The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, July 03, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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For Sale Kir and oak wood.
George C. Gladen, Oak Grove,
l'hnne 330-K. 2Ufc.
For Sale Studebaker 3-inch
wagon, pood as new. Plow,
cultivator and other small tools.
I'hone 320-X.
For rent House at the corner of
Railroad Durham and Thir
teenth streets. $12 a month.
Keed & Henderson, Inc. 21tfc
For sale- Second-hand lumber.
On or before July 1 will have
for sale several thousand feet of
eight-inch shiplap and dimension
stuff. George Higler, telephone
2-lOx. 21-27c
For sale-First-class 4-foot fir
wood at $1.50 a cord, immedi
ate delivery, and Oak at $5,50
for Kail delivery. Shrum Bros.
Mntea lop buggy and single
anted-3.") cords of 4-ft.
pine. Inquire I?utler
ing Co.
Tl harness. I'hone G. M. Wilson
Ulanted -Married man for ranch
II work. Pickerson& Peck.
I'hone 205 K. 2G-27c
Hood Iiiver Employment Co. All
kinds of help furnished on
short notice (free to employers)
I'hone 114-M. 11 Cascade Ave.,
W. K. Lewis, prop. 22-tfc
Farm Help and Berry I'ickers
The Hood Iiiver Apple Growers
Union and the Davidson Kruit
Company have arranged with the
Y. M. C. A. Industrial Employ
ment Agency of Portland, to fur
nish all classes of farm help, in
cluding berry pickers, for the
farmers and fruit growers of the
Hood River District during the
coming season. When you need
help either phone or write the
Union or the Davidson Kruit Co.
and the calls will be promptly
forwarded to us and filled. No
charge to employers. 20tfc
or write him at Dee. 2oV
For Sale-One 14x14 tent;
14x18 tent; Planet Junior
den seeder and cultivator; wash
ing machine never used. Phone
111. 2G-27c
for Sale One of the best apple
orchards in the famous Wil-
amette Valley. Twenty acres,
7 acres of 15-year-old trees,
'ine air and water drainage, 1-8
of mile from shipping point.
Beautiful building site. Good
crop now on trees. $100 per
acre if taken before September
1st. Address "Willamette," care
of News, ltc
for Sale Three wagons, one
T hoavy and two light. Address
L. E. Look, 15th and
Streets. 27.30p
I Gorrcopondcncc
looo to S5ooo to loan. Will
buy first or second mortgages
or contracts on real estate. Ad
dress L. M. S., care News. 27p
K you have not worn a Spirella
Corset you have not known
real corset satisfaction. Its pat
ented boning makes it the most
flexible, durable, comfortable,
lightest, coolest, most sanitary
corset ever made, and it perma
nently retains its shape. Ap
pointments to suit your conven
ience in your own home. Send
card or phone 118-K. Mrs. Hat-
tie Castner, 272 Cascade Avenue,
next door west of Gilbert Imple
ment Co. 12-tfc
For Sale One second-hand team,
harness and saddle. Phone
251 -K. 2G-27p
For Sale or Exchange for Wood
One farm team and harness,
one Mitchell wagon, one buggy.
Phone 2!). Taft Transfer. 27-30p
For Sale A large, dark bay
work horse, eleven years old,
sound, about 1300 lbs. $115. Box
IS, R. K. D. 1. 2!-30c
or Sale -One iron-gray team,
weight 22(H); sound and young
and guaranteed to pull. Both
are broke to ride or drive either
single or double; also one black 2-vear-old
filly, driven a few times.
Phone 2172x. 27-2Sp
inted Small Kami - I have
equities in two oeauuiui l ort-
land homes to exchange for small
improved farm of 20 acres or less.
I am tired of city life and want
a country home. My places are
in the lest resilience district in
Portland and if you contemplate
moving to the city this is your
opportunity. Will assume mort
gages if necessary. R.R. Adams
300 Couch Bldg.. Portland. Ore,
for sale--20 acres Willow Klat
district. Kor particulars see
). Kline at Hood River Gas and
Slectric Co. office. 2-ltfc
akdale Greenhouses Geran
iums, salvia, verbena and other
Taylor i bedding plants. See the roses
' in bloom this summer and have
stock reserved for Kail or next
Spring. Plants and cut flowers
at Kranz's. Kletcher & Kletcher,
Hood River. 19-tfc
I ost One tail lamp and
L No. 218 on Odell road, West
Side, rinder please return to
Dr. Brosius. 24tfc
Found Promissory note. Parties
T. H. Kearney, E. C. Brown
and K. K. McCutcheon. Apply
News office. It
For Sale - 230 acres of land, from
$50.00 per acre up. Will sell
20-acre tract with part in trees.
C. J. Calkins. Phone 50-K. tfc
For Sale Ten acres within one
half mile of White Salmon. 5
acres in strawberries and trees,
some trees bearing this year. A
good well of water, house of five
rooms, woodshed and lots of gar
den. This place for sale cheap
for a short time only. Write for
particulars. P. V. Solberg,
White Salmon, Wash. 25-2Sp
Real Estate Kor Sale or Exchange-20
acres good valley
land, easily cleared, with free
water. Kine, rich bottom land,
right at station on Mt. Hood R.R.
1 will sell at a bargain on easy
terms, or take house and lot,
might consider good auto. I have
2 good lots near High School will
sell on easy terms. Will build to
suit parties, or will trade on
vour house and lot. See owner
N. T. Chapman, 819 June Street.
Hood River, Ore. 27-30e
Lost Ladies' dark green coat,
between Blouchers and Winans
Please return to News of fice.
I ost One envelope containing
L one set of death proof blanks
from Modern Woodmen lodge,
addressed to Miss Mabel Hunter.
Please return to News office and
receive reward. 2G-27c
Th Great Humornt Wat Volcano
Whan Ha Broka Loos.
Famous millions aw usimlly poor
business imii. tun Mark Twain, ac
cording to Wlllial: Ciilt'iiiK In bis
"Many Ci'lcln iticx mid n Ktw Others,"
knew Ills own value and tiud no un
lnslnpNlike Iniliflcri'iH e io t tie mib
Htunllal r uKMilioii ot it. Tlie only
critic Twain "ever listened to wltli pn
tleni'P and rexM-ted and olieyed wns
his wife " L'nderncath hi humor lay a
deeply serious nalure. Mr. Itldclug
anys: "How mistaken were the people
who. not knowing him. Imagined that
everywhere and on all occasions his at
titude and point of view were those of
the Jester! 1 never knew n more ear
nest mnn than he wns or one whone
aroused imliKnmlon w as so overwhelm
Ing. When linger moved him you could
eo bis lean IIimiiy contract, and hli
eyes ominously screwed themselves
Into their sockets. I'vcry tiber In him
quivered, and for the moment tils voice
became mid and sibilant and out of
tune-almost a whine. ,
"Then he would let himself out In a
break, like thai of n dam nimble to
hold the flood. In laiinauc as cnndld
and unshrlnknble as the vernacular of
the KMabeihans Kpithet would be
plied on epithet, one following another
with cumulative lpr and distinct
ness and the disclosing and Illumina
tive effect of explosives
"And not a word missed Its mark;
not a word seemed superfluous or ex
changeable for any other word. Each
fitted the use lie made of It as car
trldtfe fits a rltle or a revolver; each
Kcgiiliir Sunday excursion to I'nk
dale. trip for yourself in, I
Mrs. Hans Lage spent the
week end in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hodge
spent Sunday with the Laraway
Miss Reynolds of the Bragg
Mercantile Company spent Sun
day in Pine Grove.
Dr. and Mrs. Sweetland and
son, Monroe, of Salem are visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Mark.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vannier
have been spending the past week
in Portland
Dr. and Mrs. E. L. House of
Spokane are again on their Pine
Grove place
The Elks of Pine Grove went
to The Dalles Thursday evening
to help welcome the pedestrian
Llks of Brookneld, Missouri
1 here will be church services
both morning and evening next
Sunday. Sunday School at 10
a.m. as usual.
The church yard is completed
as far as can be done now and
Mr. Theilen who had charge of
the work has departed for other
The regular weekly study even
ing of the Sunflower class at. the
church next Tuesday evening,
Our numbers are increasing, great
interest being taken in the work
There is a hearty welcome await
ing all those who wish to join.
Ned Van Horn is visiting
friends at Parkdale,
Miss Edith Winchell is home
again greeting old friendi.
vvm. wells has purchased a
new bailer and started the first
of the week on the summer's
The Ladies Aid will meet at
the church Friday afternoon at
2 p. m. Members are requested
to be present as there is special
work on hand to do.
Miss Etta Straight recently
came up from Park Place to
spend the summer with her
sister, Mrs. B. W. LaMar, at
Mrs. Yates
sister, Mrs.
Mrs. Fred Hinsel and her
mother, Mrs. Elliott, came up
Sunday from Wyeth for a few
days' visit with Mr. Elliott and
Mr. and Mrs. George Stotooe
moved here from Wyeth Satur
Roy Allen came up from Ger
vais the letter part of the week.
He has been entertained at the
home of his sister, Mrs. 11. M.
The Four Leaf Clover Club
will meet July 11 with Mrs. O.
Mrs. E.C. Blossey and children
of Spokane arrived the latter
part of the week to visit the for
mer's sister. Mrs. Hugh Eliiott
Monday morning R. M. Elliott
left overland for Fort Rock, Ore.,
to look after his property inter
ests there. He was accompanied
by Berry Grammar, George Sto
koeand Roy Allen.
visited with her
J. R. Nickelsen,
s. e:. bartmess
Funeral Director and Practical Embalmer
Mrs. Robert Smith and child
arrived from Portland Sunday to
be the guest of Mrs. Sweaney.
Miss Minnie Emmel, who has
been visiting her brother, Rev.
Harry B. Emmel of Hermiston.
arrived in Hood River Monday to
spend some time with her sister,
Mrs. W. L. Cauller.
Rev. and Mrs. J.A. Bennett re
turned from Turner Ore., Mon
day. Mr. Cauller also returned.
Apia Smallwood of Bellingham,
Wash., and Louis Thomas of
Wasco are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. F. M. Peugh.
Mrs. Elmer Sweaney leaves
Wednesday to spend the summer
with her mother, Mrs. Smith, in
Desmoines, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bennett
entertained a number of the
young people, who intend to goon
a camping trip July 8, last Wed
nesday night. Plans for the trip
were discussed and a social even
ing spent. Ketreshments were
served. The guests were Misses
Elizabeth Thomas, Vernon Shu
maker, Gladys Reavis, Emma
Gibbons, Vernice Bobbins and
Mrs. B. E. Wright. Messrs. Roy
Samuels, Glen Shumaker, Hal
Nesbit, Will Gibbons and Marion
Mr. and Mrs. W Furrow and
Misses Grace and Flora Furrow
spent Sunday at Willow Flat
with Harry Furrow.
The LndliH1 Aid of the Methodist
Church will give a lawn fete ut the
home of W. I,. Smith, 31! May street,
on Wednesday, July 10.
.1 oh u Hoot h will lie on hand w hen
the ant oh line up for the parade at
ulne o'clixk tomorrow morning and
will distribute ting" anions the chil
dren Confetti and flags will also In
distributed at seven o'clock In the
Mrs. T. H. Gardner ami son Fran
els of Cortland and Mrs. J. Seines
and daughter Avis, who were here
attending: the Baldwin liuchanan
wedding-, returned to their homes
Saturday. Miss Esther Gardner will
spend a part of her vacation with
her grandparents.
Miss Wlluia Jeffers, one of Tl Kurn,
Idaho's, public' school teachers, who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs. S.
M. Ilck, at the Frederick rooming
house, left Monday morning for a
month's visit at the bcn-h before
returning to her home.
Mrs. H. J. Frederick returned Fri
day evening from Oregon City,
where she weut as a delegate to the
district convention of Pythian Sis
ters which convened at that place on
the 2Gth.
V. (i. Carlysle, a millionaire lum
berman of Atchison, Kansas, who
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. K.
Hartmess, left the last of the week.
Mrs. Carlysle will remain for a longer
visit with Mrs. liartmess, who Is her
cousin. While here Mr. Carlysle In
spected the hx'ul luniU-r mills and
declared them to be exceptionally
well equipped.
The regular services at the Chris-
tHn church are growing In Interest
and attendance, and you have a
cordial Invitation to attend. Lively
music and Gospel sermons among a
happy people will help you In life's
struggles and we wilt do all we can
to help you. Come and see and then
we know that you will return. I!r!ng
some friend with you and spend an
hour together In the Lord's house
next Sunday. Sunday school at !l:4.",
preaching and Communion follow
ing. Services In the evening at 7 p.
m. aud 8. Preaching.
F.dltor, The Eews: While the criti
mn of the young woman who
passed over the school grounds on
horseback a week ago, as stated In
a communication In your last week's
Issue, was possibly just to a certain
extent, we have found that it was
nn exaggeration or misapprehension
on the part of the Informant. We
are nil liable to mistakes, but the
public and severe manner In which
the criticism was made wns uncalled
for and does, not appeal to the writer
ns fair or becoming.
liy the way, the young lady did
not go across the seeded lawn as In
dtcated In the statement, but along
the path. Citizkx.
The July meeting of the West
Side Improvement Club will be
held Tuesday, July 9th, at the
East Barrett schoolhouse. Poul
try will be the principal topic of
Miss McKinnell of Texarkana,
Texas, spent a few days at Rain
bow ranch last week.
Miss Claire Boehmer and Mrs.
r. Stratton of Portland spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. King.
Miss Bess Albright of Portland
spent the week end with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Al
J. E. Hall and wife left Satur
day to visit Mrs. Hall's parents,
Judge and Mrs. Bronough, at
ortland. Mr. Hall returned
Monday, but Mrs. Hall will re
main over the 4th.
Miss Gertrude Irwin left last
week for Monmouth, Ore., where
she will attend the summer Nor
mal school.
Mrs. W. E. King entertained
the West Side Bridge Club last
' Mr. and Mrs. Oberteuffer of
Fortland arrived last week to
spend a few days with their
daughter, Mrs. E. R. Moller.
J. N. McKinnell accompanied
Art Cunning when he returned
to his homestead at Cooks last
week. Neeley rejvrts having
had a good time, but no bear.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. King en
tertained the crowd that made
the Trout Lake trip last spring
at a camp lire party at their
ranch last Sunday.
The old schoolhouse is being
moved across the road, none of
the bids for it having been ac
cepted. Work on the new build
ing is well under way.
of all broken lines of Shoes, Waists, Suits, Underwear and
Remnants of Piece Goods at the BRAGG MERCANTILE CO.'S STORE.
Begins Saturday Morning, July 6th
QEvery Remnant, short length and broken line, to be cleared up
at once. These goods have been conveniently arranged on ta
bles and marked at prices that will make quick work of clearing
them out. The edict has gone forth to clear the stock, no mat
ter what the sacrifice, we sell these goods at any price they will
bring, fjjust give us half a chance and we will prove to you
that we are making the Lowest Prices on Al Mer chart'
dise ever given in a July Clearance Sale in Hood River.
We positively will not carry a single broken line or remnant into
next season's business. If you are interested in your own be
half, you will come and take advantage of this opportunity.
Remember, we start this Great Clearance Sale
Saturday Morning
ial Bargains
I tmJk Vb
Beginning with Friday, July 5th
Prices Never Offered Before
Sale Continues Ten Days
Yum Yum Springs, - $2.30
Cotton Top Mattresses, $2.40
Iron Beds - - $2.25 and upH
Entire Stock of Furniture
Reduced in proportion
S. E. B
Phone 57