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TBRXSTkt Aaatri will t, furnitkid at
Thru Dollars and Fifty Cents per annum, in
tuuicnoirtTtrti Dollars
. U if ikargti if y,ilnil, tix
. J "wir l r (nit (A, y,ar.
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T"i i miapuonoj Iht fiuhlunrr.
" Tweaty Year Ago.
I mt a girl the ollior day, , '
Horn twelve yeur old or to,
The linage of nymph I loved
, . Bom t (lily year ago.
Tba blaahlng cheek, Ilia eparkliuf aye,
' Tlia bair of rereu flow
Ab ! how they et my heart a-blai
Bom twauty year ago!
I apoka her answers did boC much
Of wit of wiadom aliow '
Bui thu iha lovely Alary talked
' Soma twenty yeara ago. '
What ! could ahallow heart like Uiiaf
My hitart in tumult UirowT
I must have beau a liilla grocu
r Bum twauty yeara ago.
i met the lovely Mary since
Her charms lure vanished though
Her wit and wii.lum am the same
Ai twenty yeara ago !
I look upon her faded cheek,
Until my feeling glow ; . . .
And I hank her that the acorned my lofu
Some twenty yeara ago!
" Fond boy ! who now wouldst gladly die
To please some simpering miss
' Who knows what thou wilt think of her
' Borne twenty yeara from Ihie !
llmt Journal.
Tka War Debate la te Hcaate.
" Soma of the Tllack Republican in Congreaa
"apoka daggers to England about the right of ae.irch.
They are looking out for 1800, and are, conse
quently, in favor uf lira next wtt."LouittiUt
Democrat. ,
i. The discussion in the Senate upon the
subject of the alleged British outrages in
the Gulf was ititiuituly amusing. The
Democratic leaders opcuud the debute, mid
did it in au exceedingly fiery style. As
taming, as a matter not to be doubted, that
their opponents would oppose the adoption
of any rash or precipitate policy against
Great Britain, uud that they themselves
might consequently deliver a few war
ripecches not only without danger of war
but with a fuir prospect of making political
capital therefrom iu future political con
test, they thundered and lightened iu favor
of bringing Great Britain instantly to ac
count for her outrages, and even sending
armed ships to the Gulf to sink her men-of-war
without a week's delay. The Ite
nablican leaders In the Senute, ivwanl,
IIulc, Wilson, &c, saw through the whole
device of their Democratic opponents, and
determined to tuke the wind not only out of
meir sans Dut one or them. Tlicy hadn't
the slightest notion of letting themselves be
out-shouted or out-yelled by the Democratic
ahoutcrs and ycllers for war. So they went
to worn and out-lleroUed llerod; they
out-tiiuntiercu tuo democratic moek-Jupi
tcrs. Whereas their opponents had pro
tested against a wees, s delay, mey in
veigncd nercciy agamsc a day s, or an
hour's. Whereas their opponents had been
vehomeut, they were terrific. The scene
strongly reminded the country of the pas
sage in a very teariui modern play, where,
In Che midst of a whirlwind of bluster, ouo
or the characters cxdaims in tremendous
" For I have heard on Afric 'a burning ahore
A great, red lion give a grievous roar,'1 ,
whereupon his defiant antagonist, not to be
outdone, bellows forth in reply, . . (
,! " So have I seen on Afric'a burning abort f
A redder lion give a louder roar,
' And Ihe hurt liou thought the firat a bore."
The Republicans carried their point com
pletely. . No sooner did the Democratic
Senators hear the Republican war-whoops
gait Great Britain than they lowered
their own voices .down almost to a whisper.
Finding themselves vercrowed, they took
to cackling. There wus no more saltpetre
in their subsequent speeches than in a pan
of milk and water. . Every man of them,
In what he had t say, parodied the old
Roman ;
' My thoughts, I must confess, are turned on peace.'
Gov: King, of Maine, a large, pompous
gentleman, was traveling a few years ago
in a stage-eoach with a little Frenchman
whom he didn't deign to notice. On ar
riving at the hotel whero they were to
sleep, the Governor called in a loud, au
thoritative tone, " Waiter, bring me a boot
jack, a pair of slippers, a beef-steak, and a
cup of coffee!" The littlo Frenchman,
vexed at his excellency's superciliousness,
and determined not to be outdone, cried iu
his shrillest tones, " Vaitaire, give me two
boot jack, two pair slippaire, two beefsteak,
two cup cafe !:l The Republican leaders
in the Senate had all the spunk, spirit, and
tact of that little Frenchman. And the
Democratic fire-eaters were taught a lesson.
Louisville Journal. -
Lib i'V. ' 1
,.. Mil Burma's Baby. That first baby
was a great institution. As soon as he
came into this .'breathing world,' as the
life W. Shakspearc has it, he took com
asad in oar house. Everything was sub
erfient tokiiu,,The baby was the bal
mxrwhed Oat regulated everything. - He
regulate the temratu're, he regulated the
foot!, he regulated tiu- servants, he regulat
ed ma... For the first sir months of that
precious existence, he had mt? op on an av
erage six times anight 'Mr. Blifkins,'
says niy wife, 'bring that Tight here, do;
the baby looks strangely; I'm so afraid it
will have a fit.' Of course, the lamp was
brought, and of course the baby lay sock
ing his fist like, a little white .bear, as he
was. 'Mr.-'Blifkins,' said my wife, .'I
think I feel a little air; I wish yon would
get op and see if the window is not open a
Ettle, because the baby might get sick.'
Nothing was the matter with the window,
as I knew very wel 'Mr. Blifkins,' says
my wife, just as I was going to sleep again,
i that lamp, as you have placed it, shines
directly in the baby's eyes strange that
yon bare po more, consideration,' I ar
ranged the light, and went to bed again.
Jost as I was dropping to sleep again, ' Mr.
Blifkim,' said vaj wife, 'did tob think to
A Weekly Neivspaper, devoted to tbe Principles of Jeffersonian Democracy, and advocating
Vol. IV.
buy thnt broma to-day for the baby V
' My dear,' suid I, ' will yon do mo the in
justice to believe that I could overlook a
matter so esseutiul to the comfort of that
inestiinablo child ?' She apologized very
handsomely, but mado her anxiety the
scape-goat. I forgave her, and, without
saying a word more to her, I addressed
myself to sleep. 'Mr. Blifkius,' said my
wifo, shaking mo, 'you must not snore so,
yon will wake thobuby.' 'Jest so jest
so,' said I, half asleep, thinking I was So
lon Shingle. 'Mr. Blifkins,' said my wife,
' will you get up and hand mo the wurm
gruel from the nurso lamp for baby f The
dear child, if it wasn't for its mother, I
don't know what he would do. How can
yon sleep so, Mr. Blifkins V 'I suspect,
my dear,' said I, 'that it is because Tain
tired.' ' Oh, it's very well for yon men to
talk about being tired,' said my wife; 'I
don't know what yon would say if you had
to toil and drudge like a poor woman with
a baby.' I tried to soothe her by telling
her site hud no patience at all, and got up
for the posset. Having aided in answering
the baby's requirements, I stepped into bed
again, with the hope of sleeping. ' Mr.
Blifkiny sa:d she, iu a louder key. I said
nothing. Oh, dear!' said that estimable
woman, in great apparent anguish, 'how
can a man, who has arrived ut the honor of
a live baby of his own, sleep, when he
don't know that the dear creature will live
till morning V , I remained silent, and, af
ter a while, deeming thut Mrs. Blifkius
had gone to Bleep, I stretched my limbs for
repose. How long I slept I don't know,
but I was awakened by a furious jab in the
forehead by soino sharp instrument. I
started up, and Mrs. Blifkins was sitting
up in tlio bed, adjusting some portiou of the
baby's dress. She hud, iu a state of scnii
scinuolence, mistakcu my head for the pil
low, which she customarily used for a noc
turnul pin-cushion. I protested against
such treatment in somewhat round terms,
poiutiug to several perforations in my fore
head. She told me I should willimrlv bear
such things for the sake of the baby.
insisted upon it that I didn't think my duty
as a parent to that young immortal requir
ed the surrender of my forehead for a pin
cushion. This was one of the ninny nights
pnsssd in this way. Tho truth was, that
baby was what every other man's first baby
is, an autocrat absolute and unlimited
Such was the story of Blifkins, as he re
lated it to us the other day. It is a little
exaggerated picture of uhuost every man's
experience. Sat. Eve. Gazette.
Anotueb Application of tub Bred
Scott Dogma. The Supreme Court of Vir
ginia, in two cases just decided in it, has de
clared that wills which givo to slaves tho
choice to continue slaves or to be emanci
pated are thereby jiado null nnd void. The
decision is based npon the new dogma of
tho Drcd Scott case, that slaves have no
legnl right of choice. In both cases the
wills had been declared valid by inferior
courts, but their decisions were reversed by
the Supremo Court. The liberty of nenrly
150 negroes is affected by these decisions,
and probably of others, emancipated under
similar conditions. It is one of the dark
est features of slavery that the deathbed re
pentance of so many slaveholders is defeated
of its object by their avaricious heirs, who
find the courts too ready to co-operate with
Secretary Floyd, of tho War De
partment, is a great man for backing his
friends. An Alabama man by the name
of Gordon has been prosecuting a claim for
a nnmbcr of years for injuries done to a
plantation by the Indians. Congress paid
him 27,000, and tho treasury said that was
sufficient. Gordon had a bill smuggled
through Congress, referring his claim to.
Floyd for settlement. The secretary
awarded him $146,000 for his lossl Any
Galphinism about?
Hon Thaddetts Stevens, a prominent
Republican politician, and a leading law
yer of Lancaster, Pa., (the home of Presi
dent Buchanan,) will probably be the Anti-Administration
candidate for Congress in
that District. It is stated as a solemn fact,
that Mr. Buchanan has scarcely a hundred
political friends left in his own county of
' js- Lord Mocanlay has thrown out a
hint of retirement to private life. At bis
installation of High Steward of ' Cam
bridge bis Lordship said: " I feel that if I
would still do something for society, it will
be best done in the quiet retirement of my
own library. It is now five years since I
raised my voice in public, and it is not likely
that, unless upon some serious and impor
tant call of public duty, I shall ever so
raise it again. :
tQr The Paris Monitenr announces that
photographic experiments were made in out and deliberately retnrnca it to its prop
France during the eclipse of the sou on the ' er place, to the destruction of the skin of
l "it h M arch, and established the fact that 1 the palm and fingers. This of itself would
the moon has an atmc-phcre of about twen -
ty-fir milcf in lwgbL 1
A SufAwiERixo Administration. The
" Richmond South," iu stating thut tho ex
penses of the Government, for the current
year, amount to nearly $100,000,000, says
that $50,000,000 would have been quite suf
ficient for an economical udh.hiitrat!ou of
the Government, iu reply to which thut
" funny paper," the " Washington Union,"
informs us that Mr. Buchanan used the
money " on accout of its beneficial inUuencc
njwu Congress, in checking extravngaut ap
propriations, and the liubility to which ev
ery such body, with abundant mentis at
command, is subjected, to pervert the legit
imate and constitutional ends of legislation
in voting money from tho treasury.''
In plain English, the Administration
squandered $18,000,000 surplus, consumed
the revenues, and plunged us $30,000,000
deep in debt, to stop Congressional appro
priations for rivers, harbors, and other tin
constitutional objects!
Tub Philosophy of Physical Pain.
Sir Humphrey Davy, when a boy, with
the defiant constancy of youth which hud
as yet suffered nothing, held tho opinion
that pain was no evil. Ho was refuted by
a crab, who bit his toe when ho was bath
ing, and made him roar loud enough to be
heard half a mile off. If he had maintained
instead thut pain was a good, his doctrine
would have been unimpeachable. Unless
the whole constitution of the world were
altered, our very existence depends upon our
sensibility to suffering. .
An anecdote, which is quoted by Dr.
Curpcntcr hi his Principles of Human
Physiology, from tho Journal of a Natu
ralist, shows the futal effects of a temporary
suspension of this law of our nature. A
drover went to sleep, on a winter evening,
upon a platform of a lime-kiln, with one leg
upon the stoucs which had been piled up to
burn through tho night. That which was
gentle warmth when he lay down, became
a consuming fire before he rose up. His
foot was burnt off above the ankle; and
when roused in the morning by the inun
who superintended the lime kiln, he put his
stump, unconscious of his misfortune, to tho
ground; the extremity crumbled into frag
ments. Whether he had been lulled into
torpor by the carbouic acid driven off from
the limestone, or whatever else may have
been tho cause of his insensibility, he felt
no pain, and through his very exemption
from this lot of humanity, expired a fort
night afterward in Bristol hospital.
Without the warning voice of pain, lifo
would be a scries of similur disasters. The
crab, to the lasting detriment of Chemistry,
might have eaten off tho future Sir Hum
phrey's foot whilo he was swimming without
his entertaining the slightest suspicion of
the ravages which were going on. nad
he survived the injuries from tho crab, he
would yet have been cut off in the morning
of his famous career, if, when experimenting
upon the gasses, the terrible oppression at
his chest had not wnrned him to cease in
haling the carbureted hydrogen; nor after
a long struggle for life, would ho have re
covered to say to his alarmed assistant, " I
do not think I shall die." ''
Without physical pain, infancy would be
maimed or perish before experience could
inform it of its dnngcrs. Lord Kaimes ad
vised parents to cut the fingers of their
children " cunningly" with a knife, that the
little innocents niiirlit associate rufferimr
wfth the glittering blade before they could
do themselves a worse injury; but if no
smart accompanied the wound, they would
cut up their own fingers with the same glee
that they cut a stick, and bnrn them in
the candle with the same delight that they
burn a piece of paper in the fire.
Without pain, we could not proportion
oar actions to the strength of our frame, or
our exertions to its powers of endurance.
In the impetuosity of youth we should
strike blows tliat would crush onr hands,
and break our arms; we should take leaps
that would dislocate our limbs; and no lon
ger tanght by fatigue that the muscles
needed repose,, we should continue our
sports and our walking tours till we had
worn out the living tissue with the same un
consciousness that we now wear out our
coats and our shoes.
Tbe very nutriment which is the support
of life would frequently prove onr death.
Mirabeau said of a man who was as idle as
be was corpulent,' that his only use was to
show how far the skin wonld stretch with
out bursting. Without pain, this limit
would be constantly exceeded, and epi
cures, experiencing no uneasy sensations,
would continue their festivities until they
met with the fate of the frog in the fa
ble, who was ambitious of emulating tbe
size of tbe ox. Sir Charles Bell mentions
the case of a patient who had lost the sense
of heat in his right hand, and who uncon
scious that the cover of a pan which had
fallen into the fire was burning hot took it
be an accident of incessant occurrence if.
tb monitor wert wanting wuct mties as
drop such materials mora hastily than we
pick them tip.
Puiu is the grand preserver of existence,
the sleepless seutiucl thut watches over our
sufvty, and makes us both start awny from
tho accident thut is present, and guard
against it carefully in the timo to come.
Quarterly Review,
Mr. CiurrExnEX on Lecoupton and the
On his arrival ut Covington, Ky., on his
way home, Mr. Crittenden was honored
with a public reception. We quote the
following passages from his speech relutive
to his course on Lecompton, and the ex
travagance of the present Administration:
" I saw the truth plainly, and, as Old
Kentucky's son, I was bound to follow it.
In doing so, I endeavored to do my whole
duty, and the highest reward that can be
bestowed, is the approbation of those I rep
resented the people of my nutive State.
I did not believe that Old Kentucky would
put her niunu to an act of fraud uud delib
erate wrong, and I would not put mine.
I would not attempt to cover up the fraud
by a little circumlocution, but I would ra
ther tuke the dunger of tho perils through
tho wilderness, and meet the approval of
my friends, than silently concur in an act of
wrong. Appluuse.l I did so, and my
highest ambition has bceu gratified. These
were the emotions . and feelings which
prompted me, so help mo God!
I'arty stnlo has iu some degree passed
away. With an Administration party on
one side, and a united opposition party on
the wilier, and I think, if you will give me
leave to snv it. there will not be much of a
contest! An Administration that started
two years ago with thirty or forty millions
of surplus, that has issued twenty millions
of treasury notes, spent a current revenue
of forty millions, and borrowed twenty
millions more, cannot stand long before the'
A voice Not more than two vearsl
Mr. Crittenden The Administration of
Mr. Adams was bitterly assailed for ex
travagance, and yet iu four years the total
amount expended was $54,000,000 for
maintaining the army and all. Last year
the present Administration expended over
isau.uuu.uuu. The people cried out' ex
travagance' against Gen. Jackson, and yet
out $iuu,uuo,uuo was expended iu his first
four years. Tho present Administration
will swullow up thnt snm durinir the present
year! It is my duty to cull the attention of
tno people to tucse tacts. They are truths
that ought to be known, that those who
bear the burden may select men who will
show moro prudence in affuirs of Govern
ment. Direct taxation must be the inevi
table result of this extravagance. If the
pcoplo of Kentucky constitute one twen
tieth of tho populution of the United
Stutes, your proportion of the nutionol debt
would be about four millions. Mnt wnulil
you like to pay even hulf that sum by di
rect taxes tqion your Innds and chattels to
support an extravagant and wasteful Ad
ministration V
After Mr. Crittenden's address, Col
Jones was called out by tho assemblage.
We quote tho following paragraphs from
the report of his speech:
" Col. Jones's speech was evidently high
ly relished by the audience. Ho reviewed
the history of tho Lecompton struggle, and
bitterly denounced the courso of the Ad
ministration in that swindle, and in the
shameless expenditure of the public money.
in reiernng to the Lecompton strucrtrle,
Mr. J. suid that thouirh ho wus a Southern
man (he is a South Carolinian by birth) und
could not indorse the measures of the Black
Republicans, yet he must say, that they
had, by their course durinir that strueirlc.
covered themselves with unfading honors I"
The Great Rains of 1858. The
amount of rain that has fallen over a large
portion of thoi United States iu six weeks,
running from the 1st of May to the 12th
of June, had scarcely a parallel, The
Pittsburg Journal says the average of ob
servations will give about ten inches in
May and five inches to the 12th of June,
or fifteen inches in forty-three days. These
rains do not appear to huve been local but
extended East and West at least 1,000
miles, and North and South half that dis
tance. Borrowed Capital. General Jackson
once said that those who " do business on
borrowed capital ought to break." The
Boston Atlas It Bee wonders what the old
hero, were be alive, would say of the pres
ent Federal Administration, which is doing
business on a borrowed capital to the tune
of forty millions a year.
$5T Gov. Perry, of Florida, got into a
controversy with a stage-driver lately, on
account of the lattcr's rudeness to some la
dies, and as the driver seemed to think him
self a better man with his fists than the
Governor of the State, the latter, desirous
of correcting the erroneous impression,
pulled off his coat, and after a few minutes'
sharp practice, whipped the driver to his
heart's content.
BST An antidote to strychnine is said to
be milk. The Baltimore American states
that the life of a Newfoundland dog was
saved by pouring milk down his throat af
ter he had been poisoned.
t&" The highest honor at the University
of Cambridge, England that of .'Senior
Wrangler was taken this year by M. B.
1 Pell, aa American ttodnt
the side of Truth iu every issue.
No. 21.
Straws, Ac. " If Sewnrd lives, his elec
tion to the residency In 1800 is a settled
affair." Missouri Correspondent of Cour
ier B Jmqutrcr,
" We opine that there ore scarcely two
upuuoua upon me miier qucstiou. l nc lio-
publicau purty cannot fail to nominate
representative man for 1800; and of course,
iscward is the mau. louner d- Luquirer.
To which tho cw Orleans Crescent
adds its opinion:
"William II. Seward will be tho next
President of tho United States, if he lives
and the Union lasts. Those who preach
that his party is declining at tho North,
preach false knowingly or preach false iff
uornutly, or their prejudices are so strontr
that they would prefer the enslavement of
uicir Bcciiuu iu me niinu'ss ruie ot auou
tion fanaticism, sooner than tolerate the
idea of a disruption of the confederacy."
An Ait Quotation. At the convention
in Rutland, Vt., recently, after an after
noon spent iu denouncing the Bible, the
marriage institution, etc., and in lamlutkm
of " spirituulism," "vegetarianism," and
"free love," Grant, tho Millerito, got up
and repeated 1st Timothy, iv. 1, 2, 8
" Xow the Spirit speaketh expressly that
in the lutter times some shall depart the
faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and
doctrines of devils, forbidding to marry,
commanding to abstain from meats," etc.
Whether becauso this apt passage proved
unpalatable, or for some other reason, the
Convention incontinently adjourned. .
SSf B.uiuor has it thut another English
Princess is soon to be married. .Tho, Court
Jotirnul says there is now little doubt, from
the state of negotiations between Her Maj
esty and King Leopold, of Belgium, ou the
subject of a family alliauce, that the affair
will bo speedily communicated to both
houses of Parliament.
To Prevent Sun Stroke. A few green
leaves worn inside of the crown of the hat,
it is said, or a wet handkerchief, will secure
one against all danger from sun stroke.
Bataio Tatlor. Tho editor ot tho riymoulb
(III.) Luooniotivo, who waa in apprentice in tho
office where BajarJ Taylor aenred his time, re
Intel tho fulluwiiig reminiscence of the great trav
eler I
" We lind the honor to menred him In our term
of dctilship" in the Villiogo Kccoid oilier,
Weatuhealer county, ru. We well remember Ihe
timo he atnrli-d out on bin firat " tramp," with liia
amull antchel, 0 Maining a elianpe or two of limn,
and w th liny oenla in eapitul. The apprentice iu
Ihote dnya hail to carry the paprra tlirourjh the
country on horseback, end our route waa juat
pant hia fulhei'i home. We do not know of a tin
gle lime, through rain or aliine, that old Air. Tay
lor did not miet ua at tho end of tho lane with a
happy unile, wmhing us a good duy ( and aa we
would liana linn tlio pnper he would remark,
" a fair exchange ia no robbery," filling ono aide
of our aadille-bnga with nice npples and grapes.
Ho wut a member of the Society of f 'rendu i nnd
with his little farm and family around him, ha wna
a hnppy man indeed. He used to inquire anx
iously after Bayard, and said, '' he liked to ramble
around too much; he waa not eU-udy enough."
Little he knew then that his n liayard, the
printer'a apprentice, would be one d ty quoted aa
the greatest traveling historian that Jimr.cucould
budst of.''
Wai.kino andI'urs Air. Anuuimines taught
llmt air is mind. Some one else soys air is the
hidden food of life. Plutareh seems to incline to
Anaximiiirs' opinion, remarking that prrliii the
reason why there is a sympathy of foiling on vari
ous subjects arises from breathing tho same air-
Air ia an cxhnUtinn of all tho minerals of tho
globe; the moat elaborately fnii&hed of all the
Works of the Creator tho rock of urcs disintegra
ted and fitted for the life of men. All chu tes of
men affirm this, tfydney Smith snya to pub'ic
speakers that if they would walk twelve miles
before speaking, they would never break down.
In Kuglish universities, boat races, horseback
rides, and ten mllu walks are a part of the educa
tional means for physical development. Data
says a walk In the open air will almost euro a
guilty conscience. Emermn.
A Strvucii.i roa A Kiss. I had conceived tho
intense passion for my Mary Jane ! Nor waa it
any superlicial Hume biasing up now with s ter
rible heat, and as quickly going out. An unques
tionably genuine passion waa thus love of mine,
which had run the gauntlet of sleepless n'glils.
It had reached it acmo I 1 he ne plus ulna or
my desires was to take my Mary June to myself,
and bold her ill tny vice-like embrace! My re
solve wot taken. T o-night I confuse my love, and
shall revel in that luxury, a kiss, eten though
(don t tump reader) 1 have to steal It! XiM
came I made my confession, and was happily re
ceived. "How tut kiss!" "No, John," she
said, "not to-uighL" "Why not?" " Let this
suffice, 'not to-night !"' "Hut 1 am resolved," I
aid, and I mutt !" Here squabble ensued t
Did vou ever see man tight tor nut lire i nun
such earnestness did I enter this contest.
Then followed a raoeral pell-mell! lieauti-
fully-arranued curia assumed their orig nul ihnne!
Dollars became anironed pieces of linen and Ihe
ears of mine (it was stand up) hid behind my
ear. My bead was transformed to a bru.h-hesp !
and my nice Marnio shirt-button were ground
under my feet 1 The first heat we were even
th second I was a little ahead th third, she,
exhausted, dropped hr arms closed her ryes,
and, with a violent expiration Well
what r Ah, reader, spare me this reciiui : itui
beginine; must haw an end, so here it is. She did
not expire with that unfortunate expiration I Nor
did she dint in my arms, nor Mill gir evidence of
unconciousness. Hut opening her large eye halt
dreamily a cloud of intense agony overspread
her countenance, aa she sad t on might hate
1911 had item eating onions."
RaowstiTiNa Wrrmssr. A cotemporary y
with truth, that "then is no greater outrsg per
petrated under the forms, and by th sanction of
law, than the manner in which counsel are per
mitted by ur courts M abuse witassssa, A wit
ness upon Ihe tod, let him b who I will, and
honest, frank and truthful a man aver was,
seem to be regarded by general understanding
a target, at which snppish, venomoos and in
solent eMiowl may direct all th arrow of abuse
Tbe mru kind of treatment any wnr adr Hea
ven out of Court, would be repelled by a Wow, or
escit the us of a rawhide. Kspot. and hon
or U men to, sitting a Judge, wil permit such
eoaduct, and if sriui bs Us moral eourag la
srt b n lit, will tarwtM bus wtU) puaisb-
On square (13 line or leas) one insertion, (30
" M two inaerlious, 4,u0
" three insertions, 5,dO
Each subsequent insertion, 1,1 0
Reasonable deductions to those whu adw-itiis j
the year.
Tin riomiETo or tub AUG I S is turrv
to inform the public that he has just received
larp stock of JU11 TVI'K and other new print
Inn material, and will be In the ineedy receipt o
additions suited to all the requirements of th e l(.
cality. 1IANU1III.I.S. IWI KHK, 11I.ANK8,
and other kinds, dune to order, on short notice. 1
Ci'RE roB Caxcfrs. Our attention Inn
been called to a cure for euncers, which is
of such iinnortuiico that wo wish to muko
it known as widely ns KlMe. Some
time lust year Mr. T. B, Mason, a brother
of the well-known Lowell Mumn, ascer
tained that he hud a cuncer on his face the
size of a pea. It was cut out and the
wound partially healed, subsenuently it
grew ngaiu, and while he wus in Cincinnati
on business it attained the size of a hickory
nut. He remained there under treatment,
and has been perfectly cured. The process
was this!
A piece of sticking; plaster was nut over
the cancer, with a cireulur piece cut out of
the center a littlo larger than the cunct r.
so that the cunct r and a small circular r'.m
of healthy skin next to it was exposed. ;
Then a plaster made of chloride of zinc.
blood-root and wheat flour, was Riirend on
a piece of muslin of the size of this circu
lar opening, nnd applied to the cnticer for
twenty-four hours. Ou removing it, tho
cancer will be found to be burnt iuto, and
uiiiieur of tho color and hunlness of au old '
shoe sole, and tho circular rim outside of it
will appear white and parboiled, as if
scalded by hot steam. The wound is now
dressed, and the outsido rim soon suppu
rates, mid the cancer conies out a ImrJ
lump, and the pluce heals up. The plaster
kills the cancer, so that it sloughs out liko
dead flesh, and never grows again ! This
remedy was discovered by Dr. loll, of
London, and lias been used by him for six
or eight years, with unfailing success, nnd
not a case hua been shown of the re-up- ,
peartuieof the cancer whero this remedy
lias been applied. It tins the sanction of
the most eminent physicians and surgeons
In London, but has uot till recently beeu
used in this country, and tunny of the fac
ulty, with their proverbial opposition to in
novation, look ttpou it with distrust.
Wonderful Performance or the Soon after the greut tornado had
tasscd over this section of country, in giv
ing accounts of its devastations uud other
effects, wo mentioned that a farm houto
near Chenon, in McLean county, wus lifted
by the wind and carried three hundred feet '
over tho prnirio without disturbing tho
dishes upon the tuhlo which had just been '
prepared for stipiM-r. Although the story;
was well authenticated, it was of such a
marvelous character thut wo found it, iu
commou with others, difficult to believe.
"While stopping nt Chcnoa wuiting for tho
cars a few days siuce, wo hud an opporlu-,
nit y of seeing the house and of niukiug in
quiries about the matter. Wo found tho
story which had been published fully sub-'
stuntiutcd. The house, quite n large story
and a hulf wooden structure, stood upon a
swell of tho prairie, covered with a growth
of small simile trees, and was surrounded
with out-houses. Iho family, consisting of
four persons, were about sitting down to
their supper when tho tornado came sweep
ing along. Tho house was lifted from its .
foundations in an instant, and went soiling ,
throiiirh the air with the Itunily, luniitiire, -
chimneys, supper, &c, nil on board. Twice
during tlio perilous passage it struck tlio
ground, but so lightly as to inr only ono '
plate from tho supper tnblc, which was not
broken iu its fall. When the storm had
passed, it was found that the house hud
been enrried a distance of about threo hun
dred feet from its foundations. Nothing -in
it hud been disturbed not even tlio
dishes upon the table and when the futil
ity had recovered from the fright, they sut
down and quietly nto their supper as usual.
Peoria ( .) Transcript,
Stif Notwithstanding tho liberal olTeM
mado by tho French Knipcror to Prof.
Agassiz, ho has determined to remaiu in
America. Tho New York Post snys it is
not truo thut ho is going to France to tuko
the Emperor's offer Into consideration. , Ho .
docs not feel able to leave his engrossing
studies even long enough to iiuiko a visit to
his aged mother In Switzerland.
tf We have heutlteu at our own doors.
Fact. Kec the proof: Dunii-1 Cuiiniiighum,
now on triiil before the New York Su
premo Court for murder, stated thut he was ,
03 yeurs old, wus born iu Albany, could
read, but could not write, hud never read ,
the Lord's Prayer, and did not know what ,
the Lord's Prayer was; that ho-hud never
read a chapter in the Bible, th6ugh he had
once held the sncrcd volume In his hund.
1QT" A return to Parliament, on tho
subject of the National Debt of Great lirit-
ain, shows thut on tho 31st of March, 1 858,
tho total was X770,225,493, on which tho
totul annual interest was 23,333,768. , ,
I6f Steps are now. being taken by tho
Order of St. John to re-establish a hospital
at Jerusalem for sick pilgrims of all nations;
and for the interest taken in this matter by
the Empress Eugenie, she has been deco
rated with the cross of the Order.
jQy The society for the prevention of ,
cruelty to animals iu England bus given
a $100 medal to Mr. llarey, the Amer
ican horse tamer, in acknowledgement
of the humane tendencies of his system.
Stvttf.rino. A London pajicr says a
lady named Temple, who is well kaown ia
the fashionable regions of Iiclgravia, has
discovered a remedy for stuttering. It is '
simply the act of reading in a whisper, and
gradually augmenting the whisper to a
louder tone.
HOT Washington Irving disclaims the
authorship of Sweet Home, and now let no
further attempts be mado to rob the mem-
cry of John Howard Payne of this honor. '