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    iot and Africa by New Orleans ; to Asia by S.m for it continuance. If the slaveholder ol -j.- t 1 that 1 strongly favor colonization, mid vet wish
Francisco. Uut separate our common country ; that bis proiH-rty is to be sacrificed, it is not just to say that there is uu objection jig-inim colored
ruto nations, designed by tins present rebellion, ! that it be done at a commoii charge; mil it w itli persons remaining in the country, which is large
and every man in this ureat interior resion is less nioiiev. or money more easily paid, we can : I V imaginary, il not sometimes malicious. Jt
thereby cut off from some one or more of these
outlets not perhaps by a physical barrier but by
embarrassment and onerous trade regulations.
And this is fue wherever a dividing or a bound
Hry line may be fined. Place it between thi
fow free and lh slave country, or place it south
of Kentucky or north f Ohio, and still the trutl
remain, that none south of it can trade to any
port or place north of it, and none north of i
ctn trade to any port or place south of it, cxeep
preserve the benefits of the 1'iiion by this mean is insisted that their presence would injure and
letter than we can by the war alone, is it not i displace wliite labor anJ white la'rorers. ji mere
economical to do it! Then let us ascertain the ; ever could be a pr.-pcr time for mere argument
upon terms dictated bv a Government foreign t
them. These outlets, east, and south, are ! Certainly it is not so easy to pay something
indispensable to the well being of the people ! it is to pay nothing, but it is easier to pa
sum we have extiendeJ in the war, since compon
sated emancipation was proposed last March,
tn J consider whether if the measure had been
promptly accepted in Rome of the slave Slates,
he same tuiii would not have done more to close
he war than has leen otherwise done. It so, tin
neasure w ould save money, and in that view,
tolud be a piuleut and economical measure.
that time is not now. In time I ke the preseii
men should utter ti"t!ii"g for which they wont'
not w illing'y be responsible through time am
eternity. Js it true, then, the colored peop!
can displace any more white labor by being fr.
than by remaining slaves ? Il'they stay in the
ow n places they jol!e no w bite laborers ; if th.
.eave their old places tliev leave them open l
w lute laborers. L.'
nor less of it.
.lave we insure freedom to the free and honorable 'data, during which the lint i.-b brig Holivar and
alike. In what we give and what we preserve the steamer Avon were wrecked. No live
I we shall nobly save or meaiilv lose the last best were lost. The I'. S. brig liainbridge
! hope of the call h. Other means may succeed; abandoned by the ollieers and crew , after throw
I . I , . ..... i I 1 . . A II ... .
this could not fail, ihewav is plain, peaec.ui , nig oei uoaro guns unu sioics. .to is,,,. ...... ..v.
and generous. Just such a wav, if Mowed, the tioii between Panama and Aspinwall was niter
orid will applaud mil God m'ust f.rever bless. I rupted the railroad being under water, but It
AUUAllAM LINCOLN. ! was expected that it w..uld be in running older
WasHisuTo, December 1st, ! bj the UGth, as the wattr was subsiding.
The steamer Golden
San Fr..nciseo. Dec 8c
U E P 1' It L I C A . Age arrived on Saturday night.
St. Louis, Dec. V. A dispatch from the bat-
ieallv, theie is neither more
inhabiting and to inhabit this vast interior region. I large sum than to pay a larger one, and it is Emancipation even without deportation w-ould
Which of the three may Vie the best is no prOer easier to pay it while we are able. probably enhance the wages of white laborers ;
question. All are better than either, and all of1 The aggregate sum necessary for compensated ( very surely it would not reduce them. Thus,
right belong to that people and their successors emancipation of course would be large, but it the customary amount of labor would still have
forever. True to themselves, they will not ak ; would require uo ready cash nor the issue of to be performed ; the freed people would surely
to here a line of separation shall be", but will vow I bonds any faster than emancipation progressed ; i "ot do nnne than their old propoi tioii of it, and
rather that there shall be no such line of scpara- j and this might not mid probably would not close j 'ery probably, for a lime' w ould do less, having
ration with thft marginal regions, less interested before the end of 37 years. At that time we " increased part to w hite laborers to bring their
lo these communications to and through them, to f shall probably have one hundred millions of labor into greater demand, mid consequently
the great outside world. J hev do, and each one I people to share the burden instead of thirty -one ennance me vaiue oi it.
:i3 Straleof tD-liy is not altogether for;1'" Geld lar Fay etteville, (Ark.) dated theN.I.
to-day, it is lor the va;t future also." ; -.en. 1 lerrou s force eu route to rcinforc
. r - - -.. - - .-i-ii. 1 Geli. Blunt, met tue enemy, y eslerday, at Prai-
ZDGElfE CITY, DECZK2EE 20, 1862. ;rie Grove, and gained a "decisive victory ovci-
them. liieeiieinv were 21 0J0 strong, divided
f them must have access to their Egv p! ot t hi
West without pnying toll at the crossing of any
national boundary. Our national strife springs
not from our permanent part not from the
lands we inhabit not from our national home-
millions as now : and not only so but the increase 1 ith deportation, even to a limited extent
of our Population mav be expected to continue enhancing wages to white labor is a mathematical
for a long time after that period as rapidly as
certai ity. Labi r is like any other commodity
in the market ; increase the demand for it and
vou increase the price of it. lieduce the supply
befre, leeaiise our territory will not have be
I come full. 1 do not state this inconsiderately;
Weal. There is nn possible severing of this but I at the same ratio of increase which we bave 'of black labor by colonizing the black laborer
toill multiply and not mitigate evils among us 1 maintained on an average from our first national -,ut uf the country, and by precisely so much
In all its adaptations and aptitudes it demands , census in 1T.0 until SCO, we should in 1!00 i would increase the demand for white labor,
tltiion and abhotn separation. In fact it would j have a population of 103 iOS.4I3 : and w hy : I''t it is dreaded that the treed f.eOl w ill swarm
I may we not continue that ratio for beyond that j forth, and Cover the hole land. .11 liberation
period, w ith on' abundant room, our broad i "lake them any more numerous ? Ifthev were
national homestead and ample resources I euuany uisinuuicj among uie whites of tue
generations of men, and it cannot, without con- Were our territory as limited as the lirilish Isles
vulsion, be pushed forever but with the passing ; certainly our population could not expand as
t one Ueneratio l. With this view 1 reeom- i stated. Instead of receiving the foreign born as
iliend the following resolution and articles ' now, we should be compelled to send part of our communities now havii
iinie.ndatory of the Constitution of the I lilted native born away.
States: lint such is not our condition.
vre long foree reunion how ever much of blood
nil treasure tlte separation might hive cost.
Unr strife pertains to ourselves to the, pa-sing
We have 2,
'Uesolvcd, by the Senate and House of (W3.000 of square miles. Europe has 3's!,000,
nepresent.nives'of the United States of America, w ith a population averaging 73 persons to thr
ill Cni'ri!ss assembled two thirds ot both Houses ! square mile. Why may not our country at
country ttjere would Pe Put one colored person
to seven whites. Could the one in any way;
greatly disturb the seven ? There ale many j
more than one free
concurring, That the follow ing Articles be pro
posed to the legislatures or Conventions of the
several Sutes as amendments to the Gmstitu.
tion'of the 1'uited States, all or any of w hich
articlss, w hen ratified by three fourths of the said
legislatures or Conventions, to be va'id as part
or parts of the said Constitution, namely ;
Article. Every State wh?reiu slavery now
exists, which shall abolish the same therein any
time before thr first day of January, in the year
of our lyrd 1S!K. shall receive compensation
in Umds from the Tinted States, bearing interest
at the rate of I blank! for each slave shown to
have been therein, said Ponds to oe delivered to s,,;,! Pennsylvania and Ohio, are not far below
such States by instalments or in one parcel, at j the former hiving C'l and the latter ,V. The
the completion of the abolishment, according as . Slate alrea ly abovethe E iropeauaveragcexoept
the same shall have Ihvii gradual or at one tiine low York, have bicretsed in as rjid a ratio
within such State, and interest shall beg.n to run I ince the Hissing of that point as ever before,
upon any such bond only from the proper time of w (,ie ri0 one 0f them is equal to some other
its delivery as aforesaid ; find afterwards, any ! p;l, ts 0f lne country in caabity. In the
State having reoeived bonds ns aforesaid and I aggregate w e find its population and rat ios pf in
afierwards introducing or making slavery ineiem crease for sev- ral deCtMinial periods as follows
some time average as many I Is it less fertile 1
Has it more waste surficc by mountains, rivers,
lakes, deserts and other cau-es ?
Isit inferiorto Europe in any natural advantage?
If not, then w e are at some time to be as popu
lous as Europe. How soon? As to when this
may be we may judge by the past and present, j
As to when it may be, depends much on whether
we m liutain the Union. Several of our States 1
are above the average of European population of,
s vetity-three and one halt to the square mile. I
Massachusetts has 1j7, Uhodd Island 133, New
York and New Jersey each S ); two other great :
colored person to seven whiles, and this without j
any apparent consciousness of evil from it. The I
District of Columbia, and the Suites of Maryland j
and Delaware are nil in this condition. Tlie
District has more than one five colored person I
to six w intee, and u:t 111 its frequent petitions to
Congress, I believe, it has never presented the
presence of tree colored persons ns one of its
grie vances.
lJt why h iul 1 e n pieipitio'i s uth send the
freed people n ? People of any color seldom
run, unless there is something to run from.
Heretofore colored people have fl -d north to
some extent from bondage, and now perhaps
from both bondage and destitution. Hut if grad
ual emancipation and deportation be adopted,
thev wi.l have neither to fl.-e from, for their ow n
1 masters will give the n Wag ?s, at least ti l new
; laborers c u be j ro -ined. and feed in n ill tin e
i will give laoor Ibr wages, till new hoaies can be
found fjr them in congenial climes and with peo
j de of their own blood and race. This proposi.
j In ii can be trusted on the mutual interest in
volved, and in that event cannot th North d ci le
of itself w helh-.-r to receive them agiin? A?
practice proves more than theoiy, iu any case
h ts there been any irruption northward beo.une
ltd the abolishment of slaver)- in the District cd
Columbia last spring ? What I have said of the
proportion ofjfrec colored persons to whites in the
; 1). strict of Comibiu is from the census ot Ijiuit,
having no reference to persons called contrabands
1 nor to those mile tree by the act ot Congress
n It, ililii nit sincere )..r. Tli. r.l-in .nit i mr ,,f
free ; hut all owners of such who shall not have ;.S 1U. J his shows an annual decennial increase lllese is recommended, not but a restora
been d'sloval shall be compensated for them at of 31t0 100 percent in population, lor .0 years. . f . , ., ;. . , , u.:.i.
., . i i .. . a I.". ..... i . ,, .. :n i. . -
I lie same rates as is provided lor eiaies noopi i i , mi iu oui i,i i c-.isus it m or cai
abolishment of slavery, Put in such a way that that the ratio of increase at no one ofthe-e
lio slave shall be twice accounted for. several periods is either two per cent, below, or
Article. Ciopcress tnav appropriate money two per cent, above the average ; thus showing
or otherw ise provide for colonizing tree comreu now inn xinie auu consequently now rc.iai
shall refund 1o the I luted Mates the bonds so
received, or the value thereof, and all interest
paid tin rn.
Article. All slaves who shall have enjoyed
actual freedom bv the ch innes of the war at any
Tiijc 'Kkuabi.s Gkxtlksian." The SlulenTnan 'into four divisions under Marina bike, Uio-t,
is now running opposition to the army corre- ' Parsons, and ltaius all under llindmaii, and
, , ,. . . , , .. supported bv 1st pieces of artillery. Ilieeuemv
spondents, and credits its gossip slander and lies . . ., ', .. -, ... .
' i' . had flu ked Ulutil s position at Cave Ilill, and
to "our informant,"' "reliable gentleman, ' niaJl. slljjt. dii5,h oll Jlt.rro l(, prevent him
ligent contraband," etc. Last week it had been from uniting with lllunt. Jlcrruu's force consist
informed by one of these reliables that lie had ed of six regiments of infantry, and two but tall
'heeru tell" of a man who forged a note in lib , of cavalry iu all about 7,000 men with 24
, , , - , . . j1 pieces of artillery. 1 lie battle raged from 10
inois and afterward run off to this country, and ; - . .... , i.
' , I a. u. till dark, and was Uesparateiy fought.
he the "reliable geiitlem an"' or "intelligen t con- Uur ttrIit.ry drove the enemy from two strong
trabaud" txjKctd it was the publisher of this jKjsilions, and kept their overw h.bning nuiiibeis
paper. O.d granny gossip published it, and ad- ' l hay. The 'iOtU Wisconsin captured one rebel
ded that the felt quite certain that it was true. b,alU' of fuUr ltav r""s; l ("rd
... , . , , , , , , . . abandon it under a murderous fire. 1 be liMi
.. e pronounced it f.lse last week, and dared the aft,nviirds llK,U tlie billWrVi, ...j
"iuf .riiiant" to make any such statement ; and ought desparately to retain it, but were also
yet the old thing repeats the insinuation, and obliged to ) ield it. At 4 v. H. Gen. lllunt ar-
"furthcr states that tht "has been informed that it !"'Vt J -.000 'e" "J tiring force of artiU
. 7i- , . i 'lerv. lie attacked the enemy in the rear ; they
is tat d that there is reason to belitve tnat he , , j.
, .,,., , , maue a tremendous illort to capture his bullern
forged a letter. 1 lial s right, granny ; you ve j Ut n ..ulJ terr;, slaughter. Wc
struck your legitimate business now. Hunt up I Jtld tle whole field at dark, and In fore 1 o'clock
all the little neighborhood gossip, and circulate it. ' the rcPels were in full retreat over the liostoii
You can succeed in that better than in producing j Mountains. Our loss iu killed and wounded is
, . , . , 'about 000; that ol the rebels 1.500, bv their
arguments. As to forging Idlers we have no j , . '. '
r B B ' ow n admission,
experience iu that line, but we do know that . vour i n , , , ,
' n iJ- , " , Washington, Dec 11. At G o'elivk this
"informants didorjre a letter, and do not w onder I lwruhlg , w Ft.dcra gulM OI, Jeriekv
that they should evjipose that somebody else burg. Up to the latest information the lire con
had been follow ing their example. i linued uuinterruj'ted. The destruction of the
city is certain. The clielny opened fire at 7 o".
Os the D;h inst. . man named "Spanish Joe" j clock, w hich, up to this time, has been of no
was killed at the Dalles, by a Spanish woman. I serious damage, franklin's division is crossing;
lie was drunk, and on attempting to force his tirt"e l"iU' be,,w the ti,.v having .-oiistnictoi
..... v. u . i , . bridges wnh Imt snght ojipositoii. Our gunboat
wav into the house she shot him with a revolver. . c, ,. . ,, " ' . ., e
mt K are shelling the t-ucln filUen liilic uuU tlm
Colp. From the Mxiinhiiiii-cr we learn that riStr'
on the 9lh inst. the steamer Idaho had to cut her , l'"'" ,ro"1 1'Jquarters of Potomac say
.. . ., . r . ., . . there has been considerable change iu the po,i.
way through the ice from the Dalies down to ,, .. r ,. . , ,i, . ,
c ! tioii ol several ot the army corps wilhiu the past
Crate's Point, The citizens ofLewistoU have lew dav s. It is sta ed that the enemy had lfO
been putting up ice lately. 'guns in position, on the south side of the Kappa-
The ste.-inu r E.igle,w ith Havana dates to tho
I have prepared blanks to be used in inakir." i,:1b mv-"d. Ihe position ot the l reiiehat
as very ciu-
To District Clerks.
nit your district reports, as leq'iired by the Hew
era Cruz and Orizaba, is reporied
School Law, w hieh w ill be furnished gratis
,(1 j ical. They hav ing no fodder lor their cut tie, ai.d
171M 3,12!.S27 ; 1005.304.037; ratios of
increase, 35 0 1 00 ; 11 07,230,8 1 4 ; ratio
40.45 100 ; 150 '.(i'SS.131 ; ratio 3113 100;
1S30 10,Mrt,0-J0; ratio 30 30 100; 140 17,
00,453; ratio 35 07 100; lsi.V.1 53 103,700 ;
time before the end of the rebellion be forever ratio 35, 7 500 lM.iO 31,433 700 ; ratio
person, with their own consent, nt any places
within the United States."
I beg indulgence to dienss these proposed" ar
ticles nt some length. Without slavery the re
bellion would never have existed ; without s',v
ry it could not continue. Among the friends of
ihe Union there is a great div ersity of sentiment
mid policy in regard to slavery and the African
race among us. Some would abolish it gradual
ly and with coin pesat ion. Some would remove
the free colored from us and some would retain
them with us; and there are jet other minor
diversities. We waste much strength ie strug
gles amongst ourselves. l!y mutual concession,
we should harmonize and act together, ihis
law of increase in our case. Assuming that it
will continue, it gives the following results:
170 45 53.375 ; 10 50 '.HW.510 ; !s;0
7ti,077.75 ; 10,K 103.5.),415; 101013-,
!U,55f.; 1050 15 OSl 335 ; 1030-551,0v,
011. Thse figuies show that our country mav
be as ipu!ous as Europe at some point between
1050 and 1030 say about 1055 our territory
at 73 to the square mile, leing of the capacity
to contain 517.10,000. And we will reach this,
too, if we do Pot relinquish the chances by the
folly and evils of disunion, or bv long exhaust
ing war, springing from the only great elem lit
ol discord among us. While it cannot be foreseen
exactly how much one great exsmpiei f secession
out its adoptio i, n or will tae w ir or proceeding
uuJerthe proclamati -n of Sept 55. 1m53 be staved
because of the rec iminen la ion of th s pla'i. Its
timely adoption. 1 doulit not would bring resto ,
ratio. i and thereby s'.ay both. Not w ithslan ling '
this plan, the recommendation that Congress pro I
videJ by this law for compensating an v State that !
may adopt emancipation, oclorc this plan shall
have been acted upon, is hereby earueS'Jv re
tiew ed. S ich would only be an advance part of
the J lull, and the same arguments apply to loth.
This plan is ree t:n n?nied as a measure not iu
conclusion of but adJitioii il to all others, for re
storing and preserving the national authority
throughout the I nio;i. The subject is presented
those calling on me lor the same. The reports;"" f',:sl4 K"J,'1. ,!k troops, ho sull. r from
must be filed in inv office ty the first M ndav in J st'llU'r.v- The force at Jalapa is cut .il from
March. " " supplies from Vera Cauz. The M. xa-aiis are
The new School L1W appears iu full in the ; ,ll"tivt,J fortifying Peiibla and the cilv ot Mexie..,
Shitctmun of the Mh inst, and 1 w ould suggest to a,lJ lllL' r,,ft,i" letwcen them, and thev also intend
you the necessity cifpri iring a is.pv of the Law ll'H',Jll't-'. valley, rendering the city whol.y
w here practicable, for the use of the Dislict, as ! afsib!e.
1 hav e not pamphlet copies ot the law, to furnish ; In the House yesterday the Senate bill for the
more than half the Distric s in this county. ! admission of Western Virginia inlo li.e Union
J. D. IMiEKWooI), 1 passed by 00 to 55. Il prov ides In summit u g
Supt. Com. Schools, a constitution to the ho;.1c for laiilieali. n.
! Nasnvibe, Dee, 0. Gov. Johnson kis issued
Msomc The following -are the officers ' a pria-lamatioii providing for lb.- election ot Kep.
elected for the ensuing Masonic Vear, bv Eugene , lesenUitiv es for the O.h and Kl.h C ingrcssio. al
City Lodge, No. 11. A. P. cc A. M. : A. A. I districts.
Smith, W. M. ; J. G. Gray. S. W. ; C. C. Cro ! llca.l.piarters of Army on Potomac, D. c. II
ner, J. W.; E. F. Skinner, Trens. ; J. 15. I' ml 0 A. M hist night o.ulurio.,.
derwood, Sec'y ; P. G. Lmnley, Tv ler. j To-day was the "time lived for '.Tossing tle
would be a compromise among the" friends and ' 'r 'es '.. leliuitely, would retard
Imt w ith the enemies if the I num. J hesc ar-,
tides are intended to embody a plan of such
in ut ual concession. If the plan shall be adopted
il is assumed that emancipation will follow, at:
least iu several of the States Iu the first article
the main points are: firt, the em tncip.itioii
jHiwcr, the length of time for consummating it in
years, and third, the compensation. The email-i
cipalion will be unsatisfactory to the advocates
I per, et ual slavery. Put tne length .! time
our population, civilization and prosperity, no
one Can doubt that the extent of it wou!d be very
exclusively in its economical aspect. Ihe plan
w ill, I am conflict, secure p. -.ace more speedily
than can be done by force alone, while it would
cost less, considering the amount and man tier of
pav uient, and the times of payment. The
amount would be easier pail than will be the
additional cost of tlie war, if j rely Solely on
t, r ll is most liL.U it i . n 1 1 1 ... ,i.f i,o 1.1,.,.,-j !
great and injurious, J he proposed emancipation at Tne ..j,, is j.n.posed as permanent cot. 1
would shorten the war, perpetuate pc.uv, insure ' M,u,K,a Jaw. Jt Ci4.u,t become such without j
this increase in popu. anon and p.oporlionately U.e concurrence, first, of two thirds of Congress. '
the increase of the wealth of ihe country. nh (ind llflt.,.w arJs of three fourths of the Slates,
this we should pay all mancipation would cost, The requisite three fjjrths of the Slates, if ob
without our other debts Utter than we our- uilll.j IKm. u. n wlis,itu,iona teral. i,b tbl'
Ives should pay our other debts Without it- ,,.. , ould end the slrugle now and save
I r
It we naa a loweJ our ou National IK'jI to run ',h I,-,.,, r, ,i ,,. riret r,v:,.. ...
should greatly mitigate their diss.v. . sfvetion. The " u 1"T ""u u " "nI,,e ""r r""' a i.aper addressed to the Congress of the nation
time saves both races from the evils of sudden '. lbe,,d t,four Levolutionary stn.g -le till t,.day , liy Chef Magistrate of th; nation ; r.or do I
pahaniiock. During the night pontoons win
, convey ed to the river, and artilkry placed iu
l fiont of Fredericksburg. At three lhi inornimr
Washington, Dec. 5. In the House, Morrdl, I construct ion of three bri Igcs commenced ui
ot Vermont, offered the following resolution: front of the ci'y, and when they vv ere about half
Jicsolred, That at no time since the existence 'completed, the enemy ojvem-d a murderous in
of the rebellion, have the f recs ai d material iu j f-mtry fire from houses on the river Uu.k, driv.
the hands of the Government been more ample ! '"S the engineers from the bridges ; several
and abundant, for the speedy termination of the!11'"'1 killed and wounded. At six o'clock Gi n.
war, thin :.t the present moment, an j that it is Puriiside omdred all guns to ojhii on the lit v .
the duty of loyal Americans, regardless of minor 1 ' he camioiiading which has continued to tlu
ditferences of opinion, and especially it is the present time is terrible. The city is on fire a. ,i
duty of every IH.-er and soldier, ai.d of those 't d struction is certain. At 7 o'clock the ene
in every branch of the Government, including 1 ,n.v opened with their heavy guns from their
the legislative, cordially to strike the assassins at works, but no seiious damage" has Ut-n done vcl.
once who hive conspired to destroy our xperi , Getl. lra.ikliu's division cross. -d ihe river three
inetit of prosperity and freedom, of which w e ! miles below. The concentrated fire of our guns,
aiejist'y pr -u 1 at home and abroad, and which,1"' llie sity, has the effect of drivm.' the eiiem y
w e stand pledged to perpetuate fbrever. back frv. n their batteries, and the w oi k o:i the
The resolution was agreed to; ayes, 145 j bi i Ige Commenced agin.
William J. Allen, of Illinois, alone voting iu the j Ihe troop a!e all u: der arms near the river
negative. I prepared to rush over s sih.ii as the sirJ
mane fiy parties in Western irgnua tor the j uriuges tlie relief infantry again opened fire and
(lerangemeu!, while most of those whose habitu
al course of thought w ill be disturbed by the
without piviiifi lor either prmeina
or interest, caeh man of us would owe less on
.1... 3 1. . L .. !. .. l ....
measure will have passed aw. v bef.-re its con-I u,1 eaen man oweu on it tricn,
summation. They w ill never' see iu Anotlr , "d ,l f ",l'rt"BS """n lh
. lass will hail th.'pro.p t of emaoeipatieMi, but i b',le Pl"";oJ' hV lwe" r""re lh "1-
will deprecate the length of time, Ihev wi
forget that so. ue tew of yoa a-e my s -niors. or
that many ot you have m re experience than 1 in
the conduct of public atfi'.rs ; y tt I tru -t in iew ;
of the great respoiis:b,bty resting upon me, yoa 1
Washington, G. Strenuous , ff ,rts are being j completed. On an attempt bcimr made to finis!
ade by parties in Western Virginia tor the j bridges the rebel infantry again opened fire, ain
issage of Senate Pill, by the House, admitting j -! their artillery, w h'idi fired the brid.'es ii
"estern Virginia into ihe Union. several places. Purnsidc ordered the ronrsii ir .
jteJ fire of every gun up, the cilv, under cover
jof which it i U-iieve,! bridge can be finished.
w ill perceive tio want of respect to you. selves
in auv undue earnestness I mav see n to display
it C-ongress an I the Lxecu'.ive Com uitlee secure
its adoption, the good people w ill resnd to a
united and earnest appeal from us ? Can we, can
' they, by any other means so certainly or so
(eed;U assure these vital objects t W( can -uc
ceedonlv l v concert. It is Hot, can any of us
and runs faster thvi intere-t on the debt. Thus
fed that it gives foo little to those How living l,me "c reneves a oemor naium, o hmg as s lt doullU.d? tlll.n lu.4t the plali 1 , rop-se, if
as slave. ; but il really cues them much. It n'""""' '" '; .u m u q.aio im-r- aJotej, will shorlen the w ar and thus lessen its
save them from the 'vagrancy and destitution w""'"'" " U JrbU Ih.s, however, f iivn btere.s of moucy a. 1 b'.s.l! Is it doubted
which must largely attend immediate emaneipi ; wo excuse lor ueiay ng pay mem ol w aat llllt it luj restore the national prosperity and
'J"s'J ""i """"" 'I'mi'iii 'i'iuimi'i ii.t.i, tu it,- i m haite.v T Is n .1..11 .t-,1 thai
nine in iuis iMiueA a roii, auu i ne ieni aavaniage
of a policy by which we sha 1 not have to pt
until we number one hundred miiliotis what bv
a ditfeMit po.' icy we would have to pay now,
when our iiuhiIhT is thlrty-twie millions. In a
word, it sUw that a dollar will be much harder
l pay lor tne war man a it. lor emancipation Ul)v,r .Ut.r, but can a-y of us dj U-tter.
on the roed plan; and thii the latter w ill cnJtvt (,at and how soever possible, still the
crst ik. blood, uo precious life ; it wi.l I a lt.,v,0,i recjrs .vai we d better? The dog
saving ol . uM tf ,he ,re j,,.,,,., tj XUr
A to the sMvd article, 1 think it woulj W' storm r p re-sent. The wasiou is pued l.igh w ith
are to r.Ks ive coinpcirsat lVsublles some impracucaoie tw rcturu ut tMn l-tge the class of J .iacuity , aulw roust rise with the oet-ion.
f tlinsr mli'i irt tu piy sad n4 U rrnive wul " therein cHiten)saIrd. Jsome if them ! A our v. -as is new, so we must think and act
object ; y et that the measure is lnh )ust and JuUI:s Udmg to loy al w ners. and hence pr- j anew. We must dis r.thnll ourselves, and then
eoHionocil i crruin. The lib-rtin -f the is'0 i luade ui this ailw-le fcr coriipensaUi'g ; we shall serve our country. Pel lo citizens we
laves is the JeMrm-tion .f rH'riy aopiired ly M'tw j caniio escape history. e of tins Congress will
descsi-i.t and by purchase, tli sw.we as anysth rj TWf third article relate to the future of the . v reir.ciuUred in spite of ourselves. No per
j-rorverty. h ts no less true for ha ing InirU vH-r frvrd pcTe. It docs not oblige, bit nurrly v"-"' .hV,a!ke can spare one or anotheT ot u.
.id, that the twfiWsif Ui Soulk as i more Cr.grvs l aid in coltn.ii'ig sia h a's The 6,-ry trail thnwigh e pass willbght
svmnsiUie W tbe ia:.istion 4 llns jsrvfeity ' irwv consent. Tu wibt not fv he r.-pardel as ow a hi honor or dishonor to the latest gener
than are the prirple of the Nsrth, and whenil i rlijts.-tiotiabIe i one kiid or the oth T, aiasiiwii h iK,n- we f-r the Ui ; the
reme.iibcred hew unl.t-s.-H ag'r we l use ' as it coine ti. n.ght utiless by rnutu ,1 criert l'riJ w i.l r.t forget w hi!e e s.ny ti.i that ir
aod sugar aJ sliare tli proht i4 dealers- in 4 the pr.ple to le dtspeirted, al ir Amer,-an fc"ow h w tosaie the I nion. 1 ue world know
'heni. it irisy not be quite sfe to say that lb voter through thrir re'"cs-(si!tt,ves in Congrrss. dok ow !. to save. We hold the pow er ard
S. x-h h.i ii i.iut r.-s p. rt. .jl,l U.i the t rth 1 v.ii . 4 n .ke it : , r thai: i' i're 1 is '"'r reI"l' 'nirty . I'i mg fr-cvdmi to the
Hoilv St rings 4. Our aruiv is pushing for
ward to Oxford. The rdiels destrov rd the track
and bridges as much as possible, and our pru !-'ur killed and wounded do riot exceed fiftv
grt-ss southward is comparatively slow. j I'hiladeljdiia, Dee. 11. Nashv ille dispauhe
New York, t The rcbd account of capturini; ; "', rebels under Johnson. Rrarr I .1, .,
our gunboat E.lis, in New Hive", is incorrect, i Forrest and Morgan, advancs-d and"appcred i i
Slie grounded, and was blown up to prevent her creat force. A battle is expected near Harpt-tli
falling into rebel hands. 1 20 miles Sout i of Nashville. Ueinforceinents
would le no excuse for del av itig
..:...tJ. I ..-L. .1
lion in localities whereiheadvcrsecircumsunces "US s importance ol
are very great, and it gives the assurance that
their posterity shall be free forever. The plan
h ave to each State ch'Hrsing to act under it, to
ttolish slavery now or at the end of the century,
at any intermediate time, or by degrees, extend
ing over the w hole or any part cfthat perns.!,
and it obliges no two State to proceed al.Le. It
also prov ides f-r co'njxsnsation and rier!ly
toe mode of taking it. This would eciu to fur
ther mitigate the dissatisfaction f th who
fivor sirpetual slavery. aud e;si4ally those who
Every ptiint w ill 1m
Chicago, 6. Tlie Texas Republican, of the i re being hurries! forward
1st, say s that forty two men were executed for strengthened. The recent reliel victory at Hart
belong tig to a society whose obj.-ct was the sur j ville ecins to have emUkdened them."
render of the northern part of Texa to the Fed ; t. Iuis, Dec. lj.(.n. b;I( tr,,,
era's. jlhat the rebels have crossed the rLn....P,.; I .
Washington, High authority states that The enemy' loss 2 000, miiHit lLum r. it. '
. 1 .; I..... i l ... .. i i . . r : i - .. I r"..l i. - i . " B,t nve
Colonels; our loss 700.
New York, Dec. 1 1. 11,- it.v
. .. .imninu
0 J was at Mammque Nov. ITih. The Federal
, gunboat Sail JacuiU, arrived same forenoon, and
the President has no knowledge (.f the Suthern
peace f.n.posiils, brought by Harney, rn.r has he
rt-ceiv.-j aiiv communication from ternaiil
Wood. Dispatch from Army of Pctomac sav i tit' i rrcoiiuoTSiiiK-cs U;scoveiei tnat no eiu uuisue m wait f.r htr- but she esuai si
attempt will lie m.t le l.v lh .,...,ie K..1I tK the ne xt iiieht r ' H
section it mouth of Uappahannoc k. they having ! New "i , k, 11 A Wash!., dispatch sav,
entirely evacuated that tMUntry with exception i private advki, rvc-ived' last ni Lt fr'
.sf small suiting p.irfes. P.uriiside has issued Fredericksburg, sv t)M th sr,,rr "J"
an order au:l..r,-mg tW cismiss.-tl of otS -ers ' Franklin's d.visii'Crosed the Iwippahumock i
guilty U n.-ji'ect c duty, who alicwed tbt ir ' safety , throw ing ,.ut jiekct to t hoi of II r'"
commands U. U . irprise-l by enemy. at Fredern k.burg. Although the cilv i.on rl
t-iro, a--Me.ii, hi. psprsjast received say, id cv , rjsl ,.!, it U thought must ofthe build
that Geu H .vr-v .. xjJitum landed at Iriers p- H W save,!. The enemy skirmishes! .11
vii e. marched d.r:tly on Grenada,,and day Franklin's advance, but fell back crvl
t--..k possession ,. that ,-Uoe. Ust M a "aily, their inovemeuts Isrirrr lnM r, f
large number .f mt zei.s fled in tsM-ri.atit. fark tcieg-ai hed. r,,,1,," ,k. ' . ,.
. - ', , . . r- , , i,,
llie pr..; rictus .f the ApjT! moved tlieir es i fsrsxrs,i,. of Fredericksburg Oirtr.s-.,, ,r.
t.M,m;'.,tu.M..,Htv Ga. P(ore le.vii p. ' cross., g rapidly. The arm v will l vxt T
one tun Irvsi 43, and frv.rn fcteeu to taeiily lo reafy to e g ,g? the enemy it .orm
KTootives were burne '. " The SriuieP,i ( it; ' ,
ssiiic 1 osi i '.nc l.irtinvittee br
New Ur, ,, A, ,he.r.,,d the ir Airman to n fA"Al
p.p. ,1 N ev. 2.,:h, arrived. 1 u.rr had been . propositi.,, K,r uk u '
Ucu..uJ..s g, at A.rir,!; Lstir.g thr ' lrv- S,,.. Yrmd l An. vr tlvel " L