The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, August 03, 1863, Page 1, Image 1

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    SALEM, OREGON,' MONDAY, AUG. 3, 1863.
VOL. 1 3 NO. 22.
BP. BONIIAM, Attorney nt Law, Anliurn,
. linker county, Orison.
N. II U II. Ilclliiiucr, K.. will nrt n aireut for
ms Hi Mlm, rinnniiii)r liuliitn wnr mti mi l oilier
mutters placed in lib liinul.t ami will nlu((ive prompt
iiftcliiion In coiivoviiiii'inir unit tin collucliou or ik-lils.
(Illlru hi Court Home, tliiletn, Oiin. 11. V. II.
April INlli, KM. Hif
A LI, EN it LEWIS, Iinpiirteraanil VV hole
hiiIu dealers In Orwwius, llrv ((noils, ClnthiiiK,
Olid Hoots noil Shnc, Also, millet coiisiKiumnitB ol
Orsiron prolines, for the Hun nmiktit, ou
wliieli Minimi iiilviini'i'H will ha niiiilu.
l'ernoiis shipping graiili from the Eastern ftliitouto
our cnro, rati rely uponllnslr reooivhiK prompt Kttuti
lion, Bl moilomlo charges. Ollice in Kau Pmnelsco,
lKII.SiinsiimestriMit. 4Htf
J. t. RKAPP, 1 J M. . BUltHKI.I.,
San Francisco, Oil. $ ( Portland, Orcon.
!"NAPP, HUKUELL te CO., General Com
lX Miirrhiinta. Kill! DKALKIIH IN KltlUT,
pnicluci), au;riunlliiral iniplfiiimitn, jjurdcii mil urns
sueils, corner oi smut anil myior sis, i -uruiiuti. uiv
oii,and:HO (old No. 811) Washington St., brick block,
near Front, Han Krnticisco, will mv stvii'lnl attention
to the mile of KltlUT and l'ltOUt'f'rl on co.Mlgn
ment, llllinx orders, &c, uillior in l'ortland oi Hun
Francisco, and trammel a Uouoriil Commission lluni
upss. marcli I ''
K, T.cTnn. c. ci. cum..
CATON & CUItL, Attorneys at Law, will
practice in the conrlM of this Ktato. Oflicein Oris
wold', hrirk, over Hi ll & Hrown's More, Kalcm, Ojmi.
.November, 3d, W1. :lf
CHESTER N. TEItllV, Attorney mid Coili
sclor at Law, Halcra, Orejron, Commissioner of
lined, and to tnku testimony, ai.KnowlcilKi'iiiuiit.&c.,
for Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Micliiuaa, California and
WaaliiiiKton Territory, lienors of Attorney, ami all
oilier instruments of wriliiiK. drawn on short notice.
Particular attention paid to taking ion., Col
lodion of Notes, Account., &o. H'.'lf
EEI) it WALDO, Attorney and Conn-
ursat Law. Anliurn, linker county, 'Lfn.
Aulairn. Nov. tflli, Wi. lydl .
TONES, ItEED & CO., Siilem, Oregon.
J Maniifacturi'r. of Window Kauli, llliiuL, Doom,
C'oruleeii, Mouldiii), Wiignn lliiblia, Hpokei, Door
yard KenciiiK, Ate : f
A. 0. COOK. II. A. OKIllt.
COOIC A: GEIIK, Attorneys nt Liw, La
Favetto, Oii'ifon.
Olllce iu Dr. Kinliice'e new linildinir. tiiil!
TC. l'OWEI.I., Altnrncv at law, AMmny. Unn I'o..
. Unvm I lllice in Monleilli'i llnililiiiK. Will
practice in all the court, in Oregon, and promptly at
tend to all iHudtie. out runt i-il to hi care, l'arlinilur
altention paid to collection, from Porthimt, San Fi'iin
ciBOo anil ci.ewliero. in all parts of Oregon. The bust
of reference Riven if denired. 1'itf
Dlt. J. H. CAUDWELL, Surireon Denlict,
will practice hi. profeMiou in the variou. citie.
and town, of Oregon. 4!'tf
I1MASON &OI)KU,,Attonieyal Law, Dalle., county. Oregon. VMr
DW. it M. K. COX. Wholesale anil Ketnil
. Dritifui.iK, Dealers in foreign nnd Domc.tic
DriiK. l'atent MeifMne., Perfumerv, Fancy Hoapa,
Hair Urn. lien, line Toilet Article., Ohcuiicula, Drnir
(ji.t'n fllamiwiire.Jtc. AIho, n Inrire quantity of coll
ceiitrutcd extinct, of I'liint of the parent quality
Commercial t.., 8aletn, Oregon. l.ilf
J. C. Shclton, riijslcian nnd Surgeon,
MOXMOUTII. I'lilk County, Oregon. The Doctor
beini a vradaale of the Curli., or medical
college. Cincinnati, Ohio, in a true llotaiiic in hi. prac
tice, entirely di.cnrdinr calomel and all mineral poi
eon., and n.iiiK none but purely veifetablo medicince,
and only the perfecily innocent at that
Bl Law, Empire City, Con. Hay, Oyn. 4IHf
JOHN C. CARTWKIGHT, Attorney nnd
Cnunwlorat l-uw, Hulem, Oregon. Ulli' e. lluad
tyutftenbuildiiiif. Wif
JL. COI. 1,1 NS, Attorney and Counselor at Uw,
Dullue, l'olk county, OVcon.
lie ba niailearmuKement. with William (t'ibh
for one of that hrm to n..i.t him in the trial of all
caiM. in the Circuit mid Supreme Court..
Mr. Collins is a Notary I'ubiic, and will attend to
takinvackiiowledtfetnenl. of Deeds, MorUnifc., Ac.c,
taking depositions, allidavits, and evidence, in relation
to War Scrip, Ate. I "If
j. . smith. I. r. OROVM.
SMITH it GROVKH, Attorneys nt Law.
Tliis lirm will praciice in the Courts of the
Si me snd of Waahmirton Territorr. Ollice in (lurti-r's
new building on the levee, comer of Front aud Alder
Portland, Oreiron. March l.t, ISfii.
ILLIAMS & MALLOKY, Attnrnoya at
Ijiw. Ollice in Wilson's building, tvileiu, Or-
June. R. 113
To Servo Three Yean, unless Sooner Discharged.
(ti-"4 HnrNTYvill be paid to volunteers who
I 'V .bail Si'rvefor two years nnluriiiir the wnr.
The eompauy will con.i.t of one captain, one lM lien
leiianl. one CM lieutenant, one Ut m-rueaut. one qutir
triu.ler eruenut. one rommiwary seruculil. live ser
geant, eitfht corporal., two icnnu-ters. mil f'triers or
hlaekhmiths, one muidler, onu wauouer and irttHlif
rmkl privates Totnl.lOO euli.hl men Tile two bu
uler. to belnki'li from the privuie..
Knli-tcd men will be m-tit lo Fort Vancouver, in
small parlies, at government cxpetiM m be drilled
and mustered into the service of the United States,
when arm. and clo!liiuj will be furiii.hed.
Kirst serireant. .I per month : all other serveants
$1"; corporal. Ill; furrirror bhlrkmnilli l.'; I'riviile
(IH; bugler li:l.
In addition the men will lie furniidied wilh chuhiuK
arms, equipments, .iilini.tence, quarter, and medical
lil!endanei.. The allowance of clotliinir is t0 M-r
nmnth. When an enlisted nma draws lew lhan his
yearly allowanre of eloihin, lie will bo cuiiiltd lo
receive the ditrereace in money.
The men will bo entitled as private.. After beinir
mastered into the service of the I'nited Slate, the ap
pointment of nnuriitiitnissiimed otlicer. is made.
liccpiitinir ollice at Salem, ' it la Hie Adjutant Ociio.
ml. in llolimin's lllork.
2d I.ient. lt O. C V., Itccmitinif (ImVer.
Salem, June H. 1K. Bl-.'ch d'.irif
Commission and l'unhasing A sent,
OIIDEKSforlhe purchase of .Merchandise nu.l'u rti
clcsof ovory description, are solicited by I lie un
dersigned. A residence in this rily of over ten years, ami an ex
perielico in the hu.iness of nearly ihe same length ol
time, arc considered sutllcient to warrant the ronli
dence of jiersons n the ruintry who occasionally re.
nnire pnn lmses hereto make them through the agency
of a reliable rty t or who may l i"-kiug for a per
matlcnl agent in San Fraucisco. To either, Ihe adver
tiser oilers his services. a"oring all who nitron orders
to him, that no etfort shall bo spared lo execute their
commissions satisfactorily.
tlnkra luual be aceuiniiatilt il with tlicca.h or city
referent. .
Those de.irlng information concerning Ihe under.
signed, aro n-ferred lo
Win. T. Coleman & Co., Francisco.
J. II. (logbill t Co.,
C linglev. Dnivu'i.t, "
Flint. I'cal.ody It Co., "
Ira P. Honkin, '
lioss, I srmpster ii Co . "
j. Anlbony Jt Co., t'oion OUre.wramenlo.
And to the proprietors of the State.iaau, Slb-m.Ogn.
B. tinlersfer Macliinerv, Pianofortes, Meb,!e
ons, Sewing slsiliines. Watches, Jewelry, fee., will
be attended to by competent pulges.
Commi.Kion and Punhasiiig Agent,
til Washington si., up stairs.
Opposite Maguire's (.pcra llojse, San Fntuiisco
Mav d. Iil. IHt
Atlitrhmriil .otlrc.
In III Cooniy Court, Matioa Co., Suit of Oregon.
J. O. EIIKItllAKO. nnn resi.lent of Orcg.m:
J. Yon are berehy maibed that an action hti been
rominenced against yo In the county court of M-irinn
ronniv. Oreon. oa a wrtl of aoai-hmeut isii..,l. and
yoar iiropertv altacliM losnlKfT the demand of I ns
iont amis-nting to lisl 6J-'i' ibdliirs and interest dn
n'pnn'a romis.ery note made and rxemied l,v von
...i It 11 Kla-rhaid on the Jtl day ol April. Ii f. in
which yoo or either of yon promised to pay to Car
irr Zom or bearer the .1101 ol till. l ibe U. day
if Sorember. IWI. with inters at Hie raw of S per
rvnt. Per months Sow. nnless yon appenr said
mar. si the court boo", in "..lem. in said conety 00
i. ,k ..! Ssotember. l. ndrment will be rn
dered sa ust yea and your property sold I pay tli
' 7,'!J',,y' 'C aspar zous.
From ninl artur thb. dute, thjputillciitlon nt tin? Statkhmah
will tie c'.nnludtt iy 0. V. Criinditll K. M. WaltB. Their
fiu'ltltlci fr pulillMfilnit the bolt rntd clieApuit newntiiviT In
the State are no leu than have been poiaeBieil by any former
pul ill iher.
The columns devoted to rending matter alwnyi cunitltute
by far the (renter portion of the aliert, enablliiK uo lo lve a
more full and eomplftevummary of panlng eventi, than any
ottier tirwnpnper In the State,
Of the war newa, we shall give the freahett and fulliit dli
patohee attainable by tnonvy, enturprlse and clone at tuition.
Our summary of "PumeNlh) Items" is unrfVBlk'd, and our
In run corn po ml eiice from nil parUuf the Stale will cnnhlc
ui to aln-uys outdo competition.
We have numerous correspondents In all the mining d lit r let
who are re table men of practical experience and observa
tlon. Their representations, as published In the Statksman.
muy be relied on as strictly faithful.
The agricultural and other Industrial Interests of (he Slate
shall at all limes receive that attention at our hands to
which their prominence and Importance entitle them.
The miscellany will be selected with a view to cultivate and
gratify a proper reading tastt. VVe shall not confine our
selves to any particular fluid of selection, but make ue of
such matter as will must Ilk sly be of present Interest.
In politics, the Btatkhmam will be Independent, No clique
or faction wilt be permitted to coutrol Its opinions. It will
earnestly advocate the prosecution of the war for the preser
vation of the Union, and wilt under no circumstances consent
that the Government shall be destroyed by Internal or exter
nal foe. Kvery measure for the suppression of the Itebel-
lion, which our Judgment commends as tending to that end,
will receive our zealous support. While we yield such efforts
In belmtf of the Government, we rtmll also exerclne the rtghf
of temperate, erltlclsm of all measures which, In our Judg
ment, embody evil or danger to our republican Institutions,
The salvation of the government should he the first anxiety
of every patriot, and whatever threatens disaster to It, from
wliatever direction It may come, should meet with prompt
rebuke. It will be our constant effort to promote the right
and to make war upon wrong.
As an ttdvertlrtng medium, the Statmmah offers superior
Indue ments. Its circulation Is greater and more general
than any other pnper north of California. There Is not
neighborhood from Die Southern to the Northern boundaries
of the State, Into which It does not find lis way ; and we ex
aggerate nothing In saying has more constant readers
than have any other two j mninls In Oregon.
The terms oubscrlptlon and advertising will for the prrs
ent remain unchanged, when paid In coin. In ail cases
where Treasury notes are offered we shall charge rates that
will make the payment cpial to gold.
When payment Is made In advance (aud'we shall make It a
rule to not enter any new name upon our books except
where payment Is made In advance) subscription will be
charged $H,00 per year; -2,00 for six monihs, and I,(X for
three months; ft.OO will be charged where payment Is de
Inyed six months, and A"0 If payment Is delnyed one year.
Twvtity-flve per cent, will be charged for each subBto,tient
year's delay. Dills for advertising or job work will be charg
ed at the same per cent, advance for delay In payment.
Siilem, March Olh, 1NC8.
JOH 1C. I'OSTi:it.
Importrriujis Dealer li. ForelKi noil Domeallo
....8ION Of THK UlJ.lliD PLOW....
WOi:LI mil the attention ut mr- rvT7
I'lHinem to hi SI'JUSU A Tt )CKtlrn'
mi received, embracing h oomplote usaortinotit,
iiiimng wlitra imiv be found
TiiMe cutlcrv, H ifreut vnnety,
Htuldt-rs aiittthliiiiet liunlware of hII kinds,
Islei'lmuica' tool of every (iewription,
Cut nnd wrought tuiilsundspikea,
Hay mid nmnure fork,
Scyihi'fliind niuithi ; nxles.rukefl.ahovelB,
8i.ilee,tfriiidntoiie8(bellowa, rope, axes,
Glue, uuktui), hlo'k, Bhenro, cVc. &c.,
touetlier will)
AN articles bclmminu to a ffenil Imrdwitre bnni-
iiomh, which he will him) on t lie innttt mvoruiue lerms.Hi
the aiun of the OiUled l'low, Front nt., Portlniid,
May 8, 1800. IMf
First Freminm Awarded at the Oregon State Fair
in 18G2. on Cooper's Ware. I shall contend for
it agaia la 1863.
I HAVE on band a largo quantity of the following
named articles t
Barrels, Butler KegsWtth Tubt, Churnt,
Well Buckets, Water Buckets, Cider,
Mrine and Vinegar Kegs,
Wash Hoards, ir..
All of which I will sell cheap KOK ItKADY PAY.
Good Halter, Wheal and Oats will be taken in ex
change for work.
I will mako to order any nnd nil kinds of Cooper
ware on short notice ami good terms.
Mion on Commercial street, Salem, Oregon.
tim I J. M COL'LTKlt.
First Street. Iletmren Yamhill ami Morrison.
H AVISO become sole propricftrot this establish
input, the undersigned is now ureiuin d to matin
facture ALL KINDS OK STEAM KN II X ES, of sizes
from four to fort v horse power, portable or stationary.
A Isu,. Circular Saw Mill., complulut Ilav 1' of
ill sixes! I'hlliillir Mu
Wrooght and Cast Iron Work for eriiral Saw nnd
Orit Mills; briiMa and iron caslins, and wrought iron
work of every ilescnplion.
All orders executed with dispatch, mid in a work
omolike manner. DAVID MOXNAsl KS.
P. S. A reduction lins been mado on all kind, of
work atmy.iop,tosuitlhelrudeuiidcorre.poiid with
Laliloruia prices. uiayj i-oi
Doors, Sash, Shutters, Moiildlns. dee.
SMALL lot of Doors, Rash, Shutters. Window
Frames, and slonldiiigs, of Eastern l'ine, and
Stales niaiiufaetnro. lirst oualilv. Also, carved rats
and turned bases of samo maieriul and raunnmrtiire for
pillars ami pil.a.ters of Portico. For rule cheap for
cash or on lime. Attention or loiiliters I. inviieu.
Portland, Aug. 2'.', Ii. -'-'I f
Alniiiiiilralir'e) olicc.
TOTICE is hereby given, that all accounts and ii.
J 1 ilebledoeM aeenilllg I
lehleilliess aeenilllg to the Orrnnn Slnteti
eitlier on subscription, advertising and ollice work.
Iron, Noveiu wr Jill. I .i. lo tins .Into, lailong to toe
estate of Harvey Gordon, deceased. These accounts
am now in niv hands, for vol ection. and immediuie
ouvmeiit must bo made. Pavmeuls can lie made to c
P.'Crandiill, Esq . ai the OlhVo of the Stnlnman,nr
to me at biigeue City, uine ronntv, iregon.
K. E sriCATlOX, Adm.
Eugene Cily, MbitIi Olh, 1H.I. Ilf
New Ferry a t North Salem.
rrMIE nndersigned would give aoticeto tueiruvH-
I imr mil. lie i lint he ha. elalilihe,l a SWINO FKU
UY on ihe Willamette river, one half mile below Ihe
old ferry, and w ill ferry at any stnitt of water asl im
alt i-isJ. wratkrr.
rate, or rtaaunx:
t of horses or yoke of oxen. . . . eta. h additional animal . k
Man and horse... I?l "
Footman ! "
liaise ml lie ami horses each li "
SUeep and Imgs 8 "
We bav excellent facilities for ferrying STOCK of
all kinds. (Mir boot will carry 40 heaif of entile ut
onetime with perlrrl safety, awl will ernes the river
in from 4 to b minutes. LUA at Mll.l.l.l.
H-ilem, Mat 'Hi, (""l iviniopt paid
. . TILTH,
New York.
Banking. Collection and Exchange.
ntt4 other exenang Bl rurmo
Will cell .'rafts ATSlllHTon
Messrs. It AC. E Tilton, Xew York.
Messrs. Honnbor. Ilalsts t Co., San Francisco.
The IlililiEsr PUICK paid for liOl.l) DL'ST.
Advances made mi dust sent to the Mint for eiiinairs.
IV Money received ou deposit, general or special.
Collections mnde.and proceeds ppmiptlv remitted.
Ind Warrants bought aod sold.
All Bportaiiiing to llaiikingpromplly at
tended to. .
Portland, March W.IN63. . IW
TE will rir Cif'I f"r all kind, of FCIH. vi
V BE.vVEtt. OTTER. MINK and BEAU skit
Alto, will par CASH for WOOL. .
Salem, Xareh 1, IKk Ilf
Site (Orcjjou f tatcsmau.
From Vlckslmrir. KcdcraU In PossesHlon
or jacknoii, miks.
Wasminotom, 3ay 22.
Tho following was received from Vlckalmrg
to the i
To Hulleck t Jiilitislon cvdctiiitej Jnekotl
on tho Kith. The relicls uro in full retreat.
Slierinan says most of Jtilinstnu'i nrmy imisst
perish from bent nnd Inelt of wntor. They
imve to a great extent deserted and are teat
tercd through the country. (Signed,)
Morgan at McArthiirsvlllc.
Cincinnati, July 22.
Morgan nnd 300 men encnmpvil ut McAr
thursvillo, Vinton county, lust night. At Imlf
pant four this ninrnitig lie wits within a milo of
Athena, on tho Muriettit nnd Cincinnnti rond.
Morgiin nt Kcl.oiivlllo Closely PiiMucd by
Cincinnati, July 22 p.m.
Morgan passed through Nelsonrille nt 10
a.m., closely pursued lift our forces. His in
tention seems In he to gain the Ohio nt a point
itbovc gunboat navigation and cross to Virginia
Authorities httvo uiiido such prepttriilions as
In elfi'ctunlly cheelttimtu and citpluro him and
his followers.
From ltoHccrans,
New Yonx, July 22.
Letters from Kusccrnns' army, duled 14th,
report tho army ngnin in inotioii. Enemy's
rear has beeu shelled, but no lighting hns oc
curred. The enemy appear excited, throwing
away largo quantities of ammunition, eta., as
they retreat. Their Inrce is estimated at 45,-
(100 infantry nnd 3,500 cavalry.
Farrngut's Fleet Withdraws from tho
Cairo, July 22.
Vicksburg advices say Fnnngut's boats
started down the river with the intention of
leaving the Mississippi. Their destination is a
new held of operations pnibulily Mobile,
roslllon of Leo's Army,
Washington, July 22.
Tho Republican tins the following :
From iiifiiriiiiitinii, it appears Lee's nrmy is
near Winchester or above that point, while our
army is in such position that ho caiinnt go baek
to lliclmiond without fighting ut disadvantage,
lichel General is either holding his position to
gather supplies from crops in the valley, or
with sucli reinforcements as ho limy receive,
give another battle or series of battles to our
nrmy of I'otomno. Our army is ready to fight
and anxious indeed rather than return to an
other campaign in those districts in Virginia
uliieh have beeu so thoroughly devastated by
Jlo Appearance of a Forward Jlovcmeiit
rickcU Driven In.
New York, July 23.
The Tribune's Harper's Ferry letter of 21st
says :
The main body of our nrmy is 25 miles south
of Berlin with no present appearance of a for
ward movement, it is not impossible that they
w ill return to Berlin. '
Lee's army lies between Miirtinshurg and
Winchester. His pickets occupy the Potoniao
river from Cherry Hun, 13 miles west of Mur
linsbiirg, down to Harper's Ferry. On Fridny
night they drove in our pickets at the Ferry.
They are also i1 force nt Shcpnrdstuwn, Mar
linsburg nnd Charleston,
The Public' Debt.
Washington, July 23.
Tho official statement of t ho total amount of
the puhlio debt up tu July 1st is 1,01)7,274,-
Position of the Two Armies.
Latest intelligence from the Potomac places
the two nrmies across I ho river watching each
other. Tho rebels on tho west side nnd tho
federals on the east side of the Dlue Kiilge.
From Ncir Orleans.
New YonK, July 23.
Creole from New Orleans has arrived with
dnti-s to the Kith.
The Bra eavs Col. Chickering, Provost Mar
shal at Port Hudson, has sent a largo number
of prisoners to New Orleans, including nil com
missioned ollicers nun nro not lo lie paroled.
Letters state thnt the brigades of (ienerals
Weitzel nnd Dudley under G rover left Port
Hudson on tho evening of the Dili and went to
Donahlsville to clear out a rebel battery.
When near them the 30th Massachusetts regi
ment being in advunen wits suddenly attacked
nnd 150 men were killed or wounded nnd three
pieces captured. Every eliort will he made by
Gen. Bunks to recover llrashear City and Op
palousa railroad. At last accounts tho enemy
was reported to have fallen back beyond bayou
Lafoiirch. An expedition is also said to have
gone by w ater.
Tho gunboat Sciotit was sunk in the Missis
sippi by collision with the Antonio.
The squadron off Gulveston destroyed threo
schooners nnd 'JW bales of cotton in Galveston
Money Market.
New Yniiu, Julv 23.
Sterling, WW.; gold, LiG.
The Pursuit of Morgan.
Cincinnati, July 24.
Shortly after Morgan crossed (he Muskingum
ho wuVnttaukcd by Col, Hull wilh tao pieces
of artillery, 15 rebels were killed, and soveral
wounded. Ho filially escaped via Cumber
latid, Guernsey county, which place he li ft at 7
last niu'lit, This inornin; he crossed tho Ccn-
tral 4. Ohio railroad at Campbell. He is so close
ly pursued by Shackelford that lie hud no lime
tu do any duinngu beyond burning tho depot
nnd burning up souie trains. At ii o'clock this
morning bo reached Washington, win-re ho
did considerable damage, Khnckeifurd was
close niter him.
fA Rnrresful Expedition in Virginia.
A envnfry expedition from Charleston, Va.,
cut the Virginia nnd Tennessee railroad, nt
Wytheville and captured Ihe place, after a so
vcre fight, and took 120 prisoners, 3 pieces of
artillery, 700 stand of arms. Our loss is 05
killed and wnuuded. Our troops wore fired on
by citizen from houses, and hence tho town
was totally iiestroyeii. I lie expedition reached
Fnyetville. Western Va., yesterday, after a
hard march of 300 miles.
Morgan's Progress.
When last beard from Morgan wn nt Win
chester, 12 miles northeast of CaiuhriJgo mov
ing towards Steubenrillo.
Federal Itald In Morlk Carolina.
FiwTnri-B Moniuik, July 24.
Tha Itichmnnd Whig snys a federal cntalry
raid from Newbern. reached Kocky Mound on
the Wilmington and Weldnn It. It. on the20ih,
and destroyed two mi Vs ol the track and burn,
id Ihe brulge orer tho Nuuio river, cutting off
communication for some weeks.
Lcc's Foallloii.
Wahiiimthn. July 21.
It is definitely ascertained thai Leo's main
i army is at or near Winchester, nnd lias made
I no general advanc.
Meade Will Forre flerhlvr Brittle Sorth
or Kappa naunock.
Chicago. July 25.
Last night's dispatches say (Jin. Meade's
nrmy hnd alrendy attained an ndvnntngeons
position, nnd will lorcc icc;tn a decisive nattio
north of tho ltappahannock. Gen, Meade
cntolt Lee's supplies. Direct enmmunlca-
on between Washington and tho Atmy ui" tim
otomno has been opened.
From Cbasleston.
A special to tho Tribune gives advices from
orlress Monroe to lust evening. No definite
or trustworthy intelligence has been received at
that place as to operations about Charleston.
Olliciul information, from Ihe licet reports mat
ters progressing favorably. 8o fur wc have
gained eacu uay, i lie reduction ol f orts
Wagoner and Sumter was considered certain.
ho irroateet ooniiuence was lelt in tlio nluiis ol
Gen. Gilmore and Admiral Dahlgrcn, and tho
Ituuato capture ol Charleston was undoubted.
ISEW Yohk, July 24.
Gold 120. .
Moro Captures From Morgan.
Cincinnati, Jdly 20.
A detachment of the !)th Michienn cavalry
forced Morgan to an engagement near Stcubcns-
vino, nun alter an hour's lighting the rebels lied
in (ho direction of Ni tv Lisbon. At 3 p.m.
they were overtaken by Gen. Shackleford and
II captured, in the morning's engagement
!0 to 30 were killed and 50 wounded, 200 enn-
turcd ; 100 burses and 150 stand of arms were
Iso taken.
Heath or Hon. J. J. Crittenden.
Franklin, Ky., July 20.
Hon. John J. Crittenden died at hulf past
three this morning of general debility uged
77 years.
I ho library, pnvato and political papers of
Jolt, uuvis weto captured ut Jackson, Miss.
Rout or 5,000 Itebels.
Leavenworth, Kansas July 25.
A serero light took nluco on 10th nt Elk
Creek between ..)IHJ federals with 12 guns un
r command of Gen. Blunt nnd 5,000 rebels
under Cooper, which resulted in onmnloto rout
ol rebels with loss nt do killed, 'M wouiii
and 100 prisoners. Our loss 10 killed and 20
Passengers henoo since July 1st have arrived
at rscw loik.
Cnptures-Briigff's Army Kediiecfl by
New York, July 20.
Letters from Winchester, Tenn., of the 8th,
announce the capture of Hnutsvillu with 300
nsouers and jymi horses ntul mules hy Gen.
.Stanley. liragg's army is reported to bo re-
uuceu tiy uescruon to lo.wnt or u,uti.
lleauregard's Dispatch Fighting on Mor
ris island.
Washington, July 2G.
Richmond papers contain I be following :
Charleston, July 1!).
Tho Ironsides with live monitors and five
gnu mortar bonis, assisted by two laud baiter
les, opened on tori ungoner yesterday utter
a bombardment of 11 hours, enemy assaulted
Wagoner repeatedly; our people fought brave
ly, aud repulsed attacks w ith great slaughter.
Signed, UlSAUKLUAltl).
Charleston, July 22.
Enemy have commenced shelling again.
Our loss on tho Istti was lot) killed and wnun
ded, enemies' loss was, Including prisoners,
about 2,000 ; 800 men were buried under flag
ol truce. 1 lie gunboat ruwnee, which sun
ported left Hank, grounded, and rebel battery
opened on her, tiring 50 Binds, 'M taking eltect,
Btilisetniently she Hunted oil und put them to
lit. Details ol the chaiL'e ol the d on
Fort Wngoner was most desperato fighting by
Gen. Strong's brigade.
scarcely a held or lino ollicer escaped being
wouuded or killed.
Mexico Declared an Empire.
New York, July 27.
Knanoko hns arrived from Havana. Dates
from Vera Cruz to the Lilli slate that Mexico
was declared an umpire on the 30th ult. Max
imillinn, of Austria, will he declared emperor if
ho will uccept. If not. Napoleon is to select a
sovereign. Sulutes were tired in honor of the
Humors of a Kepulse nt Furl Wagner.
Yueka, July 27.
Privnte dispatches sny Ihe Federals w ero re
pulsed nt Fort Wagoner with a loss of 1000.
Wlti-ro i (tie lieutl flint known no grief,
The eve that n6ver wirw I
Tho hoiiI thnt novel :eki rvlk-f
When wimiw oYr it wee.n.
Whore if the ituhborn will hut how,
At liiiiutt, hy tfricf o ertoiiie,
AimI winlifi, uh ! Imw I'itnii'pily,
For hetu-r tiujra to cnie f
VIm re In llic nwi; wilhoul the thoni ?
AVIiere's plfiintiro without pain f
Wht-re Ih piu-e yty wiihutu uihy I
Wo link, tmt uA in vinii.
lit re Mornnv t out mi m 141 hi lift,
tv iiii it iiiiiMt he bonio ;
I'jich lu-iirt must bvnr Ut iricf iti slum!,
fur 'mim was n.mlc lo moimi."
lint utill h I to mute ny will wmie,
Ijilc'i hmi pnth to' r" wr,
An hnretii 1 hi Mill throuL'h domls nt nocn
With holy ruiii..nre tlcur.
A trij1iter iluy ?re hmif will diiwu ; .
Our country hlcMed rlmll lit,
OYr Nti 11111I liiml our run hall it unit
The emblem f the
TiibGf.rman Hoiihkiis at Ciiscki,i,or
VII.I.B AXU GliTTYSnultO. We clip tho fill-
lowing extracts from nn article on "Tho It'
tiremeiit of G in. Hooker," published in the
Washington Standard of July Ifllh :
It will bo seen by referenco to the incidents
of tho Into great battle near Gettysburg, I'a
Unit this samo Eleventh Corps, (tlio German)
that lost us tho bnttle of Cliancellnrville. wns
on the poiut of giving way belore Ihe robel ar
my Hint was concentrated upon them, when the
giilhint Ilownrd dnshed llirougb their wavering
ranks, shouting to Iheni. "Hemember Chancel
lorville." when they rallied and charged, it is
mill, tike very Jcrtis. tending tho rebels in dis
order buck down tlio bill, thus securing lo Gen.
Meade tlio tno.t glorious mid dt cisivo victoiy
of the war. Who can doubt ll.nt, bad they
given way at Ibis critical juncture, as they did
under Hooker, Ihn tidoof victory would hare
been in favor or Iho rebels 1
It it said that during the visit of tho Presi
dent and Gen. Iliilleck to Hooker's camp alter
the bnltlo of Chancvllorville, when nt dinner
with Hooker and his corps commnnders, that
Gen. Ilownrd. after expressing his excessive
mortification of hit comiunnd, requested lo bo
allowed to lead a "forlorn hope'' on Ihe Drst
opportunity that offered, insisting thn his men
.no il reueem tneir crrun ; uni n iiiiiionij wvru
of the opinion that it would not bo snlo to trust
them. But it seems 1'rnvideuco has gratified
his desire, and most nobly have they vindicated
their claim for stubborn bravery, so generally
conceded to the Iserman tolUterr.
Peward os Mi 'Ci.FM.AN Secretary fiew.
ard't "last words" iu Washington before li nv
iuz for Auburn aro reported by New York pa
pers to have been to the follow iug rflVct ! "The
country would havo b;en Iho better by thn o
disastrous defeats that of tho I'opo oainpaiu
Iho Hunui'le slaugliier ntul lliK kcr s wiliier
nest fight if Gen. had been left in
coiuiuaud of the army of I'olomuo.
I IT When we asked a tnau a fen days since
what induced hi n to m ike a law student of bis
ton, bo replied: "Oh. Im was nlwar nl)ing
little cuss, and I thonght I'd hnmor his leading
propensity." - -
Will be held at Boston, in Linn County, on
Wednesday and Thursday, September xd
and 3d. Citizens of Benton and Lane are
invited to compete for Premiums, and become
CYaM I Horses of All Work.
1st p. 2d p.
Beet stallion 4 years and upwards. $10 $5
ii a .. " .. u i
2 . -. ..4 2
Best brood maro and colt 4 yrs and
onwards u o
Best brood mare aud colt 3 yrs aud
upwards 4
" sucking colt 2
C(us II Draft Horses,
Best stallion 4 years and upwards.. 8
o 11 " . . 0
1 maro 4 i ; ".. : " t. t
"3 3
1 sucking colt .. 2
Class III Thoroughbreds.
Best stallion 4 years nnd upwards. . 8
I. -j ,t ii
ii .i o I. ' . 4
ii ii j ii ii .3
" sucking colt 2
In tho deiiarttnunt of tliorouuhhred aniumla whethor
cattle or horses, none will ho ieritiittod tu compete hut
inch as furnish satlstactni-y pedigree.
Class IV Roadsters.
Best stallion 4 years and upwards.
1 a " .
' nmro 4 " " .
.. 3 .. ..
1 50
Class V Colls Without Referena to Blood.
Best stullion 2 years and upwards.. 3 I 50
.. i. i ii i. .. a i
" mnro 2 " " . . 3 v 1 50
.. .. j .. "..21
Class VI Matched Carriage Horses.
Best spall trotters 0 3
" " pacers 4
Class VII Matched Roadsters.
Best span trotters 5
" racers 3
Class VIII Riding Horses.
1 50
Best trotting hnree, inure or gelding 4
puoer .
3 1 50
Class IX Cattle.
Best bull 3 yenrs old aud upwards.
I. Q ii . ii
1 50
Bfft culf
' cow 3 vcurfl old and tiiwiirJu. .
t O it li
lifiTiT 1 yenr old nnd upwards.
" calf
Class XFat Cattle.
Bt?8t fut ox 5 years old
" 4 11
" stver 3 year old
1 50
" "
" heifer 3 year old .
Class XI Work Oxen.
Best pnir 4 years old and upwards . .
Cfasi XH-Sheep.
Best buck 2 years old
i I.
Best owo and Limb
Best Australian 1
' Merino
" South Downs . .
Same as above.
" Cotswolds J
Grnded Sheep.
Best buck :
' ewo
Class XIII Sunn.
Best boar.,
" sow..
Class XIV-Poultry.
Premiums will bo nwnrded if nny poultry is
entered mr tnu samo, iroiu t lo
Class XV Grain
Best samplo brootn corn ., I
" corn, one bushel 1
" wheat, one bushel I
" barley, ' 1
" oats,' " 1
fye. " 1
" buckwheat, one bushel. 1
Class XVi Vegetables.
Best exhibit garden vegetables 2
" pumpkins and utiia.'hes 1 50
' onions
" beets
Class XVlI-Buttrr.
Best ten pounds butter 2
" " iheese 2 1
Ctirsf XVIII Domestic Manufactures,
Best Oregon brooms I
" soap 1
" honey 1
Class XIX Home Work.
IJeBt needle-worked shirt.
" " uuilt.
' dress
" crochet work
" wiMilcn carpet
" ten yards jeans
" two pairs socks 1 50
specimen funey Itnitling I 50
" plain noedlo work I 50
" patch work quilt 2 1
" embroidered collar 2 1
" worked " 1 50
" nriiamcnlnl needlo work 2 1
Class XX Fruit.
Greatest number of Rood varieties crown I
lNCI, 91
Best specimen of twenty varieties grown in
1 ()!, ft, SU cents.
Greatest number rood varieties, $2 $1.
Best specimen six good varieties, 11, 50 cts
Greatest number good varieties, $2.
- Best specimen six varieties, $1, 50 ct.i.
Grentcst nuiiiher good varieties, 1, 50 cts.
Waler Melon.
Grea'.cst number good varieties, $1, 50 ct.
Best specimeu, 50 cts.
Greatest number good musk melons, $1, 50
Best specimen do, do, 50 cts.
Best exhibit of rare plants and pots, $2, II.
Best Moral design, oriiutiieiital, f i, (1 I. 5U cents. ,
Bmuels, (1, 5(1 wills.
Preservi i. Can Fruit and Pastry.
Best cau fruit, $1 50
preserves 1 50
" jelly 1 50
" currant wine 1 51)
w bent brend 1 .VI
" vinegar 1 50
" dried fruit of all kinds I SO
CVrtss XXI Tubtcco,
Best tiventy-Ore plants ........... 5 2 iO
A parse will bo raised on ibe Fair Ground
fur inn premi um ' :
RULE J. Each members of tho Society will
bo furnished with n ticket, by tho Treasurer,
nnd will 4io expected to keep the samo during
tho Fair. ' " ' '
RULE II. New membership ticket. f2)
old members, $1 per yenr; single admission
25 cents ; children nnder 10 yenrs of ago free.
RULE III. All exhibitors who intend to
compete for premiums of the Society must bo
ooiue members of the same, and havo their ar
ticles or nuinials entered at tho nflioo of tho
Secretary by 4 o'clock, p, si., of tho first day.
RULE IV.-rAny nrticlo of animnl thnt was
awarded first premium last year will bo award
ed, if entered for second premium, diploma,
instead of money.
RULE V. Alt articles or animals entered
for premiums must pay, when entered, ton per
cent, on premium olfered. Motnbers will re
member this rule.
RULE VI. All horses that compete for
premiums must bo shown on Ihe track.
. . JUDGES!,
Horses, Class A. John Q. Worth, Jairos
M. Elliott and Nathan Bond. -
Horses, Class B.Jamn P, Hogue, Mat
thew Fountain and G. II. Ruber.
Cattle. Martin Lnper, John McCoy and
1'lensniit Robinelt.
Sheen. Hugh Nickerson, L. W. Phelps and
Osour Williams. , .
Fruit and Wines. U. A. McCartney, Cant.
John Smith and J. W. Tngh.
Jellies, An, Mrs. o. tx, Irvine. Mrs. Dela
tion Smith and Mrs. A. Hacklenian.
Agricultural Implements. larlin Lupcr,
Fny Denison and Nelson Wright.
Grain, Seeds and Vegetables. Calvin
Bnrkhnrt, Joseph Sunimervillo nnd E. II.
Knnilull. .
Domestic Manufactures. V, V. Crawford,
oseplt l ame nnd Morgan Keys.
Arts and Home Work. Mrs. hllzabetll
tnitb, Mrs. Levi Fanning nnd P. V. Crawford.
Miscellaneous Items. 1 nomas Monteitn,
Hugh N. George and Ashby Peuroo.
If tho parties competing for premiums pre
fer, they can choose their own judges.
f.. li. UUAKI, frcsulcnt.
3. Harrows, Secretary.
Wo nnd our readers bavo becotno to accus
tomed to tho doily mail considering it now a
fixed and permanent institution that it may
ho well briellv to notice tho somewhat heave
burdens borne by tho Stngo Company fur tho
lenelit ol tlio people of Oregon ami the Nnrlli
rn Territories, without, as it seems to us, a
corresponding compensation.
1 ho route Iroin i'ortliiuu lo bacriunento is
nut n regular one, according to tho usage of
the Post Ollice Department, lint was let by
special contract, cimiiiicuoing in September,
intiu. lor lour years, nt ninety tliousnml Hollars
per iiiiiiiiin. Under this, tho btago Company
or nearly threo years, has dmo its duty with
astonishing promptness, keeping ahead even of
the schedule tune allowed which Irom April
to December (eight mouths) is seven days,
nnd during tho remainder of tho yenr is twelve
dara. . , .
Tho money duo is paid in currency, of oonrso
thereby canning a loss of from twenty to thirty
per cent during tlio last yoar ; and as tlio com
pany is compelled to pay tnu wages ol nil tts
employes, and tho cost of everything it pur
chases, in coin, it w ill be rcudllv seen that tha
snorilien is vnrv serious. Kven ttlipii Mm noil.
tract price is pnid in ooin.ive doubt if the Com
pany receives more than it expends, as the
country through which Iho routo passes is so
sparsely settled that travel cannot bo expected
to pay, except, perhaps, during a very lew
weeks in tho yenr, anything toward the enor
mous expenses of keening up such a lino of
It is also to bo remembered that tho Compa
ny distributes $10,000 in coin every mouth, in
wages, payment for rents nnd provender, and
thus really in its disbursements benefits our
coiiiiiiunily more than its stockholders. Under
these circumstances, wo think all will nuimt
that the Company havo a heavy bind to carry,
especially, whim Iho postmnslers along the lino
nro instructed to keep nil coin which conies in
to their hnmls, suliject to special order of the
Department, nnd we nro informed that no col-
it ions nro innilo In currency. , .
We hope that our Senators. Representative
nnd tho Delegates from tho Territories Inter
ested iu tho contract, will bo onrefnl and anx
ious to protect the interests of the Company,
which has become a matter of importance and
personal concern to us nil. It seems to ns that
they should insist upon a special net for the
payment iu coin or its equivalent, uf Ihe
utiiotiut due to the company, so that wo shall
bo sure of faithful nod responsible service nn
Ihe route, nnd also cause tho Overland Mail
route to be made a regular one, so that It can bo
let as such. Wv trust that they will not fail to
alii ml lo this, as wo fear there is danger lest
wv shall be thrown back, as to mail facilities,
whero wo wero three tears ago, and besides
Iho niiiinynueu and delnva which dim harassed
Ihe community, wo shall iu Iho State lose Ihe
disbursement and expeiulitnro of nearly one
liuuiireii nnd lilty thousand ilollnrs every year,
which now go to those who. In Mm Willamette
valley, nro interested in tho labor and success
Ihe Company. Oregnnian'inh. '
Gl'.S. IIooKKR AH A Clil'lii: ASII CuMMAND-
Kit. Gen. Hooker hns somo claim to the ques
lionalile honor of being styled Iho "Cleon" of
North America. Like bis Athenian prototype
he (ruined a command by nu unsparinir nnd un
dignified nhiise of men much belter nnd abler
than luiiiiell. II the Generals wero hut men
he said, they would mil ill low themselves In bo
baffled by difficulties so contemptible nt those
before which they recede. By these nrls bo
gained a command ; but here unhappily, the
parallel ends. Nobody supposed "Cleon" to
lie a great General, or even a vuliant soldier;
but "('Icon" did what bo undertook, and what
grent Generals and valiant soldiers hnd failed
to do, while Hooker railed qmte aa Ignonun and with much better means at bis dis-
iiosnl lluni nny of bis predecessors. Defeats
nro the forluno of war, but it requires nn mili
tary education to know Unit Hooker s move
ments were so ill-concerted at to leave him
scarcely n chance of success. That fur w hick
modern iretierul UiliirciiUy mnmruvrcs, Iho
livitioii uf hit enemy's army into two parts,
between wlpoll ho may insert hit own army
like a.weilge, l.ou. llinUcr did lor Ins adver
sary of his own accord, nnd thus produced tho
almost inevilahlo resnlt of the defeat of I loth
sections in detail. The fifth invasion of Vir
ginia, so fur from being nu improvement on any
of its predeces.nirs, was equally calamitous in
its results, uud hy even greater
fault. McDowell, MoClclhtu, Pope and Burn-
side may ench i f them say with truth that, .
Ilmngh little lest fortunate, (heir errors hnvi
nut born of so gross a nature at Uioso of the
mail who made a reputation liy exposing their
mistnki't, nml lost it by out-doing lliein. Lon-
dun Times,, May "7th.
Qi'rrr. PnnnKt'T Some mu.lo teacher once
wrote that the "nrt of playing the violin re
quire, tin nicest perception aud the innii sensi
bility of any nit in Ibe known world.'- Upon
which an editor cmuinvut in tho following
manner I "The art of publishing a newspaper
and making it par, ami nt 'he inma time mak
ing it plemo everybody, beats Addli i' higher
than a kite." ......
Tho London Morning Star, alluding to the .
destruction of British cargoes by tho Alabama,
says : : - . -'t .. -i:
If British cargoes are wrongfully destroyed
on the high sens, we must have an accounting '
with some one either with tho incendiary who
applied tho torch, or his employer! who com- ,
missioned him to to act. Wo presume it is nn- '
nessnry to prove that the huruinr of a British 1
cargo, even when carried in an American bot-
torn, is ns nnlnwfjil ns Iho burning of a British
ship with British freight. ' While those nations
which have not jet acceded to the proposition
of tlio treaty of Paris may question tho right of i
the nentral flag to cover enemy's goods, it it
undoubtedly the law of nations that nentral j
goods found on board an enemy's ship mast be .
restored or paid for. In tho ordinary ease these
captures would have boon tuken to the nearest ,
prize. court of tho belligerent, and that which
was enemy's property would have been con
demned ns good prize, while that which was
tho properly of neutrals would have been re
Stored. ' '
Sonimos wages wnr without the usual respon
sibilities of belligerents. Having no prize court
open to him, ho assumes a part hitherto un
heard of in maritime warfare, noting in the op-'
posing capacities both of enptor and Judge.
To whom, then, cau tho British suhjeott who
have boon wronged apply for redress J They
oannot go to a Confederate Prize Court, for no
such court exists. They cauttot go to Semmes
the wrong doer, for ho, it a mere rover of the
seas never withiu tho territory of any civilized
State for much moro than forty eight hours to
gether. Clearly the redress can only be ob- ,
tinned at the hands of the British government,
and Parliament must seo to it that a remedy be
lortliwith lound. Tho surety or onr comtneroa
equally with the honor of the country.demandt
an immediate investigation.
1 ho Alahaaia is cither a pirate or a Confed
erate ship of war. If the former, she may be
hunted down by any nation whose subjects or '
cnintneroo she molests nay, all nation) are '
tree to avenge tho wrongs or any one ol the
family, ns a pirato is tho common enemy of'
mankind. 1 it tins view the lirituh rovernnieinr
necnlinrlv bound lo nut a sneedr stoo to her
career, as alio was built in England, manned la
ngland, armed with bnghsh gqns, and sop. i
lied with English stores. Thnt sooh a ship
linnld bum a British cargo it an offense which
irinirs her orew under tho nenallv of death.
But Captain Seinines might flaunt in the face
of hit captors a commission from Jeff. Davit
to burn, sink and destroy, nnd claim tho rights
of a belligerent iu ulnoo of tho deserts of a cor
sair. Ho might refer ns to hit government to
tho slnveholding Junta who rule for a moment
over a portion of the United Status. Notwith
standing nny such plea, wo might, with perfect
right and propriety, tirst seize the ollending
vessel before making nny communication to the
bclliircrcnt eoveriiiiiunt. A bellieeretit which
engages in a maritime war without having a ;
port open to which it oan take prizes lor adju
dication, is not entitled to much consideration
at the hands of a neutral whoso rights have
been invaded,
Military Stkrkqtu or tub Kebeu.
Just befuro Leo oommonoed his fatal raid aposj
I'cunsylvania, a itichmnnd paper cttimatea
tho strength of tho rebel nrmies, all told, at
less than ;i.)l),(K)0. Since that time Lee has
lost about ilj.OOO, Pombertnn (in the surrender
and battles preceding it) about 40,UUU, Brar -j 4
nl,..l r, nil ,l ,. ...l,., ,..l . XJt
U.ivr,,. w,w, 1I,M IU1U, VVIUIU.IIU.I n. J VI, ,
Hudson, in killed, wounded and prisoners, not
less than 15,000 ; making ft total loss, in lets
than two months, of about 05,000. Ia addi-;
lion to this, there have been sundry losses in
Virginia, Tciiurssco and Mississippi, which
would swell Iho aggregate to nearly 100,000.
Tho most of these figures wo hove from offioial
reports. Admitting them to be correct, the
Confederate armies have lost within the last
six weeks about two-sevenths of their whole
number, without allowing anything for deser
tion, which is said to have been going on quite
xtcusiveiy. lint it a leariul lots lor suuh a
hurt time, aud caunot bo repaired. The coo-
scriptiou can no longer be relied upon to make
it up. lor Deiidet the lact that It is Doing rela
ted successfully in several of the insurgent
States, thero is not much material left for it to
draw upon. An artiulo in the Kiohinoud Sea
Unci, uf Juno 20th, which is copied into the
Lantern papers, admits that tho plan, of tho
summer campaign comprehended the withdraw
al lo t no liontiers ol ihe regular troops pre
viously detailed to guard aud protect theoities, .
Ihe defence of which win intrusted to voltin- .
leer associations id tlio militia at home. What
a weak reliance this is, may bo inferred from
th proposition of tho Sentinel to enroll and
drill hoys Irom twelve lo cightoeu years or age,
whn, it contended, could be "wudo efficient
soldiers iu a sudden emergency to aid in the
iiclciice ui me city nnd its environs." It mat
ters uro reduced to this past, we think it safe
to nssuiiiu mat iho reliel armlet oannot be ma
terially recruited, and that they will Irom this
time nu constantly grow weaker. In addition
to their recent heavy lost ol men, they have
sustained nu immense and irreparable loss In
artillery aud ammunition. What the extent of
Uni latter may lio cannot be precisely estima
ted, but Ihe number of guns captured is given
in the reports of onr (ienerals quite accurately!
nt Gettysburg (id, Vieksburg (in the vnriuos
imttles and ny surrender) 29 ; at Port Han
son 110 ; niuking in all 358, hctidet immense
qiiaiititiet ol small arms. These are losses
that must tell heavily against the rebels in luture
cunlliuts, while they contribute greatly to the
resources ol Onion armies. jlury.iriile Af'
peal. ,
Tiik Rank of tub Major Grnerau
Skiti.kii Washington, July 1st. Thequet-
lion of rank between tho Major Generals of
tho army has been decided by the board of of
ficers, to which it hat beeu submitted, by do
terming thu following order of precedence :
Major General McClcllun, appointed May 14
IHfil, to take rank from the samo date.
Mnjr" General Fremont, appointed July 1st,
to rank from May 14, 18C1.
Major General Banks, appointed Juue 5th,
to lake rank from May 10, Iritil.
Major General V'.JL. appointed Juuo 11th, to
take rank from May lii. ltttil.
Major General Holler, appointed May 10th,
to lake rank from Mav IG, Iftil.
Tho deoision it upon Iwo grounds :
Fit.-d -That nn appointment may bo ante
dated hy the President, as in General Fre
mont's ease ; and,
Second That the order in which names
stood iu the list, when the appointments were
sent Into tho Sennto, determines tho rank bo
tween Generals Banks, Dix and Butler, with
out regard In tho actual date uf appointment
ny iiiu rre.uieni. .
. ty Two old gentlemen of our acquaintance
wero complimenting each other on Uwir habile
of temperance. "Did yon ever, neighbor,"
taid one. "tee me with umre than I could car
ry t" "No, indee I, was the reply, "not I ;
but I have seen you when I thought yon had
better imve gonu twice alter ii. (
Wahwi 11EOIMKST8. The One Hundred
nnd Taeiity-ieoond Pennsylvania Voluuu-eri
left their liouiet nine mouths ago 1.3(10 stropj,
and returned lately, numbering only UOO, The
Olio Hundred and Tacnty-lourlh Now York
b it Goshen last Fall, and returned with H.
An Indiana regiment at Wnsbingtou hat ouly
oilO left of the original 1,011.
'; -