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tljc rcgou SVrgus.
8ATURDAV, MAY 15, 1858.
lute Ticket
res asrinsxTSTivi to oinhiim,
J. R. McBuidk, of YamLilL
John Dexy, of Mnriuii.
E. L Ari'LKUATE, of Uinpqua.
rot itat printer,
D. W. Ckaio, of Clacknmiw.
Ftr JuJgt Supreme Court, 3d District,
J. D. Condom, of Linn.
Fat Pro: Attorney,
G. L. Woods, of Yamhill.
The nationals have made their appoint
mntt for public speaking io lliie county.
The Republican candidates will bo along
with ibem, and probably the bushitci alio.
Tie appointments are at follows:
New School-house near Vincent's (Lower
Molalli). Tuesday, May 25; Alvii Wil
Hams', Wednesday, !20tb ', Upper Molalla
School I borne, Thursday, 27th; Arm
priest's Scbool-houso, Friday, 29ih; Mat
toon 'a, Saturday, 20th; Joseph Young.,
Monday, 3 1st ; Union School home (Rock
Creek), Tueiday, June 1st; Milwaukie,
Wednesday, 2d; Oregon City, Thursday,
3d ; near Nathaniel Robbiot' (at place of
voting), Friday, 4th.
We hope that everybody will be on lie
ground, aud hrar the discussions.
T Corretpoaacal.
"Crack" of Wascopum is declined,
you wikb to defeat Mr. Wait's election
through our paper, you must attack bit
principles. With personalities we have
nothing to do. Such expressions as "
moccasin water puppy glance peering from
under bis cap," &c, are decidedly low, and
besides tbey are not original we recollect
to bave seen precisely the same words ap
plied lo Mr. Wait by the Democratic papers
fow years ago when ho was opposed
the Salem clique. The Argus is not a
medium for retailing second handed demo.
cratic thunder.
C, of Lion county, is informed that the
State Central Republican Committee will
not withdraw the name of a single candidate
on the State ticket, if any one decline,
lie will, like Mr. Holmes, do it entirely on
his own personal responsibility. The evi
deace grows stronger every day that Re
publicans everywhere are determined to
sink or swim on the Republican platform,
If our candidates bad thoroughly canvassed
the Territory, we should have stood a fair
chance lo have elected a portion of the
7 There in an erroneous impression
eul in regard to Mr. Hurliiigame'a with
drawing from the Republican ticket. Mr,
Ilurlingamo iuforms lis thut he had inten
lied to withdraw, aud let Mr. Post take the
chance of election, ns he had understood
Mr. Post was a Republican, but upon con
versing with Mr, P., end finding that b
endorsed Buchanan's Lecompion policy, he
at once determined not to withdraw.
J3T Czapkay's organ makes great com
plaint of the manner iu w hich the nationals
are conducting the campaign. It com
plains because the nationals were cheered
while speaking, and many vociferous dem
nitrations of approval were made by the
crowd ; whereas, when the bushite candi
dates commenced, the people wouldn't stay
to hear. A painted caricature of the
busbite candidates was nailed to the wall at
Eugene City while O'Mcara was speaking,
which caused great enthusiasm among the
nationals, but made the pin feathers of the
bushttes droop considerably. The hard
down this way aro gelling so sick that
there Is an evident disposition to disclaim
all friendship for their candidate for Slate
t3T The Times argues that because
(he Washington county Republican con
vention requested the Standard to publish
their procerdings, therefore, the Standard
is considered a " black republican paper."
lhe Salem Republican Convention ordered
their proceedings olRred to the Times:
nd these, together with the procccdingsof
the Linn county Republican convention,
were sent to the clique organ at Salem.
Does this fact prove that the Republicans
look upon the Times and Czapkay's organ
as Republican papers! Any man who
knows enough to know "just how thick a
negro' skull is," ought to know better.
, If Lane's scribe evinces much more stu
pidity, we shall withdraw our recommend
ation of him to that Vancouver colony.
The colored folks want better legic than
The I'ngei Sound papers give ac
counts of vast numbers of miners from Cal
ifornia and Oregon who are constantly ar
riving en ronie ior rue rraziere river
mines. Those who have come io from the
nines represent the miners lo b making
from $8 to 12 a day. There is no relia
ble news as yet from these mines that
would justify Oregouians in (saving borne
just al present. The Tioneer ds Democrat
advises all lo defer tbeir mining schemes
for at least three months by that lima
the waters will be down, the trail opened,
and reliable newt reach them as to the
Tba steamer Columbia, with ihe V. 8.
mail, reached Portland lal Monday. We
are indebted to Dr. Steele, agent of Wells,
Fargo & Co , for favors.
The Senate passed the Lscompton bill, ad
milling Ksnsas imder the bogus consiitu
lion in defiance of the will of the people of
Kantas on the 23d of March by a vote of
33lo 23. Douglas, Drodcrick, Stuart, and
I'ugh were the only democrats who voted
with the Republicans, while Crittenden and
Dell were the only Southern men.
Mr. Crittenden first offered a lubstilute
for the whole bill, providing that the Le
comptoo Constitution be submitted to the
people ; if accepted, Kansas should be ad'
milted as a State, by proclamation of (be
President; if rejected, a New Convention
should be called. This substitute was re
jectrd by yeas 24, nays 31, Mr. Kennedy,
of Maryland, voting for it. The Kansas
Dill, admitting Kansas into the Union with
the Lecompion Constitution, was then put
to th vote.
On the first of April the constitution was
offered in the House, when Mr. Montgnnv
ery (dem ) of Penny 1 vania offered a substi
lute io substanco the same as Mr. Critten
den's, and also making provisions fur a fair
vote and punishing frauds severely. The
Montgomery substitute was adopted by a
vote of 120 to 112. For the substitute
were 02 Republicans, 22 Democrats, and
0 Americans. Against it were 104 domo
crats and 8 American. The House then
adjourned. The Senate pawed a resolu
lion on the 2d April to disagree with the
LITorls long and violent will yet be
made, by the Administration to get the
(louse to recede from ita position, and
many democrats are prophesying that
enough democrats will yet be induced in
the House to change tbeir vote, to carry
Lecompton. We think not, though a good
deal more such bribery as thai of Burns
will no doubt be resorted to,
Buchanan is said to fairly ''gum it
with rage. The Southern fire-eaters, in
stead of dissolving- the Union, as they
threatened to do, are as quiet as whipped
Well, with ademoora'.ic Administration
and a democratic Congress, Republican
principles have triumphed.
03" Judge Douglas presented the Oro
gon Constitution in the Senate, March 31st.
It was referred to the Committee on Terri
tories, and Ihe prospects in fnvor of our
early admission are better than they were a
short lime sines though what opposition
may yet be made, it is hard to tell. Our
private opinion is that the constitution will
bo accep'ed.
Dow Ss Tbey bo.
The town elections in California have
resulted disastrously lo the black democracy.
Sacramento, the stronghold of negro-drivers
and drivenniggers, bas elected the
people's reform ticket over the "regular
democratic" ticket by 1800 majority out of
less than 0000 votes polled.
In Oroville, the whole people's ticket was
Iccted- In Benicia, a mixed ticket, com
posed of Democrats, Republicans, and Am
ericans, was elected. The Republicans
elected their Mayor. The vote generally
shows a tremendous falling off from the
corrupt democracy, and a disposition
among the people la vote just as tbey
please. Ihe democratic papers are howl
ing with rnge, and making nearly as much
fuss about traitors, bolters, disorganize.
and black republican allies, as the poor,
miserable party whippers in are making in
The Pcnnsylvnnian, Buchanan's home
organ, says the Democratic party is dead,
and we aro glad to see the rank and fllo tak
ing the hint. Like the old Whig party, it
may be said to have pretty much stopped
breaihing and a few more desperate kick
will close its labors of fraud, ballot box
slutting, and rascality generally. A better
era is beginning to dawn, and the country
will yet come out from under the dark
cloud that has already too long been hang-
ng over it.
(r The slave Archy has been liberated
in Sun Francisco on the ground that bis
master bad forfeited bis claim to him by
bringing him to California and hiring him
out, instead of merely passing on business
through Ihe Slate with his chattel.
Archy's joy al the decision is said to have
been unbounded. He declared that he
would dio before he would co back lo
The Mormons.
Nothing new has reached us from Utah
of much interest. The Department at
Washington has received dispatches from
Col. Johnston of such a nature that it was
thought best not lo make them public. Tbo
Mormons are building a fort about 100
miles north of Salt Lake City, which in
duces the belief that they intend to evacu-
ate Utah this summer and remove to a
place in the Britiah Possessions already se
lected by Brigham.
83" The Oregon Statesman, published
in Salem, is denominated by its opponents
as Czapkay'a organ. The Doctor ought
lo feel flattered at having such an able ex
ponent, perhaps, in h humane (.') labors!
Siskiyou (Cal) Chronicle.
Tbe Doctor may rest assured ihat bis
cause will net suffer in the bands of his
alio exponent," who has lately canvassed
much of tbe Territory, hunting up de
crepit drmovrefi."
What ta Up f We are informed that
Dr. Henrv made- a speech in favor of Re.
publican arid Nation-wool fusion al Or-
egon Ciiv lat week, in which he charac-
terized Mr. O'Meara as a " mere political
adventurer from California, without family,
slake, or permanency in the country ;" and
declared that ho would not vote fur him,
and that be had no claims upon Or-
egnnians. Ciapkoy ' Organ.
Th.i ! a .np.-i.nnn ,,f 1 1,. Ms-hond.
.hi. -Li.-h this n.ner !. liler.llr ,
ui. sacnr; i.i mor 01 .union io oicoi u.e
national ticket, and at the same time de-
Pouncing O'Meara as "a mere poliiical ad.
-.....,.. from rviifnrni. nV!.rin.,
' e
that be "would not vote fo him W,
iiiouitiu- w. in. w..laui ma uociurs
speech, and we heard him make no allu
sion to O'Meara in any way, shape, or
manner, neither did he say one word in fa
vor of fusion.
OCT Mr. O'Meara and Esq. Wait address
ed our citizens last Tuesday, as represents
tivesoftholwo wings of the buzzard, W
were not able lo attend, but hear '.heir
speeches well spoken of by their respective
OCT The Stand ird suggests the idea
that the funds which the clique is offering
to bet on the election are Indian moneys or
those dimes received at the sale of govern
meat property, which wo believe has not
Vet been accounted fur.
(ttr S. J. McCormick. of iho Franklin
Book Store. Pnriln.d. ha. reiurn.d fr(im
the Stales with a splendid assortment of ar
ticles in his line. If McCormick's estab
lishment keeps on growing, it will rival J
W. Sullivan's.
(Kr Tw0 weeks ago yesterday ihe Port-
land Fire Companies brought up the Or-
egonCity engine, which had been sent bo-
low for repairs. The company made an
imposing appearance as they paraded up
and down our streets. The example of
this company will probably stimulate our
citizens to organize a similar one here.
Speeches were made lo the " boys" bv
E. Wait and W.C. Johnson, Esqs.
Through an oversight we failed to notice
this item hist Wet k.
OCT G. 11. of Linn county is informed
that the author of the article in the Argus
respecting the exhibition in the Union
Point School on New Year's day, is a
young man who has frequently written for
this paper from the South. He has no
family and no permanent locntiou that we
know of, but, happening to attend the ex
hibition, felt enough interest in the exer
cises to give us an account of it, just as
a sensible- man of course wnuld.
ssfclngton t'.o, Rrpubltcaa Coavewlton.
The proceedings of the Republican con
vention of Washington county of last Sal
rJaf came lo hand too late for entire pub
lication this week. The following- ticket
was nominated :
Senator, f.,r Washington and Columbia,
T. R. Cornelius,
Representative Wilson Boulby.
Joint Rep. Philip LalTer.
County Judge W. S. Caldwell.
" Clerk W. D. Hare.
" Treas. W. H. Bcnnell.
SherifT Hiram Wilbur.
Coroner R. M. Porter.
Surveyor Wm. Geiger.
District Judga J. B. Condon.
Pros. Att'y G. L. Woods.
Representative Wilson Boulby.
Joint Rep. with Multnomah E. D.
Co.Com'r, 2d dist. L.L. Wbiicomb,
Probate Judge II. V. V. Johnson.
Sheriff-H. Wilbur.
Auditor W. D. Hare.
Assessor XV. V. J. Johnson.
Coroner R. M. Porter.
Surveyor Win. Geiger.
School Sup't M. R. Barnum,
Pub. Adm'r B. XV. Dunn.
Messrs. Dennett Rllior. nrl TTIII u I
nnnintw! aa n "..... T . .-
, ,, clu
"'.i'" " " v-'ouu.y iwpuoucan wm.
. I
OCT The nationals of Multnomah held n
convention lust Saturday, and brought out
the following ticket :
state organization.
For Senator John A. Williams.
Reps. R.J. Ladd, C.P.Bacon.
" Sheriff-A.M.Starr.
" County Judge W. M. King.
" " Clerk- D. W.Lichtenthaler.
" Treasurer Z. N. Stansbury. .
territorial organization
For Representative C. P. Bacon.
" Probate Judge W. M. King.
County Corn! J. II. Lambert.
" " Treasurer Z. N. Stansbury.
" " Assessor W.S. Buckley.
" " Surveyor Israel Mitchell.
" " Corner Levi Nelson.
" Sup. of Common S-hoo!ar S
Messrs. McCann, Nelson and Lichten
thaler were appointed a Cummin, t.. ...
fr with a like Committee from Washing-
ion coumy, io nominate a Joint Represen
tative under the Territorial organization.
(ftT The bushite and national candi
dates speak in ibis city to-day.
CO Colonel Benton is confined lo his
bed with cancer of tbe stomach. He is
working on his Abridgment of th fin..
gressional Debstes as steadily as ever, and
hoping io live long enough to fiaish iu
The Louisiana LeeM.n.-. k..
pa-wed a bill lo prevent freo n,,n. t.
holding slaves in that State. Th
must be nait, common lo require an act of
the Legislature to prere-t it.
To Kepublieani.
Gintlksun Tli undersigned, for rea
ons set forth in this card, is Implied to
decline remaining a candidate for the oltict
of Secretary of Statu at Ilia t-nmiiiic elec
tion. I regret the necessity which seem
lo require litis s'ep. Being nothing eli
than a Republican, and hating no sympa
thy with red moulded Locofouoiain In any
of lie phases, It may be right lo assign
wnn ol tue causes mai nave ieo io mis de
' '"J " V'"
if Ihere were any cerlainly of success, my
business reistf0ni would require this step
but as tbal certainty never existed, it is no
reason. In ihe scend place, we are not
uwroiiEWf uoiteu in acrion in mis canvass,
i i ........!. i --.I ii .....
Llr,nBlbMj thu. , " mhwM,
impression as lo our actual strength. By
remaining in the canvass, nulhins of im
pnrianco would be gained in behalf of Re
publicanism. Those of us ho a re Rcuub
Means in principle now, will be the same
next year, or anv other tune. I be can
vass has not been conducted as it should
have been to call forth even our own
strength. There is not a proper concntra
lion or energy of action manifested. We
have acted as if our duty Hi'led wiih mak
'"V nominations. There is something ele
to be done. Many of our political fritiid
(honest though they be) are influenced
more at this lime by jiolicy than principle,
and will vote the national lickel, ami ihus
Without doubt elect the dy natty. Lniie
we mrgnt iriumpn over noin. me luea
that Republicans generally will vole fur the
nationals, at Ihty now tland, is Mmply ab
uid. Tbey would prefer sliiyinif ni Imme,
- ,.
l rorineaoove reasons, gemii-iiien, i do not
,,ih to occupy a position lo sustain which
an our iner.os are not wining 10 unite.
believing the true Republicans of ihe Ter
ritory will not censure me for this act. I re,
main to our principles true.
lkaniif.r holmes.
Linn City, May 13, 1838.
rt Caadldales U Joses.tae Ctwity.
Josrphink Co., April 2lsi, 1858.
Editor op the Anous Dear Sir: "Del
lzon Smith and other distinguished Dem
ocrotic speakers" (I quote llm notices
addressed the citizens of Josephine county
' Kirbrville on tbo 10th, and at Alihou&H
00 'he 20th inst. I willingly concede to
I tnc,n H be distinction imaginable for
buncombe, gas, prejudice, personalities,
mic representations and vulgarity. I mul,
however, except Col. Kelly, who exhibited
much moderation and courtesy toward his
opponenls, avoided all indecent and offi'ii
sive language, and conducted himself
throughout as a gentleman.
The Colonel occupied his time in ex
plaining the causes of l he division in lb.
party, in defending himself against charges
of having accepted offices at the bands of
the opposition, over the hea ls of the Sa
lem clique nominees, and in showing that
his ptrtonal interests were identical with
those of Oregon in re Are nee to the Indian
war. But I think that the Colonel failed
to givo sufficient reasons why he should be
sent to Congress as our Representative.
Mr. Grover, notwithstanding bis inli
mafe tnowledae of Orciran ami ll it.
. - C "- - - F
purtenances. had been DoisoneJ hv coninni
If -with
poison oak, and was therefore unable
to speak much : I trust, however, that he
may 6ml consolation in Ihe thought thai
be has thereby avoided the very possible
contingency of injuring bis own cans'-, as
some of his colleagues certainly did.
What little he did say, however, was what
he might, could, would, and should do, if
sent to Congress: promises and good ad
vice wo know are proverbially cheap, and
Oregoninns have littlo faith in the promises
of politicians-
Czapkay's Agent displayed his qtialifj.
cations for that position, lo tbo Kntislaction
of bis audience, by relating a choice selec
tion of obscene jests and vulgar anecdotes.
Whether he shall be public printer, is an
other affair altogether, lie attempted lo
clear himself of the charge of having pub-
li.-thed correspondence and editorials, detri
mental lo the interests of tbo people of Ore
gon, which articles represented them as the
aggressors in the lute Indian war; he
might perhapj have succeeded with nme
people, had he concealed his face : I should
infer that there must be something awful
....... . . . . .
I.. .. e b'
Bl orK n il n u m. inn in ,-, :.,
tlie lie lo bis tongue. Poor Bush ! I used
o dnsnisA turn nnu, T u: e . . . .
r ..hi., ior ne is
Pull"cally in his death struggle. Bv the
nJ Bu8n w'i'e speaking of Jo Dre
o.u iuat ue requireu a large "clerical
force" in mauaL'ini? bis Quarter M
ters accounts. IlUt do von unn.w-
tlr. .
Drew wants with a " clerical force." t J
was of the opinion lhat both Bush and
Drew were far beyond the reach of afcler
ical force, from the Pope of Rome to Delu
sion Smith, inclusive,
O'Meara amused his audience, if he did
not con-tare ihem, and also established a
claim to Oregon Democracy, by a liberal
sprinkling of obscenity. His remarks were
aimed in defence of his political career in
California, and in showing flush in his true
colors. Upon the whole, I think O'Meara
rather a superior specimen of the genus
Don Quixote, alias Delazon Smith, after
the usual application of soft sawder" a la
Joe Lane, undertook to prove tha' there
was no 'Salem clique.' But this popular
humbug, as be terms it, is too apparent lo
be doubted, even on tbe leslimony of the
Knight of the rueful countenance. H
regretted that the opposition candidates
had chosen lo carry on this canvass on per
sonalities, as he would have preferred di
cussing questions of National Policv. I
dare aay he would ; I can think of nothing
less iiaety io please Dm than personalities.
He said he was a patron of every paper in
Oregon, except ihe "abolition paper, the j
Arj ": I hope and belie, never! !,-, 1
that the Argus may live and flourish with
out hi patronage, long after be is forgot
leu, Jle has concluded not lo read Ste
phen A. Douglas out of Ihe Democratic
Party, for differing wild Buchanan on the
Kansn question, for which piece of gener
osity, I hop Douglas may be duly grslefo
If It were not for writing loo long a letter,
I should like lo tell you bow ibis renegade
preacher blasphemously quoted Scripture
one moment, and the next uttered ribald
and Indecent anecdotes; how he was
limes condescending, and ag-iin sarcastic
I will give you one instance of his sarcasm
while speaking of Du.b he said that "all
bis failings h-aned to virtue's side": now
could anything be more bitterly sarcastic
than tbal I fur of course Delazun would
not have us think thai ha is such a foul as
to Ulievs anything of the kind Buth lean
ing to virtue's1 side, indeed! Preposter
oust Again, I could tell you bow Quix
oie strutted and spluttered, gesticulated
aud declaimed, about tha "glorious Union
t ho stars and stripes, blood of our forefu
there, Marion o tbe Mexican war, lime
honored usage,1' Ac., but I must leave all
thai lo your imagination.
Messrs. Whituker and Heath "being
unaccustomed to public speaking," die
had nothing particular lo say, and said
nothing particular. Hence, I hey may be
supposed to bo wouJerfully smart men.
D lazon, however, said lhat talent was nol
necessary tqt the office of Governor; and
perhaps Mr. W hi taker was selected as can
diddle for tbal office, on account of a tola
destitution of thut superfluity.
I must say in closing, thai I am under
great apprehensions for Joe Lane. It ap,
pears thut each wing of the Democracy
claims him, and intends lo bang on to him
to ihe last : now fur pity's sake, don't let
them split the old man, as ibey have the
party, if you can possibly prevent it.
I am, dear sir, as usual,
An Observer.
lUrubllcan Mccllai la Jseksoa t'-saatt
Piicenix, 0. 'P., April 10.1858,
A convention called by the Republican
party of Jackson county for the purpose of
normua'tng candidates for county offices,
met at Phoenix on Saturday, lOth inst-,
und organized by calling L. A. Rice lo ihe
chair and nominating D. T. Geiger sicro
un motion, a committee ol three was
appointed by the chair lo draft resolutions
expressive of the political sentiments of
ihe convention. The committee reported
tbe following:
Whereas, the object of all human gov. is to justice and lose-
:ure liberty lo the governed, and whereas
our own is in a prominent manner based
upon llns great principle, and stands forth
lo the wor I.I as thn dfi-mler of it, and
whereas in this, us well as in the govern
menu of the Old World, ibis principle
finds numerous nituoncnts. aud u ben as
political aspirants have manag dby in
irigun to obtain ihe reins of irovernmeiil.
ana have prostituted its powers m crushing
out ihe genius of liberty and of self gov.
eminent and to the building up of the in
stitution of human slavery timlcr the sa
cred name of Democracy therefore,
ikusolvetl, 1 tin t we are opposed lo tbe
policy of the so-called Democratic nartv.
and will by combined action do what we
can to wrest the reins of government from
tbeir bauds, and restore il in us operations
to the establishment and development of
uie nalloweil principles for which the Fa
thers of the Revolution instituted il.
Resolved, 'l hat the Republican rartv
stands forth pre eminently as antagonistic
lo the policy of ihe party now holding the
reins of governm.-nl, and that we corrlrnlly
adopt as our political creed the platform
laid down by thai parly in the Philadelphia
On motion, thn resolutions were adopted.
The chair appointed a commiitecof five
lo report candidates for the several offices
of tho county. Cjintniltco reported the
For Senator t. Constant.
Representatives U, W. Itiod, T. B
Willard, B. F. Myer.
Sheriff F. (I. Freeman.
County Clerk D.T. Geiger. ;'
County Treasurer J. C. Davenport.
" Assessor James Henderson.
' Judge-W. T. Lever.
" Commissioner S. P. Taylor.
On motion, the secretary was instructed
to send the proceedings of this convention
to ihe Argus for publication.
L. A. RICE, Cb'n.
D. T. Geiger, Sec' v.
Republican Mass Hcetlai la Ltai f.euaty.
Kendall's Church, Linn Co.,
April 28. I808.
Pursuant lo previous notice, the Repub.
liean mass meeting convened al ibe above
named place, aud was temporarily organ
rzed by calling Dr. John Perkins lo the
chair, and appointing John A. Ambler
On motion of John Marks, Ihe chairman
and secretary pro tern, were elected perma-
nent officer of the present meeting.
On motion ofT. 8. Kendall, a commit-
tee of one from each ol the election pre
cincts represented, was appointed to nomi
nate candidates for the offices to be filled
in this county al the ensuing June election.
On motion of T. S. Kendall, commit
tee of three wM appointed by the chair,
consisting ofT. S. Kendall, John A. Dun
lap, and Joshua Brooks, to draft resolu.
lions to be presented to the present
After a recess, the last namej commit.
tee presented the following resolutions,
which after a prolonged discussion, were
adopted without amendment alteration : m
K Tho American
been designed W secure lfetdom"((,"i,i e,
le,,., and not io extend or irwitlt
very a. w. Urn frm ifo'lfcU
our, end the
growig oul of.ha. In.irument, M 2
and Ihr documents tmu J"
nel.her .r. abstraction,, , .jj
flourishes, but pMii, practical V,,lfl J
fundamental in a .trurture truly lUaUi
tan Hie bulaaik of our libe,, , !'
Ing Mar of genuine Republicans frorr! i ili
biril, of our great comuiouwealib, until ik!
pieseut niouiriil. w
a. A deparrure from these great as.
Iional landmarks, in the repeal of iu,
sou ri Compromise in lh 1st, deCi.U ,J
Him Supreme Curt, which at-.mpt, to
trouulix. slavery, and restrict the uni.
alily offreedom. in 'he endeavor of ih,."'
sent administration 0 force on frr. uL
tory a system that defies (Jod snd lUL1
sir-pa are found, is alike unjust and ml
lino ; and although dons under lhegJTf
popular rights really tends to curtail ihJ
rigbis J to concern rate p,,ar j )je jTJ
of the few, and lo prepare ihe way fuf ,ri
tocraiio or monarchical rule.
3. While republicans ihe'rtfor, f,M(
ate ihe idea of mlermeddlieg wjt, ' '
as il exists in the,,g.u.,of 7
Union, they claim it as their righi to,,,
deaor to si Irui'U lo ll.e prng.e,,0f ,u
luminous yiem-in chain the iiM'
i bat il may no longer overran awl del
crate lerri onal soil, that should foreer
hallowed 10 freedom ; in doing ,jtB
will labor to bring back Hie government I
its pristine purity and integrity ; to ,
throw the reigning djnasiy, blackened by
fraud, violence, and blood, and to reiii.ial
l be fallen system lhal embraces, and
euios to all its citizens every rifii thick
each one can justly claim.
4. As Oregnnian-. .e feel dei.rmin.d
lhat Ihe black flag of slavery, marked bv
despotism and deaih, shall never be '
furled on our Pacific shore; and to accom
plish ibis object, while weimiieioouror.
ganixalion ciiizeits wiilioul regard lopant,
name, or title, who will crmtcnrl for if,,
sublime coiistiiutiunnl doctrines ami arse
lices immorializyd by Washington, Frank,
lin, Jefferson, Madison,, and tbeir '
dralblesa eo.npat riots iu the cabinet ant)
in the field, w will vole for no man liowj
advocate tho extension ofslatcry into terii.
lory yet unoccupie.l.or who will indorse ike
views of the present admini.tra'inn in ri-l.
lion to what is Ihe Ucmsion Curisliiulion,
The committee on nouiiiiaiioiispresentid
ihe names of the following persons as can
didates, who were in sucus'i'v-a unani
mously elected 1
For Slate Scmi'e or Territorial Coua.
cil Luther White. For State Seriate
J. P. Tate. For State or Territorial
Legislature J. F. Iluckenstow, J. N. Per
kins, J. Connor. For -State Legislature
J. R. MuClore. For County JuJ-re
David Gray, Assessor C. Brnnis.--
SberilT-O. C. Gallagher. Cleik-D. H.
Bonine. rVcaMiri'r John Smith. Sur
veyor David '1'hompsim. Coroner J,
II. Bramwell. Superintendeiil Cuinmva
Schools T. S. Kendall.
On mo'ion, resolved that ihe secretary
be requested In furnish the Argus, Si sirs
man, and Oregonian, each with 4 copy uf
tha proceedings of 1 Is is meeting, with s re
quest to publish in the columns of ilitir
respective journals.
On motion, adjourned tine. die.
J. A. Ambler, Sec'y.
The National Dhunion Party. The
Maysville (Ky.) Eagle makes the fallowing '
sensible remuiks upon the rant and fustian
of Domncruts about their br ing the only
National party, while il is in fact tin Sol-
bud of disuniouiam. li is a true picture of
nodern Deiuocacy 5
Il is a very common thing to hear Lot
focos claim that lbs Democratic party i
tbe only Nionn) pa t y in ihe country.
and In iis success we owe Ihe prese'valiort
of the Union. Now, we don't rrcollsct ,
ever to have heart) a-aybudy else fhrrsien a
dissolution of tbe Union ctet-pf Members
of that party, and il therefore hasshsjt
sounded as strange logic to ns to bear then
claim themselves lo he the Uuion-isvrrs,
when they ulone time endangered il.
The manner in which Ibey save lh
Union is about iu thiswise: Tbey say to
the balance of iho country, Oun l
only party whoso primaVv r National
and pntriotic, and unless, therefore., yon
put the government into our possession,
will dissolve the Union al onse. Their
tbrents give ihem success, and atonoe lkey
arrogate lo themselves all the credit of
averting the dangor with which lbs
try was threatened. .
This resembles a good deal the conducl
of a highwayman, who after demanding ,
the money of a traveler at the mouth of a
loaded revolver, iben claim the gf",ua
v, ,,ci j.iiiiiirrcil .llinui)
r . 1 1 ..1 ..;.:.
d victim, because ne
not rake his life,
t rake bts Itle. - 1
ti. ... .tu,,it n.rallel. ana
lie i-u vitBU n-o I ...
every one who will think about il for mV
mem will see that it is just so and w
.ka ruiimenl 1 eo
I wm-fh, r . -
ilressetl, that if Democracy has saved Uie
country, 10 inquire who else has ever pro
posed its dissolution. No Locofoco ca
answer it successfully-
CCTThe Repuplican National Executive
Committee, of which Senator Lym"
Trumbull is Chairman, have issued acir.
cular calling for thorough organizatloa
of the Republican party throughout the
United Susies.
T Rev. John M. reck, of the Fpu't
Church, oae of the oldest and most widely
known clergymen in the Mieswipj vs
lev. is announced. He died at Hit -
de'nce at Rock Spring, Illinois.
VATihe United StaM Hotel, jj ' "'"iS
less, by w.c. Joh . city "J r
Bsown lo Mrs. JH-ai -., - -
L"l. thiseity. May 1-. by Rt Br
fVliet, Capt Js Miarca lo M- L W
Rsf. bmh f Oregon City.
- a sjsnoa eriy. May l,ef urn
having lr.roac V. CinTws-o, Printer, aff yanv