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    than euro frr mob svnipiotn, I concluded
to crrj my own truck, und lead him two
or three miles, when meeting with help I
reinminled, nnd bp oft rcrietiJ di'iillu puU
und kind word succeeded in gaining hit
confidence, liave bail no more trouble,
nd find bun good Tor 40 mi lei t day wiib-
out whip or spur.
Thi I'-tter it already too long, or I would
like to lull you wbnl 1 realize in this lovely
climate and beautiful valley. I Uve nj.i'Ul
Homo time in Corvalli. Albany. Salem, and
Dayton. In each of these places I found
much or pleasant inieresl, which I can not
now relate. I am at present in Oregon
Cltr.etiiovlnfT the hrxnlialitie,, of mv uUl
friend Uoberr I'entland. who in company
with Others own the transit warehouse, nit
uale on the brim of tho great Falls of thu
Willamette. I bey have a saw milled
joining, and hnve at tho present time a
number of workmen engaged in llio erec
lion of a grist mill. I judge this property
must be of immense value. Steainboui
are almost always in sight, both above and
below, and seem to be doing quite an autivo
business. Oregon City i rough but ro
nisntio location. Although it ba been
some what depopulated by tile rush to lh
mines, vat her ucrmanent resources and her
people, who know how to make ihem avail-
able, will ultimately secure a ore-eminence
in the noble country whose name she bears,
There, la evidence of tusto nnd refinement
in the improvements in progress and the
tasteful culture of fruits and fliwers, the
gardens redolent with roses, and tho charm-
ang boquels in hands vicing in beauty with
those who carried Ihem.
I have nuid several visits to the iusllv
renowned Dr. McLoughlii), whose iiamo
nnd history nre inseparably connected w ith
I Hobo ol Urcgon 11 is appeal anco inui
cates a fine specimen of the venerable and
good amongst men. lie possesses a large
Irame, with a face ruddy with health, and
a profusion of silken hair and whUker
whitened with age. f'fty-three years he rendered on such occasions by public of
lias lived and traded with the Indian tribes, fleers, in like manner an exemplary pun-
22 of which he was Superintendent, or he
might have been called King in Oregon.-
When he first arrived on the site of this
city ho -had but seven men, And was sur
rounded by 6000 Indiana; yet he main
tained absolute authority, and during all
those years bad no general war. 1 inqui
red, "How did you prevent difficulties ("
Ue replied, 'Ily the administration of itn-
fparttm justice. Hie Indians saw that they
were protected as well as punished by law,
itnd they learned to respect ii. On one oc
casion a white man committed a rape on an
Indian femule. 1 sentenced him lo forty
vtripes in presence of the tribe, which
jipplied with such severity ax to ever him
with blood and gore; but if I had net dime
it two white ladies then coming into thu
country would have aufiered from retalia
tion, tor which it I had inflicted punish-
stout general war would have been the
consequence. Indians are lenaci"iis of
their riht, and the only way to live in
peace is to maintain just laws.
Uclieve me your friend as ever,
John Dkksox.
Oregon City, June 21, 1H50.
The steamship Persia arrived at New
York on Tuesday, the !)th April.
Sho brings accounts of the closing of the
Conferences at Taris on the 16th. The
ratifications will be exchanged at the end
of the month. The protocols will then be
'published, and the pruceflings of the Con
gress will bo made known in detail.
From Paris it in stated that diplomatic I
movements of importance toward ttily ap-
appear to be on foot. Count Collnredo is
to go immediately from Vienna to Rome on
a special mission. It in a mivsion refers
only to tho Concordat, bui the Italian jour-
rials say that it attaches to the general state
of Italy,
A grand civic banquet was given in Lot.-
don on lire 17th to Mr. Dallas, the Ameri-
can Milliliter. In the louse ofLonls, Lord
I'anmuro stated, on the subject of Great
Kritnin sending troops to Canada, that the
troops were lliose w hich had been removed ;
from the Provinces for the Criiman war,
with their numbers slightly increased.
Tho Cabinet of Vienna is bent on occu
pying every corner of Italy w here a politi-
eal excitement can he got up hs an excuse
for their presence. Parma is de facto in
corporated into the Austrian Empire- An
additional Austrian force is under arms for
the Roman States, and the garrisons of
Lombnrdy are to be increased.
Launch of tab Adriatic. New York
April! . The launching of the steamship
Adriatic, for the Collins lino, came off this
morning, and presented one of the finest
sights I ever witnessed. Estimates of the
.number of persons assembled to witness
the launch run as high as seventy thousand,
jnd considering that every available spot,
im to thu roofs of houses and the topmasts
Jcl'n.near hr. had its occunanl, there
canuot be much exaggeration in this figure.
The Adriatic i not quite so long aa the
new steamship Persia, of the Cunard line,
but in oilier respect and in capacity abe
bai the advantage, and she may therefore
be designated the largest steamship yet
afloat. Her extreme leogth is 355 feet,
breadth of beam 50 feet, and depth of hold
88 feet 2 iochet. Her capacity, according
in nnstom-houte measurement, is about
3,700 tons, but by Carpenters' measure
ment no lew than 6,900 tons.
The English paper give the de
tails of a monster blast which was let off a
few week ainceat the new harbor-works
at Holyhead. It is raid it required the la
borofsix men in its formation for ten
month, and a charge of 6$ toci of powder
to explode if. The quantity of stone loosen
ed by the blast was calculated at sijty
thousand tons.
I&T A bey fourteen years of age was re-
oently arrested at Roxwell, England, for
stealing ao egg alue a half-penny trie J,
convicted, and sentenced to four day tart)
lUHiioa. uioioranct u Kpai
Trsi,ltc.l fur lh Evening Pot, from the Mad
ridCorrespoiidciiooofilieiiidepcudooce Dslge.)
Wi'l rcgsril to the aflatr of llio Protusl
nt Minister whose rcseui.t) Ht Uiirctlunu
lately unused o inuen ablution la ojiain.
Anon, Minister of urate and Justico,
liuw jut addressed to tlie i'resiactii 01 uii
the tribunnlx throughout the Peninsula
circular, which i worthy of buitij,' citd.
M. Arios. nutinii evidently under clenei
inhVnct tliut ban somehow or olber bent
brought to bear upon him, wan nevertheless
ashamed to piiuimn iue uociimeiH m me
Gaceta. I jiive you the exact text of the
iinpor ill question,, whivh is worthy of rank
i!f among tho circulur letters which for
merly emanated from thetirand Inotiistii
"It has come to the knowledge of the
Q'leen, tliut tliorts nave been made in cer
tain quarters of the I eiiinsulu lo lench and
propogaie doctrines at variance wiih the
weed dojjnmt of our true faith, and contrary
Catholic, ApiNtolio, and ltoinan Church.
Her Majesty s lioverniiiwil in firmly resolv
ed to display the uuiloil rigor lowaul those
Spaniards and foreigners who may sock
under uny pretext whatever to breuk up nr
dit-luib ihul religious unity to which Divine
Providence has willed thatSpain should owe
ber prosperity, and on which retiose (it
eould not be otlitrwj.m-) the sacred basis of
"", Constitution which is lo govern Ilie
Mutiurchy. therefore, ilr. President, you
will be pleased to adopt measures iucon-
cert with the political, administrative, and
ecclesiastical authorities, lor preventing, at
nil hazards, so enormous a scandal and
crime. You will lake care lo excite the
peal of the public functionaries, wh are
charged with these mutters, and who ara to
proceed officially against any whom they
may suspect of harboring designs against
the integrity of our religious basis. It
must be understood that, as the piety of
the ijtifen will suitably reward all services
Ulimetit will be his who betrays anything
like indifference or culpable tolerance."
Me hr I.Mac. The warsteumer Merrimac,
on her late trial trip from Boston to Nor
folk, exercised her shell guns, (200 pound
ers) of which she carries forty. Shells
were fired at two miles range, and nearly
all exploded about two feel under water,
producing terrible commotion. I nree shots
out of four, it is estimated by the ordnance
officer, would sink any ship at that dis
tance. In order to obviate the local at
traction of, the iron guns, the compasses of
the Mcrnmac aro fitted with tho '"improve
ment" of Cap'. Morris.
t3T '('be entire control of the Japanese
nation is at tho will of the Emperor, and he
monopolizes all tho commerce of the coun
try. He is the head manager and princi
pal merchant in the island fur all mercantile
affairs, nnd every one of his Mihjccta must
give him so much wheat every crop for the
State granary, which is put aside to meet
thi' requirements of n short crop, when it
is all distributed to rhe' people ; and the re-
liginn and the customs of centuries cinnot
he easily thrown aside.
What a Nkwspaper Does for Noth
ing. Some individual, who seems to tin-
erstnnJ what he is talking about, speaking
on this subject, says :
" The result of my oWrvaiion enables
me lo slate as a foci, that publishers are
more poorly rewarded than any other class
of men in the United States, who invest an
equal amount of labor, capital and thought,
They nre expected to do more lubor fjr less
pay, to stand move sponging and 'dead
heading,' to puff and defend more people
without fee or hope of reward, than any
other class. They credit wider and long-
er ; get oftner cheated ; suffer moro pecu-
niary Ios and are oftner the victims of
misplaced confidence, than any other call
ing in the community.
"People pay a printer's bill more re
liictantly than any other. It goes harder
with them lo expend a dollar on a newspa
per i1j.hi tenon a needless gewgaw. Yet
eviry o nly avmi.s hunselt of the use ol the
ditor's pen and printer's ink. How many
embryo towns nnd ciiieshave been brought
into notice and puffed into prosperity by
the press) How many railroads now in
successful operation would have foundered
but for llio assistance of tho 'lever that
moves tlie world i
Pacific Railroad. Hon. VV. A. Lake
writing to the IN. i. Mirror, tliua esti
mates the distance from New York to San
Francisco, per the Pacific Railroad, to ho
buill on the 32d parallel :
From New York to Cairo, either
through New York or Pcnn., 1200 mile.
From Cairo to Marshall, in Tex
as, via the Cairo 6i Fulton K., 400 "
Thence to El Paso,
. 769
Thence to Fort .Yuma, junction
of Gila and Colorado, 578 "
Thenco to San Diego, 200 "
Total 3146
The lime to San Diego, at 20 miles per
hour, would be 6 days and 13 hours ; thence
to San Trancisco by steamer, 2 days. Al-
lowing 11 hour for detentions would make
9 daTS from Jfew Yoik to ban r rancisco
jhe cost of first-clas passengers by the
Isthmus is $300 j by this route they cpuld
be carried for $150.
03-M. D'Almbert, a Frenchman, has
just published a book of travels in the Uni
ted States. He is an extravagant admirer
of the ladies of America, and has demon
strated his sincerity by marrying one of
them a Miss Phillips, of Philadelphia.
In dilating upon the fearful frequency of
duels in the United States, Le asserts that
the following placard is to be- seen over an
editor's office down South: "Subscriptions
received from 9 to 4 ; challenges from 1 1 to
12 only. Wipe yonr feat, if yon please.
05" Dear young Bride: Your gallant
bosband now thinks you the loveliest an J
M ;!.! of belnrv' Dtslror not lie dlwoa.
(TT It in a curious fact that lha (.JirarJ
College turned out, I ant your, moro lads to
follow ilia business of priniing than any
oilier class. Nineteen pupils have taken
to llm types, and twelve have become farm
ers ; ten others chow lo la chemists, and
tho remainder were distributed iu. mechani
cal avocations.
03" Tho statistics of the Agricultural
Bureau at Washington show that the pro
duct of the honey bee is 10,000,000 pounds
of wax and honey, vulucd at $2,400,000.
OCT A correspondent of the Independent
Delge says that Lauiartiue, after making
great elforts to snve the wreck of his tattered
fortunes, it about to assign all hit proper
ty for tho payment of his debts, and seek n
home in the United States.
03" The Court of Cassation has just do
livered a deplorubla verdict, which has fill
ed all France with horror anil disgust. It
him decided that the distribution of voting
cards at elections shall be illegal, unless
such cards shall bo in favor of the govern
ment candidate.
OCT Stone bullets were iued until the
year 1514, when iron came into use.
was near tho close of tho sixteenth century
before leaden bullets were generally adopt
ed. Stone cannon balls are yet used in the
OCT The Neapolitan Government has
commenced vigorous war upon beards.
People that show too much hair are taken
by the police to a barber's shop and trim
med clean. The Government looks upon
hair as an evidence of revolutionary ten
Hpeclal Notice,
Upon a recent funeral occasion, at the sn'rees'
lion of Utv. G. II. Atkinson, it was voted to hold
a meeting of tho citizens of Orrgon City and vi
cintty, at fome future time, and lake some step to
secure the burying ground lo th use of the cilizens
in the tuturr, sua huve It properly laid on. the
undemgned Was appointed lo see Wm. Holmes,
Kq., who will convoy the land for the use above
named, and With him agree upon time slid place,
and call die meeting as apitoiuted. He hns done
so ; and this is to requnst the citizens of Oregon
City and vicinity to meet in the Hall over the
City Drug Store on Saturday, the 2lrr or June,
invt, at 3 o clock p. M., for the purnoxe above inch
catcd. Frllow-citizens, curhe together, ami lei us
secure and proporly arrango a resting place for our
dead. YV. U. Joii.ison.
Oregon City, June 14, 185G.
At the residence of Hon. Judge Pratt, Linn City
on tho eveninir of the 16th Inst., by Rev. 1. 1)
Chamberlain, L. Holmes, bsq., to Mm Susan II.
ArrEKsoK, both or Ltnu City.
The compliments of the parties and a liberal
hare of the cake are acknowledged.
Then come the wild weather come sleet or
come mow,
We will stand by each other, however it blow ;
Oppression and sickness, and sorrow and pain,
Shall be to our true love us links to the chuiu."
TO LOAN. Inquire at the
lUtf AKliUS OfMUE.
For Bale.
THE sulflcriber having more use for cash than
a HOUSE, is under the necessity of offering
is faithful servant and fellow-traveler fur publiu
sale. He will b mid in Oregon City on SAT-
l.ltDAi' THE FIKl'II DAY OF JULY to the
highest bidder for cash. The saddle and equip.
mrula, together with all India-rubber cloak, will
also be told. JOHN ItEKSON.
June 91, 1S:6. lUn!2
Harness and Saddlery.
fV-A 1 II K un lersigned having opened anew
llui hjl.i-1, manuu euiuiij, s,
S T-, in the Tost Office building, are ready
to mnnufucture and furnish at short notice, und in
the best and most substantial style of the craft.
til kinds of JIAKJESS and SAUJJLEKX
WOItK, Trunk and Varriirge Trimming, f-c.
June 21, lB.j6.-y OOf & LOOK.
Sark Nahumkcatf
IS expected to commence loading with
ntSfproiluce prior 10 in July. Application
aslfelor freiirlit inuv be made lo Cant. Stansberv
ut t'OllTLANl), or lo the undemiViied.
Jure 21, 18.r,G.
33. IVXilwain,
Manufacturer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Tra corr-Ka wake, iurdwarc, tc,
Mai u St., opposite Main Street Hotel,
Steamboat and jobbing work attended to with
Orders from the country promptly filled. je7
By BarK Ocean Bird.
RECEIVED June 4th the following GOODS,
and now selling rapidly at a small advance.
I."'U kegs syrup,
50 boxes candks,
60 hf bbls N O sugar,
10 bbls crunhed "
13 doz brooms,
20 " buckets,
50 pro matches,
10 bbls cider vinegar,
1 5 cases tobacco,
35 " shoe, assorted,
25 grain cradles,
1 tliretlier and separator,
1 reaper and raker,
12 straw cutters.
Those who Sell I lie Cheapest Sell
the MoM.
CHARMAX & WARNER, Oregon City,
have the best selection of GROCERIES,
liooti and Shore, also Oils, Taints, Gloss, to sell
wholesale and retail, cheap for cash or produce.
Our slock in part consists of
6000 lbs coffee,
2000 lbs No I China sugar,
21)00 " No 1 Batavia
1000 " Sandwich bland sugar,
1300 " crushed sugar,
2500 " omrted candy,
50 kegs B. Boston syrup,
50 kegi nails,
10 canes p ckld,
M pie fruits,
12 doz snorted can fruits,
6 " tomato catsup,
J pepjierMUCc,
4000 lbs nit, dirTerent kinds,
8 dos brooms,
Large assortment of Queensware, Glassware, &c,
10,000 cigars, by lite thousand, 40 boias tobacco,
China rice, Carolina do., 300 lbs tea, 2000 lbs
dried apples, spice of all kinds, 4lc, tc. j7
Probate Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given, that James Id j ram,
administrator of Ihs etale of Jumea Akin,
late of Ciockanw coauly,deceasM),ha rendered
his accouc'l for final settle nvsui la the Probate
ooart of soul county, and s4 ocurl has appointed
tho fint Tuesday in July next for lbs adjustoxat
of lbs sanw at CWgon City in said eoo aty.
J-j:ie J 135-3w3 Jjdje o prtjbjte.
111111 In 1,'IU llll'lt .;u I.. .J
tlSXIimw.liutely fur tfA.N' FRANCISCO.-
I or frelelit uiiply la tin miileriii0.
June 7, 1806.
U. AIII'.KM'.l II I M tU
BhorW'i Sale.
T)Y VIRTUE of two certain executions Issued
lJ out ol' the Oiitiict Court for the county
Clackamas, and to nie direolei, on in f ivor
Klier L. Ilradley sirs'iint Villilun 1). U'ondcock
fr thu sum of ciglil humlri d nnllnrs and nxty-lw
cents, with 1H 55-I00 dolbra cott iiihiii the mine,
for which amount jiiilf.'ineiii was d fkntcd in mid
I nurt on thu Hill iluy of April, 1.0, one in fuv
of Hubert Csuheld fur the uin of furlv-eieht dol
lurs slid l 'htv-sen u cent, with l.'i f'J-IUOdul
lurs cunt upon ie same, which judgment
was docketed in suid Court on the iMsi day
of UrreiiilH-r, Is. J. anil fur wantuf twruoual prop
erly whereuf to inuke the above mined amounts
I have levied said oecutious upon all the right, tl
tie, and lutorent ol the above named v illnion D
Woodcock, that he now has or had at the time
said judgments were ducketed as uforcfaid, In and
to the Mluwingr described Ian I elaiin situated in
Clai ksmas counly, described ill Noiilitalion No.
377, now on tile in ilie Loud Ollice at Oregon City,
us rottowi,
being part of Seu's. 4 i 5, T. 5 S. R. 2 IC.
Si St S3, T. 4 8. U. 2 E.,
bounded and described as follows : lleg'nning at a
point 0S!i chains east of a point 2.0n chs. north
of S. . corner of N. W of Keo. 4 IU 1 .1 9 It li E,
thence N Vi deg. 30 mill. K, J.i.UO cliaim,
N 52 deg. 3D inin. W, e2..10
"89 deg. 30 mill. W, 1 10.50 "
" 8 82 deg. E, 80.00 '
N 8 deg. ' K, 20.90 '
" N 4i di g. V, 33.73 to the
place of beginning. I shall proceed lo sell all the
riuht, title, and iutoreat ns aforesaid, or ao much
thereof at will satisfy the above named amounts,
wilb interett and accruing cost upon the same, lo
the h'ghest bidder for cihIi al public auction on
at one o'clock, r. ., of said dny. Kale to lake
place on tlie preiuiws. Soul h half el aiirl to the
wife. 8E1' 111 LLA I , Sheriff
Juue 7, 185C-8v4 Vtaekamat County.
IJcw Firm and New Goods.
rpll E. undersigned would rcujKiLlfully any to their
I friends and Ihe pulilio generally that tliey are
STORE. One and all are invited to give them
a cull before buying cle here. They will ever bo
reudy to 'how their guods, and thev (latter them-
selvca that they cuu suit the public, both as to qual
ity and price. UARSTOW &. CO.
Uinemah, Muy il, lfoo. 7
New Arrangement
THE next term of our school will commence
July 1, 1850.
The rnniary department, limited to lb, will
be under the charge of J. ANDHKYY POST.
Ihe Preparatory Uepsitinenl, limited 10 va
18 duv nunils and 7 buurdcra will be under the
care of the subscriber, who will huvu the super-
vwion of both departments, lly tliew srrauge-
menu we hope to offer superior advantages to our
N. LI. None invited to attend but such as will
cheerfully comply wilh tho rules of the school.
Neither do we wunt any one who will be rough
in his plays with his companions, nr use any im
proper language. J. D. POST.
Oregon Ulty, fllny !H, 1BS0. 0
Tor Sale.
I WILL bEI.L my situation on the
L blulf at Ore"nu City at a very low rute,
I huve a good dwelling house, stable, and out-
buildiues, with about 1U0 choice fruit trees of the
best varieties, in an enclosure of eiglrl lota, all uf
which will be sold low, as 1 have purchased prop.
erty in another pin t of the city.
May SU, lWuU-otl . W . liLLh..
Wm. O. Dement St Co.,
At their old eland, oppotite the Laud Office,
1 RE now receiving per bark "Ork" and brig
il "Halcyon," tho following goods :
150 boxes sperm and adamantine candles,
50 kegs dried apples and peaches,
100 bbls and hlf bbls crushed sugar,
50 cases pickles, '
30 " fresh peaches,
60 " pie fi uiis,
10 tons G. A. salt.
500 doz cups and saucers,
300 " plates, '
200 " tumblers,
20 " wuter pitchers,
Sugar bowls, tea-pots, i-c, &c.
200 kegs pure lead,
200 gals lumeeil oil,
100 gals turpentine, '
50 gals varnish,
300 gali lump oil,
100 gals bird '
6000 yds brown sheeting,
5000 " prints,
lllcnched cottons, bed ticking, See., tec,
all of which will bo sold as low as they can be pur
chased of any other house in Oregon City. niuyl7
In Equity.
John McLoughlin, cuinpluinaiit,
Francis W. Pcttygrovc & Alfred Pollygrove.
Claciamai Couuty District Court, Oregon 7'er
1101 y. "
N this cause Tl appearing by sn affidavit of
complainant filed wilh his hill tliut both of the
defendants are noii-residents of the Territory, it
was ordvred by the Court that the (Jlerk make an
order, and have the same published, direotcd lo
said defendants ; this is therefore directed lo the
said Francis W. Pettygrove and Alfred Petty.
grovo, and they are hereby notified Hint tins suit
was commenced against them on the 6th day of
.September, 1855 ; that the object of the bill is to
quiet Ihe title to lot No. 6 in block No,-28 in Or
egon City in favor of the cotiiplaiiiuut, and for a
decree that a oortain bond, touching the same
made by (he complainant to Alfred 1'ettygrove on
Ihe 13th dnv of September, 1843, be canceled.
The said defendants are required to appeur at said
Court, lo be lioldcn al Oregon City, 111 said coun
ly, on llio first Monday of September next, and an
swer the bill, or that the sumo will be luken as
In witness whereof, I have hereunto tub-
l. s scribed my hand and alfixed my ofllciul seal,
tins lotn day 01 ill a v. a. n.
F.S. HOLLAND, Clerk.
May 17, 1856. 5-5w
To Merchants and Shippers.
X PORTATIOX CO. have adopted the follow
ing tariff of charges, which will bo adhered to till
further notice :
Transportation of mcrchandite or produce
from boat to boat al works, per Ion, tl uu
Storage of tame leas than five days, no charge.
" " over a at lers than la days, Uj
" ' " 15 St " " 30 " 50
Each additional half month or less will be
charged, per ton, 25
Linn City, Msy 10, 1656.
Xiiunber, Lumber,
THE Oregon Milling and Transportation Co.
hare etnbli.hed a LUMBER YARD on the
river bank in rear of Ihe store of Allan, McKiuUy
& Co.
Lumber iu larira or small quantities, including
dressed siding and flouring, can always be bad by
Kdicatioo at the store or
r . a. a. hulliA. is.
Oregon City, May 10, I806.
Logs, Zeoza.
CASH will be paid on deliver for futai cedar
LOG3 at works of Oreion Mdlim c Trans.
porUtio-jCo. R. PENTLAM, Ag't.
Lma City, ,9y 10, 1858.
Backs! Sacks!
rpHE aadenignad bos cunstantiy on hand at his
X ok mauutactory in Oregon City, HACKS of
all qualitissand sisca, which will be sold as low as
they can b bought in Ihs Territory. Orders from
a distance promptly attended to.
Oregon City, May 3, 1856.-3y.
T0 you waat Hay Fork, Rpadeaud Shovels!
XJ CJ at ciiMtv.i.y $ wAX.yi.ii v.
Main Street Houso.
I II AVE Kawd the MAI.N hl'RL'ET
HOUSE, and am now prepared to sc-
Ootnniodate the traveling puhlio. Every attention
will be paid lo the comfuit of man nd beast.
Ch.irges reanoiiable.
I hull alwuys be found on hsud by lliose who
choose to pitrmute me. i. M 1! At 'O.N.
Oregon City, May 3, 1456. 3tf
Oregon Territory, j .
Yamhill county, j '
mo HENRY ItOYCEi In the nsint of the
I United Stales of America, you are herebv
cnmiiiiuided In he and njip. ar before Ihe District
Court of the United Slates in and for the counly
mid Territory ufurerald on Ihe first day of the next
regular term thereof, to sinner the complaint of
Horace L. Hartiaoii, Iionnlilon Evorctt, and Mat
thew l'.vcrell, or that judgment by default will be
luken against yon by said pluinlil for the sum of
three llioiuond dolLia, wilh luwful Inieresl lliereoil
from tho Ittenlv-sixth day if Septunbtr, one
thousand eiclit hundred and fifty-three, and cons
of suit, if you fail lo apjiear and answer lbs said
w itncH, ueorfe 11. steward, i ten. sua
tho seal of said Coin t, at Lafayette, in said
L.S J county, tllued till Ulatduy of Apill, A D
S.EINworth.rilf's Attorney, Eugene City, O.T.
April 20, 1S50.
I 70 bbls and hir bbls N O sugar,
30 " " " crushed "
4000 1U No 1 Chins 11
10 hlf bbls Carolina rice,
15 " dried apples,
15 kegs " '
10 hlf bbls peavhes,
10000 lbs Liverpool suit,
10 cares table salt,
50 bbls Santa Cruz lime,
5000 lbs Dianilla roie, oas'd sites,
1110 kegs nails, "
5000 qr Hour sucks,
6 bales drillings,
12 cuaes au'd pie fruits,
12 " " pickles,
20 bundles window satli, ass'J sizes,
24 p.inncl dours, " "
2 dol pol. grains scoops,
100 sacks Rio coil'ec,
10 mats black pepper,
10 bales oukiini,
100 single and double blocks, ass'd sizes,
C grow P & M yeast powders,
10 di zinc wukIi boards,
500 gals S.I. syrup,
41KIO 11m white lend, pure,
000 " led "
40 gala copal vurninh,
15 doz paiut brushes, att'd s'les,
15 "3 hooped buckets,
200 gals boiled linseed oil,
100 " raw " "
Together with a good swortment of HARD-
which we propose selling at prices to suit the
tunes. Call and sea for yourselves.
W. C. DEMENT it CO.,
Main St.. opposite the Land Ollice.
Oregon City, April 1, 1856.
Charman 4l Warner.
MR. EDITOR You will please tell all our
fellow-citizens of Oregon that wo are est! I
oing buainess uuder the old firm, and under the
old adage that a nimble sixpence is better than a
slow shilling. We wnnt to sell goods, and will do
to as cheap as any other house iu Oregon City.
We have enlarged our business materially, and
now have ou hand, as usual, all kinds of GRO
CERIES, such as will suit city and country trade,
which we hopo all who hnve favored 11s wilh their
liberal patronage know full well. Call again we
will doourb si. CHARMAN it WARNER.
April 19, 1856.
GLASS, Que ensware, and Crockerv, at
WE havo a full assortment of BOOTS &
SHOES, also Ladies' Gaiters and Buskins,
in fact all kiads of ladies' shoes.
In Or Ilnkery
WE keep a full assortment of BREAD, PIES,
CAKES, and CANDY, at wholesale and
retail, up 1 9 CHARMAN WARNER.
Wedding Cuke
T ADE loonier, parties furnished with ictas
der, parties fiirui.shci
t notice. lc, bv
J.TX on shortcut notice, ic, by
Private Boarding1 Souso
Opposite Holmes Sl Co.'s Fire-proof build
ST Charges reasonnble. t Nov. 3-6m.
DuKiierreolypi'xLook Here i
JOE Ht'CHTEL Ib again on hand at his rooms
over Milwuin's store, and warrants s good pic
ture to every one who will favor him with a cull.
Come on and try him. Get a correct likeness of
yourself and give it to your wife, your luuban.l,
children, brother, sialcr, ur lover. Ti 0 timo will
como wlicil they will prize it more highly than any
gill you could beatow upou them.
Pictures taken in all weather, and all the various
styles of cases. Satisfaction warranted. Entrance
to rooms on third street.
Oregon City, April 5, 1856. ly
Splendid Jewelryi
r. mill I'. 1! Knit HI NS hns now on hand
LB the finebt assortment of JEWELRY ever
bioui;lit to Oregoii. The assortment consists in
part of the following articles :
Diamond broaches,
Diamond rings,
Gold ruilwuy lime-keepers,
Ladies' watches, in enameled cases,
Ladies chatelaners.
Mosaic ear-rings,
Gold thimbles, gold Snd silver pen)
Card coses, mantel ornaments,
Card baskets, peurl caskets,
Gold guard, vest, and fob chains,
Sleeve buttons, shirt studs,
Ladies brooches,
and a variety of other goods too numerous to men
tion. Call ahd sc the most magn.ficont dinplay of
Jewelry ever seen in Oregon.
U. ituiuu.n,
March 22. Front street, Portland.
rpllti subscriber lias just receiv.
JL ed a large supply of FUHN1
TURK of all descriptions, consist
ing in part as follows
Sofas, mahognny and black walnut)
Chamber sets;
Bureaus, with or without marble tops;
Office desks;
Rocking chairs, stuffed in hair, carpet, and with
cane and wood scats;
Dining chairs, cane aud wood seals;
Office chairs, do do do
Children's do, high dining and rocking;
Bedsteads, various kinds;
Tables, center, card, and dining;
Writing desks;
Ps'hit ehairsi
Reading, toilet, aud work tables)
Mattresses, hair, moss, and wool;
Window shades; .
Paper hangings, of every style;
Oilsloth; Chinese malting; fiuid lamps, and bum.
ing fluid ; with a variety of other articles too
numerous lo mention.
Persons wishing to parcbase will pleads oullsad
examine for therwelves.
All kiads of country produce taken In exchange
for goods. THOS. JOHNSON.
March 23, 1856. 49tf
f"U. Osgood's IinlisCliologegue.aad Dr. Jones'
I 3 Ainvncan t-hoiagogoe, at Ilie
oarcaN dry dzug stohe.
Wboleiale Vrlcea Current.
voiiai'i-rsit wsrM.r.
rv uooi.s. ps.i'os V ur unis LU
Sheeting, 4-4... . I 111? lot pr, ct-am N. Y.essS.
Dulling I.' j niouicc
IliescheJ drdhng l.i W,ei, pr. bu $.9.t
shirting, llsIf.'Osis da ft
Slriid do li'J I'c tslMS do ;i
Tirk n Main Onions do 1)
Denins 15 Hour. g
Blue drilling 14, Com Alssl, flesh If
Plaid hnsey ICaVlj rai'ir.
KuliiKt Ho? " dried do lf?,a!5
Kentucky-jeans.. .25ut.';lauhi, dried dw 10
Tweeds 55uT0; " do pealed
o rsixis. ; ( liili. dried. V0a25
Blue and white i n.uunus.
Blue und ursnge U I'uik, clear none.
Fancy f-sl hkss $it)s10
Furiutui s do 1 11 1 4 f f 1111.S 15
" "do. w;ri...l21 Bactn l!l
M. du la'iie Mi.S.V roHiKK,
Giiigliams 15aVillsKid, pr cs ....$li
Alpaca U5al.lij " pr keg 10
Tall dnmask 5ia75. suor.
ololhs b.'iatjllj Small nes S2)sX
Irish linens 40. 4. 1 Buck J.U'IJ
ciotiiino. LUt.
Sheep gray pants ffl'l i3 Bar 80
Satinet do. i.'li VYliile b ad, in oil... IVf
Fanpy cass. do. ...i-lu.l! c arnon.
Black tusH. do. &5uiMaiiillu, small j5
Redflan'l shirts &UUS " large 25
liluo do. do. ftl.'ul'l'enip lOali
Hickory shirts 5a". canulss.
Calico do SyaWVliiiantiue 40a45
soots St snots. .Sperm... COaCi
Men's kip boot.Si'Ju'i ciuaas.
super do. llaraiis jHUsfJO
flue sewed 04 (ielinaii fltls'.'i
Boys' kip boots $2, American fciOaSU
he vy w X ioni-J tusaCoo.
Mens' br's pr. dm.. til 7 PriJeoflhe UnioutO4S
" kipbrg'spr Joz.C.'l)Min 3Wi$
" calf sewed du..&.'l Luke' it 7
Woincu's h'vv sb's.513 iiasdwaxI.
line do 15. Shovels ;i8aM
oroccsiks. 'Snudes ,, l4al6
Coffee 14a 1 6 Axes $18a20
Tea 50uU5 .Millsaus 90aU
Sugar, no. 1 Chi'a... .11(2 out saws 75$ I 5
crushed 10 laiiiecutiory, iu ih-rcl
Suleratus I Us 16' sJvsuc on N. V. coal
Stardi 14 Pocket cutlery, 25 pre!
Syrup F. Boston ti. advmicc.
do. 8 Island 90 Other article of bard-
NOMidusses wuifr..in20 WiOpf
I.iv. Salt 3a?) ct advance.
Table Halt : u- Nail,s'dics,prk $1
Sandwich 1. Salt.. 2ut) ' lioisusho...250i
Pepper :; inu.
Allspice 4(1' Lamp $l)l
Cinnamon UUnHl Linseed boll $2 2C
Soap 10a 1 1 Turpentine pr gall 92i-4
Portland nnd Astorln.
The Splendid Steamer VHl
WI LL continue to run regulurly between Port
land and Astoria, via Vancouver, Twice, a
wskic, leaving Portland 011 Monday and Thursday
mornings of each week for Astoria: aud Astnrio
for Portlsnd on Tuesday and Friday mornings,
touching Vancocvcr, Sr. Hblrns, 1aimss,Ctu.
LAiitT, &c, each way. For freight or passage,
apply to R. HOY'I , Muter,
jel 6 Or at Hoyl's Wharf-bout, Portland.
Citizen' Line of Steamer;.
. . PORTLAND, Copt. Muaast,
uZL ENTERPRISE, Capl. Jxmiksun,
Will run in connection, the Poitlsnd leaving
PORTLAND daily (Sundays excepted) for Ore
gon City at 10 o'clock, a. si., the Enterprise ma
king semi.weekly trip to CORVALLIS, leaviu
CANEMAfI ou Monduys at ii o'clock a. at., and
Thursdays at 2 r. at.
IT All freight Lr the above line will bo receipt
cd for at Hoyl's Wharf Boat, Portland.
Feb. 1C, 1656. ' 44lf
VamhiU Trade.
dZi$E32 under Ihe name snd stylt of the
Yamhill (.'umpuny, are now building a steamer of
about 30 tons burthen al Caiieinnh, expressly for
the Yamhill Irude. She will be ready tu run oouio
time iu June.
Oregon City, April 5. SI If
Drugs, Medicines, ralnti, Oil,
fli and livd-stuffa.
sepl5 Main Street, Oregon Olty,0.
wr.s hotel.
Morrison t., between Front and First st.,
Charires reasonable. S. D. SMITH,
March 1.1, Prortlo.
W. r. Burns,
0 h e a o N c 1 t v, o. t.
O Strict attention paid to repairing, and satis
faction to patrons warrunlcd. feb0-43
Morris Vnomas,
Miiin tl, ueaily oppoeite Holmei dj- Cs.'s.
. tkhms nr siiavinii, ao.
Shaving twico a week, one humpv.o, hair
Iriiniiied once, per in mill, 3 0
" once a week, one sluunpoo, hair
trimmed once, por month, 1 25
Hair trimmed, 25
llatr cut and dressed, 61
Shaving, and liuir diessed, 25
Shainjtooiiig, Off
Oregon City, April 3, 1856 -51
WF. Ill Gil FIELD,
Perilous desirous or gelling good work done will
do well lo give me a call, as my whole time is do
voted to the rcpuiring of Chronometer, Levor,
Duplex, and Horizontal watches.
An assortment of Jewelry on hand
Jewelry made to ord r, mid repaired.
Prices to suit the limes. I am thankful for past
fuvors, and hope to give satisfaction in future.
ST Located at the old stand, niusile tlie Tel
egraph Office, OREGON CITY. Feb. 2.
To all whom it may concern.
TAKK NOTICE, that 1 claim for myself and
wife, nnd shall insist upon holding, all of the
following described land, as our laud claim taken
and held by me under and iu compliance with tho
act of Congress entitled "An Act to create the of
fice of Surveyor General of Oregon," Sic, appror
ed Sept. 27th, 1650, and the amendments thereto,
all pretensions of Wm. R. B. Cotton lo tho contra
ry notwithstanding, to wit : Commencing at a
stake on I'no Willamette river 19 chains snd 25
links south and 27 chains and 50 links west of tho
south-east corner of section 35 in township ona
south of range one east, thence run g east IbU
chains, thence north 66 chains and 60 links, Ihene
west eO chains, thenco outh 54 ehsins snd in
links, thence West 80 chains to said Willsmctto
river, and Ihence up a;d river with iu meaudvr
lugs lo the place of b ginning.
March 22, l&i6. 49
To all whom it may concern.
rrUKE NOTR E, thai 1 claim, aud shall insist
JL uponjioldiag, all uf the following deaciibed
land, my land claim takn and held by mo un
dr and in compliance with lb aot of Congress as
tilled "An Act to Croat lb offic of Sumyo; Gen
eral of Oregon," Ste., tie., approved Sept. 27tli,
1050, snd tho amendments thereto, all pretension
U Wui. IC U. Coitoatolheeooirarynotwithsuad
ing, low l: Commencing at a tlk 15 chain
south of th souih-east corner of section 31 is
township on south of rang two east, theoo ros
niag smith with section, lino 40 ohoiu, lhne
west 113 chain, theses north 30 chain and 75
links, tlnnce east 91 chain ud 50 link, Iherxo
sort h 6 chain and V link, aud theneeeastSt
chain 50 link to th beginning earner.
B " '