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Washington ice cream
When you are on State Street drop in
the MODEL BAKERY and tret a dish
of Washington Ice Cream. It is the
fiest ice Cream served in Hood Kiver.
All kinds of drinks served at our Soda
GEO. ERTLE, Proprietor
Phone 91-K f ourth and State Streets
Don't miss the Launch Excursion
on Wednesday and Sunday even
ings at 8 o'clock. The greatest
thing of the season.
The Dry Season Is Nearly Here
Look at your wagon wheels and see if the tires do
not need tightening. Loose tires will cause loose
spokes and otherwise damages the wheels.
Better have this work done before you use the
wagon to haul your crop of berries.
Bring your wagon to us and let us put it in good
shape for the coming dry season.
(SurcvHMtr to SNOW & l.TSON)
I'hone 62-k
Fourth Street
In the Race for Leadership
"Benjamin" Clothes Always Win
IN the busy marts of trade, in
the social whirl, clothes may
not make the man, but they
are a big help. Appearances
count for a great deal. The best
dressed men of America "Wear
A Benjamin," the clothes of the
This leader wears an Avon
model. A suit which is exceed
ingly popular with the very
M dressy.
Gordon Hats for Men
Have You Ever
Visit by the Sea
Run on the Sandy Shore
Did you know you could reach this delightful,
care laying, health Riving, lun making
By taking the
O.-W. R. & N. to Portland
Then Down the
Columbia River via Steamers
T. J. Potter," "Massalo" and 'Harvest Queen"
Where trains connect with boats for North llencli Points
You Can You Should
Ask any agent of the O.-W. R. & N. anil find out how little It will
cost to leave care and dust and heat behind and have a real
row further pamticulams apply to
J. H. FREDRICY, Agent 0-W. R. & N.
Tito NEWS For Printing.
Frank V. Stone of Vancouver,
Wiihli., Iiiih penned the latent poem
on Mt. Hood, mm follow.
In the iltiwn of early morning,
When the bonta of nljrlit have lied
The mured of unen HcornliiKt
Hood reurM IiIm Know-capped head
Snlline and alone In liU Klory,
(iuardliiK the valley below,
ItiiKgeii am) Hk'i'd and hoary.
Crowned with eternal hiiow.
TowerlnK above the foothlllw,
In a Hlilminer of rowv Huht,
We feel HurccaHe of life's IIIh,
And heed not time's rapid flight,
An we gaze on the myHtlc, shading
Of orange, and crimson and gold.
And watch the shadows fading
From crag and pinnacle bold.
I)e'p seamed and thunder-riven,
And gashed by glacial How.
Shrouded In snow wraiths driven
Ity lierce winds from below;
While ever above the storm cloud,
The summit, at break of day,
Klses free from the mist cloud,
Kellcctlng the sun's first ray.
Kissed by the sun's first greeting,
As bridegroom salutes the bride,
Koreas and I'hoebus meeting,
Ardor and chilling pride,
Fainting the glaring lee fields,
A marvelous rosy hue,
Tints no human brush yields,
(ilow and then pass from view.
And when the dark Invaders,
Steal upward through gorge and
The hosts of light, crusaders,
Are forced to retreat again;
On the crest of Hood white gleaming
They make a last brave stand.
Till o'er it dark cohorts streaming,
Again night shadows the land.
Hmplres may rise and perish,
Seasons will come and go.
The works of man we cherish,
Will fade as they older grow,
lint thou, majestic mountain,
Like God's eternal truth,
Of crystal streams and fountain.
Art symbol of age and youth.
"anriv Pout. G. A (t.-Mwti mt th K. of P.
hall the vcond and fourth Saturdays of the
month at Z p. m. l irowell, commander; S,
F. Iflythe. adjutant.
fmnhy W. R. C. No, 16-MwU wcond and fourth
Saturday cf each month in K. of hall at 2
p. m. Mrs. A blue Baker, president; Mr, Kath
ryn Uill. secretary.
fVurt Hrxal River. No. 42, F. of A., meeta every
Thuriwiay evening in K. of P. hall. Vinitirtfr
rorcBtcrn always welcome. Wm. r lemming-, C.R.;
r . U iiromua, t . S.
tTnl River 1 ire No. 105, A. F. A A. M
AAMeetn Saturday ewninjr on or before each full
moon. Geo. Slorom, W. M.; D. Mclunald, secre
1 1 nod River Camp, No. 7702. M. W. A.-MeeU in
A AK. of P. hall finit and third Wednesday nights.
C. S. Jones, V. C; C. U. Dakin. clerk.
TT-iod River Camp. No. 770, W. O. W.-Meeta at
A A K. of P. hall the second and fourth Wednesday
nifrhts of each month. A. C. Staton, C. C; Kent
Shoemaker, clerk.
t Tom) River Valley Hjmane Society-Phone 2.
1AK. II. Hart wig, preeident; Harold Hershner,
secretary; Leslie Butler, treasurer.
Tdlewilde Ltwltre, No. 107. 1. O. O. F.-Meet in
A Fraternal hall every Thursday evening at 7:00,
at the corner of Fourth and Oak street. Visiting
brothers welcomed. A. R. Crump, N. G.; G. W
Thompson, secretary.
L'emp Lodge. No. 1H1, I. O. O. F.-Meet in
lvthe(dd Fellows hall at Odell every Saturday
night. Visiting brothers cordially welcomed.
O. H. Roadea. N. G.; F. U Kelso, secretary.
T aurel Reheka Ixvlge No. 87. I. O. O. F.-Meets
lirnt and thinl Mondays in each month. Lulu
Corey, N. G.; Nettie Walsh, secretary.
l fountain Home Camp. No.' S49, R. N. A.
Meets at K. of l hall on the second and
fourth Fridays of each month. Mrs. Lulu Cary,
O.; Mrs. Klla Dakin, recorder.
Qteta Awsembly, No. 105. U. A. Meet in their
hall the tirst and third Wednesdays, work;
second and fourth Weilnestlays, social. C. U.
Henrichs. M. A.; W. H. Austin, secretary.
Riverside I-odge. No. (W. A. O. IT. W.-Moeta in
K. of P. hall the flrst and third Wednesday
nights of the month. Visiting brothers cordially
welcomed. Newton Clark, M. W.; Chester
Shute, recorder.
Vraicoma Ioilge. No. 30. K. of P. Meet in
their Castle Hall very Tuesday night, when
visiting brothers are fraternally welcomed.
S. W. Stark. C. C.I Lou. S. Isenberg. K. f R.
& S.
yuna Temple Pythian Sisters. No. 6-Meets the
thin) and nflh Tuesday of each month at K. of
P. hall. Kat Frederick, M. K. C; Gertrude Stark.
M. of R. A C.
Dangerous Bleedings
humetlaip. tnjktw VARltXilt YklNt
Otir Wovro-to-Kit
Silk Elastic Hosiery
relieves at onee often cures.
Stocking, Knee Cap, Anklet
8lf-imMurviitnl bi.nkoa ..pllratloa
1'ertlaod, Orra
IHcunt Hoccl RaiCrcacl
Time Table Affective June 18, 1912
Daily except Sundays
Lv. Hood River 8 a. m. Ar.
I'arkdale 10:25 a. m.
Lv. Hood Kiver 1:13 p. in. Ar.
Parkdale 3:15 p. m.
Sunday only
Lv. Hood Kiver 8 a. m. Ar.
Parkdale 9:45 a. m.
Daily except Sunday
Leave Parkdale 10:45 a. m., ar
rive Hood Kiver 12 ni.
Leave Parkdale 3:45 p. m., ar
rive Hood Kiver 5:30 p. in.
Sunday only
IiOnve Parkdale 4 p. m., arrive
Hood Kiver 5:30 p. m.
A. WILSON. Agent.
According to recent O A. ('. 1ml
letlu In no part of the I'nlted State
are cherries grown to so high u le
gree of erffCtlon as In the Btate of
Oregon. Their nlze and dellcloiiHiu-HM
huve given them a world wlile repu
tation. In KuHtern Oregon In hoc li
regloiiH hh The Dalles, Cove, etc.
cherries are grown largely fur nhlp
ping purposes; while In Western Ore
gon and In the Willamette Valley es
peclally they are grown fur both
shipping and canning. Thousands of
acres of fine cherry lands are lying
Idle. The leading commercial vari
eties are Itoyal Anne, Lambert and
lilng; the Itoyal Anne being the stan
dard caunlng terry and the I.atnlert
and Blng the shipping varieties.
Cherries should never be placed on
soli that Is heavy or waterlogged,
or, In short, should never suffer from
wet feet. They do well on the light
er loams and demand good drainage.
Many of the rolling hill lands, such
as one finds In Western Oregon, are
admirably adapted to this fruit. They
also flourish on some of the well-
dralned sand and silt loams along
the rivers. They are large growing
trees, and will need at least X feet
when reaching their mature size
They should be given very good
spring cultivation, although lu many
localities It would be very desirable
not to give spring preparation so
early as to cause the sap to rise be
fore the permanent spring weather.
The ground should be thoroughly
prepared and frequent cultivations
lollow until tuld-summer. Cherries
grow especially well in lawns and It
may be that at some time the most
successful cherry culture will lie prac
tlced where cherries are placed In the
sod of some growing crop, nud Irri
gation water provided.
There seems to be a notion preva
lent that cherries should not be cul
tivated or pruned. This Is an erron
eous opinion and Is not based upon
facts. While It Is true that guin-
mosls kills off quite a large number
of cherry trees especially those hav
ing light llesb, nevertheless I am con
vinced that more large cherry trees
die from neglect than from any other
There Is a varied market for the
output. They can le packed ami
shipped east, canned, dried and pick
led for Maraschino cherries. More
attention should be given to this In
dustry. Pre cooling plants should
established for shipping points. The
Industry offers an attractive Invest
ment. The production at times Is
extremely heavy, the yield reaching
as high as from 000 to mm pounds of
fruit on a single tree. One should
fairly expect to net from $100 to JJ00
per acre on cherries, although uu-
doubtedly at times much better fig
ures arc realized, such as JiiOO to $700
per acre.
(From the Enterprise)
Miss Mae Cameron of this place
was married to Charles Uaggerty of
Aberdeen at the Catholic church of
White Salmon Wednesday at 10 a.m.,
I'ather Francis officiating.
F.Iks at the Portland convention
will eat Mosler red cheek pippins, the
committee setting out to buy the
best apples possible at this time of
the year. They found the pippins of
our neighboring town In fine condi
(illlett State Hank paid Its second
semi annual dividend of 4 per cent on
July lst,tesldcs placing $."00 to the
surplus fund. This shows a net
arnlng of ti per cent since January 1.
It also Indicates encouraging busi
ness conditions throughout the district.
Just when It was believed that
everything was already to oil the
streets, the matter fell through, the
Koad Oiling Company, engaged at
Hood Kiver, deciding not to risk the
mssnge of their heavy truck to the
ferry raft, though Mr. Dean was will
ing to take the chances. The Stan-
lard t Ml Company Is loat li to sell oil
In barrels, nothing less than L0 bar
rel tank ears, lluylng crude oil 'y
the barrel, the company says, wo.iKl
prove very expensive.
A Woman's Hcauty
Depends very much upon the np-
IM'arance of her hair. I am prepared
to make combings up to your order
and to furnish switches, puffs and
curls made of genuine human cut hair
In any shade desired. The Itratiir
Mercantile Co. will be pleased to
show them and give pttees. Mrs. Woodburn, phone l'.'l M.
Real Estate Bulletin
Are You in the Market for a
1G0 acres in Upper Valley, near
Mt. Hood store, cost to clear not
to exceed $75 per acre. All good
apple land. I under ditch. No
waste. Price $50 per acre. Terms
$3000 cash; balance to suit.
40 acres, 17 acres in 7 year old
Spitz and Newtowns, balance
partially cleared; very fine red
shot soil none steep or rocky.
25 inches free water. Price for
short time only $200.00 per acre.
Terms i cash, balance 5 years.
5 acres close to town on West
side, all in high class 2 and 3
year old commercial orchard.
Fair house, good barn, etc. Price
$4250. Terms on part.
10 acres in Belmont district, 9
acres in 4 year Spitz and New
towns; 1 acre timber reserved for
building site. On main road.
Price $5500. Terms $1000 cash,
balance to suit.
High class central Oregon stock
ranch, value about $15000, to ex
change for Hood River valley
property. This is not junk and
is not plastered with a heavy
Of All Kinds Written In Stand
ard Companies Only
Office Hotel Oregon Dldg.
Phone No. 2XK
A. V I
A runaway mav cause more
than trouble: Seriousinjuries and
sometimes death are the awful
results. An old Harness is often
responsible, but a new Harness
with weak spots in it is just as
bad. The kind we sell have
You will get your money's
worth if you buy harness of us.
Bell Building
Hood River, Ore.
(iuarantced to cure without drugs
Paralysis, Rheumatism. Bright
Disease, Liver 1 roubles. Nervous
ness, Blood Poisoning, May Fever
L. J. GATES, 2102 K
Beginning this week and continuing
until about July 1 5 th, the Steamer
TEAL will doclt at Underwood
Ferry Landing, opposite railroad
Steamer TEAL arrives from Port
land and waylandings Sunday, Tues
day and Thursday; leaves for Port
land and waylandings Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday.
For further information and rates
S. PAGE, Agent
No. 226
When you feel rdt
vous, tired, worried er despondent it i a
sure siKn vou need MOTT'S NERVERINE
PILLS. They renew the normal vigor and
make life worth living Pe ur nd aid for
Mott's Nerverine Pills l??,
WILLIAMS MFC. CO., Propi., CUt.UdJ. Ohio
For Sale by Carl A. Hath, Druggist
Kent & Garrabrant
Confectionery, Cigars
Fishing Tackle
Spaulding's Sporting Goods
All Kinds of Soft Drinks
Oak Strt. oioite Smith Hlock. Ilixxl Hirer
Piles! Piles! Piles!
Williams' Imllan 111.- Ointment will euro I
Ullnil, Hlffilinir nn.l Itrlnnu 1'ilrs. It ab- j
nirbs the tunnim. allays it.-liinir .it onre,
nrts An a punltuv. ku' relief.
Wllllmm' In.liim I'll.' Ointment l fre. ,
pared fur I'ilen nml In him; ef tin- j'rivata
pirta I'rtiKKlM. tn ill ;'v nn.l $1 u. ;
WILLIAMS MF& CO., Pro l.. CI.fHnd. OhH
for Sale by Carl A. Hath, Druggist
If You Are Thinking of Building
the New Residence, See
tf?i TTri TTFtTi SI
l f T IT V v y :r y a- t f :i: -j v tt V g J
Our Specialty Is Building Designs
Hood River, Oregon
The following amounts have been placed
with us for investment in high grade
First Mortgage Loans
$ 600
1 000
1 000
1 300
1 250
1 200
Butler Banking Co
Upper Valley People
Will now be able to secure strictly
throughout the summer. We
have just installed a capacious
cooler for use in connection with
our meat market.
A complete line of goods to meet
all the needs of the Upper Valley.
R. J. M clsaac St Co.
Parkdale, Oregon
Special Prices for a short time on
and Disc Marrows
CJ Don't buy until you learn our prices.
We can interest you if you need anything
in these lines.
Blowers Hardware Co.
The Firm that "Makes Good"
It pay to advertise