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    Fee lit Argu$.
Ttarcy eat ttlavsry.
IVtlun Democracy, in bop of n eartb
ly immortality, Liu token to iu boom tbnt
, rile repealer of sacred compact, the Kan
let-Nebraska bill.
In point of fact tbo repeal of iho Mis
souri Restriction waaa pro-lavr act
li a much at any slaveholder can ask of llio
Government a permit to uso the only otu
ar power known to tba alava system, viz:
the individual power of tba master lo hold
men in bondage. 13y tbia power slavery ex
itta in Kansas. Yet Jot. Lane upon the
itump declare that if a slaveholder were to
take bia negro- to Kantaa lliry would be
free under tbe Connitution, in the absence
of positive enactment Then he nut be
lieve that tbe Constitution i ojiputed to la
ter y; consequently pro alavery lawa in tbe
.Terri tone mutt bo unconstitutional. But,
no 1 you can't "consequence" the Gen. to
eatily. He believes that turritorial rcgula
tiona for tbe protection of alavery are per
fecily right and constitutional, and therein
lie exhibits a moil beautiful consistency of
pro-slavery and anti-slavery opinion. He
would no doubt avoid tuch great and tub-
lime blunder by a little attention to tbo vig
orous thought and opinion of a greater, in
democracy, than himself, I ho hitcheta of
whote hoc ho it tcarcely worthy to loote.
I commend him to tho tender mercie of
ex-Senator Benton, and I beliere tbe groat
man will look down upon him with consid
arable commiseration.
The Gen. in hit ipecchet appcalt to the
Spirita of '70, and plead thut : Did our
father not fight that they might be free 1
Did they not fight, bleed, end die, all, to
nourish that gloriou tree of Liberty now
towering amongst ut I and w ere they not
capable of governing themselves I and arc
we not competent to chooso for ourselves
what kind of institution we tthall liavo?
And shall not the people regulnto their own
domestic affair I A ro not tho people of 'lie
Territories a competent as they were be
fore they left tho States t They are certain
ly. Nobody will deny that.
, vv hat a pretty stop could have been put
to tuch loose and pointless political senti
mentality by asking one or two plain and
aimplo questions. Suppose n poor foreign
er (and lam told the Gen. loves a rich brogue
now) to hold the following conversation with
tho Gen., who, I havo no doubt, would be
very willing to initiate all foreigners into the
delectable tnystorics of Squatter Sover
eignty. . Foreigner Who makes your law in this
Territory f -
Gen. Lane (with exultation) V e, the
free peoplo of tho Territory.
, For. Arc your laws subject to any revis
ion except by the people ?
Oen. (hesitatingly) W-e-1-1, y-e-s :
Congress hat a veto power, but don't use it.
For Who elect your Territorial oflicev-.?
Oen. Well, to tell you about that. They
are appointed by the President.
Jor. How ubout their pay, fcc. ? Tell
us nil it.
Oen. Weill Congress pays the oiHcers
the expmises of the Legislature, and for the
public printing, and also gives us an organic
For. Docs Congress do the same for
otber Territories, and is this the custom f "
XT .a .
ven. ies, Mougu their organic a..:
may differ somewhat. , ' ,
For. You want a change, I suppose
you want a State.
Gen. Look here I you sec now that I go
with Messrs. Cass and Douglas in favor of
Squatter Sovereignty, and for Liberty, yes,
for the largest liberty to every body, wheth
or in the Territory or not, and for the peoplo
of the territory to regulate their own do
mestio affairs.
For. Gen., you say the Legislature is
elected by the peoplo, and Congress don't
use iu veto power J how then, don't you
regulate your domestic affairs I
Oen. Partly; but there is in our organ
ic act a "Wilmot Proviso," preventing the
people from holding slaves. I want to
leave that vexing question to the people,
where it belong. .
Fory t appear that that vexing
question i settled rightly now. The peo
ple in righteousness could only settle it as it
it already settled, and the agitation would
only eosttime and trouble, and might end
ia slavery a most horrible curse, i .
Gen. Oh 1 I am a much opposed to
alavery as any body, bat what I argue is a
great democratic principle; the opposite of
it ia in violation of the Constitution. Con
gress has no right to legislate for Territories.
- It it not to be expected that the poor for
eigner, though he had tbe best of the argu
ment, was a lawyer, for at the large word
"Constitution" he became silent, and was uo
doubt confounded. If he had taken time to
consider that the Gen. perpetrated no argu
ment, but made a sweeping assertion, prob
ably be would have answered him. But
to it ia.
Mr. Bush reiterates the same groundleu
assertion, . and continue with this argu
ment: "The right of Congress to keep Sla- ILTUrisf k letMucd by oanuuoa endurance
very out of tho Territorial carriel with U'JnendbopaMwa.urby oomroon ojoyra.ut.
the right to legislate Slavery into the Ter
ritoriet; consequently he denies any right
at all. Now, the redoubtable editor be
liovtt in kgi.liiting Slavery iuto Territories
by an abnegation of power, but he dou't be
lieve In prohibiting Slavory by a direct exer
cise of that power.
For thn benefit of the opposition and iho
eople Iihall quote the opinions and argu
ment of the Hon. Tlio. II. Bentoti. from
hi speech in Congress on the Nebraska
Bill :
" A lid what I all liii hotch-potch Air t hi lo
MUb!ih t principle, they say iho prioeip! of non
intervention of Squatter Sovereignty. Sir, linn
i noaucb prineivlo. The Trrilorir in thcchil
tor il.r.
dreu of die Stat; they art minor under twen
oil yesrsof ga, and It ia tbo busiueai of the States,
through ihilr delegation in Congress, lo Ink car
of the minor until Ihey r of sge, until (hey
ar rip for Stale Government, then giv thorn tint
government lud admit llirin lo an equality wilh
their father: That it lb law and lh ttntt uf
tho cast, snd has been acknowledged sines th
That it lb law and lh of
first ordiniM in 1764 by ill authorities, Federal
and State, legislative, judicial, and executive.
The Suteo in Congr am tho Guardian: of th
Territories, and are Sound It extreitt th Ouar-
diantkrp. ind ronnor abdicate it without a breach
of trust and a dereliction of duly. Territorial
Sootrtignly k a monstrosity born of timidity and
ambition, hutched iulo cxiseuc In th hot Inouba
liou uf a Presidential eanvuss, and revolting to th
beholder when firat prrsented.
" ell do I remember Hint day ben it wa first
Mown In Uiebenata.
Mark Antony did not belter
remember Hie day when Lawir first put on that
mamic, ui.uugn which ne wa anerwarua pivreeo
wilb three and twenty 'euviou (tabs.1 It wa in
the Senate in 1848, aud was received as nonsense,
a the i-eneuce of nonsense a the quintessence
of nonsense aa the five time diatilled etaenc of
political nons usieality. Why, Sir, th. Territory
lunlf it the properly of the States, aud they do
what they please with it permit it to be settled of
not, aa they please ; eut It up by linee, aa they
please sell it or giro it away, a they plea ;
ehaao while people from it, a thev please.
"After til it farrago thi olla podrida come a
little stump speech, injected in the bslly of the bill,
and which must usve s prodigious ettcct when re
cited iu the prairies, and out towards th frontier,
tnd up toward th head of the creeks. I will
read it, nd I bop. without fatiguing the Howe, for
it la uoin brief and beaulilul, and run thus: 'it
'being the true Intent aud meaning of this act not
'to legislate Slavery into any Stale or Territory, nor
to exclude it therefrom : but to leave the people
'thereof jierfectly frre lo form and regulate their
'domestic institutions m.their own way, subject on
ly to the Constitution of the United Slates.' This
is tho speech, and a pretty little thing iticlf, and
very proper to be spoken from a stump in the prai
rie. It has intent, and a truo intent, which is nei
ther to legislate Slavery iulo or out of any State or
l emtory. men why legislate at ill 1 vthyall
tin disturbance if no eftect is produced, and things
to remaiu just a they were! Let well enough
alone, was the old doctrine ; to make well enough
still better, is the doctrine of progress; and that in
spite of the Italian epitaph, which says: 'I was
well, and would be better; took physic, and here
I am.' But the Start must be greatly delighted
at the polltft'iecs and forbearance of this bill. It
puts States snd Terrilori-.-e upon precise equality
with respect to the power of Congress over them.
Congress does not mean to put Slavery in or out of
any Slate or Territory. To all that polite abnega
tion I have tossy that, in respect to the States, it
is the supererogation of modesty snd humility, as
Congress happened to have no power to putSlavery
in them or out of them, and in respect to the Ter
ritories, it is aa abdication of a CONSTITU
TIONAL POWER AND DUTY i it beiug the
right of Cougriss to kgisluto upon Slavery in the
1 crritoneK, and its dutv to do wi when there is oc-
casiou for it as in lib? aud 18W0."
As to the assertion of Gen. Lane that
slaves in Kansas are free under tho Consti
tution, or can bo freed by that instrument,
i't u.s hear Mr. lieiiton aL'uin. He says:
"Sir, the Constitution was not made lor Terri
tories, but lorbtatis. lis provisions are all applica
ble to Stales, and camml be put in operation in
Ti-rritniies. Tiny tsjnuul vole fur President or
Vice IVesi ipnl, or inemiien nf Congress, nor elect
tlicir own olli. ers. or prescribe the the qualifications
of vote is, or administer their own laws by their
own julges,slieriiVs, and attorneys: and the clause
exlenoiiig the Constitution to them is a cheat and
an illusion, and a trick to smuggle Sluvery into the
1 err, lories. Nor is it intended that they shall have
any U g slativo right under the Coiiniituliou, even
in relution to Slavery. They may admit it hecuure
it is to be there by the Constitution ; they cannot
exclude it, because the Constitution puts it there.
That is the argument ( and it is a juggle worthy of
the ti'icK of one e'g under three hnis ut the sumo
time and under neither at any time. Besides, the
Constitution is an organic, not an administrative
act. It ie a code of principles, not of laws. Not
a clause in it can be executed except by virtue of
a law made under it not even the clause for re
covering fugitive slaves." '
The same arguments which induced Mr.
Benton to oppose the Kansas Bill should in
duce lovers of Freedom and free institutions
to demand its repeal. The pro-slavery dem
ocrats of Oregon, not contented with the
opening of Kansas and Nebraska to that
direst of curses, Slavery, resolved Congress
in regard to the anti-republican nature of
the Wiltnot Proviso, and the right of tbe
people to settle that matter themselves.
I would advise the Hon. gentleman, who
introduced those excessively democratic res
olutions, in the language of Tom Benton,
that those resolutions are a prelude to a
i ci .u f Tl
"trick to smuggle Slavery into the Tem-K
W. D. R.
A 'Yonag AntUares boa verted U Roman
tssa. A daughter of Mr. Charlotte Eaton, th. writer
of that delightful book, "Rome in the Nineteenth
Century,'' has lately been converted to tb. Roman
Church a consequence, we infer, of th. mother's
long residence in th. Papal eity.
The teal of th. new convert wa recently exhib
ited in a lingular manner. She would be married
in tbe aubterranean chapel beneath tbe Church of
Sc Peter's in Rome, in th. presence of th. alleged
remain of St Peter himself. So the Pope granted
tspecial permieiion, and on the 6th of the last
mouth tb. bridal party, oompoaed mostly of Eng
lish people, descended into the crypt, where the
marriage ceremony wa performed. ,
Wa bare not beard that then wa any mirac
ulous rattling of bones, in approval of th. important
event. Botton Reg.
4tb of July Public Meeting I !
" fON'D AY even'ng next, at th Hall over Dr.
Sieeie't Drug Store, th. PUBLIC will meet
to make arraagesnents to celebrate the eoming 4th
tntbi city. MAST CITIZENS.
Trooecdlng of the City OoonelL
Ussoo Citt, June 14, 1845.
Th city oouucil met pursuant to a 011 of th
Mayor. Thar, being p,.t M. Thorn..
Pope, Wm. Wbitlook, and A. K. Pott of th
council, and Metara. Thuma Johnson, Mayor,
Samuel P. Duiau, Reoordar, and Mr. K. Mallory,
The meeting was called lo order by the Mayor,
and the niinuws uf th previous OH-etiug were
read and accepted.
The Mayor read th resignation nf James O'
Neill as member of the council, and also asuhief
engineer of the fire department, which wa accep
Id and placed upon file.
Da motion th council proceeded to eieoi to mi
. .. .. ...... I...
th vacancy caused by aaid resignation, aud Mr.
Robb receiving all lb votee cut was declared duly
The Mayor atatcd that Mr. Yf. C. Dement de
dined serving a a member of the council, and on
th -, prooedd to ,,et fill U .
cancy.aud Mr. A. B. Spranger vh unanimously
The Mayor presented lh report of Jama O'
Neill as chairman of th fir committee, reounv
mendine tbe aooeptation of the engin house. The
report ws read, aooeptcd, and the committee di
charged. ,
The engine bout was accepted, and the Mayor
authorized lo draw an order on the city treasurer
In favor of the builder for the amount of their bill,
I bill being 400,00 for engine house, and $35,
UO for bridge to the entrance.
The Mayor presented the bill of Thomas Johnson
for goods furnished lh. oily school teacher amoun
ting to $53,75, which ws alto read. , '
Ou motion, th Mayor aud Recorder were au
thorised to contract for painting tbe engine house.
On motion, the committee on accounts and
printing was authorized to contract for printing.
Ordinance No 8, levying a tax for corporation
purposes, wa oantinued in force for the current
On motion ordinance 18, a follow, was pas
Belt ordained and established by tho city coun
cil of Oregon city That the sum of four buudred
and twenty seven dollars, balunce of eighteen
hundred dollar during the last fiscal year by the
vole cast or the elector or Oregon eity, ana oy
ordinance authorized to be raised for fire purposes,
is hereby required to be assessed and collected
durinir the present fiscal ydar. And the said sum
of four hundred and twenty seven dollar shall be
be assessed and collected in the same manner as
the ordinary taxes of said cityar. assessed snd col
lected. On motion ordinance 19, as follow, was pas
ted. Be it ordained and established by the city coun
cil of Oregou oity, that all person an forbiddeu
to bathe in the water of the Willamette river, with
in the corporation limitsof Oregon city at any time
or place when or where a person so bathing would
be exposed to the view of any oititen or vitilor of
Oregon city; and every person who than bath, in
th. watersof the Willamette river within th. cor
porate limits of Oregon city iuview of any citizen
or visitor of Oregon oity. shall forfeit and pay the
sum of one dollar and cost lor each offence, to be
recovered in a civil aclion befoie the Mayor of
Oregon city, upon complaint of any .lie.
On motion ordinance , 30, a follows, was pas
sed. , ; .. ,
Be it ordained and established by the city coun
cil of Oregon City That the running at large of
swine iu the streets or alley within the corporate
limits of Oregon City is prohibited from and after
tbe first day of July, 1655, under the penally of
one dollar; and each swine running at large in the
streets or alleys wilhin the corporal, liiruls of Or
egon City alter Iho first day of July next shall be
subject lo a tine of one dollar, and shall oe driven
to aud coulined in some secure pluco for that pur
pose to be provided, and a written notice ahall be
posted for three days on the outside of the door of
the oity council room, containing a description
of suchswiue, aud a notice lo the owner thereof
to appear before the Mayor and thow cause why a
fine of one dollur and costs snail not oe imposed on
siiid swine: and the owner of such swine fmlinjj to
appear, or appearing, fu.ling to show sufficient cause
whv such fine and costs should not be imposed, aud
it being made app. ar to the satisfaction of the Mayor
thut tuch swine when taken up are running at urge
iu violation ol this ordinance, tiro Mayor shall im
pose upon said swine a fine of one dollar and cost,
unci alter three duys written notice posted as afore
suid snch swine shall be sold at public auction to
the highest bidder to satisfy said fine and all cost,
including the taking, keeping, leeding and selling
thereof, and the money amine from such sale shall
be paid into the city treasury, and the surplns after
deducting such fine aud cost, and the costs of
taking confining feeding, and selling sueb swine
shall be paid over upon the order of the Mayor,
lo the original owner thereof upon satisfactory
proof of such ownership. 1 "
On motion the proceeding of this meeting were
ordered to be published in Hie "Asous."
On motion the council adjourned to Saturday
evening the 16th inst.
Alteat, THOS, JOHNSON, Mayor.
Samuel P. Duzan, Recorder.
At the residence of Mr. MoCary, Linn County,
on the 7tlt inst, by Kev. J, Mclvuiney, John a,
Wright and Fredonia V. Tycer, both of Linu co.
a . .i r c . tr : . i. ;,, u.. T) ....
V. uie ITlttll, Dirnil House, m iiiw V
rTI. K. Hines, Mr. Wm. H. Smith to Miss Marga
ret Weston, both of Marion ou.
In Oregon City, June 11, by Rev. G. H. Atkin
faon, Mr. Charle Albright to Mr. Cynthia Mann.
In Oregon City, June 10, by the same, Mr. A.
Hpn to Wttry r. Albright, both of this
Accompanying the above notice we received from
th. hand of th. happy bridegroom (Sir. Sprenger)
the most magnificent wedding caka it wa tin our
fortune to lay eye on. Th taste and artaib skill
exhibited in iu construction are indeed admirable.
The whole top wa frorted over, on tlx aaowy
of which etood up in exquisite workruaaahip device
of Bowers, surrounding tba following, in large cap
ital, "O. Asous.'' If we hadn't tbe dyspepsia a
little to-day w. wonld try to perpetrate a few lines
of poetry, exclusively for th. benefit of thi happy
pair. A aw, we ahall only say, that w hope your
honeymoon will last sa long w keep that eake,
which will probably be about 80 yean.
Tost TMnk of XtM -
OVER even hundred dollars are yet due to the
undemgned, and he wilt be obliged to lose it if
not paid previoua lo the 1 Oth of July, at be is positive
ly intending to leave th. Territory. Thoee indebted
will confer a favor by paying up, now and will ever
be entitled to bi gratitude. Try aad prove
that while there no law ia Oregon for collecting
printer bill, tht there ' tome houor left among
the people. C. L. GOODRICH.
Oregon CHy, Jon ICth. 1855.
Portland and Ailorla.
Th Splendid Steimer
TTTILL continue to run regularly between Port-
Y V land and Aetoria, tio Vancouver, twiob
was,lvlng Portland on Monday aud jburaduy
? ria ' and Aon.
uuoblng Vaacouvia, ST.Hstsat, Bsiataa.CATM.
lahit, 4c, each way. For freight or passage,
apply to K. MUX I, metier,
jel 6 Or at Hoy t' W half-beat, Portland.
t.mriA. Bs I
THE bubtcriber is now offoring fur
his entire land claim consisting of WU
acrtt, aituuted on th. Abicaw one mile and half
above lb Territorial road, In Marion county.
His claim is well adapted to stork raising, farming
or milliner purpose. He ha two excellent roiU
seals on hi claim. Tbe Improvements ar not
extensive, but sufficient to giv a eltler a fin
trt. - II offer the claim to love, that it I cer
tainly an excellent chanoe for some man to get a
bargain. Com. along ana set tor yourselves.
Jon 7. 1855.-913
To bippen.
BARK "C ti.vtnt" will load with
Produce for San Francisco between SOth
Inst., and lit July. For freight or passage apply
to Captain on board, or to
Juna 15, 1855. ' ; '
Wm. 0. Dement tV Co.,
WHOLESALE and retail Dealer In Groeor
lea, Provisions, Paint, Oil, Boot and
Shoes, Crockery, aVo. Opposite lh Land Office,
Main 8t. Oregon City. June 1, 1855-7t3
The Summer Trade.
WE are now receiving from New Tork and
8 an Francisco, the following good :
10.000 lb No I chin augar, .
60 bbls St half bbls N. O. sugar,
100 cheats Imperial, gunpowder tnd young hyson
. teas,
150 sacks Rio coffee,
1U0 boxes saueratu,
100 boxes sperm and adamantia candle,
250 kegs E. B. syrup,
35 bbls orushed sugar, :.
30 cases pickles, ,
200 boxes soap,
300 half-boxes raisins, '
100 gros matches, (in word)
25 case table salt,
100 kegs whit lead, (pure)
250 gal. Linseed Oil. , , , j
250 " lamp "
60 " spirits Turpentine,'
50 boxes glass, assorted size,
30 doz broom,
5000 lbs tobacco,
200 kegs nail, :
6000 vds brown sheeting.
Also, rope, tubs, buckets, window-aash, crock
ry, wall paper, bruhe, tc, Ac; all of which
will be old at th lowest market prices.
' . W. C. DEMENT c CO.
Opposite the Land Office,
OregonCity, June 1, 1855.-7t3 ' !
Wanted I
i WOMAN to do housework
In a
family. Addrea
the Argus Offlca.
XTotlee. '
District Court Clackaino Couuiy Territory
of Oregon. ' '
A.JT Pope
rt. Summon. '
J. S. Higgin. ) 1 ,'
ToJ.S. lliggin ,
YOU ar hereby required, ia the nam of the
United State of America, to appear before
the District Court of Clackamas county to be h.ld
in Oregon City on the 17th day of Sept. next (be
ing th third Mondny of aaid month) to answer the
complaint of A. J. Pope. And you ar hereby no
tified that if you tail to appear and answer the said
compla.nt, the plaintiff will bike judgment igaimt
you for four hundred and twenty-four dollars, and
interest from th 12th day of January, 1855, to
gether with coat of suit.
Ln Witness F. S. Holland, Clerk,
and the Seal of said Court, this
KJ 31st day of M iy, 1H55.
7100.1 F. S. HOLLAND, Clerk.
THE subscriber will remain in Oregon City for
two weeks, and is prepurtd to take daguerre
otype iu the best style, ut his room over tbe
r rench Store. Please call ind give me a trial.
Oregou City, May 26, 1855-6t2
rriends of rreedom, Attention I !
THERE will be t general MASS MEETING
of the friend of Free Soil, end Human Liber
ty, held in Albany, I -inn Co. Oregon, on the last
Wednesday (27th) of June, 1855, to determine a
oourse of aclion for the opposers in Oregon to all
Slavery Extension. Our foe in the Territory are
already actively inoaocp, while we are slumber
ing. Let us rally to oppose thcra. ' ,: ;
Many Citizens.
' geel-Boat "Tre Trad" ! !
I AM noubildlng kel-bot, or barj, ov forti tuns
' burthen for the purpu. Wil be redi about the
midl qf Jun '55. Aim tu kari frata ax chep, or
cheperthau kan be karted Just let me sujett
that if bot km get the fraling both wax, that she
kan do it cheper, die.
I wil here Male that if fratingkan be dun chep i . . .. , , rim
er than I kan du it, the "Fro Trad" wil "la tu"
pro bono publiko. "The river" du not "belong
tu me" or tu the "Fre Trod," but I and th. "Fre
Trad" belong tu the Wilamet river and w. ar
her for the good of the publik. .No inducement wil
kox us tu "kombin" for th aak ov miking a "b g
pile" of ov tb pnblik, if w can posibii liv. A liv
ing iz ol we want, and muni enuf to bi the material
for a nu bot hwen hi wun wen out. W kan
bild it ounelvx ov rani dax. . :
Wud lik tu hav a tmol shar ov ar patronaj at
lest enuf tu "pa the printer. Tax du noti theror
and wad on arordur akordiugli.
r oL .itnn itiii is)
Wilamet River, M 19, 18555y
' Onuirea '
RECEIVED upon th rrivl of vry (turn
er. Don't fail to cell on
Oeo. O. XAboiax,
Oregon, devotes his entire attention to Re-
J airing fine welches and having an experienced
eweller in hi employ, ia prepared to manufacture
very description of Jewelry, tad execute engra
ving neatly, i . i i i .
G. C. R. keep ceaaUntly aa hand fin as
sortment of clocks, watch, and new and mshkm-
alile Jewelry to which be invite th attention of
thePaMtc. May 12, 1855-4m2
LBS of Osage Orange srrd for tale by
LBS of arn.t aeed for sale cheap by
Kit lb. Feather for sal by
JWJ ap21tf T. JOHNSON.
CIGARS Tbe bout ehanee lo pick at at th
VortUadsTrloe Onrreat.
DryCtoodf. ' 'Cinnamon. 5560
Sheeting, 4-4... 10l'Sop 810
Drilling it'; Bran Med,
Bltach.d drilling.. ..121 From 4o to IUU pr. el
hirling, lOkldj over N. Y. cost.
Striped , do 13; aProdUO.
Ticking 12)aMWlii, pr. bu. 91
Diin none.;0t . de -40
Blu drilling 13, Potato do 25
Plaid liasey Ma22;Oiiion do t1
SaUnet ..70a90Flour - S3
Kentucky jen...25a45SCorn Meal, fresh G
Tweeds 55a"0 Buckwheat Flour 7
Vrlnta. i rrnlL
Blu tnd white UjAppIetgr'ltd pr lb 2040
Blus snd orsnne ..11 " dried do. ...124
Fancy SaPetcae, dried do 15
" super.. 13151 " do peeled
Furniture do 6125 11 Chili, dried. 2023
do. wid.121i rrorlMOM. laiiies 1425. Pork, clear.
.. S24
Gingham 1115 " mcas
" Scolch.-SOsajIIIams-
Alpac 2550Bcon
Tabl damask 5075! Vowder.
.. 14
cloth 75f3iHBUrd' pr o flS
Irish linens 40811 - . pr keg U
' OlothlntT. Shot.
Sheep gray pants $2 ja3!Small site 2f2
Satinet do. ).'iJ;Buck i3i
Fancycas. do. ...ja5) Lead.
Black cats. do. 8451 Bar , U
Fine clothing... 25 White lead, lnoll.i..l4
advancson N. Y.cost. CortUre. .
Redflaa'l shirt 8l218Mnilli, small 28
Blue do. do. glialbj " . larg 25
Hickorv shins 41 jus Hemp 1015
Calico do. ....Sfal3( OaUldlei.
Boots fc Kboei. .dmuiiiia -32
Men' kip boots. S31a4!Sperm .....50
' roper do. do...j4j WgMTM,
heavy mux do. g-liHaraiia $4090
' fine sewed. .. none ;Germsn t0a25
Boys' kip boot 82 American $2050
he'y w'xdoglj i TobaOOO.
Men' bra' or. dox..atl7iPridoftho Uuion....40
' ' kipbrg'a pr doz.$lb!Sun 37i40
etiraewed do....;3iluKe'a M
Women's h'vv sh's...Rl) SxtrdWATe.
fine do SItfShovel felClalS
" buskin. SltalliSpade. 91416
Child'n's shoe 25a30 uriAxes ; .91317
ct advance on N. Y .(Mill saw. :..90$1
cost. I cut laws ...75ol
OrOOerlei. JTahle cutlery, 1 0 to pr ct
Coffee 16! advanc on N. Y.cost
Tea 55 70Pockt eulUwy, 25 prot
Sugar, no. 1 Clua 10? idvanca.
" Peruvian non. (Other article of hrd-
" oruthsd 13 ,! war from 20 to 40 pr
Saleratu..... 1U ot tdvance.
Starch 12i:NaiU,s'd siies.prkg 7
Syrup E Boston 80 " horseshoe. ..3Ua33
do. S Island 60 Oila.
Liv. Salt 2c fine salt 3, Lamp tUil 1
P.pper 26Llnseed boil II f
50;Turpentiue pr gill 8lj
Siroroe Zfotioe.
District Court, Cliokama County, O. T.
George W Jackson, plaintiff, )
Miry A. Jackson, defendint )
THE'defendant above named will tak notice
that the said plaintiff has this day filed acorn
plaint in the abive entitled cause, iu the Clerk'
office of said court, alleging among other thing th
wilful desertion by th ssid defendant, of her hus
band th id plaintiff, and their children, and
praying for a divorce (torn th bond of matrimo
ny, now. therefore, unlets th saia aeienaani
shall appear before th. said District Court on lh.
first day of th next term thereof, to be held in the
Court House in Oregon City, in th eounty afore
said, on th 1 7th day of September next, the plain
tiff' will ask for the relief demanded in said com
May 33, 1855-014 All ys tor pisintin.
Divorce XTotlee.
' Rachel Maybe 1 Dirt. Court!M.yb... County. ;
CJAMUEL S. MAY BEE, th defendant, is
O hereby notified that the plaintiff, Kachrl May
be, hss filed a petition in the District Court in aud
for Clackamas couuty, praying lor a dissolution ot
th bonds of matrimony now existing between the
plaintiffand defendant, aud that thi causo will be
for trial in th suid District Court at ins term com
mencing on the third Monday of Sepiember next.
...-' a sf unn m em
Oregon City, May 19, 1855514
&nmO WaaaIva. '
A Splendid assortment of Family Groceries
such as tea, synip, sugar, &.c. ; also fin
miiA iuuim mI,. Aream iHrtar.annles. ohili neaehes
i-inj.. avhUm. i.laniM. veatt nowder. also a larire
quantity of superior cheroot cigars, and tobacco of
every brand and oiinoti every niing eite in our
line of business all of which will be sold low
a at any other place in town, for cuh or pro-
' . itr j u uud
due..' -i ' vn Ann Jin g- nannnn.
ATS wanted at tho itor of 1
n91 C. POPE, Jr.
EEU buckwheat for sale by
ap21tf u. rurK, Jr.
C"llAIN pumpe for sale by
ap2llf . , C.POPE, Jr.
TTVR. Jayne's medicine for sale by
XJ ipaitf
C. POPE, Jr.
"fAU de Cologne, t superior 'artiole, at
XJ apBltf '
BARRY'S Tricopherousforsaloby " " '
ap-jltf i.' ' i ' C. POPE, Jr.
:' i.i i.. Nollre. !"
A LL those indebted to Preston, O'Neill & Co.,
2 are requested to cull and settle the same im
mediately; by Caih or Produce. All debt re
maining unpaid 1st of June, will be left for col
lection. apSllf JAMES O'NEILL. .
g 1 LOCKS ! Beautiful time keeper, at very
lot prices. O. AbtllW 1 1IH ott.u
T URN1TU RE. Bedsteads and chairs for sal
M. low to dose the invoice,
aP21 , . G. ABERNETHT It CO,
-': Central Produce Depot.
C CONSTANTLY receiving, fresh from rnch,
J whet, ot, bacon, lard, butter and potatoes.
- ....... rt nniniu
p2 jun.i r. orv.njn.T.
Jutt Received, "
At the1 Old Stand,' Canemah, ylpn2155.
4AAf.f Lbs. Light Brown Sugar, ,
.fwW 1,000 lbs. Chiut No. l,do.,
1,000 lbs. Rio Coffee,
15 Tons eoirae salt; 500 lbs. fin do.,
3.000 lb. Oregon Bacon i
: 1 fiOO bushel oat, for sale wholesal or retail, by
i 'JUH.N r. BKUUK.
Lot and Home for Sale I !
IOT N.n (1) rn Block No. five (5) In Ore
A ton Citv With th baliding thereon lately oe-
euoied bv Mewra. Allbright dc Price as a meat
market For term and particulars a to title,
address, TREVETT at CO.,
May 12, 1855-4t3 r . Portland, O. T.
TN wr bakery w keep comtentlyoa
A. bred, cracker, cke. pies, tie.
CANDIES, nut, ramus, of aa excellent qusuiy
just received and for nl lew by
"TOV will find in exerllcM
tment of Drtt
and Annul Sii. AstiM and YelxMl
Bonnet Trimmtnrt, lltntry, Clone, Uu aM
Ribbon; Table CMkt, Ctaaitromti: (., at lb
store of CHARLES POPE. Jr., .
(Min-t., oppoiit Abemtthy Hot J hrmf.
be found aliiiot etryiWnj la to bu f
, Dry Uowdat
Such a Prints. Ginghams, Alpaca, Merinos,
Plaid Liasey, Muslim, tisllinein, Jeso. Flaw
nsis, Shearings, Bed Ticking, Hickory Strip,
Cotton Bstllng, tic. i
Oregon City, April 81, 1856-llf
g 10COANUTS, Btnan, nd other lrapwl
S fruit, just received from Sandwich Island.
Kemedy for Hard Timet 1 1
Farmtrt of Oregon 'Tit no um it o)
tendegaintt fattllt You never tan
get rich until you buy oh of our . ,
Peoria and Galesb argil Plow
fBIIIE undersigned hss on hand, and i near
.1. mking daily, every description of thssbovo
WeU-know Plow; which for material snd wotk'
niamhip ar vastly superior I uv In th Terri
tory. All warranted lo scour and da ood work,
nd which h will tll at modarel price, for
Cat or Orain, Tliot in want of a good plow
would do well lo eom tnd examine mint bsfor
purclisslif iwhei. - i. i i i . ...
They can b bid at all th principal tows a
th river. Also at Forsst Grove, Day to tad L
fytle, wber 1 hav tppuisli-d agent, wk wiB
wll s low a at lh Factory, wilh lb addition of
th freight. . ZRA POST,
- Sir l Big i'w. Conrmok.
, Apru xi, loos-iy .
THE subscriber has Just received a fresh tup
ply of GrMfi-Mt, P revisions and WaraW,
which, in addition I bis former stock, b will U
at sztreuy low priocs for Cat or Product. Hi
stock consist in part of th fallowing artiel t
Nw Orlean sugar,
Cruthsd do.
Rio ot. Java coffee,
'. New Orloan aynip,
Sandwioh Ialaud da
Pepper It, AlUpic, '
Ssndwleh Ialaad aafti
Young Hysoo tad lav '
perial tea,
Ytast a Seep Powders,
Cinnamon a Clova.
hstt Boston S) rup,
Save. CM and Germin steel, mill snd crflav
cut, hand, pannel, and whlp-mwa
fit! and Hatpi Mill w file Irom iu I It
Inches; flit bastard file fnm 10 toMlncbe;
taper file from 3 to 7 Inches; hslf round files from
7 to 14 inches; round dafrom5toTincbt bat
ratpe from 11 lo 14 inches.
Carptnttri' Tool: Firmer chisel and gougo
in setts or single j locket chtael) hnchpbuM
iron and steel squares ; try squares; scratch awls
aud saw driver : nlaln and flatted marking guar ta
and bavel ; common and concave augur ; aaad
exes hammer and lialcheta.
Builderf Hardware. Rim, flat, pad and mor
tice lack and latches; bras, mineral aad whit
knobs: complole roud.tewn od fiat spring boll;
cast butt of all sixes, tnd scraw ; (ito, round tad
flat bar Iron; nail rod, da; horse tho btr, de.,
ind plow steel. ,
p21tf JAMES O'NtlLU
IN DOW glass, by the box or single light, at
apSllf i ; ii - ' PUPES. -
RIFLE powder, also blasting powder, wbl
tnlndretuil,t POPES.
3 AN U S saraaparilla for sals b
5 do, mspl chair for sal by - -,p21tf
aT ADIES Gciter Shoe selling chtsp it lh
MJ store of apailf) C. POPE, Jr.
MARBLE toilet wire, a few mora sell left at
ap21tf POPMi'i
IBLKS aud Ttttaineuls, all uses, may b
found at ip2Ufl POPKH. ,
OS TON svrup. Niw Uiletns sugar, aud
MM Liverpool all,for al,whleal and retail,
C. POPE, Jr.
Blaokamlthi I Attention 1 1
ON HAND Plow steel, iron, bellow, aavil,
horw shoes, vices, horse nail, mul shoe,
crew bars, wrought nails, and Eugllsh bar Iron at
6 cent pr lb. i ' '' " 1 11
TTMTHEAT, OnU, nd Flour Wauled Ut
T w - change for mrKhamllte.
np21 '
11 LOW STEEL-10 inch, and 4 inch, plow
steel for sale In quantities not los Uisa 600
lbs., at th reduced price of 1CJ cent.
1 ERR Y ROPE. 2 and 3 inch cabl.( sultabl.
. for Ferry Rope, just received.
CHAIRS, bedstesds, tvindow blinds, counter
legs, wrought mils, horse nails, framing pins,
mill aw, frying pins, gras scylhos, cart harnes.
Allan, M'Kinlax & Co
'FT AVE just received . , ; .t ,.,
A NtilV STOCK OF G00t)8, 11
nd would invito all thnse who Wish to prerjura
GOOD arliole at reasonibl prioMi to ell and
see them. They cousmt ia pari of tat. follow mg t
grindstones . , eaiial a. wheat barrow
grain cradle i, . ; fancy broom.,,. , l; 7,
gross cyine ol maina piaiu u" .,, .
brush do do ' sssort'd colored palls
lttsq harrow 2 J teeh ' painted tub
garden rake 1
lino wash board i.,,-.,
blacksmith's bellow
cross cut saws 7 ft ,,'
do 6 ft 11
millw7ft "''
hair mattraaa douW i
do singk
hsir bolsters doubl
da hoe
do spade
polished shoveli
hayfork 1 . " 'I T
manure fork .
window glau 8 by 10
do 10 by iz
do ' slngl ''
do I . 7 by
sperm candle '
wiudowiashe 8 by 10
adainanun d
grape brand tobacc
do 10 by 13
ot bowa ind voke
lucke tooacoo
Sheelmge, etc etc.
And keep constantly en hand a large ripply f
clothing, hardware, and many articlee lo aaiMf.
ou to mention. ''
Oregon City, April 21, IB55-ly
vtr cup advertisement.
ap21 ' '' G. ABr.KNtllix aiiU.
"g f k tons Salt, mi,
ported direct from 8andwieh
MW Islmds.1
Islands, for sal in lot to suit purchasers,
IL and syrup in barrels, for sal by
A LARGE aaaortmenl of bwcoboM furaitata
furalby apSl) THOS. JOHNSON. ,
DAPER Hanging, a Dw lot, for l. by
L afltf , T. JOHNSON.