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    Pure Blood
Is certain if you take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This great medicine cures thoso eruptions,
pimples and boils that appear at all seasons;
cures scrofula sores, salt rheum or eczema;
adapts itself equally well to, and also cures, dys
popsia and all stomach troubles; cures rheu
matism and catarrh; cures nervous troubles,
debility and that tired feeling.
8nrsatnbs-For thoo who prefer medicine In tab-
let form, nood'N Hnrinpnrilln In now, put up In choco
lated tablets called .Snrsatiibs, n well nil In tho usual
liquid form. KnrnntHb linvo Identically tho name
nurntlvo properties ns tho Ihnild forri, licsldos iwcu
racy of done, eonvcnlenre, economy, no Ions by evap
oration, brenkniro, or lonknco. Drucclsts or promptly
by mail. C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mais.
Mrs. C, K. Tyler. HnrllnRton. Vt
sajs i "Tb. faros or n lure farm, to
much to do nnd an llttlo health to do It
with, ransml almoU n complete lire ok
ilowni blood poor nml thlnt no atrengtli.
llttlo alp. Itood'a Harsaparllla irnve
axpitlt, natural sleep, perfect health,
strength to do all my work."
Guaiuntekd under tho Food nnd Drugs Act, Juno 30, 1000. No. 321.
Sinking Fill Near Cayase Casts
Train Into DItcb.
For the
Four Persons Killed, Four Soriously
Injured and Mora Than Score '
Badly Hurt.
Hrlf-l)efcne. I
"I'm RiirprlHcd nt you," said JlRlcy,
"trying to borrow a dollnr from Unit
fellow ilnnltippu. You're surely not In
inch nwftil need of money."
"No," replied Shrude, "but I felt,
miro Ilnrdupiio was. Antlclpnted liltn,
tlmfu all." Catholic Standard and
Javenllo lilen.
Llttlo Johnny (In cemetery) Bay,
paw, why didn't tho man who Is bur
led hero go to heaven?
I'nw Perhaps ho did, my son.
Mttlo Johnny But It says on his
tombstone, 1'cace to 1i!b ashes,' and It
must be a hot place where there's
An Inault.
"lSoo-oo-hoot" Bobbed tho young wid
ow. "Don't cry, dear," inld her mother.
MIt will not help ninttcrs any."
"It-btit tho m-mlnlstcr In-lnsultcd
mc," sobbed tho barunvnl one.
"IIo did I" exclaimed tho astonished
mother. "What did he say?"
"IIo n-sald that poor J-John was
pprobubly b-bottor off," answered tho
y. w.
F)lslc Oh! you bettor leare thote
preserves nlone. Mu said If she caught
you nt 'cm njjnln Rhe'd dust your Jacket.
Tommy I know, but I ain't wcarln'
ny Jacket I took It off on purpo.
Catholic Standard and Tlihos.
"Wluit'a all this Jupuncse question?"
asked the boy with tho hooka and alato
under his arm.
"Why," replied his chum, "It nil came
from atoppln' a Japancso kid from go
ing to school."
"Did, eh? Well, that's Just like this
country. Alwnya showing favors to
foreigners. Nobody over stops ui kid
from going to school."
A True Prophet.
"You are going to marry him after
bo has bocn engaged to and has Jltcd
overy girl In our sot?"
"Yes, dear."
"Well, I always nald bt would get
his punishment some day." Houston
Pondloton, April 11. Four poreotiB
woro Inatuntly killed, four soriously In
jured and tnoro than a Bcoro of otlioia
out, bruiHcd nnd badly elmken up in tho
worst wreck in tho history of the O. II.
A N., which occurred yostorday morn
ing nbout 3:30 o'clock near Cnyiuto sta
tion, about 15 miles cast of this city.
just at tho foot of tho Blue mountains.
Tho monxtor engine tinned a complete
Bomersiiult in tho nir, nnd, now, com
pletely wrecked, is standing on end in
tho Umatilla rivor. Tho mall car, two
baggage cars and n smoker aro piled in
a heap, tho formor being smashed into
kindling wood.
No paesonger coaches with tho ex
ception of tho smokor left tli'o track,
though passongoru were hurled (roin
their scuta and berths, many of them
receiving Fovero cuts nnd bruises. Tiio
smokor was left standing nearly on ond
nml the occupants wero thrown in a
heap to tho front end of tho car, which
was crushed in like an ogg shell. Why
many of them wore not instantly killed
and nil seriously mangled cannot bo
explained by tho trainmen.
Tho train was1 passenger No. 5, in
chargo of Conductor Coykondall, four
houru late and moving nt a Blow speed,
which ncounts for tho small number of
passengers Injured. Tho wreck wiih
caused by a fill across tho gulch giving
way under tho weight of the engine.
w'jttL JL ttLjKL. jk jtx
And system disordered .
Catarrh is not merely nn inflammation of the tissues of the' head ana
throat, nn the nymptoms of ringing no!sc3 lit the cars, mucous dropping back
into the throat, continual hawking and npitting, etc., would seem to Indi
cate; it is n blood disease in which the entire circulation nnd the greater
part of the system nre involved. Catarrh is due to the presence of nn excess
of urlcncid in tho blood. The Liver, Kidneys nnd Dowels frequently bc
comctorpid nnd dull in their action nnd, instead of carrying off the refuse
ml waste of the body, leave it to rour nnd fonn uric acid in the system.
This is taken tip by the blood and through its circulation distributed to all
parts of the system. These impurities in the blood irritate nnd inflame
the different membranes nnd tissues of the body, nnd the contracting
of n cold will .start the secretions nnd other disgusting nnd disagreeable
eymptoms of Catarrh. As tho blood goes to all parts of the body the ca
tarrhal poison affects nil parts of the system. The head ha3 a tight, full
feeling, nose continually stopped tip, pains nbovc the cyc3, plight fever
comes nnd goes, the stomach, is upset and the entire system disordered nnd
t i.,i .,.,., - ,!. m.. "fleeted by this disease. It is n waste of
2tfSti?f &$&$! time to try to cure Catarrh with sprays,
e.iYSr."; J tr!2d.vf!3&u,nir washes, inhalations, etc. Such treatment
Su0,? te.fAJSSt'ffi HVn0,i docs not reach the blood, nnd can. therefore.
52J,.ld.i'eofli lUitl1n,wpJ!?Yoinnt d nothing more than temporarily relieve
from tlio I'rat liottlo, nml niter , ., ". . . .. . ',, ,
tklnirltivuUoriwlillovrnourd. the discomfort of the trouble. To cure
vnia wm iix yesra
Thousands of Homoiookers Flocking
Wostward Dally.
Portland. Anrllill. After innklntr n
Direful end ma to of tho colonist business
coming West, A. D. Charlton, assistant
genoial passenger agent for tho orth
cm Pacific, who has just returned from
tho Knst, estimates that between 5,000
nnd 7,000 homcscekerH nro leaving the
hasten! gateways daily nnd that this
ttcmondous movement will continue
during the season.
.Mr. Charlton paid particular atten
tion to tho colonist movement whllo
away, lie personally visited tho do-
I lots, whero crowds of west bound
lomeflcekcrH nro flocking to tho trains
mid crowding tho eoiiohos. Many, not
(hiding seats, aro oven willing to stand,
so eager aro they to got to tho now
promised land.
Tho Northern Pacific, according , to
Mr. Charlton, Is hauling botwoen 2,000
mid .'1,000 colonists out of fit. Paul,
Minneapolis and Dultith overy day.
Tho Great Northern nnd 'Soo" lines,
of course, takes u great many more.
Taking tho southern gutewnys into con
sideration, Mr. Chat Hon believes that
tho total number leaving for tho West
with tho nvowed Intention of making
their homos hero will run closo to 7,000
eveiy day of tho 00-day season.
well today nn any
Catarrh ia u. blood
know thoro Js iiotlil
bot terfor tho blood 1
Nobody tUiuka wore of H. H. H
Lauoor, Sttoh.
airo, oua x am Cntnrrli ncrmnnentlv tho hlnnrt must be
(iuoaio. ami thoroutrmy purified nnd thcavstctn cleansed
M .PS SfrU of nil poisons, nnd nt the same time
strengthened and built up. Nothing equals
S. S. S. for this purpose. It attacks the
disease at its head, goes down to the very
bottom of the trouble and makes n complete
nnd lasting cure. S. S. S. removes every
particle of the catarrhal poison from the
blood, making this vital stream pure, fresh
nml Healthy. Then the litiinmcu mem
branes begfu to heal, the head is loosened
nnd cleared, the hawkimr and spitting cease,
rvcry symptom disappoint, the constitution is built up nnd vigorous health
restored. 8. H. S. also tones up the stomach nnd digestion nnd acts as a
fine tonic to the entire system. If you nre suffering with Catarrh begin the
use of S. S. S. nnd write ua n statement of j-ourcace nnd our pliyslciaus will
end you literature nbout Catarrh, and give you special medical advice
Without charge, S. S. S. is for sale nt all first class drug store3.
$3.00 AND $3.50 SHOES !&"&&
Men'. Shot., 5 to l.ftO. Hoy.' Khoe., Ski to !... Wontm'.
Hluc, SUtoHl.SO. MUc.':hliaru'.hho.,'j.!5tul.(M).
W, U. DoukIm uliooa nro rocoKiilzod by oxiort Judges of footwear
to bo tho bout in stylo, tit uml vrearproducea tu tuu country, iacu
part of tho hoo and overy detail of ttio tuakluj; Is looked after
ami wuwiioa over oy skiiii enocuiaitcrs, wiwioui roKra to
time or cont. If I could taku you into my Urea factories at
llrookton. MasH.. and show vou how carefullv w. L. Douclaal
aliooa arc made, you would then undemtapd why they hold their shape, lit betta
oar loiiKvr, uuuuroni irator rniuu umii mij uiiiQr iiiMKrs.
V. I liouiui luinv Hna nr it iiAinpea qq in. tioiipui, wnicn proirfi. vn. wr.irr .rminii win
I inicnur nor. iiiHr nnHiiiHifi rmunrmvi
V. Mm J
kaiaKSk Is
One of OreRon'a Ablest Jurists and
Pioneer of Coast.
Salem, Apiil 11. Jutlgo Reuben
Patrick lioiso, ono of tho dullest pion
eers, ablest Jurists, founders of tho
fundamental laws, and moulders of tho
destiny of tho etato of Oregon, passed
away at his old home in this city
shortly after U o'clock yesterday after
noon, ilia malady was u combination
of stomach and kidney troublo. Ho
had reached tho advanced ago cf 87
years, 0 months nnd -2 days.
There was porhapi no better known
nnd prominent man in thu public mind
of tho stato of Oregon or tho Paciflo
Northwest than Judgo Iloiso. IIo was
ono of tho three who f mined tho first
codo of laws of tho Oregon torritory;
ono of tho fow eurvivliiL- mombers of
I the constitutional convention of the
Try to Kill Grand Duka.
St. Potcnburg, April 11, It was an
nounced today thut another attempt on
tho life of Gmnd Duko Nicholas Nicho
ialovitcli had been frustrated. Tho
grand duko was returning from Tsur-skoo-Solo
by train nt 2 o'clock this
morning. Whon tbo train was 13 miles
from St. Petersburg it was brought to a
tuddon stop by a fusihulo of shots from
tho truck sido. The eentry said he had
seen four men hiding behind an cm
bankmont. Tho men succeeded in get
ting away, though several shots wero
tired at thorn.
vilr il fhttrlor Iiom. 'I'iiU
I CWvr JiytUu ujfJ ucluurtlv.
lirai ho ilcAlr. rTerrwbr.
ilMIUUlAM, JUro.kiaa.Maai
i The Finest Gardens
Are always reported when Portland Seed Co.'a "Diamond Brand"
Seeds are planted. Why ? Because we sell you the kinds that grow
best on this Coast. Our handsomely Illustrated and descriptive
Annual tells all about our Seeds. Plants, Roses, Spray Pumps.
Fertilizers, incubators. Brooders, poultry ana uee supplies.
' Ak I Bah Ml 2M W. k)m kin . mcUI uulsr ,
tl TiMt, SkivU. IkA Bk N. Jbt In nsMH.
rertUnrfi Ormgmn
fioKavn, Wash.
Will Pay Honor to Heney.
San Francisco, April 11, Francis J.
Heney will dollvor an address to tjie
students of tho University of California
ut Herkeloy tomorrow. It U stated
that Mr. Henej is to bo given an hon
orary degree by tho university author
ities in recognition of ids work for civic
reform. Mr. Henoy was a student of
the university 20 years ago and waa ex-
rtttllotl as tlin ivxiilt iif n lli.li with tlifl
editor of tho college paper, with whom
ho had trouble.
Drouth Kllla Cuban CattlW.
Havana, April 11. The rural guards
report tho death of hundreds of cattle
throughout the island as a reeult of
the continued drouth. Cuba has not
had a good rain since the October cy
clone and tho crops are suffering.
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, cour
age, strength. How is It with
the children ? Are they thin,
pale, delicate ? Do not forget
Aycr's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way.
The children ctnnot poiilblr have Rood
health unlet th bowel, ars In prop? condi
tion. AilugRtih liter Rltea coated loniu..
bad breath, conitlpatrcl bnweln, Correct all
thee, br Hiring small laxatlre doiei of Ajr'
1'illa. All veR.ubl, augar coated.
Had. by J. C. Ay r Co.. Lowell, Sill,
Alto aanufMtur.r. of
9 mm vififvo.
jIaOPQ ague cure.
Hotelkecpcrs In London complain that
their guests stay a shorter time than they
once did, and spend less for food and
f tOO Reward, $100.
The readers o( this paper will bo pleaied to
learn that thcro li at lout one dreaded disease
that icience has been able to cure In all Its
stages, and that In Catarrh. Hall's t'atarrb
Curo Is tho only posltlro cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being n constitu
tional dlaeaio, requires n constitutional treat,
meat. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mucous
luracet of tho STilcm. thereby destroying: the
foundation of theillscato, ami giving tho pa
tient strength by building up tho constitution
and assisting naturo In doing Us work. The
proprietors hfiTO so much faith In Its curatlvo
powers that they oner una Hundred Dollars
lor any caso that It falls to cure. Bend for lilt
ot testimonials. . .
Address. F. J. cnENET 4 CO., Toledo, a
Bold by druggists, 75c.
U all's Family rills are the best.
Thirty jcars la tho average ago of an
ostrich and the annual yield of a bird In
captivity li from two to four pounds of
screplfcl net.
"Do your atrect cam run on Son
flay?" Inquired the girl from Boaton.
"Not sjq you'd notice jt," replied the
Philadelphia girl. Clereland Plain
Mothers wffl find Mrs. WlnfloVs flootatii
Byrup the best remedy to dm lot their chUdran
aunnf tne teauung perioa.
Tkoi Isaportrd InpseiBM.
Era So you couldn't mako up your
mind about accepting the foreign noble
man? Why didn't you toss a coin?
Katharine I was afraid the foreign
nobleman would keep the coin.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boors the
Signature of
The black diamond Holds In Drazll be
long to tho government, which farms them
out, and makes a further profit by a 13
per cent export duty.
riTA fit. Vitas' Dane, and alt Nerrons iJla'asod
lllO perman.ntly cured by Ir. Kline's Grot
Mrve flcmoror. Bend for KltKK 3 trial bottle and
treatise. iit.V. ILKllne.Lct.Mt Axch$t.,l,hUa.,Pa.
In every 1,000 marriages In Great Brit
ain twenty-one are between first cousins.
Araonr the nobility tho rate Is much high'
cr, amounting to forty-five In 1,000.
Banking by Mail
On savings deposits of a dollar
or more, compounded twico
overy year. It is just as easy
to open a Savings Account with
us by Mail as if you lived next
door. Bend for our froo book
let, "Banking by Mail," and
loarn full particulars. Address
Oregon Trust &
Savings Bank
Portland. Oregon
Sixth and Washington Sts.
Tho kldnoys hnvo n great work to do
in keeping tho blood pure. "When they
gut out of ordor It
cnuscfl backache, head
aches, dizziness, lun
guor and distressing
un ri nary troubles.
Keep tiie kidneys well
und all these suffer
ings will bo saved you.
Mrs. S. A. Mooro,
proprietor of a rcstau
rnnt nt Watorville,
Mo., bovb: "Beforo
using Donn's Kldnoy Pills I suffered
everything from kldnoy troublo for a
year ard n half. I had pain In the
back and head, nnd almost continuous
in tho loins and folt weary all tho
tlmo. A fow doses of Donn's Kidney
Pills brought groat, relief, and I kept
on taking them until in a short time I
was cured. I think Donn's Kldnoy Pills
aro wonderful."
For salo by all dealors. 50 cents a
box. Foator-Milburn Co., Buffalo.
N. Y.
SssUsBcfors ! YouGoElMwIxrt
flotd rrown,l Ilrlds. Work. pr
tooth, til I'latrs.ist Bllver i'llllngt,
60o Uoiajfllllngi, 1.
VT,i First Btr.et t'UUTiuvNlJ, OREGON
Portland Oregon
Mad. In all styles and all sties. Oct iratrr and oil
anywhere licit DrIUInf Tools made (let cata
log and prices. nEALL At CO.
321 Hawthorn Av. Portland, Or.
JVNsfc . wiVaFi VJ 1
U I r
" "H
no matter how
You cannot
Afford to be
without &
. CM.0I44 CO TOONT1) tMM
jii wjawB'jfJi
For Baby'y Bath: (or Baby's Clothes; for
an Eye Avaan, Moutn wash, Sterilizing
the Bottle, Vaahlna Napkins.
All dealers. Hainplo llurax, llooklot and Sour
enir l'lcturo In 10 colors, S rents and your deal
er's name. Address 1'AOIKIU COAST UOKAX
CO., Oakland, Cat.
P. N. U.
No. 15-07
IT17UEN wrltlnr to SMtvartUaraTlMaTI
Vf toantlua this pap.r. I
Poor Show for thm Hat.
First Diner (to his frlond) Whafa
the matter? You look worried .
Second Diner Well, that fat man at
tho next tablo has sat down on my hat,
nnd now both his fat boys aro sitting
on his knee. Fllcgendo lilaettcr.
The General Condemnation of So-Called
Patent or Secret Medicines
Dt an injurious character, which indulge in extravagant and unfounded pretensions
to our) all manner of ilia, and the
NitaonU Legislation Enacted to Restrict Their Sale
hsrs trtahliahcd more clearly than could have Seen accomplished in any other way
The Value and Importance of Ethical Remedies.
Remedies which physicians sanction for family use, as they act most Beneficially
nd are gentle yet prompt in effect, and called ethical, because they are of
Known Excellence and Quality and of Known Component Parts.
To gain the full confidence of tho Well-Informed of the world and the approval
of the most eminent physicians, it is essential that the component parts be known to
and approved by them, and, therefore, the California Fig Syrup Company has pub
lished for many years past in its advertisements and upon every package a
full statement thereof, Tho perfect purity and uniformity of product which they,
demand in a laxative remedy of an ethical character are assured by the California Pig
Syrup Company's original method of manufacture, known to the Company only.
There aro other ethical remedies approved by physicians, but tho produot
of tho California Pig Syrup Company possesses the advantage over all other family
laxatives that it cleanses, sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acts,
without disturbing the natural functions or any debilitating after effects and without
having to increase the quantity from time to time.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under th'e name of
Byrup of Figs, and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Pigs and Elixir
of Senna, as more fully desoriptive of the remedy, but doubtlessly it will always
bo called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figst and to get its beneficial effeots,
always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company California Pig Syrup
Co. plainly printed on the front cf every package, whether you simply call for
Syrup of Figs, or by the full name, Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, as Syrup
of Pigs and Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by tho Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company, and the same heretofore known by thename, Syrup of
Pigs which has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading
druggists throughout the United States in original packages of one size only, the regu
lar price of which is fifty cents per bottle. ,
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated
OS mishranded within the meaning of the Pood and Drugs Act, June 80th, 1906.
Ban Francisco, .Cal
TJ. S. Al
IkmUvilla. Ut- Xioodon, XnglaaiL RfwTorS.N.l
" " W W" "
We hrtjMar m tartar cater tkass aay aV. Om 1c swMm aasaff aSfc, ssyj sjsjd y asjailty W .aflla
sMis?s(?ltfrllatoVyi SIS as Its a MaJai U Ma aaaMat hateH