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The experiment of opening the li
brary every day through the months
of January and February was such a
success that the Hoard has decided
lo continue it Indefinitely. Miss Lot
tie Klnnalrd, after finishing her six
months' apprentice work, has be.en hir
ed as a regular assistant.
Transients may be allowed the priv
ileges of the library by the deposit of
one dollar which sum shall be return
ed upon request when all books and
periodicals have been returned to the
library, or upon furnishing a satis
factory guarantor. Non-residents may
have the use of the library upon the
payment of an annual membership
fee of $1.50. This rule was made to
accommodate residents of Underwood
who have applied for the privilege ot
the library.
Mrs. H. Baker, who has been spend
ing the winter with her nephew, Mr.
Fuller, has returned to her home in
Mr. and Mrs. Allen went to town
Mr. Miller, who has been living in
George Ogden's house, moved his
family last week to the "Scotch Boys"
Mrs. F. Massee was on the sick
list last week but Is rapidly recover
ing. S. Miller from Summit has moved
his family into the house of Mr. Scott
formerly occupied by H. K. Daven
port. The Cameron's of Odell took Sun
day dinner with the Hansens in cele
bration of Bruce 's thirteenth birthday.
The household furniture of Dr. J.
H. McVay has been brought out to
his new place recently purchased
from C. R. Bone. As soon as the
house Is repaired Dr. and Mrs. McVay
will come to make their home here.
Arthur Hansen of Pine Grove spent
Sunday at his home here.
Mrs. F. McDonald has been on the
sick list for the past week but is
better now.
Mrs. O. H. Hill royally entertained
the Whist Club at her home Saturday
night. Everyone had a most enjoy
able time.
Miss Mary Sheppard visited with
Ruth Clark over Sunday.
Miss Gertrude Hansen was brought
back from the hospital last Friday.
She is recovering rapidly from her
operation and will soon be able to be
I s
Copyright Hart Schalfaer 8c M
' ' '- ' ' y--.,.
Men's Clothes
Do you want new clothes for Easter
Sunday? . Everybody decorates for
that day, or before; no reason why
you shouldn't. You'll find the proper
things here for the occasion.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
and Clothcraft Clothes
Guaranteed all wool, correct in style,
fit and workmanship In the very new
est patterns. Guaranteed Suits for
$10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and t.
The latest shapes in Spring Hatt;
the finest neckwear in new patterns;
the newest and snappiest footwear In
the newest lasts and styles.
Boysf Two-Piece Suits
A splendid new lot just received. We
can best supply your needs in this line
as we carry the largest assortment
and mark them at prices that will be
within the reach of all. Suits for the
boys in all the new styles and pat
terns for
61.75, $2 and up
See our line of DENT GLOVES for
ladies and gentlemen.
New Spring Suits, Goats and
Dresses for Ladies'
A complete showing of women's and
misses' new 8prlng models suitable
for all occasions. Popular short and
three quarter length style with cut
away or rounded corners mad up
from all the leading fabric Including
Serges, Bedford Cords, Coverts,
Whipcords, Fancy Striped Materials,
Poplins, Silk, etc., Lined or unlines,
trimmed with velvet and silk collar
and cuffs in new Bulgarian effects.
Just take a look at our new Spring
Stock and note the reasonable prices.
2nd Floor.
SPECIAL-All-Wool Dress Goods
Here is a Special buy in some splend
id all wool good In color Tan, Light
Blue and Light Green, not so very
much of this but it I regular $1.00 a
yard material 42 Inches wide and of
very fine texture. Your choice the
A New and Complete Line of Men'
Kahki, Corduroy and Cottonade Work
Pants just received and at money
saving prices. Let us show you.
Boys' Separate Pants
Boy' Separate Pant can be had for
45c and up in Brown. Grey, Blue, Tan,
In fancy and plain material. For
boy from 3 to 18 year.
part wool material, good serviceable
patterns. Value up to the yard 60c.
Your choice the yard
SPECIAL Summer dress goods in
Lawns, Voiles, and novelty waistlngs.
Values up to the yard 35o. Your
choice the yard
Try a pair of our American Gentle
men or Seltz Royal Blue Shoes for
Men. The snappiest and best line of
Dress Shoes in the city at most
reasonable prices.
Ask to see those $1.98 Special Priced
Work Shoes for men. These Special
Value cannot be equalled anywhere
for th money.
Millinery for Easter
We have one of the best selected
stocks that has ever been displayed
in the city. Every whim and fancy of
this season is represented, and there
is hardly a shape, a color, a shade or
any kind of trimming that cannot be
found in this collection. Be sure and
visit this department for it will mean
a good saving to you in your new
Easter bonnet. 2nd Floor.
JP J Jt. Riser's largest and Best Store
A chicken dinner will he served
Saturday in the Bell Building be
tween the hours of 12 and 2 for the
benefit of St. Mark's Episcopal
church, all the receipts being donated
to the church. Price 50 cents. Tables
may be reserved by calling any or.e
of the committee, which is as follows:
Mrs. V. J. Baker.
Mrs. Arthur Clarke.
Mrs. R. D. Gould.
St. Mark's Church
Fifteen head of good farm mares
and geldings, weighing from 1200 to
1500 lbs. Suitable for ranch. Some
well matched, blocky built. All horses
guaranteed. C. W. TODD, Fashion
There will be a special observance
of Easter at St. Mark's Episcopal
church. Rev. Joseph Sherrin, gener
al missionary worker for Western Ore
gon, w ill conduct services and preach.
There will also be a special program
of Easter music by a choir of 15
voices. Miss Ida Bryant is organist.
Rev. B. A. Warren of The Dalles con
ducts a Lenten service tomorrow
(Thursday) evening at eight o'clock.
Regular services at 11 o'clock Sunday.
Lime and Sulphur Spray. Kelly Bros.
Bargain pair of good ranch horses.
Weigh 2450. Sound and true. $200.
Call at Fashion Stables.
The News for fine printing.
Riverside Church Services
"The All-Compelling Christ" will be
the theme of the Palm Sunday sermon
next Sunday morning. In the even
ing the pastor will by special request
preach on the theme "Who Crucified
Jesus and Why?" Appropriate music
at each service. The public is cord
ially invited.
Coal or Wood delivered on short no
tice. Taft Transfer Company. 7tfc
A General Mass Meeting of all growers of Hood River
Valley is called for
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19th, AT 10:30 A- M.
at Heilbronner Hall, in the City of Hood River, for the pur
pose of organising a
Central Selling and
Shipping Association
with a view of properly distributing all products of the Hood
River Valley.
As the results to be obtained from the meeting will be
of vital importance to every individual interest in the entire
valley, your presence is urgently requested.
C. F. GILBERT, President
E. D. KANAGA, Vice Pres.
II. T. DeWITT, Sec'y and Treas.
Power Sprayer
Agricultural Implements, Farm Wagons and Vehicles
Spray Pumps and Gas Engines, Harness
Stump Pullers, Wire Fence
' Incubator
Peter Schuttler
John Deere
United State
Spike Tooth Harrow
Spring Tooth Harrow
Extension Disc
John Deere
Spray Fixtures
Spray Hose
Rotary Disc Plows
Auto Supplies
Hood River, Oregon, Mar. 12, 1913
Dear Sir:
At last Spring is here. Already the newspapers are publishing the
latest productions of the Spring poets. We've got some feelings like that too,
but haven't time to publish them. We're busy with our customers.
Everything Is In demand. Buggies, Wagons, Harrows, Discs, Plows all
lines are on the, boom. Customers are demanding John Deere goods. They
are looking for the trade mark. Buyers are getting educated. They know
a good thing when they see it.
Automobiles are beginning to emerge from their hiding places. New
models are in demand. Old ones are Tor sale. We've got both. Some of
our customers who want new cars have listed their old ones with us for sale.
And some of thera are bargains We know the cars, and the people who have
run them. Know how they have been used, and about what they are worth.
If you ask us we'll tell you. We'll show you where you can get a bargain.
And our new models are beauties. More luxurious, more roomy, more
owejrt. Price ranging from $975 for a complete touring car, fully equlppod,
to $5000. Bigger values than ever for your money. We have sVid more
cars In Hood River than any other dealer. We have given irorn service.
We have sold better cars. We have more satisfied customers. RIGHT NOW
la the time to Investigate. Get your order In if you don't, you may not
feet your car as soon as you want it. Then we'll both be disappointed.
Order now and we'll both be happy.
And RIGHT NOW Is a good time, too, to get your new buggy. Start
early, and get the full year satisfaction out of It. No need to wait till
Summer. Get it now. Or maybe It s a Spring Wagon you want. We have
a dandy line. All sizes colors styles. All new.
With Spring comes spraying time. Can you afford to work the old
hand pump another year? See our power sprayers. Nothing better any
where. No better Bet-vice goes with any outfit than we offer you. Prices
for complete outfit, including hose, rods, nozzles, cutoffs everything range
from $250 to $375. Outfits fully equipped displayed on our floor. Come
in and see them. Ask about them.
If you do use the old hand pump, your hose is probably worn out.
Or you need new rods new nozzles. We have the finest hose we can buy
on the market. Made especially for spraying. The most complete assort
ment of nozzles, brass lined spray rods, leakless cutoffs, drip guards
everything you need for your work.
A full and complete line of hand pumps and repairs. Barrel pumps
bucket pumps prices from $2.50 to $45.00. We doubt if you could find
a more complete line of spray pumps and fittings. In the City of Portland.
Our line Is worth Investigating. Call.
As to the Dog.'
"My doi; understand every word I
"Cm "
"Do you doulit It 7"
"No; I do not iloiidt the brute In
telllceine. The scant atteutlon be be
stow your run vermilion would
liiilii'iite Unit lie understands It per
fectly .'-Kmix.iN City Journal.
Had Poor Taste.
"That' ii viiliiiiliie do of your.
i "Ye, tin lit doewn't know be'
, valuable doit .,k nt hltn. will you,
I arniti'liliiv yonder In Unit i henp dirt
' when he illicit if well be tip the botila
: vii id r;it liltiK In ground worth $.VX
a front foot?"- Washington Herald.
Difficult Tongue to Master.
A cynic who snys be sptnik from ei
perlenc declares that a linguist may
be able to mnster all the modern
torijnies except hi wife'. London
Wasted Effort.
"Now, waiter." said the new cus
tomer In a certain restaurant of the
less fashionable type, "I want an oys
ter stew, and I want you to give the
cook particular directions. The milk
must be carefully bested Orst Just
uort of boiling. Then the oysters
must be added without the Juice. That
must not be put la until the seasoning
Is added. As for the oysters, I want
Mill Ponds. Use the best milk and gilt
edged creamery butter. Now, do yon
think you understand 7" "Yesalr, said
the waiter. And be went to the kitch
en wicket and yelled, "Put on oner'
Newark Star.
Brown I wish I belonged to golf
Jones Tou don't need to.
"How o"f"
"Just walk Or mile or to, and
every twenty or thirty yard bit the
pavement a hsrd whack with your
tick and wear." Exchange,
LOST Diamond ring, between Park
street schoolhouse and 12th street on
the Heights, between six and seven
Wednesday evening. Wrapped In
handkerchief. Finder please return
to News office. ll-12c
FOR RENT Garage on Seventh be
tween Oak and Cascade street. In
quire of W. K. Hanson. 11 12p
HORSES For sale at my place.PeT
er Mohr, Phone 6039. 11 12c
FOR RENT Two partially furnished
living rooms above Reed & Hender
son's office. Light, water and fuel fur
nished. Inquire Reed t Henderson,
TO RENT Garden and house on
Armstrong place, Paradise Acreage.
Inquire Reed & Henderson, lltfc
PAY A LITTLE each week or month
and own a Sweeper-Vac the little
vacuum cleaner that makes house
cleaning unnecessary as least as far
as taking up rugs and carpets. "It
does the business" thoroughly, easily
and the cost is trifling. Take one on
trial. Put It to work on a rug you
have Just cleaned by any other meth
od and If you are not the most sur
prised woman In town, we will send
for It Immediately. K. A. Frnnx Co.
Extra Special. On Friday and Sat
urday, March, 14 and 15, we will have
our second showing of spring hats,
which have come in since our opening
and which we have trimmed especial
ly for this showing. Everyone cord
ially invited to attend. tllbson Sis
George James, wife and little son of
Itusum are spending a few weeks