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ijut ui itli .., m 'r", l'i r wuii
M.r ibMIOua . , J 4 00
j. I uUuu ISkr.k a . I W
iilMcliiMc)(r SO MJ
A Ilii4l ilrJutlw sill U ' 0' Ml"
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IV ttmAtf i iuxiirfiiit luLI U ri J
a Ik ( in ilrit wnirhl, uikmUMit
.!l b l.ul.l,4 HI (mUU'D. 4 lto(J
IIV ! W. t K Id.
n rr..r iel1 Of martini 'J "' i"
fir "'" ' " ' ytur-
fit IhUinifiU it thurgrJ fur tix mnitlit
,uk,cl ipliimt rteeietil fur a If iW.
gnptia, v j-
TraeUerV t'.onvrntltia la Hairni,
The followiiHf obstruct of pruccL-tliiirt of
litis Loily i furnished for pniilieattoii:
Wki-nesday, July 31, ItiCl
V.inAlSlI BKdalO.V AlUOlUl;i)ll WHS
.,iut to order by IJislmii Scott, und Uev
J It. W. Scllwood was secretary
The followwg pi-ntlcincn wero appointed
, committee to draft u constitution: Mr.
V. Colwcll, Rev. 0. C. Chandler uml
Mr. S. lfinioy ir. the following wore up
Liuii-A a committee to solicit speakers be
fore llio n.wiulio i on Tliiiind.iy evening:
Mr. T. M. (Jatcli. Rev. C. H. Hull nnd
Mr. C. 1'. truiidull. Un motion, the As
.Nation took a reccs until i o clock p. u.
Ai-TKitsoox Skssios. The committee
on a constitution xuhmittcil tlio (ollowiii
Aht. 1. Tlii organization shall be
known as tlio " Oregon Stuto Kdiicutionul
Aoeiiition nnd leachcm' Institute."
Am. 2. Tlio officers of this ussociulion
li.ill consist of a President, three Vice
President, Corresponding nml liccorditij;
Sccreturu-s, a Trensurer nnd nn executive
toiuiuit'.eo of three, w lib hall bo chosen by
ballot by n majority of the members prcs
cut at cucli uumiiil meeting.
Am. 3. 1' s'm" 00 'I"-' duty of the Pn-s
iiVnt to urcsidu nt nil mectiiirs of this A
noeiiition. mid to fulfill the duties usually
(isiiMod to such officer until his successor
i i l. ctid.
Am. 4. It shall be the duly of tlio Re-
rnrdiiu Secretary to keep n correct ret
curd of the proceedings of the Association.
Ai:r. 5. Ii shall bu the duty of the Cor
r,.mndin Secretnry to correspond with
educational iisni:iiition., lie., according to
the direction of the Association.
A nr. C. It shall bu the duly ol the
Treasurer to take charge of ull inoncj he
niii to this Association, nml pay out
the same by nrd'-r of the Association.
Am. 7. This constitution niny be aiii'-nd-cil
hy it vote of two thirds of the in "tnhers
of the Association present at any annual
Am. 8. Teachers, S'lp'riiitenilents of
sc'ionl, mid other friends of cdiioilion may
lueaimi members of this Association hy
naing th's Constitution and payiujj on.'
ilullir to the treasurer.
Am. 9. Seven nifinhcrs will constitute
a quorum.
Which was adopted.
Thu association then proceeded to the
flection of t'fllvn, when lilsiiop Scott, ivas
duly el cled President, Messrs. 0. C.
I'liandler, T. M. 0 . tell and C. II. Hall,
Vice Presidents; (J. P. Cr.nel ill. U' eord
iuir .Secretary, mid Rev. 0. Dickinson,
I' r.
Wkpskspay Evrsixo, July 31.
Mr. Pciiimyer idl red the following res
olution: JUm'ird, That n romm'ttco of five
liMchers lie appointed lo ri (nrt a series of
text honks to he recommended by the As
Mieintion for tter.eiul use. ihroiihout the
wlmels of the State; which was adopted.
The. Clliair nppointed as such connniitep,
Messrs. Pcnnoyer, li d!, Uarnaid, D.iniula
nml l'o!e.
Uev. Mr. Hall offered tlm following ad
ditional article to the Constitution:
A i!T. 10. This Association shall mat
nniuially on the first Wednesday of An
jinit, at such place as may be selected by
tlieinenibi rs.
Which was adopted.
Uev. Mr. Chandler moved, that the ii"xt meeting bu lit Id at S.dem. The
million prevailed.
Oa motion of Mr. Chandler, ths Associ
ation then adjourned.
Tiansn.w, August 1st.
Mnnstso Session-. Mr. Peimoyer from
the coniinittee on text books, made the fol
lowing report:
The committee to whom was assigned
the duty of presenting to the Association
a suitable list of text-books, for the purpose
of having said Association recommend sni-h
list fur general adoption in the schools
throughout the entire State, ben leave to
report that, notwithstanding the very brief
time allotted them, they have united upon
a list for which they usk the respectful
consideration of this body. Your com
mit teo believe that there is no one subject
relntinj to tho schools of this Stnte which
needs it more careful consideration than
that of a complete uniformity of text-books.
Every temdicf has experienced the very
great disadvantage under which both his
pnpils and himself have labored, nnd by
having n diversity of tt-xt hooks iti school,
nd hy having some of the pnpils forced,
fter a short advancement in one book, to
adopt another, which, with its different
phraseology ond peculiarities, is nlono cal
culated to confuse nnd discourage. The
committee sincerely regret that there is not
present at this time a larger number of the
Ulehcrs of the State, so that their opinions
an be ascertained in relation to the value
of the different books used in our schools,
and so that, nftcr a careful canvass of the
merits of the same, n uniform list could be
designated and generally adopted. In
viw, therefore, of the limited
opan the sitting of this body, they would
not be prepared to advise a recommenda
tion of the list proposed by them nnless
'he Association were generally agreed
thereto, but would advise, in case snch gen
eral assent could not be obtained, that the
matter bo postponed until our next annual
meHii;g. TJiit, liojifug" that a general "
Siieseence will be given nt this time, the
committee respectfully submit the following
I'St: Sind. r's Spi l!er and Reader, Mon
kith & Mif-N'o-Hy s fw-ttirriMibf, Thompson's
s,-ries of A riiluiietic, IjiiflioV M ranim ir, .
BwVor Sjvncer's System of Penmanship,
QiaekMilio' Leons in Composition,
'ilion's HNtory, Davie' Algebra, and
rTk,.rs pii";ir.sophjT
-Mr. Chandler offered the following
"3e::daitiit to t'.ic reort; strike the
"port before the lit of books ond insert
e lolinwm"
oV..--.f. That cai teacher
A Wet'kly NcwspajKT, dovotc. to the Inteivsts
Vot.. vir.
.State bo earnestly reipicsted to examine
thu lollowing text-books, nud uny other i
desired, nud nit 'lid the next meeting of this
Association prepared to recommend ut least
one in some department, uud lo givo
reasons for his preferences, with such
!tl . . . . . . . . ...
iio siiaiions irom tno work ns lie Hunks
1 ending winch, on inolioii, of Jlr. Pcn
noyer, the report was laid on the table.
Mr. U.irnurd offcreu the follow-in" rcso-
Utiohrd, That it is tho opinion of this
Assot'lution that thvy tiro unable at the
present session lo adopt any give., list nf """" ,u ""a "Kn u 110 I'!'1
text-books ns worthy of being recommended I'wns remaining in tho snme church
to the teachers of this Statu as the best lo relations who differ In belief upon such iin
bo employed, while they would ndvise and fundamental moral roieslinns
the superintendents of schools nnd teachers
Kenernlly to examine the list mentioned
by the coimniltec, and other text-bodes
upon the same subjects, with a view to
Ihcir udoptiun, or that of some substitute,
at the next uimuul meeting of the Assoeiu -
. , , . i .
V Inch was adopted.
A ftkknoos SKsstox.-Rcr. Mr. Lin-
pincott offered tho following umeiidineut.
and udditioual Article of the Constitution:
Insert in Art. 2. tifter tho word Transit-
rcr, tlie words " And an executive com-
mittec;-' insert after Art. 2 the following
A nr. 7. It shall bo the dutv of tho exo-
entire committee to appoint persons to do-;
liver orations nud rend essays, nud to make
iirrangeinciits for the aunuiil meetings, and
r i ,i j -ii
perform such other dalles ns will promote
the object of Ihn Association, nud report
the same ut each tneetinir.
Which was adopted.
The President being authorized to no-
mint thu committee provided for in Arti
cle 7, nppointed Messrs. Catch, Crandall
ami D.uiicls.
Mr. Gatch offered the following rcsolu-
i.-'oen, That the President of this As
sociation be ri (piested, ns fur ns convenient,
to iircseiit us obiects to teachers, county
snpi r.nteinleiits ami others in U.
. . . .. . .. -
eoiinlirs he may visit,
Which was adopted.
m.. i Ill ..iv i .1... f.ji t
.iii. yraiiiiau mr.-ieii uie lunowiiig series
of resolutions in relation to n TcaclieiV In-i
WcsnlerJ. That this Association will .
meet us u Teachers' Institute, in Salem, on
the first Mondays of November, ISCI. and !
March, ISfld. nt 1 o'clock, p. M., for the
.. ' . . . . ' .
purpose ol general uml critical courses ol
instruction to teachers in thu best practica-.
bin inethoils of tenching the common and
igher Kne:h brain-lies of cdiiention,
ul ipted to' District Schools nud Aeude-,
RrWivrf, That a corps of Pi-ofessors be
hos n ul this s-.-sio i, and nssigned their!
respective dati s in the above session of
he Iii.-t'.tnte. I
UewlrcJ, Th it the courses of instruction ;
, , .. . I ,,, i .
III stu-li Institute shall be divided into the!
di piirtnu-nts: Philology, Mathematics, X,lt.
uful Science?, Geography, and History.
lt -Wec, Tliiit t du-rs thronghnnt this
State and Washington Territory shall be
entitled lo the neiiein or inoe courses oi
instruction, upon payment to th Professor
in ehnrgo of the (Icpnrtineiit in which he
ay desire instruction, of the s,iun of
for each course.
ReWi.i, Tliiit the Professors hereby
chosen shall be a Hoard of .lAmngers, who
shall have iiut'ior.ty to make nil needful
rules nnd regulations for the conduct of the
ltcWef.7, That teachers nre especially
and earnestly invited to attend these Ses
sions of the Institute.
On motion of Rev. Mr. L'ppincotl, the
resolutions were referred to the Executive
Committee with instruction to curry them
into effect, so far ns practicable.
Mr. Cohvcll offered the following resolu-
liMoerrf, That the Corresponding Sec -
retury be requested to prepare and publish
an address to the Teachers ol the State of
Oregon, requesting llicin to form County
Which was adopted.
Mr. Lippineott offered the following:
llemlerJ, That we tender our heartfelt
thanks to the citizens of Salem, for our
respectful nnd hospitable entertainment du
ring the session of this Association.
Mr. Thomas, Superintendent of tho Cal
ifornia Stage Company, having offered to
convey to their homes, free of charge, such
members of this Association as bad come
here on the Company's Stages, paying full
fare, it was '
,1 m hp,.,t him the acknowledgments of,
Meunlnrtl I Hal IUB OCLTCI.II T IIU umut-
.1- i;...,..;nt;n,i Inr lii (Tcm-rniiS offer. i
n motion of Mr Daniels, the Secretu-1
Ull moiion ui jiii."
ry wns authorized to publish in the various '
pnprrs of this State and Washington Tc;r-!
riiorv on abstract of the proceedings of the
' Zi . I
. . ,.
ErF.xisc Sf.ssios. Tlie
convened at 8 o'clock, P. ,
ft. ?lf I
Addesscs wero delivered by Bishop fa;i to be a lasting good to oil who heard
Scott, Uev. B. C. Lippineott and C. H. thcm Maj. Mugone was then called on,
Hall und 3aj. Alvorel, U. S. A. I BJ0 iVor il nn iloqin-iit ond truthful nd-
The Association adjourned to meet in
Salem on the first Wednesday m August, . "
jjjg, pcnileiitiHiy cor.v.cts in ueiir.y every 6tate
TIIOS. F. SCOTT, President. w,.re jM-rsons habitnat' d to the no of in
C. T. Cfasuall, S'-e'y. ' toxicatiug liquor, previous to their being
jy- Brigadier Gen. Sehenrk, who com
mandeil the Ohio troops in th'r late affair
at Vienna, is a native of Warren comi
ty, Ohio, and is 52 years old. He gradu
ated at the Miami University,--and aftir-'
waribvwaVa prof.s' that institution,
which be finally left to study law. In
131, be sett!, d in Dayton. Re served as
'tate representative several years, and wa3
twice elected to Conrre". He Prin
ted Minister to Ilruz.! by Pres-dent Fill
more, and has since been identified with
the railroad interests of the West nc is
esteemed a brave man.
of tho Lilnriii C-la-ii'-i,
JvrcKNB Citv, July 27, 1HC1. jSt-vritl other (euthi.K ii Wire culled tijoii,
Khitop, oruiK Ar.i:i-s Ji-arS!t: I wish1 who briefly nddiesed the imt ting, all
to present to the Christ!.;., public some
tl.ouehts on the propriety of a general
division in the religious denomination tit
Oregon, nml alo the ironrieiv of a
1'"'st' 1 Lt,'' vc ""''-"owj Lluis-
lial" ouiii to bo seimratcd In cliurdi rein-
tious from vro-Mlarrru Chrisllnm. fif there
Ure uny such Christian as Ihe latter.) It
ns those involved in American slavery-
,. t . ,, .. ,
1,0 ,P ' "'a l '
fcIl,vt''u'omg to be founded in eovdnusnrm,
nd its pructh-i;! workings to be rxtartion;
. that it fs uu insliliiVon or the devil, and a
,v, ... n . ... ...
.'.w .Ml.iV lllill .11, 1UIIII11I1AI 1.1111 II, Hit'
,i . . i- , ,
" ',n Sieving (or professing to be-
llun') tllllt " 14 institution of God,
fraught with the richest Missings both to
master uud slave.
Tt.n. i i.
: V - ' m.b,
j 1,11(1 i'"n ""p'1' ns fxpi'ft Imrniony be-
tn t'c" ul"' ""ikm-ss. " How can two
walk together cxci pt tiny be agreed?"
- Christian may d.ff.r iiim.ii minor points,
'0,i ,.. i.,,. .,.:,. i .
too vet nave or ci ov real union: but not
; , ,.J. '""""i
so wheru tlnv dfi'T tllion fniidnnienta
priuciphs. Coiise(pieiitly, there should be
u separation of tho two classes; let the
iasiniilar separate, und the similar unite-
Anti-slavery Christians can nil unite con
sistently upon the following or a similar
First. Drop our denoniinationiil or sec
tarian .mines, uud adopt the simple one of
" Christian.'' This namo we nil claim as
."'"3 "l"lr "! m uavo 10 ue
........ ..ii ..-ii i ... i
all other names will have
clroiipM, l.ku tuc pack from the back of
Umivuus Christiun, outside the gate of
' t-
, . . .
ccconu. Auopi mat ns n crecil or oasis
of union which wo nil believe, such us I lie
following, viz:
Then, is nm. f!,. 1 nn 1,..v,.,
. , r , , , ' .', .
net wee 1 lioil uud men uml mm Hole
. . '
I1'"1 toiworicr.
2. The perfection of the Diviuo Law.
3. The fail of iniin and the di nravitv of
1UMjall j,,,,,
. . ...n: .: ... i t . .. ru .
" M,U".K ''"'''i ) " "-
d- vctssity ol new birth or regen-
(! V,-P(.s.;tv of it li.i'r lifi.
v, .... f ,, ,
.i.wi.v.iiii.1 v.llll.l.U Iv.lUIUnilllll
.. J
Vio the adoption of these principles
I think all anli-sluvciy Christians may con-
sisti-nl!v unite, iil.'ott in-' each one to hold
and teach whatever ho understands the
I'ible to teach upon oil minor points in
theology. And while each is thus to enjoy
the liberty of holding und teaching what
he understands to be the truth, he is not to !
turn und deiiounce the views of his
It appears to mc that Union .among
Christians in Oregon is purlicularly calhd
for; the weak and scattered condition ol
most religious denominations among us
prevents them Irom exercising much indu-
ence for good; when if nil the fragments ol
i the different churches were joined in one
,)0( lM CJi.t(,nsivu
I ;. ... , . '
,011 the promotion of virtue nud piety,
I Should these lines full under" the notice
0f !U,y Christian friend who sympathises
j with (h(,ir s,.lt;mt,llt? r wouM 1)u )(!,d
to open n correspondence with him in ref
erence to carrying them into effect, by
forming an organization in accordance with
Jaiius II. D. IlE.Nnmtso.v.
Sous of Trntprranec.
En. Aimics: On the lSth July a meet-
ing was held ut McAfpin School-house, in
Morion county, for the purpose of publicly
installing the officers elect of Liberty nnd
- . ft., . . ..
"m!-",HI- "- ""-""'i- "ui
caneu m oruer ur ti . n. i'uihj.ii ,
Dunbar, Grand
Conductor. After the singing of uu ode
v....v.... ...... ...B..-n .. .. t
anj ,,raycr, the meeting was addressed for
hour , Hon. C. P. Crandall, of
, , , , . . i i 1
Salc"b w,' broMS?,,t tn Vltw "' Sllt'1' " ('lel,r :
manner tlie evil cu. cis oi intoxuiiiing
,., , :....... 1
UrillKS On llie mOrUI, pllVSIC.II, UlCl IIUCHCC-
tnal nature of man, that'll! remarks cannot
' '
His Fju-ech oltogether was on
that cannot be gainsoyed. Samuel Allen,
E-q , was then loudly called for, ond, as is
U-ual for him on un h oecas'or.s, he came
forward to "p i-k in d-f' of the princi
ples of t' mpi ranee, cf w hkh' he' been
nr. tdvocate since he was a boj. In the
course of bis remark", be said the drii ki.ig
commimiiy was divided into three classes:
1-t, the clas that can eirii.k when th-y
please and let it alone when thry .lraf;
2J, the red-eyrj cla, who did not exactly
let it a!o-ie; 'and 31, the strect-wallowcr.
antl lulvi'i-atin,'
deeming it a l.'gh p.Ivilego to speak fur
tempeninee und l.uinniiity. The lu.-itln,'
wu no instructive one, and !.ou!.l audi
meetings be held frequently no doubt great
good would be i fT ctwl by them. K I.. II
North and Soitii In 1790 the popu
lation of the Slave States wa larjj'T than
that of the five by C0.007.
In 1SC0 the number of wpmro miles ot
sensed by tho South lately exceeded that h01 ' ,
, ., x. .. ,, . .; , .. I It h .s promoted ud calh-.l lo at tu i coin-
of the North; Hat Northern population lJie ,irnil.. of ,! , v!r army
was ahead of Southern by 8,43J,h70 per- , , te avail ible. We bare latdy tin
son. The rate ut which population (owing ticid n fctntciiieiil llmt IIS il1'ner ol the
of course in u L'reut ineiisuru to euiii-ruliuii old nrtiiV Imve, time the lueiikilig out Cif
increased in the lust ten years in the free
... , .. . . .. 01
' '
oi.iicii, nun ti icr vvui., ig iiiu cijic
States 2Q per cent.
Tho only decrease In city population
which tho last census recorded, was of!
nearly SOOO souls in Charleston.
the first
Virginia, which in 1700 hud
place in population, l.ud sunk to the filth
in 18G0.
Of eight States, which contained over a
.... f I I . I . I
million of ...habitants, only to were slave
States; nnd of tweiity oiic cities containing
over 4U.000 inhabitants, only five were
Southern cities.
A revenue was derived from the ot
offices in the free States, while in the slave
States the expenditures exceeded the re
ceipts nniuially by $3,f)0fl,000.
Tho total agricultural and manufac
tured products of tho North wire 00 per
cent in valiio above those of the South.
Kven including cotton. The North contrib
uted five liiliths of the Federal revenue.
The exports of the South were $2i,000,
000 below those of tho North, und the im
ports of thu free States exceeded thoso of
the slave States by $ J 1 0,000,000.
Revoi.ction and tiik Haii.i:o.!i The
present war will cost the country ut the
lowest calculation, in hard moiiev, four
hundred millions of dollars, while the actu
al loss to the various industrial r.ud com
mercial interests is not to bo estimated
A thousand inilhons of dollars would not
cover the pecuniary damage inflicted upon
the country by the gigantic (reason ol
Toombs, Davis, Cobb, nud l-'luvd all of
which might have been prevented by I'c
adoption nf the oppo-ito policy to thai
which iiilliieuced the corrupt und one-sided
Administration of Jam s liitchnuan, who
should be impend c I ly fos
his complicity with n movement which had
so nearly destroy) d our nationality. It
would have required only a hundred mil
lions of dollars to fini.-h the Pacific Rail
road, uud betti r, far better had it been that
this uiuouiit of money had been raised by
Government nnd in some con-ditutioTil
manner appropriated to tlu building of the
great project would have given n
additional laeilitii s of postal coiiimiiiiicatioi,
linked tho Uniol by ind.sroluhlc- bonds
more firmly together, und opened to the
North nud South the benefits of nn
enormous Asiatic nnd Pacific trade. The
ut mi either K-ilc ol' Mm i-uad would have
moiv than paid the cot by their increase'!
value, even while the railroad was building.
6'. F. Mirror.
Di:j!oiiai.i7.i.!) Condition of the Rmin.s.
Davis & Co. are already beaten nnd de
moralized; uud it is my 'In lief, nl. o, that
they will not give us battle in this war.
Tho gong they beat, so loud at tho be
ginning, is, like Tarn's harp, hung up alto
gether, uml those who smote it in the name
of terror, will soon address themselves to
peace. According to the juMice und the
mercy of our Government, will bo the
peace they get. Put it must come, and
come according to our terms; nye, before
n year goes uronnd. I hardly think, now
that we have "started in" with such good
will, it is desirublu to end the contest much
before. Our nrmy nud navy ought to be
completed, and it will have a wholesome
effect for us to make n full dress parade be
fore the world. The sensitive need not
shrink. The campaign will not by any
means be bloody. With the ports shut,
uud the very atmosphere sealed against the
conspirators by n continually closing circle,
we can let Uiotn co l uml tester among
themselves for two or even three years
more and all the w hile go on about our
business., w ithout ten per cent detriment to
business,, without ten per cent detriment to
(h(. ,,CM,.ril prosperity. It is loo impor-
1U ircneral nroiperiiy. H IS 100
tunt that these upstart rebels should well
. - .-, ,
understand the temper of the country, for j
l,s to" klur the impending lesson over.-1
' t our stat.suiii, therefore, but do their ;
business ns isely as Gen. Scott and Secre-
i.. .... r:..n ,...n .....l &
ITIISIIirss Iin 1.I.-.CIJ ua mi. nviii.Hii'i .....v
tiny Cuineron li.ive done theirs, ami mc
;tii , f,i .,.. ,.r it.;
LIIIIIIUJI Will n: .III..I "l .11 ...i.-.m. .n-n
bile forever. Put the actual .-antery is the !
. I.. 11'. ..AnH..I. ll.n
Olliy reUlfllY. Ill; liunv w.iui :ii
of the sore, nnd the underlying flesh will
then be clean. Cnr. S. F. 7'imrs.
. ,
DrcrASK oftiie b.:i.TAr.-AbdiiI
jid died nt Constantinople on tho 2.1th of
June. Ills Supremo Highness leaves be-1
l,-,l him 7.-.0 disi-oniolate widows, and is
succeeueu ut nm uiuim-i. i...u ,i,-i,-
, , , . , . ,. ,
1 1 I I .1.,.- Tl... l..l r..r....
nrcn iinrooaceo, eicspue mr jin juuiues ,
hissnbj.Tts, many important improvement, '
borrowed from Wcte-rti Kurope. Hisj
.h ath at almost the same epoch as bis fur-:,.;.t r;rt,rl.:.Lr,er U in-nlar
IU-TI M "I" V , - -
The'Ciiah -t'iii Courier, havin
informed that Lo i r l.iic-iianari, a i
on the coa-t of Afr'i u, wns fu-t goinjr to rui.V of cjrs for the imp-nlleil ntr, rnpa
e..i,.M." V.. ,11 ! nut uinn.1 t'n-r- I,! of tfelivrioe' 84.000 men tic P- ni iem
was any
Puchsmn' lower than
the late
mdani'-nt'.J Prerdent or toe
tint -i!5 of Truth in every Utn
X'). IS,
8C 1.
tatlU n4 Srd'.Uon t-auirUtat.
The aul(4 upon lb Aditi.n!lriit!iM for
- . -.... ... -.,
t. , i .. .i .1 .... n i ,
Ollt j'l t C l'ie; IT IVM 1 ! JT TiVlfd
from ii il' -id'u an I fault fll.d lig tl l
tioll, and lire chufty lmt.n II nctit Uti hu nts tho Wahii'gton corn-.o:idi tits of
journal ttho.p liliu ke.l adtiie llju'tt the
i oi. duel id tho Mar has not L'cii jk n.
Thse att.ukaredilctiduaiul ll.e Pr.
idi l.t ii. id the SicM.ity of War. nn I Very
cvidciitly fj riiig fioui linagiii. d r'Oiml
cr.evjiu.s. Jn inalti-r Hut Aflniiin
i . . . . . .
., .... .. .. ... I I i.HII
; " "ur- ou" ,'
taff apt o iitimnli, whi.c 4i.O officii
apl o.iiiimnii, win.o u omecrs oi
voluiitii-t have In en pl.iod in rimd-ir p-
sitions. Tins is Iguoraiitly made (i niutur
of reproach ugniut the Prisidint ni.d
Cabinet. The aaiwilioii is both unjust
I ana miijiiu. A nt- niioiu iinmiKr ri regular
lonieiis of and above the ra. k of Cuplsin,
: 1 , ,i . nml the -reirate. indud-
, ing all I,i. iitcinmts nnd cad. Is subject to
dutv ill the field, dots not CCld iOO.
Some of these ore nure toys. Ihe
IIVII F HI llll' I'lH VII'll, III IIII.IIM 1.1IHIlll-
; , ,,,,' n. .,... .,,
if... f.l I.I ....... ... Ii f..0...i ........ i...
i nntecrs called out, nnd now in service, ex
! ceeds 2U0.C0 I. The iinnila r "f oCicer ri
Iquiicd for this force, i sOa cthing ovi r 10,-
iillll, im bilious: lio Mujor Gemiuls, 70
I'liia liir (ieiu raN, s;i;j ColomN, 'J00 Colonels, 400 Majir. 200 Snrgccns,
lO'l Avtnnt Surgeon-. 2.000 C.iptuius,
0010 I.ieuti naiit.', I(U (Ja-rtirinasti is,
100 ii . "'t PiiViiitihiiis Riigin-
It r-t It'l l Mi ll tinn ers, .' UU. Ncttiililil
u-k l.ow is it . ii-.. Lie to obtain inm the
tdil urn y, or Iron. Wet Point, one lum
drill Gilitl.iN, ell I light hundred field of
ficer,? Iu tiuif of war rery i-fdc -r of t'ic stand
ing urmy is requ red lor service in connec
tion with his own corps. There are
none who can be H and to' take command
over the voliinti trs, but some few nre ne
cessarily detailed lor I lint duly. I'mt the
heaviest draft on the talent uud fk II of the
trained officers, in casn of a suddi i
lion to the nrmy, is In the staff. Tim ad
jutants, engineers, (punt ruiat, roitid com
inissaries nre seh cled, u far as po.-.s.blc.
Irom aiiioug yoiin .' i llieers or tuh iit uml
cniciiney hi the o'd seriice. Their teelini
c d know halve in tho.e branches is indis
pensable. T lint malice mii-t be very blind
w hit-It censures the appointing power for
not liiid .ig in u body of five hundred men
silb.-t.tuUs for ten
Nor is tin le any proof that out of ibis
host of new men utaiccuMomcd to war and
it ! duties, n s icdo individual has been or
dinal ton ropou-dhlc command who was
not lit lor it. Not one such cmfo has been
pointed out. The Geiiend Government is
compelled to hike those volunteer officers
which the Statu militia syMun supply. It
would bi n miracle if mine of them, out of
such a multitude, did not prove incompe
tent, but their incompetency cannot be
known In fore trial. Thus fur none has been
shown. It was the inisfortue of Generals
Puree ami S' hci.ek to be repubed by
heavy butteries which they had not expect
ted to eiieonnti r. Hut they (ought brave
ly, brought their men off, and
siili'ei'eil no disgrace All admit that Gen
erals IJutler, Punks, Patterson, Cailwiilla
der, Mcl'MInu, Lyon, Dix, uud McDowell
are nfiiccrs of grent capacity, and uio " the
right nu n in the right place."
This contemptible, puerile snurlirg ut
the Government fur everything that it bus
done and bus not done, tm-bt to be
frowned down. Surely none of it should
be h' ard Irom Republicans, As to that
detestable rebel press which glories in the
hope that coiiTn-ion and disaster will over
whelm thu Federal cause, wo expect no
thing better from I hem. llo w ho repeals
and dwells upon such visions or disaster ns
that class of critics love lo indulge iu, may
be set down as their confederate and sym
pathizer. S. '. Timr.i,
A IVnuunc Piieaciiiik. Peter Cart
wright, tho eccentric Methodist parson,
sends the following letter to tho St. Louis
Cinlral Christian Adrocutr:
Ibother Muslin: I send you a fivo dol
lar bill on the Missouri bank, which you
will credit to my account. Alas! (or Illi
nois; our money is ii"nrly nil dead in our
pocket. You should have had nil I owe
jy,,,,, hut the rugs died on my hands. If
Lour own money is dead, bury it und
nieaeh its funeral sermon, but do not
pu-jicli its funeral sermon, but
charge the expenses to n,e, but to the so-
cessionidts. I hope (Jen. Lyon will eatel.
-j-ory j
lree 1C ,
every tr
i ory Jacssoi. nml Hang mm on i lie iirst
comes to. I. iiio.i men ought tu arm
mselves from head to heels, und shoot
ii.. i ri j'.,.i .. in
evrijl IHIIUI 11117 i-"1" I". II l'"l "III
, ,aVe mercy on iiu1, I would ratlier die than
,.. .-. ... .... n ,.i 1.1 i.
un CH.UIIS J UT r llllltlll. niMlllHl 11-; uti-
throw u. If wo .uu,t be destroyed, I hope
.1 . t . .. I ...ll .1.. I. 1 ..... I
llio ,l;U W III 1IO II, UIIII IIOl KIVC 119 II11U
' tl,,. power of Tories. The urmy worm is
making n dreadful swicp of our meadows,
w heat and corn. We tire threatened with
Med-!(!riiU(i ll(re We have had no ruin for
( f,n,r weeks. H tho Union men need help
to kill traitors, call on Illinois. We can
"nd you twenty thousand good men und
true. r.nrs ul tiioou will now, tint tins
... , , , , , ...
Lnion must stand though the heaven full.
I' nr. CARTwnicuT.
pleasant Plains, June 17, I SCI.
CiT One fact in the present cm, test we
ilbiMmtes what fre-doin cm. do for a State
... . ....
, ,i- ur,: o,,.. ...... ....-.,... ..
the Superintendent ol the Illinois Central
Railroad, nt ten hours' notice, run rtart
' IV t. I i.. jl.iii.rt.e AT nltnr-K
Irom the ejilt-renl p-ams on i-iai hub juur
us the loeomotivei can c.irry Ihem! lint
' can nnv or all tlie r.bel Stales ! to corn-
ire with ti.ii?
' cut l (.y.
j tt l'lii)( M4. m; bat clig4 ki'l lU
l ri, 1 1 iliffriio.ff.
I Ifi" I'lUIIkO trli Hi h rii. )
! I''"' ' J'i 1'nxlit.f mut t mi, M
SatUoat Carriclt'i Tord, Vlrglula.
1k t btlrjf ti(H TkrjWf4 k) t OkU
al tftJIiiM !)
A il .;li-l. 1 1 1! ('iiirii.lni! I ;- ill.l S. I)f
I Ph. liWi Ut ili at i'irk' KwJ. in
tti-lriii ir.nii4. au lli l.'di io'l, iliwi Tl.
r. M uny al IjiioI II U, Hwtn e.'.n. Um u
ii Mj. ia ilu- L'.H. Arm.. e l (4inrl li
i.uiu.l en IliU rau-ll, r niii-.ii I u rini in term
I .-. eu lnu.a ' ui lira. Mi l'ltlljii'a i.m. b
la lirtrrly. iMial li.'ii( ! - Uriljf I
lui M.l lIUa amial, nJ il(iurci tl.a
Ii p k m ll.rm by tl sj ; llnu ijll l li'il
M..uuU a 0t. Ik nj.a..ii.iu t d raoriv.l
lli iwtl iiujiii uf, uj a (.uiii I inniia4 alK er-J-
ft J. lit 10 avl't-k. Hi Nm'.h liiJ.u li.ei-
' pi'iii iiti4 ll. IV tamp luil I
' miJ f. nal a lai m o ou t, a Im or lloui,
nn.,. .q..i anil rkll.ii J. and utridl t ant
I a, lr.1, Im r-k. u te gir ilirm jnoj rrmtia
I vu. Th f"il If in lr not r lli lajr-
(i-. lliiua lum ll naniM (al.jtru lllrir
irt. 'Ill -M aitnr winlwiil.ia Ihir unlrtof
! Irr!jr. an I iIi.iviii.iiIw r.-IVil).!,g le-m Rah
J M unit n, nj fmiliiig 'i jpi" la ltieUH "illt nn
m:bV, ll.ry imuti. .1 . I.tuifl II II, anil
lk Hi ral in a rwlmii w hL l.roii;, l.n.
Alutr il V ilua uiM.r I ll.riii a tlnl er Iw U
tuoil l.nil.v I lint a gtil, iu thru I al'nl fiuin
II I II tia Mi inMii lf. al.rn ll adiaue e
Mini I ui.mI. tail ccuiiinit J Ii a'.l dty in pii (
lli iiirrtnuil rain ouiiiij J. n. 'I Ii trbvl amiy
left ll. lefipk aiul anu.k Climl Itivtr, nnj
lancJ ll. ii oui.l.i ii rcod to th U llwn of Ilia
l-ilVy. ('ae adulir Wat renipu l f th Hill
Ohm', ih and tlili In.'Lmii an.l ii-hid un, gu .M
ll.iuuli ll iiMiuuUin (iili hi- l.y Ii nn, ramp fur
ii nn. nio ion, and kiiu' rLt, ihniwn friim
r.kl oacin la f rilaal lit hi.
tii.r uu ( lotdr.l ('ial liivrr llinr. anil
la. all), atual I a'clurk, ih y iuiim. upwiilitli
rnrniy'a fimi.l. Hi Mill (Olio adtann-d
i.ji .lit la ll, I- iJ. ia ln li Hi nitnir'a wa(na
ti IihiJ, Iivii ut!d uly tliu trWI army
i M-tirl a fnriiitH file Uwn llii-m all tmall atrna
und iw.i lil'rd cannon, fr.un id blnirim tli rV'
e iil i if iin- r trr, wi n (dry liud hrra cm
real il. 'riifiili ra ' h t''. aid Id Mill
i. i.imril it wall ajiiiil. :i-annn'. two uirea of
(' arlilli-rv ram Ui an.l cH urd ou tli
Irlr't uml Hi.- Pili ln.lia.ia lomiporl
Hi I tilt hw ln. hie. Im 7lh Ii riana end
id rii brl.-n Ihe two flr, an I cam in ou
li e runny' Ii -lit I'auk. 'I'll M-li'a lliro Ai-d in
-rrl dii-.eilrr, Iravinf lliirfiiil :. nf arlil'rr)-.
Al id i l foril. a quarirr f a nn1 farthor ou,
Cm. (iurnrll airiiiilrd totally Ii a frictw, whrn
Hi 'III Iml aiiiaiia tarn Ui in IiiH pnrtuil. an I
Mioilirr hi bk i-iin(; niar.l. (irn. (iurnHt
wi.t linn ly tlml ida.l, wlirn hit o'iir' flwl in wil.l
rarninil toward Hi. (inn-ue. 'I'll Till lud nil
I nia ui-u. il llirni tor n nalr cr loo, bu' our fiiiepa
ivitoo rliaimtil Willi thi-ir f .r.lJ ninrili of
Lini'V in let, wild hut linl rrt frini yflrdv'
liuirli, llml Ccn. Miali I e'u-ard Iu 11 I hem fur
iif tl. nif my fnnlirr.
'I Ii aii'ta'or Id who' nCi'r nr, lb enptnm
uf lh-lrln-1 camp al U-uiti-l Hill, nml a lai(i
aa cunt of l ilia ami ratni riiiiiau. fully wai!
ma. Il.eir fi. Id i In at ep; nf d lo cmilain all thr'r
nn:iy I Wo n K lin-nliil b iiinrrn, ilia nf llirtn of
ili- lii r.-ii ri-cinirni; n Inii" lutnilif r of Viremia
i llii-na. llie lira Ii of (Int. (liirnrll anil Iwruty of
Ii a turn, nml tin- -m n of n inurli In'cer nam
Ii r. Ilur li ia vlm'ly In III I -lilt dhio, two
I'llnl nial Iwn ninrlnlly titulril." for (urea nra
naw inrirH 'n bnriing Id dead. tln. !.u-iii-U'a
koU i hlni; nl hi lrjimrlrrif, it will b ml
In lot fnrnilt ut llii.liini lid.
jlnii! ili linra nf ili trlieat li e rood I rilled
Willi ilrxTlnm from III Mlm'a. 1 hrr wet nvir
4,n 0 rntii la i n die bluff ciaiunnn.liiii ottr p-ioilioii,
vlino.e,iril fire on lit Mill (liio, aiiilllidialiitir
wa til I nver two liuinhul ynrda- Ibrir nitillrry
ua ru.i.l.y Fervr.l, tint aiineil ah ul two feel t o
l.iali, etiilinif iff III- Ircntalinv ill In-ndanf our
Imy. Uur ailvain-r, which nliit. entered id nt-Cii-eini
nt.liumheird !i- llmn S.llliu. ll ilinn;lit
iiiiifon-ia nt llnnl kiti ni I cut off the ret teat of
iin- leiiitniiil, nud tecum (It fiw Uti'pti.'o wuiwim
111. TfS ri bel army na mainly of lla-lern Virciniiii.a. 'I lie ttrorji
ana netu Jin cl from I'cnaneiihi.
frST In the House of Representative.,
ou million, the following was unanimously
Ili'folved, That Ihe thanks of thin House
bo prescntetl to Major (ieneral McClcllun
and the olliecrs of his ccmiuaiid, fur the se
ries of br.lliaiit and decisive victories which
they Imve, by their k L i 1 1 and bravery,
. .1 , I . . . . I ... ! . 1.. .1 ..
nctiievcu over mc reoeis uuu iranorK in inu
army, ou tho battle fields of Western Vir
ginia. OvKllt.ANn PoSTACE lUI'OUTAST TO AM..
I-'ewofour reudera are probably aware
that the rate of letter posture to California
was ulti red when the daily mad routo be
tween t. Joseph and Plaeervillu wns rs
tublifhed by Congress. Pormerly, thu
charge for a single h Iter any distance with
in the United States, under 3,0(10 miles,
was three cents, ami over 3,000 miles, ten
cents. It was aseei laincil alter the South
ern or liuttcrficld Line wns put iu opera-
tiun, that the three cent .stump would cover
a letter from Missouri to (ilifornla, and
localities even as far eastward us portions
of Ohio from the shore of the Pucilic, were
within the legal distance fur which a three
cut slump was the full lint horiz d postage.
In giving Culiforuiu a duily mail by tho
Central route, it was provided by Congress
that the llocky Mountains should form the
barrier beyond which a single stamp of the
lesser denomination should not puss cust
or All diKtui.ees, therefore-, beyond
the Pocky chain reepiirc tl ten cent stump,
thu law applying as well to letters Hi-tit
from California to the Atlantic States as
from tho Atlantic Stutcs to California.
Ten cents, pre-puiJ, remember that ull.
To Dkstiiov Flips. To one pint of
milk add a epinrter of u pound of raw su
gar, und two ounces or ground pepper,
tiinmer tin m together eight or ten minutes,
ml place it about in shallow dishes. The
flies uttae-k it greedily, nnd are soon suffo
cated. Hy tlii3 method, kitchens, etc,
nmy bo kept clear of flics ull summer, with
out the elunger attending ooison. We
cpy this from an anonymous source. H
II ' is easily tried, and if effective, will be val
. . . . - e .i
j,soiiuots iiot.o i Konrix a camui
M.ltik:(.in ,ns romputi-d that tince 1848,
!V!,c'-i;iii,eaofX'ttliloriiia have furnished the
, . , , . . no0 ono :.. j
5r " Figures won't lie," is an old und
j homely expression; nui lew men rail loo
' on a fashionable woman's fi'Mire noev a days
and mit as mm h.