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. For the Argue.
1 Us l.t.ttr I.Ute l num 1
Ono of tbo iaker at lAto temperance
meeting in Oregon City, presented a view of
tho licenso yaloni which must comincnu
iUc-lf lo every candid mind. It was tliii :
First If tho twflio ia iutoxiuitinj;
iU u bovcrago, U u tbo rumitc mnintuiu,
riglit, thco it ought to bo left frco'nnd tin
tramelod liko tlio trnflic in dry good, pro
duce, or any oilier necowary article of trodo.
And thoso wbo cngiigo in tlio trufllo are
just men, andoufe'lit to enjoy all tho im
munities of citiznlii). In this case tho li
cense eyntoni makes, invidious distinctions
between freemen and equals, and is therefore
wholly wrong, unjust and unequal.
SoconJIy. If however tho traffic, U as
the Temperance party contend, and at the
licence system ema to imply, wholly
wrong, then to throw around it tho protec
tion of law, is to plight tho faith of the
country to wrongdoing. Hunco in this
view the license system is wholly and rad
really wrong. So that take it which way
we will the license system is wrong and
ought to be repudiated from our legislation.
This representation of tho subject is
worthy of sober reflection. If tho license
system is anti-republican and morally wrong
is it not high time that wo should adopt a
mora consistent mode of legislation on this
subject. Total prohibition is just tho thing,
feolvemcy af Wells, Yars C.
Wo have received a circular frdm Wells,
Fargo Se Co. calling our attention to the "se
curities and facilities" of their firm, as Ex
press forwarders, Commission agents and
Tho circular sets forth that they have a
joint stock cimh capital of $300,000, and
that the whole "joint capital and property of
thecompany," together with the "whole ag
gregate personal property and reaponsibili
ty of the share-holders, stand pledged for
its engagements." . : t !
The circular goes on to mention various
other matters connected with the constitu
tion of the firm, which operate as strong
guarantees for tho security of thoso who
transact business with thcin.
A circular of this sort seems very well
timid in theso days, when tho bones of
bodies corpornto in every direction, are
yielding to the dreadful pressure in the
money market, and being crushed in like
the ribs of a spidor under the foot of a
giant. Wo hope tho iron skeleton of Wells,
p'nrgo & Co., will, liko that of the ancient
Mastodon, yield to nothing short of light
ning. STWa are authorize.! lo announce WM. W.
I'.OONE, as a candidate for joint representative
from folk and Tilluinouk, lubject to the majority
uf the votes cast next June.
"f At Bilker1! Prairie, Clackamas Co., O. T., 31st
March, by Rev. G. II. Atkinson, Mr Alvy C.
Daniel, aud Miss Hannah l'cnolton.
VMay 1st, by Rev. T. Condon, Mr. Royal T
Ilawley, of Forest Grove, and Miss Lucy C
daughter of Rev. J. S. Reasonor.
f-On the 5th of Stay, by I). J. Schnebly, J. P.
Mr. David Walt and Miss Margaret J. Koberts,
all of Washington County, O. T.
May 1G, In Oregon City, by Jos. N. Prescott
Esq, Mr. Robert Potter aud Miss Mary E. Patter
wo, both of Oregon City.
Tbo first happy pair that has remembered the
printer, einco we started our paper ; and as your
cakeiss-voet, we will append the sweetest extract
we can 6ud for your particular benefit. .
"Here love his golden ehafts employs, hero lights
Hisconstantlamp, and waves his purple, wings,
Reigns here and revels."
New Advertisements.
THE Oregon Auxiliary Tract Society will hold
its seventh annual meeting at Corvallis, June
7th, at 9 o'clock, A. M.
Several addresses are expected, on topics previ
ously assigned. G. H. ATKINSON, Sec'y.
The Oregon Bible Society
WILL hold its annual meeting al Corvallis, on
Wednesday the 6th of June, at 11 o'clock,
A. M.. All the friends of the Bible Cause are re-
lo attend. WILSON BLAIN, S
ay 10, 1855.
Keel-Boat "Fre Trad" 1 1
HAN DAX Dl'.f , MAN KAN DO ! ! jgj
I AM nou bilding a kel-bot, or barj, ov forti tuns
burthen for the purpua. Wil be redi about the
snidl of Jun '55. Aim tu kari frati ax chep, or
choperthan kan bekarted Just let me sujest
'that if a not kan get the frating both wax, that she
ian do it cheper, &e.
I wil here state that if frating kan be dun chep
r than I kan da it, the "Fre Trad" wil "la tu"
p ro bono- publiko. "The river" dux not "belong
tu ma" or tu the "Fie Trad," but I and the "Fre
Trad" belong In the Wilamet river and we ar
"her for the good of the publik. No indosement wil
kox us tn kembin" for the ak ev making a "big
pile"of evthepoblik.if we can posibli liv. A liv
ing ix ol we want, and muni enuf to bi the material
for a na bot hwen this wun wen oat. We kan
"b id it oarwlvz ov rani dux.
Wud lik tu hav asmol shar ov r patronaj at
leal enuf tn "pa the printer." Tak du nota tberov
and send on nrordur akordingli.
Wilamet River, Ma 19, lfc555y
V Wanted I
AwOMAS to do housework in a private
. family. Address the Argus Office.
T ECEIVED npon the arrival of every stearn-
lV er. Don t tail to call on
rricndi of rrocdom, Attention ! !
MVlERIi wiU be aKenrral MASS MEETING
L of the friruds of i tee Soil, aud Human Liber
ty, held in Albany, Linn Co. Oreuou, on the last
Wednesday (27lh) of June, 1K55, lo determine a
eourea of action for Ilia upjmmk iu Oregon to all
blavery Extension. Our lues iu the Territory ate
already aot.vilv inuaoiu, while ws are slumber
lug. Let us rally to oppose them.
Administrator'! Notice.
Oregon Territory, Clackamas Couuly, as i
"VTOTICE is hereby given, to all Ninons inlert-s-i.1
ted in the Mute of Joseph V. Alfrey, de
ceased, that James C. I'.obiiuon, admiuislniUir ou
aniil estate, will make dual settlement at tlio leim
ofthu Probate court to be liulden al Oregon City,
in said county, on Ilia first '1 burn lay or July next
at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Judgt of I'rokate.
Oregon City, May I t, 185.V5IU
Divorce Notice.
Rachel MayUa ) Court " Maybe iCUVkamasCwuty.
SAMUEL H. MAYLfEE, lha, is
hereby notified that the plaintiff, Rachel May
bee, has filed s petition in the District Court iu aud
ror Clackamas county, praying lor adianuiiou oi
the bonds of matrimony now existing between the
pluiutuTand drfemlaiil. and that this causo will bo
for trial in the said District Court at the term com
mencing ou tho Ihlrd Monday of Sepiemlier next.
Oregon City, May 19, Itf55.-5i4
Oeo. O. Bobbins,
Oregon, devotes his entire attention to Re
Kiirlni? fine watches and having an experienced
Jeweller in his employ, is prepared to nmuulncluru
every deocripliou or Jewelry, and execute engra
ving neatly.
G. C.-lt. keeps constantly ou band a fine as
sortment of clocks, watches, and uew aud fashion
able Jewelry tu which ha invitee the atteulion ol
the PuLlie. May 13, lU55-4n9
LBS of Osage Orange seed fur sale by
LBS of irrLl seed for sale ehenn by
Tost Received.
A Splendid assortment of Family Groceries,
.....I. aui..M. vnin. Buemr. &.e. l also lino
and coarse salt, cream tartar, apples, chill peachr,'
Mh iniu nwi.M pmnw. VRin uiwiiBr. uuu hiuu
wmiiw-jn..-.. wj r- - ,
...,!.. nr amun-inp rh.-rnnl eiimn. and tobacco of
3 r - ..7 i ,
every bran I and almost every ining rise iu our
line of business all of which will be sold aa low
as nt any oilier place in town, for eah or pro
"N our bakery we keep comtoutly on hand
l. bread, crackers, cakes, pie, Ac.
IAXDIES, nuts, raisins, of an excellent quality
just received aud rr sale lew uy
IGARS The best chunco to pick is at tho
store of CIIAR.VAN 4 WAK-MiK
Lot and Boose for Sale ! !
TOT No.ouo (1) in Rlock No. five (5) in Oio
1 iron Citv with the buliding thereon lately oc
cupied by Messrs. Allbright fc Price aa a meat
market, fur terms ana parut-uinra u i uuc,
address, TREVETT &. CO.,
May 12, 1855-113 l'ortlaud, O. T.
TY virtue of n certain execution issued out of
I 1 th,. District Court for Clackamas county, and
to me directed, iu favor of Thomas and
Arthur Warner, against Robert Mooro, and for
want nf nersonal Drouertv whereof to make the
same I have levied upon and shall proceed lo sell,
to the highest bidder, for cosh, at Public Auction,
all tbo ricl.t titlo and interest of tho above named
. -Z . , , ii: mA
ICobcrt iHoore, in a cenaiu wimoiouiiwi "
lying iu the county of Clackamas, and generally
known aa I lie Linn City claim, and desurilied 111
uotificution No. tihO now ou file iu the Registers
office of Oregon Territory, as follows :
Mcgiiming at a point 7,8 chains south and 10,
25 chains west of the s. coiuer of sve 30, hi T 2
s of a 1 K Running
Thence cast 30,75 chains
" S-13 k 17,0(1 lo the Willamette river. ,
" S51 W 18,00 chaiiui
South 12,50 "
S51 W 13,00 -
N73W 15,00
B52W 24,75 "
" ' S5 W 50,00 "
'' S51W 49,50 ' to the Tuality river.
" N71 W 14,30 "
N72W31.00 "
N53E 172.00 " This course passes
over a point bearing S 38 E 4,40 chains Iroin the
S W corue' or S ti i or sex 30 111 1 si
lo the plane of beginning. Tho same being
parts of Sou's 35 and 36 in T 2 S of R 1 R "
ti 11 3 11 11 3
11 14,3 . 3 " 1 "
and containing C IO acre's,' more or less. jl"
Sulo to take place on Wednesday the 6th day of
June, 1855, ut 3 o'clock, P. M. ou the premiss.
..... .... 1 . ... ,
vm. iiui.inr.a,
Sheriff Clackamas County.
Pr SEP HUELAT, Deputy.
Oregon City, May 5, 1B55.-315 !
BY virtus of snudry executions issued out of the
Sopremc court of Oregon Territory, and te
me directed, in favor of various persons as follows;
Wells Lake arainst Duuiel H. Fereuson and Rob
ert Moore ; R. Hereford against Die same defen
dants j James rartlow against tne same ueienu
antsand Sawyer and Milwain against the said de
fendants, and for want of personal property whore-
make the same, I have levied upon aun buuu
. . I I .1 L'J.1 I. ...
procSad to sell to tno nignesi uiuuer iut, u.
publiooa;tion, on Wednesday the 6th day of June
1855, at two o'clock in tli afternoon, all the right
title and interest of the above named Robert Moore
in nnrl to a certain tract of land situate in the
county of Clackamas, and generally known aa the
Linn City claim, ana uescnoca iu uuuutuuuu
680 now on file in the Register's office in Oregon
Territory, as follows :
Beginning at a point 7.88 chains south and 16,
25 chains west of the N E corner of sec 30 in T2
S of R 1 E running
Thence east 30, 1 5 chains
S43E 17,00 " to the Willamette river
S51W18.O0 "
south 12,50 "
S51W13.00 -
. N73W15.00 "
' S.V2W24.75
" S56W 50,00
. ' S51W 40,50 "to the Tuality river
" , N71WM.30 "
" - N73W3I00 "
" N53E 172.00 " This course passes
oyre point bearinir 838 E 4,40 chains from the
rw corner of 8 Etofepc35in TSiSolKl .to
ie place of beginning. The same being
parts 01 sec s 3B in 1 2 a 01 Kit. '
"31 u 2"
1&2 3 1"
and containing R40 acres more or leas. 1
Sale to take place on the premwea. ' 1
Sheriff Clarkamat County.
Pr SEP HUELAT, Depoty.
Oregon City, May 5, lja-W
Portland Prices Current,
DryQoodS. 'Cinnamon .ISaOO
Sheiiii), 4-4 l')'rioai HalO
lriliiuir U Drors di IVTod.
Uleacbsd drlliiig.-.l-'i I'roin ii to 1 110 pr. cL
.:.. 7, V V .
siiiriiui;, iubi vivt 1 . con,
Ktri.Hii do r.'j' rroanee.
Tickiu'; 12JI4 Wheat, pr. bu. $1
lle.iiiia none . Ouls do
lllue drilling I-J Potatoes do 2.'i
Plaid liiuoy HaJ'J Ouio.ui do S'i 7i"a9,Miir $3
Kentucky jeaus...i!.'a4.'i,Coru Meal, freah 6
Tweeds H5ju7u;tluekwhal Hour........ 7
rrints. i rruit
nine and m Into ll'AppUsu. fid pr lb 20a 10
lllue and orange 11! " diied do....U'J
Fancy Bali: Peaches, dried do 15
super.. K'al.V ' do peult-d
Furniture do 8al2 Chili, dried.2a22
do. wide. 12)' rrovisions.
M. do laincs 14a25 Pork, clear (124
UinuhaiiM llalS mis JU
44 bcotch. 0a2.VIIams. 10
Alpaca 25a50 Uacon I I
Table dimask .'i0o7.V Powder.
cloths 75a)-.' Hurard' pr ca $15
Irish linens I0a$l( - pr keg $11
Clothing. ; Shot
Sheep gray puuls $2a3 Small siws $2)a2
Satinet do. $.ia3 Buck $3a3J
Fancy cass. do. ...3u5 Lead.
Ulack cass. do. la5) War 13
line clolhiug...25 pr.ct.Wkito leeul, in oil.. ..14
tilvanceou N. Y.eost.f CordagO.
Red Hani shirts 8 12a 18 Manilla, small 28
llluo do. do. $l.'iil8: " large 25
Hickory shirts. Ijuti Hemp 10al5
Calico do $fal2j CandlCS.
Booti Sl shoos. ' Adiiiuuuuo J3i
Men's kip boots. S.'IJa4 Sperm 50
" dado...$4)' Cigars.
heavy wax du. 1 Havana 10a90
" line sewed. ..none.'Ofniian $IUu25
Hoys' kip bo. Ks $2, American $.0a50
he'vy w'x do8l J2! TobaCCO.
Memr brg'spr. dor... 8 17. Pride of tho Union. ...40
klpbrg'sprdu.8l8Suu... 3"Ju40
' calf sewed do.... 82 Luke's 33
Women's h'ry sh's...8i Hardware.
- fine do 8iShveU 10,al5
" buskins. 84al Spades 1416
Child'n'a shoes 3Aa30 pr Axes 83al7
ot advance on N. Y-Millsaui. UUaU
cost. ;Z cut saws 75o$l
Groceries. ITubUteullory, lOtoprot
Cofico lfi advauce on X. Y. cost
Tea 5a70 Pocket cutlery, 25 prct
Sugar, no. I Cln a 10: advance.
" Peruviau noni jOUier articles of hard-
" crushed., ...... 13 )! ware from 20 to40pr
Saloratus 10 et advance.
Starch 12) Nails, ass'd kg $1
Syrup K lloeton HO, " hor lioe...30a35
do. S Maud CU Oils.
Liv. Salt 2o line suit 34 Lamp Ua$l)
Pepr. ...2.) Unseed boil 1 1
pr gnu 914
ATS wanted at the store of
J ap21
oT:ia b
C. POPE, Jr.
Li;i) buckwheat fur aula by
kj ap21lf.
C. POPE, Jr.
CHAIN puuipa for sale by
ap'llf ' C.POPE, Jr.
It. Juyne'a mediciuca for sale by
upUllf c. rurK.jr.
AU de Cologne, a superior "article, at
U ap21tf
ARRY'S Tricopherous for salo by
ap'.'ltf c. runs, jr.
Administrator's Notice.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that letters of admin
Jj istratian have been issued by tho Probate
court of Clackamas county, Orcgou Territory, to
the uudersiiraed upon the estate of A. J. Cutting,
deceased, late of said couuly and territory, bearing
date April 17, 1835. AU persona Having claims
against the said estate are requested to present the
same with the necesBury vouchers within one year
from the date of this notice, to the subscniier resi
ding on Milk oreek iu said county, and all persons
indebted to said estnto are requested to inuko im
mediate payment to the undersigned.
April 28, 1855-211 Administratrix.
ALL those Indebted to Preston, O'Neill & Co.,
are requested to call nnd settle tho same im
mediately, by CasA or l'rudtut. All debts re
maining untuid 1st of Juue, will be left for col
lection. ap21tf JAMES O'NEILL.
f 1 LOCKS! Beautiful tinio keepers, nt eery
U lou prices. G. ABEIINETIIY 4, CO.
Ijl C RN ITU RE. Rcdsteads and chairs for sale
1. low to close the invoice.
Central Produce DepOt,
CONSTANTLY receiving, fresh from ranch,
wheat, outa, bacon, lard, butler and potatoes.
Just Received, '
At the ' Old Stand,' Canemah, April 21, '55.
4sfkafksfk Lbs. Light Brown Sugar,
. W 9 W 1,000 lbs. Chiua No. 1, do.,
1,000 lbs. Rio Coffee,
15 Tons coarse salt ; 500 lbs. fine do.,
3,000 lbs. Oregon Bacon ;
1,000 bushels oats, for salo wholesale or retail, by
Territory of Oregon, CUtckamat County, ti 1
TO all persons to whom these presents shall
come greeting : Kiiow ye that whereas Jos
eph Church, guardian of Chevalier Richardson, an
insane person of said county, has filed his petition
iu the probata office of said county, pi ayiug for a
license to sell tho ieal estate of said Richurilson,
and it appearing from said petition that suid real 0.
tate should be sold in order to defray the expenses
already incured, and for the support and mainten
ance of said Richardson. Therefore it is ordered
that tho same be referred lo the next term of the
Probate court, to be holden in Oregon City on the
first Tuesday of June next.
And it is further ordered that tho next of kin
and all concerned, be notified thereof by the publi
cation of this order three weeks successively in the
Oregon Argus, a newspaper printed In Oregon
City, that they may appear and if they see cause,
object to aaid license being granted.
Judge of Probate.
Oregon City, May 1, 1865-3tf
W EAPER3 4. THRASHERS See the sil-
M ver cop advertisement. -,p21
tons Salt, imported direct from Sandwich
Islands.-for sale in lots to suit purchasers,
IL and syrup in barrels, for sale by
LARGE assortment of household furniture
for aebyap21) THOS. JOHNSON
1BAPER Hnnirrngs, a new M, for sale by
,p"ltf ' T. JOHNSON.
fi sr jf & jf Ik g feet Bourds for ante in lots
Q9.f9f tosuit,by T.JOHNSON
g g lbs. Feathers for sale bv
JUU ap-.'ltf ' T.JOILN'SON.
iV licueml t OUIMIU.IOU Morcliaiits!id whole
sale and retail Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Ac, exe.
I George T. Allan.
Oregon City, May S. Arelnbal.l M'Kiulay.
( T'homas Lowe.
4 l.LAN, M'KINLAY 4 CO.,
iV. Scottsbu.g, L'uipua, Oregon.
i. Oregon Territory.
May 3.
lrovUiou k Hardware,
No. 1, Main Slrttt.
avo. aki:k.hi:thv & to,
IliaxM Cutaaa, J as. R, Rosa.
April 21, 18ji-llf .
Hardware, .
Dry Go.d,
' fiools Si. Shoes,
Books Si Stationery
Maiu-st., Oregon City, April 21, 1855-Itf
iMfuyettr, Yamhill County, O. T.,
WILL faithfully otlend lo all business en
trusted to his professional care.
April 21, 1855-ltf
Wholcmlt A) Retail Dealer in (IroreriuM, Product,
Proviiiom, &c.. Main Street.
A General Assortment kept up of Selected Geods.
Canemah, April 91, 1855-llf.
rBlllE subscriber has just received a fresh sup--E.
ply of Oroeeriet, l'mtieioiu and Ilarduare,
which, in addition to his former stock, ha will sell
at extremely low prices for Catk or Produce. His
stock consists in part of the following articles :
New Orleans sugar,
Crushed do."
Rio &. Java eotl'ce, '
New Orleans syrup.
Sandwich Islands do
Pepper Si. Allspice,
East Boston syrup,
Sandwich Island sugar,
Powdered, do.
Young Hysou aud Im
perial teas,
Dried Apples a. Peaches
Yeast a Soap Powders,
Cinnamon t Cloves,
Siir. Cast aud German steel, mill and cross
cut, hand, pannel, and whip-saws.
Pilee anil flanks. Mill saw files from 10 lo 10
inches j tlat bustard (ilea from 10 tol4iuchea;
taper tiles from 3 to 7 inches; half round files from
7 to 14 inches ; round do. from 5 lo 7 inches ; horse
raM from 11 to 14 inches.
Carpentcre' Toole. Firmer chisels and gouges
in sells or single 1 locket chisels; beuchplnnes;
iron aud steel squares ; try squares ; scratch awls
and aaw drivers ; plain and Hatted markiug guagea
aud bevels ; common and coucave augurs ; hand
axes ; hammers and hutcheta.
Buildert' Hardware. Rim, flat, pad and mor
tice locks and latches ; brass, mineral and white
knobs : complote round, town aud Hut spring bolts ;
cast bults of all sizes, aud screws ; ulso, round aud
Hut bar iron 1 nail rod, do. I homo shoo bar, do..
and plow steel. . .
IN DOW glass, by the box or single Unlit, at
apaitt ruriss.
RU LE puwder.'.ulso blasting powder, whole,
tale mid retail, at , POl'KS.
owJANU'S sarsaparillu for sale by
S3 ap21lf C. rOPE.Jr.
f? dux. maple chairs for sale cheap by
9P upiltf C. PyPE, Jr.
AD1KS Gaiter Shoes selling cheap ut tho
store of iipaltf C POPE, Jr.
ARBLE toilet wore, a few mure setts left at
L np21lf , POPJCS. -
I U LIO.S und Testaments, all sizes, may bu
found at np21tf POl'KS.
OST'ON syrup, Now Orleans augur, and
Liverpool suit, Tor sule, wholesale und retail,
ap21lf C. POPE, Jr.
Blacksmiths ! Attention ! U
ON HAND Plow stool, iron, bellows, anvils,
horse shoes, vices, horse nails, mule shoos,
crow bars, wrought nails, and English bar iron at
6 cents per lb.
WHEAT, Oats, and Flour wanted in ex
change for merchandise.
. For San Francisco.
THE staunch and fast Dark C. Dov
vens, Halky, master, will load with
produce for Sau Francisco about tho 23d
April. Freight f 10 per tou. Shippers can con
sign to our house iu San Francisco if desired.
FERRY ROPE. 2 and 3 inch cable, suitable
for Ferry Rope, just received. '
For Siilc Lews lliau Cost!
CHAIRS, bedsteads, window blinds, counter
legs, wrought nails, horse nails, framing pins,
mill saws, frying pans, grass scythes, cart harness.
Allan, M'Kinlay & Co
JJAVE just received
and would invite all those who wich to procure
GOOD articles at reasonable prices, to cull aud
see them. They consist in part of the following :
grindstones canal St wheel barrows
grain cradles ' fancy brooms
grass scythe St snaths plain do
brush do do aaaort'd colored pails
10 aq harrows 23 teeh ' painted tubs
garden rakes zine wash boards
da hoes blacksmith's bellows
do spades cross-cut saws 7 ft
polished shovels do 6 ft
hayforks mill saws 7 ft
manure forks hair matlrassea double
churns do single
window gloss 8 by 10 Lair bolsters double
do 10 by 12 do single '
do 7 by 9 sperm candles
window sashes 8 by ID adamantine do
do 10 by 12 grape brand tobacco
ai Iwiwa and vokes lucke tobacco
BLANKEtS, baise, llwseys,
Sheeting lick, decte.
And keep constantly on hand a Urge supply of
clothing, hardware, aud many article too numer
ous to mention.
Oregon City, Apul 21, lejj-ly
tii-cut IM niiioitjf lUe Army of
Dreadful trareitu of Proriekm! Oregon Cran
ariet full and oterfioiciug I!
Agent uuder Providence fur futtcii'n; tlio lean
W0 not supMMe tluit Clisrumu & Warner',
establishment dud oil Willi tliat of Hit
old " Siievlator !'' We are happy lo inform all ol
our old frieuds in particular, and our new ones in
general, that we are still idivs aud mucking at liir
old stand, where we still make it our partiuului
business to furnish fricud and foe ilh just such
dainties iu the lino of provisions, groceries and
confectionery as would muko even uu auehurito's
heart swim, hi soul stuud ou tiptoe, und make liiin
Hull hi throat a "lung a a fence rail," su he
might protract the pleasure aflordcd by swallowing
some of our uiee tilings.
Do not forget our old stand ami get into tli
wronr place, but be sure you ere " all right" hen
you are atrikiug a boe-hi.e towards the house of
H1.K.M.. at
Oregon City, April 21, 1855. ty
lteuding for tho Million I
sToaa, raoNT-rr, ronTLANu, oskuon,
A Choice aelecliou of Popular Rooks, News
papers, Mogauues aud Fancy Stationery.
Among the books ou hand will bo found work
ou TcuNraiice, Agriculture, Horticulture, His
tory, l'oetry, iliography, MoJiciues, Religion,
Science, School Hooks, Kuinauces, Sto., iie., Sta.
STSubsoriplions received for Harper, Graham,
Goodey, Leslie's, of Putnam, at 94 a year, jiosi
age free.
ST Suqscriptions received for any newspaper
published iu any part of the I'uiou.
Remember the Franklin Dock Store and News,
paper Agency, Front street, l'ortlaud Oregon.
Ift'A priced catalogue will be published early
iu April, and will be seut to any port of tlio terri
tory fre ou ap4iealiou.
w Statesman" copy 1 mo.
WEBSTER'S Dictionaries, all sites, from
primary school to 8vo. dictionariea.
Ulakc's Uiognipliioal Dictionary ;
" Progress of America," bv McGregor
''Shady Side," yueechy," and Uncle Tom'
Cabin ;
T. S. Arthur's works; Charlotte Elisabeth's do.
Dr. Spring's do.
Poets. Milton, Young, Thomson, Cowper,
Ossiuu, Pollock, and others.
Also Dowuiug's Fruit Culturist ; Thomas' do.
Youatt on sheep ; Do. ou horse.
Allen's Americau Farm liookj Do. domestie
Rural Architecture, Rurul Homes, Ac and
Sanders' Now Readers 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th &.5tli.
MeGutfie's Iteadem
Sandera Speller ; Elementary do.
Thomsou' Arithmetic ; Book-keeping, Copy
Books, &o.
Also Faber's Pencils, Gillolt's Pens, Blank
Books, Envelopes, Foolscap, Nolo aud Letter Pu
ller, Wafer, &c, HTWholesulo and Retail.
Maiu-st., Oregon City, April 21, 1855-ly
SANDS' Sarsaparillu, Peck'a Wild Cherry Hit
ters, Batemau'a dn, Brniidreth'a pills, lxe's
pills, Perry's vvrmifugo, Oiodeldoc, Gum Cam
phor, Gum Arabic, British oil, Lobelia, Hot droits,
3d preparation, Roman eye bulsom, 1 'alley's puin
extraotor, Laudanum, Paregoric, Oil of Pepper
mint, Essences, ConiHwiiioii Powders, Carter's
Pulmonary Balso.n, Sulphur, Ejwum Suits, cie.
April SI, lBoi-ltr
BRASS and Iron Rutts, Screws, Locks and
Latches, Hummers and Hatchots, Axes,
Drawing-knives, Hundsaws, Curry Combs, Horse
Brushes and Curds, Gun Locks, Guu Cups, Wool
Cards, Chest II und leu, Planes, Sic.
April 21, 1855-llf
CJUGAR, Salt, Cofl'ce, Tea, Syrup, Chocolate,
Starch, Saleratus, Cream Tartar, Sal Soda,
Curb. Soda, Pepper, bpxo, Alum, llornx, Lop
peras, etc. April 21, 1H.')5-Hf
OFFER, for sale tlio following goods just re
ceived from New York nnd Sandwich Isl
ands, per barks C. Dovcns and Ocean Bird, i. e.
50 Tons S. I. Suit,
15,000 yard new stylo
10,000 " hr'n. muslins
3,000 " blcach'd do
100 lb, linen thread
50 piece silk hdkfs
1,500 yards hickory
2 doz. umbrellas
50 cas. boots (11101
20 doz. slates
20 " draw'g knives
10 " cofl'ce mills
25 jack planes
- 10 doz. buck saws
150 fancy clocks
25 kegs sulerulus
10 cast " Lucke V
10 ' "Cornucopia"
Juyne's medicines
1 pr. 4 ft. mill burs
5 doz. crow bars
25 lbs. bl'k sew'gsilk
10 " ass'd " "
92 bags prime coil'oe
10 tons hue salt
100 kegs brown sugar
100 " syrup t mo
5 barrels whale oil
; 10 doz gruiu scythes
20 " grain eradlee
5 reaping machine
3 thrashing do
12 straw cutters
100 reams wrap.paper
150 lbs. Maw. twine
10 doz. Collins' axet
10 " hoes
, 5 Smith's bellows
10 dozen mill saws,
best quality
15 dox bed cord
10 coils rope
100 box's cream tartar
100 lbs. borax
25 bx. soap powder
' 25 " aUo.ce
1,000 " ginghams
Together with a large assortment of dry goods,
clothing, medicines, iron, steel, blackamilh' tools,
chairs, bedsteads, cigars, and other urticles previ
ously on hand ; ami ull of which are uifurcd fur
sale for cash, produce, or ou short timo to approved
customer. -
Oregon City, April 21, 1855-1 tf
Selliug off at Cost. .
fnPHE stock of Dry Goods and Hardware of
jbl riasion.incui ex. vo. win dw eiwiuy uui .
cost price. Persons desirous of buying cheap,
win do weu to eau en uio uonu. .
fl cw Orleans Sugar & flloluvtcf.
Ki Barrel of New Orleans sugar perclip
93 W per ship" llatlisy."
50 do. of New Orleans molasses per clipper
" H. rald of tho Morning."
The above article I shall receive about the lutli
of May, tfrrirf from New York, nnd will close
them out at low prices.
ap-21tf - JAMES O'NEILL.
COARSE St FINE SALTI have in store
25 tons course and fine salt, to bo sold eery
11 1) W STF.EI 10 irv h. and 4 inch. pliw
teel for sale in qnantities not lees than 500
lbs., at the reduced puce or r.'j erni.
Between Oregon, California, die Allantit
Sititei and l',uroie,
HAVING made nilt uulugcoii .jf-js.
PjTr srrangeiiieiil will, the Dn.lrd Aji5
ikJUiZ Slate and Pacilic Mail SU am- SjLjU
ship Companir for ti.inurtntion, we are now re
pared to forward Uuld Duet, UulliuiPf Sieeiei
Parkagee, Parcel; and Freight, to and fioui N
Yurk, N. Orleans, Sau Fruucisco, Purilaud, aud
pnucipul towns of ('ul.fornia an I Oreguti.
t)ur regular Sriui monthly Express between
Portland and Sun Francisco, is diwlchrd by III .
Pacitio Mail SloaiuJiipCo.'teaiiii.hipCohiiiibia
connecting al Sun Francisco with our wiui-mouth-ly
Express lo Au York und Nrui Oi Irani, which
is dispatched regularly ou th 1st and Kill, of each
mouth, by the mail steamers aud in chnrg of our
own mosaenger, Uirough to dostiualion.
Our Express from Now York leave regularly
on tli Sill and 20th of each mouth, also In charge
of mtsseiigersi
Treasure linured In the best New York colli'
panics, or at Lloyd' in Leudou, at tli opiiso of
shippers, '
Omcss New York, No. 10, Wall st.j Now
Orleans, No. 1 1, Exchuuge place ; San V rauciaco,
No. 114, Montgomery street.
Oregon City, April 21, 18i51tf
Who Wants tlio Silver Cup? .
WE will giva SILVER CUP, ot $25 la
COLD, to the owner of any Reaping
machine who will, at a public trial of reapers, iu
presence of regularly chosen and disinterested
judges, produce a reiicr that will do mora and.
better work tliun BurriWi Conrcrtible Reaper.
Said trial to occur during the coming harvest)
and not more than one reaper of any one kind la
be introduced acoinwtilors. Time and place Id
be agreed ou with parlies entering fur tin' trial.
Below wo g've u notice of thu machine aud
ome of (he advaifngea claimed for It i
" At the trial of reaper in thu harvest Aeld ia
Geneva, Now York, iu July lust, by Uie judge ap
pointed by the JVtio York State Agricultural
Society, nine reapers were entered, and each w
quired to cut about three acres of wheat and Ism
of bartsy mucn leugea ana ungiea, uw rw n
and tough, on rough and uneven groaud. Every
fucilily was atl'orded for a full and impartial trial,
aud examination us lo draft, construction and per
formance; and the first prize was awarded W
The D. Burrill fur the Bret Grain Reaper,. i
The judges, iu tho report, say i ' T. D. llurrlU'd
machine performed its work in the most adiiiirabl
maiiuori the gavel were we'l laid, the workman'
ship and mulerials excellent. It ha no extrt
wheel or pinions beyond what are simply ueco.
sury ; no reel lo bout dowu aud waste the grain,
uo baud wheels, pulleys, belts, (trups, or haruns)
to gel out of order; simplicity and strength for
doiuu wurk u!( day und every day have becu the
leading object. ' '
1st. 11 cuts grain oi an aiuus, in an ouuuiuuiw,
without clogging, aud may bo worked either by
horse or oxeu. ,
2d. It cut at any height rsuuired by a fow
moments change.
3d. It discharge (he grain iu the renr, if prat
ferred, like HuKsy'i, or at tlio aide, liko McCors
mick'a. This change ia made by an extra aprou,
(ultuched iu a moment, from which tho grniu ia
luid in better condition than by any other machine.
4th. It has a balance wheel, which gives a qui'
et and uniform motiou to the machine.
We have a fow of these- reaper for sale. 1 hey
will be ready for exhibition on aud after April -'0th,
and the attention of Funner is solicited lo THE
Also. 1 Ebht Hnrso Tbroshort 9 Two Horse)
Threshers; 20 dozen Grain Cradle ; 30 dozen
Grain Seville; 12 Straw uuucrsf o run .umw
April 21, 1855-llf Oregon City.
Remedy for Hard Times II 1
Farmers of Oreyon I 'Tin uo use to com
tend uiumst Jute.'.'.' 1 ou never can .
yet rich until you buy one of our
Peoria und Oaleabiirgli I'lowt.
FB11IE undersigned has en hand, and ia now
M. making daily, every description of the ubovd
well-know o Plows; which fur umteriul and work'
iiiaiuhip are vastly etijierior to uny in the Terri
tory. All warranted to scour and do good work,
and which he will sell at modurato prices, fuf
Vaeh ot Ci tin, Thuso in waul of u good plow
would do wall to cumo and examine mine before
purchasing elsewhere.
They can be had ut nil the principal towns ou
tho river. Also at Forest Grove, Dayton and Lit'
fayctte, Where I have appointed ugents, who will
sell as low as at the Fuolory, with tho addition of
the freight. Jv'RA POST, ;
Sign of the Big I'lotc, Canemah. ,
April 21, 18.15-ly
Capt. A B. Murray, .
WILL run duily batweeu l'oillund ami Ore
gou City. Leuve Oregon Cily at eight
o'clock, a. it. Returning, leavo Portland at twd
o'clock, r. ti
For freight or passage apply on board,
April 21, 1855-llf
Oregon City and Portland.
Jennie' Clark !
J. C. Ai.NswoiiTii, Mabteh.
WILL run Daily, (Sunday excepted,) in Ihsj
abovu-nnmed trade, Icavine Oregon City
every day at 8 o'clock, A. H.
Itiiiiimiiifr. will leave Portland at S r. K,i touch'
iug at all intermediate pointsi .
For freight or passage apply on board, c i
April 21, 185-ltf .
mm wwmm
Ot- the Four Reviews and Blackwood
C COMMENCE with North British forNovem
J her, lb.'i4,and the other Reviews und Ulack
wood for January, 1855. -
VVrriui of Subecription. Any one Review ot
Klavkuood, $3 a year. Blackwood nnd one Re'
view or any two Reviews, $5. The four Rot
views sud Blackwood, $10. Four copies to one
address, $30.
Postairo on the four Reviews and ttlackwood W
any Pust-oBice in the United Slates, only 60 cent
year on each Keview ana 24 cent a yar a
New York, published by lwnard, SeaU it Co.,
79 Fulton street entrance 54 Gold street
YOU will find an excellent of Drrtt
and Bonnet Silke, Saline and Velvcte; also '
Bonnet Trimminge, Hoeicry, Glueee, Iioree aad
RMune, Table VUilla, Counter yitnte, ttc al til
su.reof ' CHARLES POPE, Jr.,
(Main-st, o;.posite Abcrncthy's store,) where may
b found almost eterything in the line of
Dry Uoodst '
Snch aa Prints, Ginghams, Alpacas, Mei inna,
Plaid Lins. vs, Muslins, Saltinett, Jeans, Finn.
ne, Sheetings, Bed Ticking, Hickory Stripe,.
Cotton Batting, etc.
Oregon City, April 21, 1655-ltf
'lOCOANUTH, Bananas, and other tropical
J fruits, jmt recrivxd from Sandwich 1-lands. ( HAUMAN 4. WARNER.