs. J. II. Page constituted the
refreshment committee. Tea, wafers and
bonbons were served by Mrs. Allan
Wright. Mrs. C. E. S. Wood. Mrs. J.
Frank Watson and Mrs. David Robertson.
These were assisted by Mss Helen East
ham. Miss Mab:l Maclcay, Miss Henrietta
El.ot, Miss Virginia Wl son. Miss M'llss
McCraken, Ml Mobil Parker and Miss
Alice Strong. Many of the artistic pieces
seen on the tab'e had been generously
loaned for tho occasion by Olds & Sum
mers and Andrew Kin.
The supervision of the tea as a whole
devolved upon Mrs. P. J. Mann, president,
and her colaborers. the board of man
agers, wh'se tact, courtesy and gracious
spirit of hospital! y made themselves felt
at every turn.
Harry Corson Clarke Conilnjr to the
Marqnam Grand.
Harry Corson Clarke will appear at the
Marquam Grand Theater Friday and Sat
urday and Saturday matinee. In "What
Happened to Jones." This Is one of the
liveliest and most diverting farce-comedies
of the day, and while It Is uproar
iously funny. It Is pure In tone and Is en
tirely free from all coarseness. It is en
tirely free from anything that might be
construed as offensive, and In the hands
of Harry Corson Clarke it Is raised above
tho usual plane of farce-comedies. There
Is something so quaint and peculiar In Mr.
Clarke's funmaklng, and his originality
Is so marked and so striking that his un
doubted ability and talent as a comedian
has become fixed. This season he has
surrounded himself with a most excellent
company, and be has enlisted the services
of several very beautiful and talented
young women and somo rising young
comedians, who alone would give a clever
performance. Every member of Mr.
Clarko's company was selected with es
pecial reference to the part to be occu
pied In the cast. The sale of seats will
open tomorrow.
Twelve Hour.
The new time schedule on the O. R. A
N., effective Sunday, April 22, will shorten
the time to Chicago 12 hours, and give a
double dally service between Portland and
Train No. 2. leaving Portland at 9:15 A.
M., beginning on the da'te named, will be
known as the "Chicago-Portland Special."
Its equipment will be new throughout,
making It fully the equal of any train
now in service from the Pacific Coast t
tho East.
The "Overland Express" will leave at
G:20 P. M.. furnishing complete service
both via Huntington and Spokane to the
East, together Tlth the best of servic
to all local points on the O. R. & N. lines.
Ticket office. Third and Washington
For fine planoi and organs, seo Ellers
Piano House, 107 First street.
Dr. Bwsin, dentist. Til Dekum building.
Will Report to Conncll In Favor ot
Granting? Prayer ot Remonstrance
Routine Business.
At an adjourned meeting of the street
committee held yesterday afternoon It was
decided to recommend that the franchise
for a railroad on Front street be not
granted. When the committee was called
to order by Chairman Martin there were
only two or three property-owners Inter
ested In the franchise present, and none
of them appeared desirous of having any
thing to say on the subject. The members
of the committee were of opinion that
they had heard enough speakers on the
question to furnish them with sufficient in
formation to enable them to vote under
standing, and as there was considerable
work before them, it was on motion de
cided that no further arguments would
be heard on the matter of. the franchise.
Ira F. Powers stated that ho was unable
to be present on Saturday, as It .was pay
day at his establishment, and he would
like to be heard on the subject.
Chairman Martin said that If Mr. Pow
ers was allowed to speak, all who desired
would have to be granted the same privi
lege, and the wholo afternoon might be
taken up with speeches for and against
the franchise. As Mr. Powers had been
given an opportunity to be heard once,
the committee must decline to hear any
more speeches on the question.
The committee then proceeded with
routine business to a finish, and there
seemd to be an Inclination to adjourn
without taking a vote on the franchise
question, but finally a motion was car
ried to take It up and dispose of It.
It was decided, on motion, that a bal
lot should be taken, and despite the ad
vice of Councllmen present, not members
of the committee, "to vote viva voce,
and show their colors," the ballot was
spread. AU the members of the com
mittee, Martin, Cameron, Showers, Luckel
and Hansen, were present. Auditor Gam.
bell acted as tellr, and the result of the
ballot was noes 5.
It was decided to recommend that the
prayer of the remonstrance against the
franchise be granted, and that was the
end of the matter as far as the street
committee Is concerned. It Is generally
understood that the report of the com.
mltteo will bo adopted by the Council.
Routine Bunlne-NR.
The following routine business was
transacted by the committee:
A petition was presented nsklng that
Madison street from Park to West Park
street be Improved by macadamizing and
laying a sidewalk on one side of tha
street. As this Improvement te to be mad
between Park blocks and must bo paid for
by the city, some discussion followed as
to the necessity for the work nnd whether
funds for it were available or not.
Shower stated that the street was In
very bad condition, and In the Winter
practically Impassable. On motion of
Luckel it was decided that the Improve
ment be recommended.
A remonstrance against the proposed im
provement of Northrup ptrcet was pre
sented, and as It was signed by a consid
erable majority of the property-owners
interested, the fate of the improvement'
was sealed, and no discussion was neces
sary. Petitions asking for the extension of
Vaughn. Upshur and Twentieth streets
were recommended to bo granted.
A petition from Mrs. Mutch, asking
that a drinking fountain at the corner o!
East Burnslde and Union avenue, bo1 re
moved caused quite a discussion! The
petition states that the fountain leaks
and the water escaping caused a mud
holo on petitioner's property. The matter
was finally referred to the City Engineer
for Investigation, a report to be submit
ted at the next meeting of the Council.
The matter of the extension of Tilla
mook street, east fijom Its present termi
nus to the county road. was. after some
discussion, laid over tl'l next meeting in
order to give tho committee opportunity
to investigate the matter, Councllmen
Jameson. In whose ward the proposed
extension Is situated, offering to accom
pany them.
A report from the City Engineer recom
mending the opening of an alley through
blo'ck 28. Alblna. was adopted. It was ex
plained that when the property was orig
inally dedicated, the al'ey was provided
for., but when the whole block was owned
by one man he secured the vacation of the
alley. Now some 15 people own parts ot
the block, and they wish to have the
alley opened.
A proposition was presented to the En
ameled Iron Comcany to furnish signs,
bearing the names of tho various streets
In the city. It was agreed that street
sign are badly needed, and that the
sample furnished seemed a very desirable
one, but, after some discussion, the sub
ject was laid over.
A remonstrance against the proposed
Improvement of North Front stiect was
presented, and as It was signed by owners
of 1G0 out of J5CQ feet of the property In
terested, there was no chance for discus
sion, and the Improvement Is killed.
A petition for the opening and' extend
ing of Kelly street, from Grovcr street
to Seymour avenue, came up for con
sideration. This extension cuts through
Tcrwll'.Iger Park, nnd at the time It was
asked for, Mr. Lohmlre Intimated that
the people In that section would be will
ing to bear the expense of opening the
street: but rf late nothing has been heard
of this p)an, and the probability Is that,
if the street is opened, the city will have
to bear the expense as well as have tho
park cut up. Quite a lengthy discussion
followed. City Engineer Chase stated that
be was having a contour map of the park
made, and was of opinion that Instead
of a 00-foot street. It would be desirable
to have a mu:h narrower one through the
park. The opening of a 00-foot street
would necessitate a cut of 12 feet or there
abouts, which was not desirable. The
matter was finally laid over until the City
Engineer is ready to make his report.
A petition for a change of grade at Esct
Alder and East Thirty-fourth streets was
placed on file, as It did not have signers
enough to allow of Its- being granted. Tha
City Engineer stated that the grade ought
to be changed, as the present condition of
the street Is just the reverse of what It
ought to' be. There btlng a big cut at the
foot of a hill and a light one at the top.
If the names of one-third of the Interested
property-owners can be secured to a pe
tition for the change, it will be granted.
A petition .from a Front-street Jlrm for
leave to hang a banner four feet wide
across the, f cot of Madison street, contain
ing the name and business of said firm,
was promptly refused. The request pro
voked a spirited discussion, and It was the
opinion of the committee that this grant
ing of petitions for hanging banners across
the street, to remain till they were rags
had gone far enough, and a few more pe
titions of this kind is likely to result In
putting a stop to thi whole business.
Death of Lieutenant Cyrns Smith.
Lieutenant Cyrus Smith, an old soMltr.
died yesterday morning at the heme o(
E. S. Lamb, at the oM Tlbbetts place, on
Mllwaukle street, after a lingering Illness.
He had been In the Good Samaritan Hos.
pital, but was moved to Mr. Lamb's house
a few days ago, as he desired to die there,
ho and Mr. Lamb having been Inseparable
comQanlons through the Civil War. and
ever since. Lieutenant Smith was a vet
eran of tho Mexican and the Civil Wars,
and his record as a soldier Is high. He
woa First Lieutenant of Company B,
Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry, and also was
a member of the First Michigan Infantry,
Mexican War. He served In some ot the
hard-fought battles of the Civil War.
When tho call was medo for troops in 1SC1
h was among the first to respond. For
tho past five years he has lived In Port- '
land, making his home with his friend, E.
8. Lamb, who was also an officer of th;
same regiment during tho Civil War. Mr.
Lamb provided for him a little room near
the mam house, where he lived In qt:lt
For tho past few months his health fal el
rapidly. At the last encampment of the
Multnomah County ex-Soldiers' Assocla- (
lion, neia at Jiawtnornc springs, be was
one among the few who represented tho
Mexican War Veterans. He was TO years
old, and had served his country well. He
received a pension ot 212 a month from
the Government. His only relative Is a
brother, who Uvea In Montana. His wire
died several years ago. He has no chil
dren, and he regarded himself as wholly
alone In the world. The funeral will take
place this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from
F. S. Dunnlng's undertaking parlors, Ej:
Sixth and East Alder streets, and Lone
Fir cemetery will be the place of Inter
ment. Members of tho G. A. R, posts of
the city are requested to be present at
tho services of their late comrade.
Initial Portland Bensh Shorr 'Will Be
nin Tomorrow.
All preliminaries pertaining to the In
augural bench show of the Portland Ken
nel Club are now about completed. The
building In which the show Is to be held,
viz., the Cyclorama, on Third street, has
been cleared of goods that had been
stored In It, and Is now ready for the
benches which are to be erected for the
dogs. A more ideal building for bench
show purposes Is not to be found on this
coast. Ot over 200 dogs that will be on
exhibition, not one will be subjected to the
least draught the structure being round,
and with but one entrance. It was at first
thought best to hold the show In the
Exposition Building, but upon careful in
spection of the two buildings it was found
that the Cyclorama was by far the best
adapted for the purpose. Again., being sit
uated In the heart of the business center
of the town. It will afford people wishing
to visit the show during tho day ever' op
portunity to do so. It Is being decorated,
and will present a very attractive ap
pearance by the tlmo the show opens,
which will be on Wednesday next, 'April
Many notable dogs will be here, their
entries having already been received.
From San Francisco will come some St.
Bernards; collies from the kennels of
Norman J. Stewart, at Amnas, Monterey
County, CaL, and from the kennels of
O. J. Albee, of Laurence. Cat. Mr. Allen
owns the famous collie, Ormsbush Eman
uel. Jr.. who will be present at the show.
A good exhibit of cocker spaniels will be
sent from the Redwood cocker kennels
of San Francisco, CaL From San Fran
cisco will also come the famous English
setter bitch champion. Countess Noble,
winner of about 40 firsts, medals and
cups. She will not be a competitor In any
of the classes here. From Victoria will
come a string of dogs In care of Handler
Frank Turner. Principal among these
will be the champion fox terrier owned
by Rev. J. W. FUnton. From Seattle and
Tacoma will como a good string of collies,
English setters, St. Bernards, pointers
and others. In charge of Handlers George
TInto and Dodge. Spokane is sending
some English setters, pointers and collies.
Another attractive exhibit will be the
dogs now comprising tho string being
shown In the Sound shows by Handler
Thomas Howe, proprietor of the Oregon
training kennels at Mount Angel, Or.
It will be interesting to the dog-loving
people in the State of Oregon to know
that It was a Portland dog that won tho
first prize, open class. In English pointers.
The same dog. which Is owned by William
Peaslee, also won first open and the
silver cup for the best pointer In the
show at the Seattle bench show today.
In the English setter class, an Oregon dog
belonging to Thomas Howe, of the Ore
gon training kennels at Mount Angel, won
first prize in open class and the hand
some silver cup for best English settler
In the Tacoma show.
In the Irish setter class, still another
Oregon dog won. Count Mach, owned by
Mr. Tudor Tledcmann. won first prize In
the winners class at Tacoma, and also
won first In the open and winners' class
and cup for the best Irish setter In tho
show at the present Seattle show.
Oregon has many other good dogs, and
this show of the Portland Kennel Club
will be the means of finding out Just
where they are owned, and where they
were bred.
During the past three days many hand
some silver cups havo been presented to
the club. Among these, are the Herman
J. Burrell memorial cup for the best fox
terrier In the show, one from R. Lea
Barnes, one from Messrs. Honeyman, De
Hart & Co. for the best pointer dog or
bitch owned In Oregon, one from Mr.
Frank Thorn for best Gordon setter In
the show, one from Mr. Harry Beale for
the best English setter In the show, one
from Mr. C. H. Lewis for the brst Irish
water spaniel In the show, ono from Colo
nel D. M. Dunne for Irish setter class,
ono handiome silver stand cup from Mr.
Frank Huber (class to be' decided), one
silver tray from Messrs. Feldenhelmcr &
Co., one from Messrs. Butterfleld Brcs.,
and another from the H. T. Hudson Arms
Company. Besides these, there are many
other special prizes of various denomina
tions, principal among which Is the prize
from Messrs. Al'en & Lewis ot rfO choice
Henry IV cigars. The Northwest Arm &
Bicycle Company has donated a. handsomo
whisky flask, one nice Inscribed dog col
lar from Harry Tease, one tobacco Jar
from Mat Foeller; fr:m Leo H. Thlbeau
one 225 oil painting; from E. W. Moore,
one dozen photographs.
From this it is readily seen that the
prizes are many and beautiful.
Postmnater Hen-stock In Clinrjjr.
A. B. Hemstock, the newly appointed
Postmaster of Sellwood, has taken cha'Te
of that office, and entered on the discharge
of his duties. Ho succeeded Mrs. M.
Prather. who had served a long time, but
resigned. Tho postofflce has been moved
to the iSellwood 7uildlng, on tho corner pf
East Sixth street and Umatilla avenue.
Our house is growing1 more popular day by day on
fine Black and Colored French Dress Goods. Our su
periority over other houses in the trade for carrying much
superior goods than can be procured in any other house
in Portland.
Ask any well-informed lady who is accustomed to
handle fine dress goods in blackand colors, such as we
handle, for an opinion and a choice of stores for gilt
edged dress goods. She will immediately reply, from her
purchasing experience, that McAllen & McDonnell have
no equals and no competitors in Black and Colored Dress
Goods in Portland, Oregon.
In introducing fine Dress Goods to the trade. We carry
popular lines of goods, and our prices are always the low
est for first-class goods. We lead, but never follow or
imitate. This week we will offer extraordinary bargains
in all lines of dress goods.
mcallen & McDonnell
Headquarters for Table Linens, Blankets, Quilts and Curtains
161-163 Third St, cor. Morrison, Portland
470-472 Commercial St., Astoria.
This Is a central place, and will accommo
date the people, of Sellwood. Mr. Hem
slock Is well known In the district covered
by the office, and there Is general satis
faction that he took the office. It Is not
always an easy matter to find any one
who Is placed so be can take the office
and run It In connection with his other
business. It Is expected that the next
movo will be to change Sellwood Into a
mall station. Instead ot a postofflce. It Is
thought such change will be a good thing.
i m
On which the fastest regular passenger
service, Portland to Chicago, ever main
tained, will be estabilsned.
A dally solid vestlbuled through train
via the Union Pacific Railroad and con
nections, consisting of dining-cars, palace
and tourist sleepers, free, reclining chair
cars and buffet library and smoking cars,
will make the trip In the remarkable time
of TO hours. No other line does It, nor
gives travelers through cars Portland to
For rates, tickets and sleeping-car
berths, apply to City Ticket Office, 13
Third Street, Portland, Or.
The Portland Restaurant, 3C6 Washing
ton, near 5th, Is serving most excellent
lunches and meals at very reasonable
Jaeob Doll L'prlcbt Piano.
The latest Improved. Acknowledged to
be best sold on easy Installments. Pianos
rented, tuned ana repaired at lowest
prices. H. Slnsheimer, 72 Third. Estab
lished ISO.
Independent Candidate.
I 'hereby announce m;self as an Inde
pendent candidate for the office of School
Superintendent of "Multnomah County, Or
egon. A. P. ARMSTRONG.
' m m
Salt Cases and Dagi
At popular prices. Harris Trunk Co., Mor
rison, near Second. '
The Steck Piano Tone.
Thero Is a distinctive individuality to
the tone of all the Steck Pianos which Is
recognizable at once, particularly by the
trained musical ear.
It Is uniform In all tho Instruments
manufactured by Messrs. George Steck &
Co., and differs only In volume according
to the size of the instrument.
This peculiar "Individuality" of the
Steck Tone lies In the fact that Messrs.
Steck & Co. have succeeded where nearly
all other piano-makers havo failed. In-producing
a tone where on the one hand vol
ume was not sacrificed to secure mere
sweetness and limpidity, nor on the other
were sweetness and limpidity sacrificed to
mere volume.
The Steck Tone, the result of years of
struggle, of the constant efforts of Invent
ive genius to reach perfection. Is a most
happy combination of power with those
musical qualities which are so delightful
to the musician.
It possesses a puro. delightfully refined,
and one might almost say, crisp and
pearly singing quality. It is warm, ex
pansive, and responsive, to the most mi
nute nuances of the artist's taste. It is
at the same time rich, noble and sonor
ous. It will be a pleasure to show you our
fine assortment of Steck pianos, also other
standard makes. ...
We sell on easy terms, and will take
your old Instrument In exchange.
131 Sixth Street
Orenonlan Building ,
Wholesale nnd Retail.
Sample mailed free.
Paints. OlU. BniAhK-i Contracting Palnttng
and PaperhaBKlng-. Collier's anil Atlantic White
Lead. 7c per pound.
127 Fint Street Phone 2922 Red
Of Texas, will speak upon tho political
Issues at
Chamber of Commerce Hall
Tuesday evening. April 17, at 8 o'clock.
All are Invited.
Bet. Washington and Stark. Phone Ited l&SOi
Painting, KalsoQlnlnr and "Wood Finishing.
First-claw workmanship. Reasonable prices.
The Dekum Building.
Full Stl Teeth Ji.oO
GcM CTowrui 13.00
llrldr. Work ii.W
Examinations free .
Teeth extracted abao
lutely without pain.
CJcr. Third and Wa&hlnrton.
Corrected by W. G. I-co Woods, San
Antonio, Tex. Write him for pamph
let and particulars.
C.T. PREHN, Dentist
Croini and bridge work. 131 Third St., near Al
der. Oreron Tel. Clay 8a3. Vitalized air fur
palnlei. extracting.
UK. U U UnUnll Mxnuim Lie., room. CI8-7.
c & w.
Th new fold collar.
n. & w.
$1 5.00
At either of the prices mentioned you may
select from our stock a suit of clothes quite
up to your Idea of what
good clothes should be.
Blue serges that won't
fade or get out of shape,
fancy worsteds In checked
patterns and stripes, light
or medium shades In ail
wool tweeds and cheviots.
I r I
u U'
Largest Clothiers In the Northwest
Beusch IVledica.
Spring Water
Direct From the Springs
In Columbia County, Or.
This water contains potassa. mag
nesia, chloride of potasaa. chloride of
eotla nnd chloride of lime, and Is
Nature's great remedy
For the Positive Cure of
Rheumatism and Kidney Troubles
It heals and cures Internally and
externally. It loosens the Joints In a
very short time, and the old and stiff
become young ngaln. It Is the great
est BLOOD VUKIFIEK In the vorld,
and most highly medicated wator
known. Drink It and enjoy life and
health. Price. 75c per gallon.
For sale only by the
Brunswick Bat want, 311 tfisfclagton St, Piitljol, Or.
Tel. South 671.
For spraying, in all quantities.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists. Fourth
end Washington Sts., Portland, Or.
Alaskan and Oregon
HR3. FROHMAN. 121 13th 51.. cor. Wash.
AefablcPrcparationror As
similating UEToodandRegula
ting the Stomachs aEdEaweb cf
Promotes Dlgcslion.Cheerful
ness andRcsLContains neither
Opium.Morpiiine nor liJincraL
Stop cfOt&n-SXCZLRrCEX&
Jipptrrmct -iMtrpw
A perfect Remedy forConstipa
tion. Sour Stornach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish
oess ondLoss OF SLEEB
TacSimllc Signature of
KsgyJrS'ffiKcJftffif ' wHLra"
Tfc fS" tnmr ta ! Vf.L.A .
-"-""" ".-. "- BB1B HUH
h 1.1 y--.fcMfcV4 uf-c ucaiiaj
y w-v jwwi u ou .. new, mate t soipy
it wtna witef cr using
Gold Dust Wasriing Powder
ad toil i blial-t la It far hill in hour; then
Iraply more It iround tad rob the soiled ipou;
rinse In wirm wttr of the sine temperature
the one In which you uh It, hint up la t
vtrm place or sunshiny outdoor air and sec
chat 1 soft, while blanlet ou will bare.
Th tr. Ii Idn rraia Mr f. txakkt
Sost Cn ea r Mil v
TKC M. K. rAiaaajiic COUPAMT,
CUesca. St. Loala, flaw Tart. DHka,
Single or
double-breasted sack styles.
A perfecf fit guaranteed In every In
If you have a boy bring him with you.
Corner Fourth and Morrlton Stv
DoihG First-class
of Work
and Prices upoa
gLlkLgJr- L-S-r"-4!
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yon Have
Always Bought
Bears the
mny tears
to I
o -
ariEuij Fn
wa wm
U For Over
'f H - .
rJ II L 1
l ' -h J4V J -
t -.,