The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, February 28, 1860, Page 2, Image 2

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WE3DAY, FEB. 88,' I860.
Th dUtilMur ia our I'ortfcutJ corTTsmril
roce of this iret-k, in rfgnrJ to 1V.uil's treason
able oappljr of the 'inpT of war" to the "na
tional faction. In the eanvaa of 183d, to car
ry oa ! campaigu against the democratic ur
g aaiialion, will tlnubtlvti lake the con u try liy
arprias.- ltn tltue who Lara hf-n fully
worn W Lano's aelllah. ambition character,
aa-1 who ware satisfied of tho fact that he had
Mtttot understanding with tho leaden nf tho
Mtional N taction, and wa ready otuIr to
ai J with them in the event of their suvee, n ill
hardly bo pirparod to learn that he had carried
hi Irea-aou to the party to which ho owes his
frotiiieal eiiateace to the esteot iinltuatt-tl by
Mr Portland cnrrrnponileut. Yet tho facta are
aopported by incontrstilile proof.
At the time that he fiiriiislieil fa ml to be em
ployed in a erutde ag.tiuat tho Oregon tlenioc
raey, Lah tva. aud had beuu fiir many year,
ctjoying the highest ioitiiui f honor, trust and
proSt within the girt of the ik-tiriuratio party of
tho Territory. lie expei-trd, in the event of
Ibe eoattnuml a.Moe) of the party, to receive
Mill farther honor end riiuiltiiitriita at tlieir
haa-H. He w therefore bound, by every enn
aideratioa of honor, truth and gratitude, to u
Tory tertton which ho liiniurulily might, to
Mcnro aaJ further tho sticvcs of that party.
Least of all could hi fiieii.W expect that he
woakt secretly an 1 traitorously furnit'i aid and
comfort to an aJverto faction, uutititiglv in the
Held with an organisation aud a ticket, i-rr-nly
striving to overthrow the re-jalar i!-ni te
nor. Tot doryijiieov.Mi cire nmtvtce
'trapirtl giving nc lu the mini of nnuy to
stronr saaprtion-s which after event fatly cn
Urmti J. that had a aecret sympathy and on
derttanding with the leader r that f.tctinn.
And now we hive the damning proof tU:t hia
timchory waa carried to the fullest ejteitt, and
thai he troted a portion of tiio salary which
he roerired by mean of the S'lflr.t-j. nf the
lonJorat:e party of Oreg t:: t the uh'i.iU-
pnoa of dofe-sliti; atl wvcr.Ur-v.rinj that party,
antioip ttio;. per ;. e u l.-n.jt from the
cntaafrophe. aa-l tranting to th. chance of nc
oeo aal to tit title uf de.Uitcratio " uturpvd
by tho f loumt, f-r au rsooto fT hi trcao:i.
lliaaoroto anad sarin;' anything againot the
Batioaalt " dnriu the c-tttra, hi "Greeev
ajjfl Carth.tgv le-tler, ttio publication f which
ia tho Timt pi waicJ ll'.liiia-it many a hear;y
earoe fro a me.uU.-r of La:u-'j ft, and lii
bitter deanqoiatioa of the Jt-rritn? ftjti.iii.
whoa the re.utt uf the cvntp lin bee UK' known,
Oro BO mtoy eorroh iralivw rvi-lcue.. of hia
In tV face of theae ftct. who will have the
hardihoo! to arfeiii-tt to defend or ecue L wi"
coalil'jt iu the Ctrl vita of H.VS time of nil
ajtaer wh-a the itr-fi-at of t!ie deoioer.uio party
Have l'ea attended by the nvl deplora
Ll. re."tt t We pr"t n that hi hireling
iv.-rnil rt-tiioiT. a ad hi venal prve will
attempt t jtify the traitor and defend the
ttau : bnt will iatelliyent and truth-loving
ivinoertt. Jeiitix-rta from principle, an I tint
fC o&oe aol Lire. pot further faith in the
a-a rhe from oelri!! iiKitivea baa In-lrayetl and.
kr hia eoaotonance and pettaiiUry aid to the
netUT. aonsUt to Jcfeat the party to which he
: Li paat au J preaent hi h position ?
Nr. 0Mearaa part tn the tranaactioo t to
o irreot loa;reo escaarl; beesnse he waa nt
fen war with the tlemocratio rO-gariii itimi of
Orron, and deemed it ju.ti(iahle. jH-rhajw. to
receive aid front a pricate'y friendly amirce.
whatever lie night think of tbo bad f tith which
prompted it.
An nTier tnteretin; di.chMore tu tde by our
Portia a l orrapondcnt. ia the fact of the t n
aleria the draft of an tudividual to whom CI.
(Tbapntaa had given a urveying contract, in
4at jartrint f,r the o!d S'ani,iri rm-, which
to be uei at Engeue City in aJvocatiii
Chapman' cUiina to the Seuate. The Tact ia
eiy riaiacaot. hot will aarprie no one w ho ia
oc-tak,tel with tho biatorj and character of
tNe preoeot Sarvey or General of
Cotnmeat i auueceioarr.
; The ibpoty whose draft waa tendered (and
naroe we ovoit from onr Portlaml letter)
h a' worthy gentleman, and we think not much
t4 aa admirer of tho Chapman, TVault
v&A Lana. abrtractlv.
C3r Delnaioa aay he Las certificate onl
etantiating tho infamoo fraaJ nf ptncin re
pablic&n doenrovnta in a copy of the
That hi black and rotten heart ha conceive!
a fraeJ, and that tome bae instrument !
hb;-a g t taexecnte it to clan K-stinely p!ace
ao!t a itooamcnt io voaie hoaeat uht-riiK-ra
paptr, cither after it arrival at the ollice of it-
destination, or t:t one of th'inc thro ig'i which it
njar have p aaaed in gaiuj' there, ia not i:np:t-t-lle.
" Hat tho uiiacreaut liaae enong!i to erpe
trate ach a deed, ia not likely to have had aKili
t-aal to hi iafamy. And it w ill not lie aur
pnaiu; if I he matter carries on it fice tiie evi
(cace nf tho fraud. D.-laaion aavi he has lot
money from the iniila. The wretch vile enough
to perpetrate thia republican document "
fraad. ia villain enough to rub a mail, if fear
" pi dcteotiou and paaisuaieiit didn't deter him.
We will ;ice reward for proof convicting
tit -miscreant of the deed.
- Hk Wos't Dik. The Lane society in Ore
gon M joat how felicitating ilat-lf with the hope
that Senator Douglas will not r.-covcr from hia
illoeM. It is alao liacnvend by them, a the
time ftw the election of member of tlie h'gisla
aro appmachef. thut line's provpeuta for toe
Charieoton uomination are brightening! Au I
they all repnbliab for about the sixth time the
pottatory scrai aont them by Mnaea, inchuliug
the eae from tbo MempbiatronwcAe. Thia ia
expected to help J'Wili' chniM-e for Senator.
V oee a good muiiy Athiutio paper, and w e
doa't ace Lane'a name ineationed, except to
ftneer at hi ridicalous aspiration. Hi chance
for the Charleston no ruination i no In-tter than
JCU Carton' t.
RECArrciw axd Uecovkkt. The horses
he longing to AdV.lphcs Chamberlain, of Cham
poeg, which were stolen some three weeks ago,
were recovered, and one of the two rascal (es
caped eaaricta) who had them in possession re
captured, oa Saturday of last week, by Mr.
peter Bilyea. who waa deputized by Sheriff
Coraoyer tor tho purpose. They were found
on a amaH tributary of the Sautiani. near the
ooanatiuBa. by a Prty of hantera. from whom
Sfaeriif Cornoyer got information af them. The
maa who was captared is Kearas, who was
newtenccd to the penitentiary from this county,
lie waa refwroed to that inetitatinn in charge of
Shotift HtJioan. of Polk county, who w-aa t-ou-vermg
thither Tbomaa Laneu, seutenocd fur
hie for mnrder in the second degree.
Accident yo the Elk. The steaiucr Elk
u loot downward trip on Sumlay Ja2, at rock a
Mag the river about a mile a Sore Corrallia,
v u& in str t n feet 'of water. Ilcr cargo,
Oons-iirrg; tf grain and bacon, was somewhat
rfamajed. Tho stcaincr Relit and Moose
atrtfp on Vcdaeiiy test,' for she pnrpoee bf-
Tho government t f Grcnt rtritniti tcetna re
olvoJ tn occupy Ihnt purtlnu of her Atticricnn
poaeioiia lying to tho weatward of Caunda
with aomething more thfin tho tmflie of the
! Indent's Day Company. liven before the lis
fovtiy of gold on Fihut' rlvt r. a movement
had been made toward eiicoitrngiiig njjrietiltur
Nlaettlemeiita on the tributoriea of l.nke Winne
peg, iinmediatr ly not tit of tho State of .Minne
sota. The great central plain of North Amer
ica, including thf valley of the Miaiaaippi, ex
tern! to the Arctio ooenn. Up to the City -fifth
parallel a great portion of tho a.iil i fertile, and
the climate uot materially colder than that of
Canada. The facilitic for outer communi
cation, throughout t!ii region are excellent.
The country, like Miiiiiesnia. ia compnrntUcty
level, aud nbound in bikes. The lted liiver of
tho North rife in the latitude of fuity-neVeii
degree, mid lit IVmhiua. where it feavea Min
ueota, a huudrcd mile from it month, i a
noble river. Front this point It is about too
hundred aud forty mile nlong Lake Wioue
peg to the month of the SuikuiclievHn, which
ia aah! to Ite navigable for nearly it thoUHHinl
mile to the westward. A railrotnl ia now bo-
inj; lni!t from Vt. Paul, on tlie MiMOwippi, lo
the lted Kiver of the North, nt A point where uu
American ptenmhont rta, (act June, lamiched
npmi tliii new line of navigation. The aettle
uieitt of thia country "ill bo a matter of the
higiieat itnpoilance to the iiieruaulilv intereKta
of Minnewita. The only olmtaclo in the war
ia the charter of the HmUon' Hay Company,
a mtity ehl document, (jruuted by King
Charle II, a hundred uud ninety year iiro.
and ono wh'ch, it ia thought, th Uriiivh gv
eruuieul wi'.l not acrnple to et aide, na far nt
thev think nece.arv. I'he original charter i
aaid to bo perpetual, but in 1 11 ita ptiiih-ge
w ere girutly extended for u peiiihl of in cult
ouo ye:ir ly au net of Parliament, nnd oniii
for a I.Ue term m '1'lie escloie lie iim
upon u liteh tlieir late aratem of operation waa
IiamhI, nnd all Hie privilege they ever hud Weft
of the U it v .Moiintiiiua, expired on the itilih
of June, I nnd the government rvluav to
griut tiiem au extension ol the monopoly. Ky
ttie erti-tioit of ldiiili Coluiuliia into n colony.
lUeir rihta on tin coai-t are extingtiiMied. oiitl
there i liltlv ttonlit that mean w ill oon lie
found to open the country north of Miutieaota
lor a llleiiH iit. L'n.'fTi kll We failed to get "til-ly-foiir,
forty or tilit," nml there i not much
allow tur till.Uillenil in that tlireclioii ; there-
fae it ia t our iuteirt to hue lliia northern
Irut.tier aeitU d a aooii a p.Nihle.
IxoKRASiNtt. More of l). l i-ioa'a atock
holdera nnut to aell wot, nod threaten to try
their "aheare' nt act-lion in t;ie atn-et of Al
bany, if they can't "get almi" of them without.
Oiie r.i) be haa heett oiTered a buck-tki for
hull of hi hut thioka he ought to ;et
nnov. Another toM IK-liii'ioti thut he eillo r
lied when he denied that Lane onnel Moc!,, or
he lied when he ani l he did; for that he told
hint, aaan inducement M mUm t.lie, that l.aue
waa a at.iekh-iMer. .-. ne of the recent pur
ch:uera alwi ceolato that Delii-ion It i .!, iv
el thtm tiiat tlo-y p.irv!iaed un.ler D'-liMioiTa tiie toaeern had il large liat
ot auhaetith-ra, nnd waa a paying iurtitudoti.
They w.-re t!ierefre m.loif.1 lo hue atock. on.l
iww liod. on exaiiiiii.tlioti. ileit Irin
keen U lug moat egregionly. t)f co irae h Il t.!
Some of ilii atovkio.ldt-r nre alii becoming
nlarmetl nt the dieotery that the prea aocl.i
tiini i an onliuary eip trtiierhip. o. tlt it ih,.
tockliolder nrt iii.IivkIu illi Intole l'r tlie Jt l.t-
of thf t-uneelll.
L.tNE'a "SpuKfit." We tliiuk mi intelli
gent Oivgnuiaii can renJ Lane' apeetli, hia
own veraioii aeot out here iio.Ier hi frank,
without feeling of hami ii'inn. That aH.t-eh.
or clloiiy, ahow Iwo thinga: f'ir-t. ihut
ltue had been "act" by other partic to m ike
a apeveh which was to ati-fy bot!i aoiith nnd
north; that he on a more aatoiua'oii in ilie
handa of iiue eo ii.iii:t-e npp Hiited over bin..
That S-nator Pogh. aware of the fact that
Lane u a mult r keeper nnd ignomnl of hta
auhjett, waa plainly leading htm to hot it tile ex
poaure of hia ignorance and I lie nvoaal of
opinions not held lv tlie anutli. when Seiiatirr
ISniwn, tf Mir-., thnial hiuiaelf in. discourte
ously to Lane, na he (Itroun) miit have Im-cii
awnre, nul would Ut aullVr Lane to pnH-in-d,
Uilt t,tikrri J'vr him. Tlnwe of tm u let mi
ltoe'aoait i.iniililet edition of Una eol.x-iv.
r-nd it. an I aw if you e:i:i avoi I tiieav li t.iiui
Mlmg coneluioiia. Kuowiie' l.-ioe to Ik m
aeaaetl of a deal of cralt nti I pi'lley, w e are
aurpriatal that he aluiuld liimelt bae ililrili
uted that "apeecli."
Ca Delnaion tn we have "dyed our hair
and nliu-ker. U'o lont npao it iutvrort
tho pililic to know w-hetlur that ia line, or
whether Delation, as n-snal. haa lied. Hut aa a
matter of fact, tho latter ia the caae. There
waa never a irop of dye upon our hair or whia
kera thoae who know us wi II know that ia not
"our at vie. Hit thia calls to mind a little oc-
enrrence at Oherliu. in which Di lu-ion'a tow-
head cut a promim-nt figure. When attending
tilt iiegni i-t-tiiK.I i liiat hia hair l. iag ua
white aa wiaii, one of hia uigger claaauiiilea
told him that he h id a preparation called
Imz ir,, which would .he hia L.ur lilack. I)e
1'iaion. aacredahoi ileal aa now. "hit," and im
portuned the nigger for a (in uitity of it. hiiiImi
ni.i.le a preparation of wuich couiiiioii lor uhd
the principal illgreiiielit. hauded it to Delil-ion
with iuatiuciioiia to npply it tu t lie hair freely,
letting it reantii a --t;iui time, and then wuli
ojf. Oeiuaioa eagerly followed the nigger di
rectio'.ia; :ul went Weil until he came In the
tca'iing off, when, line liic old woman' calico,
it xcou'.iiu'l ic.i. i'lle ae;pltl waa that D. lil
yiuu hud tu have his hair clipped cloae to hia
tveiz:-haued fku'il to cet oil llie tar. He wu.
always ntur kuown at Ooeriiii u L
lard. I In l a " trvc bill, mi l it tM'trroXe
timonr waa siiiiiustiUile, uc coul.l prove it lit a
court of ju;ke.
ceiver at 0!yiu;ia, delivered a apeecli at that
place- ft abort time amcc. on the political iaue
of tliia day. lie detl ired in favor of lion iu
tcrveution of the general government, anil the
sovereign! v of the Territories, as the old Dem-
nt-ratio dootiine. the correct iutcrpr.-tutioit of
the Cincinnati nl.itl irm. j.iat pulley and gouinl
principle. Mr. Gattielde atuuipi-d the greater
portion ol Kentucky lor Mr. liiichanan in la
aud waa appointed from that Statu to the office
he now- hotua.
UTDcluaion savs we arc a Univeraaliat. In
view of hi conduct and couditiioi in Wadiiug-
Um and tn route to and from, we are diaoacd
to acquiesce in the orthodox doctrine of " total
depraciltfj" The salvation would have to lie
literally universal," that coul.l save the hypo
critical" wretch that coul.l desecrate the eui.-retl
dcak with hia loathed presence, and then defile
the suc-crdotai robo in ahamloued licen
ti'tuaneaa and beaatly intoxiciilion. lo you aet
youraclf :n thia picture. Delusion ? Jf you will
"not, the public of Oregon Jo.
The Spirit. Mr. Cox, of Linn county,
whoae letter we julili.s!i tu-dar. say hu hua
a-iid " must emphatically that he w ill not vote
for either Lane or Smith, nor for any one that
will." Democrat w ho thus emphatically
clare, are not few, cither iu Lino, or some other
comities. The Lauc men bo! J ly declare they
ill mit vote for an anti-Lane man. The in"
significant handful -of them in thia comity ot
Marion so declare every day of tho week.
E2T Tha pOtit of. March has been appointed
tLs exeoutfos pjf Itifeit -
niit'llKASI! Uf itl.tll. SKRVIilt At
One of 1i rhlif privation wlil-'.i the chiton of
fti-ogon liar Iweti nniiullil tu uii:lnr. lis bacn tlie
want of ak-iiiuta limit I will tie. Tins Uiorwiaa of the
mail scrvleo. by lliu rtnblUliinatit of new unites, anil
mora fretjiu ni coimuuiiiruiiou by tha olil iinea, liua
tirau llie bimlva of our petition la t'oilgrraa, nml ol
our lotiora tu our lVleiptte, fur iiiitny yeuia pact. It
waa Mi'eticd thut tho nJ.litioiiiil liilluomc III
ull'uiia w '..U S Orriroii woul.l Mr iiii-v lr liur iulniiaion
Into l: t'nioii, w ould seeuro Ilia n lilili.miil uniil ser
Vie ku neeeasary to tlie comfort and couvenlotico uf
our i itui-ii. Hut since tho cliumio iu our poliilnil run
diiion, li ateait of lotlnimr nn iarroaae of xiatul fueill
lira, tv urs losing aa iniotiiiiil part of w Imt we l
ready I ad !
' Hy l lie lut Atlantic mall, nw i earelveil thai the
conlnu i for t-Mi-ryiiiK Ida in.iiU liel wii ilrooii t'iiy
ami t'orvuiiU lnu bevu awarded to apt. X. V. Ile.lea,
for thu a uu of iIlmihuii I d-illura t!iu uuda tu Iw
rairiml tit uwr o trfik leaviinr Oregon ity ,!ntijy
tmiiiti4 mid rvliit-niiii' thcro Tluiril:iy nlglit oy
ImirikiiH.. Itttrvlul.are wo huvr Imd 4rvl.c iiwin ilo
route tu a nivk i nnd. nlthoiiMh liiat airlr tvto
roiiaiduml nit-nrv enouiili ly tin) w hu w urn iii
plieil liy it, it WllH tU'k'tiiilit'let.s a j(IVMI aerotiiilliMlutiiui
lo the eill.eua of llie Willmiietie Valley. A very
alight bioreiiao of lh aomteiiM.illoii would liuva ii-n
tided a trl w eekly mull Mrrvii-e, lliroii.thoul t!i whole
leulli el' thu vull'.y i au I our eilUuiia llioii'it iliry
Imd a riil;t to il. ln ol I uud to rxpr. t this itdditloiinl
at-rvuv. Tue lieoii Stu.'e I'o upauy, winwo hid wa
forwurtlfd to Ilia I iei;otiiiitit uiTToit Mt.iiu liuio wilh
hnl f t'lipt. Il.nlt. . i!t'frvd lo uiiry llie lutiila mn.
i-.' liming thrsix w inter month, mi l triirnk'
doiii: l'ie aiiiiitner itaiulliH, for the auiu of live
thoiiNitid It . u hundred d dlar.. T.iis hid n un n-jei'tvd.
tl.oiw'i it Uus hill llll.-t-u hinidii'd ilollur lowlier iliui.
thil ot" t m-t. Med," for i.i I't.tit ont'hitl tllo aurvK'e
It will t borne III tuiu I tout Line' (i.illrv e.i:iii
for the of Mi. Il oirn IVu.ii tfir i ixitloit ol
liivaMeii)(er lotlte I. Stiei-ittieiiiliiii'y ( iireiin
wiiatiuil (Ileum:! laiihtiea warn or u.l.-.U.lto lo uu.
pii-ply if the neeenry roiiiiiiiiuh'utioii belwueu too
ot'u-e ot iItm rliiHiri.tifaIeiiiy and l'ie ilid.riviil ixhv
elt-a We itointi-d out, t.iat "w eek, the f ill u v uud t.
. autUity ut liilaexniw. Iioiii tlir io lixioit iblu fuel Ihiil
. I-etv bnd brt-n 119 moix-ium ol mull tiK-ititirs ilia
It . e.u ir. .it- any it thi'Ml, wlori lbs -ittM'dii.--ilileol nl
I. iv i!-einlMldrliry. t B.lralrd. wiiilt isil-ili-!
1 ! t.u I, Ilia: lai n- I h I i-i-..l-iitily H-i-iii.:e I .Mr.
I lUian I iniiWi.mer ll.Tfii . no I t.-iiit tlie'e Imd bi-ru
In -li a neic iueiTHe of mail m rni- in 1 1 .1; - ii, u u
lcnii4 it a itHsteU4er u iiwU-v n(ie-.iil.iifw lu Ilia H.e
H-roorl..ettt-y herv. a rruioc li.m , llial L lltu till
:i-M:irt-d t'i iM(llianter ll.'iienil thai a Weekly 111 tt
aervi. e v a 'lllile pi:lii-tetit lor tlie !. it lleees'ilH-M ol
il-e WdUuit-iia Valley, and llial loiytlon furt'er
woul.l bo siirlliioua. IVoliul Iv ii.s fact I.' al Hit
members ol l-.c I lTr-iu .-Ul ' i imiiHtliy we e 111 l
Line Inc. 1. I a 1 etoiiu I ' d.i w ith tile uw.11-1 . f tf
eaatniel laltle waa d Mitel. -j atritii! ot t in i r
a.it4i.l f.-elia x1 and rit-rciHea ot ilia p-,tit- l.t.l.loi,
uud it to'o !:a-l u iv Mei'itMiiua t'.wlothra
tl.-ptiitueal. lie eerttuty ruiployv-l it.
I iia a. t of Line' l.'l il i.-."ii i llie lil-11re 111 1 I
aarT.i-e w have n. a m.M, tlo in iae b laiaew
luieiW f IUa Willa netle Vaib-y. Wali.ivrma u .
la 'k .V.-.V aayiniti Imt n aree ily mail. I ierc la a
Nil fi.T "ale in fin I'ai.l Waero n--h ia I le
Venly " il i a r.iiaf mmw f .r a .'e Suite lu I hi
aeoted by a ifi-aMaa-i "
If w e i.el in I in tV.ia'ttnton a f lil'iful roniTK I
hu(iie a 'u in, I ilo ulS-r I i inlrrela of II e ...
d.x a a-rt f . v;-y rv 1 1 . ,. I m kn i. I ' l'ie u' i.e ....
' r-are coat I r .1 '.arr tw-n r . ii-uttted t II ie I0.14 a ..
t e lu 'e l a'nl t-.i.n-riM;iite I 111tore-.l1. i.l II . .
ittu.bM.T f 1 .1 re-t I 1 1-a i 1 ir tiaattf a u'ottoa u i-l -trow
art ..a le.- I Haw l.itu f
ITThe I i State Sm'iiel i. kauwit to
every ini.t 1 a a at.tnuc!i deut-a-r itiu paper,
t-'roiii a recent number of it, we lake the f !
low in?:
A Xr.W Op.'lRtTI PtPRR. We line re
ceive I a copy of a.i i;ip aaiti ia pip -r. j i-t atari
il ia !ti!ille. Uah i iuty, eilled tlie llu.h
vill. .It .vfUf'.n. edited by .1 LIS L. It 11:1,
au I Kr tRt.tiKnr t". Ili'i:i;:s. It iicntiie
ah nt t'l i'ii. p iitini ia the atrie of tli; men
an I iinii.-iiile of tlu' 1 ai.K-r.itic nart r aa tin-
J frn tf nri I pi-ier of 1'iat ilk.
Ji-iiniti: hat a desecration ortite ii:i:im
of !l Hi -k iry. It i no iii tu resurrect hi
b i tea r r.-b !. t'le " lerile . S'-t'e Si ntin.t.
We fi ll tin extract ap4itiiu,i!y copied into
oiher p iper ia In limi t. I1i!.h-u
h i l-u sent nut to take ch rg'' of t!ii p ip.r
(Hid H.biilio't never write far it) to jnff'
I. ;ie i n.i l. an fir Tia we have stvu, it i ill -n
ily p iper la the Stan of ma a S'ate iu
a a. ii ill i irtiu.i of whic'i th -v U ia.r L-toe tli tl
ap.-aUa fivor !!,- of hi n. it will b. aeen what
eri il IV t!l. !. u i. f icy of I 1 1, i 1 1 place n4i i
III d II icr l.-V of Lt.le'a hull .-r Wil
ll.bhcii left Oregon, h. dec! uv.l that Lun
w.nil.l ii. vi r be re, h ! the Sen tte liuin I'erinpa. if It t-anl g-t Itiliiu.iti j;
lor In a lor t'rer -llt -nt In II en leavor to aecurv
: . . . . ., ... .
ii i i.viiou ro me in tl I'.M .-l ite .eiialc Iron
IJ'ih eo ititv.
Tiiiiri tri Fiti'iio i:i.;Lvsr.ti;ra,.i ".
T -o it. :. I t'al.f r.iiii aeiui-iu-Mitalr mail tirrivt.d
ul 1'o.a'a i-l oi 1'iie.ii.ty Lu-t. And. lit the tr.actil
w i . l .ji i .ianlyl lee (.. per mail for li e whole Wi
Iu u-nie t , hi ut I I.e .foil I'tly. k-lter mail
wa id 1-.naf Itaw iM-en tttere, Hutl lit. I the
, n.uty ; f r it t utoou kiio.iin th-tt t'-e cot
Ir.f c : -VI iii-e tlaketl away Con ihenl. a'.dtben bnMi-ttl
it no if-:.:,:.i.i.!y. t nd.r toe p.-im.iic i.rtitaf nr
ra-i-f. a- it it i:mS iit,-.,-ad.'ia te -aroarnve nt Or.viti
l- i . oi I . i ay, after fie 'i-itvuia ol la wi-eitlv mad
l t i : t i w nde V il.e." i.I ia lie titer- in til I
ii.m ! . ... it r-.'i-r ar-m-X-! I;ii ! in'l ii
Fi.tK I ts"a rtKvtiK Kn ltL.. The mem-
her of Al rt Ilu-ih and I,a l.ler Co., .No. I
p ira led ia uniform, uu Wednesday lart, nc
usnupatii.-d bvtheCapital Sa-horn Hand. Thr
trtic't waa h tinlau'm-ly ib-corated. :iu I. with tin
neat uu. I appropriate uoilorai wttru he the com
piuv. in oh a line a:i Hiiriiioe. In lite evening
a pr ill 1 ball waagtieii at Legialitive H ill, fur
tile beueiit of toe co:npaav. winch was well-at
fen.ieti. ami. we are cl.i.l to learn, n.-ttett a
biiililaoiii auin to the couip mv'a treaatirv.
ltT New; atibacribera have coittu in rapidly
iluriiii the ptt wei'k; iriw mad bru'ight n lif
te'ii, acattered throtit'! six oilicea, with ad
van i.e p.iy.uciit mi the moat of Ihein. iiht
riatia "oi l Liu i " h i al i furnished a iiuuiIi.t.
Ooca-io tallv we receive a club aonio active
f.i.-ii 1 h t i up; na I fretj-iently we receive
letters of tlii. kind. Iroat all over :"
Ar BtvT, Lis IV,
Itt'MI llu.oe rend llio .
Vimri, ,Vf
Oil., Ke'.. 'M. IHCO.
' i'e -a. i lo no ut tlea
" Kiu.ixt Mi s:!." To k:ll olT llaah," ia
tho leadin-f avowed object of tiie frantic
of the Lane coterie. That would niitlntihtctllv
be c ti oliiij' to tUem, if thi-y could ucuoiupliah
it. i tut. Ii nv are thev tn do it I Wo aro imt
a can. li late for ollice, and lietcr intend to be,
exeef the tiitrman njjire. nnd that we intend
to run ja-t ita lotijf na it plenaea na to ilu ao !
Tii.-n bow i "Itnah tube killed o!f!" . Are
you not biting n die ln
DitKAIIr'L'l. tltVl'KKKM'rt - Tin IV lllhcrttlll
eoioto oiiila, at L. in renei. M--at:liu-ii-t ia, f.tll on
tho lh .lau., in lam ui.ii of riiiua. lic-ti.-f eihr
Ii tin I rod ) -r.l: i vea. Til- .loatruetiou of the
huil '.ii;r w a eoinpleto It w a lin-rnlly levoled
w iili tli.; or mil. I, and it oecnpun were inal.tiit
ly, an. I wi hoat a note of warniut;, cruh!. under
the tallio-f tiiiiher and machinery. viULHJ peraoua
kito on the (rroiiinl, r.-aeuinj' tha wouii.leil nnd
dead I'rtiui tin ruins, when, al luidiiight lire wna lo the in la by llu lip.-iclliliC of n
CMinpheuc lantern, w hc-u u rci-tie uf horror w hich
aijtr djerip:ioii eiiii.;l. Tim scrcain and
tuo.i ua i f rhu poor, totriud, huriiiuj? ami autf.i.Ml
i it jr er.-niuri a eoulil ho ili-tiiio ly heard, but. no
power oo enrth euiilil earn ili.o n.
Aiit.ut human being' peri-hod. and about
4 I wcro woiimJed. Thu minding was of bncli,
tivu sti'iic-i In tli.
ttf Wk received iui iutere.-tin-j letter from
our St. L-iuia corrcapoiitlent by thia mail. It
w ill be jiuliiif lie.l licit w it k. borne advertise
incut are aim crowded out. .
Mr. l-a nr. of Cut -a-ti, Mrrtve.l tin Ilie Isst afearaer,
villi uu Atii.lic. -eatU Joiivm." aoliee! in tae &tatmitn s
1. u uecii s.,.c. d. i. K, ui V. r.u..a slaw bnua utx
luaioiut Mcrmu Liacl.. Taey are U. sl.ait.--i lur tNiiein.
XiT T ie t-TiJeuee tUickena ee ry day of tha intention of
Laus Io cusleioe Willi liic rpalilxaiis a., J cleft iiiiusclf and a
!lie Ut-Iiutll.oau lo lile St-liule.
Tn Ailrfliter .-ontaius a sl.-o.ig article upon tha
eali--i.rt-fbs uits Hut-i.l ol oar oia I service, piacia-; toe re
a.-oiji ui.ij -.Itijc i iM-lonts jt-n Per.. I.tue.
A Sraiisiu Team. In Lcatrous (-oiot to tlia nomination of
Dau.Us, aud Ole Hen of Ueorgia, at Cnarlrstoo. Orcsoa
aoui . iT Uiat uul iiJUil mjriij .-aay.
. rST" 4 ro-soo nsm or rortiaaa ittuiui Ul pyulatkit at
.HIC VVM CfftO.! THK T tTF1ll PKkl.
I'.M I.VOIAVa t'OII n'I.A.
My Tracy A Co. , we have Hie of Atlantic n
pi ri. wlih dale to Jan. 21.
No Speaker waa i levieil. and lliefe emitt to
Im In. iroatiot'l of an i-lecilotl ibaiiatnny 'lem
pro ions. The republican wen :ill votinjr fr
Sle raiiu. The opion.'in of ihein acailerinrf ill- ir
n.. a it bi foru. Sheruiail atlll lacked thr-H uf a
in-tjoriiy. Over forty Soiitlu-ru iti 'inber i f ih
llo'ii-e iinvu nntl' d iu a pi. 'go of their duteruii
union lo real!, and il o-l il to defeat, by any
.li ll imeiiiary menu nt the r command, nil elfbr
whit-li may be made ion!oit tin plnra ity rule for
I ho e!erii..n nt Sp-aUi-r up tha 4th id' Match, HJ .
I X Dl ! A 8 r A I K C'lN VIM l itis. The D.-inoc rilt
le Sliilo CuuvviiiIoii 'fieri I) ai;la dele(iite to
tho Cliarlealou Coin eiifiou t nml inairucfitl the
h ie (iu lotl from that SiMic, a follow Kuaulil
tloii Uih t
HrtitlrtH, Thai whllu we pledtjii thu Ktipiort of
the llenioerney of luiliiilia lu the huuiineii of I ho
ClmrlcMMti Coiiv. n.ion, w liomaoever bu may be,
th mI.-Ii .raiea lolliat limly fiiuu una alale are In
Minded io cant iheir voti aiiaa unit for Stephen
A. Douulna, and tu u all liotiorahlu ineitua in
heir ioner to aeeuiu hi iiouiitiutiou.
I II.: I ; i ! n-MO.ili ion n-HOirma llm prineioh-a enn
taiui'diu . In I'iiifiiina i I'oitl'.irin, ua exjouu.leil
by laiiuaia a frlfrr iO mttruinun.
Tliiuna A. Iluiidnek, D infill, w a noinluiitetl
tor Unveriiur.
V MtnNjTiii, J in. 17, Hiki.
I ho to iKX-eiliuu the llnliaiiii Slnto t 'on veil
tioit .i-' lu.u iiiai'lo-d di uxioii of ajiiiita on
.-i into! l.nne, id Hi. (,"oii no iiua lie -n eui'tiur
tie d w ilai i xii. i taiiou uf rt-ceiviiiir tie:
L ii iriealoii iiitul tit: i. n, nnd eururtiiiuo-l no doubt I tvi -I.. It- formerly lit'iril, woal l jo
lor linn. Her ili e ai -itioii tor li.mi.h i'ae
Limn out of iliii IVeid. mlul n-g.
.MllMHlitl il'ltr ll. llioeiilile Htaie t illlll li
.ion of .Minn m t a piaeil a reaohiii in declMtins;
ei U-oi I'lill til I Heir In at clloiee lor lllo 1 ie.
ii'iiey. a.ul iunlriieiiiif their toti'if ilea lo the
I'll 11 it-xtou Cioiviuioii to vo o far In. 11 its loii(M
ib.-ir atijioi ( w i.l' he a vaimtilif.
Ohm. I'huOlili l niiocrttic SrnlH Coiiventiou
in -t nt I'olu nlia oo thu tuli till. Keaoliiilon
weru hy a lo a llltjoiily tleeUriiifr Sie
ih.'ll A. Il.iilnll. thJ I iimue nf I bo tllno ll.iiuuc
iney. and in.ii in-ij'tf tiiu tletea e lo I ho 'liarle.
um C'uuveutioH t cat ib ir eut r voto lor hiui.
Seiinior 1'nyU aat oii.ff ill d.-leg-Ue ehooii.
t'bariei- 4- (raiLkn-r. of Viiiuia, (."our true
IVI. li I a I.. I it jil maa") ha ban apjioiulud mill
UK! M I ia in.-.:
U. H t'o. braue, M. V fioiti M Y.. U inue, and
count ed in the I'tteii a-iy nun. II j w aa ill hi
rem m ili i . iiiiij; t.f ibe nt aen-iou, nnd it
i-t b . e l i d thut ill.- escitinjf aecti -a wbieb he
li -re tAiiin-awil a il lo llu levt-r w hich b It uoiv
Huh iU-y lurui ii.:eii.
rt t; 1 1 1 s v. I lio li.'in.M-iatic S.ule C'oni cn-
i..iui-:t l-'t inUI m i o:i ill -J link. TaeCuui
iiinleeoii UcmiIii ion preseutid mi ol ity ami mi
moi V ri-iot t. Iloih tn loi .o the Divd S. o:ld -i-.-loo.
I li . iiinj-i.l r. .rl .lei lar. Ihn June
u Iti'io i ill. ruaiet- of Keotiieky n lha tioiuitne
I or ilia I'rea.d. nei; liy Ilia Cliar.u.tou l-oiiveii.i. n
I ho iniiioii. y r . l d -car. lorJa!-; - D.iuia
au i I'liji'llar hotereigiliy ij.a-triue. uud ilojire
i ea . toe a,ij iealtuo lu UooKreaa lor li-i-la'.ion
in I iv-.r ol ol inry.
A . HI 'I I li Hem H-ri:ie S.ate I'.oiv-ti i hi
i. a M o ld loi.-iy. Mr. S.-oi I ot Mom a. iutio
i i I ..' ion ti-aemn-; ibo nu'i; ol S.m-r.
it- I.Trioiie, and ol l.e.-iii.t iu an I Cm.-
I -.i-itll .tt.lll. I'll.- l u.-g . lul.'lliriit.
. f iii-.truei'l lu iii.i-ti n.i iiua. au I it t it'
ll ii. ... oi CoiiT.'ti hi tin lo,. UK. lUia i iln,
a .lie lu wi.h li.f
I K M.-.l'.. Ill i iL ii aer-ilii Statu t'oiiveu
i t I' iiii.-ae-i Hi; e l ih.-ir delta ea l.i
. Ii na-i..ll lo aiiii.iri S ill or .loliiinui of lit.
V h latlier t-l Ilia II -a.e.l I tliii. lu.' I'r.-s-
I - Iatipi:arr li tiik Ti:.tir mie. SI--.
Ir.nii, l.., i iir-Mlnc 4 iiliuMstytf 8 Vuaie,
a .:-i: ;.. t to 1m elf el lull tli-- l oiritorie are
n o mi pi op I j ot au t II r 3 .um, to J .
ei.i.'i'tia f a. i h v .no iih: io .nt- r iu.o .huiu
ailli piop,) lutii-iexo I by ilia voa-uitu too ;
.bat i. ia ill-- dl J of in J iaw-ui iktotf power,
wb-ii er et.itiat t by Conri-ii r I ho 'I crru .rial
Leiain-Tire, p.-i I mi ior the protecitoti ul
u--h pri..-ny : a u4 iiiatrue.m tin Vnuiaiiliev
il I. rriioii-, in ieitr tug i.iiis lor tlie or-f itnxa
ti -oi i.f 'IVt i iini it, to iiis.-ri it ciati-e rii tiring
uh pioer:ioii. nml iu eae tho. I't-rriioriitl L -g-itl.'ii
fan lo comply, C'oiir.-aa ia lu nyly Ilie
1-'i:k N:sii!. tn Missni'ui. Uorerimr li.ia rotiite I atn tiie In. I laielv paae.
by tbo Missouri L- il iitoe, for the ee.ii-ion uf
li-ii iie.iie Itout iliaS aie.
1 1 oi i4 w i tu lii , it in !hj -S -ii:e. Ileiu
.roiu.'. d a r. toln i.ui iiuti m iiii the Ju lu-iaiy
l 'ot ii ni. ti lu tiriiiK in Hill for tbo bett-. r mtft-iire-ai.tll
of i a-loo, i'., no 1 it wr a llltdc 111.
-p eini olil. r lr gSlauUay. ,
Ski tr l ii'.t-A.-" i'.nirii'ix. In tin? rotir
of the excfliu Juba e iu ha b -uaia. on I Inn a. lay,
le.w.'.Ml ii'lll.tii 1U .JJlaa, I'll-jh. H.llia, iritiy
aadoiliot Mr Datiut ditinciiy In-.
,t tin. -li on (h a. it rr t n -aiion an I lb i Ch iriea
i ill no oiii. l.i. in. Il l Old uot r.g inl the U.vJ
.ifitt il.-elai jii aa b iu nny ciT -et npui lb : eou
.liii.oi ..f ai tvuiy in .Im l . ri Hoi io. VVu iieir
i I . liiioty shoiit pi law pioln-n in
tti it,; s. it cry. tb.n llu .Suaiciuu lo.i.l iu fit.
,...ip i v ! ci lo liii i'i. ii..ii . and ha U. i -vc-J
ill .l--ei-tioll II. ndtro:.- toll! v.oiva.
.Vs .u IU. iioiii iiittioit u: Ctuiric-toa. h - w in, I n.ii
a.ipl it exeopt up to i pi iifoi ai CO. no min-: to hia
il.'Wai ha wo t l ii. i i ro ii.ii.I the liloalioeaa ul
tie.iiU eht-tid ii a plait rut. and kick it over nl
i vir It. If ih-a Hii-t I eat a mru lu bu spoilt!
ilitr-, nliob r.--iiiiit-ti in i.t, -teluat.ii li-..ii the
t.'it.ttitit iiii-iiip of . hj 1'cil'l iMISl Cillll HltttiC, wlist
eb me-, bu w iaii.-i to kioitv, iv.-ta tlit-ruof elec.inj;
a ! -iii-t-. nt to l'r.-.-i.l. ii. llo .h iiijflit irtoainiJ
id lllo I I.ui t liter w,i wild hiul.
A letter fioiii V liin-rt hi leila II that D onr'a
a n.-k i rapid'y ii-ai; tu that piar;-r, h'ne in
a.iM-ral if mo faoi.lieio ra tiea. loiliorio l.oKed
tipnii a utiaiiiiiitii -ty ipNia -0 la tilt- l.tuie Vsiaiu.
ill ore mu streak of lio bieaa.1110 toil lllal b--Mtt'ti
a a inliin a; ati . diaittu ! ty. Ilia trieud,
en in; iiptui Miryiaud, .Noi.h Carolina, (jeoria,
an I Keiiiueny.
Ilia CI- veiiiitd piK-r tell il that the l . S.
Mar-ii.-ii l-ir tlie X tr.b -ru Uia.riet ha r,eeieei or-l-ia
Iron W-t-hin-oit in siihpei J.ishui It
iiid liiis. t'.u li i ami J on a ll.iiwn. J.-, lo I. .toie liiu Harper' Ferry luipitaitiuii
Com uittee at YYaaliiiijrltiu, and. if I b V roluto lo
u ' . llO j-U.lp.ld I l. llli-ll In HltJil in. Ill Oil .11-
i iu.a, .t i l l i t tlt-iu in Wa-ljiiiitoi b f uot-.
Mn h t-xoi:i.ui-iit li is tieeii iceattoo-il in tho vi
i-imiy i.t .Mr. tiid l.iijjt" reodoiioo by llio nu
i.o in oi hi iti el i hia pii-p.i-e, nnd ii i sat I :ti ii ilie
"S i of Lttierty" htvo rcaivl lu niai-t any
ut;.. up; .i mm la -a- air oa a. I. ia luietel.
li mi'i r, dn. Mr. Lii-I liii-., .1 no. ,ho o.h r p i. -a
-, i i pniceod to W uliiiiiua a iihou; any vio
e.:t mlll. -
O N'Klit.ut.ii. Tiiu Senate ha ctiiilir.neil the
i.p iiiit iici.t of V. V. Cliiip.u in. Surveyor
(ji e.ielii I ol O revolt, L. L Moaiter, Lane's sou-
in-law-. and W. J. Martin, have bt-eu reap
pointed to the Winchester land ottiot for four
Veiir loiixcr. t; not rooner remuctil, uud
coiiiirmeu. t ny wua nut .ii r. Lcary cotiiinu-
e.l ill thia batch I la hu not tool euough for the
Jnaejilt lai lioii .'. And do they want to bold hia
llnil-coutiiiuHlinii-ovcr Jinn to tiitiiuMMto him l
llauiiliuii Cooper of Ore nn. of Utor'riu!
hua been appotutcd uud confirmed U. A. Attor
ney for Oie-fou. ii.
Doliiaion hitimatca that tbo editor uf tho
SUtrtman waa concerned iu getting up tho in
vitation to make apecthea in Linn enmity. We
never Iieai .I uu ititluititioii coiicernui-r it until
lay or Inn before the rciiucst wu sent to our
ollice, nod then nnlv bv chance. One of our
physician who hud been called into the eitateni
portion of tho county upon professional busi
n can, informed ua that he met there an invita
tion to Judge Williams to stump the county.
I wa me liiat and last wc bear J ot tlie
nutter, until the invitation, signed, waa hauded
Us for publication. . lor all: We have a U tie to tin with
transpiring matter iu Linu comity, which are
diatmiiing Dclu'iuu, at wc have with tliore of
Utah. The nturdr dciuocrncy of Linn, who
refuse to be saddled with Lane ami Delusion,
are better competent to inu iiigo uicir owir-ai
tails than unvbodv ia tu udvise tlum. '1'hev
coiitprise tho aoitiidest ami beat tleui.K-rat. in
the .tate, mid thu widest and aaleat coua cllOi.
13T The Bulletin is an opposition pa tier, and
the truth of the statement may therefore be re
lied upon. Olympia P onetr.
i'liat i unt a safe rule ; tho Delazoman,
Beef- Eattr, tVc, are opposition papers," but
not a particle of rcluuico can bo placed upon
their statements. :, - . .
Tiuxks. Wa are indcute-l lo a aiauach friend at Scotts-
burff for a gutwriiua auniber of ne auustaiuan, with atlvance
Zr 8tioata-r-8ebasrfaui of Arknuatis, introiluced a btU to
eoosutiua iVnauniiUa i Vartaofy an iouiaa Supariuienaencj.
i.Ki ritn rann poitri.Aio
Nariprntio In the U'iltt A m irmt JafrpH nml Uank
rarlnh litlnin't i'nt rxperttil a
,lat ;lint rf it704r ! ,TKr liMiitn- 'T
tiout tkfftHp nHnpictoht frnanrt'ioo m
mfnC.. BtlM-, e.i it
P.mTi.Aai.. Feb. 21. 1800.
- Kiia. 6TATSEM AS Vw have a atcitmlioat
every ilnv to the I'ascttde one of nhi h con
ma la clear through to the Dalle, llu; oilier, nt
prcRi-nt, Im no mean or aeinlmg Ireiubt nml
liiiaaeiiiri rabevoiiil I but lutiiit. The trade i crad-
in Ily iiicreiiMiug in the direction uf Witl'u Walla
an I the new mine to the northward. IIV tbo
mid lie of next iimuih live Ir time are looked for.
The great and uiagiiiiiuniou fjeueral .luaeph
Lane, United Stntea Senator, " and the llibbeii
Mtwe cnudidale fur the l'reaideuey, mho pitch
ed into it poor uiunucU aud diaaliled empluyee
nf tho Indian department, aud tore him from
hi out' nieana of livelihood, to vent hi rage.
la couataiitlr aeii IIiil' to I lielbV Immense bun
die of blank envelopes with hi frank mi them.
to be distributed by ' my aim" to llmae of the
faithful who en it be pitrchaaed by a document.
or wuo lire inline to neeoliie sunny.
Kepeiiti'illv lu lit paper hua D'etuxon Smith,
with, nynu once remarked, Lelaml-likc imlel
iciicy and bnd tale. thrtiat forward the mime
..r t.T . e. . . . i ti
oi nta iniiiiiy in neget avtlipaiitr llltliaeii. Ann I
um iuforuie'd that in hi imlivVlual nnnetiU hi
daily due it. He hut! ibi st-tniling up pen I for
aympariiy iiienrpoiated into u ii-tu r ot a cor
respondent, which Von red rred to, Imt, doubt-
l.-aa frniii tinitivea of di-l eaey. paaaed over that
piutiiiii. nut 11 'lii-loii it is it roiter.tteil in the
replie.'itiuitnvertli ttunrreap uuletit's tiatiie. Thi
Doling lor avninatlir f ir ono si ll liiroii-rh turn
iy appeals, ia uf cutirae n matter of t.iate, nhout
wlticli men m i'i il.ll'. r. II it In whncau do it
ia devoid of that aeti.-iliilily and di-lie icy which
ch iraeletizoa lite rrit nta. I il ouly piraoii
w tin li ti e lieett guilty ol siie!i in letic.ite lirac
lice iu Oregon nre A'onza Lr'atxt uud IJrlu
$ion Smith. I'ur nubile Iralrum !
Hat. if Doluaiua will persist in thrusting fur.
ward hia family, us a meauaiilgiimmgayuip.ilhy
and support for hia Senatorial naptintions. I trill
sUfrgeet the untie nitihli fact tint it Were kiud
iiea to Ilia family tn keep him front IVuhin
on, and thu ave them, a well n the Suite
Iroai hi dishonor, ahame and diiace. If
J our friend, I Mtiaimt, regard your eati uahle
l imilv. thev will jntii iti Imataaa over your
certain defcut.
Another evidence than theae public nppeal
for avuiii-tf hr oil account of ftunlv. ouea ll.-lti
aiuii Ittriiish of i lick of nt litlr senaibilitv uu I
parent tl heart. I cim u I luce uambt-ra of per
ami in lire'uii. tvliu hive hear. I i JoI.'ln:l
Smith, at varioti time, in pro uicoiMi crow d
-Mime nn-yntptitliisiii;; mi l ittiliieti Ily -tie-
ineiuce an n tn ami in Use severest language,
aceue hi n of disiioitor tlile practice and litli
entile, mid tt 1 1, that he p it into III Iiaml the
form of n a iillilivit ntle;uig whu ho (l)oln-
aiott) k ieiv tu In false, uu I Ii I It III it tu go to
Mr. l.i. tea' ut Alba ty an I ir t-i it. nnd mid
perj iry t-i theft." I caa n tiiie p.nple whu
h H'e I i la h tr l dial. i:i I l. lu -inn, tt .t i all hi
eifr I'ltery, dale lint dotty it.
It i "ru iiored' tb it the publih r of the
'l'im-t i at -tin ia tn cha.ige i-btor ; an tpfisual
inl.nlior of ilniMi'fi.i'i i ice of the few ailicri
iier it h l ( in I tliejr nre rery few in leed) late
ly, an I it ir.insa-itioii referred to by iittieudu in
ilr. I'aae'a cir.l. nre aaitl to be a noti the
eaaaia which lead to hi desire for a eh iiijfe.
recent auit coileerniilZ tin old Ktimltird
olK.-e. disci ie aaute ititereatilig f let. Among
otln r it appear 111 tt Lane (the great Jo.
aep!i none of the amiller fry) furni-iietl O'-
Jloar.t twenty-live liuii lretl Hollars, tl may h ive
got the om-tont too high, but I think not.) for
which he It til U Mear-t nnlea, en I iraetl liy k. ol.
Farrar. Tin eu loracr wa imt untitled, in nc-
e-irdaiice with I iw, uu I au i tint iiow ImiuiiiI.
l'hi money of lien. Laue'a wu used in the
c invnaa nt ). iinast tlie Ofiitocratie or
gatiixalioii nnd the detuocratio ticket in Ore
gon. Lane wa pecuniarily interested in the
Standard, nnd the atlcces of it publisher and
owner, tn the extent ol fjiai-i-. limn tint tins
thro v stun-. li-'ht on L aae' Sfn-nt tr l letter.
cann'eii am in-; the "X ittitiiial'' uiovenieiit. w btcii
eaili:irnt.iHl tne democracy an. I l-tat thi-m hun
dred uf vole ill tli it critical campaign .' I). tea
nut thia f ict explain L i tie's tin leratamling with
tin National,'" au.l tlieira with bitn !
And. w. is lb it 'oil faith with the ilenii-er i
cy f To take from Ibe rich emolument accru
ing from an ollice in which a irnatintr dn'tioera
cy Inl plaeed hi.n. an I bfstoaitig ?i "i I iijimi
uu opp asiii.tii pre, an I an upau-iiiou cait li
dato. for tho purp we of ilei"e:iti'.tg the demucra
ev. an I aoeantii hi el.-c!ma tu the Semite in
the event of tlieir defeat t It wa d'-wuright
troaaoti. and of the woi at ch ir.u ter. Xn won
der he tva a-ixiu'i. f r t!i stii.ce of O Mcnra
and hi p triv. lie out o ,l !i t I t.'i -ir nhilje
th tt be sit ul I b elect. I to t'. Seil fe. but be
wu l.trgelv iaterested ill t'u ir t-ticce.-a. pi-cu-niarilr.
Tirw note are now ia tne b of
hi s in in I iw, Sh.-IIy.
I da not Id i in O'Me trt f r hi coutii-ctiou
w ith the m titer. He w is arrived ng-iiut the demoenttie iirjf anil nioii. nnd eu lenvor
ing to triumph over it. And. if Gen. Lane
avmp-ithixed w ith hisiiiui. it wa. projHT notigh
for him to receive (ieti. Latie'i peciiui try aid iu
the work. Hut, for (Jen. L ine lo tha employ
a salary th it the so no ilcmucracv had eu ibled
him ta reap, wa treason of the d-eat dye. old StjmlirJ pres. weal tip to Lunelle.
Chap. nan aeut hi. young man for it pr. idiil
with the note nf certain men iu Lane county,
and n cheek upon Uriwnl.l Ac Co. for five
hun Ired dollars. Jraieit by . a deputy
snrretur. 'Au-1. the draft wits in tdf upon it
elai.o for anrreying ivlnch Ch ip naa h id
awarded aaid deputy. Tin clai n h nl been:
forwarded tu (Jriaol I. N 1 .. a 1 1 f!i. p irtuer.
of tho lin-ist ill l'ortliu l didn't like to pay the
f iO-l.lrilt on it until Griwol.l uotilied litem
that the dep irttneii! lit I paid Ibe ehuui. So
t'.utyna.ig m in w a unable lo raise ti e money
nr get I he pre, when Ii" wa down; hat old
Cii i; ii in c line d.uvii and the matter w aa ar
ranged Slllllf how. Whether the 13 - draft
di-itivii by the deputy surveyor waa ail tin wil
ling lo ia to Cii ip.n i a.or no initvilimg co atribu
ti an. 1 cannot know. And I opine lie tviil timl
it it gilt on hi part, w hether it is tin tiinallv
auch, or in name it loan. And I have no doubt
tt Wil. unwilling, for the said deputy i nn in
telligent geiitleiniin, nnd cannot desire to ace
Lane nnd Chapman elected to the Senate.
I leave eiiiunietit upon thia tr.tusaeti. o lo the
render; I leave wi h hiui th. fur: a that Ihipiiinii
rave a aurvi-viu-r eoutruct to a lri-n. h inan, aud
In it ia o.F-rcd iu payment for n press to bu used
in iiiri In rili' Itiaow u and the Ltuie soeiet v'a inilio-
ly end n draft drawn by said aurveyor
tn mey due lor that verv emitraet.
rtniiou I ho
Thu TuaC aay1" a San Kranriseo ptp-r; say
the republteilns and a por.ioti of ilie aVmocrata
have iini.eil upon Col. Hiker, fori'. $ Senator.
1 don't beliovr- i: ; why did you omit lo iinme the
paper? Yon roceii'lj. niado an explicit alio
potuteil dent al of souie "ni'tinri" n h or. upon
Jail-re Williums "explicitly an. I p. uniediy " veri
fit!il an id rumor.' '
Tho SaerainetiNi Uni.-m. pood ninhot by. saya
Col. linker ia cumin;- to re(ron to run for the
S.'iinto on Ih.r tii'k. t wi.h l.oj-nu. f-
I owe your roadera uu apoliijry for waslint; ao
much ink heretoforo on thai tlehcahlo sot of
'Lmibnt ' yclept th.. "I u-pi;.il cliijiit:" 1 nliiulo
to ilf! "butcher" and hi friend w ho essayed to
'spilt, for a niu.' Aa th-'V hiva essentially
"Uiied op," I don't tliiuii it will lu tiec- saary to
refer to them npiiu. 1 or devils, I leave ill an
lo iheiroivn nnh.'ippv rett.-ccioii.a.
YoiiiA, . ST. 1'IKRRK.
PonTLixn. Saturdtiy. Keh. 'J3, lUiil i. J M.
Tiie I'u Aim i stilt! t on Ttaral.iv nil urn ion. trot
stliek Oil -Swim Isboitl bur. it. id only i;o o.l' tills llloill
ills', utter iliseiuii'xiu ut.-st oi' ti-. r'i U 1'oi-lluiid
had belter beware Im v slio. ti.'ioets this ti:r!
.1. M. Ui'cck lias hoc a uppntlited iiscut l. M. . Co.
at I'ollhllld. A K"U I iitettt- '
A cm viol meaoj J io l'uaiiic.'ioti ma ie escape
t'roai tile pttiilciiil.iry lant nl tt- A. C- O-oi-s iislti a
-ouJ ho.---- siolea froiu lit- -t,ti1- the same in ht. stiv
poaud to imve been taketi by tmc aviet. Want is ilie
Hsu of oar pciutetiliary t
A ittMix Ilie p iMcus'eni'by tiie D illoi tteaiucr I lit iillit, la
0 r iue.k..uaiiiieietl Surveyor General. II-- will t"p bere a
lew -lays - coliivue fur tie Seoate. II e.ijr Cie evi lencea
01 L-tite ami Oltiautu's -Tertlir-iir tu Ltun..aiM-o.atly Oelusioua.
lie it. e.r it wtiul I ure-t tlowu O Itiaion m I..I1 i to carry Lati. .
No later news f . -m tie- mines I taiuk the.v .ea - l.a.l egg."
Haililc, F. M. of loia place liilorais me lau; lie lis l-eeu iu
structcU to contract for a aem -jio. tiiiy uia.l betart-en eort
lauil aud Ln:)-ette In ea.l of weel,. , aa la ret fore. Wh.-re
ia Liuet t'ou trill have ali-ealy le rn.-a of the l ies of our
only -eai:-weekly maiL Waat a trior! lis thine it is to be r p-rtst-uta-a
4?) m Wasliiugton by a atelier I
Tile news f'r.ttn Iit-liana ilHinuens the La:.e stturt.1. T.iey
doo't like H either tiiat noue ot l.te Boot hern State luatruct
f T Joseph. Taoy are also -'put out' about La at' aeuUin;
Gtorina uiaa out here lor U. A. Altoruey. Thty expcUM lo
but- Col. Kelly sltb that.
You frill notice a case of nmal.'amatloa a Riishfillc, IatL
' Ja.igi iiautii- eatrs up on Uus boat to eapootl to Hie call
of the deuouraer.of Linu. Ue Is Ore-pin pest stitini-.i--ea-i
- . i t, w rori TpT-iHlEilllaWi
The deleiriitc cnnilinalng thia lualr oaoein
bled at Kalem. Feb. iti. iT0. nml tifeaiiiitetl
iuforinnlly by calling J. Quiun Thornton, of
lieiilon, tn the chair, and appointing J. O
Witwoi, of Marion. Ki-en-tarr.
Meaar. Tliorntoti, Evre. Abcrnetlir. Coim
nml John Hmiili were appointed ti cmiii'uittee to
& ....; .. f .... . . ... i
report n consiiiuiiou ior a Mate Agncoiturai
Messrs. Page, Conn and A. A. Smith were
appointed ft committee on credential. Ad
journed to M o'clock, 1'. M.
ArrKii.tooM. J. Lj. Thornton was elected
President, and A. O. ailing hecretary.
I'raver wa offered br Kev. E. Arnold.
The credential committee reported tho fol
low mg list or delegate I
Lane County A. A. Smith.
Hen ton J. Quint Thornton, Jann-a Wutstm
Linn Win. .Mcllree, .Inn. Smith, A. llanaii
P,MK. M. Ilarnnm. Win. Kuble.
Marion -T. T. Eyre, W. II. Hector, Tim
lh,Hgl,i.. E. V. ( W. X. Y. Z.I) Coon, It
M. Hutchinson.
VmpquaXU. L. Hall.
Multnomah V. W. 1'nge, Jntilea II. Ste
ven. A. O. Wallinif.
Ciark-am it Win. Alermtliy, A. Ilolbroolt,
li. II. Atktusim.
The committee reported a couatitution, which
tva adopted, alter cotianleralile tliacuaaion
Tbo inetnberahip fee ia IMI. A. A. Smith
moved to reduce it tu l?: s lost.
Meaara. (.'oou. Ilolbriaik nnd Mcllree were
nppointetl to draft form of diploma.
A committee wa appointed to ineiuorialiae
the le;isliittiro lor appropriation to support the
State Agricultural -mkui Iv. uud for the t-iieour-ntremeiit
of count v sot tetiea.
The follow ing iilliei ra of the society were
elected : President, Win. II. Ifector, Martini
Co. Vice Preaideiita, Win. Mcllree. Linn;
J. (j. Thornton. Ileiitoti ; John Whiteaker.
Lane; Thotini Fracar. .Multno.nah ; I jr. Hall.
I, 'iUHitat It. M. Ilutchiiiaim, lou-laa ; John
K. Una. Jaekaon s Tlimnua Kvre. llnrion ; M.
Crawford. Yamlull; Win. Harlow, Clackamas;
T. U. Winchester, Cimm ; Win. Tu lieiior,
Curry: II. I liy den. Josephine; S. II. Smith,
Clutatip; Tbomaa II. Huiilh, Colutiibia : W.
II. Ilctltielt. Vilsliin?toii ; C. II. I it idsoii.
1 ill imia.k ; J. I). Wullmg. Polk. K. E May.
Corresponding Secretary ; L. Heath. Itecord
ing Secretary ; J. II. Moore. Treaaurer.
J. t a in n I'lioriitoit tva appointed to deliver
the A Id resa at the lirat Annual Fair in October
The eoitveiition waa in at-asiuti nn the even
ing of the "J"id uii.l forenoon of the Hi.l. nheii
they ndj luritt d tine tlie. The several aeaaiotia
were aptrtted and interesting.
We are indebted lo tho secretary for the use
if hia minutes.
p.iitri i. a crioKXT.
Kmcikp. Cirv. (' 8, )
Feb. l-'th. iHUt. (
litis. Sr.iTERMiN : .Mr. William Kearney,
head sawyer in the employ of Mr. Luae. nt the
steam auw-uiiil in this place, fell upon the cir
ctil ir aw while iu motion, on Friday luoruing,
the IO:h inat., ami tut hi left ami in a iimwI
allocking manner. I le h II ao thut the side nf
the arm nbave the elbawr c tine upon the nw.
tearing the illicit muscle terribly. The bone of
the arm i not broken, but it ia iuiposible to tell
bow badly it ia injured. The woutnl w as drawn
together with stitches by a kind neighbnr, and
il res-ted a w ell a circumstance w i-uld allow
tlo-re belli; no aurgetMi in the place. Three
day have eluKteal. ami Mr. Kearney i a com
fortable ti co u Id bo expected with auch a wound
upou hi arm. Yours, C.
I rEsta Mr. V. C. Hull, nf Portland, liae
purt-bit-Mil a pair nf Compart, or " Oregon ti
ger" male and female. They were caught in
the vieiuily of Vancouver, by a Mr. Simmons.
An effort i being made to construct a bridge
neroaa the Sautiani ; nt Siiiiti.-iui City. A con-ai'b-rable
auiontit bus been subscribed. Tin
Eujrent Pre s iv it ltu.a been estimated that
mure than fifty In a I if lior.c and cattle have
been atuleii nnd tlriveti nlf from one neiglibor
lumd iu tint county within the lustyenr. An
effort i luring maile nt Kupeiie to cinistrtict a
trnooli roatl over the ( "aaeurlt-s alioi; McKen
zie's Fork. Mr. J. L. W'utson. t-f Ignite coun
ty, belt a span of horaea recently iu attempting
to eria the Kugoiic ferry, ati.l hiuiaelf. wile
and live cliil.lreii come m-ur being drowned at
the sane time. Tlie wreck of the steamer
y.-trf'iertier sold for .? 10 ; the original cost wa
S.wti am City, Feb. I.tih. I SOU.
The Sautiam river bridge emnpniiy waadulr
or tnizeil. by nppoiiitiii; .Milton Huh I 'resi
lient. S. S. Miller Viet President. E. It. Moore
Seeretaiy, J. S. Milbr Treneurer, and Hale,
Miller ami Miaire director.
TitAcr Ac Cu.'o Kxi'Kjs-i. Mr. Jim. C
Bell liii resijrm-tl the ajrency of Tracy ite Co.
Expresa nt thi place, mid i sueci tlej by Mr.
J. Ilm lat. This euterprisiuir e.T press coinpa
ny i worthy of public confidence and patron-
n?;e. I Iter arc ever tlilrgeiit, prompt and
tST Old T'Vault ahot nt a man. latelr, at hia
place near Jacksonville, it i said with the in
tention of killing him. Of course the man bad
hi back to him, and old T. on just drunk
enoitgii to shoot. He it Speaker nf the Itregom
llnusc of lirjtresenlaiitct, elected by the Lime
IT Thccitiacna of llu.iell Pia'ric bave built
a bridge across Little Pudding river, on the
roatl lea ling front Saletil to Silvertou. yl feet
long moi Vi feet broad and from U tu Vi feel
high. There are 'ii bents. nenwissl nnd
Wood-vorlh were the leader iu tho enterprise.
Peksnal. Col. Hiker arrived on the la
steamer. J ud 'e came to Sun
aud w ill come lo tlie L mp pia thi week, on the
Albut CoaaKsl-o-iKar. An inulllnnt rt-ntt-mas trfn.
la. a ua au tccuutial ns su-1 til'tii:al currcsMii--l--ttce from
L nnCu. Tfi-nrat of Im- l-Th has keen recrrr, I, but we
arr uiinliltf tu aialie ruo.ii ftr it tins wr-lu It anil spj-ear in
onr next.
F A -tood dsal of in.litnialion I manif-artrtl, aa the news
of ue tliSL-oultnuauce of Ut atriiti wvKkljf wail aprrads orcr
the country.
Tixrs. The Bheriir uf Linn Co. m-oa-sts ra to Mate that,
for Ut. convarnta-nca of th.-toe arlio have not p. si their tales, be
will be pres-rut at Ju'Iv WiUianu appointwenta.
tun, nbrnarr S7, IS,
Aipl, rail, I V cla. per Ib. Winter, 3 to S.
l'.,ttiK-, 85 to 40 eta. r bnshe .
Turnips, oo
Onions. S O
Caia-aKe. Iti to 15 eta. r-r hr.d.
Chickt-ns, S3 99 and f OO x-r dos.n.
Turkeys, fl W "
Cln-cae, 25 cts. per Ib.
ButU-r. from 45 U) S3 ct. per lb.
K lie. So cts. irr tlua.
Bacon, 8itl:a. 11 eta. 9hiuMers, 10
I ets. Uum, 13 eta. 1J In l cts. per H.
Ori-tfon Driol Apptt-s, 1.1 cts. perlH.
Wh:le B.-ans, -l .t-r liualu 1.
Iluck a-li at iluiir, ti 00 per ion 11.. C ru mral, 6 cts.
Hues. 6 . U per lit.
Wheat 75 cn. per hash.
Oats, 75 cts. per buaii.
II ijr, Tiiuolhy, SIS per tol., Feb. 23, IS60.
Ap!t-s, 5 i-t.
V .ur, (i-t birr-1, i-"- a tl -VI.
Wu. it. whit-t. 9D eta.; reu SJ eta per bm'i, L
Oil. per htis.K-1.
I .tut-tt-s. 6-1 .Ta. per ln. Onions, tl -VI. '
H ii--m, s- I. -a 17 h nit lers 1 tama 17. I.anl. IS cts.
I! jller. -' ." cla. K .11 ill ti. C.Mr-rse, 16 a XO.
C-i.ckens, 3.) kt it.x. E 33 t;ts.
oKor-i cirr, rb. isao.
W:ieal. tl ) Flour. 3 a 6 .Ai.
P ttat.iea. Vi eta. ter Ua. O tta. 73 cts. per bo.
Butttar, SI cts. litem, li a 15 da- ITis. "2A "ts. per dos- .
, , Albist, Feb. SI, tS0.
Wliea.', white. 73 -.; ml, C5 '. Flour, 3 per Mil. Oats, 73c.
Ap;le, iX iS P d-it , SrV. O isms, ti
B itter, in sef. .-. Guickei i, tt a t'2 M. E.s,80e.
Ilitn., li.Ve.; haitis, 14-.; ssitnltle s, 10c. I
P-ri., AH a 6,-. per lanl. MS- Beef, on foot. 4 a Xc
" Eccrm Crrv. Feb. IS, ISS9.
Wheat, 73; a ft "- - Potatoes, 73e.
Onions, per ba. t-l IX B-ans, t-1 Apples, tf 00.
Ciiic .e;i. er d.., ti 5"J a t-1 ml- -i!S. 3ic
Pork, trsth, 4 a 6 cts. Batter. 87 cts.
Jacxaowrrtxs. Feb. 19.1560.
vrieat.perbn. tSSOafiOd. Oats, tt SO a t 00.
Ploar. in aaeks, per Ih- 6S a 7c. Cam meal, a 7c
Bacon, s'des, 30c bama, -:, shoulders, 22 a 23c
B-ef,a7c; P-rk. IOj; Mutton. 12c
Lard, leaf, in tins, S3-. Cheese. 8S a 0c. - -
Butter, fresh dairy. Hi a 75-- Butter, otd, tn kees.44 a SOc
Chickens, per dos.. S-1 00 S OO. Ctra, rejh. 3o a GiSc
t titoea, per tu. I Dc. Onionaao s Je. XltntiPSaw. -
TiTC Aatffr(i-ri;iAt.
On it fttb alt. m ttw ret4fne of Tiro-l-o-. C. PmX.aI.
In the rrneb l"firls, Mi.m CK, by Win. pan ', i p Mr!
J.' M o- of epbiiH-
-s i . ' ea. . rer cii rrairir. uy nr. nr.
fJtZ''iti'V- "' M try C -stello,
2 1 H".hS aB.atlal Marl-n
UtHn,mn. wK. nl lla.-l. Catrof e, ami Mary C'a
anao h. M ol If til.-n roiii-iy.
.' p ' Ut"- t., Mr. W. ttroollM (ml U m
Ai lante W. -Mi, nH af Nation Coatity
lo Corrallia. H. liH, ly fe . i. a. n,ni-a, Mr. V. f . Me
Manaa, of JatitMooTllle, atui Mas Immn J. llararof. af
Feb. tth, by Bee. t A. Ilanna, Mr. Plrsa-u:! Toana ana
MlM Rachel K. Ilaia bi.lti nf B i.l.-i, rnaMy.
In RnahiUlr, (In t..) Jan. SI, im, Mr. K. C. Illt-bra ar.d
M ts Uertrule A. Kohlif-o.
i ' -:- - v ;f -' DIED. J"t""
Feb, loth, at Ihe rrirt'lmee of Iter an, in Line Co.. Orrroa,
Mrs. Mu-aM W. N. rVprw, aaa-4 e$ years an t days.
(aeAltok (lfrsj and Canton IW..) t-api-rs r...y.
Feb. 1 1 111 , in tlie r.jrk f ai.tlani, Mrs. Nancy Clay pool, Con
Sort ol CUy-mul, rtertard, as-al 67 years.
On tne I lib h.l., Sarah f ranrrt, nerd f years snd f aiontli.
daotrliter of Jut. Jery, ir., turn Sarab 4uy , ol Mnr on Co.
UrcfOfl latecian fur 15G0.
lfre hn tlie Prrmm Iht? -r,lt fitht. mnintalo,
L'.ihI hf lofliteocv, onbrtUr! f (ruin.
Th corrmt frr will ht rnm tit linu an! MilltlrttI tutrr
In th pro,lt? of Orrjron. In 2ivt, a IrlaUturr (a to Im cfco
Urn hl-k wilt r.vst twtt V. S. lVRai.tjr, n4 In JfTnihr ft
frrltlenllai! etrction tratiJr, m, mUtt, Utc c-Icto of
lt-rvsMfitittir thr l.r frtfisc of Vangr. Thwr ar
imortut c&tA&ttm, in tha ivcmvn at -alilch mrn itvtvr'f
ittatfHitl tf)lrfet ia Ort?zwtt nntt tttt-pn-lit-K to iJi- broit-r
ttrt! o. SnrtU Amrt,icn Smttn. It b-bfw- tr
rlrrt-r t Infortw Uftrlf frtn tfi wt-ifity iutrr:t ari
te-ii t t i tTij.ttif-tl in thr s1o.
T Ontaiti $Tri wlii tbnr tn dliiAerninit rtHublm
!tidrnatitt, nt ttffKrt err-cl furiisclp!. Jt mitl diacuM
tii- qltt whtch myftrntt! ttm MiC tutfut. w:th U frai.t-Im-m
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"Crorfy ttticrtht of th ffixt hlrh-at Hi tir !. mnd
ihrre. foor mud Cv tiof- Uic ctrcoiattoa f otht-r Ofrfno
iMfrra. :a resHtrra no:urrT m larger prmtion. Baai
mmm mttn, hr4 4vrttia-rs of nrrj rU-nt, will tmd it Chr tWajt
vciiictir of cootuiutUcati'to wh Use rcttac pmbuc.
T E M M 1:
TffC Tirm)HA9 im printt-d tttywa aJtn t of th UrjrraC mime.
tir T-irr- U llnra -r fmr. Rr-tn:ttifcra can W nxale b
matt, at tit r-k f tbe PaUl.alrr. tf etrkae4 im the fctacx
j1 n P-.ajtn-rr.
O'tnr tt lire - hstrrf lrm-a. lost at ar.i nx rr-a-hfr tn
Orrirrn, it a tl le -tl tiWQ Vm r.lrr of sreaMt anrta, vrtiwat
prrifmrtuj pnfing m h-ii prrpm wd to do a.
T M trait ty a 41 W mrut to clcraia at tiat -pne.
FuariKT, 4m!
XT Or. Wm. Hlls Balm for tit tmn.
tor the ear of Cmmmrr.ptlfm, DrcHne, Aathana, Brtrtirtia.
ttaattna; mt tha Plcafa. 3t'trt Bwmmtm, pHtlatir of Moorf. Dtffi-
calf f ia Breath inc. Wbo-r-fMtsc Carh, CxjUa, C-jqgttaa. Iafiac
i. Pain fa the Sir!, mnd mtl D avaara of the Vnntm.
It cvfttaina) (i OptotB, Calomel, or Mitarrol Potaoct, mad Is
aie for the asoat deaaemtc chi!f.
CuVikjcttot, Ohio, Jul tS,
MrWRa. O. R. Bicca k Co. tiruU : Ttmr melk-ti. Dr.
Haifa Rlaam. ta dotoc mottdxtm here, antf 1 ozirit ret aaatir
crrtHIrara of tmportattt carta, tmt I tttttaa tt not og ary ;
Ctw aViaaaB arUt afaixt tcpnn tta wb twertta. ft haa etrTfi aaora
Mlwicirnn In lmaT r-ftifmt than any otm-r anaj-sem Uias
Kwa rrrf bee-n Oat of all the tmrm aotuber of rotle
that I hare avM. there In a teen ahoot ote b-ttle rrtarwed,
lthoarh I hae alaaja alJ it with the prinlr-jre of retarntna;
It if entire ut-afsction Bt rirm (aVrcritMr t yoor In-atrartttit-tt).
I have stnovn H to ear, ia t w em t-four hoars,
tnr f the mwt T-r- artsr-ka of Ltntf itaeara. 1 1 a-n
gai a. tH- imtieerta rxf?iiie-t an atn t atwrmlfiff anotKe r
Ine e auJe-atin; ectiajitmo ntK-trt tw L-ctoca ; tmt aim oat rt
r atitm-noa r. 1 rf arfta jfiTen J its oar o jntjr Balaam. The
raie of tlie B tlsatji ith me. mm y-a arr a ar-, Naa hers qotte
ntera rr mm?h thut I bare a M hal trftte of mr.j other
iiml, aMlHHt-w-h I hare aa;''j of alctat ail the p-pulr tncu
lefiseii card f r Lmj; H-r-.
R-raiN-ct rally yoara, G. E. COXH riX.
Or, Wtm. ffnf-V L-tlmn for tt Iin&a la aol4 by aH tho
trinci-fat Drorriata. , - - - .
W. li- SMITH A CO.. A rent a, Falrm, Ov.
4a4 Wlt Ntlf Aitenta, Saa Frsnnaea.
Dr. Btiar'f Fain PiMeea.
My Pnin trmwsd ts eonipr-aefT etrt :n !y of na-alln-t rnrrra,
ml eeCf-tal4e oils snH berl.- It 'a perft-etly safe for the most
daltcate to ttse. I can moat a.tic-rr. tr mmw. that I have never
known any. bowerer dekcate. to be injarel by K la the kata.
1 will eonlinaa to ask Ibe atBMetl, who bate sot use-! it, to
try H fur the foBowin-; d-eaa.a-. If tb-y ar ttat aatiailetl
w-th ita healing propcrfiee. the money w.Il be cbeef-fully re
funtietl by the aent where tie mexlicine is for sale.
1 yis Ka re I'jin lu tA SUmuicA or Jttteetm, try a dca-e af
Pain Panacea inta-rnally, aathe externally over the parts af
fected aud yon will at once restore the proper action and rt-
bere Ihe pain.
if 0tn Arre Jtar-si keep the pans eo-rere-i with c-aioa
wet with Pain Pan-tees. Th-s .11. m a lw wiiawtea, draw
oat the Sre. atrl care the pain.
1 yon hart a &mlt ar Won nti, bathe H well with the
Pain fitn-tt f. ar ti-ur a day. It w a reliere the pain, and
take ont aH the paisoa. and heal Use wound in a short time.
r'j-a-w art emjTsr-imp frwm Jfemtilffiit nr iP W.i-a.ifie Vina
apply tne lain Pan-tee freely, and laic, a dose of it mterwal--Ijr.
nit-rniiia, kia and night; a sill not oa-ly cure the paun.
Lot aili rt-morc the cause of the disease.
Jytm Awes Ut lyppitl, and your food duresse your
t.-eiach iil-jr t-aiiu-. I tae a tk-sj of Pain Panacea afier each
1 if hart if CcraX'ers or Sai-m Jft-wM or TAromt, apply
the Pain Panacea to the atft-eted parts, and gargle the mouth
or throat three or four t.ntts a oay.
If fun hurt Lie lM,trrkaa, or a relaxed stale of the bowtla.
lake a few doae-s of fa.n Panacea, and ;hey will aooa be re
stored. If yoa hare a painful aweUm--, bsthe the -srla freey .
ami J.'U . ill soon relieTe the sad the latOir-f wtH be
reluced. If yoa have a severe apply Ihe Pain
Panacea on piece of cotton, and bathe the saw at the same
I lime; it will sti.p the pain instantly.
J If fou hare hetn Bitten ' y a Split tr, or any other insect.
lor tun-f br bees, take Sne ssit. mix it with the Pain Panacea.
and apply to the pnrta.
If yow hare a pain, in the B-eart. SMe, B irk. or h'i
neym, bathe the parts affected morntnj; and aiht ; at the Sam
time take a done of the Panacea interaally.
If a mother hue a Cated &-eat, apply the Pain Panacea,
as hot as H can he borne.
If pirn feel CoUl. aa thoogb yon wore coin to
have a fever, take a dose of Panacea.
- ffolm hteieou tvowaaf. Oa. or 4ttUeon yttnr iVor-sea appry
the Pain Panacea ; it will tale oat all Ihe inaaauoatiua, and
beal the sore in a short taae.
W. K. S -. ITH k CO.. A-frnta, Salem.
eViWl by all toe priwcipal .Irser ata. and kv
SoinC I-H Washita-rlow l San Pranciaen.
Tkta Ma jtcal and Snrclcnl Iaatlt-ltw
Of Dr. X. CZAPKAT, I already aeeuretl in a position
which places It, aa wSrws lit propriaaor, fa abuTF the a
sautta of envy and proft-ask-nat m slice. Ia the achoada of
Prnnoe, the hitrhest prises are often awarded to practatonera
in this department of Medical science, and they oee-apy with
others, an eqnsrty tofly pos-tion In tne profewnoei. ateaard
Is an ilt'ialrioTH example, a shinln :lirbt among the phttns-ph-ical
ttart of his tn in E-'irnpe. and Dr. Cxankay baa 'oily
equalled him In this conntry, a a proof of which, the Phila
delphia College of Metlietne conipHmented him with a Pl-to-
m-t. .nd Ih- hooorary ail annafea decree. Saleetiatt thiai-sa
ha field of operation, Hho&ih ituat&ed aa a svadn-it- the
Univenity of P.sth, ami l-tse Chief Surseoo of Ibe Hunita-
r an Revott-tioaar-f army, for more c-rUnded labors. Dr. L.
J. Cxapkay has bent It's earnest attention tn tit, care of
chronic and private daeaas, ia which he has become so great
an expert Cist he ia now re-rar.te-l as the Lxanaa in thia
branch of bis profession thront-hout the United States, and
b;s portrait and Wo-rraphy are pnM'ahed aa matter of inter -
est lo tltetr readers in Ihe most exi-1 ia:ve jtinmala. The Doc
tor's ofltres are at hia Medical and Snrlc al Inst"tate, i Sac
ramento street, corner of I -He ior T, nearly oppoaite tha
bnildinva of the Pacific Mail Sres-asl.ip Company.
J We ask particalsr attention of our readera to tha
sworn certificates of remarkable cares, in another column of
Ihi paper. - 4'Jn.t
fT 1! .ill's SaaaAPaxaxji, Yriuw Dnmt. i Iodibk or
P-rra-s. is prepsre-l from the finest Ked J-mmica a-vsaparillm
and Entsh I slide oT P.-tmas. A-mirat.!e aa a -----B-oi-sti-rw
anil purifier of the blood, tt cieanst s the ay at era of a3 morbid
and tmpurt n-ttter, renxvrrt pimnles, bnila, and eraptiooa
from the tiln ; cares rhtasiatism and pair of all kinds. All
---o can atrnrd should naeit. aa it tends to give strenj-th and
, , . 'Z .n. at SrL,.
.'. HALL A CO- Plupi latol-a.
vrboteaale lru---psta. t-tS and 143 Uay
G i. ran f ranciaco.
Tha Oraafsnbarr Saraaparill. A powerful ex
tract. One bottle equal ts ten af the oi ilium SsrmHiif
for purifying Ihe l-racd. A anre care Uit acroftim. rtenssa-tis-n,
ulcers, dyspepsia, aalt rheum. a-K-rcnrisI -sassts, cata
ncona erupt ion. c .
the ORKrx -ocsi vrx OIXTMrXT. .
XnTalnUe for burns, wonsds, sprains. dyspepsia, eh.n-j.i--.
awes. aweSins, scroftila, Ac- As a Pain Extractcr, a cannot
cxtrrlled. i Xina.g ..i.! itft IlicX fcaa tiia sar esc-ns
. . '.. ' -Wat ¬
taaaa. ijcaos.auja.