The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, December 11, 1912, Page 3, Image 3

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I Qorrcepondcncc i
The JupuiieHH, Iwatsukl, whose ukull
was fractured in a runaway at his
place near Udell, U doing remarkably
well. Our resident doctor attended
him. The case w as very serious as 20
or 30" small pieces of bone were re
moved, but it now seems certain that
he will recover.
Mr. and Mrs. lloyt and sons have re
turned to Hood River City for the
winter. Mr. Hoyt is the efficient in
spector at the Union warehouse here.
Mr. and Mrs. Friday will occupy the
Otten house in Hood River during the
winter while Mr. and Mrs. Otten ere in
Southern California.
Saturday waB moving day. Mr.
Purdy moved Into the house recently
purchased from Mr. Folts so as to be
settled before the Christmas rush at
the store. Mr. and Mrs. Folts moved
Into their new home, though It is still
Miss Bell is staying with her sister
at Duke's Valley and Miss Reed Is at
the doctor's until Sunday evening.
Rev. Carson will preach at the M. E.
Church at 11 a. m. next Sunday and
there will be special music. The Sun
day School, which was dared by Mr.
Knapp to attain to the 100 mark, did
that and 5 better. The attendance was
105. Mrs. L. A. E. Clark is their effi
cient superintendent.
Dr. McKee preached at the Union
Church and received two Baptists by
letter from the Heights Church. He
also preached at night.
A telegram Sunday night to Harry
Connoway said that his mother at San
Francisco is steadily failing. She had
taken pneumonia and her condition is
such that Mr. Counaway may leave at
any time to go to her unless she rall
ies. M. D. Odell will lead the Christian
Endeavor meeting next Sunday. Come
and help him as he is going ou his va
cation soon, tiring the song books.
A get-together meeting will be held
this (Wednesday) evening at Will
Kemp's. The subject la "Peace."-
The ParentB' and Teachers' Circle
will meet next Friday at 2:30 p. m. at
the schoolhouse. Please come, all
those who are interested, men and wo
men, to the Union Church Friday a. m
with your dinner and help prepare for
Christmas by fixing the horse racks,
and cleaning up. A good time is as
sured all day.
Both churches will have "doings" on
the Christmas holidays, but on differ
ent nights to be announced next week.
A Christmas Bazaar will be held
(Wednesday) afternoon at three and
continue through this evening at the
Odd Fellows Hall. Hot supper will
be served at five by the M. K. Ladies'
It is announced that, an Informal re
ception will bo held at the library
rooms Friday evening to mark the
opening of the Odell Publio Library,
ff you have magazines or books to do
nate to our branch, bring them for
everybody's use. MIbs Northey will
l here. Light refreshments will be
I. N. Williams has come to make his
home with his father-in-law, Dr. Dutro.
In answer to Inquiries we HtaU.ou
authority that the Union chuVch has
neither disbanded or federated. A f.-w
of its prominent membeers have uiit
ed with five former BaptistB from Lie
Heights church In a federation In sup
port of Rev. J. R. Hargnaves as
preacher. Services next Sunday at 8
o'clock. Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Endeavor 7 p. m. Special music.
Virginia Dutro and Laura Foils con
tended fcr the Frani biscuit pria ard
Laura almost got it. Try again girls.
ChaB. Davis has gone to California
and other members of the family ex
pect to Join him there Boon.
Mr. Chapman has returned frcm Sa
attle and 1b superintending clearing on
the Sherrard and Chapman ranch near
Neal Creek. He has a force of four
Japanese and R. R. Lewis Is running
the grubbing machine with his teeam
and C. Knapp is plowing with J. M.
Shelley's team. Good weather for the
Mrs. S. Talmage writes from Sandy
that Mrs. Blanche Shelley was the
first woman to cast her vote in Sandy
and Mrs. Talmage was the second.
The women elected one of the council
men. Liquor was the issue at Sandy
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman have gone to
The Union Chapel Association in
vites all its members and friends to
hear Rev. Edward A. Harris of River
side church, Hood River, preach next
Sunday, December 15, at three p. m
The Franz store has recently Inaug
urated delivery service to the dam.
Many teams have been added to
those drawing supplies to the dam and
the barns are now full. A force of mpn
is now employed unloading the heavy
machinery Including dynamos, water
motors and the like.
The hutching season is now on at
the local hatchery and thousands of
fry are making their appearance every
day." Captain Treiber is carrying
many passengers from across the river
and has made arrangements to do this
for the same fare charged for the trip
across the river.
Twohy Brothers, contractors, hav
ing completed the fill for the railroad
here, have moved to Cooks, where
they are to make another large fill.
Wanted Men nnd women to lenrn
wntchtnnklnK nnil enjjni vlnjf, few
tnontliM only learning. Practical
work from start. PohUIoiih secured
for Kri'lu"teH. Practical trade not
overdone. Write for particulars.
Watchmaking School, 210 (ilohe
Building, Portland, Ore. 4-!tfe
Apple market 1b Improving.
Acting on a suggestion contained In
a letter received from L. J. Goldsmith,
secretary of the Taxpayers' League,
the county commissioners of Multno
mah county have notified Samuel C.
Lancaster, scenic road builder, that
they might find It necessary to call
for his services In connection with the
construction of the proposed Hood
River road.
Mr. Goldsmith strongly recommend
ed Mr. Lancaster as a consulting engi
neer, and said his services as such
could be secured at the rate of $100
for each mile of road built under his
Following the receipt of the Gold
Smith communication, Philo Hol
brook, county surveyor, and 11. B.
Chapman, road supervisor, held a con
ference with the commissioners, and
said they favored the employment of
Mr. Lancaster later, but did not need
the services of an expert at this time,
due to the fact that only the prelimin
ary surveys for he proposed road are
being made at present,
br ook, Ch aps ai xzvb fflxvc se
Elmer Areson was a Portland visit
or last week.
Walter Nlehans went to Hood River
Friday to attend the basketball game.
Charlie Jensen came from Pine
Grove Sunday to visit his sister, Mrs.
Paul Hansen.
Mr. Niehans went to Hood River
Monday. "
Of the 15 in fttendance at the M.
E. Sunday School In Odell Sunday, 24
were from this neighborhood.
Walter Niehans went to see the dam
at Underwood Sunday.
Miss Zena Miller returned Sunday
from a week end visit with her parents
in Pine Grove.
There will be two weeks' vacation
at Christmas time this year.
J. S. Lester ard ian.ily spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lebter o'
Pine Grove and celebrated J. D. Les
ter's 34th birthday.
Option Expiring -I have an option on
some exceedingly valuable real proper
ty which yields a constant and large
income, fully protected. I cannot hold
it because of lack of cash. If anyone
will furnish reasonable sum, will share
profits. Thorough investigation per
mitted. An absolutely safe invest
ment or I wouldn't be In it myself.
Address at once "B" care News office.
"Good morning, Mrs. McCarty!"
said Mrs. Ryan, as the friends met at
the market."How's all the folks get
tig along?"
"They be all doing well," replied
Mrs. McCarty, "except me old man.
He's been enjoying poor health for
some time, but this mornin' he com
plained of feeling better."
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey of Belmont
were guests at the Shipley home In
Underwood last Sunday. Mrs. Ram
sey tells us that Mr. Shipley's have
built them a beautiful bungalow whose
hospitable doors are ever open to re
ceive their many Hood River friends.
Mr. Isbell and George Gallaway
have finished packing apples for this
Sum Eby has made decided improve
ments on his ranch. He has built a
novel little log potato house and a new
chicken house and park.
Mr. Nunamaker did not make the
trip he planned to make last week but
went Tuesday of this week.
Quite a number of the Belmont peo
ple attended the dedicatory services
of the new Methodist church in Hood
River Sunday.
Miss Lula Rakestraw, a former stu
dent of the Frankton school and
teaching over In Washington, spent
Sunday at the Stout home.
Mr. and Mrs. Kettering shipped
their household goods to Portland the
first of the week where they intend to
make their future home. They will
be missed most by those who knew
them best.
W. M. McConnell and wife from
Spokane dined at the hospitable board
of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey last Friday.
The music club met at the home of
Mrs. Dr. Post Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Winter were
callers at the Ramsey home Saturday.
F. Massee was a visitor at the
Gallaway home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kettering spent the
evening at George Callaway's Friday
Elizabeth Ware plans on being in
the city from December 22 to January
5. She will help or do sewing for
you In your home. Write her at 765
Oak street, Eugene, Ore. 47-50c
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Sunday School at 9:45, H. C. Dietz,
superintendent. Preaching at 11 a. m.
Young People's Meeting at 7:15 p. m.
Evangelistic service at 8 p. m . Prayer
meeting Thursday eveuing at 7:45.
These are all gospel meetings. Our
motto: "Jesus Only." All are cord
ially Invited. W. P. KIRK, pastor.
Regular Sunday excursion to Park
dale. Pleasant tflp for yourself and
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore existing between T.
J. Kinnaird and Fred Y. Larwood un
der the firm name and style of Kin
naird & Larwood, has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent, T. J.
Kinnaird continuing the business, pay
ing all bills and collecting all accounts
due the firm, and assuming its liabili
ties. Dated this 10th day of December,
Are Here at Reasonable Prices
In no instance have we advanced the price.
In many instances we have reduced the price.
Christmas Boxes, 5c to 25c, Free with Purchases' of
Mexican Handmade Lace and Drawn Work, Handkerchiefs, Collars,
Center Pieces, Scarfs, Doilies, Etc., are most acceptable and useful gifts
and surprisingly low in Price HERE.
, I I '
Suit Cases Baps Hand Bags Purses Bead Bags Silver Mesh Bags
$1.75 to $15 $3.50 u, $13.50 75c to $10.00 25c to $1.50 75c to $5.50 75c to $5.00
ocuris, iNecKWCUi, out iiu&u, rviu, oui uuu tvuui vjnuvtrs, ou&peuuexfc, ouuus, ouctv, 111-
fants' Hoods, Bootees, Mittens, Socks, Gowns, Coats, Sweaters, Knit Rompers, Moccasins
m i it
Table Linen Table Sets Fancy Towels Napkins Ladies Waists Umbrellas Barret tes Bar Pins
50c to $3 yd. $3.50 to $25 25c to $1.50 $to$7dz 75c to $7.50 $1.00 to $6.50 10c to $1.50 35c to $1.50
Our Handkerchief Stock was never more complete, ranging in price from 3c to $3.00 each.
Ladies' Plain Linen, 5c to 50c. Embroidered Linen, 25c to $1.00. Linen Lace Handkerchiefs
75c to $3.00. Silk 25c to 75c. Ladies' Dainty Linen Weave Initial Handkerchief, G in box,
Special 75c, or each I5c .........
gg m
m m mm am
A large supply of CHRISTMAS GOODS
has just arrived from Japan. Now is a good
opportunity to purchase
Ghristmas Presentf
Beautiful Sets, Dishes, Flower Vaces
Artistic Articles, Toys, Etc.
Our store is too small to accommodate all, so
we have just opened another new store in the
southeast corner of the...'
Bell 'Building
Japanese Dry Goods Store
Try the New
Made from Oregon's Finest Wheat by Oregon's
Finest Mill
In compliance with the pure food Lawa
XThcrcforc not bleached for color, but made
To Sait the Taste
Hades Better, icjfiter Bread"
JVow at your Grocers
Some one asked a Kentucky Colonel
If there was any cure for a nake bite
exeet whiskey. "Who fares whether
there U or not?" awked the colonel.
Funeral Director and Practical Embalmer
The Idle always have half a mi ml
to do ooniethitiK.