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rvsLisuso svssr satusuav mosnio,
TERMS llu Aaous mill it furnuhei al
Thrtt DMiri and Fifty Ctntt per annum, in
tdeanct, It tingli titbicribrrtTkrtt Dollart
tack lo eluot aj ten at am ojictin advance
Wbta thi minty it not paid in adoanct, tour
Dilhrt will In ehiirgtd if paid within aix
mania; ana net iioll.tri at tin tniiuf the year.
13T Tie Ditlanfor nix monthtNo tubtcrip
that received far a leu period.
No paper discontinued until all arrtnragei
art paw, at tut nptionai the puhlmher.
Adopted ky Ike fcrpublleaa Hlata Coavca
Una, Airll ad, i58.
Riolvd, Il, That llie Republican
party, true to the. principle thai firm the
bast or our free and democrats system ol
government, reattirm to them I'a unalter
ablo devotion, an laid down in the bluod I hi constituent w bile in uhr i.ofirif I he
I. ... . I.. . .. - . e A : . . i:l .1.11 . .. . .
uongm courier iii American iioeny, uie
Declaration of Independence, nnd (level
pea in the "-on iinuon oi the united
blate, and that the prosperity and perpe-
tuiiy of our Union depend upon a at rim
auiioriuco iu urn iiiicniiif iaiiriii, anu me
riuhta L'linriiiitied in llioa honumd repon-
llone ot repuiiliunii litli.
K-auWiid. 2nd, I hat in relation lo the
liKlltutliiil ol doiiii-mio mIo very, we remain
wiiera llm ualriixa who funned o.iriiuii-
luiimia piuinnii uimneivi j, ami wuere iliu
. I. ..I. I I. a .
ivuuiujj uiexilirn Ol nil l,'rii-n, u II 1 1 1 "IIII
ina recent period, h ue
. ai'iun mat ii i a purely mum, inn jener-
I .i. ... :. i.. l. i .
al, Stiite, and nut nuiioniil, iii-tiiiiiion
determinable by the Siii'ea, each for itelf
over whiuli the nlher Stali-a have no
. coiuroi unii inr men no rcfi'Miitiiiii'y.
I I ! - ...l; I. .-.
ll aulved. 3n, I hat with Wanliiiiu-'on.
;, Madiaon, Franklin, and ilieir
B-Miiiiuura nii'i c'MeniiuaricH, who in ine
framing or tlio I un-uitiinon ni ule effxt'iHl
t... i.. :i.:i...: . r.i ir ...
iiiuu iur uni m iinuon in mn n.iii iu
ill aluven, and who were pupet-Mlly anxioua
iiui iiihiiiiiii'iii nnuu'u voiiiuiii no an
iniaston of llm ri-ht of one mailt') hold
propuriy in another, we believe slavery lo I
ba a pohucali aocial, and moral evil; and.
while we di-tulaini all riMii and inuliiiutiiin
In interfere wiihitaan iniininipul regnla-
li-in of any of ilie auverei'.'n 6l.ite.-i of the
Union, we bi'lieve that the oruaniu nut of
187 for the "overnuient ofull the territo-
ry then beloii-iiiiit to the l -piililio, penn.-d
Iiw iIim umr n-i.ill4'.iii. iii.nriiVMil Im fli.
:, ,i ri i.:, ,. ;,.i..,i ,n"
.' i - -
r ' . ' . .
lo ill iho f-jrin.ilion F .-ivry lerrituri .l
uovi-rnnieiit from that Mom down lo lftl,
mbidiei the duly of CinrHM in IVaoiiii
"ovi-rn ii. ii'k lor i no i erriiories linn t,
I lie n-iil-ex'i'liKion of slavery.
Uaolv.-d. Tint tiie
nnlnrtiinnie' lire from Ilia' prinul. in llie Int.;
aut or-uii'Z'ii): ui lerniury ol IV-iihhh, to
which we drr-ullv trace th" bitier
lion which lias nesiioveii uih p.ace, ano
- i i i.i.i
re'eieiien won niuou ui ininie'rn i-
vir.rin .soil, f thai fair land, has proved bv
,, , -i .i ii I r I .1 .1.
its bitter fruit the wis loin of lh ancient
policy which it has anpplauted.
H -Ml ved. mn, llial we aland oy anil
..: .i:.i r....r...i
III iiiii.iin, us ii -J mn iui t:ii-.iii-i n. 1-uu i-oif i
. ' ... . . - rii - I . I
ular novi-reignty, and the inahennlile rtjjlil
l tli.i ne.nil.. loiroverii the m-ilve4 1 bnl
we dunv that u man h prund nl lliee
i 'i - -1-- . .
linleM he enjoy the privilege or enslaving
omerj, ii:ki ainim uiuime resnii oi mici a
doctrine would bo lo found I he liberty of
the oi.izen nnon u Imsia of des, I.I.
Kenolved, Oil), Thai llie iiltempt upon
1 . '
the pari of the present Democratic admin,
Hirauim to loiue. upon ine jn-opie oi
V.'IH a UOUftiuu ion ttoiiorrriii iu n ini-r'- I
. . ' . . , - ?
.i ii.irili- ,.F ild ntll'.iii UMil In alitttlltll III
nowem usurnin.r and tyrannical minority
against th- kn iwn will "of the remainder,
i an outraire not to bo borne bv a free
people, anil we hope lliut, p'.anting tnem
aelvea lirmly upon the immortal trntli nrsi
enutictated bv the Declaration ol nrlep-iid
ence. ' that all govvrnnii'tit derive their
jnt power I'rom the consent of ill- g-'v-
eriled, ' they will 'oe nlilo to wrest trom I
their oppressor that which I inestimat.le
10 a nee iieui-ii- mrj lu-ninwioiu ii,nn- i
....I. I ,.,.,,...l rWtu,.oi,
. r. ' I I r M .l.l.. . i. ,t.
form to the wislie '( ill" rnl-'d.
ll-ulved, 7'h. Thai wo inisl that the
riuht to govern nec"rily follow the ris-hl
to acn' ami li no lerrtMry, ,... u.
,.,i. : i .1 . ;..
nruvi.jiil n K"' " "
.? 7 .
mn ur I Iim rk' It It miOillH lie uaauil Upon
iI.m ;n-iliMnliU rii'hta oflhe ueotde. and w
arrnien the modern svstem a praciically
carried out in h.nsa tor l.autlei and uios
violation of these principle, H'.,. allirm ma.
il.n ilurb ii limine of wrnn" and L-rimi-a
committed bv the U:a and existing A I-
minim rations a"ainl nnmilar riiidt in that
Territory deserve the execration o every
lover of freedom of I he present ''V. "n".
" '"' V , '
tahtv of infamy.
Reived. 8lh. That the lale pailisan
decision of the Snprem" Court in Iim cae
of Dred Sl-o'I, which make the Lunstun
Hon a Brand title l..'r,ii--iil io every ,
diciarv of .he nation, and a stain i.,K,n the
.i......!.. ,.f iii- eniinirv. whose nriiudeet
tKiastiitii love of liberty in it largest
aen i4 IW toW Wl tyr"''y m every
Resolved. 9th, That e
6tfielves and ihe people of Oregon upon
the ret:!' "f t'1 ,al9 eciinn upon the
' , ; - as a trii;"'ib or the
neitl or Mave., '-o.ion, f.!?
Repumicaa doctrine of non e"
we only i'Hil ibt e ought io use
imluence wherever it in m legitimaUdy
lbne tosccure to other Terri'onesthesame
fii ioeless blessing of freedom which by
'iuch a Bratifying majority e eem o
ifV to appreciate for ourselve.
Resolved, lllih. That the reckleM prod.,
eality of naiional treasure which ha char,
acterited tfie 1a' "! P"-"' D-mofiattc
Administration, bringing to bankropti-y
a neasury whose vaulls have received ?).,
000 UU ) ! ann'Mn. ami iiece..iiati.iT a
Joan in a liiVie of peace, ia a clear anl de
montrative proof of that wasteful extrav.
auano, which hw pluudured lU na'to.i
and turned it treasury into a hmpUter
trlithioe, with nothing bill It a credit lu
os'ain finance.
R -solved, 11th, That the Pa'nrio Rd
roI i no longer an enterprise of .Imihtfrf
xpHliency. bnl ha become one of unper
alive commercial and national nece'siiv;
and we faor its unt ruction oo any cny
tr',1 and practicahle mule by the aid orihe
nnur.l (I.ivernment eiveo in tch a man
ner a may be beat calculated lo effect it
ReaoWed, 12ih, That wa faror approX
yirttmbj Conjre far tbe improvemral
A Weekly Newspaper, deVotcd to the Principle of Jefleiuonian Democracy, and advocating
Vol. IV.
ofriver and harbor of a ntatioititl char
acter. Resolved, 13ih, Thai the political dog.
mas sought recently io bit established hv
la parly xiy linvf themselves Democrats in
thi Territory, which assert ilia dutv ..(
a representative ur ii.-1-nte in nunc In
stance to Iw to nb'-v the instructions
is uniiuu lu 'llsreianl mill lm In I.
- will of other, in dmL'eiou and anlirenuh
licnn in m tendency, and worthv to lie
sustained only by a parly that everywhere
is known a the allv of personal vinmaUue
aim i liu ailvounte or ariiin deyimiimii.
Rcm.lveil. Uih. Thai we believe in il.e
iiu'riimimled ri'ilil oflhe ciiil-n to iliin
and vole an he i.leanei. mid niierlv d..
i.y l.u rihl of unv reiireaeniattre mid.-
hiiv ciaiiiiitiHUCin lo vii.l,.to the iniriiti
I . .
iiiiimnr kuuwn will of llm prujil. ha re
I Keaolvrd. IStli. Th.-il tlm nrowni avi'em
i . . . . ' .
ol vnliiij nra voce, in,riliu-ed liv lli.v
party to iilji-i!t lha miffiaife of iheci'
in the rnrveillunre of imiii-Hn impecior,
I and a we him. muter the nenalir oflieiiiL'
I. . . . . '.
uuimleil n a traitor, into nlij' ot nbniii-ioii
la a relic of harhnrUm. width limMii
frienda in a puny whone whole ornin'.ninn
i m nnv"K(l lo tliu fVinvillwllll,lll ! eve
rv apark of peraonal freedom, and aiildeCu
It. . 1 i .. . . . J .
i im iiii-miH'ra to tne entire coin 'ol ol an art
locnity of leudera : and that with filth
imriv we are prmri io nave nei ut fVin
im'hv nnr omiiiiiiiiuii.
Thr Acciihuited I.XCRRDIOI.K. Ill the
courne I'f I Week'a ri a'liny, and goina
about, one i.1 mire to have ti ii- moral n-iii-r
I alixaliolia atnrtled from llii-ir pinprii-ty by
i hiniiH wliicll, aa the Creed aava. ''are nii-l
,!rl,1:11i , i... k..i:..,i ' .,,
I '
, .
oiiirageona a io m iy nil niimaii
t. " I- I i- e fcf .1 .
--ap.icny oi ueiu-i. oinuiy la neiter no
i.n-(liii (l lliiin the im-ri iliblu in moral hi
,,,-. Thi-i ban at ruck ma with reneweil
lii'ce lately ttprnpus of the tionblea in India
I l-'rnill lilLUtA lull. try f'u im.-Iimi.uiI
i "r,n"
erili lty lo women, al tliu luarlii n
wmuli Kirnnjj men turn pule. liaie aei-n
a niu-cular fellow, aix f.-el l.ivh. Ii,i, ii in
i - -
,i ..,. i....i,i... . ri- i
I fc i ii'i'i - nii:iiT-ii i ur iiiiin-i- n mn ciieea
i . ... . . ,
Wl ;k" ol "8 ",r" d bv '""if '"C1"
wh-imiiiij?. A fur me, I am iieiih-r mils
vn'.ar nor aix feel hiih, hut I was ucco-li i
i,v . riH1.,i ,,. .i,r
' ' -
.- . . ... . . ,
miiHon lliat there seemed "no lung lift"
, "
!' nie wiien an mat nun o- en fli dticie.i
roiii my nniinary mii'A hud lieen di-diicted
,,.v ,.. an urit-uJ.i'ti of the I ndiaii rcbell
:,, t, , . :,-u, f , ..
, . . , , . . ' .
wu,,m" " ,u"n" 118 " "
.1 T I -Ml-.. I II I-. .
iiewpBn-ra. i urn xkii'H'i, i oeiirve,
in cavin- exceptional thiliga, but by no
.rj,si whatever, by no touch of art,
i l l i Hit: . .. ti i e .i
coal I I ti ll tlilA Klorv. I he ptizzle of this
'"' ,im!hr tl,", J" Ci,"n'"
mi them by aaying, in the commonplace
nf the vncabulnry of hnrrora a Jicnd
..... Aon. i,
-ei-iiMe il 14 riliv-ioiis
Hull a man mttst Aitvc plannrd it. A
I d ,M . I . ,
"iietiii isu-in in no relation to" urn a
woman which would make it poKnible fur
nix-Ii plea to enter lis head. JJ lack I he
f . . i r :,:,.,. .i.., i,nrro.
.. , i
lh,,t m-n m kil 10 wnmeii.isa
rucl '' nf "f "ry day
of our livi-s. There i wife-healing, then1
js deaerlion. there i ill ti inner. We are
- '
a)1 w,lfc ,)Ul i(
. ill . i
men of common ninolil the rum-linn is ul
tlKH inaliiiitdneotl, and the hercenl fireaof
wnuh are mon diowiierl in floofl of lend, r-
llP(i Still, llie natural iii.tinel of ...until
, , - .,. - , ,, . , ,
rhat we can understand. Hut what
we cannot nndprsianil, and Ood forbid
iliul ever we fhoiild, is the inverled ac
,ioii of ilia iitsiiucl in alliance ilh cm
',')-- I't, it U ll accredited irr hi
' - - , .
etieci. conainuiinp, a iney no, nomeoi me
most dreadful pange in the records of the
miipd iinpo-silile
Alivin qnote from tiie MaxiuiaCu
"n of "' ci te
ot the U. igii lit I i-rmr. When Madam.-
de (Justine," be -ny. "appeiirod on the
stair, on leaving the Courts, a avne cry
arose in llie mob; the vucifciiliona oflhe
people and their gralures showed that they
were preparing to miird-r her on the spot.
Ifulie had sunk down, she would have been
iiistalllly loin III ilel'eJ even tiie appear
..r I'Mlturln.v wrinlil hai-M rirn.-url r..-ut
Uncertain whether t-. di'Ce or recede,
she hesitated a moment, and the people
were just springing forward to seiie her,
when an unknown woman in the crowd se
cretly pressed her hand; and, Inking the
child which aha carried in her arms frjm
her breast, gave it to her with I lie word,
'Return il at the bottom of the stair.' She
Hid so, and, protected by the infant citizen,
escaped unhurt ; ami gave b-ick The child,
hut she never saw her deliverer more.
This we all sympathize villi. The privil
ege .f helplessness and immrenc protect
inn a woman wh carriet a baby i quite a
matter of course. But I now quote this
l.ttle story n( normal human nature to place
ilin opp"i'i"n io anothei story, also fmni
the R ign of Terror, which belongs lo the
Aecred.ieJ Incredible- I read, over and
over aain. riistrusiinf my eyes, that under
Carrier, at Nante.M Fiv hundred children
of both exe, the alder of whom wa not
fourtean yw old, were, a ode occi'ion,
led out lo (he same snot -i be shut. It"
peuled fusillades cut them down. Never
was so ileploraMa a spectacle witnessed;
lha itlllieaof the stature caused lliol nf
Ihe bullets, at I ho first di.charge, to fty
over their head; they broke their bonds,
ru-hvd into the lank of the executioners,
clung round their knees, and, with suppli
eating hands and agonized looks, sought for
mercy. Nothing could soften these asaas.
sins; they put tliem to death wen when
lying at their fei t." Mere again we are
turned adiifl into the wild waters of the
inconceivably horrible, Ju.t now w had
a mad cmad respecting the presence of a
dill in a woman' arm; now we liava
as.assiua slio"ting down five hundred chil
dren at "in e and yet not at once, for ii
mini Intvu been after several fusilladi-s,
ami. 1st elnii k, and contortion, and blood.
II-re and there II would happen that the
same child would have to he shut at twice
or tin ice ; a little thing with a broken arm
would come shrieking lo a soldier' fool J a
girl, uiihuit by the flrt dinhnrge, would
turn screaming to her brother in
blood ; some would faint and be killed
while insensible ; ami men did all this.
Unquestionable nn-n. Two leg; lo
arm; iwurye; In art, brain, and all (he
rest, mil many of tliiiu fathers. No
doubt, mo, they ate their next meal in due
course, a Usual. Oh, how we lmni! wt-.
t'omu the investigator who lalsifivd fsc's
like these 1
A touch oflhe ludicou sometimra min
gles, though not to lessen it, with the hor
ror wil'l shume of the Accredited Incredi
ble. I can only quote from inemoiy ihe
wi II known anecdote concerning; the Queen
of Spain's leg. !li-r Majesty of Spain was
once may he, still, for what I know pre.
siiuieil to have no visible leg. Tu see
them wii d.aih wj-hnul b'-nelit of clergy
Il full upon a day that the queen, riding
out, got the iiivmIjIu member on one side
Iefi or rijiht, I wot not entangled in
ihe stirrup, and f-. Dragged along by
the horse, her death seemed certain. A
cavalier present, knowing lie law on the
Royal Leg Qoea'ion, but forgetting il or
drfyiug it in the interest uf common hu
manity, sprang forward, and saved tliu life
of a nmnati, and that woman hi Queen.
It my recollection j accurate, thi gentle-
man was executed for his courage. To
have not only seen the Queen's leg, but lo
ihvh touched ii, was death, and no interces
sion of her could save him. That is my
recollection, but I have a faint doubt whe
ther the poor fellow may not have had his
ninishmeiit commuted into banishment,
imprisonment, or some other tmder mercy.
have, however, a strong belief thill the
tale is Well attested. If it should bno'lifi-
nise, why, so much 'he better for the fact.
If it really is true, ii i one of the most re
volting instance nf that Accredited Incred
ible, which turn up in History and liingra-
phy so often as lo make in read;- to ex-
aim, when some question i lo be settled
lay an appeal to "human nature," " Yes,
is all very r tu appeal bin what ii
huiiiMi nature f
Hh tiilleniltn's Hpetch.
The New York Exptesa has the follow.
ing in regard to Senator Critleuden's lale
Kansas speeldi i
''The telegraph give but a bare out
line of hi speech, but that little God be
thanked i enough to show that the coun
try ha still in it council men capable uf
lening n great qiieslinu, and a great emer
gency, through a national medium, nil
clogged by siclional passions, ur partizail
prejudices, or the siiugestlnns nf selfish am
bition. It is refreshing to linn from the
retched appeal to lli'ise passions and
prejudices, tthit-h have maiked, and are
II marking, this Kansas discussion, from
av to (In y, in the nobler exhortation we
have here fir union and harmony for jus
tice and right for the honor, and glory,
and safety of ihe It- public. Il is sweet
music to the ear after the harsh disunion
scourrea thai have filled the Senate
Chamber the few day past. It revives
iwun us ihe memories of Clay and Well
sti r and learn us Hot yet to despair ol
the U public.
,,o w uiuer lhat Foreign Mi'iisti-rs
the lepri s-ntaliie nf foreign nat ems
sere among Ihe brilliant cowd that throng
d the Chamber to listen. It wa an
American peich from an American I'a
iriot and as such it must have a cm
mamling influence iiioii ihe question at i.
sue. Il may not change resnl's in 'be Sen
Hi.. Imt in the llnii.e, among the people's
Iti-prisenlative. and among the people, il will make il mark for
We i.lerve similar encomium in nil
the Eastern paper. The great Kennuki.
an's speech was a broadside which made
sad havoc with the Lecmnptun concern,
and now, we learn, lhat even iu best friends
k.oiii to desnair of it success. If il be
killer!, Crittenden's on-laught, followed by
Rell'l a' tack, will have done ihe wot k. St
Loui i jVie.
OCT Private adviiiea confirm public dis
na cbes, lhat the Lecomp'on constitution
ill be d' tested, having received us death.
sounds in the Senate from Ibe bends of,
Mwn-Crhteade and Bell. It irill raae1
t'-elboly by a smaller niajoiity than aa
cuhiftnptaied, and receive Its quietus iu
the House.
ratrleltsa aaa
Comrira the cuiirsa of Senator Crinen
dun and Bull, both Southern men, lu nppo
ing the Lecompton fraud, with that of
ihoe donghfaoe Srnatois from the Norih
who support that nefarious and Iniquituu
usurps imn. hil the former base their
opposition upon grounds of patriotism,
justice, and right, the latter have no excuse
for their conduct, except thai it is an .Ad
ministration measure, and they have not
he independence to oppose the Adminis
tration, however flagitious may be it pul
ley. The former are i xalied in our esteem,
for the iiiileH-iidenca ihey exhibit, a South
ern men, in opposing a Southern measure
because ii i wrong ; ibo latter merit uni
versal contempt for the sycophantic trucu
leticy of spirit they exhibit by be1 raj ing
ihe interests and sentiment of their free
Constituencies, in order to strengthen the
hands of an Executive who ia hiinn-lf a
mere tool, and to gratify the Southern
slavery-exiensionisis, whose nod to them is
a terrible as that of Jupiter Olympus was
to lha superstitions ancients.
The spirit which ao'uales Messrs. Crit
tenden and Hell, ia worthy of all commen
dation. When the South ie wrong, they
oppose her not because thev love the
South less than the fne eaters do, but be
Cause they love P'in iple and honor
more. It is that noble and truly manful
spirit which impelled the ga'l.inl Henry
Clay lu exclaim on a memorable occasion,
" icoud ramrr It riiht than Prriiiltnt'"
Wo would to hen that all Senators,
Congressmen and politician were actuated.
in i htir public acta aud tflorts, by the same
lofty aentimelil.
Uul how far below this patriotic stand
arrl are Uigler. Jonee, Bright and Filch
content lo standi Northern men, they
support ills South in every thin.', right or
wrong, and are willing, if necessary, to
kie the very dual on the feel oflhe slave
power, lo gain their approving smile,
They are the veriest slaves lo the slave-
drivers, and have not courage enough to
say that ilmir lives are their own, if the
Keitts, Toombs, Masons and Huntersof the
Sotilh declare lo the contrary.
Of nil that is despicable and humiliating
and disgraceful in American politics,
Doughfttceism is the worst. It i treach
ery without excuse, and a voluntary immo
lation nf its victims on the altar of the
Southern Moloch. Douglas has learned a
severe lesson in this respect, and we trust
that the Northern pr-opln will never fail of
administering similar lesson lo every
traitoiou representative who deserves the
like. Chicago Journal. C
Tub Out 1'arty. The Bards-
town (Ky.) Gazette (Democrat) of a late
date contain the following good article on
" leading mil" ;
" Let the friend of the Administration
attempt reading outol the party those who
will not bow down and worship the Le.
comptun swindle, and they had a w ell re
sign. If Lecompton ha become the lest
ol Democracy, the parly is dead sure
enough. Let us differ, if necessary, and
do so without quarreling. Douglas is right
ns sure an lha sun shines. Harney is
right, ami Wise is right. The South
seem mad. Pus Lrcomptnn, and all
faith iu Southern honor in the North is de
stroyed. ' Bui, say the Lecomptnnite, Douglas
is acting with llie Black Republicans!
Demolishing logic! Black Kepublicaits
eat good dinner ergo, Douglas musl con
fine himself to aaw dust pudding, or he is
not a good Democrat, Frensodi-rs drink
good wine ergo, Douglas dc Co. must con.
tine themselves to cistern water, or they
excite suspicion. Pshaw for such soph
istry, and pshaw 1 for ihe asses that use it,"
OCT " On a recent occasion in the Sen
ate nf the United Slates, poor old bom
h:tiio Mason, of Virginia, must have made
his friend W. II. Bewnrd laugh light
heartily, when, during the ploying uf an act
in the Kansas farce, lie, Mason, declared
(he Union would be dissolved, unless the
Lcompton constitution, with its anti
republican features, should meet the ap
proval of Congress. We hate heard thai
not only Seward, bu: other Senators had lo
retire to enjoy an unrestrained cvhination
outside of ihe Senate chamber al thi dec
laration, and, since then, whenever Union
dissolving is mentioned, any number of sly
her are said io be directed to Mason's
.eat." New Orleans True Delta.
T The Supreme Court of Georgia has
decided lhat a will by a husband giving
property to a wife during h r widowhood,
after hideaib,and if she mania again to
then vest in others, ia a valid will.
CO" The insurrection of the Christian pop
ulation ia Tuky, which was supposed lo
be confined lo cavea purely local, is grad
ully assuming European importance.
tST A bill ha been introduced in On
press for the ekselioo of Postmasters by
the people.
the side of Truth hi erery I'ssue.-
No. 5.
Dsatls ef He). Jake . Oslaes.
Late advices from Oregon apprise u of
0Mm"' L, 0'0r-
Maj. Gaims was formerly eilizen of
Boone Couuty.Ky. Endowed with a clear
inlelleci a well aa (real determination of
purpose, aud possessing the unlimited con-
Hilence nf the community, ha was at an
early period in 11 singled out a. a noun
selor and leader in the political contest of
ill time. II espoused the Whig cause,
and through all the vici-slttide of that par-
;y never swerved a hair's b.v.d.h In fidel.
ity toil pnuciphs. or devoiiuo toils .real
When war was declared to exist with
Mexico, he was among the first to volunteer
hi services to hi country, lie was com-
!",r0,,,e T,'a .7 blt. Tn,"rd
promptly proceeded lo the scene of si rifo.
lltler liruuinstance Which do not reflect
even a shadow Uton his aagarity or cour-
age, he was taken prisoner by the enemy,
and only released iu lime lo share in Ihe
loiiig brilliant exploits of the army under
Iii H47, while absent In Mexico, he was
lecled io Cong res, from thi (the tenth)
listricl. He served iwo sessions. In 1849
orshipof Uregon. He accepted the office,
ceed wild hi family to Ihe scene of hi do-
tie. From that lime th record of his
private life i a mournful one. Ou the
voyuge tn hl ,B- r home . w0 ovely and ac
cunpllshed daughters fell vietim io the
yelb.w fever. Not long after his arrival
in Oregon he wa doomed lo encounter the
heaviest of all aflVciion to which man is
.ubjeithe sudden death of a faithful
wife. I hi stunning event was speedily
followed by the deal., or hi son Richard.
a young gentleman or engaging manner
and great promise. And now ihe sad rec-
ord is closed by the announcement of his
own decease.
.! . - .1 ..... I 1st .1.
bearing and hi unspotted integrity. In
wig, j ii i in w iiuien inr iis iiimiir
all positions, whether public or private, he
wh faithful and true. Here, tvhero he
waa known, aud where the noble trait uf
hi character were appreciated, the tiding
of his death will cause uuft Igned sorrow,
Ay We copy iho above tribute of re
spec! from the Covington (Ky.) Journal,
a pajier published near the old heme of
Gov. Gaines, and among those who were
long and Intimately acquainted with him.
Our friends in Kentucky are not the ouly
ones who have fell sadly bereaved by the
death of Maj. Gaines. During a residence
of seven year in Oregon, those estimable
qualities which enlarged the circle of his
real friends were the meant hereof endear
ing him to sll such as knew him Well.
We were personally and intimately ac
quainted with him, nnd for that reason held
him in higher estimation perhaps than
those who were never conversant with bis
impulses, manners, and character. He
was a man of a much higher order of in
tellect than waa generally attributed to
him, a correct thinker, a close reasoner, an
honorable, high-minded gentleman, and
one who perhaps held the perpetrator of a
dishonorable and mean act in mere sover
eign contempt than any mnn we ever kuew.
Hence ho wa the tnaik, for long years, of
the envenomed shafis of the nest of politi
cat vipers who have held the power In this
country the meatiest, must low flung,
sneaking, thievish, and dishonorable set of
dog that ever disgraced a civilized com
munity. The high-toned character of the
deceased rendered him the object of espe
cial hate among lhat class of people.
But " life's fitful feVur being over, he sleep
well," and hi memory i enshrined in the
hearts of all honorable men who knew
For the Argai.
Protective V alow rem les, Ac.
If ihe Union system cannot succeed it is
simply because the people are not capable
of self government, for the theory is con-
eded to be beautiful. If Ihey cannot
manage the sfTairs ol a Union store, l ow
tun they succeed in directing government
over an txtetsive country I Are they
more competent lo perform the- greater
than lha loss task I
There are difficulties in the way, operat
ing bo'h against the progress and practice
of iho " Union" trade ; among these are self
ishness, dishonesty, incompett ncy and
carelessness. Managers are, or may some
times be, s.ltisli, dishonest and incompe
tent, and the members, to make the matter
worse, may neglect attendance upoti ihe
business meeting" of the Divis'on neglect
what they should carefully attend to. But
these errors are not the fault of the system
ihey must be guarded against ; they ob
tain also in our County, Slate aud National
governmenls. If we cry against Ihe" Ln-
ion" for such reasons, then let us at once
abandon eur republican form of govern
ment, for the objection go as much against
the one aa the other. Una is a little gov
ernment, the other a large one. Being
thus related it ia, proper lo o'ge the claim
ofibe Protective Union, in peri, en the
ground of its political imjiurience. Yet il
is not a political organization ; any one as
far as politic gt may become member.
Its political worth consist in teaching
practically how to do business. If a man
can perform his pert well ia mtpsiog a
One aqua (13 lines or lew) out Insertion, 3,0
" Iwu Insertiom, 4,0t
" " three Insertions, t,0
Each subsequent Insertion, 1.00
Reasonable deductions la ihuto who advertise by
tut yi ir.
iw mum i wj awi mil
Till raorsiiTo or Till A HO US II nam
to inform tlis pulsie that In lias just received
large sioek of JOU TYl'K anil oilier new print-
iinr material, anil will be In ilia n redy receipt
addition auilril to nil Ilia nuiiienirnl of lliia k-
tai IT. Hit fll l.f I vfi i.itPf wiam.
i.... iitvmiiiiu nnw'i'L'pu t!i ivri
and other kiml. done lo order, mi liorl i.otiea.
:iion cf Ihe " Uliioo" he is prepared tu
, fHVor.tI Part in public matters.
-me remark is applicable to all eom.
ii't jut o far as ihe member of (Lew
rule the affairs, and are out ruled, aa io
common poliiice, by a few leaden. Mow
..... .it ..!... j.. . ,i. .i,. ...
' , . , , ...
r"M',J of 'u''"' W1" sf
professions, and consequently, will not de-
velope in thsir members a much self reli-
ance j independence.
TJj, , hav, Ler w b
... . ,
noso l"ig by doctors, lawyers, merchants
" politicians, that they have, compare-
lively sneaking, ouly a small stock of inu'e
nomjeuc. If the people should break from
rule of merchant, and learn that tbey
. . '. '
"' v"r"" uirniieiiuiiijr mnr own
mercantile affairs, is it not probable
that they would push their inquiries more
!. i in M, .i;,.,: ...d
,, . , , ,, , ,
"'"h rsentc, 4c I And inquire or Ihe law.
yer by what moral authority he makes bis
moner aad renulaliun d. nend unon the r.
I 4 t r I
ror, ftnJ vicwof hiiMiuw IB(fl) AnJ
, ,. . , , ... .
Iia m upon tlm hollow prmeiplea of
lioll'iwhearled politician, ask I hem by
whut right they ruled I Really, it ia very
r,Wy that, uuce under way, the people
w ,j Jo , , , j, h
. . - .
,m,:h wnder, then, that nitre politicians
should dislike the prospect,
Why do not laborers, mechanics, and
lltmcti ,l)0r8 traj,y embrace the Union
, . , . . . , - ., .
I'1" of l",Je,1 ,l " ,b9 I,"J xhV
hv no confidence m it they wait m
many cases to see how it will woik. The
more correct answer i-', they have not con-
fidenct in themselves. And is thai really
trust Ye woikert in wood and iron, ye
plowmen, i il a fact that your backward.
ness and timidity allow speculators to lake
uf your hard-earned production a part
without anything iu return I If so, ploase
n fled that what you thus let go, was pro
duced by the waste of nerve and muscle J
that ina very important sense it i a part
of your life that life which each i under
obligation to use to the best advantage for
himself and all with whom he atands re
lated. You need more time to read, more
time to tench your children, more lime for
recreation, more money to pay for newapa.
per, (not whisky or tobacco) yet, in view
of this, you give both time and money to
peculation, aud the only true reason to be
offered i, you lack manly independence
and self reliance. Think of it, friends, and
tell me if I am wrong. C. Host..
Salem, Marion County.
Tu p. Ska Seiipbnt Again. Capt. liar,
rington of the English shipCatillian, win
reputed having seen a aea serpent while
on the passage from Bombay to Liverpool,
is out with a letter ru affirming hi belief in
the genuineness of the marine monster
which he saw, the sea w eed story to the con
trary notwithstanding. lie says:
" Notwithstanding the assetiiont of meat
of science to the contrary, I sni now sure
thai such animals exist. 1 could no more
be deceived than (as a seaman) I could mis
take a porpoise for a whulo. If it had been
at a great distance it would hnve bnen dif
ferent ; but it wa nut above 20 yards from
ihe ship."
Captain Ttavis, who, for i wager
of 91,000, has agreed to try his skill al
Louisville, Ky., in shooting an orange from
the head of a boy, will probably havo to
find some other than that placo for the ex
ploit to come off. Mayor Pitcher, of lhat
city, in a proclamation to the chief of the po
lice, dated on lha 1 7 1 It March, denounces
the thing as criminal, and commands him
to arrest all persons who may be engaged
in the experiment.
A PitKntcTum. The Philadelphia Prese
predicts that the revival of ihe slave trade
will be, at the end of another year, the
test of democracy. Stranger predictions
have been verified.
Tz.l.lYSOJv A .10 Lo.NOFKLI.OW IM E.10-
land. The editor oftho Utiia, (N. Y.)
Herald, writing from F.ngland, gives the
follow ing goisip concerning Tennyson I
It is no secret that Mr. Tennyson is aa
almost hopeless victim to opium. Those
who have read his poem of Maud will the
more readily believe this story true by the
singular character of this production.
He is living on a beautiful little estate oa
the Isle of Wight, though be has been at
the Lakes for some litue past. Il may
shock some o( our sentimental lady iradura
lo be told that the author of the ' PrinceM"
ha a decidedly African head, anything
but a handsome face, and very sensual
looking lips. He is by no meant popular
with the mats) oflhe English people; in
deed, a large bookseller in OaTerd told, me,
that where be told one cupy of Tennyson,
he sold three Copies of Longfellow; that
indeed, lbs latter bad more F.uglish readera
than any other living poet en either side
fc True love is ever aeeompaDied wil
fetr aad reverence.