The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, May 02, 1864, Page 2, Image 2

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first Cost of tho goiid tlicm-
inn form Ilia innin topio of the ilni
linn hern of Into. ! hope ion will
n few wnrtla on tli! anlijccit. Tim
rcliRinn of Un tprrftury is divided
f classes, viz i Bri)fhmitc, Morrison
Jiwenhitea. The former lintn lierato-
the full control of thn crritorf. hnth
My Mid politically, nnd they uro still
jiMf utmost endoiivors to continue this
!. heretofore ceded thorn hy tho gov-
)l It it true the government linn
ntm ner otuotan here, hut tliey were
. nno, might tin well have stared nt
Sis East. But a yront cliatife is tnk
'! now, and they are ei adimllv loaine
' M ,cK",l,n. llir IBUIUblllll, op
. Jlcnnrnnce and fanntioitw must give
plligencc, industry anil freedom.
fintelligont leaden do not full to ee
ne taking y'nce Among- their deluded
f f and it u tricoodiiig dissiitisfiio
i joy behold them nianiftatln; a desire to
', for gold, which la atriolly forbidden hy
m j or. If they dare not prospect thum
glory in the courngo of llm Gentilea and
. r who do, rufrnnlles of liia threat). In
public meetings, they never apeak fnvor
t the government nliioli fnsror and pro:
them 4 bur, on the contrary, never loee
, orfcqtiily of coating derisive insinimtimn,
', wnr, and never apeak of tliu Flag, bat
. aneer. . . i
.4 militia nf lute liave been ordered to hold
,4se)ves in readine for any emergency. and
lieen adiuiniatered a new and more hind
tililigntion t and they have even ordered
, ilt men, who .are to keep a aupply of r
inn hand.and 40rouoda of aininuuitinn.and
are to be ready at a moment warning to
A arotind metljt I iw ar ron sar.nur flag.
nK$ ; not"?) to rally fironnd Hrighain
ff.the terror of many apoor.denliled wretch
.Would gladly flee to a land of freedom
are not Now what can all tliia he about.
Indiana were never moro nisuoeahle than
and there can ha no fear Trom that qttnr
frherc are no band of roving goerrillai
and they can have no eanae for antioipat
neomuig. No, it la not thia. They are
'ding aeainat tho Union command in thia
, let, and the qniet, p'.'acenble.Union minora
flpme. here in aenrch of riulte. Thoy are
ing mrtiinst the Union aiddiera who onme
tect them from the ravage, but who they
fain make believti are their persecutors,
.rji.only waiting a lavornhle opportunity to
n upon the poor "Saint," liko'the"
prey. . All thia ia without the
e Vn "f 'bo governor of tho
S prnper, ooinnmndnr-in-i
e jl from whom anoh or.
, , (einaimto. . If a Gentile
' V0 v0oVritnry he ia carefully
savory night, to guard
C0' plough they are ox
ft ' vin the t"'mn
tS ifl arm"' " ' l" 1,0
i j Jown hi their re-
o''liT. o'ecnongli alone..
&. eipxplain ilself :
it o0e. W-ovai, Inhahi-
oti t, 1i" I b't
I toftf Wllnnt et n"f
i oa " v. .
lauu k.. a......:..-.! r.. J .l-.l k.
vo-"'' W.
..General order from
nfjice declare that er
onol Guard mnat report
'tevrbon called into act
aa a deaerter.
ito command in person of
ril 2.r. Gen. Bnrnai 'e
d IIeadiURrtrra nf the
iVnnnpolia, Mi'j. miying
Kev frf jnovement, no
elgb2.iy..J' entertained,
iraiao, la.autS gnntnj,,,
mt 1JUppalian.
it .adjr'',lra Hout
... tld. .
! jrMoutwnre'i vthnri
rupnaliRiinnck. 1 hia
rinee of Gen. Burn-
;, " ?t of fiO eunhonte nw
" t'.-f''' tuoutli of the Kappahan
" H. runinreil Hint I lie enemy
itytt poiitonn brldgi-f at Aqoia Creek.
' Munkor. April 24. An olliccr
eJt arrived Irotn Unauoke Ialuud
Oidlowiog report t i
i-aaela mrrendered I'lj niimlh on the
g .four Aura fighting. Dor lima una
find 'ZMO priaonera. lichel lota 1,
I. . I, '
klimoiid Sritinel of the 22d aaya the
dii-patch waa received by General
April 81. I have atormed and
' j place, oipturintr one brigade of 1..
it le atnrea and 15 piece nf urtillt ry.
; B. F. HOKE, Brig. Gen.
. 'Jiaa been raoeived by 1'reaident
r M. Wood dated K.Kiliy Mound,
lOing further particular iff the
e oTi Wnninlh by the forcea under Gen.
ith narnl cn-nperntion. He aura that
priaonera were taken, 300 or 400 liemc
te, ;t0 piece of artillery, 10.0UO ponuda
ind 10,000 barrel id Hour, and a full
'4)t. Our lw wna almiit HOO in all.
' killrd, 2 gunboula were .nk,
led, and another anuill aleaim r
mI to tliu Evening Pull aava the
ina of but uiirlit will tlcti r ooerationa.
jnvy Department ia trying to regain
emu n (I loai m Mj h,- uth, aud our wounded will
hn attended in.
A letter duted Ornnil Kcnre, lllli, atnlea
that Gen lUnU hnviug fallen buck to Grand
ire, lio milea fmiii l'lenaaut Hill, fifty five
Hiib-f from Mangle. I, and ninety five inih-a
from Shrevepnrt, nill advance agaiu a mm
at reinfcroeniuut" and Milequnlu auppbea are
-T."IUJIH. April 24 The Itrpublienn't
Red river oorreKpondent of the 1,'llh. anya Gen.
Smith' coininniid begun crneaing the river op.
(Hwile (iiaiid Kcnre id it ib,y, for an nverluud
trip to VtekelMrg, it lieiog' nnderatond that
Grant ha t-i miihtu return to that
place. Iti piininera ny they 25.00(1
M0 In the rvcui' tnt:h - ihat They lout 3.0(KI
HUll Haturday' llb'. and lift their killed
od wounded on ih flcM. I Our bi on Satnr
ay wa alioui I,."00.' Onr wnninled- wero
taken to Gnod F.' ern. ; The killrd were li lt
on the Held, but il l reported tber Were, after
warda buried hy lie' mvaVr. ' 1'hii eorrerpOn
lent Ml a great ilirjalai tion ia rxprenncd at
,taiika' gem rnl-hip in the battle nf the 8th. It
Vaa fought contrary to Kninlilin'a plan. Ilmh
aiiMttTaiid Ranwrn prnti-ated agniuat thrmv-
g the t"rly b' n advance. Smith pro
ieited Ugalnrt ttn ln it from Pleaaant Mill,
...fier tlw i',".v ' Ibe i'lh, na he wifhed to
tho flying Muds llnnka ordered the
. ..I I,m rttllin urmtf In rirMM.I
It I didieiib lodvirmim' what the reault of tho
slttioti wl" " 11 require amne nmo
tlie.nj', Aii J tr the river contm
'a will neeewnrily hecmne
inatead nf aome iioint
Alexandria have been
veara were enter
attack the former
, . , . amount of the army
'4. A detachment of
. ... tiller. Liiut., Colonel
nmiRled .lufantrv.'
'e'dar to HaohW ,'
.aaant Hill,
ihn enemy
. Scouting
, their piuk
.if the eiieiny.
irlta and am
M Ued OVer
' fWldered
'dig Alex
' J u fur Ilia
" far aa
, depth of
lite (Ditijutt tajtcsman.
For rrp-iilcnl In IH01,
For Prrti&ential Elector. -Goorie h. Wood, of
Wiim-o , II. L, Ocorfl, of Linn, Jus. F. flflzley, of
D m y lint
For Cinfrreuttl, If. P. HetinfrH'ii., of I-nue,
For Staff Printf-.-H. L, I'ittopk.of Mtiltnomah.
For Jiulre of 2d Judicial Dhlrirt.ll. E. KtntlMl.
of 1tne.
Proneenhnit Attorney V. WHtaon, of DnnuW
For J it dire of 2d Judicial Ditrict,ll. P. Uuiso.of
For Pronecntinw Attorney. iinfu Malloty, of
4th Judicial DttnrtFor Prnntcuhng AUoriwv.
K. W. llodjkinunn, of Mnltnonmh.
fl'ft Judicial mttrtetpar jniteejat, i. mifloti,
of WlUK'O.
For ProMcnhnff Attorney. V. It. Aloiri,of WftBO.
Ban Franotsoo Asrouoy, L, I', Virtu ten 620 W1M1-
InRton itrfrt. FrnnclfM), Cl It (hi Htithortxert nent
for Ihe Btatuham, unit will trntiimct nil buitntix for our of
flea it that place, ' '
TIiw ltntriinaM hn,n ritrtfct' C'lrciilnflnn (linn
any iithtir Piipi-r In ilii Htiilv, mirt In the
, , Uent Merit urn far 4d vt rtlar.
While the whole nation ia trembling with Ihe
ahock of civil war, the ntterancaa of any liidl
vldual at any tlino are of very little conacquence
Stern and inexorable facta the irrniialible march
of eventa the thick coming and coneluaiva de
velopmenla of the war, ahould determine the ac
tinn of all intelligent men upon the varloua exi.
genciea of Ihn direful conflict In which our coun
try la now Involved. To Influence the minda of
men, however, referencea arc frequently madia to
what Jeneraon, jHckaon, and other diatinguiahed
atateamen bavo auid, and of. lute it haa become
quite faahlonablo for thoae who clonk their aym
path with rebellion under the 1.1. ie of demucra-
cy, to pnrade lioforo the country one or two iao
lated expreaeiona of the bite Senator Douglaa. na
though anmetlilng had fallen from him favorable
to the destructive policy of the acceaaion ay in pa
thiaera O'Meara, Whlteakor, and thoir political
kindred. The diaciphia and friends of that red
handed traitor, John C. Breckinridge, at the late
ao-called democratic conveuliou at Albany, un
dcrlook to popularize their Inconaixtent and hy
pocrltlcal platform by introducing Into it the
name of Douglaa a man whom they pursued like
blond-bounds In life, nod hunted with copperhead
rem, in to a premature grave. Douglaa, thoy
claim, once anid that "thia government wits made
on a white basis for the benellt of white men,"
aaaumlug, whatdnca not tippear, that the remark
haa aoiiie application to the present circiimstnii
cea nf tho country.
No question of that kind ia now beCnru the poo.
pie, but Ihe question now pressing upon us with
all Ilia hurmr and calamities of civil war, la:
Waa the Government made to be destroyed within
tho lifnliinA of aome who wera concerned in Ita
foundation by a wnr upon it for thn benelit of
Slavery t To maintain the Government, preserve
Iho integrity of the nation, and put down the re,
hellion, ia certainly for the benelit of the white
man s and none but pro-slavery higota and selfish
partisans will object, If tho attainment of these
enda should at the aame time confer blcsslnga
upon every clasa and color of humanity. Who
that hna looked into thn history of the matter can
doubt Hint thn destruction of slavery in I be proa
ecullon of thia war, will emancipate tho poor
wliile classes of the rebel Slalea, elevate labor and
make it honorable, and open to the enterprise, on
ergy and enjoyment of the white people of tho
world, that oxtenaive and moat beautiful portion
of our land which haa been hemmed in by lies.
potlc law, and devoted to the employment of no-
groej in alavery. While Douglaa waa urging in
tho Senate forbearance and conciliation ao aa to
avoid bloodshed, he used hy way of argument the
expresainn that "war waa disunion," and these
worda ha beon soiled npon by the "Pence Dem
ocrata" to prove that the Federal flovernment
should deiit from ligbiing fur ita own exisltnco,
Douglaa waa no doubt atriviug If poaaible to pro-
vent civil war, and he therefore urped all audi ar
gument aa he anppnsed would b ad men to a
peaceoblo adjustment nf the dihVultlea, but when
Ihe eonspiralora against the Union took up the
atvoid, Douglas, with words of burning teal, de
clared fur war upon iJiem, and the support of the
Administration in the prosecution of the war to
Ihe laet extremity. Do these unrepentant Brcck
inrldger, who now Invoke the name of Douglaa,
remember what he aald at Chicago In hia last great
speech 1 words that have application aud force
now becauso they wero spoken after the eunllict
of arms had been commenced. Do they remem
ber that Douglaa then aald that "Thia conspiracy
waa framed by the leadera of the secession move-
nicnt twelve nionthango, and they have used every
means to urge it on" that "when 'the history nf
ihe country from tho time of the Lccompinn con
stitution to the dato nf Lincoln's election ia writ'
ten, it will appear that a tchimt waa maturing
mean time which waa fur no end except to brrak
up tht Vmon." Douglas also said in that speech
that "So far aa the rights of the South are eon
cerned tho rlghla of alavehnldera no act baa
been committed of which they van complain."
Will those men, who Insult the memory of Doll el
hy putting hia name Intn a platform that ")m(
conceals and half discloses" a sympathy with the
rebellion, be pleased tu hear in mind that he also
said in that speech that "Tarn art knt two Met lo
Ikt qnutuni, trirjf Mua wmf it va (Aa tvlt (if (At
t'aitaat Stt r m (At aiVa tkr tnnVurs. Van ran
A nrntbtUfDlrittt Imilon." Hern ia a mirror
in which the fag-end of the Ureckenridge faction
can see Itself as others sea It. On w hich side of
the question do the followers of Ureckenridge
aland f Are thoy patriots or trailora f
Ilrockeuridge, and a large majority nf those
who aupportod him, are fighting Lincoln with
gunpowder and atet l, because they say he ia a
tyrant and a usurper, while the balance of thia
"go-ouMo-stand" party (with some honorable ox
Fi ptlons) are fighting him with their voices and
their votes, because aa they aay In their platform,
ha ia an usurper and a tyrant. How does il hap
pen if Iheaa men are on different aides of the qnea
linn at Issue, that there ia such a harnmnv in their
view and expressions f All that tirade In tho T'
Vault and O'Mcara platform about the'uaurpalion
tyranny, fraud and extravagance' of tho Adminia
trallon of the Federal (iovermneiit ia but the repe
tition of alang that may be found in the itichmond
l.n jmTtr or any other mouth pieca of tk rebellion
Try Iheae men by the example and declaraliena i f
Douglaa since the breaking out of Ihe rebellion,
and where will they he found t Are they on the
aamo aide ef the question he waa at the time of
hia death I Do they nrgo men to support the Ad
ministration in thia war aa Douglaa did I 0
they throw the whole blame aud reeponaibillty of
the rebelliou upon the wicked and atnliilioui dem
agogue of the South aa Dougli did f They
have used th name of Douglas na lry u1 the
name of Democracy for luu purpose of drceiv
lug people. Their whole, piform la a cheat and
a fraud, and, like lb.iv ran,, thev advocate, nn
worthy tba support of honest and patriotic men.
Waaco The I'liiou men of Wasco county
bald a miiScalida meeting at ibe Dallas en Tut f
day 1 veiling laat, aald to have been .lb largest
uti moat enthusiastic meeting ever aeibled at
th Dalle. Able apveehoa were mad by Meesr.
lliimaaon.ataarns.Talbott. and O.l-ll. The .V
taimer aay t it I aafa lo let Waace county down
good tor on thousand majority fur th I'uion
ticket , That will do.
If What ia lb Batter with I In ouil between be
nd Hurtlaul f Th at run dull ' -
mail I fir H, but it 0(1
s Jr to or Iro,
. . . .
It may be tritely 'anid of till of Mr. Lincoln'a
important tliviiauri-a, that startling the' people
wiih originality, they lit lirnt iinikis mi unl'avnr
nblu impression, but reflection and n better nn-
derataiiding of tlmir scope mill merits, anon
renders the popub.r verdict in their favor. 01
no measure has thia been more true than nf the
amnesty procliimntinn, Designed to nucom
pliali the double object of offering mercy tn mia
guided individuala who had been inaruia agninat
the gnvuriiinent, and providing for tho restora
tion of rebel State to tho Union, it differed in
tho manner nf accomplishing there deairable
end from any of tho various pinna which had
been auggcated, but it haa been generally no-
qoiceood in ai tho beat, by all except tho few
extreme radical who are never intisfied with
nnvtliintr practicable, aud the Copperhead
who will agree to nothing which harms the re
bellion or alavery. It olfcra pnrdon and rcator
ation to all right except property in alavea, tn
all except the leading rebels, on condition that
they take an oath tn support the Constitution nf
tliu United State and the eiiiiiiicipation men-
nrea nf the Hreaidcnt nnd Congreaa, until they
are ret aside by the Supreme Court. That
ia, it In effect offers pardon to the mans of
tljoae engaged in the rebellion. The heavy
alavehnldera couatitnte hut a sumll fraction of
the rebellious population, and a large part of
them are probably included in the higher grade
of officer, excluded from the benefit of it mer
ciful offer, i :
Of course the proclamation ha no effect npon
tho war ao far aa the rebel chief arc concerncdi
They stalled their nil at tho outset upon the
success of the rebelliou, mid they must continue
to fight until their power ia broken. Expatria
tion or the halter are their only nlterniitive.
To the musses', however, the misguided
wretches whom urtlul demagogue led into n
war in which ihey had every thing to lose nnd
nothing tn gain it opens the way to mercy and
forgiveness upon easy and hoiiiirahle term.
It compels nnliody, it threatena nobody. Those
who prefer to remain unrepentant rebels have
the aatne privilege aa before, but many who
have longed fur a mndo of cavupe from the
false position intn which they hastily iir reluo
tnutly stepped, nru finding in it just tho relief
they desired. Thousands are daily coming
w ithin our line nnd hy Inking the prescribed
on ih placing themselves mice more in the alti
tude nf loyalty. Tims us a wnr measure alone
it proves an efficient help to nnr nrmiea by
weukening those of the rebela.
As a measure of "recinistrnctinn." ita prno-
ticul excellence it now admitted, nnd it line o
fur superseded other scheme thut we nn
longer hear of them. Plana for reducing rebel
states tn their normal condition na Territories,
temporary governments with military govern
ors, and theories nf State suicide, all yield to
the practical good sense nf the proclamation
and their advocntea disappear.
We said that impracticable radicals and rebel
sympathizers nhme condemn it. A an instance
nf the former, read what Wendell Phillips said
in a recent Bpeeoh s
Tile Pt-PMilcnt'a plan for reconstruction leavea the
ncxro in the handa of ihe Supreme Court, so farna the
Fuderat power is rourei-ned. His procltiniutiou nf Inst
hinntiry is to lie filtered lliroiiKh the Secession heart
of Kouur II Taney. If the negro's freedom has no
protection lint thui, Heav-u !,,( him 8o fur aa Htale
Jjeyismiioii jnea. his iian leaves the nepro hi the mercy
of the Ittrffe luodowners who just now were, slavehold
ers. Tim history of Kniniicipation in Jamaica warns
us how falsi thai policy was both to Oovormaenl and
The President's message, has two merits. Hnjilcduea
himself iihsohitelv and forever to Emancipation, nnd
! Icures it tiossilde to seva the old KtMta alive a
mciiMire of lirst-ruio value. Otherwise he launches
the Kitiaiiriimtion question in the worst possiole form :
nnd bv a-Uintf usiiie th Coiiliscuiion act, ho recon
siriirts'tlie Union in snrh way aa to leave tho land of
ihe Honrli In ibe banda of the L'nion'a foes. Land
holders ntwuva decide the nature of a Onvernmout.
Hoeh u South must lie, at least for this ueneralion, ar
tstiH-ratic and hostile to Northern civilization. For 30
venrs the machine would he sure not to work. Peace
tniined liv such reconstruction would be a sham
ivonlil, for ninny vonts.euiliroll tbe uution and grind
the neurons ita victim.
The rebels aiid their frienda denounce the
proclamation with their favorite epithet "un
constitutional." -It should be remembered thnt
they have denounced every thing na miuonati
tutiuual which ha been dune tn injure the rcholi
from the beginning nf the n nr. It wna onooo
atitiitional to coerce a acceded State. It wa
unconstitutional tn arrest tniitors. It wna un
constitutional tn do any thing but tamely sub
mit tn the dismemberment of the natiou. The
Copperlteada uro Hot candid enough to aay
frankly that they oppose tho wnr, because they
ympnlhiie with the rebel and wish them to
succeed. They bide that idea from sight w ill)
appeals to tliu respect for law which abound
among Ihe people, while they raise a great duet
of Constitutional objection to this and that
measure, and endeavor to blind the eyca of tho
people to I lit- ir real purpose mid design.
When theae people object In any particular
niiale of I juring rel els, it i well to reoullect
what relation they occupy tn the parties whose
"uonstitiilinnut rights" they are o xenlou to
Those who yet insist on conciliating the rebel
lenders, condemn tho proclamation, and. thoso
who consider tho salvation t.f slavery of more
importation than that nf the Union, denounce
it. The mum) nf the Inyal people. Il nvever, be
lieve that men who, create and nphold rebellion
ought to suffer, and they see in thia offer of am
nesty a kindly disposition tn thoso who have
been led by artful knave into treason, and a
desire for pence on just and honorable con
ditions. The door uf ounciliatiou ia Aung wide
open to all whom it ia not dangerous to conoili-
" . ', ' ,
Koirra to Idaho, A oompaur ha been
organised in California under the title of "The
Idaho, Oregon, nnd California Wagon Road
Company" raid rond to begin at lied liluff.
thence to run by the most practicable .rente tn
the mining rvgiou of Idaho, The California
paper report large number going by the over
land trail toidnhn, tnme are going by the wny
of Voaiioe and un the emigrant road tn Fort
II nil, thence down Snake river to Boise.
Traina of millet offer lo lake miner from Red
Dlnir tn Owyhee fur 73, and thoso who go
fmni Raornmeuto by way uf Fort Hull, are
oarried for $100, with ration provided. The
lied liluff Indtptnilent attribute thi heavy
emigration overland tu several reasons, namely
the distnuoe na lied liluff being oue half
leei tliooiMt of the trip lea than oiie-fourlk'
of that by way of the Columbia river; -the
route one' hundred per 'oe"nLiunr ple'ant
aud lake loss lime bill 'the chief one I "th
soap' (roiu the fleecing propenaltie nl Ihe
Oregon Steam Navigation Company." The
InJependtnl expect In the court of the pre
eut year tn announce a tag line from Red
Blnff to Idaho City, while large "nrairi
tukiamer" will do the carrying trade.
17 Tba luat Legwlature of Obis poael a
law that no eliirltnoua or liitntlcallnr linnnra
r 7 i"
ViuuM IrsoIJ In t!iat Slate on election dar.
i a heavy fine and maViaotimeol
To T'Vault belongs the tirmlifc of hnving
iintninated t ol. Kelly for CimgreaH, lie titat
hoisted Kelly' inline in the Inlr.lligencer muri
thnu ix montlii ago, and bus a
ng boon
uble to see nliility in hi composition and good
qualities in Ilia uharaoter which no orleelsn could
discover. Tho Allmny Cunvi'ntion but re
affirnictl T'V'tuilt'H choice when it tiomiiiiited
him, nnd the branch of tho Gtippuihend party
who profess tn be for the proseoiitiini of tho war,
were mortified to find that they could only count
fourteen vote in the Convention for their can
didate Den. lliiyden, while the pence men could
muster sevontv-ime for Kelly. They will of
course support the nominee, because that i the
only way they can give expression to their ha
tred of tit o Union party nnd the Adniiuistration,
but they do It grudgingly nnd unwillingly.
And not unly did T'Vault nominate the can
didate, hut ho marked out tho platlorm for the
Convention tn adopt, and it follow his lend in
the latter item as implicitly at it did in the
former, The following extract from tho edi
torial of the Intelligencer of April 2d last (ten
days before tho Convention), how how true
this statement i :
But wo desire now In advance of tbe meetingof the
Convention, to declare what wo conceive to be tho aen
tiniBius of a large majority oi the Democracy of the
Stale, and what we know lo In) tho sentiments of the
Dmnurmcv of Southern Oreie n in rcmirdto the grave
questions in relation to the war, which will indubita
bly oome up for discussion uefore tho Convention.
Tho party, in Ibis and the niUKhboriilg county of
Josephine, lias iilrcndy ileclurod in favor or an early
and honoratile peace
Tha Democracy ill other coun
tiea have announced the same view's, nnd we trust, thai
tliosa sentiments will lie iuiQTora'ed in tba party plat
forms in such manner a to unite and ceuieni the
Democracy, and ensure peace ut tho earliest, possible
nni-in,! tlx,,, li. ui, tu iIoiia in an honornhlu uud conbtt
tutioiml manner. The Democracy in this portion of
Oreiion do not wish the adoption of any t wn-mcea oo
claratiou of policy or principle. They desire to meet
the Issues preoenicd by the enemy fairly and squarely,
without sitlileifaire, evasion or equivocation. And
they havo arrived at the conclusion Ihat the time bus
coma when the momentous issues, involving the fate
of the nation, which wa will bo culled to act upon,
should discard entirely from our councils and policy,
ull chip trap and siibtorfnxo, all principle which face
Avsrv nolnr. nf ttm nnmiixss. Hllddeceive. nonne. Wa
do not desire lo win a victory by HyitiK false colors,
and a defeat under such circumstances would he at
ooirixil mil only with humiliation but disirnteu.
Let the candidate be whoever ho may, let him come
from north or aouth of tha Culiponiat wo euro noti
wo prefer the adoption of ritilil principles to Ihe aelec
linn ol any fiicnd of ours of our section. All we nsk
! lit ho ktiull aluml sroiartrlv lltlotl a nhltforill lUllllia-
MikiiMv in favor of a clw of the present war, and an
honorable peiioe, and we will ensure him the enthusi
astic support of the gallant Democracy of Southern
uregou, . .
When the friends of Kelly and T'Vault sue
oeed in their present attempt tn destroy the
Government, T'Vnult's ardent dosirc to "oo
onpy a high position in the Pucilio Kupiihlia"
tiitiy he accomplished. Our advice may not he
of uiuuli weight with the wi rthie who -uepire
to engineer eucli a movement, but wo venture
modestly to mggest that if Col. Kelly should
be elected President uf tho new republic, which
traitors would erect en the western rums nf our
beloved country, he will be iu duly bound to
luaku T'Vuult his J?ri'iuier. ,
The inquiry is frequently made, w hen the
future prospect of our State nre being discuss
ed, what will bo onr market I Whence is to
com a demand for the frnit of qur industry I
If the articles produced by agricultural nnd
mechanical industry should ever exceed the
home demand, how are they to he disposed of I
III tliu A rat place wo hold it to bo true lo a
certain extent,' nt least, that a supply will
create a domniid. If Providence hit given us
facilities for producing article wltioh liuvo al
ways been staples iii tho commerce of tho
world, it ia n absurd to suppose there will be
no demand for thoso article when produced,
as that there will he nuuo for the gold and sil
ver dug from our mines. And thi ia nut mere
theory, but a fact that ia proven by expe
riences. There waa a time when the early
settlers in the great valluy of tho West aeked
thetuselrea the question with some solicitude,
where is nnr market! Pint those valley were
settled, their rich noil cultivated, their resources
developed, and bundled of European vessel
now sail from our Etateru shores laden with
the produce nf tho Western vullcjs. j!or is
it true thnt nil. or eien the greater porliou of
their export, folio.)' thoir natural channel, the
Mississippi, Most of tho produce of tha inte
rior has been for jear shipped eastward hy
the lakes and by ru'lroad, thence to Europe.
In fact the spirit til railroad euterpiiso i car
ried so far by tliu American people that nn in
habitable portion of our country is allowed to
remain long without clnnuid for commerce
and travel. This is not tho place to discuss
the question nf railioad. hut from past expe
ricnoe, ami from what we know of the spirit of
our people, we nre justified in believing thnt
whenever the iiecetsilie demand thorn they
will bit built, and whenever Ihey arn it oan no
longer be said that Wo are inaccessible to mar
ket. Aguin it is kiio-vu that our own State
has furnished coiuuuralively little nf what has
Wen consumed during the past two years in
the northern mining region. It. cannot Lo said
that we huce no market while we fail In supply
ourselves and nnr bordering territories with
article that we have every facility fur produc
ing. Han Franuison already ha a considerable
foreign trade, nnd is destined to become to litis
const what New York i tn the eastern coast.
When thi ia true, we cannot see why the fu
ture product of our Stute may nut find ns
ready a market there a thoso of Illinois nnd
Iowa In New York.
It i frequently said by producer that their
buaine will not pay on account oi the high
price of labor. The reasons fur thia nre ob
vious. We have never produced lu sufiVienl
quantities to exert any iiiRuoccjc in the market,
except, perhaps, in I tie" oue article of fruit.
Iu most article we have failed to supply the
home demand, and Iu consequence onr ?tute
has been drained of money tu onler U supply
a with the necessaries of life. Now, if these
article hud been produced in greater quanti
ties at home, we would havo moro money in
circnUtiou, and the farmer could meet all de
mmL xgAtuat him by the product of hi own
If we do not durelop our own resources, and
pnaliice for home consumption every article
adapted to our soil and climate, all the gold
and dver io our rich mine never will free o
from a dependent position. If wo do, then we
nill prosper,' nnd In the end will find a market
for all onr products, at the inhabitant of more
enterprising tectionj of nor conntry have, even
at our own doors.
IT" We have received the first number nf
the Daily Antrim Flag, published by 1). 0.
McCarthy. The Flg iaof the same i as
the Buiiti. and i tha handaotneat aheet la
sued in San Francisco. It is decided In it ad-
vocacy of Union principles, aud is filled with a
variety of able article oa general (abject.
It nill have dispatches from the Eaot aa soon
as a reporter can be secured iu Cliicagn, hr
Inr broken op the monopoly which ha hitherto
controlled the ovcflanJ telegraph., Term of
The Cniislituliotl of lhi Slate, wisuly tolling
the question of the locution of I ho aeal of gov-
eminent ontnf reach of legislative action, pro
hibits the selection of liny place fur thnt pur
pose in any ti'her iimniicr thnu by nn clet'lioti
by tliu people, aud require a majority of all
the vntea cast at such election to render a loca
tion vtilid. It also requires the public record
lo he kept nt Ihe seat nf giivorlimi'i't, the rieo
rolnrv ol State is rennired to resitlo there, and
there' Ihe aeasinti of the Legislature nre to bo
Under the law of 19th October, 18(10, this
question was submitted tn the people, with the
proviso that, if no place should receive n ma
jority of nil tho vote cast at the first election,
a vote should bo taken at each subse
quent general election until, sumo nno point
should receivo such a majority. We are there
fore required to nguin vote upon the question
at the next election ; but mom Important, or at
least more absorbing issues attract puliliont-'
tention tn such extent that there is danger that
the subject may not have the consideration its
merit warrant.
We not propose to enter into any discussion
of the claims or advantages of any particular
town fur the location, for the subject has been
long before the people and thoroughly canvassed.
The votes of those who nro interested in pnr
loiilnr plaoe will bo given in future, a they
have been in the past, for those points, without
reference to thn argument thnt may be ad
duoed in favor of others, nnd voter who havo
nn loonl partialily to consult, are well advised
of the reason which should govern their ao
tlnn. But there i one Important consideration
which might nnt to be overlooked. Heretofore
the location has been prevented by tho sont.
tering nf votes on pluces which hnd no possi
ble chance of obtaining a majority vote, mere
iv because a few voters obstinately contended
for the towns iu which their interest lay.iit'tead
nf adopting the more prnotical course of choos.
ing thn best of those that had a prospect of
success. Wc hope this may be nvoided in the
future. The necessity fur a location is appar
ent. Wc want to erect buildings for the nse
nf tho State, instead nf paying heavy rents Tor
inferior nccninmodatiotis. We ought to remove
that condition of nncertainly which now pro
vents tho pcimauent improvement) which otlt
erwise wil go nn nt tho seat of government, and
wo hould nnt neglect the opportunity to re
move a disturbing local question from our pol
itics. Tile three town which will bo most largely
supported are Portland, Snlem, and the Dnlles,
mid if any choice is made (a wo hope there
will be) ft will undoubtedly full npon one of
these three, and the Inrgeanil rapidly increasing
population east of the Cascade mountains rcn
ders the lust named place a formidublu com
pctitor of the Willamette town. Those who
are governed by local interest or prejudice in
favor of either one of theso, will of course vote
accordingly. Those who have nn such oonsid
eratinns to govern them, should decide which of
them will bo most convenient and advantage
nua to the pulilio welfare, without reference to
any partiality they may feel for other point in
w hich tliev may have a more direct interest.
We hope there will be no more throwing away
01 Votes oil hopeless candidates.
- Til K lAMVASS.-
Mr. Henderson ha addressed tho people at
various points in the southern part uf the State
during the lust week, aud wo have gratifying
accounts of hie reception hy the loyal masses
mid of the impression he has made upon them
Ho i suid to be adding strength to the Union
oanse eve7 where, and is winning gUdeit opin
ions for botli good hard sense and logical talent.
He is announced to speak at the Court House
in this place nn Tuesday, the 3d instant (to
morrow.) We hope there will be a general
turnout. A day cannot he spent in a better
way or a more profitable one. Col. Kelly w il)
also be present to eluoidute the principles of
Copperhead Democracy, a held by OWIeara,
T Vault, Jo Lane, and other of that sort.
Sknatok By a telegraph di.
patch received in town yesterday, from Mr.
Harding, wc learn that he will leuve Washing
ton for home about the first of June. .
Spanl IHtpntek to the Stat'tmnn,
Chicaho, April SI The particular nl the capture
nf I nnnhoi. Ark ., by I .an. Steele nave arrived, i roi-a
inir the Little Missouri ul a iwiiit In-low Slircvesporl
Kisbinetown and t'nmdeu. Ueu. Steele liv Ins eioye-
nimiia ileumnstnued his parnnse to attack Shrevesport.
Trier basiennl i Pruiria iln Holm, dim ritle pus and
throw up earth wo:'k. while (ion. Steele executed a
Mi,ilfl,.ii llnok movement cunsiint Price to retreat to-
wards oshiimton. Having; placed Price on an-f
circle, Steelo moved ilirrclfy Uiwitrda I aimlcn. I'ls
eoveritia; bia mistake, Price roiK-oumied his cavalry
and with Jlnriimdoke nod Dh kiiryon side and rear,
hoped to einlii.ruMi Meele o that bis infantry could not
inioi the fortiticatious t leniden. Steele pressed on,
fuhthtg for 71 miles and entered Camden on the loth.
Nine InrtilirutioiiB of (treat streinitb were taken, ulso
larire iiintitilica ot stiyi.r, mollis--, pork, e'c.
Nrw V kk, April l A sn-cil to Ibe 7Vis- snya
ottircr from the front lust inu-lil profess in believe
that active operations will not lie commenced at pres
ent. The enemy are aitain busily emniired In throw
itur tip more earthworks, diirvinir rille pits, 4tc. Ibe
foriitlcuttnus have been strenKtheiieri ulon the whole
front and cMendimr further down Ibe river inward
our line. Picket liriiu; Una airaia been iwmiiucd and
stnaJI skirmishes tela place almost daily. There is no
Inun in tha reporta lliut Iho tvbela are concctilratinir
large forcea ill the tHienaudoali Valley. Th relwl
force in Ihe valley is Early's division of Ewell's corps,
which nnr troops there outnumber twotoone. Karlr'a
fntree bave lieen aaumenled by eonaiderable cavalry,
under On Imboden, while Unm-by a and Gibnore'a
troop do not amount to eix huudred.
New To' k, April 30 Harnstde left yesterday liy
special conveyance, to join his f nnnnand. his now
fnllv mioV-elonrt thnt will ndravur to brlnn uu a
Oliht willful Icuvinu Ilia enlrelicbnienls.
A New Urlrau leUar says onr soldiers have entire
ly recovered from tba ttfctu loii-k'iu to lata marches
and seven- nubtiiiir.
A relwl battery bad been platwi at a ramp n few
miles above Orund Kcore, In consequence of which
fien. Smith burned towns.
(ten (Jmver'a division waa atill t WeetneM, and
would probably remain tn pmtect Ibe country and
pwuN airainst lb itiHtrrilbia.
Tiiii.Atist.rHiA. April iW.-The I'nion Stale Con
vention asse inble-l, adopted rrvnlntinn to Ihe rflr-ct
HiHl drieKstea be instructed to support Lincoln for the
Presidency, aod lo oppose all elfori a to postpone the
llaliinioTO Convention, and that one nf th hardest
blows that eoold h inflicted on Ibe relielliou would be
Lincoln's rs election.
N'sw Toaa. April S. Admiral Dalilgnn left to
ebr for Charleston. '
The H'srU'i spm-ial enetnv in onr imrne
dial front has been, fur two or three davs poat, vary
active, as if aulicipaimir aa advance Deserter suv
they are Winn i foxes from Charleston, r'lortd.
Lvnchl-nrti end nther points.
Mimsoa, Indiana. April 33 A KnK of loerrilhu
rroaeed to Indiana liae nilil before but. and burned
a transport liatt a short distance below this city ; Ihey
also stole n nMtt nf sheep and some cattle.
T. Ins. April i9 Virkuurf Inters ss.y Ihs steamsr
14a erttKi nrws frotn Rnt Rirsr tht no mere flshtna h,l
ecsurrsd. lUlwls rjrlrd to be msrrhlng oo first!
, Ec--rt np th AMtv or Iron rr irotns out le mt thwa.
O-tr array (M hthrwd i b stronf Ijr tnlttnchel l Brand
Eecrr on belli sides of Ih rtvrr.
. .rnantxn. Wt 1. 1S4.
0t-anrr ! WorM, fsnwsrtT In Ihf.Ssu rvsnrisro and
crsmmto trut. arrived sl ! plae l-lsjr Vhsrse'of
Captsla 00, sl4y. h w 1 be ruco in tht Irsde ne-tw-
r.,-tlAci I He 1'- le-me'-i-tt '
W will furnish election ticket, neatly printed
aa ond paper, In ncb quantities as may be de
lireil, at fl per hundred. Order accompanied
by the cash reaper Ifully solicited. . ;
A , A. r. IV. M.
-a.- kAUM tdfUt r.Jlli"' re.-iltr '.mooml
yarNeslloiitoa tk aeeoad od heart PrHlsys aa raek
1 r inrllfM to stltnrt
Special Notice"'
uMlTia"naalnaT.-Ths t'nlmi isii.lWnt.s tar etmnl.v
lrX'Z"nVZ,,ym o.l.l.. their Win. sltiscn.
li h'f. Iloi ins limes sod phices, vis: I'snvonvll e, T
5y May llth i l...kltur Hi'.-. Tliurs.l.v. I Ulll I Itcselnir,.
f rh I." 'lti, Hl..r.ln.v, Hl.l 1 Oskland. M j.
Jl it- Yoiu-nlln, Tiw-sduv, 'J trti ; riklon,, OTHii
B, '.'..lain;, h";,..'J..v, im. St ll et the slinv.
places will ci.inineli.'c at 10 o'cliii'.k.
Publto Bpealtlnir.-Tlie cHiMllii'sn-slor oilier la Ulack
s,ss i-.Mintv will address Ihelr hllw-rUlaeiia as follows lAl
Mllwnakie, M.iy '.' i .l-a-'k Creek, My n ; ouai's, Mnv ,
!."n;!,,!. Msy 'ill; Upper Mol.lla, May '27 ', Heaver lire. ,
May 28: PI.-n.sol Hill, May IWj I...wr M'dalls, Msy l ;
Maripiatn's, June 1 ; Orrftmi (My. June ; 0muicnjln on
earh ,ly at 1 o'clock, r.M, St Hal usual places ' Pillule
ae.ewilntm.stta J. II. I). Ilejiilsrsnn, Ihe Ua,., l,li
nee (or B,-preseiilllve, will address Iho cltlseue ot Uresnn at
the tdhwlnn ll,es and place., spcskliof to comiiitBr at I
o'clook. r. .,-Jaek..,ovllle, w.ddny. April ill: Ker ;y-
vllle,'rlitv, A,u,l Ciiavanvlllr, Mo ly, April
()kill,l,,,y, April 2U j Ct.v, Thursday, .April
,iu . n..PVU,,,y. Hiihtr, ov. Aitr , : A S, IV, niolKI'iy, '....V e I
flal'cm, Tai-.ilny, d ; ll'sllas, Wednesday, 4th : l,!ayelleJllli
lllll.lmo dill! pnrtlano.lin; uresninjiiy, phi j i or., .. ...
Uamtllls, fliiturdny, Hill t Marshall's Slstlnn, Mundsy, lolls;
l, (IrandcTliursdsy, lelhi Baloalawn, Friday, Klllh :Au
hum, We.ltie.dsv, Mill) Mormon llaaln, 'riJiiy, UTtll ; Can-
yen t;tty, I''''IV, J". 4th. .
UUI. arftllUti IV. JltJUjf Hlll'im (it.-r.ui...
eF?: CIIB.UKKKTA UllllIK, No. 1, meet, every
1S." Wedoes toy evealai!, nt Us hall In llolnian's
' lluiltlloii. 'ilrothcrs la sood .tnndlnB sre In-
ylled to stten.t. SAMUKI, K. IAV, N. II.
0. 1". Oasatisl.1., II- iwe-y. "" '
April Uth, Iii noiiuls counly, by M. M. M.-tvlii, 3. f Mr.
. V. neall, of Jackson county, anil Miss Maria Illddle, of
At Allisae, K5lh ult ny lley. v. h, uray, sir. ueary u.
jdley nnd Miss Snrnh 0.
At Alliniiv, Anrll isth, by Itev, D. B. Oray, Bteidien Hols-
bo,, nnd Mis. Martha A. Hurras. ,
Ia Polk onuatv, April HU, by l. 1). PrettyniKii, J. P Mr.
Ocorge Ony and Miss Mnry Msiilon, all of Yamhill county.
At Vancouver, W. T., April tilth, Henrietta, daushler of
John ami Osrollae Healer, seed tl iimnths.
Nnnr Albany, on the 2a,l ul,., I.ilclnua Jane, true ot uen-
net Crosley, uirell 4U years,
In Kiiseae Ully, Alirll m, ot consumption, lienry eiaiio,
aped US years.
In Lane county, April zuui, suaa Ariiiuaxe, aseu nuuu, ,
In Hslem, April 90th,' of ooa.uiaptlon, Mary M. Moores,
aged 8d yesrs. Illinois pnpjrs pleuse copy.
TN addition to other material lust re-
1 ceived from Knit Krnneisco. wo have
pui-rhttscd lClectrotvpeil 1'lotcs, Onts.oic.,
cV.e, for prinlinir sri'lM'K rKIITiriOATKal
fOH mllivn flOillPANII'tH, either plaid or in cheap and as yondas thev enn be obtained
in the State. Orders from a distance promptly at
tended lo. AddrcsB Htathsmas Orrice, Kalein, Ogii.
rnlll! Slock holdera of the "CaaenJo Gold and Silver
1 MitiiiiK Cotnpanv" will meet ut the oltlee of Vt il-
llanis At Alallorv. in Su clli.ou claluribiv the Will duy
of May. IMil. for the purpose of ebntiiiK u Board of
Directors. Itv order of the Coinpiiny.
Siilotn, April 30 Intil. 4w
A i cut Noticss
i Till. Tteirolur Meelluir of llm Directors
of III,
t'OMPAN V," bold at their ollieo in Salem, on Ibe Slat
day, of April, A.n., 1HM, an assessinent of U.i eenta on
each shaio was levied on the Capital Stock of said
Company. All poraona holdinir atook in said Com
pany lira requested to pay Ihe an, on, it of their
respective assessment lo tha Secretary in iroW coin,
nt liisoliiee iu Salem, within thirty days from this
dato. nm'S MALI.OHY, Sec'y.
Snlcin. Orctron, May i, IHM. 3wH
Tbe iniderslifiied, bavlnir been ujipnintcd adminia
tratrlx uf the estate of Julian Hihiin, deceased,
all persons buying cluitus ainiiust auid estate, are re
quested to present them, with proper voutlicrs, to me
al my residence in Rt. Louis, Marion county, Orciton,
within six mouths from this date.
Saleni, April 1804.
I iiial Mt'tlloiiioiiU
STATE of Oiwon, connlv of Cons: On this 5th day
of A,nil, Ittb-i, comes Jemima Hnti'mun, Hilminis
tratrix uf I lie entate of A brum HmTumn, ileceiwd.and
(Hit her petition fur a Him I settlement of enid estate.
It is therefore ordered thnt Tnesdity, the Mi duy of
July, lHtM, he set apart for the hearing ol said peti
tion, and tho final settlement of mid ertute at Ibe
Court House, iu Empire City, in the county and 8m.e
uforesaid: at whirl, time and place nil persons inter
ested in said entnte are noti tied to appear.
Perorderof GliliKK T HALL.
Counly (fudge.
David Mouse, jr., Co. Clerk. 4wU
Pinal S tilriiioiii.
STATE of Oregon, cuiintv of Coos : On this 5th day
ot April. 1H04, romeft .urv Ann Himt, aduiiniBtra
Irix of tlie estato of William Hirst, deceard,und Hies
her pell i ion for a Html settlement of suid estate. It is
therefore ordered that TiiHmlav, tho flth day of July,
Hi4. be set apart for tbe hearing of said petition, and
tbo tin. um.nient of said eelnuj, at the Court Ilouite,
in Empire City, In the county nua Bmui uf-proU, ii
which lime and plat? all person interesled in said es
tate are untiliod to appear. .
Hy Order of . OILHEUT HALL,
County Judge.
pAvto Morsk, jr., Co. Ck'ik. 4wl
The Greenback minister and Adju
tant General.
I WOULD not stoop to notice Mr. Keed, was it not
for Mr. Mwnod. and 1 now say to the public that I
cun prove Mr. Keed's statement n falsehood by Mr.
Selwood's owu acknowMiaents, with two got'td and
rerpomilde persons. Why did I not tukn the Ureen
bavks at ?& cents, as agreed f ISiiiiply this. Some
time previous, Mr. Selwiaal cnlled ut tut honse und
tliere said Mr. Heed had told him he would pay tue ; 1
then told him Mr. Heed could nut become paymaster
to me tr bis acoount ; he then said lie would go direct
and nee Mr. Keel, and it nho Id bo paid that week, for
ohould Mr. KcimI fail, on Saturday, lie would potuiivo
ly par it hiuuelt. This be stated in prewnct uf my
wile, uml then never came near t uud alter suuie five
weekd. I sent Mr. Hntoks lo collect the bill ; he very
nlrimty said he coo Id not pay me until I se'tled with
Mr. iieoil. i then gave him notice if tint paid against
u certain lime, 1 should buv him i and I knt my word
ho dij not. Mr. Keed nays, no notice will be taken
of it by Mr. Selwood, slier Ins noticu, 1 will uivu Mr.
S Iw(mh1 u reaionable time to rc'tm.'l, and then I will
report him to his Miperiors, a he ban defrauded me.
without tbe lenst provocation. Supposing I done a
litile wrong in not faking his green bucks at 75 cunts,
dc ihut justify him ia doin-r a grest wrong. He
proltaMv is like poorTrav, rut her a good man hut gm
into had i-outimuv. I will uiukv tbo atiove evident to
any ucialeitotu by calling ou inc.
Salem, April M, 'A, 1w9
, For Diseases of the
liravel, Dropsical Snellitifs, '
TIIK AS(TOXIiHIKi H''('rc" Wlllt II
liu aitemled Ihia INVAI.UAHLE Meiltrina n-n-dera
il llw most valmilile tnm eve-r disenrered. Xo
ImiKiiajre can t-nnrcr an adeqnaie iJea of the intmedi.
ate and almnat miniciiliius clianire tvhiuh il nrvaaiona
in Ilia deliiliuitcd Hud al'attervd avsu'ai. In faet, it
aianda nnrivnllpd aa it remedy for the permanent cur
of tlie tiiulttdie alioro luanlionej, nnd also
And in everr disense anv war conneeted with Ilia iii.
nrlvia nr iftnuy uf lli'u l'ltOCKEATlVE FUXC
T10N.H. Parens aboul Ut luai ry, if cuusciuu. uf any
weukness, abould taka tba
Whether broken down by excess, weak by nature, or
Impaired by sickness, the untruug nnd relaxed ortmn
i Kalian is at once rebrai-ed, revived, and built up.
W ell niav thia cclebrated tnsduiirt Im railed tlie
Tba stooping, trembling virtira of drprewi-n uud
debility beromea a new man i ho stands ereet, be
moves with a Una step i bis mind, which wan previ
ously sunk in gloom of un a linnet bliotic apaibr. lo
come bright und Retire i aud be (roes forth reneireiie
rated, of new vigi.r. Tlie medieine rencbes 1
CO.NSIUUllOr Ittell, uud restores,! loit normal
Irritation f iSf Xfik of Ihe Bladder Injoinmation
of the Kidnrpt, and Catarrh of tkr Bladder
Strnngnartf and Burning, or Painful trin.
attnr, C'tlcnlnt. Grarrl, Brick Unit
Drportt, and aVwrot nr Ai Dt$
ckarget After Urinating.
Kor tbes diseuMt it is tnilr sovereign remedy,
and too mn?h ranuot be said In ita prainv. A sing.e
do has been known to relievo tbe moni urgent svmp.
touts. TRY IT In these casa, and you will ever give
roar pruise to
Mule or Fomalon,
(Arr von.tublsal with that lii reusing tuin
.mnllVfihe Kick rand throngb your hips I C
n in Ihe
TtTIOK WATER. wil! rvieon lik, mmiic.
t ... . Ir W H OkF.G0. PropHel,
tiemrul Agents, Xw York.
Affvnta for tba Parifie l oaat,
401 and 403 Battery Street,
Corner Clay, Sen Frnuciacu, and
' HntMiK at CAt.RF.
Moiiliroincrj', riiotoffruphcr, Ac,
HASItKMOVKII l-'Iit I.M KKNI'Oltl1 111 ll.i
1111 to
Corner ot flouuiieteiiil and Slate streets, lie j.
littiim up Sl'Ui.VIHI) and SPACIOUS rooms.
May i, im. ,v9
fS hereby irlve
. i oa, no- ,iooc,m(i,, en iihs neon up-
I noinled. hv Hie I'rohale t'nnrl of I'olk count v. a, t.
minis' rami- ol the estate of A. .1. WII.KV. doci,nsed.
'I'.'iosc having claims upon said cstatu will present
them, with in one year, lit my resilience, at- Oiand
Itoiind. Those indebted will please pay up itninedi
ntclv. A. D, llAIICOt'K.
Jfity 3, 1li4. 4h I)
THK ointi.ion of tlii I'liluiable n-picdv npon ilia
nl.Miim'li, liver uml tli excretory Wfrniw it ttintru-
tnrlv pnnffiinu mill eonsnrvmivo. It ruiiliilet reurtiiti
liiut purilici litem. D)'ipwii in nil tin iuiinri yields
to itn control nnd iuviffnriUi.iK propurlicH.
Viirorouii iliuoflion uml imro ho produces Htitrltioiii
UIikkI, miii nutrilioiiR UUm a liotiltliy frame. Doe.
tlm viclim of lyiH'ptio BtoiiiHfli mtu u (linurilerei)
livor deiir lu know liv the ilit(rttioii timy hn im
proved, the liile anil oiln-r tlniilit vf thu boily pnrifleci ?
Will ,uTO!iiplinh Iii ih ih-ulruble revolution In tho system,
rtjL'iilittimr tho sorrelicmH itiol t'xcn-liotm. uivini tone
to the miiiiml juictrs whirl, diiumlvo tho food, stronttth'
on every ruin iced nerve, m uncle nnd lihre. und brings
ttie wiiuie tniK-iiinury oi vmimy mtu viKoroua una
hetilthi'nl plnr. .
Tho heft liictuiH of iintiiu-linu viuor to thn broken-
down frnnio nnd Hhiittcred coiiKlitotinii, which hnt vet
been invemeo or uiBcovt'ruu, ih proncreu to 1110 leeulo
of both mid nil hcs In
Debility from whatever ratine Arising, tuny bo
cured, Btruolii, in whatever nm liner it iohv huve
been watted, timy be restored by the line of this pow
fnl and lii'iilthy inviormit, Kor imlistion und Its
puinfitl etfot t, bodily and mental, they are positive
In the decline nf lifp the Ions of vital force noimn
queiit upon phyHiciil decay run only he mifrly iiiplied
by some vivtiviiitf proparalion which recruits the
RtrooHth uud tpirits, witooot eiitailiny tho exhnnation
which is ulwavs (he fiiml ell eet of ordinary stimulants.
We tender to ihe ited
As an ii.vifjotaiil and reHtonttlve,ionncdinte in Its ben
cllcial nctlnn and permanent in itn eft'cutfi. H (ones the
HtinuHch, iinprnvert ihe appetite, nnd acts like a charm
npon the spirit i-.
ThniiHands nf ladies report to it as a remedy for bys
tcria, fluttormjf of tho hen it, nerviaiH liuaducbo, vertl
iro, general debility, and all penilinr diutnrlmiices und
deraiiizetnents to which us u sex, thoy am snhject- It
elieers and enliuhiuns the deprcrved inenlal powers, an
well ns strengthens the body, and Its wo is novcr J'ol
lowed bv any re ilction.
only of reliable dealers, Hold everywhere.
HUMI'iilftH, DAHTU it UKAH, Agents.
San Krnneisco.
Hole AgeuU for the State.
Solution of Protoxide of Iron,
Hub lieen need with (Ireiit Suitress in Ciitini;
Affectiont of the Liver, Drnpnj, Neuralgia,
Bronc.hiti and Consumptive Tendencies
Disordered State of the Blind. Female
Complaint: Chronic Diarrhaa,
Bnili. .Scurvy, the Prostrat
ing Eff're of Lead or
uml nil disunsna which require
A Tonic uml Alterative Medicine.
rpilK I'HOOI'S OK ITS EFFICACY are ao nnmar.
1 mis, so well aiitheiitiititcd, nnd uf such peruliur
channlcr, tlmt siillvriira laimol reasonably henilala to
reruive.lliti praSVrfd aid.
The iHuss nf discuses fur wliii h tlio Svrnp provides
a cure, is precisely thnt which has an often Wiled tha
highest, order uf medical skill. The farts are innuible.
the witnesses ucrnesitile, and tho safely and efficacy of
the Syrup InciHitrnvertiblc.
' From Well-Known Citizens of Boston.
The undersigned having experienced the beneficial
ellecls of tlie "I'ernviiin Svmp," du nni heutale to
recuinmcnd it to the attention of I lie public.
8. II. KKMMl.L, H.l)., JAMKst!. WW.
Ccitiflcate of Dr. III!) csi
It i well known that the medicinal effect If l',.
loxide of Iron is lost by even n very brief enosnre
to air, und llml to maintain a subitum of Prnuide of
Iron, without furtlier oxidution, inn been dooti jtn,
pushible. i
In tho Peruvian Syrup, ibis desirable poini, ,,.
lllllieil liv coaniKATIUM ia a WAT HICFOKK USMwn ,
and this solution tuny replace nil the nroto ciirlsatea
citrates and tartrate of llie Materia Meiiica. t '
Assiiyar to the Slate uf SliieMii'Luu.
1G Uoysloti strict., Itoslon.
J01 and n;) Ibitiery street, corner of i.(
Sun Frnneis)
JODIXK Wotrr is t-lie tnnst important disoovsj
mudem rliethi'trv, and it ia iiiimauiMa to ovti
mule ii iufluencu as a remedial auent. lodinijL
b'en contiiilered the moot useful itrticlo in Mai
MetlirH, and many nf Ihe most sciemilir and priuft
hf mihiti and physicians have in ventilated ita eft
upon the hnronn svrsreni. Il is tn net upou the t
nnd to have great oonlrol orer
NotvriihttJ.ndintf Un- leul nnd nhilily which havo btr
ooTmen io n iiivesriiaiinii, n return ueu inmost iiivesft
until Dr. Henry A mien, a physicitin and cliemiit ol
New York, uftesvcais of itatient labor and exreril
nicnt, di prove red a cheaiical pruoess whieli ns)ledl
nua io niftemve (
ithotit a aolveut. This, cunsidereit impossible be
ihe scientific world. Is attested by certificates of ansi from Dr. J. Jt. t 'billon of this eitv. and Prof.
Ilootb, U. 8. Mint, Philadelphia. The importance of
tins r'iscovery wits so highly appreciated by tba foe
nlly that it was published in .Medical Joarnals, nd it
use recommended lo practitioners (see "Amariea
moiw, ..." ,t, .iwr it, icjn, MIS ,0 )
This) valneble medicine ia now nrailablo to'
lie fur the cure of Scrofula in all Its tnuiiifobj
C'unsuiitniion. Cancer. Heart. Liver ui,il Kirtn
eases, Ithemnuiisni, Nenrnlgin, Nrrrnti Aft'
I'ysfiepsia, uronrotlls. ele.
lis operation i evinced by sironntlienin(r the dij,,
nrauns nnu uicretisea iiutruiuDof tlie bodv is th
sun ui me eiilDlovtueni ol Iniiine. I Itn iiu..,
coverj Ileeli, sliena-tli und .iilor i hitherUi pale, relaxed
and leeble, he becomes full, strong and llorid.
Full directions uecotnninv each luatle.
hold by all Kniifjrists. Price. $1 per' brittle Pre
pared by Ir. II. Anders St Co., Plivsiciaoe and Cheiu, New iork.
HoSTtrri KH. SMITH k DKAN. ,
401 and 4II Haiterry street, comer of flay,
Snn Kraiii isco.
... "" yi
Kendall's Amboline.
la a SiimulaiiuK, Oily
'Exlrnit of Dark and
i'bt'ti.KD rarrtsiuos
Herbs, h will cure all His.
peases of tbe scalp and itch-
ING, BEAUTIFYING, j'"1' r "". ,,J- ""'r
aa ' (rdirtea the dandriirfand -
OraaalDf !Pr-'"ttli hair from fall-
m em, .or fnin umjnt
raa J'remainrc'y imiy, causin,.
Inoetmilifrk and loiu?
T-T A T l i'i",,:"iH.r rt,!r"r"" from
XX C. X J . all niber preparations, and
eno be relied on.
Pat np in ban eontuiiiin lw bitlr.-pric II
5dd bv all Irn-i;it. 1 '"'
Jto 4l Ilattery at . comer of I 'luv. Mn Franca,
UuDUkek CALKa1, i
n . W S.A rilKU k'uur
tt of the look oa hd.
-til.fl2 rvtjvar
ssonih. Hrethrea ia onod .t.,,,1
i. H.coi.tfvr'. .pie;
3 Wall.
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