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Spring Medicine
The best is Hood's Sarsaparilla. -It
is the best because it does the most good.
While it makes the blood pure, fresh
and lively, it tones the stomach to bet
ter digestion, creates an appetite, stimu
lates the kidneys and liver, gives new
brain, nerve and digestive strength.
An unequaled list of cures 40,366 tes
timonials in two years proves its merit.
Sarsatabfl For ltioii who prefer medicine
In tablet form, llooil't Hnnuipitrllln U now put up
in chocolated tablets called Sanatab, as well ai
taHBraBaHSBBBBr fit
In tliA nanal llnnlil form. RnrsMjlha havn lilfttltl
cally the name curative properties as the liquid
form, besides accuracr of dose, convenience, econ
omy, thero being no loss by evaporation, break
tire, or leakage. Bold br druggists or sent br mall,
O. I. Hood Co,, Lowell, Mass,
Mrs, J. F, flee, SO Uould Street, Htoneham,
Mass,, sajrat "In 25 years experience I have nover
known Hood's Sarsaparilla to fall, for spring
humors and as a goneral blood purlfleri It euros
scrofula, enema t has no equal as a general
r . ... kl. II
on to say this.
Guaranteed under tho Food. and Drugs Act, June 30, 1000. No. 324.
flhe Unit the Knd.
Ilcr arm about Ills neck drew tighter.
"And promise me," sho said, "that
you will write from every foreign city
you pnsd through."
Shifting her weight to the other knee,
regarded the girl with some slight
o you lore m so much," ho mur
id, "or hare you started a plcturo
xol card album?"
Ox Yoke Made br Lincoln.
A recent rearrangement of the ex
hlblts In the Agricultural Museum of
tlio University of Illinois brought to
light an old ox yoke made by Abraham
Lincoln, which was presented to the
Institution In 1871. By order of Presi
dent Draper "the yoke has been In
closed In a glass case tho framework of
which was made of boards from tha
old Lincoln homo at Springfield, III.
By imparities in the blood
Whenever a sore refuses to heal it is because tlic blood la' not 'pure and
healthy, as it should be, but is infected with poisonous germs or some old
blood taint which has corrupted and polluted the circulation. Those most
usually afflicted with old cores arc persons who have reached or passed mid
dle life. The vitality of the blood and strength of the system have naturally
begun to decline, and the poisonous genus which have accumulated because
of a sluggish and inactive condition of the system, or some hereditary taint
which has hitherto been held in check, now force an outlet on the face, arms,
lego or other part of the body. The place grows red and angry, festers and
cats into the surrounding tissue until it becomes a chronic and stubborn
ulcer, fed and kept open by the impurities with which the blood is saturated.
Nothing is more trying and disagreeable than a stubborn, non-healing sore.
The very fact that It resists ordinary remedies and treatments is good reason
for suspicion; the same germ-producing cancerous ulcers is back of every
old sore, and especially is this true if the trouble is an inherited one.
Washes, salves, nor indeed anything else, applied directly to the sore, can
1 Tw.a.ffliAarf wim, .. ,. dnny permanent good ; neither will rcmov
f.1or5?tf?uV0iaVn0d7n,ai? log the sore with caustic plasters or the
XaSJiRJllE'JPiSJiiSSLUi surgcon'a knife make a lasting cure. If
KyWyfbSSSS evc particle of the diseased flesh were
fitl?.i 2J?it-il-t?nlrnS?iulici taken away another sore would come, bc
aeveral physicians. They, all t.r i.i.i.imii.. i.i.i j i.
treaiea mo due ma aore oonunuaa vuuou ib uuuuib m mi. uiuuu, uuu wc
KlSffi7';niiSr'dBifi' 52: blood cannot 9E cut away.
vertiana ana commenced its use . . ., . .
and utter tsklna it ft wbilo x was The cure must come by a thorough cleans-
SSpy Xim? sidttf! ,nS ' the bloo1' In S S. S. will be found
now pure and noaltny from tha , . . . i
a ffeot of 8. B. 8., and there has not a remedy lorsorcs and Ulcers of every kind.
BaB urVf ?t of th Bon ln " is an unequalled blood purifier one that
m. . . im. THOetOW3W, goes directly into the circulation and
Waat Union, Ohio. promptly cleanses it of all poisons and
taints. It gets down to the very bottom of
the trouble and forces out every trace of im
purity and makes a complete and lasting
cure. S. S. S. changes the quality of the
blood so that instead of feeding the diseased
Jiarts with impurities, it nourishes the
rritatcd, inflamed flesh with healthy blood.
Then the sore begins to heal, new flesh is formed, all pain and inflammation
leaves, the place scabs over, and when S. S. S. has purified the blood the
sore is permanently cured. S. S. S. is for sale at all first class drug stores.
Write for our special book on sores and ulcere and any other medical advice
you desire. Wc make no charge for the book or advice.
paaklnar bsta Much to Do la Deter
mlalnsr Aetor'a Coarse la Life.
David Warflcld, tho actor, tells the j
following story of a good spanking that
no got from his mother, which was
something of a turning point in his
career Tho Incident happened In San
Francisco, of which city Mr. Warflold
is a native. '
"If It had sot been for a bitter pun
ishment meted out to me by my moth
er, when I was about 0 years of
age," said Mr. Wnrfleld, "I might bo
doing my best acts on a Hying trapozo
instead of on tho stngc, and my most
effective 'flights' would havo been
ferial Instead of oral. As a youngster,
the height of my ambition was to own
a circus and to bo Its bright and par
ticular star. In fact, I resolved that
this ambition should bo achieved with
out further delay. Bo I summoned a
few of my friends, and together wo
organized a circus In tho collar of my
homo. My specialty was tho trapeze.
Wo had sold qulto a number of scuta,
at a bottle, a horseshoe, old Iron, pins,
etc., In fact, anything which might bo
converted into cash at a Junkshop af
ter the performance. Then tho fright
ful thought struck me I had no tights
what was to bo done? I crept quiet
ly to my mother's room and stole a
pair of whlto stocking. I drew them
over my legs, donned a pair of short
trousers and thero I was.
"Everything went splendidly till my
turn. Then, at a crash of kettle cov
ers mado by tho solitary member of
our 'brass band, I bounced Into tho
ring, got on tho trapeze, mado of a
broomstick and clothesline, and thero
I swung gracefully to and fro, for a
few moments and that was as far as
I got with my act My mother did tho
rest. Sho had heard tho rumpus In
tho cellar, and cnino to sea what had
caused It I can even now remember
her placing my car In her hand, and
being led away.
"How small a thing may thus alter
tho course of one's career."
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust a medicine
tested 60 years I Sixty years
of experience, think of that!
Experience with Ayer's Sar
saparilla; the original Sarsa
parilla; the strongest Sarsapa
rilla; the Sarsaparilla the doc
tors endorse for thin blood,
weak nerves, general debility.
, But OTen this grand oM medicine cannot do
Its best work It the liter li Inaetlre and the
bowels constipated. For the best possible re.
suits. you should take laxatlre rinses of Arer's
Pills while taking theSariaparllla. The flrer
will quickly respond, and so will the bowels.
Kad. by J. o. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mats.
Also nunuf.olurere of
9 hairvkhn.
Thero nrc sumptuary laws even In the
Cook Islands, where It Is a puntshablo
often so to cut more thnn 1,000 cocoa nuts
in celebration of a death.
A woman who wears a stuffed bird 'In
her hat Is liable to a fine of from $-5 to
$50 by a law recently paused by the Legis
lature of Arkansas.
A Japanese bride Ives her wedding
presents to her parents as a slight recom
pense for the trouble they have bad lo
rearing her.
It means the
hottest and cleanest
flame produced by
any stove. This is
the flame the New
Perfection Oil Stove
gives the instant a
ghted match is ap
plied no delay, no
trouble, no soot, no
dirt For cooking, the
Wiek Blue Flame OaCook-Slove
is unequaled. It gives quick results because its
heat is highly concentrated. Cuts fuel-expense
in two. Made in three sizes. Every
stove warranted. If not at your deal
er's write to our nearest agency.
"A horso who hns always been mado
to obey quickly will respond to com
maudB from any one, whereas Uio crea
ture who bus becu potted and talked
to accords, unless hungry, scant atten
tion to any one. Wo talk to horses al
together too much, nndtt Is a silly and
dangerous custom, declares F. M. Wnro
In a current magazine. IIo adds that
tho animal's attention is kept if tho
rider or driver Is silent tho horso'a
anxiety bolng always to und out what
his master wishes done.
Thero Is, according to on explorer, n
large and llerce South American spider
which chases men if thoy come too
near Its lurking places. On one occa
sion ho wus pursued by one. "Riding
at an easy trot over tho dry grass," ho
writes, "I observed a cpldcr pursuing
me, leaping swiftly along and keeping
up with my beabt. I aimed a blow with
my whip, nud tho point of tho lash
struck tho ground closo to It, when It
Instantly leaped uion, and ran up tho
lash, and was actually within threo or
four Inches of my hand when I flung
tho whip from mo."
India's hunting leopard ,ttio cheetah,
has a reputation as ono of tho most
gentlemanly of. beasts. Threo Calcutta
visitors to northern India were out on
a tramp when they were overtaken by
a thunderstorm. They espied a cavo
in the aide of a bill and into It they
rushed. When the rain stopped they
came out and found a cheetah alttlng
licking the heavy wet off his waistcoat
and his pawa. It was his car; but
rather than deprive his visitors of
their shelter the polite creature had aat
Dutaldo in the driving tempest With a
friendly mew and gracefully wagging
bis tall, the cheetah bade adieu to -his
guests and walked with dignity Into
his house.
Mothers will nod Mrs. Window's toothing
Byrup the bvst remedy to use tor their chlldroa
during tho teething period.
No Hurry.
"Clurraftcr has a good city position,
hasn't he?"
"O, yes; he's had that for stx months
or more."
"What work does he have to dor1
"He hasn't found out yet."
Br. Vitus' Dance and '. Nervous Disease
permanently cured by Dr. Kline's (treat
Restorer. Horn! for KlttfC Jitrlal bottle and
treatise. Vt. It. lt-Kllnv, IxL, Ml Arch uu, l'blla.,l'a.
Juvenile Loirlo.
Vexed Parent Polly, you provoke me
beyond measure. You forgot more things
than anybody I ever saw.
Polly Hut think of the awful lot of
things I learn, mamma, if I can do all
that fonrcttimr 1
Shake Into Your Shoe
Allen's Foot-i:o. A ponder. It makes tight
or now shoes Icol easy. It Is a certain euro lor
sweating, callous and hot, tired, srhlna feet.
Bold by all lirticfflsts. l'rleo 2Sc. Trlafpack
ago mailed KKKK. Address Allen B. Olmsted,
Loltoy, New York.
Good Tip.
"Do you think I can reach the heart
of tho haughty beauty?"' sighed the
sentimental youth with the guitar
under his arm.
"Better try tunneling, old man," ad
vised his friend.
"Yes. I beard her say that you were
a groat bore
9100 Reward, 9100.
The readers of this paper will bo plossed to
learn that thero Is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to nuro In all its
stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Isthuonly poiltlro euro known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh Ixslni; a constitu
tional dlsoase, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is lnun Internally,
acting; uirecuy u(on tuo noon ana mucous
uesirojiiiK t(
kItIiik tho p
and assisting nature In dolus; Its work. The
surfaces of thesystom, tnoreby destroying the
, ana
proprietors have so much faith in Its curative
foundation ol tned Home, and KlTlnir tho na
llent strength by building up the constitution
wwers that they oiler One Hundred Pollari
iur any case wia
of testimonials.
or any case that It falls to cure. Send for list
Sold by druggists, 7io
uaira ramny mis
r. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, a
are the belt.
The number of Isborcrs In the Indus
tries of rrarce Is about 5,500,000. Of
those, 400,000, on the average, cannot get
saaesav all-round bouMhoM use
Ma!e of brasa throughout aad beautifully nickeled, j
Perfectly cciKructed; absolutely safe; unexcelled
in light-giving power; an ornament to any room.
Every lamp warranted. If not at you
dealer's, write to our penieet agency.
Psttwatoaeui of Travail.
There are surprises to him who trav
el, says a writer. There are no onlona
In Bermuda for the visitor. They are
all exported. No tobacco la grown in
Egypt The Khedive has forbidden Ita
cultivation. There are no olive tree
on the Mount of Olives. The Turks
and tourists have destroyed them. The
Prencb do not eat froga. The Parisian
restaurants may be searched for days
without finding a single frog.
The Holland cbeeae la seldom aeen at
The Hague and Neufchatel cbeeae Is
made In New York. Kansas City Is
In Missouri. The chief Justice of the!
Supreme uourt or Egypt Is a cltlien
of the State of Florida, and the bead
of the antl-Armenlan party In the
Turkish empire la an Armenian.
How a Vetaran Waa Saved the
putatlon of a Limb,
B. Frank Doremus, veteran, of Roose.
volt Ave., Indianapolis, Iml,, says: "I
turn been showing
symptoms of kidney
trouble from the time
I was mustered out ol
the army, but in all
my life I never suffered
as in 1807. Head
aches, diisinesa and
sleeplessness, fl lit, and
then dropsy. I was
weak and helplees,
having run down from
180 to 125 pounds. I was having ter
rible pain in the kidneys, and the se
cretions pasted almost involuntarily.
My left leg swelled until It was 34
inches around, and the doctor tapped It
night and morning until I could no
longer stand it, and then he advised
amputation. I refuted, and began ui.
lng Doan's Kidney Pills. The swelling
subsided gradually, the urine became
natural, and all my pains and aches
dliappeiured. I have been well now for
nine years since using Doan's Kidney
For sale by all dealers 60 centa a
box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
now and Rata.
The first man to whom It ever oc
curred to And out how much rain was
represented by a given fall of snow was
Aloxander Brlco of Klrkncwtown, who
In March, 1705, mado a simple experi
ment with the contents of a stone Jug
driven face downward Into over six
Inches of snow. What ho learned was
that a greater or less degree of cold,
or of wind, when tho snow falls, and
Its "lying n longer or shorter time on
tho ground," will occasion a difference
In tho weight and In tho quantity of
water produced ; "hut If," he added, "I
may trust to tho nbovo trials, which I
endeavored to perform with care, snow,
newly fallen, with a moderate gale of
wind, freezing cold, .will produco a
quantity of water equal to one-tenth
part of Its bulk." So that a fall of
snow of ten Inches represents a rain
fall of ono Inch. London Chronicle.
Mad on Ilia Own Specification.
Mrs. Jones Mr. Jones sent these
trousers bock. Ho says they oro not
anywhere near long enough.
Snip (tailor) That's funny. When
I went to collect my bill from him he
told mo ho was shorter than ho ever
was In bis life' and I made these trous
ers accordingly. Toledo Uladc.
from Outside Sources.
Job Sturky This Is a pretty expensive
mixture I smoke.
Adam Zawfox So I've heard the fel
lows say who furnish you the Ingredients.
Banking by Mail
On tnvlngs deposits o( n dollar
or more, compounded twice
every year. It is hist as easy
to open a Savings Account wJth
uu by Mail as If you lived next
door. Send for our (roo book
let, "Banking by Mall." and
learn lull particulars. Address
Oregon Trust &
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Washington Sts.
Tho Kind You lluvo Alwnvs Uouirht hns boruo tho Hiirim.
turo of Chug. II. Fletcher, mul has been lutulo nudcr his
personal Nupcrvislou for over fJO ycr.rs. Allow no ono
to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, IniltutioiiH mid
. JiiHt-ns-gnod " nro but Experiments, and cmhiurrcr tho
health of Children Expcrlcnco nfruinst Experiment.
Cnstorla 1m a harmless HubMtltuto for Castor Oil, Paro
Rorlc, Drops and Soothlntr Syrups. It in Pleasant. It
contaitiH neither Opium, Morphino nor other Nurcotio
HUbstanco. ItH nsro in Its frjinruutcc. It destroys Worm
and allays FevcrlshncsH. It cures Diarrhwa and Wind
Colic. It relieves Tcothltifr Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, rcirnlutes tho
Stomach and llowols. Riving healthy aud natural sloop.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Blether's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
Use For Over 30 Years.
The Finest Gardens
Are always reported whn Portland Seed Co.'s "Diamond Brand"
Seeds are planted. Why ? Because we sell you the kinds that crow
best on this Coast. Our handsomely Illustrated and descriptive
Annual tells all about our Seeds, Plants. Roses, Spray Pumps.
fertilizers, incuoaiors, urooaers, rpu;:-y ana uee supplies.
Aik (t Bk N. ZOO w slta tvs s ltdll ctUkr
I TfMl, Utrutt. El. Dek H. 2M In sn nqMii
Portland, Oregon -- - SpoKeme, Wash.
m m i
V07 yum
jVi- m I Till i.l
i'.'flijRjm i
sT f I 1 If JH x
wJfi A
only ww to get
in Dtn
Sold avarywhara
Portland OrcgM
rxAMtNATtoNS nice
Oold Crowns, 111 Ililrts. Work, pr
tootb.Slt 1'l.t.s.Ut Hllrsr illllngs,
0o Uold jrillln. l.
WH First bir.st roHTiUFiT),
9MO AND 93.50 SHOES V&
aanilk11.aal.ai.u Wa
asssia.Saa.sujL Mlsssslarhiirir..'. na ssmiii.im
WU.Utlaat7l.,ltaQJvsrfrolacdUtaiaautr7. Xaca
yws w m sws Terr aewii at ia maaiaar is saaaaa anar
mU watohl orar ay aull4 saoaaukers, wilaaal aagard to
areas. If I mmU taka yoa Uta air lanra satrtorlat at
mnuntm, ataas., aaa tMrftt ham aarafaUy W. U Doaglas aVSBsVVsl
aasi aa a swim a wbt saiay aou ums aaaaa.
aar vataa taaa aay oikar asakaa.
Jopls Bossarl.
Joseph Bonaparte fled to America af
ivr sun uiuuuni usjs suu DOUgUt 4
homo In Philadelphia, where be lived
In winter, and a mansion In New Jer
sey, where be paaaed hla summers. He
waa much liked In this countr, but
could not make np hla mind to eta
here, so returned to Europe, hoping to
profit by the cbangea of gorernmeat la
franca. He waa alwaya dlaappolnted
aad fooad hlaiatlf an unwelcome gveet
in mvrr country aare England. Ha
laally aecured permiaalon to lira lo
Italy aad died la Florence In ISM.
Whenever aome ooe la parrJcslarly
dlaaxraahle there are alwara taoaa wkv
will aay: "He haa great stmth of!
Mica Axle Grease
lengthens the life of the
wagon save a horse
power, time and tern
per. Scst lubricant in
the world contalne
powdered mica
a smooth,
bard coating oa axle, aad
redacea frictfoa.
If yoa waat your oatfit
to tost aad aara saoaey
while it lasts grease
the axlee with Mlaa
Axle Crease,
Tiaaaaa an sraasaaasf
eissaassBjsj aau aaawwar
HOWAHD m. UOnTOMASMrts- arl Chsmtsl,
LsAdTllls. Colors4a Bpsclm.a prlcMI Oold.
BUrsr,is4, II Oold. HUT.r.lioi Oofd. toot Zlno pr
Copier, (U Csolds U.U. Msilln.OT.lopso4
full prle list moI oa appllosiUon. Control and Vn
4rworksollIMd. lUfw.SM.1 CaitMOl. Vtr
T rwl al prsforrsd) lor si
gltlBBl. sslllag artlcl. In big di
par li oa I1M to M0 psr monib.
321 Msrwtaeraa Ave., PerHaaal, Oregon
oo4 stlssmsn. (on.
ia buggy
sood 1..
smsiiJ. Will
With SVpage lllustfsud booklst, giving 1,000
assa let Borax la tb. Horn., jr.rss and osirr,
aa4 a Sauvestte VlffAue, Txli la., 0 rotors
,.,.0'S SBi roar dssUf assa. Adlress
raelt. Coast Sotex C, osxUad, Csi,
P. N.U.
I-tiralaat wiittmm f eav.rMset g.lassee1
TT -aessMna7is pages. I
Usd In 11 styles nd all sUm. Ost water and o
anrwiitrfc UtH Ujllllug Tools made. (J. calar
loss and prices. BEAU. CO.
aai Hawthorne Ave. Portland, Or.
Woiderfel Hon
This woud.rful Obi.
as. Doctor Is eallad
grsat btcaus. b. cuns
paopl. without opera
tion tbat aik sIt.ii up
to dU. II. cars, wl.b
tbo. wonderful Chi-
berbs, tout, bods,
barks and vetble
tbat are entirely
known to modlral sts
no. la this country thro
harmi.asrem.dlM. This i.i.wus doctor knows
u wiwn i .r .w oisf rtsi rssneaiea whloti
h. .ata snoceasrally In dISereot sUaeasaa. Urn
..-L .1. '. Mil . I
iih iui turn mt iMuimm
rh.umaUni, nerrousne, stouiacn, llrer.kld
aeys. etc i has bvndrads of testimonials.
Charse.mod.rate. Call and M. Win. ratlent
0.1 of th. city writ for blanks and elroaUrs.
Tha C Gee We Chlaeaa Metfdne Co,
i2H nrs t. S. C. Car. MerrlsM
MsaUou papr Pertiaa), Oresjea