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    W. L. ADAMS,
ojuaoow CITY I
Tea Nc&t l'.irr.
Tbo rcccut elections in Tennessee and
Kentucky, resulting in the choice of eight
Opposition members of Congress, hare set
tled tie question of the prejiondtrance of
parties iu the next House, The Adminis
tration is in a minority, while the Oposi-
tion Las, if nailed, a good working major
ily, and it is powible that the Kcpublicans
17 themselves will Ira able to control legis
lation. The only hope the Administration
part has, grows out of the possibility that
the Opposition may noted harmoniously;
lut we think this hojte is a very slender
one, for not a Southern man has been elect
ed without lighting with all his might the
whole strength of the Administration, and
men are not apt to forget bitter hostility so
soon as to unite cordially with their foes,
even though in all respects they may not
agree with those who like themselves are
opposed 10 incir enemies, wo liave no
doubt,-arefore, that on all subjects in
which the plans of the present corrupt Ad
ministration can be defeated, the whole
Opposition will be a Quit, and that the dis
graceful schemes of tlio party in jiower will
bo utterly Llusted. For this, let us be
Ureters Merer,
Ed. Anoti: I hare read Grorcr's speech
and your remarks upon it, and I think with
you that it was a great mistake to lose such
a Riant in the councils of the nation. Hut
I was particularly interested in the stirring
appeal In behalf of Democracy. Vbat
strong erring and tears! " If there is not
more harmony, the whole concern will go
to the bow-wows." It Is Just ready to
break into a million flinders. What Dem
ocrat cai resist bis touching, heart-rending
pathos? The effect must Ira great, and I
doubt not we shall even behold the Joyous
millennial spectacle Dclazon shall dwell
with Bush, Xcsmith shall lie down with
TTault, old Lane and Judge Williams and
Dolf Hannah aud Doc Drew together, and
little Jimmy O'Mcara shall lead them.
Won't it Ira funny and pleasant for such
brethren to dwell in unity 1 Ciro.
Li ki t.
Triable ibib the lUnitrm,
Somebody who calls himself Brock (we
believe he is the same fellow who was a
zealous Whig on Clatsop I'lains a little
while ago, and a great toady of Governor with th. Indi.ns, iithciizh
1 1. . . i.j k-.. .. .1 .1 .
viuiiicr, wuo 100 an immense august to
has ordered the Loco Foco State
Central Committee to come up to Kugcne
and fix tilings" for a conveutiou to choose
delegates to represent Jo Lane's claims and
Interests at Charleston next spring. This
notice has caused iiilo a fluttering among
the fowls on the different roosts. One old
cock up ot the Dulles, with tinsel on his
shoulders, says Stout's vote is the rule to
goby the 'Arkansaw Traveler out South
nays ho wou't permit anything else. From
Corrallis there romcs a similar souud an
echo of T'YuuIt's voice and we suppose
tuo limes, after it gets strength and wake
fulness enough to give utterance, will cackle
the same tune. On the other hand, the
.Sulcin coop is full of noise and fury at the
proposed outrage, mid threatens that if the
nefarious plan is accomplished there will bo
such a breaking 1111 of old linn'.ii.d.
lias never been seen or heard of. 01 course
the result of it all will be that a packed Jo
The Advertiser of last .Monday publishes a
letter written by a gentleman attached to
Lieut. Mullan's road expedition, from which
we learn that the company is progressing
ncly. The letter dated Cumrd'AIcne
Mission, August 17. Wc uiuko tbofol
lowing extract:
" Tliii p'ici jj about two hundred' mile, from
Willi Willi. Tin country through which wi
passed lor till mil hundred aud fifty m,lc ii en
tirely destitute of timber, except mull willow.
The lind i valuable only for gi uing purposes,
wnii una exception, lus unit valley ol ina I ou
diet Kivcr : the toil of which I think would tiro
duce good cro. The hint filly milei, ind fur
many inies around Una plice. the country is wc
Uniterm, ina toil is rich nod very productive,
the aurface uin.wliat undulating, inslersnenied
wi.n orauinui muss, inn wall watered with crjatal
Bircime. Came and li.h of nuny kmjs are in
abundance. The climate ia ulubiioua. Taking
cfciy iiniig 1010 coiMiueruiiou u eicctas ay lur any
place I huro viaiied on the l'icilic coait.
ibua rarwe hare not bad soy aerioua trouble
ith the Indiana, allhoiieh wa ireionietiuiM atari.
led by rumora to the elleot thai the Indiana liare
prevented the progress of some rcconneilering jur
un, um iiirjr are eiway couirunicied. Iliev are
very much opposed to the road running; through
uitit lermory, uui nave lo grin ana bear it.
Well Mild.
"A Naturalized Foreigner" writes
pointed and pertinent letter to the Wash'
Ington Star (one of the Administration or
gans) in relation to its defence of the ab
surd doctrine of allegiance set forth by Mr.
Cass nnder the sanction of the government.
The Star's correspondent says :
" Whilo I pcrcftivo yon have succeeded
in milking game or .Mr. Jiotts, I do not see
that you hare answered his argument. J
am probably as much opposed to this gen
tleman and bis party as you can be, but iu
this case I firmly believe him to be iu the
right. If protection is only extended to. a
naturalized citizen while bo is on American
soil, where is the use let me ask you for
him to become naturalized? The laws
would protect him while here if ho bad
never tuken out papers, n lien a lorcigu
bom person becomes a citizen here, lie
ceases to Ira a citizen of t ho old country,
anil conseiptently no longer amenable to its
laws; be is no longer a citizen there.
i hen 1 became naturalized here, I un
derstood that I was to be admitted to a
perfect equality with the native born citi
zens, and I have been very proud of it; but
it appears I have been mistaken. The
Constitution guarantees protection abroad
to the citizen of the United States, and why
docs the Administration seek to depriro us
or our privileges?' jiuru as the know
Nothings were on foreigners, I never yet
knew an instance where they sought to
deny us our rights after naturalization;
even their platform declares no interference
with tho vested rights of foreign born cit
.. ., . 1...M.IUI. Tiib T ...... o TV -. -T
Oe.'l mr..r. Here.. I.eU.r 1. U.v.r.or ore... rr... --7""; " " '""vatrr ON JUco
dohiim. in compliance wiiii Anicie w, ui mo uuu- mo i i.i.aiioipnia meager, a well-Inf
IId-Qmtm, Pimitmmt or Oio, ) ,tjtutioii of this association, the first animal fouraiul. designates the wheat harv.. TF
Fort V.noouver, W. T, Aug. ihh, loM. j im.tillff wj ,e held at Salein on the first n . ' "rvet of thi,
II,. E.e.u.acr, J,. Jat.., C. B Wednesday of October, 1859. From every JWM , f tvtr
trnw of Vancouter't hltndand it, Dependen- part o( t,e uie we lCIJrn that preparations tiueeaon Mil tarlh. It aaysi
tit; Vie Admiral of tht tame, ete.i are making for full attendance. iiieft.eo i no season nas ucen untisuallr ..j
Bn t-I the honor teocknowiailire Hi. r- Mtive Committee, as is their duty, will the insects and rust haro not been al.u ('
eelpl or your communication 01 ine um iiwuuii, Jyul,! niake every preparation nerea- oiurv irum nio nirnicrs inolr osual
if..'-,?!" ,ary. They have arranged with Prof. J. and growling, and with tho exmi!?'
fS'i 2T D.rkt, Jom CityNo delirer an ad- single night ol frost injuring tCSj Jj
waied In jour oeinmunication lobe. ndoMMl.waa drcm,, which, thus fur, givca evidence or few counties ol Western Virginia, lW,?
not received. This, I preaume, wna an accidenbil nn, lnilirnii'iit. vanin, ew York and Ohio i.. ' r
omiuiun in the transmission of Veur letter.
It was with pleasure I received horn your Ex
cellency a prompt diauvowal ef any intention on
the part of JJriluli nulhoriliee of Vannouver'e Is
land to commit iny actfresaiun. upon the rihlaof
.i I vanin. new i arte ami in.i .i
Tltc following ore the premiums onercu: uu sum uuayiciucu most Bbundsnii
Un tno best rrtitts or any vaneiy otiercu
$2; 2d best, fl; !JJ best, 00c.
For the largest and best collection 01 ap- to Arkansas aim Alubnina, and from (r
ITcred, There has been a greuter breadth of wk!:'
laid out than ever before; from New
of on- to Arkansas and Alabama, ami
' ' .. t l I . ---r.- -I. ... ' MVUI 1 .1IL
Amenctn c.tiien. reatamf on Din uu.n i-ianu, j,, j0 jj,, d M do pJ ou, lurilia lltroilgll 10 tllO Atlantic, more UJ
President of tho trailed State., to enable him to pears, $ 10; 2d do., $:; 3d do., $2 60. thnn nt nny former time. Whilst the
cons;der it in conncciion with ill the facta duly re- For the best collection of grapes, 10; tent nnU success of the wheat crop in u
ported to him, attending the oecuputinn of tiun 2d do., $5; lid do., 2 50. United States aro unprecedented th. .
ror iito uesi mi oi iwcniy-uvo nj'jiiin, m h uu vi vuuunn, unu in ail I He old
tries or hnrope the promise of th9 h
una Mind by a portion ef the troups under my
A n Alt m nil X t r n
Your Excellency lias been pleased to exprca U-i -', "O-. f i
Orenon good. It
jewn, imtuiu uaa IIIUUIJIIICU the prodoetln.
of Wlillllt nniflZlllirlv aa I,.. .1.. t.
Iswas Difficulties Oct South. We dcr its moro icicntifi'c mode, of .Z?
learn from the Ynka Union that the Indi- so much so, indeed, t int wini iS
how mxioui you bin ever been to co-operate with ior the best lot or twenty-live pears, f 10; at me nisi accounts wnj cxtraordinirii
is suiica that within the lu-
!...! .1.- " 7- "
the officera of the I'niled Stales government in second do., $5; third do., $2 50.'
any nisuvuie wiucu in gin uo iiiuiuuny uouoiiuiai i (a
to me citizens ei mo two countries, aii'i your re
That Iniuax Money. A Washington
correspondent of the St. Louis Republican
says: "Tho Secretary of the Interior has
signed a requisition on tho Treasury for
?24f,000, which amount he designs for
warding to Oregou and Washington to
meet expenses incurred iu tho Iudiun wur,
Xo part of this sum, however, goes to the pledge you she shall be as a unit.
payment of nny portion of what is known S'"'a Hllit- 011(1 persistent and firm on a
as the ' Oregon War Debt.' so loner nend- , 1 l'lut,oni' r protection, to nil persons
ing before Contrress. The ix h "" ltter sovereignty, s e
- "-I "".w ill I is L ni iv rn mpf emmnct nil t . Wni. i
provided for aro those incurred by Colonels The South cannot ndoi.t Mr. Douirlas' nlat
right and Stejitoo in tho Into dilliculties fn". It is n short cut to all the ends of
The Prcililraey
Tho following letter of Gov. Wise wos
circulated at the lute silting of the Demo
cratic State Committee at Albanv.
does not yet appear to whom addressed;
Richmond. Julv 13. 1859.
Dkar Sir: I thank you for yours of the
8th inst. I have apprehended it all alontr
that the Tammany Regency would carry
united delegation from Xcw York 1
Charleston. For whom ? Dotitrlas.
know, is confident; but you may rely on it
that Mr. Rnehanan is himself a candidate
for renominntion, and nil his patronage and
power will be used to disanpoiut Donirlas
mm an other aspirants. Our only chance
is to organiso by districts, and either whin
.i - . . . .
uic enemy or senu two delegations.
If that is done or not done, we must still
rely ou a united South. A united South
will depend on a united Virginia, and I
with the Indians whilo the Oregon war
debt was created by tho dilliculties between
the Indians and settlers during the admin'
istrutiou of Gen. Wool over the' Depart
ment or the racific.' This latter debt
sums up about six millions of dollars. A
tin .?.. Ml I I t . .... .
...loinuiuoiiniiiira iieiu, ami Jliuljcn coniitiiss on. aimoinlm far tl.. i.
... . - I 11 -- " I'lHIWHi "J J
It'll! tin r.finnf.i,t 1 I. A....- it - Ti .1 ii. ... ' 1
i'"""- " '""ii me jjcmoerucv ino ar lA-imrtnipnt. ovnm nn,l li i..
r r. i . .. .. n ira si-
v, v,.g,, uy representing it, or some oth- counts and vouchers, and re.Wl th. .m
crs as nearly liko him as possible will he
cnt to help bun nominate Old Jo, and all
tho Ulack Democrats will say Amen, ex
copt those who think " .Mary Ann of Mc..
ico a perfect old humbug.
to about five millions. Durinir tho last
Congress, tho Third Auditor of the Treas
ury made another examination and auothcr
u'uucuon to a million and a half. Rut
till Congress failed to make nn appropria
tion to pay tho debt even thus reduced.
1 hot the amount found due by the Auditor
will lie linully allowed and paid by Con
gross, I havo no doubt, but in the mean-
tnno there will be great speculation in thn
j i i . . -
the present clul"w' a"a b,lt K if "y of them, will bo
iouiiu m me imnils of the orieinal nartirn
The Year 18110.
Wo begin to hear from it, and will bear
ami see moro before it is thmn.rh win.
Tho Christian Almanac for 1S00. nublishml
i . , . .
y mo American Tract Societv. 1ms boon
nsueti. it is a neat imiimliloi r .:....
lilaek Republicanism. He then will kick
up his heels. If ho does or don't, ho can't
be nominated, and tho maiu argument
against his nomination is, that he can't bo
elected if nominated. If he runs an inde
pendent candidate, and Seward runs, and I
am nominated nt Charleston. I can bent
fret is signified that communication with you en
the subject of Ibe occupation of San J nun lalund
had not been sought during my lut. agreeable viait
to your Excellency it Victoria,
1 big lo oiler in reply, that I have cordial!? re
clprociled the sentiments ef friendship and (,'Ood
will you hive nunileclcd toward American inter
ests from the period of my service w ith this com
mand. In Ihut time, I have, on two difterpnt oc
casions, notllied Ibe government of the United
States of your lets alt'ecting our citixens in terma
of cuniinendalien ind praise, as assurances of a
proper appreciation of tho confidence reposed by
my government in that of Her Majesty. On my
iuie visiiib viciorin,! was witnout knowledge that
any occurrence bad tuken place on Sin Juan Is
land to outrage the feelings ef ila inliub Isnls, else,
I should then hive informed your Excellency what
I conceived it become incumbent for me lo do un
der the circumstances.
The explanation which tout Excellency hos id
vanced, while it serves to remove the impression al
ana aro getting to be troublesome in that snort Period quite a quantity of the Terr
iiHust, niicm urnvtu III icw lont whirk
was readily sold at fire cents per'buy
moro thun our best, on account nf It. ..7
ity and cleanliness."
section. J. T. Longlny, of Ueur Creek,
writes, under date of August 23d, that the
Indians have killed two more men X. Mc
Elroy and David Wells. They hod gono
for lumber on tho road below the bridge,
and, not returning, their friends went in
search, and found tho body of Wells, but
did not find McKIroy. They also found
the men's dogs, and their wugon cut to
pieces and thrown into tho creek; tlieir
oxen of course were killed. There is much
PYpltpmpllt. In IliA rnlfnv nnl l,ui am
. .. t l -'- - ... ...w .wi,.,, Ml.4 tluu t, UIV
rsl etvaled of a direct action ou the part of the I , A . ., T ,. '
Kritish authorities of Vancouver's Isluud in the re- 61111 0Itcr tlie Indians.
cent occurrences on Son Juaa Island against the
rights of our citizens, doe. not expose any evidence
of i preventive nature to irnetitlon nt th ai.
which base caused so serious misunderstanding
in the minds of the American people on Sin Juun
Island, nor has the course which events have inLn
since the occupation of the island bv the Ironns of
my command, been of euch oharacier as to
sure tnese people, could tho contents of your die
patch be announced to them.
from whil has taken place I do not fl mwlr
qualified to withdraw the present command from
San Juan Island, until the pleasure of the Pr.
dent of the United Slates has been made kuown
upon the subject. I can. however. fr.nLlv .,.r
your Excellency that the same motives which have
induced me to listen lo the anneals of mv own
countrymen, will be exerted in causing the rights
of Her Majesty', subiacla on Hun Juun t..h. 1..1.I
1 hive the honor to be, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Brig. Gen., Commanding.
At Orleans Bar, tho Indians fired the
town in two places, burnimr Kerbv A
Campbell's stable, together with a large
quantity of hay, and a mule loss $3,000.
Indian Jo was hune for murder bv the
Sheriff on the 2-1 th. Considerable appre
hension is felt by settlers below Cottage
(Jrove and Orleans Bar, and on the Klam
ath. A general Indian outbrcuk is feared.
Mt'RPERKD uy I.vnuxs. John Callahan,
formerly of Yrekn, with his cook, were drowned, the others were saved. AVw.
Another Old Settler Go.VE,-.fl,
Red Bluir Beacon chroniclcj the death of
the old pioneer, Sura. Ncal, which tool
phico at his ranch lately. Probably H
man in Upper California was better knon
or iiiiu moro warm personal friends thi,
tho deceased. lie was one of the
American settlers in the Sacrameuto Vi,
ley, Laving emigrated there at a very eariy
period, probably over twenty years ago.
He was like all the rest of that noble bwj
oi men wtio came at that time, geMroei
l.t...1 1 fl - . . O VM,
.um, iiaqiiMine, ana open-nearted, aluxst
to fault. lie died quite wealthy.
Fatal Accident. Wo learn from a m
tlcmun who came down from Corvallis
tcrdny, that Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell ud
two children were crossing the river at Hit
place on Sunday last, iu a skiff, and bv
some mishap the skiff become entangled bj
a rope and was upset. Mrs. Mitchell ni
murdered by Indiuns at his house at Hat
Creek, on the I'itt River wngon road, sev
eral weeks since, and the house robbed of
all its valuuliles.
JUix. V o have been blessed with enn-
i- '
wua rums mis week", which no doubt have
proved unweleomo to the newly arrived cm
grants. Jit they will find that wo will
nave several weeks of pleasant weather yet,
Wore the 'rainy season' sctsiu-thc preset
being only an Oregon mist. It is the usual
fquiuoetial storm, however, which the best
almanacs say may bo looked for ' ubout
mis tune.'
W W o learn that James O'V.mII r
1. 1. i . . ' I''
uiko ct.argo or tho Metropolis Hotel
Iu Portland, in company wit, j. jf y
jat. Under 'Jim O'XriHV nuintigemont 'mM' of stories, pictures, Ac, all of a
'""ropoiis cannot fail to become tho l,en111"1" ""oral tendency. The calendar
mium )upmar Hotel in rurtlantl.
I FinK.-Oii the Cohimlli, hist till,
passengers were taken from Portland to
Ssin FmiKm-o Tor $10 in the cabin .,d $A
in tho steerage. Ou the Brother Jonathan
the faro was cabin $., gtocrnge $2 50.'valiilo journal
will Hereafter bo issued semi-nioiitlily, ou
thearriralofthojteaittt.r fnini California.
County V.rououiy.
Ki'. Antiis; Our county has snlTcred
many grievous burdens, ulu I smwse vi
continue to do so until the Co.nmksioners
learn w,so eeoiiomy. I the last exhibit
mere is charge of $238,00 paid as law
jers fees, which looks tome like soinethimr
that ought ,U)t to be there. Multnomah
Wi only 50 for such services, and if our
olbceri cannot tell how to do their duty
without hiring, mnll ,0 jlls,ni,t ., t
wnii torn, they ought to resign, or,
the fees out of their own po, kels. t any
rate, , If they pay county money to any one,
I think they should not pesiou tll0sC whom
not ten men of y ,mrtjr ,
would vote for as candidates for anv ofliee'
Our taxes are heavy enough at bc,t, but
tins extravagant paying 0f hangers-on
ought to be stopped. iSo thinks
T The Press says that the coal dealers
" vona. Hay are doing a g,l buMneaa
me field extends over
area oi h
long. The .tratum is ulwut seven foot
and other portions of tho Almanac proper,'
u.c utt goou as tnose or good almanacs, and
fur better than those of common ones. 0
lanuly should be without it. As to oeliiKn,
i .i. . . ., . "i
no ume me loiiowing aunoiincemeiit (omit
mg puriiciiiars:;
cLLiesKs ro tiie Ikar 1SG0. There
nn. uo tour I'.cnpses tins year, as follows
I. An annular eclipse of the Sun, Junu.
j unmiuiu iu America. isiulo at
lilt BUOIIl me toutii X'olo.
II. A partial eclipse of the Moon, Feb
i.M.ij mil in mo evening. isiblo. Size
, m uigus on the northern limb.
I I I. A total eclipse of the Sun, July 18
It) tilt! lnnrnimr 1,. i,.. T-..:i i ... . J ., .'
.... "' - "'leu (states tins
-hi o.ny uo a imrtiul tcliptr, except at As-
...u me iiortiicrn part or Wasliimrton
territory, where it will
of central and total eclipse begins iu the
lacihc Ocean, aouth-wext of the mouth of
vuiiiiiiiim river, III lat. 45 40' V ami
long. 125 55' W. of Greenwich ; 'from
hence it runs easterly and northerly
rough British America ami Hudson's
Hay, then bends southerly across the At
lantic, runs through Spain and tho Mediter
ranean Sea then into Africa, and ends by
v . . "mora, in int. 1JU 4S' 9"
Pnows-.n-KliHe,! ,
on of Israel HMges, of Mo,uo,h ivj
county, wa. drowned whiUt fording the
V il amette near Iudendence. on the 25,h
of Austtst Hi. bcly ha. Dot ret We
fouul He was .bout tweutv-foitr vears
of a?c.
v . . ... tuv, iu to 2
, "ml .lon?- 4V K. of (Jrcenwich.
its size m the .Northern States will be from
o 10 j digits, and in H,
5 digits. " "um lo
The partial
lat. U 40 4 N., Ug. 25a 22' 8" W of
Washingtou at .the instant of sunrise.
Kt 1st at 17 minutes past 13, (toot.
lton time; hetu-e invisible i'uAm
ica, but visible to our antipodes
them both. Or if snuattcr sovereip-ntv is
piatiK ol the platform at Charleston, and
J'ougins is nominated, the South will run
an independent candidato on nroteetinn
principles, and run the elect inn intn tho
House. Where then would Mr. Douglas
be? Tho lowest candidato on thn list If
I have the popular strength, you suppose it
will of itself lix tho nomination, (let tlmt
nnd I am confident of success.
Hon. F. Wood is professedly and really
a friend, and of courso I would, in good
faith, be glad of his influence, and would
do nothing to impair it, and could not justly
reject his kind aid; but you may rely upon
it that I am neither completely, nor at all,
in the hands of Mr. Wood, or of nny other
nmn who breathes. Ho has nlwav henn
friendly to me, and I to him, but always on
fair and independent terms. There is
noining in onr relutions which r ioiiM Wn
i,.r p. ... . i
uiuu, anv iriuiiu 01 Cither, lie knnwa no
well as any man can tell him, that his main
iiuiiriiL-u is iu mo CltV 01 iNcw 1 ork- nnd T
judge what you sny of his country influence
"uci, JJut i am counting alt the time
without New York, and don't tear tlm r.
suit, i nm ucneiit inn- snlid
position of princinle indnnnnilpnt nf nil
cluities, and defying all comers. We will
overwhelm opposition in Virginia, and her
voto will bo conservative and national.
Ai .all events, I will always be glad to
icar from you, and am, yours truly,
ilENKV A. ise.
Complimentary. The Sacramento TTn.
ion, in replying to some remarks of another
hnnr-r bii.o if If 11 .1 i ...
, lt uesires 10 maintain a re
spectable position among its cotemporaries,
ccns a kind of warfare which
common to tho lowest and most degraded
...uuocrsoi me profession. It must mend
us ways, or be classed below Oregon jour-
nuts tor scurriiittv and f s
- " ...H.HVUJ,
Hie emigrants aro nrrivinsr dailv. W'p
are miormca by onr old friend Charles Hen
The Fate of the Indians. Tho editor
or the Christian Advocato says;
" In our lute trip north wo saw some
thing and heard much of tho Indians of this
1 i . . . - i o
uerer wno arr.veu ftere on Thursday last, coast. They are a hapless race of abused
ha the emigration to Oregon will be large, savages. Christian snoh
Zl, l . . mmT ?l'TteZ "1,ike's -aro f,,!It-v of outrages upon these savl taken place.
1 eakers" were en ;ouc for tlm Pnr. Rn-,.,1 t, ...:n . i.. . .. . . '
boundforOregon. Mr. H. travcld agood MtojS
rltiS-" TheyheUnesnS
- , - b"" "iii it-mi uorscs away, as mo snows or tho mountains in
ZTfr".' WLat '1al Cvd V,e,Uoncy Loke Juc- Corrnptea and depraved Ex ff
with h fcZn, I?Lad'10diful,Jr Joul, by contact with white JntS
with the Indians and ...forms us that he nr. doomed to speedy extirpation." ' 7
heard of none until the murder of four men
at Pitt River, that a company of volunteers We copy the following items from
had pursued the Indians and killed several, the Portland Xcws:
taking an Indian child prisoner. Mr. II Savh.u Ir.n v iv-
would have come into Oregon by the ll y 11 mM'StHVt
is to bo found on the head waters of the
oantiara river, and that it is rich with sil
ver ore.
tST The editor of the Press has sees i
plum raised by TUIip Mulkcy. of Lim
county, tliat measured five inches trw
rcrsely, nnd six and seven-eights longitt
dinally. QT A writer in the llichniond Kiiquiret
proves that woman was- the cause of tlx
mto terrible European war. Auother wri
ter goes on to prove that woman has ben
tho cause of all tho wars that ever bin
l3 See next pngo.
company strong enough to co.uo in that
way on account of the Klamath and Pitt
Fiiver Indians.
The past season lias been finite nnfnrhi.
nate on emigrants who were brinmnrr impend
across the plains, as wo aro informed that
many of them have died with
wc also learn from Mr. H. that tho people
of California alontr the roml ft rim TTnnAH
Lake to the Siskiyou Mountains are mncu
prejudiced against Oregon. It is because
iuey hnow about it. Mr. Heudcr-
Kotlce. I
Th. annual Fairer the Una County Ap
tural SiHiiety will bo held in Albany, on lbs S8il
and 2th of September. ' , f
Hon. L.F. Grovef U expected to delivwlW.
iitKa- Jotis BAinma, I
See. L. C. A. Soeisty. f
Notice. jj;
Aa I propose to close inv businnu !.. i..i..ii.j '
an early day, I respectfully reipiut these injrtul .
to mo to nuke payment, wiih lint.
l,0ibl- A. lloi.a.oi J
Un-gou City, September 10, 1809.
Accident. Yesterday as Mr. I. C. Tay
lor was crossing tho river on the ferry bout,
with his team and loaded wagon, tho horses'
became frightened at the " blowing off of
stenm," and backed off the bout
drowned. The team and
ty to inform the public thut thev l,. L.n,k (
$800 or $ 1 000. organized Sewiiijj Circle, for purposs ef f
V I SSllllir ill ,,.rr,l, in ,1.. ..... , , . f
rpi . . . I 1 s -pvnr oi ino enures.-1
1 he Wife Of Dr. Sim..?, livill? somn 1 '"7 "w rendy to n eeiv. work from nils-1
Notice. f
There will be a (jtiarterly meetinfr of the I'aW
tint iron held in Salem on II,. first Saturday let '
Sunday in October, 1S.V.), i th, Chi-i.tiin eliurk !
J- Ks.novkr, Presiding Eliiu
Hewing Circle.
The Indie, connected with th Pint n
tioreil Church in (lr...n I' I., .u: J5:.
iv i r. " i J ".ii ' .".oppi-nw
erhas formerly Ml 'm - t" . ';ucul UT- onniig, living some , ' " "y to neeive work from pus-
above HL m V"p('"a' mi,es fro,n town- n tLe road to Tuala- I"" ,r ad,es' whicil ,hal1 PwpHr aa U
auovo bcottsburg. Jacksonville So Unci, tin Plains, died verv nndil-nlv .Mecul''J, n reaminble terme. AnJ n.l.if
Twrn Hn1JZ,:.7L" !"'.in may Um HoW
evening. 1 wo days before she was In ),
enjoyment of her usual health.
Any genllenKf
member, bv Davinor nn ,.n,.ai .i;-J
$2-00. Any donation, will be gratefully receirst
March 86, 1859. ' Secn"rl'
From Waila Valla.
A murder occurred nt It'ni.n w..n.
ci'i . i, unu. uil I mi .
r nday morning last, tho particulars of , r -!!cw n,,d "Pac'ous fire-proof build
which aro is as follows: Two m ,..i !nS of J. 1 ailing & Co.. on Front street i.
respectively Leach and resell, had been , , ".i y C0,1,l,Ictcd- Tlih building - Multnomah Lodge No. I, '
playmp- cards the nrnvinne ..tL .i" "uds another ornament to onr -if o.i " l v jk a , ,
t i-i 1 . v.vuiug in me .. . , -- v.j, unu unu m - ... uuiua iis eiatea commraicr ;
course of which an altercation occurred and , . ou.ld 90,llPre favorably with A No .. "0"' 1,1 Sona of Temperance H.U, '
nusscii was severely beaten. Next morn- m tlic AtlaQt'c cities,
lug, Russell armed himself
and laying in wait for Leah ""T Zl LrcTZ ,T TCI7 Iow
a.mearanee in th. .ir ' j " ..." . ' " . "'"""u uur'"S l8 past sum-
twice at him: : 7S 1 t13 ftrc ""flieient rea.
me oaiardav nrecedincr il.. v..n i. ,
month. Urethren in good standing ire iarai
to attend. . W. V. BUCK, W. H. !
1 VV.Caio, Sec'y. 11 5
The Demtxraey of the First Con
gressional District of Missis. have unan
imously nominated Hon. J. J. McU.e for
Congress. Mr. Mcltae entertains extreme
Southern views d..ou.Kcs the laws a-,lnst
thrt Tarsk ..!.
.. u.u u uiiconititutwnnd
holds that the ro,y.Bing of that trade
would redound to the advantage of all the
alareholdinjr communities.
fc?" One of the prominent sneaker ot
il . n .. -
incjemocratio mcetinir at Ran. E;,i
tlmt ho " expected to spend eternity in the
- A x "
..ipa.iy 0 ueiuocrutsr The
w. HIV
Journal says there is danger that he will
uuiess ne repent of his sins.
ar ine lreka Union of the 28th of
"S"-" "CMiowieugea the recent nf U,
..n: ....
uuiuaviis oi physicians, that Abel George
...o .uouiiv uum me el ects of ,,nn, n
ho killed Hugh McCasson in J!,..V-5n,..;..
, - --WW.. I41,V
iusi spring.
frjT llie Jacksonville Sentinel says that
I.l. Judd was arrested on Apple-gate creek
j mt. uoiin u linnn, nnd taken to Jack
sonville. He is charged with horso-stenl.
'g. PillJ udd, an accomj.lice, is supposed
. which ticrc in mat neighborhood.
Pikes. Tho house of Sheriff Coruover
op trench Prairie, Marion county, was'.c-
"uuttm.y uotroyed by fire lately. Loss
A steam taw-nun belonging to Mr. John
Nays and son. situated in l'n- ,
- v. wuiu v near
Monmouth, was burned on th. l(n rt...
month. Thelosa
WJ-TheAdvertiw say, that upwards
j ria aud Saji Francisco.
Jlcreunnn T.nn. .m.j cnn fn. si.t . r "
himself with a bs II. 'b"",? --.progress ,n bnild.
ra,J) Pa,rtics Sain meeting a hand-to-L n";H Trice for a Fahm.-W
i.o.wi... i v . " vv""s iiiiim-io- , y arm. v e were n-
KumcU was horribly cut and mangled. An of 160 "crcs, at Punrinen in
.vamma ,on was subsequently had into for the sum of tw? , Sne thou
Si 7f.,trarpei:rinstl,at LMhd ?rulIdoIlarsl TbhtouaSTnS
a t d m self-defence, ho was allowed to go . but our Informant witnessed the sale
riM Qnd nssnres US that tho purchaser W
agon loaded with prov sions, to the relief ft modc the Purchas"- The land is valua
iZTTy Wr fe"!!0f ;"-dptaWlity tothegS
"n ucBtlLur.n PAnrtitirtn vi uumiuca KPVPn iittna-lfnl 1 .
JlTfhWr ins ord ary yld-P
dbpatched proTuiou for their relief is con- Somd Hcr"M- S
... .,. iyae, journal, Sept. 9.
t JALNyapatu0 11"- Wasliington county, eaSe" '
1st, 1S51I. bv U Vm M l.ll 1. tIILf
len to Mis. Nircissa Hill. i
At Champoeg, Au?. 3l.t, Joseph Lonelais.rt ,
Andre Lonctnin, igedaayeam
--"....mi, . vumnilKS nn Br.M 'A I -.. .1 ri.i ' ur
... ' - ""IV v v'. XJUIIUFr. 'inn nni. J . ...
greauy excited, and had been fcMln- . Hockv Mftf.i J.?u enw ttie
series of warnlano,, t. . L the sn.i, " 7" 1 ,BU "? Ql8tanc "rth of I
, , , 't mat mey . - , i " "ut intersects that roarf
had learned of the difficult, .w 'bout forty miles bevonrt vJA.,? TT
-"uu, ana. antn- nnt . . --VO"...u hiujiiiu
. , - i -(,
ar, were enthnsinsiio i 7, 7. . "oin rout. b
Wends. It is even m n. .,T' 6'TU "T.j or grass and water on
iHilU tj
to stir up a hostilt. f.i;. 6 route.
Notice I
ISyvrtn to ill thee, whe wish
re willing to patront7.e me, that I am cenitallj ,
on hind, ind will devote my entire timewd
ergy in to Ike nmt) ot Atm. , I Mf
t&" We lenrn I,. ', !"y 10 d0 " rd dunnine a. eaa b -
i",r?,X sm Dc!r'y rrived . that will T.t'briat thti
& my frieejl Pattiuor ea a via ",n.kl'l. CM
shoes mini ire- a yoar mthK
at are t
ite DuLZ.'. """ "r"'y VTT
. ncw ,agoniAep.
n . M. BACON, I
Cy, Sept. n.,85 S3t
Fv- A ,nmA.k...i I em
- i.uivi i r.t um ni in, t ,. . n.ii , r. . uai lub lunar . n. .... i , . . , iu,. i nru, AH
, that the t .u. tn trip "across the nlain h.. if- .u7 with a '
of th n n T . l'8"wr- bJ th construction of . 7ul
my len
He says it is a
the whnk rn. : i Z'? On f 'rcuit Court of the f
-ricshad been amonff them endZ Z time there ". .J-mi-S
Ymg to take sides with their V.nA anUriU "
route, at
. uu uy omnr nnrf nt !.. I . .i -t ranaereil in
. -. v u. .nn I u.... n
Wm 1 .. .
Warii Semxiis R,.P. . ... now0nth.T":?:Tffenntram
- vu "1B anes jourua thnf ..i.. ' ,u "'ooaea. and fu v noi
t b... w. , . . -, 5 m, w.5h w
.. .-"umuu. oi collars to
pioe the Government nr..
and destroyed by the IT Z
a pretty decent set of
ST In the palmv
d t the pnnty of their live, and inun.
"face the name tandtda,, white.
B.S1?D-TTwo nitentiary convicts
named Enoch Fmit t ;.."T,ctsi
W from the srnm "l'
i'entland, on Wednesdav 7i l7Z "8 dwelliag-hoi. Md oUW
A reward nf tion i Uay-eTe."lnS It. bwWiagm. The .bore oWrihl .1 muH
apprehension nn rT 'tTu r " P" .. for cW, u
BUeruT 'a Male. 1
Y VIRTUE of ,a M.Cotio. UW
,h. . the.C,rn:i Court of the Stale of Orsps
me directed, T,
..... . i . i
iv..." ---" iu eaia conn in w -
" T"1" nembree against ClaytM KW
J , fu""" 0f 3i0'00
togeiher with interert tuZttumt
Sf 2S,W, f-ffici.n, pereJS
S dl,iu"on. 1 levied nThil,n Suieof Oregoi, to .ii-AU U. -
ah? .i t (v3) l!linen LAV
au block No. fQi t ,k. . r i-.
Uin ne ,w. .ore. more or e, together
aaywia ap
apprehension' nn v""1 l?T " Pnw: ' ' '
for Mills 4 l2Z- lm ana 10Q m:::77''.' "? ,M Fnj i the low tf V"
ior Mills. Advertiser. v u Ihe 14th da ,.t o... sad
til n; .. .
, r. "M-1" uie town mt Amitv ea UH-
mar i ne county seat of Carry connty b I
to be rcmnvwl f nt., . vuulJ
of Rogne river.
"rfc at the mouth
j . "ws as Amur
day of the earn, month, at the hoa ef 1
of ech of nid dave.
r r SktrifYl
for s
eA ii
ed to
, iBfi
my fri
aese a