The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, June 13, 1864, Page 2, Image 2

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    er m cAnirattiu' light and heat df the morning
tun lo flow in the iinitie direction. Ynn'ciin
neither ignore fte hoi nor rti'a'rll Itt'cniwnnV
tiiatinn. yon tiiay fur a brief period citihar
rait It hy a'fVfusttl tn comply with tin- jnt de
mands of otrrTifople fur the sumo national hen
efite oouferreil by the omnnion government
opnn older and more fa'"d ncrtioni of thu
Whatever may tie the bleeaingt of a paper
currency, oar "people upon thn Fnoifio tail to
duoorn thorn. Both Califuruia and Oregon
have prohibited bauka within their limit by
tbeir oonititntioui, and nothing ii there known
or reongoited as money hut gold end silver, nor
oho you compel a people whose principal pro
duction i gold and rttcngnizu any oth
er currency. Paper money tliurti of all 'aorta
and kinds is treated a omiimeroiiil cnininmli
ty, and it bought and told for its coin value.
It ii true that the legal tender clause make it
current at ita face on the liquidation of judg
ment there at here, hot hu who recover it,
can only dispose, of it In the emiie wiiy.
Commerce and the ordinary trnnmicliona of
life make it necessary to have in that country
large amount of coin in circulation In or
der to lend our bullion to Sau Francisco for
coinage) we are subjected to a tat of abuut 10
percent., in the wav of express oliar;,ea and
insurance, in addition tn the constant ilelny
which occurs in the transportation and at the
uiiit. which on the average ainomita to three
moulha. la there any just or sound r.'asnn why
the people of that region ehonM hnve a tax of
million per annum iniHel upon them for llio
mere purpose of enriching insurance and ex
preaa coiupitniea or apeculntorii, or for holding
us in a aort of commerciiil vaswthige, anil aa
tributaries to a neighboring State France,
England, and other nations of Europe, as well
aa Mexico and lliecontiguona fitatea of Central
and South America, have been keen enough to
appreciate our witnta in the way of currency,
""trd hnve at timet flooded ua with foreign ooiui,
and have realised great profit by the Initio.
By the adoption of thia measure, you relieve
Da from all thia enormous mid unjuat taxation.
With a firm consciousiiese of the juatice aud
propriety of my amendment, I invoke the aid
of Senatora to procure ita adoption.
Ittr (Dwjoit statesman.
" 1 FOR MtlSlDRKT,
i ' roa vice rntsin st,
ANDREW JOHNSON, of Tennessee,
mi FranoUoo Atano . L. T. Fikiik. (W9 Wanh
Ington street. Ban Fisudmio, Cat., Ii Hu millinrUe'l spent
for the aTATESMAM, anil will transact all uuilni'tt for uur nf.
ftot at that pine.
The ftatee-an haa a larger Circulation than any
other Paper Id the State, and la the Beat
Medium for Advertisers,
Tha IT 8 Law and Resolutions an published in the
1 ateiman by Authority
If the Baltimore Convention had assembled
for the solo porpnsp of nnniinaling enndidatea
aatltfactnry tn the Union men of Oregon alone,
they cnolil not have better attained that nlijeot
than by aeleoting the men they did, The newa
bas called ont a buret ol enthnriasm from the
loyal men of thia loyal State, which haa seldom
been parallelled, and will only he excelled at
the reception of (he newa we will receive next
November of their triumphant election.
Abraham Lincoln haa endeared himself to
the people of Oregon, by Ilia homespun honesty,
hit earnest devotion tn tho salvation of the
country, and the superior capacity he bus ex
hibited during his three and a half years of in
cumbency. In administer the Government in a
time of National peril, While we do not doubt
that any other Individ al w ho might have been
nominated at Baltimore, would have received
a willing eupport from Itie Union party of this
State, it ia also true that their support will be
given ninre heartily, with more enthusiasm and
less relootance to Mr. Linioln thau it would
have been tn any one else.
Andrew Johnson ia oue of the few eminent
Southern pro-slavery democrats, who at the
firtt outbreak of the rebellion promptly decided
that tho cause of the country waa hit cause,
and haa aiuoe nobly and ably labored for the
restoration of the entire Union, ilia withering
reply tn the treasonable speech of Jo Lane in
the U. S. Seoatv which we quoted two weeks
ago, waa read by Oregoniana who were morti
fied that they were eo misrepresented, with
heartfelt talisfaotinn anil plensnre. His record
since baa never been inconsistent with the uo le
stand he then took, in opposition tn tho rebell
ion, and he baa alwaya shown a ready ability
to comprehend tha questions anting in the cri
sis, and an undauuted determination to meet
The attempt of Col. Fremont and hia friends
to faetinuslj forettnll the notion of the Conven
tion by bringing out a ticket, with which to di
vide and distract the Union (-arty, will meet
with no mora aooeeee In the nation, than did
the recent similar attempt of disaffected nial
oon'rnla tu Multnomah county, In thia Stale.
To the humiliation of disgraceful defeat he will
have added the lota of the onnlidenoa and re
spect of all unselfish patriots. Hit letter of ac
ceptance weakly reveal the true oauao of hia
preaent action. Auger at the fancied neglect
ef him by the Pretiileut and spiteful determi
nation tn revenge hit personal wrongs are ap
parent in every line of it. liatlier thau per
mit a fair expretaion of tha popular will to
again plaoe Mr. Lincoln (u the Presidential
ehair. ha determine to draw off if ho can,
month of the Union strength In elect Seynnur.
McClellnn or whoever may be the Copperhead
But the factions movement can only result in
Ignominious failure.
Oregon w ill roll op a majority next fall for
Lincoln and Johnson which will make the pres
ent one for Henderson aeem Insignificant.
Ear Our readers will remember that on the
9th of May last we published a dispatch dated
San Francisoo, May 7th, quoting gold in New
York at 204.
Tb dispatch waa furnished by the telegraph
ta the Oregonian and Statttma and puhlish
4 in both papera, bnt the San Franoiaoe pa
pers did not have any such Information. No
dispatcbe were published on that day, the
orerlaad line being reported down. The
latest previous quotations fix. d the rale of gold
at 178. Tha next quotation given waa May 174. The statement that the premium
had advanced to 204 waa a fabrication, clearly.
Dot by whom f The dispatches tn the Oregon
newspaper are collected and transmitted by
tb operator at Maryaville. California, We
da not think he would know iugly end falsa
uena, but be waa probably imposed upon by
aoriM one in the Inlurest of the apvculatora in
currency in Oregon.. W'a aball endeavor lo
tree tha matter op, nod let the public know
who la tho guilty party. ,
ft-The richest Joke of i tie season Is the hiantwr
)a w It tab opperbeae't eeounl fur their defeat In Polk.
Xbey say t'stj vh entu.ii by "s!Menr,vn " '
We believe it ia the history of the world that
alwaya out of the strong ferment of enclal and
political revolutions, rebellions, and Wars, come
strange, fiiiitnstio nnd intensely partial schemes
fur the government of the people nnd tho fu
ture regulation of their exciting causes, real or
linnginnry. Particularly ia thia eo when the
social npheavlugs transpire among a people liko
ourselves of active temperament, large brain
and erralio training with no time honored
traditions, impregnable precedents, or well de
fined land-marks' of a long, I uni
form past toooiistrnin our thoughts aud schemes
within the beaten highway.
Tho Great Rebellion of England, although
grnwi -g directly out ot the long gathering quar
rel concerning the ill defined powors of legisla
tion nnd government, by prerogative or 1'arlia
ment.yet had from the beginning it speculative
or ideal aide, This, though feeble anil kept in
the background at first, grew with the heat and
length of the strife, and at one time threatened
tn swallow tip tho original controversy, and
launch prnclicul England upon the shadowy
sen of mysticism, and give her A government
and social order according to the vagaries of
over heated iinnginntions.fed upon the ttmiued
perversions of the Pentateuch and Apocalypse.
These intense and singlo- minded idealists
cuine to hu known aa "Fifth Monarchy Men"
and have been immortalized by Scott in hia
fnithful portrait of Major Bridge. iiirth, in time
of Charles II. Engaging originally in the prac
tical controversy, on the tide nf the new claim
of Parliament to exclusive legislative power, as
much from a religious bias ua from political
opinion, they camu to bo ruled by the former
feeling exclusively, and dreamed of overthrow
ing all government by human ngenoies, nnd
setting up the Kingdom nf Christ on earth, and
the exclusion of all people from the new cov
enant theocracy, except the gifted few like
themselves. Cromwell, forced by the neoessi
tiet ol his position to adopt the practical, even
at the expense of dreams and visions he had
encouraged in earlier life, shortened the natu
ral limits of tuch delusinna, and with his iron
hand brought these vagaries to a compara
tively harmless conclusion upon English toll.
The great French revolution wns one bottomed
npon abstract and fanciful ideas, still more than
that of England, which it strove in some de
gree to emulate. Prominent among them at
least among the educated and literary classes
was a mental and intellectual antagonism to
the common forma of theology and religious
worship. Thia antagonism, unlike that nf the
English enthusiast, was olheistio in its tenden
cy. Without ft religious creed of its ninj, it
denied thi jtility of spiritual worship, and re
lied on Ilia light ot reason anil tin moral reuse
tn regulate, and restrain tho conduct of men.
Aa the revolution progressed, tho passions ol
ti e people became more intense, until this an
tagonism became the dominant feeling and idea
of the speculntists nt tho head of the move
ment, and constantly imp lied them in all
things lu an opposite direction from the system
thee had al first covertly opposed and sought
more to ignore thun destroy. At Inst Revolu
tionary France, freed from the trammels of
what it called sup TBtiliou, solemnly declared
there waa no God, and hewed down and wor
shipped a nude harlot Reason, whom It set up
as the Goddess of the new Religion, And this
bliiriphemous vagary, which was thought by its
authors at the time to be the beginning of a
better era that would elidure forever.soon pass-
ed away.aud ia only remembered with shudder
ing and di gust.
And now, to come down tn the present time,
when wo see history reproducing itself, the
present wur, rcbellion.or revolution lor It par
takes of the character uf all theso is so far as
the government and the bulk uf the people are
concerned, a prartirul affair a war for the
maintenance nf the just authority and suprem
acy of the national governm mt over all thu
territory of the United States, involving, of
coarse, the purpose and initention to use all the
means and measures necessary and proper
negrn slavery included tu mako it successful
nn our part. Hut it ao happened that anterior
to and behind thia war of physical forces for
national anpremnuy, waa the war of ideas upon
the moral and economical question ol negrn
servitude. The rupture or shock produced by
thu rebellion l.aa ranged these speuiilatists on
either side of the national struggle, as it mny
be supposed tn bear for or against their notions
about thu negro. In the has led tn
the announcement that slavery is the normal
oondition of the negro, and that a republican
form nf government can only rest safely upon
a system of labor thus regulated. In thu North
the theories of the ideologist have progressed
with the length and intensity of tho struggle
and they are always seeking to make tho no
grn the pivot and eud of the controvert! at
first demanding his freedom, next, political
r ghta, and lastly sooiul equality ! These peo
pie are but few in number, but each party to
tho great atrugglu, in attempting tu blacken
the other, roeke to charge the most striking
extravagancies of opinion advanced by its mint
fanatical adherents, as the aetlled conviction
and policy of the greater number.
I'll oap tbeuf of the new idea concerning
the negrn which the enihuid imii and the passion
engendered by the war has brough' forth, rep
resents him not as a pour dawn trodden urea
tore, whom, in the name nf common humanity
we are bound tn raise from tho earth and assist to
a self supporting position in the world, but as
Providential boon sent from heaven to re
generate the worn nut bodies and blood of the
while race I This happy discovery ia Intro
duced lo the world anonymously, under Ilia ti
tie nf "MiaCKOKNATto : Tht Theory of the
Blinding of the Rucei, Api'licd to thi Ameri
can and tht KeRro." Wo occupied a large
part of our column! last week with extracts
from this pamphlet, which haa become sudden
ly famous, and our readers have no doubt be
for thia made themselves acjainted with the
npiuionaof ill author and been startled with
their originality, if they are disgusted with their
pernioiout social au I mural tendency, and iu
dignaut at til tolerant reoeptiou nuuurdvd lu
them by the public
The opinioua of the writer, divested of the
eloquent verbiage in which they are clothed. may
briefly epiloniixed as follow i i
The brown man ia the type of a perfect oolor,
aud III puro blonde and black the ituheiilthy
extreme t that everywhere these latter two,
impelled by the wise iuttiucte nf nature, aeek
to commingle and thereby produce the perfect
ouiuposit man of brown oolnr. The preteulwar
in hisopinlon la based (uuknown though it may
be) upon th natural instinct of the "dry.thriv
lied and hollow-cheeked' Yankee, and the
"brutal, coarae-gralued and revengeful" lrith
man, to improve and reatore themselves to the
0"ruwl atautlard by afafk with (lie rich blood,
full muscle, and kind, spiritual nature of the
negrn ; that it ia the duty of philanthropists,
especially anti-slavery ones, everywhere to ad
vocate a measure which will produoe tuch de
sirable results. In short, this is tho point ol
the hook. The rest it but nn elaboration, il
lustration nnd defense of this idea. Tho
world's history ia laid tinder contribution tn fur
nish facts to anstnin the theory, and at is usual
In such onsea tho faots all fit tho theory, or are
inadeto.hy a system of unreasoning assumption,
mid dogmatic assertion, which ia always natu
ral to your genuine enthusiast. Such never
remon they aee, or think they do. Tho book
is written with polished elegance and marked
ability, pervaded throughout by a fervid warmth
of sentiment and high colored imagination, and
betraya at every page that calm confidence In
the verity and reality uf this child of his single-
idea brain, which so often murks the rutiiiciiia
tiona of the speculative enthusiast.
Of course its appearance at this particular
juncture ia hailed with delight by the political
party whose principal Mock in trade is an un
erasing appeal to the prejudice against the ne-
lro. They point to it as tho new gospel of
the Administration and the Union party.
Deinncratio motheit are warned to he are leat
their tender offspring.male and female, betray
ed by the newly discovered instinct, should
unite themselves with Dinah and Kiunliu of the
cotton field, mid become the progenitors of n
new race of Misccgent, ami be lost to Democ
racy forever !
On the nther hand, some Union people have
met this partisan assertion by suggesting that
the author ia some iiuscriipol tis copperhead,
who got up this anonymous Mismgen, with the
Idea of fathering it upon the Union party, and
that giving it a bad natiio.
Wo think with neither. It is apparent tn ua
that the book was written in earnest. It ia
voi ! nf pretense or mnke-believe, but discard
ing nil doubts, the author floats calmly in the
region of sublimated conceit and self confi
dence, warmed by an intense enthusiasm for
bis idea. Such delusions and extravagancies
are natural, nnd pertain to tho times nnd peo
ple iu which wo lire. Liko periods in the
world's history have witnessed similar mental
and moral extravagances before, nnd doubtless
will ngniti. Human nature is always and eve
rywhere the same. Man may scheme and the
orize, but thu future of the negro on the conti
nent of North America is in the main beyond
his ken or control, and in the hands of God.
This much, however, Rceins probable : On
thu soil of America ho was born and haa toiled,
and his fathers before him, for two hundred
years; in common with others lie has learned
to call it his country, and in all human proba
bility it alwaya will he. Utopian scheme of
colonization nud exportation will no doubt con
tinue to spring from the fertile brains of benev
olent philanthropists, but they will continue to
he frustrated by supeiior causes beyond the
control of man. The negro will remain in the
country to which the cupidity of n superior
race has brought him. His capacity fur labor
and the necessities of socie y will force for him
a position where he can earn his daily bread.
Let alone, hia dotilily and faithfulness will find
him friends and employment among the whites,
tn whom these good qualities commend him.
Any change in his material or moral oondition
or blood, will come imperceptibly, without ex
ciliug the prej'idices of the community, only tu
be noticed liy the lapse of ages. a lid out in obe
dience to.or in pursuance ol, any visionary the
ories or fanciful vagaries, spun Iruiu the healed
brain of u ui-lutjeil enlousi,tit.
BACtrhetl by uur Special Artltil.
Ilultirook and the lailepemleiil Cuinlidutes After
K'eel ion.
Order of Proft'sslnn nt tho Funeral Obsc'
qulcs or Arnold llolbrook, at 1'ortlund.
Bummers, with Hauliers.
Pray, with a Uarrel of Whisky.
Portland Tin Horn Bund.
Cart, with fir coffin magnificently covered with
gnnnv bais.
Dray with Whisky.
J5ry Nurse Mother Wait.
Oregnn Steam Navigation Company.
Portland Lias Company.
Bub Laild. L. V. Martin.
Rishy. Mosher.
The thirty-nue signers rf the llolbrook petition,
In disguise.
HOI WO, llie Intelligent Mongolian.
More Whisky,
Tb Polk County Imported Voters.
Two Barrels of Brandy.
Grave Diggers.
"A ' aarttst nmisM'
"Jlltly MtT.a
r7Mkasr. Harding Xesinllh tc MuBrid
gain hivf por thank fcr pl lio tliiuot.
Hollirook ttcftii-j Elect! oil.
A Well-Fought Battle aud a Complete
The copperhead arc not only routed, they
nrci well nigh annihilated ! Horse and font, in
fantry nnd ailillery all alike beaten and de
moralized. The cofltest was sharp, the field
well contested, bnt their forces, whether regn.
lar divisions of old line democracy, or indepen
dent brigades of mongrel aoreheads. all have
surrendered. They still hold a fortified posi
tion in th Southern part of tho State, but it ia
of no atragetio importance, and will be reduced
entily when our forces are a little rested say in
Henderson's majority ia 2"00, an far as
heard from, nnd returns yet to come in will
probably swell it to il'IOO.
All the Union candidates for tho Legislature
are elected iu Clatsop and Columbia. Multno
mah, Washington, Clackamas. Yamhill. Polk,
Marion, Linn. Lane, Douglas, and Josephine,
without doubt.
Jackson has gene, under the lead of T'Vault
4c Co., to the copperheads, and her three mem
bers iu tho next House will be the only repre
sentatives of that parly, unless the counties
east of the Cnscadea should add one or two to
the number, which tfe do ot expect. Partial
returns from Wasco indicate that thu Union
ticket is probably eletted, while we have nulli
ng f um Umatilla and Baker, except one pre
cinct in the former, winch gives 11 majority for
Kelly, and one in the latter giving 0.1 majority
for Henderson. We have but few returns from
Coos and Curry, hut they have no doubt elect
ed a Union member of thu Legislature,.
We have met the enemy, and he is nowhere !
"The Union forever, hurrah ! boys. Iiurruli I
llowu with tlio tinhorn, up willi' llie mars,
Vitr we'll mil V round the lau, lioys.rnYy once again,
bbuutiutf the battle-cry of ti'.odom I"
? 3 r E 2 $
5. S 3 si
: i
' i.
Henderson ..
1211 34 123 84103 SO 58 2110 99 47 02 113
41 26 28 30 48 28 8 39 39 10 18 45
S'e I'rin'r.
I'ittocU 1 18 30 125 83 11)3 3'. 00 188 100 47 61 1 18
Cir. Judge,
Duiss 12" 3!) 123 83 1(17 33 51 1 100 30 112
llavdeii 40 25 20 'Ji 40 19 0 21) 38 15 18 44
Proi. AU'ti.
llallorv 118 30 123
Curl..'. 30 25 20
82 107 :W 59 195 83 47 02 118
20 40 1(1 3 32 J 14 18 42
Mounts 120 30 11" 82 101 27 01 200 97 40 00 1)7
Cartwriuht.. 110311 124 80 102 32 58 204 97 40 02 113
Mtunliv.....U7 33 121 81 : ft 57 199 97 40 02 1 17
Turner 114 91 lit 81 W03I58!8 9017 02118
Woialsiiles.. 35 20 24 25 40 20 2 30 37 14 18 42
Jackson .
ii 27
23 26
47 25 2 29 38 I I 18 44
47 19 1 28 37 14 18 42
Uolaii ....
fleiulrick -Clark
, 40 23
.119 43121
. 37 17 22
85 103 31 02 207 98 47 05 121
25 44 18 1 24 37 15 17 39
..117 42 20 81 10232 50 202 98 43 02 115
.. 40 18 22 27 4C19 4 27 371518 44
Hamilton ...118 30 120 82 103326120! 98 47 63 118
iroul 38 22 23 20 44 19 2 28 37 15 18 42
Co. Com'.
Sliaw 11031! 102 83 1111 32 00 198 98 47 74 118
fase 11834 121 82 101 31 55 198 97 47 03 83
Ilerren 37 24 23 XI 47 211 S 28 37 14 18 08
.Duwuina;... 39 22 23 20 47 19 2 28 37 11 18 42
Porter 118 36 120 82 85 32:6 191 92 45 00 77
Cooper 30 22 22 26 47 19 2 28 39 10 19 78
KidUt".''.' 3b 120 81 101 32 58 198 97 47 04 118
Welisier .... 38 2 . 21 20 4019 2 27 37 15 18 42
Co roitcr.
(Imves 118 36 121 82 101 31 CI '90 97 47 04 118
Duvenpoit.. 11636 V$ 82102 32 61 197 77 4560 118
yt of lioe'l.
Rlem 130 05 ISa 1 12 154 51 110 316 138 59 80 1 ,6
l'.,rllnil .... 1 15... 12 2 2
Kuifi'lie 1 1
Oregon (Jitv 1
alliuuy 1
SP ! ?f T 2 71 y
5 3
.1. H. D. Henderson.. 135 317 14 2? 37 30 29 48 13 950
Jiiiues K Kelly 140 lot 25 10 8 13 00 12 27 392
State Pniana.
Henry L. I'ittock ....5C4 453 32 II 44 It 29 00 37 1303
PtiosrcuTixo Attohsrt. 4tli .len. Dist.
K. W. l!nnVkineon...420 .112 14 35 39 31 29 49 20 958
Leopold Woltr. 146 150 24 2 61201111 19 370
I, II. VVnkellebl 905 2115 14 28 35 30 23 45 13 818
P. WHsserman 397 296 1 1 20 32 27 28 42 6 805
John Powell 395 "55 I43;3'28 23 17 7 814
Aniorv llolbrook ....17 200 19 II 6 .11 5 1121 4KI
Kilw.'W. Tnwv I88 2UKS3 8 1118 5 12 19 49
Orville llislev' 177 15521 I 6 1301112 25 413
Willium Cuple OOO 2 00 00 00 (10 dU 113 16
(toe ntt l 'tan.
It C. Coiili
413 3:31138 38 33 29 49 18 955
109 146 23 4 6 12 00 9 ! J:K)
Win. 8 Cnlilnrll .
laeob Siitzel
Kobnii J. Liuiil ...
3729I4 9 32 35 29 4 1 20 813
.2111 17823 22 IU 12 00 13 20 489
Coi stv Tksaukk.
I). W. Williams 321 -'oil III 38 35 31 23 42 8 711
Win. P. I Inland 28I 26027 & 9 16 5 16 33 631
Corttrr CoamstioMHS
II. W. Cornell 56? 4.V 37 .l 4111 28 59 39 1314
A.Ult. Hliaw Siitl UT 13 31 30 124 41 8 739
John 11. foiali 223 490 24 5 7 15 4 12 31 587
John DolanJ ....
..287 2 3 13 40 38 31 24 40 15 811
.. 193 2(9 24 1 t 11 00 1.1 'ii 47
Jhiiivs W. GoiaX'
Dr. Ilirklin 397 94 13 29 32 31 29 47 14 856
Dr. U. Elwert ItWI'UM 3 7 15 4 10 25 4j8
C. W. Umrsire 565 4:W 37 40 44 13 29 58 37 1291
Si r'T t'oMMos Schools.
Geo. II. Atkiasou ...553 4.3 37 38 4 1 37 2D 53 57 1256
Seat or Qovkksxknt.- Portlsiid, 1317 ; Suleni, 21;
Kugene, 2.
Pincixcr Orrsmu Ktacrio.
North PoiiIjii.1 Levi Anderson, Justice i Henry
L Ho t. Consiulile.
Kunih Purtlaiiil Heorye B. dray, Justice J. J.
Mruuher. Coiisutlile.
Handy W. A. lliowtt, Justice i W. ltoval, Consta
ble. '
Willamette Samuel E. U.irr. Justice i O. M. Iter
,nar,l. (insts0ls.
MullimiuttltClwl Uiiobtfj. JiisiIm , O. M. ButUr,
8t John C. II. Cumslork, Just ire, Irijah Rvers,
tast Po llHiid Qeurpe Cresswetl, Justice ; Oscsr
Tihlictls, Ciunlulile
tUtivn; a Maud Gilmer Kelly, Justice A r' liar
Kelley, I'ousUible.
J. II. D. Hemlersou
Janus K. Kelly
State Printer.
Henry L. Piltock 319
District Judge.
R. E. Stratum
S. Ellsworth
Pmecnting Attorney.
J. F. Walton
John Hiirnett
J. Qtiiun Thornton
Janice tjiinh ....... ...........
Charle Wella....
William Barclay.
County Clerk.
B W. Wilton
E. L. Perham
Julio Bmwnaon
W. B. iluiutlloo
Get. B. Water.
W. 11. Johusou..v
R. K. fioouda.
t. M
School Superintendent
Slilaon SH
E Vinywr 4 ....... M?
? " 3 . ' ft
- ? : ; : ;
i s it
a " : : : ; : : :
J II I). Iletnlerson,
,1 K. Ksllv.
HJ,. Phtoek
It. P. Unite.
SI VfHWritl H, llayilen.
l ' ?. '-i x 2 I R- Mallory
-Sli'.1 1'll'i!'!--
K I ',SS$aggwT.Nawl.y
1 SIS ?-S 8 aSS I H. Warren,
' g sj 2 3 I 0. W. Lnwsnn,
E I ' T. S Si 'i x 5 S I J. L PerK'ison.
jjjSSJiSS'iHl M B llendriek.
14. C. Adams.
II. W. Allen.
Bl ''S?l'Si$Si'-l' 'V'iteonih.
?gjHS:3'iij Col. Wullure.
' 5
g SjgtijflSSgsl J-M. Beleher.
' LgJ.M'MS'8' Ibntseher.
& i t? S $ 5 H K ? J3 1 II Hewetl.
II lSSlg!!i3!ial1.8awyer.
B 2
Si grSftSj'ja&l W- S Avers.
tS S 4 y jl I Chas, llsndley.
toiSSftS StS I ''"hn Silencer.
& S m S 3 & " I T v- Enihree.
Andv 8huek.
S yi v x x 5.
"S2Sx".'i2S I A- 8 Watt
JJhe lislles.
Kauene City.
"1 Cw'vailis.
ft je
3 r
I herehv eartlfv that the shove Is 11 correct shstmet
of votes cast at t lie June election, 186-I. for Yumhill
eounty, O euon. for Slate, District noil County Ofll
cers. its appears of record now on tile in my oHlee.
Witness inv Imud, und seal of office, June 8, 1861.
8. 0. ADAMS. Co. Clerk.
m s i; 1 j I '
S ! ?S 1 S '
rijj . ; .- o r 3. :
7 tr 1 S f
f '. & :
llendenon. 96 53 30 10 22 22 31 19 35 48 39 12 9 33 KU
Kelly 71 11 9 42 21 14 19 30 13 15 6 13 4
Slate P'n'r.
Pillock ....98 53 39 1021 22 34 2 ' 35 50 39 12 9 36 00
Proi. AW.
llodirkiuso'nOO 54 50 111 21 22 33 31 35 49 38 12 M 35 '.7
Wolff 65 10 9 41 24 13 7 29 13 15 13 4 O
S'e Senator.
Kddy 91 47 30 10 21 22 31 20 3 1 49 37 12 9 34 54
Mycin 65 12 10 41 25 14 9 29 13 10 6 13 4
llmnent 0 a.
o 2
Wade 91 51 30 II) 22 22 34 19 35 49 37 12 ! 31 54
Shipley ....85 52 30 1021 22 31 19 36 49:17 12 931 55
PiHber 87 51 30 10 19 22 34 17 35 51 37 12 9 32 53
traiKlit ...06 II 9 4I2I3 7 29 II 14 613 4 5
lle.uie 03 II 10 41 21 14 9 29 13 15 6 13 4 5
.M, Own. ..03 11 9 41 25 14 9 32 12 18 613 4 5
f?o. Com'rt.
C,rreti ....94 52 3.' 10 51 22 3121 3 47 30 12 9 31 55
Lambert ...91 51 30 10 21 22 34 21 35 50 37 12 9 31 54
Kvuns .
Itacon .
.1-1 II 1140 20 11 9 29 II 15 5 13 4 &
.Islll 8 41 24 14 9 29 12 15 5 13 3 5
.96 53 311 III 21 55 33 18 27 47 38 12 9 35 43
..01 19 9 41 24 10 93021 11 4 13 3 514
Horn. 97 52 30 10 22 21 34 22 0 1 50 38 IS 0 3! 55
l'riilliii)!cr..01 II 9 41 24 12 9 27 12 15 5 13 4 5 2
lluilonl ...85 52 30 10 19 21 31 19 32 50 37 12 9 34 50
Fleming. ...0! II 9 41 27 14 9 32 13 15 6 13 4 5 2
S t of Gov't.
lorilml..ll4 53 37 49 41 3irai 41 1 17 1 2211 36 1!)
Salem 35 10 I 3 4 2 40 9 45 46 35 2 i 3 37
Oregon City 9
Corvullis ..' 4
Scattering 4
ttoynton 507
Potter V58
School Sttp't.
Kandull 523
Kelly 252
Puitlow 504
SMlluian 254
i unipliull 465
llurucU 218
TnTAI.-llendon.oll, 51.2; Kdlv. 278; Pillock, 530
lIoilKkiawm, 528; Until, 5; li.ldv. 51.7 ; Myers, 261;
Wude, 512; Mililey,5UII; Klalier. -IS1I ; Slrulghl, 2o6;
ll.-alie. 259; Mi-Cown, 261: (lanelt, 512; ljonlwrt
514; Currill, 257; Kvuns. 254 ; Hiieon. 497; Stevens,
265; Barns, 5.3; Trullillger, 2411; llllllnrd, 494
Fleming, 265.
HemWou '102 Kelly'.
Pillock 4(K)i
Hnise 454 Hayilen-. ...
Mnllory 453 Curl
Fruiter 441 Wulli-r J'
llohnii 44J Ball
Lnlollet 441 Holmes.. '.. ,
Wlntsnn 451) Outhouse, v.,
Ilutler 44!) Gibson... X,
Grunt 44 1 .Smith ...A.
.. 330
Skat of Govkiinjiknt. For Salem, S41 ;
Portland. 241 ; Scatti ring, 5.
For Coiuiuisioiiers, 32.4; Against. 429.
im coixty."
Ttie fallowing is an iiuoLHcial report of the vote of
Linn county t
Cugiu J. II. I). Henderson, 73!) ; Jat. K. Kelly,
Siste Printer 11. L Piunck, fOt.
llislrict .liidue-lt P. Iloise, TIW.
Pmteratiug Attoruev K. Mullorv, TOT : C. G. Curl,
Kepriiteuuiives J. P. Tale, 7!iHi J. N. Perkins.
T7.I. II. A. Mct'urtuev, I'M: It. tilnss, VJli K. II.
Cmwrnnl, 740 1 tJenrge It Heliu,74ai Wm. Cyrus,
75,' :.J H. Thorp. 752
Clerk -James Klkius.SlO; ,1 II. Doulhlt, 7l.
Sl critr O. W. ltichardson. 7Ui ; J. Iwis. 7J8.
1,-easarei T A Itiuus, J'O ; J. KlXon, 7?.
Couniv t'ommissinner-sl. P. Ilomie, 7H9; J. n.
Johnson. 705 ; . I. T Crooks, Wi Pant Clover. 742
Assessor II W. Uc hnali. 79 ' i A. W. Stanard, 745.
S,-hool SH-rinlendent J. J. tiulUher, 7tJ; C. A.
Kergasoti, 7 15.
Coroner William M. KbJJi n. T'.'0 , 8 S. Markhum,
ias. '
- Survsvor Cyras ClingmHa, 7M -. J. H. C. Averil,
Por huildiug county jail, 655 ; against, 543.
Per Seal of Government Salem, 1IS16; Portland,
V'; Alhany, !)7i tn.-ene lity.N): Pulles, 3; Seal
lering, 3.
DAI.LtB Pkecisct The following are the
complete returns from Dullee Precinct. The
whole numlH-r cf voles cast was 432.
For Congress. Henderson. 257 ; Kelly. IGj.
Slate Printer, l'ittnek, 27.V Judge Fifth Ju-
dieial District. Wilson, 239 ; Sinter, 149. Pro.
'editing Attorney,' Meigs. 240; Galea, I tit),
i Senator. Dontieli, 235 ; Stevenson, 134. lte
- resentalive, Hoi l.i 'd, 2 17 ; Gray. LJ3. Couniv
Clerk, Kced. 252; Holland. 125. SheritT.
W hite, 2tW; Howard. 112. C'ouuly Judge.
Detinv. 22ti; Neyce, 131. Treasurer, Wal
Jilron. 16; liucbanan. 137.
1 V... -w Pun.iv Tha ri.11,, tn
HUB ll.--m .n.v,r,.. . '"ft
are the returns from the Tygh Valley Precinct ;
Representative, Henderson, 13;, Kelly 10.
State Printer! Pillock. 13. Judjje Fifth Ju
ibcial Die rtct, Wilson, 13; Slater; 10. Pros
ecutinit Attorney. Mript: 10; Gate. 9. Sen
ator,' Donnell. 12 I Slephenssm. 8. Repreeen
laiive, Borland. 12; Gray. 9. County Clerk,
Heed, 13; Holland, 9. Sherill. White. 13;
Howardl). County Jude. Denny. 13; Neyoe.
9. Treasurer, Waldmn, 13 Buchanan, 9.
Seat of Government, Salem, SO; Corvallia, 1 ;
Eugene, 1.
FirTKEX Mil Prici&ct. Tht followinj
ia tht wta ui i'lltecu UiKs i'rwiDot ;
Kenreselltntivi', Ilcntlersnll. 28 ! Kelly, l!.
Slate I'rinter, l'ittnek, .Iutl)fe r lllll Ju
dicial District, Wilson, :)'; Slater, IS. l'rns
eeiitinit Attorney. Meigs, 30 j Gates. 15. Sen-
ntor, Donnell, 2U-, hteiiheiison, itepre-
seutative, Itorlnnil, 20; Gray, 15. County
Clerk, l(eed.2fl ; Ilnllanil, 17. Sheriff. While,
34 ; Ilownnl, II. County .Imlp, Uenny, 20 ;
Neyue, IT.. Treasuiuf, Wahlion, 3D; Hu
eliiuiiiu, 15.
Ckmi.ii l'ltKCiNcr. Con(,'tesa, Henderson,
20 ; Kelly. 15. Judge, Wilson, 20 ; Sinter, 12.
District Attorney, Muir. 20; Gates, 15. Sen
ntor, Donnell, 25; Stevenson, 10. Represen
tative, Ilorlntiil, 27; Gray. 10. Clerk, lined,
29; Holland, i). Sheriff, White, 20; Howard,
10, lliilanuo uf ticket in lame rutin. t,
lloon I'nnnNCT Henderaon, 18 ;
Kelly. 12. W f on. 17; Hluter, 13. Meigs,
17 ('Gates. 12. Donnell, 17; Stevenson, 12.
Ilorland. 17; Gray 12. lined, 17; Holland,
12. White, 20; Ilnwurd, 0.
John Day I'hkci nut. Henderson, 11;
Kelly, 10. Wilson, 7 f Slater, 0.1- Meigs. 7;
Gates. 0. Donnell, 7 ; ' Stevenson, 3. Dor
laud, 7; Gray. 3. Heed, 7 ; Holland. 3. White,
9; Howard, 1. Thus fur every precinct iu
Wasco county gives a Union majority.
We have returns frmn one I'reolnct, La
Grande, in Duller county, which foot up us fol
lows :
Henderson, 100; Kelly, 97. Wilson, 130;
Slitter, 87. 1 Meigs, 138. Stnte Senator, Pyle,
(Union) haa 184; to Higliee, (Deitinornt) 79.
linker comity, true to her name, casta her
maiden vote for the Union ticket.
Fur Seat of Government Saletn.150 ; Fort-
lutid, fi8; Eugene City, 18 Mountaineer.
For Cnngreu Kelly. 134 ; Henderson, 123.
,St Printer II. L. 1'ittock,' 123. v
For Judge. Fifth Judicial District Sinter,
7;'Wtlson. 115.
Prosecuting Attorney II. Galea, 126;
C.H.Meigs.llO. '
For Senator U. V. liicbeo, 113; Janiea
Pyle. 08.
Representative L. . Litine, UK; 1. M0-
for Seat of Government Portland almost
A dispatch from Koscburg ou the 11th, tuys
that the official returns lire not yet canvassed,
but tho Union majority iu Douglas county is
about 182. Gardner preoiuut weut copper
Scultsburg polls 24 votes 21 Union and 3
A letter from Rnscbiirg eaya ;
Not long since, hu urlicle uppcared in the Heviem
speukinir sueeriugly of the eounty couit, because it
uonointcd all "nholilion" indues of the etection.hut
instead of that, the enlightened deinocmtic precinct of
.Mt. Mcott wus honored with two tiutorious copper
heads and one Union mini, for judges, and in opposi
lion to ttie elforui ot the Union judge, ihev persisted In
voting hy ballot, and llie returns were nrnde under the
old liallot system. And lurtlier, tie y passed cerlilt
eutes from one to the oilier for their servicesrto apply
on their road tux. Ate. that has nut been in force
for veurs. The chief enirineer of these orocecdinjrs in
Mt. Scott wus T. W. Prather, one of the hig guns of
detnocfucy, who has often leu their hosts to victory,
and is a constant cunuiuate tor tne Liegismture.
Scottnburg Precinct.
SciiTTSDUiia. June 6. 1804
Kl). Statisxan : Scotlslnirx bus done well. We
pulled 22 voles ot our own. and two outsiders, one
for i ml oue against the Cuion Slate ticket i of our 22
voles 20 went straight, Union, except one scratched
ticket for one ol llie Hepresentiitives. The donations
to the Sanitnrv Fund anionuied to tlO.or un average
of $10 to each Union voter. It is good Union money,
uo scccsn or outsiuer paving u cent into tne num.
Uur hlscksniith, C. llcdilen, strong in muscle aud
sound on the Union, liuuiled the list with $25, Caiaaiu
Hinsdale to, lowed suit with a like amount, and all the
reel of the bono and sinew plunked down according
to their ahility. As a eouu-ibulion of luhoriug weu
ulnae, the result is gratifying.
Muythe Union and the Sunitnir Commission meet
wiin a nan nearly support tuiougiiout tue leogm auu
brcudlh of Oreuon.
Siailh's river precinct, 6 Union, 1 socoah. Ourtliner
precinct, J Lmiuii, i split, o secesti,
For C"t(W Ilcntlfrsiin, $27 ; Kelly, 4ni
Mute Pnnier-VitHH'kt -Wi.
Ju,lue of eiecoud Dutricl Sirattoti, 512: Ells
worth, 4U1.
J'ratecviitjr AtlonirifWlon.b.if ; Burnett 4H7.
State Senate Cranntun, .V2(i ; HumIoii, 4H.
Jirpreaenlaftve I'lulerwcMwl, tvt4 : C!li(in. b'M :
McCurimck, : Hill, 478 : V a'tn. Jr.. 4W ; Tliomn-
ShenJ Ilulev, 506 ; Cox. 475.
County CitmmiMionersShurn A. Vnnu-hn. axil:
Kwiiy aSi. Oillfiim. 4SII.
Loiintjf cterk Miiiumr, Mb ; Moijfjjs, 4o0 ;
Treasurer limy, ; tloiit-is, 47i.
AnetMur Powetn, 5iUit Uoulierty, 478.
iSww Dick. 5ii7 i pHiteiuoii, 47(1.
Svkuol criiffl(t'-i-Hull, Foley, 475.
Coroner Hill, 55.
Jackson Co unty-Official .
Fur CongreM lleiiderou, 447 Kelly, a504.
Suite Printer- Pillock, 4'CJ.
Pruflecuiing Ailoniey Dowell. 472; T'Vtlult, 4"H
WrepreiMHitutivr Croxtoii, 442 ; Myer, 453 ( Ja:
cuhi, 473 ; Fav. 4MI Songnr, 477 Keall, 48-1.
Coiimv ClurkWm. ll.tll'tuaii, K, ; Miller, 10.
Sherid' -.uvitttB. 4ll ; I liven. ii'Mt.
Treasurer- Uiinm 11, 4-14 : Linn, W13.
CotntiiiMtioiiers Suttsrlleld, 43M ; Love, 505 ; Ilehcr,
5H0 1 Nicliuls, M.
I'iiIiIic Acliniiiintnitor Ili'.iie, ; Helms, 553.
8,-huol Superintendent Williams. H44.
Coroner lr. T'iiiaipiin, 40; HL'L-iuglilin, 172.
AssessMr -Spratuo, 4M ; Ueutus, 407.
purveyor llmvitrd, 41 4 ; I'ivtiude, 4-Sil.
The eleetion (n Josephine sonnty bits resullod in the
eleeliim if sll the democratic oitndidittes but one
I hottmn s lvn tins beaten (leorue f. iiimir fur Sh.r.
itr. T Vim It is repuned to have received a iniijority
if lilteen. which willelei-t him District Attorney ,uvcr
a. r. Uoweli, by ouo vote. Sentinel.
Knipire City (lives llrnderton 32 votes, Kelly 14
Ttie rest uf the ticket in about the same proportion.
All of the Union candidates are elected without doubt.
For Sent uf Governmeut, Salem, Iti; Eugene City, 4 -,
Portland I.
1'OI.C.nBIA. tteturns from this county show
that the copperheads carried their ticket by un aver
age nf five but it it mid the election will be contested
on the ground of illegal voting.
tXATMOP. Tne vtliciul returns are not in, bit
the vote will staud about thus ilKiulersou 144 ; Kelly,
42. Fur Representative, Gillette (l'nion)8l; Muffin
(Ueni) 42 i II. 1). Farker (Ind.) di. lioet of the Union
ticket elected.
T'Vnnlt ia nntlniihtedly nitillcj tn a "high
position" iu llie modern tleinocnitio party,
whether he ia in the mythical Pacifio Republic
which his kin i hope to ratalilish nr not. Ho ia
the only one of the leaders of Mint faction who
has hern ahle to carry hia own oonnty over to
the copperhead party.
Jinks4ni gave, in 1862, 123 majority for
Gihha and 70 niiijurity fur McUride. T'Vault
nna then absent in the Wortlicrn mines. Sinoe
lie haa returned, he has not only overconio all
this, but has rolled tip a mnjnriiy of almnt 50
fur himself nnd the biilanou of the copperhead
ticket. To Jackson county belongs the bad
eminence of being Ibti only county west of the
Cascade monnlahis, and probably in the State,
which has recorded a verdict that ia satisfac
tory to the aullioriliea at Richmond. Grvat ia
T'Vanlt !
"O. Julius C sar, thoo. art mighty yet I
Thy spirit walks sbnwd. andliinn our swords
Iu our own proper entrails. " bkakipeart.
Thk Fourth op Jii.t.-A meeting will be
held at Moores' Hall, thia (Monday) evening, to
make arrangements for celebrating our National
nnlrrary. Prof. Hughes ia now in town en
gaged in manufacturing a display of fireworks
for tha occasion, exceeding in splendor anything
of the kind aver before eihibiled in the Htate.
We hope there will be a full attendance, and r
rangements perfected which will ensure the
grandest celebration ever known in Oregon.
AHEAD AGAIX. We publish more complete,
return, and later Eaatern Jiewe, to-day, than any
elhir weekly ia U But. - . '
HOI'IIMC rilllKilU I.Ot'K NTI'I'l'll
H'vlntf JMiK-hliif,
Kslubllshed in 1818!
I'lIHe' e.( TKI) IN ImrJI
Sahsiaiilmlly mis strongly built, niul less lluhla to K0(
out of order tliim any wlier Miirhine now extant,
Thev (lATIIKIt and' HHtV IN al, tliu same lime
TlllCY NliVDIt DlttlP STlTlIlll'S! Hun llgli'ly,
sew rnpidly and are uloiosf noiseless I Thev do tin,
I'INIOhT or I'OAItSKST WDIIK with equal rnddiy
Latest improved HU AIHKItS, IHNlH'J!S,lt(I,l,INfi
PltKHSKS, AUJUSI'INU 1IA.MJIKK4, etc., go wiLb
each Machine.
Lcllor "A," for fainlly nso ( 00 0I
Letter OA," puni'l Hnisli. with cimir. . , 75 (III
Letter "11," for laiiiilv.ui'ess makers or tailors'
use ' 65 Oil
Letter"!'," heavy nianufuctnrrng for t T itul
tertiig, t'arriuge Triinmiug and Harness
Musts, to this Machine, especially, the
intention of maiinliieturei's is solicited. . . R5 0(1
Letter " !." Iilit rylfmler 115
Letter " K," heavy cylinder 1411 0I
Unenaulcd forliiiot and shoe work.
Wo have also fur sale the (IKNUIN'IC
(Formerly sold al $.'.'), price 15 00
Purehuse only of us or our Agents, as there )
spurious Hiiielu in the initrket I1KM1NO St CO ,
No, 3 Moutgoaiery St., i Oiiaouie Temple), Sun trail
risen, Solu Aueuls for tliu PiiciHc Coatt, '
Agency for llie sale of the above Machines
1'lllil'XANl) DUOS.,
thnl5 Alliauy, Linn county. Oregon.
APPLICATION him been nmdo this day hy Julm
H 0(101)0 1 fur tl (liviHtiiii of the nrnttairtv liilni.
inK tu tli eHiait! of Leoiiiint WillianiM, dcct'ii't'tl, No.
tice i henihy hiviii t nil uonueruwl tlmt hmi-Ii np.
ciition will he lii'iinl him! ilutvimiiicil mi 'riiftnlnv rh
any oi uuiy imxi. ;ma, K. MUOH,
'o. ifudge of Pulk Co., Ogti,
roticTii or jilvi
11IIE liBdioB'Sitiitftry Aid Sociely of Ltifuyette pro
. fione arrmiKiiiK for tt jileamiut mid Uiurnitriitt
jtilehnition of our Ntttiim'i Aiiivrurv Mt rt(vaitui
on thu coiuiiitf Komlli nf July.
r.ww il. l iiuiuB, oi viuieuuvnr, mm uovemor A.
C. Uibbu uru expected tu be present tin oral urn uf tho
A KKKll DINXKR will ho propped. All neiitouM
willintf to cuiitrihiue provision lur the ilinuer will
pluttHe neiid tn hII imcootteil metita Ate., to the roiumit
tee oti Saturday inoniing. July M, und nil cooked pro
viHiniiB on the iimrmnif ol tne ill).
A contribution will uo taken up for the oonultt ol
onr patriot Hildiora.Hi whith tiiiicOKIICUAt'K
Music IiiKli'iiinoutal or vouhI, in oxpMted,
"COMlfi KtS h, CU.ME ALL I"
Mis. Q. W. LAWSO.Y,
" F. LA ltd K,
w 8. C.ADAMS.
A(liiiiiiiNfrutor9 Kale.
NOTICE 1m herehv given Unit the utuWiUKued ml
miiiiul mtor of the cut ate of George F. Myei-g,d
eeaited, will proeeed to .ell to the hihe.t bidder, for
ctttth in Imii'i, oti tho premidOH near .Nilverton, iu Ma
rion county, Siute of Orison, on Tuesday, the 5ili day
of July, lHtl, butweei; the buura ot y o'clock a. m.v
mid 4 o'clock p. m,, of uid day, the premiwia herein
tiller particularly described to ttatinfy llie huiu of $sri,
82 intureat uud uccruinia eouU.due upon two proiniu
Mvy imtnH Hfviired by inortKHKe, executed by the mtid
Goui'KO F. Myer iu tiia lite time. The county court
ol tuiid Mariuii county ut the May term, 18(51, thereof,
deeming the redemption of said mortKd preuiitwi
iitexpeuiont granted an order for the twle tbereuf.
The preuiiseHtiii mid tuortgaxe inetitioned and hereby
title red for sale on the day above named, are particu
larly deHCiibcd its follows t All the following describ
ed trad or puree la of land, to wit In I ho villiiKO of
Hilverton, county of Marion, Stale of Oregon, hcuiu
ning at a point 7,8'J clis e uf the n w corner of the s
halt of the u half of t he w mmrter uf sec. U-'j, t 6b
r 1 w of llie Willamette meridian, thence 'Ms deg.
e, chi., thence b 5j dug w W ci to the middle
of Sih er creek i thence down tbo it renin o 1'J deg w,
to it point where a line ruiininx i 66 ) do w from the
ft rot named point uf bejfinmtuc would intersect the be
fore mentioned liue riimiit.gdWn Silver creek.thence
n bl (lege from iwid poiut of intersection to the place
of buiuiiing i and, ulsu, a piece or pun:el of laud de
scribed as follows, to-wit : In 'he pi act above written
couitnenciug at a point s deg 0,8'i elu from a puint
on the n liue of John Burners land claim, which is
8,.t.r chs e uf the n w comer of the s half of the n
half of the w quarter of sec. &, t (i, s r 1 w,of tuu
Villamette meridiun ; thence s '-U deg w X.Tt dis ;
thence s 54 J deg w I,(H chs to the place of beginning,
with tunneiy uud un vats.
June 6, 18fi44wltf Administrator.
rpIIKUE will he ft meeting of the stockholders of
X the Poloni Silver Mining Company at their olftt
in Salem, ou Wednesday, July 13th, ltti4, for the elec
tion oi miiceni.
Salem, June , IH1 IwlS Per Order.
Dr. WM. HALL'S piNCIS.V ATI, Jan. 8th,
lJ low. Messrs. A. Lu
II A I. si A .11 Hcovill V. Co. Hcnlleuien:
!l feel it ii dntv I owe to
CURKS ALL DISEASES others to let tliem know
'the value of vonr 1I(.
or thk VII,L1 A M llALL'H
BALSAM tor curing of
Jj U N G H iCmim. My little girl, tev.
iea yeurs old, bad an attack
and lof Croup and came very
jnear living 1 I gave her
TIIKOAT. lr. Willium Holt's Bat
tam. as directed, which
iruve relief iu u very short time. We have used it in
cures or lml cougn, n un tne nnppiest enect. neiija
nun 1'itkiii, Eigbtb Ktn-et, between Slum and Myca-
more sireeis. ror sale hy Druggists everywhere.
HEIilNOTOS t CO.. Uenerul Agents for the PuciHo
Ctmst, 416 and 41H Front street, Sua Francisco.
tW llewaro of all other preparations of tho tame
naiue. Kach bottle of the genuine beurs llie signaiure
of "(I. i Baker fc. Co.," Cincinuali. T.iko none oth
er. I'rice tbiu Doltur per bottle. 4wl5
liasim oju s.iiiutidui pun s.iouini n woq
3 VV the sorest illflicliiins tlmt the; .
1 !!patient dub wto) called upon to bear t
j i was that of boiU, and t bey have j S.
Ibcin lound lo be, from ibal time to ,
- llie present, the most troublesome
s snii puiulul of vititors. W'e have
2 known instances where Individimld I
! were sure to have these orup'toiis
break out upon llicai once a mouth . a
. !at learL Tlicy show no impure S
3 : state of the blood, uud that liuinor t "Z
5 I nf some kind is lurking there, nud
the nerntusof cormption is tu'luat-,:
i ly forced to the surface of the body,
'making its nppesrance in the form '
'of Boils. Now. is it not best Hi ! a
g i once lo purify llie svitem T Un, o
; you hnIc wbitt will do tins ? We :
j- I'm.wer. Ncovill's Hood aud I
j Livor Syr lip. It is curing humors i
s- in uverv form, and there is not a i t
3 ' Slate in the Union where it has n ti
accomplislied tlie nioitt iistoitinliiiiir
f , cures. It E B I X O T O X t CO.J,
S ' Agents, 4lti nnd 418 Front tretj!
San Krunciiico. 4wl5 t
Blood and Liver Svrnp. Oive it a trial.
Administrator's Notice.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has
1 been appointed Administrator of tbo estate of
Jumes A. Clark, deceased, ol Douirlas county. Ore
gon. All persons having claims Huainst said estate
are requested lo present lbs same to the Administra
tor ut his residence in Looking Glass precinrl. in said
eounty, ailhin six months from this dule. and all per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to make im
mediate payments of the same. '
S. C. MOOIIK, Administrator.
Koseburg. Jane 111. IStij. 4wli
KMnfv or Lrwis Itotiers, Drc'd.
OX this, Ilia Stli day of June, I SH I, conies Ireac
Rogers, exeenlor of the last will and testament
of lwis KtHtetv. tleeeased. and presents his account
aud linal Mitlruient sheet, aud piays for ti nut -tlle-niel
t aud dist ribttion of llie estate of said deceased.
It is ordeml that notice be published in the Oregon
stolenman for four sm-ceseive weeks siaiiug that Fri
day. July flh, net apart for the hearing of
said praverund petition al the Court Uonse of Yam
hill comity, Ore ton. J. W. COWL -. Co. Judge.
Lafayette. J une 8, 1 Wl twl 'mid
Final Moiilcmi'iil.
Rrsti nr Okioon, t
Vauihill County. $
OX Ihis "th day ol June, Irtil, conies Thos. Drown,
Adminittrauir of the estate uf Jcmiina Cuoper,
deceased, aud Dies his petition for linal settlement of
said estate. Tliereun it is ordered that Fridav. the
tb day of July. I1M, be set apart for the final nest
ing of said petition ai d the linal settlement and dis
tribution, of said estate, at the Coort House in asia
eonnly and Stale, at which time and place all persons
interested in said estate are notified to appear.
Ilv order of J. W. COWIsS, Co. Judge.
S.'C. Adi, Coantv Clerk. ,
June 13, 1X61. " ' 4wl5psid
Eureka SIlTer .tlinlng Coinpau).
NOTICE It here b given that at a meeting of tba
Beard of Directo ol said Companv. held ou Ibe
tU day ef May, IS64, an aatasemeiil of twenty B
cents per share was levied upon the capital stock ol
auid Company, payable July 12, l'.t, in II. 8 rl
eoin-4wlS 1. HKATH. Sec y
FKOSI camp, near Salem, one curly sorrel rra
horse, hip star In furebesd. will wtigh
00 or lissi ll.. lump o his back mads by tauuls.
. reward will be jitsd for hit retnrn In Salem, st lal
bins SUblt. or lnlutmatk nf htt ebstesliouts.
. j.wvir-