The state Republican. (Eugene City, Or.) 1862-1863, June 07, 1862, Image 2

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EUGENE CIT7, SATtf&DAY, JU5E ?, 1863
The ignorant mass of deluded follower of I
low party hacks and designing, unprincipled po
litical hucksters, are at last (oiled in the county
of Lane, and docently and triumphantly defeated,
Haviug the county business in their hands,
which has furnished them the bread of life, they
hare managed, by hook and crook, and the most
unscrupulous use of every conceivable mode of
humbug, misrepresentation and barefaced falsi.
fication to delude a large class of citizens who
re naturally generous, but strongly prejudiced
and generally very ignorant, into the support of
a party long degenerated from the great princi
pies that made it the pride of the old patriots of
the country and the most intelligent people of
community. By hanging on to the name of the
once good and honorable party they have gulled
many honest and patriotic citizens into the ranks
and made them work in the traces with known
enemies of the Union and red-mouthed, bawling
traitors. This little county revenue has sus
tained this beautiful batch of commentator on
constitutional law. for years. This resource is
now cut off; and of course this squad of delect
able gentry, with all its im-jau?-tance of F. F.
V. nobility, and its northern Yankee pomposity,
with nil these genial spirits and kith and kin,
must at last roll overboard. The cement that
bound it together being removed, it follows as
a natural consequence that its conglomerated
parts must fall asunder, and the traitorous mal
content matter in the composition of its organ!
zation must inevitably relapse into regular "plug
ugly " disrepute.
Well may we rejoice at the victory of last
Monday. We can scarcely realize the impor
tance of the result. Treason no longer flourishes
over us ! The people of intelligence and pat'
riotism have acted nobly ; they have redeemed
their county from the foul stain of disloyalty
and low-bred sympathy with armed rebels and
barefaced, shameless treason. Now, when a
citizen of this county goes about the country, he
can lift himself up to the altitude of a man, and
with true pride and satisfaction say " our country
is all right ; we are sound on the Union and the
Constitution, and for the Stars and Stripes and
the perpetuity of the government of our Fathers."
We are down on treason, secssion and toryism,
and even more so when it is so unspeakably dis
honest as to name itself the " regular Democ
racy 1" Bo it known that recession, treason and
toryism robed itself in the garb of democracy,
and calling itself after the sacred name of demoo
racy, undertook to obtrude into power, but the
majority of the people were on the alert, and at
the post of duty and succeeded in "heading off"
the vile impostor. Yes heading it off. That is
they took its head off.
The secession thirnble rigging, and expert
wire-pulling politicians with their co-operating
stupid and stolid misreprasenters of history and
malicious pervertcrs of the Constitution of the
Un' tcd States can begin to look out for some
other " field of lobor." Their little traps and
fixings they may begin to collect together into
their wallets preparatory to a journey where
vagabonds and bummers can have better oppor
tunitios to exercise their imtinlt and propen
Farewell to America.
The last day of the canvass was one peculiarly
fortunate to the people of this city. The publii
speaker brought forth their brightest ideas and
profoundest thought. But the logio and elo
quence of Bob Cochran, though of an Immense
altitude, being of the kigkat order, neverthel
on this occasion, however strange it may seem
was greatly transcended by hi wonderfully
brilliant, sentimental and oratorical exclamation
and ejaculations, thus t
" I want us to see ef we can't git a better state
of feelins up in this part uv the world. They
a mighty awful bad state of feelina in some parts
of the States. I have been a laborin for peace
all around the county. Ef you elect me to the
Legislater I will, upon the word of a honest man,
to the best uv my abilitiee endeavor to do my
best for you to the very best of my abilities. Ef
I aint elected, I wont go to the Legislater, and my
abilities wont be at your service in no sich a way
as that, for I would not have opportunity to do
so ef I am not elected to the Legislater. I feel
awful bad here uv late mighty distressed at our
country and ef I an't elected and they an't a better
state of feelins in the country I have made up
my mind, feller citizens, what I will do 1 shall
have to leave you I will go off entirely away,
and get as fur off as possible I will hev to leav
America." Applause, and good bye Cochran,
good bye, farewell.
- Hurrah fob th Victory I While the Union
arm are gloriously triumphant in the Atlantic
States and Mississippi Valley, we have with un
feigned joy to record a less magnificent, but not
less glorious triumph of Union votet in Oregon.
Lano county, whose bare name is equivalent to
a symbol of treason, and which has hitherto been
tho hot bed of rebel sympathizers, has at last
concluded to right about fact, and march to the
music of the Union. As soon as it was ascer.
tainod that we had carried Lane county by a
Union majority of GO lo 100 votes, it was de
termined to celebrate the glorious victory by
firing 34 guns, which was done in approved
stylo, winding up with three cheers for success,
and three times three for the old flag snd the
Union. Poor show for secesh in this neck of
Sicksii Majorities. Two precinct on Long
Torn are tho only ones in the county that gave a
secesh majority worth mentioning, and those
two piled up tho strong majority of nearly 50
votes, including every knightof the Golden Circle
on the creek. And opposed in one of these pre
cincts by only six Union votes. It will be re
membered that this interesting piece of " ilihee "
embraces the muster ground where the secesh
light infantry drilled regularly last summer, and
where they frequently hoisted the secesh flag and
threatened summary punishment on any one
who should attempt to take it down. It is said
that the Long Tommcrs are greatly disgusted at
the " reg'lar Democracy " for weakning in the
knees just at the time when their brethren of the
South, stand so greatly in need of their aid and
Wt have received no eastern new since our
last issue, owing to the wires being down beyond
Salt Lake. No doubt important movements
Lave transpired which we anxiously await to
hear. '
Some of the Secessionists about town, say to
the Union men : " You defeated us this time,
but you bet we'll come it over you next time."
They are looking forward to that time, we sup
pose, when they expect the " niggers" to vote
here. Well, we anticipate that the Secessionists
will come it big when the niggers vote here.
They seem to live in hopes of the good times
Nxw State. We understand that an enter
prise i on foot to have the district of country,
embracing the central portion of the Long Thomas
Valley, set apart, and created into a separate and
distinct State, to be clothed with all the powers
of loyal Southern States, and to be permitted to
enjoy all the blessings which Slate Right will
secure. It is hoped that the " peculiar institution "
will not be disturbed by the " mean abolitionists"
of the vicinity. The creation of this State is de
signed, first, to prepare a genial field of opera
tion for the defeated Dixie candidate of Lane
county. Second, to preserve a pickled specimen
of " Southern doraestio life." And third, to give
Long Tom a chance to create a teat of his own to
suck, since the " dear people " have rooted him
away from the public teat.
How is it 1 The Dixie Democracy persist in
the declaration that they are beaten by the Re
publicans. Is not this humbling to the chivalry
to be thus put under the " mud sills," as they
love to term us 1 We do not dispute that
majority of those engaged in defeating them were
Republicans at the time when we were running
on party issues ; but we do say, and every intel
ligent man knows it to be true, that a large por
tion of the present victorious Union party, were
as true Democrats as Oregon ever knew. Those
who voted the opposition ticket on the pretext
that the Union ticket was a catch-vote sell, are
beginning to awake to a sense of their mistake,
and those who voted it on account of their south
ern proolivities can now seo their littleness.
Wa learn that one of the defeated secession
candidate says that the atmosphere about town
ia loaded with very disgusting odors ; that the
whole county stinks; that the "abolitionist
ruined things. And he is also of the opinion
that at the next election the niggers will come
up to the poll and rote, and some will be on
the ticket for office. Smart man that Hi mind
i evidently very free from prejudice. He must
love the Union with all hi heart when he cannot
distinguish it supporter from abolitionist. If
be doee love it with all his heart that portion of
hi intestine must be exceedingly small. The
stink he smells i from the dead secessionists
lying around, and that he should be mistaken in
the smell is not at all strange, for a defunct se
cession politician doe emit a very strong nigger-
ish odor.
SxcrioKAL Democracy. Among other causes
assigned by the Dixie Democracy for coming
out at the little end of the horn, last Monday, is
this : that Democracy ha come to be svnonv
mous with slavery, and, therefore, Democraoy
can never flourish again in a free State. It oc
curs to us that this is rather a fatal admission to
be made by those who have been for years un
ceasingly declaiming and disclaiming against
" sectional party." How now, you national men
do you see any sectionalism in the Union party 1
No ; we anticipate your answer, and add by way
of encouragement that if you do not love section
alism, you would do well to begin at one to
come over to the Union party, in time to save the
disgrace of another such defeat at the next elec
tion, for the Union party is to be the dominant
party henceforward.
Treason Rebuked. For the benefit of a few
mealy headed secessionists, who are still disposed
to argue the right of secession, and who want
Southern authority, we will give the authoity of
the Richmond Enquirer of several years sgo :
No man. no association of men, no State or
set of States, has a right to withdraw itself from
this Union of its own accord. The same power
which knit us together can only unknit. The
same formality which forged the links of the
Union is necessary to dissolve lb I as majority
of tht State which form the Union must consent
to the withdrawal of any on branch of it. Until
that consent has been obtained, any attempt to
dissolve the Union, or obstruct ths efficiency of
its constitutional laws, is treason treason to all
intents and purposes."
Kssw Him " oct thar." Captain Miller, in
his speech here, a part of which has already been
quoted in more newspapers probably than he
ever read, said, and signified by a knowing wsg
of the head, that he was H known " in Jackson
county, and, from the returns, we presume he
was correct. They knew him too well for the
welfare of his gubernatorial aspirations.
Thi Mountaineer estimates the damages of the
high water to Dalles City at $50,000. A great
many were compelled to abandon their louses,
others to move into the upper story, i
Sikce the triumph of the Union causa in this
county, many of the secessionists are greatly di
tressed In view of the future. They say that
the niggers are bound to vote at the next election
sure. Then is the time they say they intend to
begin to shoo. -,So they are going to defer the
wwHujj vr m wuiiq iiiueiiiuteijr pusipoue WJis
" right" of secessionists. Poor, deluded beings,
how we pity them ! Probably they will begin
to ihoot just as soon as the niggers get here.
Emahcipation. There are some men in this
county, (not enough however to carry an eleo
tion as has just been demonstrated) who are
ready to apply the most scathing epithets to all
who favor assisting in the noble and humanita
nan work of emancipation. These miserable
offscourings and remnants of Codfish Aristocracy
who are always iq a mood to turn up their noses
at a man whose large benevolence leads him to
adopt extreme views on the subject of human
slavery so that he tninks that one man ought
not under any circumstances to possess property
in another, they often try to lug into their sup
port such master minds as Henry Clay. This
great man in a speech before the colonization
society in Washington city in th year 1 827 made
use of the following language :
What would they, who thus reproach us.
all tendencieo towards liberty and ULTIMATE
.JUAINUU'A11UIN, they must do more than to
put down the benevolent efforts of this Society,
fbey must go back to the era of liberty and
independence, and muzzle the cannon which
thunders its annual joyous return ; they must
revive tne slave trade with all its train of atroci
ties ; they must suppress the workings of British
pnuantnropy, seeking to ameliorate the condi
tion of the unfortunate West Indian slaves ; they
must arrest tne career of south American deliv
erance from thralldom ; they must blow out the
moral lights around us, and extinguish that
greatest torch of all, which America presents to
a benighted world, pointing the way to their
rights, their liberties, and their happiness.
And whan they have achieved all their purposes
their work will yet be incomplete. They must
penetrate the human soul, and eradicate the
light of reason and the lava of liberty. Then,
and not till then, when universal darkness pre
vails, can you PERPETUATE slavery.
Confession or Pate. We have read the con
fession of Pate, who was executed at Albany the
27th ult., for the murder of Geo. Lamb. And
we are utterly unable to discover any good re
sult that society will gain by the book. As a
narrative it is miserably executed, and it goes
into detail of trivial facts of mischief which cannot
possibly interest the candid reader. The story
of the manner which he perpetrated the murder,
to say the least, bears the marks of a very im
probable one. The unfortunate and misdirected
criminal has suffered the extreme penalty of the
law, and we should charitably forget the irregu
larities of his hard, rough life.
Opinions or the "Coat. Some of our
" im-jxiw-tant commentators on constitutional
law" have found a big mare's nest. They have dis
covered some dreadlul discrepancy in the elec
tion returns of Lane county, and in their zeal for
tracking the strict letter of the law, (as they
understand it) they are trying to throw over
board several precinct returns of the county,
but what puzzles them most is the fact that the
objections which they make to the poll books
would reject every precinct which gave a secesh
majority. This is a very undesirablo state of
affairs to the "commentators," and they are no
doubt diving deep into the past for a precedent,
which they could find sufficient to make them
blush for their ignorance by simple reference to
the returns of any past election. We are credi-
ibly informed that the poll books all came in in
good order, without any indication of fraud,
Thi McConneljtes in California are leaving
no stone unturned to swallow up the Douglas
party into a disunion M Democratic" organization,
which they are laboring to re-establish. We are
sorry to see a strong disposition on the part of
Union Democrats and Repulicans each to keep
up a distinct organization which will greatly
prejudice the Union cause in that State if per
aiated In. Just glance your eyes up toward
Oregon, you men who are tenacious about party
name, and see the glorious result of our Union
movement in which we have triumphed under
the flag of 34 Stars and name of the Union,
laying aside all party name. Gentlemen please
take a glance also at the AtlanticState and ob
serve the rising Union party in support of the
Administration, and come together in time for
Vaioa Party CoatoUdatiof ,
The Union Administration party in New York
have adopted the following resolutions, which
are substantially ths same as the platform on
which we have carried the election in Oregon :
Reiolved, 1st, That we recognize as an imper
ative duty that all patriots and friends of their
country should cheerfully and cordially co oper
ate with each other in rallying to the support of
tne uovernment, and tn rendering such aid and
assistance to the Admiuistration aa may be in
their power, and that we pledge our support to
the Governm ent in whatever lawful measures
of punishment or repression it may find it neces
sary to apply to the persons arrayed, or proper
ty employed, in rebellion agaiust the Govern
raent, to the end that the rebellion may be put
aown, mat tne constitution may ne vindicated,
and that the war in which we are engaged may
do orougnt to an nonoraoie, a speedy, and suo
cessful issue.
2d. That while we earnestly desire an early
and honorable adjustment of our national diffi
cutties, we are opposed to a hollow truce, or any
compromise, which shall give ua peace at the ex
pense of the future safety or honor of the nation ;
future safety or honor of the nation ; and that
that we will consent to no sheathing of the sword
nor cessation of the conflict until armed rebellion
shall be effectually put down, and the authority
of the Government and the Constitution, in their
full force and vigor, be fully reestablished in ev
ery State and Territory of the Union ; and that
we are unalterably opposed to any division of
the Union, or to any permanent suspension of
tne local sovereignty ot the several States which
compose it.
3d. ibat for the purpose of carrying into ef
fect at the coming election the principles and
policy thus set forth, we recommend that a State
Convention be held for the nomination of State
officers, to be supported at the election next fall ;
Union Democrats, and other loyal citizens, sup
porters of the policy of the Administration, and
responding to the principles and policy set forth
in the address and resolutions herewith submit
ted, be invited to unite in the election of three
delegates from each Assembly district to such
Convention, snd that the following persons be iour faces, wishing they were home and had never
appointed a Committee to designate (after proper heard of Salmon river mines
deliberation and consultation with the Committee These mines have already sent out many men"
of any organization in this State whose co-opera- with a good share of the " collateral," and will
tion we nope to obtain) the time and place .of send out many more ; yet mining is but a lottery
noiaing it, and to arrange such other preliminary with the majority of chances against a man.
details as may be necessary. Merchandising is i'he most certain, and that is by
no means sure where things are so fluctuating,
routics in California. and 1 think that will be overdone Hits season
Tl 1 . I pi i r.L:-U
T . .l tt tv . I au ue uuuat in jMurence are sniuoiiH, ui wuibii
In ThACA AmirttlBQ Wnar. tha llninti llnmnnpati I . '
.... isiiivviou there are nfiw mnvin nnd mora bin Minr. T h;e
ara stronnffir. nr think their ara filrnnrrop thin I . . .
.... ., n' ., " are SX provision stores, one restaurant, one
Union Democrats will refuse to unite with the
Republicans, and will maintain their organize
The following extracts are from a letter writ
ten by J. D. Miller, formerly of this county, to
a friend in Eugene City, dated, Salmon rives
mines, May 13 ;
Since the 18th of April, up to which time the
snow had fallen nearly ootinually aud was from
seven to ten feet deep in the diggings, we had
no snow up to the first of May, but a fair, warm
sunshine during the day, and freezing ica during
the night. Siuce that time the weather has not
been so favorable. It ia now snowing snow
going off slowly. There has not been rain enough
since I have been here, now nearly fife months,
to start the drip on the eve of the house, out the
water from the melting snow has compelled
many miners to stop work, and has out off pros
pecting nearly entirely. No new discoveries,
except now and then a claim struck in this vi
cinity. There was quite aa excitement lately
about diggings reported to have been struck on
the head waters of South Salmon. Two or three?
hundred men went over, but I have heard of uo
return vet. South Salmon outs into the main
Salmon several miles above Slate Creek.
I am still of opinion that there are rich diggings'
outside of this Camp, and it is the opinion of those
best acquainted with the country, that new dig
gings will be struck as sooq aa men can get about ,
to prospect. Hut if new diggings are not found.
thousands of men now on their way here will be
badly humbugged, notwithstanding the Salmon
river mines are just as rich as reported. The
extent has been wrongly estimated by some.
liy a new trail, pack animals came into camp-
yesterday, and beef and mutton the day before.
Beef is htty and mutton seventy-five cents per
pound. I lour is now down to forty and fifty
cents per pound, and other things corresponding,
and coming down every day.
Powder river mines are now taking much of
the emigration. Avery Smith went over there
the rest of the company came on here. Lane
county is largely represented here. Some have
bought into claims and are doing well, some
have taken up claims and are opening them,
others are still trying to prospect, and many are
just coming in. Some are wearing long, brown.
Owtno to th weight of the Union vote in the
State, Judge Wait will have to wait a little
longer before h weighs anchor for Washington.
From tha XTnltntnineer.
In those counties where the Republicans are All work, bevond a few hands cinnloved Sir
.i-i , - . . . I . - j
ot.vugci, ui linn uiey are ironger man euner grading, has been suspended on the Dee Chutes
the secessionists or Union Democrats, as in ttailrnarl. It ! hardlv niihl that thi. ,n-.f.
Q... ri a i? ! n . . t I. ... . ' r . ... o
Kjauw v,.om, ami x rnuuiscu, ixnira sia, re improvement will be completed this season.
' tT.; ' T: . "ePuo"?", On 23d April a party of 15 men left tho Bit-
nnUXl''t:riJ!' Ro Valley, bound for Salmon river-eight
.t.rr I ZZZIIa r . ,r day trve with P animals. The leader
?JI,",,J"Te.l,, were, Messrs. MeLight, Gerd and Louis Sim-
" r o r IT t 'T"? nwna. In one night the Bannncks stole all they
r.iT.k b k? Ti ' u"'""uua' had some are killed, some supposed to bo
'.mV r!.1 RPubl,caD8 nd Un" Democrats 8tarved t0 dealh Mr' Gerd ow,d by m
win iii.tu iu ueut me ccmrnuQ enemv. t .- .i o
f - u "u """" miner, who was prospecting 150 mi es up Salmon.
In those counties where many of the Union n ' i. j.j.i. it-
ti - v u i iCt : V the only one found.
m MflrinruilL Ynhn Mann Nana ttn ,Kam I
1 I .... ..HUH imi 13 I v .
they will fuse with the secesh against the Re- . a party of four or hve men went from
publicans. ttle 'at head country into the Deer lodgo Val-
. Il .. I. 1LHJ.
The deductions are as follows : ,ey Prospecung ; aiier one ami a nan miys pros-
You couldn't draw the nt.ral.rht" iamonr pecting, they were satislied. Ihehrst pan was
out of a San Jose Republican with a three foot 006 ccnt llw cnd Pan forty-two cents, and tho
mustard plaster aided by a sixteen mule team. "ers vl lneir prospers even cew vo mo pun.
You couldn't wash tha sh There was two or three feet of snow, and the
treason-affiliating disposition out of Dick Irvin! ground frozen hard, so that they could not do
Uiarley IJo Ung, A. St. Clair Denver, and ,,,u;,, ",es ,ne" ebu lw viuer i
that kind of "Union" Democratic politicians 8 back and work for nim
wun a twenty-tour inch hydraulic hose, aided by powder river mines.
a waterfall of 3,000 feet, and a seven hundred Friend Newell: The Express has just ar.
horse power engine. rived from Powder. Mr. Post has come in, and
lou couldn t pry the hatred of Republicans from him I obtain the following :
and tne partisan llliberaltry.out of John Conness, About 200 men are in the mines. The gold
V, V, Colton, P. B. Redding, Joe McCorkle. v.t found i on the flats and in the uulches.
and their sort of Union Democrats, with " the Pieces of two dollars and a half to nine dollars
tire of all creation straightened out for a crow, have been found, and the character of the metal
DaE: ... I is generally what we may call coarse gold it
I fill iVIIllrin t p.oa Man l?lurinba Afaritt ; : fl .U .1.... am... nn
- - runs iu veins. JlUUSO WUU K IIICIC, luuw uva
n.i TT J r.13. Aa .-.! .a . . ..4 1 ...
uoiio, iieyuenieiat, vnuenaen, ana - weir Kind" expect to make large sums. Uood wages is all
of " loyal" citizens to refrain from nominating that ran at nresnnt be looked for ssv from five
a secesh ticket, if every member of the Union Ln. The largest yet taken out has been seventy
Democratic party went down on his knees with four Hollars to three men. in one day. Hun-
a copy of the Sacramento Union in one hand, Ljreds are there who declare that there is not
ana tne eleven thousand virgins of Cologne smil-1 aj gold.
and wa will h,t tha nrofit, on or .-, "n i..e toP ..
china advArtiAininfa arsint that nnlltinal hsxaa " more.
esty of Geo. II. Crosette, that the Union Ad shippings are four to six feet deep, and)
ministration party will secure a majority of the thence to the bed rock pays.
next legislatuie, and then neither Latham or Comstock has found a quarU lead the gold
Conness will be the next U. S. Senator. Placer V,81D, ln !t but iu vIue ,nd sue are 001 ?t
Republican. . determined.
a , . IM I il is not aavisaDie to ao m lur vi o ween?
A; 8. Gould, now retires from ths editorial yeand claims a re not found without working
chair of the 7W after haviug conducted the L, . ' and than it is found that it wilf not pay.
paper with eminent ability and approved loyalty tw0 hundred and fifty men gt beyond to the
through the past exciting campaign to the elori Grand Ronde river to within six miles of the
ous victory which it has done not a little toward mines, and then all but three companies turned
TT! .! i Daci. "i..
achieving for the good old Union. His parting
J III ! .1 -1 .1 .
wuru. wm receive tne refuse ui me warmest . r. t lnn Th, fW- lAAt
sympathy from the union loving citizens of on ner trip to the Cascades yesterday morning..
Oregon : 3d inst. struck on a rock st Cape Ron, and.
"The late campaign involved the most im-1 commenced filling so rapidly that she was imiM
portant issues ever prsented to the American diately run ashore on the Washington side. Her
citizens. It was a question in which not only passengers bad barely time to get ashore before
Oregon but every State in the Union was deeply she filled, and she now lies with oa sidw under
. . - - i . a .
and vitally concerned, it was a matter upon water. aoou iweniy tons oi rreigai were ia
the arbitrament of which depended, in a measure, hen ashore and the balance thrown overboard to
the maintenance of all that is beautiful in the lighten tha boat. It is thought she cannot be
fabrio of constitutional republican liberty of all saved. The Mountain Buck, which was coming
that is dear to the national heart of all that ia down, took the Uirne s passengers to the Cas-
ennobling in the principle of self-government, cades Vaiiy vregontan.
ihe answer is recorded, and Uregon stands forth
to-day the loyal peer of her sistes sovereignties, . The newly discovered continent of Long Tom
her escutcheon bright and untarnished as the lis directly opposite the Asiatic from which it ia
nuun-uav uu. untcu iiiuia upua wg inunpn, v . f . n.j .v.
and from the privilege of participating in ihe l fl Ll' tv K .1" T ,
general joy is derived the reward of Ptci&c 0oen- Th,i MP,,n ,h "Mj of
A. S. GOULD. pnncipiea ot tne Long lomers and the ua
lestials, and their radical difference with those of
Secxssioxisx in this county saw its "Coffa" I America and other civilized and christfinuel,
nd has "gone in." 'nations.