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    Orflolal Paper of iht Mate. '
0. t. CRAMDAI.L, ItllTOB.
Ths Statesman ll publtihed weekly si Salem. Terms, S
per year, always In adreiire.
. U.l advertisements will b ehar(e4 Ihi followlnf rates i
Twelve tines, or Ira, on Insertion, , 8 00
Each subsequent Insertion , t 00
OT TKt about an prieu in twin, l.tqaX Tindtr nota
wUf be taken only at IktkrcurrtntDalui.
Legal and Kit transient advertisements mult be prepaid to
Insure Insertion,
Administrators' notleee, end ill silvertliemanta relating to
the estate qf deoeau-it persons, muet be prepaid, unless or
Dered iiubliihed br tbe oouuljr Judie, end iiiaraateea bo
bo paid bv htm,
Advertising bills not paid ertthln one from the time
when contracted, will be Inoreeerd twentj-Aveper cent, each
jeer payment It neilected thoreaftor.
Remiuaneee may be nade by nail at the risk ol toe pub.
Iliheri, II malted In the presence of a postmaster.
CBA1TDALL U WA1TE, ?nbllhfi.
We ire utile to ohroniole thli week, a more
Important vlotory at Vicljsburg than was at firat
supposed. The latest diipitch from Gen. Grant
dated 8th, bring! the gratifyiog Intelligence
that the nnmher of prisoners captured It 31.
277. They were, however, all paroled, In con
sequence of there being no meant at hand of '
I -nding them North, 'fltey could not, either,
be kept In garriion, became there wits moro
important work fur our men than gnarding
prisoner!. , Gen. Grant complimented the rob'
el ivldiert on the gallantry of their defence of
theworkt. Hit compliment certainly reflect
glory on the perseverance, bravery and hero
ism of our men, who overcame to many dim
eoltiet. We alto have the cheering iiitelli
" genoe from Vioktharg, that our oommandert
are mailing tho rebels In the surrounding coun
try to the wall. Immediately upon the turren-
der of Vioktburg, Gen. Sherman marched out
in the direction of Big Black, encountered Jo
Johnston and defeated him, taking 2,000 pris
oners. The' Federal forces are again in pos
session of Jackson,
Beteorant has driven Bragg back from Chat
tanooga to Atlanta,. Georgia, and hat cap to red
about 4,000 prisoner!. There it a report that
Port Hudson surrendered to Banks, on the 7th.
Not improbable, though confirmation ll needed.
Our western generals are evidently wide
Tho rebel John Morgan It kicking np a great
dutt and excitement in Southern Indiana,
where 'tie it cavorting around with 7,000 cav
alry and sixteen piccea of artillery. lie crosa
d below Louisville, and proceeded to Cor) don,
thence to Salem, and Lovelnud. At the be
ginning of tlie invaeiou, be threatened a trip to
Iudianupolii, but that la idle. 6 loco entering
the Slate, he hue deitroyed several railroad de
pots, one steamer, considerable amounts of sup
plies, and captured several hundred prisoni-jj.
The militia is hard after him, but being moun
ted and in marching order, be will be more
likely than otherwise to escape. At last ao
oonote be was proceeding in southeasterly
direction from ovcland, having crossed Ilia
Big Miami at Vienna, and burned the bridge
after him.
The rebels, tinder Lee, have escaped aorou
the Potomac. They crossed on pontoons, at
Falling Waters, above Williamsport. The ad
Taooe of our army, under Pleasantou. arrived
at Williamsport immediately afterwards, and
captured 2,0110 prisoners left there as rear
guard. Le luooreded in getting away with
II tho plunder captured iu Pennsylvania. It
does not appear why be was not more closely
followed. It is reasonable to presume that al
ter suon a mo imcea oonuicl. our armv was not
Bdition to render pursuit possible. Tha
pursuit of a largo araiy, even just defeated but
not demoralized, is quite as ditboult, anil some
times mure dangerous, than to meet tbe sume
force face to face. The rebels never feared
Bigcl half so much as when he was retreating.
The returnt of rebel losses In our hands foot
np 10,000 killed and buried, 33,000 prisoners,
and 12,000 stragglers a total of 57,000. If
this showing is correct, Lee must have left
B5"ro) than half his invading army on the north
aide of the Potomac '
- A terrible riot broke out In New York, on
the 12th, in eonseqoenoe of the attempt to en
foroe the draft. Numerous conflicts between
tbe polioe, assisted by the militia, and the riot
era had taken phioe, and a good many lives
lost. The mob was still uiiquelled on the eve
ning of tha 15th. It had burned several hous
es, aud committed numerous outrages of a Bend
ish character. Two or three soldiers captured
had been literally torn to pieces or beaten to
death. Every negro found was beaten or kill
ed. A portion of the TW6aa.Oflloe was gut
ted, but before the Job was completed, the mob
was driven away by au armed polioe force.
Tbe Provost Marshal's orHoe was sacked, and
the house burned..
Got. Seymour is in New York, and hat sent
to Albany for all the militia available. Mayor
Opdyke has delegated to him all necessary
powers for quelling the riot, and Gen. Wool Is
also taking active measures to tbe same end.
Tba Provost Marshal received an orjer from
Washington to suspend the draft.
This riot it probably the culmination of tho
plotting! of tha Ben Wood "peace" men.
LATEST. Morgan, pursuing bia raid, baa
reached Georgetown, Cat county, on the Wa
bah rivir and canal, eight miles west of I.o
gansport. The dispatch says he is hemmed in
and bas a slim prospect of escape, lie cannot
ford the Ohio, and gunboat and large force
have been despatched to iutercept hltn.
" Meade's army bas captured SOU prisoners iu
addition to those already telegraphed.
Tba capture of Port Hudson is confirmed.
Twelve thousand prisoner were taken. Vicks
burg Dews continues favorable. Sherman la
In pursuit of Johnston's defeated army. Gen.
Dodge report from Corinth that he rented tha
rebel, under Forest, killing and capturing
The riot In New York Dad not been quelled,
up lo th 16tb.
Tb " Cittteo' Extra Journal," from Yreka,
r oris a battle In the neighborhood of Charles
ton. All th fortifications on Morris Maud,
eioept Fort Wagner, have beea captured.
Wmwkotoji Tehritoky Elkctiox. W
bar not received th eutire returns from tba
Washington Territory election so a to publish
in tabular form. Enough has been received to
indioaU th election, pretty certainly, of Geo.
, CoW, by majority of not let than two
hundred. Th vol is Mutually email every
where, gar The Loudon Timet calls "Junker th
Cleoo " of Noiti, Asrenoa. "Liu hw A the
Djaa prototype. A gtintd eeeiei! sm
mmaril ndif$td . of sw muck
httur )2 6er than Ktmttlf."
Tr Wawt McCls!-i,. Net? York,
18 The ComBMn Counsel this afteruoo adup.
tod ruetWo reepeotfally and earnestly r
ejoeetinf th AdusluMtraOott ! plac General
UcClvlla at P1 h'oh the pre,
t-nt crisis demand for Of fetr of fiepahlie..
Cm.r.miATioN or tub Victohikr. The I
confirmation, Tuesday, of tho glorious newt of
tbo Union victories in Pennsylvania and at
Vickshnrg was received hero with th liveliest
exultation. 'Tbo cannon was got out again
and fired till the small amount of powder in
town wat eihausted, whea the boyt unwilling
ly gave Dp that ttyle of rejnioing. The tin
thopt were ot once set to work making lamps
for a torchlight procession t tho requisite funds
for eipenset were subscribed very readily and
tbe Union men entered heartily Into the busi
netsnf duly celebrating th joyful news. At
9 o'clock in the evening, the procession was
formed opposite Btarr't and Strang's tin stores.
preceded by th Capital Brats Band and na
tional lag. and marched np Commercial ttreet
to the bridge where it wheeled and came down
to the old gymnasium and halted. Here the
'Ugly Plugs" joined the procession with their
'tin horn band" and the "Buttermilk battery"
and were greeted with prolonged shnnti of an
plnuto. Ihe procession displayed about two
hundred torches and several transparencies
all that it was possible to get np on so short a
notice. Among the inscriptions on the trans-
pnranclet were, "Vicksburg and Gettytbng"
Port Hudson and Richmond next"; "Our
brave volunteers"! "Unconditional turren
der" "Bully for Grant"; "The Union must
be preserved" "We'll ttnnd by Undo Sam")
"Bully for Meudo" i "J. Dnvlt dines in Wash
ington in a C7 'eto., eto. Tho win
dovvt of the State Honse, tho BeMJere saloon
and of the Statetman office wero illuminated.
As the procession passed down Commercial
street, passing Church street the proprietors of
the Union Restaurant nJdcd lo the general il
lumination by letting off some Roman candles.
Tha prooetslno moved down to North Salem
and then returned by High street to the Ave
nue where a Inrge assemblage had already
gathered around tho flag staff. Patriotio
speeches were made Iroin the stand by Messrs.
Untie, Pearne, Mallory, MoRuherts, Williams
and Knigbt. The speakers were often inter
rupted by the most hearty applause. At a lute
hour the assemblage dispersed, each Union
niRn In better temper with the war and higher
hope of a successful issue, than have been in
dulged in for a year. The relit present were
not par lio n-lur ly pleased.
Disunion Rkjdicinor At a recent meet
ing iu New York, Wendell Phillips was intro
duced as, ' 1 he man who bad done more to
bring on this war than any man except John
Drown." The railicnls who sympathized with
John Drown honied themselves bourse with
applauding this Introduction and the disunion
Iniitor Phillips who tillered 111 J most aban
dmied treason in Ihe course of his speech. lie
arraigned tbe adiiiiiiixtriitinii on charges of tbe
miiKt serious character, and abused it unmerci
fully, and was applauded throughout. Thus it
is shown that these radical fanatics do not core
a straw for criticisms of the adiuinislrutiou.onlyl
as the cr ticisins excuse and condemn their
ilccply damnable designs ngnlnst the Union.
They appluud a villub.ous speech of Wendell
Phillips', against the Union, the President, ihe
Cabinet, Congress, the generals nud the army ;
hut if a man who wat alwayi for tha Union
when they were against it. opens bis mouth to
complain that the war lor the restoration of Ihe
Union is needlessly procrastinated and in some
respects prostituted lo base purpHset of parti,
saniiin, they frantically denounce hi in as a con.
ptrhtad. Out upon the fanatical hypocrites
The follow lug dispatches have been received
Ruby Valw.y. Julr 6.
The Indians attacked Canon Station this
morning and killed four soldiers and one station
man. They burned the station and everything
perlsiiiing thereto. A cavalry squad arrived
siHin alter, and those nresvnt any it was a horri
ble fllil. The killed wero Myers, MoNamara
and Urimthaw I I'latt was morlallr wounded
all of Company E, infuiitry. The hosll.r. Hi
ley, wat also killed. Pratt escaped. The
horset were both shot before getting far. One
horse ran four miles before he fell dead. The
Immigrants picked up tbo wounded man. and
returned to the first station east. Seven horses,
all the hay, grain, and station were burned.
Salt Lakr, July (I.
Cauod station was destrored by Indians to
day, and three soldiers and1 a Inwilcr killed
the taller being burned alive on a wood pile.
The stock at the station were run olf. Troops
hare been sent in pursuit of tbe Indians.
The ball given on the eve of the Fourth by
President Young, at the theater, was a grand
affair. Neailv a thousand persons participated.
'Hie dancing floor extended Ihe entire lengih of
Ihe slage and parquetto. The building was Il
luminated arid decorated with evergreeut aud
flowers, pieseliting a brilliant spectacle.
I he day was celebrated at Camp Douglas by
firing tbe usunl salutes and a parade and re.
view by the Ueneral, accompanied by hit stuff.
Emigration continues large, and the druVet
of stock are in fine condition.
Willametti University. The annual
examiuRtion of students connected with this In
stitution en me olf nn the 14th and lS'.h. Class
es examined in different branches, manifested
a good degree of proficiency, and the one in
Natural Philosophy wat rtnderrd very Inter
esting aud Instructive by the aid ol the new
philosophical aparatus lately received. The
exercises of the graduating class on Thursday
afternoon, and the lecture of Mr. Holbrook in
th evening gave very general satisfaction.
The fulloalng is a list of the graduates i Misses
Lucy A. M. Lee, Emily N. Belt, Margaretia
(irublit, Nellie Stipp, Mary MeUbe and An
gelina Ridib, English Course C. T. Unlay
son, A. W. MoWharter and John B. Waldo.
Regular Course Thomas 11. Crawford, F. II.
Grubbsaud J. C. Grublis.
Leaving Duoi'std. The Marysville .4
fiui says ll is informed by an migrant that
not lets than four hundred a omen had left Salt
Lake Valley, thit reason, la consequence of
becoming disgusted with polygamy. Others
would hk to get away.
How a Brrckinridoi Drmoirat Tales.
Th following it an extract from a letter from
John W. Burni of the Third Iowa Cavalry, lo
hie brother, who reside In Nov, too. El Dorado
ounty. Th writer wa a Breckinridge drmo
orst I
It has been a deep.dark and damnlne scheme,
this teorssiuu a devilish plot, kept seoivt un
til it was ri for disclosure. When this war it
over, hell w ill have to be ransacked to gel the
colors to paint th history of Ihis rebellion. If
its leader go unpunished in this world. It will
he becaUf hemp has hl it value, and if in
the sext, because hell has ht its as.
OT The San Francison BullHin'i dispatches
say Morgan' force, 6.01X1. or 8,0tO lining,
rested lb Ohi river Into Indiana, and cap
tured Cory duo. It it not probable that they
have beea Bear th Ohio and Mississippi rail
road. Two citiiena were killed at Corydnn.
Th rebel are (opposed I have advaueed
toward Mew Albany and Jtflcraoosille. At
th croseing ihey canturyd two tteauMrt, on
of which they burned.
k a M'r it :s js w h .
IflCUI, UnrATlH TO "Hi STiTIsaiS.
7rom our Kxtra of Hiinday,
Rebel Gen. morgan in Indiana with
7,000 Hen.
Tiifi !Vew York Tribune! Publica
tion Office l)(-iiiliMli'd.
Many Feraona Killed.
POKTED. Rebel General Johnston Defeated.
Indianapolis, July 11.
The rebel captured Salem, Ind., tint mnrn
int. biiriiitiE tbo depot of tbe Louisville and
Chicago Railroad, ami took 500 Hume Guards
prisoners. A prisoner escaped find reached
Seymour this evening. He says Morgan's force
it 7.IKXI strung, with 10 pieces of artillery. He
left tins afternoon, moving- eartward. suniisMcd
lor the purpose of attaching the Indianapolis
and Louisville railroad, at Vienna or Seymour.
4 300 cavalry left lit noon in close pursuit
Thi'V were but lifteen miles in the rear of the
eiieuiv. Governor Morton issued an order sue
pendina- all business until further orders. Gen,
Carrluitou has assumed command of tbe Indi
ana militin, and already asaigned large number'
of companies to regimenU and brigades. At
least S.uihj will have reported lor duty to-morrow
VICKSBURft, July 4.
It ii admitted by all that the rebels made a
gallant defend-. The terms are understood to
meaq a compliment by uen. uraut to their
bravery. Vicksliujg wa badly damaged by
shells, hardly a house escaping.
headquarters army of Potomac, (
July 18,
To-day nnr right pressed forward on Boons-
bnro and Hagerstown. We occupy Hagerstown
The enemy consisted of cavalry and made a
desperate resistance and fell back towards Wil-
hameiiort. 1 he rebels are throwing np en
trench ments.
Cincinnati, July 14.
Morgan's forces crossed Big Miami at Vien
na last night, and burned the bridge behind
tlpin, passing through Arlington and Spring
neiu. t uey crosseu mo Hamilton X Dayton
railroad, at Gletidalo thit morning, bearing to
wards Camp Dennison.
The Commercial sari that there was an arri
val last night direct from Rotecratit' headquar
ters. The. muin body of Urngg's army had re
treated from Clmltniiooirn to Atlanta, Go.
Rusecraiii has taken 4.01)0 prisoners.
Wahhinoton, July 14.
We have Vickshnrg uilvices to the 8lh.
Grant bud finished puroling prisoners, ihey
numbered 31.277. Immediately after the sur
render of Vickshnrg, Sherman moved in the
direction of Big Black with a large army. On
tin- following day he met Johnston druwn up
in line of battle. A sanguinary engagement
lick pluoe, resulting iu Johnston's defeat, and
a cuptaro of 2,000 prisoners. Gen. Frank
Hhur is reported to be in possession of Jack
sou. A rumor it in circulation that Port Hudson
surrendered lo Banks on the 7th.
New York. Julr 13
Last evening 1,800 men formed a mob which
it reported to have increased lo.').(KH), It seems
lo have liecu a preconcerted plan uf resistance
tollieconscripihiii. At 10 o'clock last night
Ihe crowd rushed into tho enrollment quar
ters telxed Ihe hooks and papen and soon
a Iter wards burned the building. Police
went to tlie rescue and Superintendent Kenne
dy wa badly Hounded. A soldier belonging
lo Ihe frnvnst buard was heaten to dentil, an
other wa torn to pieces aud thrown into a
dilcli. Muyor Upi ilyke hat issued a proclama
tion against Ihe rioters.
Gen. Wool has taken stent to quiet the riot,
R. turns from the Surgeon General, gives
list of rebel losses left 1 1 field and in our hands,
111.1)1)0 killed and buried by our troops, U.",0U0
prisoner and I..UOU slrnKglers.
(. iiicaoo, July 14.
Telegrnnh from New York still interrupted
hut we received the following by ruilroad :
A In nit lOocliK'k last evening a crowd giilh
ered around the Tribunt office and oi mineiiced
yelling. A few men attacked aud gulled ihe
piilihcalinn olticc, but wero dinpersed liy the
police alter tiring a lew shots. Lvery negro
that had been seen br the nmli were either
murdered or cruelly beaten. 20 were killed
liiloriiiiilnin by railroad this p.M , snys tbo
riot is still rauiuir. Gov. Seymour has tele
graphed to Albany for all the militia that can
he raised. It is rcpnited the miters hove torn
up Hudson railroad track.
ALBANY, July 14 .1 p. M
The editor of the N. Y. Evening Putt ears
large bodies of rioters to day visited Ihe large
manufacturing establishments, forcing the la
borers to join them, and forbidding iho loadinir
of ships, etc., etc. Up to this time, several
house have heen sucked. including Mayor Ope
dyke. Cmill out are becoming 'momen
tary. 1 he nioh seems to lie divided into sepv
rate crowds : they are bent on plunder. pilUee
aud robtx ry. The merchants have held meet
ings; almut 200 just marched tip Broadway to
enroll themselves as a special police. There
have been several oollirious null the military. in
which Ihe rioters were worsted. Detachments
ill troops, with two pieces of oidnauce, bred on
the rioters at U this morning. Three rounds of
blank cartridges were fired from tho cannon
and Ihe moli dispersed, threatening soon lo
come back with arms. A company of artillery
was stoned on Pitt street when tbe lieutenant
ordered tbe company to fire, which Ihey did.
killing several, and the tVsl lied. All Ihe stores
down town are closed. The armories, arsenals
ami public buildings are fully garrisoned. Tbe
limn is quite dense IU Lily Mall Park ; Gover
nor Seymour addressed them, etntini he had
tint In Adjutant General to Washington to
request mat ine uratt lie stopped, and Implored
the crowd lo respect properly and person, and
the stale of thing! would be made satisfactory.
All the oinuibusrei and horse oars have stopped
running, under threats of the mob. The mob
look possession of a tenant block on 34th ttreet
this morning, but wee driven out by infantry,
who abut aud killed several. An affray be
tween a detachment of marines and a hiidy of
rioter too ptace on Delaware ttreet during
the lorenoou. eon resulted lu three ol toe lat
ter being kil.ed and six wounded.
Niw York, July 14,
It la understood that Mayor Opedyka hat
delegated all necessary power to act in Ihe city
In l"V. Be-ynnwr.
lu Yorkvillo and Harlem the rioter are do
mobshing house. The Pmvnst Marshal has
heen notified from Washington to tusptnd the
All telegraphic communication rati and wetl
stopped, the mob bavins; lorn down th line
rid threatening th live ol those sent cut to
repair them.
The day to far hat been a horrible one.
Tln r wa a fearful riot on Second Avenue.this
afternoon, in which the military charged aud
nred several timet on ine moli Killing hi ten,
sud wouiidiiir several. Col O'Brien wat can.
tared by Ihe fiends aud beaten lo a jelly and
then bung to a lamp post, at the comer of 31th
ttreet and 2d avenue. The building, in which
wer some armed rioter, wat surrounded by
the plke and only on door h-fl for exit Ev
ery ruder as be appeared at th door wa beat
en lo the ground by ih pohc. Th mob was
also defeated by Ihe police and regular ou 5ln
aeuu bvltteea ;r and 43 street.
Naw Yon:. July 14. Eveninf.
Th Tnbm and Timn offices ar barri
caded tn-nigbt, and have a beery ftvliee force
around them. In front of Ihe 7W utfioeare
small caoiom. The mob, this P. M., got as far
down as runoa rerry, visiting several veseels
compelling Hi workmen on board to Mn llnm
Washikqton. July 1 1.
Pleasantou cavalry entered Wilbam.-imrt
ihi morning and captured a number uf prima
r. Le bad sent ovvr all km plunder and
train. II crossed oa a pvutoou brijg at
Falling water.
Cincinnati, July H
Morgan crossed Little Miama between Love
and aud Camp Dennison to dav. They burn
ed fifty government wagons at Lovelnud and
paeseii hi a southeasterly direction, nine en
tering Indiana, Morgan has cut tevea roads,
but the damaget have been repaired.
The Peacc Rumok. Wo do not place
much reliance upon the rumor in Friday' dis
patch, to the effect that the rebel commission
er! Stephen and Old were charged with a
proposition for peace on the basil of Hunter's
speech. We have no doubt that if the rebels
gat once thoroughly convinced that recognition
is out of the question, they will be very glad
to fall back on Hunter's plan, which it substan
tially, that the South shall have a separate po
litical government with a general government
for North and South, at to all commercial rela
tiont, whether with each other or with foreign
countries; to be presided over by a President
of the United Confederacies.
Thit it practically hut littlo different from
total independi noe of the two sections, with
treaties of comn ercial amity. The South would
lie to all intents as distinct a people as aro
those of Canada, and the Union, at proposed,
would be Just no Union at all. There would
be no guaranty In it that future secession from
the "comtnericial" alliance would not occur nt
J any time, and with a better showing ot rlglit
than the present rebellion.
Can it be possible that the cabinet emit at
Washington hat ariten npon thit proposition t
We do not see any other basis for peace tlis-
cussioni or peace propositions In the cabinet at
Con scription. The North is to be subjuirated
and coerced Into tho army for the trifinf purpose
of subjugating and coercing the South into tbe
Union, r vault.
The above hit of secesh pleasantry is from
T'Vault's Intelligencer. It expresset T'Vault's
valuation of the Union. It signifies hit horror
of taking an eqnnl chance with hit neighbors
of being obliged to take a murderout musket in
lis hands lo thool at "southern brethren" and
wayward listen." T'Vaolt is a peace lamb,
at well at a stoic philosopher. He ii at indiffer
ent to ordinnry "trifling" matters suoh as the
agonies of national death as woi Nero while
Rome horned. Nero fiddled j T'Vault turni
op hit chivalrous nose and denominates the
preservation of the Union a "trifle." What it
not to Nero that the proudest city of the old
world should crumble into ashes, so it I to
T'Vault that the grandest of modern national
governments should be rent into fragments and
cast helplessly under the tramp of traitors and
C7 Tbo resolutions passed by the demo
cratic State Convention of Pennsylvania, de
clare the uniilteralilo determination of tho de
mocracy of Peinmylratiia to never consent to
any pe&cw involving a dismemberment ol the
Union, mid they claim the right to disous and
urge the adoption of such measure! as will be
most likely to place and keep the whole Na
tional Union together under one geueral gov
ernment. Expedition in North Carolina. Gen.
Foster telegraphed lo Halleck. on tho 7th, that
he hnd sent an expedition to Wanaw which
had destroyed two miles of railroad, burned all
the culverts for five miles, and destroyed the
armory at Kenansville, with a large quantity
of small arms and commissary and quarter
master's stores, captured a number of prisoners,
130 horses and frmn 200 to 300 contrabands.
The expedition returned wilhont lost.
Tall Shooting. The Lewiston Age snyt
that nn tbe morning of the 4th, "at an early
hour, old Sol't rays shot across the hills."
From what we can gather from tho
wni all the thooling done at Lewiston ou (but
Resumption op Specib Payments. 8v-
eral of our city' hanks, desirous of avniling
themselvi-a of the privileges guaranteed ill the
National Bank Law, hav for tome time paid
gold and silver for their circulation, hoping thus
to draw it in : and now the tubject of paynft nt
uf their dividends in specie is under discussion
Ly the directors or the lianka, which, accord
iii( to the Commercial Adcertiier, are large
holder of government securities, on which
they are receiving interest in gold, moro thiiu
sullieieiit in the aggregate to meet the pay
ment or their dividends. In the present as
pect of financial affairs, it is of no advantage
to the banks to add to their already large accu
mulations nf the precious metals. It would be
a public benefit to put in circulation that which
would otherwise be hoarded in batik Vault, and
a private benefit lo Ihe stockholders, from an
increase on the returns nn their investments,
which would he the probable resnltof the adop
tion of thit line of policy. A. Y. Cor. Sue.
A MiaTAKK. We notice a report in the
Eastern papers that the wifo of Mr. Vallandig-
ham has become insann on account nf his nr
rest. We rejoice to slate that this is r't true.
Her nervous system was shocked for some days
hut she hat not become iusaue. Cincinnati
Postal Matter. For the last two yean
the mail of Oregon and Washington Territory
have been "going it" pretty much on their own
hok. receiving no attention whatever from Iho
agent of thit coast, as far at we can hear
There it some disorder, and iu some respect!
the routes and lime of carriage need looking af
let and changing. The old agent, Watrona, evi
dently thought Oregon too small a province of
California to be worth his distinguished consider
ation. Watrous went tearfully up the spool on
a little Senatorial bull and Ihe presumption is
that he drew the postal ogrocy up after him.
If not, where it it and who is the agent ? It
wat rumored that somebody wat appointed to
wear hi cast off agenoy shoes, but, beyond
that, Oregon has no knowledge of hit successor.
The government was last year rvqneted to
establish a separate agency for Oregon
and ashtngtnn, but Ihe application went
unheeded. The P. M. Geueral thonght he
hsd already as many agents on hand as h
could manage, and discouraged the proposition
to add another itraw to hi camel's
hack. So Oregon mailt go when and
sometime where, chance may determine,
and frequently become the prey of mail depre
datura. It f not the fault altogether of post
master or carrier they do at well aa they
can under the Independent tystem upon which
we have fallen. If there really is ao agent for
this eo iet be it doublleet a Californiaa and it
busying himself about the pickings of some cus
tom boose, mint. State or congressional ehe-
Ilea. When that kind of occupation erases to
he intrrrftini-. he wilt douMlet uverhanl mail
matter a far north aa Yreka and then g
bmi again. Oregon will be obliged lo bis fur
veo that much.
tr M. S. Fisher, Maheoeyit (f) ba beea
nominated by lb democrat uf Iowa for Gov
Leoal TKDtta. la Sau Francisco, Jury
11 th. legal leaders wr telling at 74 and 75
ANOTHER MniE.fll.lllUSlB!
The irederals Buocetssaful.
Lee Crosses the Potomac with Loss
of 2,500 Prisoners.
Capture of Fort Hudson Confirmed
Cincinnati, July IS.
Morgan reached Georgetown at midnight.
He is pretty well hemmed in, and chancel lor
hit escape are slim. Gunboati and a large
force left np river yesterday morning to dis
pute hit crossing. The Ohio river it too high
Headquarters Army Potomac, )
.July 148:30 p.m.
To Halleck I We have captured 500 prison
ers iu addition to thoso reported previously.
en. Fettigrew, nt rebel army, was killed this
morning ; his body it In nnr hands.
An official report says that Port Hudson was
captured on Ihe 8th, with 12,000 prisoners ; no
Reports from army at Viuksburg are all fa-
vnmll. Khflrmm is in nursuit of Johnston
itlt a treat prospect of destroying hit army.
Gen. Dodi'e at Corinth reports that he hai
routed the rebels under Forrest, killing and
capturing many. Gen. Hnrlbut's scoots report
Colby, with 9,000 men and 4 cannon is at Cold
Water station.
New York via Yonkers, July 15.
The riot hat not yet ceased. It is thought
that to-day, however, it will probably be
ban r rancisco, juiy a
Lightning on the Plains prevents our reoeiv-
ing luriner iiiieiugenue, iv-uny.
The following dispatch from the Citizens'
Extra Journal, dated Yreka. July 15, and re
ceived here on Sunday morning, contains tome
items not found in the above :
San Francisco, July 15, 81 p.m.
The New York riot wat ruging yesterdny
afternoon at four o'clock, and will probably be
quelled to-day. Several collisions with Ihe
military. Many men killed and buildings
Lee's army crossed the Putomao with a loss
of 2.000 prisoner!.
surrender ol fort Hudson connrmea.
More fighting nt Charleston. All Morris
ulund except Fort Wagner taken by federali.
The Draft. It is announced that the first
draft will be fur 300,000 men. The nuotai for
the several districts are already assigned. New
York City will be called upon for- 12,000
Brooklyn, 4,000. Drafting was to commence
in New York on Monday the 13th. It com
nienced in Pittsburg on the 8th.
Governor op Idaho. Gov. Wallaoe has
entered npon tlio duties of the office of Gov
ernor of Idaho, at Lewiston, and issued the
following proclamation i
The undersigned having been - appointed
Governor of tho Territory of Idaho, aud duly
nualiheil according to law, and. having enter
ed said Territory on the 1 0th instant, will pro
ceed to organize the sume, according to the
provisions of the Act ol Congress, approved
March 3d, and ex olliuio, will discharge
the duties ol suuenntondent or Indian ABiitrs,
Given under my hand and seal, this tenth dav
of July, ono thousand eight hundred and sixty
three. VV. W. WALLALt.
Governor of IJnho, and Sup't Indian AUairt.
Lewiston, 1. I., July 10, IHb3.
Altett: William B. Daniels.
Promoted. lien. Uraut baa been promo
ted to a jlnjur Generalship, and Gen. Meade
to a Brigadier Generalship in the regular army.
The Cattle Embargo. The enforcement
by Victor Smith of tho order forbidding the ex
portation of cattle, has created considerable
excitement in the Northern country. Th
British colonies have heretofore depended
mainly on Washington Territory for their sup
plies of beef, and the order, if strictly enforced
will prove a serious embarrassment. The mat-
ter baa been discussed by the Governors
Washington Territory and British Columbia.
and they have agreed to address an application
to the authorities at Washington for a with-
drawal of the order so fur a this coast is oon
cerned. Tho Victoria Chronicle proposes to
evade the order as follows :
To evsdo the beef embargo, two avenni are
open : 1 he nrst u to establish a slaughter house
at rort Angeles, and ship dead animals to icto
rla daily by tho steamer Caledonia : tho second
and most feasible is to Innd live stock from th
Sound on San Juan Island, whence they may be
reshippod to tins port.
San Juan Island being neutral territory, the
Chronicle thinks tbo bitter plan will not he
violation of the order.
Editor Statesman Sir : I received
note from Eugene City, tliij morning, inform
mg me that ample preparations will be made
liy the cilixens ol that city to entertain a
'I cat-tiers, and others, who mny attend the
Teachers' Association there next month, free
of t-xpense, and requesting me to have the
tamo published in tho papers.
A. U. V A3 1EL3.
Extra Session. It it reported by tome of
the California papert that it had been tele
graphed lo Senator Connett that the President
intended to call an extra session of Congress.
This hurried the departure of the Senator
Another report has it that some appoiutmeuts
for California were about to be made without
the Senator's privity, aud that be weut on to
block that game.
E7 Next week the correspondence between
the Albany, N. Y. committee and President
Lincoln, will appear.
Norfolk A Norfolk letter iayt that tin
Court were organised on the 6th ol June, for
the first time in .Nor tola since its occupation by
the United States forces.
Accident. The vounrest son of the edit
was severely burned ubuut the face and head,
about the hour ol noon yesterday. The little
fellow had got hold of some fire-works, and ob
taming some matches set (Ire to them. The
result was a severe burning. We mention Ihe
accident as a caution to parents how they per-
mit their children to handle combustibles.
Wool The consumption of wool in the
L nited Mates during the past year has been
unusually large, amounting in the aggregate to
some 12ft.00O.0OO iHuindi.
The quantity of raw material required for
army supplies alone, dunur Ibe past year.
estimated at 50.000.000. b Ihe navy I .(WO.
000 ; for civil ana' wear 6.000.000, and Ihe
amount required to replace oottoo, formerly in
eorporated to a much greater extent in mixed
fabrics, IU,U0U,(UU pouuds.
ryrht Light Battery fired thirteen gnus this
moraine iu honor of tha victory at Port Hudson.
tW Gen. Sibley's expedition wat siity-tve
miles southwest of Fort Abcroonibie July 10th,
suffering for want of water. Uauy wagons had
beea abandoned.
The sanguine Union men are confident the
war it nearly over, now thut Vickuburg is oun
and the rebel army driven out of Pennsylvania.
Tho conviotion would conic gladly to every
loyal heart, but at present wo cannot tee any
warrant for it. The lute victorici may ba the
beginning of the end." but there it much to
be done yet before tbe last tcene of the rebel
lion shall be enacted. 1 f any great portion of
r . from the Potomac, it will
Ijen !" vw'l'v-
th niideut of an army of defense for Rich
mond which will gather in from regions aban
doned in consequence of the late victories
The fall of Vioktburg will operate at no dtt:
taut day to materially contract the boondariei
itbin which the rebellion can or win uo sus
tained. The troopt now wett ol ine aiissis-
ni can icarcelv proceed in any practical co
operation with those on the east tide, after the
capture of Port Hudson which we look npon
at a Question of time only. Ihey will, ii pot-
sible, be withdrawn eastward to be nted in the
uch reduoed area of the Confederacy. The
rebel foroet in Mittitsippi, 'Iennetsee ana
Louisiana, will either of their own motion fol
low in the general concentration of troopt, or
they will be foroed to do it. But yet all the
lower Mississippi valley may continue to be in-
fetled with roving and predatory bandt of
guerrillas. While the rebellion holds out with
any respectable ihow of resistance, it .cannot
be expected that the excnnioni of luch bands
can be altogether prevented. A great deal of
tronble may be reasonably anticipated, in that
ay, until the end comes much nearor than
Tbe defent of Lee, whether he shall be fur
ther orippled or not, will doubtless put an end
to the idea of transferring the teat or war
north of the Potomac. The rebels have learn
ed by dearly bonght experience, the impracti
cability of carrying on anything beyond a de
fensive war. They announced bnastingly in
the beginning of the war that, if defeated in
the open field and driven from their intrencb
ments, they would retreat to the mountain fait-
nesies.and carry on a predatory guerrilla warfare
at long at a man was left. They will proba
bly fulfill their boast so far as to contract the
boundaries of the territory they will attempt to
defend, aa far at they find it Decenary. It
may be possible that within a few months, the
active rebellion will be thut dwarfed to three
or four States or fraclioni of Statet. But thil
hedging in process will only be forced by a
prompt and vigorous prosecution of the recent
advantages. Waiting where we are to tee
how near dead tho rebellion is, wont accom
plish it. Tho rebellion should be allowed no
breathing spell. We have got it to whip, and
the more rapidly and vigorously the blowt are
applied, the sooner will the devilish thing 07
" enough."
President Lincoln and the Ohio Com
mittee. UHICAOO, July v. freudent L,tn
ooln'i reply to the Ohio committee, who waited
on bim to ask the release of Vallandigham. af
ter an argument in defence nf the course pur
sued, concludei thut : I tend you duplicatei of
this letter, In order that yon, or a majority ot
you, mnv, if you choose, endorse the billowing
propositions : xtrst a iiat tucre is a reueiiiou
now in the United Statet, the objeot of which
..f . Tl... .1 ! ..l..i.
it to destroy tho union, and that in your ontn
ion the army and navy aro the constitutional
meant for tuopreesmir tho rebellion, second
That no one of you will do anything which
in hit own judgment will tend to binder enlist
ments, or increase- or fitvor desertions or lessen
the efficiency of the urmy or navy, while en
gaged in the effort to suppress that rebellion.
Third I nut eucn oi you win in ins sphere do
all he can to have the officers and soldiers in
the service of the army and navy, while en
gaged in the effort to suppress the rebellioti.
paid, lea. ciau aim otneririse wen proviued lor
and tnpported. A majority signing this, there
will be a reversal nf the order in relation to
Vullanilighatn. The President says : I do thil
because he is not present to speak' for himself ;
hence, 1 expect Mint nn hearing of it he would
not put himself practically in antagonism with
the position of his friends.
The committee replied ai follows : However
just the undersigned might regard the princi
ples contained in the propositions submitted br
tbe President, or how much soever they might,
under other circumstances, feel inclined to elP
dorse ihe sentiments contained therein, yet
thuy assure him that they hare not been au
thorized to enter into bargains or conditions
with the President to procure the release of
Vallandigham. Ihe opinions ol the under
signed, touching questions involved in the prop
ositions, are well known and sufficiently mani-
tested In the resolutions of the convention
which they represent ; and they cannot suppose
that the President expects they will seek the
discharge of Vallandigham by a pledge imply
ine not only an imputation upon their own le
curity and fidelity at citizens, hut also carrying
wiiii n ny implication a concession ol toe legal
ity of his arrest, trial aud banishment, against
which iney and ine uonvsjntmn they represent
have solemnly protested ; and while they havo
asked a reversal of the order of banishment, it
was not ns a favor, hut ai a right due to the
people of OhiA. and with a view to avoid the
responsibility of conflict or any disturbance of
tue puotto tranquility, i Dey do not do this,
nor aoei aiianuigtiam desire it, nt any eacri-
uot ui tueir uignny or teii-retpect.
t7" Tho California Contingent nnder Major
Thompson, wai in the great fight at Gettysburg
and lost thirty or forty of their number. The
troopt behaved nobly and woo distinguished
honors for themselves.
17 The late Uuion successes were hailed
by enthuiiastio demonstration! at every place
in California heard from.
Salem. Julr lfl. lgfi.1
Mb. Editor The good feeling of the cele
bration of the recent Union victories a the
Flag-staff last evening, wai marred hv the
speech of Gen. Pearne, in which he advocated
tue uocmne oi negro ana wtute equality.. At
an abolition meeting, convened nn party occa
sion, such sentiments would have been properly
enough expressed ; but at a Union meeting,
composed, in part, of men to whom snch doc
trine was odious and repulsive, it was out of
place, in bad taste and in violation of good
manners. Xo speaker had a right thns to ob
trade suoh. or any other, obnoxious sentiment,
(a subseouent speaker did the same), and no
well-bred gentleman would do it.
Diitorbinre it Lot Angeles.
The following dispatch was received to-day s
Loo A jF.les. July 810:45 A. it.
To Hon. F. F. Low x I attempted to cele
brate the news last night snd in ,ffi. ... ...
tacked. I had to call on troops to defend ot.
Clan I . 11 tf .',-. r n
w.gucvi i, ,u. sum rosunastcr,
Money Market.
Private dispatches received here to day from
New 1 oik mention that yesterday forenoon,
July 7lh, at the opening ol tbe B.rd nf Brn.
kers. old wat at I3ti. Later in the day it fell
tr. 133. and at the close of business it stood at
An Evis THtxo.-The rebels claim the
Gettysburg 8ght as about aa un thine.
B. J. L- J- ..... 0
AOTuniiu5 hi uia aupaicD, iheT lost oter 50..
AAA . a .1
uw men. Auotner "evea thing" will leave
Lee in command of bis bone and about .OuO
men. We can stand a few more -nn
Fohtukhs Monroe, July 9.
Gen. Dix has destroyed the bridges nn the
Smith Anna and torn tip tix miles of Freder
icksburg railroad, thus cutting off Lee 1 com
municiition. The Union feeling in North Carolina is rap
idly gaining strength.
' B Chicaoo, July 10.
We hnve nothing additional from the Army
of the Potomac or from Vickshnrg.
Boston, July 10.
A rebel pirate it cruising in the Sea Island
fishing grounds, and ii doing much damage.
A Government iteuiiier has been tent after her.
tT The 4th of July wai quietly oelebrated
in Victoria by the Ainericam resident. The
Union Aug was displayed lo various parts of
the city. The Confederate flag waved over
the shipping office of Capt. Nagle.
The people of the city of Salem do orrlnln as follows :
That the ordinance passed this council Deo. tf'td, IHH2,
entitled "an ordinance to levy anil cojlsct taxes for
the rl.oal year, commencing Doc. M, Inffi," be and
ths lame Is hereby amended so as to read its follows i
Htc. 1, shall read "That a tax of live mills on the
dollar be and the same is hereby levied upon all the
property within the corporate limits of tbo oily of 8a
fern made taxable by law for city purpows."
Krr ii ahull read : ' That all assessed taxes shall be
paid lo the city collector on or before tbe 15th day of
AUgUSt next, aim nun anu oirir uu-,gr jn.uiiff ,v
pay his or their taxes on or before such ti je. shall pay
ill addition thereto, the sum of live per cent., which
per cent, shall be paid for the use and beuelit of the
citv collector."
1'assed July 9, 1863. 3w2t
July 19th, by H. A. Johnson, Kkc(., at the residence
of tbe bride's father, William C. Miller of Linn coun--ty,
and Rndama A. Wuher of Marion county.
June 18th. by Rev. C. Rels. Mr. B. P. Steen and
Miss E. A. Teel, all of Walla Walla.
In San Francisco, Jnlv ftth, Mr. Alexander Baldwin
and Mrs. Joanna H. Sutherland.
At Astoria. Julv 4th. by Rev. L. Thompson, Mr. W.
W. Parker, and Hiss Inei E. Adams
In Mnllnomah county, June 15th, by Rev. B. tf.
Longworth, Alexander M. Jess, of Josephine 'jounty,
and Alias Martha J. Culbartaon.
In Jacksonville, Julv 9th, by Rev. M. A. Williams,
Wm. J. Ply male and Miss Josephine J. Martin.
In Jackson county, Stb, Judge I., A. Rice, in bis 54tb
In Lone county, July 15th. Harriet, wife of Michael
Last, Hired 24 yrs. 7 mos. and 16 days.
In Portland. July loth, of consumption, Kate, wife
of Hon. Geo. H. Williams, aired & yevrs.
$10 Reward.
STRAYED, from the enclosure, In Balem, two eel
dinirs, six years old : One a dork bay, about ISj
hands high, black mane and tail, larne wart on left
eart the other a dark sorrel not quite as larpQ as buy.
no particular marks or orunas. uay was snoa on lore
feet i sorrel shod all round. Tbe above reward will
be paid, with tnBny thitnks, to any oue who will leave
them at Durbin's stable in Salem, ov give information
tvnere tuoy can oe lounil.
Salem. Joly 00, 18C3. 20tf
THOMAS H. CRAWFORD, A. B , Teacher of An
cient Lanmitairea and Higher Mathematics.
W. W. BKACI1, Teacher in English Department.
THE college building is to be relltteil and enlarged,
so that students of all grades will be accommo
dated. EXPENSES.
LanfruaireB, quarterly $9 09
Higher Envhsh $7 00 to 8 0O
Common English S 00 to 8 00
Primary Department 4 00 to 5 00
Board in private families from (3 to $.1 per week.
Sett. First term begins Angnat 31st. Half terra
begins Nov. 16th ; vacation during hohdave.
1SJ64. Examination, Feb. 4tb. tecond term ha.
gins Feb. 8th. Vacation of one week, beginning;
April 25th. Half term begins May 3d. Examination
Thursday July 21st.
fVTuis Institution will be free from any sectarian
indnence.T 8W30
Marine, Fire and Life!
THE undersigned are Agents la tbia State for the
following Companies :
('ITV ,
There are no elder. sufM nr mm !i'nlj mn..
nies in the world than those above named.
We will insure at the some i ates that can be effected
throUKb San Fntncisco agenu, and the California
aiaie stamp lax is tuns avoided.
We call the attention of tbe community, particularly
married, to the advantages of Lite Insurance.
ry Call and get a pamphlet
Schmacker's History or the Present
SUBSCRIBERS to this work, In Marion, Polk and
beulon enemies, who were promised copies in
June, are notified that owing to their non sbipmenl
rrom ewn l rancisco on the last steamer, there will be
an unavoidable delay of about three weeks. At that
lime. I shall be ready to deliver the work to present
subscribers. J. H. KOBBIXS.
, , , . ,.. Traveling Agent
SmIcti, Joly 20, 1863. lwiO
U.S. Tax Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that all U. 8. taxes which
have been assessed in the counties of Marion and
Clackamas, are now due and puvablo and that the col.
lector will be m 8ulem on Monday, Tuesday aud Wed
nwday, July 27, !W, and 29. and at Oregon City on
enday and Saturday, July 3lit aud August 1st, to re.
ceive nnd receipt for the same.
N. B. The law makes it imperative on the collector
to enforce penslties on all who shaN neirleet In pay
within the time advertised. L. V. COE
Cnlletnr far Tll.,nn ..f n..H
PnllMtA-'. nrfl t i A r, , e
ice, Portland. Ogn. J
July 15, 1863.
MILL ilR milS
Edward P. Allls dr. Co.,
suNcracTeaini r
French Burr Mill Stones,
and an descriptfoni of
Dealers in Bolting Cloths,
And all descriptions of MILL FURNISHINGS.
Agents for the sals of
Ban. Prase. Jr.'i Smut Barhine,
rjUER'S lmprovtd SEPARATOR, and
Benton's World Challenging Bran Dnstcr.
W also manufacture tbs celebrated
Goodwin Water TVlieel,
Which we believe to be the best water-wheel in ass
Plant and eetiinatea fnrnished on tpplieation.
6mK Milwaukee, Wis.
Notice to Contractors.
flrrict Oaiso Rokde Aoiscr, )
CEALED PROPOSALS will"'. 'rS ,J0f.
p Bee umd 4 o'clock, p. n... on galnrdav. "he sSh
inst.. for cuttios: and threshing three hundred i
L .! whew for the firfianSo. TbisoT
SS,'' "dtSSBSS:
Payment will be made in U. 8. Tmwnrr nou
lml9 U. 8. Indian Ag't.
Diraolatlon of Copartnership.
THE eopartnership heretofore txislina: between J
W Bo,l, and J.W. Mr Ate. la U,i. dar diiiolri
by mutual .consul. Dr. 4. W. Boyle will be foTnd m
bit tan. la Polk county M ,n tim..nnt-'Xt
r . I wnssivx-a. Lr. i. rw , McAlM will
coatiDiM to pneuea medicine iu Salem.
T W. BOYLE. PhysicisoOBTirF
J . wr bis profoo formerly
at Ms rwdeuei tu Poik eoaatt, taiee miU ei 3
July SO, ISO.