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pi wri.nksiiat MM.t i i
M(H)i) im IM M.w s company, Inc. I
iiiMin kivcb. orHM
R. H HI'NNKTT Kditob
Subscription, $ I .SO a ear in AJvance
Knimi u nmj-cuj mi(ft. r.'K 10, . it ;
U Jnt tM At RivifT. (lrV"H.
unJcr tie Art of March S, l!-7a.
That they have been ableto;ing point of view rather than
acquire of the News j from that of the prophet of evil,
is a source of pleasure to the : As optimism and activity are the
new proprietors. It is an easy I foes of pesnimism. hope and en
matter to learn the standing j ergy are also the herald and
which the News has in the city .agent of prosperity,
and valley. As a dispenser of i An analysis of trade conditions
news and as a medium of ipular does not reveal any real cause
opinion the News has maintained j for apprehenslon'and it is not at
an excei'tionallv high newspaper
standard. That this is true re
flects credit upon the previous
owners, who, in retiring, carry
with them the test wishes of a
large and loyal clientele.
As the new owners take up
their duties, it is their hope that
those who, by their friendly feel-
heretofore contributed to the !
success of the News, will con-
tinue in the same relation to the
paper under its new manage
ment. While Hood River, on
account of its splendid resources,
is in one sense its own most ef
fective advertiser, the newspaper
also must play an important part
by publishing a weekly record of
the community's growth and
progress. Trusting that it may
continue to do this to the advan
tage of Hood River and to the
satisfaction of its readers, the
News takes this opportunity to
wish them all a happy and pros
perous New Year.
No Reason For Depression
There has been much discour
aging talk of late about general
depression of trade and stringent
financial conditions. A good deal
of this talk has emanated from
big railroad men, and as the rail
roads are reasonably accurate
barometers of business condi
tions, these utterances have had
a tendency to make the situation
assume a pessimistic outlook.
A glance, however, at the com
parative net earnings of the rail
roads for the closing months of
1910 and 1911 do not furnish
much reason for these gloomy
statements, as there has been but
a 6 per cent decrease in the gross
earnings of the railroads of the
country, a large part of which is
admitted to have been caused by
increased operating expenses
due to the higher cost of living.
It is undoubtedly true that par
tial and almost total crop fail
ures in some sections of the
country have decreased the rev
enue of the country for the pres
ent year, but it is also true that
there is no lack of money, other
than that caused by the big re
serve banks, which are keeping
the strings tied on the puhlic
sack where development invest
ments are concerned.
The transportation lines of the
country announced a policy of
retrenchment a year ago and it
has been adhered to pretty close
ly, although economists do not
find that there has been any par
ticular reason for it other than
However, notwithstanding this
business and financial depression
talk, there has been a large
amount of American money in
vested in stocks and securities,
lith at home and abroad, indi
cating a surplus of capital. It is
evident, therefore, that if a fi
nancial depression exists it is ar
tificial rather than real and could
k' quickly lifted. J. I'ierpont
Morgan says that the present
conditions are due to mental
rather than to material causes,
and winds up by stating that the
country is all right. As no ar
guments can be found in the
general business or financial sit
uation, based tin fact, to contra-
vent Mr. M irvTIill 8 Views, Otili r !
than the hyh est .f living cur-
tailmont of devcl..pment exjn- j
thturvs ami a tcndt-ncy to create
largo ntHTVC funds without any
apparent reason, his view of the
situation must be accepted.
Ieal conditions, oi course.
vary according to income, de
mand for funds and resources.
! History points out clearly.
however, that either a real or an
imaginary business depression
i j at its worst, but tennxrary.
and that the situation can be
made for less serious by looking
at it from an intelligent, think-
all unlikely that with the usual
financial readjustment of the
new year out of the way, new
life will be given the business
situation and that the coming
year will be a prosperous one.
End of Water Fight-Its Lesson
No event should have brought
Hood River a merrier Christmas
nor brin k a ha'Pier New .Year
than the announcement of the
definite settlement of its canker
ous water fight. With the eradi
cation of this civic ulcer and the
cauterizing of the wound by a
return to the friendliness and co
operative spirit that character
ized the Hood River of a few
years ago, the community can
now start on its most promising
era of progress and there never
was a time when its prospects
were more promising; there
never was a time when its future
was more assured nor its oppor
tunities more inviting.
To paraphrase a celebrated
quotation, God might have
made a better place than Hood
River, but he never did," and,
in a broad sense it can be further
remarked that he never made a
better lot of citizens. The frail
ties of mankind, however, are
proverbial, easily worked upon,
and business and social misun
derstandings are easily created
and fostered. If the bitter ex
perience just closed proves a les
son valuable enough to prevent
further contentions of this char
acter, it is possible that it may
have been worth all it cost, but
at best it was needless.
The final settlement of the
SUit iS mOSt advantageous, CTed-
" '
itable alike to both the council s
committee and the opposing cor
poration. There is little, if any,
doubt that the money will be
forthcoming to pay for the plant
and that the whole matter will
soon be a closed incident.
The coming of the new year
therefore seems bright with
promise for civic progress. The
blue skies and sunshine of early
spring should see the long looked
for paved streets and the start
ing of work on the new water
plant. With a spirit of sincere
cooperation stimulating its popu
lation 1912 can be made a banner
year in Hood River and its past
successes b? made to appear but
beginnings. With the dying
water feud there should go that
invisible line of demarcation be
tween the upper and lower city;
sectional differences in the val
ley; Contention between IntJepen-
.... .
df-nt and Union shinrOr: the USe I
of public office for private pur
poses and unprofitable and harm
ful rivalry between business in-
StltUtlOn3. InStOad let there
. r .
arise a new anu firm confidence
. , . .
in Citizen IOr ClllZen; an Un-'
daunted faith in the community
as a whole and a resolution to
ward a broader view in loth
public and private matters.
The requiem of the water fitfht
should be the signal for a rejuv
enated Hood Kiver.
Anotln-r Jirolx; Into tin- polli-i- i-.
part intTit lutH Im--ii ht.irlil In Tort
In ti).
When you feel:T:t
VjIis. Iirit'l. vfTTifri tT tlf-Ttiti)rtrt it it a
nr ii;n "U ni.-H MOTTS NERVERINE
ns: 'h n"f' v.r
m.ike life worth liviriR lie inra and ask for
Molt.g Ncrvcrine pilU wir. ii
wuxiams mfg. to.. Proo... cuL1l 01
lor Sale by Carl A. Hath, DruggM i
Irt of tha St
.tr County.
i Tn th Circuit Court of tha Stmt of Orriron. in
I fnr 11,m1 Kiver ( .Hinlv
Sidikfy 11. i'armne. I'lamtifT.
A l.-liA A Stranaban. Kit May JonM, A. B.
J,wa. Altiert K. Stranahaa, iVirrvan Strana
han, hthel Atulnn. Koy Anderson. May
Motti.raw. r rv.1 M.ttmtiaw, HinUm Monnvy,
He' M,iney, Hi( Moom-y, a minor, Klnwr
h. Mc ray. ituaniian of H,l Muonvy.
minor, lahi E. Henian. Ajdi ttanlan. Anton
kmmM.n, ol knuuon, knule knudaon,
Mary Kmle, and Chn.tiun Kude. IVfendanta,
To r.thvl Anderaon. Koy Anderson. May Motti-
haw. r rv.1 M,tt!haw, tiot Muoney, a minor,
ItovKi K. tWrdan. Addie Itardan. Ole knudaon
and knute k nudson. tiefendant. impleaded with
the other dvfemlAnu abova named, and to each
of you:
In the name of the Stat of Oreiron: You ara here
by required to appear and anawer the complaint
hied atfainat you. and eat'h of you. in thia Court,
in the above entitled suit, on or before the laat
day of eniivutive weeks from the date of the
first publication of thia Summons, aa hereinafter
mated, and if you fait to do so, for want thereof,
ItiaintitT a ill ai-l'ly t i thia Court for the relief
demanded in hi said Complaint, and wdl take
judgment f.r the reformation of three certain
deed. of conveyance constituting a continuoua
chain of title, by amending and corrwctins" the
erroneoua description of land contained m and
running- down throujrh all of aaid decda. ao that
the same w ill conform to the real and true intent
of the partiea thereto, and the aaid description
therein read aa follow.:
Commem-insr at the quarter aection corner on
the south of section &j in township 3, north,
rartre 10. eat of Willamette Meridian, and run
thence north alor jr the quarter aection line run
ninir north and south throuith aaid aection 35, a
distance of lvtsS chains, more or leas, to the point
marking the northwest corner of the tract of land
owned by George H SteinhofT and Kdith O. Stein
hotf. husband and wife, and run thence aouth.
y.te east, along the north boundary of aaid
Steinhotf's land a distance of Xr) chaina, more or
less, to the southwest corner of the tract of land
owned by Hertha K. Olasa, for the point of com
mencement of the tract hereby described: thence
running northerly along the east boundary of said
Ola' land 4 chains, more or lesa. to the south
west corner of the tract of land now owned by
George Walter Uwrrnce; thence running easterly
along the aouth boundary of said Lawrence'a land
11 chains, more or lesa. to the southeast corner
thereof: thence running aouth parallel to the aaid
eaat boundary of said Glass' land 4 chaina, more
or lesa. to a point in the road known aa the Ava
lon Wav. aouth, h't ' east of the point of com
mencemen.; thence north, ! tw ' west 11 chaina,
more or less, to the point of commencement.
Said deeds being: One from O. L. Stranahan
and wife to David K. lierdan. dated February 20.
1:TJ. recorded in Hixid Kiver County Deed Kecorda
Volume K. page one from David K. Borden
anil wife to Christian knudaon. dated Auguat 1H,
l'.rj. recorded in Volume A. page 675, aume rec
ords: ami one from Christian knudaon to Sidney
H. famine, dated October 7, 1W7, recorded in
Volume I., page riii. same records.
Thoae of you found by the Court in ita decree to
be chargeable with that duty will be required to
make and deliver new deeds of the form, sub
stance and intent of such aaid originals described
aliove. but containing such corrected ami reformed
description, within a definitely fixed time after
the entry' of such decree, or in case of failure so
to do. such decree to stand aa and for such new
IMaintitF also prays that the cloud upon his title
to aaid land, caused by said incorrect and defec
tive deeds, be removed and that his said title be
forever quieted against you; and for other equita
ble relief.
You are hereby served by publication of this
Summons by order of the Hon. Geo. D. Culbert
son. County Judge of Hood River County, Ore
gon, entered Iiecember 18th, 1111, which order
prescribed that you shall appear and answer the
complaint on or before the last day of six Consec
utive weeks from the date of the first publication
if thia aummons: and you are further notified
that the date of the first publication of thia sum
mons ia December 2i. 11 1 .
iiood River. Oregon,
Dec 20-Jan 31-Tt i'laintitf's Attorney.
Tn the Circuit Court of the state of Oregon, for
"the county of Hood Kiver,
Henry J. Lindsay, i'laintifT.
H. tie Redinjr; Cornelia Edmunds Hallam,
a widow: M. Ya.ui; J. Thornton and W. H.
Halton and Middlecre-t Orchard Company,
a Corporation, lefendanta.
To H. de Kedinir, Cornelia Kdmunds Hallam, a
wi.low, M. Yasui, J. Thornton and W. H. Walton,
and Middlecrent Orchard Company, a corporation,
and each of you. defendants.
In the Name of the State of Oregon:- You and
each of you are hereby required to appear and
answer the Complaint filed atrainst you and each
of you in the above entitled suit within ten days
ftom the date of the service of this summons on
you and each of you, if served within this county,
and if nerved within any other county in thi
state, then within twenty flays from the date of
the service of this summons upon you and each of
you. and if you fail so to answer, for want there
of, the plaintiff wdl take a decree atfainat you
and each of you for the sale of the hereinafter
described real property situate in H'od Kiver
County, Oreyn, for the foreclosure of that cer
tain mortsrakre dated September 24th, l'.0i. made,
executed and deliveted by defendant H. de Red
intc to paid plaintiff Henry J. Lindsay to secure
the payment of the num of Twenty Six Hundred
and Ninety Dollars $2t'!o) and interest, which
saul mortgage was duty men in tne oince or m
County Clerk of i.iHood River County, Oregon,
on January 22nd. 1110 at 2:40 o clock p.m. ant
said mortgage was duly filed in the office of the
uary 22nd. v0 at 2:40 o clock d. m. and
recorded in book 3 of mortgages at patre &4, for
the payment and satisfaction of all sums secured
by said mortiratre. including said sum of Twenty
Six Hundred and Ninety Iollars,f2iyi) and inter
est, the sum of Two Hundred and Seventy Dollars
(S'iTOt attorney's fees in this suit and plaintiffs
con ts and diiburtements herein, and will take a
dcree attaint you and each of you for such other
relief as prayed for in the complatnt herein and
shall be deemed by the court proier. Said real
property is more particularly described aa follows,
to-wit: The North half tN' J of the .South-west
quarter (SW1 () of the North-east quarter (Ntl4
of Section Kijrhteen (1M Townnhip Two(2 North,
Kantre Ten (I'd Kat of Willamette Meridian.
You are hereby nerved by publication of this
summons, by virtue of an order of the honorable
(ieornre D. Culbertwon. a County Judtre of Hood
River County, and State of Orejron, duly made,
granted and dated on the 2nd day of December
A. D. Udl, for the service of this summons upon
you by publication thereof, and in accordance
therewith, and which oiiler prescribe that you
shall appear and answer the complaint, on or be
fore the last flay of six consecutive weeks from
the date of the first publication of this summon,
and the 8th day of Iecember A. D. l:U as the
date of the first publication of this summons, and
you are hereby further notified that sid date ia
and will be the firnt publu at ion of thia summons.
Dated December 2nd, l'.U.
djl7 L. A. & A V. RErri.
Attorneys for Plaintiff, Hood River. Oreiron.
Notice of Special Road Meeting.
otire itt hereby r-iven that a Spf'cial Meeting of
A'the tax-payers t Koad I'itnct No. 1, in Hood
kiver Ojunty, State of Ortrn, will be held at !
the hooi hou.e in said Iitrict at the hour of 7
o'clock v. rn. on the 2.-th day of December. 1111. !
for th purpose of voting upon a proposition to
Wvy a peial mill tax on all ajB.-flHable property
in said I toad District, or so much more tut may, in
the opinio of the citizen attndintf the meeting,
be 'Iwmwl nereHsary for the purpose of improving
th'Ifollowinr deHcribed portion of county road in
KMtd road district, to-wit:
All that portion of the county road beginning at
a point 7l feet south from the section corner
fommon to Sections M. 3.1. 1 and 1 in 'lownship 2
North of Range H east of Willamette Meridian.
intfru-e in nuri.ri-ai-Tijf nini t-M.n-rijr jiri-i:inm 1
over maid rumti, and ' Th Dull and Sandy Wat?')
Kad" where the name ia adopted in connection
therewith, for a distance of about 3 miles t the
"tnt of interaction of naid road with the wr tion
line between Sectiona f and 6 in Township 2
theat boundary of said Road District No. 1.
.Saul rma to he improved by nropr gracing and
urt-,ru. removing rork. stump ami other oo-
utruetions trw-rerrom, anfl to he ofieneil lor travnl
null width to accommodate wagon and all
'Hiier v-rncie. in niRrunuiyiff Rrnini)iMnei
therf upon by the prudent ufte of the proceeds of
aa'H pr""fled p-ial tax.
Oated H'fjrl Kiver County, thin Hth ilav of De
cember. 1D11. THAD (il.AZIKK.
Supervisor koad Oiatnrt No. I.
iMr.) jRNNir. Mauiikm AO. A ham
' ha. Oi.m Ai o. Hktkrmon
W. M. Ash Otto K mm hi
(Mr ) iK. Oii.i.abov (Mrs.) II. S. ( born
Administrator's Kvtlci To Creditors.
N'otice ia hereby riven that the underaiirned ha
been appointed by the (unty (Mjrt of Hrwl
River. Oj. Ore., a Administrator of the estate of
I Sarah J. Phelp. deceased, and all person havinir
I claim airainut iwmI estate are hereby notified to
pr-erit the name to me, duly verifi'!, at the
! Hut lr Hanking- Oi'a Hank, or at the ottie of K.
! H. Ilartwur. in lloid Kiver. Oreiron, within six (ti)
! month from the date of this notice,
j Oated thia JSOth day of November. A. D. I'JII.
I Holland A. I'
K H Hartwio, Adminiatrator.
NJ'.i-lrj7 AtUrney t Kntata.
I or the world's championship
Uon't fail to net this hall game
' KIAY & SATLkDAV. DLC. 29 A 30
L. A. & A. P. REED
Two Doors North of I'oatotlic
Phons 41 Hood River Oregon
Rooms U and U, Hall Build ma
rl ood River, Oregon
First National Bank Building
Hood River, Oregon
Phone 309 Rooms -10, Smith Block
Hood Kiver - Oronoii
Notary Public and Insurance
Room 12. BrosiiiH Block
Hood River, Oregon
Heilbronner Priding
Phone 61
Hall Building. Iloon River, Oregon
Phone 32
Brosius Buildino Hood River
Civil Engineer
Formerly U. S. Land Surveyor Philippine Islands
Two doors north of Dostotric-e. Phone 41
City Engineer and Surveyor
Heilbronner Building Hood River, Oregon
Public Stenographer
Notary Public
Phone 308-M
Carpenter and Builder
Second and State Sts.
Phone Shop 345-X; Res. 87-L
Wood Sawed by Gasoline Power
Fir and Pine .
Oak and Slabs .
Phone 147-K
..60c Per Cord
..75c Per Cord
Phone 275-X
Confectionery and Cigar a
General Line of Citare, Tobacco,
Candiea, Ice Croam, Etc.
STATIONERY On the Heights
Rolled Barley, Bran, Shorts
and Straw
Phone 227-M
Fourth Street between Oak and Stat
Nutlet ol Special Road Meeting.
otic in hretr frivn that ft Sprml Mffftinir of
' the tux-payers ot Kav. District No. 2, in Htmd
Rivt-r fjunty, Stat of Onron, will be heUl at the
school houne in said flmtrict at the hour of 1
o'clock p. m. on the 2Mh day of I)ecembT, 1'JlI,
for the puriMW of votmjr upon m prpMition to
kvy a bhhiI ft mill t on all ajwemiahl property
in aiJ ilintrirt. or no murh more aa may, in the
opinion of the citizens attending the mtinir, he
liwmH nertiMiry for the punniee of imprtivinir
the following dfwritied portion of county road in
aid Koad Oiatrirt, to-wit
All that pirtion of the County road hea-innine;
at the point of interaction of said rd with the
iwtion line between STtions 5 and 6 in Township
2 North or Kantre 9 Rant of Willamette Meridian
at the west bound ry line of sax. Kofid District No.
2, and thence in an easterly direction over satd
road, and "The Dalles and Sandy Wsron Kid,"
whre the same is adopt In connection there
with, for a distance of ahout 2 miles, to m point
ItfX) IWt eawt and 410 ftt north of the corner
common to Sections Xi, -14, Sand 4 in aaid Town
ship 2 North Kan ir y hast of W. M.
Said road to be imirved by proper grading and
siirfacina-, removing rocks, atumpa and other
obstructions therfrom, ami to lie opened fir
travel a suitjible width to accommodate wagons
and all other vehicles, in ao far as may be accom
plished thereupon by the prudent use of the pro
posed special tax.
I HrKid Kiver County, Oreiron, thia Hth
day of December, I'.'ll. 8. VV. Ci RttAN.
Ut-h-U2 Superviaor Krd Diat N. 2.
M. L OttTFU'iOon.
Mm. La a 8. Nelon.
I r. ItroHitiM uniiouiii'i'H h tT inn iu'ii t
Olllo? eMutillHlifd lit 01i:i.L. imionk
It), where lie on n lie eoiiHulteii morn
liiir ami evening. City otlloe IIOOD
K1VKK, I'Honk !'. It, Hn it iiKiml 10
to 4 tlallv. Wight CalU HiiHweretl
from ODKI.L, piionk iW. 2m J
Physician and Surgeon
CalU promptly answered in town or country, day
or Burnt.
Telephones Residence 611. OKlca 611
Othce in th liroaiua Buildintr.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Smith Building
Horn phone, Rea.71B; Otfice phone 71
Hood River. Oreiron
Physicians and Surgeons
Eliot Block Phone M
Hood River, Oregon
Dr. M. II. Sharp Dr. K.lna B. Sharp
Osteopathic Physicians
Graduate of the American School of Osteopathy.
Ktrkavilki. Mo.
Office in Kliot HuiMinir
rhone-Cilica U'Z. Residence 102-B.
Hood Kiver, Oregon
Eliot Building
Tues. Thurs. Sat. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Office. Hall Building, over Butler Banking1 Co.
Office phone 28. Residence phone 28-B
Hood River. Oreiron
H. Dudley W. Pineo, D. D. S.
Office over First National Bank
Office Hume phone 131. Residence-Home 131-B
Hood River. Oregon
Open evening-s by appointment
Rooms 6 and 7, Brosius Building. I'hone 3U0
Hood River, Oregon
Licensed Veterinarian
Hood River. Oregon
y si
Opposlte;ttie Post Office
Home Phone 20
Spray and
Garden Hose
Cottage Kospital
Hood River's Medical In
stitution. Open to the
public for the treatment
of Medical and Surgical
cases. Rates on applica
tion. Address,
and House Cleaning
rhnne lfiO
14 Oak Street
C O A L !
Rock Springs
Butler Banking Company, of Hood River, Ore.
At the Close of Business, Dec. 5, 1911
Loans and Discounts $508,302.93
Bonds and Warrants 11,383.29
Office Fixtures and Furniture 5,700.55
Cash on Hand and in Other Ranks 125,205.78
Capital Stock $100,000.00
Famed Surplus and Undivided Profits 17,563.19
Deposits 533. 089. 3G
Hood River Banking & Trust Co.
Extends a cordial invitation to you, personally to call and open
a checking account. Any amount will open an account in our
savings department. We pay 3 per cent interest, compounded
semi-annually. We promise the best of service and satisfaction.
President, Vice President, Cashier
C. H. Stranahan, Wilson Fike, Chas. G. Pratt, Jos. Copeland
Capital $100,000
Livery, Feed
Wholesale and '
Retail Lumber, C.xt4-t
Lath, Shingles OMUlD
Etc. Lumber
delivered to Flimhot
anypartof the JUmwr
...leady for Santa...
Our new Goods, direct from the East are
now on display. They are the nicest and
best we have ever had. We want YOU
to see them while the line is complete.
Toilet Sets, (Ivory, libony, etc.) flanicures, Mand
Mirrors, Urass, Purses, Mand Bags, Calendars,
Work IJoxes, Games, Post Cards, Booklets,
Xmas Ornaments, lite, Etc., lite.
We can only enumerate a few
Keir Cass
Pcltablc 2)r agists
Surplus and Profits $28,000
Start 1912 With a Bank Account
Resolve that you will no longer
subject your cash to the risk of loss
or yourself to the temptation of
promiscuous spending. The First
National Bank will accept your
account no matter how small. You
will find that maintaining pne it a
great help in many ways and a
decided check on too ready spending.
and Draying
Horses bought, sold or ex
changed. Pleasure parties can
secure first class rigs. Sbecial
attention given to moving fur
niture and pianos. We do
everything horses can do.