The new age. (Portland, Or.) 1896-1905, November 25, 1899, Image 1

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The New Age.
?) :
NO. 34.
Di'ulKiuitoil Dcpifltiiry hIiiI
President, It. W
t'orbett, ciifhliT, K 0. Wlthlnc'""; nsltitit cnhlcr,
nn smni ciiMiior, n i Aivorn
!tteri of credit Usucri, avullable tit Kurope nntl the Knitern Pintcs. Sight exchiuise and
lelcRrAi'tili imn-H-r soi-l on Now York, noMun, I hlc&ito, St I'aul, Oum'ia, Shij FrntirUvo, Mid
theiir.i. Ipal points 111 tho Nurthnrst Sitdit ami time bills drnwu In uuii to ult on London,
Paris, Berlin, Vrtuilcfort-oti-tlie-Mnili Hong Kong
Collcotloni made on favorable terms at all accessible jiolnts.
KMiihlUheil in 1850.
Interest allowed on timo deposits.
Collections niitdo nt nil points on favornblo tounB. Letters ot credit Issued
(Tallablo In Europe nnd tho Fastem slates.
Sight oxohango nnd Telegraphic Transfers sold on Now York, Washington,
Chicago, St. Louis, Deuvor, Omaha, Snn Francisco and various points in Oio
gon, Washington, Idaho, Montnmi nnd British Coluinbin.
Exchongo gold on Loudon, Pat is, Berlin, Frankfort nnd Uong Kong.
The United States National Bank
Transaots a General Banking Business.
Drafts issued available in all cities of tho United States and Kurope.
filumauer-Frank Drug Co.,
Wholesale Distributors
Til HiT'll TTT l 71 fT 1
Silk and Wire Bolting Cloth of all numbers. Cotton, Leather and
Chain Belting1 of all sizes. The only Exclusive Mill Supply House.
Telephone Grant 86 J. 49 FIRST STREET.
Steel and Wood Ship Builders.
Manufacturers of Saw and Shingle- Mill Machinery, Pollers, Engines, Head
IHocka, lurging Engines and Loggers' Supplies, steel Riveted Pipes for Flumes
and Drv Kilns. Iron, Semi-stool nnd Hrass Castings for all purposes. Special
attention given to all kinds of repairs. Agonts for Magnolia Anti-Friction Metal.
Is the very
Other brands arc not JUST AS GOOD.
KUSALANA is packed in one pound lead packages, put up in Ceylon, while the
U is still FRESH and AROMATIC. If your dealer has not got it he can pt it from us.
Corbitt $c Wlacleay Co.,
Tea Importers. PORTLAND, OR.
fi.!n..i. f ii. ninl It.iiililor
fwa Ttasilrnrhf
poait. I eUl'OrriHTU I'ft llltll IT -.U'lTC'H i. iniMUinu...,,
In.wt!...d r..iitiiiiiiiiin. mill HlU'iUuiilniiitsni nmu li"inu
, u - -- ; .. ,- , . ....., i ii.,...
lUUIIH"! , .-l ,
. . (- . ... I.' 1 1 . .. . - . .. I rini.Fl ill I'll I it lit .' I ! Hi
thebie'Htilai.tinK i.HMin-in tln.'H'UK ";ii
thetuMJ'J.KXlwS' Uquitu rori.j'iini'l, uti fi w '
Finest and Most Central
Storao Rntos Roasoi
riliiinrliil Aki'IiI of the I illicit Ntiitc.
J. W. Newklrkj second
JACOD KA.MM, Vico-Prcsidont.
Beau Brummel
The Best 5 Cent Cigar Made
For Snle bg All Dealers.
144-M6 Fourth Street,
finest grade of
KER iron Works
tiiiiihlti Ni u-ICi l uthni ( t'rilio,
IlrU-b-Puit Dc.
fit, i id r,iiuu, Ncmnuneiit, nil
iklnl.titiJ ur iii-i-ased (.oiiilltloii ol
r 8
.n. '1 lit: otfuct OD
"1. 'i i'"'1"- " ' ; "
uso i ' ' " " ' "'
Storehouse in the City,
Chonp Insuranoo.
Cor. Fourth and DnvlR.
Pumping1 Plants of any Capacity,
Wilfrey Concentrators, S. F. Air
Compressors and Giant Drills,
Mining Hoists, Cars, etc., Hoe
Chisel Tooth Saws. Saw Mills,
Shingle Mills and Woodworking
Machinery. Pittsburg Boiler
Scale Resolvent, (No charge if
not satisfactory).
29 to 35 First Street, PORTLAND ,
34 and 36 Fremont St., S. F. I
Mrs. Luov Thurman Is-
iLing Portland.
A DKlLLinni ijuuvncu
I liiriN I'tuli-i- tli Auspice or tlw
V. T. I'. (liinil i:l ic:i t Iciiiii 1 Wl
(lie Southern State.
Mrs. Lucy lhunnnn, world nuua
tionul superintendent for tho e' Jed
section of tho Wonmn'H Uhivfttinu
Temperiinco Union, arrived in rt
land Wednesday. Slio is a noted HpuVcor
on toinneranco and race nuostiouniniu
methods of securing tho former a'
eliminating tho latter. Sho tn
ni'mi flu nmiiitrv nt-. roifiilnr inlnr"
encouraging old unions and staying
now ones. In this city she is tho uost
of tho now Lucy Thurman colored un
ion, under whoso auspices sho will'do-
liver her main lectures hero.
Mrs. Thurman was born in Toronto,
Canada, in IS"'2. Personally, :sho
knew nothing of tho blighting offoots
of hhnery, yet her love for those of her
raco less fortunate than herself was so
strong that at tho age of 17 she left
homo determined to do something for
their elevation. At Rochester, N. V.,
she met two of tho nation's leading
colored men, Frederick Douglass and
William Wells Jlrown, who recognized
her ability and secured for her a school
in Maryland, which sho taught for
three years. She then went to Mlchi
l'iui. where sho married, and whoro sho
..till liitu iwivtttii ttnti t lwittwt
It was in Toledo, O., that Mrs. Thur
man decided to give up her life to tem
perance won;, in tno yearn iniu ioi
lowed sho linn held many responsible
positions in tho Woman's Christian
Temperance union. Sho was for four
years president of the .lackson county,
Michigan, union, and for two years
superintendent of tho colored work in
that state. Sho was president of tho
llrst colored women'
met at Atlanta, (ia
congress, wmcii
In 1SU2. Vhe'
satneyear she was a delegate to the
world's Women's Christian Temper-
mice Union convention, in Loiidmi.
Ill IKIKI the
national convention at
Chicago elected "her to her present su
nerintondencv. Sho is now also liicsl-
dent of tho state colored Woman's
.i . .! ... 'i'. ........r. it..i....
l II11M1IIU ll'IMJIUllllItU I'iiiwii.
Ill speaking of the social positior of ;
. .... .'.... . 1
,v ....."...
the Negro, Mrs. Thurman said it is bet
,......,.. Llli. ifr L! !.,.
tor now than ever and impioving oery
day. It was for this puproso that tho
colored association was organized. It
doesn't udwieato equal social position
or intermingling in the South, for it
! knows this l- impossible, bu it lollows
along tho lino of mothers' ' meetings,
kindergartens, rescue works, homes for
tho aged, homes- for motherless children
and all moral and religious training.
Tho immediate object is to elevate thu
women of the race and to change their
Ininu surroundings. It also seeks tho
establishment of public schools in tho
South for colored children, as they aro
not peiimtted to attend most of tho
ordinal y schools there.
Tho association has already founded
many sclnols, the largest of which is
tho Hooker Washington, whoo course
of studv includes
21 departments. Ho-
sides tho ordinary
branches of study,
it has great industrial departments,
where tho boys an taught tho trades
and the girls such household initios as
domestic conking, kitchen woik, sew
ing, nursing of tho sick, etc. In tho
last !I0 years over 25,0Uti colored toach
cm huio graduated from Southern
Mrs. Thiuinaii Wednesday night ad
dressed a lni'L'o audience at tho Sunny
side Methodist church, under tho au
spices of tho Suiuiysido union. Mrs.
Ambler, president of the SuntiVHido
union, presided, and Mrs. L. II. Ad
ditnn wux seated on tho platform.
After instrumental music, sripturo
lending and prayer by Mrs. Additou,
Mrs. Thurman was introduced, ami for
er mi hour held thu attention pf tho
audience to ail eloquent and able ad
dress along tempcruuee lines, mid
hugely pertaining to tho progress mud)
l tlie ciiluie I jMiople of the Southland,
"he began her line locturo by a touch,
in allusion to the slavery of tho col-
oied people, a system, Mill HMid, wlltclj
uislavcd the body, but uot tho sjirilt
mil soul ol the black man. Then l)0
-peaker coiujmred the sluxory of tho
eoliirod rmo with that of intern per
aut', which, oho declured, was many
told uoihfl, for it euslavud thu soul on
well as the lody. Tim procession of
liiii.oiio drunkards, tho said, was cnur
marching on and receiving recruits
ii-oin the homes all ovor tho country,
the rich as well ns tho poor. It is this
eil, she said, that tho W. C. T. U.
uu strhing to eradicato. Passing
fioin thid iKiiut, Mrs. Tlnirmiui dis
cussed tho onditioii of tho colored peo
ple of tho Southland and her work in
. II
X in
that portion of tho United Statos. She kinds of desiroblu hooksi now and suo
llrst told of tho fcchool sho was led to onddiand eohool hooka at icdiicod
teach in Maryland on a plantation
through tho iullueuco of Frederick
Doimlnxs and (loneial O I). Howard,
the latter then head of the Freed man
bureau ot education. The school wax
on an old plantation, and there were
7(1 pupils, tanging in age from fi to 7o
,vear, and among her pupils va an
"auntie" 7.". years of age, who wanted
to learn to lead the Hlblc. it was
here she witnessed the strong desire
that tile colored people had to learn
and lie taught. Mrs. Thurman re
marked that'the colored people of the
South had been largely misjudged, and
she confessed that, taking into consid
eration the fact that they had come
from years of hondime, their progress
in educational and industrial lines had
been remarkable.
The most interesting and instructive
part of her lecture- wa her account of
tho great suhools that have been estab
lished for the education of the colored
youth of the Southland. It was no
doubt a revelation to many present.
She told of the great university at At
lanta, lia., with its hundreds of stu
dents, the gieat school at Savannah,
and at other cities of tho South, where
the colored youth receive higher edu
cation. Along these lines site consid
ered that the advance of her people
had been most wonderful, coining as
they did so recently from the kinds of
slavery. schools, sho said, are the result
the endeavors of the colored people
themselves. Sho visited one college,
near Savannah, which is on a planta
tion where there had been hundreds of
slaves, but where now there were !I00
lino you tig colored men being edu
cated. Still on this same plantation
are the old cabins tho samo as they
wero in tho days of slavery. She
spoke of the thrift of the colored pecplo
in many places, and of their place
among tlie industries of tho Southland,
talking with great force along this lino,
and demonstrating the capabilities of
tho colored raco for development and
progress. Tho speaker said that sho
hail entered tho work among her own
people about 1805. She spoke of her
visit to Loudon as the delegate in 1HUII
to the world's W. U. T. U. convention,
when she became the guest of Lady
J Henry Somerset. Tho same year sho
had attended the llrst great convention
of cohned women of tho South, which
convened at Atlanta, Ga., and was
there chosen presiding ollleer.
Her address was packed full of Infor
mation from the opening to tho close,
ami sue spoKo wmi groin iiuouoy. mhi
will lm at tho homo of Mrs. Addlton,
-' 'u Second street, wiiero slm will lu
pleased to meet the members of tho W.
i C. T. U. of Portland.
,. ,
Miiiuny evening .irs. uiiirmau win
speak at the Jiothel .Methodist Kpisco-
pal ciitircn. .Mrs. intirmiin win also
tieiiviu- iiircu iiiiiui'sses miner wienie
, . . .,... 4....1 ....I.... ll... .1.......
" '"; " "'" '"". "'" "'
111 wliiuli 111'.. IIU IllllllU't SIllllllllV ll.
' .? ...' ............ ..,......,,, ....
vember L'li, :i:!10 P. M., at First I!aitist
church, corner of Twelfth and Taylor;
Monday, November i!7, U:!it) P. M., at
tho regular meeting of the union; Mon
day, 8 P. M., Second Itaptist church,
Fast Atikeny and Seventh. These
meetings are all freo to tho public.
"IIi-oh ii'm III Town."
An intended laugh is tho way the
management of "Ilrown's in Town"
describes tho newest farce which will
bo tho attraction at I'ordray's next
week. It is ruploto with hiiiiioious
complications, and is said to brim
over with witty thrusts and a choice
selection of catchy musical numbers.
Tho action of thu farce all takes place
during one summer's day in tho coun
try homo of a man supposed to bo Mr.
lirown, but in nnility is the young
hero. The plot hinges on the desire
of a young man who marries at tho
ago of '2'i against the wishes of bis
father and takes his bride to the coun
try phn'o to concoct a schemo whereby
ho can break the news to his irate
parent. Ho wishes to bo alone, but
his friends and relatives happen in,
and to keep his marriage a secret,
causes quite a uumlicr of complications
to arise. Three acts are used ill which
to tell tho story, the llrst being morn
ing, the second afternoon and the third
"A M ranger In New Yiuh."
"A Straiigor in Now York," with
Otttohy songs and music, new Hennery
and capable jieople, opened a week's
f engagement lust ineuiug at the drand
opera house, to standing room, says
tho St. Paul Pioneer-l'russ. Tho piece
In a musical comedy in three tuts, mid
lius been seen here before. Tho com-
ipuny is woll iwiauceo, tno songs are up
to date, and tho specialties aro good.
Tho duueing of Miss Mh Hello Ilavies
nnd Charles Hooker aro ospocially
commendable. In tho mutter of scenery
too much praise cannot lm bestowed on
I Voogtliu, tho a it i 1.1, for his faithful
roiiroduetioij of one of the swell rooms
in Madison Square Harden.
I'aul F. Nicholson, jr., u the
htraugor in New York, is uuique and
gives popular promise of creating a
thoroughly new comedy character.
"Tho Stranxer" will appaar at tho
Marquum (Jrand Novwiubw SO, ao,
with u Tliauksgiviug matiueo.
Portland Hook nnd Btatiotmrv Coin,
pnny will buy, soil oi uxohango till
prices. 203 'a Morrison Btieot, botwoon
Fiout and Firiit.
From All Parts of the Now
World and the Old. I
'CoiiiireliiKlv itevlew of Die Import,
lint lliiiitinnluuH nf the I'iikI Week
Culled Trout the Tilfi;riili Columns
Leather and hides are going up rap-
The Poors have Fstcourt cut olY on ,
all sides. j
Much anxiety is folt for a number of i
vessels long overdue nt San Francisco. I
Four transports with relnforcotneiiLM '
for Otis sailed from San Francisco
A wireless telegraphic company was.
organized in Now lork; capital, $12,
000,000. Hundreds of Poors wero killed near
Liidysmith Thursday. The llritlsh loss
was slight.
Tho Protestant Kplscopal church
has decided to send missionaries to our
now possessions.
The supremo court has decided that
the Northern Pacillc railroad cannot
hold a -100-foot strip thtough Spokane.
Tho wreck of tho barkentino Juno
Falkonburg was found oil' Capo Flat
tery with nothing on board but a black
Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Paul, St.
Louis, (ialveston and Philadelphia are
all after tho Republican national con
vention. Transcontinental railroad pnpscngor
rates have been restored as a result ot
a conference held in Portland by tho
various lines.
Tho Yuqul Indians aro drilling like
soldiers, and are being exhorted bj
their chiefs to light until the whites
aro all exterminated.
While showing a friend how he
would drop a footpad, a Portland
butcher shot and seriously wounded a
boy who was looking on.
Ten ships aro reported to liavo gone
ashore on the straits of Magellan. It
is feared their crews havo fallen into
the hands of tho cannibals.
After a thorough investigation tho
Ciormau government finds that tho in
spection of meats as conducted in this
country to bo perfectly roliable.
Fmporor William is in Kughtiid.
Ho was received with all tho ,pomp of
royalty. Public buildings wero deco
ra tod with llritlsh, German mid United
States Hags.
The Sumoait treaty will soon bo dis
posed of. Secretary Hay merely awaltH
tho arrival of text of agreement entered
into between Germany mid Great lirit
Tho industries of Cuba aro in n de
plorable condition. In two province
the destruction of sugar interests alouo
is estimated at .fllSO, (Mil), 000, mid there
mo no oll'orts at rebuilding.
Because tho supremo lodge has do
cided to rerato old members, thereby
iuci easing tho assessments, the K nights
and Lai lies of Honor in Now Jersey are
talking of secession.
A special session of tho Washington
legislature is boinj; talked of.
A steel palace for tho mikado ol
Japan is to bo designed and built by
Chicago men.
Oklahoma wants statehood. A lobby
of lfi persons has been appointed to g;
to Washington,
There is a movement on foot to hold
in Chicago next November an interna
tional livestock fair.
Smallpox has broken out among thu
colored boldiora of tho Forty-llfth regi
ment at Angel island.
Kentucky Republicans insist on in
stalling Taylor as governor, mid it is
said force may bo used.
Tho American consul at Pretoiia has
been rofused permission by tho statu
department to bundle money for Lug
libit soldiers.
Two hundred Spanish prisoners have
boon sunt to tho pioviuco of Punuy. A.,
vessel witli food and clothing will bo
sent to them.
A brilliant display of meteors was
witnessed at lurmiugham, Ala. A
number of uogioos In their fuur, re
sorted to prayer. fJJ
Ah a result of n collision on tho
Onmlm railroad near Humboldt, S. ).,
five persons were killed and a number
of others fatally injured.
A lurgo force of Hours are nqmrtod to
bo moving south. Sir Alfred Milner,
governor of Cupu Colony, has issued a
proclamation assuring tho Hutch that
they will receive protection.
The ubw revolutionary movement is
widespread and Colombia Is said to bo
iu u bud way. Heavy tribute is beiny
levied for tho support of tho govern
ment and business Id practically at a
Tho commissioner of Indian affairs,
W. A. Jones, iu his annual rejioit
mnkos recommendation for more Indian
hcliuols, Thoro is to be no extinguish
ment of tho Indian population, but ol
the tribes.
riotormuritzbtirg jls threatened by
tho Hours.
Window glass jobbers of Now York
have organized.
Many bonds aro being purchased by
the government; now.
Tho United States cruiser Montgom
ery has arrived at Montevideo.
A largo corporation was organized iiu
Haker City, Or., to develop arid binds.
In oonsoquot'eo of Lord Salisbury'!
bereavement, diplomatic matters will
be delayed.
It Is said thr.t tho Poors movo so fast
nnd often that tho Hrltlsh cannot keep
track of thorn.
Tho Americans aro in control of
vastly greater territory in Luzon than
they wero a month ago.
Agtiinaldo, with a few men, womoti
and carts, was seen between San Fabian
and San Fernando on Friday,
James D. Hlohurdson will very prob
ably bo tho leader of the minority in
tho next hotiso of representatives.
As a matter of convenience for theii
Western busiuess, tho Pullman com
pany will build lepalr shops in Denver.
A llrooklyn court has rendered a de
cision that school boards cannot bo
forced to admit negroes in whito
The Vancouvor (H. O.) chief of no
lice believes he has tho long-sought
Tascott, the murderer of Mlllloniaio
Suell, of Chicago.
Tho Hrltlsh court of appeals has re
versed tho lower court and will permit
the Mexican International railroad to
proceed with its plan for funding ita
0 per cent bonds.
Tho navy department has awarded
tho contract for u dry dock at the
League Island navy-yard, Philadelphia,
to tho Atlantic, Gulf & l'nulllc Com
pany, for if 782,000.
A reiHirt has been rocelvod at Vic
toria of tho drowning in Alaska of a
Mrs. Dumhlotuii, another woman and
three unknown men. They wero car
ried under tho ice iu a small boat.
Hecauso ho transferred his Washing
ton home, the gift of patriotic citizens,
llrst to his wife and later "to his son,
Admiral Dewey is tho subject of much
censure, and contributors to thu fund
will accept no explanation.
Congress will be petitioned to croato
positions for Fitzhtigh Leo and "Ola
1 loss" Whcoler. A fund will also bo
started to purchase each of them u
sword. Tho movement is being engi
neered by young ladles, who want theli
idols to bo major-generals. 'Miu llrsto
meeting was held iu Chicago.
The liners are said to bo pillaging.
Reports of great Hritish victories aro
not continued.
Four thousand miners iu Indiana
have gone on a wage strike.
Democratic newspapers iu Kentucky
now concede Taylor nearly 2,000.
Cattle now command tho highest
prices since 188'J in tho Chicago mar
kets. Lumbermen in this country think
that Canada is too sovero Inhoriretalla
tiou. Tho Standard Oil Compai.w hat
raised tho price on crude oil to a point
thu highest iu four years,
Tho revenuo cuttoi Manning will
soon leave Now York for tho North Pa
cific coast, where she is to remain iu
President's message will 11 buhl
oitiin until the latest possible timo,
awaiting developments lu tho Philip
pines. -
Two confessed horse-thlovos In Illi
nois traveled a lough - road on their
way to jail mid nanowly escaped
lynching twice.
A teiriblo battle took place last
Thursday between Colombian robol.i
and government forces. A thousand
rebels wore killed. &
Walter Morohead, of Loudon, ya-jt ,
stockholder iu the Soiitheiu Paoillp?
has appealed to tho court to nut aslda
tho recent reorganization.
Tho Hchoouor Maple Leaf win
wrecked abreast of New Glasgow. Her
captain, now dead, was to have been
mariiod on his ai rival iu pert.
Tho torpcdo-lout Dtihlgivn is dot up
to requirements and her buildois will
have to pay lines. Tho boat, it is said,
should uot have been accepted.
General Puiistou says that Colonel
Mutcalf is not guilty of tho charged of
murdering a Filipino preferred against
him by a member of tho Twentieth
The Santa Fu Is stretching out for
trade In northern California. It ban
recently bonded tho Klamath road,
the Hull Line alsmt Furoku harbor and
imiiiouko tracts of limber land.
Hy the death of Vice-President Ho
hart, tho oilico of vice-president be
comes vacuo t fur the rust of MoKiti
ley's, Uriu. Tho piesident pro tout of
the ttuuatu will be elected when con
gress meets.
Aaron Wolfsohn, who was supposed,
to havo committed suicide in Los An
geles last sunitnur, has turned up in
Chicago. Ho was lu ignorance of tho
fact that ho had been mutinied as dead.
Alleged lulutlvos collected : 10,000 Ufa.