The Oregon Argus. (Oregon City [Or.]) 1855-1863, June 08, 1861, Image 2

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    m If aav ana. I. bant a.w a llit
Aawtraa fU itH tela. J1
l)c rcgon CVrju
"J""". L. Adams,
A Miraw I Iki Wla.
u luklnf nearer him-, .a hare t wry Indf
Ming etala of ill K biealutf in lliw litUu oiarier
af Umi plilKul Hufli). 'l'h nuuiimlioa of .Mr.
fJarfii-lil hu ilyl Hie diekeu. Willi auudiy Mf
Hun pdilieiaue. Il ha ratln-r knocked Itepubli
rag UuionUin "Til iiM, and h-fl Dm rrooorf fuel
ing porno, of III democracy liliily la Dm luicb.
Il turui oiil lo hum Imwii d idolly cceeulriu, tuutu
louaaud (uconrenU-nl foe linn to aacuie lli .)
luattoa jiwt Hi Ihia I'UKt llinl at lenet two Ir.We
of oflU aeekire. Tli Krpublwaw htm and um
In WuliinifUMi had juat rl ln f9 y
apming Union M.lrtMn nuin veiua and art'lire,
and all al ouca III eiiniwii I da i-urdlee at tha a-
Irinfrat loui-h af uurly. If they want true
unDincliiiijf Union nun, irreievlive of party, they
can Mwlisra find a truer and .War one lima
Mr. Garni Ida. If Ihey dou'l ptoputa la d Mid
run between iiartn eieeut for Uia Uunna
aaka, hi litem allow il nue by wny of befinuinf ,
I believ. Oeifi.l.le will probably be
ulecUnl, but whether bo ia or nol liia being- a can.
tlidaia a a inuat tthokinin. Ihiiif for lha politic,
of Ihia region. It will abaw llutt ct.-rl.ia men ho
art aa very aniioua for a euuwlidalad democracy
only want il aa market placa whara Ihey cau
to teller advantage aril llitiiulvre, eoulond body,
to traaann which pnpoeee to aubtri'rt Ilia United
Sletee, and aal up a nrgra olirnri-y in ila alead.
On lha ether hand il la a wry cold baih to euch
Itepuhlicaa leaden aa litre profnowd a williuj.
neealiidieuird all .lilk imuee but Union aud
dieumen. I vrlwiu vtrrrtnnueiict uf alule
Tlio corrcsjwndent who penned the
abovo represents a sqnad of two or three
dozen politicians In tills Si a to, who nro
cry hungry for oihVo. They all belong to
a shortlived school of politicians that buses
ull it calculations of success upon the
smooth working of tho well-oiled machine
ry of trickery. Kvcr intent on self-promo
tion, their great study in, not how tiny
may enlighten tho mosses upon permanent
issuos, aud teach them to love virtue, cher
ish correct principles, and hate treason, but
how they may harmonize discordiuit and
Jarring factions Into political parties, out
general cuiicuscs, cliques, and conventions
ln constructing "Good Lord and Good
Devil'' platforms on which Union-loving
and Union-hating, free soil, and negro
breeding office-hunter can ull 'iluuJ,' or
failing to get a " Good Lord" plunk in the
platform, owing to tho fuel that a majority
of the convention is possessed with " Good
Devil" proclivities, they inuko a bold push
to gut out an accredited ' Good Lord'
nominco to 'stand' on a 'Good Devi!
platform to bo voted for by ' Good Devil
knaves and ' Good Lord' fools. This
correspondent is Jubilant over the fact thu
Gurfielde, a Union man, was nominated
at a Democratic convention, it thin-' to bo
credited to good lurk or good aiaimgcmcn
on tho part of tho Union wing of the party,
aud is all so une.vpretcd ttml uulouked for,
under the circumstances, that all Union
men are expected to (nil down before the
Imugo set up nt Vancouver, without any
reference to tho " hole of the pit whence It
was digged." Ho doesn't blink the fact
at all that thu convention that nominated
Gnrllcldo was not a Union convention
but was a convention from which, by tho
published cull, every Union man in Wash
Ington Territory was excluded, unless
such could bo found in tho Democratic
party of 1801. Tho call convened togeth
er democrats, and democrats alone n call
that, while it embraced Gnrlieldo, aud
Lancaster, it threw its nflWtioiuito arms
around Stevens, and Lander, and would
Imve ulso afl'celioimtely squeezed together
Jo Lniie, 1 iincey, Floyd, Twiggs, mid Jeff
Davis, If they had been residents of Wash
ington Territory at (lint timo. It was
convention that, while it embraced ninny
loyal Union-loving men, ns wo hope, and
try to believe, it also contained, nccording
to tho showing of ' democrats' themselves,
about an equal number of political cut
tiirouis unu union-uaicrs. jvcry man
who went into that convention was bound
by " party usage" and his own honor to
support tho nominoo of that convention,
whoever ho might bo. If tho Yuuceyitcs
hud succeeded by a majority of one in nom
inating Stevens, Garliehlo would have
been bound in honor 1o vote for a man
who U loathed and despised by Union mcu,
and agaiml Wallace, a tmo Union man,
and nominated by u convention composed
of men not one of which has ever been sus
pected of having tho taint of treason on his
Now wo haven't a word to s.iy against
Garlielde ho will get nbuso enough from
Lander, nnd Stevens, nud other secession
friends. Wo hojm and belicvo he loves
tho Union if so, wo love and honor him
for that, but wo pity him for having been
iH-rsuailed to ho down with secession doj;s
for the privi'legoof 'standing' on a hcrinnph
rotlite platform, with Stevens reverently
kneeling at Ins feet, tnyiiig ho took it with
i 2 Id 'interpretation,' while such politi
cian as Lane are lieinj nil around on the
mmo 1riK-tiiro, swearing that with a proper
' interiM-eiutiwV il will do well enough to
" go out aud stand" on. We would liko
however to suggest to such of Mr. Gar
fiehle's friends as the I'ortland acrihber
that such efforts n GarfieluVs nomination
at Vancouver to " knock Republican Un
ionism off its pins," will knock another J
kind of Unionism off its pins, and probably
upset its milk pail too. If OarlHle had
Ik-cu uoiiiiimU'4 by a L'uiou convention,
embracing iu iu call all men who love the
Union more than parly, nud ho pro op
Mtd to sitting In a ton vent ion en n with
such candidates for nomination aa Slcwus,
(hero would Imto been aomo env In offir
In! Guifkldo to our friend o a " Union
mail Irrviitcctiva of parly." A it b, bow
ever, those " Ri publican leaders who liavo
professed williiignc to diM-ard all iolili
cul Imuck but Union aud disunion,'' will be
consistent in 'diM-ardiug' everylhing that
came from tho bands of this Vancouver
affair, which, unliko ill parent at Charh-s
ton, limtcad of splitting 0ien with rotten
nest before It adjourned, exploded with
rage, Jealousy, rottenness, and treason af
ter It went homo.
Under tho circumstances, tho Itrnubli
cans of Washington Territory hive acted
wisely in nominating Col. Wallace as Ihi
Union candidate. No man can doubt his
patriotism or tho loyally of those who nom
dialed him. Tin lUiuUtan piry rtr
had a diiuni'miil in ill rank), It Will
never ahandou what it knows to bo true
men, to support those who edilinto with
traitors, go iulo conventions with them,
und bind themselves to supiwrt secessioniats,
if by any of the arts of political Jugglery
they become thu standard bearers of a
party which, t- iny tho least, has boon de
funct for somy time. The Republican jour-
null of Oregon havo all sought to ignore
party considerations since tho beginning of
the arcsont Southern rebellion. They rc-
coguizo no Unt of fellowship as (loliticul
friends but loyalty to tho Union and a cor
dial supjiort of tho Government in its ef
fort! to put down rclxllioii. It will be
timo enough to talk about political issues
after wo know tho full effect of tho gather
ing storm upon.tho old Union ship.
In tho mean time, let all Militieiaui of
all parties who nro making calculations on
riding into public fuvor on some new polit
ical craft, to (to built after a newly-patent-cd
model, ready to bo launched on tho ebb
tldo of our nation's culuinitlc, remember
ono thing that the great masses of the
American people uro honest. They may
have been poorly posted as to political
issues, but freo speech nnd a free press nro
working wonderful revolutions. Deina-
gogucisui has consequently pretty much
had its day. Dodging of issues, chicanery,
and political trickery, ore tinder par with
the people of all tho free States. All hon
est men uro beginning to loathe fmce-rid-
ing politicians. They want every man to
show his hand, and fling his ling to tho
breer.o iu brood daylight. They respect
an open nud avowed traitor like Jeff Davis
infinitely more than the sneaking, winning
cur who is " for tho Union, but ogin en
forcing the laws." Know Nothing wig
wams aud political legerdemain may do
i I iihu at itwii
naiMMirmiaun, t ,.iu. rW. .orrfsnondctit Mivs:-
i. it n it . . . . .i. .1 . ' l.:ll i. I, l,n.l n I " . ..
iMviq tinmen wnus as lujioa w r.u. aiiois: i""""" luu"7 """"""" i,ivin-f seen It stated tlmt beiiator Joug
J.w-idi D. Iakvv. Km., of this cirri unit for tho Union. There- ore few men In . . , on ni'iiointinuut of Itriga
"Itwiw four wo. ks ago lust TuiKlay, this rouiily who nro so dceily iu lovo with ,itr (Jdieral, I asked tho 1'rcsidciit il It
!n-o wo reaihed the mines, and 1 will try tl. rutilrtnuko tushm as to bo afraid to was so. lie said It was not, and tliul lie
had no thought of tendering It to him.
Hi. nlsn sulil. that If irenlleinen were bo up-
.,..ii.ti..l from civil life, ho liuni-iiicd their
and Ull yoa a alraigbt tory of what we KC the M Anierlcan Flog raised for haJ
have done since. Wo tamo within twelve , , ,. ., .i Ho
nilea of the mUnt with our Lara.. n..d r f Its " tmlmf on (xoUmrnt. t .
then ackvd through ou our backs, two Saturdnj (June 8) Is fixed upon for a vvn m(iny wl0 wotiltl be inferior to Dong,
triiii. currvimr about sixtv or sevenlv L-ruiul I'nlon rallv at Lufuvette. We shull B In thut nosilloii. remarking tliut Sena.
pounds snlece. at a trio. From that on. i... .it ,.;.,i..,i i,. n, .l, i.l,iili)ii on tor Douglas was thu first to tell him of an-
i a ---- iiia, lw ui'H'I'I'VIMU viae aa ivmih. . . - - - - - lla It
wo couimencd pro.,Ktting, and wo started )k.U)ol,rttt!oll lllt w, ,,onor l0 old Mfmltd troub es in Maryland, to po in
om anno.b i rury luoruiux wun inifu noiten , , . out too uroier rumu vi nnj. "
of fludluif snuwtbliur. but camoback to I -wnbill count j which has herotororo . .- . lwmuid thut Fort M on-
canii at ulght very tired, and without sue- occupied, and which will continue to oeeu- roe Bmj i'0lnt Comfort were the points
ccn. une timo we look provisions onu nr. a nriuiJ nosltlon on t ho s do or llic that conimaiuicu too wuoio oi mat secuou
blunkeU, and went up on Quartx Creek to ijuotJ Tj.omi who havo heretoforo been of tho country. Mr. Lincoln referred with
prositcct It thoroughly, for Cant. Fierce ,, .' t. . ,,,,., a. pleasure to tho fact that Mr. Douglas, eur
Lbl h I.. Democrats arc all Inlon men, the . . . ,,,.,.,
el It up atwut 18 uiilm, and It looked more Republicans of course ore, aud my few ,(g j0tcrriiiiintiun to stund by him, ond oji-
like gold country than any other part ho can bo found among those who supported proving of his course
had seen. We sunk two holes, but did Rreckinridgo but thut luvo tho Stars and Tho 1'resident hns promoted Ilrlgndier
not get anything, and as the snow was Su;1K.. 0ll)j nr0 frc0 expressing their Ocncrul Rutler to bo lieuceforlha Major
a4ia ilium aaiaa aulnamiul I Iim a aa I ' "I . . . I ..f I. IT Q aaaawaar '
111 lajUfirlX LTMat f
Ia tliA fair lr at nf ilin
w i"v ivtsa ve aim vaw a mivi ai tiffutssu l - n w Viatts
the snow at least 8 feet deep ou level, I ilia way, perliorM it fnlfht not be amliw Jnst h-r,,.,, in ,a niy;i,nlioii. " . lie) Is a Un
WO came barlt, ami ITOKpectUlg around the lprB l, r.arA . hii li I ilo not recol- l,tr... b l,.,it ta mlliera to the
u I . i I n.ii.... H a. u i I '
MiTt ta ImvA RPim imtilitiliful Alllinii" 1 furtUllOB Of ll'.i fetutC.
fWllll'lllfh-ll 111 llllV i'lllllllll IsilMlS.I llallfM I r I
a half claim of fifty fect.'lo pay in tbe gold corded for Ureckin- The V. 8. steamer C.jr Albm. I
-r.... i. i. .i.. r.L .i. i.. ' ' .... i...T ... .i.. ....i v -.. u ti.i. .. .nt... been or is in iirocefs of being i-onverti d
UIU'I Ik W UIIZ. IDS MUltb'l Uig Kk UUt W0 IK'HV ii4 III ' wun., uiu . ti ,1 f 1 1 l.
-re in cast s1!:::; wuS i2i
7JrlV, ' ..urtmeuU: her boilers arc being ..rote
i. mm iraniuiii wo Hm.init wiiij a.v. i , ,. ,. . , . ; l..i,.i....i. ...j ..- ...
a shut whistling through tho uir above the
shovels aud eons of the luborrrs. I'rcseiit-
ly a deputation of tho IiultimoreaiiR ar
rived at the Tort and demanded to know
what ho meant by firing at or near them.
Tho commander replied somewhat ns fol
for a few dandies in our largo towns, but
such expedients never will go down with
the honest yeomanry, who read and think
by their firesides, and act liko men sensible
of their responsibilities to their country,
their families, and their God. They have
been so much deceived by high-sounding
names, havo been turned hither nnd thither
by unprincipled lenders, been betrayed,
sold out, and so often seen their lenders
landing kncc-dccp iu the tniro of treason,
that they oro beginning to feel their wny
to the solid rock of mnn as their platform.
To that rock wo havo been trying to lend
the people, ami as long as wo wield a pul
liu ieii wo shall continue, to advocnto this
sure foundation.
We trust in God that after the present
storm subsides wo shall havo n clearer po
litical horizon over head, a lovelier land
scape under foot, nud a happier country
every way, thun wo have ever had before.
Let public virtue and iutelliireiice keen '
w a
paco with tho retiring darkness, rolled
back liko n black nail bv tho hand of
Providence, und we shall most of us live
to seo n political millennium iu America.
Oi k Govkrnor. Poor fiddling Whiten-
ker (or "Old Cut Gut," as he has been
called) has taken it upon himself to issue
an 'nuitress' to tho people of Oregon on
tho present state of alluirs. He Is the
biggest ass in the State. If ever a com
inanity was justified in rising tn maate and
deposing a public officer, it would bo in the
caso of tho people of Oregon, simply on
the ground that their Governor is a fool
Whitenker is at heart as rotten a tmitor as
Jeff Davis. He denonnces tho Union
meetings held nil over the country, aud ht
in favor of Oregon remaining neutral in
the present crisis, which means taking sides
with tho rebels. Tho whole thine is poorly
ritten, and displays a glaring ignorance
and perversion of facts characteristic of its
contempt ililo author. It must havo been n
precious looking document beforo the print
r dressed it up. 1 he only rcspouso tho
people of Oregon ought to make to this
puling 'address,' nhould bo to raise u regi
ment of riflemen, nnd offer it to tho Fed
eral Government.
the, concluded the rifllcs are not right "UH1""'- " h "J n uu.K.ienu n..u ....
i .m .11 i.. ....i.i ....i v,. see tickets unt in with'a name carry twcive ueavv cuna six on em.ii aiuu.
wiv pn sjnv kiu. eei4 eetuv. hw kviiv I I , ' ... , t i a .
down to day to fix them. This Is on Canal matched oat. A week beforo tho election cnr7 uur. , -u T w
I.Wk. Fuiher .Mr. McCullonh houL.l.t I. ... ...! . t. ,in:.lrf " wuen mo mtviuo auu c..KBea
w. . - - ia - I ta p mm uaiu lw iiiiu im iiiuis a iiu a aia n i.iiiiu 1 f .. . 1 . . i. c. w ; ri
a claim a half mil. further on. and wa have . . . . ........ rwlu,res llml nmer. 01. w
COt.lit,lobous.onit. 13bvl5 feaL io tor woe, Tbo tommml ,t R MclIcnr, lg
niuiira ou it la iili-aaniiter than tciitinir It.
although good mony declared their pur-1 likvlw to hold his position. In tho first
. . .... . O. I . . . . mi . V I . .... .1.. ... .1 ...1
Wo bod been living in Hummer Town be- pose " oto tor urecniiinuge. mis 1 conwci wun 1110 reoeis tney were norsicu
fore we moved into our new Iiouho. Mr. learn was also tho caso in other counties. Olwerving that batteries were being erect
Seel Iiu 1 taken 1 claim wveral miles down L, much so that if tho votes were counted !' ' V r
thoOroFino. Mr. Rridgcs end Co. ar- ... .. , ., . , . . I uttneking the fort, he is suid to hove sent
rived about ten days ogo; Mr. Morfitt aud " ,,,r' ;--" t'u""'.
William last wevk. .Not located yet. baT0 returned as " scut-
Tho weather has been cold and squully tcring."
most of tho timo since we camo up, but it Yamhill coonty is to-doy as loyal as nny
Isphnsnnternow aud tho snow b .bap. county on tho Tacifie coast'. Flag-raWng
avi.n a 1 11 1 r..L I. ill In tliA iniinliilna II aavill no
last till Into ill tho summer. I cannot tell ""no''""""" " weoming noigi.uoriiood 0W(i... Gentlemen, I haven't read his
about tho richness or extent of tho mines; uuirs. Old and young, male and ftmnle, tory for nothing. I remenilxr rending
berauso I do not know, but I will soon I all, of all political parties, seem to have or a fort buintcr, wiiere an attaeiiing pnr
writo again, aud keep you posted." been seized with a burning patriotism that ,T f lrnil,ors wur. l"l?','.rcd ,0. llfi" .n,",
Inlin W Milli.r T-. hna rorMirA nil.. 1 11; 1 . I COIIllllllC 1110 creCllOU 01 UOlter ICS a il 000111
jonn vi. .iiuiir, tM., nas received a seeks expression iu some public dcuionstru-1 :. -... 1 . . c ..... ,1.
letter from Moses K. Folsom, who went tion wT ' 7 1 7 , ' r r , 2 h i
from this city, dated May 25th. He soys: ueuoxstratiom is Arru VAi.ur. out and had to surrender. Now, gentle
" These mines, I think, oro as good as re-1 I had tho pleasure of dropping in upon men, I won't submit to any such nonsense
ported. I havo cruised around the conn- ono of tlicso neighborhood gnthi rings Inst here.''
try considerably, ond find that every claim Saturday in " Apple Valley ,B t!io homo of Thomas Francis Meagher, tho eloquent
that Is opened pays from $5 to $200 a day. Hon. Aaron Payne, familiarly kuown in Ptriot, niado n speech in w Voi k
There aro but few claims open that you the West as tho - Old Ranger," who did Sfi U, doTwouW '25 Z
n..M ... .I....... l ll.A r... I.... I .....1. A.1 ... I., it.- l. .. If .. I . I " 1
inn ni uuu hi niu luijjvni. uuiv, uui i mien goou nervico 111 me macs iiawK war. again wave over Ft. Sumter, but in the
most of tho claims nro paying ono onnco I The old gray-headed veteran, who is now most remote part of Texas, und on every
per day to tho hand. I think it is the over scveuty years old, und carries some of """tress from which the mind or treachery
best thins I havo seen sinco I first landed tho lead tho Indians shot into him in n uVs. "uu ,t)r"
iu California In tho si.rinir of '50. I am nt ncruto fi.-ht near Rock I il."....!. ,1. . " nshnigton advices stnto that some of
.....i. 1... 1 1. .... '1. 1.! . i- . .1 -,. the lending citizens of ew York visited
7, " ' "'' uu"k"u" ur i.urin-0 10 .no unucr me oiurs hVasWiigton to urge upon the Admiuis-
.liiliii mill nn v l I ....1 Ci.:,.. 1.. A. .1:. i. f. . I .
rv- uuli" ,u i'i-bci.-, or uiu uiiuer it rnm- trillion the adoption ol vigorous measures,
uu 1110 oilier iinmi, Mr. J. IJ. mkins, ing lead into the ranks 01 traitors. I never and thut they received perfectly suUsfuc-
or Ijcnton county, was in our oflico this saw the old veterau so much in Ids elcmeut tor'J """".
week, niid pronounced these mines the us on the occasion mentioned nt his nv. " " c find the following in tho N. Y. Post
house hist Saturday. Having prepared n 0' ',r! 2. "6I.-I nin
. , , , , , , . ,' ', , nutiiorized by the President to say that he
nice pole and nu old fashioned flag, ho rode is determined to prosecute the war fegmi
round among his neighbors and invited against tlio Goviruuicnt of tho United
them in to assist in unfurling the- flag to I Stotos with ull the enorjry iiL-ccssnry to brinp
the breezo iu front of his own rW Th,. it to 0 successful termination. " Ho will
latest New from t50 SmT
llATKi i. ... n.. "W
Sr. Una, Muy jnA W'ul.i.-, .
..Iir matlar, innlu.lii,,, wu "'j"J Uut w
I..I l aaaik uf Wa.fc.ajum iu', j Net,
Hi.lncy.aW ,;"JI"V
liavui(iii iwn llirei' avInwiKia li.ail.d hi'"i "
f.p...rcd by tb. Hu;et Uu. ffipU
iwraiy v,.U had k., dotalaT, Vk??
incluitiuir five tiibaecu Vi-ul, ' Uki 4m,
Ili.l.rolml.l. llmto.-n.McflelUnd ;
Wi-aiern Virgin.., at il,. i,d rf
Maalrrn lrou,ia, WAk.
Viu. Ituller on Norfolk. ""a
irEinlatilalu lio.. ar. U-i, imti,u. .
III.- liuriKM ol aairvinu cen-i,. j; A-:"nl,"h
1 11a n-wi aiiirw Iiu. auili,,r j .i r
t.',ii.unn.non i 1..1. ., ,,,ni
' ' I'n.auiainvo -
II haakJ UMnkab Mi u'
at yeomlco mm, aud lla fira uZ T"
Uialro..ia. Tlia rrlxb ratreale.1 '"""uW ay
Dooulna ia danKaroualy ill tt Cb'itaf.
ArluumM ia oilinitud iulo Ike rrb.1 '
Tl.a V. H. fun-iil at II..."r.wJT.
to vrwW far jwrta in Uia aiat0i. "l""
. Kfir mint, with ariil rrv. t. ..j
nH tI-.Kl. B.liimwa, and
Fadnr.1 Itill. naul ware nroit.d bymwZ! m
ilo Willi f npptoiil.
Tlima iiristahava htvn eauinr..! 1-n. . -
barland' in Clic.nank, Uy, .
Ilia .eceMioniiilii, ""war
Wean-in VirRinin entla for aid ftoai W.j.
ion, whitli will be furnibed. -
8t. Lows. May 23 Norih.m i.L. '
galherinu amuud Waaliinglaa aad MmlUa
and point, along lbs border. hoWitn art lU.
diilled prrparalory fur military duliw, n"
pie of tha llonUr Sialic daily np. M HP"
lha nbel Hlatra. Northern S..i Jrm
iroojia, but Ilia UovernnM-ut refuaia to MaJrH
more. Kaiirly SuO.tHJU men art aa. eiluL
lha amino of ilia United Slau., read,
durinR Hie war. . ' , 7
S fur, operaliona of the Iroopa u,
id Virginia have been confintd to Ua.iJrJ
r privateeia aud pratrining Uaioaana tL.
Iiereufter arruuga tucliea and eanmifK."?
ive operaliona. "
grcutest humbug of the day, unless some
thing more rl.culd be discovered there than
what has como to light yet. He left tbe
mines about five weeks since.
KiT The Statesman gives an ucconnt of
a seeno nt a camp-meeting of tho M. E.
II f. I . I If.!... t i . . I .
...;..i. i.n. .. . 1 .i , enn iut u mrire auimionui lorce, reivni!! ill).
uUuVIS, vi,,,,,-, U1U, umun, unu cimurcn, ,, i.m..i,i1.,Mi,n i..i,. Ar.i.
- O .... ... 1 v....v....L(.vM.....V.1U.JVIltlUIll.l,IU
rt ... ... .. I finniA III U'tlrrAlie enmn am .n..1 1 II. .1 t. ... ' .!...
Liiurcli fcoulli, winch was held on Howell 0 u,,u to me uovernmeut u;ey linvo established.
maul, au iron wedge,
Dr. McDridc made a
speech, when tho crow
pies, and other good tilings, some washing
it down with cold wat
Jas. A. Hamilton.
BALTisionK, May 15. Gov. Hicks lias
issned a proclamation iu answer to the
President's requisition for troops. Ho
culls tho loyal citizens of Maryland to vol
unteer their Services to tho extent of fmir
mono np 01 a regiments lor three months, to serve within
on n.v, and a rail. Ino limits or .Maryland for tho defense of
Pruiric, Marion county, ubout ten miles SOmo "(oot' aI1 1,1 "cttt lloIid"y dmMC
from Salem. The; occurrence took nce ;i,nuueounicnnnccs, anil warm, pa-
on Sunday Juno 2. A number of preach- lnollL "cnrls" 1,10 mL'" r"ls, (I 1,10 r0,ci
ers, of that denomination, were present, nud 11,0 ,uU!('s sc,lt UP 11,0 fln' m"1 ttt ,1,B i,,v1'
nu audience of about 1300 persons. tatiou of tho Old Ranger the boys hoist-
strong prejudice is s
culity against Uev. Mr. Newton, tho preach
er in charge, on account of his making In
discreet end intemperate remarks 011 tho
sunject 01 1110 t. nion. Tins leu to a pro
posal that the American flag should bo " , "" ". wun Tennessee, between the rebels and the Un-
hoistcd nt tho enmn-irrniinil nml frm. Llldo Aaron s cider. Ill the absence of a ion men. Measures nro in pniit..ii,i,li;i,
ers of the neighborhnod called on him last 'lcnv'l-'r E"n t'10 ' Old Ranger' fired a dra- for tho support of tho gallant Andrew
Friday, for his ncrmission. which was r- K"u" l"alu' u,u scrvico many r '" ,'"""', ".'"''' ,u l"t,r UL,'ulcu
fused in a . nanner und in terms more vehe- J'Car,S.?E' nl,d M wo Bcro ossri'd Znl , c'0" . , . ,
woum uo again nseU wlienevcr " our conn- , "een pur-
try" needed the services of him who . tfiff 'h n
intlon, were present, nud tho M sc,lt "I' 11,0 flnS- ' ttt
out 1300 persons. A tallm' of tho ' 0U Ku,,S' '
nid to exist iu that lo- eJ " U,ldo Aaro"'8 ,vrci,tl1'" ma(1
, an n.v, sad
1 short and appropriate 1,10 Capital, "object to the orders of the
wd partook of cakes, Commander-ii. Chief of the United States,
thin snmo n-ncl.i, J . Tho l'resMeiit takes tho deepest ir.lerest
I.. l.- .1 4 .
it. .Wi. .i.t. . .1 :.r " ""l-e""" "riipgie now going 011 111
ment tnnn tho caso warranted. Tho mat
ter was dropped till Sunday, when M
1 J' ....... I . , ., . . , I .-.-j... ....v..pii .i,im riiiuii, 111 uun-f
Newton arose in the pulpit ond gave notice , 1 .slt Uow" umlt'r tIie Auici'wh to render the humiliution of the rebels the npnoiiitmeuls. Ho then entered .? W!"'"S '? ow" door' Apple
- 1 . ..ii.... . 1
Valley, Oregon.
Dkskrvku Pkouotion. Maj. Anderson
has been promoted to tho rank of Colonel,
nnd has gono to Kentucky to ruiso troops.
Ho was received with great enthusiasm on
tho route.
9 O'Mcnru has left tho Jacksonville
Sentinel, nnd the paper is now published
by Peiilingcr t Hand. The Sentinel is
now strong for the Union.
rnTiyo is His Tims Well. Col. Ra
ker is making good uso of his time at tho
hast. Dunne; tho interval between his
laliors in law making, ho buckles on his
armor and man lies to defend the Country
and iu laws
upon what lie called nn apology, saying
that a mob hud threatened to iuvndo that
meeting nnd raise tho flag by lorco. lie
proceeded in n very excited strain of invec
tivo until somo of the members of his
Church begged him to desist, aud wo un
derstand, his brother members almost
drowned his voice in calling him down.
He reiterated tho chnrgo of tho mob, when
0110 of tho men who had called on him ou
Friday, rose and prououueed tlio statement
fulso. that nnv violenm rm ments, and mob anarchy in their
Hero everything was confusion-everybody tW" 1" f
preater. liie triumphant march of the
6th proved u pill of indescribable bitterness
to the Blood Tubs.
Flocking North. Tens of thousands of "Sec'y Cameron exhibits a marked du-
well-to-do men in tho South nro making P0 f shrewdness in the selectiou of men.
giant efforts to get away with a portion "? ' ?a'u !:u J,"lltr nt Aminpolig to
uiuu oi u. iiiueca, 1110 better cd, he recalls that officer, dvini his mm-
1... : t .1.- c... 1 ; n..l tr ;i... p . 1
nun iu viii. iiuiuiuun, 01 ic w 10IK, ami
detailing Gen. Rutler to a very important
Southern movement. Gen. Butler seems
pro-slavery men and their families, only too JT,00 , . lor.1 posts of
hnppy to escape from forced loans, inprcss. ,?,d '', w,ll"n lcD dnJ's: aJd Inu-
own :, . '.5: .' " l
uutuuj giiim-u iu peuceauie successes.
lultimore is qniet. Memlicre of the
only a
class of the population is leaving tho South
ern States. A New York letter says
" Our hotels nro crowded with Southern
IriiMV. operaliona.
Thu tiovmiinrul lina diatinclly iafanari far
igu miuUu-ni llmt nuy rccivnino. ,j ,l. . T'.
cuiifi dtracy will bo vonnidered hratib, ml $Z
ten-ourae will U broken off Willi .acb pana. '
Til. Itebr t CongruM ailjournrd ha Rk a.
incet on the SOibj of J ulv at Itit lunn v.
Soiulir rmn itill OMure ilia penpla af ladr h.
teuton lo march on Waihiaglon aud earn Nu
uctiva wur ng.iinst liie 1,'niteil Biniw.
Tliero nro raid lo be 15,000 ima h tk. rrtrl
Slalea really fur military irrvkr; K iba mi
llml 20,1100 aland of uinia haw beta ntiiied br
Ilia rrbrla, from Kumpr. 1
. 'i'lio I'uiun tralimrul ia riilimv
Collnn Slulea, and purlinlly in 'IVunrwi, SAu.
am, N. Cun.liiia. an. I KeuliicliV. There kanud
ili-iil of llnion fn-lii.f in Ken'iuckr, wliick
elarea loyulty lo tlio United Slalea.. A n.U.
of the h-jriidiitaro nro niiaiiinl the propnaiiio. t
arm liie tlule nr plm-a il in an allit.ilimlWat.liij
10 the ti iieml tiuvi-riiinriil. .
Sriiiilor.luliin.nn and I'ureon DroiruW tiiitrlf
idviiruli' I'ui.iii iii'J'emuwti'e.
t'niro ia'be'nir iluilvalifiiifthriiidUlrmia
liie Nnrlli. Tin y are ejiwclilii? an aluck In
nh-nijili a IriHipa. .
Iu M aaouri 11 lirn'y liim brrn eutrreil into ar
with (.'en. Ilurnrv lor liie U. S. (inreniMi
id (inn. I'ri.ti-1 a die hart of the Stiilr.lir Lvh
l o.b Cuvprliiiii'iilii airive t locp liie p. art iut
11..I iiinVi caih nllirr. Stale Inwp. will itirbaaJ,
.111 1 Uiiinii men will I p prol, cli d. On hrarin; rf
III nn iinfji iiiciii, iliu tiL.te Iroop. at V'atm.
City wi re di. .1.
SI. Iiii'a ir cuunlnl by I'. S. Iri.pj, ililiowi
aiouud the ei y. All ia ipiiel, and liie L'auow.
liniriil 1 nviiiln.
Senator I)in;liu ho n-rovrtrd fiem Ma P!n.
'l lic rt-jwrt ici nerully Iwlit-t ml tliul an attack
ni.l be inutle i.rsi urrk by tin- U.S. Irimni i
liieliiniiiiil, Norfolk. Harp- r's Kerry, and Mna
h, aiiiiultnnioiiily. (ieti. Dallrr ii at FmI
0 Willi u large foicr. He will couducl ap
nroso. Xtey. O. tishcr. tho nresidinc RI. ...i.i i- .1.. mi.. . ,. I MnBolintPita .nH x- :
1 o 1 iuwio 111 uiu r.iii:uie. xney U'U US 1110 I A'." ivi. rt-iiuin;ui,s
..AM ran la.n.l 1 I . . 7 I .A n, It: .1 1.1 . ..
uvi, ijumni uiu pmpii, nuu icwton was ignorant people tliero nro mado to bcliere u Blru"" mrougn tuo strecu wiiolly un-
comjK'iled to sit down. Order was imnio- ,hat wc tt ol)OIt to incite their slaves to ormei1. generally in couples, having full
ditttclv restored, ond Mr. Fisher proceeded il,surrcction. burn their property, and de- conlidenco in the loyulty of the city,
to reprobate Newton's ill-timed zeal with vasUto fars "J'J 'latations, ond to The improved arms obtuined by tho U.
..,.,., . ., , -'"ier iiieiu uy ure, iuuune, and tlic - uovernmem irom uanaUa were not pur-
treat set enty of language. In tho melee sword-all to assist the cause of Davis and chased, as hns been stated, but were linn.
a Hag was brought through tho crowd, aud his band of traitors, to obtain their hearty cd nt the request of Hon. Gcoreo Aslimun
wiiu air. rmiiers nearty npprovul, lustou- tu-ui'erBnon. iiany ounem secmtotlunk o npeni wno applied for them. ITie
ed up to the pulpit. Newt
tho crowd, nervously
:wton went through luftl wuen lne ,ru tn is known among the t-ni.aumii Uoverument ogreed to loan
bhldimr his friends hi1'"6"''1011 fVIIowcrs of ,l10 Secessionists, twenty-fivo thousnnd stunds, nnd will prob-
,..ii 1 . . , ...... 1. n... u.u ujrwu nun ii-uui-o uuu oi..i iiiuu.-miiiu 111 n. in s may
farewell, and saying ho expected to die be- hang them as high at Hainan." . be taken as a slight token of tho sort of
fore to-morrow, a proceeding treated as T. r "sympathy with secession" which the reb-
icry ridiculous and reprehensible by all . " ' , 1 s " Asni!(;Tox lr.nRiTonY. In els have to exjKict from British freemen.
tho other nrcachers nresent lcw 01 1,10 ,rouiies wincli at present beset M. l. lime.
1 I .1. 1 St t ... m . . I ra. .
. -uuiry, uot. jicuiu, or Washington Uncmnnti Commercial has the fol-
JrcT Brownlow thus felicitously describes lcrntory, has issued a proclamation calling n,o: -the negroes of New Orleans ore
" tho helglit of inipiideuce:" An Aluliama lon all citizens who desire to sec the Fed- m, , fusible that the whites are properly sustained to ml- , ," Ie been
1 i .1 n i 1 1 uMuincu, 10 mi closed; several steamboat crews of blacks-
ly around the Hag of their country in this both slave and free, have been locked tij
hour of trial. He calls upon all the citizens 0U(1 every means resorted to prevent a ser-
of tho Territory capable of bearing arms viIt insurrection.
and imble to Uilhtia lintr tn rxnnrt immn. Journal of Commerce
prooi 01 tne solid quality of JXcw
York's wealth that all the National trou
bles, past, present and prospective, have
not had the effect of bringing down the
valuation of real estate throughout tbe
city. The total valuation, so far as can
be now nscertaiued, will be fully equal to
secession p.nper inquires if the Border Stutes
know what is "Tho Heisrht of I num.
enee!" Wo answer for the Border
States, that it is to sec und hear a man
swaggering nnd swearing in every crowd
ho enters, that he will go out of the Union
. , " - I ""V "w Vjrvi IUIIUV."
Ih-cuusc he can t get his rights, by having diatcly to the Adjutant General of the Ter-
tlio privilege guaranteed to take sLivea in I ritorr. nml nrmwit nt r.n. n
, . - " 1 ' V..VV .v vikuiiii;
the lerritorus, w hen, in fact, be does uot hcmsclves into cotiipauics, aud elect their
own a nejro in the world, never did. nnd own officers, in tho manner,.,1 1,
never will; and withal cau't get credit in the militia laws of the Territory
. 1 j '
any storo iu the county where he lives, for
..wi u.u, ur n pair 01 orognnsr
inc isrsous Uescription will suit ex
actly a lew or the same lousv blatherskites
n tins county.
Stboxo Imwabk. " No treason In
mankind since the orginization of society, that of last year.
wouiu ue equal in atrocity to that of him V-.1;.. 1. 1 j
1 a 1 a . . . aiaiinmv hub ai iiuvrt.-u a rririmr
"yVwt0ttntl"Vu- f I'500 n-ooters-,uuterar fro
on. A. 7 oik. Northern New York.
HSy Hon. L. W. Underwood, of Ken
tucky, has written a letter to a friend in
St. Louis, in n Inch he counsels M'ssouri to
to stand firmly by the Union. He
just bet 11 to Washington to sec the Presi
dent. Ho mv.:
" Stund then, my dear friend, by the
Constitution of your country, rufuree iu
laws, nnd maintain the integrity uf the Un
ion. In this nlonc consists your snfrty
Let no folly, or indiscretion, or the imbe
cility 01 Mr. Liiiieoin s Adiiuiisiruiion, en
the one hand, nor sectional pride and affin
ity, nor glowing portraitures of wrong,
real or imaginary, which the South liiiir
nnil. (but l ie i-.M tence of wjreh Mieemi
alone redress in the Union. 0111I not out of
it,) swerve your gnllaut State from her at
loginnce to a General Government tint
has never deprived her of a solitary riiihl,
or inflicted 011 In r n single wrong. TM
policy of tlio Administration to sll tho
border Stutes, which liuvo not seteden,
the same. In rcferenco to Keutniky, ilr.
Lincoln told me he hoped Kentucky would
stand by tho Government in the prwmt
difficulties, but if she wonfd not do that,
let her stolid still and tuko 110 hostile prt
ngninst it, und that no hostile step ibwld
tread her soil. This is true with Missouri
Let me tell yon further, that the tesuporis-
tug policy of the Administration, in
enco to tho assaults und capturing of itJ
forts, urrenals, nud proierty, is 0Ter'
Henceforth, tlicy who make wr will w
U-nr innlti. nil llli.m Tlll IllOnOnolV WUK;"
the South hns enjoyed in that direetiou hoi
ended, and nil tho powers of the GoTcni
ment henceforth will be exerted to
tuin tho property and the legal aatlwritj
of the Government within its just fiauU.
You need not, therefore, be wrpriwjH9
hear of tho rigorous blockade of thCM
pcuke ondnampton Roadu, and U
seceded States, ond that if these SUtei
erect batteries at Memphis or KlS
to interrupt the commerce of the MissuP
pi, that measuns of stern retaliation or re
sistance will be inaugurated by tlicGoTera.
ment, to force the poisoned chalice to ,
lips of those who first drugged It." .
y Tho rowprfVfof which wos toBjJ
of Mr. Jefferson Davis the Napoleon W
Western continent, has failed. i
more than failed; it hns aroused Palr7
sentiment throughout the lano,
will eoniocl every citizen to declare
self, cither in behalf of the Union, or
favoring rebellion. States will n
allowed, as some of them desire, w n
neutral. It will be idle for Tennessee sw
Kentucky to attempt to cscnpo from
issue, nnd to remain nt peace, while tw
mainiler of the country is at war.
that is not for me is against me, win
adopted by the Western and North?""
States as a maxim, nnd the Misstsspr
Ohio will soon swarm with steamers, ae
ily freighted with the .thousands anu -
of thousands of troops, from Indiana,
nois, isconsm, Minnesota, ja.- .
Iowa, who only wait the word of com
toeraulato the example of their bretwra.
in New York. Tcnrnvlyania, and
chusctts. Nmtrnlily will be cr"
oiposition, and the result
tier aar will Iw that slavery. '
institnliou A the Unit"! &l.,
utterly suii'iifcud.- X Y '"'