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TERMS Tht Aaoos ii7 it furni.h.d at
Thru Dalian ani Fifty Ctntt per annum, in
adoanet, It tin fit lubteribtrt Three Dollar i
each t elubi tin at int office in advance
When tki money ii not paid in adwnct, four
Dalian tent tn ennrgeu if paid within lit
,i. ...I .. .-..I- .1
--- - . . - . 1vri1-T - -- - - . ... ,,. III I Tl'ULi I . . I . .
Tr Dollar. fo,. is nonthtso.uo.crip. v eewy newspaper, devoted to the Interests of the Lflborinjr Clares, and adVocatm? the side of Truth m everv issue.-
I h,i. i ..... I i nti ik. M...t '... 1 1. ' ' i
polity. II.WHIIII.lJ. I'tM'MIN, III.ANK8.
nuil other kinds, duiir to orJi r, uu .hurl uoiice.
One iCjUnre (1 i liuta or Uw, brevier uitauie) r.ut
insertion, . f.',,t'0
" " two iiuwrlloiia, 4, (HI
Kttcli Subsequent Insertion, 1,110
reasonable deductions to those who advirttte hj
the your.
Tim mofRiBToi vr the AKGl'8 n turrr
In inform tin public Hint lie has jiwt received a
tiont rtetited for a It., period.
Uf No piper diteonlinued until all arrearage.
art paia, unit., aune option oj thepublieher,
Vol. V.
No. 2.1.
For the Argu..
My HwcclhcTl.A Parody.
I love )ier, I love her, ami who shall dare
To chid nie for loving that maiden fair;
The longer I gate, alill fairer alio seems,
I look for her wakitiir. I art her In dreams :
n neo my noay ia cueinea in in siumoers oi wgui,
Uur toula are together ill lands uf delight.
I lore her, I lot her, and who ahull chide
Me for oei'kiug a path through life by tier aide.
How dreary and eold a life without love 1
This epirit of Deily, sent from above,
In every iniiforiune tiill enmfurte and cliira,
It lightena our burdeua, and Icaseus our fears ;
Uurevila diminish, our blcseliige liHTcana,
which determines its decree of power."
Oli I oli! I see. The art'iniiciit innv be
briofly stated thus by tlio phrenologist:
" Henda I win, tails you lose." Well. I
.1. .. . f . ' I
mill s convenient.
Canset of National Uanalnrtf.
The Fourth of July ought to remind us
that we live, and hare lived for three nuar-
; tcrs of a century, under a form of govern-' "l,ou t,,c fiuIJ ot ljMt"0 bfl on7 tMt of
Thi Leasee al HnlfarlaoNYtio art the
Uardeal V'lhteni la (he World 1
If tho number of killed and wounded
It must be confessed that Phrenology lias ! t that has contributed more to the hap-' t!' dwpcrato nnturo of the fighting done,
Ilow Long a Mas may Live.
The life of man, regarded historically
that Is, by referring to the recorded instan
cesIn estimated by Hallcr and Buffon at
from 00 to 100 years. I U extreme limit
a certain i resemblance to the Psetulo-science. iuess and development of the nation than "1 if wc are to believe the oflkml returns s(i, h;stor!l.-u)lr is fixed by Hallcr at not TI1MSaTs.
I have VSiSSfS! bee,, fl"7 frm f gVCr"mUnt tUt hM CTW I ! , , 2 T' lTh f two centuries, rhysiolog- T,,,, ,
dtoXlllKpW-! Thecarliestrecords;Pt du m, at Solfcrino, theyj,,, C01willt,d it may be ,eas!rcd by of hi olnZl
Iti:voi.iTio.vs i War. The Ktnperor
Napoleon 1 1 1., In proving his fitness to lead
a Kreiit revolutionary change in tho politics
of Kuropo by his conduct In a great wnr,
finds troops of defenders. The London
curacy with which some wandering professor
of I'lirenolo-ry had read their characters
written upon their skulls. Of course the
When lo eoraada around ui the rainbow of peace, professor acquires his information solely
rri i.i .... - .i... i I .1 ii... .. . .
iniougu ins cranial inspections and manipu
lations. What ore you laughing nt? (to
the bonrdcrs. ) But let us just suppose, for
a moment, that a tolerably cunning fellow,
who did not know or cure anything tibout
Phrenology, should open a shop and under-
tuko to reuu otr people's diameters at fifty
cents or a dollar apiece. Let us see how
well lie could get ulong without the ' orirans
I will suppose myself to set up such a
shop. i would invest one hundred dollurs,
more or less, in casts of brums, skulls.
eiiarts, nun other matters that would make
tne most show lor the money. That would
do to begin with. I would then advertise
myself as the celebrated Professor Brancy,
or whatever nuuic I might choose, and wait
for my first customer. My first customer
Is a mitldlc-nged man. I look at him ask
In in a question or two, so as to hear him
talk. Whcu I have trot tiie hnntr of him.
I ask him to sit down, and proceed to fum-
Theu blame me not raahly, that, clieerlraa, aloiie,
mis sp ru or oeauiy i erex lor mine own.
Jo.arti I), Locsv.
Orrgon City, August, 1839.
The Hclence ef Vbrenoloey.
The Atluntic Monthly for August has its
famous breakfast table unusually wd
spread. e copy what Prof. Ilolmcs ' lets
out' ou the subject of Phrenology:
I shall begin, my friends, with the defini
tion of a Pseudo tctence. A Pseudo-sci-
encu i-uusmui oi a namrneiature, Willi a
self-adjusting arrangement, by which all
positive evidenco, or such as favors its doo-
tiues, is admitted, ami all negative evidence,
or such as tells against it, is excluded. It
is invariably connected with some lucrative
practical application. Its professors and
practitioners aro usually shrewd people; ble his skull, dictating as follows:
they ore very serious with the miljlie. but
;,,L- ..,.,.., ...1 scale tnoM 1T0 iu-ust or faculties
""" wins iwuyi tsj JjUUU IICUI 111 IIVIII I II LI It"
selves. The believing multitude consists of . ,,:..., , cl8T0,,ER-.
wnmon nf l.nil, . fi.i......t..,i..,i i Ainilivcncss, 7.-Most men love the con
itwo, srcx auda11 mca ,ovo to bo toia
I t?Tt! Ili-ntivenes, 8.-Don't you see that
j ilium, and others of this class, with here
, and there a clergyman, less frequently a
; lawyer, very rurely a pliysiciuii, and almost
i never a horse-jockey or u member of the
$ detective police. I did not sny that Phrc-
noiogy was one ot the rscuilo-scieuccs.
: A Pseudo-science does not necessarily
t consist wnony oi nrs. it may contain
' luuny truths, and even valuable ones. The
practitioners of the Pseudo sciences know
tlmt common minds, niter they huve been
( baited with a real fact or two, will jump nt
; the merest rag of a lie, or even ut the bare
; liook. hen wo have one fact found us.
wo arc very apt to supply the next out of
! our own imagination. (How many persons
j can reud Judges xv. 1(5 correctly the first
tune:) 1 lie rsenilc-seieiiccs take odvan
i.tage of this. 1 did not suy it was so with
I have rarely met a sensible man who
; would not allow that there was something
in Phrenology. A broad, high forehead,
it is commonly ngrccd, promises intellect;
ono that is " villainous low" and has a huge
aliiud-head back of it, is wont to mark nu
(animal nature. I liavo as rarely met an
TUtibiasscd nnd scnsiblo man who rcully be
lieved in the bumps. It is observed, how-
he has burst off his lowest waistcoat button
Willi feeding hey?
Acquisitiveness, 8. Of course. A mid
dle-aged Yankee.
iVpprobutivcness, L Hut well brushed.
Hair ditto. Murk the cll'cct of thut plus
Self-esteem, C His face shows that.
Benevolence, 9. That'll pleaso him.
Conscientiousness, 8J. That fraction
looks first-rate.
Mindfulness, 1. lias laughed twice
sinco he came in.
Ideality, 9. That sounds well.
Form, size, weight, color, Ioculity, event
uality, etc., etc., 4 to 6. Average every
thing that can't be guessed.
And so or the other faculties. .
Of course, you know, that isn't the woy
the phrenologists do. They go only by the
bumps. Wlmt do you keep luuirhinir so
lorr (to tlio boarders.) 1 only said that is
the way I should practice " Phrenoiogy"
lor a living.
End of my lecture.
of government ore found In the monuments ' wou,a ,taJ us ,0 UPI,0S t-'t it was not of
of Egypt, and what do we see there? w7 tt,rriljo character as that which
Thoso who ought to be citizens aro nearly , ,l08 mr otI' engagements in history,
all slaves, ond hundreds of thousands of. exccition of perliaps two or tlirco
the time of growth.
his battles with new cannon
utinn, whisks his own men
Buffon when he ob- wtion by railway, reeonnoiters the po-
. . .rl' li I, I - .1 .
served "that the length of the lives or T ' T'"1' ', "J.0"' ,,mK" 110
, , , .... electric telegruph las aid-dc-canip, puts the
horses is, as In any other of animal, ,m.01K.t Bud"th orJcr of 1)0ttlo J,- t'lic
nniiiortioiml to (lis rinrntinn nt tlirir l,i.,v ;., il, ........ r 1.. L . i .
these men are kept at work by a system of, desperate t'ges, the buttles of Maguuta rowt,, .)r,)pomiUca tic troe ,,lvsiologicHl lines of the great Frederick. Ho nimealed
problem. Tho question is, to know how
ninny times the period of growth Is com-
compulsory labor, on the pyramidal blocks ftn( Solferino have been rather an encoun-
aud masses that remain to this duy, mouu- ter or '"dies and a question of maneuvering
. . . . .t . .
merits oi greatness only In tho form or ty. i" measure oi courage mm sirctigtii.!liris(.j in tic wl,0e length of an animal's
ranny. Then come tho Assyrian, nnd Bal)- Tl, aim of commanders on both sides ( ;f0- AH that Biiflon wanted to solvo the
ylonian, and Phoenician Governments, mil-i bas bwn to coneentrato superior ou inferior jifflcuI,y was gomo ccrtttil, ,Ign to mark thc
uury despotisms or tlio fiercest character. I """-i oanuiious ou nic enemy s one; period o( growtll M Flourcns finds the
Tyre, indeed, had Its commerce, but the faiIinS lhif. Jraw "larch, nnd imliCation required in thc union of the bones
city only prospered, not tho whole country, j eouuterniarcn ror a new combination. Ink
Then arose Grecian civilization, with an c-l 1,10 rival hiilletins, we find that each
directly from the throne to tho people; di
plomatizes by Uiiraig to tell the precise
truth; and works for his own dynasty by
working for nalitmulitics and the indepen
dence of the whole race of men."
r?v3 nith
If slieu be death's brother, it ia as gentle ns a
girl ; solemn indeed, but then not sad or grim.
The child. tln oiiL'li whose donrnv slumber breaks
ever, that persons with what Phrenologists ilio nine mJe, like Hie small dwn uf a star be
cn "L'ooi heads" lira morn nrnim t urn "' oreuu, o, ciouo: ,e oirua inai nine tneir
tethers toward plenary belief in the doctrine,
It is so hard to prove a negative, that if
man should assert thut the moon was in
truth a green cheese, formed by the coagu
lablo substance of the Milky Way, and
clmllegc mo to prove the contrary, I mi-Hit
bo puzzled. But if he offer to sell mo a
n ton of this lunar cheese, I cull 011 him to mullled our of tho bout from over Jurdun, how like
prove the truth of tlio caseous nature of de"1" 11 '". men
-..i ii'.. I.. I 9 . ..I I Anil U'licn it stcnli
..pur, ueiore i purcnase.
It is not necessary to prove the falsity of
the phrenological statement. It is only
heads beneath their wings, each on his own pillow;
the flnwera, thnso children of the rainbow, that
wrap their mantles round them, and seek repose ;
the sea, that seems to intermit its murmur, and In
.leep alonj the summer shore; embalmed in
beauty aru they nil by sleep.
JSut when sleep comes to age ; age with the pale
lip and the trcsa of snow; age, pausing tremulous
ly ou the uuter cupe ot I line, and listening for tin
necessary to show tlmt its truth is not prov-
of argument. The walls of the head ure
double, with a great nir chamber between
them, over the smallest and most closely
crowded "organs." Can you tell how
much money there is in a safe, which also
''has thick double walls, by kneadins its
And when it steals over tho brea-t and brow of
pain, the hps nunrt as the breath of life cornea and
govs over the threshold, the culm hands folded, and
the sigh subsided, how like an angel Is sleep, then.
And through its ivoiy gate come dreams; faces
wo have seen for an instant, in the clefts of summer
clouds ; radiuut hands we never more shall clasp ;
words that mane the mus e of the world : snatches
of no mortal song ; gleams of a double inuruing j
doors ajar in Heaven !
riight is the death of day, the sleep of planet
Earth ; and how very near those brighter worlds
do come ; through forest leaves we see the clinging
bknobs with your fingers? So when a man at anchor, is just beyond our hail, aud Man makes'
Inniiiles about my torelicad, and talks about signuls from his decks of red.
tho organs of Individuality, Size, etc., I f ' "h.-mn thing to sleep, whether beneath
"trnct him mii,.h 1 chn.iM if ho rf " watching stars or at high noun. W hither shall
ement of freedom and of life like our own.
But thc conflict of the tribes, and their mis
erable bickerings and petty jealousies can
only be a waruing to us. Tlio great defect
of all was the want of intellectual and
moral culture among tho musses of the peo
ple. The helots formed a largo proportion
of tho inhabitants, and tho citizens were
really a small aristocracy.
Indeed, it wus the same want of a truly
moral culture that was the death of the old
world before Koine. The Jews, though so
small, nourished for a short time, by fits
and starts, under such leaders as Moses,
David and Solomon, bi.t the masses of thc
people were a hard-heuded race and hence
advanced no further. Then camo Koine.
thundering as tho representative of simple
jotrer, the government of force and a cer
tain rude and impartial justice. But it
was only the leaders that prospered. The
people were all divided into two classes, thc
citizcus nud soldiers, who lived by trump-
ling upon others through tribute aud mili
tary despotism, and the masses not citizens
who were tributary or slaughtered.
Then came the Goths ond Vandals, nnd
destroyed the old Koman aristocrucy, as it
had destroyed the intellectual aristocracy
of Greece. In tho East, Mohammed swept
witli his Arab legions, over the nations, re
forming them, but desolating all the nations
he and his followers camo iu contact with.
But not among all former nations can
seventy-five years of such happiness for a
whole nation bo exhibited as among our
own people. With new ond unheard-of
difficulties tliero have been new and unheard-of
combinations of strength, excel
lence and advantage developing among us,
making us the means of, happiness to each
other end to the whole world beside.
What aro the causes of all this? First and
chiefly Christianity; its morals and the lives
of its followers, hnvo given a tone nnd
standard to the whole nation, a unity of
Tub PirmtKXi K. Somebody t
truth that " latitudes alter offenses."
required In thcunionor the bones George Sumner, hi his late Fourth of July
with their epiphyses (their beaks, tops, or oration at Boston, denounced the llred
lnhn. AxlnntliflhnnMnri,nt l. Olt decision, OUd .Mr. Mlctt Of toulu
side report themselves met by " superior :,,,, ,, .:,. , Carolina, in kit Fourth of July oration at
The Austrians retreat because , . i . uriihiiiuvilh', openly advocated disunion in
b,v""i "'v "" "" "" me strongest terms. t en, rresiueui i;u-
ceases to grow. chnmui's Wushiugtou organ bitterly de-
In man, this solidification of the bones nounces tlio remarks of Mr. Sumner upon
with their cpipyses takes placo ut twenty. Uie 1 rC(l '7 " as w''" .
y . i I . , . : as a desecration of the nnmversary of our
In the camel it is effected nt eight years; in in.jpncndn,, but (i0,.sll't venture.
aI.1 .in....!., ii. '..
mo uorse, at live; m uie ox, at lour; in tue to say one word about. Illicit. .ou. Jour.
lion, at four; in the dog, at two; in the cut
nt eighteen months; in the rabbit, nt twelve;
j in tho guinea-pig, at seven months. Mow,
man lives ninety or a hundred years, the
camel lives forty, tho ox fifteen or twenty,
tlio lion about twenty, tho horse twenty-five,
the 1I02 ten or twelve, tho cat nine or ten.
i .i.i .i -
the rabbit eight, the guinea-pig six orm- T!?inw,1 io my question is now i,e-
.. .. , , . , i"S discussed whether nu cflort should bo
cn. iiio propuriiou, increiore, aviiicii tue
period of growth benrs to tlio length of life
is ns ono to live, or very nearly.' Alan is
twenty years in growing, and ho lives fivo
times twenty, that is a hundred years; the
tho French have superior numbers, aud the
French do uot follow because of the supe
rior numbers of the Austrians. By and by,
tliero will riso up some utterly unscicutific,
nnd, from the strategic point of view, ut
terly thich headed officer, who won't stop
to think of combinations and superior niini-
1 t t . -n , ... ..
uers, uui, in jsowery phrase, will " go in
and win," after the manner of tho Great
Up to this, we repeat, the war has been
a grand parade of troops, and its results
have been mainly reached by superior strat
egy on one side and bad combinations on
the other. At tho battle of Solferino,
where 400,000 men, round numbers, were
engaged, and which lasted fourteen hours,
shows a relatively small number of killed
and wounded nnd tho number of these,
nftcr all, would seem to be the best test of
tho valor aud lighting capabilities of , tlio
belligerents. According to the official re
turns, the loss of the Austriuns in this fight
was 2,095 killed, and 9,035 wounded; of
the French nnd Sardinians, 12,245 killed
und wounded; a total loss on both sides of
23,815, or only about scveti per cent, of
the numbers engaged.
Mow let us see how this compares with
the style of fighting dono over here. At
Bunker Hill there were engaged a total of
8,500 men English regulars and Yankee
farmers of which 1,503, or 43 percent.
were left on tho field. At Chippewa there
were 1,900 Americans and 2,100 English;
tho killed and wounded wcro 848, or 21
per cent. At Bucna Vista tho American
force was 4,425, the Mexican, 20,000; the
American killed and wounded Was 100, or
17 per cent.; tho Mexican about 10 per
cent., and the fighting lasted one whole
day. At Molino del Rey the American
force was 3,447 regulars, the Mexican
about 10,000 men. Tho combat lasted an
Tho Washington corrcpoiulent of
the Philadelphia Prcs3 says:
1 In regard to the revival of the Slavo
trade the indications of public sentiment at
tho South iu its favor ure reullv ulurmiu;.
A long list of papers which advocate it is
even now going thc rounds of the press und
settled 'principles upon nil great and vital ' Lour' and the Alucriwin loss was "7 killed
the outside of my strong box and told me
.hhat there was a five dollar or a ten dollar
itill under this or that particular rivet.
Perhaps there is; only h doesn l bwie
mnything about it. But this is is a point
that I, tho Professor, understand, my
irieniis, or ought to certainly, better than
you Jo. The next argument you will all
I proceed, therefore, to explain the self-
adjusting mechanism of Phrenology, which
"is very nmxiar to that or the Pseudo-sci-
' ;ences. An example will show it most con-
) A. iiuiuriuus unci, jicssrs. Dtimpns
we pins, in that noiseless going, and when shall
wo return I Kroni world to world is but a bread.
of sleep, they sny; then givo us pleasant dreams!
atrimeest of all journeys is that " coma to sleep.
The fitful pulso growa stronger ; the hand forgets
ils cunning; the daughters of inusio are brought
low ; " they that look out at the wiudows are
durkened"; Cure's 'raveled sleeve' ia knitted up;
it is alinuit a dying.
Happy is ho for whom no " Gmmis Iiuth mur
dered sleep"; whose eyelids' noiseless c'ose is like
the droop of leaflets laden down with dew ; wlxxe
slumber, deep as that which fell on Eden's gurden
er, and whose dreams, ns fair ai Eve, that first
born daughter of a mortal sleep.
Ah! that " how lone shall we sleep has been
the queslion on all times and tonguea since the
morning stars were singing.
" If a man die, shall he live acorn?" And once
a year have tho daisies answered it, and " spring's
little infant " given its fragrant testimony ; and ev
ery day has the morning testified, and yet the
world is murmuring still, " If a man die, shall he
live ngain 1"
" How long shall we sleep?'' asks he who has
'nd Crane examine him. and find a irood
"Vized organ of Acquisitiveness. Positive
Jfact lor Phrenology. Casts and drawings
iof A are multiplied, and the bump does not
Hose in the act of copying. I did not say
"it gained. What do you look SO for? (to oradled a living thought upon his breast, the child
(the boarders. V I of b:s brain and his heart, ns he sends it fonh or-
t Presently B turns up, a bigger thief than P,,ne'1 iBl lhe r Tiniei tatM flce to
IA. But B has no bump at all over Ac "".TSn w. sleep," sigh, the pt.
piisitivencss. ftegatiire fact; goes against he lays down the harp of life, "feels the daisies
"rnrenology. HOI a oil oi ii. von i you growing over him," and goes way where they
'"ee how smoll Conscientiousness is? T hat s ng me new song" forever.
T u Not lonz, true thinker; not lone, aweet ainrer;
. . rt a . L lwl ."""Kin aimi, rise nae r:uui auu uivmm im
And then comes C, ten times as much a h;,n. r .!... ..h , u , r, .h. .k.u
.tflief at either A er B used tO Steal be- fly like a bird, from serine- to serine aeain. and
.""fore he was weaned, and would pick One Of the muse and the welcome shall be thine!
''lis Own pockets and put its contents in an- . And when life's rain is over nnd ne, and the
-w,, I. . ... r brow of cloud bound with a ribbon that Hope
..(Other, if he COIlld find no Other way or didwMT,in th. loom of God, and the tear, on
VfOmrmttmg petty larceny. I nfortunatcly, ,hc word are turned to pearls in the sunset, what
-'U Das a hollow, instead Ot a Dump, over words more beautiful than these can we write upon
'"Acquisitiveness. Ah, but just Wok and he new grave: Me givetn tlia beloved sleep.
; see what a bump of Alimentiveness! Did B- "'tor'
subjects, that has, so far, made us homo-
geneus iu our fundamental ideas of right
nnd wrong. Its forbenrnnce on poiits of
difference, its spirit of lovo nnd gentleness,
instead of brute force, has done more to bind
ns together than anything elso. Its very
toleration of many acknowledged evils.
where not accompanied with pcrsonalju!?yf
... m w i -
lias done much to modcrato our political
Next to this, and under this, union lias
been our strength. Each section of the
country has its physical adaptations and ad
vantages, which thus diffuse themselves
over the whole. The commerce ot tiie
North, the agriculture of the West, and
the cotton of the South, all bring wealth.
And so, in like manner, the different dispo
sitions and mental and moral characteristics
of each section have thus fur formed an cl
ement of our strength and happiness. The
meutal cultivation of the North nnd East,
the commercial and social activity of the
cities of our middle States, and the high re
finement, force nnd resolution, in matters of
government, so long as all combined in a
common purpose, do and have produced
our prcscut greatness and happiness. - The
and wounded, or upwards of twenty-three
per cent. The Mexican loss iu killed,
wounded and prisoners was something over
3,000, or about 33 per cent. The Amer
ican army entered tlio valley of Mexico
about 6,800 strong, and in tho two actions
of Molino del Rey and Chupultcpec it lost
t,052 men, or 24 per cent, out of its entire
There is no more common cant than that
about the pusillanimity of thc Mexican sol
diers, their cowardice, etc., etc. In point
of fact, however, they are good soldiers; fur
better than thc average of the French and
Austrian armies, if tlio valor witli which
they contest tlio field is to be measured by
the stuudard of the loss they inflict and suf
fer. Soldiers who run away don't generally
figure among the killed and wounded.
Everything of this kiud is, of course, rela-
1 !. i i .
cauiet eigui years iu growing, ami lie of tle Confederacy."
uvea uvo limes eignt, mat is iony years;
tho horse takes five years to attain his full
growth, aud he lives five times five, that is
twenty-five years, and so on of the rest,
We have, therefore, a precise indication
mado to induce tlio Charleston Convention
.to endorse u revival of tho Slave Trade.
lit alluding to this subject, therefore, Sena
tor iJonglas only spoke of a question thut
is at this moment one of tho must promi
nent topics of discussion in a large portion
SinxEV Smith and Pkk.nsvi.vanu Cm:n-
it. lhe rcnusylvaiiiun savs tlmt all re-
which Sidney
member tho bitter taunts which Sit
Smith hurled upon Pennsylvania during
which accurately marks the duration of the lll'r temporary suspension of the payment of
period of growth, ami gives us the durution
of the whole life. All thc phenomena of life
are connected, one with another, by a chain
of successive relations. Tho duration of
life is given by the durution of growth; the
durution of growth is given by that of
gestation; the duration of digestion by the
height of the stature. The taller an auiinul
is, the longer is its gestation. Tho rabbit
goes with young thirty days, tho elephant
twenty months or thereabouts. We are
the interest of her public debt. A striking
proof of how completely her credit has re
covered from the shock it then suffered, is
famished by the fact that a daughter of
Sidney Smith not long since invested if 30,
000 in the same stock her futhcr had so bit
terly denounced, in preference to uu invest
ment iu any other class of security. V
What a Jealous Woman inn iiefoke
she i'Ai.NTim. In .Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
lately, a lady returning from a morning
norant of tho natural duration of the ele- drive, on approaching tlio room usually oc-
plmnt's life; it has been differently stated eupied by her husband, heard voices. Sho
at from 120 to 500 years. A young ele- stopped, listened, placed her eyo to the key-
phant, mentioned iu the Philadelphia Trans- hole, and saw, to her horror, a woman
actions, died nt the age of nearly 30 years, standing ou tlio floor, and her husband in
nd ils cpipyses were not yet joined to tlio samo room fixing a shawl over her
thc bones. From this fuct ulono we may shoulders. Enraged ut the infidelity of Iter
safely conclude that the elephant lives more husband, she went to tho hull, took dowu a
than fivo times thirty, that is, more than loaded shot gun, returned, cocked tho gun,
160 years.
SOT Solferino, tho village where the
hardest fighting took place in tho battle of
Juno 21th, is near Cnstiglione, the scene of
the celebrated battle fought by Napoleon I.
on the 5th of August, 1700. On the 3d he
had defeated the Austrians at Lonato, Au
gercau during the sumo time making a bril
liant resistance at Custiglione. Wurmscr
prepared on the 4 th for a grander contest
on tho samo field, und Bonaparte deter
mined to give him battle on the next day.
Thiers' discription of this battle says that
" a series of heights, formed by tiie last
opened suddenly tho door, and deliberately
shot the strange woman iu the back. Her
husband screamed, when the excited and
abused wil'o fainted. On having returned
to consciousness, sho learned thut the wo
man who hud supplanted her hi tho affec
tions of Mr. was ono of thoso frames
for exhibiting shawls and mantillas on,
which he that morning hud brought up from
the store to have relrimmed by his wife, iu
her usual tasty slyle. Not finding his wife
iu, he wus looking ut lhe figure, und fixing
it up us a surprise for her, when her sudden
jealousy like to have cost him his life.
range oi inns ueionging to me .Alps, ex- A l i.v s t i.iuiit. ino lorma'iou i.iio
tend from Chiesa to tlio Miucio, by Lonato, wings of a lly enables it to attain a n ludty
Custiglione, nnp Solferino. At the foot of ?r lr,T tllir,y l? tUirty-li ve let in lr.,mj
these heights lies thc plain thut was to
serve for tho field of battle. The two ur-
tivc; yet a great parade of hundreds of j "N1'9 wcro i'"-' ln 1110 Prcscncc oi each oth
thousandsof men, with rifled cannon aud er pcrpenilicnlurly to thc line of the bights,
what not, new, and therefore startling, but 011 wllM:u boti supported ouo wing, Bonn
not nccessarilv damrcrous. inventions, do' pnrto his left, Wurmscr his right. Bona-
not make a great battle. Had the two ar
mies at Solferino fought with the valor end
obstinacy of the English and Americans at
I n this space of timo a race horse would
clear only ninety feet, which is at tlio rato
of more than a mile a minute. Now, our
ittle lly in her swiftest flight, will in thc
same space, of time go more than u, third of
a mile. If, therefore, we compare tlio infi
nite difference of the size of thc Uo animals,
iow wonderful will tho velocity of this im-
parte had ut most 20,000 men; Wurmscr nuto creature appeur!
30,000." Iu drawing thc historic parallel, . : ;
.,.ll:i .1 i I :. T). II . .. .1 ' I. r " UK 1' ol.'ltTH OF Jtl.Y I.N Ium.AND. A
tuc i uuuutijiuiu iJuiicuii nujo ino itsuit 01 i
American tourists rruthereil nt
Chippewa, their aggregute losses would Ulc "ulUB ul atugnone nun must. ui.-.u.i- i,al;e Killaniey, Inland, on the 4th or July,
have been more than tour times us crcat as trou8 tho Austrians in Lombnrdy, and for tiie celebration or the dnv among tliem
I Mr. Francis J. Grand had arrived
in Washington. His movements toward
the United States were accelerated by the
j ,not C bny nuts and gingerbread, when a
twy, with the money he stole? Of course
. you see why he is a thief, and how his ex
ample confirms onr noble science.
... . i 1 . t I nt i ix
Ai lasi comes aiong a case wuieu ii i l nerc leuer.
parentlr a settler, for there is a little brain
with fast and yaried powers a case like Qr Lieut. Oeneral Proctor, who com-
Ihat of Byron, for instance. Then comes maed the Eighty-second Regiment at the
Mtte grand reverse reason which covers , of Fort Erie , and snbseqoent opera-
FSvthitie anrl MniaM if itmn r imiVMClhlS '
ver to rm- a nhrenolotrist. "It is not font the Canadian frontier, died m
the size alone, but the qaality of an organ, Wal, recently.
merit of onr form of government has been
deveboine all these, nnd uniting them, so rePortcd- or 84-000 mcn instcad of 2.000
far, harmoniously in s common pUri)0se( "d they fought as did our regulars at Mo
andnota sectional one. God grant this Iinodcl y. would have been 93,000,
may long continue.-Wa. Ledger. or ncar,Jr 0ve limes M 8reut 89 il WIU' Iu
this view, then, either the Americans, Mex-
86T 'Fanny Jem said lately, "If half ot nmJ Englisi, are bcttL.r sollicrs tlmD
the girls knew the previous life of the mcn L, , . . ,-.,-
tbey marry, the list of old maids would be tl,e Freucl' Austrians and Sardinians, or
wonderfully increased"; and the Boston tlso the official bulletins of the latter ore
Post adds that if the men could only look grossly incorrect and deceptive.
into the future life of the women they mar- ,. , , . ,, , . , .
ry, the number of old bachelors would be TLe ,s' lLLe maM of hh the A,T
irreatly augmented: whereupon Fanny re-1 tnan and French soldterw are in no scnsiljle
Y. . . :.. . . !. ... .. n. ...if
ioin.. " Does the editor or the 1'ost sneak decree Dettcr wan me aicucan soiuiers. i
from hi own Tnrinre?" The Post thus nr.t ru.rl..r. in Knlim. letter nrmerl anrl i nn7 resistance.
cornea dock: "uur experience or main-; ,wnj iri7rm. TWne .ml Tm
, ... -" - -J-x
the results of the buttle of Solferino enn
scarcely be less so. Napoleon III., in his
proclamation after the victory, refers to the
former victory on the samo field, and says,
" Solferino surpassed tlio recollections of
Lonato and Custiglione." Tho Austrians
themselves acknowledged their defeat in the
plainest terms, and they showed how much
they felt it by retreating within the Mincio,
and offering no resistance to the passage of
that river by the French, who crossed it
four days after the battle without meeting
I n J . . 1 -l ... J m
nrs. that we stiou du't feel warranted in " " " " '
roony is so very small, compared with Fan-,
ited ii
As Hamlet
speaking from it."
" that's wormwood!"
I T . I .1 1 J
Says, Ka uugers uu me uuier, uuve uouc prtiiy
J much all the real bloody work and fighting
GreinOld Age. In his report, the,101"" campaign, and they are the only
census-taker of Fairfield District, S. C, : corps which could be depended on, with
says: " I have found two negroes in Fair-; any chance of success, in a contest with an
eld, one ot tbem is 120 and the other iu , -fin,i nnmur r Am,,i,n v.'
years of aze. both of whom are males, and n7 . . . . ' ;aara- P'
appear to be in good health and of soand i coum M,el' 1MTe lne Keneral ralK n.a m shire, contains the following warm appeal:
mind. I have found no white person over j 10 the Tolnnteers and fire companies. "DemocraU, stick to James Buchanan,
ninety years of age." Xtw York Herald. 'or we shall all go to h 1 together!"
The Uiling Passion. As an illustra
tion of the ' ruling passion,' it is related of
a lady out West who was buried under the
wreck of a railroad smash-up, whose first
first inquiry on being rescued was, "Is my
bonnet safe?"
Vert Pnorixi. The Democratic Stan
dard, published at Concord, New Ham-
several iuiii;.4eis, und Mr. and Mrs. Barney
V. illiiims. Ihere was a dinner at tho ho
tel, and tlio Declaration of Independence
which had been printed in full in the vil
lage paper was read. Fireworks on the
luwu closed the day's " diversions."
Bkecmer o.n G'offke. Henry Ward
BcechtT made a Rpecch, recently in New
York, at the opening of a place of enter
tainment for men w ho nee'l a place to ehot
and read the papers. The now institution,
is called a "coffee-house," and Becchcr went
so far as to say that the first requisite for a
colTee-honse was good rohV, nud ho gave
a recipe for making it: " Go to the princU
pal hotels and all the railroad station
throughout the country, aud make coffeo
as they don't."
tsr A physician in Louisville has di
covered that by living principally on butter
milk, a human being may prolong Lis exist
ence to the jicriod of two hundred years.
tOT If you wish to make a woman's tem
per instantaneously change from lamb like
sereuity to tiie fierceness of a feuile tiger,
fill her yon just pulled a gray hair out of
her head