The Oregon Argus. (Oregon City [Or.]) 1855-1863, December 15, 1855, Image 2

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ftljc wjou SUgu'a.
. w. L. tvxut, r.DiTon ami nun-airru.
onsaoir civz:
Agouti far tfco Jjrfus.
1 J. R. McDhihr, lufuijiiie.
i i A. llKK.n, A'ii.
Monti Kihoi.pii. SuhliuiUy.
Wm. B,vm.ow, Mnliilla,
' Jl. 0. R.vmoiii, ' foe.
1B. DaVIS, llluiimhi'jlnn.
FANIt W. Mhown, L'orealti'i.
. , i,Amo IIakvuv, i'lum Vutltj.
Koi.omoN Allcn, JHi'y.
j. k. lvi.r, ..
. Jo!l MtKlN.NKV, Vahll'HM.
; ! L A. JCh.-b, Ju-.ktimvillt.
II. Jl.vnilis, CiiK'iimli.
'" J.m IJ. J'kk.stu.n, ir7 To. 7A
,! H. A. N. l', Gatrsliiri', Jl'.
' ' law Couccmlur ICcwspnpcra,
" ITr Jf uliw riljer onlnr lit j iiicuntiiiuflii"0 if
llifir li;ivri Hie pnbl'Wirr may (nulinin l o'iki
Uicm unlit all mrrnrtir air mi J.
tV If nuUwMibeiiilK'ili'etnr irluim tolulie lljir
pujiun I'r.iin llif ""il "(li r,foi!.i r il i , lnwliich
Ihcy ara will, tliry ur(- r"im-i!j linlil the)
will til rrf r.iKf, uliuulil lliTn l.o miy.
DJ If ii:rilT rrinuvv In o'li r '! Willi
nut lii'urtniiij Hi publirlisr, mnl Hn-nir inn'iii
la Ih furiiH-r tiire'-iion, iliy ro lirhl rrfoiiili'c.
JT II not nilliciriil fur i lrnj,er, ln n
pnptrii nut liik'-n o:il uf lii ollli', In rcliirn ne
with "uol luk( ii'' n r.lln mi ll Im cili, Iml
lit mini writ a lMr Injlio pu!il:'ir, iiii.(( Hi
tir weak peron vm llw itfn-, ibrea ive. k. ago. llio ludmu. I.nvo liml
tureof "A frtUio Ci-it," duvolM ftbout H-Jvantn ovor our volunteer troop,
t.o eolumin of il.e l Stanford to hcuI- Mel. ww ra n up in U-o, equ lppt-1
... .. I . . i . . i i i i....:..,' 1 1. ikIi lirinrmt i llir-V Couiu pick up,
.... itrA ... ...m.i,.,. inn- i fctii ri7v iniiu iiib crimn ui in' '
rl..loryDaj.prn ... ---. , r - . , , ,,,.,-1 ,,;.. ln,lil(llH 10 ,vo brcn prei.Hr-
.1. h i.iii.a i ai.Ti.ri i.mi hih'iiii inn ink luu uii v.iimij, -
la in i" .m' nt". ...... -
iiilcrniil iwipruveincut, Hricultuw, A'c.ic ;
ill kliorl, tvmj thiny lliat will lllii.triitu Or
rtnn life. Oregon rttoureti, lolLce itl.
L'. H. ind which our it .-itlwr mi.hlt (lllJ A i. ul, wliPW, if at nil, tlio Luoian
Tin nrtli-le l " ' "'" I ,mlvt mnKfl 0 tlMM'. ' .
J Iio niH!ant Lve tl.irtren iiifniifry dj.
nmr.r i npti to your f'ifi
who lire ih-ci'ly iiilTi-til ill tli' tnnlfrt.
iiml who urn cotnnlly ciprniH their
griiiituJu fur Kin permitted to rend cur
inn:r rrjfuljtrly.
Aniilier tiling we cnnio nar furgtiin.
VVbwietor yoo writ, if jtl m eoi.tiifnt
... uiivlllinv loiiiHPrn
- .. . , i
ItMWfly coni.neii:fd upon ty "' ""l""
Tini'i ii1 coii(lnnril Muiiuulli'iilfJ by llit In-
trnlioiM ofllie !lrillh Governmrnl, winch no' uo
l- nl,!ed liixl HlK'tMlli iHkimtnflUUiJim,-! ' ..w.. ...... . ...... ... - ,rull,:e moil our onlivl...... 01 v.uur... m i
r.. I.Mli,.- o pro..,. w,r. Co.. IW.b ; hR for . your. .uppla,. ... I. .h. - J-' m r 01l nr,h phi.-H,., iw, M
L-ir'andTiiR Am.MHrtdreH.lfullyeH.tlgaU.Jliy.L'.S. rifle. here '' 10 '''''' (rwut ....icuM. ft. , .ion. I. honorably !, on MKnif, rida'P, anil
ur! thitunonvinoui Author. H'a nr inclined jour cntnp now nn.l litilo pol.tiwl KliriR wi 0oyetllul ay CUII,id,r u,.r'in t ,,lUr, ,10 tt f ,;
wntwfilten hyoimof I lie "Siu-r of Cl.ur-
ir" in thft French l'roirie. A !. prom-
put reel namt to your irlicle. I hii i iv i to inllict h ietw of l tt.-r. upon the
public, we KliNil prouaoijr mi m
thurc.ult of the hit thnw, bef-ire wo pay
anv pnr'icular n'toniiun to hi-rcn.
not ulwava iifeef.ry or expedient, hut wc
nro aliiiott iiiek of inouyinom eoinmuniea-
liont. A innn ought never to write an r
liclo llu.t he i aithnmed of J b'iile, on" ar-
tiele S nul iL'imluro c.irriet more
neiiilit with it l Ii it ii a d.tfen over a fnle
iiu.i.t). Home nrlich would do inoro rxei-u
lion over a lictitioua nnii.o tin. ti they would
over n rtal oni. Wo .liould likn t') have ii
nptiunid willi in whether to lie I lie real
niuiie of tin) author, or ome MiUtitulc.
Krior of grmmiinr wodj not mind,
thue we c.'.n fmi!y corrict, .ojou wiite
i g:lly, nensihly, and to lln point,
Sew 1'kikt.
Wc have received thrt (irt Xo. uf the
7'nlile Hork Sailinrf, n new paper .tarled
at J;iek-oiiviile, 0. 'J'., on the S4ih nil., by
I'Vaii.t, 'I'AVi.oa, A lii.AKEi.v. lit prin
cipal object acfim lo be to promote I In; in
trentn of Soiilhern Orepon. If it lotio.
name md pont-ollin, tnd M i.e iiml tl..- ph,t i-1 IIljr(1v , Micinlly, mid hvsicallv, wo con
not Ukrn from the nfli.t. Oilicrwwe the put-1 .. , , ' , ,
milter ii le M reip"ibl. ' Ljrat iililo our iNmthrrn brethren t:p-m tlieir
To Our C.nrrpooouili'ut..
ImJIci an I Gntlriiirn:u have v.on.
dured a thousand tiine", no iLui'il, i,t the
tttiiilily of tlichuinau family which n;;,lr
it necessary in conveying in"! ruction to
givo 'Imo upon line, line upon lino, pro
cept uponprecipl, pr'c" t upon pncij't,
horo a little, and theru u l.ltlu ' iuMiuction,
ill oriler to beat into the human tnirr:'.:ili.l
ing the tiniphst trutliH. "Suw if il lo n
inatt'-r of wonder that lliu "c iiniuoti run"
of thchuinuii family oieso.-luw in Re iv
ing iiiftructioii, how intci we be n-tmiMicd
nt nn rxhibitii'ii of a hiinilai i!ii!!n i-n in thrt'
literary Imnle, wlio nlli nijit to rtil'iten
their fellow pilgrim tliiiiiyh the press ! '
We havo iibtiinl nit f villi nee, in foinethinj,'
leu I It nil two bu-hi'U mill llireo of
cuiiiinuiiicalioiit notv on hand, that the hints
W'elmie occasionally llntnin uiii have nerer
Ihsuii lakeii by many who real our paper.
We have ouie ciirrespoinlt iits who nre "apt
to learn," find who keep wiihiu our rules so
lis lo give us but lilllo liulible. For the
bcnolit of those who nro yet tuiacijuaiiitrd
Willi the rulei, wo t-liall lav tlnwn a few mi'
gcalioiM, which, if attended lo, will nve us
lirteh trotiblt', beside eiistninj!; ihe publica
tion of tome m l idea which li e ahull other
wiobo compelled lo cn4 lo lliu moles ami
, i 1. Write on only ono hide of your paper.
2, Make your article a slci t as possible.
Over four paca it selilom admissible, but
if an article in racy, nriiiiieutuli.n, mid full
of inioresl, you may mid another pajjo or
two. Not one writer in a hundred it ti Liu
to kcop up ii tiillicietit intt-rist lo eusuro a
reading, nfier ho (fels on iho tilth pajre.
'I'lielroiiblti is, tho ilnll, proy writers, liktt
that kind of nernionizers, think thcmtolvos
very intcrcslini,', mid imagine that every
body else reads their production with the
lime gusto they do themself.s. Others,:
like i, are long wind, id, and they never
ee the end of their subject. Itro. McKeau
good luc! in having tlieir wants supplied.
The paper presents n fine uppeiirance, nitd
we seo noihin iu tho present iiutuber thai
would iir'i.-fito n disposition to take
"groiindi.'1 that would def. ul lite tthoveincu
tioiit-d obji'cla. Sneccis, gentlemen, to
yourentrrprisc, as luny ns jou lap on Ihe
riihl Iw k.
J!-d Tho ylii-o.-(ie,at Salem, still scene
lo be occupying it old "grounds" on tem
perance, so far as its ediloiial department is
concerned. Serving "God end Mammon"
was il eiil -d to bo entirely impraclicaolu ill
Svvi Testament timts, but llmt was n "lull1
lime ai;o," and i'llro. IVarne" aoeins to be
malting an cxpciiin-i.t to see whether tin-
tliin" u-ont work in llio niuetcentli cenluiy,
His correspondents, in writing on llu tem
perance nil sliiin, soem to have got elitiiely
ahead of him, mid now and then ono, like
Kev. Mr. lliiies, make a center shot, or
K'oiiW make one, if "Ilr0. 1'inrue" didn't jog
his elbow a lilllo just as l.o wxs "drawing a
b lid." TJie next linio "llio. IVnrno" cuts
a pariigiiiph out of your conimuiiicnliiiii,
b"cause of its beinj n "liitle loo sleep," just
send il along to us. friend Ilines ; you shall
be heard in Tiik Aiiors.
"llio. Foarue," it is now a long lime nince
wo invitnj you to jmUisli the r. solution
wliich you, us chairman of the Committo
on Slavery, reported to tho Conference
which m t in Oregon City last August.
Darem publish them, or dare you nut?
Let us know soon, or we shall have to print
tliein for J o i. lit collect, "Ilro. P.," that
there is a "tvoo" to such men as are spoken
w, 11 of by "all men," nnd if you do incur
the displeasure of "llio. Hush," you won't
lo-c iiiuro t linn seven or fight hundred sub
scribers by it.
.. . i t ... e I !..
to think, from it tone and .l.aracter, that il , inaiiilestca w nidi iw mr o. ...u
cms h lew week. ago. uur (surgeon miy.
for the Southern bntlnllion is l r. Bark well.
one of the democratic inembeni elect front
Jnekson county to the lower louse of tho
Loc'shitum. Mow lie cun legislate at Cor-
vallw and attend to the (Juliet of hi oflieo
here i in ro than I can divine. Yet tw lhi
js an npnof wondun. the thing may be done.
I ntn informed that a gentleman from Polk
county on a former occasiou represented in
Mr. I.awn nco II. ill has writlm us n com
munication correcting u vend slalemeiits
..r ..... I..!.... In rnfritwlt ffi lint ft .III Ul
Ul uu, - -- o- , . , I, , ,.nt... .,
i'liieii in his I'Hrl 111 coiiiuj nn" it in unit:, unit. m
n"l;eof some limj tince, occn
n-ii(.dil.orhoid by the firiuL' uf r.-volten.
Mr. II. seyi the firinj took place "at the
hour of Iii'diiieht." "The bridge wn no.j1'
Ciiarded. " I hero is no olil lieiy Willi tlie
rhetimiilisin in that neighborhood." We
publish lb'" correction!! inndo by Mr. II.
in justice ti him and his neighbor as we
are not ubh) to g' t ill his whole ciininunic.l-lion.
r Wr understand that Lieut. Suruu
Tr.n, together with three of his men were
killed by the Indians nt Ft. Sleilacoo.n on
I'uL'et Sound a few days since. It is said
that the Indians crept up and filed ihroilgh
a window of the Fort, killing these men.
Hub Murkrts,
The jiH.r of lVc.. 7th represent the
produce trade as firm, w ith an upward ten
dency. Flour rain from 01 rU to $5 75
per liuiid. ; Onts 8oa!)9 cent per bushel.
Duller 3la071c.
IT llio Li'iji.-ljluro ailjenrii J iu cointn'tle of
llit whole fmm CorvurisioSulrini'ii lat Weilnes-
rlny ijifrttf . Tli grot. li . in Sulein are lo be
inukiuj money.
ty J. W. Davis, 1- , Tc!t gi-npliic operator at
Poi i'nnd, will i its neeitt our tliuuks for It's
k i-iliiesi in Uttuttn tiitt? to us the latest intelligence
by li-litni; 2.
Wc me unler particular ob!ig:itions to
A. Uui.nnooK, Kij., fr vtiluuble ilocuaieii'.t per
last stei kt.
the same time. Such being tho fact lite
Dr. ntniidt a good chance to make it "pati
ant well.' Jr. Greer i Hospital Surgeon
at this place and Dr. flreyimin and others
HssUtants in the field. The people seem
well ali-fit d with the course of d'ov. Curry,
hut in regard to the disposition of the troops
nutl the appoint nn nts to office, there is no
doubt some luient feeling in lite bosom of
the disappointed but no public opposition to
hi course. I!u-h' appeal to the people
for nid in tho n.a' tor of those "petitions"
met w ith a weak response here. We look
forward with great anxiety to tho close of
llio war,
l'eople have lesft their farms, and miuins
claim, to fight our common foe nnd the re
sources of their country beincr for a limo un
developed, we must expect hard times nnd
dull prospect. For the present adieu
Success of tho Know Nothings
In New York, Mttssnclnisetts, M;i-
rylaixl, air! Louisiana.
Tho P. M. S. S. Columbia arrived. last
Wednesday, bringing iiewn from Europe
and the States. We received file of Cali
fornia nnd States' papers from J. W. Sulli
van, Wells, Fargo cfc Co., and tho Pacific
nt'stiin-Atlon or Col. Nitmtili.
The Times of last .Saturday contains a
note from that gentleimin ottering sickness
in his family, together with pressing private
husiut ss, as an excuse for his resiiniaiion.
ayi tec can "blow longer" than any body h.t The old "war horst" is of course excusable,
cera., conseipienlly wo want n gre.ii ami wo Hunk, under any circumstance, the
leal of room lor nr turn use. l!ro. M
bat one virtue which inir correspondents
would do well lo imitate, and that is hrri'iti,
people would willingly have let him oil'.
The fact is, his character for prowess, which
has gained fr him such titles ns the "oW
winch, in a 'iy jiroJuclwii, i. ihe "soul ( fir horse," "gallant Col.," cVc, with which
wit," bill iu such article as his, (and some , he has been dubln-d by the able correspond
of ours) is, to any the least, one of their I vlils of tho Times and Slandtml, are now
best recommendation. considered by some to 1,ave materially op-
3. Write iu a plain, legible hand. If. crated as a barrier to bringing the war ton
like many literny men, you were not bum speedy close. If wo expect ever to caleh
withonougli of mechanical genius to make j the Indian, we must not send out men of
ft decent penman, gt .onnbody to copy such sonorous title, which of themselves
vouramcici o. ire you send them in for ! are Miecostivo to the ,mr,.....ii.. .....
u)lication. W. have tken the tiotiblo
to copy many scrawls, so tii u ,.,mL.0 ,i;e
compositors to set them up correctly ; but
wo have br f.,r too much writing of our
ow n to do, to c ipy correspondence t; ,nj,.
night, buJ wc talk of .juitiinn uliojeth.-r
In ft short limo.
of all sorts of horror connected with a war
of extermination. We presume the Iudi
am are hsr.lly done running yet, that took
a stampede cast when they fi'rst heard the
'W.i iw flow" was nftcr them.
J.irKSoNVll. 'E.Nov. 24, 18"i.r).
I'rituJ Attains Lest you should think
from my long silence that I had been slain
by the Indians, or some, other calamity be
t.uien nie, I sn.-itcii upon a leisure moment
to give you h few items of interest. Jack
sonville i improving. Ii has thi evening
issued its lint number of a weekly paper
ciitilled tho Table liork Seutimt, It is
quite n respectable sheet, and will of course
bo devoted to the mining interests.. In ibis
you Walla Walla can get the wur and gold
news, without depending upon faithless cor
respondents. Jacksonville still continues
to do business and to prosper, notwithstand
ing all her siirroun ling dilliculties mid the
Into fire. . Ikforo proceeding further, per
mit me to correct a mistake which I am
told some of you valley folks uro laboring
uinler. I hat is, that the present war has
been brought about by designing politicians
and unprincipled traders, for the purpose of
making political capital, and of selling n
large amount of goods and surplus provi
sions to government at exorbitant prices.
A great mistake indeed. Our government
was never iT.orn completely driven into a
war, tliun ti on tho present occasion. We
have home with the Indians until forbear
ance ceased to bo a virtue. Our miners
could not trawl from one part uf iho cuiititrv
to another, without being shot down by the
wary savag. a in ambush, Our teamsters
and packers, on whom we depended for sup
plies, we'e treated in like manner, and de
fend I. ss families Were inhumanly hu'eh
orcdin their own houses by the Indians.
Houses were laid in ruins, whole herds of C0's-
stock were, slain, and our country in many
place.! presents a sceiio of general dev asta
tion. That tho white man (as is areU,.j
by some) has been i he aggressor is not true.
If some (not very consecutions) men, have
kilhd now and then an Indian, it was
but in retaliation for past injuries. These
Indians havo never been true to their treat
ies. They never kept a treaty until tle
blankets wliich bought it Were worn ,11,1
r8o Vrull.
The .!(( California w as perfectly thun-1 IJllt tll!l"1' i'l,'"c Lane is not hero thi
nine, auu 1 UuiiK the
Wo nro always clad to r,w! -..I! ......
. . '..rkti'll..L- u, ,1... .1 . . I .... e l . L IU,'. HI . I I illlL- .,
un communications unn , -...I ..n ...i f v" "" ""po'v oi s 'rejjon ti ml ta- -- .i,.m treaty mat is
'J.vl of public interest. i,,r f,;cll,, ; . k" 11 1' Columbia ou last trip, ' M "kU lK'm 0P k'Tt always.
i iiini w iiu-ii was iyij, rid tor sale attVliuit1 nuiu neau ipiarti i-s is not vt.rv
, s'ores at
I'll vv
ng 'tl i.t 1 1 to S;l .aeh. Thrt II i.t f'er to a
'VMrav.tgaiit prices." I'eai and VM'S J"sl but is nevertheless full f
i -'.in' over a Vound voirdniK,ii ",,uri's' 1!lc Indians are all i.rein-. J.,vvn
Xf.w VottK. Tho American have car
ried X. Y. For Sec'y of Slate. J. T. II.-n.l-
y, Am., has 12,51 plurality over King,
Kepub. The rest of the Stato ticket was
ulso carried by the Americans.
Massachusetts. The returns fiom 31!)
towns (all but nine) elect (jARD.vkr, Amer
ican, by a plurality of M.02S. The vote
stands as follows :
Julius Rockwell, Repub., flO.5'20
II. J. (iardner, Am., Slt.OMl
S.U. Walh-y, Whig, 13,(13
H. 1). Beach, DeiA., 34,02 )
Tho Americans have elected iho Lieut.
Oo:, Sec'y of State, Treasurer, Auditor,
and Att'y Ceil., by nbout 10,000 plurality.
Cliallee, Am., is elected to Congress from
the 4th dist. by about 4000 plurality. The
Houso stands Liberal 3, Whigs 18, Pern.
3!, R.'pub. 71, Am. 179. The Senate, so
far ns known, stands Am.' 23, and of all
others 17.
Maryland. The latest returns from
this Stato make il certain that iho Know
Nothings have elected tlieir whole ticket iu
Baltimore, and their Congressmen iu the
3d, 4th, and Sill dists.
Louisiana. A despatch dated New Or
leans, Nov. 0, says "the Know Nothings
have carried this city by a largo majority.
vv e hnvo no indication vet of the result in
the Stale, but the chance are in favor of the
Know Nothings."
NfiVjRRSBr.-The result of tin, election
in this State is considered to bo a Demo
cratic victory. The election was nn unim
portant one, being oondncl to tllB choice of
gislative Representatives and county ofii
In tho Senate tho D, lltfernfi nt.i,
isioti opposito the ' Alliei line, namely,,
division of (lUiinl nt tho fortiliealiotu
the remain-
i .i.. .. ..t.. ,.e i. .i.... - .
in" el" III I't uru llio rvrii- m ijnuraiu Hum
rtlatinnatviih Croat lliilainto bti a.rected by tins , f ,,i.C;.Tni (!u ii to Ailodornlld the river
.u,,,r bonier., w. , ; K(ll;,,pni, A,
are unable lo my, but ) Umpired .'ol " OM lie V
thul would jtKliiy lltn cou.bmoa Ihal war lie.
Iwcenu and .air English iifhltor it any u.-oror
si hand lliuii il was six mniillu tg.i.
Kussiana 'q)'(l at Kara.
' 'J in thu House 1-1, a gain of two since
last year to the iem.
Wisconsin. Tin tial returns from 13
counties show the following majorities on
the vote fr (Jov.: Barstovv, (Dem.,) 8tfi3 ;
Basbford, (llepub.,) 7420.
Mississippi-Elects the w hole Democrat.
ic State ticket by a majoriiy equal to that of
, wuicn was 4700 votes, with larga
gains in the Legblnture.
Heorria. The Legislature of this St,,l..
met Nov. 51 h. The message of the Gov.
was mainly devoted to State matters. Ho
advise, the L-gi-l.-uure to mako provision
tor calling a State Convention to d.-oh.p
dksolu ion of the Uin, provided Congress
refuses to ntlmit Kansas it0 the Union as
slave State.
I'.rpulse of the lusslus at Uor.
The most inipoitaul news is tl.o ib c's'vo
repulse of the Paissiatis upon tho Tuikis!)
g:.i-on iu charge of Kara, the chief city in
Turkish Armenia.. That placa has been for
a long time invested by a powerful Russian
army, who maintained the siege so closely
that l he Turks were almost reduced to tar
valion. About midsummer Oilier 1'iisl.a
returned from, the Crimea to Constantino
ple, and was shortly ufi. r sent over to Asia
with an independent coKimuud, to make a
diversion iu the rear bf tiie Russians in favor
of Kars. (Jen M tiiraviclf, hearing of his
arrival, determined to decide llio file of
Kars b fore Omer Pasha could inarch to its
relief, and to, on the 3 tli of Sept. iiiado an
assault upon the city, in full force.
A letter from the battle field thus de--cribes
the obstinacy of iho combut :
"The Russians invested liars on ell sides
in full force. The battel ies tit Kars opened
a murderous fire on tho b.'sLger. Tiree
tin es did tint Russians gain n footing in t'n
Tuikiah rntraneht:i"iits, tuul ihruo lim
w w thy diiven out by the Tin I. at the
point of tho b.iyor.,t. . Fig'.t hundred Ru
sians were blain before a reiVubl d. f nded
by four hundred Turks. 'Ihe filing lasted
seven hours and a half, when the ltiis.datis
to:d; to fiiglit. The Turki performed pro-
ligies of valor, and tho I2ui'opc-aii ollicors
Col. Lake and C.-tpls. Teesdale nnd Totii
son (iisiingui.shcil tbcms-Ivd. I fie
sian lo was nbo-jl 500!) killed and wound
ed. They lo.-t besij: this n great quantity
of store ; and about three hundred prisoner.
vv.ero taken, amongst wLwiu wcro in:.ny of
fleers. Four gate are said to have been
taken. The loss of the Turks ia rcckotiol
at about 750 killod and wounded,
(Jen. Moiiravie.T admi's tho disasters,
but ascribes it lo the number of generals and
principle officer killed or wounded in the
begining of llio nclion. ,
Kwrii-ntVer at the Vorlrrss of klubum.
Kinburn, situated nt tho mouth of th
Dnieper, had b. cu bombarih d by the Allied
fl -t t, and the garrison, ntnounting to 1300
men, surrendered themselves prisoners of
war on the 17th Oct. All the stores and
a iununition of the place were taken. The
fortress of Oezakoll'on tho opfosile of the
river, was blown up by the Russians soon
after they found Kinburn had capitulated.
The capture of these two place opens the
passage of tho Dnieper to the Allied StftiaJ
rous, and in consequence iho road to the
important cities of Nicolaiefi and Kherson.
The ('.(intra not to be V.vacuaK-tt by the
The following ia given on the authority
of a Berlin despatch in the London Adeer
tiser :
An ord -r of the. thy from Gortschnkoir,
dated Oct. 15 h, d.clares that ho will not
evacuate the country confided !o his defence;
neither will Iu tylivat before the invader,
hut will difeiid the Crimea at all hiiiards
eaterday, one thousand officers ntid men'
Kicd'sh correiponih-nco lo Do. 12, sup.
pose that tho Russiati from tho horth side
of sjebastopol wcro falling back by detnch
meiiuon I'eiekop. Tliero wa, however,
no din.iuuliuti of tho lire from tho foit nnd
battcrii on the north nido of iho lmrbor.-
Their lire during tho last, four Jays bail
been very uclive, and win ebloty directcj
ngaiut-t the Malak"H' nm! tho French quar.
tor in the western part of tliS south side.
A Russitin d.-spnlcli of tlie 22d, viu Ber'
lin, siys Iho A!lie, forty tlimnnnd strong,
had marched from Fuputoria toward Tou
hit ; but on thu 23.1, perceiving our lancer
on their left Hank ihey retired behind At-.'
The announcement that tho Russians had
blown up Foil Nicholas and, their other
woik lit Oichakofi, la confirmed.
Nothing ha occurred between Kinburn
and Nikolnicfi.
Fngli. l. letters say that tho gunbonU ro-.
coiinoilred to near Nikolaicff. '
Maj. Dclafield, Maj. Murd'vh, Jr., nnd
Captain McLillan American oflicersjioij
arrived in tho camp. A Dritndi general
order provides them with rations during
iheirst.iy in the Crimen. '
Mi- Nightingale lind returned toScbas-
Ciettcral AVytidham, the Hero of tho Re
dan, has the command of the Fourth Brit-
I i.-h 1 livision.
The land strength of tho Allies in the'
Crimea, including iho sick, .is ofiicitilly re
ported nt 210,000 men. '
Affairs In tlie Wattle.
Tho wcalher was bad, nnd tho English
fleet near Nargnn was prepni ing lo leave.
The gunboats nt F.isinore had been order
ed to England.
The coasling trade wis again springing
uphince the reiiiov id of t!io fleet.
Vhn tho Russians in Asia heard of the
fall of Sebasopol, they, on tho 20th of Sept.,
made their attack upon Kars. Tho Turk-
a!i details of tho affair nro received.
The Russian loss is reported at two thou-
and. Two Turkish r, doubt were lost nnd ,
retaken four times. The Hungarian Gon..
Kcminty, commanded tho Turks, in tho
absence oflho English General, Williams.'
Iho Russian General, MouravielT, with
eighty guns, will continue the siege.
The Russians have forlih'jd all the passes,
loading lo Tillis.
Omar Pasha was nt Sotichoin Kale " " ''
V.lsreUaneon AVar Jicw.
The latest despatch from St. Pt tersburg
dated Oct. 20, says:-"Tlio whole of tho
militia has been ordered on tho march, to
reinforce the in my of the .South andcr Gen.
Luders. Two liners, sixteen frigates nndi
.some gunboats have entered tho pneiper.""
The Emperor Alexander had left Niko
lai, Q' for Flizabgood, ono hundred and!
thirty miles northward. The usual slory
is revived, that his reason is nfTected.
There h nothing more definite ns to tho-.
resignation or recall of Gen. Simpson,, thiiia
was brought out by tho Arngo. The Lon
don rout says that a new comniniidcr-in'-chii
f is r.ppointcd, . but does not give his
name. Rumor mentions Sir Do Dacy Ev
ans, Codrington, Markliam, Colin Camp
bell, u;id others.
Osman Pasha, who kad been taken nt
Sinope, had been exchanged. ' '
Tho Month ur publishes a list of the stores
IT MSrt ..f tl... T.....I, l .
.v .w.moij nt,ii Colli. r Hlli
ieoial fiver by sending us all items fl
new that to titfir knowl.-dge. th;,, I "!
would bo of interest to the i,l,i;.. I, ..., i tM,P a '"'" VI to S3 each. The All,, u-'"tt rivor 10 I o l,t known , the Big
feci the postage tax to be too great a bur- ,U l,,e ito nnJ of our fruit ! M"lJo1. Seneral fight is aniicipa-
then, we will f,rwd .ta.n:, to anv person I? " u' ,,a tilL' I'ac.lic climate 1 " "n," lingular Reportea Vnvsp,,., ,r v b,--. ,-
.... ia .oirt,. t.... :.. ., - i, . t.n.l... r1...., 1.. Ik i... t ... ti..,... ... .. . ureal
Wlio will engage to u th, in in fi vi , Ii,,,. i lu "e woriu l'r ti nit grow-, " .'t- ''" ' v'i eit.cied with
' oreaaioiial items of in-. J 1 1 Vl, L.tutv '
of n irtnrtis je, death, n I inb, nn luvidetit,!
It, .trv..L . t .. .... I I.. L I . t ,. C .... I I . . .
- " i"n iei vy m le, ,,r rr,-. -.-r:n iok ot h.i,vn. !.. .. , .l . .
" 1-nt.sru inro I .1 ... . . .
tore, ore... , int.ti,,- "adve,,.,,,,.,-; thi ci y wi.hi,, ,h,,rt time m r,,'l0 B ' cn '' 1 utalion of m lUi Quivtie , wnt to f,l i : IWla!. There is nosa't f-r it in (),,., , ' I"Ju'' fi-!iU'r- T1,J ,r"Ts
wiih, (end ,t But. ,,.,;!!,- U- Ciw. are pressing- jawn Ihe r.,r U tho
of the fust regiment of light infantry of the
B.uish foreign legion, embarked on b.tird f-und in Sebas opol, comprising a million
the steamer Si-noot, for Balaklava. shot and cartridge., Bnd hlr A million
Jlie Daily Acirs, city article, says: pounds of gunpowder.
"The aneouncement that our fleet "in iho A St. Petersburg letter of the. 15th, sr5
American waters wa ,o be reinforced, has "The Allied succsscs had caused despon.
exct. d consnlerablo discussion. The dis- dency, yet everything imKcntcs the intcn-
,u m"U!lw V,U1- u " ?"' "ml tion of Russia lo continue the war,
uic n-rt'unic or he i.nn u . h n 1 ...
"ill W IU
quITetl by the British nnd French Cover:
rations wcro making fur a fourteenth low
nnd enrollment of the local militia. . Pray.
i ; 'j ""n0 u..i. ooine
lurtlier small parcels of cold wvre to dav
lum from the Crimea."
The nttiiiulu nf C .t -. i i
" a"iv-iiiiy uft'il l
UillAitt Hud iter Veiled KUtrs.
in ... .i i iiv. .
nv noyav t!, (J.-,-.,.w elimalel i U1P ulucrn battalion of Oregon moimU-d! 1,1 ' "eraU hr.diugio Euro-
: ! volunteers an I the eo:m,! ..;, ,. ... ,l... I "-" " ..
I : for lite inferrm-e that
after the Australian nr-ri,-!,!. "
r- Operations In tlio Crimea.
The principle portion of the new, f- ,
Sebustopo! consis 0f obc,po M,om. .
M is:o., October 0, 1853. .
ToTiiECosia.vxDE!i-ivciucr Dear Sir: Tho
SJ uay of ibis moiitli 1 came bael from Oiympin
lo Kie Miwinn und fuund lutl aiu from all the tribe
ihe, of the two hph.U i . , I - " m w"' 1 hTO M
field the i.l.-m- r i-i e ...... .amty w aeaa ta eipre. to He D-!l,
el I he sub-tnnce of h,eh appears to b-i ' hn h" mud, ,uay tMt uulpose
vnaiine Aim-, are moving forward P"- Tl7 have heard my argument, tad wiah
volunteers, an-l the command .'iveo to lliu I """"" Ul,,b"TO- maucaiiy in strong force, and that the ! me to w,!w a U,Uet' TBey "7- "-" '
aforementioned offi.r. (,., I...... """'""'." ih Her.ld , ,0 !lav, , M'ss.nn, are retiring irl .,,.,. the !diM.. AVe e,e very i.t-
thould like to , ,.lt ;, ; . ip
ow-s to overtak.- the Indians. The Itelia,,,
t 1 0 m
li4.ll All Ul . Il.vit ...n .
'-"' "''.'":' lWo ,he. ih. C!aV. left.
IVTt r.f.,fui. ,l M ,rpJ al gjl have bad the U-t of it,,,
' got batlly used up on jr;ivc
. r.o oi , i -i "" "H-ir tonitied rosiltivtii
sa, ttvltl. D i ..
.. s..i. .,;. me rcl that EgaiMi
hat materially ..i.,n!ed hrf Blvl fom, .,
M'et tudi,hrh announced
in an ludiacrrrt
rli.4. iu llit Lmbm Tn.e. . fr, UM
il. I I ...
.iw Americans wcro our f.-imds onr heart waa
Th1lri,iA ...j d. . . !uol,,,1"-".llCayuecmlrvthoOoTerD-
eua ng away the rums of the city. lumd ,u , ad ...d diiiiou. aVd b... re-
I ha h mi. J. 1 c . j .
l" intinun hal ndmni- "l'ou E''-'al war that will K- u-ltl.
mi- 4 if i ; iiiii , -wv.v uctinrr -- an fii,i'ij d " i ti, unit riOTC w nil
Oar bovs 1 .r" fT,-,1"W "' Xertk Am,-ri. , J trom Tchcmays an I Baidar Tine, atvl M mr " by tb.! di.
Creek some :,S S.:t:ev ri-- Y