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    ttio FiofgKS. Senator Jaines io liis new
Tri(T Dill give us tLo following nwgnifl
cent statistics:
"Dy tha census of 1950 il appear- that
the amount of capital invested in llie mau
iifacturcs of cotton, wool, mid Iron, only,
wM but a fraction Iru llimi 8150,000,000.
Tlia raw materials consume! by those tlircu
cost over 1)7,000,000 .cr annum. Tlioir
comWnsd product i eiiin;iU'd at 8160,
000,000, Tli UN, wo liavo nearly w7.'i,0l)U,
000, by meant of ilio three branches alunc
added, mostly iy labor, to tua wealth ol me
country ,vu though the tirotiriuiorii should
train nlliiii!r by ilicir business. Again
tlisso tli re branches alone employ nearly
two hundred thousand iicrsons. The aniire
amount of ciijiilal employed in nil the vnri
.ous branches In set down at 3,;fii,U'iir,iwii
while the number of persons employed ex
ceeds a million. Tho raw material con
aumed are estimated lit (550,000,000 ptr
anum, and the alu of the annual product
nt more than 11,000,000,000. Tliia ex
hibit aliow an annual absolute creation of
wealth In our country from these) source
cf more than f 150,000,000.
"The Liuoino Aiitiixb." Mr. Macau
lay tells ui that what it now called tho lead
ing article in a ncwupaper, sehluiii iipeiircd
afier the editorship of the press expired i
1075, union there was a want of nrw !
When tbnre wan a icnrcity of intelligence
wbon the Dutch mails were dutained by tli
weit wind, when the rnpparera were piiul
in the bg of Allen, when no itago-coac!
bad been atopped by highwaymen, when
no conjuring congregation bad been diapers
d by constables, when noaiiibaerulur huil
made hit entry with a long train of eoatiV.
and. aix, when no lord or poet had been bur
led in the Abbey, and when, consequently,
it was difficult to fill up four scanty pages,"
then tho editors supplied n leading article.
03" According to tho Ki porlof the Sec
rotary of tho Treasury, on commerce am
navigation, tho five cities of tho Union
which contain the largest amount of steam
tonnage are the following :
Nowlork, 107,(592 Ions,
J'ltUburg, 81,:i00
New Orleans, 02,532
St. Louis, 62,477
DuiTulo, 38,U62
Well Foikiotten. The Hinghaniton
(N Y) Democrat saya "Tho Londop Tel
egraph, eniimeraliiig tho American ciiies
which the Britishers could take 'just as
easy' in case of war between tho two cotin
trios, leaves' out Now Orleans altogether!
We can't account for the omission except
on the ground that I Ley took it in 1815,
and do uut think it to lake it
over a''aiP.
OCT A correspondent of the Rational
Inteltiyenccr says that tho Mississippi river
(lid not "freczo throughout its entire
length" this winter, as has been represent
ed. Il was open for navigation during the
entire winter from Memphis to New Or
leans. Souin (lonling ico was to bo seon
on it as low down as B.-iyou Sara ; perhaps
small quantities as low down as Baton
Kongo. It was formed on tho banks, at
tho water's edgo, in small quantities, as low
down as Natchez, perhaps as low down as
tho mouth of Kud River. To this extent,
no more, did tho Mississippi lllvor "freeze
throughout its ctiliro length. The sanm
thing has occurred in previous years.
Mus. Lucy Stonk. The editor of th
Dayton Journal says
"Having seen tho lady's name rrgisleroi
una runups House- us 'Miss L. Stoni
we lenlurod to inquire if sho desired to bo
nddromd as 'Miss Luey Siono, or Lucy
Stone Khickwell, n9 tho papers sometimes
iiosignatcu ucrv I will call myself 'Mrs
Lucy Stono, sir,' was the gracious reply."
n ell, tlint will do ! Wo don't oflW "Mrs,
T .. l l . t i , ...
xiucy our tint, lur sue lias (loubUvssgol
one of ,er own, to match her breeches !
Woman's rights, forsooth! YVtmre, we
should like to know, are Mr. Ulackwell's
lights! What is to both name of tho
ehiljrou f Stone, of course, llurd for the
labics hard forHlsckwoll andextrcmely
lianlall niouml. I Ins comes of that "mar
riago under protest," which, so far as the
husband is concerned, turns out a soliiary
sort ol tiling a mere "lllacUells Mam
SO to speak. Heaven help him -Boston
Tub Dome c-y the Cai-itui.. A corres
pondent of the Pennsylvania Enquirer,
writing from Washington, thus speaka of
tho improvement! of the Capitol :
"The new dome Intended lo surmount
the Capitol, and rendered architecturally
necessary by reason of ibo extension of that
building, li to bo a magnificent aflair, x
colling every thing of tho kind in tl.lscoun
try, and vieing with the most famous
ones in Europe. It Is lo be constructed of
cast iron, and somo idea of its size and
workmanship may be bad in knowing that
Mr. Walter, the architect, cstimntea iia
cost at $1143,000. Tho old one has already
been pulled down, and work will soon com
iw it on the new cue. When tho dome
and the twoexteiisions are completed, the
Capitol will be one of the grcnlot (true
lures in the world."
Turn for 0ale.
A FA KM of CHI arm of land ia Yam.
kill county, sis miles weal of Lafsyeils, is
,tt. rod fur suls. I lion sro eu seres in
niiiimlMi. and ISO acres In pasture an orchard
of SO bearing splo low. Tho pises k well wa
tered su.l timbered, and liss Iwu wall of excellent
wstor, food buildings and out-houses. TIis land
la as fiod as Ihero ia in Ong"U or (ho world, and
lis loralion makes il as good a slock fnnn aa liters
is In tho Territory, Forming utensils and stock
will bo sold with Ilia rdsce. Il d sired. The elsim
is well slocked wild oatlls, horses, and ho; snd
ran bo had on reasonable terms.
I T Inquire at Tiia Aaoes Olllce, Oregon Cily.
IVntcr Power for ful.
THE uiulenn'irned would like lo wll one half of
his mills and water p-iu-oron the Tualatin riv
er, shout Hires miles froin l.inn City, kuown as
Moore s .Mills. II is probalilv the host water priv
ilege, Willi llio excruou oi llie greal I uiu ni 1110 ,
ii inemeue, nisi mere in treoii. -uu:u
to tell one-half or one-fuurth of my claim together
with the inilla snd water power. .My objiul I to
gel s partner, lo enable me In properly Improve (lis
water power. J A .11 Ui .11. MUUi 1 1..
i-eb. a, ISjU. 4-m
rieur Soolui !
iriillP .,il.til.r lis lull reeeiieu a
; .1 sortiiieiil of HOOK direct from New York,
among which are tho allowing:
AhWa 11 t. of ICuroiMjAmrrivus) IisMiliilions,
larL'o as
Lives uf llie Kittiirrs,
lUhvlon and .Nineveh,
("IKtk and 1'orl,
Ship and hure.
l-',r, til atlj lbs llulvljllll
l.n.lneroiir-'l'in Eiijjihe,
AnC't Miawliiiics,
('leiico UioKniphy,
I'eruviun AnUiuiUfi,
Chuieo Klr."Ui,
A variety of I'uels.
Trade or Hurt am. The Dullalo Cott
rirr claims for that city tha position of hi
ing the first inland commercial city on this
Continent, giving llio following Hgures :
Imparl. Kirts,
I,ke, $.-0Jl(i,8l9 lltl,000,000
Canal, e'J.!JIH,03ti Sll.CVtSS
( . ni ml Ks, 3.,()lU.!llin
Iliilliilo City I'.ailrosd, 8,111)0,000
llull'alo & Kiie Itailroad, 10,9'iH,4-4
roreiyu Trsde, U,131!U3
Somotbing Hew,
Tol al commerce, 1 f. 1 92,Hri4.444 $ I Ii5. 1 59,90
IBil, IJ8,000,()OU 130,U00,0UU
Iaciesse in IH55; 37,bfi4,4M 935,129,920
0" Tho cumt-l experiment over the
plaint, (for mail and other transport,) for
which Congress made appropriation two
years ago, will soon bo tried. TLo camels
tire now tn rtmtt from Asa Minor. Th
whole number is 33, viz : 0 imilo and 15
female cam- Is ; 4 male nod 5 femalo drom
edaries. Tho vessels with this cargo are
expected to arrive in Texas about this
lime. Several of the animals are- presents
from the Viceroy of Egypt.
tTf The ll'itnlimj Timet says that Gil. Jacob's
rilie ball is made of i uo and lead. The softer
mol'il aluue was found to bo uselew. Tho bull
luil ill slmpe altogether slier it had been fired, or
become lo:uilcu. Col. Jacob behoves that an ar
my of fifly lliousunil men, trained anil nicked, sml
provided Willi llie improved illinie in-glil defy all
the amiies of tho world. 'I'ho opiniuu has been de
nounced as enlravsgnut. Yet il is just possible that
this limy bs the next great change in llie art of
war, and lint the lirsl iiotvor winch eniiiioysiton a
grcut souls may obtain a momentary but complete
Mip-riority. The half disciplined murkmnen of the
II lilted blules liavo dcfi-aUU Ilritiih troois ere
this. In the .Mexican war twenty or thirty Ken
tucky rillemen, each of them probably trained up
lo (.'ol. Jui'olis stundard, rcpvatiilly held whole
regiments of Mexicans at bay. The survivors of
the attack on .Viv Orleans declared tliut iiolhinir
cowed the men liko llie single Louisianiiiu who as
ANY person having a Mt-M-on, heraph.ue,
Accunleon, or other reed instrument, with
broken or defective reeds, can have them n paired
by applying or sending to ('has. M. Ketler, at his
residence, Itvo squares lark from tho llapilst
.Meeting House, iu llie Nor III pint of Oro.-on Cily.
Charge for inserting singlo roods from 91,50 to
ylM. lieas-jimulo uvilu.-Uon for a greater num
ber. C. M. K ESTER.
Oregon City, September 22, 1 855-i.M
rilKMPI.K Or' UO.NOIt. Tualatin Temple of
X Honor, No. 1, meets every Weilnesday eve
ning, si the Ainerienn Hall, l-'oiest Grove, Oregon.
IJrelhren of the Order in good standing are ill-
vili d Is visit this Temple.
.11. 1 V I I LL, W.t... 1.
B. A. Pixo, W. It. aa
TAYiNK'3 Alterative, KiMctor.iut, snd IMIs,
KilllHIMil's Au.
1 le mooracy III America
-Land nndUe,"
-K,-a an 1 Hailor."
Three Yiarain Califor.. llonisCyclopudis,
Cyc. of Litersluio,
llnclisii's Kam. I'hys'u
Manual of l-'uis AtU,
Locluree on llie Arts,
Travels in I'eiu,
Polar Ki-gioiw, '
.Mshsn's I'liiWiphy.
SUb cop es ui anars rK-iirr,
f,00 ' " Itesders,
a.'iO '' MctiulTey's do. '
2."i0 M Webster s l)icti n.nries.
Pavies' Algebra, iNeinsu's Kheloric,
(iaomelrv. Duv's do.
Iluunloii, I'ailey's L'niv. History,
' Hurvevinj. (iootlnch's I'lot. U. .,
" Igeudrc, .Monleith's (Jeogruphy,
" Arilhuielics, -Lilllo itaker,
Tllompaou's do. N. American Heaker.
A Tresh Snntilo of ZtationcrV.
Day liHks,, ledgers, Ituronl l)oiks,
Meiiioramluuis, i, au s.iix, Llianes, ar c, fioie so
Letter 1 ulier. envelopes, reus, &c, eVo l.ras.
Knives, Kr.isive liul.ber, Ciuimiud Labels, Faber'
IVncij, I.N h, in quart snd pint bottlis.
CHAUI.KS l'Oi'E,Ja.'
Oregon City, August Id, 1H55.
f. S. IIOLU.1D. A. IIOLU.1U.
r. 8. A A. XXolland,
TEAI,Er.S III Ury O'oode, Croceries, Hoots
1 &. Klioee, Crockery, Hooka, Stationery, tea.
Mum Street, Virgun tiy. Juue ju, iojj.-y.
ZXallolujab! Hallelujah!
Cod IJvor Oil, Csstor Oil, ami Hwei-t Oil, at
rilllE Mallvlujuh, a new singing book, by Lou
X ll .Masou iiisl Hi
II Mason just llie lU.nj fur singing solimltj
for saleut jc301 IIOLI.A.MJS.
AfKXlCA.V Muslunr I.inimeut, O
1 1
111. chum s (.arming (HI, at the
W. Mer-
rimCSSK.S, right and left and double, and Ab-
X domuiul su).orlrr. at the
1)URE Whilo Lead, raw and burned Umber,
Croinc, Green and Yellow, and other piiiils,
V . .. c-
"" onoHU KKUI.S or TIIK
Lats Kmpekor Nicholas. Tho swnrd
xvni-n ltv V.i,... I...... 1 1 .... n .. ... .1 1 ..1
...... j ....j.uiiwi ..uiuil'lll IB III IIIO UUI'lO
of Marengo, Austria, in 1800, was pur
chased by the ttmpcror Nicholas iu lfJOO,
just half a century afier that eventful and
tdooily batllo, for the euormous sum of
thirt ttct) thoutand dollars. To N icholas,
a sword worn by so distinguished asuldier,'
iir a battle Unit lasted fourteen hours, and
victory wa'd on each sido four times, in
which sixty pieces of can imn worealternate
ly won and lost, and finally carried by the
IVcnoh, powsevd vhIu iu ,j,8l
could not be estimated in tt.sllit rs and cents.
It was purchased, J ,,l,k.0j imolg
other relics once possessed by Napolton at
tliiTcrunt periods of Lis life, and collected by
that distinguished Kmperor. h j4 sajJ ,ile
oihcr relics, (diamonds, medals, nnd tokens
of honor,) aro of great value and may have
rntcrrd largely into th mities,r I.oui
Napoleou to war with his liigliM,' llie Au
tocrat of lUfeia. CoulJ he possess them
1T the achievement of a victory, ha would
doubtless, feel that Hie inspiration (.f il...
great captain, ,ik uncle, had truly descend
ed upon bimand nothinir short t'f tho fame
of the all conquering Alexader, would salis
fy his ambition fur i.lory.,'i;jr. A;ir...
03rCail. Kricsmin, il is ai 1, lis, nearly
completed a caloric engine lo furnish motive
power to' manufacturing esLsblih
nveiit in New ik. He has con-rtrmte.l'u
30 herse power engin fr a prty io ti-
they advanced shot down the lefthand inuu. He
took Ilium regulurly m.ui by man, and the deadly
preciHion 01 ins aim iiigiiiened men who would
not huve shrunk from the lire of a platoon, mined
with the much vauiitcd Drown Uim.l'iieiiJ of
I BOORKSS or IlirnOVRUSNT. Tim Pnnimi
Railway is now complete from one sido of the
Isthmus to llin other, adiilunce of 49 miles, rlsinir
a, vno (inn in me line ion neigiil ol a.iU leet nbuve
u,v pi;i. mo CUKI u, ,u s Wm tf U v ,1 ill liin
iib inuwuy iroin aiexanuna to Uairo, 13(1 mile
ui vv vjicnni iiiroiiLril llio elllira rmil., im tmn u
llio Hues bridges aro Implied : and thou Incnmn.
lives will no screomimr and nnnlimr il.r ,1. it.-
lutid of the I'lmraidis. In India, loo, the railway is
open for liO miles, and a train loaves Calcutta one
duy, and returns tho next. This, for Ilindostan, is
good progress ; tut llio Indian telegraph limy be
cited as an iiistanco of praiseworthy enternriiu,
3001) miles having been erected ill less than 12
niouuis, at a cost of about JWOO per mile.
Tua A.niiks. Tho ranrra nf ni.imiUma nn!lml
tho Andes or Cordilleras extends r.wn t,,iln. nin
the const of the Pacilic Oeenn, from the Isthnins of
fira is 01 lung.'iiun. riic higlu'sl
peak is Sor.ilo, In llollvlu, which has been asccr
tiiincd to be 3.",250 feel abovo the level of tho sen.
This is the highest peak of land in the world, with
one single exception, that of Juhavuh, ono of the
peuks of the Uinmi.-iluli .Mountains in Asia. It is
nipiosed by ninny Hint the Cordilleras of Mexico
are, together with the Rocky mountains, part of
tho chum ol llio Andes. The highest volcanic
peak in the world is that of Cotopaxi, one of the
peuks nf the Andes, neur Chimburazo. Volcanic
mountains nie tronerulv isolated. Ullil naiMrlu alt
"m.i...j. iiiuiiiiittUlS
I)EREl'MKKY,st the
Graefeuberg Sanuiparilla, I'lerine Catholicon.
" Uysenlery syrup, consuinptivo
" Pile Ointment,
Health Hitlers,
" Eyo Lotion, eVc., ie.,
To bs found at tho ngency of the Company, at
nAYMAN'S I)-speptic Elixir warranted to
care the dyspepsia just received nml for
sale al the OUEUOS CI TY DRUG IS TOR li.
DR. Guysott's compound extract of Sarsuparilla
and Yellow Dock, al the -
OLD Dr. Jacob Towusond's Sursnpaiilln, ul
iciv Jeweller.
HAVING employed one of the best Working
Jcwclleis on the l'acilic coasl, 1 um new
fully prepared to manufacture every descriution of
Muson'o Jewelry, Odd Fellows' Tius. RiiiL-s.
i'C made to order.
Engraving ui utly done.
Call aud see sjiecimcns of work. j
N. II. I devole my entire allenlluii lo renairimr
Fine Watches. G. CoLLicn Roooms.
rorllund, Deo. 29, 18j5-37lf
DR. J. Ayres' celebrated Cherry Pectoral for
coughs, colds, and consumption, at the
uilfcUUiN Uin 1JUUU STORE.
ue volcanic lleogmphica
DR. Tuwiisend's Suwnparillu, at the
SUAKER Sarsnp.irilln, at tho
SANDS' Sarsuparilla, in aiiyiiiiiintity, st the
"jir OF FAT'S Life Bitters nnd Rills, Bernard's
11 L Dysentery Syrup, Wistar's Balsum of Wild
Cherry, at tho
CosTorTiu Gu eat l'vasaiu-Mr. Tile, the Eng.
uii areimeci, limes tile original dimensions of tho
witiu I ymnuu ol l-.irvtit to mra been ir.i ....
feet ni the base, and 4.H0 feet of perpendicular
... .K... t luv.imjj over j acres ol iriouud. It con
suilliil CJ.U'JH.UUU cub c feel or mi.. I - .1
hoi now be built for less than X3fl,(IUU,000, or ono
hundred and liny million dollars. The ioiutsof the
uriro cuNin-r h!n.. Ly r . . .
si arerly p rc, ptible, uot thicker Hun pap.r ; and
the ni.ii Hr was so adhesive, that the stone iu some
cs.s broko through their subslanee rather than
Kiie way al llieir Julllling. ,
AUKRICAN IllO.N RlliJl Alll.rin.i, ..II.
I IH.IM aic
ecideU now, on Die best antliorlti- in K. ...i...
Ill l.'ll..l..l. VVI..I. .i J ...I .
. ..K..n u, ,, ,-ien ui uin Ml Hi a nrii., 'II. 1..1
l. r li.ll nir ....I .... ., .. . .
. vt, OTV-WI viii sooner 111U1I I11A Am.ri.
cau, and the siiieriority of the American is said to
in uwimr io me tact that 111 t he nrocna r ..,11,.,..
the rails are re-heated, while the foreigu rails arc'
vviinvivu n un one neunng.
1ST The llimhait Time mentions that two
IKS of Electric Tdlr,.rl. .. ,i... r
.....,. ,u .lluln, yjnv COIIIleclB HilriliniN n.,H Lt.
ricu.iind will be extended lo Alexandria. Thooth
er proceeds from Constantinople to the same port.
V.IITV .tivm 'I'l V l . .
- new mis ffr.i.f
" "l noiea lor its lacnlty of calling nam.
.n ewmu ineoineruay lo make a great nui
uer i exiracis 110111 pahiical newspsptrs. aud iu
rfUilmg each paper with in own il IlllldrtV ....
hol t ilis, ni,liou of iu noliiics. Krom lk
leani nisi mere are now the follow ing pnlincal par
es III Win I uiled SLlti:,in,. .., iu
.in Whig," IVinecral,' "Niegcr-Weisbipsr."
log Kuowothiiig,"-Whig Auu-Kuow-Noih-'
ins. V ... 11 . b ss ... . . .
s '' "oiwiiper," "llanl-Shel Know.
olhing.' "Whig Nigffer-Worshiper," -Whif
Vi ,l . 1 "orauiper, "mint nd
.Milk and Molasses Kimw-Nolhin. N;r,o,. Wo,,
slnper." ;-H) Kiiow-Noth-ing,
I welnh Section Kihiw-Nothiug," Whie
S.ver Grey Know-Nothing half Nigger Vorsuii.
This seemsnomethinj like".'itoi,.n." Things are
gelling m,d up Aife Hlutrtti.
OCT The bet modern Ilib'rnieism was
that perpetrated by Mr. XlcKeon, of Xew
1 oik, whet in t'onsress. When in the
im.U of s,e,h, nnd on being ealled to
order by a m(.mKer for be;n a, jn
remarks "1 , ,10, ,,erioB!l Mr.Speker
I bad no reference to sensitive ceDtl!
man .11 what I said ; but. sir, ibis U not th.
hr lime that an arrow shot at a Tcnture
has hit llio very mark tht was intended."
JUST RECEIVED at the Oregon City Drug
Store, direct from New York and San Fran
cisco, a fresh supply of DRUGS, MEDICINES,
Putent Medicines, Family Medicinos, etc., &c.,
which will be tutil as low for task as thru ran ht
procured in the Territory. Cull aud exniiiiue for
yourselves, anil get an Almanac for ISob, gratis.
rrogrcssion, Progression, Progression
TS ever onward and Ihry thul do not make on
JL ward progression. ''are a little behind the limes,"
and for the bom-lit of those that havo a dmirs to
keen up with this a -e we have just received direct
from Now York tho following list of BOOKS, of
which we oiler al wuulesole or retail, on terms to
Constitution of Mali, by Ceo. Combe ; Combe's
Lee, on l'lirenology; Domestic Life Thoughts on
its coucord and di.ord; f anuliur Lessons ou t'liro
lioli-gy nod Psychology; Love and l'ureiituge: ap
plied lo llie improvement of ollsiiring ; .Marnuge
itsi history and philosophy, with directions for hap.
py marriages ; Memory, nnd Iulellectuul Improve
inentt Montal Science ; Lectures on I he Pliiloso.
phy of l'hreuology ; Mutiiinony : or Phrenology
and I hysiology upphed, Ac. ; 1 hreuology proved,
illustrated, and applied ; Phrenological guide, 4c.
Keligioii, Naliirui and Revealed ; Self-culluro, and
Perfection of character ( Self-instractor in Phre
nology and Physiology lcmieruncs sad light
Lacing; Accidents and Emergencies; Hydro
pulhic Cook Books ; Consumption : its causes, pro
vention, and cure ; Curiosities of common water t
Cholera: its causes, &c.t Domestic Pracliee of
Hydropathy ; Errors uf Physicians, &e. ; Eiperi'
euce in Wator-eure; Ilydropathio Family Physj.
eian ; Hydropathic Encyclopedia; Home treat
ment for sexuul ubuses ; Hygiene aud Uydrspathy ;
lutPHluctiou to tho ater-cure ; .Midv.-ifery, and
the Insenses of omen; rareuts Guide, and
Childbirth Made Easy; Pregnancy and childbirth;
rractice ol M nter-curo ; U atcrn-ure in Chronic
I Diseases; i nler-ciire in Every Known I'iseuse
Water-cure Manual; Amativeiiess.- or, Evils and
I Heine lies, iVe. ; Combe ou Infancy; Combes
Physiology: Chronio Diseases; Fruits slid l uri
uacea the Prosr Food nf Man ; llereditnry Do
scent: its Laws, &c; iMateruily: or the bearing
and miming of children, Ac; Natural Laws ol
.Man; Physiology, Animal and Mclilul; Tobacco :
its cH'ect, ti ). ; Elements of Animal Mugnetisin ;
Fusciuiition : er tho philosophy of charming; Li
brary of Mesmerism and Psychology; Philosophy
of Mesmerism ; New illustrated Encyclopedia, com
plete in one vol. j Spiritual Intercourse, Philoso
phy of, etc. ; 1-umillnr Lessons on Astronomy;
Future of Nations, by Kossuth ; 1 lints towards Re
forms, by Greely ; Hopes and Helps fur the Young
of butii eexes; Human Rights; Iloincforiill, io.;
Lnbar: its hisiory ani prospects, &c; Power of
Kindness ; Woman ; her educullou !ud influence,
Sit. -AWO-
8 vols. Revelations, by A. J. Davie, tlio Clairvoyant.
a- Approacniiigtjrisai, - "
8 " lLiriuouiul Men, "
8 " Swciul Piovidcnces, '
8 ' Present Agj aud
Inner Life, "
8" 1st, Great Harmonia, "
8 " 2d, " " "
8 " 3d, '
Allan, McIIlalay A Co.,
nAVE Jiil received
and would invite all those who Wwh to procure
(iOtiD srlieles at rcawmable prn os, to csll and
see them. IVy eousist la port f llie following i
.rsnnl A. wheel bsrruws
fancy brooms
plain do
aworl'd colon d pails
puiulrd tubs
lino wash boards
klauksmith's bellows
cioss cut saws 7 It
do cn
mill saws 7 ft
hair maitrussos double
do single
hair bolsters double
do ' single
sperm caudles
adamantine uo
giaiu cradles
t grass scyllK-soVsnallis
irusli de do
lde lisrrows 33 Uoh
gaiib a rakes
do ho.s
do spades
Iiolished sliovils
.ay forks
iiuiiurs forks
window ilasa 8 hv 10
do . 10 by li
do 7 by
window sashes S by 10
do lUbyJi! nml
Sheetine Tirk, A c ite.
And keep constantly ou hsnd a large supply of
UROCEIlll- 8,
clothing, hardware, and many articles too numer-
ous to uienlioa.
Oregon Cily, Apiil Ul, IBSO-ly
ruiHt brund lobaoco
o tobacco
Late Arrival.
T V addition lo our present stoek we are now re-
J. eeiving direct from New York, "ei olipr
sli p rhrnn, '
SO bids, snd half bbb. X. O. Sugar
, U0 bids, crushed sugnr)
10,000 lbs. RioeolleeJ
' 20 bbls. N. O. molasses; for sale low by
June 30-y Opposite the I-niiJ Oflioe,
f ( I1HI.S. Sauta Crus Lime just receivca aim
OU forsaloby
jl'.'3-10 Vt .11. C. UI-..ME..M
Oregon Sacon.
1AAA LUn., fur sole by
lUUv) AV. C. DEMENT AV. co.
100 boxes eatnllrs,
SO obis, pork, by
oct 13 AVM. C. DEMENT A tn.
I'Kjpliuii M'livul.
FEW bushels f..r sate by
novIO WM. V. DEMENT .f- CO.
A It arc Chance
For those engaged, or wishing to tngage in
the l lourmg business.
"TTTE have on hand and for sale, tho following
1 V niuchiiry for grist nulls, which will be sold
low for cash, or on a short lime :
3 portulile mills, complete :
1 ruu of four feet foul iueh French Burrs, with
f pur wheel. 114 cogs, weighing 1 03 j lbs. : with
spindle, pinion, brwdi nnd oil-pot and collar.
1 ruu, mine site, williout pimou. uiuer irons
the sums as above.
ToBdhor with a geueral assortment of bands,
bolting cloths, pulleys, gudgeons, wheels, couplings,
hangings for bulling diesis, Ac, &c.
In other words, every requisite necessary to the
completion of a grill mill by
V U.U.lifc.MR.A 1 it CO.
Opposite the Land Office.
Ossoos Cm, Nov '26, IS j.'.
1 T.T. A TlT Mr'irTWT.A V A. m -
J U.-iiend Coiumiuiuu Merchants, snd wliol.
sale aud retail Deulcrs Iu Dry Uoods, OrOceris,
Iliudwaro, die, io. ,
f ReorgeT. Allsa,
Oregon City, May 5. i Arcbibabl M'Kiulsj. -(
Thomas Lows. -;'
L Scottsburg, L'mp pis, Oregon.
Oregon Territory.
' MsyJ.
DEALER in Hardware, Gtoeeriie, Dry GmJ'.
Clolhing, Hoots & Shoes, Medicines, 2L
and Hlntionery. '
Main-st., Oregou City, April 21, 1855-Uf ' '
Wa O. Somont & Co,, y
WHOLESALE and retail Dealer, Crocrt.
lea, ri-ovurlons, Points. Oil.. n,. .w.
Shoes, Crockery, io. Opposite the Land (MR..
Main bl. Oregon Cily. June 1, mi7
iMfayettt, Yamhill County, O. T.
WILL failhfiilly attend to all business siw
trusted lo Ins professional care.
Apiil 21, IHiS-llf
H'Aorsa .p Retail Dealer In Gneetu-g, Pninet
Vrotisions, eje. Main' Street, . ,
A Geiieml Assorliuenl kept up of Selected Coodfi
uinemsii, I'eociiioer I, lt)J5,
Jm Rend f f 0., dealers iu Druin.nJ i.j .:.. '
books and Stationery, Paints, Oils, &o." Partkj&i
lor nltenlion puid to compounding luedieines.
Suleill, Nov. 21.
June 30, 13j5.-y F. S. & A. HOLLAND.
I PERUVIAN Febrifuge, for the cure of fever
. and ague, Sic, Slc, just received and forsale
Mel.ANE'S celebrated Vermifuge and Liver
CuiK-iiiali, .ov. 25, IMS.
ON hand and for sale, low, for cash or prod uce
Points it lead, chiomo j. roen,
white lead, prussiau bluo
red do in oil, chrome yellow,
blk. do " blue paint,
voiumon and perinauent green puttv, gloss
40 hlf bbls N. O. sugar;
20 " " crushed '
5 bbls " "
40 niatls No. 1 China sugar;
100 sucks Rio colltoj
&000 His Eng. soup;
1000 '' suleratusj
10 coses olive oil;
I.aitd (or Sale.
I OFFER to sell I GO aeresof choice land for
two dollars slid a quurler an acre, cash. The
land is a iwrlion of mv claim, sis mil... u .,, r i .
fuyetto, in the comity of Yamhill. Title good
Cull and sec for yourselves. 'Tin m. i.,i.i. ,
sliow"U,a loud. S. C. AD I S
t.len Avoca, Deo. 23lh, 185.'i-37tf
U. P. tea;
boxes yeust powders;
4 bales sheeting;
1 " hickory;
1 " blue drill;
1 prints;
100 dox. Coats' spool thread;
10 pieces alpacas and in.nnnn..
Also, a lot of Roots and Shoes, Crockery, Class
U'llh. n.i.l mm n . .1 - -
...,u muoiiier -leias - wine i ,
just now recollect. Give us a call, for we nre de.
itriuiiiea io sen out.
Tiialaliu A iidi m v.
Forest Grore, Washington County, O, T.
i.un do i
Fii-st Wednesday in December j
Last do iu Fehrimrv .
Thiid do in May;
First do in September.
tuition rss QLASrtS:
Trimary Englisli
Higher do 1
Ancient Louguages, j
Fretieh i drawing, eacli, extra,
iiiciueuiai cuarge.
Foruiformatiou respecting the School, address
V- OO 1CV 1
S'ov. 5$, lS"i.-53-6ino
5 11 1 I"- FeaUiers for sale bv
ap-.Mtf -p. JOIIVariv
Central Produce Depot. !
CONSTANTLY reviving. freh from ranch, :
.J heal, oats, baan, lard, buller and iwtatoes. i
KT Right, not policy, should nevern
our action.
OCT When a man's coat is thrcaJbara, ifi
, ar io pick a Lola in it.
IW. 1,'ii.
H Wheat VCanted.
tl. II LM cash pneis pa d by
Nov. 3. H'.tf. C. DE.lEX
"TkRIED Apples, in h f and whole barrels at
' r 4 A. HOLLA N D S.
CIG ARS-Thebert ehsnce to p ek is at the
store of CHARM AX iV j u v ! J"'
. . I sVsll.
"nU)l U, fresh. ke: eoastxnt'y oa bind by
X ; F. S. Sl A. HOLLAN D.
rVY) PICK CIUARS, thebe-tehsTr
-1 apl CilJ.V.I.T..lf.U.J?,
S'l!itoitot lias I'nllcu!
A "M li ru i ni i r ....
l tVAKNER wish lo
J.X. imorm me ciluens of Oregon City and the
public in generul that they have just received a
good assortment of GROCERIES suitable for
w.... .easuo oi uio year. Also, wo have received a
snpp.y uf fancy groceries, such as Farina, Sugar
...,,p,nJ a variety ol other such
articles too numerous to mention.
",",,;V Sd assortment of FANCY
s" ior me noiiuaye, such as raisins, dates,
tigs, bottled pie fruits, raspberry preserves, and a
variety of other articles in this line, such as will
suit the greatest epicure of the land. We havo al
soon hand a good assortment of caudies, and arc
receiving a supply nearly every steamer. So please
give us . call ; wo will sell as cheap as any house
in Oregon. Our motto i, that a quick penny is
b?ttir Ihnn a .Int.. .Kill?..- 1 r J
We are now commencing to prepare in the Bu-ker-
for Christmas, and shall hove a good assort
inent of cake. We shall also keep on hand a su
penor quality of butter crackers, Hoston. crackers,
and also the sweet York crackers. Please give or
ders for the above in good lime. Our prices shall
be reasonable, and the goods made of the best ma
tenuis in Oregon. or?4
Who Wants a Good Saddle?
I , , ,ulBcroer, living five miles south-west of
....a, euo, in ! amiiiucouiitv, ss now carrviuir
on the busiui. nr..i.uA m..l:. ' . J
lie keeps constantly ou hand the best snddh that
eau M manufactured with the materials at com.
, v..ri. , nose wrsnmg a genuiue saddie
, ,u ,:l on Doin ajee, and ng;ed out in
j complete style, cheap fo, cs.h.or good trade would
i '0.W,U fc"e me . 6alL Mybop j, tim J
Bakers t reek near where the road crosses it W
. me from Portland snd On-
by the way of Smith's bridge on the North V..,S..e
"Siisuu Abigail'' and bark "Clias. Deveas,"
from Son Francisco, the following goods:
GROCERIES: M kgs E. U. syrup, 5&8 gals.,
I! ) Lbls New Orleuns do.
5000 lbs No. 1 Chiua sugar,
S0O0 lbs table salt,
1200 boxes Eiigli.-h and A luetic in soap,
SO eats s pio fruit, ass'd,
U gross . ,-, II. yeast powders,
5000 lbs tobucco, ass'd brands,
100 hall boxes raisins,
30 bbls and half bbls crushed sugar,
3M00 lbs snlerutus.
CROCKERY A General Apartment.
DRY-GUOVS:!)IM0 yds brown sheeting,
1 OOONyds suliuots,
2000 " prints, .
10 pieces alpacas,
50 pairs English blunkets,
200 yds carpeting,
200 " oilcloth;
Together with a general assortment of ready made
Clolbiiig, boois, iuoos, bats, cni, and carpenters'
tools. )YM. C. DEMENT ej- CO.,
Nov. 10. Opposite t!ie Laud Office.
Wells, Fargo & Co.'b Express.
Between Oregon, California, tha Atlantic
Suites awl Europe.
..f-fc. HAVING made advantageous '
Ks-i arrangements Willi tlie Uu iterf
Elates and Paeilio Mail Steam. MB
ship Companies fur tinn-n-irtulion, we are uow pre.
pared to forward Gold Dust, Bullion, Speei,'
trackages, Parcels, and Freight, to aud from n'
York, N. Orlesus, Sun Fruucisco, Portlssd anit
principal towns of California and Oreiron. '
II... ...... I... 1,
w.h i.Ku.4n ."iiii iniMiuiij r.xpress between
rorllund and Sim Frum-isco. is disiuiel,..) k. .t
Pucilic Mail .SleanuhipCa'sstcainship Columbia
coniicetmg at .'un t rancisco with our seini-montli.
ly Express lo A'eie York and New Orleans, which,
is dispatched regularly on the 1st and 16thofesch)
mouth, by llio mail steamers snd in charge of oar
own messengers, through lo destination.
Our Expr.-ss from New York leaves regalsrfr
on the 5th snd 20tU of each mouth, also in charge
of messengers.
Treasure Insured In the best New York eon
pauirs, or ut Lloyd's in Loudon, at the option of
shippers. '
Omens New Yoik, No. 16, Wall si.; New
Orleans, No. 1 1, Exchange place j Sun Franciscov
No. 114, Montgomery street.
J. N. BANKER, ifceatV
Oregon City, April 21, 18i5.-llf
Tbo Steamer Portland, '
Cttakci C.M'T. A.S.SfURRAr,
Will run daily between Portland and Oregon Cily;
Leaves Portland at eight o'clock, A. M. Return
ing. leaves Oregon Cily at four o'clock, r. ,
For freight or passogo apply on board. apSl-llf
To sAdTive
"TT7"ITI1IN a few days, direct from Now Yoik
IT ex clipper ship "Goldeu Eagle,
400 guls. linseed oil,
1 30 ga's. fpts. turpentine,
200 boxes window glass, (ass'd sizes,)
200 kegs while Kud, pure,
2.) gals, varnish,
2u0 His beeswax,
200 lbs rosin, by Wm. C. DEMENT & co.,
ct 13. opposite the Laud Oilice.
Oregon Cily and Portland Daily Packet,
j Jennie Clark,
a. u. Ai.ianuuill, flASTes,
Will run duily, (.Sundays exe.-pled,) in the sbovc.
named trade, h aving Oregon Cily every day at 8
o'clock, 4. . Kcturiiing, will leave Portland at
S r. h., touching at all intermediate points.
For freight or passage apply ou board. sp21-tf
A. bus. for
ale by IViV. C, DEM EN T d CO.
Santa Cruz Lime. .
URLS, for sale bv
TN our bukery we keep constantly on hand
uieou, orucKcrs, caaes.pies, cVo.
1AND1E.S, nuts, ruisius, of an excellent quality
w j.i leucivru I1IIU lor BUIO low tiy
v-lln AJN ec WARNER.
EECEIVED upon the urrival of every steam,
er. Don't fail to call on
IV'ERY Till NO in the liue of Groceries,
J as cheese, nil kinds of snice. eul snd. el,n.,.
ate soda, salernlus. crenm tartar, & o., are sold at
riTOYS, of dill'erent kinds, fur sale by
Just B.fKfilMll
i Splendid aseorlinent of Family Groceries,
XX. BUeh as U-a. nvrmi. .iii-np X-n . j
- , ano nno
auu coarse sn t. ereuin larinr. nnU ....i
. iti .... pcaeiiee,
sardines, oysters, clams, yeast powder, also a large
quantity of superior cherool cigars, and tobacco of
every brand and almost every thing else iu oar
hue of business all of whieh will be sold as low
os at any other place ia town, for cash or pro-
New Volumes of the Four Reviews
and Blackwood.
COMMENCE, with North Brit-ell for May,
l$.fi, uu.l the other Reviews and Blackwood
for June, 1855.
Terms of Subscription. Any one Review or
llluckwood, $,') a year. Blackwood and one Rc
view or any two Reviews, $5. The four Re'
views and llluckwood, $10. Four copies to one
address, 30. -
Tostngo on the four Reviews and Black woeih
Post office in the. United States, only 80 cents
a year on fach Review and 24 cents a year oa
Address, L. Scott & co., Pubiujliers, 54 Gold
street, corner Fulton, New York. Sp8 i
Heading for the Million.
aroaa, rao.T-sT, foctland, or soon,
A Choice selection of Popular Books, Ifwe
il papers, Magazines and Fancy Stationer;..
Among the bo ks on hand will be-found works
on Temperance, Agriculture, Horticulture, His
tory, Poetry, liiogrnphy, Medicines,. Religion,
Science, School Books, Romances, io., &c, Vo.
HTSubscriplioiis received for Harper, Graharn,
Godey, Leslie's, or Putnam, at 94 a yssr, sf
age free.
ID" Subscriptions received for any nrasns
published in any part of the Union.
Remember the Franklin Hook Store and News
paper Agency, Front street, Portland Oregon.
VWA priced oatulorrun will he nnhlutlieil asrtv
in April, aud will be sent to any part of the terri
tory free ou application.
FOR SALE BY popp m
I as V , tai 'a Uut"' Scews, Locks and
Latches, Hummers and Hatchets, Axes,
rawiug-kmyes, Handsaws, Curry Combs, Horse
Brushes and Cards. Cnn T ;.. n....l - .
'U M. OOl
Cardj), Chest Handles, Tlanes, &c
jirii ii, iroo-ltf
i Yamhill.
ST I keep evenr tlilnir in il.- j
Brulle Marling U.L LinXX' "
' -- U. I l FPi,T
K9 Stare
p...i ' v,tJm iaruir. Si, SnJ,.
v. ui u- oooa, i'i nnr ' -
n.-ruji. At.. r v
um, Borax. Con.
ApiiiSI, lrli5-iif
. . Jn,t nercivl
I.lllll- Liffht Brown Sugar,
1,000 bushels oats, for sale wholesaler
R ;eM oxeaoxnrY vkiWsToxE.
LBS. '.T0,w.PER,ls rf.sM,,
To the Farmer
E WOULD say, call at our store;w.
Will pay yon aa veil t... ..... .. .
anjr e'-lie, houi in Or,- 17.. Co IT "
naie yon feel a, comt, u '"rZ
" CUARMAN & Hffii
ladles I
TOV will find an excellent assortment of Dress
. nnd Bonnet Silks, Satins aud Velrets: slso
Bonnet Trimminm. Hosiern r)W. T.nret and
Ribbons, Table Cloths. Countermines, etc.. at tha.
store of CHARLES POPIt. Jr..
(Main-st.. opposite Abpnietho'. l..r. 1 h.M
befoundalmosteeeryiAirig-intheliniof i
Dry Goods;
Such as Prints. Gimrlmma A i..u. al.;
Plaid Lineeys, Mus ins. Satiin.ti. U.n.. FUa.
neie, Sheetings, Bed Ticking, Hickory Stripe.
Cotton Batting, etc.'
uregon Lily, April 21, 1855-llf "
" " ! M I ,
Medicines for Sale, By
J ANDS' Sarssparilla Peck's Wfld Cherry B'it
- iers, uatetnan-s drops, Brendreth's pills, Leels
pi Is, Perry, vermifuge, Ojiodeldoc, Gum Cam
plior, Gum Arabic, British oil, Lobelia, Hot drops,
Jd preparation, Roman eye balsom, Dalley's paitt
extraclor, Laudanum, Paregoric. Oil of Peppe?
mmt, Essences, Composition Powders, Carter'a
Pulmonary Br;llom Suipi10r Sats, 4th
AP"'g'.,lSo5-ltf . . , ;
War Against Bard Times I
The Place to Get your Money atk.
GHARMAN &. WAUNER are now esrryin
business at their old stand, where they are still .
termined todeal on terms tor suit the times. Our
motto is, "a nimble sixpence is better than a slow
shilling and we are determined to f, If we de
sell upon a very small prn6t. We are kerning er
f'h,rie,y' W'SIOSS. BREAD, CAKES,
Ja' C'' Ulat w're eyer manufactured out
of flour. We keep also all kiodaof GROCERIES,
such as. Sugar, Coffee, Tobacco, Cigars, Raisins,
Spices, besides many Drugs and Medicines. (We
don l keep any "quack" medicines, however.) We
have bought out the other bakerv. .nil intend to fix
up another establishment soon. The press of bus
iness is SO irrcilt that wa am MinnlU in "BYnsd
ourselves'' over a larger platform.
ITI" f- .
j v-oumry procuce bought and sold,
lis no trouble to show "ictas." Call and try os.
Oregon Cily, October 13, 18J5.
"-'...lAiVi. f.S.f A. HOLLAND ?,
"JOCOANUT3, Eaaanas, and other tropieal
fruits, iusl nri4 f.Am 1 k I.nt-