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I: Ii
Mr. Editor Will you please iiifur.n mo
through the columns or iib Aiaus, ivliulu
tr it i ikjuiiiibhIit'i July lo apt-n seal
ed (or noi) pu:knifo ad.lrost'd to a lailv
or sn olhnr indivuluul public or rivalu I
If you will U 10 I tliull Icel obliged.
Ball Creek, folk Co., March 17.
The law require! nil pnukiigt not charged
llh letter postage, to lie Ml open at ono
end. A newspaper directed tliu,ou(!lit t
be delivered without tearing oil the wriiic
per. If" A scaled psckago comes, charged
will, lutter postage, postmaster has no
more right to open it than he has lo Drank
open one of jour letters.
OCT Don't believe lialf the rumors you
hear oow a-dajs. Remember that w Lit.)
man, like poor la lian, 'berry uniartin.1 We
have nearly worn our legs out in "tracing
up" reporta in order to got at the truth.
Out of a aack of ucwi of the sim of well
stuffed bed tick, we seldom get more than
thimbleful that ia worth retailing through
the paper, koop cool, for goodness sulie
keep cool J it will add to your happinew
nd health. Den'l go oflf half cocked, at
very thing you boar from two-legged gas
(Win another place we publish a re
ceipl for making apple piea without apples.
Sharp vinegar will do a a eubsiiiute for
ciJ, if the lutter cannot be obtained.
Last week we published receipts for nmk
Sng whitewash, caudles, Ac Tliece ru
oeipla arc worth more to every housekeop.
r than the subscription price of our paper
per year. Every body ought to keep a
file of their papers, anj be able thus to
turn the information they contain to good
account. This is probably one reason why
those who take the pnpers, are generally
ia better circumstances than those who do
fj A shrewd correspondent comes
down upon the President's message in the
last Orcgonian, which might sound witty
if we hadn't seen the most of i: in a Bos
ton paper about one month ago.
By referring to our advertising col
'omns it will bo seen that the Yamhill Coin
i pany will soon have a good boat running in
ibo Yamhill trade. Success to the enter
prise. OCT Rev. Mr. Tost, has been appointed
Ly the Commissioners Court as Superinten.
.dent ofSehonls, in place of L. F. CaltTEE.
tW Judge Thatt is dead.aet against a
'State government at presont.
Iff We shall send Tat Aaovs hereafter ut
ideef.lhe mails to all offices eo th river, when
.we can do so, by the boats. We are enabled by
the kindness of (tie Captain and Clerk of ihe En
itcrprite to forward our package up esuulry con
siderably in advance of the mail.
57" The weather has been warm and showery
.for a few days past The grass is coming for
ward rapidly, and we hope that enough of it will
soon be converted into butter ! reduce the price
aomething below 60 cents, or t ditors and ollierpoor
tnon will have to forego this luxury.
23T The State of New York has about
.one-eigth of the population of the Union,
Pennsylvania about a tenth, and Delaware
about one hundred and twenty third.
There is one houe to every six persons in
. the country. The Catholics have bt one
. eleventh as many churches as the Milho
, dicta. The Methodists and Baptists to
; gather have more than one-half the church
lea, and the Episcopal and Roman Catholic
..are about erjual in number. The averege
value of the church edifices in the country
iia bat $2357 j they will each seat 376 per
tons upon the average.
Jtfce Eallre Length of the Mississippi Clos
ed, with lee.
'The following facts relative to effects of
.cold weather on the navigation of the Mis
sissippi River, we take from the St. Louis
Republican, of a recent date, as sufficiently
remarkable to spread on the record of cold
Capt. Shebln.of the steamer Michigan,
baa favtred us with the following river
news. When the Michigan left New Or
lnon., lhn nrnhuhilitv was that sho would
JUI., ..... J ,
have to contend with heavy ice, as the
weather was cold tor that lauiuae, aim iuc
peoplo were going muffled up in shawls and
cloaks as in mid w inter at the North.
The Michigan met ico fifteen inches
thick at Natcher, and stemmed it at that
point with great difficulty. She, however,
pushed along, breaking a wheel arm or
jbucketoccasionally. At Vicksburg the ice
was making very fast, and the river was
.almost impassable. The Michigan, how-r.l-nl
nlon slowlv against the ice
and current to Napoleon, at the mouth of
the Arkansas ttiver, wnere me ice uau ue
come so thick and heavy, and her wheels so
broken, that she was obliged to lay up and
await the opening of navigation.
c. . -nn.;lorahln distance below Cairo
the river is full of ice, moving slowly down
. -i:,i l.nrlv and it is thought that an
other cold flight would close it. There ia
no ice coming out of the Mississippi above
Cairo, the river being gorged just above.-
The Ohio Kiver is atsogorgcu . j. auUl..,
j ,!,;,.. iih which the river is filled
below Cairo, is all sharp, new made ice,
mmA m knave-.
At Memphis the ponds are frozen over
tk. ,k;plrna r twelve to fourteen inch
es, and the citizens are cutting and storing
away their own ice a circumstance, the
like of which, the "eldest inhabitant" does
riot r member to litno occurred before.
In fact, tho pphi aloiijj the river, from
Cairo to New Oilcans, aro aiiomheii a
the results of c"IJ weather, and all say that
a winter like th present was never known
before in these. luiltUOY.
dpt. Sheblo i of ojiiiiiiiii judging from
tlm eiiiiiliiion of tli river, ati'l the vt e.ii In i
during the passage up hat heiee is now
ruiiiiinit out at the Galige, and the river
may bo considered cluwd for navigable
pitip'i I s entire length. Should tins lie
the c:ie, Ilia circillllstiillce will be Uiire
c-ileuied in tlie meiiiury ofunyoue,
and we Uuubt il tr.eliliuii lias a thing so ru.
mailable lo recount.
iT The Charleston L'lt'iiiiiir N'ewsuu
duisiiinds that the clcu'iunt hich was lo.t
overboard from a vessel buund to that port,
niadu its way saf. ly into Mount I'lcusant
harbor I The vessel wai thirty milrs out
at sea, and a heavy gain bhwtng when the
elephant weut overboard. Ill feat of riding
out the sturm is, we suppooe, tl e inot re
tnsrkablu iixlance of aiiiiiuil btrenglh aud
euuurance on record.
OOThn Taunton (Huff ) Courier states
that the Mormou delusion in that neighbor
hood where fur tho last twelve mouths, a
couple of elders have been propagating
their "latter day'1 doctrine is fast dyinif
out: ana that i ho hull in winch they have
belu their meetings is now lot to a ulass
and china dealer article not quite so
Untile even as the Mormon creed.
I& The New York Commercial Ad
vertiser notes an unintentional juke in that
very grave docuineut, tho United Stak-v
trf.nsnri.r'ri ri.nftit. vi7!
. - , .
Wu find in ilia aiiumerution anuuiir thn
n ----
article wincn we do not iinport, nut man
ufaciure fiir ourselves, rice of all dctcrip
Tho annual tax bill fur the cilv aud
county of New York provides for the raising
C3"SixtY clnldrvu were sent West lately
from the New Yoik Home of the friendless.
(JooJ liuins were secured for all of ilium.
Linn City, April 1st, 1858.
fr. EtllltirXn vunr imtire last Wnuk of
S. K. Kutuick's complaint against me 1 was
pamea lo 6ee mai ine lauia were not cor
rectly s! stud. 1 am a poor man and with
out influence, and I feel sure you will al
low me tu'oun your paper to siaie me
facts so that 1 mav et simple justice, I
ask nothing more. For a long time past I
have been an humble ferry rnaii, doing my
duty so far us I could, both to the public
and to the owneis ef the forry ; and, while
I cannot please all, I try at b ast to be ac
commodating to the people and faithful to
inv I'liiiilnvi'is. Iinnositioii is often sum lit
r -t , '
to be practiced upon me by worthless vag-
auomts, ana ti l ny w return n i oniy uih
Imnest and p'io.1 men to hear and know the
u -
truii' before i hey condemn me.
About cue year ng KenncK crossed the
ferry often atiri nn uji A bill of 92 CO, in
May afterwards I asked him for it, and he
nroiniiii'd ta i.av iu a week. I auaill d(-
i j
sired him to pay. He made another prom
ise out lulled, and soon allerwaros wein on
to the Cwlville mines. Before coin'' be
once nmro promised lo pay when Tin came
back, about the Q L II of March, and utter be
returned, I went up lo Mr. Dement's store
where he was stopping, and once more, in a
rnsiiivlful manner. ukitd him to liav. To
i ,
this ho replied in an insolent toue, and I
became satisfied that ho would neither pay
nor give me a civil answer. My fueling
were hurt as well at his insult as at his cool
and impudent determination to cheat my
employers out of money which I had earned
for him by hard labor. On the 25th of
.... .it l 1
March he came to thn terry and crotwa
with n horse, bo was about to CO away 1
said to him, "pay your ferriage" he inqur
ed, "how much f I said, "twenty cents
for the present eros-ing, and if you ever
ntend to pay the old iietu it is nine you
lid it." Ho replied, "I've got no money."
I then said, "you have lied to me so often I
lon't believe a word von say, so leave your
coat in pledge." He then in a- violent
lasiion said, "you damned scamp, oo you
hink I will do that !" and started to force
limcplfnfT. Ilnon bis avina this I was ex
cited and picked up the first stick I could
lay hanrla on and sirucK ruin. m
brought him to his senses, and he very soon
came to understand that poor humble, and
unpretending as I am, there was a point
beyond which my manhood could not and
would not submit to insult heaped upon in
jury. To avenge himself, he has goiieand
iworn that 1 auacaea mm un miem
,;n Up l-nnmt better than that. 1 had
n unoh inientinn. I was wronged, out
raged and provoked ; and, in the impulse
il the moment 1 iruennra io it.u a
lesson (in the only way I thought he could
.nrtp.tnmn to treat with common decenev
people who are his equals in all things, ex-
pt silly pretensions ana uownrigm mean
ness, luad no oilier motive, n i ato
vrong, as I doubtless did so far as the pub
ic peace was concerned, I regret it ; not on
ii account but because, under the im
lulseof his outrage, I violaied the law,
ihich all correct men are bound to respect.
...... - t li,
Ifyou will publish ID toregotng i bubii
grateful. lours, ccc,
Michael O'Laughlim.
Tlie eighth annual meeting of the Oregon Aux-
iliary Trad Society will he held at Salem oo
Thnnday, May 15th, at 9 o'clock a. is.
G. H. ATKINSON, Sec'y.
Costaty Teasperaaee CowvemUea.
Ineinenaaoi mw i nniriii iu..i,u. .
reouealed ta mt in County Canvention at the
.. r. c. r... r,. mn
Hall aver me
Monday, the 14th day of April, at 2 p m., for the
purpose oi raxing
tion of Territorial officers.
Bv order of the Central Commitiee.
March 29. THOS. POPE, Sce'y.
I'or fci'Ut Of laOKTMHIt-Uft
17 Subject to the decisiua ef Iks Pop!. St tf
I'or Nful of Uovcriiuiciil,
... ..i,.Bav,
ST Subject to a vol uf the rveple. COlf
T 1ST OF M.TTKRS reinuiiiiiir in the Tuat
l.J Olhuo at UieKon -'iy April I, lJtt.
AneeeJim Kireany Mis Eiuabalb
Bl. yd William A 2 Kellry M m A
Hr.s k I) KeunarJ Joarpll
lilaiicharil J.hua P K Icheo W in
Hnmii l)r Z 1 Kell Kliutbeth Mm
flrowo (iro V Krirehteaum J tito
Brown Chae U iltyUo
UriM k Jnreiuiuh LiiK Sarah A
l',uBby Win LuckwuNi It T 3
I'.iiikhrart Julia l,von Oeo W
ll airle Win Lusater J II
llul. lier John MillarU Wwi a C
Biutlr;fl Jweph S Miiehiu Itev Y
Itrown I M Mitchell Millie w W
llrvr Wm Mu Jainta II
liuir-Iowph Oi ls Dauiel U
llidford Krauklin Mrs Nancy Ana
lliu kint'liiiin lleraao '(l Howard
llruwn iiunh I'unierey Mra M Jaue
Ilnriia Lawnnc P.illersoii V A U
Collinpi Jha J'erliaiii EugeuaL
Cns krt David M ftwler Louis
( riwell I It P'lin W
Ci.burn Juhn R 3 l'eaaa David
Chambeilia Jua ph l'liipa W m
Crawf.ird Rnbt M Mcl.oy Juini-a f
('line Jowph McFarluiul MrsO
I'urham D O 3 irnao Sylva 0 Mcllunald Janiea
Davis Itrr J M MvM.lluu L 3 KeUou R Qaiun J.ia 11
Duvl..n Mr Kail. V
Delushmut ftitwell T R'stl Uavid
Dotiillut Monnieur Kiley Jnwph B
Kllnworth Henry M 8 Kmiih Nathan 3
Khlred Albert Uaruard
I'.slier Shepherd Eduiuud G 8
Fiaher KTT Bhepher.l U A
Fl. ining II II Slur Philip
Frasure Kliubeth Bunpa Miss Marthey
Kurd Jaa W ashington Setllemire teo
Francia Abner II Sterrn Samuel L
Faiiclo Paul S "tout Idchurd
Flanagan Mies Bridget Shanock K
F'ter I M Straleni Randelph
Vnod U118 Sebastian Daniel
Garmnar (ieo Shaw Sibia
(iarn-l Ameliae Sayirs U Q
Garlick Wm Sawlrll Henry
(iregtr Win R or Ivi Teal Wm II
llolcunib Guy t'erltoo 3'1'eal Pamrlia I.L
May.. Henry E Tillotun Gea W 3
Howard Wm Taylor t rie 3
llukill Allen W 'laylorJC
H. hnick Henry Taylor Julia A
Hearwick Mits Eliza Todd J..iu
Holier! Mrs LM IraulJolin
Husied Mrs Mary lashDN
HiiKhbanka Geo nomieon irnvia r
Hubbar Chas Vanderpsol Marion
Hnyderd iUujamln B Wllll Mm Matilda
IlileWmS Willi II (J
Irvin llobt Wells Nirholaa
J.imiikin John C " " Wm
Knobliwk Jaeob " hilloek Jolia
Kuicht Ira care Jolia Wm N Wnde
sl week 3 H.n.BULa.r.Jl.
TamhiU Trade.
.ipn. CO-.HRAX, CASSADV 4 Co.,
.N H un().r ilm name and stvle of the
Yamhill Company, are new building a steamer of
about 30 tons bnrihen at Canemah, exprewly for
the Yamhill trade. She will be ready to qio tome
lime ia June.
Oregon City, April 5. sltf
DnencrrttotypraLook Here I
JOE HUCHTEL is acain on hand at his rooms
over Milwaiu'sstore.and warranUa good pic-
tire lo everyone who will lavor nun wan a can.
ome on and try linn, uei a corraei nseueaa oi
oumelf and give it lo yeur wile, yur huaband,
hildren, brother, aister, ur lever. The lime will
!me when thev will prize it more biebly than any
gift you eould bealow upon them.
taken in all awather. and all the various
styles el' caaea. Sulia1 action warranted. Entrance
to roams on luitd street.
Oregon City, April 5, 1856. ly
Morris Thomas,
Main it., nearly opposite Hnlmei 4 Co.'.
terms or SHAVINO. to.
Shaving twice a week, one fhsmpoo, hair
li imnied once, per monm, j uw
" once a week, "lie shampoo, hair
trimmed once, per month, - 1 25
Hair trimmed, "
Hair tut and dressed, 50
SiliflviniT and hair dressed. 25
Oregon Uity, April a, ib:o-oi
Scaled Proposals
WILL be received by the Oregon Manufnc
turing nnd Transportation Company for
fmmingand raising a FLOUR M ILL, 511x80 feet,
tones high, at meir worst ui L.inn
Plana and anecificationa may be seen at the
counting room of G. Abernelhy it Co.
Payments will be made In iastahnsnts ss the
work progreases.
"... . .i . nn.L .f
nids will Be reeivea up to me xuin ni npni.
The Company reserve the right to reject sit bids.
Lnn City, April 5, 1S56. 51-3w
Administrator's Wotice.
NOTICE ia hereby g veil that I have taken
out letters of adm nimration upon (he estate
of William Quincey, deceaaed. All persona huv-
in? claims aeainst said estate are reiiuened to pre
sent the ame to me for allowance at my residence
in Clackamiie county, O.T., within one year from
dale. All persona indebted to said eat ate are re
quested to make immediate payment.
.. t.i... run iir.iAU .J
J A.uu.3 jr l.i uA I , nam r.
April 5,18'.6. 51-4w
Household rurniture at Auction.
A LOT of household furniture belonging to J.
R. Rnbb, Es.)., will be sold at auction on
SATURDAY, APRIL 5, at 10 a. rn , at the
store house of J. G. Campbell, Esq.. adjoining the
reaiden.-e of Mr. Robb. The following is a list of
soma ef the articles:
1 dressing bureau, 4 bedateadt, 3 hair mat It ess
es. 2 sofas. 2 mahogany tables, 1 center table, I
racking-cha r, 3 looking-glassca, 1 wash-stand, to
gether with crockery, lin ware, stove, lamps,
chum, &c, Ato. I trma ean.
Oregon City, March 29. SU-2w
JS 1 1 v n w srosiiiiHfl ii
.Opposite Holmes Sl Co.'s r ire-proat build
mD-, UltCtjl"' UJI, IS. A.
CT Charges reasonable. Nov. 3-6m.
1LOUR, fresh, kept constantly on hand by
F. ti. . A. HOLLAND.
f g g lbs. Feathers for sale by
99WW ap21tf
itIGAR3 The beat chance lo pek ia at the
J atO.'S ef VilAKMA f rrjia..'tin,
Taim for Salo.
A FA R M of OiO acres of land la Ystn
hill ceuiity. sis miles west of Lata) site, Is
,(T red fur sals. There are bU acres is
eulnvatkin, and IjU seres ia pasture an orchard
of M bearine npp a tie.e. 1 lie place la wall wa
lore I au l tiuilstiej, and has iwu wells of etcelleul
water, gooj bu Miiiks and out-houses. The Uod
ia as goo I as there Is iu On g. u ur lbs world, aud
its localion makes it a good it slo. k farm as ll.ers
is In thi) I armory. Faruuug uisusiis slid stock
wilt be sold wnh the idsc. if d s red. The e's m
is well slocked with cattle, h'irsr, aud hogs, sad
can be had on reasonable terms.
IT 1,'juirr sl ins Aaois OlTice. Oregon City.
XLoapors Torasbcrs.
IT fE have shipiHsJ from New Yuik on fast
V cliper shi the f.llowmf srtiol.s, which
we uller Iv sell tx-l.'re or arrival I
4 Keymuur 4. .Morgan's self-raking Reapers;
4 e.glil-horsi. 'Ihrashers, improved irua power)
I two hun. Thrasher)
19 Straw cutlers;
luO Graia Cradles.
Price ef Reaier, $ t00
" H bdrse Thrasher, b5U
M u J 41 H)
Oreou City, M irth !M, IHolL
plcndid JowcIty.
G. CO I.I. I E K HUB II I N H hii new en head
the Hne.1 asw.niiieiil of JEWELRY ever
brought lu Oreou. The aasortmeut couaiata in
part of the following articles t
I'lamued bivaches,
D.amond lings,
Gold railway lime. keepers.
Ladies' watches, in euuaieled eases.
Ladies chaielauers,
Miauiiu esr-rings
Gold thimbles, gold and silver pane,
Card cases, maulel oruumculs,
Card bankets, pearl vnakets,
Gold guard, veat, and l"b chaioa,
Sleeve buttnna, ahin sluds,
Lad es brooches.
and a vsriely of oilier goojs too numerous Is meu
tien. Call and see the most majo'Cceot display of
Jewelry ever even in Oregon.
March 23. From street, Portland.
THE stilavriber has just received a large supply
of FUKNITUKE of all desoripnona, couaul.
nig in part as folluws
Sufas. mahogany aud black walnut;
Chamber eels;
Bureaus, with or without marble lops;
OflW deaks;
Rocking, stiifred in hair, carpet, and with
cans and woo l seats;
Dining chuira, cans and wool seats;
Office chairs, do de do
Children's do, hi-h diuiug snd rocking;
Bedstead, vanoua kiuda;
Tublcs, ceuter, card, aud diuing;
Writing desk;
Sid. boaida;
Parlor chairs;
Heading, toilet, and work tables;
jyV n-gUssea;
MattreBaes, hair, mass, and wool;
Window shades;
Paper hangings, of every style;
Oilcloth; rhiueae matting; fluid lamps, snd burn.
ing flu d ; with a variety of oilier articles toe
numerous to mention.
Persons wish ng lo purchase will pleue call and
examine for lhemelves.
All kiuda ef Country produce taken In eichange
for goods. THOS. JOHNSON.
March !H, 1856. 49tf
wva i'i;ki iiti:i,
Morrison St., between Krantand First sts.,
Charges reasonable. S. D.SMITH,
March I.i, 1B.'i6-48 Proprietor.
Persons dratrous of getting urnid work done will
do well tu give me a call, as my whale time is de
voted to the repairing of Lhrouo.uelsr, Lever,
Duplex, and Horizontal watches.
As assortment ef Jewelry on hand.
Jewelry ma le to order, and repaired.
Piters to suit the times. I am thankful far past
favors, and hope to give satisfaction in future.
U" Located at the old stand, opposite the Tel
egraph Office, OREGON CITY. Feb. 2.
To all whom it may concern.
TAKU NOTICE, that 1 claim for myself and
wile, aud 'hull insist upon holding, all of the
following described land, as our land claim taken
and held by mu under and in compliance with the
act of Con'rnes entitled "An Act to en ate the of
fice of Surveyor General of I Iregen," Ac, approv
ed Sept. 27lh, 1K50, and the smeiidmente thereto,
all pretensions of Wm It. IS. Cotton to the contra
ry notwithstanding, to wit t Commencing at a
stake on the Willamette river 19 oh sine and 25
links south and 37 chains and 50 links west uf the
south-east corner of section 35 in township one
smith of range one east, Ihencs running east 1 CO
chains, thence north 66 chains snd SO links, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 54 chains aad 10
links, thence weal 60 chmna to said Willamette
river, and thence up said river with its meander
ingstoths place of beginning.
March 22. 1 8.06. 49
To all whom It may concern.
TAKE NOTICE, that I claim, and shall insist
upon hulding, oil of the following described
land, as my land claim taken snd held by ms un
der snd in compliance with the act of Congress en
titled "An Act to create the office of Survsyor Gen
eral of Oregon," &.C., &e., approved Sept. 27th,
lost), and li e amendments thereto, all pretensions
of Win. R. U. Cotton to the coutrary notwithstandi
ng, to w. I : Commencing at a stike lo chains
south of the south-east corner of section 31 in
township one south of range two east, thence run
ning south with section lino 4H chains, thence
west lid chums, thence north 3U cha na and it
links, thence east 91 chains and 5(J links, thence
north 6 chains and 25 links, and thence east 21
chains 50 links to ilia beginning comer.
March 22. I56. 49
AdtnliiMralor's Collet',
TOTICE is hereby given that I have been an-
y pointed administrator af lha estate of laaao
W arwick, deceased, lata uf the county of C,a-ka-mas
and Territory of Or. g.,n. All persona having
claims against said estate am requested to present
the same te ma for adjudication nt my residence
with in one year from date. All persons ind- b ed
to said estate are required to make immediate pay
ment JAMES M. MtlORE, Adm'r.
Tualatin Mills, March 15, mi. 48-4
W. P. Surns,
O R E 0 O If C I T T, O. T.
(T Strict attention paid to repairing, and satis
faction to patrons warranted. Crb9-43
JUST RECEIVED at the Oregon City Drug
Store, direct from New York tod San Fran
cisco, a freak supply of DRUGS, MEDICINES,
Patent Medicines, F amily Medieiuea, 4e., Ac ,
which will b so'd a tote fat eoA as they ta ht
procured i tht Territory. Call and examine for
yourselves, aso gi aa Alpianse tor 19S, f ratal.
t itizi'ls' l.liit af fcleisiilttr.
PORTLAND. Capl. Mt saav,
jji ENTERPRISE, Capl. J.muson,
Will rue ia eouneetten, the rortland leaving
PORTLAND dailv (Sundajs eieepled) for Ore
.,B .'lie at It) o'clock, a- M the Enterprise
king esmi.weekly trips le COHVALLW, leaving
I ANt.MAII oo Monaajs tu taoiooa . sua
ST All freight lor tlie above line will be receipt
ed tor st Hoyl sWhsTUoal. rorueiiQ.
Feb It, 1650. 4-ttf
Wulrr Tower tor Miilis
rXIIIE nnderalgned would like te sell one hslf of
O. h s nulls sue wau-r p sr on mo i uaiann riv
er, about three mles from Lma City, known aa
Moore's Mills. It Is probably His 1ml water priv
ilege, with Ihe siceplioo of the great Falls of the
W illameile, that Ihsre le in lliegon. I weuia US'
lo sell one-half or una fourth uf my claim together
with Hit mills aud water power. My ubiectuto
gel a partner, lu suable ma to properly Improve Ihe
water power. jAJitOiii. mwnc.,
leu. 9, lo&S. 43i
Something' New.
1 NY peraia liaviuff a Metoleon, Sersph ne,
2. Aooordeon, ur other reed iiutrumrui, with
broken or defective reeds, can have them repaired
by applying or sending lo I'haa M. Krater, at hit
rasidruee, two squares lack from the liuptitl
Mee'iui House, iu ihe North part of Ore on t.'hy.
Charge for inserting singlo rents from 81,50 to
i,W. Keaauoab.s dedu.'Uon tor a greai.-r num
ber. C M. K ESTER.
Orecoo City, September 22, 1855-23
for which 1 will pay d per ewt. at my shop.
Oregon City, March 15. 4Slf
City, I would request all tlna indebted to
me lo make immediate payment, either le we or
to F. S. dc A. Holland, aud much obi ge.
March 1, 1606-46 O. U. TWoUOOD.
BUerirl'a Silo.
BY VIRTUE of Ilia following named execu
tant itsuid out of the D stiicl Court for
Clackamas county, aud to me direcie.l, vu: It. E.
Kunili.m, aunrmug partner or incnrnioi Katioom
A. Co., against lu It. B. Cotton, Aaron Cham
bt rln in against Ihe same, Joseph Zsighler against
the same, Joseph Zeighler auamst the same, snd
Selh Leveli ng sgsiuet the same, have levied upon
snd shall proceed to tell to the highest bidder for
cash, at the Court-House dour iu Oregon City,
county or Clackamas, on MONDAY, IheKlsl
day or APRIL, IbiO, all the right, title, and in
terealufiht above named Wm. It. B. Cotton in aud
to Ihe following described tract of land situated iu
Clacksmss county, aud bounded and described iu
notification No. C4H, now on nit in the 1-and ur
fict fur Hit Willamette District ef Oregon, as fol
lewt i
rart of Sections 1 & 12, T. 2 S. R. 1 E., and
6 ds 7, " 3 " M 8 "
bounded at followt : Begiuning at a point 3.75 die.
aoulh of N. E corner of See. 1 iu T. 8 S. R. 1 E.,
tbenoe Weal 349 cliaius,
South 9U.UI '
- Eaat 67.29
North 61 50 -
West 33 00 "
- North b.SO " to the place of
beginning, and a tract of land lying "between Ihe
above described land aud Lot Whilcuiiib'a en the
North sud Mia Crow's ou the South, and ruuuing
West to the Willaiin tie river."
Sherilt' Clackamas Co.
March 23, 1R:,. 49-5
ILT MOULDING for pictura frame., for
sale by CM A K.MAN 4. VAK.tK
jj Drugs, Medicines, raints, Oils,
f- and Byo-stutTs,
i at tin ORIA.UN CllV DllUG STORE,
Ss .. ... . .:... t 11.
iliaiu k-iiieoi, vieou vuj, v.. s.
DR. Guysolt't canpound exit act sl Sataaparilla
and Yellow Dock, ai the
LD Dr. Jacob Towusend'a arsuparilla, at
R. Townsend'e Strsaparilln, at the
I1AKF.R Snrsap.irilla, at the
OREGON til l DKUls Blunts.
ANDS' Sarsaparilla, in any quantity, at the
"1 fcLANE'S wlehrated Vermii'iiire and Liver
It. Osgood's India Cholagogue.and Dr. Jonea'
Aincriean t liolagngue, at Hie
It. J. Ayrtt' celebiated Cherry Pectoral I'or
coughs, Cnlila, and consumption, at Ihe
MOFFAT'S Life Bitter and Pills, Bernard's
Dysentery Sj rup, Wistur's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, at Ihe
UKriliUii I Tlx uilltiniURU.
New J v v 1 1 r.
HAVING employed ens of ths best Working
Jewrlleis ou tlis Pacific canst, I am now
fully prepared to manufacture over) description oi
Masone Jewelry, Odd fellows rins, Kings,
&o., made to order.
Engraving neatly dona.
Call aud see specimens of work.
N. B. I devote my amire attention lo repairing
Fine Watches. G. Colliks Robbins.
Portland, Dee. 29, I8.'i5-37lf
l.nnd tor sl.
T OFFER to sell ICO scree tf choice land for
lam ftollurs s .! a niisrtnr an Berfi. n&kh. '1'hrt is s portion of my claim, six miles west of La
fayette, in Ihe counly ol Yauinilt. Iillegnoii
Call and see lor yourselves. i is no iroume io
ihow"-the land. S V. ADAMS.
Glen Avoca, Deo. 2',lh, IR5S 37tf
1'ilriliiliil At'iidvuiy,
parent Grove, WaihinyUm County, O. T.
Firet ednesnay in December
Last do iu February
Third do in May ;
F.rst do In September.
tvition rsa auaarxa:
Primary Engl'iah 86. 00
Ancient Itnguagea, t w
French dt drawing, each, extra, 83.00
Ineiileutal cliarge, 2j els.
For information respecting Ihe Srhool,
K. I). bllATTUCK,
Nov. 34, lB55-33-mo t'rmcipd.
Caneniah, .IU. 34, IHii.
fS band snd for sale, low, for cash Or prod ace ;
J Paints Sc. lead, chrome green,
white lead, pruosian blue
red do in til, chrome yellow,
bik. do w blue paiut,
Common and permanent green putiv. els
4t JNO. P. BKUUKa.
Wholesalo Trletn Currents
ooaasoTso wssilt.
par oooue. J dhuos 4 tisoiciaa
Shettlng, 4-4 121 lOOpr.eUvsrN. Y.estS,
Dulling 12)' raoDUcs.
B.sachsd dr.lling Id Wheat, pr. be..,., fl
sbiruug, llalUOats de 00
Striped do 14 Potatoes de 7t
Ttckng l4alt.Uii.oot dt l
lituint I5: Flour $34
Blut drill jig II' Cora Mesl, fresh i
Plaid iiusay ..Ifia24 rxurr.
Satinet 7Ustt0f " dried do II
Kentucky Jeaus...2.ia4:.'Peachea, dried d 16
iwttt 03a i u; - aopsaiea
raiirrs. Cbill.dned.80aX
Rlusand whit 135 raovtsiose.
Blus aud orange I'd, Pork, elsar sjom.
Fancy fal ' mess. faJO
Furniture do lOuU llama- n IS
do.'.'l Uacon U
M. delaine Nsili) rowosa.
. 1 5a Hazard, pr ea IIS
Alpuoa S5at0 pr he
Beg ajtv
Tablt diimaek 50u75 SHOT.
clutlia S1a8U'Hma!l sizes ffJsJ
Iriabllnent 4U.Si;Buck tt
Sheep gisy pauts $Ct3 Bar ft)
isatinei do. .-a iiiDil area, iaou....j
l ancyoast, do. ...Jllai) ooauioa.
Blsck cas. do. 8-''a7'Manillt, email ....40
Redflau'laliirU $l4ali " large 9$
Blue do. do. tjlialS-Homp lOalS
Hickory shirts 5a7j casDLSS.
Calico . do SJaltl Admaotiue S9
aoora aiinsa. iSoarm ......Sa
Men's kip boot8.'IJil! oioaaa.
super do do....g4 Havana esuanw
" fin sowed Ui'O.ruiaa $10a!U
Boys' kip booU $ J American fSOaSt
" he'i v w'x doS 1 1 ii Totacce.
Ment' brg't pr. doi..l7:Pridtof Ui Uuko.404S
" kipbrgaprdo.9.'U;auo aeaM
" calf sewed do..i.'l;Luke'a 17
Women's h'.y sh s.813 aasowaaa. (
fine do. lo;shoveut oai
osocsaisa IHpadet 14all
CotTet 14al8;Aiet !2a90
Tta u5a7li;Milieaws 90aH
Sugar, no. I Chi'a....ll J X out saws 75o$l
" cruaheJ lb; t able oullery, 10 ptret
Sateratut 12a. lb'! advance on N. V.oost
BrsTch-T-rT-r U'.Pockel cutlesj, 85 pret
Syrup E Boston...90a$l advance.
do. S Island bOiOlher articles ef bard-
N O Molasses 70 war from 30 lo 50 pt
Lie. Sail 3a.1! el advance.
Table Salt K 1 i4i N sils, ats'd sius,pr kg fjS
Sandwich I. Salt.. Sai'J'. " borseshoe...85a3S
Pepper 3u! OILS.
Allrpice 4U,Lsmp $ls9
Ciunaiiioo H.'a8(l' Linseed boil t'dSS
Soap 10ali;Turientuit pr gall f.l
Portland and Astoria..
The Splendid Steamer
WI LL continue to run regularly between Port
laud and Astoria, tia Vancouver, twicb A
wickic, leaving Portland on Mouday and Thursday
mornings of each week for Astoria; and Astoria'
fur Portland oo Tueaduy and Friday mornings,
touching Vancouvss, St. IIxisns, Riims,Ct
lamkt, &o., each way. For freight or passage,
apply to R. I10YT, Master,
jelP Orat Hoyt's Wbarf-but, Portland.
JAVNfc'd Alterative, Expectorant, and ftlle,
Cod Liver Oil, Castor O.I, and Sweet Oil, al
TtfbiXIUAN Mustang Liniineut, O. W.
chant's Garuhna Oil. at the
TItUMSES, ri'ht and left and double, aad Ab
dominal supporters, at Ihe
OUhiGOM Cl t i ijkuu oiurto.
1)UltE While Lead, raw and burned Umber,
, Cromo, Green and Yellow, and other paints,
Graefeuberg Kursupurilla, Uterine Cathollsim.
Dysentery syrup, eeBsanplivt
Pile O ntmrnt,
' Health Hitlers,
" Eye Lotion, Ac, Ilb.,
To bs found at the agency of the Company, at
nAY.MAN'S Dppeptio Elixir warranted to
curt the dyspepsia just received and faff
IJICKUVIAN Febrifuge, for the cur of fever
and ague, Ac , Ac , jut received and for sal
al the OREGON CITY UKL'U Si Vaa.
ls liMlupol litis Fallist
inform the ciiuens of Oregon City and lb
public in general that they have iust reoeived a
oood assoi.mcnt .f GROCERIES suitable far
this season of thu yeur. Abo, wo havt rece vtd a
supply of fancy gioccriet, such as ''anno, Sugar
Tapioca, Ai ruw Haul, ana a variety oi utnsr suoa
articles too numerous to mention.
Wa have a coud asHurtiuvnt of FA N C Y
OOO US for tlie holidays, such aa raisins, dstts,
ligs bottled pie fruits, raspberry preserve, aud a
vsriatv of iitlior articles in this line, surh as Will
suit the greatest en cure of the land. Wt hsv al
so on hand s good aaaoitmciit el canniea, ana are
receiving a supply nearly every steamer, So please
give us a call ; wu w II sell as cheap as any hones
in Oregon. Our motto is that a quick penny It
better than s slow shilling.
Ws are now commencing to prepare la ths Ba
kery for Christmas, and shall have a good assort
mentol cake. We shall also keep ou hand a n
neiior auuliiv of butter cruckers, Boston crackers,
and ulso the sweet Vork crackers. Please givs or
ders tor the above in good tune. Our price shall
bt reasonable, and the goods mad oi tlie best ma
terials in Oregon. bbv24
Who Wants a Oood Saddle?
THE sub cr her, living five ru les south-west of
lfayelie, in V amhill county, ia now carrying
en the biisitiesa of Saddle Making in good eurnest
lie k cps constantly on hand the heal saddles thai
Can bo mauuiaclured with the materials at com
mand .n)iegon. Those wishing a genuine saddle
warranted to til on both s dee, and ngged out ia
complete style, cheep for cash, or good trade would
do well ingiv me a call. My shop is situated ea
U.ikers l reeli mar wtieie me raa orosses n wan
ing from Porilnnd and Oregon City, "up country"
by the way otSm.lh's bridge oo ths North Fork of
ST I keep every thing in th saddlery tin, a
Bridles, Murlingales, Halters, Lines, &o, Ae.
Sept. !iU-23ll. J. O. lie NDERSON.
To ArriTe
WITHIN a few la)s, direct from NsW YTS
ex e Ipper ship "Golden Eagle,"
400 gals, linseed 0 1,
15(1 gals. spts. turpentine,
200 boxes window glass, (atsdsaesj
S it) kegs white lead, pure,
25 gila. varnish,
2lKI lbs beeawux,
200 Ibt roein, by Wsi. C. DEMENT A. eex,
ceil i. oppoaii i he Land OIRe.
UILD Aj-piea, in h'f and whol banekv al
t 'II
y (
; ...I
1 1 if