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Gtl)c rcgou Cirgus.
V. I.. 1 ,.,
Wc notice that the lute heavy rains lure
suggested to our fumicrs tlio necessity of
doing up their hauling before tlio rainy
star.on seta in. 1 here will moot likely be
several recti yet of pretty weather for
business, am all who can do no ought to
lay in their supplies while the ruuds are
good. We would also (nicest to a few
ni'Mi who k.' ferries, that it would be to
their credit if they would dig down the
banks an J make their ferries a little cadet
of access. There are some ferries whero,
through the shiftleKsiiens of their keeper, it
in almost iiujiosiiMc to pull a load from the
boats up the blinks. Itepiiblirans of course
ore too enterprising to need such advice.
Mr. Taylor, who keeps a furry on the roud
leading from Puylou to I'ortland through
the gap of the Chuliulem inoiiiituin, has not
only worked down the batiks at hid f.rry,
but ha kept a hired hand working tho roads
for mili-H each way fiowi his f rry, till the
Taylui's furry road is now considered much
the best way leuiling to I'ortland on that
side of the river. .Mr. Taylor is of course
a sound Uepublican. .Sectionalism seldom
bother their heads about roads.
Boats of Senator Brodcrick I
lAtt Mlact la Orrioa.
A corresjiondent of the I'ortlund Xewi
(whorawetaketoljeH.M.t'randaIJ,h.) Dm hktwkkj tiikIIon. D-CUnourn
f - . 1 - - 4 it - . ..1 f I II
in an account oi a inp to uio cauuam gw. jltK AM) jrWiE JmnY.A Tcry scriou-
mines a few weeks unco, makes mention oi,,.i owljrrcd on the 13th Inst, between tli
the lead mines on fcantiam, which are rotjol)i jj q Urwkrick, Senator for Califor
generally known to Iiavoao existence. JlcjM;i nnj t10 jorii juvij (J. Terry, Cblel
Efu-tite of the Supreme Court of that State
" It assumes the form of 'sheet lead,'iTh. ,,.,; n.n.-j niP. 011 t,o 13th instant
which will easily be understood by any oneQ , , . . . . ,
'.I t. rtl . .1.. MU'llMIl B ll'lfllici vuiu.u well V H'A II, III
conrcrsunt with mining. The vein of inin-fl .. ' , . .....!.
cral at this point is fitefrtt thick; it yield J tiutuui ravine on me rancn or Mr. u i
ninety per cent, of lead and silver, there bc-iin Sun Mateo county, two miles from tin
ing an unusually lurga per cent, of silver! lividing line between tho counties of Sai
.so h is sa ... .7 ,,, ,u para iwi h ana M(tU.0 n(j glin Krflntiw0i 'fuc. BC
I v 'mi II im Kinilh niim in ln thn frlTI
American that discovered the lode on this 8 0,nPnitd hJ iMr TCe0ll(1,. fur?'01". 81,1
Fork. The same we is found on the maiiifll,'0"t seventy friends. The ground wa
Fork ten inches thick. On the .South Fork a nenuircd off the principals posted, and thr
t . i-i i . . . . n
i am crcuioiy unarmed (by .Mr. Lary, i,oa,vor.l n-ivei. Tim WAnri.m 'hrtt r..(rxli.
...M... ... .. "i I . o I e, biiu II Hiiowu w wi.iv.:i..l n.,1:,. , ,
a man of truth and reracitv) the Me i'lj , , . ' 1 u": u"luu,-p "F',;
e(W.Ml.i(k-thc depth' is uiiknown.-i'1'5 mB ,0 Le ,Iuno w-twecn tho
Of the relative extent and richness of these a ''f " ""' tin word " two." At the first
mines, I leave the reader to Judge fur hiiii-fllirc Mr. Broderi. k received his antagonist'.
aelf, when I slate Unit In the Galena niiesim j tic right breast, about two loch
a sheet ten inches thick, fifteen feet hijhj . . , ,.,,., , ...
and yielding seventy per cent, of lead, wn J"l,0Te tl,e wLllc l"s l,tt" str,,tk t!"
considered a 'magnificent fortune,' and I l-'r0,1"( fvct tfotince of Judg.
have known men to make $:i and $4'f I'erry. Mr. Urwlorlck reeled and fell,
iiny out or a sheet only as thi.-k as my Iwhcn Judge Terry left the ground with hi:
This Me undoubtedly extends throu-h thcti'1" l,ous0 of Mr- Le0"1'1111 Hask. ll, at
whole rungo of the CWadu inouiitains,!'"111''' I'oint, where he received every pos
niiining norm aim soum, as you cuu trace .ib!c attention.
i.tufrow tutaa-Th Mrtn.u '',i oiih efforts arc making to prevent the 0
Tl.t bark S.a Nymph arrivfJ at Viou.ri. on , niilwavs oi. w1., i...
., ....I. : i- J7 .Lim r.-..m l.iuwr K.dlir. I 1 -j-.- HUJi UULS.IAa..-
Hie peoide of this new 8tuto seem not , ' r ))( tM'imwi Mwg Hf e..,y from in the oltempt is yet uncertain, a v
H '....! -.i.i. ..i, ,.;;. ii i . '.. . , f . .i i.i. i i. ii . tv
from tin Ihiton Journal.
rf sob War Drbl.
lover well satisfied with their admission
without provision being niudo for tlio heavy
-.)enditiiro they bad previously Incurred
'jii account of their lute Indian war. If the
rcss of that Statu reflects anything like- the
eutiineiiU of the jROplu there, the puyment
oi tlio war ueoi is coimiuereu a iiniiier .inn ..
more Impnrtniit to them than their admin
iou Into the Union us a sovereign ritato.
In fact it seems as tliouih it was only with
a view of hastening the recognition of their
l. bt by CWress tlmt they fiuully acceded
Rto the proposition for a Htute organization
ifter liaving repcotcuiy ueciueu uguinsi u
it the buliot-uox.
Jluveii a voto was unauiuiousl . i . .
the Conmioii Council, Iiistructlrtcr tl .1
policu to enforce tho State lawi ,.. .
iha llrilifh CiiluflWl uflh Mill imUilll I
li lln arrival ef 111 bark s J vmiill. niee.
eiiniiniiiidrr, in 40 dyi from Hung hung-, we Into
(lis I'liiiit-M M.i.l to July yid.
. , u i.... .1.- . I. .(..III.
from Wit 1IU W naw IIIV hhwmhui mihiu- 11 aiI I .. , ,
,.L thai s n.w difficulty haj occ,u.. will Mliju-t their Jurisdiction.
llt Tiiku l orli Ml the moutli of J'ciho nvr on llif CIWL'KKiT JjOO t AHIN. On the M..l.n aa-hUL! In lliA Infill .Irf.'rlt uf I- ...I II. ( 19 rt MM ,1 K m . U"
III llnl.sli fm en with Iha loaa
nil four or fiva Inindinl men
In Ilia action war tnalva (run Is.uU
nioui.lii.f Ihnv euns, with about I.UUU mm acta
ally .ij,'i;e l under Ailmirul Jlopa, ami a small
Krcneh gun tmal with one irun in ll.a alrin, 'i'lia
llriii'li Iwt 4 ''l killed and wuundtd. '1 In fir-t
lljllnlliim of Maiiiira wliich landed WO trontr
lul 1.3 killed slid woumlrd. 'I'll ClirNcpcake
tho Stato w, Upoaiij
t their jurisdictinn
U CaIIIN. Ontha flr.
in the total defeat of 0,d Ohio IUilroad, not fur from Ja,.L
(as uf five 11.11 buata, , ' "USOS,
hi. "D ictiiicsiice, says nil exchange pnrKr .i;n
Htuiiils tho liumblu log cabin, eighteen b
twenty feet in size, built and oectipied nil
he lived in the district, by the fur-famH
David Crockett. Its logs are fast dee..
!fi.t ninl 1? ii I'iiii S1111BA1....L s.
IlesiKK.ting the legit imncy of this debt k;;led or mwii.K, and 31 w.ii.n l.d. No . ' , .. ... . ' Ul)t 0
... !-. r, ... I. L.. 1. 1 .. . 1 ,.r . 1.. 1..1..-...... i,i. traveler passes it without an eainritui .
Anoi T OiiK'io.v. We will pul.lish next
week nil editorial about Oregon, its advan
tages, resources, iuduceui'iits to emigrants.
Ac., Ac, designed more particularly for the
benefit of renders in the Kuslern States.
We intend to print a large number of extra'
iiuiubirs, to supply tho demands of those
who may wish to procure copies to send to
their friends in the Fast. Upon the receipt
ol tweiily-livc cents each, we will mail copies
to any address that may be desired. The
extra edition of liic Argus containing our
article on the same subject last wiutcr, was
soon txhuusteil, ami the article was repub-
l.slied :n some of the Atlantic papers.
and no doubt found a greater number of
readers and contributed more to the benefit
ofOmgoti than uny similar publication since
the settlement of this country.
it as far as you can see nlon? the side of
tlic mountain, which is a irood 11111 nv miles
It is easily distinguished by the different
color of the rocks. The ope'ning and work
ing of these mines would be of mora real
benefit to Oregon than the discovery of theT
ritnrsi jrnm mines 0 fai.rornm as it
would give permanent employment to a
tun nuiiiuer 01 tradesmen and fanners."
Mr liroderick died on tho 1 6th, about
hero ore differences of opinion, Luscd as a
.'eneral thing iijkmi the conflicting reports,
official and unofllcial, concerning it. Hut
like our New Fngland, and nearly ull oili
er portions of the United States w hen first
settled. Oreifon has doubtless been the scene
of conflicts, some of tlx 111 bloody, between
the citizens und the Indians, which have
been the prolific source of a va?t deal of suf
fering and misery, and by which many val
uable lives have been lost, and much pro
perty destroyed.
To what extent theso Indian difficulties
liavo been provoked in former times by the
citizens themselves, nr whether provoked ty
them at ull, we have not the mains of de
ckling, lint if we receive us good author
ity the statements of some of the most prom
inent Democratic politicians and ofliec-
holtlers, and the leading. HemoiTuttc jour
ueh aa the CliincM, emiiideriiig Ilia cir look upon tlio lllltuble roof that shells
cuinalanec under which ll.a attiick touk place. I ... , ,1,,, . , .. "'lt'fi
Out parly ef 80 the Frfiich had 0110 of ,l10 truwt prcseiltotlVej nf
iViiiericuu piuiiccr ciioritcier a hero and
nil honest limn. Xeur it Is a railroad iu
tion, called Crockett's station; aroin,t
perhaps, will rise a town to bear and n.'
l.'i killed or wounded.
Tlieltrit.l. .Milliliter, Mr. Briioe, and M. dr
Hoiidwlon, Freucli Aliui.trr, refuHif to aea the
Cl.ii.ei at Muineliue who upl'iiIh
led the treaty with Iird Etin. 'J in y arrived at
I'rkin. Mr. Ur.ica delayed nil the bwl inouieiil nt
J Ion); Koej, and only arrived wild llie I'rrnch
ami A.i.eriean Minitieraal tl. IVilinon Ilia SOIh,
litre ilia Inaiy w.w lo Im .ifne.l al I'ekin on the
Will. Finding it drVrnded hy fnrla, p li e, iron bun
and cheina, Ailininl llnpe fnuud il difficult to
up me 1 ifiik n. 1 nry wera 111101 i.if.i tlmt Hi.
Allied .MniKlrtt would be re.e.v. il ul the tiorll.ern
rnlrance. (jiivernnr (iinrral llaii arrived at
luKiiwillj "4lli, ninl win a Irll.r I lie dnv hi
ft Tr, dial the Kinrn rur had iipiHiinlrd himself and
die l'rovii. i.irj'rraiurertorreive all the Mill iter.
al lViho, uinl ciiiiiliict them to I'rkin : hut
Innately III leitrr did nl emu to hand till the
ii'nh, alter the bcu'oii had coni.i.rnci'd, when it
petuiite a mime as fuiniliur to his
men as that of Jackson.
l3r lilondiii, thu great tight and sLk
rope walker lias a competitor In another
frenchman, uc l.avc, who crossed the Gen.
ncseo river, ut the Fulls, on a yerysla
rope. Ho walked across it, stood on en.
leg 011 it, and laid down on itsotno huj.
dred ami odd feet uboro the fonminir car
u'lllIIU- . I-rilllWl IttilStf MU- a-.""! LvuiiiirnbtU. BIII'll II .1 11. . . W "
I o'clock In the morning. Tho announce Enals of that .State, mid the officiul reports of WM,V0 'x''f ih Adimr..! 10 append reiit-Keciing his position as unconcernedly
Indian .Snperintendent ; " """B1" " ns 11 no nau ucen sitting in bis easycluir
atinjaj auv tIJItUHIl-. KIIUIB Ul IIIUI tlllll .i
nent of his deuth iiroduced a deenand iren Il'iciicrnl Wool and
ral doom thromrhout the .?,. in sn.,Bl,'l"iw relative to the war of 18fj5-.10, for
I'rancisco the several Courts that were Ii
at home.
fiAS WoitKs. I'ortlund is uboiit tobe
iigiiien up wan gas. We see by the papers
that .Messrs. II. I), (iivtn k Co. have ul-
ready coinuipiiced laying the foundation of
thegus works in thu north portion of the
'ily, which they intend lo have in operation
the coming winter.
J lie Acws speaks of tho arrival in Or
. . r - ....
ioh 01 11 person bringing with him a pat
eiip'd apparatus mid composition for the
inaniifiietiire of gus on a small scale, for
stores, dwelling-houses, shops, or hotels.
1 he light this apparatus produces is clear
mid steady, eneh burner giving n light esti
mnted ns c(iia to iibuiit ten or lilteen ndu-
iiiiiutitic cnmlhs. The apparatus is small
easily put up, nnj easily removed, mid the
expense of burning is estimated at one cent
and three fourths per Imur for each burner,
Invkni.i.uuks. There is mi i),niT,t tlmi
Itrtlreaaeat af Father TlVaall.
W. 0. TVault, the Nestor of tho Or
egon Democrat press, has taken leave of
the editorial chair. His valedictory ap
pears iu tho lust number of the Jackson-
ville .Sentinel, and no doubt bis numerous J1 wcr(J li'"pcd in mourning; the shfppin;
friends will be nffected to tears on reodiu
it. It was written by himself the follow
ing sentence proves it: I
" aa the piliiirnl hitiry ef Oregon i.
cmii eriied, die nicint i.f , henliuel and the
li niuvrnlic purlv a. it liu. i. ....... ..... ... ....
likdy In le heniifi, r." i
We are sorry in parting company with !
Father T'Vault, but wo assure hitn thuM
we will endeavor to keep his memory be-l
fore our renders by pnbliidiinsr once a renr 1
his celelirate.l il. '.l..':.irnii r.t ll. ...
. v.. vl ulu
. 1 1 I ... ... I
uiuiiini daCKSOIIVIIIe. W 1 li' 1 wn I11 en !.'
ready presented annually to them for three'
years. This alone is worth the subscription 1
price 01 me Sentinel, and is a fair sampli
of T' Vault's style. It follows:
" Tim who love wen. ry, cannot but be de
ll'flllilil liu 1 i.iln... 1L.1 .. .
, . wiiiuir in, . niiri nn .1 .lMLt....ll v;
ii.led on die of .0 im,ng ,le e "f
.Lo"., the beautiful plain enlenper-ed with 8r,,ve,f
-..-......,, aconrmig m.iber .nil funlierun l
Pie niiiunmuu rormuur llie ea.iern ri.n of the sr, at 1
Vul.ev tif an iv.n ... .).: .. , .. " .Jf
ih. do,,, 1, iia..tfIllff in lK. ,,rilon ov tlu. ; J
Or lite 111 I.. fl. .. .1' t-
i,. . . " "lonirm rci:e iimb
iu. C"Mi n rnyi. will. (iernin,il -1.. 1... .... 1... .
1 r..- ... ,. , '
.., ,,,, UJ W,1U1.0 , ,ho :
es.sion, adjourned In respect to the memory
of the departed Senator. The foreign Con
-uls hoisted their flugs nt balf mast; tin
iciuiiiio iug 01 ine l nitcd Mates was,
hoisted at half-mast over the Custom-house;
1 he civic flag of San Francisco was hoisted,
'in like manner over tho Cily Hall; all the
ngiiie bouses carried their flags at half-mast
which pnv is now cljimed, it would seem
tlint no cause whatever for Mu wur ever
existed, but that it was deliberately brought
'on by mercenary men for the sole purpose
if crcatuir a dcl.t nguiust tho United
.Stntes. AVc do not assume that these alle
gations and reports arc correct, or that they
ire not; but they are certainly of record,
and it must be expected will bare more or
less weight with Congress and tlio account
ing departments of the government, and ulso
with the public.
Take lor instance as testimony
; ,1. 11 1. 1 , ,.. ., ,ri June mi us U.-SWU.UI.V, HID ua-
m tho harbor diephtyed like evidences ofjU, Statesman, which ought to bo as r. lia
respect for the memory of Air. IJrodcrick.Rblc as any, from tho fuct of its being the
ind a large number of private stores nmlioHiciul paper of the territory w hen the war
Iwelbtigs wore the sad bad"es of laineutn-lt0(;c,irn;"' 08 ll. w mv r Ult' htj,t,' wus
lion and woo. ijuiuu mociiiei organ 01 me territorial
r... , , . , r. . M'..ecuiive. ttenud column niter column
1 tie funeral was to take place on Sunday.i iie(i n.j,i. -.iitori.,1- .r.rn.snon.U.w.n n,i
'he lStll. Col. K. D. lkkcr Was to deliv-KreliortS Ulion this siibieet. nil evtreimde .1...
r the oration in the plaza.
Vc, &o
The publication of the Sentinel will be 1 ny u. li. J' rentier & Co.. ami n'
lieretorore will advocate Jo Lane
The Inillana and the F.mlgrnnts.
I'rnm Ve T W I II... ; .ill
..... v. (, , ihcii. um cm Lrra .
.... . . .... . 0 1
pioni i;oigo county, Wisconsin, to whos
nolo book wo havo had access l..nrn
ome particulars ofintcrest. It seems Cant
VV'll.... I....1 I... rc . '
i.uu iiiii ni-u me iii-iuiiy 01 salmon
k-'iiunciiitory of the war, and openly charging
Ejeertain named citizens with inciting the In
tldiatis to acts of hostility ngninst the whites
On tho morning of llie 2'lh, at iluylieht, an nt
tempt wo. inadv 10 pnae up the river, but il woe
fnund inipawib'e. After I r. m , Ih .ijjnal via
run up iu prrHira luructiun. uone win aecn ill
the 1 orta fur the eiglil Imuii pievmua. Tl.o 1 'lo
ver, will. Admiral, up clone to llie fir.l bur
lier, when, no sooner had he arrircd there than
the l.l&ata dia;ini,eitre,l mm it kv m-tmn .... .1..
K'h.ilrof ll.a guue opeued fire. It it a. evident thai j011'! If18.
it was not ordinary (.'liinene anillery. J or in
hour, die bonibiirduieut win kept up, but with lit
tle effect on the mud walla, though every t'hii.eie
al.ut (old. After 4 o'clock llie fire waa ul.i.ol a.'
Irnced, when llie brder wiu given to land. Out of
I.iiwiiiiu tthu lamlej, owme; In die deadly Kre
am. ump uiuu, uui iuu men reuciiel the (Inches,
I'ridic'ea of nilor Wire perfuruhd. but wiihout ,.r.
feel. The order wna givta to retreat, when nure
u. r. l;m,i ll,,. :n ..1 .......
The Corrouinadel wa. nude a Ic.nnorarv hn..,l
till .liip, and the acene on her deck wn. im.Ii; l.r.
r b.e. The b'Krf ia uuivcrnal
nunnel tlie f..rta o well a. Chine.. Men with
etose criippe.i nmr on.l Kuunin features were teen.
1 wo urm. Done nllout ... the nver had in.diitei,
1.0 y leuluren, il.oush in C hinese chain.
1 he Americana lent a Kcncmun ;iiin,.e hy
. .. r.i.uii aieamnr eiiine 01 me u-t
ucuoii. irom tlio large m)'N,n..d after it wiw over.
ftir The relative strength of tint
licuu and Democratic parties iu tho coanty
of St. Louis, Missouri, ns shown bv il..
cent election, was as follows: Ilimnhi;.
Z 'Z VPi J'f'-ratic, 5,137-RcpubW
tor me sole purpose 01 creating un opportu
nity to trump up a public debt, and in every
particular, fully justifying General Wool
and Mr. Pulmer iu representing in their
tibseqticnt reports to their respective dc-
tver, 011 the yOlh of July. rrUiMSt inRl)ttrtnent8 at ttshington, that the war was
erbul advice and written vnmim. rnn.m'n evcT respect an intended fraud upon the
ubscqticntly posted nt the forks of the mml tltVIeral treasury.
it tho Malheur crossing, a pnrty of emi-fel U"cr circumstances, whatever
'grants consisting of twenty-five men an!lj",uy bure ',0 tl10 ,rutl' 1,10 premises,
iwo women, and six wni-nns nml t,..,..- tl1'10 people of Oreeon ore indebted solely to
by Inking ih men on board and (renting them
k llilly. 'flier are loud in iiruia.a of ilio h ,.:..
i ine i.m'r.i.
The llrilh and French M niatrra hud returned
in The Anieric.m remained in the
.win. it. qu n on has been made nn the tier of India fur asaieluncs 10 the
00k his trace up tho Malheur on thn l-il
f A tigiisf, This road they found vcrv bail
01110 of it indeed, the worst our informant
iters ho ever saw nttcmnted bv a team
lor miles the ground being so covered by u,
in 1 ui sing or etiarreu iron ore ns to bo in-
imiiIp. .lust at 0:10 of these bud points, ns
uc uuiit was ueseentlinira one- steen hill
-on tho 10th of August thev' Were fireil
1 1... t v . I
"I'"" "J mutatis, ami ono Aides Andersoi
J oitiuud is inset i.y a puck of scoundrels journal.
.... 1 -
whose olijeet is robbing d plundering.- a short time since-a low,, that has lately
On lust Monday night, almttt 12 o'clock, a sprunir up iu tho mini.,,, r..,,t ....1 "J
pile of shaving, and rubbish was collected off in a rhapsody h0t lt womlerfufad
under the store of I'. ! imkenstein. and set vnnee in civilli.i;,,,. ti . . ... . .
Oil fir,', but was r..rl ..I.. . . .. L..:.. 1 " Imminent
' ; umuu-u-u uy 1 1 aicciiTS 0 sre I,.... .. V
1 .. .. 1 .1 ,. .. . . ; I . . "v uis-i
" 1 l" '-v.ij, nno me nre cxtingmMietl. Played, or rather tin. '1,,..; . r .... -
In n moral point of view, it is a mutter of TVM ,,m,y wounded at tho first shot. A
douiit whtthcr tho change of editors will
1)0 for tho benefit of tlio readers of that
The editor visited Williamsburg1
1 any
About the smite time an attempt was niudo
to lire a building iu another part of town,
11 no men were discovered 01, the tops of
stores tit mc viciu.ty of Vaughn's. We
nro not iu favor of vigilance committees ns
a general tiling, but we think that iu the
caso of house-burners n dose of ' vigilance
committee' would effectually cleanse
community of theso rc. hvls.
J.atk HtoM tub Fast. The steamer
l.rother Jonathan arrived at I'ortland on
I uesday night, bringing dates from New
ioiktot!ie2l)lh Aug. The mail steamer
.Northerner arrived on Wednesday. They
bring 110 news of importance from the Fast.
11 . .."'
r.MiciiAnoN.- .Several families who have
just crossed the plains have passed tliromrli
Oregon City on their way up the country
to settle. I .y report 11I.011I two hundred
wagons ns having como into Oregon and
Washington. As a general tiling the
stock driven across look well.
1...1 .1
"" iticmscives-in a manner hi,rl,K.
characteristic of Oregon Democratic edit-'l
ors generally. Ho says:
tt-Hi!"..)V"ia"'sl""'B y,,u c:l" e" S""1 whkv hi
V 1ll1.u111.burL' vou ca 1 .1,. i....rc 1 .
c'i"!:::" t c r mki
c K-'ll. .Ulu IU . lalllkhnnr . ....
ii . ly,... Wilhamaburg w came nearer dwhe-i
1111 when die waiter lm,l,i r... .1 .
o,,,.., , .. ueHTi a run.
kiritiish was niaintniticil for some, bonn
the course of which it is believed three In
Initio I. III-. I It .. ni-m allien, HieaUWIIIIO, It Was
leented prudent to make a retrograde move
uetit uml come in bv the w.iv nf
'jWulla; to do which it was necessary to
..iiiiiiuii mo wagons. .
This same party, two davs beforo th..v
were attacked met Mr. A. J. iWwiii,
1 ne iiovcrninent Express, and his coinnun
Hill. .Mr. TriCA hn.l linen c,i,U,,l ....
oinided and assailed by some thirty Indi-i
ins on a sago plain, nlmnt mm l,,ir.iH
... . .. : w..iiji
jiniics 10 tno west of the place where he was.
net. j ti consenuelice of the l,i.,l. -,!.i
. "'n'. ...m,
owever, prevailing nt the time. th
nissed their aim und they escaped unharmed
fith the loss of three pack animals. Vor.'l
inniitelv, a mule frciuhted with tl,. ...:t
- - ' ...... 111111,
mil sonio little provisions, lied after them
no. was secured. Dalits Journal.
jt ho chief men of the dominant party there
ior me grouiid-worK or all opposition to the
liouidntion of their debt, cither in or out of
Congress, of which they now complain.
They may havo been misrepresented in the
matter, but this htirdly seems reasonable,
since they have rewarded and endorsed by
their suffrages the very meawlio were first
and loudest in their denunciationa of tho
war and of the citizens connected with it.
We nro nwaro that the inline Demucratv
possesses a charm hard to overcome or re
sist; but tlmt it should constrain men uny
wliero to so disregard their own personal
interests mid those of tho community iu
which they bye, as to confer upon men
The CoxniTioxs. Tho Iluntsville (Al-
uimmn) Democrat, edited by J. W. Clav
brother of United States Senator Clay, of
thut btutc, thns explicitly states the condi
tions upon which Alabama will support the
nominee of the Charleston Convention:
" Xo nominee of the Charleston Conven
tion can obtain our sunnort nnle. tho t.l;.t.
form adopted slmil substantially recognize
n.u (.u.iM.iuuoi.ui rigiits 01 tno Mouth on
tho slavery question, ns laid down by the
Supreme Court iu the Dred Scott decision,
to wit That slavery is recognized in the
constitution, mid that it is the duty of ev
ery department of the federal government
congressional, judicial, und executive, to
guard and protect it, and unless the antece
dents of the nominee nro such ns to justify
the belief that he will be n safe custodian
whom they knew had already basely be- of tho rights of tho South under the con-
nun grievously wronged tllCIII Stl I KlUUllOII. '
greutcr power to do them individual hnnn
inrttho publican injury, seems utterly in
redibie. Oregon may form an evcentinn
but as a general rule, men in these days arc
not apt to "kiss tho hand that
them, or to do particular homage to those
wno wiuuiiy and maliciously misrepresent
ind malign them.
Tlieoiinuil I' the Linn Couut. i...
turul S.:iy will be held iu .... o.t
...A 0.1,1. .r ........... i
-iu v, t. j'tn.-iinrr.
Iliui. IF. (Jmvar ia expected la deliver II.
aJJ,'"- Join, IU.iwa,
Sec L. C. A. Society.
Not Ire.
Ah I propnee toeluee my bunineaa In tlii. eity it
an early day, I respectfully rnpteat thoae in lditaj
In me lo nuke p .ymcut, with aa little delar M
l'7libl"- a t A. Ibufci
Or. gun .ny, S p-ember 10, JS.j9.
Ther will bo a ouartei Iv meetimf nf il,.
llrcthreu h.-ld in JSulein nn ll.a firm Sn,,.l, ..j
Sunday in OctoVr, IS.MI, in the Chri.tian cl.ur.L
J. Ksxiivra, I'rea diug Ii,r.
HcwltiK Circle.
The tudiea cnlliieclrd with tl.a Vim rn..
tienal Church in On-ipm Cily, take thia ..ppmuni
ty lo inform die public thut tl.ev
orgiinijj.1 a So,vii.L' Circle, fur die nuruM. rf J.
miiig 'a ilefrivin" the eincusea nr .1,. .......i.
Tli. y ure n.nv ready to ncoiva work fmin
men ur ladies, which .-hull bo nrm.n.ilv ,,,.,1 n...i.
ejccuted on rcueonub e leriiia. Any gciitfemrt
mter!ed in the object may become hunorarr
iiu nihers by Paying an annual aubscriplioo af
52-00. Any diuiatioiu will be arutcfnllv receirL.
March Sfi, 1859. ' W"ar
Multnomah Iiodeo Mo. 1.
4 I. fc A. M., alaled coinniunici.
1V I ons in tlio Sona of Tempeninoe Hull, on
die Saturday pteevding die J.-u Moon ia euk
mmilh. lireiliren in amid !,,inl, .... i.,,j
' "Hen I. V. W. Wf.K W M
1. W. Cbaio, Scc'y. 13 '
. , ' fur tht Argu:
Asrleulluial, Vatnhtti f.0i,y.
The annual fair of tho Yamhill f'n,,,,...
agricultural Society will be hel.l I.. M.Ji
na.- I
.Mmvillc ,u said cot.iity on Thursday ami
i.'uuy tno iwenty seventh and
eighth dnvs of 0,.i,,l.., iu.-.n
I... ' ....
i miliums will ho awarded
horses, entile, and sb
.ii'i.i. 1.1c lam. Mr. .Mi wain the
other evemti ' set tm ft;.. t .
Harvey, near his mill, for the
of supplying water for Mr. Harvey's resi-
deuce. The cistern in the street, containing
about l.litlO cubic feet, was filled iu som
thing near thirty six hours, through a sup
ply of pipe an inch in diameter. The. .h ive-
ipo is three inches iu diameter. This ram
I'otiglass patent, and will raise water
feet lor every foot fall. As it stands
now, it will carry water ov.t tl... l,lrr
- - - . . ..v. ...t(,,
1 hanks. e are umhr ol'liutions to
Taylor .1 llalstim, ng-nts of Tracy A Co's
l.' ........ . .... 1 . . 1. .
au.i to j.r. Mecie, for Lite pajKrs.
IM... I .
-j 11c uiie rams have caused a slight
rise iu the river, so that llte came
our t mekainas rapid jterdny.
.Nsw 0.M.T.yU.r A lUlston have
just received a large and iplondid lot of new
goons. Advertisement will
for the be:
t torses and cattle will be divided into l
two-vear 0I1U v,.,.rl;.. .. .1 . . .
. , ,.,.,,111-. U1.U SIll'Klllir en,,,,
..f .1. .1 . V . . V . " I'"".
. nurses, and yoke or oxen; slice.
ui.iute, ami mutton. ALn
the products of the farm, orchard, dnin-fj
nnu nouseilOM.
Co!tlt..:lti..u am I ..
",u lUllllCU 0 1 I li tnr nii.
I ....... . .
r.ierytiimc Intended f,.r vl.n,;.:
I entered I.y 10 o'clock a. u. of il, J
propriato da v.
Stock will be exhibited on tl,- fir.t
Vn address will be deliver,..! n t.
Iy of the Fair. I
A written statement of the m. J
rsmg, Including pcUiKrw. producing, and'
"""'.ruc.unng, will be required i
IlKTPUXEn. .Mr. Millnn Klo. nn ,.i
itizcn or our coimtv. was in tn-,.
lay. Ho moved to'California about a yeat
'go, expecting to find in Clime..;,. ti, u,.
paradise, for which all tho sons or Ada in are
niniy serening; but niter a short trial of the
Klvantages and disadvantages of the gold-
n liin.l .1.1 ? ..
-. ...v. v vui.tiuueii 10 reinm Ir. lit
tr.. .:.i .1 .. w vmi-kuii.
"c iii miiKo ins future home in I'olk
oumy. i 110 case of Mr 111 :. n... ,
tuundreds who becoino dissatkiil u-;t). n
on, and never fully oi.iireeinir. tt. i,ni;.J
... I 1 , 1 I ""v
"ml mK of tins State, until they
uivn in,.,,.. . .1....: '., . .
. . .iiuic iiirougn llie
lusty mountains of ih r,..i,, .if.-.... ,
.I..:, r ! "u.i., uiiu uiuirirni
c.i laiiuiiig tlirotlir i t in siv.i.,.1,!....
t o - ---- "-vtvisniii omi y
1 "''crs journey to California. Thei
'"y return satisfied with Oregon. Press
l'lear next
tiT Apples ia the San iWUeo mar
ket bring from six to twelve cenU a pound.
Oris Tiy!or, IX, , w;n pi,.
our tiuil fr .!n.r., 0,
Kurmers, mechanic ami n...-..,,
tend an.) h,;.. ...... ... ' ''
Wa. Ilt ssKv, )
Tuov vs Owm, I Ex. Co;
AmoS. Watt, )
Yamhill, Sept. 12, ls,VJ.
Fief. The Press say, the house of Mr
' "Jervert, in Coast Fork
burncj to the ground week lw-f. t'..i
uc ,oss was atKiut $1000. The folk,
irom nome when the firo begun. J:
' - auowanowr it or ir nafl
Indian Atrocities out 8nulh. I
The Yrcka Union of the 2Htl Aug. snys;
We havo ,'ust heard that
Umilies havo been destrovpil 111 lllf t l it'Ori
Valley so completely exterminated, that
no trace can bo discovered of them
goods, or their cattle. Three davs arm
two industrious settlers worn in 11 nip md nuA
a little before, two others fell victims to the
uends, who huve never censed thpir nt.n,.;.
lies. One of tho men kilh.,1 Dnrno a ...If..
- -I "VM.v.i u Hue
and a helpless family; another left n sister
whoso distressful outcry wo heard whilr!
passing along the street.
-Now, whet, white men cnmmtt m,.r,,..
'hey are hanged by the neck till they arc
dead; but when theso red-devilsoni.
......,l .. .. . n -,v
l,u""r)-i iue iiiroatsand mutiliite the
persons ot women
kSA correspondent or tho National
Intelligencer rccoinniends that a nntional
conveutton or the Whigs or the United
States bo held on tho 4th of July next,
at Richmond, Baltimore, or Philadelphia,'
Air the purpose or nominatinar candidate.
ior tho olhces of President and Vice-Presi.
dent or the United States, or, ir separate
nominations be deemed inexpedient,
v..o purpose 01 selecting from among tho
candidates already in the field such
may bo most eligible to to a majority of
mo ii tug party.
France. The Paris correspondents nf
.1.. T . ,
mo j.onuon rress announce that the Em
peror Xapoleon was about to proclaim a
1', amnesty throughout the empire,
The omnesty would include Gen. Chat.noe.
nier, Ledru Rollin, and Blanc, the extreme
"Tuuiicans 01 the revolution of 1848.
in his
Franco was .quiet, and every tli
iou mat the Emperor 1
professed desire for peace.
Kl.EiTlox IN CAUFORXIA.-The return.
0 far as received indicate the success nfii...
I'cuoeratie Mate ticket bvniaioritiesmnr,.
e . . ' b
B om o,uoo to 10,000. In San Fran-
wro, the I cople's ticket, with the exception
iiwi ujieriiitcndcnt, had a lar"
and eliililivn tlmv n cutoil i),.,i 11,. t
Itnmnnelv ., , ,1.. n. " . '"! "'"it ",v . """D ""wror was sincere
they mny steul and decumn will, fl 1...n. in,.
pleiuentof murder.
V, e would advise a different not tV lif
ter and complete extermination nf"
pests of the road, nud terror of thn etti.
uicnts. There arc about four hundred of
them; they have committed scores or mur-
'.crs tuev nave pu.w..i
Fatal Dlel at Sak Andkeas. Sept
16th, at seven o'clock, a. h., fire miles from
ban Andreas, a duel was fought between
r. leicrson Uoodwyn and Col. Wm. Jeff
uaiewood. The weanona nH
ww4 "vie lines:
rgc ma
I-ay Senator Drown,
s late Larbjcne siKech. used lan.n,,,, ' '.
he following character: " The Pemoerat;,
party was being abolitionized. It refuseil
trt fli'Lnnti-11..l,M al. .l..x m
""""ii c uuty ot l-one-ress to
proicct slavery m the Territories. II,
roclaiined that the only lioiieof tlie Sontl,
r II
x'cmocracy was to make a fi-ht in th,
harleston Convention, to iro th..r
'lined to have thoi. : .
1 , - "" .ivruicu III
"ocreeuortheparty.or burst the concert,
l iu a row. He ila.
ISCd mme.isnrnl,t rflo. .i:.... . . --r - nccnuts
res,; they deserve death; you might as Z V f 7 ' At the first fire Dr"
well treat with rrril ...a ..... " Uoodwyn fell, mortallr w,i..j .., j.-.j
's. forbearance with tlinm i. :.. auont two hours gftonn..., rn... . . .
.umamty to the industrious and enter- delayed great bravery and ZZ
.rtsing, who, at peril of their lives are ad- manlv LLL T
lancing civilization. The
Stromr nrrn nf
-oicuneni is tor protection of theso uio-
leers uliittl.A ; ; u.. .. ...
no doubt, as thei
IIiMSI KA.I. .II 1 .1
wuruuea llie partv on al;
aT The Suta
IK I .. I - -
11 ttiLrniiPii
great Qsfous. that the Northern free
..e.aei.1 womj ia . 1
lrit d not, why then ap
m 1 aim u.oar ih a.m..
v vviur.ii w ninders.
rS" v. i?.i 1
..w.v -.iict-ii nm. r.'lnrn.l I . .1 I
IlieerS! wllntlinr II k..u .. .1 . .,
; . ,'. , " " ""-r l"ui tucse men
hhould be murdered, one by one, and that
It heir bones should he trnnA I- i.
ogs or that these long endured marauders
iimum uc cut to pieces?"
HoiSTOX's CiuxcES. Since the eh-Wlnn
.ot Uen. Sam Houston to the Gubernatorial
Chair of Texas, with a certainty of his r.
untwine U.S. senate, it ' whispered PrM.. T.. I .... '.
iiuuh uucuanan will look to
lexns for nn cnvnco, t... .
...vv... lue articles in
the.V V. Herald, urging Gen. Houston's
.ioni...a,,on, it is Iwliered by some, em,
-ttcu irom the AV . tn iTo.
hailow the President's views.
man.y deportment. Dr. Goodwvn am
universally respected.
C)n tlia l:li instant, he If. I i..i- :.l
Mr. Jiime. X. Hale to Miaa Eliiabet'h M. KhieaiJ,
On the l.t iiuuant, by Rev. E. P. Ilemlrraia,
r. li. r. Owen lu ill IHXt aflllin IiiTlnaia all J eounty. '
On llie Ssith ult:nio,hy Rev. D. BiiM,.y,R,r D.
X . J.o3aorlh, of Folk coanty, lo M, Murtha A.
loolt, ui Ijine cmiiity.
H.0'.,.lln;i"th ulli,l, Rev. J. L. Rarriali, Mr,
JJ. II. Rnb'ierta to Alias Alary A I'owtll, .IU
Al .rion county.
k On the SSth ultim,!, I.y I,nnc Staala, J. P.,
rnyienM. Collins to M. Klizubetti a
At iil'UV.-l ('IpL. ISfli.l Oi l . .L.
nra n, Itlanthe. fifth ilmmlu-i..,f':- a
alw It III,,) j,. nr,,j 3 yi.a Bni 5 ffl imli
l-Kinoium pnprw plruse eopy.J ISO. ll':i.:-. ! i
T . nr . . iif.u.ii, m.ani am a.
25 day ' Vu,hetlM WWr, S'i yiarinl
On the Oth illMtnrit. V11T:. Tr t- it !.
f... r ' main linrtCT aclUglj. IB"
fam .on of J. Kcllog, ,vi j wef k. ,,, fl,
l no luneralai'rrieea r uii.n. ... a.i,
morning Sep,, mi., by Elder Fon Mn
rpe code of weeping friend, and relative Tin
boily waa then hum. m .1.. j .. . li.w
,,n,l h...,.;r... in, " - ,""S"C)"',"'"
, new urrm Kelo
raattdluje morning of the re.urrection.
. liter It
WHOLESALE AND retail rnr.Mtnn in
Corner of Main and Filh Streets,
FiailO For Sain 9t a-tamallia
"pOR CASH, wheat, cattle, or anything el
X inquire of J. N. Gtl, E.iSene City, Pn
k!.li" ?ttrla l"' ?' 3-A- r Orra Citv.
September 24, 8i9.
and fore-
Capt. Hudson, who assistrd
,:he Atlantic telegraph cable, believe that
neorealiw near Trinity Bay. ..!!.,.;.
"ill I underlaid and eventual). I
,to work. '
T.. o
oindav yiEsnojr.-The question
of observing the Sabbath oceordin-r to the
on 11 1 tciicr ot the Uiblc injunction, is now
"-i...g earnest attention in various nlnnr.
-New lork ,s endeavoring to stop the vend-
T. W tUe SalJbatl,. 1 St. Louis
B au considerably stirred on the gen
eral subject. In Philadelphia, on the q
two or permitting the running 0r horse rail-
w-u. on me Sabbath, the ..Wot... r
!... I i . ' ""
-..uuy ooservance have been sustained by
a strong legal decision, but have to contend
ith a violent opposition. In r;t
i ji , - "wwimaii.
the dwussion takes a wider ran ,,i .
committee or citizens, appointed at . BnM!- bas been commissioned to devise
some plan by which a better n!, ,
the day may be secured; .bo . of
missionary vls.tation. At Chirac I
e"i "'uu-
S hereby iriren In .11 il i. -t. t .
5. L,n" ccT8 COLLECTED, aiJ
re willmir to Datrnni,. .. .t.. i L...
on hand, and will devote nw .in,. .nJ .
"!?y 'H "?diu8 to the wme for tbe.n. I pMf
-c. io uo as good hard danning aa can be im
by any one. and it ih. . .L l
C I i ' , uoi onnEinea-
lul. 1 will aind mv frin P .
. I . - 1AIISUW.1 (Nil ("""I
tour (wllh . co.nend.te.-m..ouickly'). Gtm,
ve your .hoemine are a, joir aervic .
JIy termi are moderate.
.iffi, M"'a "reet immediately 'ft
Me Vuboi,', ntu vcagon-ehop.
0rpg'' C"y. Sept. 1 7, 1S59. S3w
New Goods!
TTAS opened , Dew .tor on Mala at"
Bridge Ufa"' 'ftkt
ilia renda and the pubIio ,re nt!l to "I
d b -ock of goodt i,,, ml,
GOOD ASSnnrvFvr nr
Groceries., Drj GooJ. Hardware,
Jieaieines, fcc, &cn
Mf iick are ,ff,i t,,f r task
Oregon Cily, A ojtot 20, lgj9.