The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, November 23, 1863, Page 2, Image 2

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Printing Offloa for Salt.
tlie pntlrt fixture of newspaper And J'b printing office,
eonsli'.lriK of 8N or 400 Lonjr Primer, 150 to 2(t0 lbt. each
of Miolhn thd tlrevUr, t Hoe WMhlntiton Prm, No. 8, u
food at nett, vtlcki, lUndi, ft'Dcy-. job type. Ac, trr offered
foV itl ofi rtMontble lerai. Moii of the material H but
Utlli worn, and all In Hood order. Apply at Dili office.
1ft otto ),The Statttman hrvrlnr ebanirel ownerrtlp, onr
ttAMof the office clol with thtUit (nut. Tht "Ortntn
Frlnltoit and Publliblnn Company" hwifter aMamet tht
publication of tht paper and tht enndaei of tht offlre boil,
new. All amountt for ubrlr41nn, adrertlilnt, and Job
worttMtmlnitbfltweon th M day of March and the Mth
day of Oototor, IMS, lnPlinlTe,helonjf to OrandaM A Wallt,
They dlre tn tave theiri all paid In, In the ihortait poailblt
tima, and ei the tftconnti airnlntttach lndltrldnal are null,
we flonfldMi'ly truel there win he very little delay. To facll
Uatt rtmttlanetfl, wt will Mate that thnte who owe t from
tht ttflnntnn of tht volume (19), ewe ui for Junt two.thlrdt
r tht year, heln from Vol. 1$, No. 1, to T1, 1. No. tt.
Villi will be tent, aa eoon ai we hare time, U ell who owe ui
Trir advertlilnt and Job work. RwiOtt .-! for niWrlntlnn
Itandlnt adrertlnemente, ei'tnolnir either prior t March
Id or In adranet of tbli dMt, mar h tnaHn at th m
Salem Hot. M, IMS.
Wotletv-All hnt lntfhted to the Arffn aI-JW for worlt
f any hind prior to the 5th day of My,1Afl. are onremnre
re4Vettftd to nahe tmmedlato parment to the undersigned,
who tan alwaye he found at the J5taUman, onVe.
lalem. Nor. t, M.-9fr.t. D. W. CRAW.
Tht Or t (ton BtatAcman,
Tht Oatnow PtTitw and the Oamnn Ahhtm have both
etn pnrehaeed by the "Oreeon FHnMnt? end PubVubtnr
C'mTanT.,, and hare been eoneolldeted Into one pener the
OtnejAi IVatmimi. The pqMlcatton of the Annrrn f-i dleron
tfrmed from the date of fWhr Mth. In lfrn of the Atom,
the eqbeqrrbenlnthatpaner will hefnrnlfhed thePTATwn)
vnoii fht lame term. The publication of the Ptathmh
wm bt eontlnned by the pnhllihln(f eompnny, el filem, on
the flame elied eheet and upon the unme term a heretofore,
The abort arrangement win enabV the pulilftih - to for
fllih ihelr enhierlhere a ftrit-cliM nwipapr, eontelnlnr a
wore tomplete record of current erenta fbnn efforded In
nr weekly Journal north of flieramnto oltr. The rtftrftng
anlnmne will at we re ennatltute the tertert ebere of the pa
per, and will he let op In imnlter trpe then herHofore, eo
that the reader will net, for the anme price, fully rme1h1rd
more matter than formerly.
The Intenelty of Interest that attache to eaeh pbese of
thJifrtat Rebellion, renderi.the leletraphlfl newt depart
ment an Indlapeneable one to all dnee nf read ere. To fully
keep pact with tht public dimend In that rrapent, the ?tatp.
at wTR fnrtileh the amplnt rcporti, attelnehl, of the etlr
Tlnf evtnte dafly traneplrlnt In the f.Mtern ft,. Piirh
nattert of public Importance ai are not nent why teleirraph
tn he promptly tleaned from our large and aelect Hat of
txehaniee, and laid before our renders.
Oar means of ooTlftllnt the evenla nf Internet, oceurrlite In
H parts of the State and In the mlnlmr districts arijolnlnx
the Oreyon boundary, are atiperlor to thone nf any Interlir
paper, and we confldemly saeert our determination to main
tart. In this respect, an ano,ueelloned leadership.
Tht STifMHn will not be tht partisan of any men or fee
tlon, but will labor nnllrlnirly to promote the paramount In
tereeta of the Union. That policy which mot evident! t aerree
to OfMAelhe rebeHInn, and make It Imposalhle for the damna
tile tratedy over to be train enacted on Amerloan soil, and
trhtch tends to reabtrt the trentneia, a-Uiry, prosperity, and
happtnm nf tht Union, win le the determined policy nf the
SfATtaaup. The Union and our Government above all other
tonatderatlont to secure their perpetnlly, we would trample
under tht feet of a loyal aobUery every blade of araie In
erery rebel State. Whatever diversity of opinion there may
he In respect of minor policies, (he flrat rrrnt duty of the
people Is to join unanlmonaly In reecalnjr the flovernment
' from the deadly clutch nf armed treason. Thfa duty we rec
ernlse. and win perform to the beat of onr ability. Our rule
of action, then, will be to co-operate with all Union men, In
all Union measures, for the sake of the Union,
The Inereased and trowing elrenlatb n of the Statmwav
fflveo It pre-emlnenet among til tht Journals -f the North
Pacific eoat, aa an ad vert III nf medium. Our terms are aurh
that tht humblest bualnete may ht profitably advertised In
onr columns. We shall also have at enct superior facilities
for tht performance of honk, card, aid Job printing.
fivrroRTixe ing government.
Munjr good, ny men whn are rcoll; deal
mat nf in pfnrring the govern merit lumFKl ly, are
frtM f doing it too uoonmlilinnnlljf lcit (llcy
t guilty of rIhi mpporting nn adtnlniitrntinn
politically dilTcring with tlipm. This rerulli
parti from the prejudice engeudert'd by long
partiiaa itrifs and partly from a notion that
the two are to diatlnot and irpnrnte that a full
and true allrglanoo can h given the one while
bitter war may ho waged nu Mm oilier. VV
re not one of thone who believe that to be a
Union man require! that we matt adopt an our
own all the opinion! of time In anthoriiy for
they are liable to commit niintnkei a well ai
other men lint ne do believo that to diap
prove of and wnge war agninit all they do,
imply liecaiife there it a difference of opinion
between n, would render u Jully vlinrgenhlo
with disloyalty. The oopperhvnds have a po
iei argainent that, to supporting the govern
ment, they have ao duly to perform toward
thnte who administer it for the time being.
They eay, "Tho President ii not the govern,
tent" and truly enough. They tay, "Con
fren U not" and truly enough. They 'iy,
"The Judiciary la not" and truly enough.
And then they ask triumphantly, "Ar we
bound to either?" Let us see. The conatitu
tion alone is not the government. The 'Con
stitution as it is and the Union as it was" is not
the government, thongh copperheads seem to
tblnk tn. The Union of the States, the oomti
tvlion (the evidence of I In onmpuot by which
they nniled), the Executive, the Congress, and
the Judiciary, with their several funclionnries,
re the government. Now, tn test whether
there is each a distinct uess between tho gov
ernment and it effioers, a the copperheads
claim, we will instance the idea nf a leginliitive
department withnnt any legislnlors w hat is
' there of It? But if yna fill it with men. there
Is at onoe Congress and law making power.
Take the men all away, and no law making
power remains. Of the Judiciary t a court ia
constituted of the Judge and executive officers.
Take away the judge, and thorn Is no court -Leaving
the Judge, take away the officers who
leente his mandates, and the onurt Is power
tees. Restore atl the funclionnries, and the
idea of court ii at nnen realised. Or the ex
ecutive department t tho ii.-e nf President
without an incumbent cannot execute tlm laws.
The offiee la a myth. Put a man in the office
clothed with proper authority tn he there, and
we have at onoe an executive power. Destroy
bim, nd yon at the same time dostrny execu
tive power.
Oo the other hand, man may call himself
President, an'l all nf ns may call him so, hut if
e U not clothed oonrtitntionally with the pow
er. f President, he cannot In any sens be the
execartve power of the nation. Men may
father together a"d oalt themselres Con
greet, bet they cannot make law without be
lag eiaaea ai delegated lu the constitutional
Method for tfcat purpose. A man mar assnme
to Issue mandates, decrees, and to adjudicate
quarrels, but thsf are not binding ipnn any
body's regard mles he be duly Invested with
lawful power to do each acts.
. It it nut clear that we can hare no realiia
tieoof either dopartment of Uie government
vrithoot the blending of the incumbent with
tbeoffioe? And Ii not the connection so close
that if ott be lakri away the ether orasca la
exist? It ie ao answer to tay that this is not so
because tht offloer of to-day may give place to
aothrr to-morrow for the oatiHeetiim be
tacaea the new offloer sad bit offioe it precisely
the tame. In legal view, there it ne Septra
ilea af identitlet between one incumbent and
oceoesor. Tht oonttilutlnn doe sot reo
r;niae any dilTcreuee Itetween Hochantn and
tyiooolo. nor botweeo Jaoksou and llarrisru.
The snme cnnsiitmional investiture lins rested
upon each, and the constitution and laws have
known each simply ns President, and in no oili
er Identity or nninn. "I, Aliiaham Lincoln.
President," is precisely the mine in legal view
as ' I, Andrew Jacksnn, President."
The copperhead nrgnment amounts to pre
cisely this, in practice i A judge of a court in
the exercise of his proper functions Issues a writ,
nf arrest agninst the body nf A s Copperhead,
whn it pecuniarily or oiherwise interested in
having A run at largo, bidet him. or assists him
tn escape, or forcibly prevents the officer from
making the arrest; A remains at largo in defi
ance nf law and in derngatinn nf the authority
nf the court; Copperhead Justiliot himself on
the ground that he did not resist the court.
bntnnly B. the Judge, nr C, the sheriff; he lins
the greatest respect for the court, but none at
all for B nr C; and, to prove that he did not
resist the court, will tell ynn that B is nnt the
enn't and C Is nntthecnurt; beside 'hnt. D
will be elected next year tn B's place, and E
will be elected to C't place. When that Imp
pens, if D Itsnet a writ nealnst A. and E tin-
dertnkes tn serve it. he (Copperhead) will rem
der all necessary assistance, for he has the
highest respect for both D and E.
Copperhead'! reasoning in the above sup
posed esse Is exactly like that nsed hv him tn
justify an outrageously factions warfare upon
everything done nr attempted tn be done by
pnblio anthnritles in the conduct of the war.
He arrays himself in physical and sympathetic
alliance with the enemv. thwarts in al! pnssi
ble wayt the attempt to reduce the enemy to
submission t invites him to hold nnt till next
year, when hit friend D. will he elected Presi
dent ; and assures him D. will stop tho war,
and arrange things amionbl ', which means.
jnst as the rebels want it. Ho thei nnmes tn
the bar nf pnblio opinion, and savs hn holds
the nnvrnNMENT in high esteem, but ho don't
like Lincoln, and as Lincoln is nnt tlm govern
ment, he feels himself al lihortv to mnl(n war
upon whatever Lincoln does. If the nmvKns
ment choosei tn do anything, his (Copper
head's) support may be depended on. Public
nplninn wants tn knnw whv ho arrays himself
aea'nst the laws nf Congress? ( npperheed
admires tho onvviiNMRNT namn. but, "Con
greet l nnt the government." Pnblio opinion
enquires if Lincoln was not coii'iitntioniilly
elected President, and if he is not the chief ex
ecntivn officer of the government ? Copper
bend admits the fuels, but, he differ' so cncn-
tinlly with Lincoln in polities lliiit he can't n
port him if the government should go to do-
strnctinn in consequence ; if D . w ho ntrrees
with him. were President, he could elve him a
hearty support, even if in so doing the govern
ment rhontd lie saved.
From all which, it appears plainly enough,
that Copperhead's animus against, his politico!
enemy goes further than it does nuainst the
physical enemies of hit country. We believe
the case somewhat different Willi ninny nlhers
whn nrn chary nf supporting the government
the ofiloe and the officer too unconditionally.
Tho most sensible view nf duty is tlmt the
present administration being the conslitntionnl
executive power nf the notion during it term,
must nnt and will not he to thwarted in its ef
forts to tnppress rebellion ns to render them all
nngatnry. That conrre nf conduct wnnld sim
ply he equivalent tn making the executive chair
vacant and leaving ns with only the empty
name nf the office. If the executive is bound,
the mere wnrds tint give him auihori'y. are of
no force. The business of the Aoierlrnn poo.
pie it to give a hearty support to the Kovern
ment which includes its nflioinl fiiuuliounries
in all measures lis king to the suppression of
disorder and rebellion. This does not require
the adoption nf any specifl' d merely political
Inlons. Those who will not thus support this
administration because nf political differences.
should remember that there tuny be ns great a
difference between themselves and the next
administration, and I he next, ami the next.
Meantime, the executive authority is thwartnd
and baulked, tn the extent of the ruin nr the
oovriiNMCNT. On the tuppoeltion that Cop
perliead'e candidate, D.. is chosen next Presi
dent, the political enemies of D. will then hare
the tame justification for opposing and baulk
ing him that Copperhead now nssiiuics. The
nation it fighting for ilt life the powers ol
darkness and of Hell aru combined against it.
Those who fight with them against it lor fear
nf getting political taint must take the alterm -
tiro nf the taint of their Sntiinio associates.
We have no fears of having onr political opin
ions being ootitniuiunted by a generous support
of a President whn is engage! in the con
summation nf that which is nf vqnal import to
him and to us.
A Moiiki. Man During ihe exile of Vol
lundieham, he traversed the hreadlh nf tho
Cnnfederacr. not only nnhirmeil nod nnhin
dered. but much like a hero ret imed in tri
umphal stale tn reoeire th" honors due him for
great public services, The Conthievernle au
thorities forwarded him on his journey, supplied
his wants, and did what they could to make
his visit among hem healthy, plmannt and
toft. The people came in orowds.with treason
bleared eyes, tn gaze npon their g'eat North
ern ally and friend the man who defied "Yan
kee despotism" a id stood up so manfully for
the right of Dixie, lie sailed from a poll-
federate port without let, hindrance nr parole.
htring never seen an hour of ileteiiMon in ramp
or prison. He took tn Canada the good wishes
and prayers (if conspirators ever prat) of all
the participants in the rebellion. The hopes
of the traitors oentcrrd upon him as the man nf
II the North whn roulJ help their cause, and
having nppnrtnnlty, iroufi help It. He went
tn Canada and I'sued bulletins which he and
the rebels fondly hoped would place him in the
gubernatorial chair nf Ohio, in which position
it was mutually understood, he would he able
to so enih-trrast the prosecution of the war at
to insure the independence nf the rebel State
All this it made unquestionable by the testimo
ny of the rebels themselves. And yet 'he cop
perheadt of the North set him up as their mod.
el man I their golden calf, before whom they
fall down and worship ; they organiie rlubs
hearing hit name they make ValUndigham
tpeeche and platforms ; they circulate Yal
I hdigham documents and wear hit emblems.
0, shame, where Is the bloh !
CV Northern copperhead affirm that the
rebellion was superinduced hy tho tggreesions
of th government upon Southern rights. A.
II. Stephens made a speech against the secet
sinn nf Georgia, ia which he gave the lie tn
that assumption in Ihe following minis i
" H't r,fkl k.n Ikt SWlk m.tmltdl What jut
Itn Im. been lirnMI And whui rlaim. founiM uu
jiMttr mui rijlit, Ins lwn wiikliel.ll Can vo lodav
nuMsst awMlrfeii, aVIittaMWIr and pir
peaelr don b ihe flovenoiieiit at Washington, ef
wlneb tht &Hiia hat a right toamuuuul Icktlltnrt
Ikt iliefr."
Kobe answered "what right"? aud nobody
cle lit! atlouiptcd It.
Wis iiiu permitted to use the following letter
lo g private party of Sulein. It will be found
interesting :
Kciiit Colvillb, W. T.. Oct. 23. 1803.
Fori Colville and It Garrison.
Fort Colville is a fine post. It is pleasantly
located on a plateau, nearly surrounded by bills
and mountains.. Hunuing hy It M a cnpuni
trout and mill a'ream. There are plenty of
buildings here for a fonr-company post. At
present there are hut two here, coiumiiudeil liy
Capts. Shulock and Gbtmre, both of the Wash
tngtnn Territory Inluntry. I hey are me lar
gest companies of the regiment under the
best discipline and men nlfaatisficd with their
officers; but think they have been here long
inraifli, and that change nhnnt n rinr. l nave
no reason lo believe that this frontier pott is
not well managed,
The PopulationProductions.
There is a couniy organized here. The pop
illation ii mostly Frenchmen, with their native
Hives and half-breed children. There ore
some beautiful volleys, which are sooie-
what improved hy this population. The crops
appear to he good. The last season was a dry
one, Outs are ho ight here at $1.:)0 a bushel,
in legal tender. The Government has a re
serve, from which is cut large quantities of hay.
This country will produce all I he fruit, cereals,
vegetables, and grasses, that cau he grown in
the northern part of New York with the ex
ception of com and tomatoes. The summer
night! here are cool,
Old Mines and New Discoveries,.
Oold has given employment lo white and
Chinese miners on the Columbia for three or
four years. It i light gold, and is collected
by quicksilver. The mines pay only tolerably,
probably from $3 tn 3 per day Last season
there was a stampede ol Amerioan miners to
Boise quite to the injury of farmers and the
few traders here. Now they are encouraged
in Ihe belief that g ml times are in store for
them. I(elinlili) men have been engaged in
tho latter part ol summer in prospecting on the
Kootcnnv, a stream which enters the C'olni:ihia
in the United States, and then bends around in
British territory, taking its rise, in Iibiho terri
tory, These men found rich prospects in the
ooiiulry in qnestinn-r-whiuh they represent ns
very extensive and fine for agriculture. The
Indians found there wero friendly, and raised
good potatoes and peas, and said that hut little
snow fell there, and that their slock, without
any particular care, kepi fut all winter. This
news has created some excitement here. AH
our inme. whites will leave for the Kootenay
mines in the spring, hoping to secure good dig
giugs lieforn tin- rush of minors from helow.
In nihlitiott lo tilts encouragement held nut
h the Kootenay mines, men have com in
from tho old Catholic Mission on the Pen il'O
re'lle. and lenorl that On lit. Million had struck
ieh diggings there. These diggings are nhoiit
50 miles east of this post. A party of six men
left the town of Colville three or lour dnyt ago
Tor these mines. II account are truo in re
gard to tliein. there will be n rush tn them in
ihe spiiog from the digging.; on the Columbia.
Th Chinese Miner a Nuisance.
The Chinese are a source of annoyance to
onr minor. They niiike money where our
men cannot, anil tliey save their money, most
ol which mi iloiiht is sent lo tho " Flowery
I.aml." Not long since, in order to annoy the
l;liniese miners and to gel rid ol t1 cm. some
American guve out that they wero authorized
to collect n inx from them for the use of the
Govern n. tit. They collected tho tax ; but
some whiles interfered, and the tnx collectors
were arrested and tried hi fore a court here
The facts were proved, but the iury could not
be induced tn bring in n verdict ngninst the
Americans. How the thing was settled, I
don t know.
Winter Coming On.
Snow is lying on Ihe inoiititaius at no great
distance. The nights an-cool. Mercury 17
nhove 0. Winter is coming on very gradually.
I hope to get nway on Monday next. When
we were coining up we experienced A snow
squall of nu hour's length w.iilc euuumped on
trow Lreek. 1
tTS" Bui the Union, lint real Union, ilill survives, in
Itie niilels nod hearts fiii'lied lo the Conslilolion, mid
whatever tlm mndae-s nr rrhne of the lionr, it will
yet rise rroui the nuns that now overshadow it,
ieuiirler and more irinriniiH than ever, whun the tond
uess oolhqi ns, hod Ihe madmen disuiinunr from the
sioiin ... j . t"ty ow'K,
Well, wo guess Ihe Union will he nil right
then "ft or a while, for a considerable portion
of the "madiiiw of the hour" has already col
lapsed It lias collapsed nil the way from New
Orleans to Cairo, including very large col
lapses at Violishurg nnd Port iliuUm. It col
lapsed pretty extensively at Gettysburg and
we are e,iecing results of a similar character
al Charleston aud Ch iltnnnogn. Very soon.
.Some of the "mndio 'ii," too, have disap
peared from the scene. Floyd ami Viillumlig.
hum and some other are gnnu and If the Uni
ted Stu es would semi a few moru such fellow
as lieu Wood mid the editor of the D n Book
tn join either Floyd or Vitlhimligliam, there
would he fewer madmen in the scene ami the
Union would the sooner lio restored to its
giumleiir and glory
Gr.rrtN'o Rk.vdy. That the adoption nf
the constitution now in process of formation at
Cnrson City, Nevada, will lie adopted, seem
to lie taken by tile office seeker as a foregone
conclusion. and they are already lixiug up things
lor tlie public il canvass soon to come. The
Carson correspondent of tlm San Francisco
Alia mention the following candidates ;
IV 8 Si-moor -Mm II Collins, IK-urv K tuorion.
Win M Sie van. O iv. Xv an I .lo Ik North. Kea
retsnitMiive II. VYicsmii and U. M Uatfell. t.m--ernor
Imtmt Moriran, O. I,. Slronir, ton! J.din II.
Mills Kor Huie I'lintrr hilin Ctiurvlt, ol ihe Vttom.
and .1. r ti'Mt'linan, or the hufrr-prur. r or Treasu
rer-A. II. I'uiil und ,1 S. HUi k.
Win, M. Stewart is the most remarkable
man among them says ho don't waul to be
elected Senator !
rV The si-ci'hi syuipiiilnier who scornfully
repudiated Dongln in 1111. are now very food
of qi.oiiog him against the policy of war to
suliiliio ihe rebellion. We will try a ijiiotatioti
frmn him, on sympalhiiers t
Patriotism enianaim from th heart. (Ills lit soul.
utilises itself lulu tu wl.ota man, and speaks and acts
ilnj s.itua Loiouw. A friend of his coanirr will eel,
Mk.nd act fur his rnnmrv, revere his eountrv's
eause, and haie hi einimrv't eneoiiea. Aroerk-a wains
no lihoid, avanowH-dioM tins fidelity of no eillseu. who
after war i drelnred entntemns the jn-iire of her canr
anu svuinannse wua tier stieuiy. Ail i f (rat
ion in tArlr srarts.
How do you like that, yon growling, canting
Venomous, oiv -sneaking, braji ii - faced, ene
mies of Pooglot' go at fame and your coun
try's cause I
IT The San Frsnci-oo Journal aud the
Alia favor the Eastern plan of making green
backs go at pur and gold at a premium. The
Pacific State are the only ones mtside of red-
t-lduiu but have adopted the lau. In Seoee
sia, greenback are at a high premium.
ir Lumens aim ins. tney sty, "come
home to nnml." Hut the great txttk uf copper
headi.m, Vallaudigham, dout. lie it ruoatiug
around looso.
A Maks xiiikt T'Yault annnuuoet that
bu will have "liglituiug newt" iu about two
week. Meantime b will have lo make a
shift with lightning whisky .
tV If the liorhern woi-b demoorat are
pMperly called oopper Antaft, the recreant
Donglat men who tail uu to them, ought to be
called copper luis.
XT' Tho recent Union of the coppe'a.ruu't
and coppert.iit at Dalit will illustrate tbe
caul wyiug, "bead, I wiu ttilt, joti kur."
The faction of secessionists in Ihii State
claim to be the democracy par excellence. If
we traoe them back through their descent we
shall ice how little they are entitled to tho name.
1 hey nre the men who last year voted for a
ticket in all respects opposed to rupprossing the
rebellion by armed force, in favor nf compro
mise which means a inrrendcr nf the consli
tntionnl Union and. therefore, practically in
favor nf disunion. That ticket and iti support
ers were born nf the Breckiniidge faction of
18C0, ont of whioh, in the Southern States,
came the rebellion. The rebellion! faction,
which went ootnf the national democratic con
vention, " tn stand." and afterwards plnnged
the cmintry inu civil war. descended by di
rect lineage front the nullifying State's rights
fnctinn of 1832. who were born of John C.
Calhoun. Calhunn, though, elected on a
democratic ticket to the Vice Presidency,
was never a democrat, and never, pre-,
tended tn he nip, only as he assumed, for
political Advantage the party designation.
The fighting denocrntt'1 nf rrheldnin glory in
him, and have for years, through the use nf his
name and hie peculiar doctrines, been firing the
Southern heart for turbulence and treason.
The pence "democrats" of the North arc thor
oughly imbued with nil the anti democratic)
sympithiet with which inch a blond lineage
would naturally endow them. The latter are
full brother uf the former in the democratic"
character bestowed by sncli illustrious exam
ple! of "democracy" aa Calhoun and Burr,
both of them seditious and conspiring men,
nnd thorough haters of the true democracy of
Jeffcrsnn und Jackson. Fighting democracy
South, and peact democracyaNorlh are identi
cal in nrigin.desoent, purposes and sympathies.
In strong contrast with the progenitors and
descendants nf that ichnnl are Jefferson and
Jackson, nnd their followers, the tmn democra
cy who have always been careful conservator!
of the constitution and the Union. That a
trno disciple nf Jefferson nr Jacksnn, should,
for political gnin. deliberately conspire tn break
np the Union and destroy the constitution, or
should in any manner sympathize with those
eug ged in such a hellish attempt, is simply
impossible. There is not a JeiTcrsntiian nr a
Jncksonian democrat on enrth who either is,
or could be. engaged in word, deed nr sympa
thy with tbe Southern rebellion. There ia not
a Calhoun nr Burr democrat hut is fitted hy
nature And education for just that kind of bu
siness. From the dayi nf Jefferson and Iturr there,
has been a wide split in democratic sentiment.
ItAssnnnd A very marked complexion during
the administration nf Jncksnn as evidenced by
the diverse connect nf action pursned by Jack
snn, tho leader nu one side, and Cnlhoun, the
leader nn the nther. The same difference of
sentiment hat been plainly seen in Congress
and political conventions ever since, till the
widening difference culminated in 1300. in a
formal and angry separatinn nf the antagonis
tic elements the nne standing as ever by the
government, the nther attacking it with nil tho
fury nf madness. The Jefferson aud Jncksnn
democrats of tn day. caring mnn- for principles
vital tn the Reservation nf the gnvcrnment,
limn fnr the name "demnrrat," nre united in
the determination to preserve the Uninn by
armi, frnm the fury nf those whom they have
fought with renson's wenpons. since Jefferson
and Jacksnn. The Purrnml Calhoun faction
ists of the South have determined to do by
nrms what they have always failed to ncemn.
plirh hy p liiical -wire-pulling, and their folio v
partisans of tho North are helping them by a
strict fealty to their oreed and h extending to
them the aid of all their sympathy and good
The South has revolted us much from dem
ocrats idens as frnm any fancied physical
wrongs. One of tin ir leading purpose is tn
establish an aristocratic government. The se
cessionists nf the North consent tn that nod
connive ut it consummation ami yet claim to
he democrats! The claim is too absurd tube
met by reason and al mist below the proper use
of invective.
.Itrr. Davi' Huaos This, says the Rirhmond
Kxuminrr, i the poiiular name given to Ihe truuspor.
laliou wagioie usod for ikeroiivevuiiceof ovtii-oiiieut
sinrtts from the d'na t the rnilroa Is. These uhoiu.
inahle vehicles, tiat bottomed nnd rtimhlinif. are the
most pei-fert ever inveiiltd, if desired to rend the ear
it quiet and desl my repow. Taere i ' a retolexvoii of
ttie iiauiMi at tho rornet of Nimh and Main sir-eels.
'Hie tennis stand ttlmot .liy, with the neuci drivers
simrinif loudly iu repose, inlil in certain hitars of Ihe
day, when they wake up nnd start oil like mail, tho
drivers lastiioir and haihoriicf. and tile pianos rHlllinif
oil' ill ilt'ereut direvlious, with an iiiie-sant ronr ol
loose hulls.erenkiou: limhets und sh.ik y iron liars. Tlm
devil plays Ihe pianos und Ihe puhlir stop their ears,
hut there is uo ruiuedy.
Ce" The Chicago 7WAe say "President
Lincoln believes ill giving even the Devil his
That account for his sending Vallnndighain
to Jeff. Davis.
W When men have nothing else tn do. they
iiiitnrnHy busy themseltet about trifles.
That's how we come to notice Jeremy, occa
sionally. STATiaTlcS- The nw Directory of San
Francisco shows that that city is blessed will)
liiiO broker. !!) bakeriin, 12.7 physiuhins M
apolhecarie. 34:1 lawyer. II anyer. 417
boarding house, IS nmtinnecrs, 1!) bunking
house. 110 lagerbeer hriwcrie. !Mi butcher
stalls, :K14 tailoring establishment. !! dress
making establishment. 117 fruit dealers,
i;nr stands. 4ti" grocers, 110 drvgnods houses,
till milliner shops, 00 restnurnnt, I,l.'l.' liquor
saloons The liquor deidcrs are as two and a
half to ono grocer, as fivs to one physician, as
twelve lo one restaurant, ns two and A half In
one boarding house, as twenty three to ouo
bakery ! 'nc. Bee.
Mrrn Wish. The town of Mud Springs.
El Dorado county, will rliit year produce over
10. IKK) gallons of native wine. Seveu yean
ugn there waa not a vin in Ihe place.
17 Virginia city has four urgauited military
Rdazen Some of the followers of Jeremy
are advertising themselvet as members ef "Vtil.
laudigham clubs." Wken it is so well estab
lished that Vallandighuui it looked upon hy the
rebel at their truest friend and advocate in
Ihe North, the organixalioa of "Vallaudighaiu
clubs" k) certainly a Siecittien uf braicn Impu
dence. These men ni ght just at well call
themseltet Jeff Davis clubs. That name would
be uo more or Irs truly descriptive.
Thb Momroi Dictbix. The " Monroe
Diaxrme" was enunciated by President Moo
roe nearly forty yeart agn. lo wit:
"The political system of the Allied Powert
that it Ihe monarchical, nr absolutist sj stem
it essentially different front that of America.
The difference proceed nno that which exists
in their respective governmeiitt.
We owe it therefore to candiu. and lo tbe ami
cable relatione existing between tho United
States ami tho.' powert to declare that w
should consider any attempt nn their part to
extend their system to any portion! of tint
hemisphere at tarrrt to ear mart
ilT We ha'.u received a copy of tho Ni'W
York Day Hook once suppressed fur treason
ttldo utterances, onco resiirrcute 1 under Ihe
name nf the Caucaiian and now rcbaptised ns
the Dan Book, containing the following :
Specimen copies will be sent, frro of postaim, lipnn
ii.,iiii :iliou, anil all persons in whose hands ihey may
fell, lire requested Ut use their ellorl in extending th
rlre-ilniioii of ihe paper. I'erannsin forwarding snh
serlntiona, or others who feel inwrested in Ihe anise,
could do ns n vidunlile servire hy seiei'.ng ns tue
unmet of tiroorlkm active democrat at each pint
after. The first request wo have complied with, by
throwing Ihe treasonable thing out of the win
dow tn let the winter winds circulate it, and
if they haven't done i', there it reason to be
lieve they will.
The tecond, we hereby comply with, save
and except that the Day Book must take the
risk, solely, of ever getting the enbscriptinn
price. Wedontknnw that anybody ever received
a dollar from either of them in payment of a
debt. The "democrats" do not all live in this
county hut they are all tho tame kind and the
kind wanted by the Day Book :
3. Davit, Richmond, Va,
Peter Tootcr de Beauregard, Cborleston,
S. C.
C. L. Vallandigham. Canada.
Pat Malone, Uinpqna.
Jeremy D. 0'Meara, Engsne City.
V. Grizzly T'Vnult, Jnoksonvillo.
Paddy O'Shiel, 8alem, (will loon call on yon
in pertn i.)
Tho firm of Greathmne, Harpending & Co.
San Francisco, would like a copy but they
have recently met with heavy financial difB
oultici nnd are not really able to "unte up."
They are at present living strictly retired and
tailoring under some restrictions of mail facilt
ties. Upon the whole, It wouldn't, perhaps, lie
worth while to fool away your time in lending
treason lo then:hcy can't use it for you soon
enough tn be of any tervice,
The above natnei are nil good "democrat"
of the Day Book stylo and belong tn the head
part of Ihe Dixie snake. Wu will send you n
few (only a few) names of the copper(ui per
suasion ns sunn as they get through the a-h abs
nf the creed so as to read your paper without
Poetry and Facts, Mixbd to Ouher.
Tex : " Washington it growing gay."
Washington is growing gay in tho lino of
Richmond is growing grey with the trnu
hie nf treason.
Charleston is filled with dismay at Gil-
moro'i stinkpots.
New York ii making it pay by the npi end
downs of greenbackt.
The copperheads nro at bar since the
State elections.
The rcbi want Chattanooga but can't get
France is itching for the fray and she may
yet get enough of it.
The Confed. it melting uway let her melt
and be d defunct.
The United Statet nf America nro enough
for the whole bilin of 'em any day this last
it rather out of metre, but rhymes as wtdl and
is a much a fact as either of the others. But,
nn reflection, wo think it best In dry up, right
C" The editor uf a treasonable, copper'
head newspaper tends wide cast a prospectus
requesting his friends to get up clubs nnd send
thuin nn. We are not included, we hope,
among his friends, but we have a big hickory
club which we will tend In any nf his (nod
Union acquaintances who will proinue to ne it
as it should he. If the said editor's head should
get demoralized in tho operation, he may be
certain he is "the right man in the right
Tiir Idaho Mukderkrs. The San Fran
cisco Journal says James Romaine. ono nf the
men arrested fur the alleged murder of Lloyd
Magriider. is well known to the Sau Francisco
police at a gambler who infested that cily
formerly. The man Lnwry is a State prison
convict whn was pardoned by Gov. Downey on
condition uf hit leaving the Slate. Failing to
do that hn was re arrested and taken back to
San Qoentin, hnt was soon after again re
leased. It is tn bo Imped these men will soon
end A career that seems lo havo been full of
crime nnd violence.
RETunNED to His P. ST. Sunset-Scene
T'Vnult hot resumed the editorial chair of the
Intelligencer. How do we know t By its
bungling, murtheriug treason against the Uni
ted Stntet aud Lindley Murray.
TV Artemn Ward, esqoare, has arrived in
San Francisco and has "spoke a piece" which
the iiiiiine uv is called The ballet iu the
Woods." Whose babes he is A trenlin uv is
not eggsakly nnan hut it is noways unlikely
thay wnt formerly ckstrnktcd frnm Cnlerforner,
az a yaller kivered feller named Brown (which
the t'other naiin nf A. Ward is) n o minn to
krnst tho planet in the Aimer doininoe year of
'50, -one which time he aint bin noan to kali
onto the postoffi for enny letters. As alsow
was mis-iii about then, 2 inphant children of
Idder yerze whose afflikted parientt took on
niiconiinoii, but liev tinse supplied their pla
ses. San frisko is nnknmmnn eksited and sum
es-11 a brated fellt-rt hcv got Mr. Ward shet up
into a bout which the oner nr it Mr. Piatt,
till the hole snrkumstant kan B phully vLucr
dated. Mr. W. denize nomg enny thing ahowt
the a4ed kalaforner bubes and at he dailies
tha wnt not lost into a wood hat into tome teles
he maikt tint uncommon clear kat of a alabi,
butt, the Sau fris-kitet evidently air up tn
snuf and dou't kalkilute 2 he imputed onto
by a Ward "nr enny other man." Th R
kiimmin nntn him ahowt "three hundred 1000
strong" every nito and a urgin of him to ekt
plane hisself which he dm at a $1 a krak
which the result of it vary satisfrin to Mr.
Browne, the pmpryeter Sich is life.
Frosi Utah. The Rocky Mountain -Vim
says the Platte is u t the only stream that ha
eutirely foiled Ihit teason. The Arkansas is
entirely dry for two or three hundied miles
The Huerfeano and other large) tributaries
coming into the Arkansas frnm Ihe South are
also dry. We presume that Red river and
other streams of the South are in the time
condition. In Utah, and further north, water
hut never before been to scarce since the coun
try wot kimwu.
C7 An ill natured fellow saye the reason
why women never ttamruer il because tlirv
talk to fust a summer has no chance to get in.
We once knew a woman wl o did stammer
but the didn't live King.
Siurarm or Specie Th two European
trainer which sailed from Ne Yo:k on Sat
urday, October 10th. took out t larger eousign
ment of specie than ha gone forward for a
long while. The follow ing waa ufCcsa state
wient : For Liverpool, per City f Manchester,
II.Stf.dTS Sit for Bremea. per Ameri a.
f.K.7ZS 13; Total. $
I ?" Ws r aoder oblnuun. u Purser Clia
Ciurth ef tot stcsmsr Onwtrd, fcr ftvett.
Money Jlnrlu-'Prhe Kimltnry Fund Ar
rlniltt. San Francihuo, Nov. 12.
Receipts of treasure from Ihe iulerlor since
the lstinst. ninntint In JI.Bl"Mlllti.
The money market i easy. Gold bullion
snldnt BIOSSW! silver, par to on uibi-.
Legal tendon, qniet at "'(tv I.
Contributions tn tno nanimry moo ...
freely. The expectation t" eui"
will lie hilly realized,
Cuban brig Surma. Iroin wnzannn, im v.-
5' 0 in treasure, 60 tuns copper, nnd iu loin
lilver ore. . ' .. . , . VT
Ship William Tell. In Vr"
York, in Coleman. Ship Magellan. I '4 dayi
from Liverpool. Bark DsU. IBS (lays iro.u
Hamburg. , . . ...
Brig Zeziir is in !rom llto jaueiru, n. .
Vw- , ..... ,..,, r,ft ,!,., frnm
Arnveii, uanisu onm i.'r... -j-
Fon Chow, with tea to Knnpinnnschnp.
The shin Saracen, from ."Ncwcame, nuuu.
Wales, is telegraphed.
ti. rnmaiwheThe PassPllgRrliind TrOIIS-
ure by the Btenniersreuerai -"
San Francisco, Nov. jJ.
I learn that the work of putting the Cnmon-
oho tiureihcr will be ciiillinetiued IlllinedhltelJ .
The job will not Do done on .mire isiaou, uu,
in this oily, and nnder the gnns of Fort Alca
tr Th nlace for a shipyard has been al
.. ... i i i i....
ready laid out on North Beach, close to the
yard nf Martin Vice, The steamer will Do
completed in all details before launching. The
engineers appointed to superiiiienu inu m
say it will ri quire a jeurs nine "
itor rendv for service.
The shinment of treasure to day, per St
Louis, was. lo England. $573,201 21; to New
York, $;!!. 109 01): to i'liimiiia. $11,000; to
Pootn Arenas. ffilO.OOU. The St, Louis oar
ri,.d fiQn niissenirer and the Moses Taylor 52d.
The collection! of the federal tin oolle.lnr
of this district for thirteen mouths, ending No
vember 1st. amount to $J5.007 0.1, of which
amount $:0.2.10 I I was from incunies The
total ineomn list submitted by the assessor was
$2,000,000. ,
S eainship Pncifio bring! 325 passengers.
$'.'.n0.a?5 from Victim ami $281.92(1 Irnm
Portland. Tho dates from Victoria ore tu the
8th iust.
The Pncifio bring! 1.500 boxei Oregon ap
ples and iW3 pnukaget Japanese goods via Vic
toria. Anotiiku Dkkivaiiun. The Leavenworth
Bulletin, of Oct. 7th, publishes un extract from
a letter written by an Irish resid tit of Kansas
to his friends in Ireland, in which ho titiices
the similar sound existing in common Irish
words with those found :n the Indian language;
frnm which tho writer conclude! that tho nu
cient Gnelio race formerly hud rofsessinn nf
this continent and left evident truces of their
lnngnagu. Among other words instanced, is
Oregon, which, in the Gaelic, was Or eagan.
and siguiGed, Gold Bottom. In like manner.
Califir was in the Gaelic, Cailiv or, and sig
nified Gold Woods.
ExpENi)iTuni:8 poit'riiR Ahmv. His calcu
lated that Ihe expenditure nf the Quartermns
ter't Department for the fiscal year ending
JuuebU 1 Bti.l. will amount to somewhere 111
the neighborhood of $;)7.'.0ll().(KX)or $400,001).
000. The clothing bureau al.inu will swallow
upwards uf $100.(K)0.(H)H.
A Question. It is stated that deserters
from the rebel army are bagged" by the bun
dred in East Tentiesse.
That'! rebel baggage in Federal bagi.
Does the ownership gn with the bag nr with
baggage? Will the international law in rela
'.ion to enemy's goods in friendly bottoms or
vice versa, decide the question T
tjT An English newspaper contrasts Bu
chanan and Lincoln by saying lonieliody was
wanted to "contrast with Ihe suave deceitful
nest and emptiness of Duchuunu and he was
found in Abraham Lincoln."
UT It is said tlie War Department has late
ly issued orders that volunteers enlisted for
three years may receive their discharge and
bounty of $100 nt the end of the second year,
on condition of ro enlisting for three years, at
the end of which time Ihey will receive (400
bounty. This makes the sum of wages and
bounties for five yenri fully equal if not grenter
than the average of w-ges in civil occupations,
C5" The rebels at Charleston havo lately re
ceived large invoices nf nice, warm jackets, ol
British innite. Between ihe British Jacket
and Gilhnnre's "stinkpots," tho ruin are likely
to have a U'urm time.
What " Ccpperhkad " Mkans. For the
benefit of those who do not find Copperhead in
the dictionary, we give the following analysis :
C onspiiacy.
0 ppneition tn the w nr.
P ence on any terms.
F irney.
E ninity to the Uninn.
It ecogni'i.m of the C. S. A.
II aired of the government.
E nrnest sympathy with traitor?.
A nnrchy.
D isloyalty.
ty Tlie Long Tom copperheads have re
sulted that they nre alike favorable tn Ihe
North and the .South, nnd Hint they utterly
rimdemn. ni abolitionists, all persons ho de
nominate themselvet "war democrats."
Thai's hard un tlie copper-tail:
A Spouutiok W suggest lo the members of the
various demncratic elifls. in this Stule that they con
tribute to ram hind which will enable them to send
ou nd pnsiire frooi each for one vear at Imst.
a rnny "f the best and lending drrancrnnc jonrntls,
which siinll lie kept on Itle in their riob rooms, or in'
tlw hands of their st:reiarlnt, for general reading.
By this means Ihey ran always obtain Ihe mnst valua
ble nod interesting information of the eeminient and
movonif in Uf their party brethren in ever tjiai. and
become possessed of m .,-h entertaining (wliiicul mat
ter Hint could not be secured in auv other way. .
gene Rerter.
The "movement" of ynor 'parly brethren"
can be learned more easily and cheaply than
thai. Wu givo you gratis sume of ihe Into
principal "movement,"' lo wit :
Bragg hat moved out nf Tennessee into
Georgia. He hat been reninvel frnm the com
mand. and Lee hot moved down to take bit
pUce. in eonseqnenee of which th Army of
Richmond hat moved nn tn the Suuth side of
the Rappahannock. Mason ha moved fmm
the Court of St. James tn the Tnilleriei. Val
landighain has moved over into Canada, where
he ii trying tn stir np a movement against Buf
rafo. John Morgan hat moved over into Ohio
an. taken permanent k.'ging. tu look after
allnndtgharn't general intermit. Jtrem
moved rapidly away from Denlitiger-hut Too
all know that. Preserve this.
t7 The copperhead have nice way, np in
Lane county, of making up lengthy registers
of names composing their treasonable clubs
Long Torn hold a meeting. nd all 8oap Creek
(me over and sign the register. Then Soap
Creek hold, a meeting tod all Long Tom goes
over and reciprocate the favor. Jeremy tug
gested Ihe pl.n. h U all right enough. Jere
my, on the rrgi.t,r. but yon poor M. yoq
ean't play that oo tht poll book. You proim
bly didn't think of that.
......General Le has fought two great
Mft. H,o ne-it he .hall -t bis feet Ln
.yal dmt, he wiU U likel; to fcte tt. 1
YHKKA, Novembor 18.
i.,... wind storm linssoil ovor Trinity Val-
ley, Hentl't MonnUin, anil th nPr portmn f
J. ' .... v.ii... Kntiirdnr. which ilul
iUuuw. to tl.o telegraph lino f Ih.-HO ,e,;tl, -
Altogether more tiinn n ion..." - r
vero thrown down. In ninny places, hi. gn Ire.,,
wore felled across it. Every elfort is be ng made
" get the line repaired, and it will probably ba
working through to-morrow ,
The Oregon lino I -; "'
place to the upper portion u. '
er. The work is going on at ilia rate of about
five mile, per day.-OH'R Yllf.KA.
Throe Russian war vessels nro lying
in the port moan rTO" -...vr..
recently visited the United States revenue cut
ter and were received with the highest honors,
Notioo. norloir my Inenre from III" Htme, ni.V bumiKM
will liolelt with Mr. mcien nrnoi, isim, miu.ui.u
lo ms "III IM their chlliiullmis llh Ii n.
Attorneys sun o.ners in w.,".-
psprrsMiainlshsvrlwon lilaued for oollrclhm, will
the offlrs of lh Ktatrmtan. All cwuiill Ihsreon prior to
N..r. (UK', srsilw In lll. Iisnj pm.r ns-j '"" ""I
Sslelll, nov.xi, i'toj zzj. .
roMi't.Kmos.-It Is an Impoiillillity for any person
olfiif ied with a diseased liver, nr any disorder of the
digestive organs, to have a good or-elear complsxion.
Hoollund's (lernisn Hitlers will remove all diseaie
from the liver and digestive orguns, and hy thin giv
inir liaallh und strength to thorn organs, remove that
millowmw. of apiiearanre and rongline of the skiu
noticed in sr. many. These IHltors are prepared br
I)r C. M.Jaeksun U Co., 41H An-li slreet, I'luladel.
uhia, Pa., und sold by nil druggists and deulers ia
At the residence of tlw hrl'le'l fnt'ier, In Polk ononty, 19tl.
lnl hy Rev. Jss, Kelsny, Rev. I) 0. McPrlnd, of Linn
co.mlr.sncl Msry I. Ilnraison, of P1.II1.
In Sulem, joih Inst., hy K-r Jsi. Kly,'Nthnlel Nevel
nrt Olive J., sll of Mem.
In Polk connly, 14th Inst., by B, rlsnory, Ulclnrd t. Cos
ml I,ne,yLyiirli,l)olhof Polk connlr.
Al Ores-en Cily, h.v Itev. St. M. Psclller, II. L. Kelly Ind
Csthurltie Alibol't. biUh of Oreuon Oily. ,
Nenr lleownsvllle, by Iti-v. E. H. deary, Jolin Drown, eon
of lion. II. t..llron, suit Amrlls 8WuMlng,ediutlilsr of
Rev. II. II. Sieollillnir. , , . .
... ...... ...11... ... im. Ctrl. 81.1. Israel Mitchell, ot
Multnoinsli connly, nd Mrs. Ann Wlllee, of Ihe former plsce.
Tn Sslem, (llti Inst., of scsrlet fever, fsmond.son of I. and
. ft. Coulter. nl 6 yrs. 4 mos. nd it days.
Olvmiils papers plesse copy.
ai K.uls. Potk counlv. Nov. lOlh. of putrid sore throat, Ha
rsh Kllsiilielh. only ilnuirhter of Thomiis and Naomi Punrce,
npeil fl yenrs 01 ninntlisiin't 14 nnys.
ll'lt:.ll"in (III I popers piesse oop.v.j
Ai PsrlierHvllle. I Ith Insl.. Hsrnh Jans, Hnnirht -r of M. A.
and Nmiey Jane Wsite, aied 9 monllii anil 27 days.
In Kitlem, USD, III pillotn, Fiiena Arnonia. onntilier or
Naltifin stnl Mitrsnrrl I,. Poles, Sized 8 years aud T months.
I Wn.nhiKloii . U- pl"-rs please copy.)
lo Koeene Cilv. for. 8th, Pranklln 0., son of 0. 0. and
Eveline Crom-r, aneil 8 years, 0 month. Kiel 8 diyl.
In Wsslilnixtoil counlv. uci. wan, 01 scarier .ever, u-iios. u.
Moore, on of J. II. ami Polly 0. Moore, aged I years, 4
OX the llrst dav nf the ensmnif qnarlor (Nov. 30th)
a CLASS IN flEUMAN will lie orirnnlze.l at the
Institute hv an experienced native teacher. Pupils.
and tlmae not connected with tho school, will have a
good opporlunitv to study the InniritnKe.
Keciiniion Mondays, 'Wednesdays and Fridavtat
3J o'clock, r. m, ' lw!W
Orrict Riip't Ikdias Arrias,
Ralem, Oregon, Nov. till, lp'i
TN FORMATION havioir been received at ml otlic
1 that nurlies in Ciilifoniis and elsewheru are intend-'
invtn proceed to Alsea and Aniiinn biivsaiid points
adjacent thereto, for purposes nf settlement, I deem jt
proper tn ui -e notice thai the points named ure within
the "Cnast Indian Reservation," the boundaries of
whiclenre as follows, In wit!
uYirinning on the shore of tho Pacific oeenn at the.
month nf a small stream, nhnnt midway between the
rinpqnu and Siusehiw rivers thenco easterly to the
riiUe dividing the wulera of those strenms and .long
such ridtre or highland lo the western boundary of the
eighth range 'of townships west of tlie W'illumetle
nieridinii ; thence north on said boundary tn a point
due east nf Cape Lookout ; thence west to the ocean ,
thence along the const tn tfie place of lieii lining.
This tract waa first desiinnted as a Reservation by
liito Hupei intendciit Joel Puhner on the 17th of April,
IK.7i. und his action wua suhscniientlv approved nnd
conliriiiDil hv the liepurtment of the Interior and tlie
President f the United Sules.iiniillie land withdrawn
from settlement nnd sole. No of persons
nnt in the employ ol the Indian Depurtment can be
permitted within the boundaries above named, aud
parlies attempting .neb settlement will be required to
remove forthwith.
Tlie tract ha few attractions forwhites, while there
are numerous eipmllv vHli.uble location now unoccu
pied, both above and below on the const.
It is hopod tlmt good citizens will disconmge at
tempts to trespass npon the only tract now remaining
where Indians can he Inented nonet, from the white
4wlW Snpt. Ind. Affair in Oregon.
toiler iu Ansrni iseieiiuuiii.
TO JAMES PRIEST You are hereby notified that
Hn action has been commenced in Justice's Court,
before I). W. Rnnsom, one of the Justice ot the Pe.nce
in and for the county ot Douglas nnd Slate of Oregon,
tiy John Kelly, plaintiff, for the recovery of oue hun
dred and ten' dollars 11 HI 00) aud that unless ynu
shall tpnenr before Mid justice At his office in Rose
hnrg, nn the IHih day ot January, at 1 o'clock in tho
afternoon of said day, and answer hi the said cause,
judgment will be taken nirain ' yon for the said sum of
one hiitHred and ten dollars, ioeethcr with interest
and coeia of anil. JOHN KELLY, Pl'lf.
Hv order of L. YV. Ransom, Justice uf the Peace,
dated November '.1'tli, In 6wi
fjriiFC.ii.ri'iifHis DISEASE IS
Thanksgiving Entertainment.
TiHK tadinnf Salem will aire an entertainment,
I mnsisting of Musi Tablnins. Charade, and a
THANKS.IIV1NO SUPPER, at M-or-V Hall, lin
tlie uew brick ht.ildingl on Thursdav evening, !!6th
inst., for the beiiell. of tho Congregational Church, in
Salem. Ticket. (I. Ivi'M
City Elfrliou Notice.
VTOTICE is berehir given tlmi there will he an elec
I y lion held In the eitv of Salem for the purpose of
eleeiinir tho officers of the eitv on Mnndav. the 7th dar
of December, I!. The poll will bo opened in each
want in the rity al 9 o'clock, a. M , of mid duv, and
will be closed at 4 o'clock, r M
. R. WILLIAMS, Recorder.
Nov. Nth, Xf3. .
Sute of Oreirnn, Connty of Douglas, ss.
TO OEOROE Kl'NTZ Yon are herebr notified
that a writ of attachment has been homed auainst
yon and y.a.r pmneriT aitnched lo antisfv the demand
of Jonathan 8. Tibbetu. mounting to 'S avion dol-
tars. io. unless von shall nnnear befnni rVninmm
Boiler, a Juslire of' the Pence in nnd for aiiM ronnlr.
at bis oUce, in Calapnoia precinei, on th 30lh dav of
January, nt I o'clock, r. M., IStil, judgment will be
rendersd atminM you and vonr proper, v sold looay
the debt Dtlinisi:thdnvnrNnr.Si3.
B-:w JONATHAN 8.Tlllllrrm, Plalntin".
Taken I p,
BY the .nlriher. on the first dnv of November,
living nenr the Portland and Davton mad. two
mile, southwest nf Taylor'. BHdire.hi Washington
eonnty. on black mare with whit .pot io th face,
and saddle mtrk. i fourleeu bauds hinh and nlwnt nine
years old -'iwM WARREN JOY.
John R. Coopr. riff. v. W.J. Matnev Deft In
T the eonnty enn of Polk connlr. Oragou.
Q n J MATN FY Yon art herebv snn.monwl lo
be and nr-near in thi, ui,. -n., t tn.i. , u
Orraon. on toe first Mooduv of January, lsrit. and an
swer the mniphuni of Joint R. Cor amiiist von for
the sum of :;!I.U0, with interest al Ihe rate of fifteen
percent, per annum, frnm iheSfth dav nf Oct., IW9,
till paid, lesa a ereditof tlil.oo dalcd 'Nnv. let, 18131
jnd yo are hereby notified that In case vn make de
fault and fail to answer sa d eumplaiut. jtidguionl will,
then and there, be taken agniust von for the Mid
monnt, h homed tn t due said plaintift on a certain
promissory iio.e held hv hint against vmtl for want of
nanmer. By order of tbe Conmv Jndm.
ov. Ifith. 13, ! It H Atfv
t,xrruior'a noii.c.
N'OTICE is herebv given that the nndenigurd have
been dnlv appoin.rd executor of the tstate of
Albert Tibhetie, deceased, hue of Hallia. Polk coinlf,
Omron. All pereone halving rmime asminst sold d
eeased are frqnired lo pre-sen. them, wah the proper
two-hers, to lb ejecnlnrs in Palhu. within .ii
months from tins .tale, and ail person indebted to Mid
dereatrd are riMted to ail I aid trlile ib .any '
mediately. VJ HOWK