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    tleattlal ftraart.
i'lio following Rriorl of the Hoapital it
,l.xonvillc, fur tin 2d Regiment Oregon
.hunted Voluuieert, embrace A liat of the
l' itii.'ntiJroi(Ud and ilimtiatud tinea Doc
t:tt!i, together lliuo ri'inuluinpt in the Hue
l'.!;tl fit tin prctcnt timo, and nn npToi
Mi llion to the amount of expeiieea dttring
month ending Jan. 3tb, 1956 :
1'alitntM JleceiuA tinci Former ltrport.
It, F. McKeen, Aloorn'e Co., Opthahnia.
, i:. F. Newland, Wtlkiiiaou'i co., Tirouic !
.I..lin Tinnen, BWi ee., Fro lllttsji.
..u.L'..ll..... IIimi'm Huea Fool.
.i.b Kporei, Independent co., wounded ae-
T. U. Harris, ludepcudeul ca, wouudred
"ly- ....
A. Tompaon.niee i CO., Intermittent fever.
D.M. (Omenta, Aleora'oM., wuuudtd slightly.
V. J. Knnwlon, lliee'i ea , intermittent fever.
;eorge Uruwo, Aleorn'ieo., hcpatilii.
Vin. Pernoll, Harris co , wounded J cured.
Nathaniel Campbell, Wilklnsju'i CO., oplhal-
'.'hli Kv.n. Wilkinaon'. co.. wounded t cured.
Wm. Parish, wiikiiwinioo., Intermittent fever;
Tliomai Mitchcl, Vilkiiuam'. co., chronic dya-
. u-arv.
Jamil Iirnwu, Wilkinson ' CO., neuralgia toured.
U. F. Newlaud, Wilkimoa'ico., dysentery;
John Tinnrn, Rica'i co., frost betlea ; cured.
twie Calhoun, llicc'e CO., lore foot.
Thc&doro IKdiie, Wilkiuwo'a Co.. remittent
f.tvr. -
Hubert G.immil, Williaini' co., wouuded ; cured.
HemainiM in Ilotpnul.
' Wm. U. Phillips, Kyucrou'i co., olhalmia
i.cirly well.
Wm. M. Uaud, llarria' co., wounded ; Improv-
Wm. I. Mayfield, llarria' co., wounded ; nearly
iMiaa Kiiurol. Wilkiutou'e co., remittent fever ;
Uuvid Svxlon, Williame' co., wounded ; impruv
Jacob Long, Rice' co. wounded ; improving
A. Toinjauu, llico'e co., iulerinitlen fever ; im
A. J. ldiowlcn, Rico'aeo., Intermltteul fever j
i'homai Aubrey, Rulry'i eo., wounded j im
J. F. Caldwell, Alooru't co., rhucinatiim j im
?5. V M -Kooa, A'ejra'tco., ophthalmia j aearly
I. M Clcmnt, Arcorn'tco, wounded iliglitiy;
C:. (ioodwin. Bruco'i Co., wounded aeverely
H.-nrlv well.
W.A.J. Moore, Lswii" eo., wounded iliglitiy;
nearly well.
Jacob tSpjoret, Independent co , wouuded to.
'I'.'ll. Harrii. I u lenendrnt co.. wounded icverely
Siimiiel Venreaa. Independent CO., wouuded
.' ;ilnly.
itcorge llrowu, AU-orn'i ci., hepa'.itia.
:kiten.a fur the mouth, ft'J,5U0,U0.
Wl Suron 2d Reciment O. M. V. aud At
Lading Surgeon on Hp'tal.
W. J. RoiiNMM,Steward.
Vre the Araay Nortk.
Waiilatpb Valley, j
Jan. 30, 1856. j
Mr. (iforBut very little of note has
transpired since my last. Tho express has
m rived from the Governor with the com
mission of tho Colonel, who has taken com
mand, and Mai. Chinn is ordered home, and
h is left for the valley. On the 23d of this
)'ioiith dipt. Ilembree returtiod from n
. out, and brought 250 head of horses, but
iliomost of them were wild and unfit tor
..rvico. lie also discovered at the junc
tion of Snake and Columbia Rivers a large
land of stock horded by Indians; could
it tell what number, but judging from the
number of lodge fires in the distance, there
w..a a liirrrfi number of iho red skins. We
.'lave three prisoners, who camo in a few
t.ayt ago. They say that the main body of
Indians are encamped on Peluse river on
, tic opposite side of Snnkc from here, and
!J StocV " hilly is commander-in-chief,
:nd has gone to hold a council with hnmai
:.kin. Thev say they intend to givo us an
other fight. We will be ready for them as
! .ion as we get supplies and make necessary
rrransemetits for getting the trommam.
cross Snake River. The command would
i.ave marched before this time had the
weather been favorable and our horses fit for
i irvice. The number of men now in the
command this side of the Dalles is 330, all
tld. The weather has been very cold for
.ho past month, the snow from 6 lo 10
uchea deep all the timo, and a very poor
prospect of its being any better at the pros
,-nt time, although I think it will not last n
jrcat while longer.
As a general thing tho volunteers have a
very bard time. Some of the companies
are destitute of tents, except where they
make them of blankots, and most all of
ihcm are destitute of clothing lo ltocpjhem-
:.tlves comfortable. A great many have
hnd their feet frost-bitten, on account of
having neither shoes nor boots. Some have
uubstituted raw hido for shoes, and eat
Ucf strait a great portion of the time. I
ope there will be supplies furnished from
ihit on, so that we can do something to
wards cleaninc out the red devils. I think
ihat we will be able to fit out our expedition
Or Snake River in 10 or 15 days, and sec
wfcat w can do. The boya are all anxious
fir the expedition, and would bo a great
al more so if the pack train would arrive
with a sniM.W of tobacco ; doing without it
nikes tho boys cross and somewhat out of
T umor. However, they do not get very
.'.anacroua, that is, to each other ; but Mr-
Iadian must look out It has been a great
time for Jo Mett's business, as the snc w ha
riti U-.t he would not "ruch
truublti chitkiiig the Indian ui the raviuu
Nn J lomuhawkiiig them ; tad it ii a tine
thing that Dr. Sundford wa with ut, or old
Jti would linvo Uk ii under the tod r lhi
time He (old Jo) offered up eevertil ry
ere to tlio Almighty lo ipare hint a short
linio lunger, hi ho wanted to ho b candidate
m n II . f it T . II
.r Aeuiur .uitjor 01 ins uiinem. lie
any (hat ono d:iy ilia volunteurn killed Mnj.
Chiun, and luried him, and lli next tried
to rnite him with a probing hook. lie ny
ho wmits to bo elected Mnj., not so iitu'.lt
for tlio honor but the pay, and that it woi.U
mako lain credit pood Mow for whisky.
lid tnyi if he in circled he will allow no
quarter nor rw! any, and 1 am of the opin
ion he will run a pood race, and perlmjm
dhjtanco the field ; but time will tell.
All the boyi have to nmuno tlieniavlve
with breaking wild horsea, and I do nurc
you it is is poit. Aside from tins, tlry have
duuali"S t0J "7 ni!l,, nd hJ lw
liy we have a very llllcrcKling lime listening
(o cUuctitanecchca. I think of noth-
ing more ; you Hi near ironi me again.
for tht Argui.
Monmouth, O.T., Jun. 31, 1855.
Mr. Editor i 8i : I write an answer lo the
arilhmetical problem ii your paper of the 19th ult.
The reaou that by multiplying any given mim
ber by S, ll will be the earn ai dividing the uum
ber by 9 and anneiing a cipher lo the quotient
when there ii no remainder, and 5 when there U,
la Ihii: A cipher plaeed at the right of a given
number iucrraaei 111 value len timet. Now it b
plain that half of it would be five lime tbc given
For the mine raaion to multiply any number by
25 will bo the name ai to annea two cipher! to the
iiuniber and divide by 4, for adding two c pliera
Increaaei the value 100 timet. Mow if the given
uurnber iaincreaaed 100 timet, one fourth of it
would be the number increiwd 25 timet, became
35 it one fourth of 100. N. II. B.
The reason ia sntifctory n far at it goee,
but why annex a 5 when there it a re
maiudur I
t3T Mnj. Chinn came down to Tortlind
a ww dave aco. we ocnere ue comein-
platoa returning to Walla-Walla shortly
t3T From all that we can loam, Cpt
Cornoyer will be elected First Major instoad
of tome othert who are talked more of.
tW The following will be recognized
as one of Viola's best. Her love of the
beautiful here is sanctified as an angelic
sympathy, by its seeking the perfection of
lasting beauty in Heaven. .
For tki Argui.
the Beanttf ml are First te Bit.
There'i beauty in tin early dawn,
In the ray tint of tho morning ikiet,
When tht dew-dropt iparkfo on the lawn,
Aud tho twinkling itan have cloeed their eye.
Yet the beiuty of tht rosy light
Ii transient ai the early dew j
For morniug goee, and toon tht night
Obaourei the beauty morning knew.
There'i beattty In the blushing flowert,
Aa they meekly lift their drooping headi,
Their bright leavei wet with evening ihowen,
Like diamonds shine in their lowly beds :
Yet Autumn comet, and hit chilly breath
Snaps every flower from tho fragile spray,
But their bright eyei tell ut, e'en in death,
The beautiful first shall pain away.
Therea beauty jn the sparkling stream,
Ai it glides along ill peaceful way,
Like tht lilent beauty of a dream,
Which, ere we wake, has passed away.
But sparkling atreami to the oceau haste,
And low themselves in the rolling tide,
Aud it menu but a day lince we law them first,
Gushing all bright from Hie mountain ide.
There 'a beauty in the rainbow bright,
"That stretches its wings o'er land and wavcj"
Pure iparkline dropt in the itiubeami br ght,
Reflected from the hand that gave.
Yet while we gaze on the radiant bow
lit beauties melt in the aiure iky,
For the loveliest objects ire finl to go,
The beautiful are first to die.
There'i beauty in the human face,
And in the radiant sparkling eye
But yet in all their loveliness,
The beautiful are first to die.
I had a friend in early jouth,
One who did honor to tho name ; ,
The loved one was a friend in truth,
But the destroying angel came.
Though she was beautiful and bright.
By far loo lovely long to itay,
Too toon we found the brilliant light
Of her black eye must pan away ;
The roee-leaf faded from her cheek,
The luubeam from her joyom eye,
And we felt the truth we need not eetk,
For the beautiful are firat lo die.
I taw a merry child at play,
Cluae by bit gentle molher'i tide ;
At her fair white handi 'mid his bright cutlt play-
She gated on ber boy with conscious pride.
Yet the father! joy and the mother'! pride
Wert not enough to keep him uigh.
On bright Spring day it waa lit died,
For the beautilnl are first to die. '
Yet there's a laud more bright than uYa,
Where bcautiet all unfading are J
A land of glory and of bl ,
And death shall never enter there.
Then though earth'a beautie paa away,
Aod 'oeath the hand of death torn Im,
lo that bright laud of endlete day
Tkt Itftiful thall nntr die.
lUttt Dsn. Fb , 'It.
By Telegraph.
He Heeaktr Kite lea.
The ateamer"Itepubi;eH arrived at St. Helini,
and returned latt n ght
Cour e ia unoranlieJ, no Speaker having been
Flour hit declined in California.
fT Tlicy who ire matt worthy of life, and yet
re mod uuwil ing lo die , ere sucb who have lis-
d o no purpooo who have rnlliur breathed than
lived. Clartnilon.
Fiaui PencrriiAN. There ! a young lady in
Nashua, N. II., who makea nothing of walking
sixteen iniln befura bioukfaat Of count alio n
ruddy, attractive and hearty.
How abort if humau life ! The very breath
Which fruniee my worde, accelerate my death.
Hannah Moor:
An Aet to provide for Auditing CMmi against
tkt Terr.fory growing out of tht exitlmg In
dian War.
Section 1. Bt it enacted by tin Legislative
Awmbly of tht Territory of Oregon, That there
thall be elected by joint ballot of both houses a com
miwoner ou Indian war eluimi, whoso duty it
hall be to investigate aud audit claimi af citiiim
against said Territory growing out of tht existing
Ind.iin war; provided, aaid ooinmittioner shall audit
auch claims only at havt not been duly vouched
by tht certificate or other lufficiint vouchers, of
the proper officer of any of the department! of tin
military organisation of said territory.
Skc. 3. Said commissioner, before entering
upon the duliet.of bit office, shall lake and tub.
tcribe an oaih before any duly authorized officer,
faithfully to perform the duties imposed on him by
this act, and shall fill tin same in tht office of the
Mcrctirv of the territory.
Sac. 3. la the Investigation of claimi, when
practicable the oath of the claimant ahall be taken,
but no claim ahall bt allowed upon tht oath of tht
claimant alone, unlet! eorroberated by luch eir
oumttaiicca ia shall satisfy the eoiiimittiontr tf tht
truth and justice of tht tame.
Sao. 4. In all casta wherein the pay far str
vicei reudered, the use ef property hired tr appro
priated, or the prict tf property furnished It tht
territory, forming the batit of auy claim, it rued by
law or the conUaot or appraiiement of any officer
or officers, authorized to makeiuch contract or ap
praisement, laid commisoioner shall be governed
thereby and in all caaea whereiu no pay, prict tr
valua ia fixed, he shall detenuiue the tame accord'
ing to the equity and justice of the case; provided.
that on appearance or intimation of fraud in any
claim, aaid commissioner shall iuveetigate the tame
from the begining, aud award what should be justly
Sec 5 Said commissioner shall diligently in
quire or ana concerning oeois, aemauai aua tei
offt, which tho territory may havt igainet tht
claimant and deduct the rami from the amount at'
lowed such claimant
Sao. 6. Said comniisaioner shall have power to
iaaue in tht name of the territory all proecta, by
summons, aubpana and attachment, necesary to
bring partial and witnetwa be fort him, and tht
sheriff of any county ahall execute the huh at the
expente of tht party demanding prooen, and he
shall have authority to administer all oatha in tht
premise! necessary lo carry out the proviaione of
thus tot.
Sao. 7. AN claimi allowed by aaid commta-
ioner shall be by him recorded in a book to be
provided at the expense of the territory and a eer
tificate of auch allowance given to the proper clai
mant. Sao. 8. At tht commencement of every session
of the Legislative Assembly uid commissioner
thall report a list af olaimantt, aud the amount al
lowed each ; alto a liet of all claimi by him reject
ed, with tht reasons of his rejection j and no claim
which iliall have been iona fidt passed upon
by laid commissioner, thall undergo an investiga
tion by the legislature.
Sac. 9. Said commissioner ahall keep bis of
fice at luch places and points in differeut parte of
the territory at ahall subserve the mtereata, of the
claimants, and he ahall give thirty day! notice by
publication in ncwspaperi and posting written or
printed notices, wherever he shall change the to
cation of hie office.
Sec. 10. All books and stationary necessary in
ilia discharge of the dutiet imputed by hn act
shall be provided by laid commissioner at the ex
nense of the territory.
Sec 11. Said commissioner shall be aiiowea
six dollari for each day he may be actual
ly employed in the diacharge of the dutiea of hit
Sec 13. Thie act to take effect and bt in force
from afler ita pasrage.
Citizen' Line ef Steamer.
PORTLAND, Cupt. MuaaaT,
ENTERPRISE, Capt Jawiewn,
Will run in connection, tho rortlaad leaving
PORTLAND daily (Suudayi excepted) for Ore
gon City at 10 o'clock, a. M.r-the Enterpnto roa
king mi.w.eklytriptt. CORVALL1S, leaving
CANEMAH on Monday! at 6 o'clock A. , and
Thursday! at 2 r ii. ,.
CT All freight lor the above line will bo receipt
ed for at Hoyt'i Wharf Boat, Portland.
Feb. 16, 1856. t
A I.T. nenoDi knowing themsen
I.I. Denoni knowing themtelvea indented to
J iu. either bv note or book account, will pii
...n .nd aettle no and pay op. Wo are deter
mined 10 cloee up our entire trading bueineea
therefore make thi! our first call, and hope it may
be the lait.
We have now in ttote the beat itock or groee
riei and itiple dry goodt in tin market, and are
A.,...i...d 10 aell them off a UttU cheaper than
.ighbon-j.-.a porp-o to ,.if, aad te o
hew it will eel. I.a.a,
Feb. 16, 1856-44
ALL penont hiving claimi agaiott Robert Bird,
derd lata of Clackamae county, are baveby
nqnired lo'exbibit the atme, with iho Maewsuy
voucben, at h residence io Clackamaa eownty
foreaaid, on tht claim formerly owned aod occu
pied by tho deceed, with,. o y from U.
date of thsj notie ELIJAH BIRD,
Admituetrater of the erfale of R. Bird
dee d, with the will annexed.
February 13,1806-44
A SMART, active b,.y, twelve or fifieen yeara
of age, te lear the printing trade at Ihit of'
Vf P Soma,
oi io n it c i t r, o. t.
ET Striot attention paid to repairing, and eat a
faction to palront wan anted. fc-blMS
DURING my ubtenco from the Territory, 1
have aullioritej Meatr. Wait & Kkllkv lo
tranmct all my letil buinna, and I Imva left all
my noltteiid paieni in their hand., an t tltoaa In
debted tome will pleiet aetlle with them.
A. r. 'itf.
Canemah, Feb. 9, 1856. 4'l-3w
YV fit
60 easel meu'i heavy boom
lit " inen'i uubound uroran;
3 " lined md bound do.)
8 " " calf brogaus;
8 " " goat "
4 " bovt' unbound "
1 - youth' calf "
4 " wonieu t lact boots;
8 morooco '
1 ' mittet' lact "
1 " child's Jenny L'nd "
800 pairt 11 fancy lip slices;
71 women'i kid buskins;
6 bales drilling;
4 platform aualee;
100 kegityrup; k
100 boMMapt
38 sacks co e;
'JO hf bblaN.O.mgar;
6 caxi yeast powderti
6 " cattile oo.ip;
50 barrels lime,
S HERERY CIV KN, that ipplicatitn will be
made al the nam term or Hie I'robato Lnurl w
Clackamas county, by one of the uiidpnyiie I, for
letters of administration upon the estate ut lac
Warwick, deeeiKd.
Water Power fer enlt.
fTtnE undersigned would like to sell one half of
a bit nulls and water pou tron me iniiann riv
er, about three m let from Linn City, known as
Moore'i Mills. It is probably the best water priv
ilege, with the tierption of tht ureal Falls uf the
Willamettt, that there is in Oregon. I ivenld Mke
to tell one-half or one-fourth of my claim together
with tin tnilli iad water power. My object it lo
gel a partner, to enable me lo properly improve the
. i . t'a M Uiiiiul
water power. jaihu i. iuuuhd.
Deb. a, 1 Son. "
Fertoni desirous of getting good work doue will
do well to give me a call, aa my wnoie nine t un
voted to the repilriiig of Chronometer, Lever,
Duplex, and Horizontal
A a assortment tf Jewelry on ban 1.
v Jewelrv maile to ordiT. and repaired.
Pricei to euit the timei. I am thankful for pat:
favtn, and hope to give satisfaction in rulun.
U" Located at Ihe old Hand, eppoate the Tel
egraph Office, OREUUfil Vl l X. i n. z.
JUST RECEIVED at the Oregon City Drug
8lere, direct from New York and San Kian-
citco, a fresh supply efi;lW', AlfitViOiivco,
Patent Mail einel. hamt V MtUleiliel, SC., 0 ,
which vill he told u I for cath mi they tan hi
tnturid in the Tirritor. Call and examine for
yonreelvet, and get an Almanac for 1856, gratia.
A FEW ef Prince ft Co.'i beat MELODE.
J. ONS for tale, low. Eiwiuro at the
40hlfbbla N. O. lugaf;
SO " orushed "
5 Ibis ' "
40 mntti No. 1 China sugar;
100 aackt Rio coffee;
9000 lbi Eng. Map;
1000 lalerttutt
10 eaees olive oil;
4 " tobacco;
1 ' prunes;
2.'. " G.P tea;
6 boxea yeast powders;
4 " caudiea;
15 " cnndlm;
4 balee sheeting;
1 " hickory;
1 blue drill;
100 dm. Corns' spool thread;
10 nieces alpaca and ui'r noet;
Also, a lot of Boot! and Shoea, Crockery, (ila-t
ware, and one or two other "leuw vt h eh w. can
jtiat now rec.illect. O vu ut a call, for wi an it
termined to sell out.
feb2 F.S. cVA. IIOI.LVM).
A LL Teachers, and frleudi of education.
Wathiucton county, are invited lo imet
Fosast Grove on Wednesday, the 2th ef l i b.
next, at 12 o'clock M., fir thi- purple of orgai
inn a county Teachers' An-ociatioti, and
other meaauret le promote Ihe caue uf tlucalioii.
Teachers and othert from other eoumiei art
welcomt to attend.
Private) Boarding- Bouse,
lOppusiie Holmes Si, Co. r F ire-prool build-
rr ...... . . . 1 m.r r. m
ing, WCUIJV v. M.
ST Charget reason ible. Nov. 3-fim.
The pirtnerthip herelofoie exiniiua between
M. W. Wiiherellind myself it diMlnd by muiuiil
ctnsenl. D- MUllltAY.
Oregon City. Jan. 6lli,lR.)B-4 '-2l
Coristmaa rreents.
OW ia the tiiii" lo purca-e the Holiday Prea-
enti. You will find a large asoorlmeui to se
lect from at
o.c. lulnsi' lKWli.IT I T O I,
Fi-odt Street, Pertlnnd
A'l kindtof Jewelry manufactured lo order.
Engraving neatly executed.
Prompt atteniioa givvn to repairing Fmv
CTReinimber G. C. ROHBI.NS'
Jewelry Store, from ol, re. nana.
Portland, Deed, I SOS. HC-Hf
TEMPLE fF HONOR. Tualatin Temp. f
Honor, No. I, meet every W,- ne.da en-, at Ihe Ameriean Hail, rorem urove.ur. g
Urelhren of the Or.ler in good standing are in
vited to viail thie Temple.
8. A. Dixon, W. R. 32
but. for tale by WM.C.DEMKM d; VU.
CIGARS Tbe beat chance to pek in at Ih
'LOUR, froth, kepteooitaiitly on hand by
' y. H. fc A. MOLLANP.
New Jewvllar.
AVINO employed ono tf tht be-t Workiag
dew. , hue im the Paeifie cms!, I am how
I) prepared to niariu.aelure evei) dtieriptioa oi
Mawue Jewelry, Udd ftiiowa rioa, umj..
c, mailt In order.
KiiirraViiiir ueallv done.
Call and aet pi cimeiui of work.
U. CULI-ICIl lluoil.a.
N. B. I d. vote my entire aiteiiiioii to rtairiiig
ii.o NVatehea. U. toi.uca Kosime.
Portland, Dee. 29, 1855-37lf
Something Zffcw.
NYpere-.n havnga MrMeou, Serapliine,
Aewinleun. or oilier reed Instrument, with
wki u or defective reeds, nan havt Idem repaired
ii plvint or teinlinr to ('has M. hrnter. at his
ideiiet, two squurea Ija.k from lire Baptist
lee niff House, iii the North nut of Ore oa City.
Iiarge for inter'Hig single rtiili fiom 81,50 to
trt.W. Iteaiiiab.e d.du linn for a grenl. r num
ber. ' M. KKtiTEll
On-Kon City, September 22, 6ib-3i
Walnut Orove Narierr.
II 14 eplrndid wtalil lnn"Ut it liluaied In tin
Frviiolt I'rair.r, on the road leading f-oin Or
egon t'Hy to Haleni, tweniy-oiii mile! from the
loruier, and suleeo I mm the latter; wn. re me un
dersigned have ou him I a lurge afor.mem of r.w.
xra ied APPLE, PEAR. PliACU, PLUM,
APRICOT, and t'iVC'E-Hk.!, several va
rieliti of Orapt, Currant, Uoiuebrrru, ej-e., de. ;
all uf which they nll'er on the mutt reap. .liable
terms, for Cash, c.itlle, or any kind of merchanta
ble produce.
I all six! tiamine. no irounie it snow irun
treet. N.;n MJ.ta.
Nov. 91, 1805. 32-3tn
Lnnd fer htslf.
I OFFER to tell 160 acres of choice land far
two dollars and a quarter an aeiv, ca-li The
I md hi a portion of my claim, ux nn ee w est of La-
tavette. in the eouulv of Yamhill. Title good
.Tall ant w-o lor voureelvea. " I it no iroueio 10
how"-the land. S. O ADAMS,
(il n Av,h, Dec. Siili, Ih.i.'i 3,if
WANT to buy a la ge quant ty of heavy fat
ho-je, delivered al the Oregou Uly Market, li
wmcli 1 will nav the liigheat market price, us
c.,,1,. t:llAKLKS AI.II1I1UIIT.
tr I will alto buy all the POItK ! can gel. City, Doe. 29, 1855.-37tf
CuilfUiHlli .Uttv. aft, 1855.
VN hand and for sale, low, for cash or produce ;
J I'ainls Sl lead, chrome ureen,
white lead, pruian blue
red do in oil, chrwne yellow,
blk. do " blue paint,
Common and permanent green putty, glai
WE WOULD say, cull at our alorr; we
will nay vuu ua well lor your pindirae a
any other houn-.m Oregon, aud will eud. avur It
.tae you leel aa eumionanie at we utmniMy i-ai,.
I?iVEUV TH.NO in tht line or Urocenti,
j an cheeee, all kiiull of spice, sal nala, eabon
le soda, saiera.iw, cream lartar, &., are sold al
nov24 VUAKMAN n Annan a.
A Rurv ChMUi'tj
For those engaged, or tpiihing to engage in
the vlourmg JJumntsi
WE have on hand and for sale, tho fo.lowing
inauhiuery for grist mills, which will bt sold
low for oath, or 00 a short time 1
a nortiible nulls, complete t
1 run uf lour leel four inch French Burn, with
sour wheel. 114 eon. weghing 103j lb..; with
p udle, piiiinn, brUfh and oil-pot ana co.iar.
I run, lame tile, wiineiii pinion.
Other Irone
tha same aa above,
Togolher with a getieral assotiment or bands,
boiling cloths., pulleys, gu Igeom, wheels, coup irgs.
haiiviuirs for chests. &o.. etc.
In oilier wordt. every requiiite tieeetiary to the
oompletiou of a gr t mill by
WSl.t I'Lllllil 1 ex. co.
OpDosile the Lund Othue.
OaanotCiTV, Nov Stt. ltjbo.
HetiaatwpMi bun FHllerta I
A. iuform the ciltxeni uf Oregon City and the
pubiio in general that they have jiitl received a
uood aaaor.menl of GROCERIES auilable for
this seaHOii of the year. Alto, we have rece ved a
supply of fancy groeeriei, such Parina, Sugar
Tapioca, Arrow Kot, ana avineiy ei oinor iucii
urt.clea loo numeroue 10 iiieiiuon.
Wn Imve a rood artiueul vf FA NC
GOODS for the holidai 1, inch aa raiilni, dales,
lig, boilled pie fruits, raspberry preserve!, and a
variety of other articles in this line, smli as w II
suit the greaU-ai en cure of the land. We have al
0011 baud a good assortment of Candies, and ar.
receiving a supply nearly every steamer. 80 pi. ate
give u a call ; We w II tell aa eheup ai any In urn.
in Oregon. Our molto ii that a quick penny li
beller ilian a slow shilling.
We are now commencing lo prepare in the Ba
kery for Christmas, ami thall have a good asmrl
uieiii ol cake. We thall ilvo kern on hund a su
perior quality of butter er.ickers, Button Crackers,
and alio Ihe tweet V oik cracker I'rease g ve or
der! lor Ihe above in goiid time. Our prices shall
he reatdnahle, and Ihe gooJtmadeof the bittniu.
if rials in Oregon. novi
tale by
MOULDING for poture frames, fui
CHARM AN &. "Ann till
Drufi, Medicinoi, Falnta, Oili,
(,nd Xlye-fctuA.
at the OK1-O0N CllV DUUU MIVICK.,
Ma n Streel. Oregon City, O.T.
TVR. Giiytotrteumtionnd extract ol Saitaparilli
J and Yellow Dock, al tlw
LD Dr. Jacob ToWimeinl's Stmapnrtlla, at
............ w ..... , 1 imi.i ur,,DV
the uiibiiuw 11 1 1 1iioooiwi.u-
R. T iwntend'a Samirair lln, at Iho
URciuU.i I'I I I Uliou oiuru.
s al tha
SANDs' 8ara; arilla, in any quantity, at ihe
a a ,.r.A vE'tt ...4,h .led Venni uee and Liver
It. O-g.ioda lnliat..lioiagogiM.,ana
. , . I a 1
Amerh-aii t:ielagogo, al Hi!
V. J. Ayrea' celebialed I berry
it the
i-iiglii. cat it, 1 nd con unipi nn
J .l6.-lf O. B.
k tiOuD aaortnieut of Tinware an hand, and
A M ea e elieup. by O. H. T WOGO. ,D.
LIGII r-pU-nty at
r r.s. A.
Te Tni Paffra.
COUNTY ORDER4 for tale at a dieeewnl.
Wboltisl Vrleei Onrrtat.
coaaacvas wtcakv.
uar ooe ot. i nauet xaoitmaa.
.Sheeting, 44 12H00pr.tuvr. l.mi.
Drilling raoBvoa.
U.eachid drilling 13- Wheat, pr. ba..... SI
ihining. HalU Oata do
14 I'olaioM do
rick o.
.UalbOinoni i M.fU
ISiKleur IP i
N Coru Meal, fitek
.IfiaV-t ralilf.
7H.UHI M ,;! Aa ....II
Ulue drilling
laid limey.
ky jautV..25a4j I'eathet, dried do 14
wetdi 3Ja7lK ' do peak
nitrn I bill, riM.!ivaia
lllueand while 19 ratviaioaa,
Ulue aud orange I'i, Pork, altar
aiicy BaliT. Bieoi tp
uruitura do. lualtiiianie.
M.dolaitii! 14a!5 rowoaa.
iiigbami lSa22: Hazard, pr oa..,
Ipsca !(5afi0) pr keg.
abli dimssk OOsS! ihot.
clotlu e.'itglt Small aitoa
Irish linens 40agi;Duok
Sheep gray pauta $5 i3'riir.
Saliurl do. .fH3 WhiU lead, 10 011101
Kancvean. do. ...t)laS! txaasei.
Illaek cast do. fcia7, Manilla, email u
Itedtlau'l thitia 8UalB " large n
Illue do. do. SirialS'llemp 10al5
Hickory ihirli a7 ni.aa.
alico do. Aumanuuo
aoo-ra Ac auoaa. iMieim
Min i kip boot$3iuJi' diaaaa.
11 super ij-iokv
" Ano tewed l Orinan t)IOitaa
yi' kip boon liAmericta MaW
i haw w'i iluStlij! Ttaaoce.
Meiu'brx'spr. do..e$17;Pridtoftbt Wuiea-iOtlA
" kiplrgiprdoa.5-.U;Bun
" ealf sewed du..tJ.'l Luke'i .s 7
Wou.en'eh'vy ah t.13j naaawaaa.
But do. jio;Bii'via :"
oaocisita. '.Spadet I'i.1
Coffe 16al8 Aztl f IVaitu
.a 85e7ii: Mill aawi. wa 1
Miliar, no. I Chi'a... .1 14 X cut tawi ooji
vruantU 1 1, iunieiiiyi 1. r"
lerattjt 13a. 16! advance oa . I.cou
titan-h U;Pocket culltry, pr 11
Syrup E Boiton...9Ul! advance.
do. H island ia;uiutr anieir
N O Molaeset "0! wart from 0 to M ft
Liv. Salt' ct advance.
I'.bie Sail H i4:Naiui,aie'dsizes,prago
Sandwich 1 Salt. . 2-1 " honeaboo...aaad
,lpieo au. imp '!""
Cinnamon OtlaHOXianed bo.l ..
....IOall,Turienlint pr gun
Portland nu4 Aalorla.
Tht Splendid Steamer
Mnltionah rt
WILL continue lo run ngulitly between ron
laud and Attoiia, ia Vancouver, twice a
wkkR, leaving fori land on Monday ami mursuaj
iiitrtiiiim nt each week for Astoria t and Astoria
for Portland on Tuesday and Friday mornings,
touching VacouvEa,ST.Ilai.aii, KiMa,CaT.
unit, ate, each way. For freight or passage,
apply lo ii. auri i waaier,
ja(t Or at lloyt'i Wharf-bout, Portland.
Tniilailu Aiitdi'tuy,
Forest Grove, Waihingttn County, O. T.
Firat Wednesday in December
f . A. in FahrnmrV
Third do In May ;
Fint do In September.
tuition rta .caaraai
Primary English
Higher do )
Ancient, (
- French tk drawing, each, tilra,
l.iAiiUiniil eharve.
85 eta.
Forinfnriiialiou raspeeliug tht School, addreaa
I.. l ull kTTDCU .
Nov.2B, l855.-33-6mo Principal.
CA. REED &. CO., aucueaeen to FtUoiii,
i Reed i Co., dealeniu Drugaand Medicinet,
Uooat and Stationery, Painti, Oili, Ac. Pirtlon.
lar attention paid lo compounding iiiediolnea.
Salem, Nov. 84. 3911
, Ih Bet Obanco,
IVER offered lit Oregon, lo thoee wintiag
Stovee. 1 would tiy to tin pubiio thit I am
ottering my atock of Stovet, iutt received, al oiaaT.
ut REDUCED PltlCES, from Fiva loTra Dtfc
Lata below former rates. O. B. T WOUOOD.
UUSHKL-S of Oati wanted, for
which I will pay the market price, ia
CiAAA BUSHELS of Wheat wanted ai
aiUUv the markol price, for which I will pay
11 T.uwure or Hlovea u. n. myuwu, ,
1 WW ..f lli ce rhralert cook ttoves Known
J Blc DiAHonn and Mat Fuiwaa on haod
mid for sale by
fOFFAT'8 Life Bitten and Pills, Demard'a
llJL Dyientery Syrup, Wiatar'a Baleain of Wild
l.herry, at the omnV
Ullr.UUn 1 1 1 1 uiiiuuioi""
Wheat Wanteds
nIGH EST' cash piieee paid liy
Nov. 8. v!t. C DEMENT 4 CO.
To Fanny Fern's 1,0011,000 Jiiadtrif
WE have the pleasure of announcing that
have in pre, and ahall publish about tho
first of December, a new work of fictionentitled
ROSS O Xi A B. n ,
a aosuNci iv riNNT rata.
The lait work, and firat continuous tale of thie
brilliant and fascinating aulhoreti, "Ruth Hall,1'
achieved a eucceii unexampled in the annala of
:elten. In the language of a leading periodical, il
"created a more profound eeiiiatlon than any
which has benn ieaued during a quarter of a cen
tury." But it it uuneeeasary to allude to tht merita ,
of "Ruth Hull." Judging from the number of
enpietof it we have told, we judge that every body
.11 the United States haa read it. Al respect" tha
,vark we have now iu prea, Rota Cult, wo eao
only aav I hat we regaid it aa, ill every respect,
gn ater', better work ( aud are confident it will not
only tustain, but even incrcai-e the reputation of ita
dn4ingiiished authoress. Wo havt reatoni for
thinking ' Kote Clark" will makt a greater leaee-
,i..T.. ..lint!. Hall "
It will form an ek-gaal 12mo volume of over
4011 page Price ft I .li j, n receipt of wlnclr cxy
10s wnl be sent by mail, pott-paid. It will ba fot
suit by all booksellers. Published by
40-3w MASON BROTHERS, New York.
AN active honest Man in each eectien of tho
Territory to orders by 'aample' for VEi
i-AU fi Jl AGN tl IC AGENTS. To acUve man
a .alary 0, fiUO or year, and a nnall eemmitaK
arllba Dad. "S..lry payabra monthly." F01
p.rticulaVa a-ldr.ta Da. M. VELPAU, 42 Broad.
ay, New York, enclosing clamp la prepay en.
VOVi il 5IIK fr .also y
noi4 Cf.tKllv tf nAn.tnn