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Tlie following table taken from the
trove mint-lit Crop Reporter, an puh
lished ly the secretary of agriculture,
1 ii leu t t-H the average apple erop of
the Heveral MtuteM In the union (or the
past 10 j earn ending July, 1U1:':
State I er ( Vnt
Maine Ml
New Hampshire Tti
Vermont 70
Massachusetts "S
Khoile ImImiiiI 77
Connecticut 7S
New York 7J
New Jersey (J5
IVmiHvlvanla t!4
Average North Atlantle states..."! 1
lielawnre IHi
Maryland , fi.-!
Virginia V.I
West M
North Carolina )
South Carolina
( ieorght ."i:t
South Atlantle state .r4 2
Ohio 51
Indiana M
Illinois 4S
Michigan (17
WlSt'OUstl! ti-S
N. C. K. Mississippi river .4 "
MinneHotn 71
Iowa ."S
Missouri 4
South lakota 7'2
NehraHka "li
Kansas 4 s
N. C. V. Mississippi river 4!) !t
Kentucky .11
Tennessee 4!)
Alabama til)
M ImhIhmIiiI .IS
I.oiiIhImioi .1!)
( iklahoiua "
Arkansas "
Texan Mi
South Central M.'.t
Wyoming IM
Colorado ; 70
New Mexico ."
Itah 72
Nevada J4
l.lado 1
Washington sj
Oregon 7!
California si)
Ventern states 7s 1
For Kent Furnished room for
Unlit housekeeping orsleeplng rooms,
modern conveniences, near high
school. .11:1 I'Towpift. I'hone l'i;s N.
I Fom th Enterprise)
A young man named Harwell, In
the employ of the North western Elec
trie Co., died In the Mood Klver lion,
pltal hliout week ago. Cp to yen
terday his body wan not Interred, an
the undertaker nor Stone & Welister
could t i ml any relative, nor where
he had come from beyond the fact
tint lie had obtained the poHltloii
through the Y. M. C A. at Portland.
It wan the Intention of the company
to have the Ixidy hurled unless rela
tives could lie found. .1 uJt before the
boy tllecl, anil while hi. If unconscious,
he nave u street number In Portland,
but no hucIi Htreet wan found.
J. N. Hart, of Fir, Hood Klver val
ley, wan In town yesterday to Hee his
father, S. N. Prlchartl, who has lieen
very low for siTine time but Is now
John Thompson, of the llydro
KlectrleCo. of Hood Klver, wan In
VV hite Salmon on IiuhIiichh Monday.
The Soils of Oregon
The SoIIh of Oregon" In the title
of a new bulletin, No. 112, by Prof.
C. K. Itrudley of the department of
chemlHtry of the (). A. C, which has
JiiMt appeared from the college preMM
for free diHtrlbutlon throughout the
state. It eontaliiH the results of
Home yearn of work by the college
chemlHtn on Oregon nolln, Including
analynen of reprenelitatlve nolln In
different partn of the state.
"Owing to the fact that our agri
cultural jlauil Ih settling up rapidly
with people from other partn of the
country who are naturally unfamil
iar with colltlitlonn nilil tlenlre assist
ance In the nelectloii of farmn, "hii.vh
Prof, l'.radley, "a great demand In
coming to Uie experiment ntatlon for
Information an to the adaptability
and comparative value of our nolln.
It In Imped that the prenent bulletin
will nerve, In a ineanure, to give In
formation meet inn thene deinaniln.
"It In planned to prenent the chem
ical work of thin bulletin under two
heailn, Part 1 dealing with the more
practical nidi' of the iiuentlon and
containing the renultn of analynen of
various typen, arranged according to
countlen, and Part 2 embodying the
renultn of t he more technical Investi
gations on thin nubject."
Christian Science Services
Clirintian Science nervlcen lire
held In the Commercial Club roomn
Siindayn at 11 a.m. Subject, "Spirit."
Sunday nchool at name hour In Koom
2, Oaviilnon building. Wednesday
ineetlngn In name room s p. m. Head
ing room open dally, 2 to . p. m.
ilovernor Went panned through
Maker Sunday en route to Portland
on one of the delayed O.-W. II. & N.
tralim which have been held up by
the recent waterspout near Hunting
ton. Governor Went admitted hln
Hen nee with the Huntington ollirtaln
ami nalil:
"I have warned Mayor Norther of
my proponed action. I Intent to
keep clone watch on the town for
the next few duyn ami If cleaning up
Ih not edit lent and speedy, will send
the State Militia to take complete
control. Furthermore I shall ank
Police Judge Wood to renlgn.
"1 have warned Mayor Norther,
who, as cannier of the liauk of Hunt
ington, In accepting the people'n
funiln, that I In-lit' veil I had good
cause to authorize the hank exam
iner to take a hand In the a ff aim of
the town. Mayor Norther In at the
head of a corrupt corporation, the
City of Huntington. He nlno In
canhler of the bank. The two capae
Itlen cannot be tilled with trunt to
the people.
"The otliclaln (Unclaimed any
knowledge of law fructuren In the
city, lint I showed them on a per
Himal tour noine of the placen that I
knew about, and I haven't spent
much time In Huntington either.
I'll venture the Mllltlu went rlen can
be ntatlonetl at a few placen more.
The town In rotten nnd him got to
be cleaned up, thnt'H all."
The local telephone line In . now
completed nnd will be In operation
In a nhort time.
C. I.. Trout wan nerlounly Injured
In a runaway hint week. Mr. Trout
was hauling lumber when hln team
became frightened and started to
run, throwing him to the ground be
tween the wheeln. The wagou pann
ed over him and lujured him Internal
ly. We are glad to kuow that he In
able to be out again.
F. J. Stewart will begin laying the
foundation of hln new houne next
Kay and Clyde Halley accompanied
by a party of friend are up on (ireen
Point on a week's camping trip.
C I.. Trout will U-gln building hln
new houne noon, and when completed
It will lie one of the nicest homen In
thin dlntrlct.
(From the Observer.)
We were much pleaned to nee the
Binding face of Mr. Pete Wyers .
along at the Hide of her hiiHhnnd'n, In i
the Columbia Dairy rig hint Satnr-i
day. She. only a few duyn ago, nn-!
derwent an operation at the Hood
Klver hospital.
('. J. Peternon and daughter of
i routlake were liere i uurnuay on
the way to Hood Klver to sec lientlst
Harry Bennett of le, wan In the
city Monday on bin way home from
Hood Klver. Harry will prove up j
on hln homestead lu a few dayn.
Mr KonopoH of Hood Klver, gen
eral contractor, nay Trout lake
country In all right.
Chrlnt Detham and family, ant) by
the way one of the wealthlent In
Hood Klver, were guests at the
Sukmlorf home here, a part of the
First Christian Church.
The Chrlntlan church of Hood
Klver and the Valley liurch will
hold a joint rally In the Klllott
wood next Sunday all day. 1'wisket
dinner for all, and you are Invited to
come with un and we a 111 do you
The Sunday School will convene at
10 o'clock and there will be soine'
thlng doing for an hour. Then there
will be preaching nervlcen conducted
by the pantorn, one of them preach
lug, and there will be a joyful time
nlnging, praying and preaching till
noon; then a big dinner and a nodal
hour .when you are expected to lie
at home and enjoy to the full what
In going on
At 3 o'clock lu the afternoon there
will be regular nervlcen and preach
ing ugaln, but there will be no nerv
lcen at either of the churchen In the
All people that live below the bill
are anked to meet at the Chrlntlan
church at 9 o'clock In the morning,
and thone on the hill will meet at the
home of the pantor, J. 1). Swift, or
at the home of A. II. Canh, and then
we will join on the hill ami march In
a bodjr to the grounds. Come ami
go with un.
The Newn for good printing.
Wanted A Home
A fine, bright girl of fourteen yearn
want home In fmilly where there
are no children. Thin girl han 1 een
abuned by parent and could be
adopted with connent of the court.
Apply to City Marshal Iewlnor.Iohn
Baker, deputy dlntrlct attorney.
The Newn tells It all.
In . estlgatlonn w ithout end have
been directed at rural life ant the
end In not yet, but now come the
government with ltn announced In
tention of muckraking the cities, ami
they need it more than the country
ever did. A survey Is to be made of
urban life with u view to solve Home
of the problems that are found In
every municipality. A government
i.Hiclal who panned through Port
land the pant week told of the plan
and nayn a great municipal exhibit
will probably be gathered for the
Panama-Pacific exposition.
From the Ilulletin.
Mrs. J. H. Osborne, with her two
little daughters, of Hood Klver. wan
the guest Tuesday night of Mrs. K M.
Mrs. C. A. McCargar, Mm. F.d I..
Howe and Minn Daisy lilies were
hopping lu Hood Klver Tuesduy al
tera oou.
C. T. Bennett and (ieo. Hiiskey left
on Monday for a hunting and fishing
trip lu the mountains south of Mt.
Mosler vlnltors In Hood Klver Inst
Saturday were Mr. and Mm. W. T.
McClure, Mm. Jack Burtchett, Miss
Myrtle Harvey, Miss Maud F.vans, J.
N. Monler, Dick Wilcox and Win.
Fred Kvann and family, with Mm.
Kvans' mother. Mm. liny of Tne
Dallen, and Stark Akern, made up a
party that left Tuemlay for a week'n
outing In the hills buck of Dee.
In Portland. Or.. August 1. 1512.
W. W. Fonn of Hood Klver and Kuth
Coon of Portland. The young
couple are now enjoying a trip to
Newport, but will be at home In
Hood Klver nfter Augunt I'llth.
Methodist Church
Sunday nchool at 10:()a. in. Preach
ing nervlcen at ll:iH) a. m. and s p. m.
Themes morning, "Seeing ami Be
lieving." Fwnlng, "Shipwrecked."
Kp worth league at 7 p. m. Prayer
meeting on Thursday evening at s
Allure cordially Invited to attend
these services. Strungern made wel
come. W. B. Young, Pastor.
Nurserymen Offer Frizes.
A n nail forest of f-ult trees has
been donated by iiiemlwr of the
Nur-cy men'n Association of the Pa
cific Const us special prlen to tie
given at the Pacific Northwest Land
Products show. The trees will Is
kept In k'ond condition by the nur
serymen and delivered upon the or
der of the management of the laiitl
show at planting time next spring.
Horses Wintered
DON'T send your team to eastern Oregon
to winter and get a skeleton back that
isn't fit to handle your spring work. Keep it
here in the valley where you can see it at any
time and see what good snape it is in. It will
not cost you much more.
We have just put up some of the finest grain, timothy
and alfalfa hay in the Upper Valley. We have a big1
stock barn and are prepared to care for a number of
teams during the winter. We are making up our list
now. If you want your team well cared for this win
ter, you had better write or 'phone for terms at once
IYES & FREY, Ml. Hood, Ore. 'Phone Odell 268
The Annual Wasco -Hood River County Fair
will he held at
The Dalles, October i, 2, 3 and 4, 1912
This Exhibition will comprise horses, cattle, sheep, swine,
poultry, farm products, fruit, flowers, merchandise, machinery,
manufactures, woman's work, art, children's exhibits of art and
gardening, speed contests, novel attractions and entertainments
that will tickle you very muchly. Come and have the best time
of your life and vou will live fiftv vears longer.
JUDD S. FISH. Secretary
Tremiums 1500.00 "Races 3000.00
Unclaimed Letters
The following letters remain un
called for ut the Hood Klver post
office: Mrs. I. ( ampliell. Mrs. T. .1. Car
son, Miss Gertrude Clark. Marv I?.
Lang, Miss Gladys Merrill, Miss
Mlnny Peterson, (J. F. Emery, Mr. j
nnd Mrs. M. F. Hill, ArthurM. Irwin, I
Andrew .lohnson, Chester Nelson, J
Wm. Stafford. Charles Tlmiiiennan, I
A. I. Van Derput, Leslie Wllklns.
It pays to advertise
Land for Sale
On account of Heirs we must sell
thirty-three acres of the Foss
estate. Joins city limits. Fine view
Address F. L. H.
Care H. R. JVeUtJ
A m u u u
In order to satisfy his creditors, Arthur Clarke, Hood River,
Oregon, has given instructions to A. Cranwell & Co., of Port
land, Oregon, to sell by PUBLIC AUCTION his entire stock of
H Bags, Umbrellas
Toilet Articles and a Hundred Different Articles too Numerous to Mention
at 2:30 and 7:30 P. M. and will continue till the whole stock is disposed of
There will be no limit or reserve. Everything must go; an opportunity of a life-time to buy strictly square goods at a Jewelry
Store. This is no make believe sale; all goods arc sold strictly on their merits and nothing will be misrepresented.
Ample Seats for All.
Remember this, that what is our loss is your gain; everything positively must be sold without reserve
Ac CIRANWELL CO., Aoctiiooeers