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l)c rcgon Slrgus,
w, u om, am to nd raorsiK-roa.
SATUWUY, AUGUST 14, ISflS. Utawraryt
From the hogm Washington corrcsjioiid
rut of Caipkay'. orgun, to which we allu
ded hint week, wo clii the following:
" It I in ancient uias'm that ' li ) ill -1...1
that blowa nobody go-al,' which will prukibly p-
! In m... ..... 11 1. I- f . .. ' r
r l ......... vn. ii ic juu inay regret m onus-
un of the Hiiiim to concur in tin paaog of Ih
bill, jruu rn Consul yourself Umt Hi unlocked far
inuro win im some advantag to your delegate, In
can tli Hiii admitted ihs nni t.iun. It I
presumed her that (Jen. Un will b on of Ilia
U. 8. beiiator, and in lint ctx h will draw mle
g nd pay, amounting lu over $8,1100 perse on
bulli in ill capacity M l3e gile and Hcnaiur i ill
next session, (in cis yog io in llieu) making him
III eomfortibl liulesuni of abut MveuiMn thou
and dollar, a In pay and mileage for lit next
tbroa month t-aiou.''
4 Hero it in more tliun Intimated that Lane
wu the euusc of the fuilure of tlie Oregon
bill. Hut, initio true spirit of a 'sound
and reliable democrat ' tlio author thinks
thul as Jo Lunc will make ' the comfortable
little mini of seventeen thousand dollars' by
tho opcrution, tho people will of course be
'consoled for tho terrible losses they wi
exjxrience on account of being still hived
nj) In a Territory. There spake the soul of
a true Administration democrat! So tho
1 Union is saved' by stuffing tho leaders'
pockets with Government funds, all true
democrats must 'submit,' and 'console'
themselves thut the Union (democratic par
ty) is safe so long as the mouths of the
lenders are sloped with meat and bread,
so as to give them pluck to ' rally uround
tho Constitution' (Lecompton).
Of course, if Jo Lane who told us,
with tears In his eyes, 'God bless your
souls, the war debt will be paid by the first
democratic Congress should now take it
Into his head to stave oft" tho payment of
the same till he and his 'democratic brcth-1
ren in Congress who pocketed the proceeds
of the Fort Snclling swindle, should have
time to use their democratic funds in buy
ing up the 'war scrip' at prices that will
enable them to mako two or three millions
by tho operation, tho sound und reliable de
mocracy, as well as the 'nationals' who
helped elect Jo Lane, will 'console' them
selves that ' our distinguished Senator' has
pocketed tho funds, und 'saved the Union'
by his truly democratic 'coarse.'
The Times takes it in high dudgeon thnt
its master, whom it probably cxjiects to
mako a 'draw' on soon, should bo thus!
snapjicd at in so mungy a style, and returns
tlio bite thus:
report favorably, through its committees,
upon the awards of the commissioners but
of course the resiionsibilily rests njioii
'Mack republicans.' Thut same Ilcpubli-
llcau Congress In committee of the whole
recommended an appropriation of f 10,000
for completing tho road from Astoria to
Sulein, $3,000 for elerk hire in the Land
Office at Orcgou City, $0,000 for similar
fxiieiMf in other parts of the Territory,
130,000 for completing tho military road
from Jo Lane's farm to Cain) Stuart, $30,
000 for completing same from Cam) Stuart
to ScotUburg, with $500 for replenishing
tho Oregon Library, which was burnt prob
ably by some drunken employee of the de
mocracy. The same Congress also appro
priated $34,000 for Territorial government
expenses for Oregon, and yet Jo Lane, In a
sieeeh at Portland on his return, stated that
the reason he had not been ublo to get any
thing done for Oregon was, tho black re
publicans had a majority in Congress.
This snmo ' black republican' Congress op-
prnpriatcd foOO.OOO for an overland mail
to California, which was to ojicrato as an
opening wedge to the Facific Railroad, but
which has been defeated by sectional demo
cratic officials, who have diverted the road
from its natural course, through the ex
treme Southern route by El Faso, to ' suve
the Union.' After tho adjournment of
Congress, Czupkay's organ published the
following editorial item:
"No I!aii.od The Hotin passed no Pacific
Railroad bill. Senator Writer irot a orovision
through I he body granting half a million a year to
aecp up a senu-moiillily iniul between aoms no nt
on the Mississippi and riun Francisco, but th
llonne defeated it. Who f.vor communication
with the Pacific f Tho Democratic Senate, or the
lilack Hepubl can IIouw I"
We at the time met this falsehood, as
also thut circulated by Lane and Curry,
and jammed it into the teeth of these liars,
and, ulthough nearly two years huvo elaps
ed since, not one of them has ever npolo
gized to the peoplo for his mendacity.
Their silence is equaled onlv bv thnt of
Lane's mulatto since wo proved him guilty
oi eimrgmg the Pierce Administration with
bribery in passing the Nebraska bill.
This democratic Congress has killed the
Pacific- Railroad bill refused to pay the
war debt declined to admit Oregon tried
to force Kansas into the Union with a pro
slavery constitution spent nearly the whole
session in quarreling over niggerism
drained the U. S. Treasury, till a vacuum
is made that must be filled by twenty mill
ion .treasury notes and a twenty million
Or ho may be sent out to see how many
more blankets it will take to muko the
" nationul democracy" hero adopt tho plut
form of the nationals East In order to carry
tho election In 18(50 and " suve the Union."
The leuk of many a gallant ship has been
stopjicd by tho uso of blankets, which has
probably suggested tho idea of " saving tho
Union" ship by the same method.
Will tho Oregoniun give us what light
it has upon this blanket arrangement f
tir The election of T Vault as Spcukcr
of the House was a dreadful blow to tho
clique, as tho lenders had determined to
elect Harding. Jo Lane was also to have
been thrown overboard and Deady elected
In his pluce. When the secret caucus met,
and T' Vault got wind of their project, he
raved terribly told the unwashed if they
didu't nominate Lane ho would withdraw
with tho Lane men and unite with the
opposition, and give them a Senator for
helping to elect Lane. This brought the cuu-
cus to terms, and Lane was nomiuutcd, to
gether with Dcluzon. They afterward
held an open caucus inviting in spectators,
when the motions of nominating Lane and
Smith were gone through with just to
it ...
snow now Harmonious the purty was.
Judgo Wiliiums, just at this juncture of which
course, very shrewdly declined being a
candidutc. The Jacksonville Herald ech
oes the howl of rage made by the Salem
organ, and thus shows Its teeth at Lane's
spokesman who made tho committee
adopt the ratio of representation, und
who, by giving Lane a chance to make
that $17,000, shows thnt he holds the par
ty in the hollow of his hand:
Heaalar VIU aaa Ulsaaloa,
Ei'uf.nk City, July 81, 1858.
Ed. or Amies Dear Sir: It muy have
slimied your notice thut Dcluzon Smith sta
ted in a 4th July speech ho inudo In this
place in 1857 that Seuutor Wilson wrote
a tetter to the orcester disunion conven
tion ' more or less approving of the objects
of tho convention.' Tho sjicech was after
word published in the Portland Times, of
which you have perhaps a file. Now what
I want to know is whether It is truo thut
Senator Wilson, who is a prominent Re
publican, ever wrote such a letter. Will
you Inform your readers in relation to this
matter, ami also inrorm them whether the
Oregonian ever stated thnt Wilson was un
abolitionist f I do not take that paper
now, out i can naruiy iiciicve tnut It
would be guilty of such a false and silly
statement, although several Republicans
navo nsssurcu me tnut tney liutl seeu it in
tho Oregoniun. Light on these mutters
will oblige several of your subscrilicrs. who
are wanting to know the truth. Ono of
my neighbors: takes tho Orcironian. and ho
thinks it never contained this statement,
but was fabricated ly some of tho Sulein
clique to Injure the Oregonian among Re
publicans. Yours,
Our correspondent is informed thnt the
Oregonian of Muy 1st, 1858, did call Sen
ator Wilson an ' abolitionist,' as also Sena
tors Wade, Sumner, and Hale, a statement
our correspondent nronerlv culls
a i
'false and silly.' Ho is also correct in
what Dclazon stated in his Eugene city
speech, July 4th, 1857, as reported by him
self for the Times, which wo have on our
file. The statement was false in tolo, as
tho statements of this calumnious dema
gogue usually are. The disunion conven
tion was held in Worcester, Mass., Jan.
loth, 1857, and was composed of disunion
.1.1-. . m . .
w .v w. ,v ...ovauwu. we uiiny jeci to the top. Sever! 0
make from tho democratic wierHof Ore- who tried to Jump oft mWd therlifc
gun, that there ii a slight difference of It was very dark, and were drownl I'.l"
oi-lhlot, exbtitijr umonir tho edilonhu to in. h.....i . . "
" l ' MiMiii ijifiu! Mill.,! m
thu war debt. Tho ililTeri'iieo I an allodit ami mi. i.. u ... ., . ' ""lll Of
, " 7 : r r T" ,w O0" The aw
nowever, iimi wu nun, mere is a cnunco ago none Her wo cannot leum rw
for a " nisiou" on this as on other greut our Sun Francisco exchamni n . !7
ix.ttol.i.1 miwfuu.a ...! I.I , .. . "MUffl.
f" V1 vv.M.imm wu uiuneuiauiv -t i, . .
lieyo- for the passengers left bidilioi l...
r . m ' i . . ". mie
tin a 111 tvnf itaalil ain. I flta m,.iiau ll.A I I lilt it lnwl .L I.. '
..... .. -.j ,,u .ucuuy aueevcacu lu irettlmr
to Oregon In low than four mould after Congrra .,,,.,.1, . , . ., . . olulng to
onnveiiM." JQ iMiu t tail iMfek Vrtgtn
Iain proud of Oregon. llr mool ara or. I reached Hun Vrunc'iuui
urny, law-aiiming, pair one, Lnion-lnting pm.p!.
We (kind high her, and diwrv lo atimd liili.
io-morrow morning in comiii,tuo on Miliary
Airuir will luk up my war bill. tVe han tukm
much pain in preparing for Hi luecilng. W
will go in atrong. and, I hou will b .nm--f,il "
Lant'i Itlttr la Veluton Smith o Mirck 18.
Fnun a nritata IaMmp Imhi r .... u..
gleau the information that Orciron will unlv La uurilig low water. Is now nm.,l....
adlliitled durinff ilia nrijint h.'.... I ffj'
. .... r .i v i i i w
and lis further ray that our War l)ebt will be
provided for. ' Slandaid (toI dtm )
runcn, from which they had rtarU-d Uii
. pji many or th. l.j
A air. fiVl ti.
names of the drowned hud m.i . i.
learned. '
Tho i team flat bout U .
tho Jennie Clark, on.) l,i...,i.i 0
port her freight over the Clueki
fejr Friend Hocl, of Salem, will M
our particular thanks for the ,,WMvfiZ
"Oe Wa Dsw.-Noil.ln wa. effcni.J In I., .l" , ......... ' "mnJ '
Congre- lu behalf of the Or.go,T and Wellington . ' "K""nK W Interest, bt
nw vuiiiiiiiiH o oi uoiuier ijoua r I .. v. .i.m ujivii im.
poneti lavoruoiy Uwn It, or rejior el at all." I
xaptay i vrgan (ara.;
T A'ouli wi.. .'...i.J S....L.. .r .... tt
having received the nomination in tho Democnitlo uDout'"'sts of the sume politics, 80 far 08
caucu over u. r. Harding. We are informed by the
ported T'Vuult, and that llibben, of the Timei, inS democrats as Brooks, Kcitt, OtT,
made hinuelf parlicularly active in bringing about Tooiubs, Jeff. Davis, Brown and other fire-
th: dugraoc to the Lrgieldturc and to Uie coun- ,, .,, wi vi ...
try." eaters. Senator Wilson did write a letter
'Til Was Dkkt. It haabicn fullv
traled now, thnt what have often laij ia true.
... . i... j.i.. ii .. T
vi i . us war urm wouiu 1101 o puiii iior iirei;on
iiiimica ii you uimni ana luue could ureveul it.'
n . . f .t .. .
" Tub Wi Dkbt Tlinl proviion luu not k en
maa lor ine payment or the claim o juaily due
wie poopie oi mere lerrnoriea, no olume can vaml
blv allarh In Id. r .111... ..I. .1.1 '
v ... 1 1 . ii". 1110 rrr
dence i abundunt were uuweuried in their emliui.
von on Ih floor and in private lirclv of mem-
oeia, io nave una war debt not only properly au
knnwltdged and endoncd by t'ongrc, but paid."
Pioiuer $ Democrat (Kurd.)
" Tn Wi Deit. Cen. I.ane did get the
wur-oin meaauro pviore uiu lloiuui lu tlio ahupo
of an amendment, mid ho and (Jur. Sloven both
advocated it adoption in apeechr wh oil have been
printed and vircululed all over Uiegun." 7'imr
m. jwm. fW. .1. ... '
ar mo otunuuru has tho 1.1..1..
week. lu"
CtmtAi Auraici.'J'h, '
.f nt .1.. V V 'I:
t . ' on a rrport 1I..1 ..
Iluinc. ofteii.iv and dtf..i.. CT!
'" '..ween Ve.gua, 8 T
It ca, lo which Guateinul. ...J 11... ... "w V
ted U. becom. p.i, th.l tyTub
with rram bv which ih.i ?"",,e. rf ch U. . '.. .CT". ,h
8-tr., and that it U delrnniaed to fiE
.bl. of .11 , ,ra,i, umJfSt'T bune under Xicara-ua d rJTT,.
allow Dock and Kantiwrill. i. ""V'?'
.urge. id (q,,.n) bonM
o do me ori Hurnanan m,A. i
b. wonderful cure, it l, p,
i..pie of which ar. In ,w hand, f itaX
cle. The 1
Remember, thi. i. ,h. onl, totJZ
I.T..Mr..n , ,. . .. ee. Tli. It - iu.
' TT.ililtl' In nnn,.t.m..ri .!l, t. . 1 I V..UI.: ' T !...- . , . .
w u.ui. uj vviiv-tmi-u, nuu Bum leilU-I "'ii(jiwm ivrnuirii. reniuin unproviil
oui ii appear iiiui there h every robubil
an annronriulion will !. iinulu hv ('
- uxtiiiai . ... ,
il next eion." Jaeknmille Sentinel hard.) , Ver"' """"""m. p:n id Hit boon or jiu,
Oh. yes! urxt ttmon thev will of cot. Ii. dv-peia. ..n . .......
TTatilt and Hibben will yet make these to that conveution, but so far from 'more build the Pacific Railroad, admit Orciron. uf "ll'e,i, di."",r "ri,il,I fn" f
..1 1 . . .i . . .. I ni licu' aiii iniii. il. ...! . 1 .1
cuups uowi ior tneir temerity.
a no,... wiirr r ni y vrr.7,
ea lor: , :. ; - I ail, netuf.
ily that "' " .''. , lu...or...,upUa.rfi,
A. '. rjaiprl.. chronic nr. Z. "?
J -t nii'jwrn
or less' endiirsiiior ito viou'u niol nl!,..a i. .i .1 1 . . . . .'
g . v..j.un, uu uim jwy uiu war tieoi. 11 mey snoiiiu naH
most nnequivoeully condemned both, as pen to bo very busy in 'fnving t'ie
tho following extract which wo make from Union' ' next session,' as they probably will,
his letter shows: we ,nUst 'submit' und 'iwnV m.nlvr.
1 nave no Bvmnathv for. nnr ran I nm-. .mi 11...1 v 1 . t. .1 ....
..:...:...' ' ; j iiiui tfU nil IIUCKCICU l .UOU. 1 iCI"e
nec, and a faith
" Acmct'LTUR.ti.." AVc have received un
der the official frank of the U. S. Patent
Office, in an envehijie stauijicd " Agricultu
ral," the Washington Union, containing an connection with, any movement which contem- .. .. rolhlHU "
tho " Democratic triumph" in tlZfA! 'f.- ? !'. h'"g d"k,'y Mt:i':
UIT.U11111, ui hid ifcmocratic triumpir in
the late Washington City municipal election.
We suppose tho Union is called an "Agri
cultural" work from tho fact that it treats
principally npon dirt and dirt-eating.
A miner Unit clmol-lim a n.,..,
l l vui w xytintr . . - , ..w.ii. uiu. xj. v. . iiAiiuuii ui I;
cratic trium.h" brought about by tho votes 'U ,"un,n" W n moc-raey, to Julneg . x;ltoa -u M
the head and the logic of the heart teach mo to
regara all audi movement either in tho .North or
ine ooutn a crime ag.iiut Liberty.
e call Senator Wilson's particular at
tention to the calumny of this political Ju
das, who has been enabled, through the stol-
K-E-X-T .S-E-8-S-I-0-.N
thut readies into flip
for a democrat. X
3r Judge McFiuten is niijioiiitcd Chief
Justiee of Washington Territory; Win,
Strong and E. C. Fitzhugh arc nssociatea
"The mwerublo cnliimnv thnt C. Ail. T HttM 1
not desir the .dm won U ailly and irntlioiuil in
exact ratio with the buaenca of the declaration
111 Met that den. Luiio could be induce.
irom pecuniary penonal couaiderutiona to thiu
pauor witu tin cuualitueiit, it false and absurd
mat was a snap at tho flunks of the
Doctor's agent that must have left a bleed
ing wound. After this stunning rebuke for
pitching into a democrat, tho faithful span
iei, iuivo 10 tne interests of 'our party,
and keen on tho scent of 'niggers,' thus
points his noso in tho direction of game
more proper to bo ' bagged' by those whose
business it is to divert public attention from
democratic Reynards who are nosing about
in the people's pockets for crumbs of bread
and cheese:
" The bill had piiawd the Senate by a decided
All overwhelming majority j it had boon read twice
ni in iionse and then coiwigntd to tho committee
on Territoriea, beneuth Ilia weight of amendment
in inr imiiiro oi a mibslituto, which, if adopted,
would have wilt it whimling back into the Sennte,
It wu n nullatone hung about I ho neck of Die
nienaure and o, at tho olliciou and intermeddling
prompting of a negro wonhiper, it win cant into
me ru oi uongrewioiiui dinpute and contention.
W have, we own, a world of curiosity to eirn
what thi abolition iibatiiule could hove proposed.
hy Hingham, of Ohio, Uid.liiiKa, or any other
irazy lunauu irom unit state of idololrou lunatic
should b imbued with interest enough in the
white op!e of Orcgou to trouble li'nuk-lf with the
druft of any instrument relating to thi country,
n. . .cuii.iv, i. wnai paaie our comprehension.
Th act, however, il seems, proved quite equal to
tho petty ambition of Air. Jiinxham, M, C. Jle
ana in iik ar weleome to the glory and the
namo oi a deed Inch unnecessarily and wan
tonly delay our admission until tho next session
of Congress."
There is another admirable snap nt a
black republican' us the cause of the whole
hiischicf. Will Czupkay's agent take the
hint, and raise tlio howl at tho ' poor crazy
fanatic Bingham of Ohio' as tho villain who
ns nn agent for tho ' black republicans,' has
by his temerity defeated the passage of the
wills for the admission of Oregon and the
payment of tho war debt, besides coming
wen nigh imstin tho Unron nil to smash,'
and ' playin hob generally,' besides making
iiars oi jo hnne and all the democratic ed
uors, n no solemnly promised us that ' when
we pet a majority of democrats in Congress
ine war aeot tall be paid.'
m.r. f t
x ma wrcgon 0111 was or course twice read
by a democratic Congress, and then referred
to a democratic committee, who never re
ported the bill buck, because the fanatic
Bingham had so mesmerized the democrats
that they were compelled to 'adopt
amendment' proposed by this 'crazy liing.
nam, which would have 4 sent it whistling
back into the Senate.' All of the ' Union-
saving" democracy will now see at a glance
that the democratic party is not resjwnsible
for these miscarriages, but the ' black re
When, nt the suggestion of Seward, the
word 'pay' was stricken out of the bill
creating our war commission, nil the loco
foeo editors hcTc, we believe, plunged their
teeth into Seward's calves, and even the
Advocate editor sounded with his tusks the
depth of the wonnd-ma;v Sevan! re
tponsible for the action a democratic
Senate. What is colled the RepnUican
Congress' created the war commission: ami
bow a democratic Congrtu refuses even to '
.. " ' . ' ' l.nillld.l.,.l.l,l..l! " ...
loan : and finally adjourned, covered all ot five hundred clerks in the employ of the f " ST " uuu um turcnss ,n' General.
over with democratic glory for having Government, who were, contrary to all for- 7 , u,""f u UI su For Oregon, Judge Williams is re.'ip-
i i . it . . . .... riots and lirnfcamnn as W U o,l . . 6 ' b " "U'
saveu mc w mon winie iiuigliaiu ot Oliio mer custom, compelled by tho Adininistra- T,.t . , . . ' " uuc- pointed Chief Justice: R. P. Boise Asso-
has fairly saddled the responsibility of these tion to votc-aud tho votes of nioro thun ' . " mn7 men ciuto jtko. John Adair (sort a soft
mighty achievements upon tho ' black re- as many more employees upon the Govern- f " "'I'.UU,L... ln PU1J1IC est'- dem.) is reHpnointed Collector nt Ast.iriu
.. .. . . i i iihit nn H.dur ir wi i .imn :j. ...i i
puiiiicnns' (all excepting 'saving the Un- nient works, who were threatened by this , 7 ' ' v uunu 10 ""tn- ;
snmo TTninn lu.fnm .,!..: ...:i. . c,c lulB o'oaiea cuiummator and rotten "HI- miunns us unit
... mivm m vitlivu n 1111 H Ulo- I t .. . . I 1 ,
charge and a consequent loss of the bread oSffU5 11118 1,18 sllmy cnrcass in the b, P , ' Mm by Mt'
that fed their families if thev failed to vote SeDate Chamr as a representative of Or- Anderson, who keeps the chair factory in
the democratic ticket; a paper which justi- CgD "ltc'rC8t8 a"d KBm c''eter.
fied tho Lecompton policy conceived in sin, Telling Tales oit of School. The
ion' that belongs to the glorious democ
The Record.
The organs of black democracy here, in
their effort to mako some excuse for the
elinnnn in 1 1 1 1 .1 I 1 . m . - ...
failure of the Oregon bill, ore endeavoring ! '7 ' 1 "n"ff""ra Dy r-rrcsIlonut,lt 01 " Jacksonville Herald
. . .1-1 . ..... . 0 t"0 tiesarciin" operation of neriurv and (hardl in writinn- from Knhm, ,i! !,
i 4 1 o - H" uuiiuu mc;
1.1 1 nn ... Iw . . 0
to cast tho blame upon tho ' Opposition.'
Now that is a credible story to tell, but
answers the purpose with their readers just
as well as the truth. The vote in tho Sen
ate upon Dottglus's proposition to 'post
pone ull prior orders and proceed to the
consideration of the bill for the admission
of Oregon into tho Union,' wus as follows
Administration democrats in itulic Oiv-
pos.tion 111 romnn.j
ballot box stuffing might possibly pass as July session of the Legislature, in speaking
an " agricultural" work, and tho dirt-eaters of the claims urged qy the Senatorial can
who patronize it may hereafter flatter them- didates, about two hundred of whom camp
selves that they belong to tho agricultural to Salem, some on steamers, some on horse-
irnteruity. back, nnd some nn fimt .nr..
I ' "J JO
Does tho "Oregon Farmer" exchamre " Oue or two candidates from Tillamook exneel
will this "agricultural" work 1 to go In on clams and cider, having packed the
....... .v. ... .uvuiitaiiM, ann trust iney will get
n- , T 1 i"i wi uio uiour. jb ino weulher ia
W HITEAKER 8 I.VAl'Cl'lUL. Vi e flip the warm, they will certainly go in' on the strength
the suburbs of tenterville, where Mr. Curt
wright killed tho bears last summer. The
panther made an attack upon Mr. A.'s hogs
in open day, but was treed by the dogs
..... i rm ... . .
mm biiui. mose varmints' must give
way to the Centerville improvements, whieh
are fast encroaching upon their domin
ionsjust as locofocoisin recedes before the
light of science,
Arrival of the Nan.
The steamer Columbia reached Portland
last Wednesday night, bringing dates from
New York to J uly Oth, From our express
matter, politely furnished by Dr. Steele,
agent of Wells, Fargo & Co., wo gather
our news.
Late from Salt Lake. Tho Salt Lake
mn!f 1, 1 "xl. i
blockhead- Ju:, -EET . T 1" :i 8ure .Vttnel:' lWKma Wlln BCVt,ral poMcngcrs,
Simmons, Stuart, Sumner, Wade, and Wil- It was probably written for him by the ,l,em- mK'hed rluccrv,lle AuS- 2d. The running
oh oo w .vf iii . ..... I "Unfi ami idntfl iiimfa w th . mnn vrna txvuivn Hnva nA 1. r.
vj wtiica are nara aemo- same member oi the eUouc who wrote tho im. n,.i7 rTi- Z j-OUng - .m.vjo uu m. uuuib uuiu
i w wnu luiBiiiir. Hiin nnniiin. u.ik i t I. . i .t
i i ' . . 01 " " ouil ijuku yiiv. nnn i n fntitrnntM mi
rto " . "T .
following lucid nassatre from Oov. Whiton. of lUme clam' ,nJ ,he l"l will b lust
YEAs-Messrs. Bell, Brroderick, Cum- kcr's Inaugnral. It is a fair sample of the ITrt,. candid... ceneroHv r...,
Chandler, Clark, CoIIumcr, Dixon, whole. The boy ten venrs nf nn-n (hot ?U'DB "ud f disposed to do what 19 rii?ht, ISfiv-
Doohttie, Douglas, Feswndcn, Foot, Fos- would indite as senseless and unmeaning a w;
ter, truiin, lliilc, Hamlin, Harlan, Hons- paragraph for a composition, oiurht to be ,fwhll,ky- I m rather favorably iinpreswd wiih
l T. t" ir. tO tia havaI nniniI,n..l.i ...I.UL .:n
ton, joncs, jviug, nice, Hcwnrd, Shields, set on the dunce-block for a
son 28.
Nays Messrs. Allen, Banard, Benja
mm, liiyler, Bright, Brown, Clay, I ling-
man, Crittenden, Davis, Fihpa trick, Green,
Hammond, Hunter, Jefferson, Johnson f
' Gardner Memorial'
" The transition from a Territorial
that of a State sovereignty is alwavs attemlnl wiih
hum e or it-ss uiwraer anil uoluv. but whnn u-. .,n.
idor the changes thut Oregon ha passed tliroueh
the DeODlfl. whfn hill a! J -.'.J
r T .."..v.u, viyiiuil-u aim
ccessrully maintained a nroriaional .inm..i
which government wo auperceded by an organic
aiin..ur..n.t 1 , .. .
At ti . .. . .... -' u..mwuKu u piurisionai government.
V .-" ivuiiaui. uuuiiu. i Kuiviiiiiicu. ru superceded ov an orff;
r .. . . ... ...i n. i - . . - .
ry, jwisnn, j'earce. Folk. Sebastian. SR. -"" ." """ " our nr uovern-
,., T. T . i ii ur i. . tr . ' e"r" -"su" auuoniiiioaaiea tnemselves lo
n, j toij, .i illinium, n rigni, ana xu-
Ice 23.
several barrels of Inirer hear. Thi. , n
you a quite an original mode of doini the 'clean tnc Sacramento Union, declare their nbilitv
llllntr ' anj it it ....II J...- . . .....
tho em TwUI belnangnS" Zil 2 l m S'X ' !f th GVCr"'
far, it excites my liveliest admiration, and enable mcnt Will pay them for the extra trouble,
. U...L .ft.'
termed '
the government and to his authority nn.t
Three of whom were of the Oi ",,cy dec,T 'L1 nra ready ut wthor
position, while twenty-fwc were Admiuis- Li'
trution democrats. EST Tlie California nress is noHno- f.m
i i - --r i
cootpocket. Even now candidate are not innpilv M5011 ranciSC0 Globe:
termed ' battl hn).lra ... il,. I e ' mi .
- s""ure. me news is oi some importance. Mr.
Vi o hear that tho ' hazlo nut' candidate Siinonton says there is a growing discontent
was elected, while the ' lager beer' taken up amon tlle masses ot the Mormons against
from Portland by Hibben secured Jo his mcn" and,more particularly has
mercury pain in ih. iuJ '
debihtt , j.u.idie and eosliveneM.
" i1! VJT'.'Jf.K! up'" qMrtUui.
.inn . IT III K, Sul, Agnt;
Da. A. II. STt-hLK, Agent, 0g, City.
In hi. cly. Ang. 13, by A. HMnuk, Al.vof,
Mr. Cimim-iAM h .kok.ick Voxntitm t, M
aiar Lqi.a Kleink, M f Clmaamueoiialy.
Extra Notice.
WE WISH to Inform all wh are InottrM
tu n thai on the lu-ru dav orffirriima
nkxt we ilmll clow our book and iraoaol, .ad
oiiil the credit iui.nett tntit'f Vt S.U r.
lain our book, and paneni for uu. monih n ik.
purpoM of collection afier which tim ill e
counis not muled will ba k ft with some officn ht
We hone one and sit will nm r...j ..j
close up Iheir aecouula with cash or such Drodie.
a wa usually Uks at th markul ratM. or ni.k.
sulifa.-ory selllriiKnis with lis.
Oregon City, jiig. 14, 1858.
Paper Banrinrs.
iyr t w u IT, ji t received, and for sal. by
Znfbrmation Wanted.
24 yean, who left home about lour amiiha
ago, and ha not bicn heard from since. I will
reward any one who will give me lufwtnatiea f
lua wheraaboula. I livu iu the French Prairi. 4
mile from Fairfield.
Aug. 14, '00. ANTOIXB DVRNOFF.i.
Baptist Books.
WE EXPECT by nel mail steamer aqnsa.
tit V of the Amrr can Baoliat Publieali.
Socii-ty1 Book, coiuisting of Fuller' Wb,
Bun) uu's do., Th Psalmist, pockvl, pew, nd pat
pit a:xr, and a variety of other works.
W. will slule ih.l we intend lo keen a com.
plele assortment of tlie Soviet)' book. Order
for single book, or bv ih quantity, will
promptly filled. Chun-he and bbrarie furnished
at die lowest price.
K. L IlKAULt I A c.
Oregon City. Aug. 7, 1853.
Poetical Works,
A FINE assortment, just reooifed by
their faith been weakened
Brigham Young's numerot
- . i i 1
Of those who shirked tho responsibility at Gov. Whiteuker. The Sacramento UiT 19- We learn that th f A iJ.'M?1 nnd, f?!
of voting, were Messrs. Bates, Fitch, Hen. ion publishes what its correspondent iSj. nee, the business of whieh is entinTv L ... tuZTiT ..-S?' ih.7
derson, Pugh, Jleid, Thompson of Ky., M., of Salem, assures it is a true yfpy of Mrs. Durham, is a model of good order and and see that his sayings are not all from
and Thompson of N. .Tonly one of Whitenker's message. Among tjitf demo- regularity. We hear no complaints from IIeavcn-
which belonged to the Opposition. Vice- cratic gems in it, we quote the Mowing: that office, as from many others which ore !CaVe 08 800n 88 the prescnt
President Breckinridge gave the casting ''It i worthy of note while the of Or- nnder the misncmpnt nf W.i. xr Et2L U h"8 .1lccn .rderPd
vote in favor of tho i.rrmnsif ! n Z we" prcp-nnr tto organization, the n n n . . . wuuuguuui, iub icrruory, mat nerealtcr the
Miio in rnvor oi tne proposition, and so got Government of the irniij s.,,f- . L..j D.. like all intel he-cnt Iiul p a i,,..i, Tt Rlinn nn nn .; .
the bill before tho Senate by voting with 'Zl-i' ,.h,,ct, f Terri' puWican, and we have no doubt it is ow- 0Ter ihe" m except it is purely ea l-si-
ing to her influence that the majority of the fu , an? rcferriD? .t0 the government of
in n, ti ... tneir church as a relierious denomination.
tory, while framing for itself Constitution pre-
j -. ..ii"un iuiv uio union. ' - -
urt gon is probably one of the most attractin
the Republicans,
The mendacity of these lvinir locofoco
journals is equaled only by the stupidity ItlXgSX'tt
i(,iraiwg ui mujc ho are uuposeu ,uur'uua v""uiie, wen aaapied to to production of
upon bv them ' nu n oi tne ether grain, com-
! j ........ inon to th ITnil.J Stn.n."
What Do, it Mux f Wa hav. nriraie r- J-M- (at ATalone) at the close of
vice, rrom W ashington City that a commissioner the inaugural, SBVS
ha. been, or will be appointed by the Secretary of
.us .inriiur, wno win won come out to Uregon to
...vcnigaie uie aisuursement. and claim, of the
inuian department of Onsroo and Washinirton
" Ha. there been awindlino- or ttnanmn k.
tho Indian agent, here, that thi. unntnai course
should be adopted f or doe Mr. Buchanan sus
pect nis superintendent aud agenta to be incompe-
" The above is a cony of the Governor's In.nJ!
ral in full, orthography and ll Me orthographical
beautie being underlined by your correspondent
uuno.vr, II JI1.T DO nrODer lo rmi-b thm .1..
aocumeni 1 said 10 be the production of our mem-
oer eieci 01 in wauoral Longre, L. F. Grover.
Whether the orthocraphv is his or nn v.r
pondent ayeth not, a th document from which
1 nave oopjea may nave been cop ed from the or-
(N OltlCC if 8
't! i'ir
We are inclined to think that the " Vm W seen that we guessed well when
agent" is scut wit to look alter the con- wc sta,cd t,mt the '"angural was probably
dition or the "poor Indian,'' and see whe- wnnen "7 ttle same person who wrote the
ther the "appropriations'' In the way of Gardner Memorial. Oregon will always
" blankets" and money have been so ex- a ' P00' country abroad' as long as we
pended as to make him as comfortable un- continue to elect such asses to office.
der the circumstances as possible. Thns
" Touchers" in the way of receijite for gov- The 0re8)n Farmer is printeJ at
ernmeut property, may need a little looking """omce. mat will be no detri-into-ueh,
for instance, as the receijite for m"t to lt' PTOTiUed th" publishers are care
Mackinaw .!ml Tn.i.i t.. ful ,0 n colored "excerpts" riwn
. r umuMw signeu itxiuy jen
and " Chiekopee,', with the Ixird only
knows how many more of tie same sort.
into it.
. v 11 , . . u.c .iiui,i .-jiiiH 1 1 ? .1 ' . .
WhtfiLn, . ."lignum loung was making arrange-
What few hards' there are, are scarcely able mcnU secretly to flee from the city, to es-
to read a paper, much less to keep a post of- cpe arrest by the authorities on the charge
fice. When we get to be Postal Agent under of treason n"d also as a polygamist.
a Republican Administration, Mrs Dur- Jhe troops were yet in Cedar Valley,
ham shall have charge of tho Portland oost fi.
-,ir ... . 7. Hui,n iiicic. J.11C lUlullKtT COm-
oRice if she wonta jt. nanies. numberimr thr. h.,nd.H anA df
' - . . , Scn' 5nd takcn "P their Iine of march for
nccu uj ur. v ceo s oo j; ort lx-avenworth, there to be discharged,
O. A. dt ADA M. WSXS,
FFER their professional services lo th citi
zen of SALEM nd vicinity.
They will practice the llyno-Medical (bells'
known aa H dronathio) evstem. bvlieviDf al
drugs to be not only unnecessary in th sawrahjl
treatment of diseases, but injurious loth wosu
tution of tho patient, and relying eulirelj gasa
iiygemc appiiancr.
Special attention will be given t Osrrrrsici,
and those discuses peculiar lo women nd childrt.
by Mrs. Wkid. al a dislauc ImlM
upon reasonable terms.
Rai!.NCM: Ore. R. T. Trail and 0. .
May, of New York city; Dr. O. M. Boar,!
San Francisco.
CrBca-CiTT Dook Sto, Saieni, Onf.
August 7, 1808. . 17
vertisement that we have a hvrlrnnnth.v
physician in Oregon, at last. The Dr.
and his wife are graduates of Dr. Trail's
school in X cw York city, and Mr. Hoel of
balera writes us that Dr. W. has hod good
Harney had not arrived when the mail
Tlie party had not the least difficulty
mo luuimis un me route.
Gov. Cummins- has issued his nroclam-
tion offering full and free pardon to all who
success so far as he has known of his prac- wi" "mit to the federal authorities, for
nee. mere are many old chronic com- ?" l"e BCW connected or growing out of the
plaints still bafflinz the skill nf .11 w iule u"HCU,l7 ln V tan.
piiysictans, wmcn we hope Dr. AV. will be
able to cure. The physicians of his school
have performed wonders with that kind of
cases hast.
There is no gold news yet.
t5T The steamer Oregon, with two hun
dred passengers on board, on her way up
Ang. 2d, ran into the shore in the night at
Point Iteyes, about 15 miles north of San
Francisco Bay. When she struck the sol
id rock she made such a crashing that some
thirty or forty passengers jumed off thro
FllDftr. nruin a!n, ot .! f f, .1
r Judge Canfield has onr thanks (or bn rfl trtA Vdtni1 Anil Bitiiuuunj1 !. ilStnK!n
v v' lwnaD I -P an almost perpendicular rock bluff, some !
- C W. Bryant, Esq.. win aocr-nt
a printer's thanks for a contribution of wild
l. HOLLAND. t. WT-
HAVE just opened a now and tpfcM
ment of GOODS
At the Old Stand of F. S. tr A. Rol!d,
ODOosite Geo. Ahernethv's brick (ton, wbrtaT
can be fouud at all limes redy to wil on
er. They ara now permanently lc.". "J
hop by strict allentioo lo bain m"'
ral share of p&tromg. ...
Their stock in pari consist of Ih Mowing ar
ticle: Gingham, lawns. delane, rat'"?
flannel, alpaca, b!eched domestic, wool pi")
damask silk dres good, hosiery,
check do., hickory do., over h under do, "
shoe of nil kind 4 wan, shawl, nce7,
satinets, b!k, brown A whit lima (bread,
noo cotton, ribbon, artificial flowr, f- ,
Isu, Kast Boston syrup, Califonn ! T
op, ugar'of all kinds, tobacco, coffee,
salt, caudle, and a thousand other thing, """j
miroustoment on, ill of which lh 'a "
low a any other bouse in Oregon City. .
II pay cash or goods lorsn
thing the farmers
III imy ui www .
duce,.uch as butter, egg, chicken. r "Vi
inner have to e a. I ntr
Iik trying. So gir them a tnL .,
Oregon City, Aug. 7, 1858.
' . . arV tH
ASH paid for LAUD WAKM'-2-
k DAT-
Yamhill ram for Sal.
UA at
I OFFER a be.utirul farm
cre in Yamhill eoaaty tor av- I
Good bailding oa tb piwnae M a TjTjJr
tie land nndor fence. Tb V .
Jt lo b on tt th ot dhghtfl M"
th. eoonlry. For iwrticBlar ijr mZ.
of lb Argaf, wlr i abl U giv "eW7
formslk-a. (July Jt, 18M-lwtJ