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It has been definitely proven that the residents of Hood River and vicinity know bargains when they see them. Uhe rush
and onslaught on the Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardtvare, Drugs, Shoes, etc., with the opening: f the doors last
Saturday was terrific. There is satisfaction in the knowledge that no one was disappointed. Every one found bargains
according to his or her needs, for every nook and corner is just crammed full of real bonafidc bargains. The same
spirit has had full sway up to the 'time of this paper going to presseager people buying, buying, buying.
lr. B. K. Wright of Portland spent
Sinnl;iy nt hi Hood Klver farm.
Alfred Boor man wn a Portland
litor the fore part of the week.
Mr I) (J. Cruikshuhk left thin
morning to visit relatives In Tncoma
The Hood Kiver Apple Vinegar Co.
1 receiving nil kind of cider apple.
Minx Mildred Mulllkln of The Halle
ha Is-en visiting friend In Hood
Mix Nellie Blower 1 visiting her
nunt. Mr, ('ha. Farly, at Cannon
Mr. (Jeo. Coe spent the fore part
of the week visiting friend In the
Kose City.
Jeff Moler wan down from Kant
Hood Klver Saturday shaking hand
with friend.
The service of the I'nltnrlan
eh ii re h will Im- discontinued until
Sunday, Scptemls-r . St
Kev.Jame Henderson of Vermil
lion, S. Dakota, wa the receut guest
of Mrs. S. I!. Carllle and Ml Maud
Mr. am Mr. M. II. Luiuond, of
Portland, spent a week at the home
of Mr. S. II. Carlisle, Mr. L.imond's
jet your choice Victoria Kuharh
for canning from S. ;. Oxborrow,
end of Belmont road. Telephone
::sr-L. xyxvv
Frank Howard, proprietor of the
new hotel at MohIit, wa a lpiiineH
caller In the city the latter part ff
I he week.
.Indict W. L. l'.radhaw wa In the
city the fore part of the week and
convened court for the purpoxe of
hearing some demurrer.
Oeorge Cooper came down from
The Italic Monday ami spent sev
eral day on hi farm In the odcll
district. Mr. ( oom r I lntereted In
n farm with Mr. O. L. Walter.
Herman Prlggc returned Saturday
from a hunting trip In the mountain
PI trniuf wa the young hunter
ambition. He had a heavy pack on
bla buck when lie arrived In the city
ad we are not so ure that he did
not have ii big fat ham from a buck
deer tucked nwny In hi coinmlar.v.
In your anxiety to load your baskets with the
Groceries, don't forget that there are other departments
viz : --Shoes, Dry Goods, Hardware, Paints, Drugs,
Jewelry, etc. You cannot afford to overlook anything.
For an idea of prices please refer to your last weeks
paper. Great as the rush has been, it has not spoiled
the lines of merchandise, nor has it made any serious
inroad. In a stock of general merchandise of the size
and magnitude of this
brought here to turn into cash quickly, it would
naturally take a good many days of hard selling to
make much of a hole in it.
P. McDonald ha returned from n
few week' 'n 1 1 n t; at Cannon Bcjich.
The Hood Kiver Apple Vincgnt; Co.
1 receiving all kind of elder tipple.
Jchn Miifiie wa a liiiiue caller
at the Cherry City the forepart of the
Mr. Cha. Fnrly left Wednesday
for Cani.oti Peach to upend a few
Mrs. John Mohr wa 'i passenger
for Portland Wednesdaj to viIt
Mr. J. .1. (ilhhon left Thursday
for a trip to Portland where he will
vilt friend.
Mr. nl Mr. I). B. Thomas of Port
land are visiting relative and friend
In Hooil Klver.
Mr. V. C. Brock, accompanied by
her daughter. Ml Kvn. left Wednc.
day for a lirlef vllt In Portland.
.Indue Bronough of Portland spent
evernl day here visiting hi dailgh
ter, Mr. Jo-ph Hall, of the Oak
Grove dlt rlct.
Conductor Clance.v. who I on the
O.-W. K. Ac N. passenger run, 1
spending a few day on hi farm In
the Pine tirove ection.
Ml 1'rijuhart, daughter of Mr.
Wm. Nlchol, returned to Hood Klver
Thursday after spending a few day
visiting friend at The Italic
Fx-County Judge Cnllertoti wn a
hUMtieHcaler In Hood Kiver the lat-
ter part of the week and report
thing on the hum In Portland.
Receives deposits on investment contracts, which It loans on
improved real estate, teturnin such funds to investors at a
guaranteed definite dnte, with definite guaranteed earnings
thereon. An Oregon c np iratinn. Ample Reserve Fund. Under
State supervision. Lacked by Oregon business men.
F O. I'unin. V, P. I.i r. ai h.n J. J' Ja mi kb, f Jwnt m Jolr
II m.T A. a..i t. V ' Klgr . f.m..ri.l. XI '. c...
1 u .. I.L. V f . lilM.rim. ...- I ,k
r K. I
The Hood Klver Apple Vinegar Co.
I receiving nil kind of cider apple.
Kcgular Sunday excursion to Park
i dale. Pleaant trip for yourself and
i Dr. M. A. .lone, formerly of Hood
I Klver, wa up from Portlund and
! pent a few day visiting friend.
Mr. and Mr. II. P. (irow, of ciln
' ton, Oklahoma, are visiting thefr
daughter, Mr. H. II. Hadlock, dur
i I Hi? August.
Mr. Norman Young, who ha
been visiting friend In the Koe City,
returned home the latter part of the
Mr. and Mr. .1. K. Kinney, accom
panied ty their children, left Friday
for an extended visit with friend In
Portland and vicinity.
Dunce at Pnrkdale Thurday even
ing, A ug. s. I). i nee begin nt 1 p. in.
Supper at 1- in. Newman' orches
tra. Fvery oue Invited.
I. C. Nealelgb, of Scholl Ferry,
w ho wa a former reldetit of Hood
Kiver, viited friend and relative In
the valley the latter part of the
Chii. Huck wa called to Hood
Kiver VVednexday of lat week to re
pair Harnett's auto. That town ha
tiiree Harare, hut when an expert
auto man I needed. Wasco ha the
man who cau deliver the good.
Wasco New.
Frank Caddy, who wa a former
resident of Hood Klver valley, xpeht
several day in Hood Klver recently
attending to liUHlne matter and
visiting friend, returning to 111 home
near Portland Friday.
Mr. O. I!. Hartley left the forepart
of the week for her homelri Portland.
She ha lieen spelidlng the forepart
of the ummer nt Ster visiting
with her on Howard, who ha a
Mock ranch In that Hcctlon.
W Ii H' PnrMo. I'm W O MrCli.i
l Co,
H l CutTOB, Mr. Mao. Mutual Lit Jo. Ob,
. rtrr
That we have now opened up the rest of
our Dry Goods. Everything for much less
than cost. We are also now better equip,
ped for handling the crowds. More
salespeople and more room. We can as
sure you that no one w ill now be turned
away without being waited upon.
Mr. Sampoii Smith, a reideut of
the height, I ufferii))j; from npo
I plexy.
j Kven the Rrouchy folks will feel
i lietter for weeing "A Dream of Fnlry
1 land."
; C. A. Morden, litiIne mannner of
j the Ort-Konlan, vnln the city Sat
i urday.
Ml Minnie Klumpp of Portland I
I vlwltlnn her friend. Ml Ulady Calk
In, of thl city.
j Which are the prettier, lhoe jjoocl
j or evil fairle In "A Idea in of Fairy
j land?" Searcli me.
Mr. .1. F. Came, Mr. N. C. Kvun
and Mr. H. A. Moore are camping
out for ft week at Greetipolnt.
('. I. Dfikln and wife were pien
er for the Koe City Tueday morn
ing, where they will penc! it few
day vl1tlni?.
City Surveyor P. M. More ha
been Iiuh.v during tha week making
mirvey for the laying of the city
water main.
Win a piano on five cents. Hit a
hull' eye at Jack Morrloh" h hoot
ing gallery on Second utrcct and you
get a chance. 'J.'itf
Kay Samuel and Karle Holman
and famllle returned t he la t of the
week from u very HUcceHful (lulling
trip in Wahlngtoti.
Ml IMna Holman find Jee Hol
man' two hoii. Koy nnd Wllliur,
returned Sunday from ii week' vlnlt
with Mr. Profile nt Fulrvlew.
"A Pream of Fairyland" 1 ii heau
tlful Ntory told In ong It I fin en
tertalnmetit clean, pure, elevating
and refined. Don't ml going.
Dr. Fletcher I Ionian, president of
the Willamette 1,'nl verslty, returned
to hi home In Salem Tuesday, after
spending a few week on hi Hood
Klver farm.
You will regret If you fall to see
tJioe tiny woodland sprites In "A
Dream of Fairyland." Their per
formance alone will lie worth the
price of a reserved sent ticket.
Mr. .. A. Kothe of Spokane, ar
rived In the city the forepart of the
week accompanied by heryoungson,
to spend a few day visiting. Mr.
Kothe has been In Hood Klver for
several weeks.
Kols-rt Popple, son of Mr. and Mr.
S. Copple, s-nt a few days In Hood
Klver the latter part of the week
visiting with hi parent. Mr. Cop
ple now reside In Marshfleld where
he Is engaged In the inerchantlle busl-ties.
Last but JSfot Least
Remember WHY we are here
Remember WHERE we are located
Remember WHATEVER your need
may be, this is the time to save money
by taking advantage of perhaps the
last sale of its kind to come to Hood
Now being sold
Two Stores on the
The little :i year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mr. Kd Fount, who fell from
'the sidewalk and dilocated her arm,
Is rapidly Improving.
Two l.eautiful building lot front
ing on Park Avenue and Tenth
street for sale. Inquire I teed & Hen
demon, Inc. l'7tf
MIClarrla Halle. Librarian, left
today for Hood Klver where she will
spend a part of her vacation and
from there she will go to Kalnler to a
house party ami then to the moun
tain. Kent Herald.
Mr. Martin D. Ballard, Dr. ami
Mr. Logan (iear.v ami Mr. and
Mr. Koy P. Ballard motored down
from Seattle and were the over Sun
day guet of Dean D.Ballard and
hi mother. Mr. Addle Ballard, who
I spending the summer with him.
Malt Dukes nnd family of Portland
spent Sunday In Hood Klver visiting
Mr. Duke' parents. Malt spent hi
early days In Hood Klver, when
State Htreet was a cow trail and the
present btilne district west of
Third street wa a wlldcrm-ss.
II. F, Davidson, preident of the
Davidson Fruit Company, left Satur
day for the Fast where he will make
arrangements for Hie dlpcltlon of a
large part of the apple crop that the
company expect to handle thl sea
son. Mr. Davidson will attend the
International Apple Shipper' Con
vention to lie held at Chicago thl
After a few day' vlnlt in Hood
Klver, I,e Koy Armtrongof Ogden,
I'tah, left for San Franclco Sunday.
De was accompanied by Mrs. Arm
strong nnd Mls Ignore Adams.
After visiting In California, Mrs.
Armstrong and daughter will return
to Hood Klver and Mr. Armstrong
will go on to Ogden.
J. M. Culls-rtson nnd wife, Clarence
(illliert anil Mis Vannet, who have
been spending the pat two week
at Flk creek, on the coast, camping,
returned home Monday evening.
The tnemlsT of the party state that
a most delightful outing wa had.
Plenty of fish, clam, crabs, etc.,
were nvnllahle for the dally menu.
Dr. VV. S. Nlchol ami family left the
fore part of the week for an extended
trip to the east and southern states.
Mr. Nichols will visit his old home In
Missouri and afterward will tour the
eastern state and return home by
way of the southern state. The
travelers expect to be away from
home for a period of about five
at less than Wholesale in the
N. E. Cor. of First and Oak Sts
Mr. H.C. Oliver, traveling freight
and passenger agent for the llarrl
man lines in Oregon, accompanied
by hi wife and children, spent Sun
day In Hood Klver. While here the
party made n trip to W hlte Salmon,
accompanied by Mrs. Addle Spauld
Ing, where they took an auto and
motored to the home of Mrs F. It.
Osborne, beyond llusiim, where a
most delightful t line was Hpent.
Miss Florence ami Leonard Oliver
will visit at the O-borni- home for a
few weeks and then return to Hood
Klver to visit friends.
Harry Farrell, head shipper of the
Hood Klver Apple Growers' I'nlon,
who has been over Into Washington
with Company II of Portland, of
which he Is a member, returned
home the latter part of the week.
Harry reports having had a great
time Over SINK) men were In camp
and there was something doing
every minute. Harry look a little
thin, which Is perhaps due to his diet
of hardtack. He told us that he had
not been In the guard house and, of
course, we took his word for that.
The Valley Christian Sunday
school ami church will hold an all
day union meeting with the Hood
Klver Christian church In Flint, park
Sunday. August 11. The children
who have no conveyance are. request
ed to meet at the Valley church nt !t
o clock, where rigs will be provided.
All children who must return home
at the close of the morning service
will be taken to the church. Please
come, bring your friends and a bss.
ket of lunch, and stay for the after
noon service.
insure with Ree( & Henderson, Inc.
Hre, Accident, Life, Automobile, Plate Glass,
Burglary, Employer's Liability, including
Also Judicial, Official and Indemnity Bonds
Resident Agent for: Travelers Insurance Co.
Pacific Coast Casualty Co.
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., of London
Hanover Fire Insurance Co. of New York
Pelican Assurance Co. of New York
Heal Estate Loans Investments
New Arrival
To Mr. nnd Mrs. Kalph McF.wen,
(neeAdella (Joff) of Newberg, Ore.,
twin boy each weighing over (i
To Mr. and Mr. F. F. II Von l.ub
ken, J uly :!il, a girl.
To Mr. and Mr. Fred Pfiacli, July
.!U, a boy.
Tit Mr. and Mr Clarence Forsburg.
July L'7. a boy.
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Sunday school at !):I1. H.C. Dlelr..
superintendent. ('reaching at II a
in. Young People's i ting at 7:1.'.
p. in. FvangeHstlc service at s p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at
7:I.Y These are full liospel meetings.
Our motto. Jesus Only. Allan' cor
dially Invited. W.iP. Kirk. Pastor.
Local Mm rods Make Big Catch
W. II. Walton, L. A. Kothe and
A. S. Hall spent Sunday fishing In
the White Salmon river. Kcports
reach the city that such a heavy
catch was made that the water In
the river was lowered to such an
alarming degree that the :t.Vt men
employed In the construction of the
Northwestern Dam suffered great In
convenience. At any rate Hood Klv-
er physicians were called to the scene
Monday to check an epidemic of
Money to Loan
Amounts $MM) to $."kki. First class
real estate security. Will alo buy
mortgage for like amount.
:l0lf' Kkdii & HlMH IIHON.
Kegnlar Sunday excursion to Park
dale. Pleasant trip for yourself ninl